“Who Do You Know ??” – Susie Larson, Owner/Founder at Barter West with Ginny

Video Description:
What is Susie Larson’s Barter West? What is a Barter Exchange? How do you keep your cash?

What is a Trading Example? https://youtu.be/sFWCXZD0V64
Why Barter? https://youtu.be/rB33VR6YIyU
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Businesses large and small – massage therapists, restaurants, start-up businesses, AirBNB lodging, real estate agents, doctors, personal care, entertainment & travel – are utilizing barter to expand their customer base, get what they need for their business, all while conserving their cash. Our goal is for you to survive, stay in business, conserve your cash, and continue to thrive and expand.
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