Senior Citizens Advisory Board Meeting – May 5, 2021

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Senior Citizens Advisory Board Meeting – May 5, 2021

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Unknown Speaker 0:00
All right, I see you’re on my computer. So let’s call this meeting to order, I see that all members are present and accounted for. And welcome back to our monthly meeting. Doesn’t look like we have any public people to be heard. So let’s review the minutes. Questions, additions from last month? Do I hear a motion to accept them? or move?

Unknown Speaker 0:37
A second?

Unknown Speaker 0:39
Okay. We’re

Unknown Speaker 0:42
sorry. Could I just say I’m reading the minutes? I was very sorry to miss this meeting.

Unknown Speaker 0:47
Oh, it was fun to be here and discussing all of it. I think you captured it. Oh, Bree,

Unknown Speaker 0:57
you know,

Unknown Speaker 0:58
everything is covered. Um,

Unknown Speaker 1:01
I have a question about the minutes.

Unknown Speaker 1:06
So are we following Robert’s Rules of Order? I guess we’re supposed to.

Unknown Speaker 1:14
Okay, because they do have a minute format, which would be topic, decision, motion and discussion. As they’re presently done, the minutes would not occur. So the minutes would be probably a half a page to a page. So I guess my question is, is that that? Do we want to keep the minutes as they are? Or do we want to go to Robert’s Rules of Order?

Unknown Speaker 1:50
My opinion is I like the minutes as they are with little summaries of what we discussed. Okay. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 2:01
I would just add that, you know, because I sit on six boards or something, and the standard counsel is well, and what we’re doing is kind of a modified, relaxed Robert’s Rules of Order. Right. And, and, and so you know, what works for as long as it’s not too little. I think what works for the board is, is probably okay. Okay. I

Unknown Speaker 2:31
really do. Thanks. See, Michelle has joined us just in time for item five. A.

Unknown Speaker 2:47
Congratulations on being open. Michelle.

Unknown Speaker 2:53
We are loving it. We are loving. Okay, so Robin has the footcare scope of services, both that health and wellness and the footcare scope of services have gone to purchasing to get released. So we have a list of preferred vendors and of course it’ll follow the city’s policies on purchasing for release on the various sites that the city does that. Robin, do you want to pull up the footcare scope of services?

Unknown Speaker 3:41
You could be doing her other job.

Unknown Speaker 3:45
Rob There she goes. multi tasking master. Um, so essentially, I think Robin, you want to go up to the first page looks like that’s the last page. Right. So um, I think I mentioned to you all last month last meeting that we’d had footcare for many years, originally part of Longmont united hospital, homecare agency, and then that homecare agency separated and then that homecare agency closed. So between that and COVID we have not offered foot care. So the reason why we would do foot care is because it is so critical to the health and well being especially of older adults who may be having things like hammertoes diabetes related health issues, neuropathy, etc. So gave a little bit of a reason why we would single out foot care is an issue. And then I have the scope of work so it would be provided here on site at least two days a month. That’s what we were doing prior That we would not charge them for the room. And that they would work with us around providing some educational programs on foot care at at no charge. So the proposal goes on for the formal requirements. And then Robin, if you’d go to page two, I just want to review some of the evaluation criteria and see if you all want to add anything else to this. So we’re looking for a licensed professional foot care. And so we want to make sure that this is a specialty of the agency that they have the license and the experience to do that. That’s affordable. And that’s those are the really the key I have put ability to provide bilingual bicultural services. And so those those seem to me to be the key three key things affordability, that they have licensure, professional, probably should add insurance in there. But I think it’s elsewhere in the document, and bilingual. So in terms of anything else you would want to evaluate a vendor on for a foot care program. Is there anything missing there?

Unknown Speaker 6:35
But we want to say anything about possibility of them accepting. I don’t know, Medicare or other insurances. Is that? I mean, would that be something better also or not? Yeah, so

Unknown Speaker 6:51
other payment options? Aren’t? I think that’s a good one. Yes, we could add that in if they can demonstrate how they accept other forms of payment.

Unknown Speaker 7:01

Unknown Speaker 7:03
So is there a way that we

Unknown Speaker 7:07

Unknown Speaker 7:09
I guess, maybe review? Um, well, reviews of the company that’s applying.

Unknown Speaker 7:18
So it would be their performance?

Unknown Speaker 7:23

Unknown Speaker 7:24
and customer customer satisfaction?

Unknown Speaker 7:27
Okay. We can ask for that in that process that they would bring some demonstrated customer feedback or something like that.

Unknown Speaker 7:36
Yeah, I just feel like that would be something that’s really important. Okay. I just think having somebody you know, that has good reviews, is more likely to stick around in the program and give good service.

Unknown Speaker 8:03
All right.

Unknown Speaker 8:05
So those, if you think of something else, please tell me that these are both the footcare and the overall health and wellness are in our purchasing department right now for review. I will add this information. And then hopefully by June, we’ll have a time schedule for when proposals are returned, and a schedule to interview and review the proposals. Any other questions, comments about this? If not, Robin, I think you can pull it down. Great. Thank you, Robin.

Unknown Speaker 8:56
And then we’re moving on to the discussion and follow up for the proclamation but the annual report to Council on 427 which Thank you art, and Michelle did. Aren’t you’re muted?

Unknown Speaker 9:21
I I just have to say that. I felt comfortable with that. Thanks for the help in which Alan, my little presentation. I’ll get an outstanding job. And it was very good. I thought it was very good report. In fact, there was only if I recall a couple of questions. So it was pretty well covered as far as I was concerned. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 9:46
I thought it went very well. You both did a very good job. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 9:54
Good suggestion, Marsha. And thanks to our you know, that whole virtual thing is presenting virtually as an interesting experience. So, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 10:13
looks like you’ve had a little bit experience with that.

Unknown Speaker 10:16
Well, Erica did the PowerPoint. That was huge. That is not my forte and that that helped a ton. So

Unknown Speaker 10:23
thank you, Robin.

Unknown Speaker 10:25

Unknown Speaker 10:29
at your next job, Michelle should be in video business.

Unknown Speaker 10:36
Staying far away from that one. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 10:39
Yes, we we were I was interviewed twice this this past week about the reopening. That’s enough publicity contact for me for a

Unknown Speaker 10:49
year I. Alright, right. So moving on to June 2, where we have a maybe option to meet in person or virtually, if Cory can do so.

Unknown Speaker 11:08
So I have not checked in with Carrie. And we can certainly do Vich virtual.

Unknown Speaker 11:15

Unknown Speaker 11:17
Robin and Carrie could get together to make sure we were organized to to manage her PowerPoint, her presentation. So it’s just a question. We do have yoga going on in the gym on Wednesdays. So it will be I would have to really hunt for a room that could hold you all and meet the space calculator. Unless of course that change changes next week? Or do you want to just go ahead and go forward if and plan for that June meeting to be virtual? And do you understand that it’ll be mostly Carrie Middleton presenting on reframing aging, just confirming all those things. So virtual, hit show hands, maybe

Unknown Speaker 12:08
three reluctantly.

Unknown Speaker 12:09

Unknown Speaker 12:11
All right. So I guess we’ll do it virtual. And then Robin, I’ll connect Robin with Carrie Milton. And we’ll do just the basic business, open the meeting and

Unknown Speaker 12:25
go from there.

Unknown Speaker 12:26
But it will be mostly the presentation on reframing aging. So Michelle? Yeah. All right.

Unknown Speaker 12:34
You know, I’m okay with the virtual for next month. But I also I would like to see us get started again in person as soon as possible. Oh, well, the delay. Yeah, maybe in July.

Unknown Speaker 12:51
A room? Yeah. Get us a room in July. Please, please.

Unknown Speaker 12:55

Unknown Speaker 12:57
Jenny, Janine, you’re muted, sorry.

Unknown Speaker 13:03
It’ll also give us an opportunity to have experienced the senior center being open for two months, and will allow us to have a little more time in terms of seeing where our current pandemic is moving in what direction? So I was gonna suggest that we plan on July, but I think July will be better than June.

Unknown Speaker 13:35
Okay, sounds good. Sheila, did you have something you wanted to say? Okay. Then each well plan update.

Unknown Speaker 13:53
So, um, we saw a draft plan from the Area Agency on Aging, that, really I got to just kind of go backwards to go forward. We did our first agewell plan countywide in 2006. We did an update in 2010. And an update in 2014. We were on track to do an update in 2018. And that area agency on aging, Dennis a shift and really focused on some data. And several of you have that book past, present and future. It was a data compilation in 2018. And then in 2019, we were doing focus groups and we held a summit, really trying to dig a little deeper into that data. And then COVID hit. So we never had a 2018 plan. And the next four year plan would be in 2022. So the era Agency on Aging has suggested kind of an interim plan that really focuses on continued emphasis in responding relative to the pandemic. So it’s about technology. It’s about connection. So we reviewed that last week. So I will be sending that out to you all. After this first revision that we should be getting here, I would expect in the next week or two, and then I would hope in July, we could really spend considerable time focusing on that plan, that interim plan as well as giving input on the 2022 process. So if that will work for you all. And for those of you, Julie, maybe prudence, if you have questions about this age, well, planning process, now’s the time asked me asked me about it. If you don’t have that past, present, and future book, I can get that to you. So let’s, let’s just talk about that.

Unknown Speaker 16:20
I don’t have a copy of that book. So I would like to have a copy. Okay. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 16:28
Okay, Julie, I can do that.

Unknown Speaker 16:34
Actually, I don’t think I have one.

Unknown Speaker 16:36

Unknown Speaker 16:40
Maybe I do, and I just have lost track of it. But I’d be much I read it with a much more critical eye than when I received it the first time if I received it the first time.

Unknown Speaker 16:50

Unknown Speaker 16:52
Looks like most of us might see that. Michelle, I don’t know that. Okay, look at look for it. And I know, it’s been a while since

Unknown Speaker 17:01
I did not receive it.

Unknown Speaker 17:05
Everyone gets a copy. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 17:08
So will you send that via email?

Unknown Speaker 17:11
And if I can get an electronic version from the AAA, I will send it electronically. And if not, it will be mailed. But I’m going for electronic. Michelle, do

Unknown Speaker 17:26
you have some in the office?

Unknown Speaker 17:30
Yes, I do.

Unknown Speaker 17:32

Unknown Speaker 17:32
I’m volunteering there tomorrow morning. So I can pick it up.

Unknown Speaker 17:36
I will get that to you tomorrow.

Unknown Speaker 17:38
You know, honestly, it? Is there an urgent deadline? Because we could just talk pick it up in July. Yeah, rather than mailing them.

Unknown Speaker 17:47
Okay. We can do that too.

Unknown Speaker 17:51
But I pick one up from your office.

Unknown Speaker 17:54
I’ll put them at the front desk. Okay. Okay. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 17:58
Oh, even better. Yeah, I want to swing by and see too.

Unknown Speaker 18:02
Yeah, yeah, I will put it at the front desk. So that document is really data. And the Area Agency on Aging hired a planner Lindsay Parsons, and she really put that piece together. Um, so. So we are, in some ways a little ahead, and in some ways years behind. And in some ways, we have a whole new set of data from the pandemic. So I think the 2022 process will be different. And I hope I hope that you all have some good ideas about that, you know, what is the engagement and I can prepare some information and talk to you a little about how we’ve engaged people in the past. And the surveys we’ve done, but this plan, not only sets the priorities for the Area Agency on Aging and the federal dollars that come through that agency, but also the state dollars that are coming through that agency, and right now they are getting one to $2 million in cares Act funding as a result of the pandemic and so they use that plan to guide their funding, and Longmont, Senior Services has used that plan to guide some of our initiatives. And so I think it’s it’s important, it’s a very important planning tool and we have used it in conjunction with the Longmont comprehensive plan envision Longmont, we added an appendix to the Envision Longmont comp plan. That was a vision Longmont aging well. And so we and Marsha can certainly speak to this but the city of Longmont doesn’t need You know, 20 different planning guiding documents and so weaving it into the comp plan was a really huge success. An important milestone, I think so you all get to carry that torch going forward, so 2022 will be a big year.

Unknown Speaker 20:19
You know, Michelle, I have my issues with envision Longmont but I think the aging well. Is is one of the best sections. It’s more more aspirational. And yeah, so good job anyway.

Unknown Speaker 20:37
Yeah, it was important to have a guiding document and and to be in there. So that plan is starting to materialize, but I will tell you, no 2018 plan just this interim plan. And I will get that to you.

Unknown Speaker 20:54
Looks like Robin has a hand up.

Unknown Speaker 21:01
Robin, did you need to say something? No, I

Unknown Speaker 21:04
don’t have a hand up. I don’t see what that is. I’m sorry. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 21:09
Okay, nevermind. So moving on to other old business. No old business.

Unknown Speaker 21:31

Unknown Speaker 21:32
New Business Council retreat topic regarding Area Agency on Aging.

Unknown Speaker 21:39
So, Marsha, do you want to talk about this at all? You probably know a little bit more than I do about where this came from? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 21:48
I do. I know. all there is to know about it. Um, of the council retreat was supposed to be focused on, on on the LA J. reorganization and what what the council needed to know to function as the Lh a board of directors, which it now does. And Joan actually added this to the agenda. And I am not sure why other than because the bulk of the lhsaa properties now are for older adults. So I assume that she and Sandy have had more conversations about what she wants out of that. And I confess that I had suggested to Sandy that we they’re they’re giving us because they’re trying to keep it one day long. They’re they’re giving us study guides in advance. And I had suggested that this be a study guide in advance. So we could focus more on housing, which is the real deep need. But you’d have to ask Joan, you know what, what she feels that it’s that it’s on the agenda for we have discussed and we have a long list of ways and Michelle I’m sure you know this much better than I do that in which the current la che properties fall short of meeting the needs of our aging population. Mostly accessibility stuff. And, and so I can surmise that that was Joan’s intention. That’s helpful.

Unknown Speaker 23:54
Marsha. Thank you. So where that area agency on aging and this advisory board intersect is in a couple of ways. First, Janine is your designated liaison to the Boulder County area agency on aging Advisory Council. Every piece of the United States has an area agency on aging. And for us, Boulder County was government was designated our area agency on aging for Boulder County. They get the federal funds from the Older Americans Act. They are required to form an advisory council. So Janine sits as your liaison plus there are some at large seats. And there’s some other folks from Longmont who are a part of that Council. Um, I am putting together a graphic for the retreat that sort of talks about the Denver Regional Council of Governments and the Boulder County area agency on aging. And the reason being is for many from 1973.

Unknown Speaker 25:12
Through 1990, the Denver Regional Council of Governments was our area agency on aging for Boulder County, and in 1990, Boulder County got designated. So I think my understanding is there was some interest in looking at what Dr. cog does, as the Area Agency on Aging for the metro area and what Boulder County does for us. And so, Janine, I’m working with Christine, who’s the director of the Area Agency on Aging, to put together some information for the retreat. And my understanding is the retreats now in July.

Unknown Speaker 25:55
Yes, that was my next thing is this keeps getting put off and put off. So you, there’s not a real hurry here.

Unknown Speaker 26:04
So I will plan to bring that information back to either the July or the August meeting. Just so the board is on the same page as the council, in terms of the services, the dollars and the relationships. But I think it’s a great time to just take a look at the Area Agency on Aging and what they do for us and what they do with us. So I just wanted you all to be aware of that’s on the horizon. And it’s a good, it’s a good follow up. And it’s a good question to ask relative to the Housing Authority. Here’s a really good example. We are looking at doing some things technologically and safety wise in the properties to seeing your properties specifically. And I turned to the Area Agency on Aging, and I said, Can I get money for this? So put on my Longmont Housing Authority ad? And the answer was, yeah, I think you can. So Joan is right, and sort of pointing out that they might be a resource for helping us keep folks house safely. And, and well. So more to come probably on that. So thanks. Any questions?

Unknown Speaker 27:34
Not about that. But I was just curious now that the senior center is reopened as of this week. Are you getting people dropping in for information? Or is it most people making appointments?

Unknown Speaker 27:51
So I’m Robin, would you like to take a stab at answering that?

Unknown Speaker 28:00
If you’re not multitasking? Sorry, I

Unknown Speaker 28:03
did not hear the question. Yeah. So

Unknown Speaker 28:05
just a question about people coming in the building. Are they dropping in making appointments? How are classes going? Can you just give a little sense of what the last couple days have been? Like?

Unknown Speaker 28:17
People don’t need to make an appointment to come in. So yeah, they can just walk in.

Unknown Speaker 28:21
And are you getting dropped in? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 28:27
And then they’re coming in for classes mainly. So

Unknown Speaker 28:32
we’ve had I think we had 21 for yoga today. Is that right? are 21 for fitness this morning? Maybe 21 for fitness and I think we have about 20 to 23 for yoga in a few minutes. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 28:48
And up demand.

Unknown Speaker 28:50
What I’m sorry.

Unknown Speaker 28:52
I said it’s pent up demand.

Unknown Speaker 28:54
Yeah, well, yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 28:55
guess the memorial building had these classes earlier in the year. And they were like, Oh, they never fill up. But when they’re over here at the senior center, they’re starting to fill up. So that’s cool to see.

Unknown Speaker 29:06
The knitters. The knitters are here today they are outside. It’s a little brisk. But I think there’s probably 10 or 12 people out there picking up yarn and talking and connecting. We’ve had some pool players. We’ve been able to resume the lunch bunch which is the early stage dementia social group so that met Monday and it’s meeting again today. Tax eight is continuing. I if there’s an energy in the building, it’s just it’s lovely. It’s and cars in the parking lot. It just makes all of us very happy.

Unknown Speaker 29:50
That’s really encouraging. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 29:52
I was a greeter yesterday and I was really impressed with how happy people are to be back together. I mean, that was a big issue with people coming in for their yoga class and people just coming in, in general, I could hear and see in their face, the joy of just having that opportunity to interact. So it’s been sadly missed, and people are very happy that they can now come again.

Unknown Speaker 30:29
Thank you for doing that. Janine. We have another volunteer out there today that Robin worked with, and I think Julian art way rounding out Thursday and Friday. So we appreciate that extra. We weren’t sure what it was gonna be like, and it’s great to have someone out there was smiling eyes. You know, my, my Irish father would appreciate the smiling is behind the mask can. And it’s been fun. I we do have our memorial altar up. And we have had some comments from people and Mr. valda, Valdez said to me, that he really appreciated he thought it was really lovely Robin, I don’t know if you’ve had other comments about the altar. But Robin and Brandi and Veronica did a beautiful job putting the altar together. And we had a very meaningful and private opportunity as a team to sort of launch or in my my lingo, bless the altar, before we reopened, and we are inviting people to add to it. Names and or items that are meaningful if they would like to do that. So I don’t know, Robin, if you want to say anything about comments you’ve had or not had, but I think Julian art Janine, you would have seen it yesterday, Erica did a beautiful poster in English and in Spanish, inviting people to the memorial altar. And it was important for us as a team. And I think it’s important for our community to understand the impact that this pandemic has had on our older community members. So

Unknown Speaker 32:23
yeah, sorry, Michelle. I don’t have other comments, just people, a lot of people stopping to look at it. So

Unknown Speaker 32:32
thanks, Robin. You get to go dark on us again. Probably Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 32:37

Unknown Speaker 32:39
Thank you all. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 32:42
Anything else that you have discussed under new business? burdens?

Unknown Speaker 32:52
if my memory serves me correctly, Michelle, are you planning to retire

Unknown Speaker 32:58
this year? At may of 2022? is sort of my target date prudence.

Unknown Speaker 33:04
Okay. And so that’s a bit of way, but I have a question.

Unknown Speaker 33:12
How is the

Unknown Speaker 33:15
When will the position be posted?

Unknown Speaker 33:17
What is the process for hiring?

Unknown Speaker 33:20
And will there be an interim? And I had one more question.

Unknown Speaker 33:28
Will the senior Advisory Council get to interview the candidates?

Unknown Speaker 33:34
You know, these are great questions. And in January, prior to the pandemic, at the city manager had planned to meet with some of us who were planning to retire and talk about those very things and other things. And the pandemic sort of swept us aside. And so I will reach out to Harold, I think these are great questions. And he is really the person who will be driving that bus. So yeah, I will pass those along prudence and, and maybe he can pop in at a meeting later this year and visit with you all about that. I think he has been super thoughtful and engaged when other people have left. And I think he will do the same. So yeah, and I think, I think to something Marcia mentioned the fact that so many of the ellijay properties are senior properties. I think there’s that’s another question. I think going forward is the relationship between the division of senior services and and that component of the Longmont Housing Authority. We are really working a lot of us very closely and those properties and I’m on behalf of that work. And I don’t see that ending though it may be changing a little. And so I think those that’s another element of me leaving is what’s that going to be like? I think, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 35:15
And for sure, we need to know.

Unknown Speaker 35:20
You get blood Herald know those things? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 35:24

Unknown Speaker 35:24
thank you.

Unknown Speaker 35:25
I don’t know whether I’m talking out of school here. But I’m one of the ideas about, you know, there are three major projects essentially, set to launch in terms of new Lh, a developments. And one or two of them, depending on how you count is, at least under discussion is being part assisted living and part family. Housing, which Jean Michel, that seems like designing a community like that ought to be right up your alley. And you could be enticed to,

Unknown Speaker 36:09
to stay involved just a little longer. But, but that is going to be

Unknown Speaker 36:16
aside from trying to hang on to Michelle, I think that’s going to be a very exciting advisory opportunity for all of us. Because, you know, that’s so so much of a potential win win situation, that I’m excited about it.

Unknown Speaker 36:37
Affordable assisted living is a huge gap in our community. And I’m very excited that parents interested and others are interested in pursuing that. It’s very exciting. I’m so 4040 years is a long time to be here, it’s probably time for some fresh ideas and fresh energy. And I’m confident the team and you all will carry that forward. I do have a new business items Susan’s. So get on the agenda, if it’s the time is now

Unknown Speaker 37:12
the time is now.

Unknown Speaker 37:14
We have had an informal arrangement with Boulder County area agency on aging, and where they have funds they call short term assistance. And our resource specialists, Amy and Veronica and Melissa can utilize those funds for things like rent, eyeglasses, dental care, very similar to what we use the friends last resort money for.

Unknown Speaker 37:42

Unknown Speaker 37:43
they have decided to do a more formal process. And so I will be completing a solicitation for qualifications up through Boulder County government and and asking for a pot of funds. And I’m asking for $35,000 we will probably historically, we have run those requests through the Friends of the senior center going forward. I’m going to ask probably, it’s not 100%, but I’m pretty sure for those funds to go to the city of Longmont and then Veronica and Amy and Melissa will access them through the city process. So it also we asked for more money because of the relationship with Longmont Housing Authority.

Unknown Speaker 38:38
I think we we as Senior Services staff have been in those senior properties more and I think we have a greater understanding of the need there. And the outreach we’ve been doing. So we’re we’ll be asking for funds through that process. And those funds are going to go, I think through the city of Longmont rather than the friends so we’ll see how that goes. But it will mean more money, which is great. And a little bit different tracking mechanism through the city process. So I’m very excited to formalize that and get that solidified. Informal agreements are great when you’ve worked with people for years and years, but when you’re getting ready to leave, it’s probably time to start tie it up.

Unknown Speaker 39:34
Show me something we have to put in motion every year or is it once and done.

Unknown Speaker 39:41
Yeah, the county typically does a three to five year agreement, and then it’s reviewed. So that’s our hope. Yeah, that it will be multi year before it’s reviewed. So But anyways, it’s great. And it’s another way we’re connecting with our air Agency on Aging and getting those funds into Longmont and getting the right people, which is our resource staff, making those connections.

Unknown Speaker 40:15
So theoretically, friends funds could possibly funds, say, like a part time staff member or something like that, if we’re freeing up this 35,000?

Unknown Speaker 40:27
Well, you know, Susan, it’s a great question. And my staff would tell you that the Area Agency on Aging money is for people 60 and above. And having the friends funds be for 55 and above is really been helpful. Just in this last year, we’ve had several people 5557, who lost their jobs due to COVID. had financial leads that the friends have been able to help where the Area Agency on Aging would not have been able to help. produce. I think you had your hand up. Yeah. Um,

Unknown Speaker 41:05
I wanted to kind of to know, if what’s the How did you come up with $35,000? And is there an opportunity? Because it sounds like they’re going to get a lot of money, whether that amount

Unknown Speaker 41:26
is too conservative?

Unknown Speaker 41:28
Yeah. So I met with the staff yesterday. And we were all over the map from 20,000 to 50,000. What should we ask for? And really, the important thing is you have to spend it. I mean, if you commit to it, you really got to be sure. So we’ve looked back over the last several years, what we’ve spent, and then we factored in the newer developing relationship with Housing Authority properties, and they felt pretty good about 35. And that that’s sort of where we landed. There are additional funds that we will also apply for through this process that go directly to supporting caregivers. So it doesn’t have that age limitation. But we can help pay for respite care, personal care, and other things for someone who is actively engaged in caring for someone over 60. So we haven’t landed yet on that dollar amount, because that’s kind of a new way for us to look at doing things. But that’s an additional opportunity.

Unknown Speaker 42:42

Unknown Speaker 42:42
Good question. So that’s on the horizon. And I will keep you updated. How that how that goes.

Unknown Speaker 42:49
Michelle, how much time do they I mean, do they expect this money to use up within a three to five years that you’re talking about or sooner?

Unknown Speaker 42:58
So the county, the county’s fiscal calendar is June 30, to July 1, or July 1 to June 30, whichever. And so that $35,000 art has to be spent in that 12 month period from July 1 of 2021, to June 30 of 2022. Or are there abouts?

Unknown Speaker 43:23

Unknown Speaker 43:24
I don’t like the county calendar is close to that. So yeah, that has to be spent in a 12 month period.

Unknown Speaker 43:33
And again, you you have to apply for this at this point. We don’t know if we’re going to achieve that.

Unknown Speaker 43:39
So we That’s correct. We have to submit our qualifications. And then they will decide if we are worthy.

Unknown Speaker 43:51
And then you don’t know when that will happen. You don’t know when the deadline is for that.

Unknown Speaker 43:55
The deadline for the proposal is may 14 that Friday, and then I’m sure we will know there soon after, because the fiscal year will start at the end of June. So thank you. And similar to the city, they have to do an open competitive process, which is just the right thing to do. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 44:23

Unknown Speaker 44:25
Um, one of the suggestions at the last state AC meeting was if we had any ideas about how to spend the funds that they’ve been allocated, we should share it and we have another meeting on Friday, so I will be happy to share my support of them giving money to Longmont. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 44:55
yes. Hey,

Unknown Speaker 44:57
and a shout out under my Report. The area agency on aging has just committed to 50 Chromebooks. So we will be giving away another set of Chromebooks. And we are I met with Valerie from next slide this morning, Tuesday morning about some partnerships around access for the Lh a senior properties to next slide what what we could do if we could find some funds to help with the internet access so they are definitely working on behalf of Longmont Janine, and it’s been great to partner with them.

Unknown Speaker 45:40
So is next slide in the LA j buildings.

Unknown Speaker 45:45
Next slide is in the suites. It is in the Hearthstone in the lodge. And it’s getting ready in June to go into Aspen meadows, a senior apartments and Aspen Meadows neighborhood.

Unknown Speaker 46:03

Unknown Speaker 46:05
I am not sure about Fall River, Spring Creek and village place it may already be there, Susan, I don’t know that. But I know it’s going into Aspen Meadows in June.

Unknown Speaker 46:22
So they’re moving along with access, even without people saying I want this, I want this.

Unknown Speaker 46:29
Yeah, I think our city leadership has been all over this and doing really great work.

Unknown Speaker 46:36
Great. Anything else on your business?

Unknown Speaker 46:45
If you’ve seen the summer go, you know that Larry is leaving, um, he’s resigned, effective June 18. So we have submitted the paperwork to refill his position. And if that is all approved, I will be coming back to you all to see who would like to be a part of the hiring for that position, so I may or may not have said this, but Larry and his wife just welcomed their third child, a little baby girl on April 13. I’m Amber storm. Like you have just given that young girl some big, big names Ember and storm. So um, so he and his family are moving back to the northeast. So we’re very sad to lose Larry, but also very happy for him. So that position will be will be coming. Hopefully, we’ll be filling that position. through the month of May, we are sticking to 8am to 1pm. And then we anticipate if Boulder County Public Health does release the new orders we’ve heard about that are coming in the middle of May, we will look at June, July and August. And any changes this staff is meeting we met twice this week already to just sort of do a reopening check in and adjust accordingly and made some minor adjustments. Just to make sure we’re we’re welcoming, were responding to what we’re hearing. we’re managing our resources etc. and will continue to do that. And at the same time, our staff are now planning September, October November, which we certainly hope we are more open by then. Megan’s looking at some trips, possible day trips, and our softball season kicked off. So we have softball players, we have four teams that are out competing. So we’re just trying to stay as connected as we can and, and adjust and asking forgiveness as we adjust. Yes, we said this yesterday, tomorrow we’re saying this. And that’s kind of how we have been adjusting to this pandemic all along. And we’re trying to be fair, and keep people informed, but also being responsive. So I told I told my boss can Ronnie that this whole reopening is like sitting on a very pointed fence, you know, painful left and it’s painful to the right. But we’re we’re we’re using, we’re using the best of our team to figure this out. So if you hear things are Julie, as you greet people, you know, we want to be informed. We want to hear from people and we want to be listening pantos

Unknown Speaker 50:01
So, because of the shutdown, and people aging during this shutdown, because that doesn’t stop. I haven’t heard at the greeter door, but I have heard through the grapevine that we may be needing to recruit a couple of more trip escorts. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 50:24
we’ve been talking to our marketing person, Susan about volunteer reengagement. Because you’re right, aging has continued. And we have folks who, a year and a half ago may have been more able or more interested are more willing than they are today. So it has definitely been a topic among our team. It’s not just about reopening. It’s not just about re engaging as a team, but it’s also re engaging with our volunteers, our teachers, our instructors are our softball managers, our hike leaders, all of those folks, so definitely, we’re talking about it. And, and, and Erica is aware, so

Unknown Speaker 51:12
yeah, great point, though.

Unknown Speaker 51:19
I think that’s it for my report.

Unknown Speaker 51:22
Okay. And, Marsha, you’re Ah,

Unknown Speaker 51:30
yes, um, I think the, you know, the big news, which we’ve already talked about is that there will be a city council retreat that is, is focused on public housing, and our plans for public housing. So once again, I’m like to say I’m really, really interested, if anybody wants to write me a note or arrange a call. I’m sorry, then that would be, that’d be great. You know, all the feedback that I can take into that will be wonderful. I expect it to be mostly a learning experience for the council since we have a new job. But it It never hurts to help, you know, to hear as many voices as possible. And it is an open meeting. So if anybody wants to come along, and listen, that’s allowed, or at least it used to be allowed.

Unknown Speaker 52:38
So will you be meeting in person as a council? Or is it all Zuni?

Unknown Speaker 52:44
No, we are we, we specifically decided that this time, we’re going to meet in person, and we’re all vaccinated now, and everybody is central from the city staff is also vaccinated even if they’re not old. So yeah, so it’s going to be an in person meeting, it may be outdoors, or depending on, you know, where the county stuff hits, then it may not be. And I need to kind of return the call. I just shut off. And since we are at the end of the meeting and left, nobody has if nobody has anything to say to me, I’m going to drop off.

Unknown Speaker 53:34
I do, Marcia. Okay. As far as the retreat, are you talking about no patience, the need for what what exactly? Are you talking? discussing?

Unknown Speaker 53:46
Actually, it’s more about the rules and financing and timelines and priorities, I think. But you know, they’re a housing authority is is this whole universe of its own? And the Venn diagram, Michelle, is there going? Yeah, it is. Val Venn diagram includes HUD and Dola. And oh, it’s complicated. So as I said, it’s mostly going to be learning for us. Yeah. Or I just need to share with you because when I make my report to the council, I’m going to bring it up at the Longmont Economic Development Partnership. There were some statements made by two city council people that people that did not support Development. We’re an educated or uninformed. And I need to tell you that. One. I disagree with that. I don’t think that, you know, that’s necessarily the case. And I said nothing at the time because I was there as senior advisory board member, and I wasn’t willing to do a personal response as I was representing the board, but I just needed to make that statement. And I know the importance of housing, I know the importance of development. But there are also other considerations that have become paramount. And I’m just needed to make that statement. Well, I will say, the two council members were almost certainly me and Tim waters. So you know, there’s no need to be diplomatic about that. We need to be very careful how we manage the remaining growth in Longmont and I do understand that there was a period in the 80s and 90s when that it was not managed with some fairly unpleasant results. But I am adamant that a vote for zero growth in the in the sense that, um, that the city of Boulder has now which they will they will not enforce it’s impossible, but is a vote for homelessness. You know, I spend my I spend my, a lot of my time engaged with the precariat of Longmont and and their needs are staggering. And I don’t like to think about a community where our teachers don’t live here our weight people don’t live here. And our fire fighters don’t live here and you know, it goes on and on you need to you you either need to have paid for your house a long time ago, or make a six figure income to enter Longmont now, or to stay in Longmont if you’re growing up out of a family and want your own place now. And I I stand by it, that we we do not need to be that kind of a community and I don’t remember using the word on educated. But certainly there are forces in play that are not well understood.

Unknown Speaker 57:51
Both concern also it’s not necessarily supporting zero growth. Because supporting blood I’m sorry, Janine, I didn’t hear. I said being concerned about growth does not necessarily mean you support zero growth. So there’s, there’s much in between. Okay. I think we shouldn’t build any more big houses at all. Okay, I really do have to go. Thanks, everybody.

Unknown Speaker 58:27
Thanks, Marcia. Janine, anything else from the Area Agency on Aging? Well,

Unknown Speaker 58:39
it was it was a pretty intense meeting. I think that there’s been a lot of restructuring. Oh, you said airy on agency. I’m sorry. I’m still in development. But yes, it was a very long and impactful meeting this past month. We met in groups and then came together at the end. The focus really is on housing. It was jams, J a. m. s. The first was housing jam. We discussed issues with affordability. And those issues include the problems that seniors are having with downsizing. When they downsize and purchase smaller homes, they lose their homestead exemption tax wise. At the same time. The rise in the cost of housing in Boulder County is such at this point, that many older adults are having problems paying their increased taxes. We’re looking at that as an issue as a problem, looking at how that can be helped, looking at, you know, people have brought up things like Tiny Homes, but Tiny Homes, there would have to be changes in terms of code, and zoning changes in order to look at any kind of tiny home development. We discussed, you know, the ins and outs of reverse mortgage, if that is going to be possible, you know, educationally to educate elders about the ins and outs of reverse mortgaging, and especially as we’re trying to support people remaining in their homes. How can they financially afford that in our county, which has really gotten out of control in terms of price and costs, not just for older adults strong of us, but especially for people on limited incomes? We discuss mental health issues, like

Unknown Speaker 1:01:19
favorite show has a question.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:21
Oh, I’m sorry, Janine. For years, the county, Boulder County has had a reverse mortgage person, a staff person who are you are the is the ASC talking about doing that differently, doing more outreach around that? How are they talking about working with that individual?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:45
I think it’s more about outreach, having it accessible for people to get that information. You know, it’s like many services, we often have a lot of services, but if people don’t know about them, and don’t see it as a viable option, then they’re looking at, you know, making it more accessible, the information more accessible so people can make the choices in that area. Any other questions about that? Okay. So clutter and hoarding appears to be far more of a problem than I had ever believed that it was. And that was addressed in terms of assessment of that and support. people having a place to report concerns and ways to go about helping, it is a mental health issue as well as a safety issue. And unfortunately, sometimes it doesn’t get reported as quickly as sufficiency as efficiently as it needs to be. They again, want to support the maintenance of homes, that help in that area is available to senior citizens and let them know that, you know, they can get help they can get funds, if they need to do that. We also had a long discussion about transportation needs in the community. And the fact that we have a lot of public transportation and need to work on how to make that more accessible, especially what they call the first and last mile in that we sometimes have services but we don’t necessarily have a way to get people to the bus stop or home from the bus stop and how we can better support the services that we have now like via and cultivate in terms of having people have transportation available. There was a long discussion about the giving up of keys, which is when the seniors decide not to drive anymore. And in order to do that successfully, we have to have alternatives for them to be able to have transportation when they need it. They discussed other alternatives like serving people with disabilities. How many of our best services still don’t have wheelchair ramps or wheelchair places. Available alternatives in terms of ride sharing, and also education about how to navigate the transportation system. Because a lot of older adults don’t really know how to navigate alternative transportation methods. The third jam was economic stability, food security, we discussed aging 101 as far as more integration of programs and connection, more classes, in terms of retirement having classes before rather than an app at retirement. And we also under aging 101 discussed how COVID-19 has worse in the age discrimination issue. We did our ongoing discussion of fraud, scams and theft, it’s a major problem. It’s become an increase problems since COVID-19. And we discussed what services are available, what outreach programs tools. And the AC has several programs that respond to fraud and consist people with navigating the whole concept of fraud. Again, the education is getting people to know where to go and know where it can access.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:45
I also wanted to add that I attended a Boulder County orientation for board members. And I found that incredibly helpful. Um, I had not done that as a board member and I you know, anyone that is on a county board, or even Michelle, I was wondering if we might pursue whether anyone who wanted to attend that might be able to attend it, it was an online orientation, it took about two hours, they discussed all kinds of things, including racial equity, dealing with the press, Robert’s Rules of laws, you know, conduct, what you do, what you don’t do, what you’re responsible for what you are responsible for. And I just thought, wow, I found it very helpful. And I thought I was really kind of naive. When I came onto a board about, you know, what my responsibilities were even attendance responsibilities, so I would highly recommended,

Unknown Speaker 1:08:04
who put that together to me?

Unknown Speaker 1:08:06
Well, it, it was Boulder County. And I assumed that I was asked to do that because of my position on the Boulder County area on aging. And it was put on by Boulder County and it was just it was really worthwhile. Excellent. Excellent. Well, I’ll

Unknown Speaker 1:08:30
follow up with Lindsay and ask.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:33

Unknown Speaker 1:08:35
And I attended something that was purported to be that last year, but it was much longer over several weeks, not an hour a week. And I’m afraid I ended up not attending all of the meetings because it was not worthwhile. And it didn’t give me what I wanted. It didn’t give. Give me what they were supposed to give me. Somebody else who attended was had the same reaction as well. So I’d be very interested in this. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:09:17
I think two hours was planning number one, and maybe because it was online, or maybe they’ve revamped it. I don’t think I would have gone every week for six weeks. But this this was really weak.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:34
It was only online for an hour every Sukkot so was it wasn’t the time it was the content.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:43
Oh, okay. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:57
Now we’re up to the friends where Sheila stood in for me last meeting.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:07
In addition to the review of financial reports, and they everybody was very happy that they were in good shape. There was a discussion about using Dropbox to store, meeting notes, financial statements, and so on. And I don’t think that would affect us. And I don’t know whether anybody on the advisory, our advisory board would need to have access. But that was discussed in quite a lot of detail as to what should be what should be stored, how it should be stored, who should have access even among the friends board, or anybody outside the friends board. So I don’t think that’s something that we need, as the documents that we produce are minimalist, there was also discussion about the reimbursement from the area, as they call it, the triple A, I can never remember the three A’s that Michelle was discussing a little earlier. And

Unknown Speaker 1:11:22

Unknown Speaker 1:11:25
result was because not only was the possibility more money going to the friends, but there was more administrative work involved that people were not really prepared to, to do for the possibility of more money. So they decided to continue receiving money in a more informal way. Also, the website is going to be revamped, because it’s, it’s old. And there’s some misinformation in it. So that’s going to happen. But Bruce Armstrong, I think it’s taking the lead on that. That’s one of the main points of the last meeting.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:11
Thank you. And then just an FYI, sticks out at me. Julie’s last name is H. Au s er, on the TRG listing. I think it just got transferred from one month to the next on that template that you have.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:40
Last season that you always catch it. And it just passes right by me every time because I think I’ve probably seen my my name spelled so many times over the years.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:52
So did you meet or not? I can’t remember the

Unknown Speaker 1:12:55
Yeah, no.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:56
So Michelle actually sent me the meetings from the march 11. Meeting, and they have decided to

Unknown Speaker 1:13:07
dissolve the TRG.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:08
And it sounds like it’s they’ve increased their and shall correct me if I’m wrong, or if you have more to add, but they’ve increased the

Unknown Speaker 1:13:22
the amount of staff

Unknown Speaker 1:13:23
that they have there. And the rules around making the decisions and the funding have become more complex.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:37

Unknown Speaker 1:13:39
it sounds like sort of what’s happening is is that what’s the team, what the TRG is doing is sort of repeating what the other with the staff members are having to do. So it’s a little bit redundant. And so they feel like they just need to phase out the TRG and bring it all back in

Unknown Speaker 1:14:00
to the Housing Authority. So

Unknown Speaker 1:14:03

Unknown Speaker 1:14:05
Anything to add Michelle, really kind of in a nutshell, call everything that they that the report says.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:15
Yeah, you know, the only the only way to kind of the way I think about it, I guess is the housing and Human Services Advisory Board is advisory to Council. And the TRG was advisory to the human housing and Human Services Advisory Board. So think that it was a two layers of advice and and that got I think, unwieldy as the rules and then mechanics got more complicated. So yeah, so hopefully there’ll be different ways for the boards and commissions to participate. But it won’t be through this process.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:58
So was there less Meeting the last meeting.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:06
Thanks. So Oh, Julie is now a free agent to for a liaison position. I guess we’re up to you are on the Boulder County Latino coalition

Unknown Speaker 1:15:26
which Marcia would still here but Michelle might know a little bit about this boulder Valley Rapid Transit that they’re looking at. It’s still several years away, but they’re looking at input and it what it is, it’s and I’m not sure how much it’ll affect seniors, but they’re looking at a, like a rapid rapid survey study to look at transportation from Longmont all the way to Brookfield. So in other words, instead of one stop after another, pick a pickup location here Longmont, and it would stop in Lafayette somewhere and go all the way to Bloomfield and then return. But like I said, it’s it’s a whole idea is that to reduce the congestion, and how many of our seniors would be using that kind of transportation. And I just wanted to bring that up. And if we feel that it’s necessary, we could, you know, get some more information. One of the things I did bring up is the need to, you know, how do our seniors get to it. And but one of the things that was a pop up was that it should be nice if we could get a senior housing near to 87. So people would have access to it. But again, I would do a limited number of people. But anyway, that was that was something that brought up like I said, it’s there. They’re just in the beginning stages. Sounds like can you do anything about that? Michelle? Okay. And like I said, as I get more information on that, I will bring it up, you have good financial prudence.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:13
I think, you know, there’s been a lot of discussion at the governor’s level, about the transit issues with Longmont and RTD. There’s also I read, and this may be part of it, of building a train in on I 25, like most cities have, you know, they

Unknown Speaker 1:17:40
have a,

Unknown Speaker 1:17:41
well here, it’s a highway, but most of these have freeways. And there’s train tracks built like in the middle, so people can go very far to Pueblo to Fort Collins into Denver. So that’s part of what they’re talking about. And it seems that Governor polis is putting his has added his voice to the conversation about the lack of rtds commitment to transit for Longmont. So I think it’s, you know, they’ve talked about adding a third lane to 119, which would be rapid bus. Right. Right, rapid boss, because right now the bus stops at every single stop. Um, and just consolidating stops and then having a rapid and it would be a bus only

Unknown Speaker 1:18:43

Unknown Speaker 1:18:45
Yeah. So I think it’s kind of exciting that that the governor has become involved.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:51

Unknown Speaker 1:18:55
I don’t see it within my lifetime.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:01
I was just going to say the same thing, because all the various transportation issues and ideas that have been going on for four years, I mean, even then anything has decided now. Court is,

Unknown Speaker 1:19:19
right. And they also, you know, probably what they should do is public, private, and get it done. Because that’s where it’s going to get done. It’s not going to be done through any County Regional city. But if they get private, like the 470 they’ll do it because it’s a

Unknown Speaker 1:19:43
really good success. We don’t probably don’t appreciate it and realize that it is public private, and it works.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:53
Yeah. Well, again, like I said this, the congestion on 287 is really bad. Sir. Yeah. So anyway, that was what some of that. And if I hear further, more information, I’ll let you know. The only other thing I had is that could be there. If we know seniors that are interested that an ESL classes, that they’re going to be offering them at El kobiet. There. And of course, the other thing that we’re really working with, especially now with a new president is helping with citizenship for people that need help. So if you know of anyone that’s, you know, senior and Well, I mean, they’re helping everybody, especially as with at the senior center, if we know people that are not citizens are interested in looking into it, that we refer them to me. And that was really about all that was discussed that pertain to senior

Unknown Speaker 1:20:55
Dineen, we’re back to you.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:01
The long look at Economic Development Partnership for its board members meets quarterly. So we had a quarterly meeting, it was the first one that I had been to for quite a while. And as I said, they have been going through rather significant transition. The bottom line was that many of our local businesses have suffered drastically through the COVID-19 period, and they are looking to do as much as they can do to support local business, they developed a program, I don’t know if any of you received the little gift certificate card that you take to participating local businesses, and you get $10 off and they get reimbursed by the city, but it’s basically looking at programs to support local business. We have lost major business with Novartis leaving and that will be 400 job lost in Longmont. So that is a major concern. So all things that we can do to support our local businesses and, and support Walmart development. We should be looking at very seriously, because there’s been such restructuring there was a rather heated conversation between current administration and the advisory board about some disorganization. And I think it’s just going to take a little time for for things to settle out. And the board has been restructured, they have advisory people within the community that are business owners, and they don’t feel that they’ve been that the coordination has been there. And I can certainly understand that when I look at how much they’ve been dealing with over the last year and all the restructuring of personnel that they’ve done. You heard the other issue in terms of development, housing development, and that is a hot topic for me. I live in a community I live within two blocks of massive development that’s happened over the last five years. And trust me, we have seen nine apartments go up to subdivisions and now at three paired housing development all within two blocks of our neighborhood, which has caused incredible in infrastructure problems, and no attention has been paid to that. So whereas I respectfully disagree with our city council members about we need to build more and more and more. We also need to pay attention to infrastructure. That’s a personal opinion and I admit on construction fatigue, but if anyone has any input and would like to share That with me, I will continue along the lines of trying to build, you know, within reason in our community or we will in fact, end up like other communities close to us. And building at all cost is it’s it’s not necessarily the answer. So, as I said, That’s personalized. I disagree with our current counsel, but that’s just the reality. So please feel free to share with me if you have any, any thoughts or issues along that line, I would never represent our board with my personal opinion. But that was a big part of the discussion. So yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:25:51
I live in southwest Longmont. I’m also fatigued by all the building really fatigued.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:59
It’s It’s It’s no, I’m not no built. But there are limits to what we can tolerate when building is done. And then they decide well, what are we gonna do about traffic and parking and I it’s, it’s, it’s unfathomable. What my community has gone through in the last five years and fathomable

Unknown Speaker 1:26:30

Unknown Speaker 1:26:31
I’m Janine. I have a question. Was there any discussion about you know, Novartis has a huge campus?

Unknown Speaker 1:26:40

Unknown Speaker 1:26:41
Was there any discussion? I mean, it because you’re talking about housing, so I could see that being plowed down for housing, actually. So

Unknown Speaker 1:26:53
in apartments, apartments, we’re not building houses anymore. We’re all harbinson duplexes, and Cami, you know, community, condos and

Unknown Speaker 1:27:06
all that kind of stuff. Um, so I wondered if they had any discussion about who they would like to attract.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:18
What they mentioned is that they had, they had at least four companies that we’re interested or expressing some interest, I think, for that complex. They certainly, I mean, it’s huge. And it’s massive, but fortunately, it was built for a specific reason. Right? Yeah, just move any company into there. But they do have for potential businesses that are looking at expanding. You know, the smuckers people are going to even though it’s well, county, as is Costco, weld County, those are still jobs for our community. Oh, yeah. And so they they’re looking they certainly at this point, I don’t think the plan is to, you know, knock it down and build subdivisions. I think they are looking to recruit businesses to move into long line, which, you know, it’s it’s all growth push, but it there has to be a balance, right? balance. And in my opinion, so that’s kind of what they’re looking at. I doubt they weren’t specific about what companies were interested. But it would have to be somebody that did some type of research or raw, because it’s much more of a research facility. I don’t know exactly. When they’re not but much more of a research facility than anything else.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:09
Yeah, could say that, you know, only one drug was produced that the $3.8 million drug which was used for rare and orphan disease, so I can see. I mean, they didn’t produce anything else, except this one drug. And, and so, you know, I never really understood why they bought that property at all.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:37
It Well, I’m trying to think back about maybe you can help me, Michelle about what the company was that was there before AstraZeneca, Novartis, it was

Unknown Speaker 1:29:49
Amgen, Amgen,

Unknown Speaker 1:29:50
Amgen, right? Amgen. And they’re the ones that originally built and went back to Boston. So, I’m not sure you know, I always think I’d love for them to make solar panels or version to something that potentially is going to have a positive impact on our environment. But I guess we’ll just see, we’ll have to see. Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 1:30:27
go along with the solar panels and a new recreation setting with a 50 meter pool.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:34
Art, Ginny, Ginny, one of the, I had a big concern on northeast Longmont with the with the apartments and the senior units. I mean, some of these seniors going across the street with their walkers etc. I just hope that these people that are moving into those armless are aware that safety is a real big issue. And I’m hoping that another thing that’s being considered is that when they have these impart apartment complexes, etc, that they have sufficient off street parking, then we’ve got the issue of them parking on the street, as well as there. And it also provides creates a safety concern there too. So I wanted to break down. Thank

Unknown Speaker 1:31:27
you. Thank you. I think Marsha and I had that discussion last last time about parking. And they always think that there’s plenty of parking available. But that’s not necessarily the case. Or that at least for senior housing, none of us are going to be driving anyway.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:51
Get to the point where they think they can start barking in the senior senate because there are a few parking spots there that are available. Right?

Unknown Speaker 1:32:00
Hey, our goal is to fill them up to two things. With the transportation efforts, one of the things we have brought up a couple of different times is on the North Main Street transportation corridor is the number of older adults and people in general who cross Main Street. It is it’s very scary. And so I know that looking like north of 17th. And looking at that traffic, pedestrian traffic pattern across Main Street is on the radar. I don’t know what they can do about it, but it’s on

Unknown Speaker 1:32:41
the radar.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:43
And the second thing is, I have been coming and going from Spring Creek and Fall River apartments which are up there in the northeast corner. And I regularly in a recent situation, I took pictures of an intersection that I felt very strongly needed a stop sign, sent the pictures to my colleague at the city and said as soon as this apartment complex is complete and filled this three it’s a three way intersection with only one has a stop sign. So you don’t know who I mean, the right of way is very wonky. And so Tyler said he would go out and take a look at it. He agreed with me thought it needed a stop sign. But I think that’s another piece to the development issue. As you add more people you have to look at those car and pedestrian traffic patterns up there and be being on top of it and ready to say this didn’t work. We might have thought it was gonna work but it but it’s not working.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:51
For sure. Certainly in that area cuz you know, that’s my hood. Michelle, nothing, nothing was looked at in terms of infrastructure and and roads, and how are you going to deal with all these people? Nothing. And that’s always looked at after? And you’re right. We have two large senior complexes in amongst all this new building and no, absolutely no attention has been aid to safety. Not only that, but safety and construction. Given that roads are frequently closed, they’re up there’s gravel trucks, there’s there’s all kinds of safety issues, not just for our older adults, but for the young people, the young children in in neighborhoods, so it’s it’s not just all about growth.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:57
Well I also called about coming out of Aspen Meadows senior apartments, right? Because there was a blog, it was, it was a blocked view you couldn’t see. And they didn’t have any no parking for 20 or 30 feet or whatever they do. And yeah, I do think the traffic and pedestrian and car changes things. And we need to try to stay ahead of it as much as we can

Unknown Speaker 1:35:25

Unknown Speaker 1:35:27
One final thing I wanted to say, as you brought up the part about businesses and how they’re struggling or have struggled. And, you know, it’s kind of interesting that, and there’s nothing we can do about it. Businesses are now open at 100%. Most restaurants anyway. But the situation is you still have the six foot distancing. So the situation is it really doesn’t help if you don’t have a larger building. If you’re at capacity, you know, you can’t add any more tables if you’re going to park. I mean, like I said, it’s beyond our control. But that’s something that people need to be aware of also, hopefully that will change. If this goal of 70 what 70% of the people get vaccinated by July 4.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:16
The best thing we can do for everyone is to get people vaccinated, and I just I don’t know how that’s gonna go. But But I guess we’ll see. Well, that that’s all that I have about Longmont economic development sustainability meeting is on Friday, we always end up being the EDID, the day before two days after this meeting. So I have not even gotten my update and agenda for that meeting yet, but at any point, I’ll let you know.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:08
Thank you, Janine. Any other questions? thoughts or a motion to adjourn?

Unknown Speaker 1:37:24
I don’t want any anybody to go away. I’ve had so much fun today. I’d like to make a motion to adjourn.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:36
Thank you, everybody.

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