Library Board Meeting – November 2021

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Library Board Meeting – November 2021

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Unknown Speaker 0:00
And no one. Seeing no one from the public pass public comment piece. Approval of the minutes that how you want to do this, Katie, I had a couple questions on some of the minutes.

Unknown Speaker 0:19
I have her minutes because they’re in Google, so I can

Unknown Speaker 0:24
I can help you here too. Yeah. So we can mark that

Unknown Speaker 0:27
up. Okay, so my my questions are one under the French report, item number six. I think she jammed a few words together. little

Unknown Speaker 0:46
fluff. Yes. It should be little FL for free libraries. Little FL looking at the Hope Center. See what I mean? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:01
Okay, and then, slogging? That’s good. And then under? I don’t see the motion organs in finance. He had a discussion on this. And I guess I’m supposed to send the documentation to the city official. I said, But you sent it to the attorney, which I think is what we

Unknown Speaker 1:27
said, including the city attorney first. To the triangle kind of response. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:33
Yeah. So if you my director Wilson.

Unknown Speaker 1:39
Yeah. And I already did so. Yeah, it said, including city attorney first, so I went ahead

Unknown Speaker 1:49
before board chairperson most appropriate city officials.

Unknown Speaker 1:57
We’ll see what the city attorney says we actually have to do with it.

Unknown Speaker 2:01
Just maybe when he gets back

Unknown Speaker 2:03
now he’s been good. We haven’t we have a new system. It’s actually working

Unknown Speaker 2:13
by the way, the recording is on so

Unknown Speaker 2:17
I don’t think I said anything on the board yet.

Unknown Speaker 2:22
Never say anything. And

Unknown Speaker 2:24
I apologize to the see. Record and apologize. And then item under old item under old business item II for term limits suggestion for the city. Somewhere in there. I just wanted to add that the board our board unanimously approved the suggestion from the city clerk. So now we are on. Official

Unknown Speaker 2:58
Yeah, and what I will do is keep in my paper copies I will keep I will attach that right

Unknown Speaker 3:03
there you will officially on the same page. Okay. That’s what I get next to somebody else.

Unknown Speaker 3:16
So sorry for the board turn on a TV said

Unknown Speaker 3:19
accepted as suggested by

Unknown Speaker 3:21
unanimously suggest unanimously accepted as suggested by

Unknown Speaker 3:29
my team you can invite anybody in that email.

Unknown Speaker 3:39
No stress, unfortunately, I’m sorry.

Unknown Speaker 3:43
I’ll keep it up a little bit. We did find out last time that the city has one zoom, which is what zoom handle which is what happened and that wasn’t a great way to find out if someone else booked it. So we think we just are waiting in

Unknown Speaker 4:03
the lobby. So we do have a Zoom account here

Unknown Speaker 4:07
that we can use when I make a video Catherine

Unknown Speaker 4:13
is ever calling or you’re actually a corporate member, the library’s corporate members. So you have access to all of our tools and software and

Unknown Speaker 4:21

Unknown Speaker 4:27
can hear you kind of quiet but that’s about as long as it gets. Can you hear us? Okay, well, we’ll try and, you know,

Unknown Speaker 4:43
oh, hope you’re feeling well. Or whatever.

Unknown Speaker 4:52
Yeah, we appreciate that.

Unknown Speaker 4:54
What’s your schedule? I don’t blame you. Okay, so we were just Item number three approval of the minutes. We made some proposed amendments and I’m just putting that review. Okay, Kitty. So do I have a motion to approve the minutes as amended? All in favor? Aye. Aye. I’m assuming your hands up Catherine. All in? Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 5:33
Can you grab it from the Google Drive?

Unknown Speaker 5:43
You still there, Catherine. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 5:51
Okay, we’re gonna move on then if you wrote. Yeah. Okay. So item number four is the normal reports. Nancy, do you want to do sure love her.

Unknown Speaker 6:06
We had our first in probably not ever but a long time staff day. No one’s remember when the last one was we did a step in service day on Veterans Day. I’ve been campaigning to do that for three and a half years since I got here. So we so we chose a day when we were already close to the public. So there wouldn’t be a lot of pushback on closing deals. But all of our staff has been together for a long time, you know, COVID COVID, as a rule has reasons. So we had kind of four different sessions. Besides some recognition of lots of things that have happened. Staff anniversaries, we’ve had one staff that passed away during COVID, we had a couple we had one person’s husband passed away during COVID, we had one person son passed away during COVID. So we kind of acknowledged all of those folks, we take a couple minutes to acknowledge Veterans Day, and we have one recent veteran, our security for Sanjay Khan staff. He spent six years in the Navy. So as a Russian translator, and on submarines, so I’m a

Unknown Speaker 7:13
Russian speaking security guy.

Unknown Speaker 7:23
So for Putin here, but also, you bet it was fascinating, just asking folks in their immediate family was a veteran. And we had everything from someone whose grandmother, you know, hung, literally hung out of planes, taking pictures in World War Two to all kinds of different military service. So that was cool. We went on to our sessions. So one of our sessions are probably the longest session was a very participatory training session on how to enforce the rules, in a good way. So we have all those standards of behavior from the city. But you know, some things were more Stickler a stickler about than others, you know, for example, really making sure that staff enforce the rules equitably, not necessarily equally all the time. And look at, you know, we had the city’s standards of behavior, if you look through them have, they learned a lot of things together, and some are really more egregious than others. You know, I mean, sleeping is one of the things in a public place, but sleeping, if it interferes with other people’s use of the space, so if someone nods off for a few minutes, we’d let them be we let them have a few minutes of snooze. If we think that they’re passed out, because of potentially overdosed, or due to a health issue, we weight them immediately, etc. So we talked about the various roles which included a quite a discussion on masking, as is to be expected. People keep keep telling me, I’m sure you don’t have any problems with that at the library. Well, we’ve had some interesting experiences with that, including at one point a couple who climbed under a table and refused to come out or put on a mask. So we had one woman that column that was very upset about potentially she read something about disposable masks that said that the Chinese government was infecting them with something and we were passing out these disposable masks to patrons and do we know where they came from? I said, I guarantee China so well, there’s writing in Chinese other packages. So so check it out a little bit calmed her down. I said, you know, if you were to die from the Chinese government, imbuing their everything made in China with some harmful substance you’ve you’ve assisted, so she left.

Unknown Speaker 9:38
She left her wife left. Oh, good. So George,

Unknown Speaker 9:42
Facebook. Those two people that we’ve had that question when I’m asked are our disposable masks are made up which is interesting. So we finally did have to crack down a bit on the rules as far as maths go, because there were some folks that delighted in having us tell them multiple times per day every day. Hold on to pull up your mask. And so finally we said, Okay, if we reminded you X amount of times, then we’re going to suspend you for a while. So including the one man that yelled at me, you’re going to stop reminding me all the time. I said, I’d be happy to do that, if you’d actually. So not as bad as it could be, but still a battle. And we had three speakers that came in to talk about some social services that are available in Longmont that people are maybe not quite as familiar with. And some of those three people from elder which is part of its LT H E, R, L th, e r e, that is a street team that goes out and basically refers folks to services and, and to housing, if they’re eligible. We had one from the recovery Cafe, which is right over a Presbyterian church over here. So So for folks who are in recovery from just about anything, it could be substance abuse, it could be mental illness, it could be whatever. And then we had Andy from Hope. To shelters, we have a pretty, we have a very good relationship with the bookstore, they come visit the library often and to speak to people because we are the de facto day shelter. So they’ll come up a little bit later. But we are partnering with oak on we have amassed lots of books for them for the equivalent of a little free library. And we have six of our Chromebooks will be sent over there as an experiment. And that’s going really well just to have them available for folks to use while they’re in the shelter. So they folks need Internet access, or maybe they wanted to do something while they’re there. So that’s been a good partnership, it’s just good. We’re really trying to compile a more user friendly, short handout of services in my mind, because what we had before was this giant Community Services brochure with the just had names of organizations and phone numbers and email addresses which to the person who doesn’t know what’s where doesn’t do anything. So we’re, we’re making a small sheet of paper, and also a business card size thing, which says, here’s where I get food, here’s where I get overnight shelter, here’s where I get clothing, there’s where I get a shower, and really getting people the basics of what they need, we don’t need to hand them a brochure with websites on it for folks that mostly don’t have internet access. So trying to improve our referrals. We also had a session that was run by our staff who are fluent in many languages on how to help patrons with limited or no English language skills, which we do get sometimes. And sometimes it’s not just finished. It’s other languages. And you know that we don’t have anyone who speaks that language in there. And so there are various options available to us. Anything from Google translate to the city hat city gives us access through the city to a language line, which is amazing. So you can call this language line, put it on speaker with the person in front of you. And it does so many different languages. It hooks you up with a translator. So it’s real, it’s a really cool. So general city service as a service, it could be website, but real is linked from the website is pretty darn cool. So shuttle live person or you get a live person. And they do help you. So we’ve had folks on rare occasion who do not speak and we have two folks that speak a lot of different languages. But sometimes we’ll get somebody who doesn’t speak. Sure. So that’s that was really useful. And then we had our last longer session, they provided some updates there on serving teams in the library. Since we have an expanded team space. This was this was reused a couple of humorous things that were that were disseminated by other libraries of just you know how to how to welcome teams and how to how to kind of expect teams to be teens, which I think we do a pretty good job of getting it not expecting them to necessarily be miniature adults. So we’re happy to have that extra TV space where they can play video games together and be loud sometimes and not disturb anything. So I’m in person programs and storytimes have served up the court pretty much across the board, we’re seeing lots of little progress. And again for storytimes, which parents are very appreciative of that process our prospector service, which allows our patients to

Unknown Speaker 14:28
backup sometimes in the library

Unknown Speaker 14:31
that we are limiting to registration, we don’t normally register for our storytimes but sometimes we’ll get 100 people that way. So we’re limiting it to 20 at a time, but we’re adding sort of I don’t know I guess clip because we should

Unknown Speaker 14:45
reload when we use them. They’re very popular every morning. I have our little movies

Unknown Speaker 14:49
for the for the online story, which is very cute. So some of the moms and dads will come in and say my son watch this gallery at that time. For sure, 20 kids or 20 people 20 I think it’s ready kids. But we’ve still we’ve been able to like, this week, since it’s so nice out, we’ve been able to do several of them outside in that renovated cable opening, which is nice, we still try and space people out as much as we possibly can. Um, let’s see, staff is really excited. We are bringing prospector back in January, I get put that in as a funding request in case that consortium didn’t do it just going to do it on our own. That’s the system by which our patrons can order materials, which arrived very quickly from anywhere in Colorado. And I think a little bit of my, a couple other smidgens Yeah. But it’s, um, it’s something that apparently some some of the libraries that did without last year in our consortium didn’t miss it much. And our patrons was very, very vocal. And I have to say, if I were patient, I think one of them because it’s great. I mean, there’s there are very few things that you can’t get from basically every library in Colorado, and you know, I’ll order something one day, and in two days, I’ll have it from Denver Public or somewhere downstate. So that’s coming back, are sort of bids all came in, we had five companies bid, which was really good. And we’ve pretty we’ve gone over the bids, we’ve narrowed it down to two costs are about what we thought they would be that we’re not sure yet how much the cost of the cutting the holes of the wall. And the wiring will be do you want

Unknown Speaker 16:33
to show what range they’re in?

Unknown Speaker 16:36
Um, you know, you know, not really, I mean, we had they It depends. I don’t have a good single number for you, though, because we asked them to give us several different scenarios. Lucky Yes. Because this

Unknown Speaker 16:47
way, is it in line with the numbers you gave the city do you think

Unknown Speaker 16:51
it is, but I’m not sure we’ll have enough if we count in all the construction that has to be done. So I don’t know what it might be, that the amount the city gave us will cover this disorder and referrals. And they’ll cover all the construction part. But really, we’ve narrowed it down, we haven’t had our official meeting to go over bid reviews. But there were really two companies out of the five that that were clearly on top that are very similar, we may have to talk to those two, again, we have some questions for them, because they’re just, I think, you anecdotally, from what I’ve talked to the other folks who are doing the readings, they just had a mine came out the same, it mean different things in different categories, but I came out with the same. So. So one of them is a little bit more of a well known product. The other one is well known, but it’s a little more innovative. So I know I leave one way in one way and some other folks might go for the safer route. But But we asked them to give us bids for nine bins, 11 bins and 13 bins and one of them to get really creative designing and could give us up to 16. So bins, what the bins are is that here you have this conveyor belt, segmented conveyor belt machine. And it you program these bins which are like big, they could be campus, any metal, whatever they are. And it shoots shoots the materials into these bins, it sorts them according to the RFID tags. And then figures out oh, this is a children’s picture book, this is supposed to go and then six shoots it off in a bin six. So from those bins, when a bin is full, you can take the bin away. And it’s all the same thing. It’s all been checked in and sorted. So it’s all children’s DVDs in one bin. So all the person has to do is put them on a cart shelf. And right now we have multi steps do you

Unknown Speaker 18:52
have to label go back and label your collection with this code? The catalog

Unknown Speaker 18:58
sorted sorted as magic. So so no, and we have things that are Location Codes and item types and those types of things that are already embedded in the online catalog. So we can sort by whatever parameters we choose. So the more Ben is, the better, you know, the better the machine is, because that’s more categories we can sort. So for example, if we had 16 bins, we can have bins assigned like folder can have a bin of its own because we get so much stuff that we exchange. So, you know, the more it’s pre sorted for us, the less we have to do afterwards. So And right now, we get stuff in people hand check in, you know, two 3000 items a day. And you always miss something because the machine beeps you check it in whether it’s checked in or not. You riveted to the screen which is part after a while and then they presort those materials on the shelves and then they put them on carts and then they go shell and then this cuts out multiple steps. So and also these bins that These conveyor belts and things going into the bin can store about 2500 things an hour. So it is a huge difference. So we would feed in like things that we bring in our big giant bins that are inside of our backdrops, for example, you bring them in and you run through this, or it’s it’s so much better. So it’s more accurate.

Unknown Speaker 20:19
One would you like to get in on? Well,

Unknown Speaker 20:23
that’s fine. You know, that’s a little bit. It’s in next year’s budget, not this year. So we’re not in a huge hurry to do this. And, you know, it’ll we expect that the process will start as soon as we can start it in January, because we’ll have everything finalized with the city in the contracts by then.

Unknown Speaker 20:40
You do think you’ll have to finalize with the city?

Unknown Speaker 20:43
Yeah, yeah, I think purchasing it, Emily. They’re, they’re on top of it. So I think that they’ve given us different somewhat different timeframes. But it looks like the timeframe is between the time we order it, and the time that it’s fully implemented is probably about 120 days. And part of that is due to delays due to COVID. So these have a lot of metal in them, etc. And those events, anything with metal shelving, anything like that. So it really is hard to come by. But I’m really happy with the responses, they were very different. So I tend to always, like people who think outside the box a little bit, then you know, don’t just look at this and say, let’s just make this a straight line and like to see what people can do with our, with our space. So this is something that, you know, obviously, people want to lose their jobs to serve, but no one’s going to miss that road checking in. of items, that means that they can be off will be finally caught up. And they can be off doing other things. So one of my previous libraries or we had a sorter, everyday, we have something called a pick list or library, that is all the things that everybody has on hold for us. And you’re looking anywhere from 30 to 60 pages of stuff, you’re, you’re going around the library, and you’re trying to find out these materials so that you can check them in and send them on their way to people with holds. And at that library. Sort of like this. We almost never finished it. So So you always have stuff rolling over, you know, it’s like, yeah, scissors thing. And so here’s just like the rocks coming. So at that library, we never finished it. And after we got the sore every single day it was finished before noon. So it was just a big difference in the amount of time that things took. So you know, that’s that was my one concern, I guess when I interviewed at this library was it’s back in the house operations were very behind what I’d seen in other libraries. And so I think I feel like we’re getting into the current century. We’ve also begun pre processing some of our items which were starting with fiction, and we’re not a big enough system that we would choose to have a vendor catalog or nonfiction items, because it’s pretty specific about where we put things. But fiction, there’s a reason for us to be putting on Mylar covers, stickers, labels, RFID tags by hand when the vendors can do them, like this, and it’s really cheap. So our labor costs more than what we pay the vendor to do. So that’s began and it’s gone really well. So things arrived before the release date for you know, people see that people are picking up new release dates, they look at Amazon, they say this is coming out December 1, and I’m number 12 on the list and you have this many copies and where is it which we like. So that’s going well. So we’re recognizing the back end. And we have purchased new self checkout machines which were grant funded. So we had several from one particular company who I won’t mention, but they were not particularly old, but one of them was dead as a doornail and unfixable in less than two years. And the other ones have had a lot of problems. We were faced off one of those without a different company’s product. And we do do around 75% of our checkouts on our self checks, folks prefer to use those, they will come to the desk if they have anything that doesn’t check out or some of the folks that prefer to not check out the subjects but most people do. Some of it is efficiency and a lot of its privacy. A lot of it is just that folks want to check out their own things. Not going to come compact shelving has been a saga upstairs we did have a person who bid and won the day and I have no idea how much it is it doesn’t go to us for that compact shelving that we were getting rid of upstairs and the one that we no longer wanted but we were told by the company that had installed the shelving it cost we paid them to disassemble and take it away with us by $18,000. So we thought that was a lot but we someone did fit on the shelf shelving And with the condition that they would come take it away, they spent there three or four people, they spent eight hours, nine hours, two weekends ago, and they got three shelves down. So apparently it was rather tough, and they’ve kind of given up. So cities now trying to figure out if we have to put the rest of it up, which is like a partial step. So I don’t even know if it works on the tracks anymore. Or if we can pack it to pieces. There. So this is very unwieldy shelving. And it is bolted within an inch of its life to itself into the ground. So stuff

Unknown Speaker 25:37
on the second floor, this is where you get your magazines, or college stuff.

Unknown Speaker 25:43
Yeah, so we’re still working on getting. So that’s where our computer lab is going to go out of it instead of it’s temporary, horrible space. So we’re looking forward to hearing that. And Jason was climbing all over the top of it, he thinks that we can probably do it. So it’s just we have a one 800

Unknown Speaker 26:03
junk. Probably not good. Try it.

Unknown Speaker 26:07
I mean, don’t take away anything is on the city. But yeah, they were actually it’s,

Unknown Speaker 26:11
it’s expensive from the individuals perspective. Yeah, she

Unknown Speaker 26:17
probably would. And then my only other thing is the friends book sale vendor and a frenzy. The friends board has had almost a complete turnover in the last year and a half or so. So none of that I don’t think any of the folks maybe one or two in the big sale have ever done before. So they’re a little nervous to one, because they’re just nervous, but they’re doing so starting with VP, yes, he is his friends night is my friend membership night. And then it’s the 19th and the 20th, his regular book sale, and then the 21st just like the bag sale, where you get big discounts if you take me by the back. So we have a ton of those. So once we opened up donations, again, I swear people were hoarding during. So lots of classes are going on. But we’re looking forward to it. People are very excited about the book sale as I’m friends, we’re excited for them to have the book sale and start to make money again. So that’s a pretty good job for just trying to help them out. I had

Unknown Speaker 27:27
like a second one question on what will be covered up. So you mentioned something about Chromebooks to the Hope Center. If you found that there’s a relationship between giving access to the homeless, and the number of homeless you get in the library,

Unknown Speaker 27:48
so you be given access to everybody, you know, I

Unknown Speaker 27:51
know but let me say two different ways. So by giving it by giving the homeless if that’s the right way to say it, access through the Hope Center, do you also see them come to the logger either, it doesn’t, it doesn’t impact your impact your traffic and it just was more convenient.

Unknown Speaker 28:11
It’s just more convenient. And also it’s it’s born in if you go to the shelters, it’s pretty boring. It’s pretty stressful for folks who are there. So we’re trying to give them reading material, a computer, some things that will make the time pass a little bit more easily. So we’ll so image, we, we recognize a lot of the folks that use the shelters. And like I said, several folks from hope come in regularly to talk to folks to talk to them about temporary and permanent shelter, housing, etc. So I imagine that we’ll still have our our same amount of folks we’re starting to see a lot of new folks have new people and a lot of folks who are experiencing some some mental illnesses, and homelessness and some other issues that is not atypical, as it starts to get colder. It’s just I think that I think because of that kind of COVID break, we’re used to kind of seeing the same people all the time for a long time, and then a few new people. And we’re seeing a lot of new people that they bring their own issues and problems in but one thing that we’ve noticed, though, because we do have access to some of the police that weekly police reports and arrest reports and things and some of the folks that that do tend to get in trouble around the community behave very well in the library. So I think it I think it’s because they need to use library and they need to use the computers and I think we probably treat them really well compared to how they’re usually treated. So sometimes I read those reports and I think wow, this person is really soft spoken and very polite in the library. So That’s what we’ve seen quite a bit.

Unknown Speaker 30:04
It’s fascinating observation.

Unknown Speaker 30:06
It’s, it’s happened over and over again,

Unknown Speaker 30:09
just on surface. And then I had another question. I don’t know if this was the right time to bring it up. But I found this article, I think it was in the camera, it was long, hard requirements to tweak. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 30:29
pass you around. All right.

Unknown Speaker 30:32
I got, you know, so on. I was explaining that I picked up this article, I think it was in the boulder camera. It was back in October, the end of October, it talked about local libraries partner provide student database access, you do that? Right. We are

Unknown Speaker 30:50
negotiating that right now. So Boulder Valley, I already did with the other libraries that are in our consortium, buildable Valley School District, we are working on working our way through this all the legal stuff with with Seyfried Valley. And it, I expect it to work fine. What it is, is a system by which the kids in the district can have access to all of our subscription databases without necessarily having to have a library card, but using their student ID numbers. So we don’t have any identifying information on them. It’s like a student privacy thing,

Unknown Speaker 31:27
no problem with requiring the library. In some

Unknown Speaker 31:31
cases, that I mean, in some cases, you know, maybe parent, maybe parents don’t come to the library and sign their minor child up real hard. But

Unknown Speaker 31:40
this article suggests that it might include students who come from families that are undocumented. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 31:50
So girls, you have folks who are from families who are experiencing homelessness, who don’t have a permanent address, who would normally have this limited use card. So we’re trying to get access to every student regarding in the district, and it’ll increase the number one we’re already paying for these databases we’re not paying for per access. So it’ll increase our access. It’ll increase the you know, there’s so much good stuff in our databases that if they were educated on what’s in there, it would really help. So,

Unknown Speaker 32:18
yeah, there was another point in this article that I found surprising. I don’t know if that’s true for st bring that. They charge 1000 to $1,500 annually to have access to a gallon says this is according to this article, there’s not a similar system in Colorado in Boulder Valley. She said school libraries, especially in elementary and middle schools, often can’t afford 1000 They can’t 100 annual fee. Is

Unknown Speaker 32:53
that actually yes. Yeah, that’s, that’s a very cheap database. 1000s and 1000s of dollars on databases, and they can’t afford access at many of the schools can’t afford access. And, you know, if you just look at the, just about any magazine, you could possibly think of, you know, not a lot of encyclopedias, a lot of other, you know, these are full text. resources. And, you know, it was a lot of teacher training, when we first started doing this. I did this several years ago, because they used to send the kids and say, Oh, you can have you know, you could have these this many online sources, but you still need a print source. And we had to convince the teachers, this is a print source. It’s just, it’s just accessed online. It you know, this is an actual scholarly journal. It’s a Journal of American Medical Association. It’s whatever we have, you know, tons of academic journals, other things that are available, so, so it should help kids with their homework. It helps you if you’re here, laying there, not sleeping and you have to buy a lawnmower. You get Consumer Reports at 230 in the morning, you got that. So

Unknown Speaker 33:59
watch. That’s great. So do you do this on your own or you do it in conjunction with the school?

Unknown Speaker 34:05
We are we are working with the school district to give the kids access but you have a battle right? We have not had I think it’s still somewhere in legal land. So

Unknown Speaker 34:15
I’m just younger so she can hear that

Unknown Speaker 34:26
okay. And the answer is we don’t have it yet. No. But

Unknown Speaker 34:34
although Catherine has a carbon she can access all of our databases. Yeah. Yeah, I understand that. So yeah. Yep.

Unknown Speaker 34:58
Yep. So we’ll walk you through

Unknown Speaker 35:01
Isn’t that example the Valley School District? I think

Unknown Speaker 35:03
so. So I guess my clarity, I need a clarifying question. So do we have access from our library for standard patrons? Yes to these database? Yes. So I have the database. Yes. You just have to have a library card currently. Yes. That’s the only real differences

Unknown Speaker 35:21
in students are.

Unknown Speaker 35:23
Make sure that we don’t have we try to separate or bring together rather the haves and the have nots, we don’t really make make it so that our students are proactive parents have access to our databases and Sunday. Yeah. That’s where we’re going with that. Okay, let’s make sure everybody has access. When teachers assign things, they can find it.

Unknown Speaker 35:43
Great. Thanks for clarifying. Do you have anything else at this point? Okay, I’m gonna shut you down and get friends in the locker room report.

Unknown Speaker 35:58
Friends haven’t met yet. Gentle. Okay, switch our timing difference between four friends the friends normally meet. Now the friends I think I said you the friends normally meet the fourth? Wednesday, but they’re doing a combined November December meeting on December 1, I’m pretty sure. Sure. It seems okay. I found that I sent it to you. But anyway, I think pretty sure that’s what it is.

Unknown Speaker 36:23
Again, just in case.

Unknown Speaker 36:25
Well, I’ll help you out here. So December 1. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 36:30
I know I’m the one who’s covering so.

Unknown Speaker 36:34
So I’m going to jump ahead and Cynthia put together the list of the Friends of library attendees for for signatures or signatures as to which one your subscription

Unknown Speaker 36:59
well signature means I’m like committing hardcore to something so far. Boy. I want a piece of paper.

Unknown Speaker 37:07
It’s got you got to forget you were on there for November and December. I just had one so

Unknown Speaker 37:11
oh lottery so I can’t.

Unknown Speaker 37:15
Because otherwise you would have been right in front of Christmas or New Year. Yeah. Yeah. And Thanksgiving, whether that’s holidays. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 37:25
So maybe maybe you can send that out with the meeting with the minutes and when did what makes you mean she definitely the meeting. She sent it out. She sent it to me in the interim because I think she was hoping to get some responses on the overnights

Unknown Speaker 37:44
When do they usually

Unknown Speaker 37:46
seven same time? Seven,

Unknown Speaker 37:49
seven in the conference room with the letter

Unknown Speaker 37:55
she wants us to sign up more.

Unknown Speaker 37:59
She goes months to

Unknown Speaker 38:02
June. Yeah. Now we just a month in advance? After December, okay.

Unknown Speaker 38:27
Okay, she grew up. Okay. Nobody here from the city. So

Unknown Speaker 38:34
we do not know who our council is on is yes. And Tim did not know when he sent me something yesterday.

Unknown Speaker 38:43
Okay, good. Old business budget update

Unknown Speaker 38:50
the budget update since last time, but it’s fantastic. So things two things to purchase, which is the one I guess the one disappointment there is that we asked for three different positions, we received one and we didn’t have a choice of which one that we asked for. So not unhappy, but but we did receive authorization to hire our bilingual outreach coordinator between but that left us without a computer lab coordinator person for a for an expanded computer lab. So we are taking two positions that have just been sitting there because they’re unfillable, we had to we had two positions that were 20 Our benefit in a category which no longer exists in the city. So 20 hours and less is part time. So we weren’t able to hire someone years ago, that if they would leave it sitting there. So I said well, but they’re sitting there but they’re actually still funded. So So I said okay, so can we take this one which is a lower salary rate than I want it then I would pay someone to coordinate it. And the other one, which is more at the rate of combine them in a 30 hour benefit position, which we need. So I got the okay for that. So putting in a full time period of that person, but we got three quarters of it. You know, once again, I feel like it’s the library creatively making you. So

Unknown Speaker 40:24
library got creative?

Unknown Speaker 40:27
Well, there used to be a financial analyst at the library, and then library gave that up to get a PR and marketing person now, we have a marketing person since last April, because honestly, level, so if salary savings there but anyway, that’s just

Unknown Speaker 40:48
the budget. I know this is way premature. But when it comes time to do 2023 Will you do you think you’ll be allowed to put in all the things that you need? You’ll be still I can,

Unknown Speaker 41:08
I can put them in, but they are. We all put in a lot of things. And then they are prioritized by it’s been carrying up to this point, although she’ll be returned by them, or whatever, who will be doing it. But we we put them in the hopper, basically. And then we don’t have any control over the prioritization of those things.

Unknown Speaker 41:30
So I got the impression this year at the beginning, this since the library’s been shut out so many times, that didn’t even bother. It says no,

Unknown Speaker 41:41
it’s not that you don’t bother, but But you know, you have to be somewhat realistic. And you have to you know, if you put in too many things, and without having a lot of influence on what those final choices, are. You I don’t want to put in things that I kind of want and have those chosen over things I really want. So if that makes any sense. So

Unknown Speaker 42:03
you know, we can work this. She can weekend.

Unknown Speaker 42:07
That’s why males usually have I’m hoping that I’m hoping that maybe this year, we’ll have a little more time. So normally we get the budget info with a very short period of time until the deadline was due. So I’m hoping that we have enough time to actually give it to you

Unknown Speaker 42:24
reason for that. So

Unknown Speaker 42:26
yeah, that’s kind of that’s that’s actually been something that’s been very busy work. It’s just like it’s a lot of stuff to do. They have to they have to do, you know, we’re in a fiscal year. But it’s like, oh, they do a lot of wrapping up on last year’s budget, and then going right into the next year’s budget. That’s pretty typical. the only the only thing that’s different here that I’ve had at my other libraries is that we don’t have any is we had a mid year budget adjustment. So you couldn’t you couldn’t redo your entire budget. But like my last few cities, they did have midway through the year, you could say, you know, we didn’t put it for this, but because this is this, this these things have changed. We really need something. We were able to ask for some things video, and we don’t have that here. I just thought that was a thing. Everywhere until until we had.

Unknown Speaker 43:22
I think this is the time that to pick up on Scott’s influence. Yep. That we need to think about those. Yep. So we can work on the library’s behalf. Hopefully, more activist board before hopefully that will be appreciated. About your results. Just thinking speaking, just from experience. We appreciate the acquisition. Okay, well, thanks for that. I was going to talk to feedback. going to move on, Catherine. Update on the feasibility study. This is all really

Unknown Speaker 44:21
not not a ton of updates, except that any pretty much has the situation analysis done. It’s a long 30 to 40 page thing are supposed to get this week after that. The rest of the folks who are on our kind of internal community or committee matter will get it and then we’ll be we’re deciding how to disseminate this and any was waiting to get you did a series of community stakeholder interviews, thought she was almost done and then it was suggested by folks in the city that she made sure that she asked all the city council members for their input and it was crickets when she there First, I think she asked everybody three times. So but she did finally here, she just about ready to give out the situation assessment, which is kind of the big report. And then she didn’t hear back from her job pack. So she had a long conversation with her. And she moved on at least one other person. So just folding their input in. And then I said, we had a good chatter about this. And I said, it’s time to cut the rope forward on this. So she said that she was she, she’s very interesting. But she said, this was one of the more interesting one it was of these that she’s done. Because no one is non committal that she talked to you, they all have very definite opinions on what should be done with what we need for library and what should be done with a library. So she said that was interesting, because it just kept going for people that she talked to. And that can be good and bad. It’s good to have people with, with passion, and that’s what it is. But also, it can be difficult if some of the options that look like, like viable options aren’t whatever the person said that they were looking at. So be interested in, I can’t wait to see it. So I should have this in my hot little hands in the next few days. And we’ll go from there. So they will make plans perfectly. I will talk with her about how she’s going to present this to council to come here in person, we can see that that was oh, yes, that’s for my

Unknown Speaker 46:35
Do you have? Do you have a sense as to how she’s gonna roll this out? Um, you know, they’re, like, Scott says, I think we’re gonna get it as before it goes to the city. Well,

Unknown Speaker 46:47
that’s not a problem. It goes to a little internal committee, which is like me, Karen. Do other people do other department heads of my staff, there’s a couple of Kimbo Museum, there’s a little smaller committee, and that it will go out to the board. Next, and then some of the internal stakeholders that we talked to you, they talk to you about this. So we will definitely oh my gosh, you’ll definitely see me and hopefully have input on it. So yeah, some of its cut and dried. I mean, some of it is, is you know, here’s your square footage, here’s where you here’s how you compare to peers, here’s what you shouldn’t have, there’s so much a cost. But then, you know, then there are the recommendations of here’s how much it costs. How do you how do you do that? So some of it is a little some of it. Some of the categories are less cut and dried, no technology, that’s, that covers a lot of stuff. But square footage to actually the staff FTE things like that, or do you expect

Unknown Speaker 47:46
that can be anyone first? Yeah, I do. And then it’s just

Unknown Speaker 47:52
but it’s just it’s, it’s boring? Yeah, it’s more of a financial the financial aspects of it. Yeah, here’s how much it costs to you have this level of sort of standard in any of those areas. Here’s how much it costs for, for a low, low level of, you know, delivery of services. Here’s how much it costs for a medium level. And here’s how much it costs for an optimal or aspirational level. So, and then, yeah, she asked the question point blank, basically at the last city council, my work with her and she said, What do you want to be? Yeah, this is, this is your choice, and we were lower than low on all of them there. Were a little bit higher on some of them here. But she says you’re you’re at a low level for creative values of slavery. So you know, are you going to work? Are you going to try hard for median or? Or do you want more and they went for they went for more? So it depends if your work last my last month, which we almost fell over, just acquiesced, like, immediately, which was active. But they’ve done quite a bit since since I left they haven’t made they did not look at a district model. But they did. They chose instead to put up a they have different kinds of state of Washington, but it’s a different kind of tax measure, but they chose to put up a dedicated measure to funnel it and so I’ve ever made a city library because they chose not to join with the county that was that was a district.

Unknown Speaker 49:26
So you may not know this yet, but when do you think we would see I mean, okay, when when would you guess it over the council? You know that I need

Unknown Speaker 49:40
to get it first. Okay, so it all on expect to have it this week. And then you know, I I can’t wait to get my eyes on it and kind of see. See?

Unknown Speaker 49:52
So you guys aren’t so this preliminary board that sees this small group of people has no real estate or what’s in it. You just get to see it.

Unknown Speaker 49:59
We see it first. We can we can let her we can definitely let her know if something is not clear the way it’s expressed. We don’t change results or change recommendations. But we can, you know, I redlined some of the one she was before and just said, you know, she’s very, very smart. And she uses some, some terminology that I think I’m fairly smart, but some of it I went, Oh, yeah, there’s some of it that we just need to make sure that go

Unknown Speaker 50:24
dummy go for our group.

Unknown Speaker 50:26
Jesus leads lovely expressions, like councilmanic decisions and things that I think are usually.

Unknown Speaker 50:38
So I just, you know, I just we just reread it for readability. Yeah. Yes. Do we understand what this means? But no, we do not change? Yeah. But

Unknown Speaker 50:48
yeah, I think for somebody in the cities going, let’s not tell people about this part and stuff like that.

Unknown Speaker 50:53
No, I think you know that. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 50:56
Yeah. I can’t imagine I can’t imagine the city would do that.

Unknown Speaker 51:00
No, I really can’t actually start maybe the only person

Unknown Speaker 51:02
that I know is more suspicious.

Unknown Speaker 51:10
But anyway, that’s that should be very shortly forthcoming, and I can’t wait to get it.

Unknown Speaker 51:16
Okay, well, we’re, we’re all on board. So you know. Yeah. working along with you. Yes. Okay. And I think you’ve already mentioned

Unknown Speaker 51:30
thank you to the legal department and has been received by them. And they’ve been, they’ve been, they’ve been very quick, they did start a new kind of help ticket system in the city called legal star, which is similar to the way we do our, our facilities maintenance stuff, and it’s really helped.

Unknown Speaker 51:47
So this is, you know, with Masha, have some fun. Yeah. So

Unknown Speaker 51:51
I sent that I sent the board document with the policy and said, basically, is this kosher? And,

Unknown Speaker 51:59
and just to refresh, the policy basically says, we decided to expand the board.

Unknown Speaker 52:06
You know, to me, it looks exactly like what the policy with the most refined actually says. But just, it’s always good to run it past that, and we usually get

Unknown Speaker 52:19
pretty good. It also says that the money goes through the library it

Unknown Speaker 52:23
does. So it’s a nice, it’s actually a really nice short document. It’s pretty clear. It was designed to create, but it cannot hurt to

Unknown Speaker 52:34
have a framework system. You know, it’s a lot of money. And we’re have a blank board. He should be DMV. Or library district update.

Unknown Speaker 52:49
I don’t really have anything new. I’m going to talk to David Martin from Boulder Public Library a little bit and I just said, Hey, you know, we thought your lines were a little interesting. And he said, Oh, nothing set in stone. Well, that’s, that’s good to hear. Yeah. So

Unknown Speaker 53:06
that you know about our, our part our minds, we were thinking

Unknown Speaker 53:10
I told them, I said, I said that the lines that we were thinking? Well, I said we but I said you know that? Yes, is looking at drawing are a little bit different. He didn’t seem to freak out that Oh, sure. So yeah, I mean, the only thing we talked about, of course, is things that we’ve already talked about here, which are, you know, if you want, if you want Heidi to pay you money, they’re going to want to branch which we already do. So even people who are paying nothing for library services now, and you want them to pay something, they’re going to want something in return.

Unknown Speaker 53:42
So I had seen an article in the paper, I guess, is a local paper. And they allege that they had a couple of meetings at the time of the writing, which was probably a couple of weeks ago, and the first meeting was on geography, district geography and the second meeting was going to be on funding. Okay, so in their head, and I think they have like two months or something like that.

Unknown Speaker 54:11
Now, the other thing, of course, is that that birth is one measure went down and did not pass, which is too bad because they really outgrown a long time ago, though. They’re tiny. So that didn’t pass. So

Unknown Speaker 54:30
we get because we had talked about for good being potential. Yeah. To join.

Unknown Speaker 54:36
I think it’s, I mean, I think that would be if a district if a district is what is what happens, I think, you know, looking at for the lines of makes sense. Because they’re a little bitty and they’re you know, they would have access to somebody with materials so they don’t realize that you really have to add is a courier that drives Land Between us we have to

Unknown Speaker 55:00
Your branches are farther apart. That’s all

Unknown Speaker 55:02
it does. But as director in Kern County at 25 branches spread over 1000 square miles. So it’s not, it’s not that far. Actually, if we ended up having any branches in Longmont, we’d already need to have a van driver to take things back and forth between global

Unknown Speaker 55:21
Roma media discussion and inviting is something to circle back on with the silica feasibility study. So do you think that when this is all done, it gets reviewed the council and all the rest of it, then the library or the city has a mechanism to get information out to the community about what the feasibility study says? Is that something that would go through the marketing department? Is that something

Unknown Speaker 55:54
you have to do? I mean, I think a lot of us are the marketing department except it. Like I said, the marketing department has been revamped and centralized. We haven’t had a marketing person since last April, although we’re at the brink of actually being able to hire one. So I would think that, because they’ve gone to somewhat more centralized model or heading that way in the city, it actually for this type of project is probably better, because we would have the entirety of the city’s marketing team to help.

Unknown Speaker 56:27
Yeah. Now, to my mind, this study is going to say a lot of interesting things that hopefully this the community is interested in hearing. And doing the study is only like half the battle. The other half is getting the message out. And how do we, as a group, think about how to get that message? Through the city or

Unknown Speaker 56:53
the city, I think the city can actually, you know, friendships, or put a link to the study. But that’s not my grad school. But not somehow. But that’s one thing that they would do. But I do think that working with local media, too, I mean, I would love to see something that’s not just a squishy little article, but maybe something that has several parts to it. Let’s do a video on I think it would be awesome. If all my public media, you know, I think I think that is something that we need to start thinking about though, it’s got to be

Unknown Speaker 57:30
feeding or close to the leader and stuff like that, to the Times called, they will do that, and maybe this courier newspaper, and when I won,

Unknown Speaker 57:41
that this is so perfect uses

Unknown Speaker 57:43
and Okay, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Unknown Speaker 57:46
And this is also we use me and other libraries down in my other libraries. And we started talking nonstop to community groups. About here’s what it was, here’s what happened. Here’s a study we did. And so, even so those like, when I got here, I started talking to those PTO groups. It’s like philanthropic women’s organizations, there’s several cases have people’s houses and they have a lot of rich ladies. Okay, well, I went to people’s houses, they had like, 60 people there. So we didn’t really know much about the library. So they were very welcoming to their other groups. I think we made speakers available to go talk to them.

Unknown Speaker 58:31
I really think that’s something we should really think about. And that dovetails into this next bigamy activities of the board post feasibility study. And Kinda, yeah, she did take a look at it. Scott did something like this. I mean, I think, you know, pitch in and try and figure out how to communicate this. Yep.

Unknown Speaker 58:54
Well, I mean, you’ve just named the things to do, right. So someone, yeah. You’re showing it? Yeah. The library show or the library district? Call whatever you want. How about that? We do it as the library show. But it’s not what goes on the library. What what upcoming things are happening. We have stuff happening. Yeah, the the ongoing programs that are there and the resources that are available can go on over that. So more than just your board. Lobby. It was up to me guys, to introduce some

Unknown Speaker 59:35
of our new employees. We have some new staff. We’re being very purposeful in our hiring. As far as trying to diversify. Our staff have more folks who speak Spanish and more languages to have in Russian that we’re trying to get back to libraries and oil avoid close you know, libraries Trying hard to look at things in different ways. It used to be that all libraries looked at when they were hiring people as a piece of paper, where’s your MLS tonight, you know, and, and when we’re looking for folks now, especially when you’re trying to diversify your staff, we are looking at people who don’t necessarily have library experience, but we do have other life experience who can relate to more people in the community. So so, you know, customers or customer service experience translates beautifully, we can teach you the library stuff. But we’re just looking for, you know, not a bunch of Oles like me with a button, hey, I’m done, you know, just tried to make sure that we were going behind beyond the stereotypes of heavy work, work, folks. Time, it’s up to you. You’re aware that

Unknown Speaker 1:00:48
I’ve never thought of you with the typical libraries.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:55
But a lot of folks that work in libraries successfully don’t fit that stereotype. So we’re actively recruiting people who don’t fit that old stereotype because we want people who are not change averse, and who are willing, who are willing to change and move in directions that we want to go. So So there’s, you know, we have a different philosophy that we’ve already implemented there. So we have some fun, mostly younger, but not all, people that have come in that are incredibly enthusiastic, and do not have a literary background. So

Unknown Speaker 1:01:28
if I’m recalling this correctly, Katie has said in the past, you know, when you talk about your programs and stuff like that, you’ve got a lot of things going on, but it’s how you communicate those things. That it’s a communication issue, it’s a management programming issue. It’s how do you get the message out so that people understanding video

Unknown Speaker 1:01:48
I think video has been underused by us to this point, though, because I think showing people some of the things that are going on at the library as opposed to just telling you about it, you know, taking some snippets of clips from our like our our probably most groups that that meet the Spanish the Spanish speakers, right English and then the Say Hello, folks, which are who are no, that doesn’t worry English, we have other we have two different groups, one learn Spanish and one of those English, but just the excitement of the teams and definitely video games. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:21
So the interesting thing is that the tools that are available now, our to do this kind of thing are pretty amazing. So right now what I’m doing is I’m doing a cinematic shot. And it’s completely automated. And when I’m done well have what that is, is that is a 32nd commercial. Yeah, or Yeah. So I mean, the

Unknown Speaker 1:02:47
should I buy smile?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:51
stabilizes? Yeah. Does it slow motion? Awesome. We do some music. And we do. And we do

Unknown Speaker 1:02:57
a lot to let us know ahead of time.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:01
We do some talk over you know, you’re the people reading the library. But what it can be whatever you want. And it’s maybe

Unknown Speaker 1:03:10
it’s the story times oh, reading with the dogs, and you could use

Unknown Speaker 1:03:15
a neighbor this. Fascinated, Gary, it’s fascinating about this read dogs program.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:21
It’s awesome.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:22
To be back, same watch no more.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:24
Yeah, we have. We have great bilingual stories and yoga stories. And then a lot of folks, you know, you’ve been to a lot of our adult programs because of building beliefs, really interesting adult programs in new ways. So I’ve added quite a few of them.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:39
And see, I think all that actually, if that all gets communicated after the feasibility study comes in. And that creates a positive impression, of course, but also starts to cause people to think about what a library could be like or what it shouldn’t be like. So then you get into these comments on what a 21st century and people have already started to percolate up.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:10
Well, looking at like what you know, once we have this new computer lab space, some of the things that we want to do, and part of it is open lab, and part of it is classroom space, which we haven’t had before. So here we want to do the online citizenship classes, for example, you know, there are things that that I’ve done before in libraries that are awesome. So some of those things, you know, we did practice tests, my last couple libraries, real time real time, practice tests for SHGs AC T’s, d-ariz smoke, and we were really strict but it was a good experience because you know, it’s different if you’re doing it by yourself. Home Alone, you could cheat a little bit you can get up and get a drink, use bathroom all those things, but if you tried to give a real testing experience,

Unknown Speaker 1:04:55
so the timing on all this may be perfect because you know you may be Seeing a little more freedom in your organization as you move into next year, more or less,

Unknown Speaker 1:05:09
just some of the changes that we’ve been able to make. Somehow, yeah. Following the construction crew around like a dog it would be really nice if this wall could come down and walk. Like Jericho. Yeah, I think that’d be awesome.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:36
Okay, we’re gonna

Unknown Speaker 1:05:38
start brainstorming events. Because you know, whatever happens to feasibility study, we want it, we want people to know what it says. So I’m pretty confident that it will say, things that we want to hear.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:49
I mean, it’s hard for me to believe that it won’t. Fuck yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:52
But part of it is a big part of this gap analysis. So.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:57
So if I can ask you to identify somebody who is it that is that signed up for the membership here for the library? Because you’re, you’re a member of our public,

Unknown Speaker 1:06:12
it’s probably me. But maybe it was somebody, I think it was somebody else services, but I told them to, I think it was probably Josie or Penny somebody to adopt services, because they went it was the sum, it had to be somebody from the group that’s doing the podcast over here.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:28
So we have a member meeting every other week. Okay. And we should

Unknown Speaker 1:06:32
I mean, hey, let me find out what that was. Because I’m pretty sure it’s one of the it’s one of the ladies of the podcast group.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:37
See if you can get somebody to start participating in that. Okay. Remember meeting is that’s where you get resources. That’s how you get volunteers to help with stuff. That’s how you get camera man. Okay, sir catchers, and sound guys, all the stuff you would need to put a show on. So that’s good. And, yeah, I can kind of direct that. But I need some backup from you. If I do it myself that just be me doing it all by myself again. So

Unknown Speaker 1:07:06
yeah, I think these ladies gentlemen in adult services area who started out kind of shy about the whole thing, they really enjoyed the podcast, and they were so so that definitely was a good COVID event that came from that is that a lot more staff became more comfortable with. So that’s the trick now is that I would like to continue to do a lot of virtual programming, along with the along with the in person programming, because obviously, we have folks who don’t come out at night, or who don’t, don’t. You know, there’s a lot of seniors who don’t like to drive at night when it’s dark. And we have other folks that just it’s so much more convenient for them.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:55
So you can you can see issues on your programs

Unknown Speaker 1:07:58
we used to we used to know with your like Boulder has done a bang up job with that. And they like they have such huge numbers they have no, they have such huge numbers for their programs. And they said that people really loved the fact that they weren’t always missing out on the programs because they couldn’t get tickets.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:19
Do they have something like the museum?

Unknown Speaker 1:08:23
It’s not as big as that what they do about it. They do have an editorial board. It’s nice.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:27
Nice. Oh, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:08:29
we have a better one. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:31
They got a nice makerspace. They have a nice, they have a nice library. If you go past the main library card, you go through kind of an atrium lobby and there’s a nice playground for kids outside. And there’s a lot of seating with Windows either side, and they have a nice little coffee shop that also does sandwiches, salads, that kind of stuff. So it’s more lunch than his coffee, then you keep going. And then there are several public meeting rooms, a fairly big auditorium and a big makerspace. So

Unknown Speaker 1:09:05
lower budget. Yeah, you can buy more with that. Yeah. Sure. Good discussion. Long one library district committee. I’ll just pass along a couple things that has been happening here but still meeting picked up a few members, which is encouraging. Hopefully it’ll stick. These people seem to be good activist type people. So we’ll see how all that goes. We’re working on how to engage the community. So this discussion that we just finished having mirrors some of the discussion that occurred last meeting with that group is to how to Get good things out about collaborative community and good things about a benefits of the district to the community. So it all goes kind of hand in hand. I think I’ve mentioned you can see that we’re trying to reach out to both blind since birth it get like an icebreaker call. That would be wonderful. Nancy, Nancy,

Unknown Speaker 1:10:31
and let them know that you were gonna reach out to them.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:32
So it’s not a cold call, right? Like just basically. Okay. Well know that they’re these guys want to talk. And when they call, you should give them a little bit of time.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:43
And then hopefully, you know, they’ll show up at one of these meetings and give us their feedback. Tell us to go take a hike. And we’d like to do something similar to that with the city, you know, with the election and all that the transitions and

Unknown Speaker 1:11:01
to exaggerated, it’s been a little exaggerated, but there’ll be conversations with Mayor Peck and others just to see if we can get them like a district as well. So you don’t have to put all

Unknown Speaker 1:11:21
the work in after Yes. Well, basically, we

Unknown Speaker 1:11:23
need to figure out what the politics is now. That’s what it comes down to. Boulder is very much behind that library district.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:30
And they and they weren’t or they were not. But they’re they have a lot of turnover on there. I see. I have to look that up. Because that’s one thing that the director said that there’s a lot of diversity, a lot of turnover on their seats.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:46
Oh, you mean in the elections? And I

Unknown Speaker 1:11:49
did not look at their election results.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:52
So that would be good or bad for them? It all depends on we don’t know either here. That’s exactly exactly what we’re saying. They had

Unknown Speaker 1:12:02
you know, when they started this in Boulder, five plus years ago, they had one set of votes. And then they had some new people come in, and then the pendulum kind of swung and then

Unknown Speaker 1:12:13
where is that now? Yeah, we started three years ago, and it was very much ever against. So some key members of Council were against it. And today, we don’t know, I’ve heard both sides. Some are good, some are for nothing. That’s what you’re reading with John

Unknown Speaker 1:12:32
24th. Sitting down with her kind updater on, hopefully what some of the feasibility study says. mentioned some of the other things going on in the community and try and gauge your interest.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:47
And this is gonna have a big impact on what how successful we think we can be because we’re gonna go against the city again. Because that’s what I was doing before when I first started. And that did not go well. So

Unknown Speaker 1:13:03
it’s better if everybody

Unknown Speaker 1:13:03
knows Yes, that’s right. So that’s what that’s where we need to start is to figure out where City Council’s that and then work this out in a community fashion

Unknown Speaker 1:13:18
not not to change the subject because I agree with that. But something else I recall reading about with respect to boulders process is that they went on and they said submit an application to be trusted to be part of this IGA they get through and of the 37 that they receive they take 12 But what I also read was that come somewhere around April or whatever the city gets to figure out whether they want those people want to see the interest part of the trustee

Unknown Speaker 1:13:56
they also get to 12 right city staff pick the 2012 and

Unknown Speaker 1:14:02
in two are from the Taiwan their awareness

Unknown Speaker 1:14:06
as a realtor and

Unknown Speaker 1:14:08
so they you know, they they get some method to their madness of speaks you should do as well.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:19
Have your reaction to that. And I’m not gonna say that right now. discretion.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:29
We have a great city staff, but I don’t know how much of city staff should direct this kind of stuff. And I don’t know, I’ve never done one of these before, other than my one failed attempt, so maybe I should try something new. Maybe this is the way that works. I don’t know. Let’s face it. I

Unknown Speaker 1:14:45
say practice makes perfect. Yeah, I think you’re getting better. Alright, you’re learning library foundation, other than the fact that this group has kicked it around. Little bit of anything can go. You. Okay, I think that wraps up our old new business as we covered off the liaison issue. Anybody have any comments? Any comments? Katherine? You still there?

Unknown Speaker 1:15:30
That’s all right. Katie’s putting your lap here in the minutes.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:35
Trust us, it wasn’t that God.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:38
If you want to review the meeting again, you’ll be able to on my public

Unknown Speaker 1:15:51
wisely so

Unknown Speaker 1:15:55
when do we when will we know our new liaison?

Unknown Speaker 1:15:57
We don’t know. Jim didn’t know either. Yes, whenever they voted on, we thought it would be. Karen originally said she thought it would would have happened already. Cuz she was gonna let me know that.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:09
They really wow, I just caught part of the last meeting. And they were like, they ended at 930. And they’re making a point of not running these flower meetings anymore.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:18
And I think I did maybe go every other other looking at it. Well, not every other they said like three a month. So

Unknown Speaker 1:16:24
yeah, they want to be less meetings and they want to be less time in the meetings.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:27
So so I’m not quite sure how that will work. But

Unknown Speaker 1:16:30
should you think tomorrow night bill? If there is a meeting, you think that’ll be resolved tomorrow? No.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:36
I mean, I mean, Tinder. No, kinda No,

Unknown Speaker 1:16:39
I don’t know. new mayor, new agenda.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:45
So I don’t know how that works to tell you the truth. agenda. So yeah, but again, I don’t know how the choosing who is pitch for the group’s works.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:55
Oh, they just means I bet. I know,

Unknown Speaker 1:16:58
you’re going to express a preference. And says

Unknown Speaker 1:17:01
it’s usually in a study session. Yeah. And they just Yeah, that’s what they do. They say I want to do that. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:07
And it’s even worse.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:08
If nobody volunteers, they swear.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:12
Yeah. So but if more than one wants to they like fight it out, you know, verbally. I want and here’s why. So but that’s Yeah, it’s pretty well, it’s public. So. But, yeah, it’s pretty simple to kind of shoot through it real quick. They all kind of know what they want to do. You know, and they’re all they like we asked each other pretty quickly.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:39
I mean, they all know what people’s interests are.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:41
And there’s got shots of multiple organizations. So they they made trade law. So okay, we do go to the library or something

Unknown Speaker 1:17:50
like that. We’re gonna have the most interesting board.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:54
Currently, the library has not been top on the list. Here it’ll be out. So once you’re into that sort of thing, squeaky wheel you’re just being so politic I’m watching. I can see.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:24
Alright, I have nothing more. Does anybody have anything they want to add at this point? All right. I will call this thing over at 823 by my blog. All right, do you feel bad right. Good luck.