Airport Advisory Board Meeting – May 13, 2021

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Airport Advisory Board Meeting – May 13, 2021

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Unknown Speaker 0:00
All right. Well, good evening, everyone. Nice to see everyone I would like to call the May 13 2021. Airport advisory board meeting to order. Michelle, could you please call the roll? I can.

Unknown Speaker 0:13
Steve bliss. I am here. Malcolm Dean is absent. Harrison Earl. I’m here at Jacobson. Here. When Jordan here. Russell Robison, here. Orion Wiseman, you’re and Councilmember pack.

Unknown Speaker 0:31
You have a quorum.

Unknown Speaker 0:33
Thank you very much. First item on our agenda is our public invited to be heard. We do have a couple members of the public who don’t know if anyone would like to jump in on the first public invited be heard or not.

Unknown Speaker 0:51
See got dawn, Keith and Keith iPad dawn, maybe calling you first and see if you’d wanted wanted to join in on this. Make a comment? Not at this time. Thank you, sir. Have the other opportunity at the end. Keith, would you like to know I’ll wait to the end of the meeting. Thanks. Thank you. Alright, so then we will move on then to the approval of the previous month’s minutes. This is the April 8 2021. regular meeting. Does anyone have any revisions comments to the minutes from April 8?

Unknown Speaker 1:28
Hearing none, Would anyone like to make a motion for approval? I know.

Unknown Speaker 1:32
Okay, go ahead. No, you go ahead. Yeah, I make a motion to accept the minutes of last week. Thank you, Steve. Melinda, do you want to second that then? Affirmative. Any debate on the on the motion?

Unknown Speaker 1:47
All those in favor if we can raise our hand then fry

Unknown Speaker 1:52
and no one opposed. So motion carries six zero. I’ll convene absent. Old business financial update. Mr. Slater, please. Thank you, Chair.

Unknown Speaker 2:05
So you’re today received so far through the end of April as $277,434.75.

Unknown Speaker 2:15
Year to date expended.

Unknown Speaker 2:18
And income.

Unknown Speaker 2:20
We have $132,881.55 expended the $26,220. As I mentioned last meeting is encumbered. And that is for some work that we’re going to be doing on the detention pond on the north side of the airport. There were some some items that last year are strong stormwater management plan folks called out and so we are contracted under contract to do that and as soon as we get some good weather we’ll get started on that in the next couple of weeks probably. So the difference between revenue and extended is $118,333.20 to good

Unknown Speaker 3:08
so far, we have out of our professional contract services right now. $40,980.70 expanded a little over 31,000 of that was for snow removal.

Unknown Speaker 3:23
The Peck ditch company engineering review I know that you had asked about that before but just wanted to remind you that was for a final review on the plans for the runway safety area project where we had to relocate Peck ditch and so we that was the final payment to them on their engineering review.

Unknown Speaker 3:45
Any other questions? I’ll be happy to answer

Unknown Speaker 3:48
any board members have any questions Mr. bliss and then cancel get to I’m not having been here that long. I’m just curious is that 31,000 for snow removal is that one of the highest that we’ve had.

Unknown Speaker 4:03
There were some A long time ago that were a little higher but now that we are strictly contract without assistance, farm city equipment.

Unknown Speaker 4:16
Yes, that has gone back up and

Unknown Speaker 4:20
one of the last knows that we had had some really thick deep heavy wet snow that

Unknown Speaker 4:27
we had to

Unknown Speaker 4:30
move a few times we had to stay ahead of it so that didn’t get too deep. So we had to have them pretty much double up on what they would normally do on that particular run.

Unknown Speaker 4:43
And of course we we did add a little bit more to our plate as far as help you know the area that we cover on those North hangars.

Unknown Speaker 4:55
We added a little bit to that it is one of the highest we’ve we’ve had

Unknown Speaker 5:00
You can see last year we did $17,000 worth, big change.

Unknown Speaker 5:05

Unknown Speaker 5:07
this year, we’re 100% contract. So that’s, that’s where we’re at on the snow removal. Why did so far?

Unknown Speaker 5:16
Why did that change they

Unknown Speaker 5:19
were honored because pre pre previously we, the city had snow equipment that we participated in, helped make sure the snow got moved rapidly.

Unknown Speaker 5:32
There were some issues over the past couple of years where we had a lot of equipment breakdowns,

Unknown Speaker 5:38
and had to bring in a sub to help out. And just to get it done quickly. We had snowplow equipment here at the airport that I would jump in and go and help out. So it didn’t take the contractor as long now that I’m not doing that, and it’s strictly under contract, um, you know, as far as the contracted areas that that’s what it’s what it’s costing so far this year.

Unknown Speaker 6:04
All right, thank you. Sure. Mr. Jacobson, um, a couple of questions. The cell tower income, David is just about your annual budget amount or close to it. Why And What do you expect for the rest of the year? Is that Is it gonna? Is your income there see the apologize? Let me divert.

Unknown Speaker 6:30
I think that was Councilmember Peck trying to get in. Can I Can we take just a short right and I tried to get touch with her. She may be trying to get in. Is that right, Mr. Chairman? Absolutely. Mr. Slater, and then Kent will go back to you and your question. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 6:48
The meeting back up?

Unknown Speaker 6:53
Okay, I had to leave her voicemail, because I think she was leaving me a voicemail.

Unknown Speaker 7:00
So, um, what was the question? And do you want to remove the cell tower income in four months has almost reached your annual budget? What does what reason what’s the future?

Unknown Speaker 7:14
So typically, in February is when we get the base annual payment, which is a significant amount. And then each month, we get,

Unknown Speaker 7:24
for lack of better term royalties, start service revenue, basically,

Unknown Speaker 7:32
for the monthly revenue from from each carrier, I’ll come through crown castle. So

Unknown Speaker 7:38
you’ll see that trail off will be getting around 53 to 5400, or maybe 5700. I have to look at the next check. 5700 a month through the end of the year. So you will exceed budget by some amount by the end of the year, then. Yes, sir. Okay. That’s what we’re hoping for. We anticipated an increase in in the CPI, but I’m not sure that it went up by that much in the cell phone tower industry so that that budget that 98,000 may be a little bit high.

Unknown Speaker 8:14
Okay. And the only other question I had was on the on the expenses under IE insurance.

Unknown Speaker 8:22
You’re over budget already. And it looks like the budget compared to the last two years should have been closer to 17,000.

Unknown Speaker 8:33
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 8:37
curious why, okay, so Michelle was probably better and explaining the benefits, but only he and surance. They had increased that. So right now our budget for 2021 is around 17,000.

Unknown Speaker 8:53
And we’re at about 9600. Right now.

Unknown Speaker 8:57
They do the books here that in a way that I don’t completely understand. And there are certain categories that

Unknown Speaker 9:07
will be higher until they close the books and roll it on some either back or forward to whatever the previous year was. But

Unknown Speaker 9:18
with that in IE insurance, I’m anticipating it to be around that 17,000 but it does include both Michelle and myself, I believe under that category because of the time that she spends working on airport issues.

Unknown Speaker 9:35
So thank you.

Unknown Speaker 9:38
Yeah. Thank you, David. Yes, sir. Councilmember pack welcome. Any other questions from the board on the financial update right now?

Unknown Speaker 9:48
Sorry, I was hoping when I was asking, getting help her again. Can you just repeat that last question? all I got was cell tower.

Unknown Speaker 9:57
Question. What was the other question?

Unknown Speaker 10:00
There was the insurance line.

Unknown Speaker 10:04
Okay, thank you.

Unknown Speaker 10:09
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 10:12
Any other questions from anyone?

Unknown Speaker 10:18
All right, so Hearing none, we’ll move on then to airport needs recommendations to Council, if any,

Unknown Speaker 10:26
if anyone wants to bring anything up now, I don’t know if this is a appropriate time to kind of discuss through Tuesday night’s meeting and share some of that in the context of what future recommendations we might want to make. Or it’s better to do that under comments towards the end, but I probably prefer to do it now. So we can make sure it’s included. Anyone can comment on it, and the final public invited to be heard if that works for everyone.

Unknown Speaker 10:53
Alright, so I’ll just kick it off. And then,

Unknown Speaker 10:56
you know, David, and Councilmember Peck would love would love your input. And it sounds like a few other board members were at least listening in so you know, share perspectives as well. We, we joined City Council on Tuesday evening to present the airport’s annual report,

Unknown Speaker 11:13
David shared a bunch of the highlights from the report with counsel. And then we had a number of questions. They were focused on the revenue amounts at the airport, what we were bringing in what I think potential was and how we would bench market

Unknown Speaker 11:29
settings, I’d say more numbers based goals was particularly around revenue for how we could do that going forward, as well as development plans, both Lamacq economic development plan and how it integrates with the airport and land development and how it integrates with the airport. And so I think we addressed the comments as we could, but certainly some follow up, they’re needed, particularly around development plans and land development that I believe we’ll try to get on a future agenda to have some of those conversations in depth.

Unknown Speaker 12:05
David, is anything you want to at least add in before we can open up discussion?

Unknown Speaker 12:12
No, I think you pretty much covered everything. As far as

Unknown Speaker 12:16
some of those discussions on the future agenda. I think we’re gonna have some staff conversations about that, and kind of

Unknown Speaker 12:24
help tie it into the board’s role. And once I have a better feel for that, then hopefully, maybe in July, we can have something on the agenda, I think up to discuss how that ties in and kind of what the council was asking about with relations to sustainability and, and things like that. So you pretty much covered

Unknown Speaker 12:52
I will just say up front, one of the things I wish that I had thought respond back to the questions with around revenue particularly rose around kind of the broader economic impact of the airport, that, you know, it is far beyond the 520,000 in revenue we got in 2020. But you know, I looked at the seat out report where we have, you know, number here of 24 million in payroll 36 million in value added and 68 million in business revenue. So you know, it’s a greater contribution, when they’re talking about, you know, revenue per app per acre, we probably need to broaden that discussion to include some of the impact that is, you know, far beyond the half million dollars the city sees so wish I’d thought to respond that way to council but you know, one of the least make sure we stress that and some of our future communication.

Unknown Speaker 13:40
No, all open it up to board counselor, sorry, board member Robeson

Unknown Speaker 13:47
elevating you to counsel Russell. Thank you very much, Mr. Chairman.

Unknown Speaker 13:53
I wasn’t present at the meeting. I only read the summary in the Longmont times call. So I guess my question do you guys were there is that they seem like they were familiar with the economic expansion ideas and the master plan that we have, you know, we’ve had on on the table for 10 years, such as we’re going to try to expand the runway to get business jets and we’re gonna try to build a new FBO but a major restaurant, or were they focused on some other aspect?

Unknown Speaker 14:23
Let’s say from my perspective, I don’t think there were that level of detail.

Unknown Speaker 14:29
That came up in the questions. I think it was more, you know, we presented a revenue figure and, you know, our goal is increase revenue. And so it was okay, what are those specific steps, which, you know, we talked about Southside development, some of those other items. We didn’t we were talking more short term and long term.

Unknown Speaker 14:51
David, I don’t know if you want to add to that at all. I think that’s correct. Um, I think kind of what it was, is is

Unknown Speaker 15:00
Some of the council members might like to see something more definitive, rather than a generalized goal, more definitive and measurable goal. And that’s kind of what I took away.

Unknown Speaker 15:15
I had the same takeaway to that. Mr. Jordan. So I did watch as you know, when I do have several thoughts,

Unknown Speaker 15:23
the so I did hear a revenue per acre, kind of question, which nobody was prepared for that. And we’ve never, we haven’t really presented that kind of information and comparing it to the current market, real estate values and things like that, that could we be making more money off of the land than just hangers? I heard that from Marsha.

Unknown Speaker 15:47
And so that’s one question is what other you know, we look at the I look at this cell phone tower as a cash cow, knowing that that was a beacon tower that caused us a whole ruckus back prior to the latest ruckus that we’ve had at the airport, and that they not only moved the beacon tower, but needed found a way to make money on the one that does sit there next to this wax property. And I’ve lived here a long time and remember all that mess. And so what a brilliant use of that decommissioned tower, when we moved it is there, you can’t do a whole lot of RF because of the signals and all this complex that there would have been other creative ways if I think that’s worth putting that out there to to help people think about is can you think of other creative ways that we could make more per acre with the space because her comment was definitely more per acre than just hangars. And then we always would love in a restaurant and some other types of facilities like that. But the and then other than increasing rates, fuel fluid, hangar leases, things like that, that are not going to be popular, and are going to hit the pay, you know, hit the users. The the bigger question is why the council has never been behind us as an economic develop economic generator, they have not been behind the airport.

Unknown Speaker 17:12
With a statement a an order a

Unknown Speaker 17:18
make this an economic driver for the city of Longmont, we’ve never received that directive or that kind of support. So we’ve been tied up in noise, Latin lawsuits and traffic complaints. And, you know, that’s really the focus of the report, because I was very sensitive to the fact that the the stuff that we reported on was not what they were asking questions about at all. And but last year, and the year before, and the year before, all they wanted to hear about was noise. So it’s changed, which is cool. And we didn’t, you know, we didn’t realize this was coming. So it’s really, you know, what other creative measures or possibilities are there to make money on the airport, and will the state will council get behind us. And say we want the airport and support us as we try to lengthen the runway, add more planes add jets, because you know what that’s going to do to all the complaints that David’s gonna get about noise. And so that’s we’ve always just kind of hung out in this quiet zone of we’re going to try not to make noise. Try not to make too much trouble. Try not to irritate everybody. And if we expand, we’re going to irritate people. So we need counsel to be

Unknown Speaker 18:32
aware of that. And behind us if we’re going to really push it and try to get more aircraft in here. If you guys have seen the complaints on next door, especially last year, at this time, during lockdown when everybody was home, they were it was

Unknown Speaker 18:48
venomous, they were very venomous. You know, why are you guys up flying? Why are you out having a good time that recognizing that.

Unknown Speaker 18:56
The other things that we know people have to stay current and people were moving supplies and doing other things, there was very little pleasure flying going on. So it would be a public education process to if we’re going to really ramp things up at our airport, that’s going to really be a driver. But first thing would be that when I came to see us before our complaint had been, or our observation back to them was you’ve got this X number of page brochure that you showed to smuckers when they were coming in, and the airport appeared that many times in that report. They refer and in their their stuff, they refer to the CIA, they never refer to our report. So I don’t know how they got to play with us. So we’re we you know, we can do a lot of things on our own, which is the hangar development and the cell tower stuff. But if they really want to put their foot in it, they’ve got to get behind us to do what is my my feeling on all that. So how we do that. But I think we need more support.

Unknown Speaker 19:58
Councilmember Packer, please

Unknown Speaker 20:00
Thank you, Melinda, thank you for those remarks. And I agree with you. But speaking for Council, since I’ve been on the council, almost everything we’ve heard about the The airport has been an executive session. So to come out publicly with that, we cannot do that.

Unknown Speaker 20:18
How we do that, I think is what the next step discussion should be? How do we come out and support. And one of the things that I think, and you can correct me if you think this is the wrong way to go, is to actually hire somebody else out there for David, because it’s impossible to focus on economic development, manage it, deal with the noise complaints, deal with everything with one person. So that that is, then what I’ve been trying to do for the past couple of years is push, we need to get more support out that out there if we are going to move forward. So if I’m asking

Unknown Speaker 21:05
the board of the advisory board to support counsel, in that request, when the budget comes up, either as an advisory letter to advisory motion, or however you want to do that, to the city, because to the council, because we are going to start those budget processes very soon, probably in June, collecting data on what each department needs, etc.

Unknown Speaker 21:34
That would be the first step. And

Unknown Speaker 21:38
I have talked to Harold and David, over the years and know that there is some interest in economic development out there. Part of that has been to get mile high off of our beachfront property, so that we can develop it and put in that infrastructure. So that it would be

Unknown Speaker 21:59
it would look,

Unknown Speaker 22:01
it would bring interest into developing. At this point, there’s no interest if we’re going to have people diving, where we want to develop, and if there’s no infrastructure there yet, so we started the infrastructure, right, David? Yes, ma’am. We are waiting for the mid year appropriations to come out. And as soon as we have council approval on the mid year appropriations was my understanding. Second Reading is around July 13. So by the end of June, July, we should have the appropriations and be able to go out to bid on the sewer. Okay, utilities on the south side. So we need to do those two things first,

Unknown Speaker 22:43
as we attract new businesses, but we have to show that we are ready to do that. So the other thing, and I want to share this with you is that with

Unknown Speaker 22:54
le dp and counsel,

Unknown Speaker 22:59
le dp is the one that I would say courts businesses to come to lamotte. And once they, once they have started negotiations, and conversations, then counsel is out of it. Mainly because it is the company the organization that wants to come to Longmont and develop, they don’t want this public until they are done with their negotiations. Because if they find that there is a lot of public distrust or animosity toward this certain business that wants to come in, then the business pulls out because they don’t want to be an adversary

Unknown Speaker 23:38
to the community. So I think that there’s always this disconnect. But there is support Melinda, for economic development on at the airport. So

Unknown Speaker 23:55
I just wanted to put that in, because we really aren’t communicating very well. And that’s part of the problem.

Unknown Speaker 24:04
And I think that some of the comments that came out of the council meeting regarding sustainability and connectivity, and so there’s those discussions that we’re going to start looking at bringing in, in in around the July timeframe. As you know, next month’s advisory board meeting is cancelled due to staff scheduling

Unknown Speaker 24:28
conflicts, but in July, I think by that time, we should

Unknown Speaker 24:34
have something to put on the agenda to start bringing that into the advisory boards round so that they can look at it and make recommendations to Council on the planning, future planning of the airport. Right. And I guess a lot to do with connectivity. Yes. And education is huge, because as soon as we start having these conversations in public, it’s going to be a mess. I mean, there’s going to be the end

Unknown Speaker 25:00
Hi airport people anti noise anti. So I think a lot of education about runway lengths about

Unknown Speaker 25:08
you know, just to plan where we’re going to be in the next five years where we’re going to be in the next 10 years. What what is it we want to do and where do we want to go with it? and address all those issues? tarde.

Unknown Speaker 25:22
So thanks for listening.

Unknown Speaker 25:24
I think that was really helpful to understand the context understand, you know, I think counsels perspective on what you’ve been hearing, since we’re certainly weren’t seeing anything an executive session. So to know that we’re, the discussion has been, it’s been, I think, helpful to at least understand how we need to start shifting as we have those development conversations, you know, starting in July, and set that up.

Unknown Speaker 25:48
So then, my question back is, you said, budget conversation started in June.

Unknown Speaker 25:55
I know we’ve at least teased in prior meetings, you know, the idea of, David, once you have a budget request done, making sure that we express our opinion to counsel on whether we support that or not, I didn’t, I’m glad you brought that up, if I can go ahead and just jump in on that.

Unknown Speaker 26:14
But as I think,

Unknown Speaker 26:16
much to my chagrin, and disappointment, and probably council member backs, you know, with the delay in getting the infrastructure and delay and getting development going even more,

Unknown Speaker 26:27
I think that we’re going to have to push it one more year before I make a request for next year, until we can definitively say we have additional revenue that will cover an additional person.

Unknown Speaker 26:44
Honestly, with with the maintenance items that we have coming up, as we’ve done this year, I guess I should probably one thing I didn’t point out about the budget is there were some other areas that I could pull some money from that we such as non capital equipment and furniture and some of the stuff we had planned for the Expo,

Unknown Speaker 27:09
I was able to rearrange that around to the repairs and maintenance budget, and

Unknown Speaker 27:17
bring that from 100,000 up to 122,000. So that we would make sure that we’re covering what we needed to we had some unexpected expenditures with how many

Unknown Speaker 27:29
parts were needed for the lighting system.

Unknown Speaker 27:32
And getting all the all those lights back up and running again, and ordering additional supplies and parts for those as we’re changing those out. So we did increase the maintenance and repairs budget a little bit, we also have some some pavement maintenance.

Unknown Speaker 27:49
We’re in addition to the millon overlay project, which is going to be a little over $48,000.

Unknown Speaker 27:57
We have maintenance payments that we’re doing on the south side, which is a lot of patch, repair and crack sealant. And then we’re going to be doing patch repair along the taxiway. And I sent an email out just before the meeting here,

Unknown Speaker 28:10
kind of updating the airport,

Unknown Speaker 28:13
folks on this,

Unknown Speaker 28:17
the taxiway that goes in front of my office and around to the east end of taxiway alpha.

Unknown Speaker 28:22
There’s several areas that that we’re doing patch, repair and practice a little mat. And then some areas just adjacent to that as it comes around those first sets of Eastern hangars, there are some areas it’s right adjacent, that we’re going to do patch repairs to until we can completely rehab that area, hopefully next year, and not hopefully, but that’s what we’re budgeting for for next year

Unknown Speaker 28:47
is to do a rehab in front of that.

Unknown Speaker 28:50
And a couple of other areas along that taxiway and then there’s an area right over in front of H 15.

Unknown Speaker 28:58
And h 14 rows right in the center that we’re having to do a patch repair so that it doesn’t get off a well PAMP as well. We had some potholing, back around age 23 and then 24 of that area.

Unknown Speaker 29:13
So we’re doing a lot of that trying to get that at least patched up to a reasonable,

Unknown Speaker 29:21
acceptable level until we can do a full rehab next year. But as I was saying that carries us over in the next year. And of course, we’re gonna have some areas in the public parking area that’s been suffering for quite a while that we’re going to have to get taken care of as well.

Unknown Speaker 29:36
So carrying in the next year, we have those other areas that have been waiting for five or six years

Unknown Speaker 29:43
that we want to do a full rehab on next year. So with us keeping our maintenance budget pretty high and trying to get some of this stuff knocked out so that

Unknown Speaker 29:54
we don’t have as many issues and that we’re closer to getting the airport back in this

Unknown Speaker 30:00
Nice to begin.

Unknown Speaker 30:04
And until we get the actual leases in place, I can’t count on that money. So hopefully next year, we will get those leases in place. And I can apply for someone for 2023.

Unknown Speaker 30:17
We’re also doing a 10% match to the state project that

Unknown Speaker 30:23
I talked to the state aeronautics division. And they we had a runway restriping project for 2023. And they were able to move some projects around and

Unknown Speaker 30:34
surprised us by letting us know that we’re actually going to get that funded next year. So that’s part of my budgeting process this year is for, for that 10% match to that project.

Unknown Speaker 30:47
So I think that’s all good news. But I think as far as an extra person, it’s going to have to be pushed one more year.

Unknown Speaker 30:55
Don’t remember Councilmember Packer.

Unknown Speaker 30:59
Thank you for that explanation, David.

Unknown Speaker 31:02
I, so I just want to run this past the board, you think that it would be helpful? Whenever I’m on Council, I always think that the audience is not the other council members, the audience is our residents. It is the city. So when we ask for something

Unknown Speaker 31:25
that is financial, I would always like to have Jim golden, RC CFO, say why we can or cannot do it. So when we ask for another person in your explanation, David as to why because the revenue at the airport isn’t capable of supporting that.

Unknown Speaker 31:46
Then I would love to have

Unknown Speaker 31:49
Jim golden say why it has to only come from the revenue at the airport. Why can’t it not come from another fund within the city. And this is education, again, for the residents, but also a reminder to the council people as that this is supposed to be a self supporting enterprise.

Unknown Speaker 32:12
But how can we get it to be self supporting? And can we get a temporary loan, perhaps from the budget in some aspect or other because departments lend to each other all the time. So especially our fleet, it seems to be the piggy bank.

Unknown Speaker 32:33
So um, let’s talk about that. David, lay a little later and see if there is a way we can bring that up at least to get everybody thinking that this is as important as it is any other department within our city or any other enterprise.

Unknown Speaker 32:53
That’s helpful counselor packing, I would certainly love to bring that back to all of us. If a letter would be helpful to spur that conversation or supported in some way, assuming the board is on board with that. Mr. Robeson, I saw you had a hand up.

Unknown Speaker 33:08
Thank you, Mr. Chairman, Councilmember Peck, I couldn’t agree more with that point of view on where the money might come from. And I happen to notice that the administration management service fee are charged an expense that we have in the budget would certainly cover an airport worker. So perhaps the city would

Unknown Speaker 33:29
make use of that money, as I understand it. That’s what we pay them for city personnel services for the airport. And if if they’re interested in being an economic leader at the airport, maybe that would be

Unknown Speaker 33:43
their skin in the game, so to speak.

Unknown Speaker 33:50
Any other comments, questions from board members at this point?

Unknown Speaker 33:58
All right. Well, I know we had this under our recommendations to council it sounds like at least for the moment, we’re holding off on any other recommendations pending some of those budget conversations. But anyway, I’ll just keep checking in every month since this our standing item

Unknown Speaker 34:13
as this goes through a budget process and make sure we’re at least continue the conversation there.

Unknown Speaker 34:19
Yeah, I just punctuate that with individuals, when you’re at other airports, look around, see what they’re doing. I think really,

Unknown Speaker 34:29
they store things or they allow landfill or they do something that they use some of the unused land. We’ve got all this land that’s being leased for skydiving. So it’s used a portion of the time but not all the time. And but are there other uses when you guys are out? You’re all you know, we’ve all got big imaginations. Again, the cell cell phone tower is just a great example of repurposing something that was already there and it’s just a cash cow for us.

Unknown Speaker 34:58
So we’ve got

Unknown Speaker 35:00
neon down in the corner. But I don’t know, I don’t even I think that’s just we must just give them that space or else they’d be under the public use permit fee.

Unknown Speaker 35:10
But I’m not sure how much that generates if the public sheets, if our public use permit fees, is that primarily my high? And that’d be a question to David the 16,000. That’s budgeted the 6000 that’s been received? Or does neon pay us for that? Is there room for other

Unknown Speaker 35:29
aeronautic and non aeronautical uses on the airport that we could leverage to make some additional plans. So as you’re out and seeing things or something, if you think of something, bring it up. Because I think there’s other ways we could be levering our space until it’s developed fully as a full airport facility with all the all the space serving aviation set for the runways and the safety zones.

Unknown Speaker 35:56
I will say that the majority of that revenue for public use permit fees is from Ohio.

Unknown Speaker 36:04
We have had a

Unknown Speaker 36:09

Unknown Speaker 36:11
class take place for training people how to properly ride motorcycles in rougher terrain.

Unknown Speaker 36:18
that they’ll they’ll do a Saturday class. And so they’ll pay a public use permit fee, we’ve had some

Unknown Speaker 36:28
powered paragliders that have put a little bit into it. It’s not a significant amount, but but more than 50 or 60 bucks. And then we had

Unknown Speaker 36:43
Dan Dunn, when he was building the hangars on the south side,

Unknown Speaker 36:48
until he finalizes all that he used some put his equipment

Unknown Speaker 36:55
in the in a public use area. And so he purchased,

Unknown Speaker 37:00
I don’t remember exactly how much it was, it was a little over 500 bucks, I think, five or 600 bucks for an annual permit for his equipment while he needed to stage there. So we have done some other public use permit fees over there. But it’s the majority of it is from my heart.

Unknown Speaker 37:22
So David, unless there’s other comments, questions from the board, I don’t mean to cut anyone off. But maybe it’s a good time to move to rates and charges and have the discussion on each of those rates and charges since we kind of we kind of started down that path already.

Unknown Speaker 37:39

Unknown Speaker 37:42
initially, just that first page there, you’ll see in red and underlined.

Unknown Speaker 37:48
Originally, we only had the the black font above that,

Unknown Speaker 37:54
for lease rate, and what that did not take into account. So for instance, if someone purchased a hanger two years ago, at this rate, and then in two or three years, you had the CPI installation, they sell the hanger, well, because we didn’t have anything else in there.

Unknown Speaker 38:17
When we do a lease termination and a new lease for the new owner of the hangar after three or four years, we would lose that escalation amount. And so we needed to

Unknown Speaker 38:27
make accommodations for that. So for both Aeronautical and non aeronautical.

Unknown Speaker 38:36
We put that in there so that it’s either that rate or the current lease rate, whichever is more. So if for instance, someone’s on, hold a hanger and paid lease for three or four years, and it’s escalated through the CPI, then when they sell that hangar and terminate their lease, the new lease

Unknown Speaker 38:59
would be whatever the rate is, with those three or four years of CPI escalation, if that makes sense.

Unknown Speaker 39:07
As we start looking at development on the south side, the city wanted to

Unknown Speaker 39:15
provide in a way that in order to help with infrastructure cost,

Unknown Speaker 39:22
that at least credit may be provided for public improvements, instructed by lessee

Unknown Speaker 39:28
as set forth in the lease section of the code.

Unknown Speaker 39:34
And then interrupt. I’m sorry, go ahead. What you’re saying by that is if a if someone building a hangar were to say build a water line that’s publicly available, as part of that development, you could give them a credit for some or all of that. Is that is that the idea? Correct. So and for clarification, it has to be a main line that others can tie into.

Unknown Speaker 39:57
It’s not a field service line to come.

Unknown Speaker 40:00
off the main line that goes to a hangar that’s not eligible, it would be a main line that the public or the rest of the users in that area could benefit benefit from as well. Okay, thanks. Sure.

Unknown Speaker 40:15

Unknown Speaker 40:18
then we got to the permit fee section. And there in the in the past, there was some discussion about instead of just having a flat rate and doing divided it daily, weekly, monthly,

Unknown Speaker 40:32
from the annual rate, to provide incentive

Unknown Speaker 40:37
to take that next step. So if somebody wanted instead of, if they had planned on doing

Unknown Speaker 40:47
five days, they could do a weekly rate and still

Unknown Speaker 40:53
not have to pay extra money, no pay the full seven days.

Unknown Speaker 40:58
On the weekly rate, there will be a little bit of a discount, and help incentivize them to take that next step up to that next permit area.

Unknown Speaker 41:07
And, as you go from from daily daily, as is the,

Unknown Speaker 41:14
the 60% discount, or the 40% of the

Unknown Speaker 41:21
the current lease rate, so it’s point 173. And so if you divide that by 365, that’s where you get the point 0003 cents per square foot on a daily rate,

Unknown Speaker 41:36
that would stay the same, then if you did a weekly permit,

Unknown Speaker 41:41
you would base it basically get a discounted rate. So a weekly being seven days, you would actually end up getting it for the price of four and a half or five days.

Unknown Speaker 41:55
Same thing with the monthly, you would get a discount and wouldn’t pay for the entire months.

Unknown Speaker 42:02
It would

Unknown Speaker 42:05
basically give you x amount of days off, I don’t really remember exactly how many it is, and then the annual permit, you will get even more days.

Unknown Speaker 42:15
But if you wanted for instance,

Unknown Speaker 42:23
if you use the large area, such as my high does, and if they jump an average of, let’s say just just for discussion purposes and make the math easy,

Unknown Speaker 42:35
200 days. And if you look at option two,

Unknown Speaker 42:42
and annual permit, if if if you don’t 215 days or so, and I don’t remember the exact number, so don’t quote me on it, but or hold me do it without me sitting down hitting it in the calculator. But basically, you would still be getting more than

Unknown Speaker 43:02
you would under the current daily rate.

Unknown Speaker 43:06
but not by much if you increase that jump period, up to say 215 or 216 days.

Unknown Speaker 43:15
So if he jumped a few more days,

Unknown Speaker 43:18
he would actually come out better that way. And that would entice the annual permit, not saying that he would have to do that. But it’s more of an incentivize base. And we looked at a couple of different options because council likes options. And they wanted to city management wanted me to put down a few different options. So

Unknown Speaker 43:42
option one was the first one I put down. However, for the our largest user, I didn’t feel that was quite frankly enticing enough for him to

Unknown Speaker 43:54

Unknown Speaker 43:56
on a monthly or annual basis with those rates.

Unknown Speaker 44:02
So I came up with option two to where if he did jump just a little bit more is still more than you would get at the daily rate

Unknown Speaker 44:13
for 200, a

Unknown Speaker 44:15
little over 200 days. And if he increased that up to 15, then it would be worth worthwhile for them to select that. So that’s the second option. And the third option, you know, counsel sometimes likes to make decisions for themselves and they can look at this and review it and and set their own rate.

Unknown Speaker 44:34
So we want to leave that option available for counsel as well.

Unknown Speaker 44:39
If they didn’t like either the other options, so we always want to provide a third option for counsel to set it as they wish.

Unknown Speaker 44:49
And so that’s that’s what we’d like to take the council as far as a proposed update to the schedule of rates and charges.

Unknown Speaker 44:56
David I’ll open it up for questions but just really quickly the the intent

Unknown Speaker 45:00
Here’s that we’re going to recommend one of these options to counsel when you don’t even know they’ll have all three choices. Is that correct?

Unknown Speaker 45:08
That’s correct. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 45:12
Mr. Robeson.

Unknown Speaker 45:15
Thank you, Mr. Chairman. David, since you option one for the permit says you’ve crossed out the last few decimals. Is that the current rate that Milan is bang? Or where? Point 1073 is the current

Unknown Speaker 45:32
annual permit rate? Okay. So cross that out to show the change to a different rate. Gotcha. All right, thanks.

Unknown Speaker 45:42
It’s, it seems like option two is the most reasonable, it’s the middle of the ground acceptable. And

Unknown Speaker 45:53
then on the non aeronautical rates back to creative ways to make money.

Unknown Speaker 45:59
For the storage of all the heavy equipment, he would have been charged at the non aeronautical rate. And then there’s always been a question about neon, are they they’re paying an on air aeronautical rate, right? And I just, I’d love to know what that’s what that contribution is with neon? Do we even charge them? Or is it? Is it anything we can expand or

Unknown Speaker 46:21
lever through the non aeronautical rate, being fair and incentivizing the people who are on the field to do

Unknown Speaker 46:29
what the two different items there, so the equipment that Dan has stored is in the public use area, so it’s not an exclusive use area. And so it’s done at the public use permit. Okay, right in the palm, the formerly neon now Bobtail

Unknown Speaker 46:50
isn’t a new contractor. And we did a lease

Unknown Speaker 46:55
assignment, because the National Science Foundation is the one that funds all of this, and they have a new contractor. So it’s now but tell.

Unknown Speaker 47:04
But when that original lease was set up, it was set up under an aeronautical rate, because justification was provided. And given that they could

Unknown Speaker 47:16
if the city seven sorry, they could provide acid at atmospheric data to the city that could be considered for aeronautical use.

Unknown Speaker 47:31
It’s never been used that way. We do have an A was and I don’t know that we would have a need for the types of sensors that they have out there. But it was set up that way because of the potential that it can be used that way.

Unknown Speaker 47:46
That gets to the end of the lease. I would suspect there may be some discussion about that and see if it’s still justifiable, as aeronautical or non aeronautical, but

Unknown Speaker 47:58
I think one could make the argument that is non aeronautical.

Unknown Speaker 48:02
Is it does it amount too much? Is it? Oh, yeah, it’s your

Unknown Speaker 48:09
I don’t have the exact number in front of me. I can look it up while we’re discussing something else. Like, but they come back to you. Okay. Yeah, just I mean, I don’t want to

Unknown Speaker 48:22
you’re talking about an acre of property. So you’re looking at around 43,560 square feet? Okay. It’s Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 48:32
Spend time on something that’s not, you know, it’s not going to amount to much. But if making sure they’re on a non aeronautical fee rate, and the square footage is enough to make a difference to actually, you know, see a difference in it, then that would be interesting. But otherwise, option two seems to be the most reasonable, that there’s flexibility for the people taking the permits. And the rate is figured out because that was the other thing that came up, sort of in between the lines with Council was a request to look at, well, no, it wasn’t in between the lines, it was it was an ask, look at 10 other airports and see what they were getting for their

Unknown Speaker 49:13
dog dollars per acre. And we are unique. We know that there aren’t a lot of airports at high altitude and against the Front Range and the things that make it a special airport. But there are a few we can compare ourselves to and just I think that these rates have been within reason, obviously.

Unknown Speaker 49:33
So option two seems to be the best one. And then just do we want to beef up our Be sure we’re classifying things correctly as aromatic versus non aromatic to get the most bang for our buck when we are permitting something out there.

Unknown Speaker 49:48
Mr. Robeson, did you have a comment as well? Thank you, Miss chairman. David, I guess my first question is my might have missed Why are we looking at reducing the annual permit rate if

Unknown Speaker 50:00
Trying to generate more money? Why would we keep it the same?

Unknown Speaker 50:03
Because Currently, the way it’s set up, there’s no incentive to do anything other than a daily rate, which the way we’re proposing it now.

Unknown Speaker 50:12
A daily credit, this unused can be carried over, just not past the end of the year. Okay, now, yeah, you can understand the carry, you can carry over daily credit. So if he pays for 30 days, I guess anybody pays for 30 days. And they use 15 of the days and the other 15 is, but because there was bad weather or high winds or whatever the situation, they just didn’t use them,

Unknown Speaker 50:39

Unknown Speaker 50:42
they’re still 15 days that you get a credit for. I understand all the previous time, you said that now, because I was assuming that mile I just had an annual permit, but they do a daily for just however many days they use their rent. That’s correct.

Unknown Speaker 50:59
So if you if you have an average use, which may be around 180 200 days, if you have a good weather year, and you can increase that by a few days and make it a little more money, it would be more advantageous and convenient. And actually save him a little bit of money. And we would still get a little more money than then what we’re getting at 200 days.

Unknown Speaker 51:23
So it would save him a little bit of money and everybody a whole lot of convenience just to do an annual permit. And so we’re trying to

Unknown Speaker 51:31
tip provide it to where you would make sense to do an annual.

Unknown Speaker 51:37
Yeah, that makes sense. I just assume they already did that sound. That’s what I was missing. Sure.

Unknown Speaker 51:44
Any other comments, questions from other board members? Mr. bliss?

Unknown Speaker 51:49
Yes. For David.

Unknown Speaker 51:53
You mentioned damn done. He, he purchased the equipment out there. And then

Unknown Speaker 51:59
on the airport property, do we charge him for that? Yes, sir. That’s that’s what I mentioned earlier under the public use permit fee. He that’s that’s the area for the public use permit fee this this being used, and it’s not exclusive. So it’s done in the public use permit fee. And so he gets paid, he actually purchased it full price and annual permit for that area.

Unknown Speaker 52:22
Is it a specific area? Or do you go out and measure up?

Unknown Speaker 52:28
outline it, measure it out on Google Earth, draw it out on Google Earth and print it out? As the designated area? And how many square feet it is. And it shows up exactly where that areas? And that’s the area that the equipment is staged in? Oh, I didn’t know that. Thank you. Sure.

Unknown Speaker 52:53
Well, without any other comments.

Unknown Speaker 52:57
I think the necessary action here then is emotion to make a recommendation if we’re if we’re comfortable with it.

Unknown Speaker 53:05
Mr. Robeson.

Unknown Speaker 53:08
I was just doing the math there. I was a little slower than you were. So the math works out to 314 days on option one.

Unknown Speaker 53:17
reference the current rate and 212 days and option two.

Unknown Speaker 53:21
What David, do you have average numbers that my eyes been paying for in the last few years?

Unknown Speaker 53:28
The last time I recall, they jumped between 180 to 200 days, I think,

Unknown Speaker 53:37
as of remember what year it was it might have been 2019 or 20 2018. Even I don’t remember the last time I ran those numbers, but

Unknown Speaker 53:48
2019, I think or 2020? We were looking at at around 200 days, I think was the average

Unknown Speaker 53:57
over the past two years. So it could be a little less or it could be a little more. Option two at 212 is pretty close then I would say so.

Unknown Speaker 54:08
I would think that that would be his

Unknown Speaker 54:13
selling point of if he jumped a little bit more. It would be worthwhile.

Unknown Speaker 54:19
If he can, you know, I know it’s weather dependent. It’s not like you can just pick what the weather is going to do on any given day. But

Unknown Speaker 54:28
you know, asking them to gamble.

Unknown Speaker 54:31
Yeah, ever, ever 12 days.

Unknown Speaker 54:38
Sir, that’s around 1200 bucks. Actually, if you do it, if you do it at the

Unknown Speaker 54:46
at the daily rate, it’s it’s up is right now the current rate is $99.36 per day, for the area that they use that they pay for

Unknown Speaker 55:02
So around 1200 12 days will be around 12 $100. It’s apparent right? At the reduced rate, then it will be less than that.

Unknown Speaker 55:18
Mr. Weissman.

Unknown Speaker 55:21
So attempts, I guess this is a question for David, as I understand this proposal that is geared at the

Unknown Speaker 55:29
largest user of the space, but it does sound like we’ve had at least one entity that has elected for an annual permit.

Unknown Speaker 55:39
at the current rate structure.

Unknown Speaker 55:42
In the last couple of years, how many companies have elected to pay for an annual permit at the current rate structure?

Unknown Speaker 55:52
Other than the equipment, staging?

Unknown Speaker 55:56
That’s the only annual permit that we’ve done in a while since we’ve changed the

Unknown Speaker 56:04
the way we charge for the public use permit.

Unknown Speaker 56:10
I guess,

Unknown Speaker 56:12
I guess I have one more follow up question.

Unknown Speaker 56:15
That sounds like the advantage to switching to an annual permit is to cut down on paperwork

Unknown Speaker 56:22
currently is there?

Unknown Speaker 56:24
Or what is the what is the savings from the airport’s perspective and having an annual permit or convenience factor, as opposed to daily permits?

Unknown Speaker 56:37
If you get an annual permit,

Unknown Speaker 56:39
you jump as much as you want through that entire year, it cuts down on a significant amount of time with me having to scroll through and see what days were dumped, and what days weren’t. And

Unknown Speaker 56:55
him having to write a check every 30 days or so.

Unknown Speaker 57:00
Are they having to issue a permit? Every

Unknown Speaker 57:05
Hey, so for instance, if he if he purchases 30 days,

Unknown Speaker 57:10
he may jump 17 of those, or 18 of those, and then have some weather days and then or days that he just doesn’t operate.

Unknown Speaker 57:22
And so then I have to go figure out, okay, confirm the number of days job he requested, he might request

Unknown Speaker 57:31
five to seven more days

Unknown Speaker 57:35
for the next permit. And so he may jump for those and then I have to carry that one over into the next permit, which leaves him 11 days, and so he may want seven days, or he may want 11 days. So it’s you know, scrolling through to confirm what days had been dumped, and what days haven’t

Unknown Speaker 57:55
dealing with all the credit carryovers him having to constantly write checks every 30 days or so and reissuing a permit every so often. It’s

Unknown Speaker 58:08
a huge convenience, a time saver. And quite honestly, if he has a good year, it probably saved him a couple of dollars to do an annual permit and might even be worth it for the convenience of doing of just having one permit issued for the entire year.

Unknown Speaker 58:23
Thank you. And that’s why I think that the we’re looking at trying to be enticing with

Unknown Speaker 58:32
with the Daniel permanency. Yeah, I think it’s worthwhile for everybody sick. Thank you. That’s a lot of time and effort. Thank you. Sure.

Unknown Speaker 58:43
It’s helpful to understand, David, I think I’m looking at this the first time I was a little confused on all that. So that context is valuable. Sure.

Unknown Speaker 58:52
Any other comments, or I’ll entertain a motion?

Unknown Speaker 58:58
Don’t everyone jump up at once?

Unknown Speaker 59:01
I’ll move that we recommend option two. We said that we would support option two

Unknown Speaker 59:07
to David to

Unknown Speaker 59:10
present and recommend to Council. Melinda, can I maybe ask you to amend that slightly to council adopt the entire schedule of rates and charges with Yes, I recommend I move that. David recommend council adopt the entire schedule of rates and charges

Unknown Speaker 59:29
with the option to

Unknown Speaker 59:33

Unknown Speaker 59:36
Your second

Unknown Speaker 59:40
Mr. Robeson

Unknown Speaker 59:43
moved and seconded Any further discussion?

Unknown Speaker 59:48
All right, so all those in favor of the motion on the floor? say Aye and raise your hand please.

Unknown Speaker 59:54
Aye. Aye. Aye.

Unknown Speaker 59:56
Anyone opposed? I saw six hands. So no

Unknown Speaker 1:00:00
So that’s six zero motion carries.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:04
So then David, I assume, maybe writing a letter on behalf of the Board then to convey that recommendation, and I’ll coordinate that with you on how that’s

Unknown Speaker 1:00:14
alright. Wonderful. Thank you ever, we will move on then to our final public invited to be heard. We have a handful of folks on the call. If you guys don’t mind, I’m just going to call you out on the order that’s on my screen to ask if you’d like to make a comment.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:32
If you don’t either know or silence and I’ll move on. To see Dan’s iPhone.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:41
He’s still muted.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:48
I’m going to take silence as a no. But Dan, if you want to. Oh, I just I’m sorry. I just came on. I don’t have any comments on is good to listen to, to the comments of the council this evening.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:01
It is I’m damn done when you were talking about with the equipment over there. So I’m always like to know what’s going on at the airport and doing what we can to help over there when we can. So appreciate Charles working with us.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:17
And thank you for thank you for being on and participating. Appreciate it.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:21
Keith, would you like the opportunity to make a comment tonight? Oh, yeah, so wanted to say that I agree with David, about deferring a new hire, to focus on maintenance for the next year or two. My point is that you’ll not enhance the economic development potential of the airport by skimping on maintenance and presenting a shabby facility that

Unknown Speaker 1:01:45
doesn’t look viable to potential new clients. So I think his approach is exactly right. And, and that’s the way it ought to be done.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:56
Thank you very much, Keith. I declined to start this off with asking if you could state your name for the record. Could you do so? So we have

Unknown Speaker 1:02:04
Keith Griffith?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:06
Thank you very much. Mr. Griffith. You bet.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:10
Don Dorsey, would you like to make a comment this evening? Yes, I’ll make a comment.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:17
And it is Don Dorsey for the record.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:20
Thank you. Go ahead.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:23
I I wanted to

Unknown Speaker 1:02:26
agree with Melinda’s comments that in you know, in summary that the council has not appeared to be real supportive of the airport that come to count back in the board. years when I was chairman, we had the same issue. And it’s carried forward pretty much for the last 10 years. And back in that era, one of the things we wanted and never got was just a single sentence from the city council. That said, we are in support of the airport. And we want the airport to be an economic driver for the community.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:05
And unfortunately, we never got that statement. But I think everything relative to the growth of the airport could stem from some verse like that from the council, in writing

Unknown Speaker 1:03:24
the discussion about

Unknown Speaker 1:03:28
hiring someone for David to assist in the efforts that he is trying to achieve? I think Keith summarized it well, that right now may not be the time. But one of the things that did come up and in in prior years was there was a need through what would now be the Le dp because they have people that are focused on developing the downtown economic situation. And we recommended to council back then that they look for a person in that capacity that was focused only on the airport.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:10
Someone that could really drive finding those businesses which are on almost every airport surrounding Longmont,

Unknown Speaker 1:04:20
the upholstery shops, engine shops, maintenance, avionics, all of those things are all around us and try to drag those businesses on to this airport.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:34
But we need a person that’s really focused on just aviation to make that happen. And at the appropriate time, that’s maybe the person that would be most helpful.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:46
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:48
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:51
I think we’ve gotten everyone from the public is on if I’ve missed Someone, please speak up, but I don’t see anyone else on the list. Thank you all for permission.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:00
spitting and for the comments.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:03
I’ll move on to board Council and staff comments. And I’ll start with the board. Linda.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:12
I had some other notes that I’d written during the presentation the other night that I just uncovered. When I moved my rates around.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:20
One of the questions that came to me was done in this to be toward john and David, does counsel also ask the golf course? What their revenue per acre is? Or the parks or universe for some of the other areas that are public charge for access?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:41
Do they get asked that same question as well, I felt a little defensive. And so it was like well do the others. Does the golf course also have to, to show a revenue per acre? And what would that look like?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:56
union reservoir, same thing. And those were the things I thought of the part. And those are community. I don’t really consider parks as much of that because those are community features, but things that do charge so the ones that came to mind were the golf course, and union reservoir.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:11
So do they ask for that from everybody? And so are we being asked a question that is, are we being driven to prove to be profitable, at the same with the same commitment that is given to golf courses, other permitted fee based facilities within the city, I hope I’m making sense. But we were asked specifically about dollars per acre. And I look at the golf courses across the street from me, and a lot of people enjoy it, but some people pay to be on it. And then, again, to that discussion, the just on the economic development side, again, with the new hire, I don’t know that that would be if I were going to apply for the job to be the person out trying to get the things brought to the airport, I don’t see that being a full time job. So again, back to the other entities that the city has,

Unknown Speaker 1:07:10
is there a way for us to get 25% time or 50% time share an employee that would be doing because economic development for the airport. In some ways, if it’s going to be avionics and aircraft related, then yes, that’s a certain person. But I would expect that the city would pursue business like smuckers as an example. They’re not just presenting one aspect of the city they’re presenting that we have golf courses, we have bodies of water, we have an airport, we have rhythm on the river, we have community events, we have all these things going for us our school system, our district that’s so highly regarded. So I don’t see that the airport needs its own

Unknown Speaker 1:07:55
full time equivalent person to promote it, that who could we partner with? And does the city put money time or energy into promoting those other aspects of the city that we haven’t been being promoted? We didn’t see it with smuckers at all, that we were not the airport was not promoted as an asset to entice smuckers here. And that could have accelerated some of our plans to extend the runway, some things like that, potentially. And so it’s, you know, it’s a cycle. And so, where are my question back to the city would be where are you committed in the cycle, to support us to support you to support us. And it’s definitely it would be somebody with that marketing, you know, a very specific person that does that job to go out and try to bring business onto the field. But I don’t know that it would be a single full time equivalent. Although then to Ross’s point, the administrative management fee is definitely a handsome salary. And so what does the city allocate for these other interests? And I don’t know the answer. And I would love to know that what what where does the city put its money in promoting city services and things that are available when they’re trying to enhance trade to attract

Unknown Speaker 1:09:15
other businesses, and I have noticed some in the tech field that have come to town, not necessarily going to need to leverage the report or the golf courses they probably already lived here. real core satellite is the one I’m thinking of in that regard that they moved real core in the battery division appear to some of the old Mac store buildings. And so they probably didn’t have to do a lot to entice them. But where do we fit into the picture? And where are they spending money and time already? Can we get at least on to that and coattail that until we can justify a full time person?

Unknown Speaker 1:09:54
Hope I’m making sense I feel like I went around circles but just yeah, where, you know, we’re interested

Unknown Speaker 1:10:00
Are they interested? Can we be a part of the other entities in the city that are being promoted? and ride that until we can just find a full time person?

Unknown Speaker 1:10:13
I’d certainly want to hear when we have that discussion in the coming month, it’d be really good to bring in some of those perspectives. David, as part of that discussion.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:23
Melinda, what can I ask you to share their quick update on the expo?

Unknown Speaker 1:10:30
A couple points before the meeting officially started want to make sure yeah. So we did agree that we should push it to 2023. Because of some of the stuff that’s going to be happening on the field construction wise, and then I think we could do it in 2022. But another year is fine. So I did contact recess factory, they are in business, they are anxious to work with us. Again, they supported our last year show in 2018. And he it’s too far out for them to bid on the pricing. We know what we spent before. And for those of us that worked at we know visually what services we’ve received. So I did ask him to put together more of a menu of services of what they would be interested in providing, which would be I think, everything we had before and then maybe some additional services so that we could bid those perhaps they I don’t know that they can provide water and refuse cheaper than we can get it from the our own city. But we could look at that, and see me and do a fair comparison. And we’ve got plenty of time. So they they were leaving to go do a big effort that they do up in the Midwest. And then we’ll get a list of services, perhaps by next month to just at least know safety, security, entrance gates, water

Unknown Speaker 1:11:49
services, they do our security fencing, soundstage. And then we did some of the things that are running the beer garden, perhaps we have a nonprofit that we can run that and do it as a

Unknown Speaker 1:12:03
revenue generator for nonprofit to benefit the airport. So far, we’ve used it for some scholarships. And some we did the I think funds came from friends event spirit to do the handicap access between the ramp at elite and up to the parking lot after Jay’s accident. So they’ve used with you some funds, and we raised that from the beer garden. And we did a fundraiser for Jay that year as well after his accident. So that do we give them the beer garden and put them in charge of serving. And that just everything we give them, of course reduces our need for volunteers and tip certification and some of the things that we run up against. So they’ll get back to us. And then the date that I picked was June 17 2023. That’d be a Saturday, we typically start with everything Friday, and we’re doing all the air show

Unknown Speaker 1:12:55
all that choreography and getting everything done on Friday. And then Saturday morning, we started us at 7am with pancakes. And that would be the day before Father’s Day, which I think is a good weekend, the weather’s, we usually are not getting snow anymore at that point. So that’s one thing we can kind of almost count on. So June 17 2023, we’ll get a menu of services from recess factory, ballpark bid. And then it would be a matter of just starting to get the leadership put into place. And then

Unknown Speaker 1:13:31
recruiting the volunteers and just snapping out and getting creative. And that’s the nice thing about this extra time is that we can get creative with how much we want to offer.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:40
And all of you that go to air shows know all the variety of things, simulators, war, you know, warbird simulators, new tech, old tech, all those things that we can really make it a robust show to the developing the airport, the community loves the airshow, and they see it as purposeful and a really fun community event. And well, I think we got one complaint about the F 16.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:08
We should have gotten hundreds and we didn’t because people enjoy it. And like last year with the flyovers people really enjoyed that during lockdown. So we do get the support in that regard. And the complainer’s are a small number of people that are highly, you know, highly sensitive to it. But the bulk of the community appreciates it and on the Facebook page, we get constant questions and when is it going to be When is it going to be? How do we volunteer, I want my kids to work at it. And they are disappointed to hear that we’re not going to have one yet. But that’s where it goes. So people also have no idea how much it takes to get it organized. And the really big ones are going to be leadership and then the all the DLD requests if we want to try to get military flyover because those need about a year. So this will be a really key thing. So just leadership would be our next thing and then we’ll get some services from recess factory and figure out what

Unknown Speaker 1:15:00
divisions we need to divide and conquer.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:04
Want to thank you, thank you for the update. Thank you for that you’ve been doing so far and we’ll just keep checking in on this until we need to actually make decisions in the coming months on that. Perfect. Any other board members wish to make any comments at this evening? Miss Robeson.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:22
Thank you Mr. Chairman. Since Belinda gave her update, I’ll give mine

Unknown Speaker 1:15:26
to become an Airbus. I am going to shadow some actual Airbus’s, our current Airbus’s at AIR shows in Nebraska, Kansas, Wyoming and Utah this summer. And then the processes feel that I’ve learned enough, they will recommend me and I take a written test. And all of this shouldn’t take more than a year. So I think all this is feasible.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:53
And the only costs are $95 for the application fee, and $375 a year to join their

Unknown Speaker 1:16:02
international air show club essentially. So I seem to remember someone quoting a very high figure for the Airbus, but I think my cost would be well under $3,000 total, even with all the travel. So if that sounds good, that’s what I’m planning to do. That sounds really good.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:25
Outstanding. Thank you for pursuing that. Russell. That’s, that’s wonderful. Oh, one other thing, can we go back to meeting in person in July?

Unknown Speaker 1:16:34
So this was a conversation at the council meeting as well. Were our topic. It was before the CDC announcement this week or today, on vaccine individuals, they were certainly waiting for, I think some Boulder County guidance that they were expecting to get early June.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:52
I would assume we’re following counsel. And I look to David really for that answer. But I think if counsels back or bat, I would love to be back to

Unknown Speaker 1:17:01
I don’t think we’re probably not able to do anything before they do.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:06
I specifically asked that question and was told we have to wait till council comes back. So once Council is back then words can meet in person, Council.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:16
Thank you McHugh. Because for that information,

Unknown Speaker 1:17:22
is it is there going to be a question as to who’s vaccinated? Is that going to?

Unknown Speaker 1:17:28
I get my I get my second one next week. So I can ask that question. You can basically on what the level of public health says

Unknown Speaker 1:17:38
after June 4, okay, in fourth is the next

Unknown Speaker 1:17:42
mass ordinance or mass

Unknown Speaker 1:17:46
immigration coming out? So wingsuit base at that point?

Unknown Speaker 1:17:55
The upside to this is no mask

Unknown Speaker 1:17:58
in person is preferable. Definitely. And then it would be a matter of risk. I did hear that in the council meeting was risk. So if somebody in this group was at a higher risk and couldn’t be vaccinated, didn’t want to be, then how are they you know, how do you get handled? Does the majority meet and you bring the others in via zoom things like that? I get the logistics part of it. I think it’s kind of got to be all or none. It seems like to make it work. Well. Yeah, at least you know, my recap from Council, they were pretty clear. They won. They wanted full public to be involved as well. Yeah, that’s right. Now he’s definitely the requirement for bringing back in person is that you? It wasn’t just counsel, it was bringing it to otherwise, there’s not a whole lot of value in being in person zoom works to bring everybody together? No, it’s not the same. But

Unknown Speaker 1:18:50
any other comments from from board members?

Unknown Speaker 1:18:55
Just I just want to say again, thank you for your time presenting to counsel and being on your feet when the questions came in. And I was definitely talking to the television.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:06
But you did a good job. And the questions were good. I’m glad we’re having these discussions. I think I feel like to John’s point that it’s out what a little bit more transparency. And we’re more aware, we’ve been kind of working on our little projects. But we’ve been, you know, we always know there’s a bigger picture out there. But we really haven’t felt like we had a directive.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:30
to work on it. We’ve talked about it. And to Don’s point, there’s been a request for quite a while to get help for David, marketing somebody to just market Well, he run the airport and somebody else run selling it. And so it’s I feel like it’s all finally coming together that we’ll have progress we’ll see meaning meaningful discussion in progress.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:52
Thank you, Melinda and I, it was good to get us out in front of them and actually be able to talk through it. anybody remembers two years ago.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:00
Last time we had a report to Council, he and I were there, I think until 11:30pm. And we had about 30 seconds. Yeah, they put at the end.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:08
really valuable. And, you know, clearly more to do on communication. But it was a really good start. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:15
I may be wrong, but I recall that the cluster go about 1255.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:20
I do remember it being very it was late.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:24
David, I don’t remember. Yeah. And to John’s point to that the public, there’s a lot I mean, again, to the accident yesterday at Centennial, there’s the public doesn’t know, aviation, aviation is complex. It’s not not understandable, but it’s complex. And it’s not easily understood. I know a lot of things. I didn’t understand until reading operations or doing rules and regs a few years ago. And so they think two jets collided and just the public misperception maybe a choice of words, but they don’t really get it. And so anytime we can go before the public and explain what we have been doing, and and how things run and that we are trying to make a profit and put money back into this, you know, that we bring money into the city and that we’re trying to return it. councils really other than a

Unknown Speaker 1:21:14
public service announcement on Channel eight, you know, this is our chance to do that. So

Unknown Speaker 1:21:20
it was I think it’s good. And we came in at a normal time if people were watching this site. So yeah, in between sandwiched in between other things. So hopefully some other people saw it. And it hopefully will generate some discussion and some questions, that’ll be the best outcome. Absolutely.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:35
Councilmember Peck, would you like to add any other comments, and I appreciate the perspective so far. Um, I just want to thank all of you, I think you’re doing a great job. And I am also very, very happy that we’re getting more transparent, I should say in our discussions. And I, I think that the job of a liaison from City Council is to bring the board the council together, and and the residents to work on a vision and a plan and

Unknown Speaker 1:22:07
be the a connector, a liaison. So I glad to have your input in to Don Dolce and Kate’s comments and dance. Thank you very much. And

Unknown Speaker 1:22:20
I think that’s something today that I wouldn’t mind bringing back to lldp, about the marketing for the airport, bring that right back to them, rather than try to hire somebody to do marketing for us. That is their job. So they need to include that in their total economic picture for Longmont. So thank you for that. I’ll bring that back up to their next meeting.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:46
Thank you, Councilmember pack.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:49
Mr. Slater. Anything else you’d like to add this evening? Yes, sir. Just a couple of things. First,

Unknown Speaker 1:22:55
board member Robison started talking about airboss and everything. And just about that time, us kind of started shaking my head and smiling a little bit. I just didn’t want that to be taken the wrong way. And in to explain that briefly, it just still boggles my mind that somebody just heard about air traffic controller and has to go through this course.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:16
Somebody that moves planes on a regular basis. And it just it still boggles my mind. So that’s why I was kind of smirking and granted about that.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:28
And then the second thing is, I know there are some question about board members, possibly meeting to discuss

Unknown Speaker 1:23:39
Expo items.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:42
And I checked into it it I don’t believe there’s any issue with that, however, and Michelle, jump in and correct me if I say this wrong, I

Unknown Speaker 1:23:52
believe the recommendation is that it be recorded for transparency, so that there could be some form of minutes put together, because technically, if there’s three, three or more,

Unknown Speaker 1:24:10
three or more than you, it’s technically a meeting. So

Unknown Speaker 1:24:15
at least you can keep it relaxed. You don’t have to worry about the Robert’s Rules of Order and all of that and just have discussion about the Expo. But just make sure that that’s clear. And that there’s a way that is recorded so that we can have someone be able to put minutes together because technically it does fall under the meaning loss. That’s my most recent information. And that is totally correct. From my understanding, too, for sunshine. I did create a one note binder with tabs and information and kind of did a brain dump after our last meeting, went through some of my old notes and created that and I would certainly be happy to take written minutes. We could also meet over zoom

Unknown Speaker 1:25:00
and record it, we’d be limited as private individuals to I think it’s 15 minutes for a meeting. So that if we want to do that, and you want to take that time in June, we’re ahead of the curve going to 2023. So before I was proposing that with a 2022 date, and so yeah, so since we’re, since we’ve got another year, we probably don’t need to do that, and could look to do it at a time, you know, further a little bit further down the road. I’d love for you guys just to be thinking about it and thinking as you go to things and Russ, you’ve got a tough job ahead of you, this is gonna be great. If we all want to go along with him, see what happens. So yeah, as you’re participating in things are noticing them and just see what catches your eye as things you know, they’re in the past have been wings credited education programs, we do kids programs, you know, fly in the air showpiece, but then for the static displays, we have the expo area with all the vendors, which are quite a variety. But we can add in more aviation

Unknown Speaker 1:26:04
information displays, we could focus on military aircraft, or vintage aircraft or whatever we want to do. So that’s really what I would love you guys to just keep pondering. And then when you’re out and things cry, you know, now put it in your focus,

Unknown Speaker 1:26:21
clever ideas and things that we could do to set our airshow apart. But the big piece of it is for our public for the people around here with the flyover and and being able to get the kids out and get on the ramp, and look at all the aircraft. But do we want we usually theme it. And we had Vance brand the last time and kind of a theme on that. We can theme it for the future for green aviation, for the past for

Unknown Speaker 1:26:48
service, you know, all the rescue stuff and all the

Unknown Speaker 1:26:52
first responder things that happened so we can theme it however we want. So that’s really what I’d ask you to do is ponder those things when you’re flying or driving and make a list and then we could revisit it at another board meeting. We can put it on the agenda in the summer some time and and circle back around and then start to refine things.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:13
I think that sounds great Melinda to come. Keep us all thinking about it will at least mention it in July. And maybe maybe we come back kind of more more discussion in August or September, depending on what else need to be bringing up. Exactly. That’d be great. And then I’ll keep the notes in the meantime. Yeah, I’ve been I’ve got all my old notes and then started some new ones. So if there if anybody does want to have a discussion on I’ll be, I’ll be writing it down anyway. So I’ll do that.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:42
Mr. sleater, did you have anything else after that, so I apologize for the odd angles up. Before I turn my camera off, I noticed a van on the other side of the airfield and I just wanted to make sure they weren’t on the runway or making Hurry over there, but they’re not

Unknown Speaker 1:27:57
sorry about the odd angles. And that’s all comments I had.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:01
Alright, so just before we adjourn, just a reminder that our June meeting is cancelled. So you know, unless we need a special meeting, which we don’t anticipate at this time, we will see everybody in July. And with that, then I will adjourn our may 13 meeting. Thank you everyone for the participation. Really good discussion this evening. And we will see you in July. Have a good evening. Good night. Thank you.