Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Meeting – June 16, 2021

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Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Meeting – June 16, 2021

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Unknown Speaker 0:00
Okay, well, I would like to call the June 14 2021. Parks and Recreation advisory board meeting to order. Could we please start with a roll call?

Unknown Speaker 0:11
Sue all Berg Scott Conlon Jeff Ellen Bolden here. Paige Lewis Nicholas Novello here. Then also. I have not received any notification from council liaison, Aaron Rodriguez, but I see he’s not here.

Unknown Speaker 0:46
Great. Thank you. Okay, we’ll move on to approval of the agenda. Does anyone have any proposed changes to the agenda? Okay, and I just need a motion to approve. I will motion to approve the agenda as written. Thank you. Second. All those in favor? Aye. Aye. Great. agenda is approved. Okay. And approval of previous month’s minutes. Does anyone have any changes to the previous month? minute?

Unknown Speaker 1:39
I do have one additional amendment and that is that Kathy chrome was not actually at the meeting. I’m sorry about that. I put her as president when she is not always here in spirit. It’s

Unknown Speaker 2:00
okay, seeing no proposed changes. Again. Motion to approve.

Unknown Speaker 2:06
I move we approve the minutes with that change to Kathy krones. presence or not.

Unknown Speaker 2:13
Thank you. Second, any second, thanks to all those in favor of approving the minutes. Great. Thank you. The minutes are approved. Okay, still no public invited to be heard.

Unknown Speaker 2:34
I have not received any notification. Don’t believe Aurora has either.

Unknown Speaker 2:38
No chair no public invited to be heard as of yet. Okay, well, let’s go ahead and continue on to old business. Jeff, is that you?

Unknown Speaker 2:55
Yeah. Yep. So that’s the last meeting we had talks about tabling the field trip discussion until we knew more about what the guidelines would be. We believe that we can now transport people. Everyone in the vans at this point in time, we’ll have to wear a mask based on the transportation guidelines. But at least we can can find the trip and and move forward with it if the board still wants to do that. So great. Okay, so let’s, let’s talk about it a date first. And it appears that three of the of the board members are going to be out in July. And so would it be best to look at trying to do the field trip in August during our regular meeting or what? What are the thoughts? He sends to me?

Unknown Speaker 4:07
Everyone available for the August meeting?

Unknown Speaker 4:09
What is the dates you happen to know? Okay, night are harlot sorry. Night, yes, August night. I will not be available. But that’s a right to mean, you’re never going to find everybody. So

Unknown Speaker 4:37
I’m getting back into town that evening. So it depends if we’re starting at our normal time. It should not be a problem. If it’s earlier, I may not be able to make it. Would that be a normal kind of schedule or not? I mean, there’s obviously going to be daylight what is how does it usually work?

Unknown Speaker 4:53
Well, we usually start a little bit earlier. Normally we’ve tried to be on the road by 550 Dean at the latest. So is there is evening the best? Or would it be better to try it on a Saturday morning or something?

Unknown Speaker 5:17
I’m open to either I just that day, I may not be back by five and I’m fine with if I have to miss it. That’s fine.

Unknown Speaker 5:28
Do we want to try for later in that week? I mean, we could do it. Are you out that whole week?

Unknown Speaker 5:41
I’m coming back into town late on the 11th. So or 12th. But you know, I’ll be there. Yeah. I can’t do that weekend. Sorry. If we’re doing it later in the weekend, I can’t do it.

Unknown Speaker 5:59
Now, I’ve been wondering about maybe the 12th or 13th. Both is great. About staff with that, with moving it to a different day that week worked for you guys.

Unknown Speaker 6:15
To author the 12th or 13th? Is that what he said? I don’t know about a Friday night. As far as if we’re going to invite counsel, but I could make any is the 11th or 12th or 13th. Work. David or Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 6:38
Yeah, I can make any of those times work. Actually, August works well for me. So July, we’ve been a little more challenging, but whatever works for the majority, I can make work.

Unknown Speaker 6:50
Same here. I can make work.

Unknown Speaker 6:54
What if we did that Thursday? at in the evening? Obviously, or not Thursday, but that’s okay. Either way. I play golf on Thursdays.

Unknown Speaker 7:13
Maybe you could make an exception just this was your game won’t suffer down. I

Unknown Speaker 7:22
promise. You might get better. Who knows might take a week off.

Unknown Speaker 7:27
Talking about a five patents, because I won’t be able to make it before five that day.

Unknown Speaker 7:32
I just want to confirm that. So we’re saying Yeah. Yeah. So we’re saying 5pm on Thursday, August 12? Yep. I get like a Monday. You think that’s in lieu of Monday’s meeting? Or in addition to? I was thinking in lieu of that, we would just we’d have to notice it probably somewhere. I mean, anybody needs to play golf on Mondays? Can Can people from the public choose to join them?

Unknown Speaker 8:07
Yes, they would just need to provide their own transportation to the locations. And we could notify on primary stops that we’d make. So if that is that? I’m sorry. Go ahead page.

Unknown Speaker 8:32
Oh, I was just asking if that I’m just trying to look at all the little squares and make sure that looks like it’ll work for everyone. And I don’t see anyone shaking their head.

Unknown Speaker 8:44
I can’t guarantee I’ll be there. But you know, it’s fine. I may not. I’m coming from Durango. So I don’t know. So yeah, it’s fine. Okay, well, let’s go with that.

Unknown Speaker 9:02
If that works for you clue whether city council likes Thursdays, I

Unknown Speaker 9:08
have no idea. Okay, I will, I will reach out to the clerk’s office tomorrow and let them know and just see what feedback I get. Okay, good idea.

Unknown Speaker 9:22
If you run into something that none of them will be available, then let us know we can think about it. If we need to make an adjustment.

Unknown Speaker 9:32
Okay. So then are we ready to talk about where where we want to go? Well, that’s that’s what I was gonna suggest, Jeff, is that, um we don’t need two months to plan the route. No, we don’t.

Unknown Speaker 9:48
So we could certainly let the board Think about it for the next month and talk about an in July or solicit your top five locations via email or whatever and then just try to distill some comments. common threads. That might be the easiest way of doing that. But

Unknown Speaker 10:04
Alright, let’s do that because we did get comments from all the board on their suggested location. So let’s let’s check with counsel and get their feedback. And then we can could finalize this at July meeting locations.

Unknown Speaker 10:22
And I think Steve’s presentation tonight may help inform some of that. I would agree

Unknown Speaker 10:34
with that plan. I really appreciate you guys being willing to give some thought to what would be helpful for us to see and also taking our feedback into account. And Jeff, to reserve the vam. Yes, thank you, Lord, I Aurora. That was a code. Yes. Yes, we will.

Unknown Speaker 11:02
Alright, thanks. Okay. Anything else under old business? Okay. Let’s move on to new business. And the first item is the Adam farm property acquisition. Dan? Beaufort,

Unknown Speaker 11:18
I think that that is that is Thank you very much. Glad to be here, especially on this particular item, I think you’ve probably noticed that well, over the last year, it seems it’s been in the natural resources update my update for the open space acquisition, in your packet is a map that reflects the location of this property. The Adam farm property is located at 11 684, weld county road, five and a half, it’s approximately 139 acres immediately. That would be west of St. Train State Park. It’s very interesting. In this negotiations, David and I have been involved in this predicament negotiations for what appears to be over two years, it’s certainly been a challenge where they had a real estate agent that really wasn’t communicating, if you will, between the family and the city. And as a result of that, in the frustration, the family’s attorney jumped in, and they pushed out if you will, the real estate agent. And so we are now to the point where we are pretty darn close to having a signed purchase agreement with the family. So with that, there’s about six years of oligarchy, with about 100. We’re somewhere in about 130 acres for a total of $5.5 million. We work very hard. We tried initially to start with a goko grant to get some support. And I think we would have been a lot more successful if state parks would have been willing to participate in this act land acquisition. That’s not the case. So it would be our hopes that very soon, we’ll get that signed contract from the family and then we’ll present that to city council. Again, the reason I there’s so much that needs to go beyond gone go on after council sciences. Because this property in particular is has been annexed into the town of Firestone. And one of the agreements if you will, with that annexation, and Firestone Firestone requested a first right of refusal. So now once we get council to sign off on this, we’ll turn this back over to the town of Firestone to see if they really want to spend $5.5 million to acquire the property. From just general discussions that we’ve had David and I both. I can’t imagine that the The town is really looking to come up with $5.5 million for additional residential development. That was earlier you know, in the late 90s, you know, it was anticipated is a residential piece of property, especially when we are providing potential recreation opportunity with trail connections to the same frame Greenway and a variety of other amenities that could be part of that. Included in this acquisition, like I said, $5.5 million, Boulder County is participating in this with us, they are coming to the table with $2 million. So we’re fortunate to be partnering with Boulder County on This, in turn Boulder County will receive a conservation easement and all the conservation easement on on that. Additionally, we will be entering into a agricultural farmland lease with the family for 10 years. That’s one of the stipulations. They believe that they would like to continue with ag operations for about another 10 years. So we’ll see how that goes.

Unknown Speaker 15:35
You know, the nice thing it fits very well, within the open space map is a community buffer. It certainly fits well from an agricultural preservation perspective, and allows us to preserve yet another Oh, about three quarters to linear mile of the same grain Creek. So with all of that, the only thing that’s really kind of awkward, strange that, you know, part of the negotiations that we all have to do is that the family is now asked to retain about a total of 11 acres, and for development lots. So again, once we go back to the town of Firestone, since this is in been annexed into Firestone, and they hopefully will give us tell this, they’re not interested in first right of refusal, then we have to go through their land use DEP, and go through a subdivision exemption with them, and break out these four, eight, these four lots, if you will. And those four lots are shown on the other map that you’ll that’s in your packet. So those are the lots that the family will then retain, for whatever purposes they they feel they need. And we’ve said, you know, from that perspective, they have four lots, they can configure them however they want. And we will retain a conservation easement on all of these lots, each lot will be limited to a single residential development, not to exceed 15,000 square feet. So if you consider you know, these lots, almost three acres, that would be a house, maybe some outbuildings, but not to exceed that. So with this, we’re finally coming to a conclusion. I think we’re excited about it. A family’s excited about it. I hope you are too. So we’re I will open this up for discussion and really look for a recommendation to go to counsel, it would be our hope that we would have a signed contract by the family. Hopefully by the end of the month. We’ll see how that goes.

Unknown Speaker 17:59
Great. Thanks, Dan. Yeah, looking at the map, it definitely looks like an important puzzle piece in the larger protection ring up there. Yes. Dan Olson.

Unknown Speaker 18:11
Remind me Dan, where does the trail connector to St. Bryan park that on the northwest side of the same brain in in this area or on the south east side of the same brain?

Unknown Speaker 18:30
board? Here’s where we’re thinking. Again, it’s all conceptual. At this point in time, we’ve got the same brand corridor that goes under state highway 119. That makes it into the park, what we would anticipate that we would have an East West corridor trail corridor from union reservoir that would go through the Turner open space through the Newby open space, which is immediately to the north of the atom dairy farm to two and a half squares that I see on your map. Yeah, exactly. So it’s more of an East West connection from union reservoir along 26 or some way, you know, along that corridor that would then tie in through the Adams farm property into St. Rain State Park. So there would actually be probably two connections into the State Park one being St. Frank Greenway. This other one being an East West connection, again, anticipating that we will be building over the next few years that Loop Trail around.

Unknown Speaker 19:36
Union reservoir. Thanks the tune. One more question quick the two residential areas immediately west and southwest of the Adam farm property those two squares. Are they in Longmont, Firestone, weld County, are they incorporated

Unknown Speaker 19:57
those are both of those are in our Both of those are in Firestone. Yes. So the little notch, if you will, in the Adam farm property, we will be adjusting that and incorporating that 11 acres in their square and making some lot line adjustments associated with the subdivision exemption through the Firestone process. And again, ideally, if you look at that, oh, you know, it’s probably 35 acres, just south and east of the Adam dairy farm, we’d really love to approach that land owner and acquire conservation easement. We know that he’s interested in, you know, building a couple residential units on there, it would be great if we could preserve the the balance of that corridor. And then, you know, limit development 200 feet from the centerline or something of that nature. That would be you know, another goal that we would love to do it, did you want to add something?

Unknown Speaker 21:04
Yeah, just to Dan’s question on that trail comes in one things, I think is a great opportunity. Is it this trail? Well, the one from like the damage from the south and st bring Greenway tying into the State Park and then heading out to the east to that very naturally ties into that regional trail system, then that you know, Longmont has really done a, I think one of the best jobs of making all the pieces there. Those open bags would be nice, but really that’s for Longmont residents is I think, a great potential loop opportunity to come in and a safe brain come up through the safe Park head back around through that. That union piece to Dan talked about through movie and stuff. So I think this provides a lot of great opportunities. And Dan mentioned that protection and St. Brian Creek if you start looking at maps with the protection there the protection the state parks, the protection, Boulder County and Alliance, we have a significant we have significantly those agencies protected the joy the same brain Creek from I 25 of the lions. So it’s pretty impressive what this this, this acquisition does. So I also just want to thank Dan, because he mentioned as workers for for two years, this is a second time Dan has worked on this project, too. So he’s got a lot more time. This is the two years that he and I put in so

Unknown Speaker 22:17
well, the other nice thing about from a trail connection to it certainly will provide a regional trail connection in order to meet High School, which provides you know, again, another safe option. I’m not familiar how how familiar you are with weld county road 26 is it ties it in there, you know, in the county road seven, but it’s kind of crazy out there right now. And if we could provide an an off road opportunity for whether it’s any kind of pedestrian traffic, we certainly know that. David, and you can vouch to this is, you know, some of the Cross Country events or track events that go on this provides yet another pretty nice connection to the high school out there. Nicholas, did you have a question?

Unknown Speaker 23:09
Yes. Thank You page. So Dan, you mentioned that the property will be used for agricultural purposes for a period of two years. Yeah. So how does that work with the you know, we’ve talked a lot about, you know, trail systems and regional customs connecting conservation easements. How does that how do those two things interact? If there’s been used for agricultural purposes?

Unknown Speaker 23:34
Yeah, some probably some perfect examples of how the agricultural and the recreational trails, and the interaction there would be on golden farms property where the st. Rain Creek and the golden farms and the Greenway are immediately adjacent to each other. You know, in that particular location, there’s a fence separator between those two, and we’ve not had any difficulty or problems there. Another good example would be the most recent opening of spring golf to trail connection out at Union reservoir that runs basically from ukri golf course, with a final destination being sandstone. At this point in time, there’s not a fence that separates the agricultural fields from, you know, the Greenway trail, we’re gonna see how that works. Generally speaking, you know, there’s corn and winter wheat being planted out there, but we’ve not seen and don’t anticipate a whole lot of problems. So this is again, another would be another opportunity where it would be located on the outskirts of the agricultural property, so that we’re not fragmenting the agricultural operation or creating a problem for the agricultural tenant that has to open and close gates or any of that kind of stuff. So that is what we would anticipate in the future.

Unknown Speaker 25:00
That’s really helpful. Thank you. So just to make sure I understand that this agreement would does not include any description about fenceline, where that would be drawn on the map. The assumption is that the border or the perimeter of the property of the US as that that would trail connecting system if we decided to,

Unknown Speaker 25:21
generally speaking, that’s correct. Okay, as long as it doesn’t divide the agricultural property. Okay. Thank you. David, you’re muted.

Unknown Speaker 25:32
Yeah, and I appreciate Dan, you’re giving those examples. And again, I think your dad mentioned his setup to this. So one of the reasons is, besides the buffer, the trail connections if I parian really was protection of agriculture. So we’re always trying to make those balances to ride those recreational opportunities plus the agricultural piece. And then I think we have some great examples here in Longmont, but city of Boulder, the trails and agriculture properties are very common. Bullock county has that as well. So it’s always just trying to strike that balance we can do as we said it preserve agriculture in a way that’s most economically feasible to the family, but also balances other needs as well. So I think we can get there. Dan, is a mineral rights come with this purchase? separate?

Unknown Speaker 26:23
Thank you. Great question page. Those mineral rights have been removed from the property separated from the property. Currently, there’s probably six wells on the property. Let’s see if I could probably in the just below the Eon property is there’s six wells, one’s already been plugged in and abandon the balance of those are scheduled to be plugged in in advance. So we’re anticipating that, but those mineral rights have been separated from the property.

Unknown Speaker 27:00
Any other questions? Oh, oh, yeah. Dan.

Unknown Speaker 27:08
So again, what is it you would like from us?

Unknown Speaker 27:13
I’m looking for a recommendation that we can include to City Council for the acquisition of this property.

Unknown Speaker 27:25
Right, so so when I think that would be great, sounds like a really important addition. So someone would like to move that we recommend approval of this acquisition. Just

Unknown Speaker 27:48
a move we move, we recommend to follow Dan’s proposal and recommend that moves forward to the city council. Sorry for babbling, that one.

Unknown Speaker 28:03
There a second. I’ll second. All those in favor? unanimously approved. Thank you very much. Appreciate your support. Is Thank you. Thanks for your hard work. Okay, the next topic is comprehensive trail system, which I believe is Steve.

Unknown Speaker 28:33
Yeah, thanks. I was hoping Dan was gonna drone on and on for a while, because this one’s going to be a little lengthy. I put together this presentation, I’ve done this presentation to prab, probably four or five times over the past 20 years. Um, it’s really hard. I have mapped 37 different missing trail segments within the city. And I know of three or four more than I haven’t yet gotten around to mapping. I was not going to give you a because each trail segment gets about three slides. So it wasn’t going to give you a PowerPoint with 130 slides to it. I wouldn’t do that to anybody. So I put together a slideshow which Aurora is gonna bring up for me. I believe Aurora, is that correct? There we go. Um, so, again, if I’m going too quickly, if I am droning on, please give me feedback. That will really help me it’s it’s complicated. So we have two different capital projects that deal with missing trail connectivity within the city, p RS o 83, which is the primary missing primary and secondary Greenway connections. And that deals with the off street trail connections essentially. And then the T 105. Project, which is, and it’s now called TRP. Sorry, this is an old slides PR, oh 083 and TRP 105. tarp 105 is missing sidewalk connections. So those are sidewalks within the street rights of way. And if you think about our trail system, we utilize both of those networks to move people successfully throughout the city. So this is this is really the definition of the two projects. As I mentioned, designing construct gaps in the primary Greenway and secondary Greenway trail system, and then gaps in the city sidewalk system. So what I’ve done is I’ve put together a sort of a list showing you what some projects that we’ve completed over the past decade, um, you know, these projects hold on a row. I know I want to go fast, not quite that fast. The these projects

Unknown Speaker 31:02
are often taken, they often take part in conjunction with other types of other types of projects, such as Kathy groans, efforts with the the park rehabilitation program. There’s sometimes opportunities to fill in some gaps within parks with those projects. The engineering staff runs the T 105 project, we meet several times a year to talk about different areas where we’re trying to complete gaps. They’re often they have staff over there that are looking for C dot grants. And so sometimes they’ll sweeten the pot for saying, hey, we’ll make this offstreet Trail connection. And so we’ll get some seed out money from for a project that we weren’t really anticipating. But it made it a better project to see that the fund overall the street improvements, as well as the trail improvements. So it really comes out in a lot of different directions. And so I’m happy to clarify that for anybody. But go ahead or Thank you. So this is a project Next Next one is a project that was completed right around the flood, because I remember was working out when the flood hit. But this is rough and ready. The rough ready Greenway, just south of Mountain View, and just west of pace Street. We made a connection between the existing Rough and Ready trail along the rougher the ditch to a public trail that is spans between Ponderosa circle and independence drive. And so that was a successful project that helps link this area where the rough and ready label is right now is actually now affordable housing. So I’m looking to build a bridge over the ditch to connect that affordable housing to this trail in order to better safely connect students who live in that neighborhood the affordable housing neighborhood to the schools to the west. Next slide. This was one where we built a trail from 15th Avenue down to Spangler Park. You can see there’s a couple dashed lines the dashed line to the northwest is a trail that’s not even Spangler elementary school anymore. It’s now a Catholic. elementary school now elementary school, but elementary and middle school, I believe. But we want to make a trail connection up to the school. Cathy Crone right now is looking to bid and install a new bridge over the spring Gulch that runs through Spangler Park, and the developer who is developing that property just to the east of that pond, we’ll be building a trout trail connection, not in that location, but they will be making a trail connection up to Baker Street, which will help serve make a better connection to long Athletic Center there to the east. That should happen starting this year. Next. This is up in sort of North Central Longmont 19th Avenue. Gay street is just off the screen to the west. This is North Ridge Elementary, like I said, we built a trail that connects between Bragg Tony and Herman places down to 19th Avenue, which provides a safer route for kids to get walked to school in that general area. Next. This is a trail that’s just east of the parks maintenance facility. It’s north of the railroad tracks, and it’s a connection from sunset street over to First Avenue. The connection to Vivian Street was made with this project and this is actually currently being used as the RSVP st friend Greenway detour. While we’re building the RSVP project behind left hand brewery, it will remain in place for a couple years while we’re replacing the Boston Avenue Road bridge. So this is it’s proven to be a pretty important connection to the route people around the same friend Greenwald’s. Now,

Unknown Speaker 35:20
I’ve been on it two or three times already is working. Great, Steve.

Unknown Speaker 35:23
Good. Good to hear. Thanks, Dan. The the little red line connection there up to the bond fund everywhere. That’s the bond farm neighborhood where we’re going to be building a future small neighborhood park, that was city council decided that we don’t need that trail connections, they let the applicant out of building that trail connection. So that won’t be going in at this point in time. Next slide. This is a project that we built with the the T 105 project. It’s a sidewalk on the eastern side of South Sherman Street. And what this really did was help connect to the mental health facility there up to the existing bus stops and things up by Ken Pratt Boulevard. So this was a successful project that was completed about 910 years ago. Next. This was a section that was missing. And I don’t think I think a lot of people forgot that it was even missing. But when it was built, it was a big deal. This is on the south side of ninth Avenue between Martin Street and lashley Street over in the east side of town. I recall a number of times seeing people in wheelchairs and walkers and things walking in the travel lanes and ninth Avenue because there was no sidewalk on the south side. So this was a great project that we completed a number of years ago, that was really part of the overall way to move people around the city outside of vehicles. Next. We did a conceptual design at City Council’s request to see how we can best get people over the railroad tracks at this. This is north, the ninth Avenue long spring Gulch that’s concepts direct in the bowling alley really right that that was really the bowling alley right in the center of your screen at the bottom. Right now there’s a trail along the north east side of spring Gulch that connects back in between place or Avenue and Snowmass Avenue, but it does not connect over the tracks. There’s been a short social trail across those tracks for years. That’s obviously alarming and dangerous. And the concerns are as we’re moving forward with our quiet zones, efforts throughout the city, that the railroad may require us to fence this off, so people cannot physically get across the tracks to keep them even safer. So we did a conceptual design of an underpass there. And I’ll refer to it later that it is not cost effective, as I imagined. Next slide. And then we also did a conceptual design, so far of the Ojai ditch trail, basically from the intersection of 21st Avenue and Main Street all the way down to Mountain View Avenue using a series of alleys, streets and going through Langdon Park. So we’ve done conceptual design to that. So now I’m going to talk about some projects that we’ve next level Aurora. Oh, I’m sorry, a couple more added in here. This is the ninth Avenue and Overstreet improvements that we have done. We’ve done a conceptual design for all of this, we were actually able to build from Third Avenue place right there by golden ponds up to Allen drive, and built a sidewalk on the south side of ninth Avenue over to the valley subdivision. This was an area that was cut off pretty significantly during the flood. And the residents of the valley subdivision they’re just north of the Golden ponds label really reached out to the city and said, Hey, you know, we’re out here in Iowa, and we have no way to really safely walk anywhere. And so we respond to those residents concerns, we’re able to build a couple of good trail segments. The rest of this will happen, probably mostly through development. But there might be some capital improvements associated with making these trail connections basically, from the Home Depot, all the way up to ninth Avenue on the west side,

Unknown Speaker 39:19
west side of the road. On the west side, nice East sides, great, but it’s a pain to get across.

Unknown Speaker 39:25
It’s a pain to get across and how many times have you pulled out to make a turn in a vehicle and not notice someone riding the wrong way in the sidewalk because there’s only a sidewalk on the street. It’s not the most especially with the volume and that street sees it is not the safest way to do multimodal transportation through that we should have sidewalks on both sides or side paths on both sides. Especially if we don’t have bike lanes which over doesn’t happen

Unknown Speaker 39:52
overnight. No way. Right. You don’t want to be on that street on a bike. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 39:55
yeah. It’s there’s some challenging sections, but it’s really something that we need to Looking at actually the at the very southwest corner of ninth and over that development has occurred since this slide was made. And so part of that has been built already, but there are still gaps. Next slide. Okay, so here’s where we, here’s where we are, you know, other projects that have didn’t have a slide, but that we’ve talked about have been St. Fran Greenway improvements, the spring goals, two improvements that Dan alluded to, from Steven de Park down to Union reservoir and the the funding in 2023. Hopefully, if council approves the proposed capital budget, is they make that connections in 2023 24, I’m sorry, 20 to 23. From union roads, we’re down to sandstone ranch. I’m still there. There are a lot of efforts based on trail designed, but we certainly are challenged with all the other capital project needs that we have, as well as funding availability. So I just highlighting some of the unfunded projects we have right, either on our radar, go ahead, Data Wise, what do I see the highlighted that I mean, I see a whole lot of red fin stuff that the purple and yellow and green that I’m looking at here, don’t look too hard. it’s it’s it’s it’s a it’s a map, some of this is on our GIS layer. And so those red thin lines are just main main streets. The small purple ones are some old trail segments of this graphic was really just meant as a, this is a city, we’ve got a lot of trails, it’s not included some not. Next slide or our saving. So one of the big ones that we are looking to find in the next few years, is the oligarchy trail. If you remember, we’ve talked to you about the enhanced multi use corridor project that we’ve councils adopted in the past. And 21st Avenue between Main Street and hoever is one of the main East West em use corridors. And the Oleg archy ditch ties in at Main Street and 21st. And so we were looking right around when COVID hit it doing a conceptual design for an underpass at Main and 21st that would allow a trail to get underneath that state highway, as well as allowing the ditch to effectively flow under the state highway, there’s some concerns with the flows of the ditch from the ditch company in which we are majority shareholder on that project was delayed because of just different attention that we needed to pay on other things. So we haven’t done that conceptual design yet. But I did do a conceptual design on the oligarchy ditch trail. And this is I’m not sure if you’re familiar with that area town. But the Eagle Eye Care Center is just north of tire plus tires, tire pluses mentioned are labeled there. And so there’s an existing we have a short stretch of existing trail behind tire plus but a dead ends into nothing. And so right now people are walking in muddy undeveloped area. And then the yellow you see there is an existing alley that we want to transition into a combination alley and vehicle access point for just those homeowners, there won’t be any other need for a vehicle to go down there, except that you live in those homes. But we don’t want to cut those folks access off to the back of their lots. So we’ve done some public efforts to reach out to them. And we’ll be doing a design in such a way that will allow you using pavement markings and different types of pavement to make it as clear as we possibly can, that people in vehicles should expect pedestrians and cyclists through this area here and that the eastern end of this corridor is Collier Street and that’s Lanyon Park. Next slide. There’s just some, you get an idea. That’s the tires plus in the left picture and the distance coming from the alley. So it’s just sort of a dirt area on the ditch. And it’s just not a whole lot of developed area, though people are using it and using it regularly. There was actually just east of the tires plus in that gap there there was an for over the past couple years that will definitely benefit from the development of this trail system in the future. Next slide. As I mentioned, it’s Greenway and it’s got a dirt trail in an alley. We’ve done the conceptual design, we have the land, roughly $232,000. Next slide.

Unknown Speaker 44:44
And then this is the trail idea going through Lanyon Park, you know So continuing that alley that I showed you in the last project is up in the sort of top left corner of this where that orange car is and then people will be coming through the park and then behind the ball fields connecting in the 19th Avenue Next slide. The landing Park master plan update does show us naturalizing, the ditch between the baseball outfield and the and the ditch. To make it more of a native area. It’s sort of an unused turf area right now. So in order to save water, we are looking to throw this project would probably incorporate that transition of the park into its designing construction. Next slide. Again, we can fit the trail between the ball fields in the ditch the pet bridge that’s over there, it was replaced in 2011. So it’s relatively new. And so the estimated cost is about $135,000. That’s continuing down the hierarchy ditch, this is between 19th 19th and 17th. There’s an existing alley that’s really, really tight, and is used by Longmont sanitation. But I’ve never seen another vehicle on it. Besides our trash trucks, it’s really tight. And it’s really just for ditch maintenance. So we would utilize that court that right of way to repurpose that into a trail that people can safely use. Next one. So there might be some power poles in the way, we need to build some intersection improvements at 19th. And at 17th 17th would be expensive, because 17th Avenue where this ditch and trail would tie in the safest crossing would be right there at the railroad tracks, which is where we’re going to have a quiet zone project. So we will be able to coordinate with our quiet zone project as we move our way up through that corridor of town with the quiet zones that we’ve been getting federal money for quiet zones. And so we would need to incorporate at least the design of even if we don’t have the trail built the design of a pedestrian crossing through there, that would work with the trail. And so with all those improvements, we’re looking at about $450,000. Next, I skipped from 17th to 15th. Because it’s 17th, you can sort of see the we there is not any land along the ditch. For us to put a trail it pretty much runs through all private backyards. So what the idea is the conceptual design shows is lamplighter drives through that corridor is to add sheroes changed some of the parking patterns, widen the sidewalk, make things safer for pedestrians to use as a regional trail corridor. But it would be on the street, it wouldn’t be along the ditch, south of 15th, we had the opportunity to duck back in and be along the ditch behind these homes. And so that’s what this project shows 15 doesn’t have the volume of 17. So there wouldn’t be any intersection improvements there except for stop signs. And then we have we actually have, well, the ditch company has this right away, we might have to relook at the layout legal language in the ditches meant to know whether we can put a trail here or whether we have to change that easement. But we do have ownership of the property and an outline. So this looks like it’s something that we can definitely do. Next slide. And you can see that there’s just a little bit of land there behind the the the homes that would be safe for them people traveling on the street. Next. And this one costs about $245,000. There is an existing capital project that occasionally gets funded for that’s improvements to our oligarchy ditch, you know, the city being the primary ditch a company shareholder, we have an interest in trying to make the ditch as functional as possible and as maintainable as possible. There are definitely through this whole corridor. There are some challenges with our ditch maintenance. So I would be working with an A final design. I’d be working extensively with our operations folks, and seeing if they wanted to put some money towards some ditch improvements that would make their maintenance of this ditch would improve that and also the ditch company, but typically the city is the one who ends up funding those type improvements. Next slide. And it’s this is the same study Mountain View Avenue right there is just on the north side of that of this slide is Spangler Park. And so that’s where we’re trying to get people down safely to ninth Avenue. This is just again, I referred to the bowling alley, which is sort of in the south. I’m sorry, the very, very bottom a little bit to the right of your screen.

Unknown Speaker 49:40
We can’t get a crossing over the railroad tracks under the railroad tracks. It would be multimillion dollar project to be acquiring land and working with the railroad. So what we’ve come up with is a people coming out of Kensington Park from the south would have to use the ninth Avenue right of way to get over to When different trail that would more effectively get them up to 12th in Mountain View and Spangler park to the north. What this does is this design allows the quiet zone project to fence off whatever it feels it needs to fence off without adversely impacting pedestrian connectivity, safe or unsafe, sanctioned or unsanctioned. So that’s what the the idea behind this design is the gap is there’s an existing trail there, right behind the old community gardens. Next one. Those are just some pictures of of that quarter. You can see there’s ample space to slide a trail in there during the ditch in the in the gardens next. Same thing between 11th and ninth, we can come in behind the concepts direct, which is that not concepts direct, I’m sorry, circle graphics, which is a business there, just west of the the bowling alley, and Phil trail in there next. And again, this trail is definitely designed by the public the kitely neighborhood is that neighborhood and they are a vocal, local neighborhood, and they like to use our trail systems and so we want to respond to their requests. Because of previous council agreements, we would have to be on Street between 12th and Mountain View. We couldn’t follow the the ditch through that neighborhood. But I think we can do that through some signage, and saros. Looking at about $440,000 to complete this section of trails. Next. This is a northeast, I’m sorry, Northwest Longmont, you can see Dawson park there. I’m sure the board is very familiar with Dawson Park these days with all the stress on like Mackintosh this isn’t existing utility easements between these homes. It’s really just a privacy fence on both sides. And it’s just sort of a corridor and seems like a pretty easy place to put a trail and would help get people to closer you know, a more streamlined route to 17th. Now when this was originally considered the stoplight at Harvard and 17th didn’t exist now that there’s a stoplight there. That is the preferred crossing, this may be a less attractive trail to try to find because you know we want people to cross at the stoplight because that’s the safest place to cross. And so we by putting this trailer we might be getting away from that. So we’d have to look at that before we would invest in pursuing this trail line. Next. Those are just some photos like I said, privacy fence on both sides pretty wide pretty flat pretty easy. Next we’d have to work with PRP a to or the the Power Authority to get an easement through there. And about $55,000 next this is one that I’ve talked to you about before it has been in your packet. This is the Dry Creek Trail between village at the peaks and sunset Street. The red is adjacent to village at the peaks and we the city paid for them to build this trail as part of their overall development. The blue is a trail that we have a seed grant for design. And so we are working on design of that trail right now. And that trail would connect ultimately all the way over to sunset Street. It’s showing a little bit short in this graphic but it would connect to sunset Street. Next slide. Um, the nice thing is that there’s a Longmont Housing Authority affordable housing development being proposed just south of this new section of trail, we would need an easement from them, but they are aware of the city’s desires and they have great they have a desire to tie into the trail and be able to be able to move people their residents back and forth. East West, right creeks really interesting trail because there’s a nonstop trail with only one at grade road crossing from North 75th all the way to sunset street once this trail is done. So that’s a pretty nice long trail section for people to move in and out this part of town. estimated cost is about $300,000. Next and then just a couple sidewalk projects that are more in the transportation engineering staff realm and but I still keep my finger in that in that area just to keep track of what those guys are doing. Next slide.

Unknown Speaker 54:37
This is between flower bin and the western access to those of you that cut through the old Walmart site to get to village at the peaks. Trying to think there’s a new restaurant New Mexican restaurant over there but there’s no sidewalk on the south side. You can see the social trail. I’ve seen people walking in the mud, especially when there’s snow and sleet and run off. So this is one We do need a couple easements from these property owners. We don’t have the right of way through there. I know this is on engineerings radar to try to fill in. But where you have not yet accomplished that next guy, like I said, social trail, it can get muddy. It’s needed next. Dangerous, improved connection to the shopping areas over Nelson need some right away about $35,000? Was that it? Okay, great. So, that being said, Yeah, I’m sure there’s questions and I, you know, I have a pretty good understanding of the trail system and the sidewalk system through the city. I’ve worked on building a lot of it with with other folks and have been around here for a long time. It’s hard to capture everything. So I’m happy to take this conversation wherever you’d like to go. Feel free. Jeff, it looks like you’re the first one. That Okay, page. Oh, sorry.

Unknown Speaker 56:07
I guess my question if you said this already, I apologize. But like the last thing you just showed, feels like it has literally nothing to do with parks or recreation. It feels like it should be a city roadway thing. Like we’re that’s not near anything that we’re in charge of. Right. I don’t I don’t understand how that applies?

Unknown Speaker 56:26
Well, it does in that natural resources staff, we’re not just looking at trails that are off street, we’re looking at safe ways to move people around the city to be able to get to and from our recreational facilities and other facilities within the city. So we work with our multimodal transportation planning staff. We work closely with our engineering staff, like I wouldn’t be managing that project, that sidewalk, okay, but I would support and help our staff, again, trying to get that funded and approved and we would have an engineer managing that and your reason for being interested. You

Unknown Speaker 57:00
just explained your set. You’re not just focused, you’re not in charge of every sidewalk in Longmont. No, it’s just one guy next things together. That’s something you care about.

Unknown Speaker 57:09
Yes, the network and like I said, there were 37 different projects I could have put in there. I think I fit like 15 so we can go on till we got till nine right page. So we can we can go and we got more time I got what I was going to not go on tonight.

Unknown Speaker 57:26
Hey, we have until 733 I’m not asking any more questions. That’s all.

Unknown Speaker 57:32
Great. But yeah, so that’s that’s the mindset of the staff that work together on these things is how do we prioritize limited dollars and limited staff to try to maximize the benefit of what we how we make connections and the the Dry Creek Trail behind the Longmont Housing Authority. One is an example of what I was talking about that was thrown into a sea dock grant to improve the intersection of sunset and Ken Pratt Boulevard. We got a grant. But that made the grant all the more attractive to see that the fund because there was a trail component to it. And so we’re like, okay, yeah, we’ll throw that in. Sure. That’s great. Let’s, let’s do that now. And so the opportunity arose, so now we’re designing it, and we’re gonna build it. It’s hard to prioritize what’s the best one because each person in the city depending on where they live, where they work, where they recreate where they go, find one more important than the other. So, and actually, before you move on to the next question, one thing that I didn’t mention is that the other challenge of this is that the PR o 83 project is also to replace existing trails that are in place, but are deteriorating, that have been around for a long time, there’s one south of skyline High School, that’s an embarrassment that our triathlon uses every year, that is asphalt and falling apart. And we have to hit that in the next three, four years, and replace that. And so that dollar wise and staff time wise, put some of these projects back later, because we’re focusing on the replacement of those things. And replacement is never easy, because trails built 25 years ago don’t necessarily follow the same federal and local requirements that we have now. And so it just becomes more complicated. So Paige, I’ll defer to you. Any other questions? Nicholas?

Unknown Speaker 59:24
Thanks. I think it’s partially a question person a comment? So definitely understand the challenge of 15 different we’ve only seen 15 of more 37. And you’ve mentioned right, certainly difficult to grapple get our hands around how to prioritize which projects or should we move forward. We did talk about at least one projects that I feel like you know, you even said didn’t make sense. Bertha Dawson Park, Harvard street one. So you know, are there more like that the some projects that we can cut off that we know, we can remove the list to help make the decision easier because sometimes it’s hard to pick which one of the topics but at least we can pick which ones should fall off the list of that problem.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:12
If any, there’s one more. Maybe some of these things get filled in by the development as we’re tracking them over time. But very few.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:24
Okay, I’m just trying to understand, are there ways to make this very complex problem that we have in prioritizing which ones you move over? And what condition not a little bit easier to wrap our heads around? And if there’s one or two that we can read from the list, then that seems like a win in button?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:43
I will go into the slideshow and in my files and Mark, that one is not necessary. But no, I haven’t found one. And like I was saying before, it’s just a matter of to prioritize everyone wants the one in front of their house. And it’s hard to say which one’s the most important. There’s some that affect more, we’re trying to focus on affordable housing development in the city. That’s a conscious decision. And so I think some of the trails that we’re looking at, that do have connectivity to affordable housing complexes are good things. But that doesn’t mean that other people don’t have trail needs. So yes, yeah, I, we’ve come on, we tried to come up with two or three different rating, like prioritization ratings for the different segments. And we’ve, we’ve landed on nothing,

Unknown Speaker 1:01:28
I was gonna ask that if you had some kind of checklist, or we’ve landed

Unknown Speaker 1:01:32
on nothing. We’ve looked at national standards we’ve looked at, we’ve had a consultant give us some input when we were doing the enhanced multi use corridor project, because this is just, it’s been weighing on me, like, I’d like to know which ones are most important. And I don’t want to be the one that says, just because I feel that way, that’s sort of crummy. So I really would like to, and I’ve had public outreach, this project currently for 2022 is not have any funding. Um, but we’re looking at funding for 23 and beyond, we’re trying to catch up the staff a little bit. So we’re not proposing any funding for pr 83 in 2022. But that doesn’t mean we can’t be looking at trying to get with the public deprioritize. But it all depends on who shows up the meeting. So good.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:24
Yeah. And that that’s, that lies the problem. I think the people who show up at meetings are the ones that are well served already. So I love the you know, the the oligarchy part of it, especially with the the city’s ownership of the kind of the right away in the dish itself. But it serves people who are not going to be going to city council meetings. And so just just as a general observation, I’m not going to guess they don’t go to city council meetings. So so and that’s why we I think that’s where we need to look at prioritizing parts of the city that we don’t address on a regular basis. Otherwise, my my question is, why non transportation side, we constantly run into ish had run into issues, that it’s a it’s a county little section, right? 17th, Boston sunset perennial. The problem there is that the county doesn’t find them for decades at a time. Is that does that exist somewhere, say like, 22nd or something? In the city, for trails, is there an equivalent on the trail side?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:37
Is there there’s there’s challenges, but we do talk with the county staff, Christine oberdorfer and Tim Swope and those folks over the county that deal in their trails. And, you know, we just filled in a gap on the west side of South sunset Street, just north of Boston Avenue, just south of our shop, just north of the convenience store. There, there was a 30 foot section of trail the sidewalk, there was never there. And I told our engineers, we’re using this as a detour for the safer and greener for two years, put it in trailing and just put it in. And so they were able to figure that out and got it in. So yeah, there there are things that we Boston Avenue is a great example between sunset Street and the river, where that’s still county owned road, and they had a project and then their funding dried up and they didn’t do the project. There’s no sidewalks on either side of the road. They’re, they’re the land is in the process of being annexed into the city where you’re looking at some projects. And so it takes time. But we also I think, have a strategy of letting development do its job. And as that land as we move forward with RSVP, as that land annexes into the city, as that land develops, they’ll be building the sidewalks for us. And that’s what you know, council direction has sort of been all along is to let the develop And pay their way. And for us to focus on areas that we don’t have development opportunities, so not a. But yeah, there are, there are a few challenges. Another one is we annex instant land down on the east side of Airport Road, way south down there where the kanemoto farms are. And so we’re trying to figure out how that might affect the sidewalk, the 10 foot sidewalk on the east side of Airport Road, because we don’t want that to be interrupted by development. So we’re always looking at that as development comes in. But we’re, there’s, there’s a few challenges out there, but not quite as much as the road system. Can another one? Yeah, go ahead.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:46
Um, so so as, as a user, or in like, looking at the user perspective, is, can we go and put signs up on some of the side paths, like, let’s just take over the west side over, for instance, well, before the sidewalk ends in someone’s house, like, it would be great to say cross here at ninth Avenue, rather than you’re now stranded. And you either Frogger across the street, or you go back up and you try to cross at night, it would just be nice to say, the trail close, like, doesn’t exist 100 feet down this path. And there’s several other places where you let the person make that decision safely, rather than just cut them off abruptly.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:31
So you just hit Jeff’s question, right, the nail right there on the head, that’s, that’s traffic. That’s not me. I am more than happy to take whatever areas and I know where you’re talking about. And I’m more than happy to take whatever areas and pass it on to our folks and see if they want to install some signage. Right? That’s not something that natural resources really manages is the trails in those rightful with rights of way, I do make sure that we have trails at the end to make sure no one falls off into the abyss. But as far as the warning signs, that’s not a bad idea, Scott, I but I would have to pass that on to other staff.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:04
Yeah, I’m just saying like it happens on trails to where it goes from an ADA compliant, paved surface to like a social trail. And so it’d be nice for somebody, before they get to that, that end to know that it’s gonna end in 100 feet or whatever.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:22
I’m more than happy to send me some stuff over and I can look at that, and I can help or I can, okay, happy. Thank you. David, did you have a comment?

Unknown Speaker 1:07:31
Oh, I was gonna say, pages pregnant here, a recurring theme here that she could chime in and where she wants. But again, I think everyone’s really fortunate Steve being a resident in Old Town area and look at these, these smaller missing pieces, recognize how important it is to get kids to eat a lot of our equity pieces right now to that I was really appreciative. People mentioned that too. These are some of the people don’t always have time to show up at meetings and stuff. But to get them to meet that goal, the city goal of having parks and infrastructure and facilities and rec centers within 10 minutes walk from our community. So it is an important piece, deep looking at those for all these years, but also know that he’s the one doing clover base, and he’s doing the workman Park, he’s still working on dekins. And he also had the PC and touch on there’s also in that list that we want to prioritize. I think coming back to this group with you, maybe it’s staff takes a stab at it. But I think balancing with those, those longer range planning pieces, too, because the IPS didn’t talk about how do we get to clover base? And how do we partner with the county to get out to Terry reservoir maybe up into lions? How do we we talked about how we get from union reservoir over to the state parks, there’s a lot of those longer term long range large trails to that have to tie into the work plan of our project managers right now. But Steve, I think these small pieces, sometimes they’ll just say, Well, why does that really matter to us? Because it does tie into that that real goal of equity sometimes and they’re important pieces. I think there’s sometimes you will get examples, big long extensions that I can get excited about too. But Steve does a great job of keeping us kind of focused on what we need to get people moving safely around town to

Unknown Speaker 1:09:13
and it’s comes back to sort of what Scott was just saying is that it’s a pain to run into a dead end. Like they don’t do road. Oh

Unknown Speaker 1:09:20
my god, I will make sure that you know we pass that information. I think that’s a great.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:24

Unknown Speaker 1:09:24
that’s definitely a great car.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:26
You can read. There’s some exciting things on the horizon. There’s some development applications coming in north of 66. West of Main Street, there’s the Terry Lake neighborhood park parcel up there that we would be developing in the future. I’ve secured some easements up in that area to try to get connections up to Terry lake. We’ve looked at the possibility of leasing the recreational rights of Terry like like we do at Macintosh, and some other areas. Dan has done a great job of acquiring open space down around Culver bass and reservoir. We’ve been talking with the county about connecting The dry creek Greenway that I mentioned that goes all the way from future sunset Street, all the way to 75th, underneath 75th, connecting into the county asi, open space property, and then hopefully connecting up to the clover basin, reservoir, recreational area that we can get those rights. And so there’s a lot of great things. It just takes a long time. And I’ll be honest with you, we are little, we’re still flood focused. I’m still flood focused. And so I’m looking forward to the day and I’m not flood focused anymore, and the floods behind me, but I’m not at all there yet.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:40
Any other questions? Well, I think this does highlight. Several of us, I think, responded in terms of a field trip, just wanting to get a better sense of, you know, kind of overall trail connectivity, I think and how things how are those pieces fitting together? What’s the bigger picture? And what are? How are we adding some of these and I think it’s interesting looking through if you looked at these projects, through those filters of like, equity, safety, and then sort of return on investment, you know, there might be a small piece that leverages a whole big piece of connectivity and sort of interesting to think about it through those lenses.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:25
Thank you, I seem to do this with prep every three, four or five years. And I can do it again, at any point always reach out like I I know where there’s gaps. I know we have some strategies. We tried to prioritize as best we can. But we’re prioritizing against a lot of other projects that we’re doing too. So thanks for your time.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:46
Oh, awesome. All right, and then we wouldn’t have to have this conversation anymore. Come on. You know, if you weren’t golfing every Thursday, maybe you could help. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:03
Yeah, I’ll go back to my recommendation for more project managers, but I’m not sure where that’s going. Thank You page. Okay, I thank you so much. The the super helpful, and I don’t know how you keep all those bits of information and connections in your brain. Anything else under new business? No. Okay. So we’ll go next to discussing items from the packet update. So this is, if anyone, any board members have any questions from the updates from both parks, open space and recreation that are provided in the packet, now is the time to ask them.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:58
I just had a question for recreation mat, Union rez to see how the first was a month, two months of the self pay has gone. And if there are enforcement issues that people aren’t paying, or people are being honest about paying for their permits. But I think we’ve only had them operational for a little over a week. Yeah, so they, they were installed. And we had some issues with software and how it was going to communicate with the company. First week. So far, so good. I will make a note and be prepared to respond at our next meeting about that to have more detail after more time. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:13:47
cool. Yeah, Nicolas. Thank You page. So good question about Miller Park renewal. So it looks like it’s been in this status where there’s no new updates. And so we’re kind of waiting for the design consultant to come back for a few meetings. Now, I’m just kind of curious thing we should be concerned about whether or not this is normal person need to sit in this status for such a long time where? Thank you. Yeah, I’ll

Unknown Speaker 1:14:22
answer on behalf of Kathy because she’s not not well, she’s here in spirit. But she’s not here. Um, she she’s run into several challenges on another project she has managed an active construction on. And so it’s really been a city slowdown of that project. And so if the consultant is acting fine, and so there, there haven’t been any real challenges. It’s just a matter of trying to juggle all the different things she’s juggling and finding the time to get comments back to them for them to finalize their plans. You’ll see the same thing with the workmen in South over basin project. stuff. I have had a meeting this morning. With, with my workmen and with the consultant for both of those projects, and we’re still confident we’re going to be moving dirt here by by the end of the year on workman, which is exciting. But it’s been a long haul. It’s we’ve been a little bit sporadic here, for lack of a better term.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:18
Okay. Thank you. Oh. Other questions? I have one question. And I hesitate to bring this up. And I’m really just looking for a short answer. I see product management come up. And I’m wondering if you can just tell me what the city’s policy is right now on prairie dog. And, I mean, it looks like there’s management ongoing at several parks and properties.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:52
I can, I can definitely speak to that. We probably have almost 14 locations throughout the city that we’re actively managing prairie dogs, that many of those include some of our facilities, some include irrigated turf grass, parks, one in particular that we spend quite a bit of time on is pro dog management out at the airport. So what that includes is installation of barriers, keep them from moving, you know, constant monitoring and mapping to see trends. The other component is an ongoing euthanasia, if you will, where the prairie dogs have moved into irrigated turf grass parks, or places that we’ve already designated as no prairie dog areas. So we use our perk systems, the pressurized admissions, road and control, which is a carbon monoxide to keep those dogs out of those particular areas. I think that pretty much wraps that up.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:03
And are you also relocating them? Excuse me? Are you also relocating some? It looks like

Unknown Speaker 1:17:13
we are. Steve’s got a park development that’s going on. And this is out in the Stephens,

Unknown Speaker 1:17:20
right. If

Unknown Speaker 1:17:20
I say clover basin area?

Unknown Speaker 1:17:23
Yeah, no and South clover base neighborhood park site, these guys know about it. tober Meadows is the park name.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:29
We’ve got a volunteer who’s doing a passive relocation. At this point in time, she currently has a permit from Jefferson County to relocate dogs over there. Much of that is just timing and the ability of when that permit is being accepted. But that future Park site is being totally trapped in elimination, and relocated them to Jefferson County.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:02
Yeah, I just I would just add that I think that’s a pretty good success for the city. We have had such a challenge and and can expand on this a bunch. We’ve had a lot of challenges of trying to relocate prairie dogs outside the county because nobody will take them. And so the fact that this volunteer, this group of volunteers were able to pursue a permit to relocate prairie dogs off of a park site where they wouldn’t have been welcomed, because it’s going to be, you know, a neighborhood park, I think is a good partnership for the city to have entered into. And so I’m very glad that that has happened there. Thank you. Any other questions from the pocket? Any items from staff? Yeah. Oh, I

Unknown Speaker 1:18:59
have a couple of things. The first one is, we can start meeting in person if the board is interested in that. We could do that starting in July. And one of the things that David, although Paige, and I remember did not David sorry, David, is that we have talked about this tonight. And that we could either meet at the parks building inside, or if people are more comfortable, we can meet outside and they’ve done a nice job of setting up a space outside of the building where we could also meet so just wanted feedback on that.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:45
What do you all think about time for an in person meeting and so I

Unknown Speaker 1:19:52
think in person meetings or art, it’s definitely time to start doing them. I think it would be good for all of us board members to get to know each other a little better to.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:06
Yeah, I agree. Others

Unknown Speaker 1:20:12
I’m up for meeting in person but would only want to be indoors if everyone was either wearing masks or we all acknowledge what are vaccination statuses, which I’m not sure if people have vaccinated, but I would, I’m not sure if everyone wants to share that status. So

Unknown Speaker 1:20:27
I will tell you all that we’ve got four tables out back, we’ve got a variety of teak chairs and cushions, we actually wheeled out a 70 inch TV tonight, anticipating that you might show up. So we’re definitely ready. If you want to meet outside, it’s got a tarp, but it can’t be over. It’s you know, even though it is 95 degrees outside, it’s very pleasant. Last Friday, we interviewed for the volunteer coordinator, we did all the interviews outside it was very pleasant outdoor experience. Yeah, and

Unknown Speaker 1:21:06
now just add that as staff, we’ve started meeting in person again, and I can’t tell you how nice that has been to actually get to sit next to somebody and, and see their full face and really have the ability

Unknown Speaker 1:21:24
to interact. So I think it’d be a great idea. And we can make it as safe or as comfortable as everybody wants it to be. And I really

Unknown Speaker 1:21:39
missed interrupting you all without page’s permission. So I’d really like to meet in person again. But I will be gone out of town for July’s meeting. And I could log in if it’s online, but I’m going to be far away. So I won’t be there if it’s in person. Yeah, and you can call me to interrupt anytime. Oh.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:03
So hi, Dan. I’m not sure how we’re going to do that. Jeff. I don’t know if we how efficient that is. But I think this new world we’re living in. There’s definitely some efficiencies and having options, but just know that Yeah, you already said that. I’m finding that a couple of months ago.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:19
Yeah. We were told that. Once we start meeting in person, the virtual part has to go away. Okay. Really? Yes. In fact, the board passed a motion in in accepting that emergency statement. Here. I think it was in February. February and March Jeff, I remember. Yeah. Okay. So we’ll move in that direction. Again, if somebody feels uncomfortable with this, please, please let us know.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:55
The The other

Unknown Speaker 1:22:57
thing I just mentioned is recreation facilities are back open with no guidelines at this point in time. Masks are recommended if people have not been vaccinated. But we do not ask whether they have been or are haven’t starting to see our numbers. bump up which is great. And sunset pool is just going crazy right now with no guidelines. I would say we’re easily back over 500 people a day. So that’s been really nice to see again. That’s how I had

Unknown Speaker 1:23:40
a Jeff can ask a question real quickly. Is are the activity pools now opening I was walking by Roosevelt this morning and there wasn’t full.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:48
They are not opening because that was part of budget cuts. And so we will not open either one of them this year. Just a reminder, we had well over $1.1 million in cuts and trying to keep the facilities that can serve the broadest parts of our community open. So those we have decided to keep those closes here.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:21
Thanks, Jeff. Any other items for staff? David? Steve Dan? Yep, go ahead.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:29
With COVID winding down, we are winding up obviously, as Jeff has just said. So we are anticipating stepping up the master plan for button rock Preserve. And I’d love to get some feedback from the parks board. We anticipate probably one more public meeting in October. And we would like maybe either in October or November. Do a joint board with a president Have the masterplan recommendations with the parks board and the sustainable advisory board. Their typical meetings are, I believe it’s Wednesdays, at like three o’clock, we felt it would be very positive to have a similar presentation where we could address issues and the parks board could hear from the sustainability board. And likewise, they could hear some of your concerns or in comments, we felt that that would be very beneficial. We would then take everyone’s comments to the waterboard and then go through the process of taking this to Council for probably study session, then adoption. But I’d love to hear your thoughts about maybe in October or November joint presentation with this sustainability advisory board.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:56
Could we invite them to our meeting? I think I’d have a hard time with a 3pm meeting.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:02
And that’s one of the reasons why I’m asking, you know, we certainly could do that. We’ll reach out to them too for for feedback. But if I know that the vast majority are not available, midday, mid afternoon, and we could ask them to maybe come to our board means

Unknown Speaker 1:26:24
do other things. I mean, I’m definitely up for, you know, having a joint presentation. But I wouldn’t be able to make it at three.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:35
I’m in the same boat. Yeah. So that’s three, at least three. And you don’t count. You’re never working? No, I’m just kidding. All right. Any other comments about that? Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:55
Just to clarify was to you’re saying there’s no more public meetings, this will be when they come and recommend.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:03
What we’re what we’re doing is anticipating one more public meeting, to present a draft plan to the public, and to solicit one last time, feedback from from the public before we draft a final draft, that we will present to the advisory boards and city council. We’ve done I believe, three public meetings already, and for citizens surveys. So we believe that we’re in a good position to wrap up the public process.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:35
So this meeting you’re talking about with the two boards would be that final also public meeting?

Unknown Speaker 1:27:42
Yes. You know, again, all these meetings will be open to the public. So this one will be targeted specifically as a presentation to you. And the sustainability advisory board. Okay. Sounds good. Thank you very much. Thanks, Dan. Any other items from staff? Okay, any items from the board? Dan,

Unknown Speaker 1:28:23
I have a list. I try to put them together. So first for Dave bill. We’ve been going to Lake McIntosh a lot because it’s close to the house. The voting is awesome. There’s a zillion people there. It’s great. I’m moved over to that side of the equation. It’s great. However, last the last two Saturday nights, there’s a little old lady who for years has swum across the lake. And she’s still doing it. And there are now kids who swim all the time in the lake. You mentioned a month and two months ago that we were going to have more patrols or a boat or that hasn’t yet started. There are no signs that say no swimming. I’m not going to say a word to anybody. But there is swimming there. I don’t get so problem waiting to happen.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:14
So Dan, I appreciate that. And that I think the public safety side and there’s been a lot of impacts neighbors, there’s been challenges to wildlife. I think we’ve tried to address those with we’ve other little things we’ve been able to do. This year we were able to get the wildlife closures up much sooner to help protect that western shore. We have increased trash pickup from Monday through Friday. We now have a weekend group doing it. We’re actually going to be installing some new trash cans out there. We have signed good.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:43
So my next note was Yep, the trash again. When you walk by the trashes. There’s a nice

Unknown Speaker 1:29:51
Shut up. They pick it up Sunday afternoon. I’m not sure it’s just amazing. Yep. So we are we’re working on that as well. Okay, good.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:59
We haven’t Question for additional budget requests for the boat and additional seasonals next year. I’m Dale rata maker, I said, if I want to try cutting the line and say this is important, if we’d like to do that this year, he would support that. So that really was probably the boat and additional ragers was a 2022. We put in the budget, I do have two additional Rangers that are out there big I remember, Dan, those are the same two Rangers that are covering covering kids jumping up Dickens. They’re covering all the other parks are covering the camps along the creek. So they do get out there. And I’m even having my button rock sees now that goes up to button regular everyday stop in there as wait up and down just so we have that additional piece. As far as signs. The city is in the middle of branding changeover. So this has been a much more complicated piece than it typically would be. But I think we have the signs that will be in English. And in Spanish, they’ll have the new standards. PDS been working on a brand new pieces. So I think we’re really close as a Cathy piece. And Steve might have a little bit more information. But I have seen the mock layouts. So those signs go up, and they will have the no swimming in it. And they will have the people have to have a personal floatation device device on it. We don’t have that in our rules and regs, but our rules and regs allow us to force a sign that has been put up with Dale’s recommendation or signature. So we will be able to enforce that once those signs go up as well. So we definitely have work to do out there, Dan. And one of the pieces that I think Dan wolf will probably saw today, too, is that, you know, that 25 boats, like I said, there’s just it’s just unenforceable? No. I agree. I agree. So I think you know, if we can try addresses other things by having extra patrols, signs. We’re getting there. But we’re not there yet. Dad.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:50
Oh, and I don’t mean to complain. I know you’re not you know, what’s on the ground? What’s, what’s the feedback? It’s pi, I appreciate

Unknown Speaker 1:31:57
it. Yep, I appreciate that. Because, you know, we try getting out there. But having people that use it and can give me that feedback from a different perspective always helps. So, Dan,

Unknown Speaker 1:32:07
I would say, do not hesitate to call either David or myself or even Steve, for that matter. You haven’t have to wait for a board meeting. In order to do that. If you see things that seem to be out of place or need some help.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:20
And, Dan, at some point is policy at some point, the City Council gets to decide what is okay or not okay. Or, you know, I mean, it’s not for me or us this board to decide. I’m just letting you guys know what I see. And maybe that has to go up the chain? I don’t know.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:40
So it again, I think that’s what we’re trying to do is we recognize some of the changes we were able to put in for the budget, they need to happen sooner than later. So, Dale, I do think I do have my chains support on that it has to fit in the bigger piece. But hearing from this, this group helps a lot, Dan.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:56
Yeah. And I’m glad you’re doing the garbage because it’s amazing. I mean, it’s it’s cute little neat stacks of boxes and cans, and all right next to the garbage can. There’s just a lot of folks visiting.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:08
It’s when I looked at that to Dad, this is another piece of private companies conversation that timber just thought about tonight, as I look at that trash there because of the type of use of date. A lot of that is cans and bottles and stuff and I’m asking to have recyclables

Unknown Speaker 1:33:23
Yep, that would be good. For a town like us where it’s crazy.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:27
Yes, I saw a way to buy stuff that could be in a recyclable container sitting out on the ground and overflowing through through cool.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:37
Okay, can I go on page? How long is your list? I got two more items. So the next one is for Jeff. I’ve gotten a couple of feedback things at sunset pool. It’s very popular, as you already mentioned, folks, I think are used to the one hour swim thing. Now lap swimming, people go for as long as they please. There is a backup. People don’t want to do any more than two per lane. And it looks as though you have to wait. You know is in folks are swimming for an hour and a half plus, is there any policy or Is that fine? Do we need a sign in order to get more usage? Should we be limiting it to an hour or not? I don’t know if this is a policy you guys have just again, we know

Unknown Speaker 1:34:32
we can look into that it’s news to me that we’re limiting things to two per lane. You know, we’ve historically we haven’t done that.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:42
But no No, no, it’s not. It’s just a de facto limit. go by and look. Okay, I’ll do that. We’ll split lanes but nobody’s circle swims unless you’re in a team masters or Hara or it just doesn’t happen. Okay, my suit. Do you have any experience there? As I was saying, what time of day are you even talking about? Because the late morning 10:11am?

Unknown Speaker 1:35:06
Okay, I mean, I’m not seeing the problem. I think people are sort of in this mode, oh, I get one hour. So I’m actually seeing people waiting, like, Oh, I can’t get in. I personally, have never felt like I had to wait to get on. And I think that I think people got in that mode last year that I get an hour and I have to wait for someone to get out. But I don’t know how to spread that, you know, make that clear. I’ve not seen it as a problem myself. I’ve had feedback today. Right? That’s my thought, in my mind. Sure. There’s probably a couple people. So somewhere. I don’t know what people would read to sort of get that information in their head and know where they would go to get that information. But there’s, they should be asking a lifeguard and the lifeguards, and the front desk people should know the answer. So I would say that’s probably the best place to to make their very informed there’s no Jeff just yet, but I will I will get with staff and look into it. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:36:11
I have a recommendation on that same topic. But that’s okay. I feel like when I used to swim in the swim in the Rec Center, which I haven’t in a long time, especially where it was at the regular rec center, when there’s only maybe two lanes available certain times in the head. The other part for Aqua activities, there were people that would not be willing to do anything other than splitting. And at some point, I felt like a sign went up that said something like, if there are people waiting, you need to circle swim. And I’ve definitely seen that in the boulder rec centers. And so I would encourage little a frame signs that actually give the advocate, if we’re really that popular, it makes it so much easier to not be a jerk when you’re like, this is how it’s supposed to because a lot of people just don’t know how to circle swim. And if you have the sign that shows what it is. I think that works really well. Okay, good comment, I will get on that. Next both.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:04
And the last issue is tennis. Somebody again asked me especially with these hot days, remind me again, when the tennis shelter at quail. It’s a budget item. And I think you guys said maybe next year, I want to be able to tell people when they asked me

Unknown Speaker 1:37:19
that is Steve’s I’ll let Steve jump in on that.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:23
I don’t know. I do not have the current funding. It’s not going to be next year.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:28
Okay. Oh, no, it’s up. All right. It’s something that I’m just, yeah. That same woman Patsy, who came to our meeting last October. That’s all backwards. Yeah. I mean, again, invested in or what happened there?

Unknown Speaker 1:37:46
Unless David changes my priorities. I have three priorities right now. And that’s not one of them.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:53
Okay. And if there’s a net, that’s a problem, is there a phone or complaint line? no hole light goes out? Or what? Remind me Where do I go?

Unknown Speaker 1:38:05
So Jeff, do you have one for your guys? Because I do we have a call center call center? The call center? Okay. Great. Thanks, Paige. I’m done. In Do you want a number for the call center? Sure. So that what is going to be the 303-651-8416? Thanks. Just to confirm what call center is that? Sorry. So that goes to Public Works natural resources. You have a great group over there. That’s pretty good to get that information to timber his group or Danny, his group, they know our system pretty well. So it’s one of the probably the least amount of Let me check. So if you were there for things that are kind of found that public works, natural resources, get to us pretty quickly that way.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:59
Those could be anything a streetlight out, trail sign down. I mean, that’s great to know.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:06
Odd holes, all that sort of stuff. Yes, they’ll take it all. Just doesn’t get picked up. Can you give the number one more time? 651 something? Yeah, six by 184168416.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:22
That also I know, David, we talked about graffiti at one point is that the kind of place where I would just contact them for those kinds of situations to I’m sorry, I said if there was like graffiti at a park, because that’s the kind of thing

Unknown Speaker 1:39:33
perfect, that’s it. Yep, exactly. Okay. They will actually put that service request right in and go right to my guys pretty much automatically. And wolfer Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:39:47
I apologize. But I want to just jump right in and mention that we are moving into mosquito season and we will be starting our mosquito control program next Sunday. So just A reminder of you know, the four DS, and I’m certain you’ve all heard me spout about it before, about dusk to dawn, you know what your what to wear when you’re outside during those times long sleeves, like color, loose clothing, I’ll make certain that, you know, standing water in your yard is being removed, and then defend, which, you know, is the use of repellent. But, you know, we’re jumping right out of COVID and back into West Nile. So just a quick reminder. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:31
Thanks, Dan. There was a pretty significant tick season in there too. So lots of fun. Always. Anything else from the board?

Unknown Speaker 1:40:44
Question. In the in the minutes. I know you talked about a possible rec center and kind of how to get going at the last meeting. And it said that Jeff was going to go to the next city council meeting, but that did that happen or

Unknown Speaker 1:41:02
know what we talked about is that we are going to be working on a project process to get feedback from the public on what the facility should be. And then it would go to city back to you as the board and then ultimately to city council.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:20
So are you creating a survey of some sort or what

Unknown Speaker 1:41:26
we will be writing this last month has been all about getting reopened. So I haven’t done anything with it yet.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:34
No, but that’s sort of the idea is like a survey or survey and Republic meetings also. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:48
Any other questions? or other items? Ah, do

Unknown Speaker 1:41:52
you know if there’s a chat mode? I can drop this contact information in is a pretty good link. There’s there’s not?

Unknown Speaker 1:41:58
We don’t have chat? I don’t think so. So yep. I’ll just reiterate then. So Aurora, or Nikki could send it out. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:09
I have it, David and I, it’s in the notes of the meeting. Okay. Well, it’ll go out to everybody. All right. Very good. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:26
I had one last slide and which was just that I love all the new trees that were planted in Willow farm Park. I’m not sure who’s responsible for that. But I would love to thank them because they look great. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:41
That’s awesome. You say that page. I have not been down there. But that was my first project with the city. And so those trees are some of the first that I located the plantings of and now to see them mature like that over 23 years later. It’s interesting to see that some guy and

Unknown Speaker 1:42:57
a bunch of new ones Yeah, that’s that’s fantastic. Yeah. I love that park. Okay, anything else? If not, I think we’re ready to go to adjournment. So I just need a motion to adjourn. I move we adjourn and return. Second. House second. Great, thanks. All those in favor. We are adjourned. Thanks, everyone. Thanks. Thank you. Good night. Bye. Thank you, everyone.