Longmont Planning & Zoning Regular Meeting – 05-19-2021

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Longmont Planning & Zoning Regular Meeting _05-19-2021

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Unknown Speaker 8:54
Good evening everyone welcome to the May 19 2021 planning and zoning commission meeting. First item on our agenda is roll call gene. Chairman chernykh. Here Mr. Jeff Lake here. Commissioner Goldberg here. Commissioner hight present Miss Tanner on here. Commissioner Paulin. Here. Commissioner teta? Here. Chairman you have a quorum. Thank you Jane. Um, before we get started I want to read this anyone wishing to speak during public invited to be heard which is items four and seven. Were during any public hearing items which are agenda items six a and six B will need to watch the livestream of the meeting for instructions about how to call in to provide public comment at the appropriate times. instructions will be given during the meeting and displayed on the screen such as we’re doing now. When it’s time to call in and provide comments. Comments are limited to five minutes per person and each speaker will be asked to state their name and address for the record prior to proceeding with their account. Please remember to mute the live stream when you’re called upon to speak. Next on our agenda is communications from our planning director, Glenn vandemark.

Unknown Speaker 10:12
commissioners and Chairman chernykh. I don’t have anything at this time.

Unknown Speaker 10:18
Okay, very good. We’ll move on to item four on the agenda, which is our first public invited to be heard. So Susan, if we can put that picture back up on the screen. The information is being displayed on the screen for those viewing from home. So if you want to call in and speak about something that is not on tonight’s agenda, not one of the agenda items, but anything else, we’d love to hear from you. there so dial 187880099. When prompted, enter the meeting id 837-866-6906. When we’re ready to hear public comment, we will call on you to speak based on the last three digits of your phone number. Each speaker must state their name and address for the record and will be allowed five minutes to speak. Please do remember to mute the live stream when you are called upon to speak. To do this, we need five minutes of time to do all the behind the scenes work. So we will now take a five minute break. We’ll be back at 710

Unknown Speaker 15:18
Chair Give me just a minute we’ll drop the screen here. We will wait for our live stream to get caught up. And just want to let you know that our council representative Aaron Rodriguez has joined the meeting. Sure, give me just a minute we’ll drop the screen here.

Unknown Speaker 15:51
Looks like our live stream is now caught up. And we do not have any callers during this first public invited to be heard. Alright, thank

Unknown Speaker 16:03
you, Susan. So we will close the public invited to be heard. Next on our agenda is approval of our minutes from the April 21 2021. Meeting. Commissioner height

Unknown Speaker 16:16
I would move to approve with one additional page five line 35 there’s a typo. describing it as title for deputy city attorney Kate. There’s a stutter. So I’m sorry, I didn’t quite catch what the typo. So there’s a typo that needs to be corrected, which would be too. So I’d moved to approve with the correction of that type of graph care.

Unknown Speaker 16:43
Okay. So any discussion Commissioner Goldberg, you know, thinking that Okay, so we have a motion to approve the minutes and we have a second to approve the minutes Any further discussion?

Unknown Speaker 16:57
Seeing none let’s do a vote on yea or nay. Commissioner teda. Yeah. Commissioner UNrun. I wasn’t there. Sorry to stain. Okay. Um, Commissioner Goldberg, PTA Commissioner. Hi. Yay. Commissioner polen. Yay. Commissioner flag. Okay. And I will say Yay. And so Jane that passes unanimously, six to zero with one abstention of Commissioner unwrapped. So next on our agenda are public hearing items. The first one is six A, which is village at the peaks conditional use site plan amendment. Steve’s goods drive thru, just peasy are 2021 dash four. with senior planner Hong’s Friedel ons take it away.

Unknown Speaker 17:56
Hi, commissioners or good evening. My name is Hans freedom. relatively new planner here so nice to meet everybody virtually. up for consideration tonight is a conditionally site plan amendment to allow Steve’s goods to resume using an existing drag through at the village at the peaks shopping center. Go to Next slide please. I’m not able to see my slideshow right now. Give me just a second. take a pause here. There you go. Okay, perfect. Perfect. So in terms of location, as I said, subject property is located at 1264 southover Street. It’s in the southwest corner of village at the peak shopping center, just above the kind of catalogus intersection of kover Street and Ken Pratt Parkway. Access is provided via clover base and drive which is just on the west side. And that’s really the only public street in there to a network of internal private driveways. The Steve’s good site itself is just under an acre in size and being operated as a CBD retail business that also provides smoothies surrounded by commercial uses, restaurants, retail service, office, etc. Historically, it was a burger restaurant that was permitted so the original site plan history goes back to 1984. But permitted Veldt in 85 more recent years it was a quiznos which itself ceased operation in 2018. The mixed use regional center zoning for the village to peak shopping center allows a whole host of commercial retail restaurant entertainment entertainment uses. Next slide please. In terms of existing conditions, as you can see, it’s an operation as new signage and some customers there when I took the pictures, the drive thru itself wraps around the west side or back at the building. So you’re kind of Looking at the front or at least kind of East ish elevation on the right, and then on the left picture kind of looking south, you’re actually looking down the drive thru. That’s the old order window for quiznos with a burger restaurant there on that west side that’s now currently boarded up. Next slide please. So this is a conditional use site plan amendment to reuse the existing tracks or the building itself is just under 3000 square feet. Inside terms of some background information, the master site plan for the redevelopment of the Twin Peaks, small village at the peaks conditional use site plan, limited the total number of drive throughs to three. This is what was approved on the plans. If approved, this would allow a fourth drive through the village to peak shopping center. Next slide, please. So the graphic on the right, you know shows the sort of orientation of those three existing drive throughs and and Steve’s goods down at the bottom there. When quiznos closed that third drive thru that was exactly Steve’s goods, or Pat f was reallocated to the Bank of America, which is just above it with the number three or Patty. And then that’s up above, it’s raising canes and colors. So you got to see the relationship there. Furthermore, there’s a What do you want to mention, there’s discontinuance provision in the code. So if a conditional use is discontinued for a year or more, that use lapses and become void. So a couple of layers there. And I do want to also mention as an FYI, that, to the lower right, Burger King and Taco Bell, they both have drive throughs that are really proximal to this are not actually technically part of the master nodes of the piece site conditional use site plan. So they’re not part of that total allocation of drive throughs if you will. Next slide please.

Unknown Speaker 21:57
So let’s look at the site plan briefly. Again, this is an existing reuse of existing traffic through an existing building. The drive thru itself has a counter clockwise movement. We did the DRC we reviewed this against our current standards for stalking turn radio again knowing that it was originally permitted back in 8485 turn radio II it cetera and it doesn’t meet our standards. In most ways, terms of stalking has 180 feet of stalking, so it’s actually longer than that. The radios are fine for you know, modern, SCB, etc. We did have the applicant add directional arrows on the site plan for codes, that’s a requirement that weren’t currently any out there to keep people from going the wrong way and do it. And also, we work with the applicant to bring their proposed menu sign up to our design standards by adding a base to it so it’s more architecturally compatible with the building. So other than that, everything else you know, meets our standards with it. And really the only changes they’re making are putting the arrows to the drive thru and adding that sign. Next slide please. As previously described, General retails permitted use and mixed use regional centers, zoning district restaurants with a drive thru or similar type uses, like the bank are conditional secondary uses in this area gathers proposals to allow to have a fourth drag through. Next slide, please. In terms of public process, noticing, so there was a virtual neighborhood meeting, which was held back in December, there were no callers so no public feedback on this notices of application we’ve mailed out in March to all property owners within 1000 feet. And, again, notices of the public hearing were also mailed out as well as science posted and we’ve received no public comments, calls etc. Regarding this application, next slide, please. Therefore, staff recommends PC resolution 2021 dash four a recommending approval of conditional use site plan amendment. Next slide, please. So no media questions I’d like to introduce the owner state to go over his proposal a little more detail to the commission. Great, thank you, Hans. Yes. Let’s go ahead with the the applicants presentation, please. One second. Steve, you should have the ability to come on camera. And unmute. There you are. Hello, everyone.

Unknown Speaker 24:43
Thank you, Hans. I was really awesome. It’s definitely gonna be a better presentation than what I’m offering. I appreciate all the detail you put into that. Alright, so So yeah, so I thank you everyone for coming today. I know this is a late hour, so I’ll try to keep this brief. Steve’s goods is a local company that’s been working throughout Longmont for the last couple of years. And we’re really trying to expand and offer Longmont a good place to go to experience not only local hemp products, but the best smoothies in town. I don’t know if he is familiar with the smoothie shop off Francis Street. But I did acquire that and I brought that over to this location because I really feel like this area just needs to be live and up. It’s been close for nine years and we’re really, really trying to make a separate space in the village of the pigs. Yeah, you can switch to the next slide. So yeah, so as I just said Steve’s goods. We’re a licensed hemp company that we’re growing out of Fort Collins, but we’re processing everything. Excuse me, we are manufacturing in our office off Kansas. And we are selling things at our retail space of 1264 southover Street. Now the smoothie shops over there as well and we really want to utilize this building for the smoothie shop. Primarily, you know, the Steve’s goods is kind of a small little store compared to what the smoothie shop is and if the drive thru is approved, then we’ll definitely build to utilize more of that space especially in the back. That’s all kind of closed because it used to be a drive thru. Next slide please. So, as you can see a lot better from Hans’s presentation. It’s a perfect location for a drive thru, it used to be a drive thru, and we’d really love to bring it back so people can conveniently come in and get smoothies You know, we’ve been receiving a lot of traffic and especially during the pandemic, it’s good to socially distance and we’d you know, just a good location and the menu is gonna look great and it’s just, uh, you know, we’ll just really add to the whole location Whole Foods, they close their juice bar, there isn’t a lot of smoothie in this area. So I think it’s a perfect location for drive thru. Next slide. Yeah, again, he’s always on one slide. Just just a great directional we’re gonna have the arrows it’s just a really good flow for in and out for the drive thru and as well as people that want to dine in or pull up next slide please. Yeah, nice Johnson down you know, I’ve actually never done this before. I appreciate you guys all coming here is my first drive through hopefully I can open up some more in the future and, and deal with you lovely people at City Planning, but I just jotted down some, some things I think we should get a drive thru, you know, good for social distancing, I’m going to create five jobs, there’s no smoothies on Sundays. I mean, our competitors are offering pre made smoothies that are just kind of frozen and we offer fresh smoothies. You know, it’s a safe location for drive throughs and I also just received a grant to revitalize this beautiful building and I want to just add more you know, add more investment to it and I think that’s going to come with a beautiful drive thru menu and you know, a good flow flowing drive thru section. Next slide, please. So yeah, you know, this is what the building used to look like and now it’s super beautiful if you guys live in Longmont, I’m sure you guys have seen it and just the changes it’s made and I personally have put a lot of money into this building and you know, I really want to see it succeed and I think it looks a million times better and we’re you know people are coming in and they’re having really great experiences and we believe that that drive thru will will even live in this area even more. Next slide please. So I don’t know Do you want me to like read this and go through all of this from architect um, you don’t have to read it but you do need to present it okay no problem. So yeah, so the this is our lovely architects went over this and we’re This is for 1254 cell tober street you know the restrictions we have with villager the peaks only allowing a couple drive throughs has limited us so we’ve come to do the conditional use permit. You know, we’re not really changing anything at all. There’s no changes to the drive thru other than adding a menu.

Unknown Speaker 29:28
You know, there’s really no changes like what Hans went over. I was really what this first page goes over. And then we are open nine to seven. It’s the summertime we’re opening up an hour early, especially with the drive thru. We finding that people are coming there a lot after you’re doing dinner hour and wanting a good, nice treat. I’m sorry, does that suffice for you? Or do you want me to

Unknown Speaker 29:52
take another stab at it? I it’s it’s up to you. I can’t really advise you. You We have questions. We’ll continue to ask questions. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 30:03
no problem. Thank you for understanding. Next slide is cool. Yeah, this just goes over more details on, you know, the conditional use and how they’re limited to the drive thru, and how we’re asking for a conditional use permit. And all that good stuff.

Unknown Speaker 30:27
Yeah, there’s gonna be no developments. No changes. We just need a permit for the many board itself. Yep. Next slide, please. There was one more. Yeah. Yeah. Thank you so much. I appreciate everyone’s time, and hearing us out for our conditional use permit.

Unknown Speaker 30:50
Thank you, Mr. schultheiss. Um, so we do you have this as a public hearing item. So before we go into discussion about this, I’d like to open up the public hearing for somebody. Susan, if we could put the slide up with the information. If anybody’s out there who’d like to speak to us about this particular item, now will be the time. So please dial 1-888-788-0099. When prompted, enter the meeting id 83786666906. When we’re ready to hear your public comment, we will call on you to speak based on the last three digits of your phone number. Each speaker must state their name and address for the record and will be allowed five minutes to speak. Please remember to mute the live stream when you are called upon to speak. To do this, we need five minutes. So we’ll take a five minute break which according to my clock will bring us back at 731 Hey, Jamie, are you on?

Unknown Speaker 34:17
Can you unmute? Let’s test your mic. I was not able to do that before the meeting started. Yep, I’m here. Awesome. Thanks. And Rocco, I am going to

Unknown Speaker 34:42
give you permission to unmute yourself. Let’s test your mic. Can you hear me? We can. Okay. If you need to come on camera. We’ll test your camera I guess at that time. I’m sorry. I heard somebody else talking. If If you need to come on camera, we’ll test your video at that time. Okay. All right, thanks. I’m here. Alright, chair, I’m going to go ahead and drop the slide and then we will give our live stream a few seconds to get caught up. We do have one caller that called in for this public hearing.

Unknown Speaker 36:25
Thank you, Susan. So with the caller whose number ends in 019, please go ahead and unmute yourself. There you are.

Unknown Speaker 36:39
Can you please state your name and address for the record? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 36:44
my name is Lawrence Bashir. And

Unknown Speaker 36:48
my wanting to you may want to circle you may want to use the live stream. I think I hear something in the background. I did that already. Sorry. Okay. Perfect. You may begin.

Unknown Speaker 37:02
I may have called in for the wrong section I was calling in for the urban plan.

Unknown Speaker 37:07
Yes, that is. We’re not on that item yet. So if you want your comments to be included in the public record for that specific item, then we should stop you now. And have you call in once we get to that?

Unknown Speaker 37:21
chair, we can just leave them in the meeting if he would like I? Okay. I’ll just mute him again. And we’ll make note. Okay. Very good.

Unknown Speaker 37:30
Thank you, Mr. Bashir. We’ll see. Alright. There There are no other colors then. Correct. That is correct. You may continue. Okay, great. So we’ll go back to questions from the commission. coupon. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 37:50
Hans. Can you tell us why when this was originally set up, why there was a limit for only three drive throughs? Is there a particular reason for that? Or was it more just kind of a? I don’t want to say a shot in the dark, but just a number that they put out there. Thank you, Commissioner. Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 38:14
did a little research on that. Whatever you want to turn up is it was just relates to the original site plan conditional use, they showed that many pad sites that were they were the applicant back in the day was like 2015, was proposing that many pad sites for drag teams. And so this, adding an additional one warrants amending that original conditional approval for the old one. So I think there are some, you know, in terms of why that the shopping center doesn’t hat or something like that. I think the intent was for it to be kind of a walkable, mixed use sort of redevelopment of the old mall. That sort of thing. But I think it just was literally what they proposed. Okay, thank you, probably with tenants in mind they had when they were doing that development.

Unknown Speaker 39:02
As a follow up to Commissioner Poland’s question. Is there anything from a traffic point of view that that makes it a problem to have more than three? I mean, I know we have Tyler Stanley here too. So if you want him to try them?

Unknown Speaker 39:21
Yeah, we have we went through the whole DRC review at this including public works, review natural resources, and you know that the comments we had from that were related to sort of the term radiation in the parking area with our transportation and the arrows and stuff. You know, if they’d like to chime in on, you know, why this didn’t warrant an additional traffic impact study or something, you know, I’d be happy to hear that. But I, my understanding is the volumes just expected to be too low to warrant that sort of review.

Unknown Speaker 39:49
Okay, I’m actually Tyler, if you could chime in on that and just kind of let us know your opinion about a fourth drive thru instead of

Unknown Speaker 40:02
Sure, I think the just the nature of the fast food and prior fast food used to occur in fast food use the difference in previous chip trip generation to what’s being proposed is relatively nominal. So from my perspective from New trips, it’s it may not be there. The gentleman with a project mentioned, it’s been closed for about nine years. So those trips have gone away, but they were there at one point. I think that the system, the network, that’s there is adequate to handle the traffic that this would generate. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 40:35
Sure. I just want to let Steve know that we lost Lance from his team, he’s not in the meeting anymore for some reason.

Unknown Speaker 40:46
Okay, so if the applicant needs Lance Keiko to come back to the meeting, he should contact him. Yes. Okay. All right. I’m actually, so I do have a question for the applicant. I know we just tasked them with contacting as architect. So, yes. Okay, Mr. schultheiss. Um, I noticed in your presentation, that you had a statement at the bottom of one of your slides saying the building will not survive without a drive thru. Can you explain that more to me? I mean, is if, if there’s no drive thru, why would the building bots or not? Yeah, okay.

Unknown Speaker 41:37
You know, I guess there’s just an overall empowerment statement, really, for us, because I feel like the whole, you know, I feel like it’s kind of a dead zone, you know, it’s kind of just stuck in the middle, it’s behind Whole Foods is kind of like, in the back of things. And I really feel like it needs the drive thru to break I’m sorry, sexing, you know, we’ll need to bring the drive thru and to really bring that place to life because, I mean, I really want this business to succeed. And I know that we need the extra revenue from the drive thru, you know, the rents expensive, and the whole building itself is, is underutilized. And I feel like if it doesn’t have a drive thru, we’re just never going to be able to bring enough traffic there. To really, you know, keep that in business. You know, I have at least three more years on it. But I’d like to sign in five, you know, but it’s gonna be really hard if I’m just stuck with pickup orders.

Unknown Speaker 42:33
Okay, so what I hear you saying is that, if financially doesn’t pencil out for you, in the long term, if you can’t draw the drive thru traffic?

Unknown Speaker 42:45
Yeah, that’s correct. And that was a big reason why I brought the smoothie shop over and kind of developed this whole idea, you know, to have two businesses in there to obtain two revenues. And, you know, it has been picking up a little bit in the summer. But I just, you know, I do worry about that. And I also want to offer a good, fast, effective way to get a smoothie, you know, seeing how we’re just coming out of COVID. And we’re also everyone’s trying to get into better shape and all that good stuff. So yeah.

Unknown Speaker 43:15
Good. I’m sorry. Um, another question that you just made me think I was. So is the only thing that’s, that’s being sold out of the drive thru window itself or the smoothies. You mentioned in one of your slides that it’s the smoothie shop takes up like two thirds of the building? Can you give me some idea as to what’s going on there as well?

Unknown Speaker 43:36
Yeah. So it’s really up to the planning. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t, but I’m not really sure about because I’ve actually talked to Brian Bradley, the mayor and he said that the CBD shouldn’t be an issue through the drive thru. But ideally, we want to do the hemp derived CBD as well as smoothies through but I completely understand if it’s only smoothies because, you know, I’m still new and this and that, but I would hope to be able to do both, but it’s mainly going to be focused on smoothies, like people aren’t going to drive up and buy CBD. They need to speak to someone they want to be educated. So it’s just not really an easy sell there. But this Moody’s will be the main attraction. Okay. Thank you your chair. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 44:18
Sorry to interrupt but we do have Lance back in the meeting.

Unknown Speaker 44:22
Great. Okay. Super, thank you. Commissioner flag.

Unknown Speaker 44:28
Thank you Chair. I think I have a question for Tyler steamy. In regards to the intersection, they’re out on South over at clover basin. Currently, the there is no dedicated light for turning left off over on to clover basin towards this proposed well toward the smoothie shop and all the dishes This isn’t that area. So I’m wondering what kind of traffic impact will be felt? Should we approve this? And the smoothie shop does pick up and generate the kind of business that is hoped for. And what would it take to have that dedicated? left turn, arrow?

Unknown Speaker 45:29
Sure, sure, Commissioner flag but as a potential dismissal earlier, Tyler stamey, save on Public Works engineering mentioned that this project didn’t didn’t submit a traffic study, just with the prior use and the current use being relatively similar. I can say the city is working on a design project for Homer Street corridor from Ken Pratt, and over to the intersection of Nelson. And every intersection within that segment would be improved. And we are showing left turn improvements or turn protected turn movements for the left turns with those improvements. It’s one that’s in our tip, not a fully funded tip at this point, but it is something that’s under design and moving forward. Not a direct answer to the question, but there are some plans to make some improvements at this intersection through currency IP projects.

Unknown Speaker 46:23
Thank you. Commissioner height. I think I’ll ask Tyler because Tyler did look at this that closely, but I want to confirm that the the intersection of clover baseman, I guess the the road that accesses this property without going up into the Twin Peaks, circular drive, and site plan. I guess I’m looking at page one of six. I just want to confirm the one way circular pattern to use the drive thru. Is that also just a left only on to this, this road connects to clover basin. I know Hans can cook dinner and speaking of the way the property situated, off of COVID Basin, there’s an access road that comes off of COVID base. But I think that road is only one way, if we can pull up the

Unknown Speaker 47:33
PowerPoint or map or something we can kind of just I can point to that just so I can confirm we’re talking about the same thing here. The one the one on the way top pulls up on the PowerPoint, the slide the second slide, I think has the sort of vicinity map. Previous that little one down right, Commissioner just right at the bottom there south of Steve’s goods that drive which is one

Unknown Speaker 48:01
way drive. Okay, that’s one way drive coming out. Great, and is the roadway. The lower right hand corner there. That’s the left hand corner sorry, lower left hand corner. So below the s that roadway as it comes off clover base road, is that one way? Is there any possibility of somebody making being confused and driving into the exit ramp of this drive thru.

Unknown Speaker 48:32
In Tyler may want to weigh in on this when I was out there, you know the last time that they’re taking pictures if you’re at the South southwest southeast corner of that of the subject properties like the red polygon in that little intersection of drab east, you. There, there you go. If you’re over there somewhere in that little area, I don’t know exactly if it’s on the south or the north side that I don’t recall. But those private drives, there’s a one way to do that. I recall seeing a one way Do not enter sign there. So that would Yeah, so I don’t know if people could come in there and go the wrong way. However, they are putting arrows on the drives. And one of the reasons they arrow there’ll be an exit arrow on the drives relating there so that people will know they’re going against the flow the arrow.

Unknown Speaker 49:17
Okay, appreciate that. Last question is, so this is an amendment of a conditional use review. Because we originally approved it for three drive to pass this is an amendment to four, is there a different standard at all? Or is it the same standard to grant a conditional use review as opposed to amending conditional use review? And attorney take that might be a question for you? I didn’t look it up myself.

Unknown Speaker 49:51
Attorney Tate is out sick. This is Jamie, raw, senior assistant city attorney and I’m afraid I don’t have that answer off the top of my head and I hope that Someone else on the call may know,

Unknown Speaker 50:05
we might throw that over to Glen van inwagen, or to dawn bird chat around the car.

Unknown Speaker 50:15
I guess I’m assuming this is just like any new conditional use, we don’t have a different standard based on the number in a shopping center. So am I correct on

Unknown Speaker 50:31
the review criteria for a new or an amended conditional use would be the exact same review criteria. And the design standards that Hans went through with the stacking and the other items that he covered in his presentation would be the same. Whether it’s for a brand new use, or whether it’s a use that we’re amending an existing conditionally site plan for

Unknown Speaker 51:02
Don and Glenn before you go away. Oh, I want to ask you a question. But I think Mr. hight as a follow up to what you just said, No, he’s okay. All right. We’re gonna ask you both a question on one of our review criterias compatibility. And, and Mr. schultheiss, said, you know, it’s mostly going to be smoothies going out both the drive thru window does the city actually have any care in the world as to what the product is that goes through a drive thru window? Is that even on anywhere on on the city council’s radar, anybody’s radar?

Unknown Speaker 51:41
Chairman shear neck, what I can say is that the concern that we would have would be if it was not CBD. So if it was a marijuana product t with any THC in it that was above the state requirement, then that would require a retail license of which we only have four in the city of Longmont, and there are no more licenses. So that would be our concern, that would be the police department’s concern. But if it’s CBD, then you can pick that up at almost many of the products that have that even at most of the gas stations in town and various other retail store. So CBD is not a problem that is truly the level of THC that qualifies as a marijuana product. Okay, thank you. Any Commissioner groberg?

Unknown Speaker 52:38
Yeah, thanks, Chairman. You know, Chairman, I don’t have any issues with this project. And I’m feeling slighted by Chairman Poland for asking me the one question I did come with, which was, which was why is there a limit? Or what is the kind of the backstory on having a limit to the number of drives users on the plot? So maybe before I pivot to emotion, I might just want to given some reason discussion. Mr. shelties. Would you mind just confirming based on the recent discussion that in addition to the smoothies, the products that you’re offering, and might pass through that drive through? Is CBD not breaking that THC threshold to become a marijuana product that Don was just referencing?

Unknown Speaker 53:28
Yes, yes. 100%. So yeah, so we’re registered hemp company, we grow hemp in Fort Collins, like I said, and the Department of Agriculture actually comes out. And they actually clips clip our plants to make sure that they are below point 3%. And then when we’re formulating our products, we’re also getting lab reports. Currently, right now are working with a lab in Florida. That’s DEA registered. So yes, we have all that and anyone that comes into our retail space can get lab reports. But yeah, I would never do that. That’s that’s, that’s foolish. I would never do that. It’s only products, only what we sell on our website. And it I honestly don’t think we’d sell much through it. I think it’s mainly going to be smoothies and maybe like they want to boost or something of a hemp oil in their smoothie, but I don’t think there’s going to be a lot of sales of that, but 100% it’s going to be below point 3% THC. 100%.

Unknown Speaker 54:24
Great. Thanks, Mr. soltis. Yeah, I think the chairman then, you know, I think given the fact that the application before us has met the review criteria, A through F that’s been outlined in the packet, given the cooperation from the applicant to update the menu board, dropping the arrows to help with that drive thru direction. Given the space was previously a drive thru and a set up for that. I’m really having trouble finding any reason not to approve it. So I guess with that, I go ahead and move that we approved PCR 2021 desk for a Which is approving the conditional site plan amendment application.

Unknown Speaker 55:05
Thank you, Commissioner Goldberg. Commissioner poling. Okay, so we had a motion to approve 20 2021 dash four a by Commissioner Goldberg and it’s been seconded by Commissioner poling. Can commission polling for their comments?

Unknown Speaker 55:21
Yes, I just want to add to that. Like Josh, I do find that it meets the criteria A through F. I also think that freedom is given area, it is a good fit for the area, that building has been not used for nine years, it’s getting a good new fresh start. Where the drive thru is that it really isn’t, by the other kids. Give them the area that the whole mall area takes up. So it is kind of offset from that. Maybe if it had been up by where Keynes’s and a couple other places are. And we’d have four in that area in that immediate area and might give a little bit of a pause. But considering that this is behind whole food that’s kind of distance from those other areas. I have no problems with putting a drug through it and at that part of the mall. So I think it’s a great project and import.

Unknown Speaker 56:14
Great, I’ll throw in my two cents on. You know, I echo what commissioners Goldberg and Paulson said, but I also appreciate the fact that the applicant is taking a building that’s been vacant for nine years and is bringing it back to life that that fits with some of our sustainability goals for the for the city. And this was an urban renewal area in general on and so bringing this building back to life, so to speak, fits with our goals in that regard to any further discussion. Okay, we’ll go ahead and take a vote. Commissioner height favorite commercial polling in favor. Pressure flag in favor. Commercial Goldberg didn’t favor Commissioner on our own in favor. Commissioner teta in favor. And I will say yes. Okay, so

Unknown Speaker 57:23
much everyone. I really appreciate it. That’s awesome. I really appreciate it. Thank you so much.

Unknown Speaker 57:27
Thank you for your time, Mr. schultheiss. Um, I do need to read a statement here before everybody goes. Um, this item now enters a seven day appeal period. During this time any aggrieved party may appeal the Commission’s decision by submitting a written appeal letter stating why the planning and zoning Commission’s decision should be amended or reversed by city council. All appeals must be in writing and must be received in the City Clerk’s Office and the planning office within the seven day appeal period, which begins Thursday, May 23, at 8am and ends Wednesday, May 26. At 5pm. Palms thank you for for your time and work on this again, Mr. schultheiss. Thank you for presenting and bringing your team with you. And we will move on to our next item. But before we do, Jane, I just want to state for the record that that vote was seven to 07. Yes, no opposed. Okay, we’ll move on to item six B, which is the urban Tom Thomas. Comprehensive Plan use land use amendment, rezoning concept plan amendment and preliminary subdivision plat PCR 20 21.5 with principal planner Brian Schumacher, Brian,

Unknown Speaker 58:50
good evening, commissioners, Brian Schumacher with planning development services. Susan and Jane, can you start the presentation slides?

Unknown Speaker 59:04
Probably Well, thanks again, commissioners. Again, I’m Brian Schumacher plan development services and tonight is the public hearing for the Irwin Thomas. comprehensive plan amendment rezoning concept plan amendment and preliminary subdivision plat. Next slide please. This slide note staff that are available for questions this evening in addition to the applicant consultants. So for planning related and process questions, that’ll be me and Don if need be. Chris and Jim are available to respond to engineering related questions including streets water and sewer utilities, storm drainage and water quality. Tyler again is available for traffic related questions Rocco’s available for electric power communications questions. Captain Goldman is available for emergency services if there’s any questions regarding environmental assessments. And then we had planned to have Dan offered here from natural resources, but I don’t think Dan has logged in yet, so we’ll see if he’s able to join a little bit later. Next slide please. So this slide just shows a general location for the project. quick overview of the location of the property in southeast Longmont. Obviously, it’s included on both the north and south side of highway 119. Eastern Street, it’s heat east of the harvest junction residential and commercial neighborhood. And then West 119 Street, north of quail road south of St. Brand Creek, then east to lefthand Creek. Next slide, please. So a few notes on this slide. So there’s a set of hearing applications and there’s also a set of administrative application. So tonight, the commissioners were hearing the hearing applications, and those include the comprehensive plan land use amendment, the rezoning concept plan amendment and the preliminary subdivision plat. And the majority of the changes associated with the hearing applications affect the western 70 acres. That includes the land use changes, zoning changes, and shifting the mining to the east to allow for the commercial and residential development. And as part of the applicant’s presentation will provide more details regarding the hearing applications as part of their their presentation slides. But I just also wanted to note that in addition to the hearing applications to CME, there are also administrative applications that includes the final subdivision plat, the PD Plan amendment, the public improvement plans and the Costco site plan. Next slide, please. So this is just a brief summary of prior planning actions by both Boulder County and the city. And so this property has been part of the llama area and envision long comprehensive plan for quite a while because originally included in the comprehensive plan in the 1980s. It was anticipated to be built as part of the city’s urban fabric. Then 2000 to 2003. A mining plan was approved by Boulder County, and it also included a vested rights associated with that mining plan. And I believe some of the commission members may recall when this property was annexed in 2018. In conjunction with the annexation of the property, there was also a pewdie mining plan that was run concurrent with the annexation that commission reviewed and approved at that time. So the primary changes regarding mind with this proposal is that there’s a proposal to remove the western portion of the property from mining that’s intended to accommodate the commercial development and affordable housing development sooner, as opposed to waiting for the mining to occur on that portion of the property sooner. Another change is to change the mining cell sequence, and I think Barb Bronk has said part of the applicant team will provide some quick overview on that, and then also reduce the buffer from highway 119. The proposal on the south side of highway 119 is to reduce the setback buffer for the mining cells from 200 feet to one or feet. And that’s subject to see that and state approval. Next slide, please.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:28
So the city and property owners and kasco entered into an agreement regarding a public private ownership. And as part of the staff report and the communication, I provided some information on the link, if the commission was interested in reviewing that materials to the council packet from from December when that agreement was approved. So this partnership will invest in the infrastructure required to serve the proposed development, including the proposed Costco warehouse. And as part of the agreement as well, the city will also acquire a nine acre lot on the south side of the Costco lot that will be used for future affordable housing. Next slide, please. So as part of the review process for the hearings, obviously, there’s a requirement for notice of surrounding property owners, as well as occupants of rental properties as well. And so when we did the notice for the neighborhood meeting, which occurred last December, and then Southern Corley set notice also with the notice of application, and then more recently for the notice for the public hearing this evening. The typical notice areas 1000 foot for major development applications, but for this particular application in addition to the 1000 foot notice, notice is also sent to all the property Owners of record and vacant lots in the harvest junction village subdivision to the west. And then also notice was provided to all the occupants of the adjacent water watermark apartments, that is immediately adjacent to the west of the site. Next slide, please. So this slide just outlines instances where there have been or will be opportunities for public input on the project. So obviously, as I mentioned, we had the neighborhood meeting in just this past December. We sent out notice of application in January after the application was submitted. Notice for the public hearing for this evening was sent out in early May. Obviously, we’re having a public hearing this evening to get input from the from the community. And for a couple of future meetings. There’ll be a notice for city council meetings upcoming, there’ll be two, two meetings with City Council first training and introduction of an ordinance. And then also a public hearing on the ordinance as well. So, again, they’ll be we’ll send out a notice of the public hearing for city council in June. And then the formal public hearing will be in July right now is tentatively scheduled for July 13. Next slide, please. Also, just before I get onto this next slide, I also just wanted to mention, in addition to the public hearing applications that the Commission is creating this evening, as I mentioned before, there’s also some administrative applications that are being reviewed as well. And there’s also we’ve sent out notices regarding those applications to surrounding property owners and renters as well. So if they have an interest, anybody has an interest in reviewing the plans, commenting on those contacting staff, if they have questions, they can certainly reach out to me or any of the other staff on this call to discuss the proposal. So as part of the review process, and soliciting input from surrounding property owners and just other members of the public.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:10
This this slide just identifies and this is this is included in the staff communication as well, but it just kind of outlines some of the more substantive comments that were provided, either through the neighborhood meeting process for when the notice of applications was sent out. And these are emails primarily that were included in the the packet for the commission. They’re also part of the neighborhood meeting summary that was included in the packet as well. In addition to this list, also wanted to mention I believe, commission received this afternoon, there was one email that staff received from Sarah Hamilton, that was for the commission. And in her email, she expressed concern about the proximity of the regional center land use near the residential neighborhood and potential traffic and noise impacts associated with that proximity. And also, I just wanted to let you know that I also chatted this afternoon with Ruby Bowman about the proposal and responded to some of her questions about plans on the city open space parcel north of highway 119. She just wanted to know if there are still plans to mine and reclaim on the city open space parcel north of highway 19. And I provided that information to miss Bowman. Next slide please. So as part of the DRC review process, we conducted staff conducted three reviews before this item was scheduled before the condition. So this slide just lists some of those primary discussion topics. As part of that review. Obviously the first one is street design and highway 119 rightaway improvements. Obviously, we’re continuing to coordinate with c.com Department of Transportation regarding highway 119 improvements. Another topic was infrastructure design and emergency services, General site design and layout and then also environmental assessment and conservation plan review and I’ll provide a little more detail on the following slides. So next slide please. So regarding transportation considerations, so based on the traffic study that was included in the packet this development, development of this property is not expected to have an adverse impact on the level of service and the transportation benchmark. So roadway improvements include there there will be a full movement signalized intersection at iwin 18 in the north south collector Street, which is called Harvest Moon drop on the east side of the Costco lot. Also be right in right out x From highway 118 on the west side a lot one which is the lot that’ll include the Costco warehouse. And then Harvest Moon drive will be designed as a collector Street. And then as part of that design, there’s two traffic circles at the primary intersections along that street segment. The future transportation improvements. East apartments arborist moon drive will be reviewed with the future subdivision plats and site plans after the mining is completed and reclamation has has concurred on that site. Obviously, that whole area east of Harvest Moon drive is designated as there’s several land use designations shown on the proposed land use amendment plan. There’s a mixed use corridor land use, there’s residential mixed neighborhood and then there’s residential single family. Now, obviously that that development would occur after mining occurred and reclamation has been completed on that after the mine has been done. So next slide please. So for other infrastructure and services, future development will be required to comply with city requirements and that includes multimodal and pedestrian connections. So there are plans for as each individual site develops as well as the subdivision develops. There’ll be requirements for pedestrian connections internally and then also to the external trail system, both along the public streets as well as connections to the Greenway trails along both left hand Creek and St. Bryan Creek. So utility improvements will be required. Meeting city requirements including water sewer, electric communications, storm drainage and water quality design. Utility capacity as a test anticipated to be adequate for the development and emergency response times will comply with the city’s benchmark. And obviously there’s a lot more details on each of these topics in the communication. Next slide please.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:07
So associated with the subdivision and site design, so the highway 119, frontage will include landscaping consistent with the highway team landscape guidelines and gateway buffer requirements. And as each site develops, will need to comply with site design compliance standards including landscaping and buffering, screening, noise compliance and other design requirements associated with land development code. And then as I mentioned, when mine is complete east of Harvest Moon drive future development will need to comply with applicable residential compatibility standards including appropriate transitioning buffer standards at the time of the property develops. Next slide please. So in terms of environmental protections, there was a habitat and species conservation plan that was included as part of the application which was a requirement for this nettle. And as part of that, our natural resources staff did review the plan as well as other staff. And, as noted in the staff communication, the plan did not identify any threatened or endangered species, or habitat or Whelan’s or waters of us subject to federal regulation. And the natural resources staff reviewed the plan and generally agreed with the findings and recommendations of the report. Next slide, please. In addition, with the submittal, there was also a environmental site assessment. Included with the packet actually there was two one was the 2015 report that was reviewed with the annexation. And then there was a subsequent environmental site assessment that was submitted in 2020 associated with just the Costco site. And based on the information provided in both the original 2015 report, as well as the subsequent 2020 Costco site plan. There was no evidence of environmental conditions on the property that would require additional investigation. Steps staff did not require any additional assessment submittals other than the two reports that were included in the packet. Next slide, please. So this slide includes a few procedural notes. The applicants presentation will address the criteria in more detail, obviously per code the outcomes response for demonstrating that the application meets review criteria and missable code standards. The Commission is the decision making body on the preliminary subdivision plat Council’s decision making body on a comprehensive plan amendment rezoning and concept plan amendment. Next slide please. So based on staffs analysis, the review criteria As noted in the communication staff found the application to meet the criteria and is recommending approval as noted in PC resolution 21 2021 five B. And the one condition in the five B resolution is that the plenary subdivision plat. approval by the Commission is subject council approval of the comprehensive plan land use amendment rezoning and concept plan amendment. Next slide, please. So this slide just outlines the next steps in tonight’s hearing. Next, we’ll have the applicant presentation, and Barb Bronk will be presenting for the applicant, then we’ll open the public hearing of the after the public hearing, there’ll be questions for the applicant and staff. After that, they’ll be commissioned deliberation, and then commission vote, motion and a vote. And then the Commission’s decision will be forwarded to the city council. And as I mentioned before, tentative council days right now, our first reading on June 29. And then second reading and the public hearing on July 13. And I believe that concludes my presentation, and I’m happy to respond any questions or if you’d like to just go on to the applicants presentation, we can do that and then have questions after the public hearing.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:17
Thank you, Brian. Actually, I need to ask Jamie Rother, a city attorney, we’ve got a little bit of housekeeping to deal with. It appears we’ve lost Commissioner flag at some point. She no longer is attending the meeting. And Commissioner height your video is off. I don’t know if you have been in on the last bit of the presentation or not. So attorney Roth my question to you is if Commissioner flake has missed part of the presentation and is able to come back into the meeting, can she still be seated?

Unknown Speaker 1:17:05
Later she can. I know that there is a quorum at this point. I think we should maybe wait and see what happens with her. And if she comes back we can then revisit at that time.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:16
Okay. And Commissioner height, kind of same issue. I just want to make sure that you feel that you haven’t missed much of the meeting. Your cab missed the meeting. Okay. All right. Great. So Brian, let’s go ahead and go with the applicants presentation.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:35
And chair. Give us just a minute. Let me see if we need to let Commissioner Haig back in or flag again. Because our meeting is locked in so she wouldn’t have gotten in and I do not see any emails. Jane, do you? She is trying to get in. Okay. Okay. I’m going to unlock the meeting here. Let’s give her just a moment share. Sure. Thank you. All right. We just let her in. Give us just a minute to get her renamed. Give us just a minute Commissioner flag. All right. And you should be able to unmute yourself Commissioner flag. I did. Thank you right. Perfect. Let me pull up. Let me pull up the next presentation if you’re ready to continue.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:51
Okay, sounds good. Thank you. Good evening, Chairman schoeneck BB bronc resource conservation partners, PO Box 1522 Longmont, Colorado 80503 I am here this evening with Reggie golden from diamond g concrete company, Drew golden from golden farm lllp a sampling of representatives of our TST consulting engineers design team, including Brian Williamson, Don Toronto, and James Brandt’s and Deanna Salazar. Chu from Costco. So we’re, we’ll be here throughout the meeting to answer any questions that you have. Next slide. I know Brian kind of went through this, but this is where we are in the world again, highway 119. Martin Street to the west quail road to the South 100/19 Street to the east and st Rand Creek along the north. The other thing here is adjacent land uses so you can see the apartments and continuing residential development on the west side of the property, the rural residential and agricultural along the southern boundary, the basically farmland across North 100/19 Street headed to the east and then open space and St. Breen Creek along the north side of the property. Next slide. So this is a big picture. I know Brian went through this, but these are the images that help tell that story. So we’re looking at an amendment to the comprehensive plan, a rezoning application, an amendment to the concept plan and a preliminary plat. So the top left slide shows the area that is that land use is changing. So that red dashed line around the Regional Center and the multifamily residential and the mixed use corridor shows the land use amendment components. The side below that shows the portion of the property that will be rezone to accommodate the land use amendment and so that that portion will be removed from the pod. The remainder of the property will stay in the pod so they can be mined and reclaimed. And then it concept plan amendment will remove a portion of the mining from the pod and from the mining pound boundary inside the concept plan. So again, that property will be developed first, as opposed to waiting until the property is mined and reclaimed. Next slide. So, Brian kind of went through a little of this about the history of the land. I think there’s been some confusion in the public regarding the ultimate land use for this property. And Brian’s memo says 1980, I went back and look for comp plans and the earliest one I could find a picture of was 2010. And at the time, it was industrial economic development, medium density, residential and low density residential and again, it was contemplated for development within the city of Longmont. Atlanta has changed when envision Longmont was adopted so that the portion north of the highway was changed to parks Greenway and open space and the portion south of the highway. It’s pretty much residential, including mixed neighborhood and rural neighborhood. And then when we annex the property, we amended it again. The Pratt parcel north of the roads remained parks Green Man open space. But south of the road, we made a more diverse mix of uses to include some mixed use employment along the highway, mixed neighborhood and single family neighborhood. Again, there’s been some missing from information out in the public that this property was going to be mined, reclaimed and converted to a park. And it’s unfortunate that that was shared with the public but that has never been true. And has never shown up on any maps or things that I am aware of. Next slide. So this is the land use amendment on the top is the existing land use. So it’s a mixed use employment mix neighborhood and single family neighborhood. And then the slide below shows the conversion to regional center, multifamily neighborhood mixed neighborhood, the mixed use corridor along the highway and then the residential to the east. And you can see on the map that the single family residential really didn’t change the parts that change were along the highway and then the mix of uses to add additional diversity to the housing stock. And you’ll see that the land use amendment map does not include the portion of the property north of the road. That property is owned by the city of Longmont. So we are not changing the land use on that portion of the property it will remain as parks greenways and open space. Next slide.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:44
So this is a summary of that of how that land use works out where we will end up with 26 acres of regional center 16 acres of multifamily neighborhood again, a portion of that is where the nine acres The city is going to purchase. This is located will have 22 acres of mixed use corridor and 16 acres total 38 acres of mixed neighborhood and then 102 acres of single family. Next slide. So this is kind of the images that demonstrate the proposal for the concept plan amendments. So the row of pictures along the top is the existing approved concept plan. The row of pictures along the bottom is the proposal before you so you can see for Phase One, the mining is removed just about that 70 acres on the western edge of the property will be removed from the pod, no longer mined and it will become regional commercial, a place for multifamily and a place for mixed neighborhood the so the mining is moved in that instance, to the east away from the existing residential development from the western side of the property. Then phase two you can see above is the reclamation plan. And you’ll see that there’s if you look below, the pond is missing. And that’s because that’s not going to be mined. So again, during phase two will have the regional center, multifamily and mixed neighborhood. And what this amendment does is allow that Western 72 acres to develop while the property is being mined and, and reclaimed. Then you can see at the end, the existing land use and the proposed again, north of the highway no change, it’s still parks greenways and open space. along the highway. It’s a combination of regional center and mixed use corridor. And then the residential uses. We’ve added multifamily to the mix and reconfigured the mixed neighborhood. And again, the single family matches on both slides. Next slide please. Again, this is just the numbers of those things. What’s interesting to me is we’ve rearranged the parts and phase one, phase two phase three when you get to the end, the total number of if we use the average units is 886 units of residential and about 476,000 square feet of commercial and mixed use and that is concentrated in the Regional Center and the mixed use along the corridor. Next slide. So this is the story about the rezoning So, again, the property was zoned planned unit development at the time it was annexed to allow for mining and reclamation. If this is approved this evening, we will take a portion of that out of the pod and rezone it to regional center multifamily neighborhood and mixed neighborhood. The remainder of the property including the city’s ground, which is zoned pewdie as well will stay within the pod until the property is mined and reclaimed. Because under the city code, that’s the only place we can mind. So that’s why that was done at the time the property was annexed. Next slide. This is the summary of the rezoning so that add up to adjacent to the highway as a regional center. It’s a little more than 27 acres we have the multifamily which is about 18 and the western nine acres that residential multifamily is for the city’s will own the for the multi for the affordable housing, and then mixed residential about 24 acres to the south. That is also the area that will be included in the preliminary plat. Next slide. So what you have before you this evening, this is the fourth application is an 11 lap, preliminary plat. And as Brian said, it’s the framework and it includes in the application materials, utilities, design, landscape design, grading and drainage, all of the circulation things all of those things necessary to understand that the property can be developed within the code. The important thing there, I think for people listening is to know that this is a preliminary plat and all of these parcels will go through an additional review, as Brian said in his presentation that will have final Platts final public improvement plans and final site plans for each of the uses within the proposed preliminary plat area. Next slide.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:20
This is a multimodal kind of big picture connection plan. So this site is really well located for the people who will live and work here to be able to use their bikes and their feet to get around in the world. We have underpasses at St. Fran Greenway under highway 119 at the left hand Creek Greenway under highway 119, and one under North 100/19 Street. So as this property develops, there will be a bike path along the north on the south side of highway 119 along the north side of the property, and then we’ll also have internal along the collector streets and in each individual parcel pedestrian Friendly streets. So the collector has a detached sidewalk and onsite bike lanes. And then as each one of those site plans develops, there’ll be additional connections. And Brian kind of referenced that in his presentation as well. Next slide. This is how we fit into the overall city of Longmont multimodal plan. So the Black Star is the property. So you’ll see under the proposed improvements that the site is adjacent to highway 119. And part of these applications includes turn lanes and a traffic signal on the highway 119 corridor adjacent to the property. For plan transit, there’s a planned regional transit center to the north east of this site. And again, those underpasses and the trail system that we will build and that will be developed in the future make this a really great place for people to be able to use their feet or their bikes, to get to a transit center. So maybe in the future, we’ll have less cars in this part of the city, then those two to the south are really the connections to the pedestrian network and the vehicular network, the bike path network. And again, those show the existing things as a site develops, we’ll add more of those, and those details will come through the final plants. Next slide. as Brian said, it’s our job to demonstrate that we meet the criteria for approval. So both the staff memorandum and the letter from the applicant to the commissioners, specifically list and outline in detail how this project meets the criteria. I would like to make sure that those both the staff report and the letter from the applicant are included as part of the public record for this hearing. So that that analysis other view criteria is included. As we move forward this evening. I’m not going to read each one, but I am going to go through and hit the highlights about how this project complies with your criteria. And then if there’s anything that the Commission wants to go back and look at specifically, we’re happy to do that, or to answer questions as we go forward through the application. So the really the first thing when you look at review criteria is are we compatible? And do we comply with the Envision Longmont if the land use amendment is approved, this site is consistent with the Envision Longmont plan. It fits into the Envision Longmont growth framework. And it furthers specific goals and policies regarding growth of the community, diversity of housing opportunities, provision of affordable housing, economic development to create jobs and jobs and diversify our economy and protection of natural resources. Next slide. Think affordable housing is on everyone’s mind, as in this type of the world as everything keeps getting more spent expensive. And the unique thing about this public private partnership is that between the city and the landowner, we’re going to provide the infrastructure for future affordable housing. So a piece of set aside, the city will buy nine acres, and a cooperative agreement between the landowner and the city will build the infrastructure. So all of the streets and utilities and drainage improvements. All those things required to serve the commercial development will also serve the affordable housing. So at the time, the city is ready to go forward that project, streets water, sewer utilities will all be in place what it is, it will be positioned for that development to move forward. Next slide. This is really about business recruitment. And again, this is a city and a retailer and the landowner have entered into an agreement to bring commercial development to town so that it will help grow our economy, provide jobs, provide infrastructure for other development in the neighborhood, and a collaborative effort to be able to provide a more diverse kind of housing in this part of the community. Next slide.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:23
So this is again about the public private partnership. So again, in the big picture, it’s to accommodate the Casco and additional commercial development, prepare for the affordable housing and then increase the setback between the existing residences and the gravel mining. Next slide. This is the big picture drainage plan from the preliminary plat. So the preliminary plat is submitted as submitted meets the criteria and the standards as outlined in the code. You’ll see the details of that in the public preliminary public improvement plans that were submitted with the application and the staff review of the criteria. So we are not needing exceptions, we are meeting the standards for utilities, streets, drainage, water quality, landscaping, all of those things relative to the infrastructure. And the improvements required as part of preliminary plat are included in your packet and have been reviewed by staff. There are adequate utilities to serve the property. And this applicant will extend services to connect to the infrastructure on the perimeter of the site to loop the water line and make that connection between highway 119 and quail road. And you can see those traffic circles on this map where the first one is for the entry into the commercial, regional commercial. And then the next one makes the connection but on bountiful, that will connect the east west to Martin street into the existing roundabout at Martin. And eventually it’ll come back down to quail road. So this is a there’s more than one way in and out to disperse the traffic and make sure that it works in the neighborhood. Next slide. The other big thing about review criteria is compatibility. And if you look at this application, there are kind of two sets of compatibility issues. One is about the gravel mining and all of those things were reviewed at the time of annexation, but I just wanted to point out that a couple of things. So the development of the Western 70 acres pushes the gravel mining away from the existing residences to the west. So it increases the setback between the mining and those homes and apartments. In addition, as part of the perimeter screening on the gravel mining, the berms that were supposed to be located along the western property line have now been relocated. So they run along the Harvest Moon Parkway so that again, as this property develops, there’s a screening berm so that the gravel mining is there. And then all of the provisions about the screening and berms and setbacks between the gravel mining and the existing rural residential homes on quail road are still in place. Those have not changed as a result of this application. And all of the

Unknown Speaker 1:37:16
mining and reclamation and setback things relative to the portion of the property north of the highway have not changed. So really, the changes are to the south of the highway. The other thing that Brian talked about was two of those cells. So the mining will now start adjacent to harvest moon and work from west to east. So the that larger one is cell one, cell two, down to cell three to sell for and then it crosses the highway to five and six. And then cell seven is the easternmost cell. And that’s last because the access as part of that IGA between Boulder County and the city of Longmont, the mining access will cross 119th Street and rundown quiksilver road now. So it’s not planned to turn, there’s no mining access onto highway 119. And there’s the only access onto North 100/19 Street is that cross traffic that will happen. And that’s the primary access. So that’s about mining compatibility. The other compatibility is with land development and adjacent land uses. And I think a couple of things along the western edge of the Regional Center, the bonus ditch runs there in the north south. So between the apartments and the regional center, there’s a bonus ditch corridor. And then it’ll be on site buffering required as part of the land development that’ll show up in the site plan review, when we do the Costco, the rest of these multifamily, the mixed residential, all the rest of those properties will provide appropriate buffers at the time they’re developed. I know there’s been some conversation between the neighbors along quail road and the buffer between the quail road residents and the single family residents. The bonus stitch runs along the backside of those lots, and will continue to be there for the foreseeable future. So at the time that single family neighborhood develops, there’ll be a preliminary plat, we’ll be back in front of Planning Commission. And we’ll be figuring out how to integrate that ditch corridor into a buffer between and connectivity between those rural residential properties to the south and the single family development that will happen to the north of them. And again, all of those perimeter buffers will come through final development plans and final site plans. Next slide. Which just kind of talks to adjacent properties and the natural environment. Brian went through in his site plan we did submit an environmental review on the site and staff recommended some specific things about nesting birds. And so all of those things that were provided to you saw them in your staff Report, those notes have been added to both the concept plan and the improvement plans. So that we’re following the protocol as outlined by natural resources as far as nesting birds as a property develops. As far as the evaluation, sustainability system, setbacks, adjacent to the river did not change. And so no additional sustainable ability evaluation was completed as part of this project. Next slide. So there’s a few extra things that are specific to land use amendments and rezonings. I think the first one for the basic thing for Landis amendment is that it it really benefits this community as a whole, not just the landowner. So while this does benefit the owners of the property, the addition of the Regional Center, the mixed use corridor and the diversity of the housing in this neighborhood, and the provision for additional affordable housing really does benefit the community as a whole in addition to the landowner. So I think that that intention that when you’re amending the comp plan, you’re looking at all of us, instead of just the small of us is met through this application. Next slide. Can only subdivision plats have to be the standard and again, all of the criteria as outlined in the code does the preliminary plat as submitted, meets those standards. It provides for integrated transportation network connections to existing and future development exception of utilities and infrastructure. And delineates lots that meet the standard. Next slide. rezonings also have a little bit of special criteria. And I think the one that specifically applies to this application is that the rezoning presents the city with a unique opportunity. And, again, the partnership between a major retailer and a landowner and city of Longmont to create revenue jobs, affordable housing and diversity in the neighborhood meet that unique standard as far as that criteria grows. Next slide. We have an appropriate transportation network. And we’ve kind of gone through the multimodal plan and how this fits into the context.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:16
Again, additional details will come as the property is developed but the connections are shown. The pedestrian access is shown bike access is shown and we meet that standard more detail as a property moves forward through the process. Next slide. These applications represent an opportunity to facilitate a unique public private partnership to expand the city’s tax base and installed infrastructure to provide locations for mix of development to expand the mix of uses in this part of the city. The applications as presented meet the proposed purpose and intent of the city stated goals for development and the specific review criteria as outlined in the code. We respectfully request that you approve the preliminary plat as presented. And for the concept plan amendment, envision Longmont land use amendment and rezoning to city council with your recommendation for approval. We want to thank staff and the commission for your time and attention. And we’re Our team is here to answer your questions.

Unknown Speaker 1:43:24
Thank you Miss Bronk. So this is a public hearing item. I would like to move forward with opening up our public hearing section. So Susan, if we could get our slide on the screen for everybody. So now’s the time. If you want to comment on this project, now’s the time to call in and do that dial 1-888-788-0099. When prompted, enter the meeting id 83786666906. And when we’re ready to hear public comment, we will call on you to speak based on the last three digits of your phone number. Each speaker must state their name and address for the record and will be allowed five minutes to speak. Please remember to mute the livestream when you are called upon to speak. To do this, we need five minutes. So it’s 838 right now we’ll be back at 843

Unknown Speaker 1:48:39
Alright chair, I’m gonna go ahead and drop the slide. Let’s have a few seconds is the live stream catches up with us. All right now looks like the live stream is caught up. We do have two callers. I’ll go ahead and ask the first caller to unmute caller 019 I’m going to ask you to unmute. Are you there? I’m unmuted great. Go ahead and state your name again and

Unknown Speaker 1:49:27
your address and you have five minutes This is Lawrence Bashir. I live at two Western skies circle. We’re very close to the development on the eastern edge of the harvest junction development. And you may be continued Okay, yeah, I was gonna say I disagree with some of the information that Barb just provided. There. I was given a copy of a plan to use to vironment document approved Irwin Thomas final p UD plan Back in August of 2019, and it was approved, apparently, you know, back in 2016 and went through modification several times, there’s a whole string of notes and so forth on the side that shows that it was still under amendments so forth through 2018. I think, and this did show the the ponds and parks area that a lot of the residents mentioned, whenever we call in so this is something completely different, you know, in terms of you’re talking to use development, for the for the new property. The other concern that a lot of the residents have over here is if you if you look at the where we have a roundabout a couple roundabouts actually on martin as it comes in to the development, but most of the retail, right, we’ve got Lowe’s, you know, big, big, big development, big stores over there on the left, Michaels, you know, Bed Bath and Beyond large parking area, all that is on the the north and west side of the standard of the harvest traction development. But if you look at where it, they’re going to plan the new one, it’s actually going to go much deeper, it’s going to go much farther away from the highway. So that stays pretty much north of that second roundabout. Left hand Creek obviously kind of cuts in between there. So it stays north of left hand Creek, all the stuff that’s there right now Lowe’s and Ross dress for less so forth. But if you look at, you know, the second roundabout then is farther south. And then of course, this development goes even farther than the than the second roundabout. So my complaint was if the look at the way Costco plan, their their setup there was they’re going to turn their building to face East essentially. And rather than turn it toward the highway, like everybody else has, can Pratt everyone’s had, you know, every development August doesn’t matter if it’s Walmart way, you know, outside our county, or if it’s Lowe’s, and all this stuff, all the big stores, you know, face the road, but this is the only one that’s going to go sideways. And then of course, because of that, then they they put a lot of their parking on that north edge. And they they slide their development farther south, that’s gonna put it a lot closer to the houses. And I think that’s one of the points of contention here. I don’t think anybody has a problem with, you know, some extra housing and so forth being built here. Obviously, we’re in the middle of the construction zone right now. And we’ll be that way, probably for another year or two. But I think the real issue is is like how big when they talk about the mixed use and multifamily. You know, how tall are we talking about building this, we can never get a number from anybody. But it’s going to be three stories, four stories, we know that there’s some bigger developments apartment complexes just down the road, if you continue on Ken Pratt, as you go out. He’s toward the Walmart, there’s a couple of three storey and four storey apartment complexes being built that they’re very large developments. And of course, then we have, you know, the we homes and the water market, you know, harvest junction right now. So our complaint I guess, from the from the residents here a lot of times is is that we already have a lot of apartment dwellings and so forth already in our area. And I’m not sure we need more, nor do we need it to be, you know, continue to be surrounding by you know, our area and and of course these folks that live on quail road. I know they’ve had a lot of complaints for a lot of years, apparently on earth movement. That whole development area we’re Cosco is planning on coming in is all sunken land right now. It’s way down below grade essentially. So there needs to be a lot of reverse movement to bring it up, up higher. And I think that was one of the concerns. If it were going to be a gravel mine, it’d be fine. They’re already much lower in the ground. And then of course the berm would be easy to degenerate for them and be able to hide the development, the noise behind the berm. That’s just the concerns from the neighborhood. I don’t know who else was called in, but hopefully a few other residents will will call and talk to you today.

Unknown Speaker 1:53:47
Okay, thank you, Mr. Bashir. I really appreciate it. Susan, our next caller seems to have the last three digits of 290.

Unknown Speaker 1:53:58
Chair. That’s correct. Caller 290. I’m going to ask you to unmute.

Unknown Speaker 1:54:04
Are you there? caller 290. Try hitting star six on your phone that will also unmute if you’re listening to the live stream, you’ll probably hear this in about 20 or 30 seconds. Call her to 900 There you are. Hi, hello. Hi.

Unknown Speaker 1:54:53
I think I hear myself or it’s Have you muted the live stream Yes, I did. Okay, perfect. You may begin if you could state your name and address for the record, you have five minutes.

Unknown Speaker 1:55:06
Okay, I’m Stephanie Ryan. I live at 1263 a hummingbird circle in blue Vista, south of quail road. I just want to remind people that in the 2013 flood quiksilver Road was completely underwater, I was biking down it and it completely flooded and horses were being evacuated, Missouri and was flooded. Right almost to the Rec Center. We were on alert that if the button rock dam had breached, five feet of water would have been in VISTA south of quail. A water engineer of a friend of a friend said that the mitigation for the flooding along the set sprain Greenway, I needed to be three miles wide. If not there needed to be constructions that were up 14 feet tall through the center of town. This area that you’re proposing is a floodplain. That’s why the mining of the rocks or the rocks are there because it’s a floodplain. And so I just want to remind people of that, and that the more asphalt you put in, and the more parking lots that you put in, and the more housing that you put in. I think that the city needs to rethink the flooding that could occur again in the air of climate change that we need to that needs to be considered in this area. And that’s all I have to say. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:56:52
Thank you very much, Miss Ryan. I’m sorry. Susan, I don’t see anybody else listed on so we have no further colors. Correct. You are correct. Chair you may continue. Okay, we will close the public hearing on this. And we’ll go to discussion and questions amongst their commission.

Unknown Speaker 1:57:21
commission fluid. I guess this is for Brian. And I’m wondering, I don’t have the language of the pod in front of me, unfortunately. But there must be something that relates to the standards of how buildings need to front in terms of maintaining the character along that area. So I’m wondering what are the criteria that would allow Costco to sort of tend to turn its back on the highway there. Unlike, as was pointed out, all the other buildings are facing and Pratt.

Unknown Speaker 1:58:07
So related to that, we’ve had conversations with Costco and their design team. And as part of I think, one of the earlier iterations of the architectural elevations that were shown at the neighborhood meeting, perhaps showed the primary customer entrance facing east but through subsequent conversations that staff has had with the applicant and the Costco representatives and their architects, they have revised their plan to also include a a and an element that looks at that as a entrance element that faces towards how it when 19 as well, in addition to the entrance that faces to the east side so have actually entered says both on the north side facing towards the highway 119, then also an entrance facing towards the east.

Unknown Speaker 1:59:05
I’m wondering how much how many windows, how much of fenestration do you have in there on that North side? How much will it look like an entryway?

Unknown Speaker 1:59:20
Well, I don’t have the details with me, but we’re reviewing that and making sure that it complies with our standards. Obviously the site plan is an administrative application and it’s not part of this review tonight. But we are reviewing that as part of the final subdivision plat and the site plan for Costco to make sure that it complies with city standards for building designs for non residential and and mixed use developments. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:59:57
So Brian, I’d like to follow up on commissure flakes question but slightly differently. Why is the building rotated 90 degrees? So it’s longitudinal axis is north south. Whereas along, Ken Pratt, all of the large box stores wanted to know axises. East West. What’s the reasoning? I mean, okay, so they’re putting an entrance on the north side. But that is the short side of the building. Why is the building the majority of its length going north south, to Mr. Bashir, his point, if that weren’t the case, unless of the building would be close to the houses that are on the east side of the residences to the west? So what’s the rationale to have rotated the building 90 degrees? Well,

Unknown Speaker 2:00:53
I’m not sure. I mean, I’d have to defer perhaps to Russia. I don’t know if Diana’s available to talk about that. In terms of the orientation of

Unknown Speaker 2:01:04
Yeah, I could add some comment. Okay, yes, please. Okay. Well, first of all, good evening, Mr. Chair and city council members. My name is Diana Salazar, I reside in my address is nine corporate park in Irvine, California. A couple of things in relation to the building orientation. That I think it’s worth pointing out. First of all, the back of the building, it’s always the quiet as the quieter side of the building. We have several residential developments. In You know, one of the things that we look for is putting the quiet side of the building against residential, you basically have no noise on the on the backside of the building, specifically on this building, we made sure that they that they track route four for our receiving trucks do not circulate behind the building. So you’re basically going to have a very quiet side against residential, there’s also going to be at least 200 200 feet of separation between the building wall in the residential, the first residential building to the west. I’m not sure. On You know, the other projects that were point point out in terms of the area, obviously, the area they have, if we were to turn this building around, we would practically take a lot of the development that the developer is trying to provide as part of the large development I’m not quite sure even that the project will be even feasible for him. from a financial standpoint, if we take were to take that much land, there’s a minimum amount, a minimum amount of parking that we require to to make, you know, to operate. And I also think the gas station in relationship to the building is probably at the right location. So there were several things that we had to take into consideration as well in terms of the general layout and how we fit in with the rest of the development to oriented the wait, we did.

Unknown Speaker 2:03:38
Thank you Miss Selzer. Appreciate that. Um, I don’t I’m not sure if this is going to be a question for you or Brian or maybe our traffic engineer. But um, since you did mention the back of the building being the quietest in the trucks are delivering on the other side, which I appreciate you explaining. But I am wondering how delivery trucks large semis are to get through that first round about and how are they supposed to win their way through the parking lot and to the delivery doors. Maybe it’s Miss Bronk will explain that or, you know, somebody can help me understand better how the delivery trucks actually make it in and out, especially past that first round about explain or should

Unknown Speaker 2:04:36
I, you know, big picture the roundabouts designed for trucks, everybody, I mean, everybody knew they were going to be facts there. The roundabout is designed for trucks. So basically, they come off of 119 to the gas station, they circulate to the gas station, then they go back out through the right out along the highway. So those cars circulate Through the roundabout a lot in the kind of northern side of the Costco property and then circle back out and go out to right out. Here we go. Thank you. So again, the red line is how the trucks work. For the gas station deliveries, the blue line is how the trucks work for the warehouse delivery, so, so that they go through the roundabout, and then they ended the deliveries for the warehouse enter through the southern access into the property. Again, the goal was to keep all of that delivery traffic away from this residential development to this side. So it really was thoughtful. And again, this is a concept that we that is not the final site plan, but it does show the intent and the idea. That is still the circulation pattern, so Okay, thank you, Miss Bronk, that that answered my question. Other questions from the commission? commission report. Brian,

Unknown Speaker 2:06:11
Mr. Cyr was had a comment about the development and the what sounded like he was indicating that his indications that there would be commercial going further south than where things are currently are. When I look at this plan, the bottom half to two thirds of multifamily neighborhood and mixed neighborhood. I’m wondering if you can go over what is basically a multifamily neighborhood and what mixed neighborhoods so that we can anticipate what’s going to go in to that bottom half. Third, Commissioner Paul,

Unknown Speaker 2:06:49
so as you mentioned, the there’s two lots that are just south of the lot one on the preliminary plat that are that lot. One is for the Costco warehouse. So the two lots immediately to the south of that are proposed to be zoned residential multifamily. And so that 16 acres roughly, of multifamily neighborhood, you know, it could be a combination of a single family attached housing. So for example, it could be townhomes could be condominiums could be apartments. Any of those are a potential option under that particular zoning. And then to the south of bountiful, between bountiful and quail is an area that’s proposed to be zoned residential mixed neighborhood. And so residential mixed neighborhood has a pretty flexible density range anywhere from six to 18 units per acre. So that could be a mix of single family detached it could be single family attached could be some smaller apartments potentially, as well. So the residential CES, for example, in terms of the question about height compatibility, the residential mixed neighborhood zoning, which is the southern portion between bountiful and quail has a height limit that’s the same as what’s allowed under the residential single family zoning to the west, which is 35 feet maximum. Now the multifamily zoning also allows for additional building height for potential multifamily apartment projects. And as I mentioned in the presentation, and as noted in the communication, the westerly of those two multifamily neighborhood, lots of that area south of Costco is the parcel that the city will be acquiring. It’s nine acres in size. It we’re still a ways off from coming up with a design for that. that’ll probably, you know, I don’t know exactly when that’s going to happen, but and we don’t know exactly yet what type of housing will occur on that city on property. In terms of whether that will be for sale, townhomes or rentals. We just haven’t decided that yet. One.

Unknown Speaker 2:09:25
So in the mixed neighborhood, is there any chance for retail or is that just all residential?

Unknown Speaker 2:09:31
So as the commission may recall when we did the code update in 2018. And obviously we incorporate a lot of mixed use districts but we also with the update, and it’s related to the implementation of the Envision Lama comprehensive plan as well. So as part of that update the residential mixed neighborhood and residential multifamily zoning districts do have allowances and this is to encourage more walkability and incorporation of a mix of uses in neighborhoods. But there is the ability to propose smaller scale commercial uses that are intend to be more walkable in those residential zoning districts. Now, from the standpoint of process, if somebody wanted to propose a small commercial building, for example, in that residential mixed neighborhood area, you would have to go through a conditional use review. And so that would have to be reviewed and approved for compatibility. And obviously, you are approved by the planning zoning commission subject to appeal to city council. Thank you very much, Brian. Sure. Commissioner hype.

Unknown Speaker 2:10:59
Thanks. Um, there’s a lot of big picture items here that I think I take a while to get our heads and hands wrapped around, comp plan review, rezoning. And then concept plan with a preliminary subdivision plat. And think I’m following them. But I just got lost in the weeds. So I have a couple of weak questions to talk about, in that. That was just a bad pun. Brian, in your materials, you raise the issue that the school district as looked at the potential development and sees that there’s probably no impact right now, though, you note that the the mining of the property is going to extend the potential residential development help five years? My question is, at building permit, do we relook or does the city relook at school capacity and our exact statements made at that point in time? Or is this the one and only time when we look at whether or not subdivision is going to overburden our school system.

Unknown Speaker 2:12:11
So Commissioner height, there’s multiple opportunities for referral to the school district and actually by our code and IGA that we have with the school district for a any app development application that goes through a site plan review or subdivision review. We refer those applications to the school district to update their assessment and analysis regarding school capacity compliance. And so any site plan associated with this initial preliminary subdivision plat that has a residential component would be referred to the school district for comment. Those future preliminary subdivision plats and final subdivision plats. On the east side of Harvest Moon drive, that’s that will be submitted after mining and reclamation. Yeah, down the road. Obviously, that’s maybe 10 years down the road, or more. Those will also be referred to this to the school district for comment and assessment in terms of compliance with the school capacity benchmark.

Unknown Speaker 2:13:19
Okay, but that’d be clear. On the 70 acres on the east side that we’re looking at tonight, the residential components of the two Southern lights so to speak. The school district is signing off on those knowing Well, we are dismayed this this will be built within five years because there’s no mining going on here. Is that correct?

Unknown Speaker 2:13:40
Yes. Is that correct? That’s accurate. Commissioner. I you know, I know their assessment took into consideration all of the residential. And as you’ll note in most of the student generation is associated with the single family zoning area that’s going to be mined over the next 10 plus years. And so obviously, whenever that subdivision application comes in for that area after the mining and reclamation has occurred, the school district will need to reassess that before in the interim, while the you know, the for the residential multifamily and the residential mixed neighborhood. That’s part of the preliminary subdivision plat. The school district did not have a concern regarding school capacity.

Unknown Speaker 2:14:35
Appreciate that. Next question is with respect to environmental report. Is it Lieutenant? Is it Captain Goldman? I apologize that I don’t know your full disk Captain Goldman. Captain Goldman. You know, there’s a 2015 report which is some seven years old that identified at least possibly one area of environmental concern and I can’t fathom in my mind exactly where the small engine repair shop is. It’s a seven year old report. Captain Coleman, are you satisfied that we don’t need something more current

Unknown Speaker 2:15:14
and Costco did perform their own on their particular spot. We did ask them to do that before they move dirt, just because we weren’t sure and that, like there was nothing in the 15 report that would have warranted it. We did request that and Costco and the applicant did comply. So that’s a good question, Commissioner. Nothing else. We’ve had no recent incident since that 2015 report came out or notices of spills from any other incident, so to speak. So no hazardous material calls, no releases and no spills of note since that 15, ESA came out but Costco did at our request, provide another environmental site assessment for their site specifically,

Unknown Speaker 2:15:58
where they refer to the Costco. Esa was only for the Costco property. Correct. Okay. And do you know where this small engine repair shop noted in the 2015? report? Where is that? Is that on the Costco site?

Unknown Speaker 2:16:13
It is not. It’s on the if I’m right, it’s on the north side. Is that right? Barbara, it’s over. I’ll let Barb address some of that. It’s not there now

Unknown Speaker 2:16:26
that that site was given a clean bill of health by the phase, we did a phase one and phase two on it, actually. And so Michelle asked us to go through and list the things it talked about some things in the general neighborhood that were of note is part of the environmental assessment. But there was nothing on this property that caused concern as part of that review. So we looked at it again, the staff reviewed it again, to make sure that it was still relevant. And then we also looked at Costco. So Costco site is absolutely clean, it’s been farmed, the only thing that’s out there is the pump, the little tiny pump house for the ditch. So, and existing utilities, the rest of that stuff, the only kind of hair on this site ever was at the sugar mill. And the portion of the site that was that is included in the gravel mining was reviewed at that time. So all of the ground south of the river was given a clean bill of health. Does that make sense?

Unknown Speaker 2:17:30
It does. Okay, then, I think I’m going to switch gears and talk back to the commissioners. The bigger issues, I think that we need to look at, you know, amending the comp plan. You know, this is a review of kind of what we did before with envision long mine, the rezoning. You know, I’m looking forward to having more discussion and hearing from more of my, my colleagues here and what their thoughts are on these, these other big issues. Thanks.

Unknown Speaker 2:18:15
I have a question that I would like to touch on. I think it’s going to be Tyler steaming will answer this for me, because it’s about the traffic report on traffic study. Tyler, if I correct me if I’m wrong, but I think I’ve learned over the years that the city of long months traffic standard is that intersections operate at level of service level D, or better. That’s our standard. But when I was looking through the traffic study, it looks like they did a short term study and a long term view. And then the long term view 2039 some intersections that are studied hit Level II. So why is it that Brian’s reporting to us that the city staff is okay with us if our standard is level d? If I’m correct about that. And by 2039, this project would hit Level II on some intersections. How do you explain that? How do you reconcile that guy?

Unknown Speaker 2:19:26
Sure, great question. In your correct, our current benchmark level services is d are better. And then the free individual movements that are 5% of the blue entering volume, but, you know, when we look at the long term projections, I’d say, you know, 2039, what’s happening in transportation right now? And I think we’re seeing a major shift in transportation and how transportation works right now. And I think that projections, right now, projections, best estimates, we base that on current growth rates, current planned, known developments based on any existing modeling, what do we think’s going to happen? Where are the houses where the jobs can go. And that also comes from a regional model with Dr. Cox. It’s not looking at just just long mountain a vacuum, we’re also looking at what’s happening east of what’s happening west of one mountain north. And doing our best guess, at putting all that together is to say it’s 100% perfect, and we can project within perfect accuracy that we know exactly what those numbers are going to be in 2039, I don’t think we’re quite there. It’s a it’s a planning tool at this point. I think you know, for the short term are showing that or anticipate that the system will work with the improvements proposed. And I think that further evaluation, as future phases of the development come in, those projections may change and maybe to adjust in the future with with additional development in the future. But for the shirt, short term, that the stuff that we know where we think we know is coming in, we’ve got to give a level of comfort with what the results are showing us in terms of level of service and intersections with the improvements with those.

Unknown Speaker 2:21:10
Okay, and yeah, thank you for that. Just to clarify for everybody. The report did show that in the short term, none of the intersections go lower than level d. So, you know, that would be okay by our standard of another big picture question. And maybe it’s from Ms. Brown. Thank you, Tyler. Seems to me that I’m a little confused as to in the in the long run. You’ve got the phases you showed us. And the mining results in pond and people seem to have in our in the neighborhood feedback. We got it we’re like it’s gonna stay ponds. We’re gonna have ponds. Next our houses. Um, but then you show a phase three, which is reclamation, and the ponds go away. And then it’s it’s turned into a housing development? How do you achieve the ponds going away? And to move Ryan’s comments when she called in about the flooding, which seems to be more prevalent on that east end of of the overall property? Now you’ve got ponds from mining and flooding to deal with. So what, how do you do all that? How do you deal with all that? It’s complicated, big picture.

Unknown Speaker 2:22:49
The ponds Don’t go away. The ponds will be integrated into the land development, but they will be on private property and function as part of the integrated open space network as part of the land development. So I think the conversation was we’re gonna have a public park there, it has never been anticipated to do that. You’ll see the difference between the mining and reclamation. Part, portions of the mining are backfield. So the palms get smaller, the floodplain isn’t ever moving target. As we all know. And prior to any development, the floodplain does not impact the Costco property. Prior to any development on anything that’s in the floodplain, we’d have to go through a floodplain development permit a full analysis and and make sure that anything we did would not have a negative impact on the floodplain on our site and on the adjacent property. So that I know it sounds like I’m pushing it down the road because I am. But again, ponds are integrated it mean think of lake front public gathering spaces in a residential community. And those ponds will be integrated into the overall drainage improvement and low impact development standards. So as as we put the drainage through the site, it’ll come through the middle of that site and end up through those ponds and then go back to the river. So it could be part of the water quality control system. It could also provide irrigation waters for some kind of open space thing. So lots of sustainability opportunities with those reclaimed ponds. They’re not going away. They just have to get shaped and integrated in the long term land. Does that make sense?

Unknown Speaker 2:24:26
Yes, it does. Yes, it looks like it was more of a misunderstanding on my part than anybody else’s. So thank you for that explanation. Commissioner flake.

Unknown Speaker 2:24:39
Along those same lines following up on Michael’s question, what’s kind of a slope are you dealing with across the property? ladder is a pancake. Okay, so right now you have pawns in some areas, those that then require that as you develop specific areas, there will be half there will have to be some field brought in to raise the land up so that you can create bright areas on which to build structures. How will that work with a flat pancake, and you have to drain off the land.

Unknown Speaker 2:25:24
Again, it’s complicated. So average slope is 5% across the property, so it does drain. I mean, it’s been irrigated, you know, it’s been flood irrigated for years. So it does drain, there will be some field required as part of the development on the Costco site. But the dirt that we pull out of the detention pond, will you be used to fill the site, so we’re not going to be importing Phil to do that. In the future as that residential subdivision to the east is about it is likely that there could be fill, but as part of the gravel, the gift of a gravel mining application is or moving dirt around. So it is possible that as we go forward with the mining and reclamation, we could work with the city on a floodplain development permit and create that higher ground as part of the reclamation of the site. So yes, it will have to come out of the floodplain.

Unknown Speaker 2:26:15
But will there be one overall drainage kind of channel throughout the property that you will then move, I don’t know which side drains through desert drain for northeast, excuse me northwest to southeast,

Unknown Speaker 2:26:29
the low point is at the north, as the site is developed, there’s actually a significant drainage improvement, existing improvement along the north side of the property that’s carrying some drainage from harvest junction. And that we will also put some drainage in there. The way it’s designed, it’s designed so that the detention that’s working now for the preliminary plat may be relocated at the time the rest of that site is developed. But again, it can drain, it can be very interesting, because the the ability to put a, like a really nice channel through the middle of that residential development to get the water back to the river will have both open space qualities wildlife corridor properties, water quality property, so but it’s not designed yet. So that piece of it will come when the preliminary plat comes through on the on the single family residential. And we’ll be back in front of you to talk about it.

Unknown Speaker 2:27:24
So just one more question. Sure. So you’re not going to design that channel or whatever you’re going to do, all at the same time, you’re going to build it in pieces.

Unknown Speaker 2:27:36
The master drainage plan for the subdivision has been completed to accommodate the improvements on the preliminary plat as presented. So that drainage is all accounted for the tension is accounted for. Water Quality is accounted for all those things are accounted for. And, you know, one of you engineers hit me if I’m wrong, but that’s my understanding. As the rest of the property develops, the drainage plan will be amended to accommodate the remainder of the property. But the property is does fall from west to east at about 5%. And the low point is in the corner. So whatever happens in the future, that’s the way the drainage will leave the site. Okay, thank you. Not a very technical question, but it’s I’m a landscape architect, rusher Goldberg.

Unknown Speaker 2:28:28
Thanks, Chairman. Hey, Brian, I wonder if I could ask you a couple questions around some public feedback.

Unknown Speaker 2:28:40
So when it I think we’ve buttoned it up. I wonder if you could just help me address Mr. Bashir. His concern? He’s sure seemed competent that he was looking at I think he did an approved pod with palms and parks. And and we’re saying that’s not the case. Would you mind just helping clarify or Can you shed any light as to why there’s been some confusion about what looks like was going to be ponds and parks and now we’re looking at a big old development. My PowerPoint presentation, you can have a picture Brian. Yeah, Susan, can you put that back up, please? So, you know, what I can say is, you know, when

Unknown Speaker 2:29:32
the property was annexed in 2018, there was several components to that application at the time, obviously, there was annexation, there was also an amendment to the Envision Longmont plan. There was also a concept plan as part of the annexation which is required. And then there was also which the commission reviewed at that time, concurrent with the annexation. There is also a PD Plan. That was for the mining plan for the site. And so the one component of the mining plan, Barb, feel free to jump in whenever you want. The the mining plan or the PD Plan that showed the mining obviously it showed the mining cells it showed the reclamation plan. It referenced in some of the nodes, you know, future development on the property. It obviously that was just one part of the picture was this mining plan. The other component to that was the invasion, Longmont comprehensive plan amendment. And then also the concept plan that was approved as part of the annexation, which both reflected future land uses for the property long term, which obviously, those weren’t necessarily reflected on the mining and reclamation plan. But they were also approved as part of the annexation and concept plan. At the same time.

Unknown Speaker 2:31:10
If you go through the other slide eight of my presentation that shows the compare.

Unknown Speaker 2:31:21
Keep going I’m on to a four I can’t tell which slide. Oh, okay, you’re on slide. Keep going. Next, no. Up, sorry. Back up. Keep going back. Back Back there. Back again. Back again. Mac again. Keep going? Keep going.

Unknown Speaker 2:31:55
Keep going. Almost it’s very beginning. There it is there. This is it. Okay. So this is a good example of of the before and after. So the initial concept plan, which is in the public record, and the FDP showed the mining as phase one. So the reclamation is phase two. And so development of the property is phase three. So I think the same question that Chairman sure Nick had about how do you integrate ponds into a land development is pretty clear. The other thing that was very clear in the notes as we went through this process was depending on what happened on the site, as you see the difference between the mining and the reclamation, that’s because there’s backfill. And so what happens is, as the property is mined, sometimes there’s more dirt, and sometimes there’s less stirred, so the ponds can get smaller, and the ponds can get bigger, and the ponds could get reconfigured. And that is always contemplated and was actually accounted for in those notes that Brian was talking about. So I think if what happened is people saw this phase two map, and didn’t understand that at some point, it would be developed. And it may or may not include filling back in of some of those ponds, and I think they’re in leisa confusion. Because we never did like a real site plan that showed where the buildings were going to be relative to the ponds in the future. We wanted to make sure that the land is covered the entire site so that if the ponds are reconfigured, we would have the ability to develop consistent with the land use within the code and zoning at the time. Does that help?

Unknown Speaker 2:33:33
Yeah, I think that helps a lot. Thank you for clarifying that, you know, I think it may be obvious to yourself and others who have been working on this for a long time, but as a concerned neighbor, who’s quickly looking at a map, trying to interpret it and see blue pond looking, you know, spaces on a map, and maybe they can feel relieved, but it’s really a multi phased approach. And, you know, there hasn’t been any trickery going on here. It’s just being able to recognize step one, step two, and step three. So thank you for that clarification. Brian, I wonder if I can put it get you back on again. Another, you know, whenever folks are, you know, living in their apartments or homes and really dig into views. It’s easy to become frustrated with the proposal and seeing proposals of more apartments are higher buildings, and, you know, these regional centers as well. But I wonder if you could just share what is the perspective from the city on placing higher density housing near regional centers? Is that generally desirable is something that we should for when we’re kind of building out our city, or do we frown upon that?

Unknown Speaker 2:34:57
And I think Commissioner Goldberg I mean, There’s a couple of perspectives, obviously, one is in terms of land use for trying to transition for more intensive land uses to less intensive land uses. And so obviously, the highest intensive land use on this proposed site is the regional commercial center. And then probably next level of intensity is the residential, multifamily, although there’ll be a future mixed use corridor parcel after the mine is completed on the east side of harvest moving drive, just south the highway when it but again, from a kind of a transition of development intensity, and then also having multifamily housing that’s nearby areas where people can shop and access other services. Yeah, I mean, I think that’s consistent with envision allama plan. I think it’s consistent with some of the goals and strategies regarding transition of zones between more intensive and less intensive zoning.

Unknown Speaker 2:36:19
Yeah, thanks, Brian. I think that’s just important to recognize there’s that intention of going from highest density or busiest retail centers and regional centers, and then kind of working your way back, eventually getting towards those single family homes. Maybe on that same topic, can you? Can you just speak you don’t have to say percentages or numbers, but how are we looking? You know, in Longmont, as far as inventory of affordable housing or apartments and kind of this, what is our what’s available now, for folks who are trying to live in long line with these, with this kind of mixed density, affordable units be desirable? Or do we already have a bunch of those?

Unknown Speaker 2:37:06
I would certainly say we do not have a bunch. Obviously, it’s a goal. And obviously, as you’ve probably a lot of you have gotten your recent property assessment valuation. in the mail, obviously, that valuation has gone up substantially over the last couple of years. And affordability continues to be an ongoing issue and a priority for city council. I will say that, you know, I helped coordinate our pre application meetings. And so we have seen quite a few multifamily projects come through the pipeline, and are going through the pre submittal kind of planning stages. But seems to be that there’s still a significant demand for multifamily housing, both for sale and rental. And in particular, I think based on some conversations with our housing staff, I think there’s there’s also obviously a demand for affordable for sale housing, in particular. And, you know, who knows on that that once nine acre parcel that the city is will be acquiring as part of this project, that that may be an opportunity to look at for some for sale, affordable housing on that location. I don’t know if that completely answers your question. Mr. Go. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 2:38:29
Yeah, I think it does. You know, Brian, I think every time Aaron fosdick joins us in a commission meeting, we learn about the limited opportunities for housing in our town. I think even on a recent commission. community, some communications, we discussed how inventory is less than 10%, maybe even less than 5%. And it’s much more desirable to have a higher rate of, you know, vacant or available properties or available units. We just don’t have them. So I think this project might be filling some of those needs. And then I guess my last question, Brian speaks to Mrs. Ryan’s concern is Ryan’s concern around flooding. I guess my question to you is, do we feel comfortable with Barb pushing them down the line? She admitted to having some some of the answers now but not, you know, she can’t really clear answer all the questions for us around flooding as we look into the future. Why? Why are you the rest of the team comfortable moving forward and not feeling like we’re putting this everyone at risk for flooding?

Unknown Speaker 2:39:41
Well, Commissioner Goldberg could be pretty scary if I responded to your question. So I may just defer see if either Chris or Jim might be able to get on. Thanks, Chris. Sure, no problem.

Unknown Speaker 2:39:56
Thanks for joining. I wonder if you could just provide a little comfort or insight As to why, how are we managing? potential flooding down the line? What are we doing to mitigate any flooding, especially given how our city’s been impacted by flooding in the past, certainly,

Unknown Speaker 2:40:13
Mr. Goldberg and cherish her neck. As you’re probably aware, there’s a much larger Civ project going on right now, which was the resilient st frame project. And in association with that, after the 2013, floods, with the Colorado Water Conservation Board, our counties and the state are updating all of the FEMA from maps, they redid the hydrology. So we have updated information and modeling that’s going through the FEMA process at the moment. And so those updated maps the city council has adopted as best available information. And the 2019 preliminary, I think is the latest. And that’s showing that even without any of our C IP improvements, that water is backing up at the bridge that can grapple of art. It’s flooding that area to the north, as it comes across that hits another area at 100/19 Street. There’s another bridge, which backs it up. And so the modeling so far based upon what we have shows that the Costco area and the area that we’re developing is not impacted by the floodplain other than a small portion that the pulmonary firms are showing overtops 119 at the DR intersection of the main street that’s coming more south from quail up to 100/19 street that the the city looked at in greater depth. And we actually filed an appeal with FEMA. for that. The modeling that we were looking at show that it does not overtop the highway at that location. And that appeal has gone through the FEMA firm or FEMA review process. We’ve received confirmation that yes, the information we’ve provided, does appear to be correct. And we expect approval of that appeal in the coming months. And so that will be reflected on the updated firms that are will be adopted in the next year or year and a half. So we are fairly confident with modeling has been done, that this property is out of the floodplain that it does not have an impact on flooding in this area. And as we think Barb correctly pointed out, there is flooding to the east on the current farm property. But that will need to be addressed. It will need to be taken out of the floodplain before any residential development can happen out there.

Unknown Speaker 2:43:04
Thanks, Chris. That was really helpful. Appreciate it. No more questions for me. Thanks training. Hey, I’ve been

Unknown Speaker 2:43:13
thinking about Commissioner heights. Kind of big question of Okay, we’ve got four things in front of us. A comp plan amendment rezoning concept plan amendment and a preliminary subdivision plat. And if I’m correct, Brian, we are the deciding body only on the preliminary subdivision plat we are recommending on all the other three?

Unknown Speaker 2:43:41
That is correct. Okay. What Brian? Quick question for you. I mean, these all came to us together, I assume for a reason.

Unknown Speaker 2:43:57
What happens if, if you take one of these pieces out? And and I mean, if if you were to approve three, but not four, are approved to but not all four. Is this an all or nothing sort of thing that we’re looking at? I would say pretty much Yes. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 2:44:22
I mean, I think one, one without the others or three without one or the other one. It creates a problem in terms of overall design and land use and zoning for the for the overall site development. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 2:44:39
Commissioner height figured out how to raise my hand electronically. Following up on this discussion, and looking at the big picture, is Bronk, I’m gonna put it right back to you. You have cited for innovation In law, my land use revision under 15 oh 206. ob three asked me the best interests of the city colors why this is? Absolutely.

Unknown Speaker 2:45:14
So a couple of things. large commercial retailer brings significant revenue to the community and jobs, affordable housing, which is a serious issue, they really need to have more of the comp plan amendment provides additional opportunities for affordable housing. comp plan amendment also moves the gravel mining away from the adjacent neighborhoods. So again, in the big picture of the community and allows a portion of the property that is inside the city and can be served by utilities and an efficient manner to be developed before the property is mined and reclaimed. So in the context of compact urban form, and utilization of existing infrastructure, and building on what we have all of these things in that amendment serve to move that forward.

Unknown Speaker 2:46:13
Make sense? I can answer. The next issue. I think I can get comfortable with myself, but I’m going to read out what the standard is or so preliminary plat under 15. Oh, he has to be integrated has to not leave undeveloped bubble lots. It has to have rational phasing. I think I can see that in these plans. The last issue however, though, with respect to rezoning. 15 Oh, f5 you have to meet one of three standards. A consistent with the rezoning is consistent with the bank’s trends or facts current after adoption of the original zoning or be any after demonstrate one of these three or be the rezoning corrects a technical error. I think we’re there. Or see the rezoning presents the city with a unique opportunity or appropriate site at an appropriate location for particular type of land use or development that will help to see achieve a balance of land use tax base or housing types. Which one do we meet? Which one? Which one do you think is triggered here with this rezoning?

Unknown Speaker 2:47:28
I believe it See, this is an absolutely unique opportunity to do those things as outlined in the code. I let Brian chime in.

Unknown Speaker 2:47:43
Yeah, I mean, I think that’s consistent with the staff analysis as well in this in the communication is that the justification see is the appropriate justification for this reason.

Unknown Speaker 2:47:57
Okay. Brian, in that regard. So the concept plan amendment, what standards Am I looking at there? Are we looking at?

Unknown Speaker 2:48:09
So the concept plan amendment it was it falls back to the review criteria for all application types.

Unknown Speaker 2:48:19
And all three of these also have to fit into that to

Unknown Speaker 2:48:23
that is correct on all four applications as well.

Unknown Speaker 2:48:28
Okay. I appreciate Miss brockie running through that analysis with me and it’s helpful. Don’t

Unknown Speaker 2:48:40
miss your honor. Thank you when I look at the comp plan, rezoning and subdivision I think there’s a hierarchy there. I’m looking at the

Unknown Speaker 2:48:58
page that compares the existing land use proposed plan in terms of what is already approved for the land uses mixed use employment mixed neighborhood single family neighborhood. We’re adding the regional center and multifamily neighborhood. That is the question in front of us. Not the whole plan, not the whole land use. Are we okay with adding regional center and multi family neighborhood and part of the NAT multifamily neighborhood piece is owned by the city and will be used for affordable housing that’s given. So the big question in front of us, is this compatible with the comprehensive plan? If the answer yes, it automatically tells us that rezoning is okay and we should look at the subdivision plan. I agree with the evaluation. So far, that subdivision plan is pretty sensitive already. The orientation, the location of the big box, and the way the transition is happening from the big box to the neighborhood is pretty sensitive. So all of a sudden, I feel a bit relaxed about the question in front of us. It’s not a big question, actually. It is already mixed use employment, mixed use neighborhood and single family is already in front of us. And it’s already approved. The big question is, do we want Casco here that is the regional center? It’s a something bigger than your typical mix us employment. So with that, the explanation I hear from BB makes me much happier, because it’s not my responsibility to all over accept this package. But just one simple question. That is, do we want a regional center here? and comes with you know, the there’s a private public partnership component of this that also justifies and makes me more comfortable about saying, okay, to this proposal, all three of the levels? That is to say, if we say yes to regional center, then it’s kind of hierarchically we’re seeing yesterday, others as well. But, you know, the subdivision plan itself is a different component, and, you know, the transition and location and servicing. I think it’s done pretty successfully. And I’m satisfied with the explanation. Thanks. metropolit. So, so

Unknown Speaker 2:51:48
Barb, and Brian, is the opportunity, really, the fact that Casco Kane and want to put their warehouse here and that is what basically caused the need for the rezoning and the constant plan and the changes is basically because of Costco being coming forward and said, we would like to put a warehouse here.

Unknown Speaker 2:52:11
I think it’s an app. A little more complicated than that. Again, if there was no Costco, we wouldn’t be here. But Costco was going to go somewhere else in Longmont, and it didn’t work out. And so our city worked together with Costco to find an appropriate location for them to stay inside our city limits. So we would keep the tax revenue, and this site was the site. And so in order to do that, we have to do all these land use applications to make it work. So yes, that is the heart of it. Okay, I agree. Let’s go over. Yeah, thanks, Chairman.

Unknown Speaker 2:52:53
Man, I think that’s the right place for a Costco. You know, when I look at that retail district and entering into harvest junction, alpha 119. I just think it it just fits, and if that’s why we’re here, and that’s what triggered this discussion today. I think I’m okay with it. As I look at our review criteria, you know, as it relates to the comprehensive plan, land use amendments. Yeah. The additional mixed use the affordable housing opportunity, the multi family neighborhood, the increase in, in housing diversity in our city, it makes a ton of sense. And I see that as favorable and in line with envision online. If I scroll down to the preliminary subdivision plat, it will not limit the ability to integrate into the surrounding land, that subdivision will not create lots that are unavailable. And there’s a clear phasing, opportunity saving process here. That admittedly took me a few times to fully grasp, but there’s a logical phasing approach here. As it relates to rezoning, I think, options, see the rezoning presents the city with a unique opportunity. And in here is the balance of land use tax base and housing types. And I just feel like we spent the better part of an hour talking as a commission very recently about the lack of housing opportunities in our city, certainly affordable housing opportunities. And I just think, again, it’s just checking the boxes. So I guess, you know, I would encourage the rest of the commission and look forward to hearing additional feedback from the commission. But all in all, I think this is checking the boxes and I’m not sure it’s that big of a burden to lift this evening.

Unknown Speaker 2:54:58
I’m in agreement with Commissioner on polling and Goldberg on, but I do I’m only like 92.6% there yet. I have another question for Brian. So can you explain again to me what our concept is with mixed use corridor? Because part of what we’re we’re I believe it’s a change is that we’re putting mixed use corridor up against Ken Pratt Boulevard on the north end of of this plan.

Unknown Speaker 2:55:33
Yeah. So, you know, it’s mixed use corridors zoning. Well, obviously, that’s obviously better is not being rezone. That’s part of the the comprehensive plan amendment at this time, because that area is going to be mine. So we need to keep the zoning on that portion until after it’s mine and then come back in for a rezoning consistent with the comprehensive plan. So the the amendment, obviously, the current comprehensive plan shows mixed use employment in that area, east of where Harvest Moon drive would be. And so the proposed change would allow a little bit more flexibility in terms of different types of commercial office and employment uses in that mixed use corridor zoning district. But I think it’s generally consistent with the intent of what we’re trying to achieve along the highway. 118 frontage.

Unknown Speaker 2:56:33
Okay, thanks, Brian. And so would mixed use corridor potentially also include like live workspaces? I seem to remember that it does.

Unknown Speaker 2:56:42
Yeah, I mean, it’s pretty flexible. And also, I mean, it could allow some multifamily as as a kind of a secondary use, as part of that live work is a is a potential as well. So yeah, it’s it’s fairly flexible. Obviously, the intent and the primary area that we have currently. With that zoning is the Main Street corridor, and then the corridor along Highway 119, or Ken Pratt Boulevard, as you head west of Main Street, where most of the mixed use corridor zoning is. So having along the highway 19 frontage is not inconsistent with those other areas. Okay, good. Thank you. commission report. Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 2:57:32
do have one question concerning the concept plan amendment. And that’s a I’m going to read here from the last part of it, and reconfigure the mining and reclamation on the property to exclude the western 70 acres from the mining area, which is good. And I understand that and it’s but it says then, in to reduce the mining setback on to the cells located south of highway 119, from 200 feet to 100 feet. Can you explain where that reduction is? And why test to be reduced from 200 to 100? feet? Susan, could you put back up the mining slide, please? Give me just a minute. Yeah. And I’ll show you on the map. So you’ll see it Hartman it up. Go to the beginning. Very Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 2:58:31
actually, this shows next battle Joe, this, this one will show it. So you can see that if you run along the highway 119 frontage along the north edge of that mining those mining cells, see how it there’s two that are a little closer to the highway and one that stays further away. So that the setback the 200 foot setback, as you get closer to the river has been retained. The reduction is along these two cells to the Western most cells of the mining. And the reason we did that was to help get back a little of the material that was lost to the gravel miner, we were trying to recover. Because as part of this, the resource underneath we had to kind of work to help the operator not lose the resource that were taken out from under the Costco. So that setback was intended to help bring back some of that gravel into their resource that makes sense that it has to be approved by see that and the drms before we can change it.

Unknown Speaker 2:59:31
Okay, so basically when I’m looking at this, if I go over to the eastern side, I see where it’s a little bit wider. That’s the 200 feet, right if the original plan basically had that buffer, basically chopping off a little bit of the top half of the of those two Western most pieces, right?

Unknown Speaker 2:59:51
The 200 foot setback was all the way along that edge between the highway and the mining. So just the two Western pieces we’ve requested to bring the setback closer to the highway.

Unknown Speaker 3:00:02
Okay. And Brian is that’s is is that was that an arbitrary setback? Or is that a setback from our code? No, I

Unknown Speaker 3:00:12
think that was, as part of the I just probably relates back to the original mining approval through Boulder County, that that setback was established. And obviously, I think when the remind me again, Barb when the mining plan was approved by Boulder County, I don’t think that the highway 119 extension even existed at that time. And so when the highway was extended east of Main Street, that we had to kind of work with C dot and the state in terms of what was the appropriate setback from those highway improvements, just to make sure that the mining would not adversely impact the roadway improvements, and any, any utilities along that corridor. That correct Barb,

Unknown Speaker 3:01:07
the 200 feet did come for the Boulder County approval, and it was based on the fact that we the highway wasn’t designed yet. So we we set it up to be a 200 foot setback, as you go through the technical review at the Colorado division of Mining Reclamation and safety. They make you do what’s called a slope stability analysis. And so before we could change that set, the 200 foot setback is in the permit at the state. So before we could change that, we would have to go back and perform that the operator would have to go back and perform that setback analysis to make sure that moving it closer doesn’t jeopardize the integrity of any of the utilities out there any of the highways. And it’s generally rule of thumb is it’s twice the depth of the resource. So we believe that the 100 feet of work, but the technical review for that will come through the division of minerals in geology. So we put it in as a placeholder here, so we wouldn’t nobody would be surprised later if the setback changed. Okay, so basically, you’re just asking us for approval, but then you have to go to the state for further approval. That’s correct. Okay. Conditions over. Thanks, Chairman. Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 3:02:24
guess, as we kind of around the last turn here in the discussion, you know, I’m inclined to just look back at the wild this evening, we only had Lawrence Bashir and Stephanie Ryan, tune in, there were 44 participants in the name, you know, the neighborhood virtual meeting back in December of 2020. And I just want to, you know, kind of make sure, or just recognize that we, as the commission have reviewed many of the concerns raised at that meeting, height, the orientation of Costco, certainly, if any concerns around traffic, mining, phasing and impact to the neighborhood. And I just want to make sure everyone who’s tuned in and with that will be impacted by this project, recognizing that we took their concerns and the consideration to dress them and you know, and have, you know, looked for solutions and found justification if we go that way. But given the fact that the project before it has met the review criteria, given the fact that the comp plan, land use amendment met the review criteria, for all the reasons that we’ve discussed a few times already, given the fact that the preliminary subdivision plat met the review criteria and the rezoning component met the criteria. And our discussion here I’m inclined to make a motion. And I think that would read I’m going to read because there’s a couple pieces to this, so recommend conditional conditionally approved the Irwin Thomas preliminary subdivision plat, and recommend approval of the Irwin Thomas comprehensive plan land use amendment, rezoning concept plan amendment and preliminary subdivision plat as reflected in PCR 2021 dash five B.

Unknown Speaker 3:04:34
Okay, so we have a motion to approve PCR 2021 Dec five fee. And just to clarify, reading further down about the condition condition. The condition on that is that approval is subject to city council approval. And the reason for that is because we’re only the deciding body on one of these four things. City Council must approve the other three If they failed to do so, then it negates our PCR. Is that right, Brian? That is correct. Okay. All right. So, Commissioner Bullock I’ll second the motion. Okay, so motion to approve PCR 2021 dash five B is seconded by Commissioner polen. Is there any further discussion? Okay, let’s take a vote. Commissioner polen. Aye. Commissioner Gilbert. Commissioner teta high. Commissioner flake high. Commissioner otter on high. Commissioner Hey, in favor. And I’m also in favor on. So that passes unanimously seven to zero. This item will now be forwarded to the loan on City Council for action. If you’re unfamiliar with with council procedures, and intend to appear before Council, please contact the planning division for further information at 303651830. is brown. Thank you very much for stepping us through a lot of complex business tonight. And explaining it very well to us. It makes our job easier. Thank you. Thank you for bringing all of your team with you. Brian, thanks for inviting all the city staff who also have we’re here to answer all of our questions. appreciate that very much as well. We still have some more business to cover on. So item seven on our agenda is our final call for the public invited to be heard. If you want to speak about something that was not on tonight’s agenda, please call 1887880099. When prompted, enter the meeting id 83786666906. When we’re ready to hear your public comment, we will call on you to speak based on the last three digits of your phone number. Each speaker must state their name and address for the record and will be allowed five minutes to speak. Please remember to mute the live stream when you are called upon to speak. To do this, we need five minutes. It’s 1001. So we’ll come back at 1006

Unknown Speaker 3:11:48
Alright chair, I’m going to go ahead and drop the slide. We’ll let our live stream get caught up. And we do have one caller. Okay. Give me just a second. Let’s see the slide clear. Alright, looks like we’re back. And caller 019. I’m going to ask you to unmute callers. 019. There you are. Can you hear us? Hi,

Unknown Speaker 3:12:33
Lawrence Bashir, again to western sky circle. Thank you, you may continue. I had a couple things to bring up. I heard a lot of the the discussion that went on after I got off the phone call, obviously. And I appreciate you guys taking, you know, comments there on the orientation of the building and so forth. One thing I did have an issue with, though, was where they mentioned that the residents here didn’t read like the pod, the pod I’m looking at, and I’m an engineer. So I read a lot of documents and a lot of details on documents. And the engineer or the document, look at the approved Irwin Thomas final pewdie plan that I got before we decided to put it down a deposit on a home here in harvest junction dated from November 26 of 2018 that I received in August of 2019. only has four pages. And the four pages has our phase one and phase two. There are no other phases. So when you say that the the residents just didn’t read phase three, I think that’s pretty unfair. I think we read what we were provided with and while we were provided with was not either finalized even though it says you know it’s under, let’s see, what does it say here on thing for recording by the owner on 1126 2018. And bar B’s name is all over it. So I assume that’s bar Bronk who’s on the phone call with you. So she should be aware of the details in this document. The second issue that came up with Joshua, where he talked about only a few people calling in, I happen to live right by the corner of Martin and bountiful it’s one of the entrance, it just comes really close to my house, I’m over on that, that eastern edge of the community. And there was a yellow sign place, they’re stuck in the ground, right with a notice of public meeting on it. And I got the details of this meeting from that. Nowhere else I was not given or sent a mail document of any court I look back for to see if I had anything I have nothing. Right The only registered record I have this and you want to know why there weren’t any people on it. You know, you have to come by that one particular entrance to see it. I think there were a couple posted along Martin but only on that Southern corner and maybe a few overbuy you know maybe on the south side over off quail, but I didn’t see any other I don’t drive in off quail very often they only come in through Martin up for me. So I think that hurt in terms of participation, the number of people that called in today and I’m not sure that meets the requirements. I mean, obviously they stuck a sign out there in the field, but it was in the grassy area on the eastern side of the road. Not by the community not by the housing community. So I’m not sure that’s that’s a great notification. And like said with that with a document, I have a document the pewdie, which is four or four pages that only includes the pond picture. And the the gravel mine picture. That’s it.

Unknown Speaker 3:15:21
Thank you, Mr. Bashir. Really appreciate your feedback and, and sticking with us all the way past 10 o’clock tonight.

Unknown Speaker 3:15:29
Well, I got a little upset when I when they kind of complained that maybe I didn’t read the document. And that’s unfortunately one of those things that that will get my my, you know, for up a little bit. So I wasn’t happy with that. I read the document, and I read it before we put it down deposit deposit on the home, we made a down payment. So this is what the city provided to me. And if it wasn’t complete or wasn’t accurate. Well, they they not only gave me bad information, they gave a whole bunch of people information, because obviously we’re we’re in low some of the later stages of development here at harvest junction. We’re on the eastern side, we came in last you know, so.

Unknown Speaker 3:16:05
Okay, thank you, Mr. Bishop. Susan, nobody else has called in. We take it. That’s correct here. Okay. Um, so I need to chat a little bit with with our city attorney, Jamie Roth, if you could pop in, please. I’m here. Hi. I’m so I haven’t encountered this before. Mr. Bashir, his comments are in the public invited to be heard the final call outside of the official record of the public hearing item. But during his comments that we just heard, he made mentioned that there might have been a failure for proper notice. Or he implied that. Do we need to we’ve now closed and we’ve made a decision on that public hearing item that are in homicide. With this question, that Mr. Bashir, or the comment that he made, do we need to make an official finding that notice was properly served on that item, but the items closed?

Unknown Speaker 3:17:28
I wonder if this has come up before and and I haven’t run into it. Right. I wonder if any of the planners that are on the meeting have experienced this before? dawn? Well,

Unknown Speaker 3:17:44
I’ll comment I was Mr. Bashir was making a style comments, I was looking back through the mailing list that was provided by the applicant for the hearing. And actually it was the same mailing list that was used for the neighborhood meeting as well as the notice of application. And I do see Lawrence Bashir name and address it to western sky circle on the mailing list. So I’m not sure why he wasn’t able to receive the notice that was mailed out several times for the neighborhood meeting and also for this hearing. I will also say that in cluded, in the packet, as part of the certifications, is that public hearing science are posted on all the property front edges along Martin Street, quail road 119th Street, and then highway 19, as well. So I do believe that proper notice has been provided. We did mail out as I mentioned as part of my presentation, in addition to the 1000 foot notice, we decided that we also wanted to notify everybody in the harvest junction subdivision even if they were outside of the 1000 foot notice and also notify all the occupants of the watermark apartments project that’s immediately adjacent to the proposed Costco lot. And so approximately 635 envelopes, mailings were sent out for each instance for the neighborhood meeting, notice of application and the public hearing. There also be notice sent out in advance of the public hearing was City Council.

Unknown Speaker 3:19:49
And certainly Mr. Bashir had notice, as evidenced by his participation tonight. If there’s I would just suggest if there’s additional material that Mr. Bashir would like to be considered to send that on. But I don’t think that it invalidates you know, any of the action that that you know that that comment at the end of the meeting doesn’t invalidate the actions taken tonight.

Unknown Speaker 3:20:15
Okay. Thank you, Jamie. Appreciate the legal advice on that. Okay, next on our agenda is items from the commission. As always, thank you to Jane Madrid and to Susan Wallach, who keep the trains running for us. So really appreciate everything you do. Especially behind the scenes. A curse. I don’t know if you’ll realize this fellow Commissioners that we set a record, this time, the biggest packet we’ve ever seen 13 120 pages. So good job going through a lot. Yeah, actually,

Unknown Speaker 3:21:00
I was going to make a comment about that in the future, especially if we get a package this big. It’s kind of hard, because the way it was laid out on the internet, it was kind of hard to go through the whole thing. Because there’s one big dump of data and you had a ghost strung through all those pages. I’m just wondering, in the future, if there’s a way that they can be broken up into pieces, like we used to, or like I was, like we’ve seen in the past, where I can go to just a particular area and start searching from there.

Unknown Speaker 3:21:35
Yeah, so um, I don’t know if if other people use Adobe Acrobat, but I downloaded it only 130 megabytes, um, and was and it is bookmarked. So I was able to jump around sections with the bookmarks, but it is still a very large document. So yeah, so James, Brian, Don, Glen, you know, yes,

Unknown Speaker 3:22:05
I can I can maybe provide an explanation. So when we posted on the web, there’s three different formats. Well, there’s two different formats, I should say. There is one PDF packet of every single document all created together. There’s also the HTML version. And if you click on each individual item, it separates all of the attachments and has unlisted individually. So there’s those two different versions. So you, when you have a large packet, the best version is the HTML version. And you can open each project and you’ll see the communication and all of the attachments listed separately.

Unknown Speaker 3:22:45
Okay, that helps a lot Jen didn’t didn’t realize that

Unknown Speaker 3:22:48
protecting to provide that’s how I’ve been looking at it all night tonight. And I just went through the 104 pages of the certificates of mailing and posting and confirm what Brian said, on May 4, he certified that he mailed to the Bashar is at their residence on notice of this meeting. So I don’t know how Mr. Bashar missed that. Okay. Great. But yeah, in the HTML version of our agenda for this package, you know, there’s 20 different subcategories. It doesn’t dump it all on you at once. It’s still difficult to read. Commercial.

Unknown Speaker 3:23:32
Yeah. Thanks, Chairman, unrelated to Mr. michiru. Specifically, I just wanted to thank Brian and applaud staff for being prepared with those notifications and being kind of Agile on the moment and being able to quickly demonstrate that the city met the burden for notification. So thanks for that, that helps us maintain our integrity. Yep.

Unknown Speaker 3:23:57
And I had one more comment that I thought I’d just throw out fellow Commissioners on about affordable housing, as I’ve been trying to learn more about it. I keep seeing experts saying we can’t build our way out of the problem. Just can’t build enough units fast enough to to bring the the the affordability down. It’s It seems as though there has to be other things such as changes to policy changes to procedures, changes to plans, etc. So, um, I mean, building, you know, getting nine acres and building some affordable housing on it. Awesome, great. But it’s, it’s not going to make a dent in the long run to the overall problem that we see on the on the front. Right. So any other comments from the commission? Okay, next item is anything from counsel. Right? presentative Rodriguez is our council member Rodriguez here?

Unknown Speaker 3:25:17
chair, I believe he’s still online. Okay. Let me double check. He may not be able to unmute himself. Give him Just a second. Okay. Councilmember Rodriguez, you should be able to unmute. JOHN, I’m not getting a response.

Unknown Speaker 3:26:03
Okay. Well, we really appreciate having him sit in on our meetings. And of course, always reporting back to the council about our discussions. So nice to have him here. Item 10 on our agenda, items from Planning and Development Services Director Global Agenda, Morgan.

Unknown Speaker 3:26:23
Thank you, Mr. Chair. And again, I appreciate all the work and effort that the Planning Commission put in this evening and prior to this evening getting ready. The one thing I did want to inform the commission of is we just put out a request for proposal for some additional planning work of the steam area in the sugar mill area. This was something that the council has led a very high level planning effort on what the redevelopment might look like. And so this RFP really digs down into more of the nuts and bolts of how we actually put together and create a place there. So we’re asking for some additional transportation planning, so utility planning, stormwater management and urban design standards, how we really create a place out of these two parcels. So we expect to have final RFPs in it went out last week and about another three weeks. So we hope to have a consultant on contract in about two months, and we certainly expect to have the Planning Commission involved in that planning process. So again, thanks a bunch for all your effort. And that is all I have, Mr. Chairman. Okay, thank

Unknown Speaker 3:27:45
you, Glenn. Next item on the agenda is a German. Seeing no objections, we will adjourn. Good night, everybody. Take care night.