AIPP Commission Meeting – May 20, 2021

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AIPP Commission Meeting – May 20, 2021

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Unknown Speaker 0:00
So we do need to call our meeting to order. We have a roll call. And because of zoom, I can simply go by our wonderful names. So I have Laurel, I have Angela I had Pamela. I have Trisha. I have Holly. Cindy. Noah. Peter. Danielle. Aaron, Randy. Jennifer. I Ay, ay, ay. I’m sorry, I messed that up. I apologize. Can you clarify your pronunciation of her name? Lacey? Eileen and Eve Lacey. Pauline. Okay, that would be helpful. Thank you, Joanne, Eileen, Pamela, Kim, and Marsha. Thank you all for being here today. And we would like to have our public to invite to be heard if they’re there. I I’m Eve Lacey. I’m currently the chairman of the museum Advisory Council. And I talked to Angeles, I’m and I thought it’d be very interesting to listen to your meeting. So thank you for letting me do that. Right. We’re happy to have you here. Please let us know if you have any questions. And we want to answer those. So thank you very much. Thank you. Um, I have reviewed them and it’s Has everybody else? And if so, we need to approve those with any corrections. So initially, do we have any corrections to the minutes? Andy? Going once, as there being no corrections to the minutes, I would like to have someone move that we approve the minutes from our wonderful. April 15. Meeting. I was not in attendance. I apologize. My son was getting married. Um, so do we all move? So move. Thank you. So do I do need a second? Second it? Right. Ah, we had Peter and Laurel at the same time? No, one of you I’m sure. Right. Thank you. All. All in favor say aye. Aye. All opposed. And our minutes from April 15 passes. And are there any other additions? Besides? I know, we have a couple from Angela. But are there any additions that we need to add for our agenda today?

Unknown Speaker 3:10
The only change that I would like to make is to strike nine see Boston bridge elevations. And we’ll revisit that next month,

Unknown Speaker 3:20
which I will probably forget but Angela knows that so thanks. Okay. Excellent. Um, so we are on to a big, big time, commission seats nominating and committee task force for recommendations. And we’re losing a few people and so it’s time to elect and nominate those folks.

Unknown Speaker 3:50
So I’ll speak on behalf of the nominating committee since I was a part of the nominating committee. And we would like to put forth the following Olympics slate. And our recommendation is Holly chairperson, Randy, Vice Chair, Aaron, Secretary, NOAA treasurer, and we hope that you’ll pass this slate with me anybody like to make a motion to pass the slate as presented

Unknown Speaker 4:38
on motion to pass this latest presented.

Unknown Speaker 4:41
So are there any objections? All right prior to that, do we have an indiscretion? Is there anybody who would like to discuss our nominations

Unknown Speaker 5:01
Alright, so I do believe we have to vote for one officer at a time. So the nominations are for Holly brandish lane to become Chair of the AIP commission of Longmont, Colorado. So I would like to put that forward. Are there any objections or discussion? All right, so then we can do an all in favor. All right. I’m all opposed. Holly, in this non ceremonial moment, I would like to pass you the hammer. Well done. Well done. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 5:53
Thank you for passing me that hammer. Amy. I am just super excited to see what we’re gonna do going forward with art in public places. And I will just say that, in terms of Amy’s participation as chair and over the years, that there will always remain a place in aipp toolbox for Amy.

Unknown Speaker 6:20
Yes, indeed. Can I have a screw and not a hammer? Thank you. And I promise I won’t ever use this to hit anybody. We’ll just use it to build the build the commission. Very good. Hey,

Unknown Speaker 6:41
Angela, do we have any other officers that we need to install? I believe we do have Noah and Randy has something to say. Yeah. Do I get a little ceremony? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 7:01
Randy, would you please remain holding on to this screwdriver, but assists assist?

Unknown Speaker 7:09
With my Home Depot apron, we will need to build the aipp Commission. And I actually did work here. This is my own well done. very consistent team that we have.

Unknown Speaker 7:30
Please continue to measure and keep us building in the right direction. Got notes. I’ve got to do props, you guys. But yes. My one example of the measure of success, I hope that we achieved moving forward. Right now. And Noah, if you accept this nomination, welcome to the committee. Would you like to try and keep us? Because I’m working real hard on it. This is on its way to you, buddy. If If you are Yeah, sorry. I accept this level.

Unknown Speaker 8:23
So actually, I do believe we have to vote on folks individually. Oh, we’ve already voted on and accepted Holly. If I am correct, so we need to vote on our next office, which is Randy, Vice Chair which is Randy. So all in favor of having Randy continue as our Vice Chair, please raise your hand. And if you’re not there, you need to put that in the chat. Please if you have an opposition. Okay. All opposed. Awesome. Randy is continuing to be our co chair. Thank you very, very, very much. All right. So now we have to move to our treasurer and Secretary. So we’re going to go ahead and move with Noah. And Noah has accepted this nomination and it’s very fearless and difficult and challenging but he’s still here. So I would like to move that someone move that we nominate Noah. All in favor of no up being Chair of the art and public places. Care over. There’s your treasure at the art and public places. All opposed. Noah passes.

Unknown Speaker 10:02
Well, welcome. Thanks. I accept this new level of responsibility.

Unknown Speaker 10:08
And I do believe we, we, we kind of plugged Aaron in there at the last minute. Do we need to do anything with Aaron Angela? So Aaron has served as a faithful secretary, and she has willing to stay on. Thank you, Karen. So we did a nomination and real quickly of Aaron being our secretary. I do. Okay, Laura. Yeah. All right. So Laura has nominated Aaron to continue to be our secretary. All in favor, Aye. All opposed. Excellent. Thank you, Aaron, for your service. Thank you. Thank you, Aaron. Err, I’m Angela, what we have next.

Unknown Speaker 10:59
Thanks to you. And as well to our friend Andrea, who I do not see President at the moment. Um, I hope she hops on. But, um, you, Amy has served diligently, what two years in the chair position and a full six at least years in two terms and welcomed me with open arms during a transition handled hell of the year, I’m sorry, but a hell of a year and kept us together and positive in this Brady Bunch wackadoodle family commission that we have going on. So there is something that will be in the mail for you. And I wish I could give it to you in person. But in the meantime, we we hope that you will continue to stay and and guide creative culture and what we’re working on and park continue to participate. But also enjoy your time off having handed over there. Because without you, we wouldn’t be able to build without the foundation, we wouldn’t be able to build what we’re working on. So thank you, thank you.

Unknown Speaker 12:15
You know, I’m a speech teacher. So I won’t give a speech. But each and every one of you has had a huge impact on me, then now, I only known you for a short amount of time, but your kindness and your heart and appreciate you YouTube, you’ve both been. But this commission has changed my life. I think I’ve shared with Angela I came into here thinking I was gonna change the whole world and make everybody give money to homeless people. But then I realized that the money we do and what we do gives the homeless people and having a beautiful community and having an art as a part of our community is essential. And I hope you will continue to implant inclusivity and diversity, which remind missions into our community. I hope you will continue to elect folks of color and you will look at how Longmont is demographically placed. And now I will sheshe and thank you for a beautiful time. It’s been a quick Cheers. Holly is going to kick some butt. That’s all I have to say. And I promise I will not say any more. Much love.

Unknown Speaker 13:30
I’m giving you a standing ovation. I’m giving I’m giving you a round of applause you still get a finish out this meeting though you don’t get off that I know I’m Can I go now.

Unknown Speaker 13:47
Um, so thank you, everyone. And let’s talk about the creative district. Town Hall pilot.

Unknown Speaker 13:59
Alright, let’s give it a try. Jennifer.

Unknown Speaker 14:02
Okay. Um, I know I’m good. I for some reason that I’m sorry, I wasn’t on it roll call. But I am here. I’m on my phone tonight. So but it’s working good. So I attended the creative district town hall meeting, which was the first actual in person meeting that I had gone to in quite a while and I’m sure many other people too. So it was kind of a unfamiliar process at first, but it was very fun. It was at the roost in the backroom of the roost and, and it was very well facilitated. And there were two groups that talked about the kind of brainstormed about what we wanted to do or what was important about the creative district. And the the two biggest things I would say, well, the biggest points that I took away from it were that people Want to make sure that there’s more information about the creative district and that it just needs to be talked about, people need to be educated it need to be promoted. And the other thing is that I found and I do believe this is true for my own experience too, is that people really really like living in Longmont and are very happy to be here and love being part of the creative community and have a lot of ideas about how to move out, move, create the creative difference out of just the actual physical district too. So that was spent. And then the other thing is that the that there was a real desire to have a bigger Performing Arts space. And that seems to be a lot of people were talking about that and wanting to have a bigger venue so that we could have more touring acts or entertainment or whatever. So, and this was interesting to me, because I hadn’t really thought about it too much before, but it kind of went into the next thing, which I did attend the museum expansion orientation to and there is the plans for a bigger auditorium at the museum. That’s part of the expansion there. So um, you know, the biggest from what I can tell the biggest venues that we have here for performing arts are the dekins. And the museum. And both are pretty small. And the high school has a big auditorium, but it’s always booked up for something very hard to get

Unknown Speaker 16:34
me is. So Jennifer, and the symphony, and many of our other organizations use bands brand. Dance brand, the symphony band spread every performance. Okay. So I would be aware of that. And for the history of that, I would encourage you to contact Kay Lloyd. She’s a great friend of mine, but they have been using Vance brand for a long time, right, Peter,

Unknown Speaker 17:02
I can, I can fill you in on that if you want to know a little more about it. This brand was originally jointly operated by the city. That’s why it was called bench grand Civic Auditorium. But that is no longer the case. It’s entirely a school district facility. And because of the original agreement, the symphony is grandfathered in, so that they continue to have access to that hall for those dates. But it’s not. It’s hardly available to anyone else, because it’s a school district facility. And this grant will use all the dates that they need, and they need ever more as their programs grow. So it’s simply not going to be realistically available for any community groups and other groups beyond the symphony.

Unknown Speaker 17:57
So Angela, may I call on you, so we can move this through quickly? Um, anything that we should worry about there?

Unknown Speaker 18:05
Yeah, Kim, has her hand raised. And I do think that this is a little offline. But certainly going back to the creative district feasibility study coming out, it doesn’t surprise me that that was a very activated conversation, and certainly the beginning of many. So, Kim, you have your hand up? Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 18:24
just want to make it clear that in the efforts that we’re doing at the museum, we really are just looking at possibilities. We’re working, working, working through a novel feasibility study, but a master planning process where we’re looking at the needs that we have the needs of, you know, the clearly the, there was a feasibility study that was conducted through Johnson consulting, and that came, it was presented to city council, gosh, no, this is two months ago or more. And essentially, what they said is that they suggested two phases of Performing Arts, that for Phase One would be 12 150 seat facility, and they even suggested a location which is called steam. And it’s, it’s a development that is supposed to be going down by the the River Corridor, if you will. And then the phase two was a 500 seat facility. And so the museum kind of under the direction of the city manager, because quite honestly, this is really just being opportunistic because we were already going through a master planning process. The city manager asked us to include the face to the 500 seat facility in our planning process. There are no conclusions here. We really are just looking at the feasibility of it and whether or not it would be possible. Parking is is a big issue. So we don’t know for sure that we’ll even be able to do it because of parking codes. And so I just want that to be clear that that we aren’t actually, it’s not a done deal that we are planning on building a performing arts center, we are just investigating the possibilities. So I just wanted that to be clear. And and also those those were supposed to be launching soon a engage Longmont survey. And so you would be able to participate in that and give us some feedback, which is essentially what Jennifer participated in that it was basically the digital version of it is going to be on engaged Longmont and we will have a member event where you can again, see the boards that Jennifer saw on June the third, so you can kind of check that out and give us some feedback. If you want to do that. That’s from five to seven. So you guys are all welcome to join us for that if you want to. So let me know if you have any other questions about that?

Unknown Speaker 20:59
Well, I certainly don’t want to speak out of turn, because I don’t know everything by any means. I guess the main thing I just wanted to report is that in this sort of brainstorming session of the creative district that there that was one thing that people did mention is a performing arts, the possibility that Longmont might have a performing arts center that would be bigger or more available or whatever. So that was true. And and Yes, thank you, Kim, for clarifying all that. Right, we have any more feedback on that.

Unknown Speaker 21:37
Um, I would like to add to what Peter said, Unless something has changed in the last five days. The grandfathering of the symphony orchestra is over because the symphony can’t get any can’t get any dates, until August makes their season very problematic. So I just wanted everyone to know that in terms of considering these future plans and their importance, because Vance brand seems to be not even available to the symphony orchestra anymore.

Unknown Speaker 22:22
And Marsha, I would encourage us all to like support that. Hey, Lloyd is a good friend of mine. And I know things are changing. They’re, um, I don’t know. How are we can this commission can help, but I’m sure you will encourage them. And let us know because the symphony is very important to the entire cultural aspect of Longmont. So I’m sure, yes, Angela.

Unknown Speaker 22:49
I would just say that the reason to for the creative district Town Hall, and certainly more is that these are the opportunities for us to spread news and talk about creativity in Longmont, right, because it’s not just one thing. And it’s not just one performance, it’s all performing arts and all visual arts. So what we can do as a commission is when we see opportunities to go and participate is just trying to spread the word because we all know that through those grassroots efforts of trying to get the word out about what is going on, and all of the possibilities that we just try and disseminate that. So I will be certain that as all of these different things come online, to send them to you and just encourage you to pass them along. So I think for this conversation, that’s

Unknown Speaker 23:36
maybe the best way forward, unless something I would encourage you all of this is at point of interest to you that you get involved. And email, Marcia, email a symphony board, it’s important to you then go forward with that. So if it’s okay with everyone, I would like to go ahead and move on to our budget overview because it’s a big one. That okay with everyone. Marsha, did you have anything more? And no, that was it. I lowered

Unknown Speaker 24:20
my hand and yes, please do write to me and I I’m a big supporter of the performing arts center. So I Congratulations, Marcia on your big announcement. Oh, thank you. All right, I’m going to share my screen and without further ado, our new Treasurer Noah and I have been meeting and talking about ways to disseminate this information. So we’re gonna do a big overview first and go from there. So hopefully, you all are able to see that Peter, you’re on the top. Can you see it? Yep. Okay, great. Go for it. No.

Unknown Speaker 25:11
Thanks. So yeah, as treasurer, I’m trying to wrap my head around our entire economic picture here. And so the first thing I guess we’re going to discuss is how the public places commission gets its money to do with it, what we do. We typically work off of capital improvement projects, anything that the city is building physical infrastructure, or construction projects that cost more than $50,000, we get 1% of that estimated construction cost. And then it follows through the entire project and lands on whatever the actual number is, we get 1% of that construction cost total that goes into the PPS budget. And we use it for the selection, acquisition, display maintenance of public art, and to encourage the public to engage with that art in one way or another. And what is the here? So these are the actual numbers, right? Whoops. So from what we have here, we have our typical expenses and their associated costs under budget. And then we’re, what’s the last one, Angela. And then this is the full amount that we’ve, we have budgeted to pay for artwork itself, including chalk art, and any I forget what it’s called the acquisitions like our good friend, Ursa Major. And assets, assets, right? collection. And I believe, yeah, so we started turtle down the bottom is about 206,000, or 207,000, in the last year or so. And if I remember, right, our total that we have in the bank is about 1.3 million, which is pretty awesome. And as I understand it, we try to budget that since we already know the construction estimates for major city projects over the next five years or so we can guess, an estimate what our budget is going to be. And budget appropriately for all of our expenditures and big projects and things like that.

Unknown Speaker 28:09
I guess this is me is just to explain that this year was my first year and going through the budget process, the budget process for art and public places, happens at the same time. And so in line with the city process. And there are some Civ projects that are exempt. But for the most part, it’s anything you know, any construction doll or any project over 50,000 with a construction line item there. Sometimes it’s like 17 bucks, and sometimes it’s more so obviously, in the last number of years with the flood, that’s how that fund balance got so high. And that’s what as those construction projects are now coming to an end, it’s our job to work on that, that fund balance. And so that too, is why I am here in full full time position. And and because we have opportunities to get these, this fund taken care of and back to kind of that the revenue and the annual budget are more aligned. So just to give you have an idea of the current projects that are underway, these are anything that really has some legs, if you will, over the past couple of years. And the potential or things that we have talked about, like we know that we’re going to have to move gather enough people. Well, as soon as Army Corps of Engineer cars comes back, that maintenance and repair line item is going to have to increase significantly because that’s where it’ll fall. So as these projects come in line, then they’re accounted for in the budget appropriately. Like the state highway 66 is something that sustainability and transportation have come to me saying you can see this it’s going to be coming down the pipeline so as they get underway They’ll contact us. So that’s in a normal year. That’s how that process will happen. Does anybody I imagine have, oh, here’s our collaboration. I was just going to point out that, obviously, these projects span all through the city. Right? So parks department, we work with development and planning. And we work with external partners like that. Boulder County Housing Authority, Kaufmann project, right, that there’s an opportunity to work with them. So Sister cities, Boulder County neighborhoods LDA, we really work with a lot of different partners across so I imagine that there are questions. Oh, and the one thing that we didn’t say no, what is that? Our big bad goal is to of course, provide a spreadsheet with those big bucket categories like supplies and things broken down into an actual probably on a quarterly.

Unknown Speaker 31:07
Yeah, I think that would be great if we could present a rolling total of what our budget is and what our you know, expired expenses are what we can project in the future, etc. Does anyone have any questions?

Unknown Speaker 31:34
questions, questions? I think is pretty straightforward. I mean, what we’re doing and how the money’s coming in and going out so detailed budget would be nice. Definitely that I understand what what’s going on so.

Unknown Speaker 31:53
So I would like to congratulate Noah and Angela, this is not an easy thing to go through. And Noah being a new timer to this, so give Noah random applause Thank you, Noah. You guys are awesome. Amazing. Um, and as with all online things, I always lose things. There we go. All right. Um, anything else that we need to go over there? Okay, so it looks like we’re moving on to the public art project updates are on the move 2021 Is that correct? Angela? I guess so. Cuz she just put the PowerPoint out. Hear me when I’m muted. Okay, so, um, thank you everyone who participated virtually in the selection and to give your first round. Every one of you every Commissioner participated online which I’m going to chalk that up as like massive success 100% is is awesome. So thank you because I think that that really got us started off on the right foot. And then of course we met digitally to go through the shortlist and this is the final list. And the first work is protector. protector is 1700 pounds and that includes the granite stone and of the Colorado marble art and I’m sorry rather Arden on the move. A taskforce will get together to talk to me about locations and some of the installation the installation details. This sucker is going to need a crane and we have crane use for a couple other things that we had to take out. So we’ll work together on that but a beautiful beautiful piece. The second work that was selected is I believe it’s new work. It’s acrylic and aluminum and what you can’t tell from this is I believe that there’s some translucent qualities here because this is obviously a model so it’s only 45 pounds, but it’s acrylic and aluminum and is 66 high so it’s pretty you know pretty tall. Very interesting Calla and under the lovers Moon is a steel piece that’s 12 and a half feet tall. Really excited about seeing this piece come in as well. Molly which is steel and apoxie. She’s 120 pounds and a little larger taller than life size. So that’ll be lots of fun. Wild Ones which is glazed ceramic steel and cement board. I’ve actually seen this in person and it is lovely. It is absolutely lovely. And the last election was music, which is hand forged steel and glass. And sadly, this artist has placed this work in Kansas City just a week and a half ago. So we get to move I know there, it’s just, it’s actually it’s a real bummer. So we will be installing our first alternate, which is mid century mini cacti, which is metal, concrete mosaic glass. And it’s a really tall piece. If for some reason I have not received confirmation on this, if for some reason this piece is not available, we will go to our second alternate, which is spirit set free. So those conversations are underway, I still have not put the artists here because we are not under contract. This just finalized last week. But I have every reason to think that this is going to be completely copacetic with risk. Looks good. All the artists have been fairly responsive, so I feel good about moving forward. And then the word artwork that was selected for 2d display. Again, you’ll recall that it’s the Safety and Justice Center that we are addressing, it’s the 16 foot long wall and it’s eight, about eight and a half feet high. And the artist was charged to treat the entire area. And the artwork that was selected is this digital photograph of a camera and sunset. So I believe that that’s, you know, just north Northern Colorado. And the artist, as I understand will print this to size. So it will be massive. We’re working on the details of how it will mount but it will eventually hang on that wall. And if for some reason this piece we’re unable to work out, though ice lake basin was the second choice. So that is those pieces. Anybody have any questions? Comments, I’m really proud. Those are beautiful pieces. Great job commission, really great job. They are gorgeous pieces really are.

Unknown Speaker 37:22
The first work that we will the install is the blue horse is going to be leaving us here actually, next week, and then the rest of them because of machinery etc. I’m working on the week of June 21. So you’ll get some more information of course about that. And if you’re interested in coming by and help with some you know, pedestrian traffic Cindy last time prevented someone from getting totally clocked in the head with a forklift. And she was just really wanting to get close. So it’s it’s an interesting process. So and on the bottom of your agenda, you saw other dates, I just want you to pencil some things in look at your calendar and see some dates, but it sounds like as we open up. I can use help. Hopper help.

Unknown Speaker 38:17
Alright, so we are thanks to Angela, and all of you aren’t on the move is looking fantastic. I’m so impressed and can’t wait to see the pieces. We are swiftly moving on to shock art, which is nine B if I am correct.

Unknown Speaker 38:33
Yep. So the shock, our call is out, the online application is up the locations to drop off is the museum as well as ltda during opening hours, and it closes on the 10th. So tell your friends, there’s a Facebook push coming. I’m trying to get it in the city line as well. And then of course, again, those those volunteer opportunities when it comes about for photographing, and then getting tables and things set up for our display. So

Unknown Speaker 39:09
excellent. That would quickly. So we are according to our agenda addendum, skipping the Boston bridge and moving on to our 730 center discussion, but we are not there yet. So we’re gonna go ahead and go on to our creative cultural plan by our friend Holly. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 39:35
So I know I’ve been coming in front of everyone for about the last six months and just giving you little like tidbits of information about the creative culture plan, which was formerly known as our strategic planning, if you remember that. Well, I’m super happy that this week we’ve made some what I think is some major progress progress towards getting to this overall goal of developing the creative culture plan. Angela has been meeting with fella by the name of Brian Corrigan, who is a creative placemaking expert. So he really His job is to take creative ideas and move them forward in terms of community. And he really I think he’s gonna bring to us some really great things if we decide that we want to utilize his expertise. A couple of the things that he is proposing have to do with development of our commission internally to help us to understand what our mission is and what direction we want to go forward. And then he’s, he’s, he’s kind of been tasked with helping us to really develop a creative cultural plan citywide. So many of you may have, if you’ve been around Boulder County for a while, you’re probably familiar with the farm to table concept. Does anybody know that farms it’s a it’s a kind of a call an airy kind of a process for really making exceptional food and bringing it to the table? Well, when you look at Brian, he has some ideas that could really take us from farm to spaceship. So I mean, he’s got some amazing plans, that he really created a proposal and put it together for Angela, she’s actually met with him twice, I believe in the last couple of weeks. And Angela, I think you’re going to kind of give us a sneak peek what that proposal looks like.

Unknown Speaker 41:59
Hopefully, you can see, this is Brian. And Brian Corrigan is a master of creative placemaking. He’s an artist, he’s an entrepreneur. And he’s a really fun guy. Actually, I’ve known him for a while. And I’ve worked with him before. And so as we have been investigating, how is it that art in public places can be its best, the best version of what it is that we are in what we’re doing? And how do we get to that point? And how do does this commission gel together? articulate what it is that we think that we’re possible and capable of? And then how do we get everyone around us to join in and also looping in our city? stakeholders, because there’s a number of them now, in the budget process, you know, when Noah and I were talking, I tried to point out like, Principal developers and planners, right, and folks from parks, and just really having them jazz with us, especially as we come out. So I asked Brian, I was like, Well, you know, how is it that we can do this knowing that we’ve got to kind of inch our way into meeting together again, but how can we keep it fun, because that’s his his whole thing. And so he put together a stakeholder and community engagement proposal, that’s really three parts for us. The first one is going to be mostly internal. And when I say internal, I mean, like the creative district champions, like the folks within the city, certainly Marcia and council. And like Aaron fosdick, and Wayne tomax, people who are planners, and work with the communities working in community services, and invite them to come and investigate with us. What we think creative culture is and then we’re going to take it to the streets, and talk to our community. So with that, he and I talked about what that could be. And what that could look like. And this is what he has, in essence come up with is starting with a stakeholder workshop, it’s going to be a four to five hour workshop, talking about the strengths and opportunities and guiding future thinking for art and public places. And so we’re going to highlight contemporary placemaking practices, but really set us up. So each of us with this and being on this commission is in that leader role that we can go out into the community and really talk about a development of things that happen in town, and how art in public places is a is a big practice of that. And so this is going to give us like we said the tools that we need to really get there. And this is some images of some of the things that Brian has done in the past and it is a lot of fun. It’s going to really get your creative juices flowing. is going to help with a lot of the conversations. So I am working really, really hard to nail down a date because of the sun and where it falls, I think that Saturday, the 26th of June, is what I’m trying to land on. So if you can pencil that date down or put it in your brain, and I will be sending out a note to see about participation, and hopefully that we can get as many, many, many people as possible to participate, and also that the county will allow us to do the things that we need to do and give us the guidance, but it sounds like it’s going that way. So very exciting. And then this is another example of some of the gamified ways in which Brian

Unknown Speaker 45:51
really taps into the thoughts and feelings and desires of community. And then the second piece of it is going to be a community engagement and activation exercise. And chances are we’re going to utilize what Noah had mentioned, the last meeting of the summer on the streets, because there was no may artwalk that that has been translated into a series of Saturday events. And so we because of existing marketing, and we’ll be working with our partners in getting the getting the word out about this. And we will all at that point be leaders and have a role in seeing that we are getting the best outcome possible with this opportunity. And then from this, of course, we’re going to data mined the heck out of it with some of the existing work that we’ve already done in distilling envision Longmont, a lot of the other cultural plans, the arts and entertainment plan from 2011. And we’ve Holly Amy and I have worked very hard to put that into a single repository, the museum assessment plan came back and there was some evaluation that happened there. And we’re going to take all of that data and this experience and that data is going to obviously inform these experiences. And we’re going to take that, and then give it to Brian and say, Hey, okay, from an art and public places lead standpoint, knowing where budget comes from how our mission is, and how we’re tapped into all of these different departments and all of these different ways. How can we bring the best art and public places program to Long Island. And an interesting thing too, about Brian is he’s working with lots of different communities. And that farm to spaceship idea, especially from an equity standpoint, is sometimes the folks who you want to have around the table aren’t able to make it because they don’t have time to be able to volunteer. But there are ways and they have skill sets that we can tap into and pay them for their work. How can we do that? And, and this idea of arts and right arts and economic development, arts and visitation to long month, how is it that we can make and continue to push art in public places, and leverage in the best way. So these other entities, these other the guiding principles of envision Longmont get a step up utilizing our creative community. And so we’re going to be the leaders in seeing how we can the best program we can to do that. So with all of this, Brian is going to put his recommendation of some of the ways that art in public places can be around the table to make sure that everyone who wants to have a seat at the table can be there. And then also, again, that idea of farm to spaceship that, that our farm our Longmont farm is different than Louisville’s farm Lewis Mills farm is different than Denver’s farm. But we can all do out of this world stuff and make Colorado you know, with our various farms, the place really where the creative people come

Unknown Speaker 49:22
to be the best for business. And, you know, that means within our within our communities. So that’s that idea of farm to spaceship and it’s, it’s interesting, and it’s gonna be it’s gonna be a lot of fun. So, with that, um, anybody have any questions? I mean, I’m what I’m looking forward here for you from you here, really is we’re talking about basically a retreat for art and public places which hasn’t happened in some time. We all know that the last strategic plan for art and public places was called vision 2020 and Clearly, you know, did it sunset, its pandemic sunset and went away. And so here we are in a new day coming out. And I think if we would have done this process pre pandemic, we probably would have thought about things a lot in a different way, where that idea of interactive versus commodity versus a thing was kind of the Venn diagram and those two pieces. And now we’re coming out and not having this transformational moment that the moment that you’re living in experience that you’re having in your place, is thing that we all value most. And every CEO, if you look at the top five things that they’re looking for, in any business, it’s being a creative thinker. Well, we work with the creative people. So anyways, I will stop talking, but I’m just really just so anybody have questions, does this mean we get to see each other in person? So, art in public places meetings, I should say, I was in the city wide meeting today and counsel is first and then based upon, you know, you’ve got the the god bless his heart, polis is out there saying, take your mask off, take your mask off, but really, it has to come from the county. And and and there are city wide requirements. So at this point, advisory board still have to meet digitally until such time. But I do think by June 26, having having a workshop will be vetted and blessed and fine, so I’m working on it. Excellent.

Unknown Speaker 51:50
You know, I think that the Friends of the lawn mowed museum did a program similar to perhaps what this fellow is thinking of doing for us in more condensed because the Friends of the lawn way museum spend many more hours. And, and really, it was a terrific facilitation. And I’m excited. I was telling Jennifer, who it’s up the friends that it’s like a milestone in terms of, of what we went through and what we feel we can accomplish now. So I endorse it. And I think we’ll be excited about it. My opinion?

Unknown Speaker 52:39
That’s great. That’s wonderful. Angela, again, we’d like to thank you for all your hard work on that. That’s amazing.

Unknown Speaker 52:48
Like it’s been a long time coming. But that’s just sometimes how it actually ends up being kind of a good time. So.

Unknown Speaker 52:59
So from my understanding, I’m it looks like we can move on. And we still don’t have this Civic Center discussion. Are there more? Is there more input? Yeah. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 53:11
so I just wanted to add to the conversation that, you know, there is a lot of kind of strategic planning conversations that have been happening around the museum and around art and public places and around the Friends of the museum. And I don’t know exactly when this might be the most opportune moment. But certainly, I think that it has become clearer and clearer that it makes a lot of sense for the aipp Commission and the Friends of the Longmont museum and the advisory board for the museum to come together. And you know, we can kind of rally our energy for arts and culture in Longmont. And also just get to understand what each other is doing and where our different focus is. And so like Laurel is on both boards. So she gets a sense of the friends and aipp. And I think that one of the goals that I have had since I started my job now almost four years ago, is for there to be more integration between the three boards of the museum. And I think we’re finally getting to a place with that it’s it’s starting to make sense about where those integration points. Makes sense. So I look forward to an invitation for all of us to get together and I think it might even be in person. It would be awesome. Wouldn’t that be cool? Yeah. All right. Great. That’s amazing. So um, civic center, would you would you like to talk about that sharees serif

Unknown Speaker 55:08
I Nice to see you all this evening. Thank you so much for the opportunity for me to come and speak to you a little bit about the Civic Center. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Sheree Montgomery, and I’m a project manager for the city of Longmont in the facilities maintenance department. And I was actually brought on board to help with the bomb projects that were passed in 2018 that includes the Civic Center, then our efforts will move to Safety and Justice. And then we’ll kind of make the rounds with all of the city facilities and making sure that they’re structurally sound and will last for the next 20 to 50 years, that Longmont will be fully operational and structurally sound. So, um, Angela is going to share I put together a little presentation, just to help give you a little background about the Civic Center and art in public places. So thank you so much Angela for for being my slide guru. Um, we can obviously go to the next slide. Um, for some of you who might not know, the Civic Center was actually built in the mid 70s. And it was five separate buildings. Oh, we can go back. Yep. So you can see the administration building is really the city manager’s office today, there was an existing judicial and edgy engineering building, which that’s where city council chambers is right now. And then we have our ETS department ahead on top of that, and we have our existing police building, which is now our community service building. And our finance building is still our finance building. And the library is still the library. But you can see that really, with the original construction, there were five separate buildings. So the mall area was enclosed in the late 80s, early 90s. And that’s where the skylights came in. And the art that currently exists today is hung off that sky lights. However, you know, the original intent of that piece of art, um, wasn’t in the original plans, because they were five separate buildings, people thought they, you know, they hadn’t put a roof over it to make it an enclosed small area, it was an exterior building face. So let’s move to the next slide. So, um, we had some structural concerns of the building in this kind of just shows the timeline of repairs that have happened in the building on the original investigation started in 2015. And here we are today, six years later, and we’re still working within the complex, um, water has not been our friend. Um, and so with all the amount of freeze thaw cycles we get, that has really done some damage to the structure itself. But I’m here really to show you a little bit about what the mall looks like now, so we can go to the next slide. So, um, if you haven’t had the ability to go to the Civic Center recently, we kind of have the before and the after picture. Most of the displays that art was displayed in including programming through the Rec Center and Community Services has now been removed. Um, we did have a big structural repair that came right down the middle of the Civic Center, three COVID um, and now we have brand new carpet that has gone in, um, one of the displays that will stay however next slide is our sister Sydney showcase. Um, obviously the booth booth is in its temporary position as we were redoing some of the carpet so that’s not his forever home. He will he has been moved back. Um, but you can kind of see some of the displays that currently exist really honing in on on the Northern Arapaho

Unknown Speaker 59:50
communities and really, this is our showcase for more than that art to be displayed. So next slide, please. So one of the things I know the colorful poetry of the Middle Ages, which are the flags, um, that existed in the skylight area, we were looking at possibly there being some other locations that we could utilize for new arts. And one of the locations that you can see in this picture here, really does create a 360 degree visibility, and the beauty is it’s slab on grade, so I don’t have any structural concerns about the weight of any art that might get placed. Um, and it’s a fairly substantial area, it is approximately six feet by 16 feet, it can be seen quite, um, quite nicely from the entrance into council chambers, as well as the parking garage. And then you get a top view as you’re in the mall area. And there are stairs actually on both sides of this location. So um, when I got a chance to meet with Angela, we said, like, hey, this would be a really great area. And as you can see from the picture, it definitely needs some TLC. And it would be great to be able to have some art in that location. One of the other areas that we talked about next slide, please, is to really have something be more outside. Um, the Civic Center has kind of gone through a transformation, and we have new guardrails, we have new lights, we have new surfaces that are outside. However, really, due to the structural integrity of the building, we can’t put anything on the post tensioned slab that exists today. So what we would really hope to do is create some kind of area in the north east corner of the intersection of kimbark. And third, it is also an outdoor area and the building kind of blocks one quadrant. But the beauty is, um, then people that are on the patio area of the Civic Center can see the art at a completely different vantage point than those people that are walking along the sidewalks. It is an outdoor area, um, we don’t have any structural concerns at that location, and it also has electricity that is running to that location. So I’m, at this point, I’m just really here to answer any questions that you might have. I’m hoping that we’ve, I’ve presented some food for thought and maybe some other locations that we can go with art, um, this fall, we do anticipate replacing the skylight that does exist, it has reached its life expectancy. And our hope is that, um, it’s hard enough to get skylights down and not damage on normal walls. And I really, I don’t want to do any damage art along the way. So I will open it up. Next slide really, because it’s just thinking, they all for letting me have the opportunity to come and speak with you tonight. But I’m, I’m here to answer as many questions as I can or take notes. So I can get a response back and have Angela filter that back through.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:03
I think one of the things that we have talked about and I thought that there might be some questions about, certainly for our colorful poetry in the middle pages is that the timeline for skylight is that has to happen in the fall is that that’s correct. So those will have to come down one way or the other. And one of the things that we were waiting and had tabled in our conversation here in Arden places is that whether to bring the conservator in in advance or being efficient in that the work will have to come down in considering the conservator at that time. The other pieces Holly and I have worked on getting some employee feedback as well, questions as well as some community feedback. And sharees had mentioned just dot matrix posters for folks that We’ll be going over there. So um, yeah, I think that just coming up with a plan for conservation, if we can agree as a group, then again, if going in and having the conservator take a look at it in situ, now is the way we want to go. I understand I understand that too. And then the next piece of it is because we do have this 100 and 50th celebration that we’re talking about, from a long launch standpoint, launching a project this year, obviously, it wouldn’t get completed this year, because it could be a very large project. But launching that and getting a taskforce together would be helpful, especially because that Northern Arapaho Sister cities, as I understand is going to be solidified later this fall. Yeah, so if there’s questions for Sharif, or if we’re interested in starting a two person Task Force, and then we can have a larger committee,

Unknown Speaker 1:06:08
as well. So I’m on a task force who would like to like dig into this?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:16
Cindy, thank you. And Danielle. Oh, all right. Well, we have to like debate. So who was like and maybe not? Go ahead, Jennifer, you could do it. I would love to see Danielle to Danielle, you think

Unknown Speaker 1:06:35
that’s fine. Fine. We’ll just make sure that we’re recording our meetings. And Jennifer, you I think we had started because you were investigating them early on?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:45
I wasn’t I also am fiber artists. Right. So I don’t know. I mean, that’s not the kind of work that I do. But I know fibers.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:55
Great. I will leave that to Angela, to figure things out. sharees, I cannot thank you enough for being here tonight. You kind of open our eyes to things that we weren’t aware of. So do we have any other questions for sharees? Oh,

Unknown Speaker 1:07:20
actually, may not have caught this. But when will at least the two spaces that you alluded to the indoor art space and the outdoor art space? When will those be ready to be occupied with art. Currently, they are available

Unknown Speaker 1:07:40
we are still working with in the Civic Center complex, and the library kind of gets included in that area. But our hope is that this summer or late summer, early fall, all of our work will be completed with doing the structural rehabilitation. And as our COVID restrictions are being ease I am seeing more and more people that are utilizing the Civic Center. Um, and I would love to actually see something go in sooner rather than later. Because to me, it’s like a blank canvas. And it means something. So I that’s why I asked. I totally agree with you. Great question. Anybody else?

Unknown Speaker 1:08:33
Wow. So I did want to give you I got an email from Marcia Martin. her laptop died. And so she didn’t leave us. So I went to my I never checked my Gmail during these meetings, but some reason I did and she wrote my laptop, let my laptop died. I’m trying to work on it. It’s the city’s problem. No, I shouldn’t say that. Alright, so just so you know, Martian that did not leave us in vain. Um, okay, great. Um, I’m going to our next. And I of course, lost it. Don’t. Don’t stand by me. Stand by me.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:20
Well, thank you all so much. I am going to bow out and please let me know if there’s anything more that you need.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:26
Thank you sure. Each night, thank you. Bye. Bye. Thank you. Okay, and of course, that did happen and now had to back up here. Okay. So our next item we’re getting close, y’all we’re doing really really well at a 711 um, budget, create a plan, Holly. And Holly already administrative report. Angela look where we’re at. Hello.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:01
So the big thing that happened and I’m going to try, I’m going to lose you for a minute, visual wise, but I’ll catch back is that we have received information from are an artist that we had worked with in 2019 when I first arrived, and DeWitt Godfrey, who installed the call your park piece, and I’m gonna pull it up just for recollection in case you haven’t met over there, so there it is. And then Italy was mid installation. So this was a fall of 2019, that cottonwood tree is no longer there. And so we have not had not finalized this project, because the artist was still in debt to some subcontractors here, in Longmont. And I’m happy to report that all debts have been paid. And the documentation has been approved by the city attorney as sufficient to accept this project. So without further ado, I would love to get this off of the list and accept the peace again. We’ve had a dedication everything is underway and it looks good. I do need to move some sprinklers. But that has nothing to do with the artists. So that’s the big bad report thing. So if if anyone would like to motion to accept that work will

Unknown Speaker 1:11:39
revolution. Alright, so can I have a motion? Please? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:45
I motion that since all debts have been paid to the city on. So so called piece of art, that we moved to accept the installation into the aipp collection.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:59
Thank you, Ryan, Randy. And just a second. So Holly, we have a second. All right. Awesome. Can we say an All in favor?

Unknown Speaker 1:12:08
Oh, favor. Awesome. All up. I think this might be my last vote of all time. All oppose.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:18
The Motion passes. Congratulations. On a project that I have been working on for like five years, so congratulate everybody. Yay. Thank you, Angela.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:35
You are. And the only other thing to report is that I am moving forward with timber and Wayne Tomek You’ll recall that Wayne Tomek is the facilitator for neighborhood improvement projects as well as sustainable neighborhood improvement projects. And the kitely neighborhood had come forward with their basketball court. There is a subcontractor or contractor who does this kind of work and has been unresponsive to timber. So the new business is really that timber would like to work with art and public places to facilitate that project this year. Financially, I think it looks like it should all go through the Neighborhood Improvement Project. grant process, and all that financial evil will be asked to Martin public places is likely the sealant. And then facilitation of getting the artist and the volunteers and all of that, you know, bringing our cavalry if you will. So I’m really excited. I think that that’s going to be a great project and also one that we can can and then have. So if other neighborhoods or other areas in the city are interested in the similar kind of project that we have the what we know how much it costs, we know. You know, so it’ll be a little bit of a learning curve. But I think that it’s it’s worthwhile. So the two big administrator report pieces that I have, unless anybody has questions. Again, other stuff is like the, you know, the shocker and are on the mover, keeping me pretty busy. So,

Unknown Speaker 1:14:21
Jennifer, I just I was wondering, Angela, I was down at ninth and Alpine today and I was wondering when the murals are going to be restored and sealed. Is that over the summer, or is it a Is it the climate that has to be done at certain temperatures or I just want to know what’s going on with that.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:41
Yeah, may has been awful. So the artist anticipated month would we would have action, but I’m actually not sad that it’s been raining and cool. But I actually think that this would be wonderful forever but yeah No. So that that is the reason. So we’re gonna probably be looking to kneel down a June date. And at that time, you’ll recall, we’ll have to close down the bike path, and hopefully have some volunteers just standing by to help for a pedestrian, you know? bit so Yep.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:19
Okay. Thank you. Okay, volunteers that live like two blocks away. Can they come? They? I might, I might think, some friend of mine, he lives really close to there. might think about it. Awesome. All right. Yeah, you’ve done really well, because Angela, and I thought we were gonna be here till nine tonight. So thank you, Angela. And I apologize for my dogs. Do we have new business tonight that we need to take care of?

Unknown Speaker 1:15:56
Was the call your park thing. But we’re all we’re all done that new business. Anybody else have some new business they want to bring up? How about? Here we go. commissioners report. comments. Randy.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:16
Angela. Now that we seem to have two more spaces for art on the move.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:27
Oh, here we are, again, right? Aren’t on the move? We’re limited? Oh, well, good point. Yes, we could put in infrastructure, too. I have a crying dog, too. And we could put an infrastructure for temporary artwork at the corner of the Civic Center. If that is what the commission would like to do. We could do a permanent piece there. I do think that indoors is probably more appropriate for us, Sister cities or indoor piece. But yes, certainly on the outdoor person percent that we can go forward with that. And I can pour a pad I can call concrete and pour pad tomorrow if we would you guys like a little subcommittee. I think we could just make up our mind of how big we want it. And I’ve got concrete guy on standby, I can call it in.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:29
We would just have to pick another or use one of the next pieces in the that was chosen. Yep.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:38
It makes sure that it’s not too tall to run into that tree. But that’s my problem. I can go out there with a measuring stick no problem. What is the next? What’s the piece that you voted for? So the the art on the move, subcommittee that will choose locations meets next week I needed to I needed to know at least a verbal confirmation of what work was going to be installed. So we need to figure we need to meet next week and figure out those locations. Again, but I have plenty of time. I’ve got a month I’ve got plenty of time for new pad no problem.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:24
I do think that it’s subcommittee worthy though. I’m really do because you guys got pads and stuff. And I’m kind of over your pads.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:34
Well, we have an art in the move taskforce. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:37
All right in the move Task Force, maybe you should think about that. Pamela, I saw your light go on. Do you have? Do you have comments or questions? No, I just said yes, that’s a really good idea.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:50
So I’ll get on the move Task Force together early next week so we can get that underway. And just think about that as a potential location as you consider these these works. And once I get that final final confirmation of participation from the last artist, then I will send visuals out for you as well as the map. Awesome,

Unknown Speaker 1:19:16
Good thinking. So do we have any more new business Wow, Angela and I were literally thinking we’re gonna be here till like 815 So wait, wait, I

Unknown Speaker 1:19:30
have one more thing. Um, for the 150 year, is there a task force for the 150 year project or long thing?

Unknown Speaker 1:19:42
Now we have the colorful poetry. But no, we do not be interested in serving on the 150 year traffic taskforce this year.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:55
Oh well. Pam, Randy and pet Pam pam, pam, you know you’re here twice, right? Yeah. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:05
Anybody else? So Pam and Randy. Great. Why don’t you guys y’all folks, get together and think about something. Anybody else? I’m sure Angela would be excited to be a part of that. Okay, great. Thank you. Sorry, everyone. I’m done. Now, any more task for sir anything that we need to form before I leave and don’t have to be on them?

Unknown Speaker 1:20:33
Angela, that was funny.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:39
Alright, so commissioners report is where we’re at. Before I get my beach again. Yes, Peter. commissioners comment. Yeah, comments, commissioners,

Unknown Speaker 1:20:59
that those were me that I did to Commissioner comments.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:04
Now you are new business. Commissioner comment. Any more comments? deepest appreciation? Thanks, Jamie. Yes. These are folks that I probably would have not gotten to know. That was my little speech. And I knew of Cindy I knew of all of you and other lifetimes. And I’m not leaving. I’m just going backwards a little bit. And I hope to participate in your events. And I thank you all, you’ve made me grow as a human being. Um, I regret that we had to do this under a pandemic, because I had a lot of big ideas. But I’m wearing a mask and not being able to together made that hard. I am very confident that Holly is going to be amazing. And you Yeah, that’s all my doing that haul Angeles here. So thank you for your blessing. I’m I know, I have not been the most kosher. I’m the most dignified. The most realistic chair. I had a meeting with Paul and told him, uh, Paul, those of you know, palm ease. He said, You know what, they knew that before you came and they wouldn’t have let you be in if they hadn’t, because you’ve never put you’ve never put on the face. So thank you. And I’m proud to have been a part of this commission. And I’m proud to be your friend. Y’all are my friends. So thank you. Any other Commissioner comments for the evening? All right. Well, I’m very proudly to say that my last meeting sorry 725 on May 20. we adjourn. Thank you.