2021-06-23 Board of Education Regular Meeting

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Good evening. Thank you for joining us this evening. We are not going to we called roll. And we said the Pledge of Allegiance this afternoon at 4pm when we began our regular meeting, so we are going to jump right in. JOHN, were there any addendums or changes to the agenda,

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there was a Denman or change to the agenda. And that was that we moved to action item 8.9, up to vote after the executive session. So that is already occurred.

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So we’ve already voted on 8.9. Thank you ppreciate. It, we do have several people signed up to speak this evening. The board does always welcome public comment at our meetings, a few housekeeping items, each comment is limited to no more than three minutes, for a total of 30 minutes. We’ve had several people sign up this evening. So if you don’t need your entire three minutes, no worries. And please note, that it’s not the number of people who address the board on one topic, the board will always listen to all comments. Greg is going to time the public comments this evening, I will interrupt you at three minutes so the next person can come up and begin speaking. All right, with that, we’re going to start with I need to read the handwriting with Jen mckarrick. And I apologize, please correct me if I say your I did. All right. That might be my one. My one. One right last name this evening. So Jen, thank you for joining us, again, three minutes. And if you could state your name and your address before you begin

Unknown Speaker 1:47
speaking that would be great. My name is Jen mckarrick. I my address is 11148 USC 112. Place. Henderson, Colorado 80640. All right, ready? All right. I grew up in the st. Rain Valley School District. And now I’m a mother of four and all my kids have to. I’ve learned from some amazing teachers and watch my teachers have amazing teachers that have touched their lives in ways that they will remember forever. I watched my kids fearlessly walk into their classrooms on their first day of kindergarten. And I watched my with with pride as my daughter spoke in front of her friends, family and all of her classmates at her high school graduation. My half Mexican daughter. That same daughter is about to begin her last year at CSU to become a teacher not only because she has a heart to teach, but because of the amazing support system that she’s found inside this school district with teachers that she’s that have had her forever. Over the years, I’ve always set my kids to school with the blind trust that they’re in good hands and the decisions that were being made were in their best interests. I don’t have that trust anymore. I was around for the days that the schools informed the parents of curriculum that was coming and gave the parents the decision to choose what was right for their children. And I’ve sadly watched as this school board has chipped away from those rights, deciding that they knew what was best for my kids, our kids. I’m embarrassed to say that as I watched the division happen between what I was teaching my kids and what they were learning in school. I just kind of crossed my fingers and quite frankly, thank my lucky stars that I my kids were almost out and I wasn’t going to have to deal with this crazy but yet here we are. critical race theory is a hateful, divisive, manipulative agenda that is designed to divide our country and pander to the idea that America is racist and despicable. Even more importantly, it’s teaching our kids to hate each other based on the color of the skin. And regardless of the amount of effort they put in, they will always be the oppressor or the oppressed for the rest of their lives. So why even try, right? What happened to all you have to do is work hard and you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Those were the posters hanging in my high school, but we’re in yours. Because of dedication and hard work. I’m looking at an entire group of different ethnicities and lifestyles right here on this board, and that you’re telling my kids that they can’t reach for the stars because of their skin color seems a little bit disconnected if I’m honest. We’re at a fork in the road. And in the group in front of me right now is driving for now. I came here last meeting I was told CRT wasn’t snooping around St. Brain, nothing to see here and then I didn’t join the zoom call the very next day. You are on it. I heard an entirely entirely different song and dance actually from you. Dawn. I heard about how you were forcing CRT training to begin with our teachers in June. And about the future conversations you were so committed to having from this group from the n double A CP that’s not even in Colorado but yet intent to say that we’re racist here in Maine Middle School. I believe they are based out of Chicago, which is Kind of a long way from the people that are actually voting and paying your edict.

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Thank you, Jen. Appreciate it. I’m gonna call up Cheryl mckarrick. Now I need you to finish from our school district. Amen. Cheryl, if you could please state your name and address and then we’ll begin timing at that point.

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My name is Cheryl Carrick and I live at 68 Sylvia court in Loveland. Okay, critical race theory is running through our country like a wildfire. And you guys say it hasn’t come here, but I’m not sure about that. This is what I do know though. It’s rooted in Marxism and communism, its purpose is to break families and divide our country. It promotes fear, hate division and violence. It doesn’t belong in our schools. And if you try to allow this in our schools, you’ll feel the consequences of your actions to the parents in this community. I remind you that your job is to give our children and education and academic excellence which doesn’t include critical race theory slash equity. And I just wanted to tell you that there are kids in this community who have fought and died to preserve the freedoms that we all live in. And we’re not going to allow anyone to take those freedoms away from our kids and future generations, and banned CRT from a curriculum in this district. And we will be here to support you in the fall, continue to lie to us and push this disgusting agenda into our school. And we the parents will be there to vote you out.

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Thank you, Cheryl. Ryan West. Ryan, I think he marked the wrong one. It’s supposed to be roll Fernandez right underneath him. Actually, I’m starting Jen and Cheryl had reached out prior prior to that. So I’m starting at the top of the list. I have Ryan West. Is he not here? All right, uh, Heather McLean. McLean. You do not Alright, then Raul Fernandez. We ended up there anyway, roll if you could please. If you could please state your name and address. Great. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 7:27
My name is Raul Fernandez. I live in 17030. Pico St. Broomfield, Colorado. The reason I’m here, I don’t have children yet. My wife and I are starting to start a family. I’m an immigrant. I served in the United States Air Force for four years, five months and 15 days. And it’s really the range. What I’m what I’m seeing that is being indoctrinated. I’m 51% African. If we want to talk about slavery, I’m from Dominican Republic. October 2012 14/92 is the day that Christopher Columbus arrived to the new world is when the first lace wear bra. That’s why I’m 18% Cameroonian that’s why I have sickle cell trait among many other things. For me to see that because of the race or how you look in the outside, we all need to think alike or being oppressed. I am not oppressed. I come from a third world country and it’s going to be my seventh anniversary here. I became a United States citizen for nine months. I came here and he took me 18 years to legally come here. Why would I come? Or why would I try to come to a place that is so allegedly bad or oppressive, oppressive to people of my skin color? Listen to my accent. Jesus Christ. I came from nothing. And here I am living in a suburb in Colorado. I never made I never made even $1,000 working 16 hours a day. And here I am living the American dream. That crab needs to win. And that’s all I have to say. Thank you

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Jerry Abshire that correct. That’s pretty darn cool. Pretty darn close. So I’ll settle for close on that one. You can correct me Jerry, name and address and then please begin speaking.

Unknown Speaker 9:19
Good evening. My name is Jerry Abshire, I’m from Colorado. I have a half a dozen kids in the school district or grandkids Excuse me. And I’m here as a follow up to the last school board meeting which I attended and then the zoom meeting with the NAACP The following night. And I just had some concerns, and they’re getting voiced already about what the school district in conjunction with the n double acp is going to be doing as far as diversity, equity and inclusion, mandatory training for staff, teachers and faculty. I would like to know if there’s any way I can get in contact and who had who Has this curriculum and see it? See what see what it what it’s about? Another concern I had was See you, you’re in partnership with them. I’ve seen some really divisive stuff coming out of there from some of their professors. Hopefully, they’re not the ones that are involved in this. Some humanities people, I’m not going to get into their names, pretty divisive. The other thing is, are we concentrating on on academics at the same time we’re doing all this training hopefully, would be my hope. Because that’s my main concern for my grandkids is, I want them to be top notch students so they can be successful in life. I said, you know, once again, critical race theory teaches our kids to label stereotype and demonize each other. And it’s just wrong. You know, you can’t be tell people that, you know, because you’re this color. You’re the oppressor. And because you’re, you’re this other color. You’re the oppressed. In America, it’s not like that. I grew up in the 60s in Texas, and it wasn’t like that down there. In the 60s. I played with kids of all colors. I was raised on an army base. And yeah, granted, it was pretty mixed bunch. We played we live in and we grew up, honoring Martin Luther King, that we’re to be judged by the content of our character, not the color of our skin. And that’s about all I got. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 11:38
Thank you. Natalie Abshire. No, I wasn’t gonna talk. Oh, okay. All right.

Unknown Speaker 11:49
No worries. All right, then I’m going to um, I apologize. I’m going to make a stab at the last thing. Berg, Berg. strim are first name. Susan. Thank you, Susan. I’m sorry. I I apparently need a little bit of help in reading. But Susan, I you’re up next. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 12:10
Yeah, I just wanted to say that. Many years ago, I taught in this district, and it’s gone only downhill from there. It was bad then. And, yeah, critical race theory is divisive. Um, and I guess I just want to say that I have friends in the district who work within the district and will be watching. We’ll be watching what happens and I have no idea what you’re doing to justify that kind of salary.

Unknown Speaker 12:57
All right. Don cage. Just watching. Just watching. Okay, thank you for joining us this evening. Cynthia Gilbert’s, there’s a name in front of that. I can’t read it. No. Alex doe Jeff. Alexa dough chef. Not here as well. Shannon doe chef. So and then I have Matt menza. Hi, are you Shannon? Hi, Shannon. Hi, thanks. If you can please state your name and address. My name

Unknown Speaker 13:50
is Shannon doccia. I live at 13388 County Road one long month. Thank you. And thank you also for serving on the board. My son in law serves on a school board in Wyoming and I know that it takes time away from his life and his family. So I do appreciate your time. I was born in Colorado, I’m a native. All of my children are also natives and my grandchildren as well. I did not prepare something to say to you tonight and I just came last minute to mostly hear what everybody else has to say. And to I guess keep more of an eye on the situation. I’ve been interested in education for a long time. I was unhappy when my children were school age enough that I homeschool them and it does seem as the gal before me said that was she was teaching in the district or in the call the state that things have gotten worse and it does seem like it has that The I don’t know how it happened where the curriculum has been taken away from parental input. But if you are interested in what parents have to say, then I would like you to listen to what we have to say. I wonder also, Are you here to hear us? Or are you here to also answer any questions?

Unknown Speaker 15:28
It is not our practice to answer questions during public comment, but we are here. We do listen in here.

Unknown Speaker 15:33
Well, during public comment. Okay, so when do you answer questions?

Unknown Speaker 15:38
You’re welcome to reach out to us at any time our contact information is on the district website, you may phone us you may find the superintendent. more happy to do that.

Unknown Speaker 15:47
Okay. My question is pretty simple is where did this come from? Where did this curriculum suggestion to add to our children’s daily schedule that’s already so full? What are you going to get rid of to include this and where did it come from? That’s all I wanted to know. Great, thanks, Shannon. So you’re telling me to reach out to what’s on your website? And you’ll answer that question.

Unknown Speaker 16:19
I’m happy to visit with you if you’d like to call the superintendent as well. But our our practice is not to make comments during public comment, but to follow up afterwards.

Unknown Speaker 16:28
Okay. And then that question, can you tell me is it already answered on your website and your public? The things that you give to us? Is it already what’s your question where this issue came from? Why is it even before you Why are you even considering it? Who brought it before you?

Unknown Speaker 16:46
Considering what critical race theory we are not considering critical race theory? Teachers are being indoctrinated? Yeah, that’s right. Well, that’s, I like that. Thank you. Okay, great. Thank you. We have the recording. So we’ll just go ahead and just start passing around. All of that.

Unknown Speaker 17:05
All right. If Matt Mensa is not here, okay. Hi, Matt. Hi, Matt. I think you probably know the routine at this point.

Unknown Speaker 17:13
I hopefully I can figure it out. Thank you, Matt. menza live here in Longmont, Parkview Avenue. I wasn’t planning on speaking tonight. But look, I know how hard it is being a public. I’ve talked to Don before I’ve talked to some of you. You’ve seen some of my emails, probably when I was running a campaign last year. Look, the bottom line is a lot of us watched what happened during COVID to our children, a lot of our children were sent back, sent home and put behind, especially a lot of the working families. And so we’re now a lot of us are waking the community. And we’re watching you. We’re watching to see what direction you take this community there’s a lot of this is an inflection point right now. This is a pivotal point for a lot of us in the community. We want to make sure this community stays great and grows in a healthy direction. What these people are concerned about his is a disease, the woke ism the garbage, that is crushing America, we don’t want to hear we want to be in a peaceful place like this gentleman who served in the Air Force. I served in the military for 20 years. retired Navy pilot, I understand what its service is about I know you guys are trying to serve happily and successfully. So let’s let it give us confidence that you’re doing the right thing. Show us that you’re going to do the right thing. You need to end training for your employees. That is absolutely absurd. waste your time. Put your money and your time towards our families and our children, our children, not this garbage retreats where you’re indoctrinating your teachers, let’s spend our time show us that you’re going to do the right thing. put out a public statement saying reject critical race theory. And give us confidence you’re doing the right job or else like somebody else said while watching. We’re going to get rid of Yeah. We the People, not you.

Unknown Speaker 19:07
Thank you, Matt. I believe that brings us to the end of our public comments if there’s nobody else that wants to make a statement this evening. Yes, go ahead. Oh, I’m sorry. I I’m so sorry, Susan. I apologize. Can you please state your name and address?

Unknown Speaker 19:34
Yes. My name is Sandra Moore. And I was 6655 Saddleback Avenue in Firestone. Right. Thank you. I just want to commend everyone who’s serving on the board. We moved here from another state five years ago, retired here so we could be with our children and grandchildren. I think you have a solid School District. I’m a former Deputy Superintendent of instruction in a large district and then Another state. So I know the role you play. I know the hours you put in, I just want to quickly share a perspective that I’m not sure you’ve thought about. It has to do with requirements of wearing a mask or being fascinated for students. And net perspective is this. I went in and got the Pfizer vaccine, now called a vaccine, even though it was an experimental medication, it really wasn’t technically FDA approved, I signed off on that as an adult. And as a result, I had an adverse effect that is lingering. And it has to do with tinnitus hearing loss. And I’m part of a support group that has over 7000 members in it that have either tinnitus, hearing loss, vertigo, dizziness, from this, so called backscene. You can go and register on the IRS website, VA ers, it’s a government website, that you have had an adverse effect. And as of the beginning of June, about 4% of those vaccinated have hearing loss, tinnitus, dizziness, vertigo, not to speak to the other complications, such as heart complications, and so forth. In your thoughts of whether or not you should get involved in mandating mass for students. I would say this, if you do that, you will be putting undue influence on children 18 and younger. Because what student wants to be the only one in his classroom are the only one or three in his classroom that’s wearing a mask? What girl a guy wants to go to the prom and have to wear masks? Who wants to run cross country, cross country or track and have to wear a mask? These are children we’re talking about. And I took that responsibility. And I’m dealing with it. But I can tell you tinnitus is maddening. It’s a ringing in the ears. You can’t sleep at night, people have committed suicide over it. So if you go forward with that, and I’m sure your legal team, who is here tonight probably will tell you you have every right to do so doesn’t make it the right thing. What if I was a 17 year old from one of your high schools, Frederick High School. And I stood before you and said I would have never gotten that vaccine. If I hadn’t felt pressure from the district to do so I just couldn’t wear the mask. My friends weren’t wearing it because they got the vaccine. I begged my parents for it because the district made me do it. Now, I’ll tell you again, from my experience, as a deputy superintendent that Thank you, Sandra, appreciate it, you can get sued as a district and as individuals. So just be aware of that. Please do the right thing for children and for the district’s financial situation. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 23:08
All right. So that’s everybody who has signed up to speak this evening. I will circle back to Oh, Susan, I thought you spoke Susan, is that correct?

Unknown Speaker 23:20
Well, yes. But then you asked if there was anybody else who wanted to and you just allow that when I just said something? She she didn’t. She just spoke near my friend. Yeah. That’s fine. Great. I was just hoping that I’m not sure. Because I think the pledge of allegiance is for everybody. And I think we ought to do it. I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Unknown Speaker 24:23
All right, thank you everybody who came and spoke this evening. We’re going to move on to our next agenda item which is our visitors. And this evening. We have the gear Alliance robotics presentation. Don, I believe you’re going to introduce this.

Unknown Speaker 24:38
Yeah, Terry, are you here? Terry olken. work. Okay, great. Hi, Terry. We’re going to we’re going to hear from this group that are a group that’s been in place for a while and they continue to win a lot of local state national awards. And then we’re going to get to see a demonstration. And then we have a recognition for you as well. Thanks, Stan, do you guys want to?

Unknown Speaker 25:22
They’re just going to set the robots there. So they you can see him?

Unknown Speaker 25:25
Great, sir. Yeah, it’s

Unknown Speaker 25:27
around here.

Unknown Speaker 25:57
Terry, take your time. Are you going to be turning the robots robots on this evening?

Unknown Speaker 26:04
No, we’re going to do a static static display. So just so you can see it. Okay. The students have videos so you can see the robots in action. Yeah, we don’t need it quite yet. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 26:36
display to mirror this. So you’re going to be hearing from upper Creek robotics. And we have multiple robotics teams. So you’ll be hearing from the students about their accomplishments. And they have some videos to show you. And they will be expressing their Thanks for your support. All right.

Unknown Speaker 27:12
Hello, I’m Michelle Gilbert. I just finished eighth grade at Flagstaff Academy. And I’ll be starting at nyuad in the fall. I’m a member of upper Creek robotics. So upper Creek has 114 students, and grades K through 12. spread across four programs. So that’s FIRST LEGO League Junior, FIRST LEGO League FIRST Tech Challenge and FIRST Robotics Competition. I first came to upper Creek in FIRST LEGO League, which I did for four years. And now I’ve progressed into FIRST Tech Challenge. So last year, or last season was my first year in FIRST Tech Challenge. And it was definitely a lot of fun. But it was also very different from what I imagined most people’s first year is probably like due to COVID. So in a normal season, our team of six mentors and 13 students with me in our building three nights a week to design build, program and test our robot. But this year, we instead we had to rely heavily on programs like zoom and slack in order to in order to maintain communication, since you weren’t able to meet in person. I’m sorry, I lost my train of thought no worries, take your time. Another thing Yeah, we rely a lot on programs like zoom and slack to maintain communication. Since we weren’t able to meet in person. We used a program called Android Studio in order to program a robot together online. And we used a program called onshape to design our robot together online. And the harbor team also built test bases or test robots so that the software team could continue their work while the hardware team put together our final robot. Um, I think our robot actually made it to almost every single team members house throughout the course of the season, just so that everybody was able to contribute to it, which I think is actually pretty cool. meeting on zoom was definitely a little bit disheartening at times. But towards the end of the season, when we finally got to start meeting in person again. Definitely, like made all the struggle of the season worth it when we got to see like all the parts of the robot come together, and just getting to see our whole team, like our finished robot up and running. Yeah, one highlight of our season though, is probably when we got asked by first to give a presentation at the Colorado State kickoff to all of the other Colorado FTC teams. were super excited to have been asked to present again this year for our third time. If you’re looking forward to that. We also got highlighted along with five other teams and international twitch lives. stream by this organization called fun. I just think that’s really cool and very unique to have our team recognized on an international and a national level like that. Yeah, but I think Sam could probably tell you about our other achievements that led to that recognition.

Unknown Speaker 30:17
Yeah. So my name is Sam fallen. And this was my third year on the FTC program. And I’m going to be a senior at long run high school next year. And so this year, we competed in three virtual competitions. Unfortunately, we’re not able to go into any in person competitions for the FIRST Tech Challenge. And at our first competition, we play second in robot performance. And we also got the second place in spire award. And so the Inspire award is the highest honor you can get at an FTC competition. And it is given based on a combination of outreach, robot design and how it performs. And the documentation process in the engineering notebook which all teams have to create on the robot performance on a virtual competition was based on an average of six matches that we played on our field at our own facility. And so at our second competition, we again play second in robot performance. But this time, we won the first place inspire award, which our team was very proud of. And then, at the state competition, one of our software members, Rishi won the Dean’s those finalist out of three in Colorado. And we placed fourth in row performance. And we won the first place inspire award for the first time in our team’s history, which gave us our first orange banner, and would have qualified us for the World Cup World championship this year, though, unfortunately, it was also canceled because of COVID. And so in the future, we hope to continue our success and qualify again next year, and hopefully, win at all this time. So now we have a video for you guys of our robot in a match.

Unknown Speaker 32:10
So this video is of the first minute of one of our high scoring matches this season. From our practice. Very strange. Yeah, it was working before let’s go out of full screen mode. Always the problems, right? No worries, resilient, flexible. And you can just describe what the robot does. Sure. So our

Unknown Speaker 32:52
autonomous period is 30 seconds long. And so that is when the robot is not controlled by any driver. And so that portion of the match is done by only pre programmed the instructions and sensor inputs. So we use a lot of cool different sensors on our robot to have a more consistent and higher performing route. And so we were we have one of the top scoring autonomous cars this year. And it’s very fun to watch as has some very smooth actions. And then for the telly up period, we pick up the rings off the floor. I don’t know if we have some of those here. And then we bring those to our top of top of our robot, and then that shoots them out into the gold placed on the field. And then in the autonomous period, we have a mechanism that grabs the small goal here and across the field. So hopefully you can get this video. Okay. Yeah, so in the beginning of the match in the tournament’s, you have to move the wobbles from the edge of the field and one of the zones, which is determined based on the number of rings that are in the stack. And so, in this one, we grabbed these rings off the floor, and then shoot them in with a high goal. Okay, that’s really cool. Thank you pick up your controllers 321 cool features on this robot are that we have an intake on both sides. So that allows us to get rings from both the front and the back, which would give us a competitive advantage and an in person competition. Unfortunately, we didn’t have one of those this year. But that was one of our cool design features. And then we also implemented a more robust drive train which allowed us to play more defense but also we didn’t get to compete in person this year. So thank you. That’s all Hello,

Unknown Speaker 35:09
I am older a sandpit and I’m going to be a junior at high school next year. And I’m going to tell you a bit about our robot and our meetings. So our first competition team also got the chance to meet through COVID. And we were separated into our sub teams in order to allow for safety guidelines and regulations, competitions that we went to, were all virtual, and we didn’t go to any physical ones. However, we were really grateful to be able to compete because many teams didn’t get the chance to do that this year. And whenever meetings were online, or in person, it was really important that students got this opportunity because we were able to find consistency in our meetings, guidance in our mentors in friendship, and our peers, which was really, really important throughout this, like, unprecedented time. And our mentors did a wonderful job of being conscious of everybody’s different COVID circumstances. And they were as nurturing and supportive as ever, if not more. And robotics really became a home away from home for so many of us in a new sense is COVID brought our team together in a new way. Now, a different benefit of our new meeting structure was that we were able to create and compete with a robot with a swerve drive, which has been a long standing goal of our team. While creating it as a technical challenge. It is an absolute design, advantage and swerve drive. Here’s a swerve module for you to see. So honest word module you have at least two motors. So that means that you can have one for steering, and one for driving. So you’re able to do both at the same time, which is different from a normal draw from a normal drive. Now, our robot had three motors per wheel two for driving, and one for steering, giving us a huge competitive advantage that we use to its full potential. Our swerve drive along with other mechanisms and a huge amount of teamwork led to our second place finish at the Rocky Mountain regional. Additionally, we won the Quality Award which awards robustness and concept and fabrication in the design award which celebrates form and function of the robotic mechanisms. Next, you’re going to hear from Caitlin.

Unknown Speaker 37:19
Yeah, so Hi, my name is Caitlin Fong, and I’m going to be a senior at nyuad High School this year. This season first introduced the new challenge called the game design challenge. This challenge encourages the utilization of strategic and design thinking skills, and it was an opportunity for teams to design and pitch their own competition game. So that FRC game design team winning games or their elements would be used in upcoming or future game competition game games. This season, our team designed a game centered around aviation and we won finalist in our region. This Saturday that we’ll be announcing the winners for this challenge. Another award that our team received is the Dean’s List award. This award is an individual award that recognizes the leadership and dedication of students who exemplify the core values of first and Gross’s professionalism both inside and outside of school and robotics. This season, I was virtually interviewed and elected as a Dean’s List finalist and I was chosen as a finalist in our region, which is a huge honor for both our FRC and FTC teams. As this is the second time in our team’s history of receiving this award. I will now hand it over to Walker.

Unknown Speaker 38:31
Thank you. Hello, my name is Walker, Brandon and I will be a sophomore at Silver Creek High School and I’m going to talk about more awards than we won this year. So So the main war that I was a part of was the Chairman’s Award, which is the most prestigious award a team can win it like you need to write a 10,000 character essay talking about our team, we need to answer 13 Executive questions ranging from Team diversity to how large Our team is and other robotics teams that we help create. And then things that we don’t cover in our essay or the questions we do a presentation for a panel judges, as Olga said, we did not have in person competitions this year. So we had at home challenges. And with these at home challenges, you had to do a lot of speed tests and with our swerve drive, we could do a lot faster than some teams. And with ours were drive we won two out of five of these at home challenges and I think that we have a video of us winning these challenges. So is it Yeah, just tap it. Alright, let’s see. Well, okay, so this one is just very speedy just completing the circuit around and you’re not supposed to hit the pink codes. This one is just hitting crates. Is that how vast it really is? Yep. It’s very light and very fast. This is just a speedy around, go around donut thing. They’re gone. Then this is the main thing lightspeed circuit. I’ve seen this been done like a hundreds of times by our students. It was very awesome. just seen as a student driving that. Yes. All right. That’s it. And we just want to say thank you so much.

Unknown Speaker 40:39
Right. Thanks, everyone. Thank you see questions so much. Great. And maybe Don while they’re, they’re coming around. I have one comment. But you you go ahead, and then I’ll make I’ll make my comment. I’ll save it for the end. Thanks. Sure. Oh, yeah. Right. Congratulations, everyone. JOHN, did you have a question

Unknown Speaker 41:51
I did on the robot you’re carrying right here that fired the rings? Was that autonomous or was the student firing the rings? So for the first 30 seconds, it was a robot. And then for the second half.

Unknown Speaker 42:09
It’s amazing. I mean, you are proving Moore’s law. The growth I’ve seen in this district, and your talents are just phenomenal. Great job.

Unknown Speaker 42:20
And Sam, I couldn’t help but notice your mom had a giant smile on her face the whole time. And I’m certain that there are other parents here. So if there are any other parents of students, if you could stand and we can recognize you, that would be great. Thank you. And good luck Saturday when you find out about that, that competition? And we’ll let you know. Please do. We would enjoy that. Thank you. Alright, Don, agenda item 4.2. We’re going to honor our P tech industry partners and brands. And I believe you’re going to introduce this.

Unknown Speaker 43:12
Thank you. Yes, it’s my honor. This evening, we’re going to honor the industry partners that are collaborating with us on our P tech programs. In a minute, I’ll hand the microphone or the Dyess over to our P tech program leaders who to provide you with the details of their individual programs, and to introduce you to the guests who are here with us this evening. But before I do that, I would like to make sure that you all and the members of the public who may be either in the room or watching this on television at home. Know what p tech is. P tech stands for pathways and technology. Early College High School is a collaboration between a public high school, a community college, and at least one industry partner. Starting in the ninth grade p Tech students enroll in college. He said again, they enroll in college in the ninth grade and take concurrent enrollment courses that grant both high school and college credit. The program is entirely free to the students. And upon completion, students graduate with both a high school diploma and an associate’s degree. essential to the program is the role of the industry partner. industry partners help determine which associate’s degree is offered through the program. And in many cases, they even help customize the curriculum to ensure that it aligns with their particular industry. industry partners also provide mentorships workplace learning opportunities and paid internships for students. That’s a lot. It’s a huge commitment. And it’s a long term commitment that’s made by our local companies. When it’s all said and done, Working with both our higher education and industry partners. Our goal is to provide students with as many opportunities as possible. They will have the opportunity to apply for jobs with our industry partners apply for positions with other companies in the same fields, or apply to a four year college or university to continue their education. P tech was first established in Colorado in 2015. through legislation that we worked on with IBM. We were proud to partner with IBM in that year to submit the first application for a p tech program in Colorado at Skyline High School. In 2018. We added our second p tech program at at Frederick High School. And later this year, we will launch our third program at Silver Creek High School. But that’s enough for me. Please allow me to introduce Greg Stevens, Dr. Russell Fox and Karen Norris who will talk about their respective p tech programs. Welcome.

Unknown Speaker 46:12
No cheating. Or I should say that’s not considered cheating.

Unknown Speaker 46:18
Thank you, board. Thank you, Brandon. My name is Greg Stevens. I am an assistant principal at Skyline High School and also the program leader of Falcon tech RP tech program at Sky High School. Just a reminder, our program at Falcon tech we are a computer science program. We our students can earn their AAS degree and an Associates of applied science in four or five or six years. We have three different pathways, they can earn it in computer programming, they can earn a degree in web development, and they can earn a degree in a general cis pathway. Our target population, our first generation college students, we that is the group that we are targeting that we want to get that we want to get approved for our program. 70% is our target. We are really proud to say that we dipped a little bit below that this year, but of the 250 students that we have in our program, almost 70% of them are first generation college students, the first in their family to go to college. And that’s something that we are extremely proud of. Just some celebrations, a little bit of fun celebrations are fun. And so we’re gonna have a little bit Falcon tech, some of our celebrations this year 46 of our students graduated in May. Last year with the last year’s cohort, we can say we have 100% high school graduation rate in Falcon tech, and that’s something that we’re gonna and that’s something that we’re gonna keep striving for. And that’s something that’s very important to us. Of those 46 seniors this year. 26 finished their AAS degree in four years, including last year’s cohort that means 46 total students out of Falcon tech have earned their AAS degree from Front Range Community College. This class is last senior class they earned nearly $1 million in scholarships. We had our first Daniel scholar winner, Luis perregaux. Jimenez you, you all met Jose keuro siennas. earlier this spring, earned a full ride scholarship to Harvard University. We have 90 students this summer completing their IBM internships. That started on Monday that you’ll hear from our industry partners here in just a moment. 12 Falcon tech alumni are currently working full time at IBM. We have several Falcon tech alumni who are doing co Ops, that means they’re going to school full time and working part time for IBM virtually. And so I say all these celebrations and I and we talked about these celebrations because they’re fun. But I also want to say that without IBM who is our industry partner, none of these celebrations would be happening. We wouldn’t be talking about this. We wouldn’t be talking about Luis we wouldn’t be talking about Jose, we wouldn’t be talking about lexy Shapiro who earned a full ride scholarship to Colorado Western University as well. IBM created the model 10 years ago, this is our 10 year anniversary. And we’re going to we’re going to hear more about 10 year anniversary p tech celebrations throughout the year. We’re going to invite board members, we hope you can join us. We are extremely proud to say IBM is our partner as they created the model. They believe in the model and they have invested a ton of resources to come to this model. Probably the the most important resource that they have given to us obviously you wouldn’t hear resources from IBM. It’s pretty awesome and it’s pretty incredible, but it’s people and we at Falcon tech. We talk a lot about people and we talk about how we care about each other we talk about how we treat each other we talked about how we love each other and like a family and and that truly is how we treat each other and we’ll we we consider IBM and our industry partner, part of our family. I want to Introduce, and I think this is when I do it right, Brian. I want to introduce our industry partners who are here from IBM. Tracy. Nick, if you would come up, please.

Unknown Speaker 50:16
Tracy, Nick is one thing IBM has done is they provided a program manager to our school. And so, Tracy Nick works for Falcon tech full time. She is invested in our schools. She knows all of our students. She actually is managing all 90 of our interns that started this, this this week for their summer internship. And Tracy is one of our she’s she’s she’s one of our family members. Tracy has a background in education. And now she has a background in industry. And you put those things together and we get awesome stuff. And so we’re really excited to have Tracy Nick as our program manager from IBM. The next gentleman we want to introduce is Ray Johnson.

Unknown Speaker 51:04
I’m gonna let Ray say his own title, because it’s really long, and I always mess it up. So Ray, what’s your title at IBM Corporate Social Responsibility Manager for 17 states. So let’s not forget that and Ray J. Sorry, Ray Johnson. He is the reason why p tech is in St. reign, several years ago. It was just a side conversation that was happening between Ray Johnson, former area Superintendent Regina Rinaldi and Patti can Jonas they were sitting and Patty was a principal at Skyline at the time. And they were sitting talking and Rachel said hey, we have this P tech thing maybe that would be a good thing for seeing rain and for skyline and so they started talking and and six years later, AJ Look, look what we have three p tech schools and save rain, which is really cool. So I can’t express enough what what IBM has done for us. They created the model. And this model is not only changing our students lives, it’s changing the directory of their family’s lives, and quite quite honestly changing the trajectory of our whole community. And that’s what matters the most is is this community is special, and IBM and what they have done for us has just has just made that even more special. So IBM, thank you for everything you’ve done and pretty awesome. So thank you. I got so excited talking about IBM. I want to introduce Russ. I’m Dr. Russ. Russell Fox, lead leader of order tech.

Unknown Speaker 52:42
My mom texted me to speak up she’s watching from Montana. So I better do that for her because if mom’s not happy, nobody’s happy, right? So anyway, I want to thank you board for having us here. Warrior Tech has many of the same celebrations that Falcon Tech has, and it’s an amazing program. We have been grateful to have Greg, and in the whole skyline team to follow and in warrior tech is an equally amazing program. We specialize in biomedical manufacturing. And we have three partner companies that we work with tomar pharmaceuticals Agilent Technologies and KBI biopharma. So you can imagine in the past year, they’ve had some really interesting change of work experiences as a manufacturer many important components for for different vaccines and medicines that we’re creating in this country. Our p Tech students at Frederick high school are really thriving in every possible way. Some quick stats. This year p Tech students completed 98% of our past 98% of their courses, they aim they earned over 200 Ames credits. Their cumulative GPA was point seven five points higher than the general Frederick population, all while similar to Greg’s program having untraditionally underrepresented populations in STEM be a core component of our of our kind of tenets of how we are building this program. Right? The same way that Greg says that Falcon tech is changing the community. I know that warrior tech is changing the carbon Valley Community for the better. And it works for a lot of reasons. Because a lot of people are dedicated and a lot of people care. It works because parents care and because students work their butts off. It works because we have the best teachers in the world. But it also works because these students have mentors from different partner companies to look up to works because they can see someone who is doing things that are something that we can’t really comprehend in a traditional comprehensive, you know, high school and so I’m so grateful for our partner companies I want Silvia to come on up. Dr. Sylvia Robinson from tomar.

Unknown Speaker 54:55
It takes an awful lot of work on Sylvia’s part and for Joe geils from Agilent, who can’t be here, Sally Dyer, and also Linda from KBI pharmaceuticals. And so we have really great partner companies and, and without these people, we wouldn’t have this connection. And without that connection, students wouldn’t have that thing to aspire to. They wouldn’t have those connections of people to email and help for homework if they need and meet for pizza and games or do our mentor events. So I’ll end with sharing one one quick story. For anybody who’s ever been an administrator in the room, you know that oftentimes crying parents means angry parents. And I walked into my office one time and I saw a crying parents. And when we sat down together, I realized quickly that that the crying was not anger, it was just overwhelming gratitude. And what she said was, she she expressed that she had no idea and she couldn’t envision the future that her son is, is now looking at, for son as short as two years ago. And she was so thankful for the program. And that work couldn’t be done without a partner company. So thank you, Silvia, Jo, Sally and Linda. I really appreciate it.

Unknown Speaker 56:11
Our, our newest p tech group has the most guests. So I’ll invite Karen, up to the microphone.

Unknown Speaker 56:21
Thank you. And thank you for having us here. I’m Karen Norris, assistant principal at Silver Creek High School and I’m the administrator for Raptor tech. We are a cybersecurity p tech program. And I know if you follow anything about the news, it’s a very important program, we’re going to be educating and putting out the leaders in four years that are going to be solving all of those cybersecurity issues and problems that we see on the news. So I’m here tonight also with my Raptor tech colleagues, we have Eric fennesz, dead principal silvercreek. We have Aaron Baskin, he is our Raptor tech counselor. And we have Carmen Rubino. She is our academic rapper, tech facilitator. And yes, we’re the new kids on the block with a baby of the family, kind of so to say to to p tech. And we don’t have all of those successes to share with you yet. And I say yet, because we will, we will be back. And we’ll be sharing those successes with you. So I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Raptor tech is coming to you in numbers. And that might be visible to you. But I think coming in numbers speaks to the importance of collaboration, and the answer to get enter a dependency of a cybersecurity team. And Steve Jobs is the one who said great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people. And so if you look at this sea of Maroon behind me, we are Raptor tech, a team of one and it’s my honor and my privilege to introduce that team to you. Who we have first we have Cisco. And if you all want to come up while I speak a little Cisco is no stranger to same brain. They manage same brains wireless, all of their data management. They’re all the cybersecurity products. Our WebEx which we so dearly depended on recently, our phone system and much more. So we know they’re very well acquainted with St. Brain. We have Greg Brookman. He is our public sector account manager. And he is our main Raptor tech contact. We have Kathleen Crockett. She’s our security account manager. And we have Kyle Vaughn. He’s a systems engineer. And as we found out the other day he knows about his colleague at Google for cybersecurity, he knows everything. So we learned that on Tuesday, because last Tuesday we enjoyed a cyber defense clinic, our kids, if you can envision this, especially anyone in education, 3313 year olds engaged for two and a half hours and they did not pick up their phone to see you know what’s going on or contacting anyone. So that was that was that was an absolute lapse, absolute accomplishment there. Next we have Comcast. We have Nick Nielsen. He is a fellow and chief tech advisor at Comcast. But he is not new to the St. rensing. He had a son graduate from Erie High School in 2019. And he has a daughter who will be a senior at Erie high school this year. And we’re looking forward to our visit with Comcast next Tuesday. Next we have Tom brinegar where peak resources. Tom is the Vice President and CEO of peak resources. And I will say what makes peak unique is that while on a smaller scale than other industry partners, peak is able to bring to the table the perspective of the entrepreneur startup. So if we have kids who are interested in service security, maybe wanting to do their own business, they have someone wealth of knowledge to ask those questions to. We traveled to peak last week and had a great time with them. I know that when we walked away, Jeopardy was very something the kids favorite that was very cutthroat competition that went on there.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:41
And then we have Dimitri blatchley, from Seagate. And Dimitri is a staff product security engineer. And Seagate’s no stranger to Silver Creek, in fact, they are our neighbor, they are right across the street. And they’ve always been a strong supporter of Silver Creek High School. And I do have to tell Dimitri, this that after you presented and told us stories, because one of the things that Dimitri does is he hacks his own products. So after he left, we have this roomful of kids who now want to be hackers, ya know what I have to say, white hat hackers. So that’s a good thing. So we’re very thankful to our industry partners. And we’re very thankful to St. Brain for supporting us and getting it started. And I do want to also let you know, I do have some Raptor tech stickers for you, which I will give to you. Thank you. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:42
Brandon, have some recognitions that we’d like. But one thing that I don’t know if you mentioned it, but say brain Valley schools, we were the first school district west of the Mississippi to bring p tech to Colorado. And one of the things that I think is really been noteworthy is a number of years ago when we started, thank you, when we started to think about how do we move our graduation rate from 55% among our minority students, and 75% among all of our students, how do we move that up. And today, our graduation rate is over 90%. And we actually have among the highest graduation requirements in the state. And then for our Hispanic students, which is our largest minority group. It’s nearing 87%. So we’ve seen and what student after student tells me is that the opportunity to go to college, to get a badge to get a degree to get a certain certification, something like that has given them the inspiration to knock out all 24 and a half credits and then to move on and go to places like your companies. We have over 95 business and corporate partners in St. Brain, and we are very grateful to you for what you’ve done for our children. So thank you

Unknown Speaker 1:03:02
some friends and I wondered if like are you going to give Oh, sorry, Don, I forgot you were going to give awards.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:21
Ray, you’re on top. Thank you. Ready? random. Thank you. Don, before we do our before you give your Superintendent reports I’m going to give Todd and the opportunity taught I believe we have four new hires to recognize and introduced this evening.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:07
Thank you and good evening, President sigrist members of the board superintendent, Dad, it’s my pleasure to introduce to you and I’m gonna have Brian now, Dr. Brian young. as principal for me in high school. Dr. Young has graduated from Southern Illinois University with a bachelor’s degree in biology. He continued his education at the University of Colorado, Denver, where he received his master’s degree in educational leadership. In addition, Dr. Young has received his doctorate of education degree in educational leadership from the University of Northern Colorado, Dr. Yang has worked in the st. Violet Green Valley School District for 20 years. For the past five years, Dr. Yang has been the principal of Frederick high school where he was part of the climate and culture shift both within the school and the community from from which sorry, increased student open enrollments and decreased student the students leaving the feeder from 2010 to 2016. Dr. Yang was the principal at coal Ridge Middle School. And prior to that he served as the assistant principal at sunset middle school from 2005 to 2010. Before coming to becoming an administrator, Dr. Young taught science at sunset, no school from 2001 to 2005. And throughout his career, Dr. Young also coats wrestling, diving and rugby. So I’d like to introduce Dr. Young to you to say a few words.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:29
Thank you, Todd. I want to first thank you doctor head ad, Dr. Capuchin and school board for for your support and giving me this opportunity. Before I talk about me that I do want to acknowledge how proud I am of my time in Frederick High School, and the work that we did there over the last five years. I’m confident that I’m leaving it and much better place. And I have comfort, knowing that the leaders that are taking over who you’ll meet here in just a second, are going to do great things there. I’m excited. It’s been a great week, as I’ve transitioned over to meet high school, I have been welcomed by every staff and student and community member there. We’ve had great conversations, they’re excited to work together and partner to enhance the already strong academic and extracurricular programs they have at meet High School and taking them to the next level. I want you all to know that I will be taking this position and giving it the same level of energy and passion and dedication that I’ve given to the same brain Valley schools for the last 20 years. And you will have I appreciate your support, as there’s no other school district that I love to work in more than St. vrain Valley schools. And I appreciate my time here, thanks to an excellent school board and strong district leadership, amazing staff and outstanding students and parents and community support. So thank you again for believing in me and giving me this opportunity to become the leader and meet high school. I look forward to coming back and reporting out on all the amazing things that we have going on there. So thank you. Congratulations, Brian. Ross,

Unknown Speaker 1:08:15
I’d like to introduce to you Dr. Russell fox is a principal for Frederick High School. And I want to acknowledge also in the audience is his wife Lindsay attending. And now we found out his mom in Montana is listening also so we can speak up again when you talk to us some so mom can hear. Dr. Fox graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder with a bachelor’s degree in English literature and education. Dr. Fox continued his education at Colorado State University, where he received his master’s degree in curriculum and instruction. In addition, Dr. Fox has received his doctorate of education degree in culturally diverse educational leadership from the University of Colorado at Denver. For the past two years, Dr. Fox has been the assistant principal at Frederick high school from 2018 to 2019. Dr. Fox serves as the dean of students for college Middle School. Prior to that Dr. Fox served as an English teacher, AP coordinator and AP Capstone program leader from 2011 to 2018. He has also served as a specialist and after school assistant director at friends Elementary School in Boulder, and a youth corpse leader at Boulder County Parks and open space. So

Unknown Speaker 1:09:30
All right, thank you, Todd. Yeah, so I I’m so excited. I can’t tell you how excited I am for this. So thank you board. Thank you, Dr. Dad, and that’s good Bhushan for having faith in me and trusted me. I would take just a moment. There’s a million people I could thank but I do need to thank three people in particular. First is Lindsey. We know that in addition to being a world class teacher herself, it’s you know, being married to someone who spends as much time as as we do at schools is a sacrifice. And so she’s also the person who reminds me all the time that you know, teaching is really hard. Remember that teaching is really hard and take care of your teachers. So thank you, Lindsay. I also have to think, think, Jackie, when Jackie and I went through our doctoral program together, we spend some Sundays, working on essays and tests and statistical analysis. And I think for Jackie, she got some help. And some, you know, thought partners on a novas and ranked correlational coefficients. But for me, really, I got to listen to a really, truly world class educator, think about and talk about education. And that’s an experience that is invaluable to me and I can never repay, but I’m super grateful for it. And I also have to thank Bryan Bryan was actually my science teacher in eighth grade at sunset middle school, so I can attest that he did actually work there. But I don’t remember too much about eighth grade science, but I’ll tell you that that Brian was truly an exceptional teacher to me the last couple years, I know that his teaching has not stopped and that I will wear him out texts and phone calls, but he really is an exceptional leader and and I hope to follow in his foot path and his foot sprints. So I’m so excited about Frederick we have incredible student body, amazing community teachers admin team. So to the board, I can promise you that I’ll give everything I’ve got and I can’t wait to share the excitements and successes of Frederick high school for years to come. So thank you. Congratulations.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:35
like to now introduce. Miss Jennifer Santos is the Assistant Principal for Frederick High School. And so Jennifer, if you’d come up and again joining her is sort of now principal, Dr. Russ Fox. Miss Santos graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology, physical education. She continued her education at the University of Colorado Boulder, where she completed her master’s degree in equity and education for the culture the diverse. Miss Santos also received her ministration degree in educational leadership from the University of Northern Colorado and is currently working towards her Doctor of Education. For the past year, Miss Santos is served as the Dean of Students for Frederick high school from 2017 to 2020. Miss Santos served as a science teacher at Frederick High School. Prior to that she served as the science teacher at birth in high school in the Thompson School District. Miss Santos. Also research has also served as a science teacher at Fort Lupton High School in the world, our eight school districts so I’d like to introduce to Jennifer’s Tonto

Unknown Speaker 1:12:37
Good evening, if you remember last year, I ran away from the podium before it was time. So this year, I said I’d stay up here and answer any questions if I needed to. But I just wanted to say thank you very much this last year has been very challenging. I didn’t get to say goodbye to my teaching career. But I couldn’t ask for a better admin team to work with that Frederick high school. I don’t have family here tonight. But my husband is also one who was very understanding about the time it takes to be an administrator at a high school and also be going for your doctorate degree at the same time. And he’s a wonderful man who’s also been in education for 20 years. I would like to thank Brian young specifically, very much for all of his help and guidance this year if it wasn’t for him. I learned more in the last year than I probably have in the last 10 years about what it’s like to be a leader and truly understand how to lead not just students but adults. And I’m super excited to work with Dr. Foxx because he was my next door neighbor this year and I could just yell out questions from my desk and he was more than willing to help me with everything that goes along with being a dean. So I’m excited for the new leadership position. It was unexpected, but it’s one of those things that you say, once you get used to the idea you’re super excited. And I do love Frederick. Frederick is a very special community with very special kids, and a very special team of teachers and admin. So thank you very much. I appreciate this opportunity. Congratulations.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:08
And I’m going to have Terrell Smith and Kim come up. Last but not least, I’d like to introduce you. Miss Terrell Smith is the Assistant Principal for Erie Middle School. And joining Terrell Today is her principal Kim watry. So Miss Smith graduated from Nebraska Wesleyan University with a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and English with a minor in secondary education. She continued her education at New Mexico State University, where she received her master’s degree in curriculum and instruction with a specialization in teasle. Miss Smith also received her principal licensure from the University of Colorado at Denver. For the past two years Miss Smith has been the Dean of Students at Fairview High School in Boulder Valley School District, where she supervised school activities was responsible for attendance to discipline for all students and built a home and Scott built the home at school partnerships in support of student success from 2018 to two 2018 Miss Smith was an ELD teacher at nyuad High School. And prior to that she was an ELD teacher and Spanish teacher at Boulder high school from 2017 to 2018, and 2014 to 2016, respectively. Miss Smith has also been on the on site on site coordinator for adult basic basic education GED program, and a middle school teacher. So

Unknown Speaker 1:15:28
thank you. I want to thank the board and Dr. Her dad and Dr. Capuchin for this opportunity.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:34
It’s been quite a challenging you year with everything that’s been going on, I look so forward to being able to join the Erie middle school team and help support Kim and her great team out there. And I’m very, very happy to be back in St. frame. So thank you. Congratulations,

Unknown Speaker 1:15:59
Todd, thank you for those introductions. And congratulations to everyone on your new role in the district. JOHN, that brings us to agenda item seven, which is the superintendent report.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:10
Yeah, well, I was gonna talk about some of the hiring. But that’s been done. But I really I’m going to just leave it at a very short report with two students, former students that we’re very proud of Valerie Allman and Elise cranny you might remember those names. They’re two recent graduates from the St. vrain Valley schools. And Valerie was the Olympic trial winner trials winner. And so we’ll be representing the United States in the discus as the the number one American in their in her sport. And then Elise cranny. She also was the top winner in the Olympic tryouts and she will be going to Tokyo as well as the top American in her sport. So those are two and ironically, not too far apart between Silver Creek and nyuad High School. So you know, it’s when we see all these state championships that our children have been winning the teams, both teams and individuals for the last several years. They’ve gone on to do some pretty incredible things. So very proud of those two. Thanks, Dan.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:17
Appreciate it. And brings us to our reports this evening, which is ended in item six and 6.1. Specifically, is the district financial statements for May 2021. Greg, the board and you met prior to the meeting we met at 530 during the meeting technically at 530 to discuss the financial statements. Yeah, so

Unknown Speaker 1:17:39
we covered them fairly in depth, I would say that we’re right where we would expect to be based off the amended budget. And so you know, we continue to continue to monitor the community schools and their nutrition service programs primarily because of the lack the lack of participation early in the year when we’re in Rome remote learning to to the pandemic.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:05
Thank you. Appreciate it. All right. Agenda item seven begins our consent items do board members wish to pull any of the consent items this evening. All right. With that, then I would entertain a motion for approval for agenda items 7.1 approval of waiver from liability insurance requirement for Frederick High School Education Foundation. Approval of waiver from live pardon me 7.2. Approval of waiver from liability insurance requirement for Longmont High School Education Foundation 7.3 approval of waiver from liability insurance requirement for skyline High School Education Foundation 7.4. approval to accept Every Student Succeeds Act SSA federal consolidated grant funds for fiscal year 2122 7.5. Approval of Superintendent contract 7.6 adoption of resolution to appropriate funds for Superintendent contract 7.7 approval of recommendation to hire principal for Frederick High School 7.8 approval of recommendation to hire principal for Meade High School 7.9. Approval of recommendation to hire assistant principal for a middle school seven point 10 approval and recommendation to hire assistant principal for Frederick High School. seven point 11 approval of change order three to Lyons middle senior high school auditorium addition and renovation project seven point 12 approval of change order to to the general construction contract for the chiller replacement project at Northridge elementary school seven point 13 approval of change order to to the general construction contract for the chiller replacement project at Longmont estates elementary school and seven point 14 approval of architects selection for the global acceleration campus branding project I’m so moved by Jim. Second by Karen and Karen, can you please call for the vote?

Unknown Speaker 1:20:07
Mr. Arens is absent? Mr. Berthold? Yes. Mr. Garcia? Yes. Dr. martyr? Yes. Miss Pierce is absent Miss Ragland? Yes, Miss siegrist.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:17
I thank you, Karen. Agenda Item eight begins our action items. 8.1 is a recommendation for the adoption of the superintendent’s budget all funds for fiscal year 2022. Welcome, Tony. You’ve been here frequently to discuss the budget budget over the past several weeks.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:42
That’s right. Good evening, members of the board. This recommendation is for the adoption of the superintendent’s proposed budget for St. vrain Valley schools for the 2021 22 fiscal year. I know we’ve seen each other on this budget for a number of times, some of you more than others four to six times, I think by this point. But as expected, and as predicted this budget has been revised once more somewhat compared to the version brought forward most recently at the public hearing at the last board meeting on June 9. This budget summary was also shared with our Finance and Audit Committee on Monday, where they were given a brief overview of these changes. I would first like to provide the board with three primary changes to the general fund budget compared to our study session two weeks ago, and then give a brief recap of where we finally landed compared to fy 21. In light of all these changes, so the version of the budget brought forward at the public hearing on June 9 contained to spend down reserves in the amount of $25.4 million. While it had a complete picture of compensation changes as a result of the completed negotiations with the St. vrain Valley Education Association. It only contained revenue estimates for total program due to the belated passage of the school finance act. So the first item I would like to mention in these changes is that this version now reflects the final the final school finance act revenue numbers as passed by the legislature, incorporation of this change resulted in an increase in revenue of approximately $3.3 million, which is net of the portion we allocate to our charter schools. The second change to this version, compared to the most previous version is a result of information that the weld county assessor’s office shared with us regarding the impact of the pandemic on oil and gas production this past year, and how it affects our assessed valuation and corresponding mill levy override revenue. They shared with us that the decrease in the weld county portion of our AV is anticipated to decrease by 2.74%. If you recall, we had included in our previous budget version, a conservatively estimated 5% decrease in AV and that was across all counties. So as weld county only accounts for about 45% of our Av. And Boulder County has a lower concentration of oil and gas activity. We feel confident in revising that, that estimate upwards and resulting in another 1.6 million and increased revenue compared to the budget we brought that brought forward on June 9. Finally, there was also last minute expenditure approvals in the amount of $1.7 million incorporated into this budget partially offsetting the aforementioned increases in revenues. These expenditures included such items such as additional telecommunications needs, resources for support services for the opening of Highlands elementary impacts on coaching compensation as a result of negotiations and additional FTA for various instructional needs across the district. As a result of these changes, the budget before you this evening contains a lower spend down of reserves of $22.2 million

Unknown Speaker 1:23:43
as opposed to the 25.4 as previously presented. Now, as I mentioned earlier, while I provided info on the changes compared to the previous version brought forward the last public hearing, I thought I ought to give a final recap on where we landed compared to the current FYI 21 year now that all the volatility and all these changes are finally settled down. Our current fy 21 budget had a spend down of $19.9 million. And compared to that spending plan we are anticipated to budget and increase in revenue in the amount of $16.8 million overall compared to the current year budget. as well. We are anticipating increases and expenditures in the amount of $19.1 million. Those two changes combined are what bring us to the current budget it’s been down to fund balance reserve the 22 point 2 million. The overall anticipated general fund revenue next year is expected to be almost 363 and a half million dollars, which when combined with the use of reserves will fund an expenditure budget of $385.8 million. This budget would result in the spin down of reserves from approximately 141 point 6 million to $119.4 million. That is about 30.9% of budgeted expenditures. And again a reminder this number is before any mid year amendments amendments to the budget which we’ll be bringing forward in January, as well as before any potential outperformance compared to the budget. Aside from the general fund, the 11 of the other 11 funds combined account for an additional $178 million in planned expenditures. The budgeted revenues and expenditures for each of these other funds can be found in the subsequent pages of the published document. Finally, the overall appropriation brought to the board tonight, which can be found on page six comprises all of the resources for all 12 funds in the district, both anticipated revenues, as well as all reserves. This represents the totality of the district’s resources for the coming year, whether budgeted to be spent or not. This combined appropriation is approximately $804.6 million. Since the public hearing, the finance office has not received any subsequent Comments or questions from the public regarding the proposed budget. But as usual, be my pleasure to answer any questions by the board at this time.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:02
Thank you, Tony. Appreciate it. So the board has reviewed the budget in detail at a study session more than once, actually two consecutive study sessions. And then we also did discuss it at the last two regular meetings. Is that correct? And then the Finance and Audit Committee has been along every step of the way. Karen, you attended that you met on Monday and reviewed the budget as well. And there were no concerns. All right. Any other questions or concerns from board members this evening? Dick.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:34
Just say, I guess the question and maybe a comment after that. As I looked through the budget, it was well, first of all, I really appreciate the detail and clarity with which the various expenses and revenue items were presented. And I was particularly interested in the in the final budget for salary and benefits for our very hard working teachers and staff. And I was wondering if you could share the summary of the total amount or the average amount of salary and benefit increase that we’re providing in this in this budget as proposed? Sure. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:21
So this budget, as proposed tonight, contains the the the results of the negotiations with the st. Green Valley Education Association, that compensation package is approximately $14.1 million, I believe, an increase in expenditures, and that’s paying for an additional $1,000 on the base and our salary schedule. Plus the step, plus some structural changes to the salary schedule to accommodate some of the desires of the negotiations process also results in a 5.78% average increase for all the other employee groups. And that totality of the salaries and benefits impacted by that is incorporated in this budget.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:07
thank thank you very much. 5.78% is a significant, I think, increase for our employees. And I think, in part recognizes the tremendous work that they have done as part of our part of our district, both for our students and communities during the last year and a half. So I’m very supportive, of course of that and want to just to call out that, in fact, we are investing in further investing in our teachers and staff in the way in which they have invested in us over the years.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:51
Thanks, sick. Any other board member comments or questions? All right, Tony. Thank you. Please pass along our appreciation to the finance department. This has been a particularly challenging year with many different scenarios that were brand new to the district. We appreciate you managing everything. We’ll do that you’re welcome so responsibly and successfully without I would entertain a motion for approval of action item 8.1. so moved by deck and a second by second gem

Unknown Speaker 1:29:27
sorry, call for the roll. Mr. Arens is absent Mr. Berthold. Yes. Mr. Garcia? Yes. Dr. martyr? Yes. Pierce is absent Miss Ragland? Yes, Miss siegrist. I

Unknown Speaker 1:29:38
thanks, Karen. action item 8.2 is a recommendation for approval of vendors providing purchase services over $100,000 for fiscal year 2022 2020 22. Yes. And Greg, this is something that we routinely see from you.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:54
Yes, absolutely. We do it every year, this time of year and there’s two reasons one is the fact that You have to appropriate the budget, which you guys just did before we can we can put this put this forward board policy dJ dJ a specifies that the board must approve any purchase over 100,000 from a particular vendor. We have many of those types of vendors. And we also don’t have a board meeting until the second week of August. And so we need to have this approval tonight because there are several vendors that we need to pay between now and August. This just streamlines the process so that you guys don’t have to approve these individually.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:42
Thank you. Any questions or comments from board members on their proposition? All right, then I would entertain a motion for approval for action item 8.2. so moved by Chico second by Karen.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:56
And Mr. Owens is absent Mr. Bercow? Yes. Mr. Garcia? Yes. Dr. martyr? Yes. Miss Pierce is absent Miss Ragland? Yes, Miss Seacrest I

Unknown Speaker 1:31:07
action item eight point, Greg, you have quite a roll here. action item item 8.3 is a recommendation for approval of vendors providing purchased goods over $100,000 for fiscal year 2022. And again, this is something that we routinely see from you

Unknown Speaker 1:31:23
is very similar to the previous agenda item only it’s for goods as opposed to the previous one was purchase services.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:31
Questions or comments from the board? deck where you can ask a question. This is a point two. We’re on a point three point so yeah, okay. Okay. All right. There are no questions. I would entertain a motion for approval for 8.3. so moved by Jim second. Karen.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:55
Mr. Owens is absent Mr. Berthold? Yes. Mr. Garcia? Yes. Dr. Murder? Yes, Miss Spears is absent Miss Ragland? Yes, Miss Seacrest. I

Unknown Speaker 1:32:05
actually item 8.3. A part of me 8.4 is a recommendation for the approval of List of requests to grant exception to board policy GB e a staff ethics conflict of interest for fiscal year 2022.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:21
Thank you. So board policy, chibi EA states that no school district employee or firm owned by a school district employee shall be allowed to sell to the district or schools or staff goods or services of any kind without express prior consent, written consent of the Board of Education. The people that are listed in on this sheet are people that were approved either many years ago or just recently, as recently as this past year. We treat them very seriously, we keep them under $5,000. Or they have to come back to the board. We also put stipulations on them based off the types of goods or services that they’re providing. And so we would continue that process with these people is just kind of streamlining it so that it gets approved at one time because you have seen all of these previously, and it’s approving them for next year.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:19
Thank you. And just say just to confirm, as we are up re approving this list that we’ve seen before. Has there been any substantive changes in the work that the these individuals would be undertaking? No, there has not. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:38
Without I would entertain a motion for approval of action item 8.4. So moved. Second, sorry.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:48
And Mr. Owens is absent Mr. Bertha? Yes, miss? Mr. Garcia? Yes. Dr. martyr? Yes. raglin. Yes, Miss Seacrest I

Unknown Speaker 1:33:58
action item 8.5 is a recommendation for approval of request to grant an exception to board policy GB EA staff ethics conflict of interest for Barry young.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:09
Yes. So again, back to board policy. GB a very young is the husband of Mindy young, a teacher at Indian peaks Elementary School. He’s a sound technician and will be providing services, including but not limited to filming, editing and producing performances at various locations, primarily community schools, but other schools may reach out. And so we’re asked we’re recommending approval for this again, as long as he stays underneath the $5,000 limit. And and again, this is for the rest of this year. His name was on the list for next year. So but this is a very This is a new one. So we’re bringing it separately for this year.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:54
Thanks, Greg. All right, no comments. Then I would entertain a motion Send for approval for action item 8.5.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:03
Some of Chico second and Karen. Karen. Oh, I’m so sorry. I’m falling asleep at the wheel here. Okay. Mr. Owens is absent. Mr. Berthold? Yes. Dr. Mr. Garcia? Yes. Dr. martyr? Yes. Miss Pierce is absent Ms. Ragland? Yes, Miss siegrist. I

Unknown Speaker 1:35:37
thank you, Karen. action item 8.6 is a recommendation for an adoption of resolution and oath for the appointment of designated election official. And, Greg, my understanding that you’ve agreed to serve in that capacity again? Yes, I have. Great. And so can you just briefly explain what, what it means to fulfill that role?

Unknown Speaker 1:35:58
Yeah, the uniform election code requires that the designated election official be formally appointed by the Board of Education. And so we have, I have to sign an oath of designated election official. But you’re going to F if you approve this, you’re going to be talking next about having me entered into agreements with the four counties. But this this authorizes me to do that to to enter into an intergovernmental agreement with each of the respective counties.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:34
Thank you, we appreciate you for serving in that capacity. Again. If there are no questions about that role, I would entertain a motion for approval for action item 8.6. So moved.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:47
Second, and Mr. And is absent. Mr. Berthold? Yes. Mr. Garcia? Yes. Dr. martyr? Yes. Ms. Pierce is absent. Ms. Ragland? Yes, Miss siegrist. Aye.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:04
action item 8.7 is a recommendation for approval of the official notice of intent for St. Brain Valley School District to participate in the November 2 2021, coordinated election. And this, Greg would be the reason why we appointed you as the designated election official.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:21
Correct. And you’re doing the official notice of intent, because we have to notify the school district or the school district has to notify the counties by July 23. This is the last meeting prior to that. So we need to state that we we have an intent to hold the election. Even if we get later on. Something happens. But I just need to have permission to notify the counties that we intend to participate in the November 2 election.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:49
Great on the timeline on that as you notify them by July 23. And then the district does formally open a call for individuals to come forward and run for those seats on August 4. Correct. Great. And then the election would be on November 2. Absolutely. Great. Thank you. I would entertain a motion for approval. If there are no questions or comments then for action item 8.7. So moved. Chico. Second, and Jim.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:20
And Mr. Barnes is absent Mr. Berthold? Yes. Mr. Garcia? Yes. Dr. martyr? Yes. Miss Pierce is absent Miss Raglan? Yes, Miss siegrist. I

Unknown Speaker 1:38:30
thank you, Karen. Greg, appreciate it. Oh, you’re up here for the next one. Right. Okay. Sorry about that action item 8.8 is a recommendation for approval of ID IE a funding eligibility certification.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:43
Yeah, so we receive federal funding for the individuals with disabilities exemptions act. And that’s through the federal government. But the Colorado Department of Education has monitoring oversight. And one of the things that they are required to do is to verify that we are spending at least as much money in the current year as we spent or for next year, from a budgetary point of view, as we spent last year. And so this form just allows us to confirm how much is in our budget for maintenance of effort, which means that we’re spending at least as much as we did the year before. So we have our budgeted number. We have our actuals from last year. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:27
I just have a question. So the the amount that we’re seeing under under the state and local level, that’s a consolidated number that includes for the amount requested, we have one number but it’s not broken out for the local amounts. Do they only require that one is the 35 925

Unknown Speaker 1:39:56
That’s the important one because that’s what shows what are categorical More money that we get from the state is including what we spend. That is an unfunded mandate. Right? I mean, it’s an unfunded mandate from the federal government. And so this is just showing you kind of how much we’re using of our local and state funding in order to provide special education services to our students.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:19
So where it’s broken out, that’s what we’ve we are spending.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:23
Yeah, the 26.1 would be what our budget is, that’s not accounted for from income from the state.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:30
Thank you. Yeah, that’s exactly what I was asking.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:34
That’s a good clarification. Thanks to appreciate it. Anybody else? Alright, with that, I would entertain a motion then for action item 8.8 8.8. So moved.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:49
Second, and Mr. Arens is absent Mr. Berthold? Yes. Mr. Garcia? Yes. Dr. Murder? Yes. Mrs. Ragland? Yes, Miss siegrist.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:02
As stated at the beginning of the meeting, we did actually convene at 4pm this evening with a roll call and a pledge of allegiance, as well as voting on action item 8.9. So that brings us to the end of our meeting this evening. We will be convening again here in the Board of Education room for a special meeting, executive session tomorrow on June 24. And again on July 2, and then we will reconvene for a regular board of education meeting in August. That will be Wednesday, August 11. At 6pm. I would entertain a motion please for adjournment. So moved. And all in favor. Aye. Aye. Good night, everyone.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:49
Thank you. Yes against federal law. Know