City Council Study Session – May 18, 2021

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City Council Study Session

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Note: The following is the output of transcribing from a video recording. Although the transcription, which was done with software, is largely accurate, in some cases it is incomplete or inaccurate due to inaudible passages or [software] transcription errors. It is posted as an aid to understanding the proceedings at the meeting, but should not be treated as an authoritative record.

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Unknown Speaker 41:54
I’d like to call on the May 8 2021 one month city council session study session to order

Unknown Speaker 42:02
the chair will would like to have the record reflect that council members Christiansen Martin Rodriguez he inaugural fairing waters and pack and myself are all present all seven of us.

Unknown Speaker 42:13
We go ahead and start with the roll call or I’m sorry the pledge please. Should we have

Unknown Speaker 42:19
Aaron you want to lead us? Mayor Pro Tem Rodriguez?

Unknown Speaker 42:23
Sure thing. Great.

Unknown Speaker 42:26
I pledge allegiance, allegiance to the flag of the United States.

Unknown Speaker 42:31
to the republic

Unknown Speaker 42:33
for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. Thank you, Mayor Pro Tem. All right. Just a reminder, oh, anyone wishing to provide public comment during the public invited to be heard must watch the live stream in the meeting and call him only when I open up the meeting for public comment. You will call that number into that ID and then you’ll be called by the last three digits, your phone numbers.

Unknown Speaker 43:02
So that said, let’s move on to any motions to direct city manager that agenda items future agendas. mayor, Mayor Pro Tem Rodriguez. Thank you Mary Bagley first, a clarification and then if necessary a motion.

Unknown Speaker 43:19
My understanding was in our last meeting, Councilmember Christiansen brought up an item that she wanted to discuss considering the inclusionary policy we have as far as housing is concerned.

Unknown Speaker 43:30
And that my understanding is that we would bring that up during the June July, agenda item that’s scheduled when we return the inclusionary policy for discussion. Is that correct?

Unknown Speaker 43:42
Right. Yes. Okay. And then I remember Councilmember Martin making a secondary comment, or I don’t remember if it was a motion or not. And that’s that’s my question is whether Councilmember Martin’s item was also moved and adopted for discussion at the same meeting or not. I don’t remember what council Martin’s issue was, but I do know that we were having Councilmember pecks issue, and I actually think it was Councilmember Christiansen. Yes. But that’s coming back when we talk about inclusionary housing. So I don’t I don’t remember.

Unknown Speaker 44:20
I remember the comment by Councilmember Martin. I don’t remember if it was included in the motion in the direction to bring it back. Frankly, neither do I.

Unknown Speaker 44:32
So I would move to bring that into that same discussion. And if I recall correctly, it’s considering the voluntary alternative agreement and how that functions within the ordinance but I can’t remember council member Martin’s statement at that time.

Unknown Speaker 44:53
That was pretty much it. You know, I wanted to look to

Unknown Speaker 44:59
look at

Unknown Speaker 45:00

Unknown Speaker 45:01
providing more of an upside for offering additional units above the 12%. And well,

Unknown Speaker 45:11
the idea My idea was that that credits that could be used elsewhere instead of fee and lieu was not necessarily the right kind of incentive for every builder and that we should look at other ones. And I was willing to leave that

Unknown Speaker 45:27
up to the staff as to what might be appropriate, and just have some discussion on it.

Unknown Speaker 45:34
So my idea was that I wanted all the council members who had additional items to be included in that discussion when the time is appropriate, versus ad hoc discussions, as you can imagine.

Unknown Speaker 45:48
And so if council member Martin’s item wasn’t initially included last week, I’d like to have that included in the agenda item when it comes up for discussion. Harold, can we put that on the agenda? Please? All right. So he’s needed director. I mean, yeah, that’s, that’s direction from Council. Yeah. Thank you for your approach them. Yeah, I was. That’s why I was asking for clarification first.

Unknown Speaker 46:14
So that was it. Jasper Christiansen, your hand was up, and then we’ll go with Dr. Waters. Do you have something to say Polly?

Unknown Speaker 46:23
Well, I was under the impression that we were going to discuss this at the retreat. But if we’re if it’s going to come up my motion to discuss the fact that we are giving away letting the land the developers determine whether they can where the land goes and who builds on it. I think it’s important. If that’s going to come up in June, then I’m happy. I was not clear on how that got resolved. Is that actually going to come back in June? The motion by council it’s only bring back the other items associated that we did that we have to follow up on. I believe it was item 10 and 11. When we were going out for feedback. When we brought those items, we were going to bring your item in conjunction with those items back for conversation. I think it was items 11 and 1211 and 12. Yeah. But when that comes back, we were going to bring that other piece back for conversation. And then what I understand now is also direction to bring this other component back in looking at the voluntary alternative agreement, and I want to say I may have been July in that timeframe. I’m not sure if it’s June or July, I’d love to go back and look. Well, that’s what I heard was June or July. So that was the specificity that I heard

Unknown Speaker 47:48

Unknown Speaker 47:50
I Yes, they are. I think realistically that would be more in the July timeframe rather than June but it certainly is on our radar. So I would anticipate that in July. Alright, so with this coming back in July, we’re going to address your issue, Mayor Pro Tem, Councilman Martens, and Councilman Christensen’s and Dr. Waters given issue as well.

Unknown Speaker 48:14
Well, if we’re gonna if we’re gonna address virtually everything that’s in the ordinance, or you know, much of what is in the ordinance.

Unknown Speaker 48:24
It’s not so far afield from what Councilmember Martin was referring to, but but not so much on on the affordable as opposed to the attainable part of the continuum, the 80 to 120%.

Unknown Speaker 48:40
My recollection of the data we saw from Cathy a couple of weeks ago, is that while we’re making progress on on affordable housing percentages, we have made much progress on the 12%, we’ve made some progress on numbers kind of held steady around 6%, because the total inventory has grown.

Unknown Speaker 49:01
That’s not true when it comes to mid tier housing. As I recall, there was 72 units

Unknown Speaker 49:08
that she identified that fell into that category. So when we get into that discussion, I think we need to spend some time

Unknown Speaker 49:16
at least achieving some understanding of why it is that we don’t see more

Unknown Speaker 49:22
applications for permits or more activity around what would be considered attainable or mid tier housing the 80 to 100% where people can take advantage of no payment in lieu and that we’re just not seeing the development or the construction of that kind of product. So if we’re going to get there, we’re going to unpack a number of these areas. I think we had to spend some time in addition to the other things we’ve heard on what What more should we be thinking about either incentives or or elimination of disincentives

Unknown Speaker 49:56
for for developers and builders to focus on

Unknown Speaker 50:00
That 80 to 120% ami range.

Unknown Speaker 50:08
I’m sure that when the time comes, we’ll be able to talk about all aspects the affordable housing ordinance. So, Harold, we look forward to having that opportunity. Got it. Alright, let’s go ahead and month. So let’s go ahead and open up. I’m going to go ahead and read a proclamation. In the meantime, let’s go ahead and open up the public invited to be be heard if that’s okay. Can we go ahead and put that on the screen that people start calling in? And I am going to read one second.

Unknown Speaker 50:48

Unknown Speaker 50:54
It is. Come on, open up. All right. This is a proclamation designating may 2021 is better hearing and speech month in Longmont, Colorado, whereas over 40 million Americans experienced some form of communication disorder that compromises physical and emotional health and effects the social, financial, educational and vocational and so vocational and recreational aspects of life. And whereas hearing loss creates higher risk of developing health conditions, including social isolation, depression, anxiety, cognitive decline and dementia. And whereas over 20 million Americans have hearing loss that can be treated yet fewer than 7 million use a hearing aid mainly due to cost and stigma. And whereas or 10% of children have moderate to severe communication impairments, including speech production, articulation, stuttering and language learning difficulties and are more likely to their peers to experience other language learning disabilities, including significant reading problems. And whereas early intervention and evaluation by a professional are instrumental for the future quality of life for any person experiencing speech or language delays or disorders, now therefore, I Brian J Bagley Mayor by virtue of the authority vested in me, the City Council, the city of Longmont, do hereby proclaim may 2021 is better hearing and speech month in supporting the American Speech Language Hearing Association. And the National Institute on Deafness and other communication disorders signed the mayor and attested by the clerk.

Unknown Speaker 52:16
So I don’t know. I don’t know if there’s any Do we have anyone who’s going to accept this arrow? That would be Councilmember Christiansen. Councilmember Christiansen?

Unknown Speaker 52:27
Somebody go on as well. Yes. I would like to comment about

Unknown Speaker 52:33
Heather Kemper is going to accept this for the center participant for people with disabilities. But then I’d like to make a comment later. I mean, after Heather, would you like to say a few words? Sorry. Thank you. Hello, and thank you for Councilmember Christiansen for the invitation to speak and participate and accept this proclamation. As you all heard, communication disorders impact millions of Americans. And we felt that so acutely and during the pandemic with social isolation for so many of our consumers we work with. So we need to get the word out there that, you know, support is out there for anyone who needs it. Our mission here at the Center for people with disabilities is to provide resources, information advocacy to individuals with disabilities, we hold peer support groups, connect people with assistive technology. And so just want to invite you all to come check us out, or you can find And with that, again, thank you, thank you for proclaiming May as 2021 as the Better Hearing and Speech month is so important. And I appreciate that recognition. So thank you.

Unknown Speaker 53:42
Thank you, Councillor Christiansen

Unknown Speaker 53:46
Thank you, Mayor Bailey. Um, I put this forth because, of course, this is a 70 year tradition to declare this to declare make better Speech and Hearing month and I thank Heather for accepting this and

Unknown Speaker 54:02
and I was thinking of my friend Sherry, who was one of my earliest charms. And Sherry was born a regular kid and then she got measles at the age at a very young age as an infant and he became deaf. And from her I

Unknown Speaker 54:21
observed how to deal with

Unknown Speaker 54:24
a disability with grace and humor and courage and so

Unknown Speaker 54:29
I wanted to honor her.

Unknown Speaker 54:32
I would also like to read off a little list of helpful hints for people who do not seem to well, helpful hints for dealing with people who have

Unknown Speaker 54:42
who are hard of hearing or deaf. Do not cover your mouth. Do not talk to the back of someone’s head Do not talk with your back to them Do not talk from another room. Do not use speakerphone mode, because no one can hear with it. Please do not exaggerate your lips.

Unknown Speaker 55:00
movements are speak slowly. Do not keep repeating the same phrase the same way. If someone didn’t understand it the first time, they won’t understand it the second time, try rephrasing it. Do not assume that hearing aids cure deafness. That’s why they’re called AIDS. They help they don’t cure it. Do not assume the person before you

Unknown Speaker 55:23
knows that you’re talking to them maintain eye contact, do not ignore deaf people in groups, or as individuals to not say nevermind, it implies that they are not worth your time. Understand that we truly are not trying to annoy you, we truly cannot cure you.

Unknown Speaker 55:44
Please refer to deaf people as deaf and hard of hearing not hearing impaired. I only found that out today that a lot of people find that term hearing impaired extremely offensive. I don’t but anyway.

Unknown Speaker 55:58
And thank you for for issuing this proclamation Council.

Unknown Speaker 56:05
Alright, thank you very much. All right. Let’s go on then to

Unknown Speaker 56:12
first call public invited to be heard how many people do we have in the queue?

Unknown Speaker 56:17
We have three people in the queue mayor. All right, leave. Would you like me to leave the slide up for the first caller? Take it down. Now. Let’s leave the slide up for the first caller, then then close it after the first one. Okay, sounds good. Thanks.

Unknown Speaker 56:32
All right caller with the phone number ending in 161. I just asked you to unmute yourself, please state your name and address for the record and you will have three minutes.

Unknown Speaker 57:03
Caller ending in 161. You want to go ahead and try and unmute yourself.

Unknown Speaker 57:17
Alright, let’s move on to the next caller. We will come back

Unknown Speaker 57:21
caller with a number ending in seven to one I’m going to ask you to unmute yourself. If you could please state your name and your address for the record and you have three minutes.

Unknown Speaker 57:46
Hey, Steph, can you give them the instructions to unmute?

Unknown Speaker 57:53
Yes, and it looks like we may have dropped color seven to one. So let me go back to

Unknown Speaker 58:01
color caller 161. I’m going to ask you to unmute yourself, you’re just going to need to Oh, it looks like

Unknown Speaker 58:13
Hello, can you hear us?

Unknown Speaker 58:17
Okay, let’s go on to color 161. I’m gonna ask you to unmute just press star six on your phone, you should be able to unmute yourself.

Unknown Speaker 58:48
All right, let’s let’s try caller with the phone number ending in seven to two.

Unknown Speaker 58:56
I’m going to ask you to unmute star six on your phone. Hi, this is Lynette McLean and I’m Longmont resident on Sandpoint drive. And I just wanted to invite to tell that the council and the staff and anyone who’s listening that we’re having an event tomorrow, the 19th at 1230. It’s a virtual event. And it’s called what is in our air. And we’re going to have Dr. Helmick and somebody from earthworks who’s going to share some data with us on what is in our air locally. And it’s a part one of a three part series. The second part is going to be health effects of air pollution. And the third one is going to be how to take action what to do. Long on public media is going to

Unknown Speaker 59:47
broadcast the three events. So if you can’t make it tomorrow at 1230 you can view it on long public media. But this is this is something that I know that Council is a

Unknown Speaker 1:00:00
Has find a resolution about climate change and and other members have run on climate change is being dedicated to being interested in our climate. So I hope that you’ll get involved in a canvas and be interested. That’s all I have. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:22
Right are the other two colors back?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:25
Let’s close it out. We have all right me.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:30
One of the colors is back

Unknown Speaker 1:00:34
color with a number ending in

Unknown Speaker 1:00:37
721. I’m going to go ahead and ask you to unmute yourself if you could please state your name and your address for the record.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:46
Am I unmuted? Yes, you are. Hello, excellent.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:52
City Council members Mayor Bagley Scott store 229 grand street Longmont

Unknown Speaker 1:00:59
real quick to the council members that and city staff members that are looking into the expansion opportunities at the airport. There is no doubt that the expanded airport within Longmont could be considered a success for the airport. I ask that you also look at the surrounding community and its impact by an airport operations can by the airport operations.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:28
Consider the impact that this would have on those of us who have invested our lives and have chosen to live in not Longmont not because we believe in the idea that a hobby airport could become something else. But because we believe in the neighborhood, the school systems, the people, the network of trails systems, the downtown, we should count for something this airport was not always looked at as a business opportunity to be maximized. expanding this airport will having an irreversible impact on the quality of life. For those. For so many of us who choose to live in long months for a reason. Other than the ability to fly a jet in and out of town. There are airports 30 miles to the north 30 miles to the south that provide this business travel, they are already being utilized by Longmont businesses.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:32
Take the time to look at the Broomfield airport and its impact on the surrounding community and the quality of life.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:43
Quality of life should mean more than convenience to a few.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:49
This should not Trump our lives.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:54
Thank you for your time. If you expand this,

Unknown Speaker 1:03:00
you will do we will not be able to unravel this. If we had an opportunity to address the Troy train noise prior to it happening. We would have taken those steps. Please be wise in your decisions. Thank you very much for your time.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:20
All right. That will conclude first call we’re only call public invited to be heard tonight. Let’s go ahead and Harold you have an update on COVID-19. Tonight. Yeah, real quick update, all the numbers are moving in the positive direction. hospitalization rate is point three seven which remember two is reaching the level two is going to be whether or not we continued into the all clear phase.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:46
When we look at the numbers, our positivity rate is 1.5%.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:53
Now the one thing that we’re seeing are the case numbers are going down the majority of the case, or a significant number of the cases are in Longmont. But that’s on a smaller number of cases. The vaccination process continues and we continue to get more and more people in and we’re definitely continuing to adapt the clinics that we are having some that’ll be evening and weekend clinics to get those individuals that may work multiple jobs and have a hard time getting in. The one thing I wanted to tell you is that obviously there’s a lot of confusion right now with some of the changes in the masking orders at the state level and so we have people doing different things. We are still under boulder County’s masking order.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:37
We were expecting something to come down today from Boulder County to bring some clarification to that I haven’t seen it my email. But I’m sure I know that lives in in Eugene are watching for this. Once we get that information will communicate with you all what the changes are. We think that it’s going to be bringing it in alignment with the state so that we don’t

Unknown Speaker 1:05:00
I don’t have the confusion right now I’m asking because people don’t know where to where and where not to based on how this started rolling down from the CDC. But as soon as we hear something on that we will let you all know.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:14
All right, great. Mayor Pro Tem.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:18
Thank you, Mayor Bagley. I thought Boulder County had issued a press release this weekend stating that they were going to align with the state masking.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:30
So we haven’t seen it.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:33
So it was just a press release was not an actual health orders what you’re actually using? Correct. Alright, we thought we thought it was gonna hit us this afternoon. It hasn’t I anticipated probably tomorrow. But you’re correct. It was a press release, but not an actual change in order.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:54
All right, let’s move on then to our study session items. Let’s move up six C which is an update on healthy beverages for children’s meal initiative, because I believe we have some children who probably need to go to bed. So let’s get them out of the way so they can continue with their nights.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:12
Good evening Mayor Bagley and members of city council. I’m Christina Pacheco children and families division manager in the community services department. So the staff in Boulder County Public Health representatives are in front of City Council and on March 3 of 2020 to discuss a draft ordinance on healthy beverages on children’s menu for children’s menus. At that meeting step also ask Council for further direction on this issue. Shortly after that city council meeting we put a pause on this work due to the pandemic and subsequent shutdowns. During this time, city staff and public health representatives talked about how to move forward as we were unclear of how long the pandemic effects would last. Identify what could be done, public health staff move forward with a Boulder County sugary drinks youth committee and continued outreach. Tonight members of the committee who are working on the county wide healthy drink social media campaign will present what they’ve learned talk about their education and social media campaign ask council to consider reintroducing the Healthy Kids meal ordinance. When their presentation has been concluded, staff is seeking counsel direction. We’ll pick back up where we left off pre pandemic with gathering restaurant feedback through engage Longmont within the timeframe outlined in the information that you were provided in your packet while answering questions as for feedback on moving forward and we’ll take any other direction counsel may have for staff and with that, I will turn it over for our presentation.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:38
Right who wants to start?

Unknown Speaker 1:07:52
Hello, I run Tom we are a part of the healthy drink social media campaign. Next slide please.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:01
So first a little bit about who we are.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:05
We are from Boulder County in high school, seven from Longmont and 12 Boulder County overall. So my name is Gracie saying I am a junior this year at Silver Creek High School. I decided to join this healthy beverage campaign because I believe it’s extremely important to spread awareness regarding the negative and harmful impacts of sugary drinks, especially towards audiences who are more unaware and vulnerable such as immigrants maybe due to the language barrier on low income families as well as colored in Latin x communities.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:40
I run my name is Sedna ready. And I am a ninth grader at Peachtree charter school and I joined this campaign because of my family’s history with sugary beverages. And I wanted to

Unknown Speaker 1:08:52
spread this information to others.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:56
My name is JP crane. I’m also a ninth grader at peak peak charter school. And I joined because this sounded like a really important issue to learn about because before this, I hadn’t really considered what the sugary beverage industry was, how it was impacting culture and how it was impacting nutrition for teens. So this is a really cool campaign to be a part of it to kind of learn about that and make an impact.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:27
And I’m going to teach I’m Prabhu, I am a junior also at peak to peak charter school. And the reason that I joined this team is because I’m personally really interested in health and medicine and sort of echoing what JP said I’m was kind of more curious to learn about the extent of how different practices from the sugary beverage industry is affecting not only our health as teenagers, but also the health of our county and community in general.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:57
Next slide, please.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:01
So our overall prominent goal is using different social media forums to inform and educate the youth on essentially how these soda and beverage companies and industries are trying to take advantage of you using different tactics. So we first dove into researching kind of different, effective modern day campaigns on and we were, which were quite successful and taking inspiration from their actions to implement into our own products. For instance, the price on our lives protests regarding the Parkland community, they, the youth were involved in different innovative solution such as wearable wristbands to protest against interest groups, and spread their message. And the students also effectively use media outlets, such as MTV to help connect with the youth firsthand, and other different interactive media sources. So we kind of took inspiration by connecting with different outlets and seeing their media and trying to involve that into our own sugary beverage campaigns, just how they did for gun control. And we want more students to partake in engaging with sugar beverage law reforms and educate them on the different harmful impacts these drinks may have. Next slide, please.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:17
So as Gracie touched on, we want to like first do some research before like launching our campaign and make sure we have our over information down. And so from all this research, we came up with five key points, which we will elaborate on on the following slides. Next slide, please.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:36
So the first key point that we really wanted to focus on is how these sugary drink beverage companies specifically hone in on low income families. And often these are the same people that then face the brunt of the negative impacts that come from sugary drinks. So oftentimes, sugary drinks, such as sodas, and juices are more cheap than water, and they’re more easily accessible. After all, we’ve all gone into a convenience store to just look for a quick snack. And often sugary drinks are right in the forefront of what we see. Additionally, many families purchase these, especially those in lower socio economic statuses. Because in a lot of different places, it’s really hard to find clean water, or it’s hard to access more healthy foods. For example, there are these things called food deserts, in which there are just more prominent junk food companies and these sugary beverages. So what happens and what we’ve noticed over time is that many of these low income families that end up purchasing most of these sugary beverages, then develop some of the long term implications that come from these, which I’m just going to touch on in the next few slides. And then oftentimes, they can’t actually afford what those impacts are. Next slide, please.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:52
So also, another important thing that we really noticed from our research is that a lot of this consumption, and a lot of the targeted marketing practices that we’re seeing aren’t equal across the board. So the black and Latinx youth communities see significantly more sugary beverage ads than white children. And this is really important, because we’ve seen that beverage companies spend large amounts of money on the teen and children demographic, they really noticed that this is where they have been incredibly successful in garnering a lot of interest and gaining a lot of consumption. And they also noticed that focusing on minorities did lead to more consumption. So as a result, we’re seeing that black teen see 2.3 times more advertisements for sugary beverages. And there’s a lot of money that’s been spent on Spanish language TV, which has been increasing over time. So overall, what we’re seeing is that a lot of these sugary beverage companies that have large amounts of money that can go towards these campaigns are using this money to then target communities of color, which already faced a lot of the impacts of socio economic racist structures in our community. So these are the same communities and groups that then face the added pressures and health impacts that come from sugary beverages. Next slide, please.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:09
So finally, to touch on some of the health impacts of sugary beverages themselves, we have noticed that sugary drinks lead to heart disease and diabetes, even if you aren’t obese or at risk of becoming obese. So sugary drinks have large amounts of sugar. But unlike fruits and vegetables, this sugar is really easy to us by the body. So when we intake that much sugar at a time, the body doesn’t really know what to do with it and it stores a lot of that as triglycerides, which are a type of fat. So what this is leading to is that it’s blocking arteries which can cause heart disease and diabetes, in which the liver simply cannot process the amount of sugars and produce the right amount of glucose. And again, these are not even the only chronic diseases that we’re seeing. For example, a seemingly simple or

Unknown Speaker 1:15:00
Not super sugary beverage like juice can cause rare forms of arthritis, cancer and other forms of chronic diseases that we simply need to start taking an initiative on ending once and for all. Next slide, please.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:14
Yeah, so throw over research on the health impacts of sugary drinks, we kind of found the bottom line that sugary drinks are dangerous. And one of the kind of shocking things that we actually found is that these drinks can have health effects similar to alcohol. So to kind of zoom in on to exactly how this happens,

Unknown Speaker 1:15:35
when sugar is eating those fruit like in its natural form, the fiber that’s in these fruits slows down the digestion of the sugar and kind of like spread out the impact on the liver. Now, what sugary drink manufacturers do is they extract this like fructose from these fruits and into like a raw form without the fiber, which leads to overload of the liver because without the fiber, your liver now has processed all of that sugar at once. And then this overloading can cause effect similar to alcohol with diseases such as non alcoholic fatty liver disease, and non alcoholic steatohepatitis. Next slide, please.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:18
So moving away from kind of the health side of sugary drinks, we move more into the social side. So we found that children are basically emotionally manipulated by sugary beverage shots. So they’re targeted through unique ways like influencers ads, and you’re actually a prime example. This is Charlie Amelio, who is a star on tik tok, and she partner with Dunkin Donuts to bring a drink, which obviously, the her fan base would like to try because they look up to these people. But the thing is, these sugary drinks have, you know, lots of sugars, which in turn come with a lot of health impacts. So if you go into a grocery store, a sugary beverages are placed in areas that are attractive to kids. So in the lower rows when we’re there,

Unknown Speaker 1:17:11
like eye contact to kids. And then so obviously, when kids see this more, it becomes 10 times more attractive. And then it leads to them bugging their parents, Hey, can you buy me some sugar or keep it this drink for me. And over time, this becomes this late like a sort of addicted and loose terms to sugar. And big beverage companies don’t really care about the well being of kids with all their marketing and product placements. Next slide please.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:44
Right now scientists clearly recommend that young children should not be given any soda chocolate milk or other drinks with added sugars. And this recommendation is supported by many reputable organizations like the American Academy of Pediatrics, America’s pediatric dentist, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the American Heart Association, and a bunch of others. Next slide please.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:10
And Colorado has the lowest prevalence of obesity among adults but ranks terribly when considering children 10 to 17 years old. Next slide please.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:22
There are 12 states with a lower prevalence of childhood obesity.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:27
And Colorado has almost doubled the prevalence of hiring states.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:33
Next slide please.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:36
And talking about a health income. health impacts in Boulder County we usually consider Boulder County to be relatively healthy place, but we actually rank one of the worst in the percentage of ages two to four experiencing obesity or children who are overweight. Next slide please.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:57
Now regarding some of the ways you guys can help Next slide please.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:03
So we are urging all of you in this meeting to try and support our social media campaign. Some prominent hashtags, you will see our posts under includes the hashtag hidden sugar hashtag say no to sugary drinks, hashtag say no to energy drinks. So you can follow at hidden sugar on tik tok, or at hidden sugar 2021 on Instagram to see our work, think we may be able to put that into the chat. And we are trying to post a few times every week so you can see a lot of the posts and tic tocs we have made with our different captions and story posts as well. We have worked really hard on these past weeks I’m trying to create different content and making it very engaging and eye catching with visuals. And instead of just trying to state the negatives we’re also providing different like healthy alternatives to promote healthier options.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:00
options such as water are adding fruits and vegetables for more natural flavors, and also describing things such as product placement of sugary drinks in stores and the health risks of sugary drinks and tic tocs. So we’re trying to get the maximum outreach we can

Unknown Speaker 1:20:19
adjust. Additionally, we are trying to have the city council increase access to healthy drinks in schools and recreation centers. And also, we asked for us support a healthy drinks in children’s meals ordinance.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:38
Next time, please.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:41
Alright, thank you everyone so much for your time, and does have any questions?

Unknown Speaker 1:20:48
Yeah, thank you so much. All right. No, I just want to say thanks, guys. We’ll have questions, I’m sure. But we appreciate your your presentation. And we’ll we’ll we’ll have a discussion now as counsel. So thank you very much for that info.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:04
I did have something prepared to three minutes or so. But if counsel would prefer to go straight to questions,

Unknown Speaker 1:21:11
Mrs. edstrom. Go ahead. And you’re here. And share your your comments, please. Well, thank you very much. They are really hard to follow the youth have brought such energy and

Unknown Speaker 1:21:24
passion to this campaign. So I’m very appreciative to them. And I am by contrast, much less interesting and charming. So I will be very brief in my comments to respect your time. So since it’s been about 14 months, since we last presented at City Council, I just wanted to give a very brief overview of what the council was the what the ordinance entails. So essentially, it would affect any children’s meal that’s bundled, which basically is when food and drink are combined at one price for children intended for children. And it would stipulate that all beverages be healthy beverages that are unsweetened for children such as water, sparkling water or unflavored milk, but it would in no way preclude parents or children from ordering any drink, they went off the menu.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:14
As far as all of the restaurants in Boulder County, excuse me in Longmont, only 25% would actually be impacted. So only 25% of the restaurants actually have children’s know that offer sugary drinks to children.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:27
So COVID has been disruptive to everybody. But it’s really underlined the importance of addressing childhood obesity. There was recently an article in the academic journal Pediatrics that stated that over the course of COVID, the rate of childhood obesity has increased 2%, which is really significant over that small amount of time. And that further, the increases have been mainly seen as are especially felt in children who are allowed next black, who receive public health care and who are from lower income neighborhoods. So unfortunately, it’s really furthering the gap, the health gap in the United States. So it hasn’t only affected children’s health, but obviously we’re very cognizant of the fact that COVID has been very difficult for restaurants and we feel very empathetic to the restaurant community. So moving forward, if this ordinance does pass, we are going to be very mindful of partnering with

Unknown Speaker 1:23:25
restaurants and and being supportive. So to that end, we’ve secured funding that would pay for any that would offset any costs incurred in reprinting children’s menus, we will be there to provide technical support, and even training to staff if restaurants would be interested. We’re going to continue to do outreach and education to the community, which is always important. And we would also like to suggest a six month implementation period which would

Unknown Speaker 1:23:54
which would mean that restaurants would not need to be in accordance with the law. And so the beginning of next year.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:01
I won’t go into all the outreach we’ve done because it’s in the packets that you’ve received. But over the last three and a half years, we’ve just done a tremendous amount of outreach to the Longmont community and in all forms and and also particular to the online business community have done quite a bit of outreach to them. Nationally, healthy drinks and kids meals ordinances are gaining a lot of traction and steam. In fact, the National Restaurant Association and the American Beverage Association both endorsed this type of policy. And the American excuse me, the National Restaurant Association has actually gone so far as to consider it a top restaurant trend. So it’s great a national level but on a on a more local level. What really matters to us is this has been a very community led

Unknown Speaker 1:24:48
campaign. We have we have concerned parents and local health

Unknown Speaker 1:24:55
healthcare professionals and restaurant owners and people

Unknown Speaker 1:25:00
On Baba, children and youth themselves, and that’s been very important to our campaign. And we also have the support of so many local nonprofits from the salute clinic to the our center to to local dentists. So

Unknown Speaker 1:25:16
we just really collectively believe that this is an effective approach to prioritize the health of children, your long run. So thank you for your time.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:25
Thank you, Christina, we appreciate that. So anything else from the group?

Unknown Speaker 1:25:30
All right, with that, we’ll say thank you and and Harold, what, what?

Unknown Speaker 1:25:35
What do you need from us?

Unknown Speaker 1:25:39
I assume that at this point, we’re going to interact with local restaurants, get some feedback.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:47
And direction to just bring the ordinance back to you.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:51
I guess, I guess customer back

Unknown Speaker 1:25:55
and move to direct staff to bring the ordinance back to us. The sugary drink ordinance of consideration.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:05
Councilmember novel fairy.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:07
Oh, I was gonna Second. All right. It’s been moved and seconded. Moved by Councillor Peck seconded by Councillor though fairing? I wouldn’t have a problem at coming back. Councilman Martin, are you waving your hand? Yes. You never let me second. Anything I was I said second very early on. So so I can defer. Okay. It doesn’t matter as long as somebody seconds it. And I don’t have to if it’s seconds, just pipe up. You don’t don’t wait for me to call on you for a second if you want. Exactly what I did. Okay, why didn’t hear you? So next time? unmute in second.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:41
All right. And then the

Unknown Speaker 1:26:45
I guess my only question would be, how is this going to impact I’d like to hear before we vote at first ordinance at least, I’d like to hear what the local restaurants given the given to the coming out of COVID given that they’re having a hard time

Unknown Speaker 1:26:59
filling up their staffs. I don’t want to do anything now. That’s going to be sick. I, I support the idea, the ordinance but just want to make sure that local restaurants are in a position to do that right now. Kazmir Martin, I think Councilmember Christiansen

Unknown Speaker 1:27:15
Yes. When I spoke with Mrs. edstrom, I believe Mrs. edstrom

Unknown Speaker 1:27:22
in advance of this meeting, and that was something that we touched on pretty seriously, that the length of time allowed for reprinting menus, was going to be long enough that financial assistance was going to be available to restaurants that were struggling to come back. And that in general, this would not be something that would

Unknown Speaker 1:27:47
need to disrupt the ordinary operation of a business, that it’s you know, it’s just like,

Unknown Speaker 1:27:57
you know, we changed the law, not us. It was done at a higher level, I believe, but putting calories on menus, you know, there was plenty of warning. Businesses did it it improved goodwill among the public that it was the information was available. And I think this has been very well engineered, in in order to, you know, do it that way with minimal impact.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:24
So I’m in favor of it.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:27
That’s where Christiansen

Unknown Speaker 1:28:29
I appreciate your concerns. Mayor Bagley I think those are the concerns of all of us, because we know how hard the restaurant industry has been hit by this and but as the packet points out, we are going to reach out to the engage logon website and do interviews with businesses and get their impact before this comes back to us. So and I I also wanted to thank the the Youth Council for their sisters just incredible work. And I learned stuff too. And

Unknown Speaker 1:29:03
we’re so proud of you. Thank you. All right. So I guess that there’s a motion on the table to bring it back for first ordinance and I just want to make sure that what’s why I can see a doctor waters.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:15
Your next I just I just Harold, what do you need emotion in order to after this motion, you do not need no motion and directing staff to go out and talk to Oh, we have that action, the council calm and that’s what I wanted to talk to her I was utilizing engaged online to not only allow restaurant owners to lend their voices community at large. And then we’re going to activate the community forum and stories as well as the question and answer feature to get at the points that you were talking about. Perfect. So that’s the process. I’m going to go for this. So that’s good. Thank you and then Dr. Waters. It’s my impression that that we have some restaurant owners who have already adapted or made this change. One of the champions, as I recall is one of our leading restaurant tours, Christina, could you

Unknown Speaker 1:30:00
Just tell us tell us a bit about what’s already happened in terms of the, the, the adoption of the idea and adaptation of their practices in some of our local restaurants. Yes, absolutely. Um, Sean gagner, as you mentioned, made this transition a few years ago. And

Unknown Speaker 1:30:18
anecdotally, for him, he’s received nothing but positive feedback, no customer complaints. I mean, essentially, it’s it’s just making a healthy choice, the easy choice is not changing anybody’s choice at all. There’s also been some research out of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation that looked into the state of California, and, and one other community that looked into

Unknown Speaker 1:30:43
how this was implemented in those communities. And they found over two different places that large. This is a large sample size that out of hundreds and hundreds of managers interviewed, there was only four recorded

Unknown Speaker 1:31:01
incidences of customer complaining at all. So it was also passed in Lafayette, a few years ago, as you may be aware, anecdotally there as well, there’s it had wide community support and restaurant support didn’t seem to affect business. And if you’re a council of like, actually have a name of a council member, in Lafayette, who has experienced with this and can to attest the fact that it was minimally disruptive at all to restaurants in that community. Thank you. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:34
There’s a motion on the floor directing staff to bring back first ordinance with the understanding that sounds like Karen’s going to do some prep work before that happens. All in favor say aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. All right, Motion carries unanimously, thank you very much, guys and gals. We appreciate it. Thank you. Thank you for your time. All right. Let’s move on to Jim golden the 2022 budget discussion.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:01
Bagley, members of council I’m Jim golden, the chief financial officer. And with me tonight is Teresa Malloy, the budget manager, and melody Palermo who’s the senior budget analyst. And we’re going to combine to make a brief presentation to you about our upcoming budget process. Actually, we’ve begun it but we’ll let you know a little bit about that. And then when we’re finished, we’d like to get any direction you might have regarding the 2022 budget process and what you’d like to see potentially within that budget process. So

Unknown Speaker 1:32:34
Steph, could you pull up the PowerPoint, please?

Unknown Speaker 1:32:39
Next slide, please.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:42
Right. So this here is the general calendar for the 2022 budget process. We have begun having our departments prepare their budget requests in June and July will work with the city manager will review the budget request with budget staff will do that. And then we’ll meet with the departments the city manager review their budget request at that point. And then in July as well. We have finance staff will finalize revenue projections for 2022. And then we pretty much make our final

Unknown Speaker 1:33:15
decisions towards the end of July beginning of August to put together a proposed budget as well as the ccip. And then we’ll be presenting that to you on the night of August 31 this year. And then during September, we will make staff presentations. There’ll be public hearings, opportunity for public comment last Council for direction in early October, and likely follow that with ordinances as well in in October. Next slide please.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:46
So a little bit about how we ended 2020. Our financial audit is close to complete. The numbers are pretty much final. We’re finishing up the financial report and you’ll be receiving that next month. So most of these I’m sure these numbers are pretty accurate at this point in time. This is the general funds fund balance for the end of 2020 is 31 point 4 million, which is $4 million greater than it ended in 2020 2019. So most of that $4 million difference is from amounts that are designated.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:29
So for specific purposes, a lot of very big amount of that over $2.2 million is from oil and gas revenues. So there’s all specific types of uses that are set aside that are not part of the morisset less the general general fund fund balance. So what I refer to it here as the general fund specific fund balance and that is is $24.8 million

Unknown Speaker 1:34:55
that is made up of a table reserve of four

Unknown Speaker 1:35:00
Point 9 million

Unknown Speaker 1:35:02
emergency reserve of $10 million

Unknown Speaker 1:35:06
we have $5.4 million of encumbrances are carryovers from the 2020 budget. So those are dollars that still need to be expended from 2020 budget which will be returning to you it with a carry overall ordinance. In late June, early July a

Unknown Speaker 1:35:27
little over a million dollars is budgeted was budgeted during the 2021 budget process for one time expenses. And then as $900,000 of amounts that are non spendable is set aside for contracts and prepaid expenses. So that leaving us with two and a half million dollars of basically what’s unassigned are available for one time expenses in 2022.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:54
That’s a very

Unknown Speaker 1:35:58
common amount not out of the ordinary for what we’ve had in recent budget processes. And then that is based at the end of 2022. And what I’m sorry at the end of 2020. And the activity from 2021 will make projections on that what might get added to this 2.5 million for also for one time expense potential. Next slide please.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:25
So in addition to that, we are anticipating that we will receive and actually have received some cbrf reimbursements during to 2021. And that will provide us some more unassigned fund balance and most of that will be in the general fund. In fact, we’ve I did just check today. And we’ve already received over $1.6 million

Unknown Speaker 1:36:51
in the last couple of months of those type of reimbursements, which would really increase that amount of fund balance in the general fund that’s unassigned. So it would go from 2.5 to at least 4.1. And we are still anticipating another up to 2 million or more of reimbursements. It’s just a question I will I will be counting on that until we actually receive those if they once they’re approved and and that we receive the reimbursements, then they’ll be worked into those fun balance amounts.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:27
Most of them will be from the general fund. There are some from other operating funds, though, and we will have to select through that once those dollars are are received to see what they’re actually proven.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:41
Then the emergency reserve that I’ve referred to have over $10 million, that equates to a 8% emergency reserve and now a 3.58% stabilization reserve. And you might recall that the council’s financial policy is to try to strive to reach a 3% minimum stabilization reserve or as high as an up to a 8% stabilization reserve. So for the first time, we’ve actually exceeded three 3% here in 21.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:15
And then that public improvement fund results for 20

Unknown Speaker 1:38:19
is that we had about $600,000 more than we were projecting in the 2021 budget process. And on top of that we did have remaining in that process 791,000 that we had had not yet designated for use in the CI p so there is right there alone one point almost close to $1.4 million.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:44
That would be available from prior years

Unknown Speaker 1:38:49
in the public improvement fund

Unknown Speaker 1:38:52
for capital projects. We did I should point out though, that that there’s some pretty significant needs that we’re facing, we are

Unknown Speaker 1:39:03
running into cost overruns in our fire station projects. And we also of course, are still have to finish funding, the full cost of the first main transit station costs, we’ve been putting dollars away towards that, but we’re still short of where we need to be there. So those are things that that are certainly on our existing list of priorities as we move into the budget process. Next slide please.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:36
So our sales tax revenue, we finished 2020, up 4.6% over 2019. And that, of course exceeded our 2020 budget which was based on originally based on 2.8% growth. So with conservative projections that we built into 2020s sales and use taxes

Unknown Speaker 1:40:00
Well as our 2021 budget,

Unknown Speaker 1:40:03
the 2021 budget itself is actually required, it would take only a decrease, actually of 2.65%, below 2020 collections to reach our 2021 budget. So we’re in a strong position with our sales and use tax revenue. Looking ahead. Next slide, please.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:26
Now, through March, after three months, we are actually up 13.1% in our sales and use tax revenue.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:35

Unknown Speaker 1:40:37
obviously very strong. So we are expecting to have a strong March because march was a tough month last year, we’re expecting it’ll be a strong April as well, because April was probably a worst month of the year last year. So

Unknown Speaker 1:40:54
hopefully, that will continue to see that strong double digit growth. So we are We will make that final prediction about sales tax until July, I want to get a couple more months of of activity below the bell so that we know what we’re looking at, and how well it is doing at five at least five months or so into the year. If we had a conservative projection, which we typically have used in our fcip projection process, if we use the 3% growth for 2021 and 3% growth in 2022, then we would be looking at $3 million of new sales and use tax available for ongoing expenses in the 2022 general fund budget. Now, if we changed that to a 6% growth in 21, followed by 3% and 22, it would be as much as four and a half million. So just gives you an idea of of what we could be looking at for dollar sales tax dollars available for ongoing expenses. Next slide, please.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:02
So the preliminary evaluations that came out from the county recently, estimate a $2 million increase in our property tax revenue in 2022. That’s a 9% increase over this current year’s

Unknown Speaker 1:42:18
valuations. Next slide.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:24
So between the sales tax and the property tax projections, we would generate at least $5 million of new ongoing revenue for 2022. And again, that’s just assuming 3% growth for 2021.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:37
So staffel will more than likely propose that, that we use part of that ongoing revenue for one time expenses for 2022. And then we would be able to save that ongoing dollars ongoing revenue for the 2023 budget, which would be a non reassessment year for property tax, we wouldn’t see that same level of, of new revenue from that source and in in 23, but by not spending all of this on ongoing revenue on ongoing expenses, it would be available to us instead and 2030 for that purpose.

Unknown Speaker 1:43:16
Next slide.

Unknown Speaker 1:43:18
So I’m going to hand it over to Teresa here and she’ll pick it up on priority based budgeting.

Unknown Speaker 1:43:25
Thanks, Jen Teresa, why budget manager. So we have just a few slides to update you on our party based budgeting process. And I’m going to start out with a very high level overview of just start pbb process in general. So it is a multi step process. The first step in the process is to identify the desired results of government and in 2018 for our 2019 budget was when I’m under council direction, we updated our desired results to match what was in envision Longmont so that is what you see here on this slide. Next slide please.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:12
The second step is really then to define the results and

Unknown Speaker 1:44:17
those again came out of InVision Longmont so they were the goals and and outcomes of of those guiding principles. And then the third step is really to value those results with the community. And this information was included in your council packet. But here are the results of that community

Unknown Speaker 1:44:43
engagement that we did. So next slide please.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:50
And then the fourth step is to score the city programs and this is kind of a two part scoring process with the first part really scoring

Unknown Speaker 1:45:00
All Programs based on how that program, that individual program influences each of the results that we had on the previous slide. And then the second part of the scoring is encompasses what we call basic program attributes. So it’s for basic program attributes that whether your program and how your program is mandated.

Unknown Speaker 1:45:28
What how the reliance on the city to provide the program, what portion of the community is served by the program, and finally, a cost recovery of the program. So next slide, please.

Unknown Speaker 1:45:44
That scoring essentially leads to the outcome of our pbb, which is Step five, our prior to prioritized list of city services, and the core tile ranking that we have shown you in the past. And I know this is a little difficult to see on this slide. But this is the core tile ranking that we showed you during our budget or 2021. budget process in in October, September, October. So this is really showing you our 21 proposed budget versus our 20 adopted budget. The darker blue bar on the top is the proposed budget, the lighter blue bar is the adopted budget. So it’s just a comparison by core title of our two budget years.

Unknown Speaker 1:46:37
Next slide, please. So, Council has has directed us to incorporate equity into our party based budgeting process. And the way that we are going to do this is through a two step

Unknown Speaker 1:46:53
process over two years. So the first year we’re going to use what and melody will give you some more information on this, we’re going to use the tool to just capture some equity insights. So staff is currently underway. Updating the tool to capture this information next year, working over the two step process. So next year, what we’re going to be doing is building equity then into our scoring process. So it will be another basic program attribute that all programs will be scored against. It’s been a it will be by that point four years since we’ve completed or done a complete update. And so we would need to do a complete update to really build it into the scoring. So that’s what we’re proposing we do in 2022 for our 23 budget. So I’m going to turn it over to melody now who’s going to take you through how we’re going to incorporate equity this year.

Unknown Speaker 1:48:09
So to start thinking about how to incorporate an SME lens into our priority based budgeting process, I repurposed our program insight portion of the intro to a selection of equity insights. And with the support and direction of the equity team, I created this list of insights which are based on how our equity team defines equity. Next slide, please.

Unknown Speaker 1:48:36
So this is a sample and I’m size a little bit of what the equity insights look like within our tool. So we are asking our departments to take our list of programs, which are their budgeted programs, and consider how they impact equity, utilizing the selections identified and then we’re asking them to explain that selection. And our equity team has offered their support and expertise to help assist our departments in questions. They might have an axiom that once they’ve completed this is to have the department share this information and in budget impacts that it may have during our budget meetings at the end of June.

Unknown Speaker 1:49:26
Okay, so that’s our presentation. And you can remove the slides. Thank you very much. And so again, we are open to any direction of counsel might have any questions you might have about the information we presented. Customer viago ferret

Unknown Speaker 1:49:46
Thank you. So you don’t have a question on the

Unknown Speaker 1:49:51
and you know, thank you for for doing this. By the way. I know we had a conversation was it last summer I remember it was on zoom where we had the training. We

Unknown Speaker 1:50:00
We’re looking at

Unknown Speaker 1:50:02
how the priority based budgeting works. And something that really caught my eye was, you know, I think about, you know, if we have a population of, you know, 1%, or black population, and they benefit, you know, maybe 90% of those folks benefit from a particular program. But my concern was that based on how we were viewing, you know, as, as a community as a whole, that, that they might not be getting the, the funds that they would need for particular programs. So I appreciate you delving deep and looking at those those aspects, you know, something, I was looking at that little criteria that check that rubric, or that list, and then one part doesn’t directly support equity, but would have disproportionate impacts if reduced? Um, what are some examples of what that would be?

Unknown Speaker 1:51:00
Oh, our main example would be, so we, we have a program Park maintenance. And so if we eliminated that program, or reduce funding for that program that could disproportionately impact

Unknown Speaker 1:51:17
you know, people who utilize those that program, the parks and greenways spaces, it can impact their mental health since they don’t have access to those areas. And so it’s really trying to get after that aspect. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:51:34
I think the,

Unknown Speaker 1:51:36
the way I describe it is, it may not directly

Unknown Speaker 1:51:42
what’s the word I’m looking for, contribute or add to equity within our system? Mm hmm. But if you don’t find it, it actually reduces equity within the system, because you’re impacting something that people depend on. So the example that I will give you is actually is not here. It was in a previous community, when they were talking about how we were going to address public swimming pools, we had a number of them in the cost on that, and some recommendations came out. But we can raise the fees, we can stop doing this. And what the conversation really focused on was either one of those approaches, actually negatively impact

Unknown Speaker 1:52:25
or lower the lower economic demographic demographics within the community, because they need those. They utilize those

Unknown Speaker 1:52:33
programs. And so that’s really what is kind of another good example to come into this as we can make decisions on existing programs to reduce it, but it disproportionately impacts different areas of our community. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:52:49

Unknown Speaker 1:52:55
All right. I don’t see any other questions. Jim, we look forward to this topic from here until November. So I do have a question. So part of this time, what we also use this time for is to go to counsel to say,

Unknown Speaker 1:53:13
Are there any items that you want us to consider in the budget as we began preparing the budget for 2022? So if there’s anything generally, and some of you all send me things as what you’re looking at, but if there’s anything that you all are interested in us paying particular attention to in the budget preparation process. Tell us today if you can, and if you can’t, we would appreciate getting that information as we move through the process. Mayor Pro Tem.

Unknown Speaker 1:53:48
Thank you, Mayor Bagley, I think folks are on council are fairly

Unknown Speaker 1:53:54
well informed about kind of my priorities in general. And anybody that remembered the campaign from 2017 would be familiar in the sense that I’m really interested in seeing that. If we did make cuts last year based on you know, or or any, any kind of considerations, based on the concept that we would be short of funding, and we

Unknown Speaker 1:54:21
maybe scaled back some capital improvement projects. I’d like to see capital improvement projects,

Unknown Speaker 1:54:30
funded, definitely, at least at what would be normal level,

Unknown Speaker 1:54:35
to be Jim General, because I feel those are the best expression of infrastructure projects that we generally have. But infrastructure can be interpreted in many ways, as we’ve seen from the federal level. And so

Unknown Speaker 1:54:50
those kind of very simple things as far as capital improvement projects,

Unknown Speaker 1:54:56
street funding, things like that, I would like if we

Unknown Speaker 1:55:00
If we did make cuts to try to get back to pre pandemic levels, if we do have the funding available, which I certainly got from the public improvement fund, there, there could be some possibilities there to get back to pre pandemic levels. That’s where that’s where I would like to see return to normalcy in the budget concerned.

Unknown Speaker 1:55:23
Mayor Bagley, Councilmember Rodriguez. So in fact, from the capital, CRP project perspective, and Tracy can correct me if I’m wrong, we actually any of the projects that we deferred in 2020, we re budgeted already in 2021. So I believe we’ve already got that taken care of the level of funding is is as much if not more, for 21 and then into 22. And then, regarding programs, and so

Unknown Speaker 1:55:56
we, we did not cut the program levels in the in the street fund, we reduce them during the year, but they’re they’re restoring from a budgeting level in 20. Ones budget as well. And well, the only thing that we did is we reduced a recreation programs in the 21 budget. And we are already planning to bring that back up to the prior level, at least as part of this 22 budget and in looking as well as to what we can do this year,

Unknown Speaker 1:56:29
if necessary to adjust this year’s budget.

Unknown Speaker 1:56:33
Well, thank you because in essence, that sounds like exactly what I was talking about. And so I’m looking forward to to looking at this a little bit more in specificity. Thank

Unknown Speaker 1:56:44
legal counsel counsel, Mr. Peck, because we’re Chris, the customer.

Unknown Speaker 1:56:49
Thank you, Mayor Bagley. And I left you a voice message about this gym. And I just want to put it out there that on the airport advisory board, we discussed the prospect of getting hiring somebody else to help out with David Slater at the airport, I understand that it is a self funding enterprise. But if there is any other way we can backfill that and look at the possibility of hiring another person for management of that airport.

Unknown Speaker 1:57:24
If you could bring that back to us at some point on how that could be accomplished or not. So thank you. Alright, kelser Christiansen

Unknown Speaker 1:57:36
Thank you. I’m very supportive of what Mayor Pro Tem Rodriguez said, and I’m really happy to trim to hear you say that you have already taken care of that. That’s good.

Unknown Speaker 1:57:48
Because I think that’s what the citizens of this town really want is to see that we are gradually getting, you know, moving back into where we were and moving forward. And I also heartily agree with what Councilwoman Peck said about meeting another person out of the airport, it’s really a job that is

Unknown Speaker 1:58:10
a lot, an awful lot for just one person.

Unknown Speaker 1:58:14
I also think that I i’m in favor of what you what you guys suggested, which is putting, you know, not taking all the money that we are getting finally and going Yay. But spending it all but also using it to restore some reserves because our reserves were it’s really important that we have reserves, they helped us out this time. They’ll always help us out and everybody, whether it’s your private life or business or or municipality, you have to have reserves. So take a modest amount and put it into our reserves or various reserves. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:58:56
Sir Martin, then Dr. Waters your next.

Unknown Speaker 1:58:59
Yes, Thank you Mayor Bagley.

Unknown Speaker 1:59:02
I would like to suggest and I think this fits in with the idea that we want to take some potentially ongoing revenues and treat them as if they were one time revenues.

Unknown Speaker 1:59:15
Last year, our public amenities our outdoor public amenities, took a real beating

Unknown Speaker 1:59:24
in terms of

Unknown Speaker 1:59:29
you know, vandalism in terms of wear and tear that from from extreme use, much more than than planned. And all of that stuff is going to have to be repaired, put back together and restored

Unknown Speaker 1:59:47
this year, and next year, and I think what we need to do is spend that money in such a way that we Front Load the restoration so that

Unknown Speaker 2:00:00

Unknown Speaker 2:00:02
things that we rebuild are more rugged, more year round, I’m talking about public restrooms, in,

Unknown Speaker 2:00:11
in parks, for example, and maybe on the Greenway

Unknown Speaker 2:00:17
and make sure that

Unknown Speaker 2:00:22
that those things are not quite as vulnerable as they were this last time around, that has a number of benefits. One is I think it reduces the friction between neighborhoods and transients, and homeless people using the park because they have bathrooms all year around, I have discussed with

Unknown Speaker 2:00:46
various people in plant in, in the Public Works planning

Unknown Speaker 2:00:52
how that goes. And, and there you know, had have done some research and are I think are behind the idea of spending money up front so that you don’t have to spend as much maintenance money in subsequent years. And I would really like to see that addressed in putting our parks and outdoor amenities back together.

Unknown Speaker 2:01:21

Unknown Speaker 2:01:24
Thanks, Mayor, Bagley, Howard or Harold, you already have my list of, of thoughts about next year. But in listening to Jim’s presentation tonight, there are of the things that I’ve shared with you, I think there are two it sounds to me like should be candidates for one time expenditures of one time money this year, if we’re looking for what would be what would be

Unknown Speaker 2:01:51
the highest and best use of those dollars, consistent with council objectives in one would be specifically, one time funny one time funding to actually get to collect the data that we need, if we’re serious about our early childhood objective on on unmet needs.

Unknown Speaker 2:02:16
And what we’re what what the task is ahead, to build the capacity, we need to ensure that every one of our kids are ages zero to five, and actually school aged kids in the out of school times in the kind of settings that we would hope that they’re in.

Unknown Speaker 2:02:32
And And my guess is we have the talent town

Unknown Speaker 2:02:36
on a contracted basis to lay that out. It’s not going to get done. If we don’t do it ourselves. It’s we’re not going to get it from the county, we’re not going to get it from the state. And we’re pretty clear on the data gap we need to fill. So you don’t have to start from scratch. And it’s not a mystery of what we need to learn. So no, that would be that would be maybe the top priority. Secondly,

Unknown Speaker 2:03:00
a meeting or two ago,

Unknown Speaker 2:03:03
when we were talking about when we actually when the evening we got the the feasibility study. And we quickly got into a discussion about parking and how we’re going to handle parking, which is all important questions.

Unknown Speaker 2:03:19
Later that evening, we got from, from Phil, the roadmap, which is the cobbling together of I think seven reports over the last, you know, or 12 years or so.

Unknown Speaker 2:03:32
That takes us into the future for 2050. With maybe help baby baby Phil’s done this. But as a council member, I don’t remember being any single conversation with members of this council unless it’s a one on one about what we share or understand is the future of transportation on a local basis.

Unknown Speaker 2:03:55
If we are if we’re going to move into the future with making good decisions today, or over the next, you know, year or two or three, about what to do not only with street design, parking structures, traffic patterns,

Unknown Speaker 2:04:10
it seems to me that we ought to do that and be smarter about what is coming at us in the relatively near future. So for one time funds from from, from my perspective, if we could bring together a process that would educate us in the community about what’s coming, so that we can share a common language and at least have resources we could refer back to and I’m thinking about public forum speakers opportunities for public engagement.

Unknown Speaker 2:04:38
It would be time well spent. I know we have a lot on the agenda.

Unknown Speaker 2:04:42
But but we will be we will be in the wrong kinds of discussions in my opinion about transportation for a long time if we can’t, if we don’t share enough of a vision and an understanding of what’s coming to make good decisions in real time about how to spend our money on whether it’s street improvement or any other assets.

Unknown Speaker 2:05:00
Back to transportation, especially locally. So I’m done. But those are the two for me.

Unknown Speaker 2:05:06
All right, Jim, thank you very much for your presentation. Teresa. You too, Melody. Thank you. And we look forward to future future interactions on the budget. Have a nice couple months. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 2:05:17
Alright, let’s go on to the short term rental regulations discussion. Joanie, welcome. Thanks for your basically, members of council Jenny march with the city manager’s office. And tonight, I would like to talk to you a little bit about wrapping up a few items that were left over after our last discussion on short term rentals. And specifically this evening, I wanted to talk a little bit about limited liability corporations. I know we’ve had several conversations and discussions. And the city attorney’s office has been looking into options for us to both revise the ordinance to include ways to verify ownership, even for those limited liabilities and trusts. And we have also been looking at some best practices that other organizations are using, we’re not the only ones who are really looking at updating our short term rental policies and licensing process. This has been new to lots of communities. In Colorado and around the country. We have found that several communities are using an annual ownership affidavit that we think in conjunction with some ordinance changes would help us shore up ownership and the knowledge of who actually owns the homes, which I believe was one of the areas of concern for city council. We did go back and look through all of our short term rental licenses and found that we had one that was in a LLC and we had three that were held in a trust, we were able on the Secretary of State’s site to verify the LLC ownership did match our records. So we felt that we have multiple ways to check but also feel that we can share that process out. Currently Eugene is assisting me in writing some language that will bring forward in a first reading to address the motion that was made at our January 26 meeting. And the other item that came up for Council was the direction to discontinue allowing

Unknown Speaker 2:07:27
licensing of accessory dwelling units as short term rentals. When we went back and took a look at the numbers, we have approximately 19 short term rentals currently licensed that are within an accessory dwelling unit 16 of those or 15 of those excuse me, actually are in prospect where ad use are allowed by right as part of their planned unit development, which was adopted in I think 1998 with their preliminary development plan.

Unknown Speaker 2:07:58
So the other four are located around town, and those would become non conforming uses in our code. Typically how we regulate those non conformities is they are allowed to continue would be able to continue to be licensed until such time as they’re discontinued for 180 days, and then they would no longer be allowed to retain that license. So we do think that those are some manageable numbers when we looked at the data to see what we were dealing with.

Unknown Speaker 2:08:31
And staff. I’m here this evening to answer any additional questions. I know that we also talked about parking. And I did ask Phil Greenwald to join us tonight. And then with particular questions regarding the LLCs. I would ask you Jean to jump in if counsel has questions as he’s been assisting me with the legal legwork on that piece. And with that, happy to answer questions.

Unknown Speaker 2:08:57
As far back.

Unknown Speaker 2:09:01
Thank you Mayor Bagley. Actually, I’m just curious Joanie and the fact that in your council comments, you said that you, not you particularly but staff had the ability to find out the principles on LLCs. Because I’ve been trying to do that in about a year ago, somebody else on staff, when I wanted to know, if they knew who the principles were on a certain project, they said they had no way of finding that out according to our state ordinances on that are statutes. So I’m curious how actually, do you find out the principles? Well, you know, I think that Councilmember Peck, I think you make a good point. So in some instances, I think we’re not going to be able to find that because someone is a people are able to register have a Registered Agent in that case. So you might not know the name. We happen to be able to match the one we had with what we found. And we’re hoping that that affidavit that I discussed would also be kind of

Unknown Speaker 2:10:00
The disclosure document that would actually mean that we wouldn’t issue you a short term rental license if you didn’t tell us exactly who was in that LLC. Okay, since it does it, I like that the whole the whole reason of having a real person

Unknown Speaker 2:10:17
behind the rental of an of an str.

Unknown Speaker 2:10:21
I mean, the ownership of an str, it conflicts if you can’t find out who owns it, if you only have the agent, it totally conflicts with with the fact that you must be a resident in our city, to, uh, to own an str. So I really just want to push that that we need to know who owns the house, or the or the residents. Thank you for clarifying that.

Unknown Speaker 2:10:49
Councilmember Christiansen?

Unknown Speaker 2:10:53
Yeah, I would like to bring up the same point, because I tried today to find

Unknown Speaker 2:10:59
the owner of a certain company, and the only thing that is listed is the agent. And it’s not possible to find out anything and

Unknown Speaker 2:11:08
the agents address may have nothing to do with it, for instance, slat. And the reason this is important is for instance, last week, we approved,

Unknown Speaker 2:11:19
annexing land for an LLC out of New York City down on 150 Francis, and

Unknown Speaker 2:11:28
I don’t know why we’re doing that, you know, this is not something that the rest of the neighborhood wants. This is not something that only benefits an LLC, registered in New York, where the people live in New York, they don’t live at that building. They, you know, we need to provide housing for people who live in Longmont. And so that’s why I really am opposed to us, allowing people with trusts and LLCs. To do that. I realize it is a common form of legal

Unknown Speaker 2:12:03
stuff, but it means limited liability corporation, we want people to actually be responsible for their property. And so

Unknown Speaker 2:12:13
anyway, I thank you for what you’re doing. And I do think it makes sense to have the for

Unknown Speaker 2:12:18
people who are non compliant just grandfathered in, as you mentioned until such time as they stop using our de Silva house.

Unknown Speaker 2:12:29
Mayor Pro Tem.

Unknown Speaker 2:12:32
Thank you, Mayor Bagley, I would just like to

Unknown Speaker 2:12:36
say that while I agree that the amount of information available to somebody looking at LCS is limited to Registered Agents, at least from the public forum,

Unknown Speaker 2:12:48
I in

Unknown Speaker 2:12:50
any member of Council, which I believe is only one as well as our staff, that has legal education’s could correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe an affidavit is a fairly strong legal mechanism. if somebody were to sign one,

Unknown Speaker 2:13:08
stating, regardless of LLC or trust, that they if they were to sign on saying that they’re the legal occupant of the home. That’s a pretty strong mechanism. And so I think that really helps as far as what staff is suggesting, in the sense that it kind of, we don’t really have to worry too much about policing our season trusts if we have signed affidavits. And that’s my understanding. And so I don’t really see a further need, if that’s what staffs recommendation is to go beyond that. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 2:13:45
I guess customer counselor Christiansen,

Unknown Speaker 2:13:50
I would like to just say to anybody watching this is,

Unknown Speaker 2:13:54
and we’re not particularly opposed to short term rentals, it’s just that they do take up our housing stock, and they also affect the neighborhood because you’re commercializing a neighborhood. And so we want to limit them. So that it’s, you know, it’s something that is absorbable. And

Unknown Speaker 2:14:17
in many places, it takes up a minimum of 2% of the housing stock. We’re trying to get 12% of the housing stock to be affordable. Now we’re back down to 10%. And of the 112 that are registered, I think there’s still 400 listed on vrbo and

Unknown Speaker 2:14:42
Airbnb So, you know, it’s it takes a while to get everybody registered, and it’s costing us money to register them. So we just don’t want the commercialization of the neighborhoods to take over our housing stock. It’s not a punitive thing against people.

Unknown Speaker 2:14:59
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 2:15:00
Harold, do you have any Johnny, do you have any questions specific from council?

Unknown Speaker 2:15:05
Before council?

Unknown Speaker 2:15:07
Did not. Mayor I plan to work with Eugene and we will revise the ordinance bring it back for first reading, hopefully shortly to include some of these changes and get those on the books. And I guess I guess I mean, I just I don’t I guess I just thrown in my two cents. I I appreciate what Mayor Pro Tem Rodriguez had to say. Because for Mike with my background, I mean, it’s a limited liability company, not limited liability corporation. You get corporations c corpse s corpse, limited liability companies, General partnerships, sole proprietors, it’s it doesn’t matter. It’s all potato potahto as long as we get affidavits, and we can say that, you know, those who own these entities are residents. I think we’re accomplishing everybody’s, what we’re setting out to accomplish. So, all right, we look forward to bringing the hearing the first ordinates are receiving a back and we’ll go further to further discussion. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 2:16:09
Councilmember Peck.

Unknown Speaker 2:16:12
I just wanted to thank a staff Joanie, Eugene and whoever has been working on this. I know, it’s a lot of work. And we put a lot of discussion on you. So I just want to thank you for sticking with us.

Unknown Speaker 2:16:27
Yeah, thanks. All right. Let’s go on to 2021 legislative bills recommended for city council position.

Unknown Speaker 2:16:37
Mayor Bagley, members of council Sandy cedar assistant city manager, I have two bills for your consideration today. The first one is House Bill 21 1290, which is concerning funds to provide for the just transition for coal transition workers and a cold transition communities. Essentially, this is a grant funding that helps people who are making that transition from coal plants by providing job training opportunities and other things in order to assist with that transition. So obviously, our our transition may be a little bit later than this grant. This is a two to three year grant. But those kinds of programs for workers that are in those types of jobs, I think are very important, certainly aligned with the City Council’s work plan, and the staff recommends the city council supports 21 1290.

Unknown Speaker 2:17:20
So moved. Second,

Unknown Speaker 2:17:24
Mr. Christiansen?

Unknown Speaker 2:17:26
Sandy, a lot of the people who will be put out of work are by the transition to coal will be in Wyoming.

Unknown Speaker 2:17:36
We won’t be giving any money to Wyoming will be I don’t believe so. I believe that these are programs for folks that are in Colorado. I can double check that I don’t but I believe it’s a Colorado program. Yeah, well, there are people maybe at that plant, but hopefully they can be transitioned to into a better job.

Unknown Speaker 2:17:55
Alright, so you know, for the discussion, debate. All in favor of this supporting this bill say aye. Aye. Hi, pausini. All right, the motion curious. Alright, the next little Sandy.

Unknown Speaker 2:18:08
Thanks Maronite desert. There’s actually a typo in your notes about this one. This is Senate Bill 21 262, not 265. My apologies concerning transparency for special districts. The bill makes various changes to statutory provisions to provide promote additional transparency for special districts. requirements that are opposed are in alignment with what the city is currently doing with our own special districts at this time. And so because it really provides additional transparency and city oversight staff recommends the city council support Senate Bill 21 to 62.

Unknown Speaker 2:18:40
and elsewhere, Christian

Unknown Speaker 2:18:44
support. Senate bill, SB 121262. Second, it’s all right, we have a motion by cast from Councilman Christiansen and a second by Councilman council member toggle fairing support this particular house bill.

Unknown Speaker 2:19:01
Seeing no further discussion on favorites, Councillor Christiansen?

Unknown Speaker 2:19:08
This is a this is not a

Unknown Speaker 2:19:12
bill we need but it’s a start. You know, it’s a it’s a pretty modest bill, but it’s sensible. And it’s a good start in holding people accountable.

Unknown Speaker 2:19:24
Alright, anybody opposed?

Unknown Speaker 2:19:26
All right, seeing that nobody wants to say anything opposed. Go and vote. All in favor say aye. Aye.

Unknown Speaker 2:19:33
Opposed say nay. All right, support for this bill passes unanimously. Let’s go on America. Let’s go on to mayor and council comments. Anybody have anything they’d like to share this evening?

Unknown Speaker 2:19:45
At waters? Yeah, I would only

Unknown Speaker 2:19:49
want to give a high five or a thumbs up kudos to Kevin or to our all of our museum staff.

Unknown Speaker 2:20:00
It was fun to open the Sunday morning Denver Post. And see in the life and culture section, the main feature article on the Longmont museum. And our enduring impressions exhibit so good on everybody in museum and great visibility for Longmont and for the work they’re doing in the museum.

Unknown Speaker 2:20:23
Jasmine Martin

Unknown Speaker 2:20:25
Yes, thank you.

Unknown Speaker 2:20:28
I would like to say that, you know, we’ve had several very nice articles in in our local to local news sources

Unknown Speaker 2:20:38
about investing in Longmont and various initiatives from the economic development organizations from downtown and from advanced Longmont, 2.0. And

Unknown Speaker 2:20:53
I have seen a lot of or heard a lot of resistance to,

Unknown Speaker 2:21:01
to almost

Unknown Speaker 2:21:03
an almost automatic resistance to change an investment in the community. And I’m, I just want to put out a plea for everyone to please keep them over open mind about that. Because,

Unknown Speaker 2:21:19
you know, I’d like to remind you that

Unknown Speaker 2:21:22
the city council gets paid a pittance no matter how rich the city gets. And

Unknown Speaker 2:21:29
we would not be promoting any development ideas at all.

Unknown Speaker 2:21:35
If we did not believe that they were for the benefit of the city. So, you know, don’t ask you to support any particular thing. But just keep an open mind.

Unknown Speaker 2:21:52
Councillor pack?

Unknown Speaker 2:21:54
Thank you, Mayor Bagley, I just want to say that

Unknown Speaker 2:21:58
if you haven’t had a chance to go out to sandstone ranch in that open space area, you should do it is absolutely gorgeous. We saw wild turkeys out there and I got to save a little Gosling, who was lost in the reeds. So there are wild turkeys, Eagles Hawks. It’s just beautiful. And the birds are continually singing. We just have a beautiful city. And you should go out and take advantage of it.

Unknown Speaker 2:22:29
This junk because Barbara castmember dog will fairing and then you follow.

Unknown Speaker 2:22:35
Thanks. So you know earlier tonight, we heard from a group of youth to one of them I recognize from the youth council and I think Gracie is still on, I’m

Unknown Speaker 2:22:49
really utilizing the democratic process, it was so exciting to see our youth come forward, put together work on this initiative, do the research, present the research and move forward a piece of of legislation really. So it was it was exciting to see that it just again, if you are wars by heart, it makes me as a teacher just makes it very hopeful for our future. We have some great leaders coming up.

Unknown Speaker 2:23:17
So you know, I don’t you know, I don’t want to be doing this work forever. It’s, but I’m hoping that my role in this place inspires other folks to get you know, get on their councils serve it for their state or at the federal level. And just to see these these kiddos just so gung ho and showing such leadership in in our community, it was it was really exciting to see that and the the work that they’re doing on youth council when I come in and those meetings, it’s just it’s amazing. I just I just kind of sit back and just let those ideas fly. It’s It’s awesome. And Olga is doing a great job with that with that Council. So I just wanted to kind of give a shout out to them. And I’m just I’m really impressed with the work that they’re doing. And we all we have one more week, guys one more week of school. The kids are loose.

Unknown Speaker 2:24:09
Me too.

Unknown Speaker 2:24:12

Unknown Speaker 2:24:13
disease, some of us care more than others.

Unknown Speaker 2:24:20
Okay, that’s it. Councilmember Christiansen?

Unknown Speaker 2:24:26
Well, I

Unknown Speaker 2:24:28
I do think that actually there is a lot of natural occurring investment in this town and it doesn’t require the city to do anything because people are coming back and people are starting new businesses because the we’re all coming back. It’s tangerine has reopened here. Planet Fitness is opening a new store tomorrow.

Unknown Speaker 2:24:52
Lou GAVI has opened a new place. It’s really exciting to me. Hilton is finally opened. So it’s really exciting.

Unknown Speaker 2:25:00
To see so many things coming back, we’re getting ready for summer with outdoor

Unknown Speaker 2:25:08
cafe seating on Main Street. All the kids are getting at a school, let the chaos begin that Susie’s summer vacation begin. And it’s really delight. I just think that we’re all much happier than last year this time. And we should remember that and be so grateful. My son on Friday will get his last vaccine, his last shot.

Unknown Speaker 2:25:34
All of the things in my garden are coming up. And

Unknown Speaker 2:25:39
now we have a goose patrol. It’s really exciting that our member member pack is running out there and saving geese. I have no idea.

Unknown Speaker 2:25:49
So anyway, I hope everybody is looking forward to spring I think we are all feeling so much happier. And we should be very grateful for that. And for all the

Unknown Speaker 2:25:59
all that we have endured the last few years.

Unknown Speaker 2:26:03
We have a right to have a very good spring and a very good summer. So I hope you all do.

Unknown Speaker 2:26:09
I have never agreed more strongly with words Bali. Thank you. Alright, then. Let’s go ahead, Harold anything.

Unknown Speaker 2:26:19
Um, no comments other than if you have a senior to pay with my seniors last day of school. I’m getting ready to graduate. So for those of you all that know, when I first got here, my kids were not big. But now I’ve got a senior graduating so

Unknown Speaker 2:26:39
some of us aren’t looking forward to attending so soon, but I’m happy to see where they go.

Unknown Speaker 2:26:45
Well, congratulations that. Thanks, Eugene, do you have anything?

Unknown Speaker 2:26:53
mayor and council I too have a senior graduating from high school. Tomorrow is his last day. He has AP exams next week. But graduation this weekend. Very proud of graduations to you to debt. All right, then. Do we have a motion to adjourn?

Unknown Speaker 2:27:14
That’s Mr. Christiansen.

Unknown Speaker 2:27:17
I move to adjourn. Second.

Unknown Speaker 2:27:20
All right. It’s been moved and seconded. All in favor say aye. Aye. Aye. proposing age. All right, the motion carries wow 845. Enjoy your Tuesday evening guys and I will see you next week. Thanks