Callahan House Board – October 2021

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Callahan House Board – October 2021

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Unknown Speaker 0:03
Okay, so we drained it last week. So that tear carefully cleaned it up this week, and let it start to drop between the stone and the concrete, it needs to dry thoroughly before we cover it for the winter. And changes into here today, the Kleenex. The 2022, in order is pretty much done. We didn’t submit it to parks, primarily because they don’t have any place to order it yet. They were working with I think goalie and like a lot of the big greenhouses, they’re getting rid of their little customers and trying to concentrate on their big orders. This is kind of a theme that’s been happening now for a couple of years. Grow told me about it last year, the year before they were having trouble getting flowers, because their orders were too small. Now it’s hit the city of Longmont and parks. So we don’t really have anywhere at the moment to order them for them to be pre grown. So we’re they’re looking to see if they can find somebody and if not, she doesn’t really need the order to the friend. So we’re just kind of sitting on, it’s pretty much done. Just waiting for for her to have a solution. I did put in a few new perennials in the garden, I noticed that there were some kind of empty spots along the driveway as we got into the August, September timeframe. And we were also we’re still having trouble with the roses on Third Avenue because of the water. So we’ve replaced four roses on Third Avenue that that were just never thrived. And we’re going to fix the water problem. And we put in three new hydrangeas and a deep purple butterfly bush into those holes on the east side of the driveway that just didn’t have anything in

Unknown Speaker 1:48
the fall. So waterfall, what kind of waterfall,

Unknown Speaker 1:54
we’re having some issues with irrigation? It’s an ongoing, it’s an ongoing thing. We have an old sprinkler system. Right? Okay. And every year there’s something something new, I mean, probably at some point we need to do partners needs to do a capital project to actually come in here and completely redo it. But that’s gonna happen until we’re in crisis mode. Right? So we’re just limping along, you know, we get in, and there’s issues between parts and the vendor about how it gets fixed. And when it gets fixed. And who’s going to do it and have a fun. Yeah, we were, I think in the spring, I’m actually going to have Anna do some work on the roads bed, not at least the part that’s really having a problem, we’re going to try and pull the pop up heads and just put in drip. So we’ll see if we can manage that. If we can’t, I might actually just hire a vendor to come take care of it. Because I’m really tired to be in the punching bag in the middle of the parks. Tear of care. Yeah, well, and we just we just need to fix it. And you know, parks, his first concern is money, of course, and terror cares concerns like trying to, to what they do, yeah. And say I made a decision early in the year to just fix things instead of asking permission because she didn’t want the flowers to all die. And now they’re fighting over bills. So it’s, it’s, it’s okay. We are continuing to replace our incandescent light bulbs with LEDs to save energy. But the other added benefit to that is they don’t pull as much energy. So our old wiring, our circuits and stuff aren’t getting as hot and we’re not blowing circuits like we used to. So all of the bolts in this room have been replaced. Now we’re working on the overhead lights in the offices and on the on the porch, and eventually going to have to bite the bullet on the dining room. But we haven’t done it yet, because it’s going to be a $500 adventure at least. And here lightbulbs still don’t have the same quality of light that you can get from the incandescent, they’re getting better, they’re getting better. So I noticed the overheads are much better this time. So maybe next year, we can like replace all the ones in the dining room with with LEDs. And that’s for October. We’ve already done a rehearsal on a wedding. And I’m so glad that was over it was it was one of those ever moving targets. And then the rest of the month is his clubs. I just wanted to reiterate that we had a great year, especially if you consider the short timeframe that we did all the events in I mean typically we do this all through the year and obviously we have slower months where we don’t do as many but these events And that’s the kind of time between when we executed one and the next one was workers type. And the other thing you have to realize is that all of the planning fell in that same timeframe, with only a few exceptions. So we did, we literally did things in weeks that we usually do in months or years. So it’s been pretty crazy. And I looked at the revenues. As of now, we had almost $52,000 in revenue for 2021. And that is almost back to what we booked in 2019. Wow, I think we’re within $2,000, because the 2019 member has plugged in it. It has the clubface and of course, we didn’t have a club to this year. Right. So we’re within a couple $1,000 of being what we put for 2019.

Unknown Speaker 5:47
Yes, awesome.

Unknown Speaker 5:49
On a financial budget consideration, I did do an appropriation for the next title. Since we were very conservative in our estimates of what we were going to bring in revenue and also spend, we’re running a little short. So did an appropriation Fund, which of course will come at the end of the year. So I have to do that because I can’t spend money that I haven’t appropriated. So and that will be in the next segment. We haven’t had any cancellations. We had three Dropbox or Dropbox booked and they’re running to an election here. Those were all revenue generating events. That’s an opportunity for except for events on alcohol, food, clothing guestbooks, that kind of stuff. So sometimes they do a drop off. Sometimes they do drop off and or so it just depends. But we do charge for them. So their revenue, usually on the smaller bits like the memorials and stuff, they they don’t get booked until closer to the events when we book when we book a wedding. We booked the rehearsal the same time. But when we do a smaller event, sometimes we do drop off and sometimes we don’t. So

Unknown Speaker 7:00
what’s the average price?

Unknown Speaker 7:03
You know, for for wedding, it’s $200 because we booked two hours for the smaller entities 100. And I usually booked more time than they actually need because their trades the bad about showing up on time with everything. So they come back. They don’t show up. Joe Margo was on Pacific time and she was an hour and 30 minutes late. Well, I charged her two hours. It wasn’t really though, I charged her for two hours because you know, somebody was sitting here just her. So we should we charge dollars an hour. If it’s just a little bit of stuff, and especially with Memorial. I do a half hour which is $50 it just depends. We charged because otherwise people are probably not show up until hours later and maybe sitting here waiting for them. I did order new business cards within the city of Longmont logo. I did get an estimate for reprinting the history brochure for Minuteman that I think I need to go get a couple more. I need to get the printer information for people to

Unknown Speaker 8:15
say, oh, did

Unknown Speaker 8:16
you get it? Over here? Okay, perfect. Good to know. I think there’s a couple others to the contract. So if I may just get a couple other bids to make sure we’re not finished too much. And then we also renewed the contract for advertising and not the lead wire for 12 months. Although the way they’re doing it now. You can back out at anytime. Good to know they surging auto renewal and but I circled with them because of prices, of course went up just a little bit. And but now we have the option of stopping it anytime. As you can see on the expense revenue and actual sheets, or they didn’t revenue and expense actual shape. It pretty much looks like we’re about 15 or $16,000. To the good at the moment. Yes, hasn’t completely caught up with that. But my numbers are pretty solid. I expect I honestly expect October, November, December to be very quiet. People back inside and math and COVID time and time. Again, we’re going to be quiet around here for the next quarter. I changed the event break down a little bit which is the next sheet. So you can actually see the September numbers. So I just thought you might find out that later. Oh, that’s kind of interesting. Maybe Maybe they’d like to know that. So I will start printing it that way. It’s an enormous spreadsheet because I do every month separately. But it is kind of interesting to see what the actual physical breakdown on a monthly basis is. Yes. And on the bottom you can see Artwalk is broken broken out on it. So the next sheet is the the actual. This is the 31 things we did during the month it was it was pretty freakin crazy, like I said, gives you a pretty good idea of what’s going on. And a lot of them rails and then maybe take a look at the expenses. Of course we do a lot of events, we have lots of expenses. One thing I did start doing for the memorials that I hadn’t done in the past is we started doing centerpieces. And we was a from Kingston versus a great job. And it cost us about $10 apiece and I charged 20. So it’s just another little chain. In maybe they’ll get a little more expensive, you know, when we get a feel. But interestingly, not everybody who had Memorial as a severe one, especially with a recent death, was very interested in doing them as opposed to try and take care of it themselves. So it’s just another way I can help. Another way that we can

Unknown Speaker 11:11
write DVDs

Unknown Speaker 11:13
I would love about your mason jars. I can’t apply them right now but I want I want the low ones because we don’t want to do big ones. And they have to be based. No. Yeah, that’s actually the first time I did it. King Soopers gave me the jars. She told me she told me she throws away all the time that she doesn’t usually keep them because she doesn’t have enough storage. So she said she would start trying to keep them until she ran out of room but the second time I did it we did use the old jars first time so and honestly I couldn’t find her anywhere. Don’t look for jars in August or September

Unknown Speaker 11:45
right last shortage

Unknown Speaker 11:50
you know where I found them? I found them at Microsoft for $2.50 apiece. Fortunately, I had four or five already yes I know I don’t have to buy like five aces. Ace didn’t have any targeted airbase cams didn’t have Michaels only had an individual’s that’s Hobby Lobby only had individuals in King Soopers didn’t have any Safeway didn’t have any Walmart and I

Unknown Speaker 12:15
forgot to call on Oh

Unknown Speaker 12:20
yeah, exactly.

Unknown Speaker 12:21
This is one that came up one week and we did exactly what I think I think so they the florist. And she did a beautiful job. I mean, I just I looked at her bouquets and I said we paid for two bouquets she charged me a little bit to arrange them and you know $10 apiece and they were gorgeous. Yeah, so your clients asked if they could take it home. Oh, they did? That’s why I understand Yeah, I get my problem well they so if they want to take them off

Unknown Speaker 13:02
right yeah, but I think all

Unknown Speaker 13:06
Memorial say oh no, you can’t take those

Unknown Speaker 13:07
Right exactly. They were there no,

Unknown Speaker 13:12
no well and and on one of them they took a few on a second one they took them all you know but I mean you took you to come flowers and you took a flowers that Tigers

Unknown Speaker 13:26
out from under the house to bring back

Unknown Speaker 13:29
you call somebody and tell them you’re going into the house before you do that? Yeah, I like

Unknown Speaker 13:35
to call home otherwise I’d be at their party and I love the hole and I’ve had a neighbor one time open up the hole and then your eyes in fact I’m just get out of here because everything was just like I have all these catering

Unknown Speaker 14:14

Unknown Speaker 14:24
I got a few listed on Craigslist for a startup catering company was buying from your heartbeat. Oh, wonderful. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 14:31

Unknown Speaker 14:34
so moving on. I think a lot of rentals, a lot of our regular advertising my cards, the financials and financials are behind my spreadsheet, not by ton, but a little bit. The stuff that goes through red track doesn’t usually hit very quickly. So if you have any questions that’s why that this week part’s a little different than what anybody else questions.

Unknown Speaker 15:07
So we didn’t use any of the third, we didn’t use any of the calendar and

Unknown Speaker 15:13
now we haven’t touched it. We’re ahead. We only touch the fine when we’re short. So when revenues exceed expenses, we don’t touch the fund. We touched the fund last year for the first time in seven or eight years, maybe no.

Unknown Speaker 15:27
Wow. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 15:28
we have a good track record. Yeah, we haven’t touched the fund in quite a while. We touched it when we bought the sign. But that’s what the money was worth.

Unknown Speaker 15:39
Okay, so I guess you will submit your report. All right, moving right along to all business. And

Unknown Speaker 15:54
I want to talk better walk in and ask them for Shall I?

Unknown Speaker 15:58
Well, I was he was amazed on how many people

Unknown Speaker 16:08
I would say probably 70% So go ahead.

Unknown Speaker 16:20
I thought it was great to actually open the house and have 400 people come through although I gotta tell you my head was spinning I literally ran the whole time just constantly checking since I was the only one here you know, employee by the house I was you know, constantly checking upstairs downstairs. The musician just to make sure that he didn’t have people in the attic on the basement or CV and have you know, a road jam somewhere the video didn’t quit or as I just I think I did 20,000 steps

Unknown Speaker 16:56
very, very much very much.

Unknown Speaker 16:59
I swore that you guys are just cuddling up the steps when they can’t do the door. I know you weren’t because you’re trying to get them all over the place that just constant people come

Unknown Speaker 17:11
in doesn’t even want we had a couple of sneakers in with with drinks that came in the sideboard or can catch right away but that is that door. Yeah. And then we were coordinated since we’ve

Unknown Speaker 17:25
we’ve actually had people try to come up with alcohol. Second clicker. And we need

Unknown Speaker 17:30
to put some money down with this other door that they come through so that they can be clicking there. We can be clicking from clubs. We were doing

Unknown Speaker 17:41
some numbers because we didn’t help I think we also count some people that

Unknown Speaker 17:47
came in this door went out that door

Unknown Speaker 17:51
right? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 17:52
cuz I think we just funny. Yeah. Yeah, we do an event. And I tried them out but they all move right.

Unknown Speaker 18:10
The second person over there was door so I

Unknown Speaker 18:16
just go in the garden.

Unknown Speaker 18:19
don’t enjoy enjoying music. Yeah, that’s great. He not only like the target audience

Unknown Speaker 18:34
but decided to draw a picture of him.

Unknown Speaker 18:39
He laughed. I gave it to him. Oh, you they Oh, yeah. I took him over to Mexico. And they laughed. So he is very good. Doug Bresson rather than me, are you in SLM? He’s in he all I do is call him and say hey, I’m playing for the Artwalk he goes Sure.

Unknown Speaker 19:03
He’s awesome. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 19:06
They play? They told me they play in the garage every Friday night. Yeah. Tell me where your garage. Yeah. Show up the ones that listen to the practice.

Unknown Speaker 19:16
Or the grace that’s. On and I think the artists are all happy. We kind of had a wide, wide range. And I think the gentleman in the back room he’d never shown you before.

Unknown Speaker 19:36
Right? That was 10.

Unknown Speaker 19:38
And he was really enjoying glory anyway.

Unknown Speaker 19:43
I don’t remember. Honestly, I just was flying around and took care of all the artists or actions.

Unknown Speaker 19:50
They were newcomers to

Unknown Speaker 19:52

Unknown Speaker 19:53
were they? Yeah, well, I think Champlin saw him outside his house with an easel set up paint. How’s the painting? I did find another artist. So I’ll mention that too. And when

Unknown Speaker 20:10
I did have a couple of comments, and there was a couple of requests about pictures. And maybe at the next Artwalk, you can just put a couple of I know, you said you had some I do, but I wasn’t aware of that, in

Unknown Speaker 20:28
his mind.

Unknown Speaker 20:30
We can set up a little display with prices. Hey,

Unknown Speaker 20:33
we’re not adding

Unknown Speaker 20:33
anything to it. Yeah, so this is a small area. We’re just gonna have to have somebody watching so they don’t walk.

Unknown Speaker 20:39
Yeah, sure. I think that’s possible.

Unknown Speaker 20:44
See, we have some of these prints available.

Unknown Speaker 20:46
I have the one that I’d be giving to you guys. I have six or seven. I have friends that are falling winner. And then I have a capo picture of about four. And then I have the two black ones. So it just means we have to keep more inventory. So it doesn’t it.

Unknown Speaker 21:14
Okay, I just I know there was a couple of requests, and I wasn’t aware, but I wasn’t able to ask him until after people have finished. And so So keeping in mind, I just thought it would be a good opportunity, even if you just sold three or four Cathy’s only got one of those

Unknown Speaker 21:37
events. I talked to her. Yeah. She talked to everybody. She was the one with the virtual tour for cooter cooter cooter history. Yes, yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I owe her because she didn’t want one. And I got a note on my desk to call her when I have one. I have to get some credit

Unknown Speaker 21:58
in that was actually she was. So it was. So okay.

Unknown Speaker 22:08
Are there any opponents and

Unknown Speaker 22:11
speak about Artwalk before in the old business

Unknown Speaker 22:15
updates for next year? No, they, they said they were going to be the same. But they changed every year. So I don’t have much faith in them. So I’m waiting for for them to announce their eighth. And I’ve been tied up on her. I think the September date will still be the second Saturday. Which next year? I looked at it I kind of got penciled in on my 2022 calendar, the 10th of September, I think. But it’s still a little unclear if they’re ever going to go back to doing the main part. Or if it’s always going to be this, you know, Saturdays, you know, downtown thing. So we’ll just kind of watch that and see. See what happens is the one that’s name

Unknown Speaker 23:05
is Elaine water. Yeah. Sarah and I went downtown afterwards. Oh, mg. Anybody go downtown. So many people. So so many vendors, it was just

Unknown Speaker 23:18
awesome. My husband went downtown, and he came back and he told me the next day you had the best art the best music of any Oh, I’m not sure how much that weighs But moving on

Unknown Speaker 23:49
then with new roof Irene self guided?

Unknown Speaker 23:58
Laser, we’re working that one out that

Unknown Speaker 24:01
we’ve been that we got together and really went through it. And what we are focused on just so you all know is identifying the data is more or what’s original to the house. What came in addition, just because those are questions that are really keep on top of people’s minds as they’re coming through this part

Unknown Speaker 24:27
of the Alika walk

Unknown Speaker 24:30
including that in the very retort to that is original house. And in this room. This This was part of the what was the original of the house, the east part is that addition and then the fixtures and the furniture what what was Countians that always speak to people’s minds that they’re going to scratch their head And then walk or open house. And so just going through and really filling in those little details is what we’re focused on. And then also incorporating the importance of preservation and restoration of historic properties. Because that educational component is important to be included

Unknown Speaker 25:24
in why atari

Unknown Speaker 25:35
is costly, and that donations are accepted. Things like that. And that History Colorado has been wonderful in helping

Unknown Speaker 25:46

Unknown Speaker 25:47
restoration. Preservation.

Unknown Speaker 25:49
exactly do we state how, how and where to donate? Because that’s one of the big things that

Unknown Speaker 25:58
it can be included in that final personal donations are always accepted. And, you know, maybe by Well,

Unknown Speaker 26:12
I physically have to let them know where they can donate as possible. And even if it’s only $20 here, and there, it does all add up. So

Unknown Speaker 26:22
the only thing

Unknown Speaker 26:25
and and then there’s the other comment, I know that our corner to Kathy that never really went off about the boy. It was original to the house and the details to see.

Unknown Speaker 26:48

Unknown Speaker 26:51
yes. So it’s going to be much, much better. Before we Oh, yes. Oh, yes. The objective is this, we put it together in what we think is a final draft. And then we provided to all the board members, we want you to read through and make sure you don’t have any questions or if something doesn’t happen, didn’t talk to this. address that so that we can really have a comprehensive covering content.

Unknown Speaker 27:32
And it’s not just that.

Unknown Speaker 27:36
Oh. I was just lucky, we have our office a lot of work. But people came to see me in my office online. Lots of questions.

Unknown Speaker 27:52
They were early questions very was very there. People.

Unknown Speaker 28:01
I didn’t expect 400 people, honestly. I mean, I had I think I had 150 printouts and we went through those in the first 45 minutes and was like, Whoa,

Unknown Speaker 28:11
I need to take them home and read it. Yes. And then one of the things that they did say so they didn’t ask if there was a virtual something. So they think back to the rooms.

Unknown Speaker 28:23
There, there is a there is but there are some pictures available plus the room by room tour guide tour, the room that documentary is posted on the website. And there’s a room by room tour as part of the documentary, which

Unknown Speaker 28:36
will include in in, in the detail a little bit about the house. Not only is the documentary available online, but we also have the refreshments available for sale, which is another thing to include, along with say hello, because that would be amazing. Allow hiring new people to purchase those open houses. We just need to go ahead

Unknown Speaker 29:02
and make this available now. The more information we can include along those lines. It’s an opportunity. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 29:10
So by the time this is revised, every board member will know every every answer to any kind of party question that anyone is probably posed and will have to prepare to where it is in the guide. So I mean, you don’t have to memorize things, but if you do remember how to reference it and you’re covered. History, but just knowing and being able to reiterate is going to be very enlightening, very informative, and then also just helpful for me Everyone for the second counts that you have a point of reference. Oh, yeah. We show you where that is.

Unknown Speaker 30:08
So are we looking at having it ready for the Christmas?

Unknown Speaker 30:12
Yeah, that would be the plan. So we haven’t to be able to preview for the middle of November is okay. And it’s going to include a blog, which makes it easy for me to look at. Okay, I’m on first level, here’s what the rooms on first level, and then we go through each room description

Unknown Speaker 30:35
for you, thank you.

Unknown Speaker 30:37
They wonder what wonderful, is it?

Unknown Speaker 30:48
It’s so much fun.

Unknown Speaker 30:51
That’s what we’re hoping to maybe even change it from just the page format, which is cranked out all the time, which is easy. That even

Unknown Speaker 31:03
that’s a lot of work.

Unknown Speaker 31:07
If you guys would be interested, when you have your completed information, I work with a graphic designer who does recreation brochures, and they do other one offs for us. And you know, that would be generally under $200,

Unknown Speaker 31:21
to transform it into

Unknown Speaker 31:25
a beautiful finished product, but he would give a price and then at least be able to just disable it

Unknown Speaker 31:39
it’s been timely to do that for 10 years.

Unknown Speaker 31:50
Do we have a date for an open house? We do. Would you

Unknown Speaker 31:55
actually be then to the Christmas office? Well, that’s scheduled for the first Friday of December

Unknown Speaker 32:07

Unknown Speaker 32:09
Yes, I believe it’s the third. And I guess my concern at the moment is in the current format, it doesn’t fly very well. I I don’t see without vaccinations for for little kids, that people are going to agree happy putting their children on Santa’s lap. Right after 20 other kids. Right. You know, so I I’m a little concerned about whether or not in its current format that that works well. Or if we should just change it to a Christmas open house without the Santa components or with a different way of doing Santa, if anybody has some ideas. As opposed to this expectation that every one of the kids that comes it’s gonna sit on Santa’s lap and and what is my path?

Unknown Speaker 33:03
Yeah, no.

Unknown Speaker 33:05
So there’s still you still touched things? I, I, I’ve seen the caution that my kids have with their kids at the moment with no vaccines, right. And the prediction that they’re not going to have approval for vaccines for kids until November, or maybe early November, but not till at least November. And I’m just wondering if if it makes sense. Yeah, we’ve got our table set up. Yep. crayons and markers

Unknown Speaker 33:33
have just been open houses, pretty decorations.

Unknown Speaker 33:38
Why did the board have to do that?

Unknown Speaker 33:42
I think it’s something nice to have them here. And I think it can be pulled up with a bit of a distance, no lap setting, probably but more of a standby. And just talk for a moment. So I think it’s doable. And kids obviously are, you know, preschool age even are gathering together in groups with maths and it’s okay. To have that in your you’re taking patient.

Unknown Speaker 34:19
And make sure it’s okay with that. Right. But I want to have a discussion first before we approached him that we don’t get the most out of it.

Unknown Speaker 34:32
Right, exactly. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 34:37
I believe it’s

Unknown Speaker 34:37
four to eight. The safety of our lunch is doable, yes. full day of handouts. All right. Any other thoughts? concerns

Unknown Speaker 34:54
I have concerned that the sound aspect

Unknown Speaker 35:01
No, I think it’s probably not doable because you’re gonna have all these people come on. You can’t.

Unknown Speaker 35:09
We are gonna be off social distance. And if the weather’s bad, there won’t be a place to do the garden. So I’m just I’m pretty okay with it. I’m just not sure how okay, but people with kids are going to be.

Unknown Speaker 35:26
I think that that’s just parents. Yeah. I mean, we just put through 400 plus people in this house. Yeah. Norwalk. And yes, there were. And so I think this is doable. I don’t want don’t want us to just shut the door on this. I think modified in a way. Yes. But doable.

Unknown Speaker 35:48
Can you talk to Santa about what he thinks he liked to do.

Unknown Speaker 35:55
And I also here with parents and people want to go out. Like I said, it was a great experience for me just going to the to the valley and people would worry about it, learning the routes, and then again, we are requiring people to show the vaccination targets or anything towards this we ask lightly towards the master because they feel they can door. You know, it’s just I hear your point on on fact of kids not being vaccinated.

Unknown Speaker 36:29
I also think we have to think about how many people we allow upstairs at a time and I think we need to

Unknown Speaker 36:35
modify that a little bit.

Unknown Speaker 36:38
But I think to just kind of shut them off or families and children. I don’t,

Unknown Speaker 36:43
I don’t I don’t either I don’t I just

Unknown Speaker 36:47
it’s gonna be a family choice and what they’re doing in the holidays and they choose to come they know that there will be a little bit more than it’s it and I’m sure everybody is going to be fine with that. And some people will just be just this is a they did have too much unrest and disrupted in their life to take this too. So I’m not going to

Unknown Speaker 37:17
allow it have it

Unknown Speaker 37:20
available in one five way so that when I’m taking Christmas away I think it’s too late to just up and say nope, we can’t do it anymore because Kevin’s going to stay around learn to modify you live with that.

Unknown Speaker 37:38
Okay, so how and where do you normally play sound because

Unknown Speaker 37:42
right pretty little thing around him we can just use sanctions right? We’ll figure it out.

Unknown Speaker 37:51
So what with him reservations

Unknown Speaker 37:56
last year excellent.

Unknown Speaker 37:58
The huge number of people that were downstairs there’s no way we can do a tour no there’s no way people can meander around and look at things because there’s so many people just packed what if we did a reservation we may not get as many by our control

Unknown Speaker 38:30
how hard is that to do they do their own reservations they are gonna have to follow

Unknown Speaker 38:45
we were very practiced recreation guys pavilion is reservations. So they can do it on mine. They can do it at a recreation site in person so for me those are all there as a link it’s pretty easy

Unknown Speaker 39:13

Unknown Speaker 39:13
into email or that can give you the pass through link so they just click

Unknown Speaker 39:21
that great.

Unknown Speaker 39:23
I think most people prefer to habits and particularly the kids have a set time on water coming. They haven’t scheduled with a webcam on and I think the idea came because you were disgruntled people they were very very long way bigger and it was so I love that idea.

Unknown Speaker 39:46
So I just need the time frames the narc really allow the reservations to occur

Unknown Speaker 39:53
in how many can go in once kind of small. Yep. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 39:57
so in those details, creating can be done. Pretty damn.

Unknown Speaker 40:02
Perfect. So you guys are pretty well set on how many people can fit in that in certain timeframes. Correct?

Unknown Speaker 40:12
That that’s it guys into your site experience,

Unknown Speaker 40:17
that’s the part that’s going to be hard. Okay, he may not take profit in this other one, but

Unknown Speaker 40:25
we do. I think he’ll actually be quicker. That’s my, but how much quicker in a different format, I think our field for how many people? I mean, I have all the numbers for how many people we put through here in the past. But I think it’s gonna be a little different, because I need to write some thought into it, and particularly,

Unknown Speaker 40:46
is if they’re not sitting on his laptop and nursing it that way. So I’m just going to stand to figure it out.

Unknown Speaker 40:59
And my guess is by the first of November, we have to have a reservation system up

Unknown Speaker 41:06
to recreation, it’s a two week, it’s a two week window.

Unknown Speaker 41:09
So you it’s two weeks. So okay, so

Unknown Speaker 41:14
yeah, but you have to we have to get the weapons.

Unknown Speaker 41:19
Included in the advertisement.

Unknown Speaker 41:22
Well, a lot of the advertising is already gone or not gone. So we did not put it into line because it was up, there was at least a chance it was implied in my appetite, something that may not happen. But we’ll all work with her shell and we’ll figure out how to get it up on Facebook in the reservation system. First, we got to figure out the reservation system, and then we’ll figure out how to advertise. Well, I

Unknown Speaker 41:43
think we’re going to make sure we have it he’s going to work like Yeah. So that he’ll be able to give us

Unknown Speaker 41:54

Unknown Speaker 41:56
Right? Hopefully,

Unknown Speaker 41:57
yeah, hopefully. I mean, he doesn’t want to talk to me about our setup. Because he was on vacation in vacation. So he’s he’s had my list.

Unknown Speaker 42:07
You know, that it’s not a lack of spacing, but rather than Oh, is it comfortable? See what he thinks about that and also just kind of bounce off you know, for a child for example, well, that might help us the reservation system. A lot fermentations Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 42:31
the other difficulty with the reservation system is people come in families. So that’s going to be but that’s going to be a mess. We have to think how to do that.

Unknown Speaker 42:43
Yeah, our time Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 42:51
We could just say a holiday decorating will be idle late for work. So I think we decided call center notes. Okay, please do what’s your availability? I like during the day while of course

Unknown Speaker 43:04
any day not good for you? Any day of the week? Well yeah, for sure.

Unknown Speaker 43:11

Unknown Speaker 43:18
Thank you very much okay.

Unknown Speaker 43:29
All right. So we’ll we’ll sit down anybody wants to deal with me next week? Have a meeting that open house and just kind of did it earlier not on Monday. Actually next week for me How about later this week? I can’t do Friday. I can’t do I have to review so I won’t know until Monday if I actually have to say Thursday and Friday so the 25th maybe hate to put it off too long because it’s because it’s so well because we need to get it up I can meet tomorrow morning. Right? But I heard

Unknown Speaker 44:50
not in the morning. So tomorrow

Unknown Speaker 44:56
anytime after one o’clock. Step

Unknown Speaker 45:04
14 wants to be included for carrying more income. Alright, one more time tomorrow. And I’ll dig out the numbers this afternoon.

Unknown Speaker 45:24
I think that’s going to be the trickiest part is how to set up the reservation so that we don’t end up either empty or not.

Unknown Speaker 45:34
Sorry. All right.

Unknown Speaker 45:37
Did you see it?

Unknown Speaker 45:39
Yes, two o’clock tomorrow. Alright, so one month

Unknown Speaker 45:45
what I do is fairly conservative to save the money for your dropping to say I don’t have opening now but in 20 minutes, we can clean down that spot. So that you had some flexibility in the moment to either accept somebody or say I am sorry, we are.

Unknown Speaker 46:17
Alright, so the next question is when we’re going to decorate we usually decorate the week before Thanksgiving. Could do Monday? Tuesday doesn’t work with due Monday, we could do Thursday could do Friday the week before Thanksgiving, November 15 14th. Or 15th 18th and 17th.

Unknown Speaker 46:59
If we do the right team

Unknown Speaker 47:06
that would work for me. I just tried to pick a day. Well, we don’t have anything going on in the house. Now honestly, I can have an extra break Chloe. Cool,

Unknown Speaker 47:20
cuz I know she was up.

Unknown Speaker 47:22
So what 1190 On Friday of the 19th. So we’re gonna need those days. Yeah. Nine o’clock that can offer an invitation that work for everybody. Okay, and it’s, it usually takes all morning. And then if you want to, we can go to lunch.

Unknown Speaker 47:48
And we’ll try to preset trees to expedite things. So yeah, nine to noon ish. Do you want to own the library tree sharpener, do something different or just use what we have?

Unknown Speaker 48:18
To do things. That’s what I mean, you can miss a lot of those instruments to do the instrument thing again. But if you have something different, you know, you’re always someone that wants to like, switch it up so that like, we do a tree and a planner, we have like a nine foot tree in the foyer, we do a small kind of Patri in the parlor. Then we have a fruit tree in the music room. And then we have it’s been kind of a red and green and white tree in the library. But Candy’s done some different things with that. Sprouts, instruments, and I don’t think we’ve used Oh, shit. Well, you can each of us in our last year Simply Decorate last year. So I mean,

Unknown Speaker 49:06
your viewport I hope you found that idea. And then

Unknown Speaker 49:11
in the dining room, we have little trees that go up on the teacup shelf, and a couple of Christmas cuts. And then in the bride’s room, we have a tree. In this room, we have kind of a peach and off white tree. And then we probably don’t need to decorate your house this year because nobody’s eating in there. So I think you’ll pass on that.

Unknown Speaker 49:33
Or we even have to change the desperation a little bit.

Unknown Speaker 49:38
We’ll figure that out. Oh, you know, we have we have lots of space in this room. So we’ll figure it out. But it’s it’s nice to have trees behind him. Yeah, pretty pictures. So I want to talk to him. I’m sure he’s going to chair but we need to I need to figure out the logistics of him of what he what he wants. Right?

Unknown Speaker 49:57
And so you just do a different thing. So

Unknown Speaker 50:01
really you know if you can kind of switch it up she does have lots of decorations so she kind of switches it up sauces

Unknown Speaker 50:13
what else I can get rid of tea

Unknown Speaker 50:26
tree. As far as I know, Alice in Wonderland. I mean, just ornaments and things that are entertaining. And then I think

Unknown Speaker 50:38
that would be good to say another thought that in some sense of reading a book or almost

Unknown Speaker 50:46
storybook characters, no Wizard of Oz. Who

Unknown Speaker 50:49
did want to know all about all the books.

Unknown Speaker 50:52
I’m sure with your son’s tuck the books

Unknown Speaker 50:58
and toys.

Unknown Speaker 51:00
That would be great to have a wonderful to have as backdrop for Santa

Unknown Speaker 51:06
to bring all those things. As well for step two. We got a little treat for them. Wow. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 51:15
How would you feel Tiffany?

Unknown Speaker 51:20
boxes right through would be Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 51:27
Great. As

Unknown Speaker 51:30
far as getting to know

Unknown Speaker 51:34
we do have a Tiffany lamp downstairs?

Unknown Speaker 51:41
Question. Victorian in the tree that people see the least is the right term tree. Ah, I mean, the bride’s room is more about having lights in the window for the size.

Unknown Speaker 51:52

Unknown Speaker 51:54

Unknown Speaker 51:56
That might be kind of fun.

Unknown Speaker 51:57
I don’t know. Yeah. Well think about it. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 52:02
Yeah, that French tea tree is huge. Yeah, you have to a lot of decor for us. I kind of like the muted Victorian moths and rust so that when you walk in, it still fits in the house. So that’s that’s kind of been the thrust of

Unknown Speaker 52:17

Unknown Speaker 52:18
Entry. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 52:21
It’s huge. Yeah. All right. Well, think about it. Let me know what you think. Or just shop with stuff. And I’ll show up with food and drinks. I’ll be happy to eat them. Two bites of a pastry thing doesn’t fly. Yeah, before you get here. All right.

Unknown Speaker 52:51
So I’m still on the holiday decorations because we were we took the stuff down right, right here. Some of the reparations we’re getting a little tattered. He said, are we going to have to consider replacing

Unknown Speaker 53:08
the shirt? Let’s not do anything for the share. But let’s think about it when we take them down. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 53:12
Okay, so so just take note on on the stuff because I didn’t know you had said something with your stuff down there.

Unknown Speaker 53:19
Worse, slowly, getting rid of that really old stuff. So that’s and Jacqueline’s like an artist at getting rid of stuff that we don’t use or he gets broken or tattered. So let’s let’s just kind of keep in the back of our heads that we might have to think about. It and it’s always nice to do that like right after Christmas, but honestly, it’s very hard to find things that are appropriate. Okay. So if you find something and you think it’s great, give me a call. I’ll go scout it out. But the most of the decorations that are out there right now are just too plasticky and too modern and rightly so that’s that’s the real that’s the real issue is how we find things to replace them with better appropriate.

Unknown Speaker 54:05
On the note of the kids books, I have some really great handblown plus ones a Peter Pan man. Stuff like that.

Unknown Speaker 54:17
Richard, time you treasure Yeah, first make sure you get

Unknown Speaker 54:25
up here. No. I felt like three rounds.

Unknown Speaker 54:31
Three rounds.

Unknown Speaker 54:35
Less than mittens. Kittens.

Unknown Speaker 54:38
That’s good. That’s what I was thinking. More like though and I do have

Unknown Speaker 54:43
a lot. I didn’t have balls, you know the glass balls that I also have ceramic. So we can just if you want to say Orange tag, you know, like,

Unknown Speaker 55:03
Well, we do have seven trees to do. So. I think it’s great to have a fancy one, but we still have to decorate the other six. Okay, so

Unknown Speaker 55:13
I just don’t know what all the other six are just bring you.

Unknown Speaker 55:18
Like I said the one in the four years kind of muted red skulls, Ross rains, with some kind of fruity ribbon. The one in the parlor is is kind of a painting because of rim is pink. Yes. And those were probably the least Victorian things we have. The tree in the music room is fruit. So pairs of fruit, apples and grapes and with bows. And then we’ve been doing kind of a red green white in the library with music and music thing. And really popular. It was pretty

Unknown Speaker 55:55
religious, because there were violins and it saxophones. And

Unknown Speaker 56:00
it’s really it’s really as pretty as fits in that room is nice. And then the bride’s room is just kind of a white, white theme. And then in here it’s white infant peach and gold. So this this would be a complete change that was just perfect. Right? Perfect with still I didn’t I didn’t do. IVF. Sarah, Sarah,

Unknown Speaker 56:36

Unknown Speaker 56:38
queen, and you know, probably the most tattered decor we have is a stuffy put in the dining room. But for those little, little treats with kind of mom ribbons. So we might be thinking about something different to do on the shelves in the dining room. Yeah, that’s probably people get close to it. So I don’t worry about it very much, right, because they’re up there, you know, they’re here. But those those are getting kind of sad. So maybe we need to buy a little trees and redecorate them for the dining room. Something like that. So keep your eyes and especially for sales. You know, I, I think I’m trying to think we, I think I probably need to replace the tree in the library, because we’ve had a lot of trouble with the lights. And I usually do that around Black Friday. And then I get tired trying to fix it. So I think we’ll probably get a new treat for the library. Now, they went right back out. So I will probably get an entry for the library. I think that’s what we’re having trouble with.

Unknown Speaker 57:40
I just think is forewarned is forearmed. If we have an idea, and we can see something.

Unknown Speaker 57:47
Perfect, Cool. Perfect. All right,

Unknown Speaker 57:50
moving right along to the board recruitment.

Unknown Speaker 57:53
Alright. board recruitment is starting the fourth of October. And it’s going to run through the 12th of November, I think at 5pm in the bay. Karen, and candy are expiring this year. But you’re both eligible for a second term.

Unknown Speaker 58:14
I recently application

Unknown Speaker 58:16
All right. All right. So then we were we should be follow up. I mean, we might get some other applications, but I don’t really want to go out and recruit. Okay, so but I just wanted to make sure everybody knew the deadlines coming.

Unknown Speaker 58:31
So I know in the past,

Unknown Speaker 58:33
we’ve had we’re depending on who is the mayor, mayor’s wife has always been included or spouse, it should be spouse. Is that going to be something that’s going to be taught?

Unknown Speaker 58:49
Well, they’re not on the board. There. They’re just voting. Yeah, they’re not voting members. So but if Tim does win the race, that we will, we’ll reach out to his life

Unknown Speaker 59:01

Unknown Speaker 59:03
neighbors to yours. Okay, she agreed. She was crossfire. Astartes.

Unknown Speaker 59:13
Oh, yeah. I used to live

Unknown Speaker 59:17
in Egypt. Currently.

Unknown Speaker 59:19
My kids yeah, the just the UN a little bit. The Christian canard. We reached out to Kristen. She was here for a year and she went this is ridiculous. I want to vote. Yes. So she actually applied for the board and was on the board for six years. And Brian’s life declined. We had a team and she declined since she was too busy. But we’ll reach out to Jamie if he went sideways. Right?

Unknown Speaker 59:47
Yeah, I just thought if it doesn’t, and honestly, I’m not sure how this this work, but we should consider that it doesn’t matter what gender they

Unknown Speaker 59:58
are. You’re absolutely right. Right,

Unknown Speaker 1:00:00
and we just reach out to whoever

Unknown Speaker 1:00:06
it was. I’m sure

Unknown Speaker 1:00:09
it was already I know. Yeah. As a precedent.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:16

Unknown Speaker 1:00:17
maybe me. Alright. That actually kind of fell off. Under other business that did you have other other business,

Unknown Speaker 1:00:29
I do have a little bit together a QR code, oh my

Unknown Speaker 1:00:39

Unknown Speaker 1:00:42
That is

Unknown Speaker 1:00:44
the logo in the middle.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:50
I squeezed it in. Right now it goes to the website to the main page on the website. And it would get counted with the website’s statistics, it’s not going to come any different than somebody who clicks on the link, oh, for the house. But I don’t know how to do is I don’t know how to display them and still kind of trying to figure that out. We did hang a couple of signs on the outside of the house for the masks, masks signs. And I think I could take down the one now on the south south door and put this so they would be under the porch and protected. But I am really looking for suggestions on how to display it or where to display

Unknown Speaker 1:01:31
it or, well, our whole

Unknown Speaker 1:01:35
goal, or at least twofold, one of the things that I’m hoping for so that we can not just have it counted with the website, and eventually that we can count it separately separately. So we have accounts and accurate accounts. And also have it listed that if you want to do a monetary donation that will tie in if you’re using our gardens, and you’re coming into taking pictures, would you like to donate monetarily to the account?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:05
Yeah, there’s a there’s a way on our on our web track website, to have a pass through languages the same thing that this essentially is a passenger link that can go directly to a donation thing that someone could do as a guest. And then

Unknown Speaker 1:02:23
that’s what I was thinking for web pack that we could keep count of it that way. And then they can make a

Unknown Speaker 1:02:29
donation that way. That’s That’s

Unknown Speaker 1:02:30
my saying. And I’m hoping that we could get a donation for using the garden sign on pal. I know I have used the gardens, I’ve been here I’m taking pictures, and you suckers, I would have done it, I would have just because it was just a great day, we didn’t make a monetary amount, whatever. And I just think it’s a good way for us to keep track. I also like to be able to keep track of numbers, because it helps in our grant writing and everything else. So we know it’s six people or eight people or four people or even two that have come into gardens. That’s another account that we are missing.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:15
Thank you for being

Unknown Speaker 1:03:18

Unknown Speaker 1:03:18
about anybody to pretty

Unknown Speaker 1:03:26
much what what is it says if you’d like to make a contribution to the preservation of the Calicut house, if there was another just another little QR code, which went to the red chuckling?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:38
Well, are you onto the website that is supposed to? You know,

Unknown Speaker 1:03:43
they would have to look that up. If they’re on a mobile device it it has all those sub menus. And yeah, we can

Unknown Speaker 1:03:51
we could set this to trap in the description of red track, they could click a boat. That would be good. So it could be it could be ordered, like donation here learn more about palominos.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:06
That would be amazing. So

Unknown Speaker 1:04:09
and I want to pass on that first photo to go with it.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:16
Okay, let’s see, don’t have a revenue account for donations. Or we just we have a revenue account for donations. It’s just not set up. And

Unknown Speaker 1:04:23

Unknown Speaker 1:04:26
It needs to be mentioned that people can make monetary donations in memory. That’s because people don’t always think of

Unknown Speaker 1:04:35
that. But how do we honor that? Yeah. Because obviously you have a plaque or no, you don’t

Unknown Speaker 1:04:41
want to you don’t know. No. I do this all the time with historical societies. This is a memory of Song Song Song so they send a little note card that says hey, thank you. Thank you a donation has been made in the memory of yours

Unknown Speaker 1:04:56
up there And then we don’t have to see. I think that’s growing. Because not everybody wants flowers too big would sure like to help a donation.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:10
Yep. So I’ve gone to doing everything that I could with history, or whatever I just I know you you’ve got

Unknown Speaker 1:05:35
Okay. All right.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:38
While in there, you can pay money to track statistics from a QR code. I don’t know how expensive it is. And I also don’t know, I’ve reached out to Susan to see if there’s any. I thought there’s any approved type that

Unknown Speaker 1:05:51
we could put on the city somehow don’t? Isn’t there some way that you guys keep track of how many people attend? You know, that it’s that you do that rhythm on the river and other things like that? Isn’t there ways that that we you count that we aren’t thinking

Unknown Speaker 1:06:19
there’s no way you can even in the trade show business, it’s very hard.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:25
And some of the available availability to to grasp those metrics that you’re looking for. The marketing group within the city and within community services is doing so re reformatting, re organizing, coming up with a master plan within themselves for the next five years, hoping to add a few more bodies and a little bit more resources to the table. And those things would fall under that piece, you know, as moving down. So there is a desire to add more geo fencing or some other more technical ways that you can count or pop up surveys are to say, Hey, you’re at the gardens because I can make a donation. You know, those things are coming, but they’re on the year, five, wishlist.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:17
Unify everything, you

Unknown Speaker 1:07:18
know, they’re not, they’re not here right

Unknown Speaker 1:07:19

Unknown Speaker 1:07:23
So we can maximize what we have put forward, you know, like future goals, and maybe that would allow other departments and having similar things so that they can jump up on the

Unknown Speaker 1:07:33
vehicle. I started just I think that’s great. And just knowing that it’s on the pipeline, that’s

Unknown Speaker 1:07:40
anything now that that counts? How many people open this?

Unknown Speaker 1:07:47

Unknown Speaker 1:07:49
It would say, I think by Kathy correctly, it will say it came from the QR code or whatever. But you would be able to see comparison from month to you know, last year this year, you know, all of a sudden, this huge job, and if we,

Unknown Speaker 1:08:04
yes, so that was raised. And it wouldn’t

Unknown Speaker 1:08:08
count how many people because unless they all got on their phones and clicked on it, of course, I mean, the other thing we could do when the room except it’s not run by room tour guy, but if we could put up a truncated version, or something and link up to the document that might encourage more people to to click.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:25
That’s, that’s another thing. Arrows. Thank you. Because if the dork if I’m a nosy person I curious. I like to go, wherever I’m visiting, it doesn’t matter. And I always check out the historic homes in the history area, I find it fascinating. And I will be the person that we click on this and want to get in the house. Sure, nice to be able to tour and welcome in have an idea from looking on the outside and look at this, the type of things that I find interesting. And then I’m also more inclined to donate to because, okay, I’m spending time here and I look this and I find it exciting, give you the money. And I think that that’s really important. And like I said, may not be a huge amount, but it’s still money that we’re not getting in. Otherwise, if we could just happen. That’s that’s the big thing. So is there a way that we can do that? Just set it up to somebody quick and then click to the pictures and do it short?

Unknown Speaker 1:09:40
I don’t know. I’m gonna have

Unknown Speaker 1:09:42
to think about it. Um, well, my understanding is that this the website that it goes to you have the tour on the city website, we have an entry to document a document. So I mean, I think a lot of what you’re looking for is

Unknown Speaker 1:09:56
is there available, is it right,

Unknown Speaker 1:09:58
he said Easy or is it fair?

Unknown Speaker 1:10:01
No, it’s easy. Well I have this on some balls of ice is not very friendly. Yeah, it’s much easier

Unknown Speaker 1:10:19
more or less how handles photos

Unknown Speaker 1:10:28
and if you go to the Callahan House about the property the first thing is the documentary and then that right below that is information of a family in the house the business the house features the garden, the auto house pictures of the Callahans so we could go to that page instead of going to the main page but then they would have to navigate backwards to get to other stuff so I wasn’t really sure where we wanted to go Yeah, because think about people who want to book the house right? We have a business here that’s as important as the history right? So you know, where do we want to go? Oh, I

Unknown Speaker 1:11:08
think that’s but I like a good person

Unknown Speaker 1:11:14
to the donation as I just

Unknown Speaker 1:11:17
talked about to you do we have statistics on our trip

Unknown Speaker 1:11:22

Unknown Speaker 1:11:26
I’m a little afraid that people will see us trying to get money from them before they get information and and then stop instead of getting the information and then saying, Oh, I’d really like to donate

Unknown Speaker 1:11:38
Well, could we add to the page the donation button

Unknown Speaker 1:11:43
I think that might be a better way to do you want it on the main page or the history page? I guess we could put it everywhere just grab the button that can go Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:58
All right

Unknown Speaker 1:12:04
maybe you have different QR codes or different parts of the you know if you find a way that you appreciate how they’re displayed

Unknown Speaker 1:12:10
you know the QR codes Yes. And if there

Unknown Speaker 1:12:14
you don’t have any marks in every area like you think that over there they taking pictures for purposes thank you for showing that garden donation

Unknown Speaker 1:12:26
go somewhere different

Unknown Speaker 1:12:27
than then the ones around the house where people are enjoying their passion.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:33
Finding jobs very expensive, though, so we have to think through right yeah, it just it varies. Especially it’s got to endure weather.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:44
Anyway, we started baby steps. Well, yeah, that was great. Excited.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:54
I’ve mentioned last month here about this

Unknown Speaker 1:12:58
auto website

Unknown Speaker 1:13:05
opted to another things it’s called Auto as oto s. And they’ve got her directory tours, but

Unknown Speaker 1:13:17
you see things

Unknown Speaker 1:13:19
that you can go to visit and download the app and reblog a, you know, check the auto and see if there’s any tours available. is called and also channels, o t o FTC, GST and

Unknown Speaker 1:13:49

Unknown Speaker 1:13:55
it just comes up with a no, it knows who my location is right now. So it’s a Highlands Ranch art encounters in Foxborough are on there. So they got lots of different things going on. And you know, even with our walk downtown reaches out to depressing stuff.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:20
So there’s nothing locally, nothing

Unknown Speaker 1:14:23
was wrong, it

Unknown Speaker 1:14:24
would be pulling you along. But really, it’s mostly seven right now, as far as that might that I did go to some places in different places and then the museum that I got the area from they had a wonderful room by room tour their long history museum and and you know how to get there and so it’s just really nice. I had no idea what caused

Unknown Speaker 1:14:57

Unknown Speaker 1:15:00
He says, it’d be good to see you. Thank you very much. That is amazing. Other business. So. Alright.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:15
Moving on, do we have any other business to discuss?

Unknown Speaker 1:15:22
I just have one comment, I’m going to start sending out a note about a week before the board meeting for agenda items. So if you have anything that you just get back to me, and if I don’t hear anything, I’m just going to move on. So

Unknown Speaker 1:15:37
I do appreciate supposing I can prove that

Unknown Speaker 1:15:47
it gives me a chance to

Unknown Speaker 1:15:50
do well, it was like, you know, yesterday afternoon soon enough for you. I’m trying to get about earlier, but it’s, it’s difficult. The Munis stuff doesn’t tighten up until, you know, the end of the first week of the month. So the financial stuff is, it’s hard to do any earlier than that. Sure.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:09
I thought it was helpful.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:14
Yes, and I say paper and write it and earlier, it’s better than later in the evening. But you know, if we can get it in the afternoon, that would be great. And then that dad can just be better off.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:35
I will keep trying to get out my mid afternoon the day. sooner if I can. The weeks were the second Wednesday and early in the month. It’s harder. If the financial stuff just doesn’t take it move city to foods. I did almost all that before going to vacation. And then it was all

Unknown Speaker 1:16:54
I had to do it. To your head. Yeah, got it. Okay. So on the future. Did anybody else have any comments? Yep. Can we go ahead and add them actually on here? I should probably email us back

Unknown Speaker 1:17:16
so that we keep them on their radar. Okay, like so so we can put the manager pictures, pictures and scrapbook. We can include that planting the bed around the permanent sign will occur and may even listed for the annual present passport members tea schedule for roofers to put into planning that will begin to meet those things that it just kind of puts it out there on our radar. And let’s get to that. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:18:18
I’m sorry.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:19
So that’s actually that’s very helpful.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:22
In the minutes we talked about earlier. That’s probably a future meeting agenda item. How they should be written.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:31
How do we incorporate the customers report in minutes without? I’ve got it? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:18:37
I’m not sure it needs to be at all. I’ve got my assault cycle back.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:44
I’ll email this to y’all incorporation report without aside from Oh, I know that we have that you’re getting the pricing on it.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:13
I’m sorry. I didn’t hear anything on the web.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:15
So the brochure

Unknown Speaker 1:19:16
brochure. Yes. So it’s, it’s going to be printed as as we

Unknown Speaker 1:19:21
put it together, right.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:23
We Karen, I was going to call you back about

Unknown Speaker 1:19:25
the car. Karen can I continue to do research? I found it. I’ll send you the link. I did all that research to Carrington up to two and it’s like no information,

Unknown Speaker 1:19:45
your model so I will send it to you. I found that that was what it said they use the reverse You’re gonna slow it down or something. I’ll find it that’s what you’re

Unknown Speaker 1:20:05
taught never to do. Well

Unknown Speaker 1:20:13
I forget what exactly what I do

Unknown Speaker 1:20:17
respect to the car respective counting

Unknown Speaker 1:20:21
perspective car. Yeah, it was doing

Unknown Speaker 1:20:25
it through.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:26
I forget I forget exactly what I was using it. They were using it to do something related to driving it. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 1:20:34
all right. Okay, so we’re good. All right.