2022-01-12 Board of Education Regular Meeting

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Unknown Speaker 0:01
Good evening and welcome to St. Vrain. Valley Schools Board of Education Meeting please join us in standing for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Unknown Speaker 0:11
I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America.

Unknown Speaker 0:30
Welcome to everybody who’s here in attendance and Happy New Year. Christy, can you please call the roll this evening?

Unknown Speaker 0:37
Yes, Mr. Berthold present. Mrs. Brooks as it Mr. Garcia, present, Mrs. Her Anik. Here, Dr. Martyr, here, Mrs. Ragland, here, Miss Seacrest here.

Unknown Speaker 0:52
Thank you, Christy and Michelle, welcome. Alright, thank you. Yes, Christy. Any changes or addendums to the agenda this evening? No, there were not. Okay. Great. Thank you. Before we get started, I do want to introduce our special guests this evening. We have Alexia and Alexia, can you please tell me how I should pronounce your last name? modise Mardis, modest like Ma Ri E S? Ma RT s? Thank you. Welcome. It’s wonderful to have you here this evening. And you are our representative from the Student Advisory Committee. And if you don’t mind, if you could take a short bit of time and introduce yourself and maybe let us know what school you’re from. We would love that.

Unknown Speaker 1:44
All right. My name is Alexia Mars, I come from New meridian. I’m a junior. And yeah, that’s pretty much it.

Unknown Speaker 1:54
Great, well, welcome. Please know that we would love to hear your input on any topics this evening. So don’t hesitate to catch our attention. Or just go ahead and start speaking into the microphone if you have questions. And we’ll probably put you on the spot a couple times. Just a heads up. All right, thank you. So alright, thank you. Alright, agenda item this three this evening, we don’t have any visitors. And before we get to audience participation, I do want to take a moment to just remind everybody that this district’s mission statement is the board and Dr. Hat adds North Star, we make all decisions within the context of educating each student in a safe learning environment, so that they may develop to their highest potential and become contributing citizens. We do not take that mission lightly. Our focus is on each and every student having access to the very best opportunities in an environment that is inclusive of every child. A couple of housekeeping items if you guys, if all of you could please silence your cell phones, that would be great. And then just a reminder that this meeting is recorded and it is broadcast and you can also access it on the district website starting tomorrow morning. All right. That brings us to Agenda Item four, which is our audience participation. And before we begin, I do want to just verify that there are no audience members who want to speak on an agenda item this evening. Is that correct? All right. The Board of Education values community perspectives and feedback from our parents, teachers, staff and community. During board of education meetings, the board will hear up to 30 minutes of public comment on non agenda items and 30 minutes of public comment on agenda specific items. To allow for the greatest number of community members to participate. Each person will be limited to three minutes of public comment. At the end of three minutes. I will thank you for speaking and invite the next speaker or move on to the agenda item the next speaker to the podium or move on to the next agenda item. If you are speaking to a non agenda item this evening, please limit your comments to matters of public concern about the district. If you have a concern about a specific individual, or personnel matter, please reach out directly to a board member Dr. Haddad or the HR department and we will assist you with next steps. It has been the long standing practice of the board to not address or respond during the public comment section of the agenda. But please know that we are listening and we do greatly appreciate and value the perspectives of our community members.

Unknown Speaker 5:02
All right, our first speaker this evening is Sean Patrick iron sights. is Shawn here No, Shawn, alright. Then our spec seconds. I can’t speak this evening. Our second speaker is Rachel aren’t. Is Rachel here this evening? Are you here, Rachel? All right. Then we will move on to Michael Belmont. Third time’s a charm, Michael. This is where I go. Yes, it is. And if you could please state your name and address for the record. That would be great. And then we’ll start timing after you’re finished with those. Okay, thank

Unknown Speaker 5:50
you. Thank you, Bill. Mont 841 tenacity drive, you’re in Longmont. And thank you much for the opportunity to visit with you this evening. First, my wife and I are so grateful to all of you all who generously volunteer hundreds of hours of your very valuable time for the betterment of our children. Allison, I raised both of our daughters here in Longmont through the st. Green Valley School District all the way up through high school. My primary purpose here tonight is to thank you for your wisdom, mentorship, and determination to keep our school children safe. During these challenging times, given the pandemic. Your wisdom is evidenced by your responsible and appropriate reliance on the medical experts to provide you in the protocols for protecting the precious lives of our children. Not unlike the fact that every day we all rely on experts, like structural engineers, for instance, that makes sure the buildings in which we live, work, play and study are safe for our regular and constant use. Your mentorship is demonstrated by the compassion, empathy, and respect you have for our school children and their families. In light of the many potential exposures we all have, in this pandemic to a serious and often fatal disease, especially in the public, gathering places such as our schools. We as adults are indeed the models for our children that will determine whether they will develop into compassionate, empathetic and respectful adults themselves by your determination to make health and safety paramount in our schools sometimes in the face of strong resistance to such things as masking, that medical experts have clearly shown protect our children and their families. You are in your way modeling these virtues to them without widespread compassion, empathy and respect. I shudder to think what our city our state indeed our country would look like so by end my comments as I began them with a heartfelt thank you for all that you do for our children behind the scenes and all too often without proper recognition. So wishing you good evening

Unknown Speaker 8:40
oh thank you Michael. Our next speaker this evening and I’m going to have you pronounce your first name please. The last name is Martinez.

Unknown Speaker 9:08
Hello, welcome. If you could state your name and address I would love to know how to pronounce your first name OD. Very different than what I have. Okay. Welcome. Thank you. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 9:23
When I’m not at all mucho gracias por la oportunidad de la Coronavirus la la.

Unknown Speaker 9:28
Can you stop one moment please? So sorry. We were not prepared. Yes, we will listen right now. And Brian, if you could start the timer over that would be great because this is that’s on me. Thank you for your patience. Everybody. Good. We’re good.

Unknown Speaker 9:55
Thank you. And when I thought was at Davos, whichever portfolio lackluster And the other way, me numberous woody Martinez say Mother trust me. Guess external distrito somebody Dawson primaria Aeon Empress color. So membre they’ll pass. There’s a long list, you know, it’s almost a little color mother’s color. iniciativa mahalo alimentos yongala Squillace tanto para nuestros ecos compound Mr Comunidad de la comida muy importante no solo para crescimento physical sinot tambien para la prensa Isla regulaciones comportamento Rodney eco mama esto para por lo common mistakes endless coil elements of the mental processes ie concrete levels. Cassandra Cal Intel’s isa vilasa Lasala mental processes. Well known Winterless problem was a printer he conducted Genesis coils for a shampoo in just a unit los ninos core members he Panis canaletto’s continues Asuka this was one of classes is the presenter problem as a comparator Mian impactive EDA if alter the consensus your you will not want to master this phony Well there’s two current sangri but he comments on a statin much more he cancels. Other Other media the Bonamassa ELC CRO syrupy pero esta vez sacrilege controllato pizzas Camilla senators etc. Into my urea CITRATO elemental comas aventail or train the portamento ingredients artificiale is inside his ear sucrose apart to there was no there was moving to no Barrios messes they kill Passover solicitado cambial elemental processes for elementals frescoes iela What is this Sarah? Sarah Coleman the street the old symbol or the scratch may sin embargo CITRATO LogMeIn Sacramento’s gaseum bonito, ofreciendo Ella Squillace boron I’m mucho the finished yonder the Cassina the Pharaoh, but I’m also trust cocinar the Sarah significant a separate param of elemental internet Kasina in the street distrito Ecosim corporate ingredient this phrase can also contain conservative it was also called scientists Ihara with a minus delta fructose or in the general is possible actually there are looking variances and fundamentals as to swear automobiles Illa packing the internet not gustaria case informasi on Preska como una gran Thea the transparents look Watercare killing pharmacie en esta dispone SE X a Siebel he said the phone the internet comida la comida scholar is more important the power limiters Yandina stuff means bollocks garantizar Casa Loma nutritive Isa will only possibly guess the Cambio Edmon. This is how you can know Jackie the Ramaphosa, the Qatal or Nino’s thing on a Petunia the prosperity ear concerts wherever important Yeah, he got on PISA kala comida scholar say a partner is the process. Gracias.

Unknown Speaker 12:46
Thank you very much. All right, next on the list is Roxana Garcia. Hello, Roxanna. If you could please state your name and address

Unknown Speaker 13:03
welcome. Thank you. I speak Spanish Okay. Okay. Oh, my name. My name is Roxana Garcia. Banco de paso was when I started I got this call support to Nina me number Roxanna Garcia. So moderator is Nino’s bring on the Tasmania’s union yoga system district in November the those moving to El Paso borders are your own encuesta para conocer la pena de la comunidad de cerca de los alimentos guests 11 NLD street to get a Moscow party Laura su TELUS principalities, condo stairs. Certain testing co personas responded online Cuesta de la escuela sintashta percenters on his panels, made the Cinco portion to some blancos Yoshio portion to Sundiata Ross’s is the personas represent an avenue to discuss coilers they listed but at the same time por ciento de sus personas, so SQL some partner program at elementos, gratis or realizados meet the quota per centum Yemen comida para para en casa on Support Center, Kampala. comida para para in Esquel, Equateur percenter Nakama Nell and squid certain take what to por ciento conocer la Kikkoman to see customers eskwela Zara mente nomon todos por ciento consideran kala comida KCO Fraser en la Squillace noise a Lula remota diva para los alumnos certainty nor por ciento californica la calidad de Los Alamitos of residuals and an escuela Komova. This is a de por ciento camellia Equateur por ciento con wild cinquante quarter percent of California la cantidad de Los Alamitos have procedures and squareness Komova, matey cinco por ciento como Maria IATA, even new por ciento como Alta cinquante oceo por ciento calificado ARIA la de los alimentos of residual Sana Squillace Komova. Think that this portion Toko Mammalia in our portion to come, along with a normal portion to the las personas gustaria cubera cameras in Las comida case of prison and law scholars as easy as him mismo recopy Lamos three siendo kinsei Pyramus and apoio and Osita pontos and Oster petition KC presento ilunion del otro the CMD that’s Camila says coladas. Putana yulara los ninos at the Surya Avito solamente saludables OpenAM para los but I will not be there the malice, malice Hello, income you’re in anonymous alimentarius in Las escuelas pulling through real positive Amenti into hola como una pareja El Paso both long one right Tara superstition paracale Distrito canneto bland X Yan para to certainty cinco por ciento de las Platanias principalities accompagne Mentos aperitivo Sam frescoes he Sela Warren does. Acero and Susie’s Kardashians. Mr. Cameo is Monticello Kanuga. Jack Ma Ma Segura knows the katolaz Ningyo Stangl, oportunidad de prospera your concert super ladera potenzial eager aunty ser que la comida scholar separator is the process process process

Unknown Speaker 16:02
Thank you very much Roxanna. Our next speaker this evening is Mark Roberts. Hi, Coach Roberts. I’m wonderful. It’s nice to see you. Thank you for being here this evening. name and address and then we’ll start the timer. On or Off. You’re welcome to you can take it off while you’re speaking. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 16:37
Sorry, a little scattered late from middle school girls basketball practice,

Unknown Speaker 16:41
no, take your time will won’t start the timer until you after you state your name and address.

Unknown Speaker 16:46
Hi, I’m Mark Roberts and my address is 2007 Humboldt circle here in Longmont, Colorado. I’m here tonight to speak from the perspective of a parent and community member and express my concerns about the impact of House Bill 21 Dash 1108 labeled the gender identity expression anti discrimination bill that was signed into law in May of 2021 by Governor polis. This legislation amends the current definition of sexual orientation along with adding the terms of gender identity and gender expression into 48 areas of state law that prohibit discrimination against members of a protected class. And I want to be really clear that I understand who my audience is tonight, I’m here to speak to parents and community members. I’m not here to address the board really or administrators, I understand that you folks are obligated to follow the law. And you’ll do what your legal counsel counsel you to do. I’m concerned because I feel like people from I would guess about 50% of our population have a very different perspective on some of these things. I believe that parents in our American heritage should have the primary voice in issues dealing with their minor children. And under these laws, that’s not the case anymore. There’s often a case where parents are pretty much marginalized and pushed to the side. And, you know, there was one example I read about in Ohio a judge removed a biological girl from her parents custody if they declined to help her transition to male with testosterone supplements. The Cincinnati Children’s gender clinic recommended these treatment for gender dysphoria when her parents wanted to treat her with counseling instead, Hamilton County job and Family Services charged them with abuse and neglect. While transgender activists and pro trans doctors compared their decision to denying treatment for asthma or even cancer patients. We have a federal law called the Equality Act, which has not yet passed that would codify this for the entire nation. Right now. It’s happening on kind of a state by state basis. And I know, you know that this has been an issue with with sports in particular, and the spaces that are that are transgender men and transgender women via you know, especially trans trans men competing as women and setting all sorts of records and just the the angst that’s causing in so many of our communities. I am all about equality. And I would love to have those conversations and have that open dialogue. But I just I’m I’m here tonight because of how much I love the work that I do and the education that I’ve been able to be a part of in this community. And yet I feel like as a person of faith that my voice is expected to be used only in, you know, those communities of faith that I spend time with and that that opinion is not particularly welcome or yeah, just not really welcome in that public dialogue. So I thank you for listening to me. This is something that I probably would back by and I apologize that this was a little more well constructed in terms of my concerns, but I really want to reach out to parents and just encourage them to look for some resources. One of the resources that was most valuable to me was this book, irreversible damage by Abigail Schreier. And she talked about what’s happening to our adolescent young ladies and how they’re being influenced so Thank you for your time and appreciate the work that you guys do. Thank you so much.

Unknown Speaker 20:05
Thank you, Mark. I’m going to one last opportunity up opportunity did Sean Ironside arrive? Alright, and then Don, I’m just confirming that last person reached out and said they were ill and would not be here this evening. Correct. One other lady Rachel Hart. Oh, thank you, Rachel. No, Rachel. All right. Okay. That would brings us to the conclusion of our audience participation. I just want to express my sincere gratitude. Thank you for coming this evening and for sharing your perspectives. We appreciate your input. Done agenda item five is the superintendence report.

Unknown Speaker 21:08
Would you like to have the students go first? From New meridian?

Unknown Speaker 21:12
That is even better idea. I am really off my game this evening. Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 21:16
I think I know that’s your high priority for all of them.

Unknown Speaker 21:19
No, that’s wonderful. I had in my mind, I felt like I was forgetting something. And that’s why I thought well, maybe it was the public speakers, but I have a feeling it was not going out of order. Thank you for reminding us of that. Dina, welcome. Oh, and I’m going to say for the record and for the public that we’re going to skip ahead to agenda item 6.1, which is the new Meridian High School Student Advisory Council feeder report. And welcome. Great, thanks, so nice to see everyone.

Unknown Speaker 21:46
Thank you. Thank you Dr. Haddad, President secrets and board members, we are very excited to provide an update about the accomplishments and celebrations that have occurred at New Meridian High School. I’d like to start by introducing the principal of new Meridian High School Tony Joe, Nikolai, the last couple of years, as we know have been incredibly challenging. As we have managed a pandemic. we’ve strived to maintain stability for our students and provide an excellent educational experience for each one of them. On top of that, the staff also experienced a transition in leadership when we hired Tony Joe, from her position as assistant principal to the principal position. And then we hired Nate Guerini, who’s here tonight as an assistant principal. And tonight, our outstanding new Meridian students will share a number of celebrations and demonstrate the school has strengthened and continued to reach new levels of excellence. Even with all of those challenges and changes that have happened that really cannot happen without dedicated teachers and staff. And this level of success is also the result of exemplary leadership from the principal. I know Tony, Joe gives all the credit for new Meridian success to her assistant principals, or teachers or staff and our students. And they deserve every bit of that recognition. However, I also want to take a moment to recognize Tony Joe, she is a service oriented person. She’s relentless, and her supportive students, and she communicates a vision that really speaks to the hearts of her staff. So I’d like to turn it over to Tony Joe.

Unknown Speaker 23:17
Hi, Tony. Joe, welcome. Hi, thank

Unknown Speaker 23:19
you so much for having us tonight. And thank you to Dr. Her dad, one for letting us skip the line because we were getting a little bit nervous in the audience. So I know our students are extremely grateful for this opportunity. But I just want to say good evening. Thank you so much for having us here tonight. I am Tony Joe Nicolay, the principal of new Meridian High School, formerly old Columbine High School and also the career elevation technology centers. So formerly the Career Development Center for those of you who are just hearing about our rebrand, so I’m going to let our students come up and just introduce our team and then we will roll into some highlights and celebrations

Unknown Speaker 24:01
Hello, I’m Sydney stead home and I will be a senior this year at New Meridian High School. Hello, I’m Alexia Morris and I will be a junior this year.

Unknown Speaker 24:16
Hello, I’m Christian Bernal and I’m a senior

Unknown Speaker 24:23
until Mitchell and I’m a junior

Unknown Speaker 24:29
Good evening. I am Nate greeny and I’m the assistant principal.

Unknown Speaker 24:36
Can you hear us okay? I just want to make sure all right, perfect. So, first of all, we are obviously so proud of our students, our staff and our school. It is a huge point of pride in my life and I just want to take a moment and thank Dr. Her dad for everything he all the support you offer to our school all of the opportunities you provide to our students from you giving us access and opportunities to access advanced coursework to the implementation of the triple A program. So the credit recovery system, the opportunities that you give our students to be successful focus on graduation and thrive are just superb. And I want to thank you for that opportunity. And I also want to thank the Board of Education for just your commitment to students and your relentless efforts to just see us and guide us through this pandemic. Our students are thriving. And I think you’ll hear that in our presentation. And I would like to give a special shout out to Karen because I’ve known you for five years and you’ve attended our graduation and you’ve just been a staunch supporter of our site, and I really appreciate that as well. Okay, so I’m gonna let our students come up and get us started and we’re just going to share all of our highlights.

Unknown Speaker 25:54
In the area of academic achievement and growth, we are proud of the efforts made to ensure that students have access to rigorous coursework. We are in the third year of offering advanced placement psychology. This year, we have the largest number of students register registered for the AP exam. In addition to AP coursework, we began a partnership with the pathways to teaching or P Teach program. This program students are enrolled concurrently in the class the CU Denver first semester students engaged in introductory class and this semester we are completing field experience with teachers at Indian Peaks Elementary School. We are also launching a partnership with Metro State University. We’ve been working on this for over half the year at in Metro has agreed to support our students in taking a new college course how to change your world while onsite at New meridian. We’re excited to see what doors this opens for us in future courses.

Unknown Speaker 26:53
Thank you. In addition to rigorous coursework being offered in AP psych in CU Denver and Metro State, we are very thankful for the support from Front Range Community College pictor. Pictured is Dr. Palmer, Vice President of Boulder campus with one of our new Meridian and CTC students. We are proud to provide our students with numerous opportunities to access post secondary coursework through campus. Also we as we share our campus with career elevations and Technology Center. Many of our students benefit from the strong career training and post secondary education that CTC instructors provide. Our students can engage in one of seven soon to be eight robust pathways pictured are some of our current New Meridian High School students at CTC.

Unknown Speaker 27:46
We are extremely proud of school engagement celebrations we continue to focus on both our daily and yearly attendance rate credit earning and celebrate student academic achievement. During quarter one of this school year, over 70% of our students earned 1.5 credits are more additionally, over 35% of students achieved a three point or better GPA. And approximately 30% of our students had 90% Or better attendance rate. We’ll be celebrating quarter to success in the upcoming weeks. We are in our third and final year of the Colorado Department of Education’s reengagement grant, we have received $300,000 to support our efforts with increasing student engagement. Through this grant we have increased our credit offerings we are proud to say we have recovered 190 courses this past semester, increased our mental health supporters and also improved our family connections. This past open house we offered a family pain every hour for over three hours. It was fun having families come to school and participate in something together. In addition to all the support of numerating High School offers. Students are also encouraged to access extracurricular activities at their home schools. We also offer many clubs at our school and we are proud of the work happening with the sources of strength.

Unknown Speaker 28:58
A huge source of pride for our school is graduation. In the past four years we’ve continued to improve and maintain our graduation rate. Last year’s class had the largest number of on time graduates in school history. We’re thankful for the support that our teachers and staff provide us and are looking forward to keeping this momentum going. We’re excited to become the first official graduating class from new Meridian High School. At New Meridian High School we celebrate each other’s success is a team effort to encourage our friends and classmates to accomplish their goals. As students graduate we celebrate them we also celebrate students who are applying and being accepted into college. As a school and students are becoming future ready. Many students are looking towards college. First fourth consecutive year, a large number of our seniors have participated in our free college application Day event. So far students have been accepted to Front Range, the University of Northern Colorado, Colorado State University and the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

Unknown Speaker 29:56
Finally, we want to highlight our school rebrand as you know our school has undergone undergone a campus wide rebrand. We were formerly known as Old Columbine High School and now we are new Meridian High School. We are excited to spend this semester re visualizing our mission and vision working with the design team develop graphics that highlight what our school is all about. We are committed to advancement, rigor, opportunity and community for all students in hope our rebrand embodies these elements.

Unknown Speaker 30:30
On behalf of the students and staff at New Meridian High School, we would like to thank you for the opportunity to be here this evening. We know that our work in New meridian is not possible without the support of Dr. Dad and the support of our board. We would also like to acknowledge Adina perfetti Dini, for the support that she provides to our campus, I am so proud of the efforts that are made by our students and staff daily. I cannot ask to work with a better team of teachers, staff members, or serve a better group of students. Every day, I’m in awe of the efforts our teachers put in. Our teachers continue to engage in professional development, they look for opportunities to become better. And they are constantly asking themselves what they can do to support our students in graduation, which we know is a critical milestone to opening doors to unlimited opportunities when they leave us. Our staff is truly outstanding. And the students, whether it be tonight or everyday for us, they bring a smile to our face. There is not a better feeling than sitting on that stage in May, and watching our students achieve their goals of earning their diplomas. I am very thankful for the opportunity that was provided to me to be a part of the new Meridian High School staff and the st. Green Valley School District. Please, please feel free to come and visit us we would love to have you come and see the great work that we are doing at our building. And again, we thank you for this time this evening.

Unknown Speaker 32:01
Thank you. Thank you so

Unknown Speaker 32:03
much. Do you have any questions for us?

Unknown Speaker 32:05
Our students? Yeah, sure. Karen. Thank you so much. That was a wonderful presentation. And, you know, from my experience, the alternative schools are such a unique place and such a special place. It’s like you kind of function as a family. And that takes a fierce leader, that’s genuine, because alternative kids have a way of alternative school kids have a way of seeing right through certain stuff, you know, so you got to be genuine and authentic. And you are all of that Tony, Joe, it’s just so great to see you. Just thriving there and helping everyone thrive there. And Nate welcome. And I’ll definitely be into visit more often, especially when we can get our masks off and live normally. But you know, you also just serve as such a wonderful example for your students, Tony Joe. And, and it’s just evident seeing the school grow and seeing your graduation rate grow is is just tremendous. Just well done. And it’s, it’s, I kind of hate to say this, but you’re my favorite school to just watch succeed. So thank you so much.

Unknown Speaker 33:20
Thank you, we really appreciate that and how everyone is a champion for all students in this district. And I shared at a recent meeting that I think the biggest blessing for our school is that, you know, our our feeder system is the entire school district. So this is truly when our students succeed. It’s a culmination of the success that their elementary school teachers, their preschool teachers, their elementary, middle, and former high school administrators and staff have provided. So truly when we say we celebrate all together, we do we call home high schools, we send emails, we take pictures, we text we FaceTime. So it’s so fun to be in a district where the collegial support is. It’s top tier, it’s next to one and 1111 makes it the whole district celebrates with us and we’re thankful for that.

Unknown Speaker 34:13
That’s great. Thank you so much. Yeah, I think Dick had a comment. So I was going to and then absolutely.

Unknown Speaker 34:23
Like Tony, Joe and students and Nate, I’m, this is a wonderful presentation. I’d like you especially to acknowledge the progress that you’ve made through your engagement initiative. I know that’s a multiple year been a multiple year project for you. And it’s been it was a an area that was challenging both for your school and for the students but one that you embraced and it was exciting to hear the progress that you’re making. I also wanted to acknowledge the offering of advanced placement and Advanced Placement class and an opportunity to start your college transcript with our relationship with CU Denver. I think it’s essential for all of our schools, in particular, new Meridian High to be able to offer your students the opportunity to see what real college work looks like. And you will find that and perhaps some of our students here, have had that opportunity. But you will find that level of rigor that you’re experienced in an AP Psychology to be a wonderful introduction to the kind of work that you can expect to do in college. And I’d be interested to know if any of you are actually taking that course. And what’s your experience? What have you, how’s the different from what you might have been doing before this class was available?

Unknown Speaker 36:03
It’s really different. Because whenever I hear AP class, I just immediately think like stress, but with this, because we have such a wonderful teacher teaching that it just makes it so much fun. And so engaging with our classroom, I’ve just found it. So rewarding in so many ways. And I love to come home and do like a weird trick to show my mom like, this is what I learned, like, did you know you say this, it means this, it’s, it’s always just been like so much fun. I really have. It’s a wonderful time.

Unknown Speaker 36:35
Well, that’s wonderful. And your experience.

Unknown Speaker 36:39
I think I feel mostly the same about it. Um, it’s a really fun class. And it’s not at all what I expected it would be. The people are fun. The teacher is fun. The work is often like really interesting to me. And I like using it in everyday life. So it’s fun.

Unknown Speaker 36:59
That’s wonderful. Thank thank you so much each of you for the opportunities you’re both taking advantage of and for the progress that you’re making as individuals as well as as a school. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 37:12
Thank you. Any other comments? All right,

Unknown Speaker 37:16
yes, Director, so I can make a comment.

Unknown Speaker 37:18
Hi, my, yes, I may OSHA.

Unknown Speaker 37:22
Yes, I just want to thank you all for being here. And I want to say it takes a lot of courage to stand up and speak in front of people. That’s usually a 90% of the world’s fear to speak in front of people. So thank you for that. These other leadership skills will take you very far. I’ve listened to the comments in the reports and how you report it out. I want you all to know a student’s within this district that is amazing. And I see that this school and many other schools are doing these great things to improve our students leadership skills, so that they can go out into the world and in their careers in the future and be successful. So thank you thanks me OSHA.

Unknown Speaker 38:06
Go ahead. I was just going to tell you guys I’m really really proud of you. I seen several of you at our meetings and have had opportunities to visit with you and just want you to know that you’re all why we come to work every day you make us very proud and if you’re willing would you guys let us get your picture up here with us so that we can celebrate you all right thank you Tony Joe Thank you

Unknown Speaker 39:33
that was wonderful Alexia, you go to a marvelous school with some really incredible alright, and Chase We don’t have do you have students here this evening? Pardon me? You have to do. Okay, just checking. I don’t want to skip over anyone else. So Alright, done. With that. Then we’ll jump back up to Agenda Item five, which is Your Superintendents report.

Unknown Speaker 40:02
All right, thank you, I want to just share with you I have been conducting school visits with the staffs. And one way I do that is to just go visit and walk around and talk to people, and get just anecdotal feedback and see how things are going. Another way that I’ve been connecting with them is on the entire staff, virtually, and sharing some things with them. And really, the highlights are pretty incredible. I asked each school administration to give me a list of the things that they feel most proud of. And so I’ve created a notebook that has all of the elementary schools, middle schools and high schools. And Christy will be providing that to each of the board members, so that you can look through every single one of our schools, and see these incredible things that students just as the same students we saw today, are doing everyday in our schools, it’s such an uplifting thing, when you start to see all of these things in their totality. It’s pretty stunning. So we’ll share that with you also had a couple opportunities to visit our new swimming pool for some swim meets. And some of the bond projects are coming to a close, we just added another 55 spaces at Area High School. Brian, thank you for the parking area high school was one of the staffs I met with and one of the questions they had was, what are we going to do about the next step, because we’re getting so many kids are over 1700 students. So we talked about the potential for going for a bond if the board approves that in 2024. But the the bond projects are really they’re coming to a close from 2016. And they’re really exciting to see them in, in their totality, student growth continues to skyrocket, you know, we gave you the October count, but since the October count, we’ve had several 100 More students enroll. And that’s a good thing, you know how I feel about that I want as many students as we can have in this school district. And so we’re excited about the growth, we’re going to be doing our staffing plans here pretty soon. And we’ve been providing some additional support for the schools that are growing. But in my mind’s eye, the more students, the more exciting it is. So that’s the good news. And we’ll continue to keep you posted on that. We’re also seeing a lot of new permits being authorized housing developments. And in preliminary conversations, we’re hearing that the assessed valuations will probably come back in oil and gas and then continued to rise in residential and commercial, which bodes well as well. So good news on that front. And academically, we continue to see some really good things to stay just released the graduation requirements and the dropout rates. And we are at 90.3 total and 91.6 for our credit or a traditional high schools, which is the highest we’ve ever been. And we just see this steady trajectory. Also our our primary group of students, other than white is Hispanic. And we have seen another bump in that graduation requirement. The traditional is up to 86 plus percent, and 84 for the entire system. And I take you back several years ago when we were looking at a 55% graduation rate. And our dropout rate is at 0.7%. So not even a full percent. And that’s come down from 0.8. So used to be 567 percent. And now we’re down really getting to that place where it’s pretty exciting to think that over 99% of our students will complete. And that’s a good thing. That’s a great thing. But we’re also starting the process of project launch, getting some interest in that. So we’re excited about running that through the month of June, that entire month of June additional support academic for children and triple A is really being well attended. And we’re seeing lots and lots of students recover in classes. When I was meeting with Frederick high staff today. I shared with them that they had 55 students enrolled in their AAA program and over 3033 of them move their grade from an F to A C or higher in that after school program. And so that will connect them back into being on time for graduation, and being successful. And so really grateful to our teachers, we have 150 plus robotics teams now that are competing. And we just were notified that our high school team is ranked fourth in the world. And so we’ve now bypassed winning state championships and national championships. And our high school team is actually starting to compete for that number one spot. And so we’re very, very excited about that. We also have opened up a new 3d lab you know about our AI Lab, and our cybersecurity program is flourishing. We’re getting ready to take one Have our existing school buses and convert it into a cybersecurity lab, a mobile lab similar to the one that we have with our large mobile lab, but it’ll be the size of a school bus. And once the students design it, because it’s going to be a student designed project, then we will

Unknown Speaker 45:19
staff at and wrap it and make it look beautiful. And then our students can take it around the district. And then the next one will be a an artificial intelligence mobile lab. And so we’ll have a fleet of three. Thanks to the great work of Jackie Capetian, Hilary Sontag, and many others, we are now at $27 million in grants that we have achieved, we’ve most recently earned $1.4 million gift. And we’re going to continue to pursue those dollars, we’re getting a lot of support from corporate and philanthropic groups, in large part because they know that when they provide that resource that we’re going to turn it into something very special, we don’t squander their resources. And we also have our own resources so that their sustainability, so it’s not a temporary program that starts and then stops with the soft money, we have the money to keep it going. And so very excited about that piece as well. We have 52 student teachers this spring, which is our highest number ever. And they were a representative of all of the universities around Colorado and outside of Colorado, too. So we’ve got a great number coming from UNC from CSU, from University of Colorado, Metro, you just the turnout is significant. And that coupled with the success of our P Teach program, we’re cultivating our own and growing our own. And now those numbers are beginning to get into over 100 and climbing. And so that bodes well for the future of our teaching workforce. So we’re very excited about that. And as you know, our P Teach program is a very diversified program that’s helping us to diversify our teachers and our staff. And we’ve done a tremendous job in the administrative ranks of diversifying our team as well. So very, very proud of that. You know, speaking of P TECH, not P teach, but P TECH, Heidi rigor just shared with me that the last two classes, the last two cohorts of P TECH had 100% graduation rate. And in that first cohort that came through

Unknown Speaker 47:41
66%, approximately 55 students not only graduated on time with their high school diploma, but also with their Associate degree, diploma degree. And the second one was 100% graduation with their high school diploma around 40% graduation with their a and that’s in the timeline. But when you extend it, so the ones who haven’t yet earned their associate degree will keep doing working on it for the next year or two. And I would imagine that we’ll get 100% there too. But the concept of kids earning their high school diploma and their associate degree at the same time, at no cost of the student, and going right into jobs making 60 $70,000 a year. I mean, that’s amazing. And a tribute to our teachers and our students and their parents, and our community college, Front Range and aims, and then also our corporate partners. So incredible, incredible program. We’re going to continue moving forward with our National Training Center at the Innovation Center, where we will be training teachers and administrators from across the country, on how to build these programs, and how to incorporate and implement with fidelity and how to sustain financially and how to scale. And we’ve got corporate support and doing this and just a lot of credibility in the work that the folks at the Innovation Center have done that have caused us to be a national model. Now, for this type of work. Hiring. We are in the process of hiring a principal for air Erie High School, and then also an assistant principal for Thunder Valley because Suzanna is moving over to be an assistant principal at Skyline so we will fill her vacancy at Thunder Valley and then also an executive director at the Innovation Center. Patty King Jonas is going to be retiring, but she is still going to work with us and in a in a role and we just finalized that role. So we’re very excited that Patti is willing to stay at work with us and continue to contribute in a big way. Lots of kids earned all state choir orchestra and band. We actually had one student who was also stayed in all three, if you can imagine. That’s a pretty incredible feat. But we had a lot of students and I’m looking forward to going downtown. Here in the near future to watch all of our students compete in the all state choirs competitions and things along those lines. And, you know, boys and girls basketball is up and running, wrestling, boys and girls, and girls swimming. And it’s very exciting to see the competition that’s out there. And the last thing I’ll share is, and I think I already did, but just I always want to do a plug for this magazine. This is getting a lot of reads. And I would encourage everybody who hasn’t read it. It’s incredible work that Carrie and her team put together. And we are going to be presenting at the National at a national superintendence Summit here in Chicago. And presenters will be Jackie Capetian, and Carrie McDermott. And they will be sharing the work that they do from an academic perspective. And then also from a communications perspective with superintendents from all around the country. And it’s a testament to those two, they’re both outstanding leaders, and the work they’re doing is getting attention from a lot of people. So I could go on and on. Because when I start talking about St. Brain and our students, it’s, you know, hard to hard to stop me. But you know, I love what they’re doing. And I love the the work our teachers and staff and everybody’s doing so thank you.

Unknown Speaker 51:27
Thank you, Dan. And there certainly isn’t as no shortage of items to talk about. Super excited about the P TECH data that you shared. Thank you. All right, Chase. Agenda Item 6.2 Is the fall athletic and Fine Arts reports. Welcome,

Unknown Speaker 51:46
Madam President, board Decker dead. Thank you for having us tonight. For starters, I want to thank Brian and your team for for all the work you’ve done for us to share. I know we we we certainly ask a lot of you but Dr. Dead you mentioned the pool. And if you haven’t had a chance to go over there and see it yet. It’s It’s really amazing. I mean, there’s there’s it’s a packed house, when when we have our duels and more than anything, it gives our kids an opportunity to have a place to practice. So we we use it from we use it in the morning starting at five. And we have kids in there until about 830 every night. So we’re we’re we’re wearing it out as quickly as we can. You know, I want to start before we bring Janae up to talk about some of our complements in our performing arts. You know, last year our office spent the previous 18 months trying to figure out how to make sure we have opportunities for for kids to compete, to sing to perform by their instruments. And we did everything we could from the very beginning when we could put five kids in the middle of a football field, socially distance, and that’s how they had to condition together all the way to where we are now. And you know I as as documented dead talked about this one thing we kind of one thing that I certainly lost perspective of until this year started was the whole experience for for the community and for our kids. And for the kids that aren’t participating but are there to cheer. And if you’ve been to any of our games this year, we have we have have have had attendance that we’ve never had before. And we you know, we weren’t able to provide them that last year. And you know, we gave them dances this year I’ll be it outside and maybe that’s a new tradition we we gave them the opportunities to experience high school that they weren’t able to experience last year. So that’s part of what we’re most proud of from from our department this year. But I’ll wrap up with sports after Janae gives a her piece on our performing arts.

Unknown Speaker 53:56
Thanks Chase Hi Janae welcome.

Unknown Speaker 54:00
Hello presidency grist Dr had add in the word I’m really excited to be here tonight highlight some of our fine arts accomplishments. And I’m going to start with theater. In addition to bringing back are fall plays and musicals, our theater programs had two significant events last semester. The first was a first ever collaboration between our high school theater programs called All together now. And it was a musical theater showcase where 100% of the proceeds went back to benefit those programs so they work together for the first time and that was pretty exciting for them. And the show was great too. And then they attended the 58th annual thespian Conference, which is a conference for all Colorado middle school and high school theater programs. We were excited that St. Green was representing there. We had several students compete in the performance portion where they’re judged by college professors or theater professionals. And I’d like to congratulate the following schools who had the highest rating of superior on their performances He had six students receive a superior, Frederick had one and need had to. For music. As Chase mentioned, we’ve been over the moon bringing back our district events and just all of the opportunities for our kids. First was the elementary Choral Festival this fall, we had 11 elementary schools bring students to work with our guest clinician, Emily Kreil, from the Colorado Children’s Chorale, and they just had a blast. They were singing and dancing. And it was just a wonderful event that we had for the first time this fall. And then our district honor events are back at the middle school and the high school level. Again, we bring in guest clinicians to work with our kids in house so they don’t have to go anywhere to have this excellent experience. And all of our schools have the opportunity to participate. And just to share some numbers with you for middle school Honor Band. 96 students were accepted for middle school honor orchestra, there were 83 for middle school honor choir 145. And then at the high school level For Honor Band, there was 78 For Honor orchestra 46. And for honor choir there was 218. At the state level, everything’s back to last year they did auditions but it was just written on paper. They didn’t get to have any sort of experience. So we’re really thankful that they get to participate in just get that experience back of the performance piece. And unlike sports, where three a team competes against the three a team for music, it’s every high school in Colorado against every high school in Colorado, so it’s very competitive. We have students in every Allstate group and I’m going to start with high school Allstate choir, because that is the only Allstate music event that all of our high schools had someone accepted to. Uri High School had 13 Students Frederick had five long one and lions had one meathead for night what had four Silver Creek had six and skyline has three for all state band. Erie had two students Frederick had one lions had three my what had one and Silver Creek had one and for high school Allstate orchestra Frederick had one Longmont had one lions had to nine what had to silvercreek guide for and Skyline had one and then there are two jazz all state jazz ensembles driven smaller than regular Allstate so it’s even more competitive to make it Erie had one student need had one student and Silver Creek had three. And for all state Jazz Choir Erie had one Silver Creek had one and Skyline had one first. For those two, there might be only two students to four students in the entire state to be selected. So that’s a pretty big deal. And middle school level,

Unknown Speaker 57:42
the only Allstate event is choir Altona had four students selected Coleridge had three years he had 14, Lions had 10 Meat had four soaring Heights had six and sunset had three, I have a few more celebrations that we’re really proud of the Colorado Music Educators Association conferences coming up. And if you’re following us on social media, you’ve kind of seen our highlights here in there. We’re really proud to have several educators that are presenting at the conference and therefore impacting music education around the entire state of Colorado. So that’s pretty incredible. And then there are two standout things happening at the conference. And the best of the best ensembles are selected to perform so not individual students from programs but as an entire group. And see our five which is the mixed choir at URI high school under the direction of Talia bird was accepted to perform so they’ll be performing on Thursday. And then Carrie proctor at WestView is given was given the outstanding young music educators award for the entire state of Colorado. So st. Fran has battle Ward under our belt for her which is amazing. And last but not least Dr. Hood had mentioned but Bethany Parker from Frederick High School was selected for all state band orchestra and choir. I don’t even know if that’s ever happened before. I don’t know how I would check. But that’s a pretty incredible feat. And so congratulations to our student, Bethany. And that’s all that I have. So I’ll bring up Chase, talk about that next.

Unknown Speaker 59:09
Thank you. Um, so we’re, you know, typically this is one of my favorite nights of the year that we’ve talked about this many times to bring our architecture to celebrate with us. So we’re hopefully going to add to our crowd and bring these kids along with hopefully a few from the winter later in this semester when hopefully things are a bit calmer for us. You know, just just to highlight from from a team’s perspective from where we are as a district in every single sport. We had at least one school in each classification for boys and girls finished in the top four in the state tournament. So it from certainly challenged that with with anybody else’s achieve mints. We had a player of the year and volleyball at Mead, we had state champ individual state champions from nyuad, tennis nyuad Boys and Girls cross country nyuad Gymnastics who she attends Silver Creek High School, she’s been a multi multi time state champion. Lions cross country. For team events, we have some unique teams this year that definitely, bus. But nyuad Girls cross country team, they actually won the national championship along with the state championship. So they are, they’re the number one cross country team in the entire country. And then the Erie cheer team, they had the Nationals, the beginning of February, but they won their fourth state title. So everybody, all the seniors on their team have no idea what it’s like to get second, if you will. So that’s what we’ll stop there. I know, I would, I don’t know, I want to value your time. But you know, we’ll certainly take lots of it come April when we bring everybody. So just thanks for having us. And thanks for all your support. And thanks for giving us the opportunity to be here and host our events.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:10
Thank you, Chase, and chase and Janae thank you for all the opportunities that you create for students. And as you highlighted Chase, not just the students, but for our community as well. So important. Thank you. And we’ll look forward to a nice, a nice, long, lengthy agenda item when possible.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:28
Yeah, you know, the thing you guys, we’ve talked about this a lot is the the kinds of things that our students are learning around leadership, and teamwork, and resilience and setting goals and overcoming obstacles, and empathy and, and just all of those things that will carry them through life. Really, it’s pretty amazing. And I I follow people on the results and then have an opportunity to attend some of the events. And it’s it’s off the charts, what our students are doing, and our coaches and and they’re doing it in the classroom and then on the athletic fields and in the auditoriums and everywhere else. And so I appreciate both of you and your leadership. I know you spend 24/7 on this stuff. It’s not a it’s not a part time job. So thank you for everything.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:26
Agenda Item 6.3. This evening is Board of Education recognition.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:33
All right, well, I’m going to read something to you and want you to know that it’s heartfelt, and it’s sincere. And I am very grateful to us. I know a lot of others that are here tonight are in as well as people who aren’t but whereas these are challenging times for public education and for the work of local school board members. And whereas school boards are responsible for putting into place a system for students to learn and achieve at the highest level possible. And whereas excellence in the classroom begins with excellence in the boardroom. And whereas the key work of school boards includes taking action to create a vision for what students should know, and be able to do to establish clear standards for student performance to ensure that student assessments are tied to established standards, to be accountable to the community for operating schools that support student achievement, to align school district resources to ensure that students meet standards to create a climate assuring safe and orderly classrooms, to build collaborative relationships to solve common problems, and to ensure continuous improvement. And whereas we are proud of the work school boards do, and the role school board members play in creating a quality public education system that is fundamental to a strong democratic society. Now, therefore, we the St. Vrain Valley School District do hereby declare our appreciation to the members of the St. Vrain Valley School District Board of Education, and proclaim the month of January 22, to be school board recognition month. We urge all citizens to join us in recognizing the dedication and hard work of our Board of Education members, in empowering students to learn, challenging students to achieve and inspiring students to excel. And one of the things that I would share with you just as a personal observation that your level of commitment is definitely unparalleled. You all do this out of the goodness of your heart and the belief that our students represent the future. And they do and what you are doing for them and for this community and for our teachers is really hard to put into words, because it’s a lot of time and it’s a lot of energy. And you do it for all the right reasons. And you create stability for this team. You create stability for our teachers, you create stability for our staff and our students. You put personal agendas aside You have come together as a team, a team, to support our children, and to support our teachers and our staff and our community. And you’re selfless in your work. And you’ve never made it about yourself. You’ve never made it about anything. But the students, and the teachers and the staff and the community, I have so much respect for you, I appreciate you, I really enjoy coming to work in large part because of your leadership, and want you to know that we appreciate you greatly. And we have, you know, it’s a small token of appreciation that we’d like to present you with these things. And then there may be some members of our team that would like to say a few words. So why don’t we do this? Why don’t we, if anybody would like to share anything, please feel free to do so. And then we will present you we have a plaque. And we also have a yeti cup that has our, our logo, and some of them say st rainstorm, and taking public education by saying rainstorm. And some of them say that the Mark Twain quote that we oftentimes use out of the public school grows the greatness of a nation. And they’re small tokens of appreciation. But they come from a big place in our heart and want you to know that every time we look at these, it’s our way of saying thank you. So thanks for everything you guys.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:19
Done, I too, would like to thank our Board of Education, I would like to thank you for your ongoing support of our superintendent and our team, your caring concern for the well being of our staff and students is authentic, noticed and deeply appreciated. We also greatly appreciate the many volunteer hours that you give to the children in this community and to public education, which we all know is so important for the society. So thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:49
No, I didn’t necessarily have anything real prepared. But truthfully, what Don said is true. And that is you provide really a tremendous stability for for all of us. And I recognize it throughout operations. Were stable, and, and I attribute that really to you guys. So thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:10
I would just add that as we’re out in schools and talking with staff, and students and teachers, principals, really at all levels within our organization, people are grateful to you, I don’t know that you hear from everyone necessarily, but we hear from people as we’re out and about in schools, and interacting. And I just think that that really speaks to you being unified, and selfless, and really standing behind our mission as a whole group. So thank you for all that you do.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:41
I think the stability is important, but consistency as well as we’re developing programs, or we’re figuring out what we’re going to do next. And those kinds of things. We know that if we’re developing it with our mission in mind, and with our strategic priorities in mind, that that you’re going to ask pertinent questions and put you’re going to know that we’re in support us and know that that we’re going to do at the job the way that we need to do and I really appreciate that.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:11
Thank you very much.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:27
miasha, we will hold on to these and give them to you at our next meeting. Thank you. Thanks a lot.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:55
Thank you, Don. And thank you everyone for your kind words and your support. And, Don, I think the reality is you all make our job, incredibly simple. So thank you very much for that. And we all are up here because we care about the children and the people in St. Brain. And I was thinking as the students from new Meridian were up there, and they were talking and doing their presentation. And also when Nate said, you know, the best day ever is when you get to watch the kids walk across the stage on graduation, and hit the nail on the head. It’s absolutely the best day ever. And while this is a volunteer position, graduation days, truly and interacting with the students is all the pay and recognition that that we would ever ask for or need. So thank you. All right. Greg, your favorite topic money, which is a good thing, right? Good thing. Yes, agenda item 6.4, which is the fiscal year 22. Can you believe that second quarter public gifts to schools report?

Unknown Speaker 1:10:04
Yes, thank you. Good evening. This the purpose of this report is to provide the Board of Education with a list of public gifts given to the school district. And during the course of the year, the district receives many cash and gift donations for its programs. We accept these at the appropriate level by the principal, the superintendent or the Board of Education, according to board policy Kcd. In the second quarter of this year, we receive gifts and totaling about $160,000. I’d like to point out three of them. Step Toyota who always supports us donated over $75,000 for various programs, we had $7,500 donated to support our P TECH program from the Stanley lead tau charitable gift fund. And then we also had the Longmont Community Foundation $1,200 for students support. If we take a look at where we are compared to last year, we’re we’re about $10,000, lower than we were we had a better second quarter. And I think that was due to timing of a of the large gift, the large support from staff from the previous year. And so we’re really close to where we were second end of the second quarter last year. I’m happy to answer any questions.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:31
No questions. All right. Thanks, Greg. Appreciate it. Agenda Item Seven is our consent items do board members wish to pull any of those consent items this evening? If not, then I’ll entertain a motion for approval please. Of agenda item 7.1 staff termination sleeves 7.2 staff appointments 7.3. approval of minutes for the December 120 21 special meeting. December 820 21 study session and December 8 2021 regular meeting 7.4 approval of annual official posting location notice 7.5 approval of change order to construction manager general contractor contract for the E SC fire alarm replacement project 7.6 approval of change order to construction manager general contractor or I should say Jim CMGC these are always a mouthful contract for the L SC fire alarm replacement project 7.7 approval change order one two the contract for district wide AEDs radio communication and repair project 7.8 approval of change order six two lines the middle Senior High School Auditorium addition and renovation project 7.9 approval of amendment, GMP to construction manager general contractor friends and Pitman contract for the Columbine Elementary School fire alarm upgrade project. Seven point 10 approval of change order to Highlands elementary school project and seven point 11 approval of change order to construction manager general contractor contract for the additional parking project at Erie High School.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:22
So moved. Second. Thank you. Mr. Berthold. Yes, Mrs. Brooks? Yes. Mr. Garcia? Yes. Mrs. Puranic? Yes. Dr. martyr? Yes, Mrs. raglan. Yes, Miss Seacrest.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:42
I thank you. Action Item eight. We have one action item this evening. And that is a point one. And it’s a recommendation for adoption of the resolution concerning representation on the Erie urban renewal Authority Board. And Greg, I think you’re here Most boards. I think almost all of the board members serve on one ura committee or another. Except Oh, so nevermind. So there’s only a few of us who do I was wrong? There’s

Unknown Speaker 1:14:13
I think there’s two, maybe three that don’t serve. I know that. Chico serves for Firestone and Frederick Indico now we’re going to have to take another resolution similar to this at the January 26 meeting for Sara to serve on the town of mead. I know you serve Alliance and miasha will serve on the town of Erie

Unknown Speaker 1:14:43
that’s a it’s a great way to connect with the communities but also to be involved in that important important work for a variety of reasons. Some

Unknown Speaker 1:14:50
absolutely there are there are huge arrays and long and downtown development authorities within the city of Longmont but they don’t have to appoint a school board member unless they make major renovations or recommendations and changes to the to those documents. And they have not since that legislation went in place in, I believe, the end of 2015, beginning of 2016.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:19
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:22
So this is really, John Aaron’s was our representative for the town of Erie. And we have tried to have it our boards, board members on it on a urban renewal authority, based off of the location of the districts that they are located in. And so this makes obvious sense that we would we would ask me OSHA to be part of the town of Erie urban renewal authority. You want me to cover what an urban renewal authority is? Or you do you think we need to take that time or?

Unknown Speaker 1:15:56
I don’t think we do know.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:59
So this resolution just would nominate her to be appointed by the town of Erie urban renewal authority. I believe that meeting is scheduled for January 25.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:12
Great, thank you, me, OSHA. Thank you for taking this on. Greatly appreciate it. And obviously, if Mia has any questions from a district perspective, she can can reach out to you. Absolutely. Great, super. Any comments or questions before we vote on this? May OSHA?

Unknown Speaker 1:16:32
No comments or questions? Thank you very much. I’m the only thing I want to say is thank you all for allowing me to represent the board for the town of Erie and I look forward to working alongside with them as well as coming back to the district with anything that they have. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:49
Great, thank you. All right. With that, then I would entertain a motion please. For Approval of action item 8.1.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:56
So moved.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:58
All right. Karen and Chico. You can take your pick on the order.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:03
Got it. Mr. Berthold? Yes, Mrs. Brooks? He Mr. Garcia? Yes. Mrs. Puranic? Yes. Dr. martyr. Yes, Mrs. Raglan I miss Seacrest.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:17
I Christie. Thank you, Christine. Diane, thanks for everything with the agenda and the meeting this evening. And also for everyone who’s set up from miasha to attend virtually as well. We don’t have any discussion items this evening. That does bring us to adjournment. The board will be convening again, next Wednesday, which is already January 19. Hard to believe at 6pm. That’ll be a study session at Altona Middle School, and then we’ll be back here in the boardroom on January 26. At 6pm for another regular meeting. I wish everyone a happy and safe New Year and with that I would entertain a motion for adjournment. Please.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:01
So moved.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:04
Second, and a second by Karen. All in favor,

Unknown Speaker 1:18:07