City Council Regular Session – Oct 26, 2021

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City Council Regular Session – Oct 26, 2021

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Alright, let’s go ahead and get started. Little after seven o’clock. Welcome everybody.

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This is really exciting for me because this is the last meeting I will ever conduct. So I’m excited that least political meeting. So let’s go ahead and I’ll bang the gavel officially saying we’re an order. Let’s go ahead and start with the roll call please.

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Mayor Bagley here councilmembers Christiansen he double fairing, Martin Peck, Rodriguez, waters. Mayor you have a quorum. Let’s go ahead and say the pledge.

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I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

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Alright, just a quick reminder, the public if you want to speak at first call public invited to be heard. Make sure your name is on the list. Anybody get here later than the signup sheet that wants to go on?

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All right, then the list is officially closed. Let’s go ahead. Do I have a motion to approve the October 12 2021. Regular Session minutes.

Unknown Speaker 1:13
Second. Okay. It’s been moved by Dr. Water seconded by councilmember Susie Naugle fairing. All in favor say aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. All right, the October 12 2021. Regular Session minutes are approved unanimously. Let’s go on to Agenda revisions and submission of documents. Does anyone have anything they’d like to say or add councilmember Christiansen?

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One second. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:39

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This is the last meeting for both councilmember. For both Mayor Bagley and I and both of us went up to the initial meetings of the Northern Arapaho, so they’re very dear to our hearts. And I know what that we both want to see the sister cities.

Unknown Speaker 2:00
Relationship continue. So I would vote that out of the $225,000. In our contingency fund. We donate 15,000 to the Northern Arapaho so their children can have an easier time coming down here, I hope in the spring, and $5,000 to our kids so they can have an easier time getting up there. Our kids have to earn the money to get up there to sew or to get anywhere, whether they’re going to Japan or

Unknown Speaker 2:29
Mexico or Wyoming.

Unknown Speaker 2:33
Because this is just a council decision, because it’s our contingency fund. I would move that we take a vote on whether to do that.

Unknown Speaker 2:43
Alright, Cal, Councilmember Christiansen moved to put

Unknown Speaker 2:47
the issue on a future agenda for $15,000 Going to the Northern Arapaho youth and $5,000 going towards the sister cities youth in order to help and alleviate costs in our youth exchange. Actually, though, we don’t need to put it on the agenda because it’s our contingency fund. Correct. It is the content contingency plan. Just vote on it. Now. As for Harold, is it does anyone that that’s out of order, but has anyone sorry? No, that’s okay. Is there anybody who objects to voting on that now? I’d love to vote on it now so I could vote. Okay. So the chair will take that as a motion to vote on that direction now to city county to the city manager, taking that those funds out of our contingency funds. That was made by councilmember Christiansen as it was seconded by councilmember pack.

Unknown Speaker 3:36
The chair will entertain debate on the issue. Anybody want to say or do anything? All right, seeing none. Let’s go ahead and vote all in favor of the motion say aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. All right, Motion carries unanimously. I guess Harold, you don’t do it, I guess. Budgetary staff does. So they’ll do they’ll do their thing. Alright, thank you. So to do our thing. Alright. Anybody else? Alright. See nobody. Let’s go on to the city manager report regarding COVID-19. Mayor, sorry, before you move on. I just wanted to mention item Tindie. ordinance 2021 55. was amended on second reading and is shown as such on the agenda, which one was that again? Attendee ordinates 2021 Dash 55 Regarding the carriage program.

Unknown Speaker 4:20
Oh, the second the second ordinance readings on second ordinance on second reading. Yes. Thank you,

Unknown Speaker 4:26

Unknown Speaker 4:30
Mayor Council.

Unknown Speaker 4:31
You know, you’ve seen this graph again, I guess the big point on this is we’re seeing in the seven day cumulative case rate moving in the right direction for us based on on where we’ve, you know, what we’ve seen recently. And we hope that that continues. Definitely the numbers for the county are, are trending in the right direction. And you’ll also see in terms of high transmission. We really talked about how this was moving around.

Unknown Speaker 5:00
a lot, and it didn’t take much to swing it into the red category. But you can see a number of areas are moving down again. And as you look at these numbers, I think it’s important to see that outside of Clear Creek Boulder,

Unknown Speaker 5:15
Boulder County is doing the best. And obviously it has the largest population of those that are, are in the 150 area when you consider Broomfield in that as well.

Unknown Speaker 5:27
This is another piece that’s important to look at when you look at the the case trends and what’s happening with all the cases amongst the age groups. And so they they were today in the administrative call were,

Unknown Speaker 5:42
you know, happy to see, you know, the data of moving in this direction. When you look at Boulder County, as you remember, early on, there were some disparities in the cases based on percentage of the population by race and ethnicity. And you’re really seeing that move more into alignment. Again, I think it was 70 17% of the cases. Longmont, unfortunately is still

Unknown Speaker 6:07
the most significant part of the the cases in Boulder County as we continue to move forward.

Unknown Speaker 6:14
What’s interesting is, this is our wastewater data that we have been showing you. And it may have been updated late this afternoon. So I didn’t have a chance to put that in. But this was the most recent graph when I looked at it. And

Unknown Speaker 6:29
you can see we had a spike. And then we had another spike in the most recent reporting cycle. And so we’re going to have to look at that a little bit to understand what’s really driving that.

Unknown Speaker 6:41
Part of what I’m also going to do is just look at what we may have had going on in our community during this time.

Unknown Speaker 6:48
Because that may have impacted it. But generally up until that spike, the trend was moving in the direction we wanted to see it. And so we’re going to be watching some case counts to see if it really matches the most recent spike in our wastewater system.

Unknown Speaker 7:04
In terms of the health system, ICU Bed Availability went down from 10%, the previous week to 9%.

Unknown Speaker 7:13
The surgical bed availabilities 9%, which is down from 10%. And 37% of the hospitals are still with significant staff shortages, which was remaining relatively steady, steady. And we’re we’re seeing the numbers just hold in this arena. What I would say too, is, in a lot of ways, this isn’t also just COVID, I need to make sure I’m pointing that out. These are other things, that when you put the COVID cases on top of it creates the capacity issues in the hospital. And so that’s an important piece to really point out in this data.

Unknown Speaker 7:51
We’re still when we look at the number of cases, exceeding the epidemiological capacity, but we’re getting pretty close. And we are seeing those them look into more cases as they’re developing.

Unknown Speaker 8:05
And then, you know, so the deaths, you know, 25 deaths since May 21. I mean, we’re seeing that trend, we’re not seeing the volume with long term care facilities. So that’s a good piece. But they’re going to continue to watch the data as it moves forward. Today, we really asked if we could get this broken down by vaccinated and unvaccinated so we can get a sense of what’s really happening in the community. So hopefully, they’ll have that data for us next week.

Unknown Speaker 8:36
And then the testing. We talked about this last week in terms of the seven day positivity, what

Unknown Speaker 8:43
I talked about it with you all and they talked about it again in the administrator call that what we may actually start seeing is the number of cases go down but the positivity rate go up just because of the volume of people that are testing. And so we’re fully expecting to see that happen in the near future. But I just wanted to point that out again,

Unknown Speaker 9:04
terms of vaccination 69.7% of the total population

Unknown Speaker 9:10
is has both courses. If you look at one or the other, and 74.7% of the total population, if you look at it, those that are eligible, it’s 84.2%. Part of the conversation today on the vaccination piece is the county’s really going to be focusing on vaccinate vaccinating those from five to 11. As that has just moving forward, and so really right now they’re going to that’s where they’re going to be placing most of their attention, because we know that could probably have the biggest impact on Boulder County.

Unknown Speaker 9:44
What I can say on top of that, in terms of the the Housing Authority, we are seeing some cases in different areas. We’re watching those pretty close. What I wanted you to know is when we see that develop. One of the first things that our staff does is they actually

Unknown Speaker 10:00
We engage with Boulder County Health in the state of Colorado. And then we have a series of plans that come in place. And so in case you hear that when we see it, depending on the volume of cases,

Unknown Speaker 10:14
and where we may make the decision to

Unknown Speaker 10:19
adjust, who can come in and out of the facility, we already have masking requirements because of the order if you’re outside of your domicile, but we may adjust some other things in those areas, depending on what we’re seeing on case volume. We also then work to get testing coming in with the state.

Unknown Speaker 10:37
And then depending on where it is in the numbers that are vaccinated, we will also talk to the state about maybe coming in and ensuring we can get more people vaccinated. And so just wanted to let you know that we are seeing that at times and we move pretty fast on those. We’ve had it at a couple of couple of locations. But in case you hear anything, that’s what we’re doing. Be happy to answer any questions.

Unknown Speaker 11:04
I don’t see any questions but thank you anything else? That’s it. All right. Great. Let’s move on to special reports and presentations.

Unknown Speaker 11:12
JESSICA ERICKSON, she’s here with alumni Economic Development Partnership quarterly update for the third quarter of 2021.

Unknown Speaker 11:48
Good evening

Unknown Speaker 11:51
Good evening Mayor Mayor Bagley and council. My name is Jessica Erickson. I’m president and CEO of Longmont Economic Development Partnership. And as the mayor said, I’m here to provide our third quarter Impact Report.

Unknown Speaker 12:05
I’ll start by reminding you of the strategic objectives that are within our contract with the city of Longmont for economic development services. And those include strengthening and long months competitive position through implementation of advanced billing want to point out marketing Longmont, nationally and globally as a premier destination for industry and talent supporting the creation and retention of quality jobs, advancing opportunities for entrepreneurship and innovation and advocating on behalf of our long run businesses.

Unknown Speaker 12:33
As you’re aware, our strategic plan advanced on web 2.0 has five focus areas that our work plan, as outlined in our contract with the city of Longmont has our staff and our resources being focused in the areas of talent, industry and impact.

Unknown Speaker 12:49
So I’ll start with an update relative to our work on talent.

Unknown Speaker 12:55
Our first talent objective is to recruit and retain talent with objective 1.1 being the marketing and recruitment piece of that, as we’ve talked about before the COVID Nate COVID-19 has created a shift in where people work and how people make decisions about where they live in work. And so we have updated our national talent attraction marketing campaign. To address that I’ll provide some more detail on that in a later slide. Our second objective or objective 1.2 is to improve workforce perceptions through our workforce perception study, which we conducted this year and closed in July with 207 responses versus 62. Last year, which was the first year of the study, we did present this the full report to the Longmont EDP board meeting at our August 9 2021 board meeting.

Unknown Speaker 13:43
So some more detail around our national marketing campaign, we’ve really approached it for from a more human centered or what we consider human centered approach helping people to identify themselves in people that are already living here working here and experiencing life in Longmont. And so our tagline there is see yourself in Longmont. We launched this new campaign in August of this year.

Unknown Speaker 14:06
The campaign includes a mix of media including paid search LinkedIn advertising, Facebook advertising, and programmatic retargeting display advertising.

Unknown Speaker 14:17
We identified specific geographies throughout the country to target based on what we identified as an oversupply of the type of talent that the industry that we have clustered here in Longmont is in need of and so those geographies are Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, Orange County and Denver.

Unknown Speaker 14:36
So we’re about 30 days in are as of when I prepared this report. We were about 30 days into the new campaign, and had experienced 353,000 campaign impressions 16 160 clicks from our ad campaign, the top five locations of where people were actually clicking through on our ad campaign or Kansas, Colorado, California, Pennsylvania in Arizona.

Unknown Speaker 15:00
We had 4371 website users, our average typically is 19 187, which is, so we about doubled our average website users,

Unknown Speaker 15:12
the top three ad groups or the kind of topics of our ads that people were clicking through on. And we’re just generally general talent acquisition, as well as specifically, talent acquisition relative to our Business Catalyst and knowledge creation and deployment, industry clusters. Phoenix of all of those markets that we mentioned is pulling better than all other markets on link on the LinkedIn platform. La had the highest overall engagement and Phoenix in Orange County had the highest engagement with ads across all platforms.

Unknown Speaker 15:46
And getting ready for tonight, I realized that you have seen this before, this is the results of the workforce perception studies. So if it’s okay with you in the interest of time, and the fact that you’ve seen this before, unless you want me to stop, I will move through these slides on the workforce perception study.

Unknown Speaker 16:02
And go to our second talent objective, which is industry and future responsive infrastructure. The first part of that objective is talent, intelligence, data and infrastructure. We use our elevate state of industry report, which is due November 8 to include data from the Elevate One Month Survey, which is our primary employer survey that we do annually, as well as feedback from the skilled workforce, executive roundtable discussions that we hosted and q2 and q3 industry data that we’ve assessed. I’ve also identified the my sidewalk database tool to be our ongoing measure of our of talent intelligence data, with an emphasis on community data from more than 40 Different sources that they aggregate for us.

Unknown Speaker 16:53
We’re partnering with a local education technology company Indigo to develop a career pathways platform that will be unique to Longmont that I’ll provide some more detail about in a later slide.

Unknown Speaker 17:04
Relative to supporting our existing talent systems, which include St. Breen Valley School District, Front Range Community College and workforce Boulder County, we’ve provided information about those resources to 18 Primary Industry expansion and attraction proposals. So including that information in proposals for those projects, as well as have directly referred 12 companies to our regional education and training system partners. We continue to migrate into our new CRM to better facilitate and track results related to those referrals and proposals.

Unknown Speaker 17:39
I’d like to talk about the or provide some more detail on the workforce development platform that I mentioned. We are again partnering with a local education technology company Indigo to develop a one of it one of its kind platform for workforce development. It will provide employers with support and finding local talent that fits their corporate culture, and open job roles. It’s intended to help employers provide best fit career paths to grow and retain talent and cut hiring costs. And it’s a lower cost platform than many of the national recruiting tools with more qualified and will have more qualified local candidates.

Unknown Speaker 18:17
for job seekers, it provides support for them to know themselves and find local employment opportunities that best fit their natural strengths and point job seekers to local education and professional development opportunities to obtain higher paying jobs. I’ll mention that the kind of genesis of this project was a conversation around helping workers displaced by COVID to identify new career pathways for themselves here locally. It’s expanded beyond that which I’ll talk to you about here in a second.

Unknown Speaker 18:47
It supports our education systems, including st Green Valley School District and Front Range Community College, and other local education providers who will access the platform

Unknown Speaker 18:57
to gain data to better support students and point students to local opportunities. So as students go through the educational programs, specifically of the advanced manual, or the manufacturing Academy at St. Green Valley School District, and the Center for Integrated Manufacturing at Front Range Community College

Unknown Speaker 19:17
will also support workforce development and nonprofit programs throughout the community. workforce. Boulder County will be able to access the long pathway data to better support job seekers through their system. And in fact, we’re in the process of responding to Workforce Development Innovation, RFP from Workforce Boulder County to support this work.

Unknown Speaker 19:38
We’ve also expanded the target for beneficiaries of this platform to other community organizations including veterans community project Reentry Initiative and Pearl, all local nonprofit organizations that have a workforce development, career readiness element to the services that they offer.

Unknown Speaker 20:02
I thought I had a timeline in here. So the we are currently working with Front Range Community College directly, and as well as Smuckers, and a couple of other employers locally to start to get

Unknown Speaker 20:19
current job seekers as well as those that will be applying to the newly created Smuckers opportunities with their expansion as really a pilot for for this platform. That will happen that’s happening between now and the end of the year. And then we expect to fully launch the platform to everyone in the first quarter of next year.

Unknown Speaker 20:43
Next, I’ll talk about our industry objectives. So our first industry objective is primary industry expansion and retention, with objective 1.1 being the use of state and local incentives. We have not had any incentives fully approved as of yet this year. Although we’re hoping to change that this evening, with final approval of the incentive relate deck. I do have some North Metro enterprise zone data that I’ll share with you in another slide. And then we have a goal to generate 50 new primary industry prospects for the year. And so far through Q sorry, q3 2021, we had generated 30 new prospect leads for expansion and relocation.

Unknown Speaker 21:22
The North Metro enterprise zone, we’ve had 257 companies pre certified for use of that North Metro enterprise zone benefits, and 52 of them so far have certified to actually use those benefits. You can see the breakdown of the tax credits that have been used and the resulting investment and job creation. Those numbers are still low for this year. Many companies get extensions to about this time of the year to file their tax return. So we expect to see those numbers go up pretty significantly after the fourth quarter.

Unknown Speaker 21:54
Our prospect pipeline as of the end of the of q3, we had 24 active prospects in our pipeline that if we were fortunate enough to win them all, would represent over 4300 jobs at an average annual wage of over $80,000 a year. And more than $400 million in capital investment.

Unknown Speaker 22:12
The breakdown of the industries that those projects are coming from about a third of them are coming from the knowledge creation and deployment sector that’s been a very active sector for us, as well as smart manufacturing. And then food and beverage and Business Catalyst make up 16% combined with all other industries making up the other about a third of projects that we have in our pipeline.

Unknown Speaker 22:36
Our second industry objective is around entrepreneurial development, specifically hosting the Innovate one one accelerator program, which we are in the process of transitioning to an exclusively smart manufacturing focused accelerator program, with the first cohort of that land launching on January 18 of next year. In the interest of that we’ve added two new board members from each two manufacturing solutions and winter when winds robotics, a graduate of our previous accelerator program. And applications are actually live now for the January accelerator cohort.

Unknown Speaker 23:12
Relative to developing the entrepreneurial ecosystem, and the No Wrong Door platform that we identified startup spaces as the technology for the long run entrepreneurial hub, which is what we’ve named our platform

Unknown Speaker 23:27
has 25 total resources available on it 36 events and in q3 SAS 74 new users. So we now have a total of over 500 users using that startup space platform. We continue to onboard other resource providers and identify other potential users. These are people that are interested in identifying specifically entrepreneurial resources that are available to them in Longmont in the immediate area.

Unknown Speaker 23:54
Finally, I’ll talk about the impact or impact objectives. The first of those being organizational alignment. So really the collective impact model of the implementation of our advanced on web 2.0 strategic plan.

Unknown Speaker 24:08
Many of you are on some of our working groups. So you’re aware that we’ve realigned the working groups around strategic initiatives instead of around specific focus areas. And so we now have six currently active advanced on what 2.0 strategic initiatives which results in six currently active working groups.

Unknown Speaker 24:28
The collective data dashboard, which is really kind of the progress report of advanced Longmont. 2.0 is something that we’ve been working on to develop and we’ve also identified my sidewalk as the data aggregator and visualization tool that we’ll use for that and are confident that we will launch that before the end of this year.

Unknown Speaker 24:48
I mentioned that we have six currently active collective impact initiatives includes the No Wrong Door ecosystem for entrepreneurs that I mentioned, the slope which we’ve formerly referred to as the maker block

Unknown Speaker 25:00
accessible and affordable childcare, the River District, our ramp project, which I’ll go into more detail about and prosper long line.

Unknown Speaker 25:10
So the ramp project is a new one that I think you may not have,

Unknown Speaker 25:14
or we may not have reported out on before, so I wanted to share that with you. It’s the readiness accelerated manufacturing and production facility. We’ve actually been working on this project since 2018. With some private sector industry partners, it will ultimately be a smart manufacturing incubator facility designed to take a company past the prototype phase into initial production, allowing them to refine the production process and begin to make inroads into the commercial marketplace. One of my favorite parts about this project has been that we have engaged the local entrepreneurial community within these industries to help us design and create a strategy for this facility.

Unknown Speaker 25:55
The Collective Impact piece of this is the partnership between private industry long by EDP innovate Longmont Front Range Community College and St. Green Valley School District, making this project possible. Where we alone could not make this project possible. We long at PLM could not make this project possible. We are pursuing an ARPA EDA economic adjustment grant and brokerage Community College and St. Green Valley school districts have signed on to be co applicants for that grant, which we think strengthens our opportunity to pursue those funds. We’re also pursuing a state of Colorado advanced industries accelerator program to make this project possible.

Unknown Speaker 26:36
I’ll mention that the

Unknown Speaker 26:40
the state of Colorado rent is due this month and the federal grant is due in December. So we expect to have news of whether or not we’ve successfully pursued those funds by the first part of next year.

Unknown Speaker 26:56
Our second impact or a continuation of our impacted objective around organizational alignment is to increase private sector funding for economic development. I have a funding table later in the report. We did we were able to this year because of a drop in private sector funding last year in the first part of this year secure to PPP loans totaling $163,000. to shore up our funding for the year to be able to continue to operate at the same level we always have. And we have now launched a multi year impact oriented fundraising strategy called vivid vision. We launched that in September of this year.

Unknown Speaker 27:37
So for this year, we’re projecting a total budget of 734,000, which will not back to the level we were at in 2019. significantly better than 2020 with the impacts of COVID.

Unknown Speaker 27:53
I’m going to talk to you about the vivid vision private sector funding campaign.

Unknown Speaker 27:58
This is a multi year campaign. That’s really our kind of final transition as an organization from kind of the old school membership transactional membership based model that we used to pursue to really impact investment oriented model. We’re asking the private sector to invest in our organization, recognizing that they may not themselves see the immediate and transactional benefits, but they’re really as this quote says planting trees for future generations.

Unknown Speaker 28:26
Sorry, the mask thing is

Unknown Speaker 28:31
our vision of course, as we talk about all the time as collective impact, and we do that through elevating business and empowering community.

Unknown Speaker 28:39
Longmont economic development partnership we believe exists to build and maintain a vibrant and inclusive local economy and to help Longmont achieve its full potential for growth, prosperity and inclusion.

Unknown Speaker 28:50
We believe ourselves to be a true public private partnership leveraging the time talent and treasure of leaders from both public and private sectors. in unprecedented ways. How we work together does not happen in other places, to ensure long months continued success and to make Longmont the most desirable location for businesses, entrepreneurs and talent in the region.

Unknown Speaker 29:11
We believe that success will happen when everyone in Longmont has equal access to participate in our local economy as entrepreneurs, workers and consumers. Everyone has the ability to advance in their careers, build wealth and invest in their futures. And everyone is able to drive business growth through innovation and business and job creation. This is what we’re asking the private sector to invest in.

Unknown Speaker 29:34
We think that we’re the right organization to lead the charge relative to this, because of the results that we’ve been able to experience over the last few years and looking just at 2018 to 2020. The previous three years. We’ve successfully 140 relocation and expansion deals that have created more than 1200 new jobs and will provide a net tenure fiscal impact of 27 million

Unknown Speaker 30:00
dollars to our community.

Unknown Speaker 30:04
This is the first time we’re doing a true multi year fundraising campaign for economic development. This budget represents the total budget for each year of those three years, inclusive of both public and private sector funds.

Unknown Speaker 30:20
As we’ve mentioned before, we’re looking over the next three years to raise $1.2 million from the private sector, which is about half of that budget. The reason I wanted to share this is because there was some conversation a couple of weeks ago, around the impacts of or the rationale behind a public private partnership for economic development.

Unknown Speaker 30:42
We don’t look at raising funds from the private sector. As an issue of who has control over the organization’s over the organization or economic development in the city. We look at it more as a matter of accountability. Arguably, in addition to the city itself, it’s our primary sector employers or property owners, or local businesses in the private sector that are benefiting from the work of Longmont EDP, and it’s our belief that they should also be accountable for funding it.

Unknown Speaker 31:15
And you can see here a breakdown of how those dollars are spent.

Unknown Speaker 31:21
About half of it is spent on what we consider traditional economic development and those things that are in our contract with the city of Longmont, new business development,

Unknown Speaker 31:31
entrepreneurial development, National Marketing and Business Retention and Expansion, with the remainder going towards our collective impact work data and research and operations, as well as the advocacy work that we do through our private sector leadership.

Unknown Speaker 31:51
Our second impact objective is collective problem solving. And we have created the Aspire Leadership Council, which is currently a 28 member private sector led Leadership Council for organization with members from primary industry finance, real estate, construction, local business, legal and marketing professions.

Unknown Speaker 32:11
They have provided 100% of the funding for our national marketing efforts. So with our previous campaign or reach for the peaks campaign, one of the objectives of that campaign was to raise the funds necessary to actually implement a full scale professional national marketing campaign for talent and for industry for the city of Longmont, something we had never been able to do before. And so 100% of that funding came from, from our private sector, Aspire Leadership Council investors.

Unknown Speaker 32:39
A portion of those funds that they contribute also goes to what we call our a spider fund. These are funds that those investors are able to direct to pursue aspirational initiatives not included in our annual work plan or budget, again, entirely funded by those private sector investments. Their primary focus areas currently, for both their engagement as well as their funding is workforce housing and talent, the to go hand in hand, of course.

Unknown Speaker 33:10
So one of the initiatives that they’re currently, funding is one of our collective impact initiatives prosper Longmont, which is an initiative to develop a coalition of private sector leadership around attainable housing.

Unknown Speaker 33:25
With the objectives first, and you’ve heard this from me before, to do no harm. So to consider affordability of housing in all policymaking by the city

Unknown Speaker 33:36
to set goals and measure progress. So to identify through a data informed approach, what the true gap is relative to attainable housing, what the goal should be, and the progress that we make as we move forward collectively.

Unknown Speaker 33:53
Aligning policy and process with vision. This goes across all of the work that we do. So working in partnership with you, and with city staff to identify and address the barriers that exist in our current code zoning and Development Review process that prevent us from achieving attainable housing goals established in both envision Longmont goal, envision one month in advance on what to point out.

Unknown Speaker 34:16
And then finally, innovate and create. We truly believe that the solution to attainable housing also affordable housing, and most things that we do relative to economic development will not be public sector solutions, private sector solutions, nonprofit solutions or education sector solutions, but a collective set of solutions that we can all bring our, our expertise to the table to achieve.

Unknown Speaker 34:41
And this is just a list of the founding members of prosper Longmont, we really believe that we have a diverse set of perspectives, as well as a broad range of expertise to bring to ideas around solutions for attainable housing.

Unknown Speaker 34:59
And then finally, I’ll

Unknown Speaker 35:00
give you a brief Economic Overview from our economic modeling system. I’ll skip to

Unknown Speaker 35:08
the second bullet, which is that from 2015 to 2020, we did still see overall net increase in jobs across all industries that 1.3%. And this outpace pace the national average of point zero 1% are basically

Unknown Speaker 35:25
zero growth over the same five years.

Unknown Speaker 35:30
We estimate that we’ll see another point 8% job growth across all industries this year, which will be slightly under the national growth rate or aligned with the national growth rate of point 9%. The preliminary unemployment rate at the end of August, which is the most recent available at the local level, here in Longmont was 5.2%.

Unknown Speaker 35:50
With the statewide unemployment rate at the end of August being 5.9%, Boulder County as a whole 4.9% and nationally 5.2%.

Unknown Speaker 36:00
When we look at our target industry clusters, knowledge creation and deployment has been our most consistent sector seen growth even through 2020. Our projection for this year is another 1.5% growth. Our Business Catalyst cluster, which saw slowdown in 2020, is projected to grow by 2.4%. This year, smart manufacturing which saw significant loss of jobs where we will start to see some recovery of in this year. And then food and beverage, which relative to COVID saw the highest loss of jobs in 2020. And we expect to continue to see some loss though projections are that starting in 2022, we’ll see start to see some of those that job growth come back. And

Unknown Speaker 36:47
I think that’s my last slide. All right, thank you very much. Nobody’s in the queue. But I want to actually people are in the queue now. Councillor Peck

Unknown Speaker 37:00
Thank you, Mayor Bagley. Jessica, this is a good report. I really like it. And I like the the Indigo and

Unknown Speaker 37:08
part of the initiatives. But I do have a concern. And I was a little surprised about the PROSPER because the only thing that we seen was in the TC line of Tc, not the line, the paper about this being formed. But as I read through this,

Unknown Speaker 37:29
I’m concerned about le DP getting too much into the policymaking

Unknown Speaker 37:37
in which is Council’s job not led PS job and working with staff. So all of your data is, is great and accepted. And we’ve, from my perspective, have always worked with LLDP

Unknown Speaker 37:57
on housing, but when I read each one of these, it just puts up a red flag for me in that

Unknown Speaker 38:05
we’re getting a little bit too much into the policymaking and when you talk about the housing that is needed. We do have staff that that does work set up for us all every year, constantly. So that’s just a red flag for me

Unknown Speaker 38:23
as deaths for prosper Longmont, that’s all they’re doing is getting into the housing and the policymaking. So, other than that, I think it’s a great report. Thank you. Thank you, Mayor, Bagley and counsel, woman pack. I appreciate the comment, and I understand where it’s coming from. I will say again, that our focus with everything that we do is on the collective. And the idea that

Unknown Speaker 38:53
pieces of the hole don’t get us to where we need to be relative to any of our goals. And so where we have private sector leaders that have expertise in the areas of lending and building and those employers that have employees and what the wages that they’re paying, and understanding what their needs are. I think all of that needs to be recognized in order for and we have that to bring to the table that perspective to bring to the table. As you all are making policy decisions, we would not suggest that we are policymakers or policy decision makers. Our only goal is to help inform where we can and bring the expertise that we have as part of our private sector leadership to the table as part of that conversation.

Unknown Speaker 39:45
Thank you, Councillor Martin.

Unknown Speaker 39:49
Thank you, Mayor Begley.

Unknown Speaker 39:52
I think that any resident of Longmont any agency in Longmont,

Unknown Speaker 40:00
and certainly any agency for Longmont

Unknown Speaker 40:05
Well, aren’t they are not empowered to make policy. They certainly are empowered to advocate for policies for the benefit of the city, however they see that benefit themselves.

Unknown Speaker 40:21
I think that when the LDP

Unknown Speaker 40:25
chooses what

Unknown Speaker 40:28
kinds of business to advocate for, to recruit to come to Longmont or to assist that are already in Longmont. That is advocacy, not policymaking. And when the LE DP requires or would benefit from city funding, then we hold an executive session and the advocacy can become policy based upon the opinions of the council. So

Unknown Speaker 41:03
I just would like to defend this activity because I think it’s really important. There’s there’s a growing dynamic about you know, what, what kind of of

Unknown Speaker 41:16
activity in Longmont, we’ll help with our housing crisis and help not only our primary employers, but you know, I’m I’m starting to have conversations about taking some of these techniques that led P is implementing, and looking at whether the city can use them in its own recruiting efforts. So I’m, I really approve of these activities, especially prosper Longmont.

Unknown Speaker 41:44
Thank you, Councilmember Martin. One other thing that I’ll mention is, I recently had the opportunity to participate in the Economic Development Council of Colorado annual conference. I and our partner at Cornerstone home lending were actually invited there to be part of really what was a half day conversation around

Unknown Speaker 42:06
workforce housing being economic development, because of some of the innovative partnerships that we’re pursuing, including the start to home program that we have with Cornerstone home lending. And it really was

Unknown Speaker 42:20
refreshing to have, again, that much conversation with an Economic Development Council of Colorado is policymakers, its economic development practitioners, it’s private sector, leaders of those types of organizations that are interested in economic development and benefit from economic development. And so that’s really what I we hope to facilitate here, in Longmont as well.

Unknown Speaker 42:47
All right, counselor Christiansen.

Unknown Speaker 42:53
Thank you, Jessica. Um, I, I really love the idea of indigo, will people, the average person looking for a job have access to this? For free? Yes, it will. Sorry. Councilmember Christensen, yes, it will absolutely 100% of the time, always be free to the job seeker. We’ve identified funding sources for the development of the platform. And we’re pursuing additional funding sources for the ongoing maintenance and management in hopes that it can be free for employers forever to if we were ever to have to generate revenue in support of the ongoing maintenance of the platform, it would be on the employer side and never on the job seeker side. When do you imagine that we’ll be up and running early next year? Oh, that’d be great. Yeah, that’s, that’s a wonderful program that’ll be enormously helpful to both employers and employees, and especially our kids graduating. And I think ramp is a great idea, too, because, as you know, smart manufacturing is

Unknown Speaker 43:56
something we’ve had a tough time with manufacturing period, you know, is it just a huge transition from?

Unknown Speaker 44:03
Well, anyway, and it’s something that front range has dealt a lot with, and they’re very good at that.

Unknown Speaker 44:10
My big concern is also prosper Longmont, I looked through and every one of these things are things that our staff is already doing. I don’t

Unknown Speaker 44:23
really like the idea of taking taxpayer money. And LLDP is funded mostly by taxpayer money and using it for things that we’re already doing. And in fact,

Unknown Speaker 44:38
the language being used here, attainable workforce housing, instead of affordable housing is

Unknown Speaker 44:48
attainable housing has no kind of definition, affordable housing has a legal definition, no more than 30% of your take home pay or no pre tax pay. And so to keep music

Unknown Speaker 45:00
That attainable housing, attainable housing, attainable housing tells me where it’s coming from. And I feel like it’s

Unknown Speaker 45:09
something set up to

Unknown Speaker 45:13
undermine the policies that we have spent so long trying to implement. In fact, LLDP and the long run association of realtors and

Unknown Speaker 45:23
Chamber of Commerce and repeatedly come to advocate against

Unknown Speaker 45:29
affordable housing and advocate for Metro

Unknown Speaker 45:32
residential Metro districts. So I feel like this is very, very strange thing to start doing right now. And furthermore, I’ve been on the placemaking.

Unknown Speaker 45:46
Advanced 2.0 for close to a year and

Unknown Speaker 45:52
nothing has happened with that. And I,

Unknown Speaker 45:56
I don’t really think this is a, you know, myself, I think this is

Unknown Speaker 46:01
not a good use of money or time. But that’s my opinion.

Unknown Speaker 46:08
Thank you. Councilmember Christensen, Mayor Bailey, if I may just respond to a couple of points there.

Unknown Speaker 46:15
First, long by EDP at no point ever opposed affordable housing or affordable housing policy. We showed up to encourage that any affordable housing policy also consider its impacts on

Unknown Speaker 46:32
attainable housing, the 80 to 120%. And my housing that we’ve identified, we have not ever and we all believe that affordable housing

Unknown Speaker 46:42
is a necessary piece, the affordable housing that you’re talking about, is a necessary piece of full spectrum housing, as we’ve identified as a community as part of our goal for our community, that that piece is absolutely critical. But we also believe that and we’ve been hearing from our employers since 2018, that the attainable housing the 80 to 120%, ami housing is critical and has only become more challenging since then. And so that’s why again, the whole conversation around right now, housing is economic development, because if not for the availability of housing that’s attainable to the employees of our primary employer base. The rest of what we do we cannot be successful with whether it be talent attraction, or then ultimately the attraction of new business investment as well as the retention retention of our existing Primary Industry base here. We absolutely recognize the work that staff is doing and does relative to data and information. And that has been an ongoing conversation between Longmont EDP, and staff. So that a back and forth conversation where we have information that may be of value, like the feedback from our primary employer base, that’s the kind of information that we’re bringing to the table. We’re in no way trying to replace or replicate the work that staff is doing.

Unknown Speaker 48:17
All right. Thank you very much. We could all keep talking about this. But thank you for the report. And we appreciate the work you do. Thank you. Alright, let’s go on to first call public invited to be heard there are three people on the list. Mr. Benson, I will not lie. I’m glad to see you’re here for my last meeting. So let’s put you bet let’s let’s put you last let’s go Dan bets up here from Loveland.

Unknown Speaker 48:45
Imagine you’re here representing somebody. I am. All right.

Unknown Speaker 48:51
I’m work for Congressman Ken Buck. I know most of you.

Unknown Speaker 48:57

Unknown Speaker 49:00
while back, Congressman buck, did this nice congressional record congratulating Longmont on its 100 and 50th anniversary. And we actually did this in July. And we’ve been trying to try to schedule the congressman to come and do some sort of event if it was 100 and 50th anniversary thing or come here or whatever. We just could not make the schedule work. So you’re stuck with me. And so if you if you don’t mind, I’ll just read this really quickly. Go ahead. I’m going to go ahead and is he don’t want to pose to be stopping the timer, given the district regression, probably 30 seconds anyway. Okay, go ahead.

Unknown Speaker 49:43
That’s, that’s why I like you, Dan.

Unknown Speaker 49:45
I knew there was a reason.

Unknown Speaker 49:48
Okay, so it says Madam Speaker, I rise today to commemorate the 100 and 50th anniversary of the founding of Longmont, Colorado, in 1870. A group of Chicagoans as to

Unknown Speaker 50:00
published a new settlement in northern Colorado calling themselves the Colorado Chicago colony. The new settlers sold membership in their adventurous enterprise using those funds to finance the construction of a town hall and the purchase of 60,000 acres of land for their new town by mid 1871. The settlers had decided on a name for their new town Longmont after the nearby Long’s peak. Since then, immigrants from around the world have flocked to Longmont Longmont has thrived amid rapid population growth. In the arrival and expansion of both its agricultural and technological industries. Today, more than 94,000 individuals call Longmont home. Not only is the city full of history, but it remains a popular place to live with many major stem employers, miles or recreation trails, a thriving dining and beverage scene and stunning views of Long’s peak. Longmont has been ranked by numerous publications is one of the top places to live in the in the United States. On behalf of the Fourth Congressional District of Colorado, I’m honored to celebrate this special occasion alongside the 10s of 1000s of my constituents who call Longmont home Ken Buck member of Congress.

Unknown Speaker 51:26
So can I

Unknown Speaker 51:28
do you mind if I Yeah, actually, can we just take a picture let’s take a picture if you don’t mind

Unknown Speaker 51:35
Yep, come on come on we’re gonna treat this like it’s a like part of the schedule

Unknown Speaker 51:42
one thing I wanted

Unknown Speaker 51:45
to do this before

Unknown Speaker 51:49
counsel was here because I have relationships with many of you

Unknown Speaker 52:00
just Dan you go ahead and stand in the middle right next to Suzy There you go perfect

Unknown Speaker 52:14
What do you want me to do

Unknown Speaker 52:25
okay 123

Unknown Speaker 52:36
Got it all right thank you Dan

Unknown Speaker 53:01
all right let’s go on to we doing okay it’s we doing right should we blaze through consent agenda All right

Unknown Speaker 53:08
I’m sorry you’re right you’re right you know sorry Strider I was looking forward did let’s don’t have yep no Nicole Franco

Unknown Speaker 53:19
okay got it got it. Alright Strider make it a good one buddy

Unknown Speaker 53:31
no pressure enough. Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 53:38
I wish I could Mayor better but he said on

Unknown Speaker 53:42

Unknown Speaker 53:46
Yeah. Strider Ben Stan 951 was 17th.

Unknown Speaker 53:52
And greetings, city council and mayor Bagley, I’m glad I got to be here to you might call it honor you on the completion of your tenure as mayor and council

Unknown Speaker 54:11
which might not say always collegial but is very good at spirit that and competent discourse. And I really appreciate that. That is why we have

Unknown Speaker 54:26
elections and democracy in this country, which is under various serious threat right now. Sorry, I happened to be redundant on this, but it’s getting more serious all the time.

Unknown Speaker 54:41
Theodore Roosevelt in about 1904 pointed out that the danger of monopolies is not only that they pose an economic threat to dominate the economies that but they pose a political threat

Unknown Speaker 54:59

Unknown Speaker 55:00
The possible abrogation of our republic.

Unknown Speaker 55:05
The current move on the part of the cult to gerrymandering and promoting violence and targeting, and suppression of the of the vote and registration and intimidation is pervasive in this country. And it’s come down to school boards where there is violence and threats of violence to people who speak about education and who are elected by the population.

Unknown Speaker 55:39
Pretty much all over the country, not everywhere, but in many pieces of the country. And the false attack on what they called Critical Race Theory, which really what they mean is history, let’s not allow history in this country. And the banding and later on the burning of books is part of that game.

Unknown Speaker 56:05
Monopolies of social media which promotes false and violent, violent, supposed to information, and the

Unknown Speaker 56:18
banks which dominate the economy, the

Unknown Speaker 56:23
in the last generation, about a third to a half of the wealth of the bottom half of the population has been stolen by the top 1% who have made laws such that they don’t pay any taxes. That’s how serious our country has become. A lot of people see the disruption in Congress and they want to have a dictatorship have a king or a queen or a dictator to tell us what to do or not do. And that is serious. And the person I first learned history from was Fannie Lou Hamer. I was 20 years old and the first adult to ever hurt speak truth with a capital T. Thank you much.

Unknown Speaker 57:16
My apologies for letting mr. Benson go over I promise I will never do it again.

Unknown Speaker 57:23
Alright, let’s go on to dawn. Could you please read us the consent agenda and introduction reading by the titles? On the first reading of the ordinances, please, and then we’ll see you tomorrow.

Unknown Speaker 57:33
Yeah, we’ll see you tomorrow.

Unknown Speaker 57:36
Mayor Item nine is ordinance 2021 Dash 65. A bill for an ordinance repealing and reenacting chapters 1604 1606 1612 1614 1616 1620 1622 1628 and 1640 of the Longmont Municipal Code, adopting by reference the 2019 edition of the International Building residential mechanical fuel gas plumbing, property maintenance, energy conservation swimming pool and spa and existing building codes. Public Hearing and second reading scheduled for November 30 2021. Nine B is ordinance 2021 Dash 66 bill for an ordinance repealing and reenacting chapter 16.32 of the Longmont Municipal Code, adopting by reference the 21 edition of the International Fire Code. Public Hearing and second reading scheduled for November 30 2021 90. Is ordinance 2021 Dash 67. A bill for an ordinance designating the Calkins Hall Hawkins house at 821 Collier Street as a local historic landmark public hearing and second reading scheduled for November 9 2021 90. Is ordinance 2021 Dash 68. A bill for an ordinance authorizing the city of Longmont to amend lease the lease for Brian Vance brand municipal here airport hangar parcel known as hangar parcel sh 60. Public Hearing and second reading scheduled for November 9 2021 2022. budget resolutions under e our resolution 2020 10105 A resolution amending the financial policies of the city along map for 2022 resolution 2021 Dash 106 a resolution of the Longmont City Council approving the city of Longmont 2022 classification and pay plan for city employees. Resolution 2021 107. Under nine F is a resolution of the long Mac City Council authorizing the transfer of a portion of the unencumbered appropriation balance of the employee benefit fund to the employee pension fund. Nine G is resolution 2021 Dash 108 a resolution of the Longmont City Council approving the intergovernmental agreement between the city of the state of Colorado and participating local governments for the allocation of national opioid settlement funds. Nine H resolution 2021 Dash 109 a resolution of the Longmont City Council approving the intergovernmental agreement between the city and the Longmont housing authority to operate and administer a locally funded voucher program. Now NIH is resolution 2021 Dash 110 a resolution of alignment City Council approving the intergovernmental agreement between the city and the Lamont housing authority to provide CDBG funding for a security improvement

Unknown Speaker 1:00:00
Magic at the suites apartments.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:02
90 is resolution 2021 Dash 111 a resolution of Longmont City Council approving the intergovernmental agreement between the city and St. Vrain Valley School District for a joint school resource officer program. 9k is resolution 2021 Dash 112 a resolution of the Longmont City Council approving the intergovernmental agreement between the city and the Department of the Navy for cooperation with civilian law enforcement enforcement officials for the lease of Night Vision binoculars. Nine hours resolution 2021 Dash 113 a resolution of the Longmont City Council approving the intergovernmental agreement between the city and the Denver Regional Council of Governments for the letter of intent to participate in the 2022 Denver regional aerial photography project. 9am is resolution 2021 Dash 114 a resolution of the Longmont City Council approving the intergovernmental agreement between the city in the state of Colorado for an American rescue plan Act grant to purchase self checkout machines and 910 is resolution 2021 Dash 115 a resolution of the Longmont City Council conditionally approving the LFM business improvement districts 2022 operating plan and draft budget

Unknown Speaker 1:01:05
All right before the chair entertain a motion for the consent agenda. Who would like to remove some items stucked waters you first thanks very vaguely. I would like to remove item a item E one and item E to

Unknown Speaker 1:01:21
tell us Mr. Christiansen you’re in the queue. Do you have anything else?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:25
Yes, yes just briefly for a question about and

Unknown Speaker 1:01:35
Alright, chair will entertain a motion for the passage of the consent agenda less nine a nine e one nine e two in nine and nine and

Unknown Speaker 1:01:48
I’ll second it was moved by councilmember Waters was seconded by myself

Unknown Speaker 1:01:54
to consent agenda no dialogue debate necessary All in All in favor say aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. All right, that the Consent Agenda passes unanimous, unanimously. Less A E one e two and N. Alright, let’s go on to ordinances on second reading and their public hearings. Let’s go with 10 A ordinance 2021 Dash 44 a bill for an ordinance amending title 14.3 to the Municipal Code and rates and regulations governing electric services. Any questions from Council? Don’t see any I don’t see anybody in the queue. Let’s go ahead and open this up for the public hearing. Anybody want to come up and address and yell at us for rate?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:35
All right, seeing none we’re gonna go ahead and close the public hearing. We have a motion please.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:39
Move ordinance 2021.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:43
All right. ordinance 2020 144. was moved by Dr. Waters seconded by councilmember Martin. See no further debate on favor say aye. Aye Opposed say nay. ordinance 2021 44 passes unanimously. Let’s go on to 10 B ordinance 2021 Dash 50 bill for an ordinance making additional appropriations for expenses and liabilities the city of one month the fiscal year beginning January 120 21. There’s no There’s no report. Dr. Waters.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:09
ordinance 2021 a month. Go ahead and your mic working.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:14
Oh, I’m sorry. Okay, so that was counselor pack. You’re in the queue. Sorry. Move ordinance. B zero 2021 Dash 50.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:24
All right, it’s been moved. But before we do, let’s go ahead and open it up to before we vote. Let’s go ahead and open up the public hearing anyone want to come address council regarding ordinance? 2021 Dash 50.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:34
We’ll go ahead and close public hearing. All right. All in favor of ordinance 2021 Dash 50 say aye. Aye. Opposed say nay? All right, ordinance 2021 Dash 50 passes unanimously. Let’s go on to our budget ordinances see one ordinance 2021 Dash 51 a bill for an ordinance fixing and living taxes upon the real and personal property within the city of Walmart for the year 2021 To pay budgeted city expenses for the fiscal for the 2022 fiscal year.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:59
Nobody’s in the queue on council. We’re going to go ahead and open it for public hearing anyone want to come address this ordinance?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:06
Alright, we’ll go ahead and close the public hearing seeing that no one wants to speak. All right. We have a motion councilmember Martin.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:14
I move adoption of

Unknown Speaker 1:04:18
ordinance 2021 Dash 5251 51. Excuse me. All right. It’s been moved by Councillor Martin, second by councilmember Duggal. fairing see nobody in the queue. Let’s go ahead and vote all in favor of ordinance 2021. That’s 51 say aye. Aye. Opposed say nay.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:35
All right, ordinance 2021 51. Passes unanimously. Let’s go on to ordinate I’m sorry. See, to ordinance 2021. That’s 52 bill for an ordinance fixing and levying taxes on the real and personal property within the Longmont Downtown Development District for the year 2021 To pay budgeted expenses of the Longmont Downtown Development Authority for the 2022 fiscal year. Any questions from Council? Seeing none, let’s go ahead and open it for public hearing. Would anyone like to come down and address ordinance 20

Unknown Speaker 1:05:00
21 Dash 52

Unknown Speaker 1:05:02
See, no one will close the public hearing.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:05
How do we have motion for ordinance 2021 Dash 52

Unknown Speaker 1:05:09
on the ordinance 2021

Unknown Speaker 1:05:12
All right. It’s been moved by Dr. Waters. It was seconded by councilmember Christiansen seeing no for the debate all in favor of ordinance 2021 Dash 52 say aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. All right ordinance 2020 152 passes unanimously. The patient there’s quite a few tonight guys. Sorry. C three ordinance 2021. That’s 53 bill for an ordinance adopting the budget for the city of Walmart for the year 2022. See nobody in the queue. We’ll go ahead and open it for public hearing. Anyone want to come down and address the budget?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:41
See, no one will go ahead and close public hearing. Can we have motion please?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:50
I’ll second that. Actually. What councilmember pack do that. Alright, ordinance 2021 Dash 53 was moved by councilmember Christiansen it was seconded by Councilman RePEc. Seeing no further questions, all in favor say aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. All right, motion ordinance 2021. That’s 53 passes unanimously. Alright, C four, which is ordinance 2021 54. Bill for an ordinance making appropriations for the expenses and liabilities the city of Longmont for the fiscal year beginning January 120 22. Let’s go ahead and we’ll see being accused. So let’s go ahead and open it for public hearing. Anyone want to come down and dressed ordinance 2021. desk 54.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:29
See, no one will go ahead and close the public hearing. Do we have a motion?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:34
All right. Councilmember Peck went ahead and moved ordinance 2021. desk 54 will take the civil taneous motion by councilmember Martin as well as councilmember Christiansen is seconds. Seeing no dialogue and debate. All in favor say aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. All right. ordens 2021 desperate for Passes unanimously, C D, which is ordinance 2021 Dash 55. A bill for an ordinance amending section 4.0 8.040 The Lamont municipal code on city rebate programs for income qualified residents.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:07
Do you want to say something Becky, this is the one we had to make the revision. Go ahead go over.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:14
Good evening, Mayor Bagley members of council Becky Doyle just wanted to call your attention to the revision in ordinance 55. Where we updated the table of numbers. So that the the rebate provided for stormwater charges through the long white cares program is actually higher than what was presented on first reading. Because that had the annual increase in the rate as opposed to the cumulative increase across the three years that are represented. So the new table of numbers is correct.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:47
All right. So did we do the public hearing on this? I don’t think we did. Right. So we’re gonna go ahead and open the public hearing for ordinance. 2020 155 Would anyone like to come down and address this in light of the new information? Or light of the old information? Alright, see, no one. We’ll go ahead and close the public hearing on ordinance 2021 55 Can we have motion please? ordinance 2021 Dash 55 It’s been moved by councilmember Lago fairing second by councilmember Christiansen All in favor say aye. Aye Opposed say nay. Orders 2021 55 is passed unanimously. C E ordinance 2021 Test 56 a bill for an ordinance amending section 14.2 4.04 of the Walmart Municipal Code stormwater system charges. See let’s go and open let’s go and open it for public hearing.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:34
We’ll close the public hearing customer Martin.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:41
I was moved by Councillor Martin second by councilmember Lago fairing All in favor say aye. Aye Opposed say nay. ordinance 2020 156 passes unanimously. All right. C F ordinance 2021 57. A bill for an ordinance authorizing the city of Longmont to lease the real property no advanced brand municipal airport hangar parcel H 18. C two arrow sphere Inc. We’ll go ahead and open for public hearing.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:06
See, no one will go ahead and close it close the public hearing. Can we have a motion please? Mayor Pro Tem I’m an ordinance. 2021 57 I’ll second that. All right. All in favor of ordinance 2021 57. say aye. Aye. Opposed say nay? All right, the motion passes ordinance 2021 Dash 57 is passed on second reading let’s go ahead to see G ordinance 2021 Dash 58. The bill for an ordinance authorizing the city of Lamarque to amend the lease for Vance pram municipal airport hangar parcel known as hangar parcel 871.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:37
It’s going to open it for public hearing anyone. See no one’s getting close to public hearing. We have a motion please.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:44
Move ordinance 2021 district.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:48
All right. ordinance 21 to 2021 58 was moved by councilmember dog erfaring. Seconded by councilmember Christiansen All in favor say aye Aye Opposed say nay or just 2021 District

Unknown Speaker 1:10:00
The eight passes unanimously. Let’s go on to see ah ordinance 2021 Dash 59 a bill for an ordinance authorizing the city Longmont to amend the lease for Vance brown municipal airport hangar parcel known as hangar parcel 874. Let’s go ahead and open it to public hearing.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:15
See no one. Let’s go ahead and close it. We have a motion place.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:21
I’ll second it.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:24
Because Mary Martin seconded it. I or customer Martin made the motion. I second it all in favor of ordinance. 2021 59. say aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. All right, Council. ordinance 2021. That’s 59 passes unanimously. ordinance 2021. Sick that 60 which is CI in today’s program, a bill for an ordinance approving an economic incentive agreement with M bio diagnostics, Inc. It’s going to open for public hearing. See none, let’s close it. I’ll move ordinance 20 21/62 by Mayor.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:57
Councilman pack. Yeah, right. My slip. You’re gonna use that, won’t you? All right. All in favor say aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. All right. ordinance 2021 60. Passes unanimously. ordinance 2021 61 CJ. A bill for an ordinance amending section 3.0 4.885 along with municipal code adopting an amendment to the city of Longmont, police employees pension plan and trust agreement. Let’s go and open up public hearing.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:27
See, no one was good and close it on fate or let’s say have motion please. I move ordinance 2021 61.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:35
Alright, moved by Mayor Pro Tem Rodriguez seconded by councilmember Lago fairing All in favor board is 2021 61 say aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. Alright, ordinance 2021 621. Passes unanimously. Is it made it doesn’t feel like an auction tonight.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:51
All right. Right. Item CK ordinance 2021 62. A bill for an ordinance amending section 3.0 4.885 The Longmont Municipal Code adopting amendment to the city Walmart fire employees pension plan and trust agreement. Let’s go ahead and open it for public hearing. Seeing no one let’s go ahead and close the public hearing. We have motion please move ordinance 2021 days. 62

Unknown Speaker 1:12:13
All right. Dr. Waters moved ordinance 2021 62. Councilmember Christiansen seconded it all in favor say aye. Aye. Opposed say nay or to 2021 62 passes unanimously.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:29
CL which is ordinance 2021 63. A bill for an ordinance amending section 3.0 4.885. The Loma is code adopting amendments to the city of Longmont old hire police pension plan and old hire fire pension plan. Gonna go ahead and open it for public hearing. See no one. Let’s go ahead and close it. I’ll move ordinance 2021 63 Seconded by councilmember Christiansen All in favor say aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. Orders 2021 63 passes unanimously. ordinance 2021 Dash 64 bill for an ordinance amending section 3.0 4.885. The law might miss Municipal Code adopting an amendment to the employee contribution requirement the city along with general employees retirement plan. It’s good an open public hearing. Seeing none let’s close it.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:16
Alright, ordinance 2021 64 was moved by councilmember Peck. Second, seconded by councilmember Duggal fairing All in favor say aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. ordinance 2021 64 passes unanimously. All right. Now we’re back to items items removed from the consent agenda. Only Takes 10 years to get it done quick. All right. Let’s go ahead two items removed from the consent agenda. It’s only a 10 we can squeeze this out all right.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:45
Let’s go back I think it’s going to order Dr. waters for you nine a Alright, let’s go ahead and deal with nine a time is yours. Thanks Mayor Bagley

Unknown Speaker 1:13:59
just so council members now I’m gonna vote for this.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:03
This ordinance but I would boss’s boss here.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:07
But could you just answer Chris confirm for me.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:13
When we when we met with you and in the captain to look at fire codes and building codes, all of which is good work. We’re doing I think what we need to do. I did ask the question in that conversation. Were there costs associated with code updates?

Unknown Speaker 1:14:32
Could you remind me of at least two of them one was

Unknown Speaker 1:14:37
the in the new code that we will approve on second reading the requirement that new construction new residential construction be configured for the ease of installation of solar panels, which is a good thing to do. The second is that every garage would be equipped with a charging station for electric vehicles also good thing to do, but not without costs.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:00
I think I remember what those numbers were, could you just refresh my memory what the cost is? Good evening, mayor and council members. Yeah, the the numbers, we did a quick survey, we did call some electrical contractors. And we wanted to get an idea of what it would cost to make a typical home. Evie ready. And when we say Ed ready, what we’re talking about is a circuit that runs from the electrical panel to an outlet, either in the garage, or wherever they choose to have the charging station, it can vary depending on the owners sometimes. But based on the research, I did, the cost for the AV ready outlet, and the cable and everything would come to about anywhere from 500 to about $1,000. And for the the ease of installation, ease of installation of the solar array would entail a conduit that runs from the electrical panel to the top of the roof, and then just kept off, ready to run power cables. If the owner chooses to do that. It’s simply the installation of conduit, which is not a major expense. So we estimated that to be anywhere from 50 to $100. Okay, those numbers are lower than what we talked about when we were together. So they were and we looked into it further. And we we were we were looking at markups that the bolt the builder might put in there. But again, you have to think that these are new homes. So there’s not going to be a lot of markup. Because if this if this amendment passes, it’s just going to be part of the house. And homeowners don’t have to request that. In other. Would you anticipate any other additional costs associated with changes in the code?

Unknown Speaker 1:16:58
I don’t mean to put you on the spot? No, not really. And as you may expect, every time we adopt a new code cycle, it is more stringent than the previous cycle. So there are some unknown costs that I’m sure will happen with the new code. Because when you make something stricter, for example, there’s more insulation in the attic. Well, that’s not free, you have to pay for that. So there’s always a

Unknown Speaker 1:17:24
built in costs to adopting these codes, especially for the builders who are buying these materials. Yep. So So as I said earlier, I’m gonna I’m gonna vote for this, because I think it’s the right thing to do with what you brought us as a recommendation. But But I do think it’s important, or under the under the principle of do no harm.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:43
That when we do this, we it’s it’s incumbent upon us, not the council so much, I think, as the staff to apply themselves to the to the question of now that the council has increased cost, what are we going to do to offset those costs in the interest of doing no harm, right in terms of housing. And so I’m going to beat the drum again, about, about streamline or accelerating our permitting process. So whether it’s in on the planning side, or Public Works and Natural Resources side,

Unknown Speaker 1:18:13
as we do this, for the right reason, that I’m gonna, I’m going to continue to press I hope we set a goal in 2022 that we can evaluate, without compromising the quality of decisions, the timeframe for getting a made for permitting the very resonances we’re talking about

Unknown Speaker 1:18:32
every single day, that it’s in that process longer than it needs to be adds cost right so that’s the that’s the only way we can offset as a council or as a staff it seems to me what we’ve done tonight so under do no harm. I want to make certain that we’re we’re paying real close attention to this. The other thing I would say under do no harm I didn’t want to weigh in earlier because I knew I had this on the agenda. I want to say thanks to the to the stand up residents of Longmont, as I look at that list of people, there’s no way we could afford to cover the time of John Creighton, and you know, and everyone else who’s on that list that they would lean into this issue of, of of housing and say please listen to us. I appreciate the fact that they have a message and I think we need to listen. And part of it is listening to both this recommendation and what we can do to offset those costs. Thanks, boss. Thank you. I move. Unless there’s a comment. I move approval of ordinance 2021 65. All right. Dr. Waters moved. ordinance 2021 65. On first reading and Councillor Martin seconded it. All in favor say aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. All right. Nine a ordinance 2020 under 65 passes on first reading

Unknown Speaker 1:19:54
was where you also he wanted to let’s go with E one. Thanks for your Bagley

Unknown Speaker 1:20:00
it for me, it’s instructive when we get the our financial policies just to have to have a chance to scroll through them. There’s so much on this agenda tonight. That is a reflection of the the application of the translation of policy to practice, right. What we did with electric rates tonight, a number of things. But what was most interesting to me to be reminded,

Unknown Speaker 1:20:23
as we as I went through the, through the financial policies was was most of the policies under the section on capital improvement projects?

Unknown Speaker 1:20:32
Because I was reminded, as we apply those policies turn translate policy to practice, how the degree to which the question is answered, that gets asked of us over and over again, to what degree does growth pay for itself? Right?

Unknown Speaker 1:20:47
Sandy, I’m looking at you because I think you’re probably the one to just reflect a bit on what those policies translate into in terms of revenues, and without pinning you down. But the kinds of revenues that allow us to do things in the community keep rates down, build parks, not where there’s new development, but other parts of the community where the where the residents benefit is, can you just reflect a bit on what’s in those policies. So whoever’s listening has an idea.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:19
Councilmember waters Mayor Bagley, Sandy cedar assistant city manager, if you take a look at your financial policies, I think what you’re talking about is is the second to last page in your financial policies, we’re really talking about all of the different improvement funds that go along with the financial policies. And of course, this really does cover a wide gamut of things. But if you take a look at the very last piece, what you’ll find is that from Parks to electric community investment fees, recreation, transportation, water system, and sewer construction,

Unknown Speaker 1:21:47
I missed one.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:50
missing one other one, it’s just important to note that as you’re like looking at each of those impact fees, and those investment fee funds, that those are really funded by development, in order to provide these each of these services throughout the community, what you say about development paying for itself, these are the financial policies. And I understand those add cost to housing. So to do so, reinforces one more time the importance of getting our time our permitting processes, lien is it can possibly be, but I do think it’s fun looking at those, it to be reminded. And these are the specific examples when the questions asked,

Unknown Speaker 1:22:29
does it the answer is yes. And this is how last time I think Sandy or Joanie provided for me, kind of a 10 year summary a couple of maybe a month or so ago, two months ago, of what we’ve collected a new park development fees over the last 10 years. $23 million plus, as I recall, was the number that will be used Fox Meadows I think is the next park in the queue, right? For design and and public input and public engagement. And I’m guessing that some of that $23 million will be used to develop a park like that or others in the community. So

Unknown Speaker 1:23:01
I appreciate that. And I will be happy to move. Approval of resolution 2021 Dash 105 I’ll second. All right, let’s move by Dr. Water saying we councilmember Martin. All in favor of E one resolution 2021 Dash 105. That’s the only we don’t vote on this again. It’s resolutions this is it all in favor say aye. Aye. Opposed say nay? Resolution 2021 Dash 105 passes unanimously. Dr. Waters want to eat to resolution 2021? desk 106? Yes, I’m gonna I’m going to vote for this resolution. I appreciate all the work that HR and others have done on the pay plan. I’m just curious

Unknown Speaker 1:23:41
if other council members would be interested, Marsha or Councillor Martin, you mentioned earlier in this meeting,

Unknown Speaker 1:23:49
what Cornerstone is doing with LDP partners to assist I knew that in the talent recruitment effort to assist new new employees with getting the best possible rates on on mortgage lending to accelerate that timeframe. Right.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:05
As as an example of what’s happening in the private sector. And I’m just curious, are there are other council members would you be interested in in seeing from HR before we act on a 2023 Pay Plan, the range of ideas and possibilities that would would given given the hunt in the competition for talent today.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:28
No matter what the job no matter what the enterprise? It seems to me, we’re going to have to get as innovative as we can possibly be with how we structure both salary in other compensation options. Right. And I don’t know maybe there’s nothing we can do. But I’d sure love to see if there’s a best practice anywhere in the country, where a municipality has packaged with an offer for employment, housing options that would help those who want to live in the city who worked for the city. Have the means for to the degree that we can

Unknown Speaker 1:25:00
Given what we, what we want to do with housing development, be able to actually afford to live in the city. Right? And I’m not I have no, I’m not an expert on this, I have no idea what the packages would look like. But I’d sure love to have a chance to be in a conversation or receive recommendations. Try not It’s not for us. It’s, maybe there’s a policy question in there.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:21
But it’s really the work that Joanne and others in the city manager would do between now and then to look at ways that we put ourselves in a position to compete with the private sector and other municipalities for what we know as a talent pool that everybody’s competing for, I think it’s gonna, it’s going to drive our costs. And I know we’ve got turnover issues. So the expense associated with turnover is staggering. In addition to the lost institutional knowledge, and the development of skill sets, especially when you think about whether it’s on the electric side, anywhere in our utilities are water services, right to make certain you have the right kind of expertise applied, when there are problems. And so I just think we need to be positioned first best in class in in competing for talent. And I think we’re going to have to get creative in the ways we do it. So if others would be interested in that there’s I’m not making a motion, I just wouldn’t want to waste anybody’s time. I see. Councilmember Hidalgo fairing is interested to hear I’m

Unknown Speaker 1:26:19
sorry, Mayor Council, it’s interesting, you brought that point up, because we’ve been working on that and what we call workforce of the future.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:28
And we have a group comprised of different individuals from throughout the organization that are working to start to put together things like that, obviously, this is a much broader perspective. And so just so you know, we’ve been heading in that direction to great. It’s also not known, I’m going to give you a heads up on this, it’s also, in addition to that, it’s also other things that we need to take into account, workplace flexibility work from home, you know, so, you know, and if you read a lot of the current findings, it’s both salary benefits and those things. And it’s also this other, what I would say culture components on this, and we’re gonna, we’ve been trying to pull something together. And so definitely, I think that’s been on our mind. And I think we need to do it, because I had my first meeting where I’m meeting with supervisors this morning, and really talk about that issue. We are in unprecedented times. And if we’re not there, and we’re not there quickly,

Unknown Speaker 1:27:36
we’re going to be behind the eight ball on this one, he just this is a this is a competition, we cannot lose, correct. And we the residents of Longmont, and we’re gonna we’re going to deal with your salary and in Eugene salary later tonight. And

Unknown Speaker 1:27:51
we’ll get to it, when we get to it, we’ll get to it. But whether it’s you or everybody else in the organization, it is it is not in our interest to try to,

Unknown Speaker 1:28:03
to on the cheap,

Unknown Speaker 1:28:05
build or maintain a staff, it’s just not going to happen. We’re not going to have the talent we need to serve this community the way they expect to be served. So with that, I’m going to move approval of resolution 2021 Dash 106

Unknown Speaker 1:28:20
All right, Councillor Christiansen?

Unknown Speaker 1:28:25
I think Councilman waters brings up an interesting idea of offering housing it is being done. I mean,

Unknown Speaker 1:28:32
traditionally, teachers were given almost no pay, and they were housed somewhere it was part of their pay. But um, so it’s an old idea of giving people

Unknown Speaker 1:28:47
certainly ministers have always been housed by their congregations too. So it’s an old idea. And it’s not a bad idea. I know. The gates company in Denver provided housing, lots of companies used to provide. That’s why it was called a company town. And, you know, you lived in the housing of the company too. But I know that municipalities around the state also offer housing, particularly in the mountain towns where the housing is very expensive. And there are a lot of

Unknown Speaker 1:29:20
low income workers who cannot possibly afford to live there without subsidized housing. So it’s not it’s not a bad idea.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:31
It’s something we’re thinking about, but as as city manager Dominguez said we have we have an unprecedented time of job upheaval, and there are many, many things that people really like and want. Housing is certainly the most pressing of them, but

Unknown Speaker 1:29:52
there are other things that they want and I but I do think it’s a good idea worth thinking about.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:01
All right, great. So there’s a motion. There’s a motion currently on the table for resolution 2021 Dash 106. Again, it’s the only vote we’ll take on this issue. All in favor say aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. All right.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:14
Resolution 2021 Dash 106 passes unanimously. Councilmember Christiansen, I believe you are si n. Correct. Let’s go ahead and you’ve got the floor. Just one little question. I don’t see anywhere in here because it’s

Unknown Speaker 1:30:31
it’s the operating plan and draft budget. So it’s sort of early on here, but there is no intention to have residential housing in this is there.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:43
In term in within the B, the BI D boundaries, there is not any residential development. That’s all I wanted to confirm. Thank you. Thanks, Tony.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:58
All right. Mayor Pro Tem Rodriguez resolution 2021.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:04
Okay, it’s been a resolution 2021 Dash 115 has been moved by Councilman or Mayor Pro Tem Rodriguez. I’m sorry. And seconded by Councillor Martin. All in favor say aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. Resolution 2021 Dash 1/5. Resolution 2021 Dash 115 passes unanimously. Eugene, I think we got them. All right.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:27
All right. Okay. All right.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:31
I know, I know. But still, but at this point, we can we can call it good. All right, let’s move on. It’s 831. Take a break before we do general business.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:39
Let’s go ahead. Let’s go to one of us. At least me too. I want to like take a break. And then we come back and I imagine final call, or I imagine we’ll have some comments from counsel and whatnot. So let’s go and take a five minute break.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:37
Alright, let’s go ahead and come back together. Move on to Item C 12. Which the general business so can we can we have a motion to recess the Walmart city council and convene as the Board of Directors the law my general improvement district number one place.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:53
Alright. It’s been moved by It’s been moved by councilmember Martin. Seconded by Mayor Pro Tem Rodriguez. All in favor say aye. Aye. All right, motion carries. We are now convened as the Board of Directors the Lomo general improvement district number one, it’s going to 12 A on our agenda. Number one specifically a resolution for LG ID or sorry resolution LG ID Dash 2021 Dash oh three. It is a resolution fixing and levying taxes on the real and personal property within the Longmont general improvement district number one for the year 2021 To pay budgeted expenses, the district for the 2022 fiscal year.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:32
We have a motion please.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:35
I move resolution LGI D 20 2103. All second. All right. That’s okay. It was a resolution LGI D 2021. dash O three was moved by Mayor Pro Tem Rodriguez seconded by councilmember Iago fairing.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:49
See nobody in the queue. All in favor say aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. Alright, resolution LGI D 2021. dash O three passes unanimously. Mayor Pro Tem you wanna do the second one too? Sure. I move resolution LG ID 20 2104.

Unknown Speaker 1:43:06
Resolution LG ID 2021 Dash. Oh four was moved by Mayor. Mayor Pro Tem Rodriguez. It was seconded by councilmember pack on favorite upside.

Unknown Speaker 1:43:16
Dark Waters. Yeah, I assume I’m not the only one who has no enclosures for this item. I should have called and asked that question. earlier.

Unknown Speaker 1:43:28
Oh, and you’re okay. Yeah, I gotta go. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:43:31
All right. There was a motion all in favor of resolution LG ID 2021. Dash show for say aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. All right, the Motion carries unanimously. Let’s move on to item 12. Be resolution ldra. I’m sorry. I say again, I’m sorry. Can I someone wants to make a motion to move adjournment of the

Unknown Speaker 1:43:53
No, the general

Unknown Speaker 1:43:59

Unknown Speaker 1:44:02
The chair will take that as a an eloquently stated motion to adjourn as the board of directors in the long general improvement district number one and convene is the Board of Commissioners alarm on urban renewal authority. The motion was made by Dr. Waters was seconded by councilmember Lago fairing with a laugh. All in favor say aye. Aye Opposed say nay. Motion carries. We are now convened as Aloma urban renewal authority. So let’s go on to 12 B resolution L ura. 2021 dash O one a resolution of the Board of Commissioners the llama urban renewal authority adopting the annual budget for the authority for the fiscal year 2022. Resolution l ura. 20 2101. I’ll second it. All in favor say aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. All right, resolution. Laura 2021 passes unanimously.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:48
All right. Let’s go ahead. We have a motion to adjourn as the Board of Commissioners law, my urban renewal authority and reconvene Islamize City Council Dr. Waters, you’d like to try that again. I move we adjourn as the commission

Unknown Speaker 1:45:01
Laura reconvene is one month City Council. All right. Okay. Okay. It was moved by Dr. Waters say my Councilman waters All in favor say aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. Motion carries unanimously, we are once again along with City Council look magic. All right, let’s go ahead to 12. See, we is the review. We are to review the compensation for employees appointed by the city council, specifically the city manager in the city attorney by way of information for council. I see Dr. waters here in the queue. But just so you know. So just by way of information reminder, last week, we met an executive session with both our city attorney and city manager. And we discussed we had their performance evaluation, the performance review, and also discussed discussed as a council

Unknown Speaker 1:45:52
what we thought would or would not be appropriate as far as their

Unknown Speaker 1:45:57
continued tenure, compensation, attitudes, overall feedback. And so we did not take a vote, we did not make any decisions. And that is to be done tonight. And so I also took what some of us had said, and talk with Harold and Eugene, about different ideas. And we can talk about that as well. So I’m going to go ahead and see her in the queue. Dr. Waters, do you want to go ahead and take the floor. So we’re going to deal with maybe the city attorney first. So let me just offer this kind of narrative before I get into motion.

Unknown Speaker 1:46:36
Going back to the conversation we had earlier about Talent Recruitment in retention,

Unknown Speaker 1:46:42
what is true for our technical staff, what is true for everybody in a high profile, critical job is true for both the city manager in the city attorney. And in of the employees that we supervise.

Unknown Speaker 1:47:00
There are three, the two that we have here tonight, maybe the only two, I don’t know, maybe the only two who are not

Unknown Speaker 1:47:08
compensated at a level that’s consistent with the city’s philosophy of being at Market Plus a percent or two.

Unknown Speaker 1:47:17
So as we looked at the data, it’s clear that that Eugene, I’m gonna make a motion on the city attorney’s compensation. He’s currently compensated 6.7% below what the market is, for comparable municipalities in the Front Range to get him at market would mean just to his salary at least that much and then a bit more if we’re going to put them just above 50 the App Market 50% at market so I’m gonna move that we adjust Eugene Mays annual salary to be at market, which is consistent with the city of Longmont philosophy, and approach to compensation Eugene salary is currently 6.7% below market rate for comparable municipalities. Compensating Eugene market requires increasing his annual salary $15,680. So I move we adjust Eugene salary, this amount in the annual for an annual total of $217,736. And I will have a second motion once we approve this.

Unknown Speaker 1:48:19
But it’s been moved by Dr. Waters. seconded by Councillor Martin. I believe that figure was it was Market Plus 1%. You said at market but just emotion that Market Plus One purse. Okay. All right. Okay. Just Just making sure. So that is the motion on?

Unknown Speaker 1:48:37
All in favor say aye. Aye. Aye. Opposed say nay.

Unknown Speaker 1:48:41
All right, the Motion carries unanimously. Congratulations. You mean you do a fantastic job as our city attorney? I have a second motion? Yeah, well, I’ll get right to you. Okay. The but the other thing is that oftentimes, I’ll see what I’m gonna say after you, you’re done. Go ahead, Dr. Water. So here’s the here’s the second part of the motion.

Unknown Speaker 1:49:00
As we talked earlier, as I commented earlier, and I haven’t seen all the data on turnover.

Unknown Speaker 1:49:07
We need to be as creative. In this case, what I’m going to suggest isn’t very creative, I don’t think but as aggressive as as we as any other municipality would be to keep the talent on the job that we have on the job. I know, Eugene’s been understaffed for the last couple of years that the pandemic took its toll

Unknown Speaker 1:49:29
to do to accomplish what they what he and his staff have accomplished over the last couple of years.

Unknown Speaker 1:49:34
short staffed is pretty remarkable. And the worst thing that could happen would be for us to lose either the city manager or the city attorney. So I’m going to further move that we authorize consistent with the city’s plan on exceptional pay. Exceptional pay for Eugene is a one time payment in the amount of $30,000. With this payment being made, it could be made by the end of 22 or 21, early and 22

Unknown Speaker 1:50:00
I would leave that up to Eugene in terms of what his advice would be from his tax accountant.

Unknown Speaker 1:50:06
And that this would be exceptional pay as a retention bonus, meaning that for that, for Eugene received that payment, he would be

Unknown Speaker 1:50:18
the assumption is he would stay with the city for the next two years, that if he left the city’s employment by his choice between now the end of 2023, that money would be reimbursed to the city. So the exceptional pay in this case, is that right as a retention bonus, we’ll deal with whatever the whatever other annual adjustments would have to be made. As as time goes by. That’s the motion.

Unknown Speaker 1:50:42
It’s been moved by Dr. Waters and seconded by Councilman Martin. And I’m just nobody’s gonna keep I’m just gonna chime in just real quick. The reason why that was a little different, was afterwards. I’m a big believer that this is a negotiation mean, meaning that it’s appropriate when you are an executive. And you are.

Unknown Speaker 1:51:01
You just don’t go to somebody and go, Oh, by the way, this is what we pay you. And this is what you’ll do, like take take it or leave it. I did mention after Executive Session, as is the mayor’s prerogative to talk to either a the press and be whatever the topic is. And I mentioned to them the idea of a retention bonus. And it was actually Harold Dominguez who said, You know what, that’s not a problem. But it would be more useful to get the money and pay it back if we left, then wait to get the money in two years. And so I had mentioned that to Dr. Waters. And, and that is why he adjusted I think a little bit of what what we talked about, right? So I was like, by the way that from the city manager, like a man with one kid in college and went about to go yes, yes, indeed. So all right, all in favor of the motion to provide Eugene May with a retention bonus of $30,000 to be paid

Unknown Speaker 1:51:53
whenever but to be returned in the event he quits or leaves prior to the

Unknown Speaker 1:51:58
December 3120 23. say aye. Aye. Opposed say nay.

Unknown Speaker 1:52:04
All right, Motion carries unanimously. Eugene, on behalf of City Council. It’s been a rough, rough, rough couple of years. You’re doing phenomenal. Keep it up. No, your love. No, you’re appreciated, you’re respected. And

Unknown Speaker 1:52:19
we really appreciate all you do for the city. So well deserved. And for and I know people will get upset there will be times call. There’s TC line comments letters to the editor. At the end of the day, I’m very aware that Eugene may receives a lot more than the average income in Longmont in Boulder County. But he’s an attorney. He’s a great attorney. And it’s it’s we’re not even paying him the most

Unknown Speaker 1:52:47
of all the the like cities of similar size in our region. We’re just paying him the average. And and the reality is you’re you’re far beyond average. And so it’s only 1% More than average. But don’t let it go to your head. But we do appreciate you. So thank you, Eugene. Alright, let’s go on to the city manager.

Unknown Speaker 1:53:14
Anyone want to anybody want to customer Christiansen?

Unknown Speaker 1:53:20
Yeah, since this is my last meeting.

Unknown Speaker 1:53:25
I would like to say a few things. So

Unknown Speaker 1:53:31
no, no, what I mean is we’re talking about city manager, we sought to do his compensation. Is that what? You can address that at your last meeting? You can go ahead and do it. No.

Unknown Speaker 1:53:42
Nobody’s in the queue. So I’m going to go ahead and do it. Anybody else want to do it? Okay. No, no.

Unknown Speaker 1:53:51
Oh, no. That’s why Why don’t you go ahead and make the motion.

Unknown Speaker 1:53:57
Your call me do okay. All right. So, okay, I’m sorry. You were good? No, no, it’s all good. So we’re getting a motion to adjourn the night tonight’s meeting.

Unknown Speaker 1:54:07
We’re sorry, Harold, you’re gonna have to stay.

Unknown Speaker 1:54:11
Now I’m gonna go ahead. And so we actually discussed very the same thing. So the motion is I move that we

Unknown Speaker 1:54:22
put Harold in 101% of market. I don’t have the exact dollar figure there but HR can figure that out for us. And, and as well as a retention bonus of $40,000 under the same terms of the city attorney, specifically taking that money whenever you want. With the understanding you pay it back if you leave prior to December 31 2023.

Unknown Speaker 1:54:47
That’s the motion. Councilmember Peck seconds it. Let’s go ahead and Councilmember dog fairing.

Unknown Speaker 1:54:56
Thank you and thank you for doing that so eloquently. I didn’t want to

Unknown Speaker 1:55:00
mess this up. So, you know, as I was looking at the comparable salary data for both the city manager and city attorney

Unknown Speaker 1:55:09
looking how

Unknown Speaker 1:55:12
there is a there’s a stark difference, especially in comparison with the city attorney’s number of years in our city 12 years, that was the highest of the other comparable cities. So that is huge to have that longevity, that

Unknown Speaker 1:55:30
the amount of years of institutional knowledge that we that we need, especially as we’re looking at so many folks coming up to retire.

Unknown Speaker 1:55:40
The other part for the city manager looking at numbers in the within the population. So we’re at about 90 96,000, and looking at other city manager salaries that are close to that range.

Unknown Speaker 1:55:56
How much lower our city manager gets paid? We really, you know, we need to be, you know, if we’re looking at, you know, having

Unknown Speaker 1:56:06
competitive salaries for our staff, you know, we really, we need to show that and we need to honor that. So I

Unknown Speaker 1:56:13
that was that was one of the key ideas, you know, I’m a negotiator for our st. green valleys. School District for the master agreement. And as I’m looking at the, the schedule, I’m thinking, you know, we do have to,

Unknown Speaker 1:56:29
to make sure that what we ask our city manager to do and the for a population of the size, that they’re getting paid for what you know, for what other communities in our area are in or near us are getting, are getting paid. So keep that that rate competitive. So, so thank you, and I appreciate your your hard work.

Unknown Speaker 1:56:54
tells her Martin

Unknown Speaker 1:56:56
Thank you, Mayor Bagley. In addition to that good analysis by councilmember E double fairing I would like to also add that if you look at the experiences and outcomes that this city has enjoyed over the past, oh, you know, at least seven years since since 2013. And look at the things that happen in other cities. That Longmont has made out like a bandit. And everybody who

Unknown Speaker 1:57:32
blames the Council for things that they don’t like is absolutely right to do that, because that’s what we are there for. But the city manager and the city attorney are responsible for all the successes that Longmont has enjoyed. This is the hardest management problem I have ever encountered in a 40 year career. And

Unknown Speaker 1:57:57
you know,

Unknown Speaker 1:57:59
we’re getting a whole lot more than just average plus here. So I want the public to understand that, that we live in a city that is a great city because of what these men have done.

Unknown Speaker 1:58:15

Unknown Speaker 1:58:19
counts. Councilmember Peck.

Unknown Speaker 1:58:21
Thank you Mayor Bagley and for the comments you made about your we’re going to hear about this in the TC line and letters to the editor. I would just like the public to know that we did not give a review last year to either the city attorney or city manager. So this is a two year review. But just letting you know what we what they went through both legally and managing the city was COVID was the Longmont Housing Authority. Taking that over and managing it and totally read, refinance, redoing the finances.

Unknown Speaker 1:58:58
Managing the airport now the legality that goes into that once we lost our our airport manager, and also dealing with the public safety chief, as far as that interim public safety chief and the legalities that went into that, as far as the union issues. So they have definitely earned this money. And I don’t think we would be coming out of the last two years without these two gentlemen. So

Unknown Speaker 1:59:29
thank you very much. And we expect you to earn that 30 and $40,000.

Unknown Speaker 1:59:36
Thank you. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:59:40
You may clap.

Unknown Speaker 1:59:45
Excuse me, the audience. I mean, we can clap. But expressing displays of approval or disapproval is wholly inappropriate. I don’t know who you are, but I would appreciate it if you would please calm down.

Unknown Speaker 2:00:00
That’s, that’s my wife, by the way I got married two weeks ago. And I’ll introduce you at the end, you may clap.

Unknown Speaker 2:00:08
Alright, so Councillor Christiansen?

Unknown Speaker 2:00:11
Well, just to add to the love fest here, but I agree with what all my fellow council members have sent. We’re really very, very grateful to both of you, Eugene works very

Unknown Speaker 2:00:25
hard and doesn’t.

Unknown Speaker 2:00:27
He’s very modest about what he accomplishes, I was glad that he gave us the list of all the things he’d accomplished because it was really quite incredible. He just simply does things and we don’t have to hear about them or deal with them. But they get taken care of, and he keeps the city safe. And he keeps us

Unknown Speaker 2:00:47
from making errors that will get us into trouble. And Harold has done an incredible job with all of the

Unknown Speaker 2:00:57
all of this stuff from

Unknown Speaker 2:01:00
from for the last.

Unknown Speaker 2:01:03
Let’s see, it’s been more than it’s been about 10 years. Right. Nine years. Yeah. You came in just before the flood.

Unknown Speaker 2:01:14
So you’ve had many, many things to do. And I agree with Councilman In fact, I don’t know that we would have gotten through this very well, particularly. All the things that cropped up this year, aside from COVID. Having to do with the airport, and the police have their safety Chief of Safety.

Unknown Speaker 2:01:33
Finding a new Chief of Safety and anyway, so I just want to say thank you very much. And

Unknown Speaker 2:01:41
I am personally very grateful for all the help both of you have given me an advice. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 2:01:49
All right.

Unknown Speaker 2:01:51
Neither one of you’re quitting tonight. Right.

Unknown Speaker 2:01:54
All right, good. I don’t care.

Unknown Speaker 2:01:58
What also before Nov. Eight, right. Okay, we’re good. We’re good. I think you need to vote on mine.

Unknown Speaker 2:02:05

Unknown Speaker 2:02:09
I think that you know what, you know, making me look bad. It’s not good. Not good. Not good. All right. All in favor of giving chucklehead number one is raised No, all in favor of

Unknown Speaker 2:02:20
raising Harold Dominguez salary to 101% of market, as well as a $40,000 retention bonus to be earned only in the event that he stays through the end of the year. 2023. say aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. All right. I’m glad to say that that is also unanimous. Well done, both of you manner, I consider you friends, and I consider you to be the best in your industry. And so you should be paid as such. And I wish we had more money to give you but you know, pitchforks and torches, they still exist. So you’ll take the money, hopefully and stick around and be happy. Alright, let’s go ahead and move on to final call public invited to be heard. Mayor before you do that, yeah, to comments. So to implement the motions you just made, I would imagine my office would draft changes to the employment contracts, especially the retention bonus piece of it.

Unknown Speaker 2:03:15
I’ll have one of my staff attorneys do that for the city manager and then I’ll just copy that over to the city attorney’s.

Unknown Speaker 2:03:23
And then I also did have a request for an amendment my employment contract the city contributes to deferred compensation. I’d like to be able to have the option of choosing whether that goes to base salary or deferred compensation. This is a change that the city manager made in 2016 to his employment contract. On a personal note, my son just started college. I’ve got another daughter in 10th grade. And I think I’m going to need that financial flexibility coming up. And the red line was in your contract if you would consider that amendment.

Unknown Speaker 2:03:59
John, you want to do that? All right. Let me get you on the mic here. Go ahead. The way Larry Go ahead. I move that we allow Eugene to amend the contract or we amend Eugene’s employment contract to give him the flexibility for his

Unknown Speaker 2:04:17
deferred compensation

Unknown Speaker 2:04:20
All right, all in favor say aye. Aye Opposed say nay. All right, that passes unanimously I’m sorry we are sorry we do we need to do we need to give direction in terms of redrafting contracts? I don’t think so. Let’s do that. We’ll just do it

Unknown Speaker 2:04:36
alright, let’s go on to fine now we’ll go on to final that okay with you Harold.

Unknown Speaker 2:04:41
You know that that all right. No, we’re good. All right, just checking. Now let’s go on a final call public invited to be heard.

Unknown Speaker 2:04:49
Certain more Mortensen? One can say anything? No, anybody? Okay. All right. We’re gonna go ahead and close final call. Let’s go on to Mayor and council comments.

Unknown Speaker 2:05:00
councilmember Christiansen

Unknown Speaker 2:05:03
okay. This is the last time you’ll have to hear from me so be patient.

Unknown Speaker 2:05:09
This is my last count city council meeting as a council member, it has been my very deep honor to serve the 97,000 Plus residents of Longmont for the last eight years.

Unknown Speaker 2:05:20
I’ve intensively learned so much and met so many wonderful and dedicated people I’ve seen the best of long run. I’ve also seen the worst, but that’s life. The people of Longmont deserve to know what I’ve done for the last eight years. So here goes.

Unknown Speaker 2:05:36
I brought back and greatly expanded the sustainability plan which would have been forbidden via previous council and I resuscitated the sustainability advisory board, I initiated city services of composting. In 2015. I suggested the city participate in the mirror the First Lady’s Mayor’s Challenge to end homelessness. A previous mayor said he was too busy in 2017, along with Councilman Finley,

Unknown Speaker 2:06:05
we introduced the veterans community project from Kansas City we had seen a demo at the National League of Cities which we were attending at the conference.

Unknown Speaker 2:06:14
In 2015, two weeks after the election in response to numerous incidents of hate graffiti, hate speech and discrimination based denial of service, I created resolution 123 affirming long months commitment to stand together and reject hate.

Unknown Speaker 2:06:31
That was followed up by discussion

Unknown Speaker 2:06:36
for several weeks, about where Longmont how Longmont police department and social services

Unknown Speaker 2:06:47
treated and

Unknown Speaker 2:06:51
treated undocumented citizens are undocumented residents, including Docker residents and clarified what the police did and did not do and what social services did and did not do for undocumented residents including the DACA people.

Unknown Speaker 2:07:10
I stood up against a gun lobbyists seeking to hijack constitution and Citizenship Day and turning it into Gun Safety Day. I took personal offence at this because my father worked very hard for citizenship. And he took it very seriously. He was very proud of being a citizen and very proud of the Constitution. And he liked his guns but he was not in love with him.

Unknown Speaker 2:07:36
I created a new revenue stream of six over $600,000 by initiating legalized registered taxed marijuana and shops in Longmont. I initiated and fought for years for the affordable housing ordinance despite great opposition delays that we have it.

Unknown Speaker 2:07:57
One week after the death of Elijah McCain in Aurora I called for a report on long lat least use of ketamine

Unknown Speaker 2:08:05
and I initiated and restored the city’s very sensible ban on residential Metro districts.

Unknown Speaker 2:08:12
So I came in and flood and I’m leaving in a pandemic. But that’s just life, we have to do that we do the best we can to plan for and imagine the future. And then when emergencies come up, we just handle it. The people of Longmont will always be smart enough

Unknown Speaker 2:08:31
and tough enough and generous enough to handle anything.

Unknown Speaker 2:08:36

Unknown Speaker 2:08:39
All right, anybody else? I guess I’m just gonna follow up. And I just want to say I’m excited. After 10 years.

Unknown Speaker 2:08:48

Unknown Speaker 2:08:51
I remember when, back in when I graduated law school and business school, I didn’t have internet.

Unknown Speaker 2:08:58
And so literally, I remember the last, like my final year of grad school when internet was actually available. There were like, three websites, you know. And that was that was that was a little over 20 years ago and half that time I’ve served in public office on the city council. That’s just that’s long enough for anybody. And

Unknown Speaker 2:09:22
I guess the only thing is, I want to say thank you to city staff, and this council and previous councils as well as my my family. And

Unknown Speaker 2:09:33
and just it was it was an interesting experience and one that I will cherish and remember and wish the best to whoever winds up filling this seat and whoever winds up serving on the city council not only in this next term, but also moving forward. And someday I’ll be dead and my picture will be up on that wall and no one will have a frickin clue who I was or what I did. And but but the

Unknown Speaker 2:10:00
wheel keeps turning so love Longmont. May she just just keep rocking along love this town. So anybody else?

Unknown Speaker 2:10:11
All right, I guess finally, I guess what I do want to say joked earlier. But before we do that isn’t the new Mrs. Bagley up there that’s loose Maria, you won’t have a chance to get to know her because I’m done. People keep asking me, What are you going to do now? Well, I’ve got a family. I’ve got children. And I plan on focusing on family and in my my career. And so

Unknown Speaker 2:10:34
that that’s it. So I figured she should come tonight and at least see her what her husband did for 10 years. And she did make the comment that she’s glad that this is the only one she had to go to. So me too. So all right, that said city manager, would you like to say anything? Maybe stand up? Thank us. Applause. Council? Yeah, I cannot do you want to turn on your mic? Yeah, Mayor Council, I did want to thank Council for your support and confidence.

Unknown Speaker 2:11:04
As in the review, and in your actions, I really appreciate it.

Unknown Speaker 2:11:09
It has been a pleasure working with each and every one of you.

Unknown Speaker 2:11:13
It’s interesting, we were talking the last, I don’t know if it’s two years, almost two years, with everything that we’ve had to go through. This has probably been one of the most challenging times I think we’ve had as an organization and a community as individuals. And so I want to thank you for that. I also wanted to thank all the members of our organization.

Unknown Speaker 2:11:38
I’m only as successful as they are, and in what they do on a daily basis. And I think it’s appropriate for me to say that to each and every one of them.

Unknown Speaker 2:11:47
You know, they accept the challenges, and they, they’re willing to tackle the hard stuff with us. And so to them, I wanted to say I appreciate each and every one of them. Because of this, and and I look forward to continue serving this great community.

Unknown Speaker 2:12:02
best decision I’ve ever made moving here

Unknown Speaker 2:12:05
for me and my family. And I’m just happy that I can continue doing that. So thank you. Thank each and every one of you

Unknown Speaker 2:12:13
for our conversations, your support, the tough conversations, I think that’s what makes us a great community. So I really wanted to let you know, I appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 2:12:27

Unknown Speaker 2:12:29
mayor and council city manager took a lot of my thunder, but I do want to thank you for your support. As you noted, I’m not one for recognition, I’m actually quite uncomfortable getting it.

Unknown Speaker 2:12:40
The one thing I did want to say is you have a great team here. And a lot of my success is dependent upon the guy sitting next to me. And he’s a great city manager. We make a great team in service of this community and this council.

Unknown Speaker 2:12:55
And we really appreciate

Unknown Speaker 2:12:59
all the interactions we had, and the hard, honest conversations. And I think that’s what makes us grow as an organization and have great outcomes for our community.

Unknown Speaker 2:13:11
And in particular, I wanted to thank the mayor and council member Christensen for their service here. It’s been a pleasure to serve in with you. Mayor in particular, we had some good times and bad times, but fun all the way. Wild Ride and I wish you your best in your future endeavors.

Unknown Speaker 2:13:34
With that, I move that we adjourn.

Unknown Speaker 2:13:38
It’s been moved and seconded. seconded by Councillor Martin. All in favor say aye. We are adjourned.