LHA Board Meeting – October 19, 2021

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LHA Board Meeting – October 19, 2021

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Unknown Speaker 0:03
Let’s go ahead. And there’s another Jamie. Start with pledge. All right. But let’s go ahead and call the lhg. Just for one board to let you board for questions for the commissioners to order. And welcome everybody. Let’s go ahead and start with roll call to the secretary. Okay, so if not, we can just go ahead and say our names. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 0:32
Do we have so right here? Probably questions in here. Susie Dumbo here. Marcia Martin. Here, John. Thank you very much, Julius. And tomatoes, and staff. Carol Dominguez. Here, Karen. Roni. Molly O’Donnell here. And then Kendra Daniels, and Lisa. Alright, great.

Unknown Speaker 1:12
So let’s go ahead and just turn the time over to our executive director, and then do a presentation or whatever it is we’re going to talk about tonight. Much walk us through it.

Unknown Speaker 1:24
I think you need to first thing is we need to review and approval of the July 3, I don’t have a copy to the agenda. I don’t have a computer. It’s just a thorough review and approval of July 13. August 24 2021 minutes.

Unknown Speaker 1:41
Thank you. Motion to approve two minutes. Anyone object to vote at the same time? Theoretically, I’d order but we vote on the same time. All right. I moved. Alright. We have a motion on the floor to move by Councilman reliable varying seconded by Mayor by Polly Christiansen to approve the July 13. And August 24 minutes. All in favor say aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. Motion carries unanimously. Let’s go ahead and do any public hearing want to talk? Staff or public want to talk? You can? No. All right. We’ll go ahead and close public invited we heard was come on with do business. Harold, you want to want to tell us what each of these items

Unknown Speaker 2:27
are called the first item is resolution Oh Ha 2021 Dash six, resolution to approve submission of application to CDBG program to complete security measures at the suites apartments. You want to give a quick overview.

Unknown Speaker 2:43
Yeah. So that’s for about a Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design or acceptance survey that our crime free multi housing program conducted at the suites, they determined that there are trees and shrubs that had grown up and recovering windows and doors and blocking security, lighting, etc. So they recommended that those things be trimmed up. And we did get several quotes for that. And in researching because of budgetary concerns, researching CDBG and CDBG eligible, so we asked the LED to submit an application and are recommending that for funding which you’ll be getting seeing that on the city council agenda on the 26th should be coming to you. But this is to after kind of after the fact approve the submission you should have gotten approval before it’s so good crap, approving submission of the application. And then authorizing acceptance of the grant and authorizing the executive director to sign the agreements and all the

Unknown Speaker 3:56
and good motion for approval of resolution 2021 Dash 167

Unknown Speaker 4:01
has been moved by Dr. Waters second by Councilman remarquer. Actually, I chair a board member Commission Commissioner mark the mistake was go first names. But anyway, anybody want to offer debate? No. All right. All in favor of resolution. Oh Ha 22 106. say aye. Aye. Opposed say nay? All right. The resolution carries unanimously was quantified the resolution lhg 22. And one so seven year old. Guarantee.

Unknown Speaker 4:33
Yes, you bet. So this is so we’re asking the LNJ board commissioners to approve this agreement between the LE j and the city of Loveland to administer what we’re calling the locally funded voucher program. So is counsel may recall. This is a recommendation that came from our homeless solutions for Boulder County Housing exits team, where we were are identifying a lot of different ways to get to 250 additional units that we will make available for folks that are texting homelessness into into stable permanent housing. What are those strategies was for the local governments to contribute what we call locally, funding, contribute money so that we could have, we could basically ask the LGA to operate a locally funded doctoral program similar to how they operate the that the tenant based voucher program through HUD, we found identified and set aside 215,000 That was a set aside from the human service agency funds to fund this because this would be an ongoing expense. And we are looking at housing around again 12. Households in in a combination of the leases at the private apartments, we could have up to seven units at the Brentwood apartments that we can fund through this, these dollars. And the rest of the funding would be through working with private landlords to pay them for, again, four units for the again for up to 12 individuals. So this is the IGA that outlines all of that and and then it counts. If the commissioners adopts this tonight, then we will bring this back to the city council to to adopt next Tuesday,

Unknown Speaker 6:44
October. Motion to approve question. Yeah. Just for her commission.

Unknown Speaker 6:55
Does this include everyone, not just nowadays, but also similar?

Unknown Speaker 7:03

Unknown Speaker 7:04
it’s basically adults. So it’s single adults, either individuals or couples, but it does not. It’s not for families. So again, this is for adults who are involved in the homeless solutions. This is not family housing.

Unknown Speaker 7:24
Resolution 20 2107.

Unknown Speaker 7:29
Okay. All right. Move throughout resolution Lhh 20 2007 has been Moved by Councillor Commissioner Christiansen second by Commissioner pack. Anybody want to say anything? Debate? No. All right. All in favor say aye. Aye. Opposed say nay.

Unknown Speaker 7:46
All right. Can I ask a question? Those been taken down? I wouldn’t change my vote. Perfect. Let’s

Unknown Speaker 7:53
put in. Yeah. So the Motion carries unanimously.

Unknown Speaker 7:57
Just does that what does this bring us to in terms of vouchers? This this is added to the LH a portfolio vouchers, right? These 12 units? Yeah, we’re not

Unknown Speaker 8:09
mixing them. Like what’s the total number we? So I still remember that we are brothers, how many we have in this? How many authorized? So we have what 400? And?

Unknown Speaker 8:25
Oh, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 8:27
we’re about 402. Right now.

Unknown Speaker 8:30
This one is 414.

Unknown Speaker 8:33
So part of that. So Kendra, kind of work on this. So I think technically, we’re authorized up to 508 vouchers. But you made it you don’t get vouchers. And so we think that we think based on what HUD rules are in terms of the money you hold, unless it’s changed, we kind of landed on around 420 ish for 20 years been fully funded in vouchers. And just because of the amount of money you have to hold in order to have that cushion in case the rates go up. So if that puts it in perspective.

Unknown Speaker 9:11
Alright, this was a simple one resolution Lhh 20, from one away to probably the middles neighborhood.

Unknown Speaker 9:19
If I can just I need to explain this one a little bit, because we had a resident who was wrongfully terminated by the prior administration and HCV program. And during that they were wrongly charged for the tenant for full rent at one of their managed properties. We can’t reinstate the voucher retroactively incorrect or collect the rent from HUD. And so since this is an LE J error, it was determined and what was incorrectly charged and we need to write that off on our books.

Unknown Speaker 9:56
Write in questions. All right. So Monica Hoshi For LH a 22 one I should wait. Alright, just move by councilmember or sorry Commissioner Peck seconded by Commissioner waters, saying no debate on favorable resolution Lhh 2021 Dash awaits a light. Post a name. Alright, LJ 20 2108. That resolution passes unanimously on old business, I guess six days review and discuss goals from from the from the retreat. Give me for the retreat, or it’s my guess my question is, is that discussion better made? In three weeks? Meaning on gone? She’s gone. Aaron could be done. You’re gonna have potentially one of the two current commissioners is the chair, the mayor. I mean, we talk about goals. But we I mean, the three of us might be completely in alignment with them in a change.

Unknown Speaker 10:58
There is no, this is the Housing Authority goals from the retreat. And

Unknown Speaker 11:06
presumably, it would be better from a decision making capacity to do that. But I for one would like anything a brief report from the city. I hope you’d be worried working on what’s buildable, what approaches through the six properties we’re looking at? I’d love to know and not have to wait.

Unknown Speaker 11:30
That’s fine. So that was saying that it’s gonna, you’re gonna hear the same here? Yep. You know, and I don’t know about anybody else. But I’m not going to be I’m not going to be here. I got five minutes for you. I’ll give you five minutes. Let’s see, let’s let’s talk five minutes to the presentation.

Unknown Speaker 11:52
So this is really, so a couple, you know, a couple things. So hopefully, you had a chance to review in your packet. So what we what we did bring together. And our intent tonight was just was to indicate here are the goal areas that we developed based on the conversation that we had at the July retreat, we have had the conversation with the Longmont Housing Authority Advisory Board, they’ve given us some input. These are not ready for primetime. So but what we we did want to just get input from the council about are, are we headed in the right direction based on the conversation we had in July. And that then deed we would bring back, we will refine these and bring these back with metrics. Because of your lies Commissioner waters in how does it pass your your task for what is a what’s a good goal? What are metrics? So, so we wanted to get the really get the input about his disease capture what you would call and what you think we need to be focusing on. And then we were going to refine this and and bring it back for adoption by the Board of Commissioners, the new Board of Commissioners, so So if there are if there is direction that you could provide us tonight, or any comments, that would be helpful in our retirement, that would be fabulous. And if there are questions that Harold wants to just take to talk about some of the property development because that is one of the goals, as you see in here in terms of rental housing development, so if you want to comment on that, that’d be great.

Unknown Speaker 13:31
So obviously, on the on the six properties, Chrisman was the first one, and because we were already working on that, and that’s going to be roughly 98 units keep forgetting that number 8383 to 49 or 100%, our findability below 50%. Affordable. The other remaining units, we did a mixed income component on that. So those would be 70 80% Ami, you all approve that we’re still working through some of the issues on that one, because obviously with construction costs today the gap has gotten larger. And so we’re trying to work to figure out how we can close that gap and finish the financing. Some of that’s going to be dependent. We talked to a partner we’re working on this with this NGL they get some really they had some good conversations with the banks and so the reworking the performance for us to actually see what that’s going to be the other project that’s in the hopper, sunset heights and that element at the suites they put in for tax credits. Last time they didn’t get the tax credits. We’re going to be putting they’re going to be putting in again in February. And hopefully we get those tax credits to finish that project. The The next area that we need to look at is the hoper Ellijay property that we own over adjacent to the lodge in the Hearthstone. And that’s the one that we talked to you all about the primarily family housing. Another one, and this is probably going to be a joint project as we look at this, and it’s going to be somewhat dependent on the Costco project and the work but the nine acres there, and how we can create. And obviously, this came out of a trip that we made to Pebble where we looked at the indie dwell and doing some kind of combination of an Indiegogo type thing or a, an indie dwell and thinking less. So you have a mixed income neighborhood, they’re really focusing on family issues. And those are the four that are at the top of my list in terms of we’ve seen, because we know we have available land, I think we’re going to need to search for some partnerships for the remaining two projects. You know, I am kind of looking at how we can do something that’s firstly made in the partnership there with the transit station. And so this is going to dovetail the art room. So what you’re hear me talking about now, I think, are both in terms of how we’re looking at some of the funding components in this. And so that first name piece is on my mind as well. So that really how do we look for potentially another partner? And so that’s kind of where we are what we’re looking at.

Unknown Speaker 16:19
The other question that I had was the needs assessment, demand assessment? Do we have a plan for caring about how to get ahead? Is that going on? What’s the status of that?

Unknown Speaker 16:35
So I know that Molly, Kathy, Aaron, and Glenn, there’s a grant from Dola. So though, has a couple of grants right now, one of the grants is actually a planning grant to go and up and do a needs assessment, but also really look at what what the status of housing is in the entire community, what we’re seeing in different sectors within the community. And so Aaron briefed me today, she’s meeting with Malia and others on Friday, the biggest question I had on that is, do we have staff capacity? Because that’s going to be a big component of this. I think this is one of those because the timing and when it hit the grants due Monday, so I have to send the letter, but then we have to bring it back to Council for approval, but it really is getting it. What’s the need? What’s available? What are the different gifts. And that is ARPA funds from the state.

Unknown Speaker 17:37
So if if this grant is not forthcoming, doesn’t mean we won’t do it, and we will just be doing it by the seat of our pants are

Unknown Speaker 17:44
wanting to figure out a way. I mean, we have the other studies that we’ve done,

Unknown Speaker 17:52
that really look at different segments of the housing, of housing across our community, and this will update it, and really take that to, you know, updated wherever we go. Don’t miss anything. The Martian?

Unknown Speaker 18:11
Alright. Anybody else have anything else regarding that?

Unknown Speaker 18:15
What’s the most helpful feedback or input to you in terms of where you want to go with refining these or narrowing these and then turning them into actual goal statements?

Unknown Speaker 18:29
So I guess what I’d say is that the policy goals that we have in this document here is what we’re planning to move forward with. And we find unless you have other thoughts, or you say, you know, you need to do the, you know, you need to consider these additional goals, or maybe scale it back. But this is really what we pulled out of the discussion. And, and they did have a conversation with the advisory board that they thought they gave us some input. We talked to him a couple of times. And so generally speaking, are these the right goal areas, the right amount, and then we will come back with some refinements and Ensign metrics. So that’s what we’re looking for. Are we on the right path or are and do something else would be great?

Unknown Speaker 19:23
Well, that may be for a council. Member, right. But those are the right questions. I just wanted to make sure that

Unknown Speaker 19:37
sounds like you’re on the right path. It really does a lot of work. So I’m pretty excited about the different types of housing that you’re looking at and the types of people and raise single people. So we’re doing a better job of reaching the needs of the community without Okay.

Unknown Speaker 20:04
I would like to bring up something, although I don’t want to bring up anything new because as we said you know also did support the trailer, mobile home park, on Main Street, in buying a home. And now I’ve heard that there’s also, and I don’t know if that’s true, that they’re having trouble struggling. But I do think that it

Unknown Speaker 20:44
community that we helped is that because, yes,

Unknown Speaker 20:47
we know that they were working with

Unknown Speaker 20:51
you haven’t heard them for

Unknown Speaker 20:53
Okay. Well, I’m just saying that because mobile home parks have the largest subsidized low income country. That’s not really an overview of what perhaps we should think about how it’s being helpful. Because I tried to buy in this town by owner, which was part of a statewide initiative to do that. No. If there’s something we can do to be our support, will not work. Without it being out of the purview of policy

Unknown Speaker 21:46
was the weakest.

Unknown Speaker 21:49
Oh. I don’t know that that is in any shape? I don’t think it is. So

Unknown Speaker 22:02
it just to that question, I think I heard about that mobile home park is there were some rumors about snake came from Suzy about eminent domain? Oh, yeah. Were they but it was the same individual that we were having that we were counting on. There’s nothing there. That’s the only thing I’ve heard from there, but haven’t heard anything about it’s not working.

Unknown Speaker 22:26
Okay. as well. Yeah. Is that the same old party? Not guilty? Back alone? Okay, okay.

Unknown Speaker 22:39
All right. Now, let’s go ahead, and then we’ll file changes we’ll review those changes.

Unknown Speaker 22:46
Yeah, so this is a you count by the commissioners provided some direction to to staff at your last meeting, that we should change the bylaws that that the Mayor Pro Tem would automatically serve as the Vice Chair of the Board of Commissioners. So based on that direction, those are the changes that we included in the bylaws and we would just need a formal adoption of those.

Unknown Speaker 23:17
Right now, Marsha, Commissioner Chairman Bagley made the motion. Commissioner Martin. seconded the motion all in favor say aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. Right. The bylaw changes are approved unanimously held your comments regarding vacancy finances and property, please.

Unknown Speaker 23:43
Yeah, so kinder. We’ll jump in on vacancy, age receivables financials. And then we will jump into property reports. I think one of the things operationally that we’re dealing with, that I didn’t want to talk about in this case, is there are times where we’re having issues with individuals, and individuals that are disrupting the entire living environment. And so we are having to go through the processes that that we’re allowed to go through in order to deal with those situations. And so I can’t get into the specifics in this environment. But I know that there are a few that you may get contacted on. But it really is about behavior issues and behaviors that are disrupting a living environment for everyone else. And so we’re going through the process that we need to go through to reconcile or to manage those situations. For those of you that were part of the Housing Authority prior to the city, taking it over, many of the same. We’re dealing with many of the same provisions. The reason I’m bringing that up to you is because I think what we found in asleep was a great example of this when We talked to Sarah and when we get the reports for calls of service and things like that, the reports are drastically different than what they were six months ago. And it really took us coming in and building accountability into the system. And really setting the expectations for what it’s like and what you need to do to live in a multifamily housing project and, and how you need to live with other people in. And what we’re finding is we’re having to do the same thing in other areas. Because if not, I think we will end up going down the same path that we’re in a sweet spot down. And so we are taking a pretty firm stance on behaviors. And you know, what our expectations are, and in the facilities that we’ve wrapped, because at the end of the day, we want people to live in an environment where they can feel safe, they can enjoy the environment that they’re in. And it’s it’s not disruptive. And obviously, there’s many more components to this. But we are going to have to deal with some issues. Tangentially connected to that. We’ve had two units that have tested positive for one of those, we got feedback for the remediation. Karen just gave me the number $80,000. And we know we have another question. And so when we talk, so when we talk about accountability, and these other things, we know we need to get with Sarah very quickly and kind of figure out what we can do. It’s hard with math. I know. Mr. Christiansen in Commissioner waters when they were in the throes of this during the transition, it’s a significant issue. And so that’s where the accountability has to come in. So we can manage the problems because when we look at that, we get roughly what 50% Of the remediation getting group, or 75. From insurance.

Unknown Speaker 27:17
I mean, it’s we I, as far as I know, we get everything that the deductible. So

Unknown Speaker 27:22

Unknown Speaker 27:23
I just saw words. And so it’s a significant cost for this and and it’s a time issue now, too. So the double hit is now you have to remediate. Now you have the increased costs. And based on where the supply chains are in the system, it takes forever to get those opened up, and then you’re losing rent. And so then it’s a revenue hit for us to enter pro forma. And so we’re gonna circle back up and see what we’re going to do. I know, Sarah Hardy was working with the scene, there’s a company out of South Africa or Australia, that

Unknown Speaker 28:01
was she costs here in

Unknown Speaker 28:05
New Zealand, that’s actually creating a meth detector, or testing it. And so we don’t know if it’s real or not, but we’re gonna have to start tracking this stuff down because it’s too disruptive. And it’s too expensive. And we’ve been fortunate that in the cases that we’ve had to deal with them that they haven’t had a share H vac system. If you have it or you have a shared HR system, then you’re now dealing with multiple humans. And so that’s something that we’re that we’re getting into again, and again, once we’ve once we dig into it, we’re gonna hold individuals accountable for our behaviors, corporate governance. And we need to continue down that road.

Unknown Speaker 28:48
Which property on the two way a lot of this

Unknown Speaker 28:51
leads in on that aspect?

Unknown Speaker 28:53
So are they I don’t know much about that. But are they actually looking stuff in there in there?

Unknown Speaker 29:02
Oh, it’s smoking, smoking. So most of them are smoking and when you get the higher test results, it’s they tend to smoke it. If they if they’re shooting it up, you tend to get the high results. And but those that shoot up tend to be further down the road in terms of their addiction than those that are smoking. But it really isn’t smoking. When we had to do an eviction. We went into the bathroom and there were meth pipes all over the bathroom and unfortunately for there in that location it didn’t test hot so they must have been either outside or doing minimal or with the window open or some things like that but it’s a big issue

Unknown Speaker 29:50
doesn’t have an election that pipes

Unknown Speaker 29:56
people from them

Unknown Speaker 30:00
Well, I don’t know if we do

Unknown Speaker 30:03
this position, Eskimos neighborhood, we have definitely mutual rescission,

Unknown Speaker 30:09
making it where they go on the street. Yeah, I mean, or they go to another apartment complex or Yeah, you know, it’s, it’s dependent on the individual. And, you know, honestly, the one in Aspen Meadows was a much larger issue, those are individual units. And they were causing problems for the entire property. And we did have significant criminal issues, and we were dealing with there too. And so I heard somebody talking about cameras, and what we do, there’s a reason we have to do this. Because it really is about accountability at locations. And it’s not just there. I mean, the other day, I think I told some of you Oh, it was either cat or Lisa said, we had to pull a marijuana plant out in the community garden and Fall River. And, and because these are federally funded, they’re drug free. And so you don’t have the tolerance in there. And it’s just, I definitely see the challenges that operationally they were dealing with. And I think we’re lucky that we actually have the team in place, because we’re able to put the resources in and really dig in and only see it pretty quickly in this, but we talked about it, we probably got to get more aggressive. Otherwise, you know, this really, a math issue is what created a significant financial issue for the suites that really kind of set their financials off kilter, because they have so many units that were vacant, and they had to put money in for security. And it just just started, and you can’t let it get to that point.

Unknown Speaker 32:02
We have a really good a family unit, a three bedroom, as I’m called, was a three bedroom unit, Eskimos neighborhood, this isn’t the same unit. It’s not the same. Yeah, it is a three bedroom. Well, let me go to the studs.

Unknown Speaker 32:24
I don’t think it doesn’t tie into the suites, which

Unknown Speaker 32:27
I know that it was confined to just a couple of rooms, as opposed to taking the entire apartment down instead, which is for the other one.

Unknown Speaker 32:36
I know we have quite a few rooms that are higher numbers.

Unknown Speaker 32:39
So you see it more aggressive, absent some method, which we’ve been talking about for years. Maybe there was one in New Zealand? Like, if not, what’s the what’s the

Unknown Speaker 32:53
base accountability is it’s understanding what I mean. And this is where I mean, we’ve got a really good set of property managers. And that’s really the key in the work that Lisa’s doing with the property manager. And it’s really being intuitive in terms of what’s happening in the community, when you get a sense of what’s happening in the community, you start looking into it, it’s about those same 48 hour notices, for inspections, you know, not repeating what happens, this leads, but we can pose 48 hour notices for inspections, if necessary. It’s really working with public safety, and following up on what we’re seeing in terms of reports coming in and utilizing public safety as a resource if needed. And it’s just paying attention and dealing with it when you see it. And, and dealing with it quickly. Because you’re right. I mean that there’s so much you can do but it’s when you’re you can tend to see and the residents are talking to our community managers now. And that’s probably the most significant difference today versus when we came in, we’re getting a lot of communication from the residents in is taking that communication and then act because if you don’t do that it’ll it’ll get out from under us and hurt people or you’re just disagreement. You know, those are those are the challenges right now.

Unknown Speaker 34:19
Because they’re wraparound services whether they’re Do you can you question for your team search people or make them turn in

Unknown Speaker 34:40
so I saw I mean if there’s right or whatever Yeah, I think you know so so to the commissioners questions is that we don’t have the magic answer yet. And, but we know that we need to, as Harold mentioned that We really need to, I think, you know, amp up when when things do come to our attention, how do we take appropriate action, legal action? And so that we can can really get on top of it? We don’t have the answer yet, we just know that we really need to, we really need to be more, I guess, aggressive when when we when we notice when there are signs and behaviors that come to our attention? Can we really need to act on that? Quickly? And legally? Of course, of course.

Unknown Speaker 35:39
So that’s why we say cocaine searches. I mean, they have a right to their property. And that’s why under fair housing laws, you have to issue a 48 hour notice. And you have to go through those processes. And so it’s a little bit different to that world. And so yeah, it’s a tougher path. But you have to do it, and we’ve done it successfully when we needed to do it. It just takes time and effort in that process and focus. Yeah, focus. And I think the thing it comes across very harsh in what they’re saying. And I think it comes across as uncaring. And with regard to other other things, the term compassionate compliance, but there’s a point where it has to come to the end when you’re dealing with multifamily resident with any other tenants. And, you know, it’s not easy going in, when you’re doing an eviction, and you’re literally removing somebody stuff. And I think most of us have participated in doing it. But it’s what you have to do for the entire residential unit. And otherwise, we will end up back in position.

Unknown Speaker 36:52
The other the other tenants are good kids need to feel secure, and that you’re going to protect them as well. And that no other influences override. So I did that. You had mentioned a couple of months ago about eating more case managers, etc sweets, or it would be nice to have or house mental health partners working for you.

Unknown Speaker 37:25
So two questions. Yeah, they did hire the joint case manager for the suites lodge in Hearthstone. That’s actually the senior services to the other question, trying to think how to answer so i.

Unknown Speaker 37:45
So I think so yeah, so we did, we did hire, her name is Melinda sir CEO. And she is. So she’s spending, again, part time at the suites and part time and Hearthstone part time at the lodge. And so we have new continued to strengthen our relationship with the case manager for Mental Health Partners. That is, isn’t the sweet. So we have regular weekly meetings, we have monthly meetings, Melinda is is going to be on site the same time that the mental health case manager is on site. So we are really working, really building that relationship so that we can really provide support. And that’s really

Unknown Speaker 38:38
good. It’s also needed for you, you know, to be able to have somebody there that’s picking up that side of the load. So

Unknown Speaker 38:47
yeah, she’s, yeah, she’s been here, three weeks, two weeks, three weeks, and is making a huge difference

Unknown Speaker 38:55
so far. Well, Michelle, and Brandi and all the senior services, I mean, and the partnership with the property managers. And so I think operationally, that’s a big change, too. And then the partnership with those folks and leasing the property managers, but then also partnership with the maintenance folks. So there’s really now a true team that’s kind of working and you’re seeing the results of that next credit. folks over here,

Unknown Speaker 39:24
all those folks. In terms of the budget and occupancy rates for the last few years, at least as long as I’ve been involved, we targeted a 97% occupancy rate to make the financials work. And I see it for the last four months. We haven’t there hasn’t been a month and we bet 97 Is that the same number we use quote individually here is

Unknown Speaker 39:54
we did 97 We based it on a three

Unknown Speaker 39:57
year average consumer rates for this for 2021. I do believe in 2022 98 or 96% 96%, what was what was the three year average? It was different for every property. So I do relative percentage just Deathrite went through each property to get what the three year average was as far as vacancies, and that’s what we took. But I can definitely get you that information

Unknown Speaker 40:27
would be helpful to see that whatever that whatever that number was compared to the actuals. So we know where we’re going to have some idea of

Unknown Speaker 40:35
where we are falling behind. I think the difference was the number on actual performance versus theoretical performance, which is really helped us financially. That was probably the biggest shift.

Unknown Speaker 40:49
So putting just

Unknown Speaker 40:55
any other operations? That’s kinder and Lisa, I think they have age receivables, vacancy and financial reports. And then Lisa will do the proper equipment proper.

Unknown Speaker 41:15
Well, the first report provided was the availability report. So as to mention we’re at nine we’re sitting currently at 96%, occupied from August. Since this report, we’ve had actually two of our long term rentals been occupied. We have one record that’s been vacant for a year over at Aspen meadows, and that was occupied last week. And then one of the suites that’s been vacant property was occupied last week as well. I’m really pushing the team right now to get those units turned to get these moved in. So we can end the year and hoping for 98 by the end of the year.

Unknown Speaker 41:50
So the acid that is apartments, one that was held because of the was it partially because of renovations is like

Unknown Speaker 42:01
that, well, what was the eviction, it was like a skip eviction. And then we can get the furniture out because of COVID and habitat and then we can get a dumpster so it took a lot longer to get that one turn. But that one is now occupied

Unknown Speaker 42:19
just in terms of waitlists because I see we’re recording, shipping money, listen, keep him updated, what kind of what he was doing here, but just generally,

Unknown Speaker 42:30
the hearts and the language just closed. Last week, we got 43 new applicants on a waitlist, which will help us fill those vacancies, the PBV had over 100 I think. So that’s going to help her Fall River as a metal neighborhood. Honorable Lady

Unknown Speaker 42:52
though I received a couple of phone calls today from someone saying that they are in dire need to disabled people who’ve got the grandkids. Voucher and pass them on to you. Tell them, send them right in the fields from staff.

Unknown Speaker 43:13
So to give you a little background on the financial reports, the first report is the aging summary. What we did find out when we came on board is that a lot of the tenants accounts or incorrect. postings were wrong, whether it was rent was posted on the playground, we found rents for tenants on the wrong tenants as they begin to doubt. So we’re looking at every tenant record as we go along. So we started this process with the advisory board to kind of show the progress we’re making. On the on the receivable report, you’ll see what’s called a half subsidiaries systems. But that is we received money that we never charged them for. So we probably could overhead back. But what we’re finding is what was happening is they were posting rent incorrectly. And they were correcting on the tenant Ledger’s that they weren’t correcting what should have happened on ledger. So we’re getting those fixed. As you can see, within this one, we went from 23,000 to 16,000 with just some corrections that we had to make within this last month that we’re working on. You also see pre payments, which is really kind of a little odd for low income families to have all these pre payments, what’s happening there is they were applying hap payments to the tenant side. So we’d have so many anomalies going on but we have to look at every single tenant record and go back almost three years to find out when the anomaly happened. And the problem is that his accounting wasn’t involved. They pushed it down to the property managers that didn’t have any processes in place to to review and make sure that things were being done. Why correctly, collections were being done, you’re probably going to see, within the next couple months, we may have to write off a lot, because there are a lot of past tenants that have balances on their account that we never called the bad debt policy. We never did collections, and that type of thing. So we’ll have to let we’re looking at those one by one to see exactly if we need to write him off or if it was posted incorrectly, and what adjustments he needs. So that kind of gives you this but it is a lot of records that is very slow. I mean, each record can take almost up to two hours just trying to review because we have to review it, then we have to reach out to the property managers to get the certification letters, what certification letter to have, show us what the actual net should have been. So that we have source documentation for when we actually make these corrections as well. So that’s where this first report started. Does anybody have any questions on that? Nope. The next, the advisory board wanted to see both the balance sheet and the income statements. So on a monthly basis, we do this for now not so

Unknown Speaker 46:10
hard copies that are a little larger than anyone

Unknown Speaker 46:14
know. So So on a monthly basis, we do this for all of the properties on a quarterly basis. lmha. financials are much more on a quarterly basis, we’re hoping to get to a monthly basis, but we haven’t got there yet. So this will show you pretty much the balance sheet. What you know, they have unrestricted cash, which usually they’re operating and they have restricted cash, which is usually any type of reserve account, or security deposits. mostly been your receivable is, is basically tenant receivable, along with liabilities, payables and equity. If you move to the income statement, we tried to do kind of a summarization. So you don’t have to see the full income statement. You know, what we budget for admin expenses, 10, expenses, utilities, and so forth. For all the properties with the exception of the suites and village clicks, we’re actually have a large net income right now based on what’s budgeted. So we’re actually sitting pretty for a lot of properties. The one with the suites is a lot of that is based on the insurance claims we have. So we have a lot of expenses right now that we haven’t received insurance for village place, and we have the same situation where we have also reserve replacements where maybe the water heater went down with the boiler or we did the security system, where you’re going to see the expense, but it’s actually being paid. And it’s only a cash transaction because we’re requesting reserve replacements for that particular expense. But we’ll show greater expense and we will show income on this on the statement because it’s basically just a cash transaction. So that’s kind of where everything sits. We also have a lot of reasonable accommodations happening at Village place, which has also increased the costs which is not necessarily a replacement request

Unknown Speaker 48:27
in senior buildings.

Unknown Speaker 48:30
So that’s kind of where we started with the advisory board. If there’s other stuff that you would like to see please let me know what. I’m providing Informatica,

Unknown Speaker 48:48
she does partially f8. I’m just going to hit on a few. This week’s the residents have to form their own yoga class on the weekend. And so the manager comes and kind of just keeps an eye on it what’s going on, but they have about 15 residents that are now participating in that village place we actually had a new manager start last Friday, haven’t Sanderson he’s taking the reins. The residents are loving it loving him. They’re really getting to know him come down visiting with him and he’s making a presence and they’re happy. They’re very happy with it right now. Spring Creek we got the mold test results back and those were negatives. The Hearthstone watch we had their waitlist open as we discussed. And we are still looking for an assistant manager and maintenance tech and Housing Choice Doctor specialist. Any questions

Unknown Speaker 49:46
you could ask me else alright, let’s go on to any commissioner comments.

Unknown Speaker 49:57
I do have here I provided using input from asking those residents about wanting

Unknown Speaker 50:04
to get with them, that’s all I was.

Unknown Speaker 50:08
So it would be good to circle back and let them know that it’s not been ignored. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 50:16
So they don’t like puzzles.

Unknown Speaker 50:25
Whoever made the decisions about wallhangings I think was probably trying to send real positive messages with what we were doing wallhangings And it’s just been interpreted in a particular way by residence that was not intended in terms of the law, humans, but there’s just a history there. And I think it’d be just good to sit and listen to him and

Unknown Speaker 50:50
the guy’s gonna try to reach out ask some questions, and that just got caught up.

Unknown Speaker 50:57
Right. Let’s go ahead and get a motion to adjourn. So moved by water. Say goodbye to Mr. Beck. On favor say aye. Aye. Motion passed unanimously.