City Council Regular Session – August 10, 2021

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City Council Regular Session – August 10, 2021

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Unknown Speaker 8:56
I would like to call the August 10 2021 woman city council regular session meeting to order Can we start with the roll call?

Unknown Speaker 9:04
Mayor Bagley here council members Christiansen here. He double fairing here, Martin. Here. Peck Rodriguez, waters your pledge. All right. Just a quick reminder,

Unknown Speaker 9:33
the public. Strider is the only person speaking in public invited. We heard that signed up if anybody else wants on, you need to sign up before actually I don’t even see anybody from the public. Other than two. So we’re 330 percent of you have signed up. Do you want to sign up? Do you want to sign up, sir? All right. We’re good. All right. Officer want to say something? No, you’re good. All right. Well, thanks for being here. All right. Do we have a motion to adjourn? Through the minutes of July 27 2021, regular session meeting. It’s been Moved by Councillor Christiansen. Seconded seconded by Councilmember waters. All in favor say aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. All right, passes unanimously. Don’t know what you gotta do, Don when we’re out shooting the system there but could make note that’d be great. All right, integer agenda revisions or submission of documents for our dearly absent leader. All right. So Eugene, just let Harold know that we’re all good for now. Yeah, we’re making it easy for him. Harold does not have an update. He’s not here. Do you have any special reports of presentation city managers now we don’t know. Okay, great. All right. Let’s go on to first call public invited to be heard Mr. Strider Benson. The time is yours My friend. Mayor Pro Tem will record your time but it is yours. Got all that say I can’t turn on that mic. So you got to hit the button. Okay, I

Unknown Speaker 11:04
can mute you but striker benched and 951 was seven teeth long on coupler particular particulars. I may have mentioned last week, my buddy Jimmy Collier, who got me out of jail on my 21st birthday at midnight. His birthday was on the second mine’s on the 21st. So I didn’t realize until years later is 19 days older than me. There’s so much going on. Now the republican party has almost always called itself the party of smaller local government. But what they’re doing from the state level, is banning local government and people from keeping their children alive and trying to, like have mass score vaccinations in the public schools, especially in Florida, and Texas, and wherever else that can get that go. And you’re probably gonna see prosecutions of people. The military is gonna get vaccine next month on the fires. We finally after 10 years of having infrastructure week, every week, now there’s almost a beginning bill that will begin to address some of the no infrastructure collapse in this country. That’s one of the reasons we’ve fallen behind 20 or 30 countries in the world in terms of trains and pollution and all kinds of other stuff. There. Let me just close out, you know, at 15 years ago, one of my first times I ever spoke a council I mentioned we other start rolling in electric vehicles in the city fleet. And here we are, and cut it could have started many years ago, but whatever. This Thursday, the city of Boulder is gonna dedicate their city City Hall building to name it for penfield Tate I knew Penn quite well. And I wrote the eulogy for him in the daily camera and just terrific and strong person. You’d always know him by this handlebar mustache Now many people have worn those in the last 100 years and pen knows so cool and marry and, and wearing that. And he he tried to help slow growth and develop mentors and environmentalists kind of ganged up on naming and setting all of us have NIST let’s have all of these outside things as long as it’s rich white folks, so we can let it there are kind of people we can let them in the city. And that’s kind of what you’re seeing in the whole governmental thing. I appreciate Longmont I think you’re doing the right attitude in trying to take on what’s going on locally. And oh my gosh, thank you so much. Let’s get rid of the filibuster that was used to prevent lead, lead slow legislation for 100 years that it was okay to kill people without a trial. Thanks Mr.

Unknown Speaker 15:06
Benz. Thank you appreciate it. Alright, let’s

Unknown Speaker 15:09
go ahead and move on to the consent we’ll conclude first call public invited to be heard. Can we go on to the consent agenda introduction or reading by title of first reading ordinances?

Unknown Speaker 15:20
Mayor item nine a is ordinance 2021 dash 39. A bill for an ordinance making additional appropriations for expenses and liabilities of the city of Longmont for the fiscal year beginning January 1 2021. public hearing and second reading scheduled for August 24 2021. Nine B is ordinance 21 dashboard. A bill for an ordinance authorizing the city of Longmont to lease a real property known as Vance brand, Municipal Airport hangar parcel h 65. To Romeo Charlie LLC, public hearing and second reading scheduled for August 24 2021. Nine C is ordinance 2021 dash 41. A bill for an ordinance authorizing the city of lamarque to lease the property known as Vance brand Municipal Airport hangar parcel h 66. To Romeo Charlie LLC, public hearing and second reading scheduled for August 24 2021 90. Is resolution 2021 dash 87. a resolution of the Longmont city council approving the intergovernmental agreement between the city and the United States of America for an airport rescue grant at the Vance brown Municipal Airport. 90 is resolution 2021 dash 88 a resolution of the Longmont city council approving a second amendment to the intergovernmental agreement between the city and Boulder County the city and county of Broomfield, the city of Boulder the city of Lafayette the city of Lewisville, the town of Erie, and the town of superior for an expansion of the hazardous hazardous materials management facility. Nine F is resolution 2021 dash 89 a resolution of Longmont city council approving the intergovernmental agreement between the city of Longmont and the Colorado Department of Public Safety for the emergency management performance grant. Nine G is resolution 2021 dash 90 a resolution along with City Council approving the intergovernmental agreement between the city and Boulder County to conduct and administer the 2021 coordinated election to be held on November 2 2021. Nine H is resolution 2021 dash 91 a resolution of the Longmont city council approving the intergovernmental agreement between the city and weld county for weld county to conduct coordinated elections.

Unknown Speaker 17:14
Alright, thank you. We’ve already asked been asked to pull nine a Does anyone want it? Does anyone have anything else to pull? johnsburg Christiansen. I’m second Caspar Christiansen

Unknown Speaker 17:29
now I don’t have anything to pull. I was just going to move we move the consent agenda minus item a second.

Unknown Speaker 17:37
Alright. It’s been Moved by Councillor Christiansen seconded by Councilmember waters All in favor of the consent agenda minus a sigh. I Aye. Opposed say nay. All right, the consent agenda minus or less a passes unanimously. Let’s go on to ordinances and second reading and public hearings on the following matters 10 A ordinance 2021 37 a bill for an ordinance amending chapter 14.04 section four point 14.0 4.160 and 14.0 4.17 out of the Longmont municipal code on system development fees to provide for the redevelopment of single family homes to multifamily dwelling units. I don’t think we have a presentation doing all right. It’s fairly clear in the packet I thought to have motion. Actually, let’s go ahead and ask if there’s anybody in the public. We’re going to go ahead and open it for public hearing at this time. Is there anyone who would like to speak? Alright, see, no one will go ahead and close the public hearing. Can I have a motion please? Alright, it’s been moved by Dr. Waters. It was seconded by Councilmember pack on favor ordinance 10. ACI Aye. Opposed say nay. All right. ordinance 2020 2021 dash 37 passes unanimously. Let’s move on to item 10 b ordinance 2021 dash 38 a bill for an ordinance authorizing the city of Longmont to lease the Real Property known as Vance brand, Municipal Airport hangar parcel h 21. To Richard a hall. And I assume all he wants to speak cuz I don’t see anybody in a queue. Let’s go ahead and open it for public hearing. Would anyone like to speak on this issue? Alright, so you nobody was quiet and closed the public hearing? Can we have a motion? Yep. Councilman pack one.

Unknown Speaker 19:18
Thank you. I moved 20 ordinance 2021 dash 38. Second,

Unknown Speaker 19:22
it’s been Moved by Councillor pack and seconded by Councilmember Martin. And I also heard a distant second from Casper ridicul fairing be Java paying attention and getting in there. But we’ll go ahead and 30 with you. All right. So all in favor of ordinance 2021. desk 38. say aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. All right. 10 b ordinance. 2021 dash 38 passes unanimously. Let’s go back to 10 a, I’m sorry nine a buck waters times yours.

Unknown Speaker 19:50
Yeah. But hold on. Second. There you go.

Unknown Speaker 19:52
Thanks for sharing Bagley I just have a question about the the item having to do with the firehouses. So I’m not certain who is the best informant I think Jim saying Joanie is you got nominated Joanie or Sandy, why don’t you go ahead and ask your question and Well, well, I know that we’ve had in the in the in the delay to get the firehouses. A lot has changed since the 2018. Bond elections, the ballot question. And I and I know we’ve been involved in negotiating for properties and trying to get positioned but it from the description and from other conversations I, I just would like an update kind of where are we? We proposed one thing, I’m not certain I see a transfer or loan of, I think money from a fund to this fund, just kind of the Gestalt of where we are and what the timeline looks like going forward with the two firehouses working on

Unknown Speaker 20:53
Mayor Bagley, Councilmember waters. So we are currently looking at trying to complete both fire stations as scheduled and looking to add some additional funding through the budgeting process. Right now we’re getting some final construction pricing to do both stations so that we can kind of get a current estimate, as you know, the cost of labor and materials has escalated significantly. So we knew that we had a gap. And I wanted to say I think that gap most recently was about one and a half million dollars. So I believe that Jim and Harold have been able to look at the public improvement fund and some other ways to help bridge that gap. And we should have that pricing this week. And then the thing that we also have to consider is contractors aren’t holding that pricing for very long, so we’ll have to act quickly. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 21:44
Mayor Bagley mayor’s council Jim golden Chief Financial Officer, and I’ll just supplement what Joanie was saying, I think we’re not looking for this to be in the next budget process, we are looking to use dollars that we have generated here in 2021, from sales and use tax exceeding its, its budgeted amounts. And because of the fact that, again, it’s out to bid Currently, we need this money this year. We can’t wait till next year to do this. It’s $1.742 million, is the estimate that we’re working off of that is needed. And as Joanie said, it’s out to bid. So we’ll know what the real number is soon enough. But we need to have this appropriation in place to be able to accept those bids pretty much within 20 days of when we get them. So two weeks from tonight, you’ll be acting on this on second reading as well as a CRP amendment.

Unknown Speaker 22:38
Do you remember, you probably do just what our estimate was at the time of the bond. When we when we this the public approve this and in whatever that amount of money was, I’d have to go back and reconstruct it, but there was a percentage of that that was dedicated. This will be cash funding to go along with what we generated from the sale of bonds. This is correct. So I don’t have that number. All right. I it’s uh, I didn’t mean to surprise you with it. I just wanted the update. And I thought it was we were some public discussion.

Unknown Speaker 23:07
Well, Johnny, show me about $7.6 million. I certainly can check my own records to make sure but that’s about probably about what we had allotted for the two stations out of the bond issue. As you might recall, we had three separate questions. Yeah. And so we have to restrict the use of the funds to those individual questions. So these fire stations, more or less stood alone. And so they’re unable to look at any of the other funds from the bond that were approved for the other two questions. So in turn, we decided since we have this shortfall, and we wanted to move forward with the project that we thought we should utilize the sales tax that we have

Unknown Speaker 23:48
currently in the general there was going to be euro we had a shortfall in bond revenues and could cash fund this would be the year. This is the only. Thanks. You bet. And I guess the last part of that in terms of staying on schedule, when we when would we anticipate this the construction moving forward and having people in new digs?

Unknown Speaker 24:09
So the anticipated start date of the project will be November 1 of this year with the anticipated completion. Kerry has is July 15 2022.

Unknown Speaker 24:20
Yeah, very good. Thanks. Thank you. Oh, sorry, a one. Go ahead with that. I’ll move approval of ordinance 2021 dash 39. Alright, that’s

Unknown Speaker 24:31
been moved by Dr. Waters, seconded by Suzy Duggal fairing down there on the right. All in favor of passing 10 a sorry, nine a the consent agenda ordinates 2021 dash 39 say aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. All right, ordinance 2021 dash 39 passes unanimously on first reading. All right, so this might be a record. This could be a record ladies and gentlemen. So here we are the end of the meeting. There’s currently I’m guessing 716 officially and let’s go and open it for a final call public invite Have you heard

Unknown Speaker 25:10
that come on up

Unknown Speaker 25:12
you’re not in danger hurting our record so we’ll be we’ll be more than willing to

Unknown Speaker 25:16
have everybody No No sir top Well, I had an unfortunate incident happened to me today. I could you say your name and number or phone number I’m sorry, name and address. My name is Evan Dunn. I live at a 2816 Humboldt place. That’s my address. I I live here in Longmont. I am currently unfortunately, residing in my RV due to and had an unfortunate incident happened today where there was a mistake made by the police and code enforcement where I have both registered vehicle and a permitted vehicle and it was towed. So this impounded both my cat and my other cat who escaped apparently is still missing. This was been this has been a con going problem for over a year now. I’ve been victimized pretty heavily in this situation. My friend Curtis Russo, who used to address this council committed suicide last year over part of this incident and the COVID situation I inherited it as RV and have inherited his stuff with it. I’ve been trying to obviously move along like I’ve been told you need to get out of town basically being run out of town since the city ordinance was passed in June one I you know, I’ve got a stack of stuff to show this but what I wanted to get to finally is when my stuff was towed today my vehicle is damaged to the tune of after I lost my head to lose my job of debt I just got two days ago trying to get out of this again. I had to leave my job to go rescue my animal and my RV because I was being punitively towed for no reason they’ve I had a numerous conversations with the police today I talked to the watch commander I ended up getting my RV towed back on a technicality but it doesn’t repair the damage that has been done to my RV and has been done to my both my reputation and my life now so I’m trying to get out of this homelessness and i’ve i’ve been do I’ve done over 40 citations and tickets in this in the past six months alone. I mean I don’t see how I’m supposed to get out of this situation if I’m being constantly cited for I have I have multiple businesses on my side down there. I don’t I’m not one of the problems that you had before. So I mean I’ve lived here for 25 years and I became homeless not by my own accord unfortunately it was a bad situation a couple of years back but no I want to get out of this and I don’t know where to turn now I have nearly $15,000 the reliable damage done my transmission and transaxle on my on my RV Yeah, I got it back for free but that doesn’t excuse the fact that you know I my cat my art my animals been traumatized. I lost my job. I don’t know where to turn anymore. So I came up here after dealing with this for the past sneers eight hours until I just got my RV back in an hour and I’ll go and my cat. So I had to come up here and I needed to say something. Well, we appreciate you coming in saying Oh, thank you thank you.

Unknown Speaker 29:16
Under in your you can do it under yours because all right, let’s go ahead and close. final call public invited to be heard and move on to mayor and council comments. I’m sorry, straighter Benson. Feel free Come on up.

Unknown Speaker 29:43
Either bench to 951 seven teeth. I just like to reaffirm people already know my friend Stan toll has been in identical situation for a number of years. He did work on my van and I gave it to him about six or bout eight years ago. And he’s basically been living in it. And you have to move it all the time. But even if you comply, sometimes they go ahead and tow It or Ticket to anyway. And up, if possible, if he’d need more time, I would give him the rest of my time. Just this is a general problem. And if people have no way to survive, you got it, you got to be somewhere. And there needs to be some accommodation for that. For people who are trying to do right, do what work they can. And the vehicle has to be somewhere. And there needs to be some accommodation for that. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 30:54
Thank you straighter. Alright, let’s move on to mayor and council comments and close. final call public invited to be heard. Let’s go with Councilmember pack. Are you six? Yep, you are attacked. You are gonna stand my sick. No, no, you’re six. You’re number six.

Unknown Speaker 31:10
Thank you, Mayor Bagley. I am frustrated with Mr. Dunn’s comment. Because this is the reason I brought up safe slots for RVs. And am I going to open up that that conversation again, because this is a problem. And we are going to get more and more people complaining about RVs on the street, more people upset that their RVs are being towed. And we just don’t have the housing for them. So. So Mr. Dunn, I, I empathize with you. I think this is absolutely a problem for our city. And we’ll be discussing it again.

Unknown Speaker 31:55
I could be here to help. My friend who was very good advocate he tried for a number of years. But the closures of the national parks, all fires. It is even even the closure of y 17 has made it almost impossible. Right.

Unknown Speaker 32:16
Um, I do have one more comment as well, I want to publicly thank Jane Turner. Last week, I asked her to look into the Broomfield air quality monitoring and reporting. And she did. So she said she will be following their their same mandate, I don’t think at this point, we need a motion to encourage or to mandate. But she will be filing complaints with the CO gcc and cdphp directly when spikes in our air pollution go up. So I want to thank her for following up on that and emailing. And I would like to say to the public, that you can go on our website and sign up for alerts for for bad air days for air pollutants, etc. The other thing that she also told me and I find this frustrating in a sense is that the air quality monitoring system from the EPA only monitors the Denver air quality and the different air qualities that we have in different regions. It varies. So I my specific ask is going to be that we follow our own air quality monitoring and look at more alerts for that. So thank you. That’s all I wanted to say.

Unknown Speaker 33:45
Councilmember Martin Thank you, Mayor Bagley. I just want to make a general statement that on yesterday, the Intergovernmental Panel for climate change has issued their most recent report. It’s a considerable departure in terms of gravity from any of the other reports that we have received from them, they’re essentially considered the definitive scientific source for following climate change. And it essentially says that no matter what we do, the 1.5 degree centigrade goal cannot be attained as a limit to warming if we stop burning all fossil fuels today, which is obviously not going to be what’s going to happen. So I just want to make sure that everyone has seen that. If you haven’t seen it, Google IPCC You won’t be able to miss it. But this is grave. And I hope that it will impact everyone’s personal policy, their household policy and their political policies going forward, because this isn’t even for our grandchildren. Now this is for us. We have to take action. Thank you. Dr. Waters.

Unknown Speaker 35:34
Thanks, Mayor Begley. I’m staying with the, with the RV ordinance just for another moment. And I don’t know, I think, Karen, this is probably a question for you. We passed an ordinance and made a real clear distinction between people in Arby’s who were there by circumstance, as opposed to those who are in living are bees by choice. And the implications for the, for how that was segmented, were different, as I recall, and that there was a commitment for those living in RVs by circumstance to expedite to the degree that we could there, move into transitional housing, and then toward more permanent housing. Am I recalling that correctly, and I actually went back recently to try to find you did a really nice job of bringing us a summary of the numbers of RVs. And, and how that how those segments broke down. And the number of residents in Arby’s who who moved into hot, more permanent housing and those who chose to either move on or or deal with whatever the circumstance or consequences were of not moving on, but living in RV is by choice, could you just give us an update and in what we just heard a few minutes ago about somebody being in an RV by circumstances posted by choice and what the options are for individuals in that situation.

Unknown Speaker 37:01
So mayor, and Councilmember waters. So Karen, Ronnie, Community Services Director, so I do plan to follow up with the gentleman and talk about about some of the resources that are available. Because we do it would be a long summary, but in essence, I don’t know. But in essence, we do indeed have access to housing resources that that we haven’t had before. So in terms of what the city has contributed to additional housing resources, we also have additional emergency housing vouchers that have come online through the the most recent cares act, but most recent investment, so there’s about an almost 70 vouchers that are here county wide. So So, you know, again, what we would do is as reach out to the gentleman, and certainly talk about what what resources are available in for, for more stable housing situation. So it certainly doesn’t address what Councilmember Peck talked about in terms of safe lots for RVs. And there are there are access we do have access to resources for for other housing.

Unknown Speaker 38:19
Do you recall that when you visited a council communication forum, when you gave us that summary, was it in that format? I’m trying I was trying to put it in a time and place and format because it was great information

Unknown Speaker 38:30
could be and I can certainly look for that information and send that up. That’d be really

Unknown Speaker 38:33
helpful if we could get again and if there’s any update to that, not to redo it just like is there one more sentence or paragraph like since then, you know, here’s what we’ve learned. And here’s where we are and what’s available, folks. That’d be really helpful. Thanks. Thank you. I can scroll back up back in line. Sure, quite good. Go ahead. I don’t think anyone’s gonna care. Oh. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 38:57
So thank you for that. Karen. Joanie. This is for you, actually, because code enforcement is under you. So when a code, excuse me when this situation comes up, is the resident of an RV told about the resources available? Are the code enforcers knowledgeable about the it doesn’t matter? That council gets the input and end the updates? It has to go to the resident of the RV. So they know. So are we missing a link there?

Unknown Speaker 39:36
Mayor Bailey counts my repec. So certainly the code enforcement staff are aware of the coordinated entry system and options available for RV folks. It sounds like in this case, Mr. Dunn has largely dealt with PD, which also would have access to those resources. I’m certainly happy to follow up. I have a note to myself to follow up with code and see perhaps if they’ve been working with PD. And no more information about where we’re at with numbers in general and what they’re handing out. I don’t know that off the top of my head.

Unknown Speaker 40:08
Okay, I think that’s an important part of this. The education piece, so thank you.

Unknown Speaker 40:16
Alright, Miss Marsh, Miss cedar. Do you have anything for city managers? city managers? No. Okay, Eugene, anything? No comments, Mayor. Great. Can we have a motion to adjourn place? All right. It’s been moved by Dr. waters and seconded by Councillor Peck that we adjourn. All in favor say aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. All right. It’s unanimous. We’re adjourned at 730 for us highways,

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