2021-04-28 Board of Education Regular Meeting

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Unknown Speaker 0:03
Good evening and welcome to the St. vrain Valley schools Board of Education meeting. Please join us in standing for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Unknown Speaker 0:13
I pledge allegiance.

Unknown Speaker 0:18
One nation

Unknown Speaker 0:19
under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for

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all right. Hello, everyone and welcome. JOHN, can you please call the roll?

Unknown Speaker 0:39
Be glad to Mr. Arens myself. Present Mr. birthday present. Mr. Garcia here, Dr. martyr present his peers. Yeah. This is Raglan here. Misty gris here. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 0:52
JOHN. Were there any addendums or changes to the agenda this evening?

Unknown Speaker 0:57
We’re not

Unknown Speaker 0:58
alright. And to my knowledge, no one has signed up to for public comment. Can you just double check the form for me, please? No. All right. Thank you. All right. That brings us to agenda item four, which is our visitors. And Todd. I’m gonna let you introduce. We’re very exciting. Very excited this evening. To have our 25 year retirees join us.

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Unknown Speaker 1:32
Part of me not retiring. Thank you, Dick. 25 year honorees. I was emerging the retirement dinner with this. So we’re not letting them retired. They are staying. Thanks for pointing out that out. Good evening, everyone. Welcome.

Unknown Speaker 2:32
Thank you. ready?

Unknown Speaker 2:36
I’m ready. Okay, go ahead.

Unknown Speaker 2:37
Thank you. Well, thank you, Board of Education. President Cygnus Superintendent had that we have our 25 year bellringer guests. And let me speak to 25 years for a second. It is I just had a kind word with them in the hallway. And it is amazing to spend 25 years in any profession. That is a feat and it is something to be recognized. But to do that within one organization. It is something to be celebrated. And so we are so happy to be here in person, and to be able to honor our folks and and recognize them. So I want to go around the room and introduce you know, our folks today. I’m going to start with Penny Anderson. And so if Penny if you can stand up and Penny is a campus supervisor at Meade High School, and so Penny, I’m actually going to have you introduce your family.

Unknown Speaker 3:37
This is my husband Ted and my son, Reggie.

Unknown Speaker 3:41
So thank you, Penny, I appreciate it. And I’m gonna come back here to Lynn bar. Linda, if you would stand up and your guests and stuff like that. Lynne is an instructional para at Lyons, elementary school. And Lynn.

Unknown Speaker 3:54
And this is my friend Kate that came with me tonight.

Unknown Speaker 3:58
Thank you so much. Let me come back here to mckaela Kavanaugh, and she’s a second grade teacher at nyuad Elementary School. And so you brought some guests here today.

Unknown Speaker 4:09
This is my mom and my dad and both 25 plus teachers as well.

Unknown Speaker 4:14
Thank you. And then let me come over here. Jody metallic. You want to stand up Jody and Jody is the principal secretary of Coleridge and your guest today.

Unknown Speaker 4:25
My husband Joe and my dad, Jim.

Unknown Speaker 4:28
Excellent. Thank you so much. We’re excited to have you here. This is just our first wave of folks. We’re going to have our first wave exits and bell ringers. Remember that we’re gonna have you back in for the picture and stuff like that. So please come back in. And then you might unwrap your bells while you’re out there. Okay, Todd,

Unknown Speaker 4:45
before that before they leave. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 4:48
I’m sorry.

Unknown Speaker 4:49
Yeah, I know you’re going to take a picture. But, you know, I recognize each of you and I have known you for a while and the work that you’ve done here. It’s been really incredible. I, you know, when we have got lots of stories to tell about the years, but I really want you to know how much you are appreciated. And I’ve always believed that public education is the most important profession. So thank you for spending so much of your time and your life and helping our children at means so much. And to those of you that are here, I know that we take our work home. And so thank you, as well for being supportive of your family member who’s given so much of their time in their life. And before this group leaves I Is there anything you would like to say to them before they leave? They were taught we have a just a second before we can bring in the next group?

Unknown Speaker 5:44
Yeah, actually. say if you Okay, and have a seat. Sorry, a little transition. That’s

Unknown Speaker 5:50
okay. We’re glad. We’re glad they’re here.

Unknown Speaker 5:53
introduce two more guests and stuff like that before you perfect that thing. Thanks so much. So this is Christy, co coach, co Jan sick, and she want to stand up Chrissy. And she is a social studies teacher at Westview Middle School. And you brought with you

Unknown Speaker 6:11
my husband, Scott.

Unknown Speaker 6:12
Excellent, thank you. And then I’m gonna come back here to Dan kriby. Dan, a few months stand up. He is a science teacher at Westview Middle School, and then you brought a guest with you. It’s

Unknown Speaker 6:23
my wife, Karen.

Unknown Speaker 6:24
Excellent. Thank you. Thank you, I’m sorry about the transition and stuff like that. We were just saying, and to review what our honor and I talked to you in the HR conference room, what an honor, it is to celebrate you today. And it’s a big feat to be at 25 years in the same profession. But an even bigger defeat to do that in the same organization and our superintendent within a few words. And so I’m sorry to interrupt.

Unknown Speaker 6:49
Now. It’s okay. I appreciate all of you being here. And Dan and Christy, it’s good to see you guys as well, all of you, but where I was just thanking you all for your work over the years. And just as I see your faces out there, I can remember conversations with you and all the great work that you’re doing and that you’ve done. And I know our board would like to say something to you as well. And I would also like to give any of you an opportunity to say anything if you’d like to do that. So, Joey?

Unknown Speaker 7:17
Absolutely. Thanks. Do board members have any comments or questions before I jump in? JOHN?

Unknown Speaker 7:24
Yeah, I just want to reiterate. 25 years is amazing. I think we’re becoming a society where that is less and less a possibility. But I know you guys have made such an impact on education. And you probably all have books in you. So thank you very much for all you do. Our kids are the most precious commodity we have. And I just appreciate everything you’ve done. And I am in awe of 25 years. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 7:54
Great. Thanks, john. Well, congratulations to all of you 25 years is a significant accomplishment. Oftentimes, before our board meetings, when I’m walking, I’ll think about what I want to say, right to thank somebody and make sure that it’s impactful. And I really, really struggled a little bit with what to say to all of you because your role is so significant. And it makes such an important difference in the lives of 1000s of deaf children every day. I try not to when I sit up here, I try not to put on my personal hat, because I don’t believe that’s appropriate. But I am going to put my personal hat on for just a moment. And I’m going to tell all of you that I know you have an impact on children. Because I remember back to when all my kids were at home and we would sit at the dinner table. And they would tell me stories about their days. And they always involved a variety of people in the schools. And when I think back on those memories, they’re so precious. So thank you for helping shape children and their future and making such a significant difference. We appreciate you.

Unknown Speaker 9:07
Thank you and Dec.

Unknown Speaker 9:14
Thank you, Julia. I know I indicated I wasn’t gonna say anything, but I can’t resist

Unknown Speaker 9:18
change your mind.

Unknown Speaker 9:21
I wanted to say that having been a former teacher at the high school level, it was a profession that I aspired to throughout my career and finally was able to do at the end. And I recognize the impact that our janitorial staff, our our school secretaries, our lunch room supervisors, our prayers, our teachers, our principals have, because the students that would come to me in my classroom, would talk about each of you in your own schools. Teaching is the education profession, I think is one of our society’s highest callings. To be a professional in that area, impacting generation after generation of students truly as making a difference in our world and making it better, and I wanted to express my heartfelt appreciation for your dedication to one of the most important things that any of us can do, building a better future for our students. So thank you.

Unknown Speaker 10:42
You know, I can’t help it either, because there’s so much history in this room. But, you know, that was I think about it, you know, and remember the times when you were at Silver Creek, before heading out to Mead, and just all of the time that you spent making sure kids are safe in the hallways, in their classrooms, everything that that you’ve done, I just really appreciate it. I actually learn a lot now on Facebook, too, with taking care of yourself. And so you’re still you’re giving back all the time, all the time. And Kate, when I saw you walk in, I was thinking you’re not 25 years away, you’re coming here because you want to talk about class sizes. You do and you are an excellent teacher, but also at lions. Thank you for all the work that you’ve done at lions. It’s just been incredible. And I know that you’re here to honor your friend. But we really appreciate it. And I can’t I thought because it was a fifth grade that you used to teach.

Unknown Speaker 11:54
Okay, cuz I remember the last time we had a conversation and I was Elementary, I could have sworn it was fifth grade. When you came in and said second grade, I said, Okay, they’re moving. They’re gay. They’re moving. They’re great teachers around the impact everybody. Yeah, good deal. And Jody, I, you know, I, you know, the stories I could tell about the one of the most wonderful people in this world, your mom and what she did for my daughter, when my daughter was five years old, run around nyuad High School, your mom took her under her wing, and drew with her and I still have those pictures, and you have a special place in my heart, and so does your family. So congratulations. And I appreciate you more than you’ll know. And Christy, I remember the times the work we did at Long’s peak, getting through all of the transitions, and then Westview recruit recruited half the staff from Long’s peak, I was like, Hey, wait a minute, I thought you were over there. But I remember all the teamwork we did there for a good year. And it was just really, I got to know you and Julia and all of you know, that team over there. And just an incredible group and Dan, can’t say enough about you, and the kind of a role model you are, and all that you’ve done for this district and your strength and your courage. I’m very, very proud of you. So all of you, thank you for being part of the same brain family. I really appreciate you very, very much. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 13:23
Thanks, Don. You know, Dan, I remember so many memories with you, right? But when my my oldest AJ, his first day of middle school, he was my oldest first day in middle school, I was scared. I had no idea what to expect. So nervous, so afraid. And he came home that day and started talking about Mr. kriby and never stopped. Still talks about you. I asked him today if he had any wise words, but I can’t say them here. So I’ll share them with you later. So, congratulations. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 14:10
We’re gonna, we’re gonna bring that other group in, and then all of our anchors are got covering their balls and get a picture with you guys. Okay, thank you, folks. We’re going to transition you and we’re going to transition the next group in Don’t forget, do not, do not leave the back door and so we can bring people on the front door. Thank you. I wanted to make it as easy as possible for that go on.

Unknown Speaker 14:36
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 14:38
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 14:40

Unknown Speaker 14:41
You could say

Unknown Speaker 14:45
that in district motion.

Unknown Speaker 14:52
Yeah, that’s okay.

Unknown Speaker 14:58
Yeah. Sure.

Unknown Speaker 15:02
I don’t know how they do that. We did do

Unknown Speaker 15:07

Unknown Speaker 15:19
Okay, getting comes back in. Excellent. Thanks.

Unknown Speaker 15:34
Hi, Todd. Good evening, everyone and welcome.

Unknown Speaker 15:37
Thank you, Board of Education. President secrets Superintendent my dad, this is our second group of 25 year to st brain and our one of the things we talked about. We talked about the first group and I talked about the feet. While we’re in the HR conference room is just an amazing feat it is to spend 25 years in a profession, in a profession, and then to spend 25 years in the same organization is incredible with the amount of things that can happen in life about moving or things like that. To spend 25 years to an organization is just dedication and how proud we are to have you here today and honor you. So if I could introduce everybody to to the group and then we can then say a few words. So I’m gonna have violet if you want us stand up, right? violet? side McHugh is the head custodian at sunset middle school and violet you brought to today a guest with you. That is

Unknown Speaker 16:41
Bruce wells with me.

Unknown Speaker 16:44
We’ll move on to next one. Hi, Kristin McGee if you can stand up. Kristen is a principal at Grandview Elementary. And Kristen you bought

Unknown Speaker 16:53
my absolutely supportive husband Paul and my great someone who is a junior at Frederick.

Unknown Speaker 16:59
Thank you so much Kissin. Sara pike. Sara pike is a literacy teacher at Lyons elementary school and you brought today with you,

Unknown Speaker 17:10
coworkers, Kate burns and Lynn bar.

Unknown Speaker 17:14
He just wanted to come back in and stuff like thank you. And Brooke Silva Brooks Brooke is a foreign language teacher at Skyline High School. And Brooke you brought with you

Unknown Speaker 17:26
my parents Dennis and Beth shit.

Unknown Speaker 17:32
And then ty ty Tatum is a physical education teacher at mi to high school. So Ty, thank you very much for your service. Thank you. And Veronica v. Hill, Veronica’s the community schools manager at hygiene elementary school, and you brought a guest with you today.

Unknown Speaker 17:50
My husband, Rick,

Unknown Speaker 17:51
good to see you. Well, again, 25 year, veterans of St. vrain. Thank you so much for your service. And I’m going to turn it over to superintendent to dad and to the board to say a few words.

Unknown Speaker 18:07
But I just want to thank all of you. And I know that sounds trite, but it really is a thank you for 25 years of service, that’s incredible. And you’ll never really be able to fully imagine all of the lives that you’ve touched along the way. And so I’m very grateful, you know, violet, every time I go over to sunset, I tell Anthony how great the school looks. And to have a school look the way that it looks and have kids be able to come to that school and have so much pride walking down the halls and and how that contributes to student achievement in a huge way. I’m very, very appreciative. And Kiersten, thank you for all of the the years, I guess from very well, you are a You are a former nyuad student, long time ago, long time ago. So it’s I know, I know. But you know, going from prairie Ridge over to to Grandview and opening that school and doing doing the great work that you’re doing. I really, you know, just can’t thank you enough for everything. So, and thanks to your family for for joining us as well to both of you. And Sarah, I really, again, appreciate you and your colleagues, they’re with you. It’s a great team you have over at Lyons Elementary School. It’s one it’s one of just a source of great pride for us. So thanks for everything. Brooke skyline you have all your years Bennett skyline. So you’ve seen the massive transition from back in 2008 when we pass that first bond and then you don’t have to go through one classroom to get to another one. It is nice, but skylines got so much tradition there but it’s really in a great space right now doing some outstanding work. We just had a student. You probably know Jose, he got a full scholarship to Harvard University and he came through Spangler, and then heritage and then ultimately skyline and just one of our P Tech graduates. So I appreciate all the work that’s happening over there. And Ty, I’ve known you for how many years since I was a kid. You he introduced you as a physical education coach, but you are actually a wrestling coach. That’s that’s the the physical education teacher, but a wrestling coach, you know, you you and I’m kidding you about. It’s just you’ve been at Longmont and then at Meade and so many years of doing such great work. And by the way, thank you for pushing hard to make sure that we were able to get get the wrestling season in this year. It was it was important so and Veronica, thanks for everything you’re doing with community schools, that helping parents out in a big way Community Schools program as a source of great pride. And so to all of you, I really want to say thank you. And I hope you’re enjoying this place still today as much as you did on your first day. So, and I’m gonna see if any of you guys have anything you’d like to share as well. Thank you joy.

Unknown Speaker 21:17
You know, I can’t tell stories about each of the each of you as as Dr. Dad can tell, but I’ve got a couple of stories I could tell about ty. I tie was a teaching of all things physical science, when I joined the staff at Longmont high their science department. And I remember wheeling the cart of experiments into his room every day, and sharing with him what the experiments he was teaching physical science, what he was going to be sharing with our kids. And I would say that, in my experience, there was no one in the science department who prepared for those classes like Ty did.

Unknown Speaker 22:11
And I guess I would say to each and every one of you. It’s my belief that our public education system represents one of the highest callings in our society, in terms of the work that you do, and the impact that you have, in that in your positions on the lives of our children. As a teacher, I would hear my students come and say, you know, I talked with the head custodian, and she was really helpful. She helped me work through some issues. And now I’m ready to have a productive day at school, or talking by the eyes, stopping by the principal’s office and talking to the Secretary getting help and advice. And you have an impact on not only the children that you remember, but many, many of the children that you just pass by, and help stabilize their lives and equip them for with the skills and knowledge they need to be truly successful moving forward. And so I want to say, just express my heartfelt appreciation for your dedication to the profession. It’s a tremendously high calling. And it’s one which will leave a lasting positive impact. And it’s a tribute to you, each of you that you have persisted in a profession that’s always rewarding, but never, not always fun. And most of the time, it’s just plain work. But the compensation isn’t comes through mostly in the lives that you’ve changed. So thank you.

Unknown Speaker 24:02
Thank you very much. It’s not every day, I’m an all but I am today. And I think 25 years, some you all must be a little bit crazy, but I just can’t think of the transitions and changes that you all have seen. And the impact on the lives you know, hundreds and 1000s if not hundreds of 1000s of students that evolve come across and change their lives. And you know, when we’re in a culture that moves so fast now 25 years is is not even on the bucket list for many of the kids that are going off into different vocations now because they transition so quickly. And so to have that continuity, I’m sure you have seen generations of the same families that have come through our doors and and I just am in awe and I want to thank you very much. You are a force to be reckoned with. And as I said earlier, I, I think all of you probably have a book within you. So thank you very much. Thanks. Yeah, it’s like the

Unknown Speaker 25:12
second one other set. And it’s hard to, it is hard to think about what to say to this group, it’s

Unknown Speaker 25:20
that many years and that many students, it means so much Karishma, one of my kids got one year,

Unknown Speaker 25:28
you know, with you, and it’s

Unknown Speaker 25:30
what’s happened there, it’s been amazing. And so I think about the collection of, of six of you, the six of you, and 25 years, the number of families that you’ve connected with, and, and had that kind of impact with is just amazing to think about. So I think about my one situation and how that’s multiplied over 25 years, for the, the collection of us, just, as john said, just kind of puts me in, in awe. I saw on the agenda today. And I thought what a really cool thing. But sitting here and, and seeing the faces of the people and being in the room with you is really just inspiring and awesome. So I wish there’s a better word than Thank you. It doesn’t feel big enough.

Unknown Speaker 26:10
But that’s, you know,

Unknown Speaker 26:11
that’s I think that’s Unfortunately, the best I can do right now, which

Unknown Speaker 26:14
is a true heartfelt thank you. Yeah, I’ll

Unknown Speaker 26:20
echo what others have said in 25 years is is incredible, not only for your commitment to the craft of of teaching, but your, your commitment to this community to stay in St. Brian for that whole time. But I also want to underscore that you’ve done that that level of commitment in a, in an industry that has is probably unrecognizable now, from when you started 25 years ago, I I can’t even think of other industries that might have gone through so much transition, or maybe medicine or tech companies, because education is constantly evolving. And learning from itself. That’s what it is. So I just love that. You know, people that like you that stick with it for so long, I just exemplified the the love of learning and Lifetime Learning. So well. So thank you, thank you so much for that. And again, the impact you have can’t be understated. We, we were just chatting a little bit ago that three of us remember the name of our bus drivers, and we were in elementary school. Mine was Vivian and she were the coolest lipstick in the 70s. But yeah, your impact is just exponential. And thank you. Thank you so much. What what what you do is the reality of it all, we we sit here and try to do our very best on behalf of the taxpayers. But we do know that the real success the real heart of it is with is with you all so thank you.

Unknown Speaker 27:52
Thanks, Paula. Congratulations to all of you bus 49. If anybody wonders St. Rhine Valley School District, and kearson I feel like I should say go Trojan since he announced that you graduated from nyuad. So anyway, yeah. You know, I just the last thing, that comment that I want to make. And I’ll echo what everyone else has said, but violet, I just want to want to say that I spend a lot of my time volunteering at hygiene elementary scope mentary School elementary school many years ago, and I quickly realized when I became actively involved with the PTO, that there were two people that were instrumental in helping us pull any events off. One was the custodian. The other was the school secretary. And then that actually three people that third person was the nutrition services worker. And so I just really want to recognize the importance of what you do. And thank you for helping us create opportunities for students. All right, Todd, I think we’re ready for pictures. Correct. Thank

Unknown Speaker 28:52
you. Yes. One last thing. I’d like to read to you the people that could not be in attendance today that are also 25 year, and I know Superintendent had data has said that they’d he would be delivering the bell to them. So as he did last year to some of our folks be a COVID. So Melissa chambers, Kansas cloud, Wanda Fox Hoeven, Susan Hartman megalis Higgins, Andrea McKay, Jennifer picket, Sandra. Kate SATA, Lauren, writer, Timothy Sanford, Margaret, Vorhees Hannon and Forrest Weiss on those. And so they will also be honored with their bells. Just to let you know I did a quick tally while I was sitting here and stuff like that. If we collect all their 25 years of experience that 600 years of experience wow in the room so

Unknown Speaker 29:42
so really, we should be listening to them say tell us stories.

Unknown Speaker 29:46
I’d love to.

Unknown Speaker 29:46
We did this backwards. Exactly. Folks, if

Unknown Speaker 29:49
you are all going as if you can unwrap your bells and You guys go ahead and head up to the front, we’re going to bring the NFL folks in for a picture. And then if you can have the person to take a picture with anyone’s taking a picture, stay, and you guys can head up there and bring your belts together. You’re gonna have a picture taken with the board. You guys all come up, right? We have everybody

Unknown Speaker 30:47
a little bit.

Unknown Speaker 30:54
Okay. Squeeze it in. Let me get out of the way of the picture people.

Unknown Speaker 31:02
So I understand the tradition of the bells that you are ringing the bells as you take your picture. So congratulations. Go ahead and ring those bells.

Unknown Speaker 31:22
Make sure everyone got the picture. Got it? All right. 25 year, bell veterans. Thank you so much. We really appreciate you being here. Thank you. Congratulations. Congratulations.

Unknown Speaker 31:45
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 31:47
Thank you. Thanks. Congratulations. Congratulations. Congratulations. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 32:08
Congratulations. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 32:09
Thank you, guys.

Unknown Speaker 32:15

Unknown Speaker 32:17
It’s good to

Unknown Speaker 32:19
see you. Well, congratulations. kearson. Thank you, Vicki.

Unknown Speaker 32:42
There you go.

Unknown Speaker 32:45
50 years old.

Unknown Speaker 32:47
gratulations. Love every

Unknown Speaker 32:50
chance to see a nurse in a day and next year. No, I haven’t. I haven’t been the winds elementary all year. Long. know

Unknown Speaker 33:16
it’s coming. But it’s

Unknown Speaker 33:18

Unknown Speaker 33:19
Oh, fortune. Oh, no.

Unknown Speaker 33:23
I have said

Unknown Speaker 33:24
every year like yours.

Unknown Speaker 33:34
Like I mean, and I’m proud. I agree.

Unknown Speaker 33:43
We are very fortunate. A day does not go by that I wake up in the morning, and I taught Thanks for waiting a bit of a celebration there. I believe that you are now going to introduce Mr. Chad Cooper.

Unknown Speaker 34:01

Unknown Speaker 34:08
Yeah, the green.

Unknown Speaker 34:13
What a wonderful celebration to celebrate in our 25 year staff that way. It’s honor to meet all of them. And I wish I had the rich history that that Don has. He knows every single one of them. So our superintendent has that personal touch in it. It’s great to hear some of the stories. I’m actually here today to introduce to you. Mr. Chad Cooper, who was hired as the assistant principal athletic director of Erie High School. Mr. Cooper graduated from Western State College with a bachelor’s degree in history. He continued his education at American College of Education, where he received his master’s degree in educational leadership. For the past four and a half years Mr. Cooper has been a social studies teacher, physical education teacher and head football coach at Erie High School, where he manages three levels of high school ball and teach us seven sections of US history. From 2010 to 2016. Mr. Cooper served as social studies teacher, phys ed teacher and coach at Boulder Valley in the boulder Valley School District. Prior to that, he served as a teacher at salvo house in Denver from 2008 to 2010. And joining Mr. Cooper is his principal Matt buckler, and I’m gonna bring Mr. Cooper up to say a few words.

Unknown Speaker 35:28

Unknown Speaker 35:29
Thanks, guys.

Unknown Speaker 35:37
Man, Madam President, Dr. Her dad, Dr. capetian. board. Good evening, and thanks for having me. First, I

Unknown Speaker 35:46
want to thank you for this opportunity, as well as Mr. Kraus, Mr. buckler and Mr. MacBride for the opportunity to become the next assistant principal athletic director at Erie High School.

Unknown Speaker 36:00
Over the last five years Erie has become a special place to me, for my wife, Molly, my daughter, McKenna and myself, who has moved into the district ourselves over the last few years. We are excited to carry on the traditions and that have already been established at Erie high school. I look forward to continuing the work of Justin carpenter, the EHS staff, students, parents and the Erie community as we move forward, thank you again for this opportunity tonight. It’s a privilege to be to be a part of tonight in such amazing district, thank

Unknown Speaker 36:33
you to each you appreciate it.

Unknown Speaker 36:35
Thanks, Chad. Did you want to say something,

Unknown Speaker 36:38
thank you very much. I’d love to, um, we just had educators in here that were celebrating 25 years. And that is quite an accomplishment. We celebrate our educators, because they do change the culture of America. And they really are the heartbeat. But sports is the heartbeat of a community who brings in the spirit. It’s where everyone’s been celebrating an area that from Tigers from kindergarten on. So Tigers is a strong force within URI. I’m very excited that you’re joining as the assistant director. And I really appreciate all you’ve done, I have years of service, I don’t know how many you have. You said five years or 20 years, you’ll get a bell. Hopefully we get a few championships in that time, too. So I’m looking forward to lacrosse season, I know that our volleyball team is doing extremely well. And I’m just proud of URI in general. And thank you very much for your dedication. And I look forward to many years of excellent service from you. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 37:42
Appreciate that. Go ahead, done.

Unknown Speaker 37:44
Yeah, no, congratulations, Chad. We’re really looking forward to it. Matt, can you come on up just for a second to both of you stay on the scanner. Because you know, there’s a price to be paid for doing such a good job. You brought in so many people to watch the football games that we had, Brian had to put additional bleachers out there. So we’re keeping tabs. And now you got so many students that want to come to every high school, you’re going to be over 1700 that we got to now put in another parking lot. So all good things. It’s all good things. And this is exactly how we want to spend our resources. But all kidding aside, and I’m not not really kidding, you guys have created a magnet for kids. Kids are coming out of the woodwork to come to Erie High School. And so I really appreciate that. And you know, Chad, one thing I will tell you because I made it to a lot of your games, just to sportsmanship and teaching young men how to conduct themselves as professional champions, and I’ve say professional in terms of just that’s the highest honor of being that champion, that personality. They were always they played really hard. And you know, that’s that’s what it’s all about. So thank you both. And Matt, thanks for being such a great leader. And don’t text me at four in the morning anymore. And to ask me how much I’m on my treadmill. I text me at four in the morning to tell me he’s just putting in five miles I better get up and get going.

Unknown Speaker 39:05
Oh, I’m gonna get in on that matches. Do Wait. I’ll text you. Matt, did you have any words you wanted to say this evening, and I don’t want to put you on the spot. That’s up to you.

Unknown Speaker 39:16
Thank you for having us up here. Chad’s done an amazing job with the football program. And as Mr. Arens mentioned, it extends into the entire community, there’s so much excitement. And the success that has been developed is manifesting itself in the candidates we’re having for his former position. I mean, it’s truly an impressive group of people. So I think that it will be in good hands when we hire that person. So thank you. All right.

Unknown Speaker 39:45
Well, Chad, congratulations on your new role and welcome to that new position.

Unknown Speaker 39:50
Thank you. Thanks. Appreciate it.

Unknown Speaker 39:51
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 39:58
All right, Don, that brings us to your suit. For intendant report this evening, I will

Unknown Speaker 40:05
try to move quickly through this. I know we’ve got some other things to talk about, but

Unknown Speaker 40:12
just take this off

Unknown Speaker 40:15
the psats and the psats PSAT is in the ninth and 10th grade have come to a conclusion and our students did a really nice job and and Reid and her team and Gail, Charles and all of the teachers and staff. So I appreciate that we have one more makeup day for sh T’s and they’re going very well. And again, a big thank you to our teachers and our staff and our students and our parents and Adam kale. So the other thing is, the athletic teams are doing very well this season. We have nyuad high play in Windsor right now in the Final Four of soccer. We have Frederick and Mead and nyuad High School in Erie, moving into the regional tournaments in volleyball for our girls. And just gymnastics just concluded, and we had the all round state champion for the second year in a row. She not only won the all round, but she won two individual titles too. So pretty good work there. I had a good time today working with the Longmont chamber the leadership Longmont program, I’ve been involved in that now for 10 years, well, actually now 13 years. And today we did a panel with Harold Domingo’s, the city manager, and then Lani Jones, the CEO of UC health, and it was around leadership. And we’ve got a really good group of people out in the community that are pursuing that. So hiring, Todd’s done a great job with all of the teams, we did offer the position to an assistant superintendent, because of the retirement that we have. And so you’ll have an opportunity to meet that individual and learn more about him as we as we get closer thank Todd for doing that. And in May May 12 noon. But we did hire the air, we offered the position and he accepted. Christopher Shu, who is the he’s been the deputy superintendent in Jefferson County for a number of years. And he served most recently as the interim superintendent for Jefferson County. And he’s very excited about joining our team here as an assistant superintendent. So we’re looking forward to that. And we have one position open now that we’re in the process are actually to a director of special education, to make sure that we’re providing for the needs of our students. And then that position will be back filled with a coordinator, because you met the other candidate who received that position. So and then the prairie Ridge principal, Joe lecherous is retiring after a great career. And so we’re in the process there, we have a great candidate pool. So we’ll look forward to that. I did send out a parent or a parent letter to the high school parents. And the same could be said, for the middle school and the elementary school, just as we begin to wind down the year, it’s going to be really important for everybody to stay vigilant and diligent with our COVID precautionary measures. You know, we’re continuing to follow the positivity rates, we’re continuing to follow the the levels that are out there and the incident rates and the hospitalizations. And I know that we’re hearing some things in the media of how rates are climbing a little bit. We’re still holding pretty steady here and st brain. So we feel good about that. But we want a strong finish. And so it’s important that people continue to wear masks socially distance and do all of the things that we know, will help to get through this. So there’s a lot of things going on right now at the end of the year. But I’m gonna stop there. And we’ll just move to the next topic. But thank you.

Unknown Speaker 43:44
Great. Thanks, Don. Appreciate it. Agenda Item 6.1. Is our district financial statements. Hi, Greg. We met the Board of Education met at 530 with you to review those those financial statements.

Unknown Speaker 43:58
Yeah, so we went through the basically through the executive summary, which is the first couple of pages of the financial report. And we’ll post those to the website tomorrow. But that’s a good, quick snapshot of where we are as a district. We do have a couple of areas that we are watching. I think we’ve we’ve had discussions about those and we are we have plans in place to to work through them and address them but the primarily Community Schools Program and the Nutrition Services program just because of the pandemic and lack of participation.

Unknown Speaker 44:36
Great. Thanks, Greg. And both of those things were expected and prepared for nothing surprising,

Unknown Speaker 44:42
nothing surprising.

Unknown Speaker 44:43
Great, thank you. Agenda Item then 6.2 is third quarter gifts to schools.

Unknown Speaker 44:51
Great, thank you. So the district receives many cash and gift donations from its programs and so Part of board policy kcd is is accepting those those gifts in we try to keep the board apprised of, of how much we have received in the in the types of of gifts and donations. This year, the third quarter, we had three, almost $390,000 worth of of gifts and donations. Last year was about $363,000. And so we’re, we’re ahead of that pace where we were last year. But we did receive one large donation to our Career Development Center from otter cares, that that comprised a fair portion of that the ED foundation had numerous supported numerous programs with grants and gifts. The Bureau Foundation gave $5,000 for COVID support. And then we’ve seen just a tremendous amount of anonymous gifts that they’re going to support students and and I think that’s a that’s one of those areas where there people are realizing the importance of public education, and they’re reaching out to try to support us during the pandemic.

Unknown Speaker 46:14
Grant, appreciate you pointing that out. Any comments on on third quarter gift sick?

Unknown Speaker 46:20
Thank you. Just a question. So the gifts we see listed here are charitable donations. listed here listed.

Unknown Speaker 46:29
Those would be I mean, yeah, we would consider them charitable donations. But they they may not be for somebody who’s donating they may not get the tax benefit as a charitable donation. It depends on their own tax situation.

Unknown Speaker 46:46
So they’re not receiving something in return.

Unknown Speaker 46:49
Correct. Okay. Yep. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 46:55
Thanks, Greg. Appreciate it. Alright, brings us to our consent items, which is agenda item seven this evening. Do board members wish to pull any of those consent items? All right, then I would entertain a motion for approval for agenda item 7.1 recommendation to hire assistant principal athletic director for Erie High School 7.2 first reading adoption repeal of board policy f A. Facilities development goals priority objectives and adoption of revisions to board policy FB Facilities Planning 7.3 first reading adoption board policy KB parent engagement in education 7.4. Approval of easement agreement with town of Erie for red Hawk elementary school 7.5 approval of contract for district transport of natural gas 7.6 approval of contract award for architect services for central elementary school renovation project 7.7 change order one to construction manager general contractor contract for Mountain View Elementary School renovation project 7.8 change order one two cmgc contract for Erie elementary renovation project 7.9 change order one two cmgc contract for Centennial elementary school renovation project seven point 10 change order seven to construction manager general contractor contract for spark discovery preschool renovation project and seven point 11 purchase of Logitech digital iPad pencils.

Unknown Speaker 48:32
so moved

Unknown Speaker 48:33
by Jim and a second second. by john.

Unknown Speaker 48:44
JOHN, do you want to call the roll?

Unknown Speaker 48:46
I’m sorry.

Unknown Speaker 48:49
We’re out of practice. We

Unknown Speaker 48:50

Unknown Speaker 48:50
haven’t done this for a while. Take your time

Unknown Speaker 48:52
live not memorize

Unknown Speaker 48:55
bad dates.

Unknown Speaker 48:58
miserere is Yes, Mr. Bertha? Yes. Mr. Garcia? Yes. Dr. martyr?

Unknown Speaker 49:04

Unknown Speaker 49:04
spears? I miss Raglan. I am Miss secret.

Unknown Speaker 49:07
Hi. Thank you, john. Agenda Item 8.1 is an action item and it is a recommendation for the approval of the school to work Alliance program contract otherwise known as swap. Diane, this is something that you’ve been bringing forward for several years now. Absolutely. This is my fifth year and the program has been around much longer than that. It is really one of the premier SWAT programs in the state of Colorado. We consistently get high ratings and exceptional opportunities for our students. Our teachers at Main Street are fantastic. Swap is the school to work Alliance program and we’re excited to continue working with the program and this contract is going to make that so thanks, Diane. any significant changes between this year’s contract and last year’s? No, we are proceeding with our proven process. program. Great. Thank you. Any comments or questions from the board? All right. If there are no comments or questions, then I would entertain a motion for approval for action item 8.1. so moved by Karen. Second by Jim.

Unknown Speaker 50:18
Just getting the times down. Mr. Arens Aye. Mr. Bertha? Yes. Garcia? Yes. Dr. martyr? Yes, spears. Hi, Raglan. I am missy. I.

Unknown Speaker 50:32
action item 8.1 is the recommendation to approve the adoption of resolution to redeem and discharge the 2010 A bonds. Good evening, Tony, thank you for being here with us.

Unknown Speaker 50:42
Good evening, I’d like to give the board a little more information about this particular resolution. It’s an opportunity for the district to do right by its taxpayers in order to take advantage of any savings opportunities when they become available. And this particular series of bonds were issued in May of 2010, the principal was $8.59 million. And at a 15 year life and the interest payments on that five and a quarter percent interest would have been about $6.58 million. Now over the term of that life, those bonds aren’t callable until about 10 years out, which was this past December, and this past December, they became callable. And as we look for savings opportunities, we had available reserves in our bond redemption fund, to be able to pay those off early. So we’re gonna be able to pay these off early by about four and a half years, shorter than that 15 year life. And in doing so, we don’t have to pay that extra interest. And that’s about a 1.1 point five $9 million of interest that we’re saving. Just to be clear, the debt service fund is entirely isolated from the operations of the district. All monies collected for taxes go into that debt service fund, and are exclusively for the use of redeeming and paying the debt for the bonds that the district issues. And so just wanted to be clear, this will free up additional resources to make sure that we are able to pay future debt services, future debt service and then be able to give us capacity. And if there’s any, any future bond issuances, then we’ll be able to have the the capacity to be able to take those off. So I’m just wanted to make sure the board had any questions as available for that.

Unknown Speaker 52:31
Questions, comments? Paula? Hi, Tony,

Unknown Speaker 52:34
I just wanted to share that you had, I believe you met with the Finance and Audit Committee twice about this first, when you were kind of conceptualizing the idea, and then again this week to kind of go over the particulars, but they all thought it was a very smart, proactive approach for efficiencies within the district and for our taxpayers. And, and I agree, and, yeah, it’s just another example of how on the ball you guys are as far as watching our finances and looking at the horizon and kind of understanding how best to use that money. And given now, we saw earlier, when we went over our financials with Greg, that interest rates are so low that our our money that our savings, our savings isn’t, isn’t producing anything. So this is a good time to do it. Because we can save more than we can earn. And, but so thank you guys for always seeing these seeing these opportunities, and bringing them to us so that we can leverage our dollars for our students. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 53:38
Yeah, I just wanted to also add, Tony, and Greg, thank you, I know, this COVID with all of the funds and the COVID relief funds, and all of what you’re doing is very, very complicated. And it’s all new. And you guys are doing great work. So thank you very much for the long hours and for the detail that you pay close attention to, and making sure that we stay strong financially. I appreciate it a lot, both of you.

Unknown Speaker 54:03
Great, thank you. And Don, I was thinking, just building on that, as they were talking that not only did they manage, you know, taking care of what we’re approving this evening, but also during a pandemic when they had significantly different and larger things on your plate. I think it would be pretty simple for an organization to potentially lose, lose out on this opportunity just because they were so busy with other things and I appreciate you not letting that happen here. Thank you. So Tony, if you could just one more time recap the two significant benefits of this the money savings. That would be that would be important before we vote place,

Unknown Speaker 54:39
your bet. So what this will do is it will forego the payment we won’t be required to pay four and a half years worth of interest, which is amounts to $1.59 million. And then in addition, this will the district has a cap in terms of how much debt it can issue. And that cap it when there’s no capacity when we are small, so we have less than that we are that we’re bearing.

Unknown Speaker 55:15
Right. Thank you. I appreciate that. All right. Then I would entertain a motion for approval of action item 8.2.

Unknown Speaker 55:24
so moved

Unknown Speaker 55:25
by Chico second and a second by Karen.

Unknown Speaker 55:31
Vote Mr. Arens Yay, Mr. Bertha? Yes. Mr. Garcia? Yes. Dr. Murder. Yes, Pierce. I miss Raglan. I miss.

Unknown Speaker 55:41
Hi. Thanks, Tony. Alright, that brings us to our discussion item this evening, and 9.1 which is the Colorado Association of School Boards, Caz B update from the Cosby President Elect, Dr. Richard martyr. And dick, thank you for graciously letting us reschedule to this meeting where we’re done a little bit earlier, and we can fully participate in the conversation. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 56:10
Well, thank you very much, Madam President, and also for the opportunity. I don’t have a long report. But I do have what I wanted to do was look at public education. In giving some perspective about public education, state of Colorado, Caz B’s public position within that network, and then look at some of the things that are on the horizon for Caspi as as we proceed through for the next five years. So you may know this, but just in terms of providing context, there are as of last year, or this current year, actually 883,000 p. p k 12 students in Colorado, and that growth rate has been in students has been steadily declining, the growth rate has been declining since 2014. Through 2020, it’s dropped about three, three and a half 3.3%, just in this last year. And those are results that we’ve seen statewide but also we’ve experienced some of that in our district, although we haven’t been subject to the kind of declines at the rate at which growth rate declines that we’ve seen in other parts of the state. There are 1900 public schools in 178 school districts ranging from 89,000, the largest Denver Public Schools to the smallest, which districts have about 40 students. Among those 178 school districts, two thirds are about 600 of those 1000 of those students are in the 15 largest school districts, including St. Brian, and as we all know, almost by heart because we hear a dawn report to us, St. frane is the seventh largest school district in the state. And one of the one of the still growing districts unlike most of the districts throughout the state of Colorado. 8% of the districts enroll about 67% of the students again, giving you a sense of a word, what our role is within the state population. The Colorado Association school boards was established in 1940 as an organization to unite and support the school board members in their work to deliver high quality public education to their local communities. The mission, which has just been updated this last year, is Advancing Excellence in public education and equitable education outcomes for each and every student through effective leadership. By locally elected school boards of education, and collective action of kaspi members were guided, Caspi is guided by and governed by a 22 member of board of directors, comprised of school board members representing the 12 Caspi regions throughout the state. And currently, Caspi has a staff of 13 members and an operating budget of $2.1 million dollars. Caspi sees itself as a steward and advocate for public education uncompromised by self interests, in large part because school board members serve without compensation are compensation is in the work we do. And therefore, able to focus solely on providing the best education possible for students throughout the our respective districts. And calcium strives to provide a unified and effective voice and presence on behalf of all of its members supporting Colorado students and public the public education system. As far as my role, I was elected to the Kelsey board. In December of 2017, I succeeded Debbie Lammers, a long standing and a very effective member of the Caspi board who had served six years prior to that. And that same over the following January, January 18 2018, I was selected to the executive committee and thereafter have served in that capacity. And then just this last January was selected as president elect. So all things being equal. I will be the president of Cosby next year beginning and at the December 2021. board meeting.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:16
into that in September 2019. We hired a new executive director Caspi did her name is Shari rat. She’s a former Denver Public Schools executive director of academic of their academic office, and candlelight, who many of us know and a similar number may love retired in after 20 years as Caspi executive director. At that time, so it was a big transition for both the staff as well as the board we were looking to. In candlelight successor we were looking to become a more effective organization and new leadership provides that opportunity for us to turn that page to move forward. JOHN whittler became Cassius president this year, he is his visited dawn, dad and Jackie capetian, looking for advice on how we could improve the work of Casspi. Specifically with regard to moving toward defining division for public education in the state of Colorado. Given the turmoil we’re currently facing financial turmoil as well as an opportunity when things are a bit of moved out of their own routine matters, if when in times of disruptions are also times when greatest change is possible. So we’re looking to move in that direction. In fact, I agreed to run for president elect mostly in large part to support John’s leadership and to provide some continuity and vision for the organization. Castro is in the process of rethinking this rule. We intend to become more effective in the work we choose to do as presently organized. The annual board leadership churn results in a tendency for the board to work well to work on the first thing for the 10th time rather than the 10th thing for the first time. And discussions are very actively going on at the moment to see if the steps that must be taken in order to change that. We’re working to provide in that regard continuity and board leadership and consequences. Lee up an appropriately balanced sports staff relationship that leverages the strengths of both of both board and staff and making Caspi more effective. In any change process, there’s tension between the love of the past and visions for the future. And in my view, that’s where Caspi is at present caspia has historically generated operated with an approach that is mostly representative and reactive. We seek to we have sought to provide professional development and policy port support for local boards, while being largely reactive to the state proposals. legislative proposals at the state and federal level the mantra has been more aligned with do no harm or minimize harm that might be done rather than focus on the good that we could accomplish. So, with regard to becoming, we believe that there’s growing support among not believe there is growing support among board members for Caspi to leverage its standing as a leading voice within Colorado’s education community to becoming a proactive leader. First, developing a transforming vision, as I mentioned, for Colorado’s public education system that is designed from its foundation to provide equitable education outcomes for each and every student. Then, by working with like minded organizations and education leaders to strategically implement the vision over the coming decade through legislation and regulatory reform. And in a way, that’s a peek behind the curtain. And the reason I believe that Caspi is such an important organization, it has the potential to catalyze tremendous positive change in Colorado’s public school system.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:19
Cosby’s current work, we support professional development through webinars, podcasts and board training programs, we work a major part of our work is our policy services that St. frane and others support providing policy maintenance and updating of those policies and reviewing them within the context of certainly new law but also developing best practices. We are have an active initiative to help recruit and train board candidates and board service and have a number of podcasts that are being used to both help local boards identify people who might be interested in board service and then equipping those members to become effective board members who wants to elected with regard to advocacy at the state and federal level, the statewide network of kaspi members working on legislation is mostly as I mentioned, to minimize harm and improve outcomes for possible our current work. at the board level has been a focus on equitable education outcomes for each and every student. We had a series of meetings with Bill Dela Cruz, who some of you may know to help us develop a an equity lens for decision making and aboard equity learning program not only for our board, but for boards across the across the state. The 2021 convention and regional meeting planning is under way we do hope to hold the meeting in person. We recognize that nothing is certain in this world but it is our intent to provide an in person convention this year, and we will know more about that as as, as your proceeds. But the planning at this point is for an in person convention, and hopefully a theme aligned with that proactive movement forward for Caspi and our local school districts throughout the state. There’s with regard and finally, with regard to iron turtles discussions we have at the board level, we’re focusing on leadership continuity and new strategic direction for Caspi. We’re reviewing kaspi board policies which might seem obvious. And we are focusing on the core work of communication policies support and professional development advocacy. So that’s an overview. Both of the our Colorado’s public education system, kind of the numbers were Casspi sees itself fitting where we are now where we would like to move. And it will be I do believe that of the professional organizations that are the traditional advocates for public education in the state of Colorado. Casper is the one that has, in my view, the greatest potential to make the biggest difference, primarily Because, again, we represent or an association that represents school boards, who have no axe to grind, no mission other than doing what’s best for each and every student throughout the state. So, thanks for this opportunity to provide a briefing, I’d be happy to answer any questions about Kathy’s present and hope for future. And I would say, Excuse me, I would be remiss to say that the presence of a board member from on Kathy’s board from this board has been largely supported by members districts throughout the state because of the accomplishments of this district under the leadership of prior boards. And in particular, Don, I doubt a superintendent and, and his staff. So without the level of consistent commitment to excellence and performance beyond expectations that this district has been able to achieve year after year, continuing to push back the

Unknown Speaker 1:11:20
push back the horizons, the frontier for public education, you would not have seen a board members selected to the council report. It it’s a way in which San Fran is influencing not only what’s happened in our district, but what is happening in districts, large and small, throughout the throughout the state. So I wanted to thank you as president and and also the prior boards who laid that foundation, and in particular, to express my appreciation to Don and his staff as superintendent for being a leader in public education throughout the state of Colorado and a recognized leader who is transforming what’s happening in other districts. Not only directly, but indirectly by those who strive to follow the examples that are being set here. So thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:26
Alright, thanks,

Unknown Speaker 1:12:26
Chuck. Any questions or Karen?

Unknown Speaker 1:12:28

Unknown Speaker 1:12:29
thank you, Dick, so much for contributing to QSB in such a great way, and I do hope that you’ll be able to be a president for more than one year.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:40
We’ll see. I see. Caz B is such an invaluable professional development resource for board members, especially new board members. And I’ve really enjoyed the time spent at the conference, networking with other board members and and attending the the sessions, which a lot of them I attend that are that have st frame district employees presenting. So it’s a place where I feel like we can shine and share. And I appreciate that we’re able to convey that we’re able to be a part of Caz B, I just want to

Unknown Speaker 1:13:17
express appreciation to our community for that.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:21
And I think also just to reiterate what you said, I think we have a responsibility here and st brain because we’re doing a lot of things very, very well to share what we’re doing with other districts. So thank you so much for this update and for your contribution.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:36
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:41
Thanks, Dick.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:45
Yeah, I think Cosby’s is a really unique position. And I think you highlighted this in that, you know, the tricky part is, you don’t want to throw the baby out with the bathwater. There’s some things that Kaz B does. Well, some of those, like the policy development and the professional development, that kind of stuff that can be centralized and somewhat standardized, I think is invaluable for Cassie, that’s just that’s efficiencies. So we’re not reinventing the wheel in every single district. But it’s also a challenge with all the the 178 school districts and and the disparity in size alone between them. And the 22 member board, that’s a lot of board. Like that’s, that’s, you know, it’s it’s really, it’s really going to take some skill that I think you are perfectly qualified to have and you’re perfectly qualified to do to kind of get everybody on board with, you know, more of a 21st century vision and understanding the centralized services as well as the leadership component and kind of getting in front of the legislator based on the you know, the definition of public education, and moving away from some of the more traditional roles of that. So, thank you Kind of outlining the plan. And I wish you the best of luck, I think has he really does have a tremendous amount of potential. Maybe a few less board members, if I’m honest. But but that’s not my I don’t know, you know, I don’t know how that came, came to be. But I know I’ve gotten a lot of value added from Cosby, as Karen has said, particularly Joey, and I did the policy review several years ago now. And it was tremendously helpful as a baseline because then we could bring in our own our own experts and our own legal team and adjusted for ourselves, but it was a tremendously value, valuable baseline. Yeah, and I just think collectively, a collective voice for public education, the state is an is an invaluable thing. So the more that that can be fine, tuned and leveraged. That benefits us all. So thank you for that, that work deck.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:50
Thank you, Paula. I’ll pass that along to my colleagues.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:53
Sure. Thank you joy.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:56

Unknown Speaker 1:15:57
I appreciate the work. Caspi has done in terms of as Karen said, you know, as a teaching tool, the new board members, but I’m really excited to hear that, you know, there’s transitions going on. And instead of it being the legend, state of bandaid and reactionary, it’s going to be a leader. And I think that’s really important, because you are representing 178 school districts from the 86,000 of Denver founder, the 40 students that are out on the plans that I’m not I’m sorry, I don’t know which district that was. But Caz B has a real chance to really make progress with the changes that are taking place and the new board and the new president that are coming on. And I think it’s exciting to hear that you are taking that challenge, and really meeting it head on. So I thank you for the work you’re doing. I think it’s incredible, powerful organization that has repeated a lot of the same agenda over and over. And I think to see that people are realizing that 20 people is realizing that it is a lot of people to get on the same page. It’s going to be exciting to see what your collaboration will come up with. And and there’s a lot of minds to bring into the table. And I appreciate the work you’re doing. So thank you very much.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:43
Well, thank you, john, I, I have hope I have not over promised here that with any organization of any particular size, particularly with 22 board members, you will recognize that there’s institutional inertia that needs to be overcome, there is a substantial group of us who are now in leadership positions that are advocating the move in the direction I described. We aren’t there yet. But we are following the mantra of continuous pressure continuously applied. And I do believe that most of what I’ve outlined will come to pass.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:30
Thank you. I appreciate your leadership there, you know, as always, that I believe that the President’s term should be extended beyond one year. I’ll make my plug for that one more time.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:42
I am hopeful that it will be extended in John’s term. And that we can begin with continuity there and then I’m happy to succeed him whenever that’s possible.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:52
Yeah, given that you guys are so closely aligned, that sounds like that would be be good for Caspi as a whole. So Best of luck in all of your efforts. I’m encouraged. I’m actually looking forward to hearing about the progress. I think that can be significant.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:10
I’ll be glad to keep you informed.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:12
Right. All right. Thanks,

Unknown Speaker 1:19:14
Joey. I just want to share to Deke thank you so much for the time you spend with Caspi and the leadership that you and others are demonstrating. You know, this is an opportunity for public education that I just would hate to see slip away from us. Back, we’ve talked about this. We saw this world changing dramatically way back in 2008. where technology is concerned, there is no explanation that would suffice. That could explain why we as a public education system, did not have the wherewithal to respond to COVID. And I’m talking about in terms of technology, nobody could say they did not know how the world was changing. It was clear to everyone, but what you talked about was that institutional With not wanting or willing one or the other, you can pick your poison. But either way, we did not take the step as an institution to move forward into the next level of society. There are groups out there now that are fighting hard to go right back to where we were. And I believe that we’ve talked about this at Caz B has the opportunity, and the leadership clout and the influence to be the primary voice along with administrators and teachers who really understand this craft, and not sit back in the wings. Well, other groups with much less experience are at the forefront of the conversations. And those conversations are all designed to take us right back to a place where we are not responding to the 21st. And deep into the 21st century. It is imperative that we have these conversations and that we move forward and the voices at the table. There’s more room at the table is all I’m going to say. But it would be really disappointing. If we move out another three years, and we look back and we say gosh, we survived COVID. But we did not leverage this opportunity to move forward as an institution. And this is not just in Colorado, this is across the nation. We have to get the right voices at the table, because people will hold on to the status quo as tightly as they can. Until leadership steps in. So thank you for what you’re doing. I appreciate it.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:48
Thank you, Don. Thanks, tick.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:51
All right, that brings us to the end of our meeting will can reconvene or convene again on Wednesday, May 12. Here on the board of education room at 6pm. Thanks for everyone for being here. Congratulations again to the 25 year employees. And with that I would entertain a motion for adjournment. Please.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:12
So move

Unknown Speaker 1:22:13
by john. Second. And a second by Karen. JOHN. All in favor?

Unknown Speaker 1:22:18

Unknown Speaker 1:22:19
Good night, everyone. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:23
Somebody finally beat me to

Unknown Speaker 1:22:31
think you’re in a great,

Unknown Speaker 1:22:32
you got it. It’s their idea to change like this to be Yeah, somehow you got to slide at it.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:55
At the top Do you have a clean slate which is nice.

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Unknown Speaker 1:23:07
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Unknown Speaker 1:23:09
that I wasn’t involved with or

Unknown Speaker 1:23:12
they weren’t getting

Unknown Speaker 1:23:14
in trouble Monday. We’re still very young ladies. Please for us, we had drivers who came in and tried to

Unknown Speaker 1:23:33
steer us away from you, right? You have to say it’s the use of cell phone put a kid cell phone services that came with 15 at first everything is whatever