Longmont Library Advisory Board – July 22, 2021

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Longmont Library Advisory Board – July 22, 2021

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Any questions or concerns motion to approve,

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to approve.

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I should have put final wrap up with library construction projects. So, like construction is pretty much done. And if you look out of the children’s area, the keyhole areas still has sections to be poured concrete, etc. We’ve had some minor punchless things, but we’re pretty much done. Excuse me, I have disease. But that doesn’t mean that there won’t be something in the future because it looks like within the next couple years, the upstairs will be carpeted. Some folks that have looked at it from the carpeting angle, we know that there are parents upstairs as well. There are tons of samplers and ones out here, but some of them are substantial enough to be revered. And so whatever they take the carbon out of there, there will be some repairs, but because they are, they don’t appear to be as severe as the ones down here, I think we should be able to do that when the time comes in sections that are not close to do this. And also, we’ve been looking at some of the more modern actual library movers that will use a hydraulic lift system, and they come in and they can lift up entire ranges of books and move them and you do the carpet things and it just flows up and down. So that would save a ton of time. And effort is that was even with Uber founder, it was a lot of redoing first. So anyway, we’re pretty pleased with the results in these big business, we actually got new carpet and not just repairs. And what we’ll see, as people have been hearing positive about what they’ve seen, at least, we made a huge effort, when we were putting things back to not put everything that we had been accumulated too much furniture over the years, we had a lot of old furniture, IKEA that wasn’t doing but we did a lot of consolidation. So if you do walk through, you hopefully will notice how much more open and airy it looks in here. We don’t intend to put a lot of that back. So he was when I first came here, that lobby just drove me crazy was so clever that people were having a tough time navigating, and a little different mindset, because there’s that big counter, and then those stanchion things with the ropes and all those things. And I said, Okay, we pretty thick, you know, it’s really crowded, can we take these out? The patrons will walk right up to the desk.

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Okay. So

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the current staff does not have that mindset. So I think it’s much more open. And that’s the idea is to have people’s approach to desk barriers in the way. So we just do have our Plexiglas up, I think it’ll be really long. So with construction, I think, not much, not much of anything left to report. So congratulations for the opening go. It was so amazing. Seriously, I don’t know who is important, more close to crying. And we did kind of a look he opening, we didn’t do a soft opening because we didn’t do it was out there. But I was loving it. We did it because it was a nice steady flow of people. We’re still in a shorter schedule for the next couple of weeks till we’re back fully staffed with another building custodian, etc. But in six hours, we checked out about 2600 items, and we had a good 1000 people in and it just went really well. So people were thrilled to be back. We really had two complaints so far. And that was concerning. The fact that we have not put out all of our little toys in the children’s area because we really don’t have a good way to sanitize them between every patron right now. And since kids can’t be vaccinated, you’re not putting them out for a while. So I had one person get really mad and say but that’s why we come here. I said, we do have books. But for the most part, most of them really happy doing. So we’ve seen a lot of new folks, a lot of folks that moved to the area during COVID. So they’ve been closed for almost a year and a half. This few months. We were partially open and So we’ve seen multiple new families coming in who’s never been nice. with family, they were so enamored of the library, they said they moved here from Brooklyn, and they said, branches near us were really dark and dingy. So they really, really liked. We really liked coming in. And we’ll be doing virtual programming, probably through August still, because we had to go into programming out ahead of time, very planned and reported, virtual storytimes, etc, we should be back to full hours after Labor Day, if not before that, cludes programming, meeting room, rentals, etc. So, study rooms are available now for those of us who are ready. And our temporary computer lab is upstairs in what used to be called the unquiet area, we have a whole plan to move our computer lab, that’s a little bit laborious, because we first have to get rid of that compact shelving. And that’s been a real pain. So we’ve had several folks who want it and then they don’t want it and then they want it. And then they don’t want it because it costs what move it. And so we’re still trying to get rid of that. But the opening cleaner and better. We forgot a couple more things like we forgot. per se, we were open. So we came running up to me and said, that’s all message. So grant message is closed. We forgot what computer you forgot to order computer for the new team. Everything else was good. Two more about staffing. We are now in a building custodian are one of our custodians retired, mostly due to health concern through all of this and pretty tough process, we’ve we’ve offered the position to a couple people who didn’t pass the physical tests, their ability tests. And that’s not just a regular physical. So we’ve now offered it to another person, I hope that everything works out fine. And if so we shouldn’t have that’s the key to extending. No, we were down by six or seven positions. So we’ve now we’re now in the process, you know, we’ve hired them or they’re serving soon. So we did not fill even if they started certain yet, but but we have offered those positions to them. So for example, we didn’t know we were going to have a team section until pretty late in the project conservatively figured out that we didn’t have enough Tillman staff to actually step investement your Su, suppose for that. We had a typical move away wander tire. So we now have made out of step two step our

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computer lab space, etc. So we’re almost horrible school security person that takes great. He did started actually here right before COVID. Yeah. And what he has done is amazing. He’s done. He like withdraws all of our books that we that we nail weed out of the collection, he’s been showing like, everything besides keeping an eye on the perimeter of this building, everything going on in Roosevelt Park center, so he’s fabulous. It is if you had to fight for that, but he is a full time person. He’s ex military. He’s incredibly organized. And he also has a huge whoops. Sorry. So he’s he’s done a lot of this piece content, a lot of the more compassionate safety trainings that we have offered, and we just really like the way that he interacts with patrons, especially those folks experiencing homelessness. He’s a great resource. So and he will be doing a lot more security training for our staff. And other than this to make sure that everybody is up on how to interact positively with some of our more difficult patients. We are seeing some new folks that we haven’t met before. Well, they had a couple minor issues. And I think now that people understand how things work, it’s

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always good with a positive attitude. Assume that everyone is library patrons unless proven otherwise. So many teams that’s been great because we actually have a lot of teams. We never had we had a lot of cheap checkouts. We have an excellent team collection. But we just we had one little tiny seating area by the window frame behind the shelter. And because of various things that happen during construction and the material area having too much stuff in a small area, you will not go to the floor. And it’s giving opportunities that we are we pop to the bigger the engineer discussing how we get someplace a good part of this is take those cubicles out. Take those those nasty little carols out of that routine and So yeah, so he has already done. It’s redone, they did the construction project to cover the actual walls, we got the budget for the rest of it. But we’ve scrounge up some dollars here and there. So we are shelving in that area, just the cheap nonfiction, the graphic novels and manga. And their us deflection is going to be is so shifting from where it was. But we’ll have video gaming and computer use and other teams or team book discussions. And we actually had 45 teams, I think applied to be on our advisory board this time. So we have a lot of teams that really want to use a library and a few of them. This can’t even tell you they walked into this space. So we just did not have a good place for teams to just be. And I think it’s super important to give teams a place to be positive. I remember I have problems when I was so clever in jeans at one library where I learned my husband friend looked at me and he said, Nancy, the really bad kids. And that’s that has stuck with me since then he’s right, then we have very good genes that there’s open space. So that’s been one of the best things about our updates is providing space, really at staff scales, because some of the shelving is a little taller than our other shelving where we have some tiny, tiny holes. But other than that, it’s it’s a really good space. Congratulations. Thank you very business savvy. Polish stone Williams is speaking at the council chambers. What are you doing in terms of program? recording? I mean, if I have for sure, well, I want that program, services library to the planet. And I see you’ve got a thing called Texel library that we had last year. I mean, we’ve had that all during COVID pretty much goes to COVID. And this is a product that I had used before years ago in Illinois. And basically that was when texting was just starting to be a thing. But as you know, there are a lot of folks that really don’t want to talk to anybody on the phone. And so we get through a company called bozo si Oh, we bought the original little company called tensor library. And basically, that’s what it is. And people texted us, I finally had to turn the noise off because people Texas morning, noon and night, my phone would give me notifications every time so so all of the all of our librarians and some of our support staff are signed up to answer questions. And you can answer them from your computer, you can answer them from your phone. It’s kind of a whichever library it gets to it first organism. That’s your field of expertise. But basically, they can text us any question. They can say anything from from I just read this book, what should I read next to do? Hey, can you check my account? Let me know. And I don’t know what’s overdue to whatever. So it’s not? Or it’s

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numbers? Oh, yeah. How many? Yeah. That would be Yeah. Yeah. I can I got that feeling. Yeah. So that’s a, that’s a tool for like leveraging these gaps.

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There’s a lot of fun, because a lot of you know, we get a lot of kids and a lot of teams that you Texas we get adults to. And it’s just the once people find it, they tend to use it a lot. So we also need your attention to it by making that we have a little bingo board that starts underneath. And that’s one of the one of the tasks to complete is to make a book request using pencil and so that that brought a lot more

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efficient students at surface. I’ll be interested to see if the numbers stay the same. Now they’re open because I remember telling people, people moms specifically were like, Yeah, I don’t know what books to choose. Online. I would go and look at the books and pick them out for my kids. And I was like, well, you can text them.

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It’s interesting because people are looking to see what I got today but people Texas in your time. Sure, because you’re looking there’s there’s a lot of there’s a lot of them. That’s what I usually hear. Let’s see, well 40 to 4541 4245 50 those were piano that I had. Let’s see alive 10 There were a flurry of them in the morning 830-838-4026 56. So I mean, people Texas, when they think of when they think of it, so it’s just nice because, you know, especially right now we’re not open till 10. So people will text us at 6:30am or 3pm. And we don’t necessarily answer things. Right, then as soon as it shows up on people’s phones, a lot of times if it’s a really quick response, we just answer it. And since there at any one time, at least a dozen of us that have it up. You looking essentially you’re doing a podcast, book chatterbox. Yes, I library those years are doing a book chatter podcast. So basically, they pick a book every month, and usually they pick something that’s a little bit new, not your average bestseller that after they pick something that’s interesting narrative nonfiction, and, and they put out the information that this is what they’re going to talk about, and we have extra copies, etc. It’s kind of a podcast. So we have several of our librarians that talk about the book, Love the author, they have these ones for the other. Audio TC kinetic camera, you’re on. OPM, right, I think they are. I’m pretty sure they’re he’s pretty sure. Because Yeah, I’m sure that you have told me they’re sort of the ACS I’m just littered with promote library too. So so that was just something I welcome you to this.

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While I don’t regret it so far, okay. And last one, do you have Wi Fi hotspots now? Yeah, 89 of them. nine of them,

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we check actually check out 80 of them. nine of them. We usually send library people outlet. But we check out almost all ADR checked out almost all the time. And we have when you need money. We’re paying money. Oh, wait, oh, it’s happened.

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That’s great to have someone else that lobby? Oh, yeah, that’s what that was. I mean, you were there. Were you there. You weren’t there when when I got here?

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No, no. Yeah, they said one thing, what’s the one thing that libraries and I said money,

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we have to figure out how to fund it, you’re 30% below the average library for the same number of people in Colorado, we have find ways to fund it. So that’s going to be a focus. So wherever it comes from, doesn’t matter. As long as we can just get as much funding for the library as we can

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use is the

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preparation budget, which is the next thing I can talk to you and I particularly talk to staff members fairly often about different stuff. So we’re pretty plugged in. We can we can get Harold to actually listen. For instance, you know, you got from one thing to the next. To answer that question. It was more of an observation that you need more hotspots. That’s what we

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do every now. Yeah, the hotspots themselves. We we have the ability through the organization. And it’s a terrible organization called teksu to get 11 free hotspots every year, the actual devices, but it’s the it’s the service contract and those devices that costs more for the devices that we have an internet provider. Next slide. Right now, when they offer reduced, you know, much reduced internet service to folks, but it’s not free. And I think it’s still a misconception that a lot of people at the city have told me that everybody can have that slice. So like I said, these, these have had enough time, we usually have about 20 models and we have a URL at checkout. So when there is a need for them, and some of the folks aren’t folks who don’t Then we’ve had folks that take them on road trips or theory, say for sure. Because if you’re in between the spots with reception here, we have people who say, they love to taste in their motorhomes, when they go on road trips, and because they can get cetera, in one day where my husband called me and said, hey, are our parents going to be more sure you cover the internet as well as the cost. So that’s the devices themselves with the discounts we can get are only about $65. And then the main, the service contract is about 120, each, for per year. So that’s what it is, but you know, it cheap library, but it does. So we have to kind of look at how many we have. But we’ll see how many we have. We want to see how many checkout at the time, once we’re open to once we have books are able to access the library. We show the live folks how to use them so that they can go use them at home. So they’re very simple. We’ve had a few that haven’t come back. That’s kind of the cost of doing it. So

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I was going to the only only council agenda item that I think is interesting this year, next Tuesday night is approval of the Nigerian, the school district based on the grant that the school district got to work on the next slide. You know, I’ll be curious, I will be there Tuesday, town, but to the degree that there is the need for hotspots, based on that grant, by being boxed into into different amounts, with the attendance of ensuring access to everybody attend, in some cases at no fee, or go to do charts. That’d be wonderful.

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And you know, maybe maybe we won’t need as many as that at some point. So if anyone ever dug into any of that, we don’t want to we don’t want to over invest either. Because we think that there are some opportunities that are coming. And we just figure it’s all it’s all for the target. If we get a lot of infrastructure is going to be thrown into this in the next two, three years. Right. That’s fabulous. Yes. So you should we should get our fair share. Yeah. And they were they were COVID grant funded. And students check them out like young people or adults only they can I’m trying to think. I think it’s 60 and above. Check them out. We also have some Chromebooks that are available. That’s

Unknown Speaker 22:43
one thing St. Green goes online. Do they provide? Chromebooks? Mike is right in sync, right. So.

Unknown Speaker 22:57
Yeah. So that’s, you know, that’s that’s the thing. As we check out Chromebooks, we are hearing that they’re trying to juggle the amount so that we pair up a Chromebook with a hotspot, right? Because I know this from experience. We got a ton of Chromebooks given to us in California. But of course, people take the holidays, they are internet connected, and they’re not. So we don’t want people to have that experience or they get home this video doesn’t work. So we will be probably revealed, they’ll reduce the number that we have produced some of the 80 means were to be paired up with the Chromebooks but that’s that’s probably okay.

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Okay, before you move on, Catherine, this is Scott Concord. He attended a piece our new board members. Oh, great. To see you I’m jumping like

Unknown Speaker 23:54
many updates from last time or but it was submitted. Before the last meeting, we did a meeting with Harold and some other city staff. We had a few questions, I think our council review you know, I doubt it. I thought it was sometime in August, but we have to be coming very soon. It was my understanding none of your wish lists let me know but not the ones that we’ve had that later. You’re not finished. Actually, Harold was in a couple of weeks ago. And he kind of get mad at you those things we’ve talked about. So yeah. Tell this tell to make as a city manager. Oh, no, he came in and we kind of walk through some of the walk through those items. So these are not finished. The other things that we asked for were we asked for several new positions, advanced or pre processing my wishlist items included. Potentially disorder, although he and I talked about that, and that those kind of products are kind of nice to be able to deal with with a lump sum of money like we have in the brochure. But there are multiple different aspects of you know, here’s the machine, here’s the installation, here’s the construction that goes with it, they get really complex, if you’ve got all these different concepts that you have to go from. We discussed children shoving our children shelving is, it’s all part of a word covered with cheap video the scaling up. Because particleboard is super heavy part of the words, to my knowledge anyway, heavier than the most of your panels would be there. And whoever said, Don’t ever do it again, it was literally falling apart. So that would be a larger wish list of things we talked about, talked about things in here. So looking at that the our computer lab, or construction of our computer lab have less panels upstairs. So we have a lot of potential things going on. As soon as you hit that. Button budget numbers are in as far as how we’re doing with this budget, we’re doing okay, we still have a year ago. We know I mean, if nothing is, it’s still weird enough, it’s still happy to have COVID. So there are some areas where we really overspend compared to what we would normally spend, and some that we really understand. It’s just just COVID stuff. I mean, we, we buy a lot of sanitizing projects, you know. So there are things like that there are a few new furniture things that we had to do in conjunction with construction when things fell apart in a dirty cheap area, things like that.

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Just said

Unknown Speaker 26:57
if the purchase of safety items, we kind of had time to review, safety in the building. So always have somebody asking for the last year, actually we’re asking for 100,000

Unknown Speaker 27:08
is usually a city. Initial hump is what 19. Right? Yeah. And 100,000 when you become a city, you’re one of 400 and some odd cents in the United States. Yeah, yeah, it’s actually a new thing. Yeah, it’s not funny. It’s a serious designation, change

Unknown Speaker 27:35
that really to the budget and may get any updates of prospector? Yes. So it’s coming back, for sure. And we’ve had a meeting today with the directors. And so we’re definitely bringing it back. Even though it’s positive, it’s really what we should be paying. It’s a service. So yes, prospector will be coming back. I think what else we talked about today, I’m just curious about the COVID supplies that’s not covered under some separate some of it, some of it was okay. But some of them are not necessarily like cleaning supplies, some of our peripheral supplies, because of COVID kind of purchase to allow people to work from home network 100 as an individual, like some things, headset some things that we used to share, we don’t share anymore, right. And so, you know, they were some things we had to make individual that needs to be shared things throughout. So it’s not it’s a lot of tiny thing that just adds up. But it’s not going to continue to impact your budget for this strange expenses, and things like things like the text will ever be added on to be more accessible without cost.

Unknown Speaker 28:53
Any more questions? and French there was no no meeting. Okay, can’t use mentioned, you know, one item, as I’ve worked to had agenda, council agendas. Most of those items are perfunctory, you know, to get today’s lesson the district would have an interest in is the IGA with the school districts that that really expand access at a reduced cost in some cases, no cost but the intent is to ensure that every every family in Longmont who wants access has access through next slide. So

Unknown Speaker 29:37
how does that work with this school? We’re not calling the same school district. Exactly what are your two parts that are in what are the two resolutions one of which is the lease of a

Unknown Speaker 29:52
space, right to service, those parts of the school district that are not in alignment The only other specific council related item that I just want to since we’re in a in a public meeting, and it’s on the record, there was some comments made in a council meeting on June 29. About projects they will refer to as projects, comments referred to projects, one of which was the Library District as a project as a pet project, note some councillors. So whoever watches this, I would just want to be on the record, that we have not yet received a phase the second phase of the feasibility study, there is no project, there might be a project they’re setting for that I assume I assume that this group will be the recipient of at least the first audience, other feasibility study, this group will determine what your priorities are and what recommendations you would make to Council. I’ll be on the record tonight and in the future, that I’ll support whatever recommendations because I know it’ll be thoughtful. It’ll be focused, it’ll be appropriate use of that state. Whether it’s a library district or you know, some other approach, who knows what that might be. What the What I don’t want, what I wouldn’t want to do is whatever comments I’d make here right. Now, I think the only conversations I’ve had about feasibility study are with city staff were in this room with members of this board. I just want to reiterate no projects, Pat, we’re not on the board. Right now we’re on the table for the library other than getting it back up and running. And working through the routines that have been working through to make certain its resources the way it should, is to work with referee referencing the budgeting process. So there’s nothing else counsel related. And I feel like I need to share if there’s anything you want to share with me.

Unknown Speaker 32:13
How about any arts and cultural district here Anything new? Well, that was one of three projects that were referred to. The other was the was the full nice facility that was framed to get as The Iceman wasn’t bias. Question wasn’t? It wasn’t so much a question for your question. No, no, no, the comments were, what I’m referring to work questions if statements,

Unknown Speaker 32:43
public and better theaters.

Unknown Speaker 32:48
And there was a reference to the voracious appetites of elected official council members that have such voracious appetites for tax revenues to spend on pet projects, like the ice palace, like the cultural center in like the library does. So, for the record, there is no Cultural Center project, we have a feasibility study, I have a couple of meetings with the leadership pie in the in the city manager to talk about what are the next logical steps. And I think what the next step is going to be to do retain the services of another consulting firm, that actually, they’re what they do, is helping municipalities or jurisdictions to take the results of things like this feasibility study, and turn it into an action plan, and identify what decisions have been made. They’ve worked with municipalities across the country, on issues like governance, or oversight of a facility who’s going to manage the facility business planning, and who are the kinds of experts that you want to bring in potentially, to be part of a point. But that’s all out there. Right? The first step is going to be out of the consultant to take a look at what kind of where the feasibility study stopped, and what now needs to be addressed. like creating a group to provide oversight. Having a plan to maintain the business plan for booking talent and all that goes with that. fundraising, it goes along parallel to all the few venues like Weston, envision in a feasibility study can put together a business plan that generates sufficient revenues to call controlling costs. So the performing arts group will always be generous with fundraising. But that’s not a project either. It will become something someday. But I don’t know when that Sunday is and exactly what the nature of the project, I will be on the record again that there was a reference to 100 The $57 million project, that same number was mentioned when it was presented to the council in no time is anybody I don’t think, assumed that the city was going to take bites of the small level development as a metaphor, there would be bytes of the city might take the city should ask him that game. But it’s gonna require a capital stack that involves fundraising in the pipeline partnership and different financing structures, in addition to whatever the city may or the residents may be asked to do, in terms of dedicated sales, tax revenue, but that’s way down the road, in how much at the same things. But I, for people to assume that somehow, because these abilities that you laid out a vision or parameters for $157 million Performing Arts facility, that somehow you’re going to be the city’s obligation to fund?

Unknown Speaker 36:03
Well, from my perspective, I think a lot of the things arts and cultural center endeavor is going to look at are things we as a board shall understand and determine whether we want to follow those footsteps. Yeah, that’s right. And then the other direction, but I think we need to understand that just to make intelligent decisions. So there are we’ll keep them up keep company for

Unknown Speaker 36:28
sure. And then there will be a relationship Mark between whatever comes from this feasibility study has to be considered in relationship to the to the feasibility study of performing arts and cultural competency. And in in the reality that the city is going to need more office space, it would no place to go. There the interest in, in recreation facilities is gaining momentum. I mean, there were there was a question after that provides facility failed on the balance. So now what what’s next? And when? And we haven’t answered that question. But I can tell you there’s growing energy in recreation coming in at some point in time, that’s going to become part of this conversation as well. So, you know, without without trying to put in I don’t want to foreign funds overseas, but there will be a conversation at some point in time about what’s the highest and best use of this, this facility as part of the campus? And then what are the other possibilities if this becomes the potential site of additional office as a city complex? And then thinking about where would you want to put a library? Right, that is a 21st century facility that serves the community. So I don’t know where that conversation ends up. But I but I know. I know where it’s, it’s going to it’s going to come and it’s going to be a potential. A couple of big questions in this community. For good.

Unknown Speaker 38:07
Picking up on the comments got this big crossing the 100,000. Citizen Martin, was that in line with the are you ahead of in line with more behind the project, every question filled with

Unknown Speaker 38:23
what you sort of been reading and hearing? There’s a narrative that’s hearing about long months of growth and mentality. You want to take the time it but I can tell you what’s happened over the last 20 years?

Unknown Speaker 38:38
Yes, no, we’re getting a walkway. Why would why we are where we are in terms of housing. He tried to stay in a short period of time find him in?

Unknown Speaker 38:48
I don’t know, I don’t know.

Unknown Speaker 38:53
I don’t 16,000 160,000 was that was the number, right? In addition, one minute and 2035 35 Yeah, turn the game on version 16,000. Now, when, if you were in the conference chamber, when there were conversations about how to secure water and the burning project, which in the hollow isn’t, which is now that lawsuits been settled, we have moving forward, we just sold $5 million worth of bonds 42 million, and that’s going to go to fund the chimney house project that secured enough water to for for this for the build out of 125. So there’s two numbers that, you know, have been discussed publicly, but envision long months 160,000. And then you say, Well, what about what if there’s more density and you had more housing units per acre, you know, good that go north of 116,000? The answer is yes. But

Unknown Speaker 39:47
the highest number it is. That’s a number you’re calling 30. But I don’t know if we’re ahead of that number. And you know, I don’t I don’t know say whoops.

Unknown Speaker 39:59
I got See, I’ve not seen it, it’s probably there. And I’m just not connected to it or estimates year by year, it’s very difficult no matter what those would be, just the approval the permitting process that the proposal has to go through. There is virtually no way to predict from from date of application to date of permit. And then given supply chains and labor shortages, whatnot, how long would it take to actually deliver the right product? to the marketplace? There’s just no way to predict that. Honestly, I can say the projects that were in my mind no brainers that are three years and have not yet in that process with one might have expected two years ago to show up as housing stock. But hasn’t that hasn’t been permitted to

Unknown Speaker 40:50
93 this was this said that in the future, and we pulled up the CCA. So yeah, in 83, that protection was given CCA?

Unknown Speaker 41:00
Well, it’s Yeah, it’s also on the spine of the feasibility study, because of the feasibility study comes back and says, you know, you can only do 110 with what you got, and once you make it that may cause us to rethink something.

Unknown Speaker 41:20
Good, that’s a relevant question. Those are all relevant questions, we’re gonna get a feasibility study to look at innovation online, and what’s changed since 2016. investment was approved. In terms of the projected number, that number between 116 to 130. The number 1.5, was in terms of firming, affirming, Jimmy Olsen president, that difference, a lot of that difference you account for in terms of density, because indivision, mon, mon it with our lengow, we encourage more density especially, we invited more density along business quarters. And so when right now you read about we’re always apartment complex as well, it was in the master, then, and in that truth is today 53% of the renters in this town are what are is called housing burden, meaning meaning 53% of the people and the people renting in my mind, they pay more than a third of their income for rent. Again, for many of them, it’s way more than give me a number that was only 15%. Well, it is. So the reason. rents are what they are 50 households that have increased housing right? at a rate that creates that supply or that debate, right?

Unknown Speaker 42:52
anecdotally, I, I’m a landlord, and I just put a house up for rent that I bought eight or nine years ago for one quarter with the value of the house. And the rent is in market rent is three times what it was. And 10 years later.

Unknown Speaker 43:11
What’s disturbing to me is I’m getting I have it’s been on the market for one week today. 50 people upon

Unknown Speaker 43:22
and I’d say over half can’t afford it. But they’re more than willing to try to commit 50 60% of their income to rent and I’m like that would be severely burden. Yeah. choice. I know.

Unknown Speaker 43:42
Because it’s a house. You know, it’s perfect for a little family, but it’s like little families can’t afford it. It’s really frustrating to eat

Unknown Speaker 43:53
at home, or more of a fortified sandwich. Yeah. I think the population will just end up building further north and further east. Well, it’s

Unknown Speaker 44:03
gentrifying fast. I mean, I had a couple from Minnesota come in that you know, 24 years old again. $150,000. While because when was the trust fund? So we drove over the main nine

Unknown Speaker 44:17
drug dealers. Oh.

Unknown Speaker 44:20
So, so that and that’s the kind of person that mean, it’s like folders. We are in Boulder 25 years ago. But what boulder did 25 Well, 35 years ago was was created in an arbitrary limit on housing. We haven’t gotten bolder. If you look at our growth over the last 20 years. There haven’t been many years that we’ve been. We’ve been we put one in 2%. Right in terms of our program. So people talk about how to control growth. year over year. We get it’s it’s pretty controlled and I again for the record, if anybody cares As you read about managed or smart growth in this town developers, they submit their applications, the process grinds on. I mean, they are subject to incredibly thorough scrutiny in terms of what their proposals are, sometimes to the point where you have to wonder at what point is it stuck because it goes on. But they, they pay for every penny of infrastructure. You don’t they do eventually gets deeded to the city, or dedicated to the city. The city maintains it over time. But they built their own sewer lines and water lines and sidewalks and streetlights and all that stuff. They pay that. And in the process they remarkable, remarkably steep, generous or for them expensive fees for things like new park development, water and sewer. So people ask, What benefit is it to you? If somebody builds a home somewhere in Longmont? Why would why would you want to see somebody building a home since it simply impacts your quality of life? That’s the assumption. Well, I could give you the for the $23 million we’ve collected in new park fees over the last 10 years, what we’ve done with those funds in building parks that you and your kids get to enjoy that somebody else paid for with their with their same texture for water and sewer in mitigates your rates, right? So people argue growth doesn’t pay for itself, I want to say the facts don’t bear that out. Growth does pay for itself over a 50 year period of time. This is why we need more density along Main Street and you know our business corridors because that’s where you are in the January revenue service. You know, the maintenance of infrastructure. But there’s a narrative growing right now where people have strong opinions and no information. And it has some serious implications for the city if we if we if we we hear from the residents don’t turn us into Boulder. And the argument that hearing I hear being made by someone now is the quickest way to turn some vote is to set arbitrary Yes, unreasonable caps on housing frequency, everything he does real well you would do your home. It’s just a whole bunch of people who have never quite achieved quality of life are never going to achieve quality life and one.

Unknown Speaker 47:35
So very handy with only a certain percentage. At this point. I’m sure it’s not high enough. Well, think about it.

Unknown Speaker 47:44
Think about the continuum of affordable housing, to hate, attainable housing, to executive housing, luxurious, affordable housing are these housing for which people qualify for subsidies that nobody in this room would qualify for a subsidy, you earn less than 60% or less of area median income in order to qualify as a household to qualify for housing subsidies, the 12% is tied specifically to affordable or subsidized housing. There’s a whole nother continuum of housing, that the term that term of art is attainable. So what’s that mean? Well, it’s all tied to area median incomes, and he gets to be kind of a goofy form of it. Think of it as this way, housing that’s priced between 350 and $500,000. I mean, I know I blows my mind, but it’s in that price range, right? for working families that would qualify if the household earns enough to satisfy all the costs of housing without spending more than 33% of their income on housing. Right? That assumes they don’t have to pay for childcare, right. But that’s that that’s that housing stock, or that housing, that product is not part of the 12%. We councils never set a target. Right? If you were to ask for what is the target for people housing? The answer is we haven’t set one anyway ask why not? I would have if I have an opinion. But I’m probably not sure why. People can’t afford their housing. It seems like whatever the difference between Well, we’re gonna ask you to cover that. Absolutely. And push on, if everybody’s okay to feasibility study.

Unknown Speaker 49:42
Okay, we had a meeting today, and we were played a couple weeks or so. And also, we had to wait until the contract found its way through the purchasing which took quite some time like two months, so soon as the contract batch was completed, we’re able to start working right now we are doing mostly data compilation. So at Cedar, who’s our consultant is just in Dynamo. And she gives us our marching orders for all kinds of info that she needs that we provided for her. And some more things that we haven’t provided yet, as you know, some of those are information on the CNC product information with a little pie feasibility study, we went to the division one month, so she’s she’s definitely up on these other things that are potentially happening concurrently with, with whatever we had to do with the library. You know, to piggyback on to what Tim said, you know, one of the main goals in this second phase, the feasibility study, is financial modeling. But it’s looking at the data that was compiled by the first consultant, it’s filling in holes that we saw that we didn’t think that were fleshed out enough in that first consultants project. And then putting in cost options, it’s looking at first first thing that the consultant will do is really establish level of service standards, you know, looking at your libraries, looking at this library over time looking at area libraries, as well. And looking at those levels of service standards for square footage for staffing, FTP, for a number of programs and number of attendees for volumes, print volumes, and online resources, work technology, etc. And you know, what are those standards? And then looking at that, I remember after those are we are we below, usually, you would divide those into a kind of a minimal amount of acceptable, and then an aspirational goal. And you’re, here’s, here’s how, here’s where we have to be if we want to be minimally adequate, here’s where you want to be if you want to be adequate. And here’s where you want to be if you want to be more than adequate. And so that’s a lot of number crunching. So keep working on that for what we do at her.

Unknown Speaker 52:06
And then switch Oh, that sounds different than where this was originally set. That sounds more like, what can we do? It? Is

Unknown Speaker 52:16
that is that is part of this. So as part of this second part of this, is that first you’re looking but because they were supposed to be several scenario, there are scenarios. Okay. So, so, how but you have to have these levels of service standards to start with. And then after that, you look at what are what is basically every type of model that’s legal to do with a library. And that’s legal work, we actually consider the differences and different rules about what constitutes So anyway, just looking at those type of models, and, you know, looking at and then looking at what are those costs? What what we think what do things cost you in status quo is always one of the options that you look at. And that would include, if the funding were to remain at the same level, would there be a deprivation of service over time? So and in these level of so in these level services, you know, what would suffer? So if you left, if you’ve left, everything being the same, but things become more expensive? Would you have fewer staff members who have fewer volumes you were offering programs, etc, etc, rhetorical question, that you have to put numbers to it. Okay. So you’re looking at just a new district is one option. And hybrid is not really necessarily one option, there can be multiple types of islands. And, you know, those may or may not exist in Colorado right now, the closest nearby hybrid, or semi hybrid would probably be pulled over in Fort Collins, because I don’t know an enterprise I wish the contracting back to the city. Now initially, it was a hybrid in that they became a district but they contracted back with the city for HR, payroll, facilities, maintenance, etc. So there may be other types of hybrids. She said definitely just not looking at the one type of hybrid. And when we do some larger meetings with with books from this group, and some others and Kim from museum and other community stakeholders, you know, some other folks may have some ideas for hybrids that we haven’t thought of yet also. So definitely looking at those multiple options. And then looking at the once you figure it all out was an action plan, how would you make this happen? So like in my my other project that I did with her in Bellingham, they put different things they looked at, should the city system merge with the county system, and it didn’t make sense financially didn’t make sense. That actually what they figured out is it probably made sense financially. But the city there is really blazingly liberal and the county is super conservative. They didn’t feel like philosophically that you could mesh and become one system. So they decided to they actually did put up tax measures and think this right, right left. I know that I know that library has been completely gutted and remodeled so many papers out there. So they were planning to put out a dedicated tax measure for by the city for library. So it was different things can happen in different places. It just depends on what are the standards. And what makes sense is that $100,000, or 100,000. Population mark, is one of the things you see often when you read things about how many libraries or what size libraries have to be, or what libraries have branches, and is somewhat unusual to reach unless you have a very large library to reach that 100,000 100,000 Mark, and only have a single library, unless you are in a super dense area and not at all widespread. But there are other things to look at obviously, that we looked at somewhat in the first phase of this, you don’t spend as much time as people think is necessary. Looking at who doesn’t use the library does do that. That’s a tendency in a lot of studies to really concentrate almost solely on just use library. And that’s kind of counterproductive. We don’t care about people who don’t use the library because they don’t use the library. We care about people who don’t use the library who want to use it and can’t use it because of some kind of error. It could be a language barrier. It could be parking, it could be transportation can be any number of things. So we have, we have a few holes and that info from the first study that we’re looking at. So we’d like a little more in depth, demographic data that was presented by the initial the initial consultants. So we’re in it. So now you got to start doing to them. And

Unknown Speaker 57:11
I do and I can and what I did right with me tonight, and I didn’t send we revise the schedule, because it did take a while to get up and going with the contract, etc. But I do have a nice little revenue representative schedule. Oh, no. She’s very scheduler engine. And we will be having probably weekly check ins.

Unknown Speaker 57:34
So last time, you mentioned that there might be stakeholder meetings, there won’t be anything that

Unknown Speaker 57:42
we’re talking about that we talked about that today. So literally, this is the first time since the contract was approved, and went through the whole process that we’ve been able to, because that just happened last week, this week, really recently. So we have a whole list of potential dates, which will probably be sending around the pole.

Unknown Speaker 58:04
So just historically. Remember how this all started? Right? And I remember original dates, and we are way past those requirements that we would have something to look at. I mean, like way past. I mean, you if you look at COVID we’ve missed those dates before COVID by a significant leverage working with this result. Right. But the other ones were supposed to have stuff. Yeah, the other ones are really long. It was Yeah, they did not meet deadlines.

Unknown Speaker 58:42
So that was the reason that the other the other consultants didn’t meet deadlines wasn’t the city. Yeah. Okay. And then the COVID shows now, pretty much pretty much doing this, to meet with people. That but telegram

Unknown Speaker 59:01
is the demographic data that you need to be in the rest of surveys of God now. The demographic data that they incorporated into the first part of the of the feasibility study was just kind of the generic boilerplate stuff that you can find online, etc. And there’s there was no, there were no extrapolations from that demographic data to say that, look, since x amount of your folks are Spanish speaking, maybe you need this level of service for Spanish speaking people to just deal with just here’s how many people speak Spanish in your town and nothing else about what you might want to do around that. That was an overall flaw in that. A lot of people thinking about the material. They’re just moving, we will pretty much ended up with the first after the first feasibility study with a giant pile of mistake of data, but not conclusions drawn from not enough data. So Have you worked with this consultant, this consultant that we’re working with now previously and knowing that, that that is an outcome that I will expect, because I received it before? pretty confident. Thanks for

Unknown Speaker 1:00:13
watching this your data with the absence of meaning. Yeah. Well, I mean, that just looking through point, okay, well, you know, there’s the data that we authored. Yeah. What does that mean? It never came.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:28
So yeah. So that’s it. That’s the kind of data that we’re looking forward to. Because you know, that way, when I asked for a position, that is the bilingual outreach coordinator is supported by here, and it’s a yes, you should have this because X amount of your folks that use your library or that don’t use it, that the outreach are Spanish speaking, therefore, you should have this person doing outreach to that segment of the community. So that’s what we were. Okay, so

Unknown Speaker 1:00:53
it sounds like, we’ll be able to get a timeline. Yeah, it sounds like, we’ll be able to get an estimate or at least updates for stakeholders to move the process forward, which is great.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:08
The first one will be in August that is happening. And are you picturing in person or I think we’re gonna have a we should be able to do combinations to where some folks need or want to participate virtually, they can do so let’s be Shiva be able to do as many on site activities, as she says she’s willing to come here multiple times, will be meet with her and support. Is that something that you will, and this is one of those things, that she she prefers not to just present the final version of her findings to city council at the end of the project, she really likes to she will approach at some point about, you know, once we get to the point where she is, she’s doing the financial modeling portion, she would want to do kind of an interim study session appearance, and say, you know, this is where I see this going and get input at that point. If they’re, you know, if people have other questions or think, whoa, this isn’t going in the direction that you wanted to go in with a vision, or, you know, your study is, is providing the information that we need. So that worked really well. And I worked with her before. And I think it makes a lot of sense to do it. Midway through check in. So nobody is surprised when the data is presented at the end. And so you get what you get when you’re paying for scope? Or what do you like?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:28
Good? Because you haven’t you have two little items that jumped there before the boulder Library District update. And I think that kind of makes sense. Do you mean, that’s too much of the discussion tonight about this?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:45
I’m just curious

Unknown Speaker 1:02:46
what what is Moeller doing Library District?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:49
Well, there is I would be very surprised if it doesn’t end up with the Library District at this point. With that we live with them. And at this happened, you know, the goal molders City Council was very against the district concept initially had Scott and I both watch the same video of meeting where there was a march in June, we can use this and those were the words. And now they seem to be if you if you’ve watched it in the meetings, and I’ve watched quite a few and I know Claire children’s library is she watches. And the sentiments have really changed. So I would be city council appears to be right in favor of the district there. And I’d say that I would say that heading for the ballot and how they have to be developed by August. So last year, I think there’s possibility. How are they so persuaded? I really don’t know what happened in between. You know, I never know. I mean, you never know what what people’s motivations are. Maybe they have something else and they want to use the library’s budget to do that service for another project. They’re looking at a sizable amount. And last time I looked at their core teams, correspondence, they were looking for 20 million. So manually are they looking to expand by logging in? Yeah, looking at looking at night No, that was it girl, young girl for sure. Promising even promising a version better overall expansion, which they’re already actually doing. novo and expansion, I think of maybe other branches that they that are existing that’s in our folder, and then looking at definitely a version of girl potentially in that way.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:47
I just saw something that they were they were extending their reach towards celestial seasonings and stuff like that little project so they’re moving.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:58
But that went that went from dead. To alive during COVID. So we need to understand what they are. So we are going to try and speak with. We talked about that today in our meeting with the consultant. And we’re going to have to deal with that directly there. And we’re also going to see if we can talk to the head whose head is escaping me at the moment. is the head of your group that’s been working probably. Did you have a directors meeting on the 21st? Today? We just got back from that. But But yes, I think that the this the whole sentiment turned around, so I can send you a copy. I guess I could send articles developers, I’ve sent a couple articles previously.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:57
So what’s the assuming that they want to extend the geographic footprint of a library? This would include nylon? That’s right. Wow. So what there’s nine Whiteside Incorporated, what’s the decision making process? What’s

Unknown Speaker 1:06:16
the protocol?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:17
I don’t know what to say, to figure out, let’s say Green Valley School District is which is kind of a national, straight and narrow. I don’t think it’s very developed.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:33
But as we’ve discussed, you know, when they contemplate a vote, their their board or their council authorized proceeding would ended with library creation library. That was by council vote not by they can’t, they can’t encourage that without a vote. They just arbitrarily cast their net over nyuad. And say you are now by FIA, you are now going to be in this Library District if it’s if the district’s approved or if the debt servicing or creation of debt is approved by the voters and whatever that geographic

Unknown Speaker 1:07:14
like I said, Yes. So we have that talk to, to the folks that are directly involved with this. That’s a legal question. And I’d like to know is there what is not that? First question, based on your your tax base? Right? I mean, the Library District? That’s the idea, right? So I want to get a chance

Unknown Speaker 1:07:34
is we would potentially benefit from that? Well, it’s

Unknown Speaker 1:07:37
more, we kicked that around before we have a day or something to a larger condition, but I think they are stuck with whether they disagree or they’re particularly being uncooperative,

Unknown Speaker 1:07:55
they don’t have any, right don’t really have any representation. So yeah, they’re they don’t technically exist. Any of this or either

Unknown Speaker 1:08:11
evidence of that yet, but it doesn’t seem It doesn’t mean that one will develop. I’ve had experience with this before, where you can about no group can come out of nowhere. Do you have a sense of nyuad? People who have an eye on what library they’re using? Does anyone have to say about things? Yeah, isn’t it and last time we looked at this, which was probably two years ago, or so it was about equal? Exactly. That was the one that was the closest.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:40
But I think the corollary analysis to all that is is are you better off with them or without salt some wise person said with with the territory comes to the surface with

Unknown Speaker 1:08:56
know I mean, they’re not, they’re not going to do this. They’re not going to say yes, we want to pay and they’re not paying for Library Service right now. And so, yeah, so you’re not going to say, Okay, I want to pay for Library Service. If they’re not going to, they’re not going to expect something out of it. Something is found to be a

Unknown Speaker 1:09:16
branch there. Yeah. Well, you got to know what it is. I mean, you’re better off or worse off in your area. But are you better off? We need a spy welder for operations.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:29
Also. Yeah, there are some questions down the road, especially the Navy might have you in conjunction with this. I know she’s talked to some folks at the State Library before. But in the center. We’ve had to before there’s an attorney that really is kind of a special district that’s for in libraries in Colorado, that I think we would be able to ask some questions.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:51
They were willing to help us. Or actually put him on retainer. He doesn’t know the deal was you When he’s our lawyer, that you have to pay him money. No, no. It was basically promising that he would then get all of our business forever after.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:12
He’s acknowledged. Oh, he’s already in the state on, on leverage hystrix. So I mean, I think that there are some questions if we have legal questions that we can probably pose a new four year career.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:30
Finding a group that puts this together again, we already started to be at the beginning of it.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:37
So we will have an expanded group and I will be asking you asking me for suggestions as opposed to the numbers I’m talking about? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:45
Yes, yes. Yes. Yeah. President, you want to count perspective on if you want to, if you want a really strong negative counsel reaction starting. That’s your call? No, I get we’re not there yet. That’s why my best advice is, wait to get a feasibility study. Yeah. Okay. Okay, any other questions on the feasibility study? Three motional reps and funds, we’ll have a new discussion on that right now.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:29
Okay, you ever read in force on that, you want to say, thank you for information. That’s what I get I had last meeting, we were going to get information when you’re trying to get information from the city attorney, the head of finance, which you’re going to try and get original documents.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:47
original document, I swear, beside wants to do some more thinking, and we’re gonna

Unknown Speaker 1:11:51
use that was my recollection. So the original word. Just just to get this off off the dime out of the way, and I think we can wrap it up. We have a question. Okay. These are funds that you’re gonna want

Unknown Speaker 1:12:13
to start out with donations. Here we go. We do spend some of the emson funds every year in the distribution, the oftentime. Mostly, that’s not as large mostly we spend a few reference books we buy, etc. Most your fund, like sat around for years. Yes, yeah. So that one has almost 600,000 that can be spent. So that’s one that we had looked at, especially when you know, you know what happened, COVID, etc, we really looked at our project to do electronics, we’re using some of that, because that project is anywhere from 200 to $50,000. And maybe there’s more of the most refined, that’s just the expendable portion. So one of them has restrictions on stuff relating to visual this had originally it did motion fund, originally, back when it was a very small amount was mostly dedicated, was originally supposed to be dedicated to items, etc, that helps folks with visual impairments. But it’s very old folks that go in and aren’t around anymore. And also, with the advent of computers with article fonts and, and backlit things, and free Braille books, etc, weeded libraries just don’t have a need for a lot of money for visually impaired services. So so we checked about that with a couple different sources. And you can you can at this point

Unknown Speaker 1:13:38
spend on something else to go take a formal action of this board. Now. That was one last question. I think so that was a that was a question that I had for him.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:50
So we’re this, the purpose of this is the responses if you mentioned started that and stuff. Now there are 1000s and millions of dollars. So as a board, we’re trying to create a fiduciary policy to manage these money. And then also we’re trying to repurpose them because their original purpose is no longer valid. And then we’re trying to understand who controls that money. When all that is purpose Currently, we make a request for the city to see. I guess it gets narrower or narrower border or approval when they cut a check.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:34
There will be a very nice record is that you’re entitled Yeah, please, please. You know, I get that but but the mayor Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:47
I think that’s that’s why we’re trying trying to move the ball forward on is the one putting some fiduciary responsibilities to the board. And try and put some control somewhere. So that the library okay. Okay, so that’s the importance of this. Okay, I’ll move on if you’re done with this.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:19
This is Jim, this is Jim Rowan’s response. And I asked him the question, he said, We rarely have used fun for motor. If we do, it would likely be as a transfer to the general fund. So it couldn’t find it for those materials were created for danger. Danger is not a common language, any fun with Monday for money friends groups for us to include that during the year and additional appropriation, we rarely have included something like that is original proposed budget. It was for NF t, which is divided but we’re not spending just from materials that can wait, we just included did an additional appropriations, same move into the city general fund. What we actually do is appropriate the funds out of the most funds so that we probably

Unknown Speaker 1:16:07
should have. Exactly. So So one of our other issues with all this legends one, we wanted to do this so that it didn’t impact the library’s budget. Right. We wanted certain gamesmanship going on in the fund so that, you know, we’re taking assets that could be used for the library somehow.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:33
Or habits. Richard something is right to supplant. So that’s pretty much the supplement versus supplant thing. Want to provide a budget? You know, our friend’s wedding budget, for example, for all of our programs, you know, when

Unknown Speaker 1:16:55
we have those appropriations, right, we’re just going for $212 million. When we get that the funds are the source of the finance with a fund, right, whether it’s grant, state or federal grant, we’re all detailed in the enclosure. So you know, it would be a surprise to me, that this would be transferred into the general arm, as opposed to authorizing the expenditure of this one, just like we do dozens of other financial districts,

Unknown Speaker 1:17:26
and I’m just telling you what I got, if we do it with, like BP as a transfer to the general fund, so it could budget for those materials. So it doesn’t start to set in stone policy. That’s another preference that can be

Unknown Speaker 1:17:43
held to how to manage. Having watched the city over the last several years, anything that goes into the general fund. Yeah, it’s fair game, man. So

Unknown Speaker 1:17:55
I think I think a concern, though, is also and I have no, no, I’m really on board with what Tim said that we are not targeting, yes, we’re going to be a district because this is what we’re just starting to look at. But, you know, what happens to things do funds like that, should we be coming history? So that’s a concern, whether or not they would follow wasn’t a gift to the city per se.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:19
You know, it’s not it’s not too early to do is start the generator. Really good list of all those. So nothing like when somebody runs up and says, We forgot to change the the voice message, the greeting.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:41
Okay, we’re gonna move on their little free libraries, since there wasn’t a French speaking. I don’t think anything came out of that. And I think last time we were saying was really going to be deferred till August 29. It’s

Unknown Speaker 1:18:57
going to be the third to August, but the front the friends initially is they’re working on they’re reworking their bylaws because right now their bylaws do not allow them to do that. Because right now they have a sole purpose in their bylaws

Unknown Speaker 1:19:10
of raising money for us. Okay, so there will be that so.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:17
So this one is the board funded a number of libraries and we populated in the results from the friends and a lot of those libraries got vandalized. So we’re asking multiple baseball bat children, so we’re asking the friends to you know, stalk them and any person Yeah. And, you know, talk to us about places reporting disappears.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:55
Yeah, that is or should be a discussion All right, yeah, sorry. What was the sound is out? I am sick of body cam. I think it was good back to the slogging issues. What Isn’t that like it’s the new member of this board is responsible for? Well, I mean, that comes up.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:40
No, but in all seriousness, when we started a little free libraries, our council liaison was very big and Tinker mill and very instrumental in building libraries. Yeah. And so now that we do have another connection maintaining a very serious Well, I’m on the board at Tinker Bell. Yes. kind of works for me now. Yeah. It was like the maintenance of wasn’t was, you know, literally veiled hammers and nails. I don’t mean, several, several views inside locations, though. And when we turn to events, those buildings were not. So that that was a table discussion. COVID is supposed to do one has to bring over to their indoor location. So as soon as the question here, can we put this on Scott? Taking care now? The question is, I can see what the funds found out from their attorney about what their participation but I am willing to view that

Unknown Speaker 1:21:46
we can probably start a project but again, I would just put them in different projects. Yeah, they say you’re willing to build, you know, build a

Unknown Speaker 1:22:04
stereo for them are they vandalize them and now that was you know, pretty COVID? Yeah, that’s really nice. Yeah. So he’s looking at me like, what have you done? So we had keys, the same goes. Oh, yeah. And once. Those are very disappointing. We had a special piece of art we had a big metal has like this. Huge and we put it down by the church on Main Street and smash, some

Unknown Speaker 1:22:46
guy jumped out. He’s jumped up and down the camera, doing his own scan. So we took it out. And he took it out of there. It’s sitting over in a corner thinking the same thing.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:03
Okay, I’m going to move along here. Right. Any more questions on the board or Library District update you have any more first there seems to be and I think we’ve already welcome Scott. discussion about board offices in officers. So the bylaws say that second meeting after council makes a change to the ordinal position in this process. We will be talking about officers. We have currently the way we’re structured is safety is our secretary. Katie was our secretary Kathy who resigned was our principal library liaison Katherine’s here

Unknown Speaker 1:24:00
as the newest member.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:03
So we had talked previously at last meeting about trying to rotate representation, friends, just to relief. Right. So we want to open up for discussion again.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:27
Think about how to do that.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:32
Well, there’s a tradition on this board in the new members the sekret. Yeah. I did, I’d like for you. It was unlucky. So Cynthia graciously volunteered to be the secretary in lieu of sticking Katherine with the goal and continue to be the young person But

Unknown Speaker 1:25:02
so what’s your point here? Oh, I see I got a choice. Okay. If you’re already doing secretary,

Unknown Speaker 1:25:14
I don’t like to suggest

Unknown Speaker 1:25:15
saving. Yeah, I just didn’t want to go to meetings every month. Yeah, we get on site feasible. But I didn’t dislike to go into press meetings, I found it very informational to me. And actually, they have had a lot of turnover, and they’ve got some new folks that are kind of breathing new life into the organization. And so so, you know, do you want to do it? Do you want to continue to do it? Or do you want to help? Or?

Unknown Speaker 1:25:42
I don’t want to do that. Every? Yeah. So

Unknown Speaker 1:25:46
you want to? Yeah. Do you want to split it? Do you want to go once anybody else interested?

Unknown Speaker 1:25:52
I could do it, you know, once a month, right. So I could do every reforma. I could be quarterly. Yeah. That’s a good idea.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:04
People and realize if anyone there’s ever a night where somehow know what to do while I’m there. So yeah, I can take the notes for like, we go to or no, I’m sorry, law school. That Mark was exempted? Yeah, that’s extra. extra work. It sounds like I should be.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:33
Okay, so select every category think we’re at. So Cynthia is going to stay the secretary, rotate the friends among three people? Well, I’m here maybe four. I just wanted to be equitable. I don’t want to set up a system where like, I get special privileges or special privileges. I mean, unless you feel like a special privilege to make sure everyone feels safe. So you’re gonna dive in so rotated among the four people because I don’t want back three and then we’ll, I’m sure we’ll meet so it could be an ultimate Yeah. Okay. So we’re the three regular every month, we’ll just call on me, you can still be the vice chair. Right. Now, I can be at one meeting a month, just on

Unknown Speaker 1:27:31
the fourth Wednesday.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:34
We’ll talk about next board meeting. And I’ll be there. I mean, I was planning to go this week. So this coming week.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:44
Okay. So I think we’re set them on the board officers correct. We have to

Unknown Speaker 1:27:50
make sure at this. So three of us regular routine meetings. Continuous vice chair and alternate principal library. Other positions stay the same? Yeah. That’s starting in August. So when is that meeting? Yeah, I’ll say. Well, actually, sweetie, overtime. I mentioned. Good. I could jump in. Okay. Well, I would assume this is the first meeting so you can get an intro that we’re doing this? Right. Does that make sense? Yeah. So I’ll do is possible. law school starts August last year.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:39
I’m also teaching as well. So you can try to vote for us in this town. You are not a teacher who else? Raise family and nonprofit Sundays. There you go. We’ll get that

Unknown Speaker 1:29:00
out of the busy time for you. Okay, so the next board meeting setup for August 23, which is the fourth Monday, what we’re proposing on the table if you because my problem is that that conflicts directly with the tinkerbelle. Okay, Monday’s more general or

Unknown Speaker 1:29:19
was the fourth Monday of every month and has been for eight years now. So can we get a different Monday there’s 14 of them. The problem is it’s a much larger board. So I think I have a lot less of even though I’m the founder of that place. I don’t think they’re gonna listen to me on this. Because I

Unknown Speaker 1:29:39
brought it up errors like yeah, so So is there a way that we did want to bring that up? Is there a way we can do this?

Unknown Speaker 1:29:47
One night check the bylaws. And I think in the bylaws we just say we’ll have meetings. Once normally Yeah, but we haven’t but the city has on their website. Maybe one day’s fourth Monday for the public. That’s the public’s public participation. That’s not like it will personally work Monday anyway. Shalom verified videography. So it’s, it’s really probably you that are going to drive this because what’s your schedule?

Unknown Speaker 1:30:30
The truth is, for the rest of this year, you’re going to get, we will do reassignments in terms of liaison after the November election cycles. So who knows what what it’s going to look like at that point in time. But but but but interesting for this cycle. The guide also leaves on the golf committee. They don’t meet everyone, but they meet on the same Monday. 630. So, so what I’ve done is met with them till 630. It’s virtual, it’s been easy enough to say, Yeah, right. Now I’m going to the library. And frankly, if I was going to establish priorities, this was the right words. So anyway, I’ve had to manage it that way. But it hasn’t been a big problem, because the library or the Gulf War doesn’t reground. Well, if we stop, right, this is the only I don’t know, the other Monday meetings.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:25
So if we said the third Monday, no problems I think so much of Yeah, bye. You’re comfortable? How about the rest of the mean, that’s in August that the night before school starts? Yeah. tricky for me. That’s when we just just just for August 16. school starts on the seventh game. So we want to make the switch to the third Mondays effective in September. And that’s fine. Should we meet on the 30th? Also, because that would be because it doesn’t solve the August, right? Let’s take these one at a time. So if the group is okay. Then we have a motion and move it to the third Monday of the month. We move it to the third Monday of the month. Good. You’re learning fast. We have a second Second. All in favor by and thank you very much.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:28
Better for the friends though, because I won’t have two meetings yet because now some some months. I have the Monday night and Monday night. Yes, Tuesday night for Council.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:48
Okay, so now let’s circle back and do August. We can keep it on the 23rd. But I can’t make it. So it has been our question here. Can I get to memory members out on the 23rd?

Unknown Speaker 1:33:06
Because we moved, we’re doing a special election in August, which moved in a week so that one month? It’s not so obvious. You can do this. Or we did yesterday. That’s a Yeah, that makes sense. I think that so we can move it to what do you look like on the 13th? That is not your house? That is actually what is 6pm meeting? That’s probably because we generally keep to an hour later on. So it’s August, August gets moved to the 30th of May. So can I get a motion on us? Second, on favor. You’re okay on Thursday. Okay. That’s okay. So then September forward. There’s always something it’s like when

Unknown Speaker 1:34:18
somebody sends out the notification.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:23
So just a couple other cleanup items here. Can we get an updated contactless, isn’t it? Yeah. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:38
What’s the rule about the no reply at all? You just can’t. I mean, no. Reply All if it’s just about something like a meeting date. Oh, that’s, that’s an okay. reply. You can’t have discussion.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:54
You could do a meeting.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:00
Then can we get the bylaws discographies, they’re handed over. And a couple items to think about for the next meeting. We talked about staff attendance, whatever you want to start, there was an extra bar button on the agenda. We were doing

Unknown Speaker 1:35:19
that while back when I first visited the staff. We have Oh, yeah. Okay. So interact with our nice staff members, so I don’t have to do an interview.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:40
I know you wanted to towards like, Cynthia, and I wasn’t able to. So what? Do you want to do it on an ad hoc basis? Or do you want to try and say something to her whenever they want to do it on their head? Well,

Unknown Speaker 1:35:56
I can copy in the bylaws that could be Yeah, it’s all of us. Yeah, you must, we’ll send out any comments or concerns from the board? Happy beer. Thank you. So

Unknown Speaker 1:36:28
I just have something stuck in my craw. I just don’t feel like I want to be in competition with the arts performing. I just feel like there was a weird vibe around that. Just for future like put a pin in it. But like, the idea that we’re all competing for the same pot of money. And somehow we’re gonna be pitted against people who believe in arts. I don’t think it’s the opposite. I was in attendance. The meeting that Tim talked about, I was there. Last week, it was me and Kim and Kim and I are friends, the museum director and the world. We’re all working towards the same goals. Okay, so we’re kind of you know, we’re looking at this, this is, you know, here’s, like, here’s the kind of, we’re kind of the sports leisure culture area. So I mean, they’re, they’re so different. Like, right now Community Services is kind of kind of a big amalgamation. Yeah. Different stuff. And, and so, you know, I think that there’s a natural synergy between Yeah, obviously, education, arts culture. Yeah. Anyway. So I think, I think we’re actually, I feel, I feel like we’re much closer to moving in the same direction.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:39
is I think it’s easier for the city to sell bundles all that together. Right. They, you know, they get this meaningful water care issue.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:50
And also, you know, this is where libraries kind of, kind of ride the coattails of some of these other revenue producing entities that end up with better funding. But what libraries are, are the the feel good entities that attract some folks that would naturally go for some of those other issues. And that’s well, and it’s Yes, it is a public good. But it’s also I mean, we were thrown into the, the ice palace, you know, that the consultants analysis of that without, you know, we didn’t know we were going to do it at the time. But But, you know, he analyzed things and said, you know, here’s what, here’s how much more likely This measure is to pass if the libraries well, that happens, you know, you look at the public seal of approval, or whatever, it’s how it happens that we’re always at the top so much for saying that, but um, libraries are often kind of as a sweetener to the pot. Yeah. So our name recognition. That’s right. So you’re looking at in a complex, which, which offers the performing arts center and various other facilities, you know, it is really nice. Personally, I think that libraries should be built first. Is that too complex? Because you say, because that what that says the community is, here’s the equalizer, we care about everybody. We’re putting the entity in first and we’re not charging for fun. On the practical side. If you build a new library, you’re going to get at least 2000 if not more people a day that come in and get used to going to that location and then they’ll actually check out everything else. So I think there’s a real synergy with this with this,

Unknown Speaker 1:39:33
dude. Everybody, yeah, I’m skeptical. by that. I mean, I think make a giant board. guy but in a conversation then then you’re kind of back with the city structure and trigger network, just to just to concern when it all gets fun. Somebody says, well, let’s create a separate cultural district Oh, like that to manage it all. And schedule it do whatever I want as a as a practical legal matter, I

Unknown Speaker 1:40:12
don’t think having any action you could have, you could have a cultural arts district in a ward. But that wouldn’t replace a Library District Board.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:21
You know, that’s another question, obviously, is what would happen if this is part of the larger anyway? If we were to become a district? board with everything else, right. I think

Unknown Speaker 1:40:34
it’s gonna be it’s gonna be complex. Yeah, for sure. But Kathy, just so you know, that the performing arts folks have been cautioned not to want to compete with the library. The point? Yeah, the point he was making is that the last time we teach issue read about abandoning our quality of life indicators, that’s not true, either. The last time we did a survey to gather a team, we collect a lot of data on quality of life in the hands, right. And it just so happens that the library comes out as the most highly regarded institution in Longmont, it has in every one of those surveys. So the suggestion to the performing arts folks, is you might not want to compete with the most highly regarded, you might want to figure out how to make money because when they get there, and just to finish the sentence of the idea, the reason we didn’t we do that every other year. We didn’t do it in 2020, because we thought maybe collecting those kind of data in the worst pandemic in 100 years. Wouldn’t be a good time to make long term policy programs. reflective. But, but we didn’t do it if people have short memories. Why did you do that, sir? Right. What I was trying to survive. Okay, well, thank you. Any other comments from the board? with that? Okay. All right. Good luck. Thank you. I just want to talk to you about sometimes