AIPP Commission Meeting – June 17, 2021

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AIPP Commission Meeting – June 17, 2021

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Unknown Speaker 0:00
So we’ll call the meeting to order at 602. And let’s go ahead with roll call. It looks like Laurel there Trista, Peter, Pam, Jennifer, Randy, Cindy, Angela. Susan, Danielle. Pamela. And did I miss anybody? I don’t think so. I can’t hear anybody if I did. So it looks like Andrew might be the one that’s not here right now. Is there anyone else that we’re missing?

Unknown Speaker 0:54
Aaron Hauser is excused. Noah is excused. Andrea should be joining us. And Marcia Martin will not be joining us because interviews for public service chief is this evening. And Joanne, it’s on its way.

Unknown Speaker 1:14
Okay. All right. Is there any public invited to be heard? I am there. Okay. Can you guys hear me for my end? Yep. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:51
So any public to be heard? Did anyone have a chance to look at the minutes? So do we have an approval of the minutes?

Unknown Speaker 2:11
I have a question. on eight, creative district townhall pilot. It mentions a desire to have a bigger Performing Arts space and the dimensions Johnson consulting really doesn’t actually mention the the concert hall cost facility and convention space, which is what Johnson consulting was hired to deal with and what that all refers to. It seems to me that it should be a little bit more in some way, a little bit more explicit. What what that’s all about

Unknown Speaker 2:53
you can you verbally say what you think that it should say? And, and to make an amendment?

Unknown Speaker 3:07
I always say that there is a this is a real desire to have a bigger performing artist base. I would say that there is strong support, if that’s appropriate for that I wasn’t at that meeting, but there is support for a performance Hall and convention space, as has been proposed to the Longmont City Council. And then, then the next NBA maybe say, in their feasibility report to the council Johnson consulting suggested. I would say just notice two changes. Did we discuss that last month?

Unknown Speaker 4:00
Does that seem right, Angela? Because really the first, the first question is really kind of a report on that town hall meeting that I went to about the downtown creative district. And it was really a brainstorming session. And the two top priorities that came out of this brainstorming session, informal kind of thing was more education for people in all over town about the creative district and the fact that people want a bigger performing arts and venue in town. Those are just the two topics that we’re talking about. So it’s not really I mean, I don’t you tell me, Angela, if that if it needs to be changed, according to what Peter’s suggesting. Well,

Unknown Speaker 4:46
if you if you pivot to Johnson consulting, I think you have to explain what their role is torture. And if you do that, then you should mention that they are they were hired to this difficulty to do a feasibility study for it is performing arts center and convention space.

Unknown Speaker 5:09
I would just say, though, that I don’t think that was a part of the discussion for the minutes, though. And the minute should reflect what was communicated during the meeting last month. Angela, do you have suggestions about that?

Unknown Speaker 5:23
Yes. So we have two courses of action that can happen here. We can table the approval of the minutes. And Aaron and I Aaron is ill today but she and I will review the video that hey, positive for video. We will review the tape and alter the minutes and bring the May 20 minutes back to the commission with suggested altar of house with a more detailed description of the conversation as it happened. And then you can review it and we can add it from there. But some so we do although still need to technically make a motion to approve the minutes or to table the minutes. On the other option. Yeah, no, but that’s really the option I think, unless someone has better table. Okay. I mean, if somebody took better notes and can recall here, that would be fine.

Unknown Speaker 6:47
Be regarding the museum’s expansion. Johnson cathartic suggested a tough 50 seat facility to do with the museum. That that’s that statement specifically is quite misleading. It seems No, no. It totally has to do with the museum. They have three different museums. No. Yes, absolutely. It’s what’s in the museum, what they’re adding to the museum. Yeah, there’s 250 seat facility that can be expanded 50 seat facility is a totally different facility. It’s the Stewart auditorium. No, they have 350

Unknown Speaker 7:27
seats, and there is no possibility of expanding it to 1250. The 1250 seat recommendation from Johnson consulting is for an entirely new separate facility, not at the museum. Right? Not museum correct. And

Unknown Speaker 7:45
I’m gonna come in and just say the the point of order here is simply the accuracy of the minutes. And so while we can debate the accuracy of the minutes here, it is a moot point because what needs to be reflected here is the conversation that was previously having in the last month’s meeting, it seems clear to me and because I don’t want to speak on behalf of Aaron, because she’s not here. And she’s an excellent secretary, that this item needs to be reviewed. And so for the next meeting, we’ll review it, alter it based upon the conversation that was had, and then we can take those minutes and approve them. Also, if we want to have this conversation, I completely think that it is very valid, but certainly not for art in public places. So the point of order of course is either tabeling the minutes or correcting the minutes if you have the accurate information based on the last conversation.

Unknown Speaker 8:47
I move I would move that we table the minutes and empower Angela and whoever else to review the tape and provide us with a accurate and carefully reviewed revision.

Unknown Speaker 9:10
One comment about and I am working off my phone trying to find the minutes and for some reason I can’t. Um, but there was when you listed at the bottom, this is aside from what Peter’s talking about. And it was the upcoming date. It said August Well, I’m not on my calendar in front of me was one of the regular meetings but it should be August 19. And Cindy, I can’t believe you didn’t catch it.

Unknown Speaker 9:59
Barely. I If you’re slipping failed, I don’t know I actually don’t even know what you’re talking about.

Unknown Speaker 10:13
Are there any so that will be added to the motion to table the minutes with alterations of items six as well as the corrected date on the bottom for additional or I’m sorry. Eight future meetings. Is there any other changes to the minutes?

Unknown Speaker 10:33
Should that be item eight? It’s a online it’s probably the man’s greatest district Town Hall pilot. That’s it to me.

Unknown Speaker 10:48
I am eight got it. Okay. Do we need to read sit restate the motion? Or is everybody clear here?

Unknown Speaker 11:04
Would you like me to restate it? I’ve got Yeah, go ahead. Retail the minutes and empower Angela and whoever he wants to work with her to review the tape and provide a carefully checked version of item eight D. And also that it’s very an upcoming monthly meetings. August 12. We changed it a second.

Unknown Speaker 11:58
Okay, is everyone in agreement with that or anybody have any other changes they’d like to make?

Unknown Speaker 12:11
Okay. Then we’ll move on. Are there any additions or to the day today’s agenda? I’m not aware of any and I can’t hear Angela, if you’re talking. I’m not sure. Oh, no, I’m just shaking my head. Nope. I Oh, okay. Okay, then number six has to do with Andrea. I believe this may have been this was going to be our last meeting.

Unknown Speaker 12:57
Oh, cheers to Andrea again. I feel bad. Some meeting she said. She completely got Wednesday mixed up with Thursday and just wasn’t aware that it was Thursday. So anyways, but she will be attending our workshop though on the 26th. So we’ll all have an opportunity if you are joining us in person to say hello, Goodbye then. So that’ll be good. Her her terms again.

Unknown Speaker 13:33
And she did not read or she, I believe is I was hoping she said but she is moving on to other pastures, I think physically going, leaving long line. So Oof. That’s a loss for a long, long time.

Unknown Speaker 13:52
Mm hmm. Okay, so number seven is public art. Project update, and the first one is art on the move. 2021

Unknown Speaker 14:14
Oh, go Randy. And I’m working on sharing the screen Hold on, but just you can talk about our sighting. Okay. Hello, everyone.

Unknown Speaker 14:24
So as you know, we have six 3d pieces to install for art on the move. Angela, Andrea and Cindy has the task course last Tuesday at the roost which if you’ve not been to the roost, I highly recommend going to the rooms. Anyway. We have determined the locations for the six 3d pieces while Angeles getting them pictures I can show you on paper the Calla which is acrylic and aluminum was this one that one there you could see it that one since it is quite delicate that one will be placed at the museum. So there can be eyes on it the under the lovers moon, which is the really tall powdercoated steel moon crescent moon on to that on there going to show it Okay, cool. There’s that one will be placed at St Stephen’s another, so there’s four at St. Stephen’s. The next one. Is that one Yep, that is called the protector. And that one will also be placed at St. Stephen’s the third one called Wild Ones. That one Yep. will be placed at St. Stephen’s and then cacti mid century mod cacti Mini. There was a little bit of discussion about that one. But we ended up putting it at St Stephen’s because the alternate location was kind of far north on Main. So felt I felt personally that it might get lost there. So St Stephen’s is really a good location for our art on the move pieces. So that’s where that’s going since students

Unknown Speaker 16:44
and also device the artist is also taking work out of there and putting it in. And for the convenience sake of not having to move the crane the welder and the grinder. That really helps me out on logistics. So thank you, guys. Thank you gals and guys for for efficiency sake. That one’s pretty awesome. So thanks.

Unknown Speaker 17:09
It’s all about you, Angela. I’m kidding. Anyway, the last piece, which is Molly, there she is. We’ll be going on the west side near the theater. And this was pretty close to where Ursa Major the big giant bear was, but the bear. The bear was on the north side of the breezeway. I think Molly’s gonna be more honest on a tree. Great. So it’ll be closer to the street. Actually, no, the bear was on the tree. Great. Is it going to the same spot as the bear was? I think it is, is? Yeah. So yeah, near the theater on the west side. Any questions versus on the east side right now now versus on the east side, versus original location was on the west side.

Unknown Speaker 18:25
We’re gonna have a big, big, big day, on Monday. It’s a big day, actually. The crane is gonna start at the motorcycle at the recycle center. We’re going to crane that out. And then we’re going to start at St. Stephen’s and take out a Snow Queen, and the pieces that are Sue Kentlands called Trinity, and then the Annette Coleman piece, and then when a net arrives, we’re going to take cactus out of the truck and put whirling dervish in the truck. It’s going to be a real shuffle, it’s going to be really busy. And if, with my luck, it’ll either snow or it’s going to be blazing hot. I’m mad. Imagine the ladder and if you have any time between the hours of nine and two, and you are interested in making sure that spectators don’t get hit in the noggin, I would welcome you to come Cindy Tiger last time I don’t remember who else was there someone else was there. I was there. I was here. There was a gal I think it was a net Coleman’s mother who almost got hit by the forklift I was driving the forklift through roses. And she just really wanted to get an up close picture. So anyways, I’m not going to send out a sign up genius because it’s such a long day. And really I’ll have ves there, but coming and taking pictures and just talking to the public is super helpful. So again Monday, start At 9am will prop hopefully and about, you know 233 the one that is going to be the most intense and laborious installation that day is going to be protector. The base is three 400 pound granite. And then of course you have a 13 1300 pound piece of marble. And the installation is really interesting. there’s a there’s a pin coming out of a plate, and the the plate has to be anchored to the concrete. And then the granite goes over the pin and then the marble attaches to the granite so fast. I think that’s fascinating. I’m sorry, guys. Yep.

Unknown Speaker 20:49
Angela, you’re in luck. The forecast for Monday is a high of 71. Wow. Yeah, right. I bring it I’m telling you. I told you. It’s all about Angela. It’s all about rain, any rain in the forecast? Oh, God. So no, so that means no rain.

Unknown Speaker 21:22
What time do you think you’re going to arrive at St. Stephen’s? Um,

Unknown Speaker 21:30
the crane will probably roll up between 845 and nine. All of the businesses should have gotten their thumbs up today. barricade company comes at seven. Okay, they’re at 701. And I’ll have just missed them and then I’ll get to move all the things myself. Because that’s how it always happens right. Now and then so we’ll close that will close off the alley. businesses will know that if they need to go in between the alley they can move the signs and exit the parking lot. The crane will probably Yeah. 845. Nine, the crane post up and the out will will place him and then his outriggers should be out by 915. So at 915 nobody’s going anywhere outside of that. That area. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 22:30

Unknown Speaker 22:34
Well, I was there for many hours when you installed Ursa Major. And I. So I just want to remind you that I was there. hours.

Unknown Speaker 22:48
Ursa Major, that was a real, that was a real bear. related stuff. So it’s seven pieces. It’s a lot in and out. So anytime you have Sorry, I digress. I have a question. What about the 2d piece? what’s the what’s the we’re working on it, but I think that it’s going to be just fine a, an MDF, I have an example thin, opposite wood. I think that that will be the application with the hooks on the back. And then just hanging straight from the D hooks. My bigger concern really is just the the height. And and so I do think it’s going to end up being just slightly smaller. Because the proportions are a little funny. But it’s not a problem. So but installation won’t be now because he still has to have it printed and mounted. But surely, I mean soon. But does he doesn’t have an estimated time date. We have to figure out that dimension because I mean, so it’s more expensive if he if if we make it to size that will look the most proportional on the wall. It’s more than one piece of MDF mounted together. So there’s a seam. They come in eight foot sheets, but you can cut it down, which is also fine. But then it’s a question of how the print is mounted to the board. So he’s investigating the scene. But I think it should be pretty easy problem solving and to be very fair, I had not nudged him and five days since last week so yeah, should look nice stuff. I should say also Just on the art on the move quickly, the other pieces are going Mali and the Calla piece that’s at the museum are going to be installed on Wednesday. We will be doing Calla first at 9am 9am at the museum. So that’s going to be really quick and easy. I’m actually really interested to see that work. Because all we’ve seen as a model. So if you have just want to bring your coffee and your breakfast at 9am at the museum, that’d be great. And then Molly is going to meet us at the museum. They’re driving up from fruta. And then we’re going to caravan over to the location on Main and install her so that’ll be like a 10 o’clock. So, yep. And I will send you a reminder. Actually, I’ll send you just a schedule of these dates and times. Oh, if you’re able to make it, that’d be great. We lost her Holly. Oh, we lost our chair. Okay, have we have momentarily lost Holly and I don’t see her. There she is. There she is. You didn’t change your mind on being chair? Did you Holly? You can’t get out of it.

Unknown Speaker 26:56
I am so sorry. I’m back. I fell out completely. My internet must have just fallen right out my apologies. Where did you guys go without me?

Unknown Speaker 27:10
Oh, we didn’t even we kind of looked around and said Oh, she changed her mind.

Unknown Speaker 27:15
Yeah. I fell off completely. You all just disappeared. So I think we’re on shock art.

Unknown Speaker 27:26
shocker. Since you’ll recall, we bumped it up to try and get hooked up with the Art Walk for me. But that’s not happening. So really, those dates were a moot point. And a number of artists came back and said, Hey, you bumped up the dates on us, do you think you could give us a little bit longer. So we I we just extended it till the 26th. And really that date doesn’t isn’t so bad, because it will allow the display to be up at Old Town marketplace for even a little bit longer during the downtown summer on the streets, which is every Saturday starting July 3 through August something, I’m going to say 21st. But we will be on display there for about two and a half, maybe three weeks. So starting July 10. So whereas we were having kind of a closing reception that night, now we’re gonna do an opening an opening reception that night, so dates haven’t changed so much just activity. So again, I’ll send out a sign up genius for volunteers for doing some table setup and things like that. But it should be a really good time. Right now we have some 20 submissions. Wow. Last year, we had 40, which was bananas. But I think people were boarding in their house. So we’ll do some more marketing pushes and get that number up. And then we’ll photograph them and get them online. So that’s the big stuff that way. Is that pretty close to previous years, the 20 as opposed to the 40? Yeah, last year’s participation was significantly more than I of course, it was my first year. So I didn’t really look at the number until later. We also did it. We did the whole program a little bit later in the year. I think artists liked the idea of painting in the fall rather than mid summer, which makes sense. But that’s not really a problem. So shopkart. Again, the subcommittee will get together and look at those boxes options from Kevin. We’ve had a lot of people want their residential boxes painted and so I’ve had to have some conversations that way which are slightly unfortunate, but Kevin said they’re just not in even an option, because the way that the staff is trained to see them in a residential situation, it’s not as it’s very appointed situation rather than if one of the pad mounts goes, it’s like a whole block that goes out and they know where that boxes. So whether it’s painted or not, doesn’t make a difference. But the residential ones are sometimes hard to find. So we’re not allowed to paint those. Anyway, but I think we should still have a very good turnout, and hope. And if we want to, if y’all decide that you want to up the number of boxes, if we have a very strong turnout this year, and you decide rather than a five to seven, we want to do 10. That is completely up to you. And we have the funds to do it. So yeah. So we’ll see how they come out. And we’ll be able to talk about it in July.

Unknown Speaker 31:02
Okay, that’s great. All right. Looks like Civic Center land acknowledgement is Next on the agenda.

Unknown Speaker 31:12
So what does it he after our meeting with Sharif? Does anyone have any thoughts about civic center? I mean, I know that it was a little bit to digest, about kind of, you know, the precarious nature of that building. But that bed is desirable in it for, for public art, at least from facilities standpoint. And I have now run it up the pole of communications and some of the staff that work in that building. Does anybody have any feedback or thoughts or ideas, now, knowing that the flags will come down and fall, they’ll be assessed, there won’t be any public art in that space? Because we also do have the outdoor place as well, if we wanted to start there.

Unknown Speaker 32:06
I have one question. We’re talking about the big pad in the stairwell. Yes. I don’t have any real ideas. I was just wondering that, that brick surround that’s the stairwell Can that be painted as part of the installation? If, if it’s appropriate? How do they feel about painting part of the Civic Center just just thinking?

Unknown Speaker 32:38
I know I can ask that. There’s a lot of brick. There’s a lot of that brick in that building.

Unknown Speaker 32:47
I like where Cindy’s going, like, what if the artist has a mural along with their piece of art?

Unknown Speaker 32:55
I was thinking I was thinking kind of like a diorama or something. If we wanted to put a background in front of whatever installation we put there. I don’t know why we haven’t even discussed what kind of installation but I was just, I just thought it’s a good question. Really.

Unknown Speaker 33:10
It totally is incorporated in it. I think that’s part of the thing that keeps that building so cold and uninviting. Yes, you know, and so if we can help break that up through an art installation, that would be really appealing.

Unknown Speaker 33:34
Well, if we were going to do an art installation, when we have to do an RFP for it, or a request, so we before we could do that, we’d have to get an idea. And maybe I mean, that way, if you talk to the folks that work there and do a multi purpose like Cindy was talking about a diagram or, or paint a mural in the back and then 3d figure in the front to, you know, accentuate each other.

Unknown Speaker 34:14
So one of the things that we had talked about is that the city is working on going forward with a land acknowledgement. And the museum has been spearheading that. And for those of you who might this might be something new or new new term for you. Land acknowledgement is a statement of residents within a location recognizing verbally and also symbolically at meetings. So city council almost like the Pledge of Allegiance for city council. It will be set at the beginning of City Council which acknowledges that we are not the first residents of this land and as appropriate because the city Center has been, if you will, the showcase visually for I’m going to say the word paraphernalia. But I see that very gently, if you will, of of objects that are representative of our connections with our other sister cities, that this could be an opportunity for an artist to be informed by the land acknowledgement. And then that could be the theme by which an artist takes off. And if we put the parameters, right, a facility says, yes, you can paint, I know that there’s electricity, which I think that that’s a huge one. There’s a lot of, I think, a lot of creativity, things that we might not even expect could come out of it. So I have the land acknowledgement to share with you. I don’t really want to read it, but at the same time, I only have an in an email now. So here’s gonna have to forgive me if you’re like me and want to be reading it on your own. Uh,

Unknown Speaker 36:03
hold on, just because clearly, I can’t. I’ve got to lose you for a minute. Sorry, sorry, sorry. I should have had this ready to go. boogers. Sorry, but I’ve got it. Here we go. Here we go.

Unknown Speaker 36:23
So I should say also, that this land acknowledgement is in draft form. We have had an eye say we, the museum has had consultation by a leader in the Northern Arapaho community who has been working also with the Denver Art Museum. The city of Denver has a very lovely land acknowledgement. And so here it is. Can you see that Laurel ICU? Can you give me a thumbs up if you can see it? Yeah. Okay, so it says we acknowledge that Longmont sits on the traditional territory of the Cheyenne, Arapaho, ute and other indigenous peoples. We honor the history and the living and the living and spiritual connection that the first peoples have with this land. It’s our commitment to face the injustices that have had that happened when the land was taken and to educate our communities ourselves and our children to ensure that they do not happen again. And again, I will share this with you but it is a draft, Susie Hidalgo fairing who is serves as counsel woman for the museum Advisory Board has taken it to Council and it is scheduled to be on their docket. They may have edits they may have changes it may change once it is adopted. I think that city will have a policy by which we how we utilize this land acknowledgement but it certainly seems appropriate for the Civic Center to me so they’ve come a long way with this. And so I wonder for the Civic Center project. If next steps is to get that city feet the city employee feedback with these ideas in mind, and then understanding from sharees a good number that was applied towards the Civic Center. Again, to its assess if I can ever say it says quinquennial 100 and 50th year of month so that this great lovely sesqui Centennial sequins sequin look

Unknown Speaker 38:57
along the lines of like an artwork to read, review the past and to the future of Longmont something like that, to celebrate our past and and hopefully a more diverse future something like that.

Unknown Speaker 39:16
And I Can I ask a question. Have we decided to take down the banners that are in the entryway of the Civic Center? Are those banners going to stay? Are they going to be refurbished? Are they going to be cleaned? Are they going to be re died? what’s what’s the deal?

Unknown Speaker 39:39
So Sharif visited us last month to explain more eloquently than I have been able to say that because of the nature of the building and the improvements that have to be made to the skylights. They officially have to come down so the contractor said that they do have to come down For the work that they have to do, so instead of hiring a conservator to look at them in situ, in place up on a ladder, we will have the conservator, we will pay the conservator to come and do an assessment in the fall. And then that person will look at it, and then it will come back to the subcommittee with the dollar amount that it would take to either restore them versus its value. And then the subcommittee will make a recommendation of whether or not those parameters or that those findings fit within the D session policy, they will make a formal recommendation. So that said, I know it’s it’s a long road, but it should be because it’s a really important aspect of someone’s artwork, right. So because of the the facility they have, they have to come down. So we’re just going to be more efficient and just waiting until fall, rather than having the conservator look at them. Now. If I were, if I were to guess, looking at the work that Holly and Noah did of the conservator the last time she looked at them in 2009, I would imagine that the cost of refurbish or bring them back to life is going to be extensive. And then it is a question of whether or not what, what, what which avenue to take from there. So I think that that will it’ll come back up in the fall?

Unknown Speaker 41:31
Thank you. I have a question. Two questions, returning to the land acknowledgement. As people are planning for making this an official part of the city council meetings or whatever, is anyone concerned about people who will raise objections or people who may have a problem with that? And is there a strategy in place to deal with that? And second question is, if we’re talking about an artwork that somehow reflects is can we should we specify that the artist be a from an indigenous group?

Unknown Speaker 42:26
I can speak to the first question, which is Luckily, that is City Council’s prerogative, and reviewing land acknowledgement, considering on behalf of the community receiving feedback from the community, fielding any sort of question concern, excitement, thrill at City policy will then trickle down of how it will be for us, I think the important piece in on the indigenous on the indigenous front, really, I think that that’s, I I have to look into that. I think we have to give all people no matter race creed, an opportunity to apply for any RFU.

Unknown Speaker 43:24
I can just see if if the artist is not themselves from an indigenous group, objections being raised then by people who are that once again, their culture and their history is being exploited by people who are not aware of their

Unknown Speaker 43:44
ethnicity. Sure, and I think that that’s where the Sister Sister Cities connection is the most important aspect of this project is to be assured that the sister cities group, um, are the Northern Arapaho tribe are consulted, and actually on the selection committee and participate in the public artwork commission, but boy, I think this is just me. I think that that’s how that happens. But

Unknown Speaker 44:17
these divisive times for conversation are these divisive times I can see both of these creating problems for somebody. It’s always something we lost Holly again. That’s what my mother always used to say law. You bet.

Unknown Speaker 44:39
Every time it gets difficult, she just believes. So we’ll say to or next steps we do have a number of people who are sitting around this table now. Teresa, I know that you had some you know about being included in that As well, and because we can meet back in person. Carmen Ramirez, who is our culture is a huge asset to this town, if you don’t know her cultural broker for the city is really excited about this partnership is excited about the way in which the way in which we can include the tribe in the commission of the artwork. So I think I don’t I’m not scared. And I think Carmen would say if we, if we don’t start, because we’re worried about what someone’s going to stay say, then that’s maybe not cities and that collaborative effort.

Unknown Speaker 45:50
I’m not suggesting that we should, we should hesitate to do this. I’m just concerned about being prepared.

Unknown Speaker 45:57
Sure. So does any. So does anyone have any objection? I think next step is that the group needs to meet if city council has any feedback about the land acknowledgement from boards and commissions, that you this subcommittee would be the body by which would speak on behalf of art in public places, if everyone’s agreeable on that one. And then we just go and then I’m just going to start running it up the pole, because once it reaches Harold’s office, rubber meets the road, right. Okay. Hi, Holly. I’m sorry. We’re like this every time it gets tough. You leave us?

Unknown Speaker 46:42
Oh, my goodness. I’m sorry. I think that’s an excellent idea, though. Do we need to agree that we need a subcommittee or how do we want to proceed with that?

Unknown Speaker 46:55
We already have one, or you did? Yeah, I just didn’t, I didn’t want to go forward any any further before the land acknowledgement. It was passed by the museum advisory board who has been working with indigenous folk to inform this land acknowledgement. So now that that has passed, and it is, at least on it’s somewhere in the queue for city council. We’re prepared to go forward whatever that looks like with this project. It’s the sister cities. Committee, right? Who’s who’s on that task force? Oh, is Uh, oh, man. Just curious. Jennifer, who else is on the 150? If not, the colorful poetry but the 150. Pamela? Yeah, there’s four. And isn’t Randy? Oh, sorry to volunteer you. I will. I will look back at my notes, but I haven’t. And also, I’m so sorry. We’re getting off track. City Council did approve the new board members last Tuesday. So we’ll reshuffle the deck when it comes to task forces. So we will revisit this very shortly. But I will get that on the list. Sorry, Holly, you were saying is that so? That sounds like a good plan to you.

Unknown Speaker 48:31
That does sound like a good plan. Yeah, and I get I guess. Yeah, that sounds like a good good plan to go forward with. So are we moving on to Boston bridge?

Unknown Speaker 48:45
Can I just if you’re on the task force than Angela, do you just email us for certain times to get together?

Unknown Speaker 48:54
Okay, that and maybe if I’m vaccinated, fully vaccinated and happy to meet in person, me too. I ever AM. Anyone is feeling comfortable. I’m happy to wear a mask. I’m happy to put tables but I think for this exercise meeting at the space will be helpful so I will send it out to you. I’m not asking if you are vaccinated you but I am and if you are comfortable meeting in person in that space, great and if you are abiding by of course all laws. But if not, then we’ll meet another way.

Unknown Speaker 49:32
So that out, no, I’m zoomed out. And I want people I think you’re on mute Angela. I’m talking to myself and didn’t think you guys needed to hear that.

Unknown Speaker 50:00
Sorry. Okay, Boston bridge. Okay. Oh, here comes. So while I look, I spoke to our friend Alan burning about Boston bridge. I received the elevations last month, as you will recall, we ended up tabling it because our meeting went so long. And it actually was a good thing because it gave me a little more time to understand the financial implications and logistics of a relief sculpture. And I’m not sorry to say that it’s really intense. Oh, I know why my problem, I promise. It can be very expensive. concrete is not a terribly sustainable material. And it doesn’t make our resiliency and sustainability commission with the city very happy. I think that there may be in the future could be something alternative that we could use and could work with. But the monies that we were looking at, for how much it could cost for a single panel was a lot. And when I say a lot, I can’t even tell you a range because it varies so much. Cindy Tiger pointed out something very astute, which was down in T Rex, where if you’ve ever gone through their near D use campus, it’s lovely. Anyways, it’s a repeated pattern. So it does look different everywhere you go, or as you as you travel, but it’s a but it’s a repeat almost like a textile, right? And so how they were probably physically or financially able to do it was it wasn’t one composition, that then you had to make multiple molds of it, they made for molds, and they use them over and over again. So needless to say, I really don’t have a good number. And so they’re at 90% design, and I talked to Alan and I said okay, well, we still are really excited about doing Oh, shoot, I can’t see it, can you really are excited? And he said Okay, can you Laurel, I’m looking at you and Peter, give me a thumbs up if you see a engineering drawing. Okay, so So this is, um, this is the abutment art sketch that came up recently, it’s the most recent version. And so this is going to be clear as mud to some of you. And because of the the orientation of that bridge, there isn’t a perfect way of saying what north and south is. So if you are headed on what will be the path or you’re at left hands, they’re there. Like Pat patio, their outdoor area, workplace that is highlighted is going to be the most visible, and is the most ideal for our partners and development to be considered for a public art piece. That said, it’s 513 square feet. Lovely, huge amount of space. And so rather than trying to fit, what I’d say a square peg in a round hole, is I think we should go back to the basics. And if on the sesquicentennial, we are interested in looking at a mural for this location, it will be highly visible. And that’s what I would like to suggest for moving forward, we can execute it this year. We know what we have to do. It’ll be brand new concrete will have good primer and we’ll certainly do the graffiti coating over it. So I don’t think it’s so much of bad news, but it also is just not turning out the way that I thought it was going to be. So does anybody have any comments or thoughts on on this project if we continue that way,

Unknown Speaker 54:32
I have one question, which is from the from the other side of the river. Can you see any of the abutment Is there any place you’re muted again? If there’s any place on the other side then? I mean, isn’t there like a trailer park? They’re not really sure.

Unknown Speaker 54:57

Unknown Speaker 54:59
Well, I think There’s a river mural and then the bike path.

Unknown Speaker 55:05
Right. And on the other side of the river, I’m just wondering if we ought to consider whether or not we need something on the other side, on the left hand side that we wouldn’t be able to see from there. But does there need to be something on that side of the

Unknown Speaker 55:23
is that we’re the landscape company with a big Roxas.

Unknown Speaker 55:27
I think they’re, I think they’re on the other side, there west of it. They’re there. They’re West, and there’s a river road there or something. And then on the other side of that, but between the road and the river, there’s a trailer park. I think. I’m just wondering if we even need to consider whether or not it needs to be a double sided, a two sided thing, or just one side is fine.

Unknown Speaker 55:56
Driving by there is that there are not any areas where that would be easily visible. Because that’s what that’s what I’m thinking to Peter, I think that the other side, the

Unknown Speaker 56:11
road off of it, and there’s quite a distance between where the bridge is and where the trailer park starts. Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 56:17
Yeah, I think it’s not visually accessible. So I think that we probably don’t, but I just wondered if we should consider that.

Unknown Speaker 56:24
But when I asked Alan, I said that what we were looking at was when he came back to us with the drawings was the area that was going to be the most visible, visually appealing. And he said, Well, aside from putting something on top of the bridge, like Main Street, which that ship sailed along, long before I was even here, right? So, structurally, we’re past that, um, that this was the, this was the best option, but I will ask,

Unknown Speaker 56:56
okay, well, I just wanted to make sure all our bases were covered. That’s all. So are we thinking a mural, then there.

Unknown Speaker 57:12
The other option is something like a mosaic, but that adds weight. Which that would be something I would have to ask. There is like this kind of massive desire for murals. And because we have the 100 and 50th anniversary, I think that an artist could do a bang up job and make it very local.

Unknown Speaker 57:40
He could, we could also engage, where we have engaged in the past. Front Range, front ranges mural class, they’ve done some beautiful things.

Unknown Speaker 57:52
Yep, we could totally go straight to Front Range Community College and get an IRA under way. With john cross. Yep,

Unknown Speaker 58:01
if you want. If you guys aren’t familiar with the one, there’s one at the overpass or underpass at Oskar blues, that’s like right at over there. It’s beautiful. It’s like a tree that comes out.

Unknown Speaker 58:18
Just a quick thought, um, from my understanding lefthand is supposed to be building an amphitheater right there, across from them where we’re talking about this mural would be so I just didn’t may want to I’m not sure if this is just rumored but I do work for Oskar blues brewery, so I am, like, usually have pretty good connections as to what’s going on with left hand. So I, I just wanted to say that like, I feel like that mural also could be visible from a possible potential amphitheatre, that’s gonna sit right on that river. So just a little bit more in depth, because I think that might be what you’re talking about Cindy is across from where the mural would be would be where I’m sitting is the amphitheaters going? Awesome.

Unknown Speaker 59:04
So next steps is I could take a look at cost per square foot four or 513 square feet of high and low for you if you’re interested in mural taskforce, folks, this would be RSVP folks, but again, we’ll shuffle the deck shortly. So if anybody’s just really interested in getting on this one, we can do it next month after we get our new commissioners.

Unknown Speaker 59:33
Yeah, it sounds to me like we maybe need to just do kind of a reassessment of the area itself. And I do believe that some of the RSP people have or our commissioners that recently transitioned off, I know I’m just I believe I’m still on that committee, but I would be happy to for us to to relook at it and just see what might might be best.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:00
I think that the task force should contact the left hand brewery headquarters there across the street and ask them if they’re planning to amphitheater and what, what orientation it’s going to be and tell them we’re planning a mural there. And we would just want to make sure it’s visible or not. If it’s not going to be visible out, they’re going to block off that whole area, which I don’t think they would because River. But we should, we should just double check with them to see what their plans are.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:33
And if you don’t mind, and this is where I’m, I’m out of practice, because we haven’t done this before. Let me just check with my city partners first. Because I don’t want to make cold calls and be like, I’m gonna like the city and I question where my city partners may already know the skinny and just haven’t shared with me. So I’ll start with Alan, talk to him about reassessing and see if I can get some maybe aerial maps or something, and then ask him. Secondly, if he has connections at lefthand. And if it’s less that we may contact them on our own. And Task Force. We’ll just go from there. Does that sound good? Yeah. Okay. Am I missing anything? Okay, sounds good. Okay, so we moving on to maintenance reports, maintenance and reports and nature’s way, maintenance. So we’ll start with the maintenance report. So our Eileen did have her baby three weeks early. So she’s not here. Give this but I’ll do my best. So you have all been diligently not all but you a lot of you have been filling out those reports. Thank you very much. And so Eileen went through and assessed the ones that were in poor condition. And then the ones that were fair that has something that was hairy, scary on them. So, um, Peter identified birdbath, as well as the Macintosh lake. Pam, you identified something, I think that it’s nature’s way. One piece of it, Susan, you said 101 faces was important condition, which I imagine that’s because a lot of them are missing. And then, um, and then Cindy went back and looked at nature’s way again. So I have some images. But I think we just need to kind of go down the list of these pieces are bronze man did come back and he is within our budget for the bronze remediations. They were less than $100 for those added. Guardian and the other one, so we’re in good shape that way. We have 20,000 budgeted annually for remediation, but we can always change that up that especially in a dire situation. So good. I start with Well, maybe we’ll start with start with birdbath, Peter. And I’m putting you on the spot here, but I can read the report if you want me to.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:26
But that’s that’s the one that was not there. Right.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:30
That’s the Tim up and one that is removed over the winter or something. Okay. Well, there you go. Or because it’s absent

Unknown Speaker 1:03:44
is either been stolen or removed. Now, I think that that was the remove one. Okay. So I when I did that last fall, I was I think I did I did not see that. Right. Okay. So that’s one. Ah, but yeah, I assume that it must be back. Now. I could go back there and look at it again.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:06
I don’t think so. That’s the one when I reached out to it’s at Rough and Ready Park, actually Joanne’s. She lives by that piece. That’s the one that risk had in a barn because the pond froze over. And the kids were hanging on it and then they fixed it and then they had to remove it again. So clearly, that is not in the collections file, but yet we’ll need to update that. Okay. Sorry, y’all. Um, okay. The next one. Susan Horwitz, 101 faces. I look for that one too. I want to know where those are.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:50
So here’s some on the Main Street Bridge when you’re on Main Street dragon by driving over the river looking sort of toward the museum. There are three or four there on the bridge. I don’t know where all the rest of them went. But I know that there are three or four there on the bridge.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:05
They used to go down over towards whatever that street is that well, Pratt, it goes by Burlington school and the bike path that goes on. There were faces all along those trees. And there, I couldn’t find me. Yeah, I could.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:30
Yeah. So I liens note say that the collection file doesn’t have a map. There are some installation notes. But it’s there. They were never back then of course, they didn’t do like GPS locations or anything like that. That said, because of the remediations. That’s happened along the seat brain if we want to contact the artist and talk about recasting. reinstalling. Now that that area is prepared for 100 year flood, we could investigate that if you’re interested.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:09
Just a thought.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:10
So last time I saw them was before 2013 was before the flood. Yeah. So I, I would be in favor. I enjoyed them when they were there. I would be in favor of contacting the the artist and see if they can be recast. Or if they were all handmade, maybe not. But I it doesn’t hurt to reach out.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:36
Do we have any pre pre flood images of what it used to look like?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:43
A couple that have been used for publicity, but they’re not high resolution, one of them’s used in the bike map was up in a tree? Yeah, so the answer is no. And again, this was part of the collection file project that happened over COVID. So that entire hardcopy file has now been digitized. And Eileen has gone through, you know, she’s done a really good job of getting that all squared away. So I would dare say that chances are, you know, there’s not many left. And if we did have them recast, we could also make a point to when they’re installed, we do tack them, and then we’ll know, right? And then we could take it to the next level and put it on an app and you know, so I mean, but we can also table this for now. Because if the condition is that they’re they’re not, they’re not in bad shape. They’re just not present. On the maintenance front, you know what I mean, between your priorities? I don’t know where that falls, it’s not really a maintenance issue.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:59
If possible, the artists might remember where she put up or if they couldn’t.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:05
You know, I think it’s a fairly safe bet we lost several of them, if not most of them in the flood. That lefthand Creek got pretty high. And a lot of them were in the, in the reads there. Ah, so I think that I think that it would be nice if we reached out to the artists and asked, Is it a her asked her in her gift, if they’d be interested in revisiting that? We would probably have to repay, we probably have to pay again. Of course. Yeah. We want to make it go ahead. Sorry.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:47
I’m pretty sure it’s who I’m thinking it is. And, and it’s a male. Also, some concerns that I had, when they originally all went up was the size I felt like because so many were on the other side of the bike path there. They were difficult to see. So I don’t know if that’s something we’d like to reconsider that they be done in a little bit bigger size. I mean, I got the idea that they were kind of hidden figures in these trees, but people are pretty hidden. So I don’t know, it’s just something to when you have that conversation or we get there.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:38
Maybe fewer and bigger. I’m sorry, maybe fewer and bigger one. Instead of 101. We could do 21

Unknown Speaker 1:09:52
really think I can continue with the maintenance so you can see everything that we have to consider here and Then, depending upon how you’re feeling, we can make motions of about actions and assign a task force if necessary. Does that sound like a good way forward? Yeah. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:14
I have a question. Angela. I had one other that I looked at that. And maybe it’s already something’s happened to it. But it’s how it sandstone it’s the hands that come out of the semen. Yeah. And those had been all the nails were crayon Dover

Unknown Speaker 1:10:41
you ever been? I looked at it, because because I saw that was that same stone? Right. Right. Yeah, I the soccer fields. You know, I looked at that.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:53
I’ve looked at that two years in a row. And it’s got a big a big chunk out of one of the fingernails. Yeah, I mean, some of the places where the bike racks are mounted around their little. They’re not none of them are unstable. None of them are wobbly or anything, but they’re beginning to look a little worn down there. Whoa, shabby. And it’s such a great piece. I really think it’s a wonderful thing. Um, I am just voicing that I’d love to see that part of the maintenance happen to that right away. There’s so many people there.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:32
Okay, that’s called emerging hand. It we had it as fair. So that’s why I didn’t rise to the top. But I agree. It’s very visible. It’s, it’s functional. And okay, so that’s on the list as well. Okay. Okay. And then I think, long. And then nature and nature’s way, nature’s way was the big one that multiple folks who visited it, as well. Believe it or not. I talked to Lauren just this week, and she had some tiles. So I actually have some of the tiles. Oh, and then the zinc piece. I’m sorry. And the Charlotte zinc piece around Macintosh. So those are the two last ones do we want to talk about the Macintosh zinc piece? Sharla zinc? I don’t what is the name of that piece? The mile markers?

Unknown Speaker 1:12:26
biomarkers. Yeah. So we were talking at the beginning of the meeting one of them is been way over. Okay. I thought I sent you a picture that at the time that I walked around the lake

Unknown Speaker 1:12:46
you may have put it in the report as a fair, not a good but that’s okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:58
But I didn’t

Unknown Speaker 1:12:59
want I remembered one of them having had some paint sprayed on it or something. But again, I’m not absolutely certain about that.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:07
Oh, there it is. Landmarks it’s called landmarks. Okay, alright, so landmarks. Okay, and then I’m okay. And then Cindy, if you want to talk about nature’s way I can show some pictures. I can see the pictures. Let’s bring up the fixtures Angela. Okay, here we go. Here we go. I think after a year I’d be better at this. How’s that? I see Peter Peter. He fish.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:59
This is inside the fish’s mouth is a water fountain that does not function. I do not know what make it function. You can see here on this loop. Out of the body part of it. It’s missing tons of tiles. It’s missing tons of tiles on the head and it’s missing tons of tiles on the on the tail. It’s if we replaced the tiles. I don’t know how they were put in first. They would definitely be some kind of a hazard to the little kids but I mean, I don’t know how they would be reattached. It looks to me like they were really they were attached by pushing them into the cement and letting the cement hard around harden around them. There’s cracks there’s two pieces in this group that are made out of this sandstone colored cement and both of those pieces have some signature cracks. This is this is a moderate crack I would say compared to the other piece. But you can see all the missing tiles are missing plaques. Yes, there are but this plaque is here.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:20
Right, right. But when I looked at that I remember they were missing plaques. You could see where it was supposed to be. And it was just gone.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:29
I passed this sculpture all the time. And my thought about it is that with COVID I don’t think that the water fountain I don’t think it will ever get turned on or not not, you know, this year or whatever, because because of COVID nobody’s using water fountains. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:50
Well, I also want to say that this whole series nature’s way series is right on left hand Creek and I have no idea what the flooding did to the infrastructure of this place. Or or any of the pieces I mean. Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:09
I go past this one often all said, and it’s just so shabby looking deteriorated. It’s not a

Unknown Speaker 1:16:20
this piece is completely non functional. It spins. That’s all back again.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:29
But the bitch Go ahead, Susan. share that. Is there. That sculpture? Do you know what the Yeah, there’s, there’s several, there’s several chairs. Yeah. And I met a woman and her two children that have their lunch there all the time. They love to sit on that bench. And I thought that was just so great. They really enjoy it.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:58
Okay, so this one’s called eye spy. And it’s ello. And it doesn’t, it’s filled up, there’s something in it, you can’t see through it. You can’t see through it. Either way, you can spin it around. You can. You can, you know, crank it up and back. But there’s no possible way to see through it. It’s filled with something. And it’s starting to deteriorate at the bottom a little bit. I don’t know if we can fix this one. I don’t know. I don’t not know what would be involved in fixing this. But it is completely non functional. It’s just a pretty red and yellow thing that spins and even that it’s starting the red as you can see is getting pretty loose at the bottom and the yellow part at the top is really faded. It’s not bright and shiny anymore.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:52
Alright, I interrupted you, Susan, when you were talking about the the fish and I skipped over to ice Bye. Oh, no,

Unknown Speaker 1:17:59
it’s fine. I was just saying it’s pretty shabby looking because it’s missing so many tiles, and everything that Cindy referenced to it. Um, it’s not a nice representation for

Unknown Speaker 1:18:12
art and pepper places. It just looks like it’s been left to kind of water where we’re located.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:25
It’s along Missouri Avenue. Between kanemoto Park and lefthand Park. It’s on it’s between the sidewalk and the river and the creek lift and Creek. And there’s five pieces in this installation. five separate pieces in this installation. Okay, there’s two of them that frame across here, right? Yes. And hopefully, we’ll get to those. Oh, shoot. Oh, ah, yeah. So there when I can talk about is that bat chair. It’s in it’s in pretty good shape. It’s a really nice big bench, the bat bench and it has a plaque and it’s really nice. It’s starting to fade a little bit. The powder coating is starting to lose its shine. But that’s the only thing wrong with it. It’s It’s pretty good. This one right here this bat bench. It’s starting to get a little bit faded. See, you can kind of see where it’s just but it’s all these things the backs of this the sidewalk is south of this bench so that anything it gets a lot of sun so why they’re fading I’m sure. What else have you got for me, Angela.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:58
Do you have my report? There was a there was one if you’re talking about missing tiles, there’s one at Steven de Park. It’s missing tiles.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:13
We also had a bunch of metal sculptures in it. We call it the barn Park. It’s South West lawn lot off of Fordham. And we talked about powder coating those at some point. So I wonder if the bench the bench painted that bat bench or is it? No,

Unknown Speaker 1:20:35
it looks powder coated to me. Yeah, so I think we have a lot of powdercoating to do. Okay, this is the one that’s part of the, the two on either side of Bowens Street, north and south of Bowen, which runs no east and west of bone, which runs sort of north and south. And this has, this is tall, and it has some serious cracks in it. Okay, I don’t know, as some of them these are bad. They’re bad. At the bottom, there’s one that’s really bad. I do not know if these can be patched, repaired. I don’t know. I don’t know, this. This is again, that sandstone cement or whatever it is, it’s missing a few tiles, these, but these tiles are just really rather randomly placed there don’t make a design like they do on the fish. But it’s got some pretty serious cracking, I think there’s steel inside that the cement is around. So I think that it’s not likely to fall over, necessarily, but it’s got some, it’s got some serious cracking issues. And that’s, that’s not from anything, but I think age, age and whether aging.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:09
So, um, as you all may know, powder coating and Colorado UV are not friends. And the good thing is that since the 90s, when powder coating was really relatively inexpensive way to get color on both aluminum and steel, a lot of color has come a long way, particularly automotive paint. And so automotive paint, as you may have seen, not only is just shiny and bright and slick, but is also mapped to. And the other good thing about it the same way that you take care of your car, the same way that you would wax automotive paint into steel is the same way that you can care for something now going forward. So as we conceive of how we go about preserving these pieces and taking care of them, we may want to consider alternative methods for color, we may be introducing artists to new things. powder coating into the future, if we remove because you have to remove them, you have to sand them down, put them through the powder coating machine, the powder coat goes on, and then you re install. There might be ways that we can look at caring for these things in situ in the future. So but I do agree that I think not only from a stability perspective, but also from just an aging and kind of a eyesore perspective. This is this is pretty serious.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:41
I have a question. When I was looking up the nature’s way. It says that there’s a kinetic arch, which I’m assuming is that last one that has the leaf things on the top does kinetic mean it’s supposed to move it it’s not moving? I can’t figure out how it would move. There was one more piece there the leafy chairs. Okay, this this red one is or orange one is pretty faded. The biggest problem with these is they’re starting to get little bits of powder coating chipped off little holes, little scrapes on them, stuff like that if there’s four chairs, and also this is one that doesn’t have a plaque at all, so I don’t know what I don’t know what it’s really called. I have no idea. I just was calling it leafy chairs because they look like leaves. The other thing is see well that’s just painter that’s thicker, I think that just needs to be scraped off. But But there are other, there are other little problems with them. The other thing is that the, the explanation, the description of it in the artwork archive is surrounded by an aroma garden and the original picture, it has a couple of little trees and bushes all around them, well, that has suffered serious attrition, there’s no more little trees, there’s only a few plants back there. I don’t know that it can really be called an aroma garden anymore. So you can see the scrapes on this one, right down to the metal.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:39
There, there was a resident that lives across the street along Missouri, and he used to take care of all of those beautiful Iris plants and and all right along that the sidewalk. And you know, and it was just a resident that really took care of this garden around here. And any since moved, you know, there’s nobody taking care of it in terms of private residences. It’s a city thing, but but that guy really took care of it for years.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:22
Well, is it shouldn’t this be, I don’t know, should this be the parks department around this sort of thing. It’s not really in a park. But you can see there used to be there’s two empty holes on the side, there used to be a big, a little tree behind the yellow one, and one in between the blue and the red one. And no plaque. So I don’t know what it’s really called.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:46
So I believe that this is still part of nature’s way, I guess I do too. I think it’s a multi component piece, which you know, and in a collection file, you have the name and then there’s component, you know, ABC and then even have that then it’s broken down into a number so so we need to do that. Um, it looks like it’s on an easement. an easement would fall within the purview of the city. But that’s not necessarily to say that landscaping does. Another example is the rock rock Park, south end of Kensington where we have petite shardene right now of, of Charlotte zincs are on the movies, there’s a lovely Memorial rose garden there. And when we installed it didn’t look very good. And then someone came through and cleaned it up. I sent it out, but I don’t know who did it. So I think for our purposes, removing aroma garden out of the description makes sense. But when it comes to landscaping, I can ask, but I don’t know what that will look like, meantime, the paint looks more stable to me. And I think that Eileen would agree with me, it’s not falling apart, the bolts of the ground looks secure. And it doesn’t look like if anybody’s sitting on it that they’re gonna get hurt. It doesn’t look like there’s any burrs around where the pain it’s just, it’s it’s just

Unknown Speaker 1:28:18
it’s just something to keep our eyes on. Because if the paint chips off more, you’ll start to get rust. And then it gets to be more of an ordeal. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:29
Um, so So that said, we have a number of things on the docket as related to maintenance of course, again, our bronze came out looking really good and that is under control. 101 faces are emerging hand at sandstone, the landmarks piece at Mackintosh and then this nature’s way, both the kit, the kinetic not moving arch and the water fountain with missing tiles so and I spy that just needs to go No I spy which is also a part of nature’s way. Okay? So So those nature’s way pieces is going to be all one artist so we could get we could start just contacting artists get maybe a task force for each of these pieces and start looking at what dollar figures could be or we could prioritize them and make decisions that way. It’s completely up to you what you think that the best methodology for for movement is so

Unknown Speaker 1:29:42
I think it I think because we’re starting to look at a larger volume of maintenance needs, that it may may make sense just to start deprioritize and it is it. Is it necessary. Do you think that we at this point, make sure that there’s nothing I’m in that maintenance group that is a safety issue because that would be certainly the first priority. It sounds like some of the nature’s way, there was a piece that was coming up that had a lot of cracks. I mean, there may be some risk involved with safety for a couple of those. So they may just need to take a higher priority at this point. Unless, and anybody can make suggestions, if there’s any other ideas that people may have. But if it’s safety related, that probably needs to just be at the top of the list.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:37
Okay, think that what Peter said about the one at McIntosh lake where it was bent over? I think that that should be a priority because that’s just more damages just waiting to happen there. It needs to be fixed. The Ice by one, it’s not hurting anybody. You can’t utilize it for what it was created for. But it’s not. It’s not a danger to anyone. It can be lower priority. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:12
Oh, I will contact Charlotte. Is anybody interested on being on the McIntosh Lake Charlotte Zink land? marks? task force? Susan Pam. Um, I would I can’t I can’t walk all the way around right now. So. Okay, well, do you want to just be included on the emails?

Unknown Speaker 1:31:40
Sure. Sure. That would be great. Because I, I used to walk around that all the time. And I kept my eye on those. So

Unknown Speaker 1:31:47
yeah. Um, and then what about the nature’s way again, I spy the water fountain. And the two arches are very likely all the same artist. I’m

Unknown Speaker 1:32:00
I’m Jr. by Tim up. I’m Tim waters, maybe something like waters or welders? council? No, I’m sorry. I there. I took pictures of the plaques. So it’s right on the plaques. And they’re all by the same artist. Okay. Got it. So who’s on that taskforce started here. I’m there all the time. easy for me. I’d be happy to be on that task force. I would like to as well Tally. superduper.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:39
Well, what is the case of Steven de park that I reported on? He had missing tiles to

Unknown Speaker 1:32:46
Yes, I’ve seen that. It’s that’s really bad. It’s right near elementary school. So I think that they come over and pick the pieces off.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:54
It could be there’s there’s a map and the seats around this little Plaza and then there’s Yeah. Is that I suppose have tiles on?

Unknown Speaker 1:33:06
I did I looked at that last year. And it has a lot of tiles missing. And yeah, they’re they’re like landscapes for things that you can see in the mountains. Mm hmm. It’s coming back to me.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:20
Oh, um, that is the piece that they contacted me in the paper about that. We were wearing the times call last month? Um, they’re the benches. Kind of Yeah, yes. And it’s the GL. It’s the pointing markers. One’s pointing at Meeker and one’s pointing to where they Thompson and left hand come together. And then they have coordinates.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:47
And they the end the little little if you want to call them benches, little steps. Yes. At the top they have sort of a little mat three dimensional map of the thing that they’re pointing at. Right.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:02
Okay. Um, well, there’s those that are along the path and then it’s a far east to the park. Is this a little Plaza that has the map? Yeah. Although on and they’re pieces on that that have lost many of their talents. I mean, they’re obviously sort of a rundown looking because there’s so many tiles missing again, just like there’s like the ones that nature’s way. Those are called but

Unknown Speaker 1:34:32
Okay, so we’ll, we’ll prioritizing. I’ll make that phone call and then contact first, then we’ll get nature’s way up and going and then we’ll prioritize the Steven de Park piece number three. And again next month, once we get our new commissioners will reshuffle the deck on both maintenance and task forces. So if there’s something that you’re interested in, looking at, just write it down And we’ll get there. I know that that was a laborious and maybe not fun exercise, I recognize that maintenance is not always the fun thing. Mario Chavarria, his curb his mower curb should be going in. You would be surprised that the parks department isn’t excited about putting concrete curbs in. But it’s the only way to keep from happening what happened previously. So that should be coming about to this year.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:29
Actually, when I was on the artwork archive, there are lots and lots and lots of pieces that are not on that archive. Yep.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:43
So I, so Eileen is going through all the collection files, there are pictures of some things, they’re not pictures of other things. That’s one of the reasons that we’re doing these exercises. But our work archive does not merge with our collections database. So you have to manually go in and and make those changes. So we can also add to maintenance. If you want to refer to artwork archive, look at the description and rewrite one. Yep, there’s a lot of updating to do lots. I’m all here. strategies. There’s I mean, we could get a list

Unknown Speaker 1:36:38
of the ones that aren’t that need pictures that aren’t on the archive. Be happy to go around, take pictures. Your

Unknown Speaker 1:36:47
let’s talk offline, and we’ll make a strategy maybe working backwards. newest to missing to updating. Okay. Anybody else interested in taking pictures? Take pictures. Pam. Okay. All right. I’m gonna call you the artwork archive taskforce. Alright, again, I know that that’s not fun. So

Unknown Speaker 1:37:26
it’ll be a lot more fun when it’s only 70 degrees. Are you

Unknown Speaker 1:37:43
ready to move on to our next topic? I think that might be our upcoming creative culture aipp workshop that the Commission impossible. And most of you probably received your invite to this already is the iron Corgan workshop, that is very likely going to turn into an annual type of workshop that is related to planning. And that is coming up next Saturday, I believe. And it’s going to be from 830 to 1230. This today, everybody received their invite for that. was I talking and no one was this was able to hear me.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:33
Now we got it. Um, if you didn’t receive it, or Own your spam, it’s also attached to your email for this agenda. And it’s the 26th. So not this upcoming Saturday, but the one not June 13, but the one following the 26.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:49
Following Yeah, the following Saturday, and I believe you want us to RSVP to aipp at Longmont, Colorado, right, Angela,

Unknown Speaker 1:38:58
or just raise your hand right now. And if you’re planning on coming, it is in person. And also, if you would like to institute any parameters on masking and distancing, we’re going to be pretty good about it. And sanitising

Unknown Speaker 1:39:15
I think I’m gonna be there with the friends.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:18
Right? Yeah. All right. I’m gonna try to be there. I have some other things scheduled that day. If I can work those around and make I’ll make this a priority. Great.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:29
I will be there but probably not at 830 because I’ll be sleeping still. Maybe that’s the

Unknown Speaker 1:39:33
breakfast it really starts at 930. But I gotta feed you and get y’all. I like free food. In caffeinated.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:45
Yeah, cannot pay Angela humming. How many people do you think that we anticipate will be attending or how many have been invited at this point? Well, so

Unknown Speaker 1:39:55
hold your hands up if you’re planning on coming. I’m sort of I think All right. 12345678 Okay, so if we get 25 I would be really excited. And I have confirmed three city staff who will be joining us, which is really exciting. I’m Aaron fosdick. From a planning and development. I’m hoping Wayne Tomek will come from community services. francy Jaffe from sustainability and resiliency is coming. Justin Veatch from the Stewart auditorium is going to be there. Kim is going to be there. And I’m hoping that Karen Roni comes, that would be really great. And I’m hoping Marshall will come to, and then the friends have been invited. The museum Advisory Board has been invited the creative district, anyone who is a stakeholder that way is invited. And, um, yeah, so I, if we could get 25 that would be great. If we get 30 I’d be a little, you know? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:18
Are you going to put out a signup sheet for volunteers to help you organize? And okay, so we’ll look forward that look forward to that for the in the next few days or a week?

Unknown Speaker 1:41:32
Yeah. I now know that I am picking up the breakfast. So that was like a big linchpin. So setting up the breakfast and Cindy’s gonna do check in. So really setting up the breakfast and helping Brian, get the room ready. What’s up? What’s on the menu from the breakfast? Breakfast items that also include things from the earth directly that do not have gluten, or dairy? Any? Yeah. Ever? If you have any issues, I got you covered.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:12
I just want to know whether I want to eat it. pushes, yeah. Do I want to wake up early and get breakfast or what? Yes. Huh. Yeah, it’ll be good.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:31
I see this as just such a big opportunity to have a lot of people involved with focusing on going in a similar direction as a group rather than just even aipp. So this is just a giant opportunity for us all, to be a part of how our, our community moves forward and in how we develop a creative culture. So I’m just really excited about it. Angela, I know you’ve worked really hard. And it’s the fruits are going to come up. So yeah. Thanks for all your hard work.

Unknown Speaker 1:43:09
Yeah, thank you, Angela for organizing it and putting it together inviting invite stall that will produce to participate. I think you’re going to be some great seeds planted. Really exciting.

Unknown Speaker 1:43:26
I don’t want to beans, but I desperately want to spill beans, but I’m not going to spill any beans. Oh Ha. This one being Monday. Okay, just because it was in the news like two days ago. And chances are, if you’re a nerd like me, you might have read it. So the city of Denver had some drainage issues like some big drainage issues where they had to reroute water. And so the city has this problem. And black cube nomadic black cube project, which is like a pop up installation brain came in and said, Well, why don’t we bring a creative mind into doing this. So instead of making a ditch to move standing water, they created a not a park, but not a public art piece per se. But a drainage ditch, and chances are kids who are skate park lovers are going to totally love it. But people who are from the west will see the mountains in it because the creative brain that they brought is from the west and so he worked with engineers, and he is also a skateboarder and they made like basically a not skatepark and so what it does for urban development is it keeps skateboarders in a place to to really conquer but they know that they’re going to be there but it also doesn’t fall under rec so Since not a skatepark, they’re not really liable for it. So it was all the brilliant things, all the brilliant things coming together and it wouldn’t have happened if it didn’t start with the city saying, Hey, we have a problem. And creative mind saying, hey, you address this problem the same way every time. Like what if this, you know. And so while public art is always going to have memorials, and they’re always going to have monuments and testaments, and tell stories about our community, there’s also other ways that we can infect our little neighborhoods and come and meet them where they are with their problems, even an infrastructure and turn it into something that’s awesome. So I get really jazzed about that. I think it’s great. So

Unknown Speaker 1:45:51
I’m super excited for the day. I really, really am. And,

Unknown Speaker 1:45:58
and Brian’s a lot of fun. And oh, I can say this, too. He is a meow wolf artist. Oh, oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah. released the name of the artists in Denver. Who are the brains behind that. And I won’t be surprised when we walk into me. I’ll often see his glorious

Unknown Speaker 1:46:21
the meow wolf in Denver. Yeah. What next, in the fall of August or something? I’ve been a wolf in Santa Fe. So I’m looking forward to that opening here.

Unknown Speaker 1:46:45
Yeah, last I saw governor polis was actually really pulled up. I mean, that’s a pretty big support behind that. So very cool. Anything else on the workshop, Angela, that you want to share that we missed?

Unknown Speaker 1:47:00
Now? Just that it’s gonna be a lot of fun. And city council gets back in person on the 29th. And we’re meeting on the 26th. But you’re slimy. Anyway, it’ll be our first kind of get back. But it’s a workshop. It’s not a meeting. It’s a workshop. So there’s a difference. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:47:25
Yeah. Okay. All right. Is it time to move then to administrators report, Angela?

Unknown Speaker 1:47:34
Yep. All the updates are in the agenda. So I have nothing new. Well, no.

Unknown Speaker 1:47:46
About commissioners reports, comments, anybody have anything they’d like to say?

Unknown Speaker 1:47:56
Is there any plan to do the seal to repair and seal the mural at ninth and Alpine?

Unknown Speaker 1:48:03
I was. I wish he would commit to a date but he has not yet. And I know it’s because he’s trying to do other work in northern Colorado. I don’t really have any tools to hold his feet to the fire except that he asked to finish it this fiscal year by contract. So okay. Well, we have new commissioners next meeting, and will we be meeting in person? I do not anticipate person because it’s going to roll out from city council down. So I don’t anticipate that. Maybe, and then Marsha is not here. But they did interviews Tuesday. So I imagine that I’ve should be receiving an email if those folks except he Oh, Peter, you know, did you get an email? Peter?

Unknown Speaker 1:49:04
No. I was gonna ask about that. Should I expect to be continuing?

Unknown Speaker 1:49:11
I’ve not heard how did that interview go? I didn’t have an interview. It Oh, dear. Returning they might not interview you because you’re returning.

Unknown Speaker 1:49:21
Right? I just I filled out I’m filling out the form. I filled out the form and send it in, but I’ve heard nothing since then. Want to continue this? I mean, I have a three minute intro interview. Maybe Maybe I’m persona non grata to the city council? I don’t know.

Unknown Speaker 1:49:43
Okay, I’ll send a note to the City Clerk’s office and I will, I’ll find out but I anticipate that we should have Peter and Laurel returning on Really? Come on. second interview. Regan has

Unknown Speaker 1:49:57
three minutes, three minutes. By the time they got to me within and had to leave, so that’s basically

Unknown Speaker 1:50:05
what my interview was the first time. I didn’t have a second interview. No, right. Right. Okay, okay. Yeah. Yeah, that was that was what I had before. They basically asked me two questions. Why do you want to be on the commission and what’s your favorite artwork?

Unknown Speaker 1:50:23
Ah, I put in a few good words for Angela Brill. They are darn lucky to have Angela running the show here. Boy.

Unknown Speaker 1:50:37
Wait until I meet some of you in person for the first year. So ridiculous. Okay. All right. I will I will check with the City Clerk’s office because that sure doesn’t seem fair to me. Sorry about that.

Unknown Speaker 1:50:55
Okay, any other comments from commissioners? Move adjournment. So it looks like it’s 753. We’re done a few minutes early. And Peter moves to adjourn. Second. Okay, so we’ll see everyone on the first then on the 26th. Right. July 28. is right. The next meeting Angela with with art on the move, help her with some of those things on our on the move if you’ve got the opportunity. That’s Monday, the 21st right, Angela?

Unknown Speaker 1:51:50
It Monday, Monday, Monday, Monday. funday. Awesome, awesome dates and also the numbers that you can expect. So if there’s something you really want to see. Okay. Okay. Thank you all so much. Night, everyone. Thank you, Angela. And great job. Okay, everyone. See you soon. Thank you, Holly. Thank you, Angela.