City Council Regular Session – July 13, 2021

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City Council Regular Session – July 13, 2021

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Unknown Speaker 8:00
And we’re approaching seven o’clock but we’re having some technical difficulties with our live stream on YouTube. So we’re going to kind of wait for a few minutes and see if staff can get that fixed.

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Alright everybody seems like our brief weight paid off. We have public watching our YouTube and prime. gov so we should be good to go. Let us know if that’s not the case. All right, I’d like to call this meeting to order. Welcome everybody to the July 13 2020 111. City Council regular session. Let’s go ahead and start with roll call.

Unknown Speaker 13:41
Mayor Bagley here Councilmember Christiansen Councilmember Duggal faring here. Councilmember Martin here. Councilmember Peck, Councilmember Rodriguez, Councilmember waters. Mary, you have a quorum. All right, great, let’s say a pledge.

Unknown Speaker 13:58
I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands. One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Unknown Speaker 14:11
Sounds good when it’s in sync.

Unknown Speaker 14:15
Right. Couldn’t get that on zoom for a year. All right. So as far as first call public invited to be heard goes if you are wanting to call in to speak during first call public invited to be heard. We’re going to go ahead and let’s take those Collins first. Is there anybody on the calling list at the moment?

Unknown Speaker 14:34
Amir, we would our instructions say that we would take those in person first. Okay, we can do that to give time to display the number. That’s fine. We’ll do that. We’ll do that. So let’s go ahead and

Unknown Speaker 14:46
let’s actually approve the minutes of June 29 2021. It’s a regular session minutes. So item for command motion.

Unknown Speaker 14:54
Alright, it’s been moved by Dr. waters and seconded by Councilmember pack on favor say aye. Aye. Opposed and

Unknown Speaker 15:01
All right, Motion carries unanimously. All right agenda revisions and submission of documents. Casper Christiansen yet something?

Unknown Speaker 15:09

Unknown Speaker 15:14
Many, many, many complaints.

Unknown Speaker 15:18
Sorry. Sorry. Nope. Sorry. I’m supposed to be running this meeting and I forgot that I need to push buttons to go ahead.

Unknown Speaker 15:24
But could you turn on your mic?

Unknown Speaker 15:28
should be, is it working?

Unknown Speaker 15:31
Is it supposed to be?

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I’m pushing it. Hold on. I might try that. Oh, okay. There we go. So it’s red when it’s okay. It was my fault, not yours. You did everything you’re supposed to. I just didn’t have the right button. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 15:47
Anyway, this is timely, because we have gotten many, many, many complaints about fireworks. And I think we need to address it. First of all, I wanted to thank the Kiwanis Club for putting on the firework show this year, along with the sponsors like why it’s wet goods and many others. It was a very good display, I guess I couldn’t really see it from my part of the neighborhood, but part of town but anyway, many people enjoyed it. And I want to thank them for doing that.

Unknown Speaker 16:20
So we’ve gotten many, many complaints about why the city does not enforce the fireworks and

Unknown Speaker 16:28
about them going on, and I I love fireworks myself. However, setting off fireworks for a month or two before and a month after, does not make you a feisty patriot. It makes you just an obnoxious bullying jerk. So really, this is a community problem. And it’s got to have a community solution. people criticize the police department for not doing anything. However,

Unknown Speaker 17:01
here’s a statement from the paper this morning. With 300 from the police department with 340 miles of roadway in the city, usually nonspecific addresses, no willing witnesses, the volume pump caught fireworks complaints, makes it difficult to enforce. That’s a nice way of saying impossible. I talked to the police chief about this. And he said, what happens is they get in the car, they head for what they think is fireworks. And then somebody calls them and says the police are coming and the fireworks disappear. They can find them. It’s It’s not possible. He said then they turn around, and they can see the fireworks in the rearview mirror. Because, you know, it is not possible for the police to enforce poor community behavior. We all as a community need to sit down and address this ourselves. Because the people doing this need to understand that it is it is they are endangering the safety of their neighbors, they are endangering the right of their neighbors to have peace and quiet. It’s fine, do this January, do this the Fourth of July, do not do it for months ahead and behind the holiday. That is not acceptable. So what I am suggesting is two things. We have a community forum where people can meet and follow the model that we had when we had the gun forum a couple of years ago where we all sit down at different tables. And we talk to each other about this and what we’d like to see what the problem is and what we’d like to see changed. After that I would like to see a community Task Force consisting of neighborhood representatives, churches, schools, the Kiwanis Council, the police department, the fire department,

Unknown Speaker 18:55
and, and a task for so that we could develop sort of gentle reminders before from say, October through December, and say May through July, to remind people that it is not acceptable. This is not acceptable community behavior for people to be harassing their neighbors, essentially and making their prisoners in their own house by having to listen to constant rounds of explosives.

Unknown Speaker 19:27
And remember, I really, I love fireworks myself, but only

Unknown Speaker 19:34
only a couple of times a year. We also need to check on whether we’re actually selling legal fire illegal fireworks within the city limits. I myself was

Unknown Speaker 19:44
called out by the police who told me that my sparklers This was 30 years ago. My sparklers were illegal because they were my son was holding one in his hand therefore it left the ground.

Unknown Speaker 19:57
And I said you know I bought this down

Unknown Speaker 20:00
At the

Unknown Speaker 20:02
what is now Twin Peaks mall.

Unknown Speaker 20:07
And she said, Oh, well that we have nothing. The police have nothing to do with it. That’s the Fire Fire Department. I’ll go down there tomorrow and check on it. And I said, Yeah, on the fifth of July. That’s. So

Unknown Speaker 20:19
if we do those three things, have a community forum have a community Task Force, and check on what we’re actually allowing to be sold within the city limits of Longmont. If we’re selling legal fireworks here, then that’s fine. If we’re selling illegal fireworks and then confiscating them. That’s

Unknown Speaker 20:39
not okay.

Unknown Speaker 20:42
So, that’s what I would like to see us do. Do I have a

Unknown Speaker 20:49
second for that?

Unknown Speaker 20:52
I’ll second that. Okay. But I would like to add that

Unknown Speaker 20:58
the fireworks that are illegal from from Wyoming, it’s just not that big. Right, right. I know. But what’s legal in Wyoming, as we all know, is not legal here. And the but the chair is going to take the motion as it correct me if I’m wrong, the motion was to have a forum. Yes. On fireworks, much like the gun discussion? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 21:23
I put down TF What does that stand for? Well, yes, taskforce on the issue. And then check in and then have city staff presumably check on what is being sold in the city to determine whether knights and the fire department content Okay. And then that was made that motion was made by Councillor Christiansen and it was seconded by Councillor Martin. Does anyone want to discuss this issue?

Unknown Speaker 21:47
Councilmember Rodriguez.

Unknown Speaker 21:50
Thank you very badly. I believe that council received an email from city manager to Mingas concerning illegal fireworks and that I believe you may have had some ideas or at least some sort of suggestion about having the conversation as we move forward. And would this be consistent with what your email said to us?

Unknown Speaker 22:12
Can you all hear me? Okay. I think what what I was really thinking about is having a conversation via the neighborhood group leaders Association and working really within the neighborhoods because in, in what you will see in the budget process is when we look at neighborhood services, and some of those things, I think it really what I think I was contemplating in that was really working at a much more at a lower level with the neighborhoods to have the conversations,

Unknown Speaker 22:41
simply because I think it’s easier to grab folks that live next to each other, and how do we facilitate that in terms of what we do? From a neighborhood perspective? That’s really what I was talking about. All right, thank you. And so I guess my thoughts on the motion then are specifically that I think the logical step is definitely having a conversation before we initiate a taskforce. So you know, I tend to agree with the, whether it be the forum or

Unknown Speaker 23:14
a specific conversation with the neighborhood group leaders Association. I think that’s the logical next step instead of jumping to task force. And so that’s where I sit on the motion as you will. So we’ll see how council feels about it.

Unknown Speaker 23:32
Hold on a second.

Unknown Speaker 23:33
To turn it off. All right. I think this is Councilmember Thiago. fairing seat. Okay. Thank you, Mayor. So my question is, if we approve this tonight, will it be in conflict with the work that you’re going to be trying to do with the neighborhood group?

Unknown Speaker 23:53
Just additional work, it’s additional work, it’s additional work, okay. And then, because I, you know, I’m thinking if we formulate a task force, you know, if we you know, that what you’re working on,

Unknown Speaker 24:08
kind of creates this need that we need to have an a task force, I really want the taskforce to be the ones who tell us, this is what needs to be done to come back with solutions and recommendations of what needs to be done, rather than us kind of, Okay, I want the taskforce to say this is a problem and this is what we need to do, but really have them kind of problem solve. And I just feel like we’re not there yet.

Unknown Speaker 24:33

Unknown Speaker 24:37
all it. Yeah, I’m done. Okay. All right. Thank you. Alright, hold on a second. seat. two’s done. All right. And I believe this is Dr. Water three.

Unknown Speaker 24:46

Unknown Speaker 24:48
thank you, Mayor Bagley. I empathize or sympathize, agree with all the sentiments that were shared. We’ve we’ve had a ton of incoming email

Unknown Speaker 24:58
person I forwarded most of my

Unknown Speaker 25:00
to Rob’s pillow into Harold and Angus, until they finally said we need to stop forwarding all those emails to me. But I just wanted them to get a sense of the number and the nature of the emails we’re getting. So I share the concern I just what I personally I’d rather say, bring us a plan for addressing this in some fashion that makes best and highest use of staff time, our time, the community’s time, and let Harold with his team and Community Services and Public Safety bring to us whether it’s a taskforce or whatever they recommend, I just would rather put that in their court to bring us what the plan should be to getting to a solution, then putting together a process that may or may not, and I, I love the world cafe process. I you know, but but we didn’t lay that on the city that was facilitated from non city staff, a lot of city volunteers, and to take that on is a big job. So I would prefer to have a proposal from the staff as opposed to dictating to the staff but the approach should be

Unknown Speaker 26:04
alright, Councilmember Martin.

Unknown Speaker 26:09
Thank you, Mayor Bagley.

Unknown Speaker 26:12
I guess I was in am in favor of an early conversation now.

Unknown Speaker 26:20
I was thinking of the GLA outreach program as being something for spring so that the you know, then it would be fresh in the neighborhood associations mind and time for convening

Unknown Speaker 26:33
right before people started buying their fireworks. On the other hand, maybe there’s no need to convene a task force and that could be something that would could be decided after the the world cafe.

Unknown Speaker 26:48

Unknown Speaker 26:50
thank you, Polly saying that’s that was kind of her intent to, so I don’t see them as as mutually exclusive. And and maybe I’m gonna vote for it anyway. But maybe Councilmember Christensen would like to say, let’s organize this as a volunteer world cafe rather than putting it on the city to hold it. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 27:16
Councilmember gloss, right. No, no, you’re you’re just it’s my tardiness to get there you go. Councillor Christiansen? Oh,

Unknown Speaker 27:24
yes, I were used to yapping away in the other room without your having to push buttons. So

Unknown Speaker 27:31
yeah, I don’t really, I am not attached to any methodology as long as we do have a community conversation. And I would rather have it not just be the neighborhood group leaders, because that’s a fairly small group. Actually, we don’t really even have anybody representing our neighborhood as, as far as I know.

Unknown Speaker 27:52
But I don’t care how it happens, I think it’s important that

Unknown Speaker 27:57
a number of people be able to sit down and have their voices heard and be able to hash it out with their neighbors, I don’t have any hope that the people who are setting off these fireworks will come to any of these gatherings because that is what they like to do is just

Unknown Speaker 28:18
bully people. And they’re not interested in community involvement, but somebody may, they may.

Unknown Speaker 28:26
Anyway, I don’t really care how this happens. I just want it to be a broad discussion first. And we might get some ideas from that a broad group of people, just regular citizens. And we may get some ideas for that. And from that, I may be a task force would be generated or if you think it’s better to handle it another way, Harold, that’s fine. Because as long as we address this, because it’s it’s really driving people crazy. It doesn’t drive me crazy, because I can hardly hear anything. So it’s a very quiet world for me, but for other people. They’re extremely irritated about this. And I think they have a right to be irritated after being inundated with fireworks for months at a time. So.

Unknown Speaker 29:13
So I’m sorry, sorry, sorry. Sorry that you’re done. You want to get back in the queue?

Unknown Speaker 29:19
Sure. Okay. I’m sorry. I thought I thought you were done. And I was gonna hand it over to Councillor pack. Councilmember Peck. Thank you very badly. So Council and Christensen Do you want to direct staff to put on the agenda?

Unknown Speaker 29:33
And I don’t know what date you’re looking at, for a community conversation period about fireworks. Perhaps we can ask the fire department, a fire men to be there as well.

Unknown Speaker 29:48
So would you accept that amendment to that? So what is the amendment being accepted the amendment would be to direct staff to put on a future agenda preferably sooner than later. A community conference

Unknown Speaker 30:00
about the use of fireworks within our community.

Unknown Speaker 30:08
All right, Councilmember waters?

Unknown Speaker 30:12
Yeah, thanks. I’m not? I’m not sure. That’s what we’re voting on. I forget when we get to a vote here, right, because I put it on an agenda for a community conversation. But my I think we’re going to get an earful a week from tonight on this topic, who knows, we have an open forum. But I’ve heard enough from residents with the intent of coming to the forum to let us know what they think that

Unknown Speaker 30:36
Personally, I’d rather defer and give a demo he has to come in, and let us listen to them. And then think through what’s the best approach? I think we need to address this. I just want to make certain we’re making the best use of time. And I am and I wouldn’t, I don’t want to preempt what I think we’re going to have a roomful of folks telling us next Tuesday night, so

Unknown Speaker 30:59
all right, everybody’s had the chance to speak. I mean, the motion on the table currently is a motion that would direct staff to arrange for some type of community conversation

Unknown Speaker 31:10
on the issue and topic of fireworks. That’s the motion, I will I was gonna vote against the original, but I will vote for this. However, as I’m reading through the emails, and I was giving receiving the calls, I think it’s a matter of, of, of informing the public. And that is, if you have a neighbor that’s lighting off fireworks, and I don’t know the answer to this, Eugene, can you light off fireworks any day of the year in this town as long as they don’t leave the ground, or fireworks legal in Longmont? They are right. Okay. So anybody can set off fireworks at any time during the year so long as they’re legal. Right? However, so that’s that’s important, too. I mean, so it doesn’t matter how much we talk if it’s if it’s legal, it’s legal. Right. Now, if they’re shooting off illegal fireworks,

Unknown Speaker 31:57
then the police, they the how our criminal justice system works is yes, sometimes we are caught because there’s a cop there. But usually you have to call the police. And if your neighbor, so my suggestion is go talk to your neighbor, and ask them nicely to stop. And then if they won’t, and it’s illegal, call the police. But if you call the police, and they get upset, the police don’t do anything. You have to press charges, you have to be a witness, you have to tell the police what they did wrong. And when I was talking with people, when they call in, nobody wants to rat out their neighbor. And so even if the police show up and you are unwilling, nothing’s going to be done. So I think it’s I’d like to see the community conversation also talk about me, what can you do? Because the police just aren’t like just psychic and go to the noise and say, Oh, yeah, I knew it was illegal fireworks. If they don’t know if it’s illegal or legal, if they if no one’s there to testify or bear witness against their neighbor.

Unknown Speaker 32:56
It’s not gonna change. So Alright, so let’s go ahead and have a vote. All in favor say aye. Aye. Actually, let’s just Can we just vote like that? All in favor say aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. All right, motion carries six to one to add it to an agenda.

Unknown Speaker 33:17
Alright, so that carries with count Dr. Waters, dissent in the dissents. Alright, let’s go ahead and anybody else with agenda revisions? Mary just wanted to point out if I might, you will, you will point out the agenda revision the additions, I’m just gonna Yeah, I was just gonna put him in five anb. Nine, nine h od. That’s what I mean. Yeah. Okay. Go ahead. You do it. Well, thank you, man. Just going to point out that item nine h was added to the agenda after published which is a resolution for a grant. And then also item 10 D, which are three ordinances regarding Erwin Thomas.

Unknown Speaker 33:55
There was a publication error with one of those ordinances so sensitive package, we’d ask that that be steadfast that be continued until the 27th. And if anybody’s here would like to speak, we’ve offered that opportunity, but we’ll also have a public hearing on the 27th. Alright, perfect. So let’s go ahead and actually start with that. item five B, or item 10. d. Let’s go ahead and open the public hearing regarding item tindie. Regarding the urban Thomas ordinances, anybody here want to come out wouldn’t come down. Anybody come here specifically for that purpose? This is not the be all and end all of the public hearing is just that if someone came, we want you to have the opportunity to speak.

Unknown Speaker 34:36
Alright, see, now we’re gonna go ahead and close close out the public hearing and I’m gonna actually take a motion. Is there a motion to continue this matter to the 27th of July city council meeting?

Unknown Speaker 34:46
All right, I made the motion or the motion was made by Dr. Waters. It was seconded by

Unknown Speaker 34:52
Councilmember waggle fairing any debate on the issue? All right, seeing none All in favor say aye. Aye. Opposed say nay.

Unknown Speaker 35:00
All right. Oh, it’s coming up. It’s after. It’s after this. We’re just

Unknown Speaker 35:06
though not five. I know we’re gonna go there. Nine h five a we’re getting there. I just wanted to make sure that we opened up the public hearing and there’s no point to sit here. Yeah, yeah. So all right item nine h which is resolution 2021 dash 76. Resolution alone Nazi council approving an intergovernmental agreement between the city and the United States of America for grant funding for shuttered venue operators.

Unknown Speaker 35:26
You need a motion on this tonight. Early, though you’re saying it may be included in the consent agenda was noted as a revision there because it was added after the agenda was published. The actual item is nine h Alright, so it’s currently in the agenda. It’s so consented we’re just gonna go ahead and keep that in the consent agenda. So the public can call in should they want to touch on this issue. City management’s report. Anything no comments, Mayor council? Perfect. Any special reports presentations? No.

Unknown Speaker 35:56
No? Okay. All right. Let’s go on to first call public invited to be heard. There’s three people on the list. If let’s go ahead and throw up the call in. Let’s go ahead and remove and shut down the calling list after Our second speaker. Alrighty. Alright, actually, we’re gonna start with spider Benson. I’ve missed you so much my friend.

Unknown Speaker 36:16
Come on up and

Unknown Speaker 36:19
welcome back post COVID

Unknown Speaker 36:33
just found out

Unknown Speaker 36:36
the same thing that a bike is probably not repairable needs a whole new drive train and everything else. Anyway.

Unknown Speaker 36:47
Yeah, thank you. Strider Benson 951 17th Avenue.

Unknown Speaker 36:55

Unknown Speaker 36:56
couple of things. So I haven’t been here for like two years. Um,

Unknown Speaker 37:04
let me quote a Canadian who died a year or two ago. Democracy is common to the USA, we hope someday have we thought it was in 1965 when we passed the Voting Rights Act. I was in jail in Alabama when he passed and I was almost killed there several times. And

Unknown Speaker 37:33
but once

Unknown Speaker 37:35
they finally did pass after the march of Montgomery and all the work we did that following summer, and now

Unknown Speaker 37:45
some of you have seen or heard a poem I wrote about that about

Unknown Speaker 37:51
Gemini Jackson, Who’s the man they killed in Marion that we were going to carry his body to Montgomery and put it on the Capitol steps.

Unknown Speaker 38:03
I neared the end of the poll and I said,

Unknown Speaker 38:08

Unknown Speaker 38:11
it’s slipping out of my head right now. I’m

Unknown Speaker 38:15
the end sale, one mighty victory forever. Along the never ending trial trail for freedom, the struggle, the task, the prayer, the song of human dignity. And we thought we had won something democratically in this country. And way of saying the last number of years, they’re doing everything possible to exterminate the possibility of surviving democracy of the Lego moves by the person who’s the head of the Senate to prevent any, any discussion any vote to because a black man was president McConnell would not allow a Supreme Court nominee to be even heard, even considered and

Unknown Speaker 39:12

Unknown Speaker 39:13
have one thing anyone who wants to see what’s going on of auto raid Carl Schmitt 1923, the crisis of parliamentary democracy, where he pointed out

Unknown Speaker 39:30
prior to Hitler taking power, how that was going to come about because of the logjam and the people who controlled and the the gridlock in, in the parliamentary system. I just recently came across the book The Politics of cultural despair, gives 50 years in advance of HITLER HITLER actually studied he knew things as opposed to our our recent

Unknown Speaker 40:00
President, I think I ran out. And

Unknown Speaker 40:04
let me just close father Terry wrote up on a on

Unknown Speaker 40:11
an article in the paper a couple of weeks ago. And then she got attacked by a woman who wrote a letter attacking her for being a Catholic. She didn’t claim to be Roman.

Unknown Speaker 40:25
And that kind of stuff is the, you know, the severity of what’s taking place in this country and the destruction of democracy.

Unknown Speaker 40:37
I got my john lewis shirt, and we need to pass that. Thank you, Benson. I appreciate Thank you. All right. All right. I’m Martin orner.

Unknown Speaker 40:58
Hi, Martin Horner, 1417. Auburn court.

Unknown Speaker 41:02
Falling after Strider what I have to say is just pennies is really nothing.

Unknown Speaker 41:07
Thank you Strider for keeping trying to keep us informed. Last time I was here speaking before the council is about airport noise. After meeting with the airport manager a few times I was adequately convinced that my concerns were without merit. So here tonight I’m calling facing you and talking about

Unknown Speaker 41:30
something I observed at Hanover Park last Friday. I did call on my ward three city council Rep. But as of yet I have not received a reply.

Unknown Speaker 41:41
On that morning, the lawn service guys were there.

Unknown Speaker 41:46
The whole park grass did not need to be cut. I got down close to it and measured the cut area and the cut in the area before the cut it was about two inches. So you have all these guys with their machines, these big machines that are spewing all this garbage into the air. And for really nothing. Okay, it didn’t need to be cut.

Unknown Speaker 42:09
I took photos I didn’t have a chance to Brent to get them from my phone onto my email or send them to the clerk in time for this meeting. And any rate for two inches. So I suggest that the parks department evaluate the contract with the cutting service to revise the cutting to when it’s needed. I asked how much does the city pay these guys each time they go out and cut the grass when it didn’t need to be needed? How much engine exhaust is going into the atmosphere each time it’s cut? Can the city find a contractor who uses more environmentally friendly fuel and machines? Perhaps cng in the city newsletters that we get with our utility bill, were asked to trade in our gasoline powered lawn mowers for electric lawn mowers. Why doesn’t the city lead by example and try to address the air quality issue? Please don’t perpetuate this do as we say not as we do scenario.

Unknown Speaker 43:10
In the meantime, in the meantime, the men’s restroom at the Hanover Park is a mess. This goes on year after year graffitiing inside the restroom, you’ve got leaky fixtures leaking water onto the floor, and the sink looks like it’s gonna fall off the wall.

Unknown Speaker 43:29
Thank you for listening. Thank you sir.

Unknown Speaker 43:33
Mayor Dennis combs.

Unknown Speaker 43:36
And then can we do how many people are online? Okay, so let’s go ahead and close that up and that person will be a conclude.

Unknown Speaker 43:45
Dennis Coons 813 wigeon drive Longmont, Colorado. It’s kind of nice to be on this side of the Dyess

Unknown Speaker 43:55
couple of things. You know, one, I’m actually going to kind of miss wearing masks sometimes because sometimes you get to put out a message you know, this was one of my favorite masks, it says Be kind.

Unknown Speaker 44:08
Also want to put out a little shout out to our Longmont police department. Recently, my car was rear ended when a friend of mine was driving it and stopped at an intersection for a pedestrian crossing with them. So I drove down there and this police officer didn’t know I was the previous mayor, but I was just really impressed with how professional he was. He got you know, one person statement than the other person’s very, you know, efficient professional.

Unknown Speaker 44:36
And you know, at the end he says you’re kind of familiar. Do I know you and I see I was into me, Mayor But anyway, shout out to the Longmont Police Department for being very professional.

Unknown Speaker 44:50
point when I walked in here tonight, I just realize how much I mean what a beautiful building this is and it’s nice to see all the new decking. I mean it’s probably the longest construction project I’ve ever

Unknown Speaker 45:00

Unknown Speaker 45:01
But another thing that just came to mind is, you know, I don’t miss being mayor. I don’t miss city council meetings. But I do miss all these wonderful city employees. You know, I mean, there’s some really great people. But

Unknown Speaker 45:15

Unknown Speaker 45:17
I just want to say

Unknown Speaker 45:20
that I read your article, Mayor Begley in the newspaper and I don’t have anything to add to it. I thought it was pretty well written. So anyway, thanks. And that’s all I have to say. Anyway. Everybody, have a good evening. Thank you. All right. Thank you. All right. Who’s up on the phone?

Unknown Speaker 45:50
Do I need to do anything to get them on the phone? Nope. Give me just a minute.

Unknown Speaker 46:00
Thanks. Actually, you should run that. new mayor Pro Tem responsibility. Running the three minute timer.

Unknown Speaker 46:08
It’s tricky.

Unknown Speaker 46:11
You hit stop, start, stop reset. So if you ever see me.

Unknown Speaker 46:19
Alright, Mayor, so we do have one caller and I’m going to ask them to unmute. So call our ending and 019019. I’m going to ask you to unmute. Go ahead.

Unknown Speaker 46:36
Can you hear us? Hello? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 46:42
We can hear you. Can you hear us? Yes, I can hear you.

Unknown Speaker 46:47
Okay, go ahead.

Unknown Speaker 46:49
Hey, my name is Lawrence Bashir. I live it to Western skies circle here in Longmont.

Unknown Speaker 46:55
I just want to ask a quick question. I didn’t know if I understood this correctly. But did they? I was going to call in about the Erwin

Unknown Speaker 47:03
Thomas development and sound like to me that that had all been pushed back now until the July 27. That’s correct, sir.

Unknown Speaker 47:12
Okay. All right. And then the only other thing I guess I had on that was

Unknown Speaker 47:16
a small complaint about signage in terms of notification of the public meetings for these developments. The development prize for public notice, for What sir?

Unknown Speaker 47:28
I’m sorry, we’re having a hard time hearing at least the volumes really low. You said you your complaint is one of signage regarding notification of what meetings

Unknown Speaker 47:37
about about the about the like the meetings of the when they’re gonna have a talk here at the City Council meeting.

Unknown Speaker 47:43
City Council meetings themselves, they place some of the signs down? Well, obviously, they put them around the around the development side, which is, I guess, maybe I’ll make some sense because that’s where they’re going to develop it. But, you know, unless you actually, you know, nobody really lives in the field, the empty field where it’s at. And actually, they put some of them down in the field, behind some very tall grasses that you can’t see if you know, I challenge anyone to find that one sign along 119

Unknown Speaker 48:10
as you’re looking for it, and and then same thing with the other ones, they’re like great places to put these signs, especially at the roundabout, just south of the left hand Creek there on on martin Street, that would catch probably all the residents at the apartment complex and most of the people in harvest junction, but instead they choose to put it, you know, just down by the bountiful roundabout, which only a small number of people I think go down that deep into the community and, and come in on that side. I do because I live right over there. But, but most people live north of that. And of course, we’re getting development on that south side of bountiful right now. So just a little complaint about signage, and then I’ll call in in a couple of weeks, but

Unknown Speaker 48:52
thanks for taking the time. Thank you, sir.

Unknown Speaker 48:55
And then just by way, is there a way to get that louder? So I think I would need to go over there to the panel and change the podium. Alright. Well, just because we’re learning with the new technology. Exactly. So that’s okay. All right. Great. That will conclude first call public invited to be heard. Let’s go on to the consent agenda and introduction or reading by title a first reading of the ordinances.

Unknown Speaker 49:18
Mayor Bagley item nine a is ordinance 2021 dash 37. A bill for an ordinance amending chapter 1404 sections 1404 160 and 1404 170. The Longmont municipal code on system development fees to provide for the redevelopment of single family homes to multifamily dwelling units, public hearing and second reading scheduled for July 27 2021. Nine B is ordinance 2021 dash 38. A bill for an ordinance authorizing the city of Long month to lease the Real Property known as Vance brand Municipal Airport hangar parcel h 21. To Richard a hall, public hearing and second reading scheduled for July 27 2021. Nine C is resolution 2021 dash 73 a resolution requesting coverage under the FDCPA

Unknown Speaker 50:00
defined benefit system administered by the fire and police pension Association for new firefighters for the city of Longmont. 90 is resolution 2021 dash 74 a resolution requesting coverage on the Fpp f PPA defined benefit system administered by the fire and police pension Association for new police officers for the city of Longmont. 90 is resolution 2020 dash 75 a resolution of the Longmont city council to commemorate June T. Nine F is approved six Capital Improvement Program amendments, nine G is approved visit Longmont 2021 contract for services and nine H is resolution 2021 dash 76 a resolution of the Longmont city council approving the intergovernmental agreement between the city in the United States United States of America for grant funding for shuttered venue operators.

Unknown Speaker 50:49
All right, thank you.

Unknown Speaker 50:52
We will go Councillor Christiansen, I would like to pull E and G just for brief comments.

Unknown Speaker 51:00
All right. I do want to make a motion. I would move the consent agenda minus A and G.

Unknown Speaker 51:10
All right, Council, Councilman Christiansen move the consent agenda less items in G was seconded by Councillor pack. All in favor say aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. All right, the consent agenda minus E and G passes unanimously. Let’s go on to let’s actually go ahead. And

Unknown Speaker 51:32
actually, can we go ahead? And can we continue the discussion on let’s go ahead and continue? Let’s talk about EMG and hear your comments. And then Could you please post while we do that? anyone wanting to call in for?

Unknown Speaker 51:48
Are we going to do public hearings by phone anymore? We’re only offering that option for first call public. Okay, that’s it. Okay, just checking. So, alright, then let’s go ahead to 10 a public hearing consideration of recommendations for 2021 Community Development, Community Development Block Grant aka CDBG program action plans. Kathy fetlar, do you have anything to say before we launch into this presentation, etc?

Unknown Speaker 52:13

Unknown Speaker 52:15
I do Mir

Unknown Speaker 52:18
Which one? Is it? This one?

Unknown Speaker 52:28
I’m sorry.

Unknown Speaker 52:29
Down here,

Unknown Speaker 52:31

Unknown Speaker 52:34
And then

Unknown Speaker 52:37
do i do something to make it bigger or Is that it? I wasn’t sure.

Unknown Speaker 52:56

Unknown Speaker 52:59
Good evening, Kathy feather Housing and Community Investment division manager. And tonight looking as the mayor said at the 2021 CDBG action plan and second quarter affordable housing fund recommendations. So the CDBG funding that we have available for 2021 totals $558,679. This is a reduction of about $52,200 or about 9.4% from 2020. We also are reallocating 99,500 from prior year funding and are estimating to receive about 50,000 and program income in 2021. So we have about $708,180 to

Unknown Speaker 53:43
hand out this year or make available.

Unknown Speaker 53:49
We put applications made them available may 4, they were due may 21 is a pretty quick turnaround. But we find people wait to the last minute anyway. So giving them a shorter period has has worked a lot better.

Unknown Speaker 54:03
All the way around. We’d like to have it a little bit longer than this. And we’ll do that next time. We did receive five applications to were referred for CDBG funding. The imagine group home rehab and Lh a christmann to land acquisition. We have a city fund request of 20,000 for homeless assistance providing security deposits with our locally funded voucher program. We also have 115,000 set aside for the rehab program which is operated by the city and then a set aside of 50,000 for the housing counseling program.

Unknown Speaker 54:42
The 2021 Action Plan is due to HUD by August 16. This is the second year of our five year Consolidated Plan that runs from 2020 to 2020. For the public hearing is tonight, and we’ll get to that in a little bit. And we did do a 30 day public notice that’s required. We started that

Unknown Speaker 55:00
On the 23rd of June, and it runs through the 23rd of July. So any additional comments that we receive will be included in the action plan before we send it to HUD and or, or if there are something that needs to be brought back to Council, we will do that as well.

Unknown Speaker 55:18
So in the housing rehab program, like I said, we are setting aside $100,000 directly for the rehab programs, we expect to assist about nine households with this funding, and then 15,000 for direct project delivery of that program for the total of 115,000. The existing funding that we have in place from prior years will take us through 2021 and in slightly into 2022. we’re estimating and then this funding will pick up 2022 until we get our next allocation in 2022.

Unknown Speaker 55:56
And this does address council work plan goal a 3.2.

Unknown Speaker 56:04
The next one is the housing counseling and personal finance program. This program provides the one on one financial counseling to Longmont residents who’ve applied for our downpayment assistance or rehab programs or who have credit issues. The counseling includes developing a spending plan reducing debt, improving credit. It also includes foreclosure prevention and reverse mortgage counseling. If that’s something that’s needed, and it’s free of charge to Longmont residents, the $50,000 grant will leverage quite a bit of money with other grant funding, and we expect about 240 lower income residents to be assisted in 2021.

Unknown Speaker 56:45
The homeless solutions for Boulder County supports is a $20,000.

Unknown Speaker 56:52
Grant for security and utility deposits when they receive a locally funded voucher. We anticipate assisting about 13 households with these funds,

Unknown Speaker 57:02
at a cost of about estimating about 1500 per household that might need assistance. We did set aside funding in 2019 and 2020. For this purpose as well. So this will supplement those funds.

Unknown Speaker 57:20
The two new projects, imagine group home rehab is a $59,000 grant is being recommended. It would help keep six persons with developmental disabilities housed and I can go into a little bit, they’re going to use the funds to replace the carpet, do bathroom remodels, refinish the flooring, especially in the kitchen and laundry but throughout the home, and then imagine is going to cover the cost to replace the two furnaces. By partnering with energy outreach Colorado.

Unknown Speaker 57:51
The Lh a christmann to land acquisition and or pre development costs is recommended for $342,444 in a grant, and that would help support the new construction of 83 affordable rental homes. This does match an affordable housing fund loan that’s coming up that we can go into a little bit more detail.

Unknown Speaker 58:15
We also received an application from Stoughton stonehedge apartments, they requested 280,200 to replace all the windows and sliding glass doors in that development. The housing advisory board did have some issues and concerns with their project. The estimate that they submitted was from 2016. And costs have increased quite a bit since then. So we asked them to get an updated cost estimate. And then we also asked for information on the amount and how they’ve been using their replacement reserves because that is the purpose of replacement reserves is to fund these kinds of things. So they have not replied back yet with this additional information. But at whatever point they do submit that will take that right to the advisory board and then bring it bring it back for reconsideration.

Unknown Speaker 59:06
So, programming administration is recommended that we set aside 20% that’s allowed, which would be about $121,735. Again, if that’s not used, it gets reallocated for projects. A total of 351 households would be served by the CDBG funding in 2021. with nine homes rehabilitated 13 homeless persons housed at three new affordable rental homes created and six homes for persons with developmental disabilities preserved and then 240 households help to remain stable through the housing counseling program. This is an average about two the lower $2,000 per household assisted and 25 point 9 million of leverage would be brought into the community primarily through the Chrisman project, which is about $36 to $1 of our investment

Unknown Speaker 1:00:01

Unknown Speaker 1:00:06
it’s a little hard to see it is in your packet. It’s just showing exactly how the funds are allocated for what projects and that the the uses. line up with the expenses.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:18
On the affordable housing funds, we had 1.15 available for 2021. This is a million dollars from the general fund transfer and an estimated $150,000 transfer from the marijuana tax 723,000 just under 400 is being reallocated from prior year funding. And 150,000 is estimated in 2021. program income. We’ve also received about 90,000 in fee in lieu so far in 2021. That’s not included in here. But if we get more than that, obviously, we will be putting it right back out for the next funding round. So a total of just a little over 2 million was available for this funding round.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:59
So the recommendation from the housing advisory board is again, to fund this time mgL partners for the Chrisman to land acquisition. So there’s a for profit

Unknown Speaker 1:01:11
developer and then Lh A is a special partner within that development. For some of the things that the housing authority can bring, we’re recommending a $600,000 loan to Mg O partners

Unknown Speaker 1:01:26
at 1% interest over 20 year term and repayment from cash flow. So that primarily means that the deferred developer fee is going to get paid First, the first mortgage is going to get paid first, and I think a do h loan is probably going to get paid second, and then whatever’s left after ellijay gets some fees as well will be repaid for this loan. So it might take the full 20 years to get repaid. And again at three new affordable rental homes would be constructed.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:59
Element sunset heights came back in for additional pre development costs, they sought $150,000, which we are recommending alone at 0% interest, which is the terms and the interest rate on their current loan, we’ve combined it or amend their existing loan to add new funds, and then extend the loan term to 12. The end of the year instead of april of 2022. This would bring in 55 new permanent supportive rental homes, if they get their tax credit funding in early 2022.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:35
These funds are primarily going to be used to take the project through the development review process this time. So get all the way through to plan approval, and just short a building permit pulling, which I think will make it a much more strong project because there’ll be virtually ready to break ground quicker than any other project that would be coming in.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:00
So program animal administration for affordable housing fund, we set aside about 16%, or a total of $321,543. This is 206,000 made up of the general fund admin transfer plus council allowed us to use up to $115,000 from the affordable housing fund to cover the any administrative gap that there might be. And that happened on September 15 2020. In case you wanted to look that up

Unknown Speaker 1:03:34
138 households will be served with this funding recommendation. And just an over 7800 per investment per household assisted and about a $23 to $1 leverage ratio.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:52
Again, the

Unknown Speaker 1:03:54
chart just shows the full allocation. This also does show and first of all, I want to point out that this chart is slightly different than the chart you got in your packet, because I made an error on the admin fee. And it was 115,000 that you guys approved. And somehow I put in 125,000. So I almost jumped out at $10,000.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:19
So I corrected that. And then we did include as well a payment for the purchase of the nine acres at harvest junction. That’s the $350,000 that showing in there. That that should close probably later this year. And that would be the first payment. And then every year for I think it’s four years from now on. Another 300,000 will be paid on that and then it’ll be paid off.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:47
And then also we estimated fee offsets for the Chrisman development at about $110,000. That’s not likely to happen in 2021. But I pulled it out so that we don’t spend it

Unknown Speaker 1:05:00
So, any questions I’d be happy to answer otherwise we can do the public hearing and then you can take action. All right, so we don’t. Okay. Councillor waters. Thanks. Mayor Bagley. There were two slides, Kathy, that pointing to at I think 313 and 1583. Homes rental homes. I assume that the slides 13 and 15. They were the same 83. Yes. Are those permanently affordable? Yes. And the 55 supportive units are also permanently affordable. We only invest in permanent supportive or permanently affordable now.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:37
All right, so that said, let’s go ahead and open the public hearing and consideration. Let’s go ahead and open the hearing on the consideration of recommendations for the 2021 Community Development Block Grant Program action plans. You don’t hear want to speak on this issue.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:53
Alright, see no one we’re gonna go ahead and close the public hearing. I’m going to go ahead and move that we accept the staffs recommendations for the 2021 Community Development Block Grant Program action plans. Alright, I made the motion Councillor Martin seconded it. All in favor say actually any discussion or debate? I don’t see any Kazmir Christiansen.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:15
boba. All right. You got it. No debate. I just wanted to thank you. This is a huge amount of of work and a lot of help in the community. And

Unknown Speaker 1:06:26
it makes me proud to be a member of this community. So thank you. All right. Okay. All in favor say aye. Aye. Nay city. All right, motion carries seven to seven nothing. Great. I just want to add I did not add that. Thanks, all thanks to the housing and Human Services Advisory Board who did a lot of work on this and it was their first year flying without the TRG so they did a great job. So worked out. Well. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:58
Alright, let’s go on to 10 b ordinance 2021 dash 31 a bill for an ordinance making additional appropriations for expenses and liabilities the city one month for the fiscal year beginning January 120 21. Is there a presentation? A brief one? All right, I like brief. Good evening, mayor and city council Teresa Malloy, budget manager. And we did want to give you a brief presentation on this one because it is unusually large.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:23
Not unusually large for our carryover though.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:27
So So this one is an additional appropriation for $212,665,980. And it’s really comprised of two different types of appropriations, we have new dollars included in it, of about $61.15 million. And they wanted to point out that over 55 million of those new dollars are the water bonds, the new water bonds.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:01
And then the remaining amount of this appropriation is 151. Point 5 million. Those are carryover dollars from our prior year. So in all funds,

Unknown Speaker 1:08:15
our city charter states that all appropriations from the prior year lapse and have to be re appropriated if those funds are still needed. So that’s what this is, essentially, is carryover from the prior year, not new dollars, it was included in either our original budget, or the additional appropriations that you did throughout the year.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:43
And these funds just were not used last year for the intended purpose. So we have to carry them over a good portion of this as for our CRP, our capital improvement program. And

Unknown Speaker 1:09:00
just to point out to you that another city charter requirement is that we have to have the full dollars budgeted for our construction contracts before we can award them knowing full well that many of those contracts won’t be completed in in the current year. So we have to continue to carry them over until those contracts are completed. So that is a good portion of the carryover. We also have encumbrances for purchase orders that were open last year for which we still owe

Unknown Speaker 1:09:40
the the vendor for and that’s another good chunk of the carryover. And then finally, we’ve got some um, encumbered not committed to contract project costs that were budgeted for that specific project.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:00
still needed for the completion of those specific projects that are also being carried over tonight. So with that, I’d be happy to take any questions. We don’t have any questions, but I do want to go ahead and open the public hearing on ordinance 00 dash 2021 dash 31. Is there anybody here from the public that would like to come down and express their thoughts on this issue?

Unknown Speaker 1:10:25
Alright, see none. I’m gonna go ahead and close the public hearing. Are there any further discussion, Comments or questions from council?

Unknown Speaker 1:10:33
All right, can we have a motion for ordinance 2021 dash 31. Sorry, Counselor Christiansen.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:39
I’m sorry, Dr. Waters, wrong way. Yeah, this is less about tonight, then, at some point, will we see an ordinance?

Unknown Speaker 1:10:50
Certainly a different scale in scope. But reflecting some of the ideas that we shared when asked, what were our priorities for one time expenditures

Unknown Speaker 1:11:02
that actually will come in as part of the budget process and be part of the budget package, if that’s what you’re talking about when we we came to you whenever? Yeah, whatever it was, came to you in May. And so that’ll be part of the budget process as we go through as one time expenditures going into 2022 22. Correct? Not for 2021? No, because you all set the one time for 21. There now there’s a different conversation coming in just before the budget related to the ARPA funds and some of the other special funding that we have to account for as well. So some of those ideas may show up. They show up on the article. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:41
Alright, anybody else?

Unknown Speaker 1:11:44
Okay, can we have a motion for ordinance? 2021 dash 31.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:49
All right. Dr. Waters moved it. Councillor Martin seconded. Seeing no further discussion or debate. Let’s vote. All in favor say aye. Aye. Opposed say nay? Right. The motion carries seven one. Let’s go on to item 10. See ordinance 2021 dash 32. an ordinance authorizing the issuance the city of Longmont enterprise water revenue bonds series 2021 a scolding? Is there anything to say or no? We’re good. Alright. So let’s go ahead and there’s no report. Let’s go ahead and open the public hearing on the matter. Anybody want to come up and talk about ordinance? 2021 dash 32 regarding the budget. Alright, Council, do we have any questions, comments or concerns? Seeing none, can someone please make a motion for 2021 dash 31.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:32
I’ll second that. Councilmember Martin moved it. I seconded it. Seeing no further discussion debate. Let’s go ahead and vote All in favor say aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. Motion carries seven to nothing.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:44
And then item 10 D We are postponing till the 27th

Unknown Speaker 1:12:50
it is eight o’clock. Let’s go ahead and counselor Christiansen if we can turn back to you.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:58
I don’t want to do e do we? We have an E. E hidden down there. Alright, ordinance 2021. Does 36 ago for an ordinance repealing and reenacting chapter 15.0208 D. and amending chapter 15.04030 D two three and chapter 15.10 point oh one oh e the Longmont municipal code on short term rentals and wonder I didn’t want to talk about it. All right.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:24
Is there anybody here that’s going to open the public hearing? Anybody here want to come down and talk about it?

Unknown Speaker 1:13:31
All right, see nobody. We’re gonna go ahead and close the public hearing.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:36
Can we have a motion?

Unknown Speaker 1:13:38
All right. All right. It’s been Moved by Councillor Pac seconded by Councilmember waters. Any discussion or debate?

Unknown Speaker 1:13:47
All right, seeing none. Let’s go ahead and vote.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:53
Let’s go ahead and do this one.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:55
On the on the screen.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:01
Marin capital.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:18
I voted.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:21
All right. The motion carries six to one with myself in the only dissenter. All right, let’s go ahead now.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:29
two items removed from the consent agenda. Councillor Christiansen? Could we go ahead and ask you to address your comments pertaining to item e First of all,

Unknown Speaker 1:14:39
hold on one second. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:43
This is about Juneteenth. So I basically just wanted to thank the people who organize programs, which would be Madeline Woodley, and her sister Reverend Glenda Robinson.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:57
Another minister, I believe from their church.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:00
Which is second Baptists of Boulder betting Denali and all the other people who helped get Juneteenth going. Finally, after many, many years, we’re

Unknown Speaker 1:15:12
celebrating an important holiday. And I would like to point out, as Betty Denali pointed out, it was not that African Americans did not know that they were free, but they had they could not be free without federal intervention of the army coming down to Galveston and actually making sure they were free.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:34
So anyway, I just thought it was a wonderful time. And thanks to everybody who got that organized.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:47

Unknown Speaker 1:15:50
Would you put around again? Oh, sorry. Sorry. Yeah. Now, I thought I was done. I forgot this is a it’s just two minutes of resolution. So I would move resolution 20 2075.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:03
All right. It’s been Moved by Councillor Christiansen seconded by Councilmember toggle fairing.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:09
Anybody want to say anything? I don’t see anything. All right. All in favor say aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. All right, Motion carries unanimously. Right, Counselor Christen approve is at Loma 2021. Credit contract for services.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:24

Unknown Speaker 1:16:27
So there’s a long man hasn’t had a very rough couple of years. And there have been many, many people have come and gone. come and gone. come and gone. The one person who has kept it together is

Unknown Speaker 1:16:43
gira. Silva. Oh, I never get your name. Right. I’m sorry. So so back, yes. There she is. She’s hold this together for years all by herself. So hats off to you. And we hope to restore it now that it’s under Kimberly, Mickey who always always knows what she’s doing.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:04
I have a lot of faith.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:07
We I have not as the liaison, I’ve only been a liaison for a short period of time. But I

Unknown Speaker 1:17:14
I could see they were having a lot of trouble. A lot of it had to do with COVID, of course, and our our hotels are coming back dramatically. They’re not where they were, but they’re getting there. And

Unknown Speaker 1:17:29
everybody, everything’s coming back. And so they’ve hung tight. And now we need to support them. And so I, I thank you for hanging in there. The one thing I would say about this contract that which I’m going to move to approve it

Unknown Speaker 1:17:47

Unknown Speaker 1:17:49
on one part of it, it says they’re encouraging.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:57
Work with the str

Unknown Speaker 1:18:01
short term rentals.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:05
I don’t think they need to be encouraged. You know, first of all, they’re doing just fine as they are. It’s okay to work with them, I guess. But frankly, they undermine the hotels and the bed and breakfast. I’ve talked to hotel owners and Bed and Breakfast places all over this country and they say the same thing. Secondly, they they destroy our housing stock, you can see how hard we work to just get a few places. And then we come and we’ve got 400 short term rentals and long one so you know,

Unknown Speaker 1:18:40
it’s alright, they’re gonna be here. We’ve regulated in as well as we can. But I don’t think you need to make a special effort to encourage them. That’s all I’m saying. So that said I would approve the visit long month 2021 contract for services. I’ll second that.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:01
All right. motion has been made by customer christison seconded by myself approving the 2021 contract for services with visit Longmont Seeing no other

Unknown Speaker 1:19:13
senior no other discussion. Let’s go ahead and vote All in favor say aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. All right, motion carries seven to nothing.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:23
All right. Let’s move on. You guys wanna take a break real quick. Before we hit up to general business and it shouldn’t hope I never say it but I won’t say let’s just take a break before we go into general fist that’s

Unknown Speaker 1:28:46
Alright let’s think about heading back to our seats

Unknown Speaker 1:28:49
pushing through general business.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:25

Unknown Speaker 1:29:28

Unknown Speaker 1:29:30
And essentially, this is a proposed land acknowledgement statement recognizing the indigenous peoples whose ancestral lands contain what is now Longmont. I’m going to read it, but we’re going to have a presentation on it and the statement would simply state we acknowledge that Longmont sits on the traditional territory of the Cheyenne, Arapaho, ute and other indigenous peoples. We honor the history and the living and spiritual connection that the first peoples had with this land. It is our commitment to face the injustices that happened when the land was taken.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:00
To educate our communities ourselves and our children to ensure that this or they do not happen again. So presentation please.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:15
Mayor bag and members of council I’m Eric Mason, I’m curator of history here at the Longmont museum. I’m presenting a land acknowledgement statement for councils consideration. Land acknowledgement statements, which formally recognize indigenous peoples as the stewards of the land and acknowledge the enduring relationship between indigenous peoples and their territories have been used by communities, universities, and other organizations across the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand over the last few years. Locally, the city of Denver adopted a land acknowledgement statement in 2020. Many of Colorado’s colleges and universities have adopted them, and numerous organizations in the area have as well.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:01
In many cases they are read

Unknown Speaker 1:31:04
before during the official meeting of the organization. The draft statement that was

Unknown Speaker 1:31:11
read here by an airbag Li was developed in consultation with Montoya Whiteman. She was formerly a Senior Program Officer at the First Nations Development Institute, here in Longmont, and now Senior Director of Marketing with the American Indian Science and Engineering Society and she’s an enrolled member of both the Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes of Oklahoma.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:36
multiple events make the timing of adopting this particularly significant Of course, Longmont is celebrating its 100 and 50th anniversary this year, and it was founded on the ancestral lands of these tribes. The museum’s Longmont 150 exhibit opens on August 7, and that was kind of the catalyst to begin the discussions that ultimately led to this land acknowledgement statement consideration. Also, of course, the city is looking to formalize its sister city relationship with the Northern Arapaho tribe, first in the nation relationship and one that Mayor Bagley played an important role in creating and the city is also working with indigenous groups on developing use policies for open space and sandstone ranch. in crafting this statement, we took several things into account. Ms. Whiteman, our consultant pointed out that the land acknowledgement statement should include a call to action, not simply be flat statement, but encourage people to do something more about it.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:45
And provide guidance for today in the statement, we’ve tried to balance brevity and comprehensiveness.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:54
It was adopted by the museum advisory board for consideration by Council and also by the sustainability advisory board at their June meeting. With that, I’d be happy to entertain any questions from Council.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:11
Just hold on. No, you’re good. All right, counsel.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:16
Thank you very badly. Um, thank you for

Unknown Speaker 1:33:20
for doing this land acknowledgement statement. I think it’s incredible that we are becoming a part of this makes me very proud. But I do have a question in the council communication, which it’s, it’s just for clarification, it says the inter government governmental collaboration, but it’s the last statement to develop co management of open space. What exactly does that mean?

Unknown Speaker 1:33:46
Can you tell me what that means? Because open space. It’s Boulder County, it’s the city of Boulder in its Longmont. But we have a conservation easement on that on some of it. So I don’t know what it means that you’re going to manage it. I will defer that to those that might know a little bit more about about that aspect. I just didn’t understand the statement.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:20
Good evening, mayor and council members. This is Kim manager. I’m the director of the Longmont museum. I have to say, I don’t know the answer to that either. We worked on this in consultation with Carmen Ramirez. And so she was the one that provided that bullet point for us. So I think that Carmen may be the person that you need to talk to you about that. Okay, sorry that I can’t answer that question. Now, the reason I’m asking is that I know we’re gonna have a sweat lodge at sandstone which is really exciting. And when I talked to our city manager a couple of years ago, it was interesting to know that they might move that from place to place it may not be the sweat lodge. It was just

Unknown Speaker 1:35:00
scheduled and I was wondering if that’s what this was about? I’m just curious.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:06
No, I think when we had the sweat lodge conversation it was that that piece on the movement of it was because is it permanent? Or is it movable? And looking at the mayor to help me so that was the trying to remember two years ago, that was the crux of this conversation. And I think, what I remember on the the CO management pieces, and I’ll have to check with Carmen on this one, but how do we treat it the same in terms of the open space that we all own? And what can and can’t happen on that in terms of what they can do in in this area? Oh, well, we’ll double check that make sure. Oh, I was helping with the education piece in the land management or that Mayor Bagley just read that when you said education. That’s what that was that we would you know, they can move it in educate different. I think that’s part of it, because it was part of the the more global component of this, but I’ll have to get with Carmen too.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:02
We’ll have to figure that out. And we’ll get counseling answer on it. Yeah. Could you just email us? We’ll do that. That would be great. Thanks. I’m sorry. Good job. You’re done. I thought you were done.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:13
Do you have anything else say, Oh, okay. Not just I divine that you’re done. And then I hit Mike off. Councilmember Christiansen

Unknown Speaker 1:36:24
you’re into divination. Now. This is dangerous territory.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:29
So I, I also, I don’t know where Eric’s gone now. But anyway,

Unknown Speaker 1:36:35
I’m really happy to see this I,

Unknown Speaker 1:36:39
you know, we we have? Well, anyway, um, so I think we should be very supportive of anything the museum develops in this regard. And in regarding the discussion about open space, I know that long, Boulder County had a designated area solely for First Nations people in one of their open space lands. And I don’t remember what that was, which open space area, but I know that it’s been around for several years. So maybe it has to do something with that. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:21
Far be it for me to

Unknown Speaker 1:37:24
double think everything that you’re writing that I I can’t help myself.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:29
So the last sentence is a bit long, I’ve spent a lot of time in publications too long.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:38
And because the word when it says it is our commitment to face the in justices that happened, when the land was taken into educator communities, ourselves and our children to ensure that they do not happen again. Usually, when they would be there, at that point in the sentence, it would refer to the closest noun, which would be children, but it actually refers to the injustices, I would suggest to make a stronger sentence that you replace they with these injustices. So it would read

Unknown Speaker 1:38:17
is our commitment to face the injustices that happened when the land was taken in to educate our communities, ourselves and our children to ensure that these in justices do not happen again? That’s just a suggestion. Anyway, I’m very unboard. With everything you’re doing, I think probably all of us are, I would suggest that we not read this maybe at every single meeting, because I think it might lose its impact. But I would, I would love to see us when we are making new signs for open space to put this statement on every sign. Because then when people look out over the open space, it dawns on them that

Unknown Speaker 1:38:57
this is land that used to belong to other people. Were using it, but it still belongs to all of us. But really, it belongs to them.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:07
I just think if we added it to new signs as we make them

Unknown Speaker 1:39:13
that could be a really powerful thing for people using open space.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:19
I’m, I’ve been looking at I looked at your I guess it was the presentation and it had a map somewhere around there and had a map of First Nations territories, I think it was I don’t know where it was maybe back east. But we could do something like that here. It would be really at the museum would be very powerful for kids to be able to see and for everybody to be able to see that. This isn’t just a rapper house. It was the Utes, it was Kiowa it was all kinds of people and they all use the hunting. They all hunted in Colorado and used it for gathering plants and things as the seasons changed.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:00
And if they understood that it wasn’t just a couple of tribes that came and went, and they’re not here anymore, it was really their land and they,

Unknown Speaker 1:40:11
they got everything from it, and they found a way to get along together, or less, you know, I just think a visual map is very helpful. And I would think would be really fun to work on a visual map for the, for the museum. So anyway, I encourage everything you guys are doing with this? Um, I think it’s I think it’s really

Unknown Speaker 1:40:38
terrific. And about time.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:42
Thank you. Thanks.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:47
council member, council members of the council, Maria, council member, Iago fairing

Unknown Speaker 1:40:53
that Spanish English. Yeah. Go ahead, go Hold on one second. All right. So there we go. Thank you. So you’re I want to I’m the liaison to the museum, the board museum. So I kind of walk, you know, we had been listening in on this process, and how they, how this all evolved, and it was phenomenal work, and just a lot of research. And, you know, one of the things you know, and I was able to kind of give a little perspective, through the National Education Association, we have been utilizing land acknowledgments for the last few years. So when I’ve gone in to do presentations,

Unknown Speaker 1:41:33
you know, people that I from different states that I co presented with, we would present prior to our presentation, you know, just a brief land acknowledgement of, you know, from where I came from, from where the other presenters, which tribes had had

Unknown Speaker 1:41:52
had their lands, where we reside right now. And it was very powerful. And we did, we did speak, you know, we did the opening of every meeting or presentation, we did start with a verbal, land acknowledgement, it was very brief. But it became part of our norms, you know, just like we do the pledge of allegiance, every, every session, it’s, it’s just becomes very innate and a part of who we are. The other piece, too, is that there also has to be a backing of how we guide policy and our practices that also support because otherwise, it’s just words. So really, we want to make sure that what what this represents is our commitment to,

Unknown Speaker 1:42:40
to recognizing and supporting the indigenous community that was here, long before we ever were so. So I just I wanted to really appreciate the work. And I really hope that other boards, and the city as a whole will, will jump on this. This is just the beginning of great work to come. So thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:43:03

Unknown Speaker 1:43:04
Sorry, I don’t answer to the question.

Unknown Speaker 1:43:08
Which question the one that I couldn’t answer earlier? I don’t remember the question. What was well, the CO management piece and so the Okay, go ahead. First, he says, it means working in consultation with the tribes on items like signage, Education and Cultural response, knowledge regarding use of open space. So that’s one that’s part of it. And then I guess, looking how do we consistently work in similar fashions on on, if there’s a use of open space? So for example, in some places,

Unknown Speaker 1:43:40
I think boulder County’s working with the Lakota leaders using their open space for ceremonies focused on healing veterans. And so that’s why it was partially there, but not all the way and they gave me the answer. So it really is consultation with them on signage and things like that.

Unknown Speaker 1:43:58
Councilmember back, thank you, Harold for that in. And I like that. It sounded like in the council communication, that it was the actual the governments of the county and the cities. But I like the fact that we are coordinating with the tribes. That makes more sense. So thanks a lot. This is great.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:19
All right. nobody else’s Did you I guess I want to just say that I’m going to vote for this. I think it’s great. I’m gonna actually make one motion. And I’m gonna actually second emotion that Councilmember Christiansen made earlier, kind of, which is to amend that we change day to these injustices.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:35
I will make that motion.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:37
I made the motion. Councilmember Peck seconded. Anybody want to disagree? All right. All in favor of changing the word they to these injustices, say aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. All right, the the motion to make the amendment carries unanimously, and then I was also gonna say imagine for a second that you are settlers, we come

Unknown Speaker 1:45:00
And we, we, we settle this we have a we have a 40 acre farm here locally and we settle with our family. It’s all of us. We’re big. We’re doing we’re, we’re farming. And we’ve established it. We have kids and grandkids and great grandkids. And then one day

Unknown Speaker 1:45:15
the the Mexican Army and the Canadian Army come to our farm. And they say we’re taking it from you by force, they kill our children, we rape our women, and kill our grandparents. And there’s only a handful of us left. And out of the goodness and graciousness of their heart, they stick us in the cellar, while we continue to use the land put it to better use that they farm. And this new this new family with all their their their their friends and kids, they’re eating upstairs and we’re living in the cellar. But every every day at mealtime, they send us the following note, we acknowledge that we sit on your traditional farm where your family used to live. And we honor your history and the living and spiritual connection that you used to have with this farm. It is our commitment to face the injustices that happened when we took your land to educate ourselves, the family and our children to ensure that we don’t take it from you again, while we’re living in the cellar. So by passing this, it’s sending a message. Okay, if all we do is read it at meetings, which everyone I’ve spoken to from the reservation, they don’t want it read every meeting, because it’s insulting. It’s like passing it down to dinner at the dinner table saying, Hey, thanks for your farm. We know we killed and took it and but so I’m adamantly opposed to reading this, you know, frequently. But what I am an advocate of is if we’re if we’re going to vote for this, and if it’s true, what are we going to do about it? Meaning that Sister cities is the first step, but allowing them to utilize open space for ceremonial purposes, or when they reach out and have children that that need homes, when they’re getting their in state tuition. Or, I mean, whatever I it just this statement should be more than just a statement. And so I’m gonna vote for it. But I just want to make it perfectly clear where I stand. This, you know, having having an event once a year where we invite the indigenous people back to kind of have this ceremony this event that we say, Hey, we took it from you Welcome back, is just

Unknown Speaker 1:47:26
cringe worthy if you actually know the history. So anyway, Councilmember Christiansen

Unknown Speaker 1:47:35
Thank you, Mayor Bagley, I think that’s an appropriate analogy. And so that’s why we really do have to put our money where our mouth is and make it be meaningful and and, for instance, advocate for them actually getting medical money after April, the reservation slogan is don’t get sick after April because that’s when the money runs out.

Unknown Speaker 1:48:01
That’s 1/4 of the year, and the rest of the year, they have no medical money. So yes, we need to actually be not just welcoming, but do something substantial. And I know the museum is going to be doing stuff and I know Sister cities is going to be doing stuff we all need to think about ways we can do it. That’s why I think it would be great to put this on the signs so that people see it not doesn’t don’t have it,

Unknown Speaker 1:48:32
you know, slammed in their face everything but I agree with you about reading it every single meeting. I think it’s more impactful sometimes when you only read something once in a while, minute stands out more. But that’s up to this. This body.

Unknown Speaker 1:48:48
Anyway, I would second your motion. While I’m actually making I’m actually Oh no, that’s fine. Why don’t you make the motion accepting

Unknown Speaker 1:48:57
this proposed land acknowledgement step accepting and ratifying this proposed land acknowledgement statement. Okay. I move that we propose accept the proposed land acknowledgement statement recognizing the indigenous people whose ancestral lands contain what is now long mud, and that is as a doctor as amended. Correct as amended. I’ll second that. All right. Seeing no further discussion. All in favor say aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. All right.

Unknown Speaker 1:49:26
All right. Let’s go on to 12 b Longmont Housing Authority Board of Commissioners meeting. Can I have a motion to recess the Longmont city council and reconvene as the actually just convene as the Board of Commissioners the law my housing authority?

Unknown Speaker 1:49:38
Alright, it’s been Moved by Councillor Martin and seconded by Councillor waters. All in favor say aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. Motion carries seven to nothing. All right. Let’s do roll call real quick.

Unknown Speaker 1:49:52
actually good.

Unknown Speaker 1:49:54
With technology, it’s no obvious that we’re all present. But let’s just commit share one

Unknown Speaker 1:50:00
We’ll note that everyone’s here. All right. Do we have any agenda revisions or submission of documents? I’m assuming no. Can we have a motion to approve the March? 30 2021 minutes? So move. Alright. It’s Moved by Councillor pack seconded by Councilmember waters. All in favor say aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. Motion carries unanimously. All right. Do we have anyone here wants to come talk at the public invited to be heard regarding affordable housing. Mr. Schnall looks like you’re the only person here from the public. Would you like to come down and saying thank you. Okay. You sure? How’s that housing? Yeah. All right. Okay. All right. We’ll go ahead and close public invited to be hurt. I don’t think we have any new or old business. Do we Harold?

Unknown Speaker 1:50:40
All right.

Unknown Speaker 1:50:42
All right. So let’s go on to five a resolution 2021 dash oh four. It’s a resolution of the board of the commission Board of Commissioners, the housing authority of the city of Longmont authorizing submission of an application to state division of housing to request $795,000 to construct 83 apartments as part of the Chrisman to development to benefit persons with low and moderate incomes by increasing the availability of affordable housing in Longmont. motion,

Unknown Speaker 1:51:07
approval of resolution 2120 2104 All right. Dr. Waters moved resolution 2021 to four Councilmember Peck second to that motion. Seeing no further discussion or debate. All in favor say aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. All right, the Motion carries unanimously. All right. As far as the retreat grows, we spent all day talking about affordable housing. Does anybody have any follow up questions? I don’t think you do. All right. Okay, now let’s go back to item 12. Or sorry, 12. b six, which is the Interim Executive Directors report.

Unknown Speaker 1:51:42
So Mayor Councilman asked Kathy to

Unknown Speaker 1:51:46
come up and help me to the one thing I wanted to point out, when you look at the

Unknown Speaker 1:51:52
the vacancy report, you can see that

Unknown Speaker 1:51:55
most of the vacancy numbers are pretty low, you can in the suites. Supportive Housing community, I wanted to call that out, we’re at 89% occupied with eight vacant units, two of those are rented with moving dates that are scheduled.

Unknown Speaker 1:52:11
We have five vacant units that are associated with mental health partners

Unknown Speaker 1:52:17
FSM, Mayor, council Commissioner, chair, Bagley and commissioners.

Unknown Speaker 1:52:23
Five of the MHP. If you if you remember what we talked about, on Friday, those go through a separate process in terms of how they’re referred to us. And that’s the work that Karen’s been doing in terms of trying to streamline that process. So we can

Unknown Speaker 1:52:39
help people more quickly. What I also wanted to call out, as you can see that we have one la j unit that is vacant and currently being rehabbed due to math contamination. And so that’ll stay vacant for at least two months. As you step into this role, as commissioners of the housing authority, you will see that that is a an issue that we deal with in terms of our vacancy and how fast we can get it is when we do have meth contamination. A few years ago, it was a more significant issue for the Housing Authority. And they had a number of units that were vacant. As I remember, during that time, I believe,

Unknown Speaker 1:53:22
Commissioner waters was on newly appointed to the board, when they didn’t have an executive director and we had a number of folks really trying to manage that process. That is not unique. And what I wanted to point out, it is not unique to adjust the Housing Authority properties. If you talk to people in the on the private side. And for market properties, they’re dealing with the same issue too. And so I just wanted to point out that when we do have that hit, it does take a considerable amount of time in order to rehab and get those units back on the market. We try to do it as quickly as we can.

Unknown Speaker 1:53:58
In terms of village place 93% occupied we have eight units available three of those a unit or unit are rented. We have one unit on notice. And the waitlist is currently open for that facility as we look at it. And so one of the things that I’m actually and we talked about this the other day,

Unknown Speaker 1:54:19
you can see that we’re trying to really move fast to get those vacancies filled as quickly as we possibly can. That ties into some of the operational goals that we didn’t have a lot of time to talk about in terms of the times that we’re sitting in terms of how fast is it take us to turn the unit and then get that rented because at the end of the day

Unknown Speaker 1:54:41
it is we have to get them rented for a we need to help people most importantly but be that actually helps with the the revenue stream that’s coming into these individual department apartments, apartment units.

Unknown Speaker 1:54:54
I’m not going to go into a lot of depth on the on the budget.

Unknown Speaker 1:55:00

Unknown Speaker 1:55:01
that you’re seeing for the various properties, I just wanted to see if you wanted to have if you had any questions regarding those budget numbers, I think the thing that I’m happiest about is that we tend to be staying pretty close to where we need to be. But if you look, when we looked at the net income, and we talked about this in the budget process, I think this was prior to you all,

Unknown Speaker 1:55:26
becoming officially the the Housing Authority Board, one of the things that we saw in the previous budget process was that many of the properties actually were budgeted in the negative. And so we really spent a lot of time last fall, working those budgets. So we didn’t have any negative numbers in the net income line item. The other thing associated with that is it really is forcing us to take a really specific look at it, how we spend the funds and what we do.

Unknown Speaker 1:55:59
One of the challenges that we had in the process was really budget discipline. And we’ve talked about that, and with the with the staff and what we need to do. So we were seeing a lot of maintenance dollars that were were just being charged to the maintenance account. And what we’ve learned in that, and you heard Kathy mentioned this earlier about the other property that we were looking at for the CDBG funds, how are you using,

Unknown Speaker 1:56:25
what’s the fun I dropped, okay, the the replacement reserves, what we found, as these properties have replacement reserves. And when you have large

Unknown Speaker 1:56:36
maintenance expenses in terms of really managing the property. That’s what the replacement reserves are designed for what we saw in the previous budgets is that instead of using some of those replacement reserves, they’re actually just allocating it to the maintenance line items, which created some of the issues financially that we were seeing. And so we are really being judicious with that, so you know what we have to go through, it’s not like you can just tack it go and say I want to use a replacement reserve, you have to actually go to the lenders that are in play and get permission to use the replacement reserves. And you also have to work with the state on some of that as you’re moving through. So it is more of a tedious process that you have to go through. It’s not like it’s a budget that’s available. So unfortunately, sometimes when you have large items, we typically get a pretty fast response. But you still have to go through that, as we continue working with.

Unknown Speaker 1:57:37
And I mentioned to you all that we’re going to have meetings with all of the residents or all of the units that I’m going to be part of. And and as we talk about this, I think as we look at where we are operationally today, and where we want to move in the future, one of the things we’re going to talk about is what is our budget capacity today, and what can we do and what Can’t we do? And what we’re really looking at to you in terms of

Unknown Speaker 1:58:05
to use what we talked about what’s our best hope in terms of where we want to be in the management of the properties. And we know there’s some frustration in that world, because they want to see more. And really, we’re still in that phase of stabilizing financially to know, you know what we can do.

Unknown Speaker 1:58:22
The other thing that we’re running into, operationally, we’re in the middle of a very hot cycle. Air conditions are becoming an issue, you may get

Unknown Speaker 1:58:33
contacted about that one of the challenges that we’re having, it’s just been able to give their conditions. And so like all the other markets, it’s just becoming difficult. And so I know they’re trying to move in as quickly as they can to handle that issue. But that’s that’s a different issue that we’re dealing on the maintenance dealing with on the maintenance side. It really is it is a product of the markets today.

Unknown Speaker 1:58:58

Unknown Speaker 1:59:00
Did I miss anything?

Unknown Speaker 1:59:05
I think we’ve hit most of it at the retreat. Yeah, that’s the thing. I kind of covered what we do. So I think I think we got it. So and anybody have any comments tonight as a commissioner, not City Council, but this issue, Councilmember Christiansen

Unknown Speaker 1:59:20
but hold on.

Unknown Speaker 1:59:22
Hold on. I’m gonna call on you first, then Dr. Waters. It’s the first time I’ve had multiple.

Unknown Speaker 1:59:28
I can’t Nope, there we go. Nope.

Unknown Speaker 1:59:35
All right. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:59:37
So I have a couple of questions I have

Unknown Speaker 1:59:42
about replaceable versus maintenance. So these are you what you’re saying is these are two different budgets, and they actually get handled differently. So a maintenance budget doesn’t have to get permission from us. So that’s probably why they’ve been just putting it into

Unknown Speaker 2:00:00
The maintenance budget, right? Could be I don’t know. I mean, it’s hard to tell us the why. But we just know that it was. But it seems to me that what you’re doing is more sensible to have it in a replacement budget, because it’s easier to plan for you know that a certain number of refrigerators will go out

Unknown Speaker 2:00:19
after a certain number of years, and it seems to me, it’s easier to plan for it. But as you said, much more tedious to actually get the paperwork through and the permissions and things as part of the lending requirements, you’re required to have the replacement reserve in place, and it’s what percentage Cathy?

Unknown Speaker 2:00:40
Oh, okay. It’s 5%. And so you’re required to do it. Okay. Okay, you then need to use it. So the example is, it This may have been one that we saw was a, was it a boiler or it was a significant expense? Yeah, that was allocated to the cost of maintenance, something like that, when you use a replacement fund, or when you have a math rehab.

Unknown Speaker 2:01:07
You know, there’s also insurance proceeds, but then really managing where you’re allocating it, and are you recognizing the revenue, the insurance, revenue into the system, and then how you’re allocating it. So it really is getting into the details to the point for a while. What what we’re doing is we’re really having all of those expenses go through Lisa, and Dennis is over maintenance to ensure that we’re really managing those dollars and allocating them where we need to, yeah, well, that that sounds sensible, sounds like you’ve gotten

Unknown Speaker 2:01:42
as with everything else, straightened a lot of stuff. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 2:01:47
I also wanted to say that I know that every I have a friend who had to get a refrigerator replaced recently, and he had a very difficult time. From Home Depot, you think Home Depot could, you know has got a pretty good handle on being able to get stuff, but it’s just the whole distribution stuff is

Unknown Speaker 2:02:08
really a mess. So it’s, it’s gonna take a while to straighten that out. But meanwhile, it’s really, really hot. So I hope you can find some map. When we build news, new stuff, I would encourage you to use your thermal because then you don’t have to have so much refrigeration anyway. Or I mean air conditioning.

Unknown Speaker 2:02:34
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 2:02:36
All right. Councilmember waters. Thanks very badly, or thanks, Chairman, Bagley. Mayor right now, Chairman, Chairman.

Unknown Speaker 2:02:46
Harrell, I see the vacancy rates, the kind of the the, I don’t know, the target or the benchmark for historically, was 97% occupancy rate and right that we hit that then hypothetically, financials would work out in terms of revenues.

Unknown Speaker 2:03:04
Is that still the benchmark or the number you will use the there the rate you will use? That’s what we’re using? I

Unknown Speaker 2:03:13
think she’s reminding me I think we said 98%? I heard the number I heard 98. On Friday, right? I see the numbers tonight. We’re not there. Right? And when you know, that’s going to vary.

Unknown Speaker 2:03:26
But are we going to target 98?

Unknown Speaker 2:03:29
And is that we’re what we have to hit as an average to make to make the financials work. I see Karen shaking her head. So we’ve actually set that mark above what we said.

Unknown Speaker 2:03:39
Okay, number one.

Unknown Speaker 2:03:42
Well, we measure so how will you measure?

Unknown Speaker 2:03:46
The effectiveness of our, I guess the, the site managers? I they’re primarily responsible for Lisa, right? is a days from vacancy from the date of a move out to signing a lease? what’s the what’s the metric for measuring whether or not we’re, we’re performing at the level we need to at that point in the system. So that we’re still working on and really understanding what that that metric is, on the surface? It’s from the point that it’s vacant to the point that it’s least Yeah, that that’s what we need to look at. Assuming you don’t have you don’t have math or, you know, assuming other issues that come into play and what that looks like. And so that’s something that I’ve just sort of been trying to think about. For me, I think you you break it down then into its steps, so when it becomes vacant. So the first piece that you’re going to look at is then how long does it actually take to do the turn. And so if you remember Lisa, talking about it Friday, I think she talked about seven days, seven days, so that’s actually not the manager that you’re evaluating. That’s actually the maintenance crew and how fast they get the turned on. So then once you get the turn in then the properties of a

Unknown Speaker 2:05:00
That will the other metrics, measurements in this and in terms of what you’re going to look at. And then the question is, is how do you account for the anomaly that comes into play?

Unknown Speaker 2:05:12
You know, worst case scenario, it’s mash, or you can add it anything from a fairly good unit that you’re turning to one. It’s got a lot of issues here. And so it’s how do you bring that into the evaluation to determine then what is reasonable? Yeah, I just think that

Unknown Speaker 2:05:30
at the operational level, in the accountability that goes along with that for your property managers, are your site managers, and it’s going to be a big deal. And I can’t answer to that. That’s something that we really have. They’ve turned to Lisa on to really work. Lisa has a lot of experience doing this in different venues. And so she, she, when we do this, again, we’ll have her to really talk through a lot of those issues.

Unknown Speaker 2:05:59
Hello, hi.

Unknown Speaker 2:06:03
Yeah, so Karen Riley community services. So what I would add to what Harold just talked about is that, you know, when Lisa did come on board, as our regional property manager, she said, a whole different level of expectations with each of our community managers, so, so not only the things that Lisa talked about, but in terms of There are obviously, in many cases, a vacancy in a unit is not a surprise. So I think, you know, what she has really worked with her community managers on his his anticipation to not be surprised to not be surprised to, to stay in touch to know when, when a unit is going to become vacant, to make sure that we have you know, someone else in line so that we’re always on the lookout and processing applications watching our waitlist. So So in addition to some things you talked about, so she really set some expectations and follows up with each of the community managers on meeting those expectations, which is really helped. Significantly, if I can add to that it’s not just the turn in the waitlist and getting someone in there. If you remember, on Friday, Lisa really talked about how we take calls for service in, and that we’re not using a call service anymore, those calls are going directly to our staff, and taking those calls. And then she setting benchmarks on how quickly we get to maintenance issues. And so all of those things come into play in how we’re performing as an organization. And then it gets to the point that we talked about where we’re gonna dig into more is really resident satisfaction, because I think that’s a big component of it and what we’re hearing,

Unknown Speaker 2:07:40
you know, we also are part of the conversations that we’re going to have with them. If I can use this opportunity to talk about it. Is there other issues that we want to talk about? In terms of, you know, questions we’re hearing is, what can we do in terms of welfare checks? What What do we have the ability to do? And I think we’re going to try to a really level the playing field about what we can and can’t do. I mean, we all know from experience, we can’t go into two units based on what happened before. But I think it’s talking about that, and then how do we work with the residents in terms of creating systems in place that they can have with each other? And then looking at really what can we do if somebody wants us to be in that position. And so that’s a big part of the conversations that I’m going to have with the residents, in conjunction with Lisa and Karen and Kathy is really to work through some of those issues, understand what their expectations are talking about what our expectations are. So we can really start communicating at a different level. Because I think that what I would say I think what we would all say, and that’s part of the work that Karen’s going to do, is I think the issue is that we’ve seen in terms of that relationship is really the communication and how we work with each other. And that’s going to be the hardest work. I mean, to just lay it out the budget and all that other was was incredibly hard, and we had to learn a new system. But the hardest work is you have to come as we’re working with the residents, because, as you know, there are many different issues in play. So you’ve got both operational and residential or resident concerns, a kind of more to the strategic level, as we bump into members about the Lh DC board. What should we tell them? Because I did that I have in the in what in terms of where we might get together in in resolve, whatever quite answer question to resolve issues. So to answer that question, I want to go back to where we were at the end of last year. And so you all may remember that as we were contemplating the organizational changes and where we were going to go. We had a bit of a moment where we were informed by the members of the Lh DC board, that they, I guess no longer want to do exist, correct or

Unknown Speaker 2:10:00
They didn’t want to serve on the board, correct, Kathy, Lh DC.

Unknown Speaker 2:10:04
And if there wasn’t going to be development, they didn’t want to serve on the Lh DC board. And and so we weren’t sure where we were going to be. As part of that work, we have been trying to really look at what we need to do in terms of untangling that, and what structures we need to set up. We have contracted with two attorneys. One is Chris gullickson, who is representing Lh, DC. And the other is Ben Doyle, who works for the company. He works for le J. But he he works with a firm that does Jagannath Brian cage, Brian cage law firm is Brian cage. So Ben Doyle works on that. And he’s representing the housing authority in there, they’re both looking at different options in terms of what we can look at, in terms of how we move forward. The interesting piece in this that what we’ve learned as part of the christmann deal is, you don’t in a lot of housing authorities don’t have that dual function anymore. At one point, it was prohibited by the federal government. Now they allow it. So you’re seeing a lot of it that’s really all internal to the overall Housing Authority. The interesting piece is when it comes into play in the development, whether it’s la hdc, or whether it’s la j, you still have to, in the development of these projects, create a for profit organization that essentially holds the property in terms of what they’re doing as part of the financing mechanism to come in. That’s the next layer or so that we need to really work into, we just really, obviously, we just haven’t had time to dig into that piece of it as of yet. And so what we talked about with the hdc board, in terms of keeping them on because we needed to keep the structure in place until we determine what recommendations we’re going to make to all of you is that we would have at least an annual meeting or meetings is necessary for development. And so that’s the next piece of work that we need to get into for the time being Lh DC remains relevant remains relevant. They’re just not meeting monthly. And in any any word to them that we should share. In terms of that we’re at some point we’re thinking this through, we’ll have, you know, a better idea of how we want to proceed by x date.

Unknown Speaker 2:12:26
So Councilmember, mug,

Unknown Speaker 2:12:30
shoot Commissioner waters. So actually, we are so Kathy and I have been working with Olivia to to reach out to start to set up a meeting with the LA hdc to give them an update. Certainly we want to talk about the christmann development. So that since there is some development on the horizon, we want to update them about that other things that are happening and our and our progress toward that. So just know that those questions arise. Because Yeah, so it is it is on our list. And that’s why I was talking to Kathy about when

Unknown Speaker 2:13:03
whatever we do, we need stability, as we’re looking at future development opportunities. So with that thought in mind, my last question is you’ve been to the budget Now, you mentioned it was hard.

Unknown Speaker 2:13:15
Unlike building, it’s complicated to build the city budget, this is a whole different animal, right?

Unknown Speaker 2:13:21
Have you learned enough? And I’m not trying to coordinate you on this, but you learned a lot I’m sure that you’ll learn and what point are we going to be able to hire somebody to give you some relief in terms of your operational responsibilities that you’ve taken on for Lh a so I think we’re we start looking at that is in the budget process for 2022. And honestly, when you look at capacity and what kind of growth we have, in that I think it to a certain extent is going to probably have to be an assistant director kind of role.

Unknown Speaker 2:13:55
Just because of the financial capacity. And to go back into kind of what were we dealing with? I think I have to go back to that. So when you look at the work that was being done, and you take, you know, an executive director that I believe was 170 ish 175. And then you looked at a chief financial officer that it was at 100,000. So you had about 275,000 in those positions, when you look at what we needed and what we really weren’t able to afford. And specifically I’ll go to the financial side of this in terms of an accountant. I mean, so we had a CFO that in many ways was doing accounting work, so

Unknown Speaker 2:14:40
kinders position and then an accounting supervisor, then an accountant and then an accounting tech. We needed to fund those positions and the reason we needed to fund those positions really related to the audit and what we were seeing in terms of having the necessary controls in place. So when

Unknown Speaker 2:15:00
We looked at how we were bringing this this all together, what we were really trying to do is really maximize the revenue streams that we had in place, so that we could hire the appropriate people to actually do the work that we needed that needed to be done. But then also translated into the community managers and, and what we learned there when we did the benchmarking on

Unknown Speaker 2:15:25
the compensation scale, just like we benchmark for the city, same for the financial positions and the maintenance positions. We also learned why it probably was hard to get those positions because we weren’t benchmarked appropriately. So we needed to benchmark those positions appropriately. So that we could really get in the skill set that we need in terms of handling all of these functions, long answer to now we have to evaluate where we’re going to be next year in terms of the revenue streams, and understand what we can do. We also talked about hiring, we’re going to open the position for the supervisor over the Housing Choice Voucher, it’s going to give us some capacity as we look at growing that too. So it really is a financial question.

Unknown Speaker 2:16:10
My mind tells me that it’s probably going to have to be an assistant director at some form. At this point, just because we’re not ready, financially to assume all of that. So I’m going to what I heard you say is that I’ll be quiet, Mr. Chairman, that

Unknown Speaker 2:16:28
I know you put the money where it needed to be operationally, right. And as a result, you took on a bunch? Well, not just me, I know,

Unknown Speaker 2:16:36
Karen and Kathy and, Michelle, you have a whole team that didn’t get that.

Unknown Speaker 2:16:42
But but we’re also at a place where things have stabilized. And we get a better picture of what’s the what’s possible in terms of hiring, budgeting and hiring to take at least some of the operational responsibilities and move them to somebody as an assistant director or you know, under your supervision, who can do a lot of what you’re having to spend time doing right now. I hope that these two are doing too. I mean, that’s the thing. You’re gonna have to be held their feet to the floor.

Unknown Speaker 2:17:11
Here and there there. Yes, there are a lot of things in play that we’re really trying to evaluate and what that looks like in the future. All right, thanks.

Unknown Speaker 2:17:19
All right. Councilmember, Duggal fairy.

Unknown Speaker 2:17:24

Unknown Speaker 2:17:26
So thank you. So, a couple of my questions were already answered. But it was back to the vacancies.

Unknown Speaker 2:17:34
As I’m looking, you know, generally you see one or two. But then you go to the suites and village place where there are eight vacancies. And still, there’s it looked like there were still five that are not for the suites that are not

Unknown Speaker 2:17:54
going to be filled yet. Or there’s those are the ones that are associated with mental health partners. Yeah. Okay. And that’s that separate process. And Karen Do you know when we’re going to get

Unknown Speaker 2:18:05
here from D o h in terms of the new plan or have we heard from D o. h. Department housing?

Unknown Speaker 2:18:12
So chair and Commissioner Hidalgo fairing so the it is in the department of or the division of housings hands right now. So the person that reviewed it before is looking at getting just got back? I think everyone took vacation in July. So, so he just got back to the office on Monday. So you know, we’ll give them a few days and then follow back up with him. So, so I think is you know, we talked a little bit about at the at the Council retreat, it is, you know, we are we are working through a long list on the mental health partner side of folks on their waiting list and, and so it just, it has just, it has just taken time and some of the candidates who’ve come in, you know, haven’t passed their you know, the background checks and things you know, it’s it’s a long process so, so but we’re working it and and the Mental Health Partners staff members are pulling 20 names at a time they’re pulling the maximum amount of names off the waiting list, and they are working through to try to get those to get those units filled. So does the village place also have that same kind of process

Unknown Speaker 2:19:28
as the suites so the village places is a differently fun you know, it’s differently funded so i think i think with the village place

Unknown Speaker 2:19:37
you know, we did refresh the waitlist, we opened up the waitlist again and and so we also had to

Unknown Speaker 2:19:47
discount because because even with some of the the units a portable units, it still is out of the reach for some individuals who are needing housing. So again, we looked at how to some of those

Unknown Speaker 2:20:00
vacancy, some of those units have been vacant for a long period of time, we looked at discounting those to try to get people moved into those units. So, so they are actively working that we did have a turnover in our community manager position at village place. So who left the end of May? Oh, so. So that’s that’s all taken extra time. But we’re working it. We’re trying to get those units. Yeah, for sure. And the turns are a bit of an issue too There simply because maintenance staffing as well. Okay, so some of it had to do with maintenance. So just kind of what Commissioner waters had had discussed earlier about the

Unknown Speaker 2:20:40
organization and maintenance. So I, you know, my other question is, what is the turnover rate of tenants? In this? It does? Do they kind of come in and out? Does it fluctuate? Are they pretty stable, pretty stable, they’re, the senior apartments are pretty stable, the turnover is higher at the suite of the suites, but I haven’t really seen that be something that it’s been less than we’ve normally seen, okay, and then Oh, go ahead. It’s been less and, and I think, again, on the the on the tenant based, these are project based vouchers at the suites and through on the MHP side of things. So after someone has been in a unit, for a year, they can apply to get a tenant based voucher. So they can, you know, move from this, the suites and and look at the private sector for, you know, for housing. So, for a while the division of housing, had a freeze on being able to transfer a project based voucher to attendant voucher, that freeze was lifted. So that’s kind of another variable that that we’re, that we’re trying to handle. And may or may I certainly understand, you know, the interest in in being able to convert but, but that that is now another variable we’re dealing with, okay. And so we don’t really have a whole lot of control over the application process itself, because this is funded through other

Unknown Speaker 2:22:10
other means, you know, because I think about people in crisis and people who are typically, you know, who would be tenants of the suites?

Unknown Speaker 2:22:19
You know, it’s very hard to go navigate through that application process. And I was just wondering what, you know, how unconnected are is the city or LBJ with mental health partners in kind of processing these applications through to make sure people get housed. So I would say that, so So part of those project based vouchers that the Mental Health Partners manages, it does come with some level of, you know, case management. So there is some, you know, assistance for helping people navigate through that that process with the sole tenant selection plan that we are hoping that the division of housing does approve

Unknown Speaker 2:23:04
it also, because of where we will be pulling some of those, those tenants from,

Unknown Speaker 2:23:11
from our local case conferencing, and from the metro Denver homeless initiative, those individuals will also come with case management that will help people navigate, make sure that they’re document ready, and can move into those units faster. So that will be another advantage of being able to change our tenants selection of the suites. Okay, I think to your point, what they’re trying to do is really allow us to deal with those individuals who are in crisis more quickly. Okay, that’s kind of how I framed it. That’s Yeah, that’s what I wanted to make sure that it’s been done. So currently, I sit on the Latino Advisory Council for congressman to goose. And we were talking about mental health partners and

Unknown Speaker 2:23:53
really looking at it through an equity lens. And we want to have more, you know, our group does want to have more outreach with mental health partners to ensure that we have, we’re hitting those language barriers to ensure that people who are in crisis or who need housing, have access to language and you know, just what they need in order to to fill out these applications, especially since they’ll be getting some federal grant money coming their way. So

Unknown Speaker 2:24:25
that Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 2:24:27
Councillor Peck.

Unknown Speaker 2:24:29
Thank you, Chair badly.

Unknown Speaker 2:24:33
I want to understand the development side of the units a little bit more. So I’m assuming Lh DC is long, long man Housing Development Corporation. Is that correct?

Unknown Speaker 2:24:43
Is that Corporation? Are they the ones that actually have in the past? built the units? Or do they get contractors to build the units? I don’t know what they’re

Unknown Speaker 2:25:00
Purpose sales past as well? Well, the past before before the city took it over. Yeah. Why don’t you start and then I’ll jump in on the finance.

Unknown Speaker 2:25:11
So Commissioner pack. So they are a nonprofit, that Yeah, so they would use

Unknown Speaker 2:25:20
a development director to help pull everything together, they would provide the financing, they would seek out extra grants, that kind of thing a lot that that Housing Authority is doing right now on the Christmas deal they would do, it just would be run through them, they for a long time and still have

Unknown Speaker 2:25:43
more money than than the llj does at their disposal to reinvest in things because they had been the general partner or the owner of six of the property. Well, actually, now it’s five of the properties that we own versus for the Theologian so

Unknown Speaker 2:26:00
they served in that capacity. And so they did not actually build it, but they might contract for the building or in conjunction with the private sector partner who got the tax credits would.

Unknown Speaker 2:26:16
Together, they would build that and construct that or figure out who was going to do all those different elements. So let me see if I understand this correctly, would they send out an RFP for to get a contractor to build a certain unit? Is that how that works? So

Unknown Speaker 2:26:35
Lh DC, then is only a board or it does someone own Lh DC? Is there a principal

Unknown Speaker 2:26:44
there aboard just a board? Okay, chair, okay. And the way it was set up is the director of the housing authority served as their staff person and pulling the deal together. So

Unknown Speaker 2:26:59
probably the best example is actually the christmann deal that’s been before you both as commissioners that you just acted on. So the way that works, and you can do it on the Lh DC side, if you wanted to be fully in the development side and do all of the financing. You can take that role where you essentially are building the capital stack necessary to construct a unit. Fall River is the best example of that one. Okay. What christmann is, is essentially, instead of Lh, Lh DC doing that it’s it’s a private developer that operates in that world. So they’re really serving in that capacity. Now, where Lh DC comes into play in Lh A into this steel is what I talked about how you have to set up the the other corporations based on what you need to do from a tax standpoint. And so we could use what is it called Chrisman development now, which is a Christmas development LLC, which is owned by L hdc. We could use that as the mechanism and christmann. Or we could create a separate LLC associated with the housing authority that then performs the same function from a tax component and how the deal structure moves through. The key piece on this is who pulls the developer revenues as you’re going through the financing model, and where those dollars go. So in this case, we’re structuring it where

Unknown Speaker 2:28:36
the development revenues would go to the Longmont Housing Authority, as well as the ongoing operational revenues to really strengthen the operating fund on the LBJ side. If you go back to the report that was created by Betsy, Betsy, Betsy, one of the things she talked about is why a lot of housing authorities actually don’t have the development arm is because it strengthens the overall financial position of the housing authority when you bring these two pieces together, because they’re both pretty strong, stronger together. So what we what Li che is trying to do is to bring them together rather than having them separate. Is that that we’re evaluating it right now. That’s the two attorneys because then you have to go into the risk reward equation and what you’re really looking at and what works best. And so that’s the work that was asked in the previous question that we still have to do. Okay, so one more clarification. So when Lh DC

Unknown Speaker 2:29:45
gets a contract or a developer to build a unit, then Kathy, do you find funding for that?

Unknown Speaker 2:29:55
development to be done? Is that the way this is working out?

Unknown Speaker 2:30:00
Lh DC would, but we’re the stat ellijay is the status Lh DCs? Okay? Yeah, that’s where it gets a little intertwined. Okay with that so I did that’s the part that was missing for me is how it’s all right together and right now we don’t have anything in terms of an Lh DC project. Okay. And so Chrisman is really mgL partners and le j, they example I would say is Lh DC and a pure Lh DC project would be Lh, DC, Lh j, and then they would have to build their capital stack in the financing side.

Unknown Speaker 2:30:38
So does llj have to go through Lh DC? Nope. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 2:30:44
Thank you very much.

Unknown Speaker 2:30:48
All right. Thank you. Anything else?

Unknown Speaker 2:30:52
All right, we’re not we have motion to adjourn this particular motion the Board of Commissioners are that this particular? Do we have a motion to

Unknown Speaker 2:31:00
adjourn, as the Board of Commissioners.

Unknown Speaker 2:31:04
Oh, upcoming meetings, we have to identify additional special meetings of the lhsaa Board of Commissioners for the presentation of audits. So do you want to count we just get staffed?

Unknown Speaker 2:31:17
Right, you guys are just gonna tell us? Well, yeah, can’t we just go for it? You’re not plugged in? So the auditor, we have it’s within the contract. So we’ve already paid for it for them to present the audit, which makes a lot of sense, because they can answer way more detailed questions than we can as staff. So we would like to arrange for a time for them to present the audit to the board. And it really, we think it would be better for us at a special meeting, because of the complexity of it and the questions that you might have and how long it might take and they need to present virtually, because they’re actually in South Dakota, I think North North Dakota, voted in the agenda when he thinks appropriate, we’ll have someone contact you all and set up a time for that. So do we so I guess? So my question is okay, so I guess help me understand why is that special? Why can’t we just meet at five or however fine. That’s meeting more time than the normal? Alright. Well, I guess what I’m saying is that we could either Yeah, just just set a put on the agenda and tell us when you know what to post to that.

Unknown Speaker 2:32:20
Is what you mean. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 2:32:22
All right. Anything else?

Unknown Speaker 2:32:25
All right now can have a motion to adjourn the Board of Commissioners the local housing authority and, and to reconvene as the last City Council. Second. Motion by Councillor Martin seconded by me. All in favor say aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. All right, Motion carries unanimously. Let’s go to let’s take a three minute break and go to final call public actually, we’re not doing the column on the last one. Are we? So anybody here will do final call public invited to be heard? I don’t see any members, the public? He says no. Oh, Scott, you’re gonna come say something. Sorry. All right. Well, welcome. Glad you’re back. Alright, that will conclude our public invited to be heard final call mayor and council comments. Anybody?

Unknown Speaker 2:33:07
Kazmir Christiansen, hold on. Councilmember Christiansen,

Unknown Speaker 2:33:12
I would just encourage everybody to come to the open forum next week. Right.

Unknown Speaker 2:33:20

Unknown Speaker 2:33:23
I would encourage them to understand that we are coping we are trying to deal with the fireworks. So and we’ve heard your complaints a lot. So maybe you don’t want to spend a lot of time complaining about that. But if you do, come to the open forum anyway.

Unknown Speaker 2:33:41
But do come and let’s hear what you have to say. Thanks.

Unknown Speaker 2:33:46
All right. Nobody else is in line. So I’m assuming that’s it. City Manager. Any remarks or comments? Mayor council Herald you awake? I’m sorry, Eugenia. Wait.

Unknown Speaker 2:33:57
No comments. Were good. All right. Motion to adjourn.

Unknown Speaker 2:34:02
Second. All right. It’s been moved and seconded to adjourn. All in favor say aye. Aye. Opposed? Motion carries unanimously. We are adjourned.