Callahan House Board Meeting – May 12, 2021

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Callahan House Board Meeting – May 12, 2021

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Unknown Speaker 0:00
Let’s get rockin because we want to keep this down to a shorter meeting, um, call to order. And, um, I assume all of you have seen and had a chance to read the minutes that were given to you.

Unknown Speaker 0:18

Unknown Speaker 0:20
If you haven’t had a chance we can wait for you to read them.

Unknown Speaker 0:29
I read them as well, Janet to do.

Unknown Speaker 0:32
Okay, um, so basically I need to have a motion to

Unknown Speaker 0:38
to approve the previous minutes from the past meeting. I move. Okay, candy is second. Thank you. Wonderful. Thank you very much, ladies. We need to have a vote. All in favor. Aye. Aye. Okay, hands. We’re good. Moving right along.

Unknown Speaker 1:01
Okay, it’s been moved and seconded. We’ve taken a vote on to the house manager’s report, Kathy handing it right off you. It’s pretty short. April, April was pretty quiet. We had three events, the club, the board meeting and two facility showings, we did still have a lot of activity in the garden.

Unknown Speaker 1:24
For pictures and stuff, we were out there actually on the first of May, having our first club meeting and had a wedding come over from snake brain. So there’s still lots and lots of photo activity, which we can’t keep track of on we have four new revenue generating events. Our inquiries are keeping pace at 34 for April, and five of those were phone and 34 were electronic. And you can see the distribution on the report. We are still getting a lot of leads from

Unknown Speaker 2:00
city of Longmont the knot and wedding wire.

Unknown Speaker 2:05
There’s something wrong with us numbers. I’m sitting here looking at him. So I don’t know what I’ll figure it out later and send you a revised copy. Um, we are ready to open for clubs and events. We have two clubs starting back next week, the book club met on the first of May. And we are busily dusting things off and vacuum vacuuming and cleaning so that we’re all ready for that to happen. It’ll be here again tomorrow. And I have a few little things to do. And then I think we’re set to go.

Unknown Speaker 2:42
We’re working really hard and the garden grow is out there right now. And hone hope is going to be there in about an hour to to assist. I think they’re actually taken on the roses today because she thinks finally fat past the last frost. So we’re going to make our roses all beautiful today. And they’re getting the beds ready for installation of the animals which will hopefully be at the end of next week.

Unknown Speaker 3:09
Provided they’re supposed to go in on the 21st.

Unknown Speaker 3:12
But it really depends on when we get our delivery. So we’re we’re kind of trying to balance not knowing with planning, which is it’s always fun.

Unknown Speaker 3:23
They are mulching the beds and they’ll finish once the annual server installs not tear care started milling two weeks ago. The The grass is looking pretty good. On the sprinklers are started up but I don’t think they’ve adjusted them yet. So that’s going to happen really soon.

Unknown Speaker 3:43
Parks charge the sprinklers, the fountains uncovered it’s always nice to see that emerge from it. So winter tarp. And we’re working on they removed the broken tree limbs but we also have a couple of trees that need to actually be trimmed because they have broken branches from the last storm.

Unknown Speaker 4:02
Hopefully we’ll have the fountain up and running by the wedding on the 22nd.

Unknown Speaker 4:07
Karen I met with Jeff last week and Ben and Sue Ellen, and talked about the next steps on the grant process.

Unknown Speaker 4:17
It has come to light since we met the last time that the only person in the city who can sign the grant agreement is the mayor because the mayor is the only person in the city who can sign intergovernmental agreements. So we’re going to have to take the the grant application or the intent to apply for the grant to Council in July. So we’re working on that.

Unknown Speaker 4:43
We have to get approval

Unknown Speaker 4:46
so that we can do the August deadline for the submission.

Unknown Speaker 4:51
As I said most of our clubs are going to be returning in May in June. We did have two clubs that have decided not to come back at all.

Unknown Speaker 5:00
It seems like a lot of our seniors have decided that they really don’t want to go someplace 20 or 25 days a month. And they’re paring back on their activities on. So two of our clubs, one of them is a bridge club and eight person bridge club. And the other one is a five, five or six person stitching club are not coming back, I do have another club on the hook to fill one of those spots. And I’m working with her to figure out when they’re actually going to go into me and how often it sounds like they may come twice a month.

Unknown Speaker 5:35
I wanted to take a minute and I don’t know if I pulled the

Unknown Speaker 5:40
little talk about the COVID updates on under the agenda items. We did have one event cancel and that was Courtney Lawrence’s baby shower. They, they still had too many people under the current COVID guidelines to have their meeting in the house and the weather wasn’t good enough to do it outside. So they canceled.

Unknown Speaker 6:03
We did book a wedding rehearsal for Anne and Carl. And that’s happening on the 21st.

Unknown Speaker 6:10
We picked up a very sizable celebration of life on June 11. And we’re doing the food and the rentals and the public address for that.

Unknown Speaker 6:21
We also picked up a another wedding on the sixth of August, with a wedding drop off on the fifth.

Unknown Speaker 6:28
That was just a reception. And we picked up a post wedding brunch in August. So things are moving, it’s good news, I actually put money in the bank. And that’s that’s moving in the right direction.

Unknown Speaker 6:41
Um, wedding sites and services sent us one lead list with 73 leads 15 of those bounced with bad emails. And so far, I haven’t gotten any inquiries, but usually they follow later. Um, update on the date for artwalk. It’s going to be September 11. I’m still working with Elaine at artwalk. To figure out what kind of sponsorship we’re going to do so that we can get into the advertising. I’m not willing to spend more money on the sponsorship than we have in the past. Typically, we do about a $300 sponsorship. So it looks like we may do a performer sponsorship. But she and I are still in discussions on that. So financially, moving on to the financial reports, you’ll be happy to know as you look at the spreadsheet that we are in the black. And frankly, that’s pretty unusual for this early in the year. So between COVID and has as early in the years it is I’m very encouraged by the fact that we’re actually in the black, not by a lot only by best $1,000 but are actually it’s closer to 15 $100. But I’ll take it. I’m

Unknown Speaker 7:55
the we’re up to 15 events with 64 attendees for the year, but that’s going to start climbing pretty rapidly now.

Unknown Speaker 8:03
And we’re very anxious to to get people back

Unknown Speaker 8:09
on as you can see the April spreadsheets pretty empty. again next month, that’ll be a lot fuller.

Unknown Speaker 8:15
Moving on to expenses, I am working on

Unknown Speaker 8:20
updating some of our printed materials. We have some old websites that are no longer rerouting to the to the new Longmont So I’m going to reprint the the little

Unknown Speaker 8:35
labels for our packets and I’m going to reprint our history brochures which we’re out of. And I’m working on a couple other things too, just to get things updated. So I have spent a little bit of money this month getting on some new paper to get that done. Um, we have spent a fair amount of money on cleaning supplies because Pat’s cleaning like a themed he has oiled every piece of wood in the house. And it looks really, really nice here.

Unknown Speaker 9:07
I also had to update a bunch of office supplies

Unknown Speaker 9:11
in the process of picking up the things that we purchased for the garden, so we bought rose food and alfalfa. And next month you’ll see the fertilizer. We actually did laundry, which I think is exciting.

Unknown Speaker 9:23
Because we haven’t done hardly any laundry in a year. So

Unknown Speaker 9:27
that’s moving on.

Unknown Speaker 9:31
Me. TMI. TMI. That’s right.

Unknown Speaker 9:37
Moving on to the munis report, which is the financial report that looks like this. You’ll see that the year to date revenue does not reflect that what’s what’s on the spreadsheet. That’s because the tant transfer from the general fund didn’t happen in April. I’m sure they’ll catch up. So I went ahead and put it in my spreadsheet but in munis it hasn’t been entered yet. So

Unknown Speaker 10:00
That’s the only reason for that.

Unknown Speaker 10:03
Um, that is about all I’ve got, I’d like to

Unknown Speaker 10:10
go over the letter of intent under old business, and Karen could do that. Any questions? Yeah, um, I know, I have a quick question. So

Unknown Speaker 10:22
we talked, and at last meeting about possibly putting a QR code

Unknown Speaker 10:29
on the gate area, so people could donate, or, um, also, with the QR codes, we could do a quick

Unknown Speaker 10:40
tour or something, have we gone anywhere with that, where we were still working on it, there’s some technical complexities related to that. And so I was actually the one who’s working on it. So I don’t really have a very good update on that. But she, she is absolutely working on that. There’s, there’s some back end stuff related to collecting the money that’s very complex. And so and we also need to go to Jeff and get approval for doing that. So it’s kind of happening in the background, but I don’t have an update at this point. Um, so it’s so it’s an issue with

Unknown Speaker 11:15
hooking up with their rev rev track type of thing is that it’s an issue with programming. Okay, so she was working on that I didn’t get an update from her. And since she’s not here today, but I put it in my notes to get an update for the next meeting. Wonderful. Thank you, Kathy, I really appreciate it, I just, if there’s a way that we can

Unknown Speaker 11:38
help with our funding, and even if it’s just a little bit of a trickle a trickle something, and, and it also helps I’m hoping with our counts. So when you’re not there or able to count, we can keep better track of numbers without, you know,

Unknown Speaker 12:00
heavy other issues. Anybody else have any questions or concerns that they want to talk to Kathy about on her report?

Unknown Speaker 12:10
saying, hey, shakes, I think we’re good. All right, we’ll move right along. Moving on to old business with the graph f8. Karen, do you want to go ahead and take it away in regards to the grant? Well, in the board packet, you have the letter of intent, the three page letter of intent hopefully, gets to

Unknown Speaker 12:35
read through that. Just as an FYI, the packet is loaded up on the new Prime gov site. But I did not load our letter of intent in the public packet. Because I think that’s really our private business. So you guys have it, but it is not. It’s not on the public site. I agree. Because, obviously, we’re not quite ready and in till it’s the official document, and we’re ready to rock and roll. Well, and it’s a competitive grant. So honestly, I don’t want to give anybody else who’s applying for the grant to Lego. So that was really my thought process. Yeah, I agree. That is the reason to keep that among us.

Unknown Speaker 13:20
So does anyone have any questions on Letter of Intent?

Unknown Speaker 13:28
I thought it looked great. But we’re is everybody else out? I think it’s great as well written, I think they’ll have no trouble, you know, understanding what we’re asking for.

Unknown Speaker 13:39
Yeah, well, and we’re gonna meet with them next week. So the good news is, is they can tell us who to direct it to. So we can put a name on there

Unknown Speaker 13:51
in the salutation, and we’re also going to have a conversation with them a little bit about our intent with the driveway, trying to figure out if our intent changes, does that preclude us from applying for the grant?

Unknown Speaker 14:08
You want to talk about that? Kathy, when you say we

Unknown Speaker 14:15
are thick? Who exactly are you meeting with? We’re meeting with Megan FNX and Anna Cleve, and they’re both representatives of the State Historical Society. We did a virtual tour with them a few months ago because they didn’t feel safe coming in person. Next week, they’re going to come in person and we’re going to repeat the process physically in the house, and we have a whole list of questions for them. That we want to get answered that we think will be easier to do in person over the phone or over a zoom call.

Unknown Speaker 14:54
Do they sit on on the grant application

Unknown Speaker 15:00

Unknown Speaker 15:01
and is our referee our regional representative for grant applications in the in the Boulder County area. They provide, they’re perfectly happy to provide advice and counsel on grant applications prior to us submitting them. So we’re also going to make a plan to submit our grant application to them for their review, so that we can get their advice and counsel prior to actually submitting the grant to them on the first of August. So, and Megan effen is kind of over and like, that’s our understanding, I think.

Unknown Speaker 15:44
You think so? Yeah. So we’re, we’re gonna get clarification on their actual roles. Next week when they’re here.

Unknown Speaker 15:53
I guess my question is, do they sit on the on the? No, they do not during the grants, so they can’t they can’t help or case any if there’s anything, I think they have influence, because they’re probably more familiar with the grant applications from their particular area. Then the other people that who sit on the board, but their actual reviewers are people that aren’t necessarily part of the State Historical fund organization. Specifically, they use outside reviewers. And we have no idea who those people are. And normally, that well, it absolutely. But my question is,

Unknown Speaker 16:34
I’ve been involved with scft grants and and other things through the Boulder County Arts Alliance and have actually reviewed grants.

Unknown Speaker 16:44
Normally, they allow certain people within the process to that are sitting there, so so they’re they’re influencers, I but I don’t know exactly what that means. The actual approval process is purposely vague. Yeah, yeah. Okay. So, so I wasn’t sure if he knew something. Sorry. Yeah. Just curiosity. Yeah, we may have more information next week after we meet with them face to face. I certainly think they’re influencers. They are not voters. Well, yeah. But they can influence in in a good way. Yay. So the more information they have, the better we are,

Unknown Speaker 17:22
and knock on wood. We’re meeting with wattle and daub tomorrow about the driveway. And we did get a bid from white. Last week, which we really haven’t had a chance to review. It’s quite lengthy.

Unknown Speaker 17:36
And it’s presented substantially differently from the other bids that we’ve received. So we will sit down next week at our regular meeting. After Megan and and leave and review all of the new information. I do have one other piece of information I spoke to planning. Yesterday on Sorry, I thought this was muted. I apologize.

Unknown Speaker 18:02
I spoke with planning yesterday, we do not need permits to repair the driveway, we don’t need permits to repair the window. We do need a permit to do the tempered glass. But it’s only about $100. He said it would be a maximum of $100. And that it will, it just means that we have to have a an A final inspection on the installation of the tempered glass. So that does not sound particularly onerous, nor expensive. So and if there were any other permits required, there would not be any fees affiliated or associated with those because of our relationship with the city.

Unknown Speaker 18:48
So that’s, that’s what he told me about that. And then he also recommended that I go talk to somebody else in planning about the historic nature of the house and what we were planning on doing. I forget the lady’s name, I’ve got it written down at my desk, and she felt that she might have some ideas about where else we could apply for a grant. So I’m gonna reach out to her probably next week. Fabulous. That’s great. Do you have anything to add? Karen?

Unknown Speaker 19:18
I think what I would just like to know is if everyone’s okay with

Unknown Speaker 19:25
the letter of intent as drafted with the exception of, you know, one way to learn who we’re supposed to address it to, will change that. But otherwise, is this acceptable? Yeah, I believe so. It’s very concise and to the point and clear and not overly cumbersome, which is really great. Thank you for all your hard work on us.

Unknown Speaker 19:53
That’s, that’s my thing. So basically, what you need our what we need to do is I need to have a motion that we approve

Unknown Speaker 20:00
The Letter of Intent as is.

Unknown Speaker 20:03
Well, actually,

Unknown Speaker 20:06
I think we wait until we have it completely ready to go. completely ready to go. It’s gonna be submitted probably before our next meeting. Yeah, before the next meeting. So we need to move on. But we need to have a somewhat of a motion. In the motion statement, it needs to say, with exception of who it’s going to be addressed with minor changes with minor changes, correct, Captain, that way, you have the ability to do what we need to do. Without any if I can get emotional.

Unknown Speaker 20:45

Unknown Speaker 20:47
we’re feeling short over here.

Unknown Speaker 20:51
Green is tipped back. I’ll make us a little taller. There we go. Now we’re now we’re getting tall. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 21:00
So and did I get was it you or I started fighting with somebody else monitor at the same time, as let’s say I move we accepted as it with minor changes as necessary. Thank you. Can I can I set them up? Okay. Can I get a hands up for all in favor? Please? I don’t have

Unknown Speaker 21:21
a meeting yesterday, and I was voting.

Unknown Speaker 21:25
Seeing all hands in favor is there will be none opposed. This has been moved and seconded and move forward. Thanks again. Ladies. For all your hard work on this. We just think it’s phenomenal. I personally think it’s phenomenal. Thanks.

Unknown Speaker 21:41
That is the ending of old business. Moving right along to new business, and our COVID update of board the board meetings of clubs events.

Unknown Speaker 21:55
Okay, well, I am going to try to explain this. And Ben can correct me if I’m wrong, because it’s fairly hard to understand. But we did get a new order from Boulder County last week, which is, I don’t know, 10 or 11 pages long and full of warehouses and their force and their tools and their widths and

Unknown Speaker 22:16
can hear for

Unknown Speaker 22:18
clear and easy, right? Yeah, it’s very, it’s clear as mud legally. The good news is that what if you have nine or fewer people, for an inside meeting? mass are not required, and we are not required any way nor are they to provide proof of vaccination.

Unknown Speaker 22:39
If they have 10 to 49 individuals,

Unknown Speaker 22:45
again, their masks are not required, and they don’t have to approve a vaccination. As long as no more than nine of the guests are unvaccinated. That is that right? Then?

Unknown Speaker 22:58
I’m reading it right off the sheet. I’m trying to try to read it right. That’s right.

Unknown Speaker 23:04
And this is for indoor events only for

Unknown Speaker 23:07
I think it interprets as is 80%. And then if it’s 49, no more than nine. So the 100% 80% is the is the general rule. That’s the bogey that I’m returning to.

Unknown Speaker 23:23
You know, it’s

Unknown Speaker 23:26
I’ll just leave it at that the 80% is where that stands. So if you use that as your rule of thumb for that 10 to 49. And that’s a a

Unknown Speaker 23:39
consent of vaccination, not a

Unknown Speaker 23:45
it’s not a proof. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 23:48
They have to internally in their own group, ask verify that 80% of their attendees are vaccinated. in the, in the case of our clubs there, they’re almost 100% vaccinated.

Unknown Speaker 24:04
So yeah, the leader of the group, just you’d say yes, we are 80% vaccinated. Yep, we’re good. Yeah, and if they’re under nine, then we don’t even need that. And most of our clubs, with the exception of twisted stitchers and maybe the book club

Unknown Speaker 24:21
are under nine, just to begin with.

Unknown Speaker 24:26
And our bridge Club, which has 12 they’re all vaccinated have already told me that so I think all of our clubs are good to go. And they will not have to wear masks. So they were quite excited about being able to come back and not wear a mask. Of course, if they’re uncomfortable, they can wear a mask

Unknown Speaker 24:45
to make themselves comfortable. We’re not going to preclude them from that. Jacqueline and I will have to wear a mask because at this point in time,

Unknown Speaker 24:54
city employees are required to wear masks inside at all times if they’re with the public.

Unknown Speaker 25:00
And outside if they’re within six feet of people in the public, is that is that right then? Yeah, that’s the current. That’s the current guideline. Okay. So the good news is, all of our events, all of our outdoor events are a go. And we will just have to monitor the number of people inside the house at any given time on based on the rules for capacity and that kind of stuff. So we will probably still require a mast inside so we don’t have to worry about vaccination status. Well, the Yeah, yeah. As far as masks and the public. So for example, that any of our any of our public facilities or like, like the memorial building, or the Rec Center, masks are required right now by both the public and staff inside, under the same rules we’ve been using all along.

Unknown Speaker 25:58
The one thing that does change is the numbers, that the way the numbers were does alter, currently, as of next Monday, and Jeff reasoners actually will be in a meeting with Boulder County today, we hope that they kind of confirm that at least give that that’s what we expect. We don’t expect anything else. But we’ve seen, we’ve seen the unexpected many times.

Unknown Speaker 26:24
And that’s it as maybe all of you know that. That’s called the clear level that starts on Monday. And there are no restrictions. That’s the that’s the rule.

Unknown Speaker 26:38
And what that that doesn’t count, masking, masking is the one thing it’s a separate,

Unknown Speaker 26:46
separate order that works on its own. So as far as capacities, we’re present normal capacities. The only exception still is our large events over 500, which do not will not come into play for us till quite a bit later. Yeah, if that makes

Unknown Speaker 27:05
muddy sense. There you go. Well, the good news is my wedding for 100. In August is ago, my wedding for 150. In October is ago, My Brides can quit sweating the small stuff. And and we can probably start to have meetings inside. Again, because we’ve really, really kept the like the bridal showers and the little things, you know, that are typically in the the meeting room? Will we’ll be able to start having those again and not giving them all kinds of guidelines that change every 10 minutes.

Unknown Speaker 27:43
Yeah, so I think it’s very exciting. I’m so excited to actually see faces and people. The The one thing that we haven’t been given the okay for is in person meetings for the board. And what I was told by the clerk’s office is that we could not do in person meetings for our board until the council started having in person meetings.

Unknown Speaker 28:07
That’s what the clerk’s office is asking for.

Unknown Speaker 28:12
And I asked when that was going to happen, and they told me, they didn’t know.

Unknown Speaker 28:17
I think we’ll just float with the new normal, whatever that is. So um, okay, I think

Unknown Speaker 28:24
I think it’s exciting.

Unknown Speaker 28:28
Again, it’s exciting that we’re getting back to a somewhat of a sense, and I’m glad for the brides that that’s a good, I’d like for us.

Unknown Speaker 28:39
Yeah, okay, I’ll take it.

Unknown Speaker 28:42
I’m moving on to the artwalk update. I, again, I want to make sure everybody knew the date changed to September 11. I’m working on a sponsorship and based on level clear, I think we can go ahead and and plan on having artists in the house.

Unknown Speaker 29:04
We might want to maybe not have quite as many as normal. Yeah, I think a question on that, Kathy. Okay. Because, you know, from previous artworks to I’ve noticed how people really are enthused about coming through the house. And it you know, I mean, even though the house is big, there’s narrow hallways, so yeah, I don’t know about the six feet distancing, it would be hard is Would it be possible maybe to have the artists on the outside in the yard and that way the people going through the house would only have to tour the house would be easier to manage the crowd and if we I don’t know if we had the little white canopy things, maybe if we could have a few artists in the garden I decided might make it easier with whatever restrictions are in place at the time.

Unknown Speaker 29:49
Um, let me think about that. A little bit. canopies and extra tables would really drive our costs up. And we’ve tried very hard to make that a you know, not a very expensive event. For

Unknown Speaker 30:00
To do, and my other concern in September is it gets dark, or starts to get dark in the garden. So Art’s not going to show well, toward the end of the event. Yeah, I decide I know how in the past how crowded it can get in the house. And I’m a little concerned about that. That was. So that’s why I was thinking if we could lose some of it to the outside, it would waste them. I think we could move a little to the outside, I just don’t want to take on a expensive moving at all to the outside. Does that? Does that make sense? Yeah. And then if we, if we had it only on the inside, I would really suggest we limited to maybe four artists, because that’ll.

Unknown Speaker 30:37
Right. I think that’s a good plan. So with that said, I, you know, I, obviously I have a list of artists, if anybody else on the board knows anybody you want to recommend. Please bring that forward to me or Kathy. And because we don’t want to invite everybody, we have to kind of screen it. And then you can tell them that, you know, we’re looking for some artists, but don’t promise them a spot just at this point.

Unknown Speaker 31:04
And I really would like to at least include an invitation to Diane lid again, because she was signed up for the last one. And because of COVID, we had to close that out, if you would like to extend the invitation, or I can because I know her very well. That would be great. But that’s the only thing that I would like for it because of the last one being cancelled. Make sense?

Unknown Speaker 31:29
hold off on invitations, just for a little bit until we know for you know, get a clean idea of what we’re going to do. Yeah, but I said that’s my name. I’m pleased at the top of the list. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 31:41
That said that night is at 715. And our blog goes until eight o’clock.

Unknown Speaker 31:51
I’ll reiterate as far as regulations there, it’s very unlikely there will be any sort of distancing regulations at that point. That doesn’t mean that we don’t want to be prudent to people’s sensibilities. Of course, I think, you know, catering to your public is exactly what we want to do. But as far as the actual regulations, next Monday, six foot has gone. Oh, yeah. That that’s, that’s the deal. And we know a lot of people will not be comfortable with that. But just as far as the actual regulation. So I’ll leave. I’ll leave it at that one. So I have another question. As it relates to artwalk. my thought process was to invite Doug Brunson and his guys to come play again.

Unknown Speaker 32:41
That that has really worked out very well for us in the past. The other thing I could do, if they were going to sponsor a musician, we could ask for a musician from artwalk. But if we do that, we won’t have any control over what we get. I love Doug, any thoughts? I’m all for that. Their music is so enjoyable for.

Unknown Speaker 33:03
I think that’s a great idea, Kathy, honestly, and because of our venue, and it being such a special place, I

Unknown Speaker 33:12
think it’s better that we have a little more control over over who we choose to allow to be there. It just helps for the overall ambience of it. And because we that’s my personal opinion, I don’t know where everybody else’s. So I’m in agreement with Karen on that.

Unknown Speaker 33:33
Alright, so is everybody in agreement that I’m going to reach out to Doug? Yeah, I can send him a note and get him on the hook right away. He’s never said no, they’re delighted to have somewhere to play. From the shaking of the heads. I believe that’s a that’s a go. All right, I will do that.

Unknown Speaker 33:51

Unknown Speaker 33:54
because I have

Unknown Speaker 33:58
Are we going to be kind of monitoring how many people we allow in the house at a time to keep the numbers more in check? Not if there’s no restrictions? Honestly, we get a little crowded, but I don’t think we’re crowded to the point where people would be uncomfortable. No, Santa’s crowded. No, no, it’s not. It’s it’s, it’s pretty. It’s really pretty mellow. And certainly, if it got to be too crowded, we could direct people out into the garden for 10 minutes and then ask them to come back. I think that’s something we can think about when we get closer. Okay, sounds like a plan. And I also think if people are uncomfortable in crowded situations, that they’re just not going to come true. You know, or they’ll choose to stay outside and yeah, walk around the book garden. Read the tour.

Unknown Speaker 34:50
Well, that’s where my logic of having some of the artists outside is that people will be more relaxed if it’s more open, and it’s definitely more open out there. Well, maybe if we look for artists

Unknown Speaker 35:00
That are more more like garden art like the kind of use to

Unknown Speaker 35:06
see if we can find some people who that would be a natural place for them to be like with the Ironworks that we had at one point or the, the garden

Unknown Speaker 35:18
steaks and stuff like that maybe we can find somebody who just fits in that environment and would not be disturbed by, you know, the light going down.

Unknown Speaker 35:28
Okay, yep, does that make sense. And we and we can certainly get some tables out there, we probably have to rent some linens, I really don’t want to provide tents, that that gets very spendy

Unknown Speaker 35:42
Plus, the tents would block whatever light there is.

Unknown Speaker 35:48
Again, it’s Colorado flexible with weather will help out

Unknown Speaker 35:52
and go from there.

Unknown Speaker 35:55
Okay, if there’s no other information on our, I think we can do move on. Um, so we’re looking at our total of four artists. And, again, and thank you so much for for taking this on and doing this. Um,

Unknown Speaker 36:14
on to the women’s work, scavenger hunt.

Unknown Speaker 36:18
We haven’t had our final meeting regarding the event, but I do know that we raised around $6,000 for a woman’s work.

Unknown Speaker 36:30
In case you’re not aware of what it was, it was a scavenger hunt through a lot of our around a lot of the areas in downtown Longmont and

Unknown Speaker 36:42
my daughter, Sarah was the chair and she got me as the co chair, of course,

Unknown Speaker 36:48
my goal, my first primary goal was to get some history into this. And so well, oatmeal Park was part of it and Callahan house and St. Stephen’s Plaza and Roosevelt Park and a lot of other places as well. But we did QR codes. And so when they went to visit the site, the QR code gave them a clue as to the next place they were supposed to go. And they had a little goodie bag and merchants donated various coupons and things like that in the bag. And I was Kathy was gave me a bunch of brochures on Callahan house. So everyone that got a bag had a brochure in hand to tell them more about the history and with the houses for now. And the same thing with old mill Park and Historical Society. So I got my mission accomplished by you know, pushing the history of Longmont. So $6,000 was a good amount of money to raise for having been the first time that it’s done. And I think those of you who were involved to help me put it together and, and participated, marine said her and her family have participated and they had a good time. So thank you for doing that. Appreciate it.

Unknown Speaker 38:08
Having fun for a good cause. It’s wonderful. So

Unknown Speaker 38:12
well, we had after you mentioned it, I started watching and we had a little clusters of people out by the gauge, you know, deep in conversation.

Unknown Speaker 38:23
Having a good time. It was kind of fun. Good, good. I think everybody kind of got to invent their own fun. I mean, we gave them a guideline, but then they could take pictures they could make it erase like Marina said her family did

Unknown Speaker 38:38
you know God?

Unknown Speaker 38:41
Really, but, but it was it was great. And and I’m speaking with other people that did it and, and I gotta I gotta put a face to your daughter, Sarah, it was very nice to meet her finally. And

Unknown Speaker 38:56
anyway, it was great fun. And I’m sure there were a lot of other people that did it and went and

Unknown Speaker 39:05
utilized restaurants and I think because of that, it made it a big a big thing. So so it was it’s a great idea. And I love the QR codes. There’s simple and well yes. So anyway, moving on. On to other business at this point, unless we have any other new business that we need to bring on to the table. Um, other business is open and I already kind of broke the subject, broach the subject of the QR codes with suellen. So if we can get something hopefully happened with that, that’d be great. Um, does anybody

Unknown Speaker 39:56
we just

Unknown Speaker 39:58
got a call there.

Unknown Speaker 40:00
got real quiet? I

Unknown Speaker 40:06
think I can hear morning any longer. Um,

Unknown Speaker 40:11
I can really, we can’t hear you, Maureen. You can’t hear me. There you go. You’re froze up for a minute there. Once I froze, I’m so sorry. Like your lips are moving, but nothing was coming out.

Unknown Speaker 40:26
It’s like a really bad, um, you know how those old films from from Japan where they are trying to where your talk and then it’s not working? Can you hear me still? Okay? Okay, um, anybody else have anything to bring me up when it comes to other business?

Unknown Speaker 40:46
Okay, I do have one thing to add about the garden, Anna told me that all of our new perennials are coming up. So those the 63 plants we put in in the fall, are all all survive the winter. and wonderful. I’m sure they’ll look beautiful. Um, agenda items. Does anybody have any future agenda items that they would add on to, for us to discuss at the next meeting?

Unknown Speaker 41:17
I actually do have something that we need to bring up and broach

Unknown Speaker 41:22
normally, because we did not meet in January, normally we just discussed when, when or if we’re going to have cancellations of meetings and because of I’ve been on other boards, and because of July being

Unknown Speaker 41:37
July, and people take a lot of vacations, is is it a possibility that we would like to cancel our July meeting? Because of the holiday?

Unknown Speaker 41:49
Just putting that out there? Um, I don’t know where everybody else is out. But normally, that would have been discussed and set in January. So we had public notification way in advance. Um, we could we could change the cancellations? Well, because I think my only hesitation to canceling July is that that’s really right. before we’re going to be submitting the grant application, I think we’re going to need the board’s eyes on the final grant application

Unknown Speaker 42:22
for approval. So that’s my only hesitation to

Unknown Speaker 42:28
canceling is it?

Unknown Speaker 42:32
Well, it’s the four it’s the 14th it’s really not not not really moveable, actually, well, it’s not. It doesn’t come in, right by the the holiday holiday. Okay, just just Alright, so then that’s completely off the board. And again, it’s more about making sure that we’re covering what we’re supposed to be covering. Well, and if if we’re to a point where we’ve already gone through it, and we’re done, then we can certainly discuss canceling it. We don’t aren’t, we just have to post at least 24 hours before a cancellation meeting has been cancelled. So we would certainly decide way before then. So I think we can kind of flow with it and decide what’s appropriate. As we get a little closer.

Unknown Speaker 43:17
I can only do 24, I’d like to at least to do a week or two if not two weeks out to for public notification, simply to to say that we’re way above board. I don’t like anybody thinking that we’re doing anything that we’re not supposed to be and I know we’re not but but again, it’s all about

Unknown Speaker 43:40
being open and our parents, that’s that’s kind of my my whole thing. So if we had a bunch of visitors to our meetings, I would be very concerned about that. But since we typically don’t have a ton of visitors, I think a week’s notice is perfectly appropriate. And on occasion we have canceled closer than that for various reasons. And typically, we do cancel one of our summer meetings, just in a normal year. We do cancel one of them just because there’s no new business but we’ll maybe that will be August played by Eric.

Unknown Speaker 44:15
Okay, that’s that’s kind of, that’s kind of where we’re at. I’m where I’ve been in the past word that there’s at least one meeting cancelled and I and I just want to put that out there. So, um, alright, um, since we have nothing else to discuss that I know of,

Unknown Speaker 44:34
can I

Unknown Speaker 44:36
ladies Can Can we go and make sure that’s the case that you have nothing further to discuss. And are you good?

Unknown Speaker 44:47
Candace, be good. Janet.

Unknown Speaker 44:53
Okay. And Karen, you already brought up the point about the grant. Thank you for doing so. I appreciate it.

Unknown Speaker 44:59
All right.

Unknown Speaker 45:00
So we’re looking at a German, um, if I can, I’m getting a German. Okay, thank you. Can I get it? Can I get a second place?

Unknown Speaker 45:12

Unknown Speaker 45:15
I believe man had her hand up first. So we’ll go with her. And then I’ll just make a can all in favor of adjournment pants.

Unknown Speaker 45:27
There we go. All right. We’ve been seconded and full vote. We are already three minutes.

Unknown Speaker 45:39
All right. Thank you all for coming. Hi,

Unknown Speaker 45:45
everyone. Thank you, Aurora.