City Council Regular Session – December 7, 2021, 2021

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City Council Regular Session – December 7, 2021, 2021

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Unknown Speaker 19:56
I would like to call the December 7 2021 long run City Council, regular session to order and we are on virtual meetings again. So can we have a roll call please?

Unknown Speaker 20:11
Absolutely. Mayor Peck. Clearly you are here. Councilmember double fairing. Here. Councilmember Martin. Here. Councilmember waters I think we lost him. I do think we lost councilmember waters. We may need to pause. Okay, Councilmember

Unknown Speaker 20:36
unlock the meeting. It was just a moment.

Unknown Speaker 20:39
Thank you. I will go ahead, finish councilmember Yarborough who was about to say your name here. And Mayor Pro Tem Rodriguez here. Mayor Peck as soon as we have councilmember waters back we also lost Harold give us just a moment yes,

Unknown Speaker 20:56
there is Harold Yep, give us just a moment Dallas if you can upgrade Harold I’ll work on well we just lost Tim again he must be having connection issues so give us just a moment

Unknown Speaker 21:17
can you hear me now?

Unknown Speaker 21:19
Yes we can yes we can. Thanks.

Unknown Speaker 21:23
And there he is again let’s try this one more time

Unknown Speaker 21:33
let me rename him

Unknown Speaker 21:37
Dallas Tim is ready

Unknown Speaker 21:42
all right. Council member Tim Are you there and can you see and hear us Yes,

Tim Waters 21:56
I can

Unknown Speaker 21:59
and if I might roll call you are here you are here for the moment I’m

Tim Waters 22:03
what’s going on with my system here. Jamie Chris moody to

Unknown Speaker 22:13
marry you do have a quorum as long as council member waters is ready to go look tentative tentative.

Tim Waters 22:20
I can’t get I can’t get my I can’t get a full screen. I’m not certain what’s going on with this.

Unknown Speaker 22:24
So here we go.

Unknown Speaker 22:27
Did you get it Council? Thanks.

Tim Waters 22:29
I’m good. Thanks.

Unknown Speaker 22:31
Okay. For the public meetings are being held remotely due to the ongoing novel Coronavirus pandemic. You can watch the meeting live stream by going to Longmont, and searching on agendas. Or you can go to Longmont, public and click on watch. So, welcome to our meeting. Can we have the Pledge of Allegiance, please? Let’s say started off. I pledge allegiance

Unknown Speaker 23:00
to the flag of the United States of America

Unknown Speaker 23:05
and to the republic for which it stands. One nation,

Unknown Speaker 23:09
under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all,

Unknown Speaker 23:15
girl. Thank you. Anyone wishing to provide public comment during public invited to be heard, must watch the live stream of the meeting and call in only when I open the meeting for public comment. callers are not able to access the meeting at any other time to call in. You can call the toll free number it’s 888-788-0099. Watch for the instructions to be displayed and write down the meeting ID when it’s displayed at the beginning of the meeting. So we do have the screen up. The meeting ID is 84771905909. So write that down and you can do it at public invited to be heard. Can we have a motion for the approval of the minutes?

Unknown Speaker 24:07
Mayor there are no minutes on this agenda for approval so you can keep going.

Unknown Speaker 24:12
So okay, thank you. Do we have any agenda revision submission of documents and motions to direct the city manager to add agenda items to future agendas?

Unknown Speaker 24:23
Mayor just want to confirm there are no agenda revisions or or revised documents.

Unknown Speaker 24:29
Okay. But we can’t give direction to staff correctly? Correct. In that case, I don’t see any hands but I do want to make a motion to direct staff to take money out of the council contingency fund to purchase flowers for Maria Tostado. A flowers and cards from Council. Hopefully the The amount of money will not exceed $100. So derive a second for that.

Unknown Speaker 25:06
So I can do that.

Unknown Speaker 25:08
Thank you. It has been seconded by Suzy who dog Councilwoman Hidalgo fairing. Can we have a vote please?

Unknown Speaker 25:17
All those in favor? say aye. Aye. Raise your hand. Hi. Those opposed?

Unknown Speaker 25:27
It is passed. unanimously. Thank you. So do you have a COVID? Report for us? A Herald?

Unknown Speaker 25:36
Yes. Mayor pack? Let me share my screen. Can you all see the silver 620 21? Screen? Yes. Okay. So mayor, Mayor Council, they didn’t have they have man meeting today. And so just wanted to go over the presentation that I have with you all this is the information that we prepared based on the variants, specifically the Omicron variant and what they’re seeing, what you’re probably going to see in the news today is that they did detect the Omicron variant in the wastewater testing that they’re doing in Boulder. When I received the email notification, it is on I think, the Denver Post and some other websites. When I received the email notification from Kamil, Boulder County Public Health, they indicated that they did not get that report for for a long month. So I did make sure on that one. In terms of the data, and what we’re seeing, you know, we had a dip in cases last week and we we talked about the hope that we were going to continue in that trend. And as what we’ve seen recently, you can see the bounce up where we’ve moved to 222.5 cases again, and again, this graph represents and cumulative number of new cases per 100,000. What we’ve typically seen, obviously, in this slide builder, counties still in high transmission rate we are down as of this slide to 190 4.67. Obviously, there’s an updated information on the previous slide, but we’re still in high transmission. When we look at the breakdown on case trends among age groups, where you know, we saw that decline in zero to five, or zero to 11 population and we see climbing but you know, when you look at all of the age demographics, the majority of them are climbing, and it looks like it’s leveling off, again on the data. What does this mean by race and ethnicity? Again, we’re still in that number are still relatively close to that we’re still hanging in the 18 to 22% for Latin X population, so we’ve been pretty consistent there. And then when we look at cases by cities, we have dropped in terms of Longmont, but we are now 42% of the cases once again in Longmont with boulder 24% What that really means from a numbers perspective, Boulder City had 172 cases this week, they had 159 the prior week, Longmont had 297 cases. This week, we had 188 in the prior week, and then Lewisville, Lafayette superior. They had 118 cases this week 97 In the prior week. And then so that’s giving you a sense of the actual numbers that we’re seeing. So how does this align with our stormwater data? So you are now used to seeing the sheet in terms of what we have a number of cases. And again, we have the lag in this. And so what we’re seeing here is that you can see we have this Bob, you saw it decrease here you see the cases you see the BOC we’re seeing it then we’re down. But now we’re starting to see our stormwater data once again show an increasing number of copies of in our system. So as we looking as we look to the future, we know what we can expect based on the number of cases in our community. So what’s happening in the health system? Again, staffed ICU bed availability, averaged about 4%. So we dropped one percentage point from last week. Saying you know in the medical surgical Bed Availability were now averaging 4% down from two 6%. Hospitals are continuing to report tight staffing it did increase three percentage points. We’re continuing to see Iran set I think it’s been holding 18 pediatric confirmed cases. The interesting piece on this that showed up in this slide in this data set is that pharmacy staffing shortages are limiting vaccine and prescription drug distribution. So that’s a new piece to the slide in terms of what we’re getting on our medical system. And we haven’t seen that before.

Unknown Speaker 30:25
Now, when we look at what’s happening in Boulder County, in terms of hospitalizations, 77 people are hospitalized, we confirm COVID. We have eight staffed ICU beds available. If you remember last week, I think we were in double digits. And I said in the week prior to that, we were down to three. So we continue to see those numbers move up and down. In terms of our bed availability. Obviously, we’re still exceeding our epidemiological capacity, in terms of the cases that the health department looks at, again, want to really reiterate that they still do the epidemiological work, they’re just more focused on on areas where they they see more risk of more cases developing. And then when we look at the deaths, since we’ve had this, again, you can kind of see the trend continuing. There’s there’s a few and long term care facilities, but most of them are not associated with that. Among the 59, deaths since May 49%, or female, average age is 71 for unvaccinated and 84 years old for vaccinated individuals. So you’re seeing that difference in whether when folks are vaccinated. Testing, so seven day positivity is down 6.6%. You know, we’ve talked a little bit about this in terms of how much is the testing, impacting the percentage points, and we have some additional information. So there was an average of 1900 tests done per day in the last week, compared to 1600 per day in the week prior. So you’re definitely definitely seen as more testing is taking place, we’re seeing that number drop. And it really is sort of highlighting what we thought, fewer tests, and those that are getting tested are obviously not feeling well. I’m continuing to hold on the vaccination rates. So you can see the percentage of total population who have received at least one doses at three, we’re about 68.9 and have both doses. And then the percent of eligible population is at six. This is what it looks like, again, in terms of individuals who are getting the booster doses continuing to see the 70 Plus move up. And that’s what they were really looking for. So that’s the slides I have for you all today. I guess the news is we are seeing more cases, we are seeing more of the copies within our wastewater system. They’re still really looking at trying to understand and I think this is an international work that they’re doing is really trying to understand what is the Omicron variant really mean? The Delta variant, at least at this point is obviously still the dominant variant within Colorado. I’d be happy to answer any questions you are.

Unknown Speaker 33:35
Councillor waters

Tim Waters 33:37
here on the slide. And that your your last slide in terms of testing rates or not testing rates, infection rates. And then, you know, concerns about numbers of it’s a percentage of what in terms of the the denominator? Who is who’s doing the testing, if there were 1600 tests a day, that’s the number who’s doing that testing.

Unknown Speaker 34:07
I think there’s a number of different groups that are doing that doing the testing. So, for example, we have a testing requirement for our staff, if you’re not vaccinated, we have to report that into the state system as well.

Tim Waters 34:20
Where do they get tested? And how do you report it?

Unknown Speaker 34:23
Well, so when we test it, in order to get approved to do we have a protocol that we have to follow, so I know they work with risk management and uploading that into the system. So if you go to the Boulder County Fairgrounds to get tested, they’re doing the same thing or if you go to a doctor’s office. So there if you go to I believe you can still do that at pharmacies and other locations. So any place that’s conducting those tests within the state to get approved to do it, you have to agree to follow the protocol so that you can upload it into their system. Thanks

Unknown Speaker 35:00
Sir anyone else? I don’t see anyone else here. Oh, thank you very much for that report. And hopefully we’ll continue to get better. So thank you. Tonight we do have a special presentation and it is going to be from Jesse Olsson. Jesse Olson is from the left hand watershed center. Her presentation will introduce the watershed center update Council and public on current forest health and wildfire prevention efforts in the st rain watershed and conclude with specific efforts to recover from the Cal woodfire. Jessie is a local watershed planner that has worked professionally in the field of ecological restoration since 2003. Working with nonprofits land Trust’s and in the private sector, she holds a master’s degree in environmental planning from UC Berkeley, and has served as the executive director of lefthand watershed center since 2015. Her efforts in protecting our local watershed are especially appreciated by the city of Longmont. Welcome, Jesse.

Unknown Speaker 36:13
Thank you so much,

Unknown Speaker 36:14
I really appreciate the opportunity to speak with you all. And I’m telling you more about the watershed center. So I have a presentation if you would like to load that up. Thank you go ahead and go to the next slide, please. So the left hand watershed center works to protect and restore watersheds for people and the environment using a collaborative and science based approach. We were originally formed in 2005, as a result of Captain Jack mine, cleanup needs in the upper portion of lefthand Creek watershed. And then we actually grew in 2015. When we were we took on the effort of implementing over $8 million of flood recovery work in the left hand Creek watershed. And now we’re as we move into the future, we’re really looking at a more holistic system on that we’ve expanded our geography to include the entire scene frame basin. And we’ve also expanded our scope in services to include forests, rivers, farms, and communities. Next slide, please. So our current geography, we really, we still hold a special place in in protecting and restoring left hand Creek watershed. But as I said, we’ve expanded our geography to include the entire st grade basin. And one of the key aspects that we do we do as a nonprofit watershed coalition is we we know that watersheds do not respect boundaries. And so we actually work across boundaries and collaborate with agencies and landowners, and all the folks that you see here on the slide to to build really resilient solutions for the whole watershed and for all the entire community. Next slide, please. And so before I jump into talking about our programs, I really want to acknowledge and thank the many staff members that we work with at the city of Longmont. These these folks on the list here are really partners and collaborators with us. And the work that we we do together should be celebrated as a as a team. So next slide, please. And our program areas include restoring forests, rivers, adaptively, managing watersheds, and engaging community. So I’ll walk you through those four program areas. And we will end with the restoring forest and talk about the fire recovery efforts. Next slide. So in terms of our community engagement, we have our watershed education program, which is really working to build the stewards of the future. And so we’ve hosted outdoor classroom activities reaching over 120 elementary school students who are able to explore their watershed through hands on learning. We’ve also partner up with CU Boulder students and work side by side with them a climate adaptation experiment in left chain Creek. We also develop educational bulletins to really help our community understand how science data help inform these client adapted restoration efforts that we’re undertaking. We also have a really strong community science program where folks can get out and actually engage in collecting data. And so we hosted this past year we hosted over 20 events where community members were able to engage with their forests, farms and rivers. We also hosted over 200 volunteers to install native fish habitat for the native redbelly dace reintroduced native fish species to left hand Creek and removed weeds and planted native plants along with collecting scientific data with community members. We also have a program called Catch the hatch where we’re tracking adult may fly emergence in the watershed, which is an indicator of climate change. And we’ve done this for three years running now. Next slide, please.

Unknown Speaker 40:18
In terms of our adaptively managed marshes program, this is an opportunity for us to collect really critical scientific data that gives us insights to the practitioners and policymakers and community members to make data informed decisions. So for example, there was recently a tanker spill this past spring and in that have resulted in a gas spill into st for yourself neighboring Creek, we immediately responded by collecting data upstream and downstream of this tanker spill, and reported those results immediately with the public as soon as we have them available so that folks could see the impact on the river and the potential restoration solutions. We also collect new and long term data on monitoring sites at 19 sites in the watershed that relate to water, vegetation, and habitat. And this all culminates in into our annual State of the watershed report, which is available on our website. We also are undertaking this basin wide monitoring effort where we’re really trying to build to bring together this multidisciplinary experts to guide management of our watersheds. And we’re calling this is an adaptive management process into in order to really result in these science driven decision making tool. And we right now have two outreach tools to support this adaptive management summary process summary where you can check it that out on our website, and also a Captain Jack Knowledge Platform, which shows the results of years of reclamation at the Captain Jack mine. Next slide, please. In terms of our river restoration program, as I mentioned, we’ve implemented over $9 million of flood recovery work in the watershed. And now we’re really moving into developing solutions that are win win for both the economy and for our ecological services. And we know that that this is really the responsible way for us to explore a balance of ecological health and economic economic needs for our communities. And so one of the reports that we produce this past year that really highlights these opportunities is our fish passage report where we’ve explored solutions to allow fish to pass through areas where there’s diversions for agriculture, while also still allowing full access to the agricultural rates that the farmers need to in order to grow crops. We’re also developing two conceptual designs for multi benefit projects, and hosted a farm tour where cyclists were able to connect with both ditches and food and see how those are connected. Next slide, please. Now moving into our forest program, as you all know, we had a really severe wildfire season, this past year, and we’ve had recent fire that started in December, which is pretty alarming. And what we also understand that there, this with this landscapes level problem, we really need a landscape scale solution. And so as a result of that interest from all of our partners, we are we recently developed what’s called the st frame forest health partnership in collaboration with the city of Lima and many other partners that are listed here. And what we’re doing there is really trying to increase the pace and scale of forest restoration in the st frame watershed. So this includes basically the left hand watershed as well as the same brain watershed all the rivers that flow into the city of Longmont. And it’s a critical forest for us to be able to protect our water supplies. So we’ve this past year, we through the partnership to over 100 members, we hosted field trips to engage community members to really connect with the purpose of doing fire resilient forest restoration, and created new to new outreach tools to be able to support those efforts. Next slide, please.

Unknown Speaker 44:31
And so what I mean when I say forest restoration is illustrated here by a graphic designer who worked with our what we call the science team to be able to depict where we’re trying to go with restoration in the future. So you can see the image on the left shows are the existing condition of our forest and the lower montane. We have really dense crowded forests where if a fire were to start the fire goes to the canopy instead of staying on the ground, which results in these high catastrophic wildfires. And then the desired future condition, you can see it’s a little more open, more diverse, a big bigger mix of age classes and diversity of tree species. And so if a fire were to start in that landscape, it would stay on the ground. And we would have a fire resilient forest where a fire could could come through and not have these catastrophic impacts to water to our community, and to the forest itself. Next slide, please. And so getting into the fire recovery efforts, the 2020 fire resulted in that sort of high intensity burns in many locations in the burns landscape, you can see the image on the right that shows those hydrophobic soils, which basically prevent water from being able to absorb into the soil, and instead it runs off into our creeks. The next slide, please. And that results in these Blackwater ash runoff events, like we had this past spring. Next slide, please. And so we were lucky enough to receive some funding from the Community Foundation, Boulder County, to be able to jump into action and do some really important erosion control work following the fire, we also were able to put a lot of seed on the ground to be able to establish some some healthy seed populations right off off the bat. And then we also engaged with the community actually tracking some of the regrowth of vegetation following the fire with a program called Fire followers. In addition, we’ve set up new monitoring sites to be able to track the progress towards our goals of stabilizing soil, and being able to actually recover from the fire. Next slide, please. However, our work is not over. In fact, this is the most critical time in my experience for us to be actually really taking a closer eye at our efforts and really putting in our efforts to be able to monitor and then be able to adapt and be able to install additional erosion control features and do additional seating and weed control as we move forward to make to ensure that we have a successful recovery following the fire. Next slide, please. So the the contribution that is being requested of city of Longmont is shown here and in the context of the larger fire recovery effort. So I spoke about some of the efforts related to the erosion control that we’ve received funding from the Community Community Foundation. In addition, there was a very large mulching operation that was undertaken by Boulder County. And they utilized NRCS funding to produce more than $4 million of fire recovery efforts on the landscape. So in this context, you can see that the contribution from the City and Long lat is leveraged many times over to accomplish what is needed for the watershed, and improve the health of the forest as well as the community and protect our water supplies. So with that, I think that might be my last slide, or you can go forward. Feel we do have a use many slides from our recently published Impact Report. If you’re interested in learning more about our organization, it is on our website. And that’s my contact information there. I’m happy to connect with any of you. And the next slide should just say thanks, and I really appreciate your time.

Unknown Speaker 49:01
Thank you, Jessie. That was a that was really a good report. And I’m happy that Longmont is going to be a part of this. I noticed that on the last slide, though, that our contribution was pending. Is that is that confirmed that we are giving that much money to this watershed program?

Unknown Speaker 49:19
I think you’re voting on it today.

Unknown Speaker 49:21
And that’s okay. That’s on the lighter item in the meeting.

Unknown Speaker 49:25
Okay, I wasn’t sure if we were going to be doing this but it is on the Consent Agenda. Okay, thank you. So, um, do we have any questions for Jesse before we leave this presentation? No. Okay. Thank you again, Jesse, for your presentation.

Unknown Speaker 49:44
Thank you so much for the opportunity.

Unknown Speaker 49:48
So now we are at Publix invited to be heard. We are going to take a break for five minutes to let people call in. We put up on the screen once again the number that you should be calling in 887880099 and don’t forget to write down the meeting ID number 84771905909 So we’re going to take a five minute break to let everyone call in you would like TO?

Unknown Speaker 54:54
Mayor pack we’re coming in at about four minutes and 30 seconds right Now I am not seeing any callers in the chat. If yes, if you Yes, once that’s on I will drop the slide. And I will let you know when we have caught up with the live stream.

Unknown Speaker 55:16
Okay, thank you. Yes. Yep.

Unknown Speaker 55:23
And it appears we’re back.

Unknown Speaker 55:24
Great. And Dallas, are there any, any people in the queue

Unknown Speaker 55:30
wanting to speak? There are not there no callers?

Unknown Speaker 55:34
Oh, no callers. Okay. Well, that’s kind of disappointing. I was hoping to hear from some people. So I guess we’ll go right to the consent agenda. Would you mind reading the consent agenda for us done?

Unknown Speaker 55:47
Absolutely. Mayor Peck. You can hear me okay. Yes, very good item. Items nine a or for electronic participation in council meetings. Nine a one is ordinance 2021 Dash 77. to bill for an ordinance amending chapter 2.12 of the Longmont municipal code to authorize city council meetings by electronic means of participation. Public Hearing and second reading scheduled for December 20 2021 982. Is amend council rules of procedure to include rule 25.2 electronic participation for meetings, public hearing and second reading scheduled for December 20 2021. Nine B is resolution 2021 Dash 127 a resolution of Longmont City Council approving the services contract between the city of Longmont and the left hand watershed center for Kenwood fire restoration efforts. And nine c is resolution 2021 Dash 128 a resolution of the Longmont City Council authorizing an application for conditional surface and storage water rights on the st. Brian Creek lefthand Creek and dry creek.

Unknown Speaker 56:50
Thank you, Dawn. Are there any counselors? I see. Councilwoman Martin, would you like to pull an item? No, Mayor, I would like to move the consent agenda. Okay. Anything before you do that? I would like to pull C just for an explanation. A question nine c

Unknown Speaker 57:12
and incense agenda minus C.

Unknown Speaker 57:15
Thank you. Can I have a second? Thank you. It has been moved by Councilwoman Martin and Councillor waters seconded by Councillor waters. Can we have a vote please? All those in favor? Raise your hand. All those opposed? That carries unanimously. So now we are ordinance on the second reading. And I see that we don’t have any ordinances on the second reading so we can go right to the first reading for see our 2021 128 I pulled that one. I just have a question that was in the council calm. If I read it correctly, we don’t usually ask for authorization for conditional surface this is for the down obligations that we have on the on the water rights. Am I correct?

Unknown Speaker 58:12
Yes Mayor can use and water resources manager primarily this water rights filing is to meet our downstream obligations on most of our water rights that are changed there there is a requirement to replace to the stream the historical return flow from those water rights and that is downstream a long month. Most of them are the requirement is about from Longmont down to sandstone ranch. And this water right falling will allow us to meet those requirements as part of our previous water rights change cases without having to release water out of our upstream water supplies specifically button rock and other facilities that we occasionally do have to release from.

Unknown Speaker 59:05
So Ken, my question was that it was you we normally release it from a union reservoir and our wastewater facility. Why are we not doing that this time?

Unknown Speaker 59:22
Marias we will continue to do that. This particular filing allows us to end in the past whenever the call on the on the downstream River and specifically the South Platte was junior to our changed water rights. We no longer had to meet that delivery requirement. The water court has had a couple of cases more recently, which is requiring irrespective of downstream costs. All that we have to do that. So what this does is let lets us come into a place in time where we’ll continue to meet. When this when the call is senior to 2021, which is when we file this will have to use union reservoir and our wastewater treatment plant. And we’ll continue to do that. But when it’s junior to 2021, to this filing, then we’ll be able to use this filing as opposed to letting the water out of other facilities.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:33
So this filing would be in perpetuity. Yes. Okay. All right. Thank you for that explanation. And with that, I moved our 2021 Dash 128 I think. Thank you. It’s been I moved. It’s been seconded by council, Councillor Martin, all those in favor? Thank you, that All those opposed? That passes unanimously, thank you. And now we are on. We’re gonna go right to our board and commission appointments. And I would like to run this past Council. What I would like to do is we have four boards and commissions that only one person applied for one applicant. So if possible, I would like to move those as a slate with one motion. Eugene, is that possible to do that? Or do we need to do those individually?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:35
Mayor Peck if I may, I think you probably can just be mixed as long as your motion is pretty clear, Eugene.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:40
Sure. Okay. Thank you. Then I move that we appoint tell us elevation to the airport advisory board. Karen read to the Kelly Callahan house advisory board. Paul, Mayor to the golf course advisory board, and Noah Huber to the master Board of Appeals. Can I have a second? Second? Thank you. It’s been moved by myself seconded by Councillor waters. All those in favor? Please raise your hand. Those opposed? Council Councillor Yarborough? Was that a yay or nay? Okay. Thank you. So that passes unanimously. The other thing that I was thinking and counsel counselors if you don’t agree with this, let me know. Since we have so many applicants on some of these boards, I thought perhaps the first person the liaison for those boards, both both past and present. If the new the new assign liaisons aren’t comfortable to tell us who they would like to be on that board first, because they have been the ones that have been watching the boards and seeing how they operate etc. So if anyone has a problem with that, let me know. Doesn’t click there’s a problem here. So let’s go to the art and public places commission. And the new liaison is counselor Yarbro. And the past is counselor Mark Martin. So would you care to let us know who your choices on this two unexpired regular member terms. Did you

Unknown Speaker 1:03:30
want my opinion and Councilmember Martin’s opinions as she?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:36
Yes, please.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:37
That would be great.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:39
Okay, Councilman member Martin, you can go first.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:45
Councillor Martin, do you want to join in here?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:51
You’re still muted. You’re muted Marsha.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:03
When I’m on the agenda, the mute the spacebar that unmute me also takes me to the bottom of the agenda. Oh, no. I am. I am struggling with this. But But I would propose Leora Rutledge and Michelle Jones.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:25
Okay. Our council counselor Yarbro. Do you have

Unknown Speaker 1:04:30
the same exact two people I chose?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:33
Perfect. Is there any opposition to these two appointees from the other counselors? No. Counselor, Jago. Do you want to make a motion on that? Then do we need to make motions on all of these? Okay, I’ll let you do that. Counselor Yarborough.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:49
I would like to make a motion that we appoint Michelle Jones and Laura Rutledge to Art in Public Places Commissioner St.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:59
Paul Those in favor, aye.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:03
All those opposed? That carries unanimously, thank you. Now we go to the historic preservation commission. That is Mayor Pro Tem Rodriguez.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:15
Thank you. There’s three applicants and three regular member terms ending December 31 2025. I move that Richard Jacoby, Holly Norton and Suzanne Sibley be appointed to the three regular member terms.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:27
Thank you. Do we have a second? Second. Thank you, counsel. It’s been moved by Mayor Pro Tem Rodriguez, seconded by Councillor Martin. All those in favor? Raise your hand. Thank you all those opposed. That carries unanimously. Housing and Human Services Advisory Board that is Council, Councilwoman Yarborough who was on that last I can’t remember.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:56
It was um

Unknown Speaker 1:05:59
yeah. Okay. So counter Yarbro we have three regular members and one an unexpired regular member term ending December 31. So being

Unknown Speaker 1:06:12
okay, so, I will propose to have Graeme stairs. Catherine Ohnaka, Stacy Duncan, and then Robert

Unknown Speaker 1:06:26
Putnam or poodle?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:29
Which one do you want for the unexpired regular member?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:35
Graham stairs.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:37
Okay. Thank you. Do you want to make that emotion? I guess you did. I’ll second that. All those in favor?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:44
I’m sorry. Can I clarify apologize? Sure. So the three Graham would be an unexpired and then the other three Oh,

Unknown Speaker 1:06:53
wait, no, I want I want gram to be on to 2024 Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:00
So if we is a gram, Katherine no naka, and so it was a third one for regular members, Stacy Duncan. Yes. Maybe we make that motion and then do a separate motion for the unexpired. Okay. Great.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:17
So I make the motion that Stacy Duncan, Katherine Ohnaka. In Graham steers are the three regular members for housing and Human Services Advisory Board.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:30
Thank you. Councilwoman Martin seconded that. All those in favor? All those opposed? That carries unanimously, thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:43
Then I’ll make the motion that we have Robert. Who them put them I’m sorry if I butchered your name, Robert, for the unexpired regular member for the housing and Human Services Advisory Board during the Second. Second

Unknown Speaker 1:08:02
that has been moved by Councilwoman Yarborough and seconded by Mayor Pro Tem Rodriquez. All those in favor.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:10
All those opposed?

Unknown Speaker 1:08:13
That carries unanimously. We are now at the museum advisory board that is Councilwoman who don’t go firing and yep, just okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:25
Okay, yeah, this one was a hard one. There were some really good candidates. So, um, but so I had my recommendation for the museum board would be and there were two openings. Bruce Montgomery and Rene Schoen. schoenebeck Nobody said it right.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:48
So we have the terms are ending at different times. Which one do you want to end June 30 2023.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:57
And then what was the other one? The other one ending in 2024? Correct. So, I will have Bruce at 2023. And I think I had Renee. Yep, that was right. Um, and then Renee at 2024

Unknown Speaker 1:09:15
Do you want to make that motion?

Unknown Speaker 1:09:16
So I move that we accept Bruce Montgomery for the 2023 for the seat expiring 2023 and Renee schoenebeck for her seat, that expires in 2024.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:34
Do we have a second? Okay, that has been moved by us. Councilwoman Hidalgo fairing seconded by Councilwoman Yarborough. All those in favor? All those opposed, that carries unanimously Moses under the Parks and Rec advisory board council or waters and it was also a Mayor Pro Tem Rodriguez. So if one of you would like to make this appointment,

Tim Waters 1:10:05
I think I’m going to defer to Aaron. Okay. Just he has been there with for the last couple of years. And there we got a bunch of candidates a number of good ones, and I’ll defer to Aaron.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:16
Okay. Well, I think probably I’ll start first with moving Paige Lewis. She has been the chair and I think is a very good member and deserves another term, my opinion. And then I think my second choice, which, as we’ve all stated, there’s lots of good ones would be I think, Aaron Angel.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:43
Okay, great. Councillor waters. Do you have any problem with those two?

Tim Waters 1:10:48
No, I don’t have problems I might have. I might have done something a little different. But I but those are good nominations. I did there’s you can’t go wrong with this group of people. It’s it is an outstanding collection of folks. So

Unknown Speaker 1:10:59
I agree. I agree. So I’ll second that. It’s been moved by Mayor Pro Tem Rodriguez, seconded by myself that we we nominate Aaron Angel and page Lewis to the parks and recreation advisory board. All those in favor. All those posts, deck carries unanimously. We’re now on the planning and zoning Commission’s we have one regular member when one expired and one alternate. This is again Mayor Pro Tem Rodriguez.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:33
Thank you, I’ll just since there’s three different positions, I’ll start at the first with the regular term ending 2026. And I would move Michael Poland for that position. And then I would move on to Lukash for the unexpired regular term ending in 2022. And then her vacating that alternate member, I would move, Amy Saunders for the ultimate member term.

Tim Waters 1:12:05
I’ll second those recommendations.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:07
Thank you. So it’s been moved by Mayor Pro Tem Rodriguez, seconded by Councillor waters for the planning, excuse me, Planning and Zoning Commission. All those in favor? All those opposed? That carries unanimously. We’re going right through these Senior Citizens Advisory Board. This is counselor Martin. So we have two regular, it’s going to be easy.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:34
Yeah. Thank you, Mayor Peck. Those two are both returning members who have done an excellent job. So there’s really nothing to talk about. I move that we excuse me, I move that we return both members.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:47
Okay. Do we have a second on that? I’ll second. Thank you. So it’s been Moved by Councillor Martin and seconded by Councillor Hidalgo fairing that we appoint the two returning members to the senior centers advisory board. All those in favor? All those opposed? Nay passes unanimously. Now we have let’s see. I think this is counselor Yarbro for the transportation advisory board. And I was on that before but you know what? Councillor Yarborough? I’m gonna let you appoint. There’s only one. Really? Yeah. To do it. You’re gonna be on there. That’s true.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:35
All right. Well, I motion to appoint Diane Chris to the unexpired regular member transportation advisory board.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:47
I’ll second that. So it’s been Moved by Councillor Yarbro seconded by myself to appoint Diana, Chris to tab basically. All those in favor. All those opposed? That passes unanimously. We’re on our last one in the counselor water this is yours for I’ll recommend

Tim Waters 1:14:10
for regular term ending December 31 2024. Catherine Inskeep in for the unexpired term weighing Granger.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:21
Okay. Do we have a second for that? I’ll second. Thank you. So it’s been Moved by Councillor water seconded by councillors, Hidalgo ferry, that we appoint Catherine’s keeping Wayne Granger to visit Longmont board. All those in favor. All those posts that passes unanimously. I think that’s it done.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:44
Thank you very much.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:45
You’re welcome. Now we are at the exciting part of our agenda. The final call for public invited to be heard. So um, we’re going to have the phone number up again, anyone who wants to call it It is 888-788-0099 The meeting ID you need to enter is 84771905909 press the pound sign for the participant participation ID so we’ll take a five minute break let people call in.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:43
Mayor Peck, we’re at the four and a half minute mark. I am not seeing any callers currently in the queue. I’m going to drop the slide here. Okay. And I will let you know when We have caught up to the live stream. Thank you Dallas we have caught up. I’m still not seeing any callers in the chat. Okay, thank

Unknown Speaker 1:20:18
you since there are no colors in the chat for public invited to be heard. Let’s go on to the mayor and council comments. Some of you have to have a comment. Nothing. All right then as city manager’s remark, Terrell

Unknown Speaker 1:20:41
no comment, Mayor Council.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:43
Okay. Thank you. City Attorney. UT.

Tim Waters 1:20:46
No comments, Mayor.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:48
Thank you. While we’re getting out of here early, um, do I have a motion to adjourn? So moved.

Tim Waters 1:20:57
Second? Second.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:00
Thank you. It’s been moved by Councillor Martin and seconded by Councillor waters to adjourn all those in favor say aye. All those opposed? Looks like it carried unanimously. We are adjourned. Thank you everybody for joining us virtually