2021-12-01 Board of Education Special Meeting

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Unknown Speaker 0:02
Good evening and welcome to St. Vrain Valley Schools Board of Education Meeting. Please join us in standing for the Pledge of Allegiance. Hi, Christy, hello. Please call the roll this evening,

Unknown Speaker 0:34
Mr. Arens resin. Mr. Berthold absent Mr. Garcia here, Dr. Martyr absent. Miss Pierce here, Mrs. Ragland, here, Miss Seacrest here.

Unknown Speaker 0:45
Thank you, Christy. Were there any agenda items or changes to the agenda this evening?

Unknown Speaker 0:51
No, there were not. Great.

Unknown Speaker 0:54
Then as we convene this evening, I would like to emphasize that the district’s mission statement is this board and Dr. hideouts North Star, we make all decisions within the context of educating each students in a safe learning environment so that they may develop to their highest potential and become contributing citizens. We do not take that mission lightly. Our focus is on each and every student having access to the very best opportunities in an environment that is inclusive of every child. Before we get started this evening friendly reminder to check your cell phones make sure that they are they are quiet. And also reminder that this meeting is being recorded, it will be placed on the district website. And it is also being streamed. Any visitors this evening? Do we have anyone here who wishes to comments on an agenda item or a non agenda item. Alrighty. And we don’t have any visitors, Dawn that quickly brings us this evening to the superintendence report, which is agenda item five. And I believe you’re going to kick us off on saying some thank yous and some welcomes. This is a very exciting, exciting meeting, we get to say goodbye to John and Paula, and congratulations to two of our newest board members, me ocean Sara and congratulate Karen.

Unknown Speaker 2:25
That’s right now it is an exciting evening. And you know, it’s one of those moments in time where it’s exciting on one hand, and it’s also very sad On another hand. And I want to start by saying, John and Paula, I appreciate both of you more than you will ever know, I I know how much you care about this community and what you’ve done for many years with our students and our teachers and our staff, and our entire community, you all have been part of a foundation that has been incredible. It’s been quite the journey. And I know that since you both live in the area, still, you aren’t going to get completely away from me, I will be reaching out to you and connecting with you probably forever. I appreciate you guys more than you’ll ever know. And I hope that you know that what you’ve done here will continue to change lives, the lives of so many children that you may never see face to face. But you’ve put them on a trajectory that’s pretty incredible. And given them that jumpstart in life with all of the work that you’ve done, and I’m talking about for a very, very long time. John, I know you were with leadership, St. Rain even before the eight years that you are on the board. And Paul, I remember talking with you and visiting with you way back in 2008. And so it’s it’s not been any short term friendship and it’s not been in a short term effort on your part. And you two should be very, very proud of the work that you’ve done. Not many times can you make a difference in life the way in which the both of you have so forever grateful to you and I always wish you the very best, you and your families. Thank you. Joey in terms of introducing the new board members, would you your would you like to do that? Okay, sounds great. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 4:17
Sure. Thank you, John. And Paula, do you want to take a moment to say thank you to to I don’t know why I always get emotional during this. Say thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything that you’ve done. If there’s one thing that I’m proud of, on this board of education, it’s to serve with such incredible human beings who always no matter what put children first, thank you for doing that. Thank you. Yes, don’t be strangers. I do. Thank you, John, our politics you want to say any words this evening.

Unknown Speaker 4:55
First of all. Thank you both for that. are very kind words. And I just want to say it’s been a very easy honor to serve on this board. And watch done you and Jackie and the entire staff down to the teachers, down to all the classified staff, watch them work, walk alongside you guys as you constantly put students first every day, but also in a very forward looking manner like the the journey of the learning the path that’s created for all of the students. It’s, it’s, it’s really been an easy honor to, to do that kind of work and be part of the legacy of this district. So thank you all for, for all the work that you do. It’s been a pleasure.

Unknown Speaker 5:43
Very simple. Thank you. You know, I, I just want to say when Paul and I started, we part we started with the floods, with a 500 year floods. And we’re ending with 100 year pandemic. So I someone might be able to argue that that’s a 400 year improvement, but I’m not going to take that on. The journey has been such an incredible opportunity to work with amazing students, teachers, administrators, to Sarah and me, OSHA, you’re going to be entering an environment, if you’re anything like me. You know, there’s in trepidation you don’t know exactly what to expect. Expect that you’re going to be embraced by the best. I can’t tell you how comforting it was to enter a system where all the administrators not only give you an embrace, but they give you a ton of knowledge as to what you’re going to be working with for the next 48 years depending on how long you are. And I do get emotional about it. Because I consider everyone to be incredible friends and mentors. And the experience has been one that has provided so much growth. It’s it’s I have a present for each one of you, for all of you. And it wouldn’t be made if it weren’t just a little bit funny, since we have kids in the room. This is toilet paper. And it’s called Who gives a wipe. But I’m giving it because I know each and every one of you bring such an excellent game to this administration and to this district. I hope that you know this is done with a smile, but it’s done with complete. Earnest that you guys really do give a wipe. And you guys are amazing in terms of how well you work together and how well this district works together. So I did write something that’s short, I’m just gonna say a short thing. But this is kind of what I feel education doesn’t do the easy thing. It does the caring thing it does the honorable thing the loving thing. Educators take on the hard lift willingly. They heighten learning by teaching relevant to air skills. Education shapes our world. It’s our responsibility for preparing students to change and take on the changes of the world that they will inherit. educators do the heavy lift, transforming students, students to take on roles in all industries. K 14 Success is represented by caring and productive citizens graduating each year, over 90% of our country’s diplomas are handed out through public education. St. Rain is a leader in education by design. And I salute and thank everyone in this district.

Unknown Speaker 9:07
Thank you, John. Chico or Karen any word sir? Don’t feel obligated. Just a thank you and you will be missed.

Unknown Speaker 9:23
Yeah, the same just appreciate your leadership and, and your guidance and and all the work that’s happened and like the both of you as as mentors and appreciate all you’ve you’ve done to help me along the way and help all the students and and everyone else involved in district in the community. So yeah, thank you.

Unknown Speaker 9:47
Thank you, chico. Alright, Greg. Hello, agenda item this evening. 6.1 is a report on the election results. Oh, sorry, everybody. Thank you. Jackie Jackie, thank you for starting that. Appreciate it. Greg.

Unknown Speaker 10:22
Yeah, so I just wanted to give you the the 2021 election results for the the four counties St. Green Valley School District, which is spread across four counties, Boulder, Bloomfield, Larimer and weld. And it’s organized into seven board member districts. In order for a candidate to run within a dist member district they have to reside within that district. However, registered voters within the district are allowed to vote for each of those board member district candidates. So the elections are can are conducted by each individual county we we work with them and we enter into an intergovernmental agreement to ensure that state statute and election rules are followed and you selected me as the designated election official. So I’ve been working with each of those counties. Those counties certify the voter account in their county and submit the results both to the district and the state. And the state is responsible for ensuring the overall voter count is accurate. So we have seven we have seven member districts. So three were up this year four will be up in two years. The three that were up this year, our director districts B D and F. In director District B. Miss Karen Ragland ran unopposed and was reelected as an incumbent director, district D. Miss Miyoshi, Brooks was elected unopposed. So they’re elected to the board. The third district was contested by two candidates. And according to official election results from each county, Miss Sarah tyrannic is the winner of District F. So all the all three of these board members are expected to serve from November of 2021 through November of 2025. Happy to answer any questions.

Unknown Speaker 12:15
Thank you, Greg. Any questions? No questions, but thank you to you again for serving in that capacity. And I know Diane and Christy played a role in that. So thank you, also, proceeded. Thanks, Greg. Okay, action item 8.1 is the approval of new district directors and the oath of office for our newest board members, and we’ll start this evening with Director district be Karen Ragland. Karen, if you’d like to join me at the podium for the oath please?

Unknown Speaker 13:13
Thank you Hi, Karen. Thank you. Perfect. Yes, thank you. Alright. You’re gonna put your left hands on the Bible, and raise your right hand, please. And repeat after me. I Karen Ragland, I, Karen Ragland, do solemnly swear, do solemnly swear That I will support the Constitution of the United States that I will support the Constitution of the United States and of the state of Colorado, and of the state of Colorado. And the laws made pursuant there to and the laws made pursuant there to and faithfully perform the duties of the Office of School Director and faithfully perform the duties of the Office of School Director of the St. Brain Valley School District of director District B. of the St. Brain Valley School District of director District B of which I am about to enter upon which I’m about to enter. Congratulations. Yes. So I’ll need you.

Unknown Speaker 14:56
All right, Karen, congratulations. Thank you. Thank you so much. yes so me OSHA if you could please join me at the podium and your family is welcome to join you if you’d like but they, that’s their preference. Great. No pressure. We don’t want to scare him away on are your first night hair. Alright to have a Bible. So you put your left hand on the Bible, please and raise your right hand and repeat after me. I may have Shebaa Brooks,

Unknown Speaker 15:28
I’m Yoshi Brooks,

Unknown Speaker 15:29
do solemnly swear

Unknown Speaker 15:31
do solemnly swear

Unknown Speaker 15:32
That I will support the Constitution of the United States

Unknown Speaker 15:35
that I will support the Constitution of the United States

Unknown Speaker 15:38
and of the state of Colorado

Unknown Speaker 15:39
and the state of Colorado.

Unknown Speaker 15:41
And the laws made pursuant there to and the laws made pursuant to their two and faithfully perform the duties of the Office of School Director

Unknown Speaker 15:49
and faithfully perform the duties of the Office of School Director

Unknown Speaker 15:52
of the St. Vrain Valley School District

Unknown Speaker 15:56
of the St. St. Brain Valley School District

Unknown Speaker 15:58
of director district D of director district D upon which I’m about to enter

Unknown Speaker 16:04
upon which I’m about to enter. Congratulation, thank you.

Unknown Speaker 16:16
Perfect, and then you’ll please take a seat at the Dyess Thank you congratulations Sarah and Sarah, your family’s welcome to join you at the podium if you’d like. I’m gonna put your left hands and raise your right. Eye Sarah,

Unknown Speaker 16:55
her Rennick I Sarah Quranic

Unknown Speaker 16:57
do solemnly swear,

Unknown Speaker 16:59
do solemnly swear

Unknown Speaker 17:01
That I will support the Constitution of the United States

Unknown Speaker 17:04
that I will support the Constitution of the United States

Unknown Speaker 17:07
and of the state of Colorado

Unknown Speaker 17:09
and of the state of Colorado.

Unknown Speaker 17:11
And the laws made pursuant there to and the laws made pursuant there to and faithfully perform the duties of the Office of School Director

Unknown Speaker 17:20
and faithfully perform the duties of the Office of School Director

Unknown Speaker 17:23
of the St. Brain Valley School District

Unknown Speaker 17:27
of the St. Green Valley School District

Unknown Speaker 17:28
of director District F

Unknown Speaker 17:30
of director

Unknown Speaker 17:31
district upon which I am about to enter

Unknown Speaker 17:34
upon which I’m about to enter.

Unknown Speaker 17:37
Congratulations Thank you. Sara and the OSHA congratulations. Welcome to the St. Vrain Valley Schools Board of Education.

Unknown Speaker 19:07
Agenda Item 8.2 is a recommendation for election of board president and vice presidents. Before we get started this evening, do want to note that these are done based on nomination, not a motion, and we do not require seconds this evening. As board president, it is my duty to preside over the election of the board president according to CRS 2232 Dash 1041 and board policy BDA. We will now begin the process for election of officers for the school board. Nominations are now in order for the office of president. May I have a nomination for the board president for the 2021 2023 term please.

Unknown Speaker 19:55
Madam President, I would like to nominate Joe Siegrist as president

Unknown Speaker 20:00
Thank you, chico. Do we have any other nominations this evening? Right. If we don’t have any nominations thing, Christy, I believe we can vote by secret ballot on President. Correct.

Unknown Speaker 20:12
Correct. And a nomination forms are in your manila folders right in front of your

Unknown Speaker 20:17
thank you. And Chico, I believe you have a basket to pass.

Unknown Speaker 20:27
And the nominations. Oh, I see them up in the upper left hand corner there. Thanks, Karen. Yep, answer. Oh, yes, please give it to actually to Greg, please. It takes many people. Thank you, Christie. It’ll be my honor and privilege. And I think the board’s I will continue to serve in capacity as St. Vrain. Valley Schools Board of Education President. Thank you, everyone.

Unknown Speaker 21:40
We are now going to vote on the office of Vice or the the role of vice president. We will now begin, of course, the process for vice president nominations are in order for the office of Vice President and Matt, please have a nomination for the board vice president for the 2021 2023 term.

Unknown Speaker 22:00
Yes, Madam President, I would like to nominate Karen Raglin as Vice President.

Unknown Speaker 22:05
Thank you, chico. Any other nominations this evening? If not, Karen, are you willing to serve in that capacity? Yes, indeed. Thank you. Christy will then go ahead and vote by secret ballot for that. Correct. And we have another nomination form here. Correct. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 22:30
Thank you, Sara. Thanks, Greg. Thank you, Christy. All right, Karen. You will have been elected as the vice president of St. Croix Valley Schools Board of Education. Congratulations, and thank you for your willingness to serve in that capacity. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 23:18
Agenda Item 8.3 is a recommendation for the appointment appointment of secretary of the board, treasurer and a separate and assistant secretary of the board. So again, we’ll take nominations for these we do not require a second floor for them. First, we’ll start with the nomination for BOARD SECRETARY FOR THE 2023 20 Pardon me 2021 23 term and may I please have a nomination for that officer position.

Unknown Speaker 23:58
You know it Christie, it occurred to me. So I’d like to nominate Jim Berthold for this. Did we get emails from Jim and from Dec since they aren’t here that clarify that they’re willing to serve as an officer?

Unknown Speaker 24:12
Yes. Both Dr. Martyr and Mr. Berthold have indicated they would accept an officer position should they be nominated.

Unknown Speaker 24:20
Perfect. Thank you. I wanted to make sure we clarified that before I nominate Jim. So in that instance then I would like to nominate jet nominate Jim Berthold as the secretary of the board of education for that 2021 2023 term. If there are no other nominations, then Christy will go ahead and call for the roll, please.

Unknown Speaker 24:43
Mr. Berthold absent Mrs. Brooks. Mr. Garcia? Yes. Mrs. Puranic? Yes. Dr. Martyr absent Mrs. Ragland? Yes, Miss Seacrest.

Unknown Speaker 24:59
I Thank you, Christy. So then Jim Berthold will serve as BOARD SECRETARY FOR THAT 2021 2023 term. And then as we roll into that nomination for board treasurer, Christie, before we do that, can you just one more time clarify that Dr. Martyr has clarified that he’s willing to run run for a board position as well. Officer position,

Unknown Speaker 25:24
he did indicate that he would accept an officer position. Should he be elected?

Unknown Speaker 25:29
Should he be elected? Great. Thank you. I was so focused on Jim during that first one that I didn’t hear that piece. So thank you. All right. So nomination of board treasurer for the 2021 2023 term. Can I please have a nomination? I’d like to nominate Dr. Richard martyr for treasurer of the board. Thanks, Karen. Any other nominations? If there aren’t then Christy if you could please call the roll.

Unknown Speaker 25:56
Mr. Berthold absent Mrs. Brooks. Present? Yes. Mr. Garcia? Yes. Mrs. Puranic? Yes. Dr. Martyr, absent Mrs. Ragland. I miss Siegrist.

Unknown Speaker 26:08
I thank you, Christine. Dr. Martyr I’ll be serving in that capacity then. And lastly, we do have a nomination of assistant board secretary. Karen, you’ve been serving in that capacity for the past couple of years. I would like to ask you if you’re willing to continue in that capacity, unless there’s somebody else here this evening that would like to step up? If not, I would be happy to continue. Great. Then I’ll formally nominate Karen Ragland to continue in the role as assistant board secretary. Christie or Christie.

Unknown Speaker 26:45
Mr. Berthold absent Mrs. Brooks present. Hi, Mr. Garcia? Yes. Mrs. Puranic? Yes. Dr. Martyr, absent Mrs. Ragland. I, Miss Siegrist.

Unknown Speaker 26:57
I thank you, Christy. Agenda Item 8.4. is a recommendation to for appointment of assistant treasurer and secretary to the board. And so this is a little bit different. Greg, you have been serving as Assistant Treasurer to the board, obviously for I couldn’t find you. I was so used to sitting over there. We’re Diana’s for many, many years. Are you willing to continue to serve in that capacity? And if you are, I would like to formally nominate you to do so. I am. Thank you. All right. If there are no objections, then Christie please call for the vote. Mr. Berthold

Unknown Speaker 27:35
absent Mrs. Brooks. President aye. Mr. Garcia? Yes, Mrs. Puranic? Yes, Dr. Martyr, absent Mrs. Ragland, I miss Seacrest.

Unknown Speaker 27:46
I thank you. And then Christie next is the secretary to the board. And you and Diane Hawk ash have been serving in that capacity for the past several months. And if you are willing to continue to do so then I would like to nominate you.

Unknown Speaker 28:00
Yes, absolutely. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 28:02
Thank you to both of you. I guess you’re gonna call the roll for your for myself for yourself.

Unknown Speaker 28:10
Mr. Berthold absent Mrs. Brooks. Mr. Garcia? Yes. Mrs. Puranic? Yes. Dr. Martyr, absent Mrs. Ragland, I miss Seacrest.

Unknown Speaker 28:21
I. Great. Thank you, everyone. I appreciate it. Agenda Item 8.5. Is Greg adoption of resolution for signature authorization?

Unknown Speaker 28:33
Yes, so because we just changed the officers of the board. It’s going to take us some time to get the signatures on checks and those types of things modified and so the resolution that we’re asking you to adopt tonight allows us to continue to use the current or the previous officer signatures until the signatures are changed to the new officers.

Unknown Speaker 28:57
Great, thank you. If board members don’t have any questions, I would entertain a motion for approval of action item 8.5. Please. So moved by Karen second and a second by Chico.

Unknown Speaker 29:09
Mr. Berthold absent Mrs. Brooks. Mr. Garcia? Yes, Mrs. Franek? Yes, Dr. Martyr absent Mrs. Ragland. I miss Siegrist.

Unknown Speaker 29:20
I I love hearing those kids out there. I don’t know if you can hear that. But they’re having a great time out in the hall. So fun. We’re on to our discussion items this evening. Nine point my one is a board member signing of code of ethics and confidentiality affidavit, Christy, I believe everybody has one of these in their manila folder. Correct? Correct. That they will sign and then Chico has one that is large, longer that we will all sign and then that will hang on the wall in the boardroom? Correct? That is correct. Great. All right. Then we’ll have everybody sign in sheet so you can go ahead and sign and pass that along.

Unknown Speaker 31:03
All right. Thank you, everyone. think everyone’s just about wrapping up signing me OSHA. And, Sarah, I don’t want to put you on the spot. But I do want to give you an opportunity to say any words if you’d like to, before we adjourn this evening.

Unknown Speaker 31:18
Are you there first? Well, I would like to pushing. Well, good evening, everyone, I would like to thank everyone for being here, first and foremost. And I always want to start with thanking our children who are here. So the she said, the voices in the hallway are always comforting. But I’m honored to be in this position. And I take it very seriously that we are doing the work for our students, and our community. So thank you for being here. Thank you, for those who voted and from whomever you voted, but thank you for voting. And also thank you for being here to share this experience.

Unknown Speaker 32:03
I’d like to start by thanking my family, I have the best support system back there. Thank you to the voters. And thank you to the district for being so welcoming, I am honored to be here. And I’m excited to start our four years here and continue the great work of this district. So thank you.

Unknown Speaker 32:29
Thank you. Welcome to both of you. And congratulations, Karen, as well. Yes. Did you have anything you want to say? Or

Unknown Speaker 32:38
I’m just looking forward to the next four years. And

Unknown Speaker 32:41
I’m just so pleased to be on the board with all of you and thank you again for the opportunity. All right. That’s concludes our organizational meeting this evening. We will reconvene here in the boardroom on Wednesday, December 8 at 6pm for a regular Board of Education Meeting. wish everyone a wonderful evening drive safely. And with that, I will ask for a motion for adjournment please. So moved by Chico second and a second by Karen. All in favor, aye. Thank you everyone. Assuming that sort of if you know your