LHA Advisory Board Meeting – April 20, 2021

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LHA Advisory Board Meeting – April 20, 2021

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Unknown Speaker 0:00
Call this meeting to order at 8am for the Longmont Housing Authority advisory board. Welcome everyone to this beautiful snowy, nice Tuesday. Morning.

Unknown Speaker 0:14
Olivia would you do roll call for us? Sure. This morning we have Tom to be Arlene zortman, Jean Christopher and Lauren Sally. We also have Harold Domingo’s Lisa gallon or Karen Roni. Kendra Daniels and Polly Christiansen

Unknown Speaker 0:33
Thank you very much. All right. Welcome, Lauren, back to with the new baby girl.

Unknown Speaker 0:40
Welcome, welcome.

Unknown Speaker 0:42
Can everybody had a chance to review the minutes from our March 16 meeting?

Unknown Speaker 0:50
Are there any changes to that?

Unknown Speaker 0:57
did notice one minor misspelling which was on the I believe the second to last page in the

Unknown Speaker 1:08
vacancy age receivables report. second paragraph

Unknown Speaker 1:12
haroldo beingness is with G instead of a que.

Unknown Speaker 1:20
Good catch. I didn’t even catch that one.

Unknown Speaker 1:26
Though I hear a motion.

Unknown Speaker 1:34
I think Yeah, mute Jen.

Unknown Speaker 1:40

Unknown Speaker 1:44
So Jean made the motion or lean seconds.

Unknown Speaker 1:49
I suppose please raise your hand.

Unknown Speaker 1:55
I’m gonna refrain from voting since I wasn’t there last month. All right.

Unknown Speaker 2:00
You abstain?

Unknown Speaker 2:02
Motion unanimously passes.

Unknown Speaker 2:06
So let’s go to number three on the agenda. Public invited to be heard. Olivia, did you hear from anyone?

Unknown Speaker 2:16
No. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 2:18
So let’s go on to number four, new and old business, a input on council retreat item regarding llama Housing Authority.

Unknown Speaker 2:30
Yes, that’ll be me. So when we were talking about the retreat with the City Council slash Housing Authority Board this year, they they indicated that they wanted to spend the majority of the time on housing authority issues. They also indicated that they would like to be advisory board to join them during that retreat. So with the capital of provisions, one, they wanted to do it in person, and they wanted to do it on mast. So potentially looking at someplace outdoors, or close enough outdoors where we can run in if we have a rainstorm if needed.

Unknown Speaker 3:12
So the dates they’re looking at is June, no dates we’re looking at propose to them is June 4, fifth 11th, or 12th.

Unknown Speaker 3:22
But we’ll work with them on the specific dates.

Unknown Speaker 3:27
It’s really going to depend on what happens with the masking orders within the next month. And there are rules whether or not we change on May 16. So we’ll be providing you more information on the logistics and the date. Based on what we hear from

Unknown Speaker 3:47
the county in terms of whether or not we move into level clear on May 16 or not.

Unknown Speaker 3:53
What we wanted to talk to you all about is when I was working to put together the agenda in terms of how we move through Housing Authority issues.

Unknown Speaker 4:04
The white way I started looking at it was

Unknown Speaker 4:09
we’re still working on how it sets. But doing a starting off with the presentation of housing Needs Assessment Review. And that’s just the study that we’ve done that says here’s what we need for housing in our community.

Unknown Speaker 4:25
Then moving into a discussion, and we don’t want to talk a lot to you all, we want you all to really interact and talk through these things. But I’m also providing the City Council, the majority of the city council members, with some grounding on some of these issues because beyond you, and Councilmember Christiansen and Councilmember waters, very few of them have really dug into the housing authority items. And so what we wanted to do was start off with

Unknown Speaker 4:59
we’re still working on

Unknown Speaker 5:00
On the order of this, but the an overview of the Housing Choice Voucher Program, I’m specifically talking about

Unknown Speaker 5:12
the vouchers and the partnerships that we have with private property owners.

Unknown Speaker 5:20

Unknown Speaker 5:22
I’m seeing a lot of

Unknown Speaker 5:24
acronyms in here, the project based vouchers

Unknown Speaker 5:28
that are connected with developments.

Unknown Speaker 5:32
And then also, I’m

Unknown Speaker 5:37
looking at some of the Arba impacts and some of the vouchers that will be available through that process. What we want to talk about in that section

Unknown Speaker 5:47
are then we want to move into the properties and the types of properties that we have in the development. So go over the light tech property properties for older adults properties for families, the HUD to two properties which we have with the

Unknown Speaker 6:06
cornerstone in Lodge.

Unknown Speaker 6:09
And then supportive service for our properties with supportive services for persons exiting homelessness that need more intense supportive services than the different types of partnerships,

Unknown Speaker 6:22
tax exemptions, property management and tax credits, turnkey, and then how that combines with inclusionary housing land donation or partnership ease.

Unknown Speaker 6:34
And and then, and then going into the conversation on what we should be doing ami goals. What are the goals for vouchers? Do we increase the number of type of vouchers what populations do we target?

Unknown Speaker 6:49
How should project based vouchers impact or support project development? Getting into some development goals? What is our mission? With respect to supportive housing?

Unknown Speaker 7:01
What number and type of unit should we be shooting for? Do we get priority to LA j properties for Cindy, city funding in our inclusionary housing, projects and other support? I’m talking a little bit about partnership goals, what level of partnership do we want to focus on money generation, unit generation unit ownership,

Unknown Speaker 7:24
and then get into a different opportunity section. I’m really focusing on affordable assisted living or for sale, housing development.

Unknown Speaker 7:36
So that’s kind of what we put together as the talking points. Again, we’re still really structuring this agenda to where it may flow and make more sense and easier to talk through. But I wanted to throw that out to you all to say.

Unknown Speaker 7:52
Is there anything that you all would like to discuss with the council during this retreat, focusing on the housing authority?

Unknown Speaker 8:02
Anything that we’ve missed anything that we think we probably shouldn’t talk about? So now the floor is yours?

Unknown Speaker 8:14
You probably covered this a little bit. But I guess my question is, does the city have data on what is really critical right now, as far as housing goes? Is it seniors? Or is it families? What what are we looking at here? So we do and that’s in the US from Kathy and Karen, to join in with the housing Needs Assessment Review. I think one of the things that I can tell you that we’ve seen is, at least in terms of the portfolio for the the housing authority to compare what we need, we think we’re probably

Unknown Speaker 8:50
where we need to be in terms of housing for older adults, and we need to start focusing on family, family housing as part of the housing authority portfolio.

Unknown Speaker 9:01
And that’s, I think I mentioned it in here. And then obviously, supportive,

Unknown Speaker 9:08
supportive services, housing,

Unknown Speaker 9:12
the thing on the supportive services side, so then it comes it becomes more than just about the amount of units that we have, and do we have enough for our community, but it also then ties into what can we support as a community, because they not only utilize services of the housing authority, they utilize services from our nonprofit community, public safety in those types of things. And so there’s a different there’s other variables that come into that world, but I would say my gut was what I would tell you is probably need more

Unknown Speaker 9:42
affordable family housing, Aaron.

Unknown Speaker 9:49
So you know, so Kathy might want to jump in, but it you know, and we complete the Consolidated Plan for HUD every five years. You know,

Unknown Speaker 10:00
part of that process is to conduct a, you know, a comprehensive assessment of of housing and human service needs. So we did just complete that in 2020. So, so I don’t know whether that would be helpful. Obviously, we’ll provide that document as part of the packet that we put together for counsel. And I don’t know whether it sounds like it might be helpful if we, you know, sent the the advisory board members a copy of that information, and

Unknown Speaker 10:34
so that you can have a chance to look at that a review that so

Unknown Speaker 10:39
let’s see, we’re still in April. Right. So, so clearly, we will lose track of time. So clearly, June will be the earliest that we will have the council retreat. So it also could give you an opportunity to review that data. And we could have this discussion in more depth during the May advisory board meeting. So Kathy, I don’t know if you have anything else you dad.

Unknown Speaker 11:03
I don’t, that’s what I was gonna suggest that way, we would still have time, if there are some pockets of things that are missing that we could do some additional research as well.

Unknown Speaker 11:20
I just had one thing, and I didn’t quite I don’t know if I heard it or not. It just be like the discussion with the partners that we do have, you know, like Mental Health Partners, like the number of units that they would have? I think that would just be kind of

Unknown Speaker 11:34
going along lines with with our property discussion as well. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 11:39
Are you talking about the vouchers that they get from the state in terms of the project, the project based vouchers? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 11:47
Because we have units set aside specifically for them. Right. Correct.

Unknown Speaker 11:59
Any further discussion questions?

Unknown Speaker 12:03
Over here? So, yeah, so it’s not a question. But I think in essence, you know, what Harold outlined is that.

Unknown Speaker 12:13
So So? Well, you know, we’ll talk about the current housing needs, we will talk about our current and projected housing needs. And then, you know, what is it that the housing authority does now to address those needs? And then it’s really that conversation about what would be the the goals going forward. So as we understand the, the ongoing needs that we will have for, you know, for housing, so

Unknown Speaker 12:41
it, you know, it will be great. And again, this doesn’t have to be the last time we talked about this, but if, you know, how do you? Is there additional information, anything else that you think would be really helpful for us to bring to that council retreat to help in that discussion, really about setting goals going forward? Okay, so anything else that comes to mind? So how about we do this, if anybody has goals Now we could discuss it now else, what we could do is put something on the agenda for our main meeting, and we could discuss our goals, that’ll give us time before the retreat. And we could kind of have something on the table at that point.

Unknown Speaker 13:28
Laura, I was curious,

Unknown Speaker 13:32
do we have an inventory of affordable housing for purchase

Unknown Speaker 13:39
may just want the city of Longmont have properties, kind of like the city of Boulder’s affordable housing program where you can purchase an own and affordable housing unit that just stays in the program. Kind of like ficil that no, this will have some some units in Longmont in houses SLDS so we have some of the authority.

Unknown Speaker 14:00
So we have some at Blue VISTA that’s under construction right now. Or completed, they have a total of 26, they’d sold 11 through 2020. So that leaves 15 ish that was left and I think they’ve been consistently selling two to three per month out there.

Unknown Speaker 14:19
We have a turnover of the units that are still in our inclusionary housing program The first time I think there’s about 3020 to 30 homes still left in that

Unknown Speaker 14:31
that program that can choose. So those units can choose to either get out of the program and sell up market or they can choose to stay in and sell to another buyer. We’ve had some go both ways.

Unknown Speaker 14:47
And then so far under the inclusionary housing program today, other than blue this though we haven’t received any for sale on site units other than through habitat

Unknown Speaker 15:01
Habitat for Humanity, those units aren’t built yet. There’s a total of about 20 there to be coming up over the next probably three to four to five years.

Unknown Speaker 15:11
But habitat has also been consistently building

Unknown Speaker 15:16
at about the rate, I’d say two to three year

Unknown Speaker 15:20
just on their own biting into lots and that kind of thing. So, yeah, it’d be nice to know, have some more information about those units. And I’m curious why people are allowed to opt out of the program, it seems like we’d want to keep houses locked out in Council folders program. Well, when they repealed the inclusionary housing program, that was the caveat for the units that were in at that period of time. So I think it’d be worth discussing

Unknown Speaker 15:52
a different a different track for the future if we start building more affordable housing. Yeah, we’re totally on a different track. Yeah. Unless, unless it gets repealed. Again, council can do that. Yeah, I just think that if you’re if the mission is really to provide permanently affordable housing, you shouldn’t be able to opt out of it. So

Unknown Speaker 16:12
the other thing,

Unknown Speaker 16:14
sorry, to clarify that we were on a path council opted out of it, or they killed it up, they let them opt out of it, we’re now back on a path. And they’re in it, they did set some parameters, depending on the market. So we’re sort of back where we were, but there was a chunk of time where we lost between the two where they were able to opt out. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 16:38
Yeah, because I think that that’s a really, I think that that’s something we should focus on and talk next month about, you know, plan for housing for families, not just apartments, or condos. But maybe some townhomes something with a yard because I know when my husband and I were looking

Unknown Speaker 16:55
to transition out of affordable housing in the city of Boulder. Our only options were condos, and we were looking to expand our family and needed more space.

Unknown Speaker 17:06
So I think that that would be something worth looking at maybe like a mixed

Unknown Speaker 17:11
mixed units, you know.

Unknown Speaker 17:15
So as a point of clarification, are you suggesting that’s an Lh a goal, or that’s an overall city wide goal?

Unknown Speaker 17:26
I think it’s an elegible. But it’s in line with the city’s goal of providing affordable housing for the community. Okay, I just want to point out la che has never done for sale housing. So if that’s the direction you want to go, I would think long and hard about that, because that’s it. That’s a big shift. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 17:48
Go ahead early

Unknown Speaker 17:50
on the veterans housing that is being put together, is that something that we are involved in? Or is that

Unknown Speaker 17:58

Unknown Speaker 18:01
Oh, ha is not involved in that.

Unknown Speaker 18:06
It came in through the voluntary alternative agreement via the inclusionary housing model. So so the city is is involved in that as part of that agreement. Now.

Unknown Speaker 18:21
We think that there’s now there’s, on the other side, we are looking at leasing office space to them so that they can utilize it. And we can serve the same mission. So we talked to you all about that. So you’re involved on that side.

Unknown Speaker 18:38
I will say that as you look at the growth of the program, and you look at how it operates, we’re going to be working with each other from an operational perspective, because as they potentially have opportunities to house

Unknown Speaker 18:52
unhoused individuals, there may be a flow through properties that make sense, as as they’re working with their clients to move towards self sufficiency. And that’s what you see in Kansas City. So they’ll come in, they’ll work with them, they’ll move them into affordable housing. And then now they’re actually seeing them move into market rate house

Unknown Speaker 19:14
based on how they’re, they’re working them through their system.

Unknown Speaker 19:22
So there’s a slight connection.

Unknown Speaker 19:32
Any other further discussion on four eight all

Unknown Speaker 19:38
so I think what we’ll do is we’ll come up with our goals. So that’s kind of your your homework assignment, and then we’ll discuss a little bit further in our main meeting.

Unknown Speaker 19:49
So let’s move on to four be the update

Unknown Speaker 19:57
was I kendor.

Unknown Speaker 20:07
So right now, most of the properties have been completed except for Aspen meadows, senior apartments, they’re still working on finalizing that one. The, we did receive some findings for the hardstone in the lodge, and we’re working through the corrective actions for that. A lot of them you’ve seen before, I don’t know how much. I don’t know if you’ve got, you guys have seen all the audits before. I don’t know what the background is on that.

Unknown Speaker 20:37

Unknown Speaker 20:38
part of it is separation of duties,

Unknown Speaker 20:42
lack of lack of segregation.

Unknown Speaker 20:45
We also had an audit findings, because when the city came in, we didn’t realize that it wasn’t in their monthly process to pay the reserves. So we received a finding on that, because the hartstone in the lodge hadn’t been putting money into the reserve accounts. And with the cash flow with that being so rent restricted, it was tough for us to get payments. And by the end of the year, by the time we found out

Unknown Speaker 21:15
the other one, we did have some eligibility which we’ve had in the past, which is just they weren’t able to find documents in the files that were signed. So we have so we’re working on the corrective actions, we do have a plan. And I think we have because we’re going to have three in accounting. And we’re also going to try to have backups on the city side of accounting, so that we can have if somebody is designated to print checks, then somebody from the city will step in to print checks that week if that person’s out. So that’s kind of what we’re kind of looking at so that it’s not me. So it’s, and that’s where the problem comes is like, we can have the separation with the three. But once one goes on vacation, one of us has to be the backup. So we are working on that.

Unknown Speaker 22:04
We’re also looking at being able to do file reviews. So having community managers from different properties come in and do file reviews so that we can pass those, one of the things was that they couldn’t find a checklist in the file. So we should have a checklist specially for the 202 properties that basically say, we have everything for these two Oh, twos that HUD requires.

Unknown Speaker 22:33
And so they couldn’t find those in the files, there wasn’t that checklist. HUD has a checklist that Andrea is working on and creating. So we can start having those in the file, along with maybe having the other community manager step in and review each other’s files. So we have that documentation for when audits come down and they and they get reviewed.

Unknown Speaker 22:57
We are working on the Lh DC on it right now. That’s in full force. And then the ellijay audit is planned for May 17. That’s when that one will start.

Unknown Speaker 23:09
So that’s kind of where we stand now. I can send all those audits. I don’t know if that’s something that’s normally done in a particular board meeting where you get to look at all of them. Or if this something that once I get the final ones, I send them to you. Can you if you can give me some background, that would be great.

Unknown Speaker 23:28
Yeah, I think once we get what do we do the council once we get it finalized, and it’s all and present to the board. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 23:38
One of the things I didn’t want to touch on with Kendra, so I’ve been seeing these as they’re coming through, she has to approve them and I have to approve them. The biggest challenge just to go in in terms of some of the findings like segregation of duties. Tom.

Unknown Speaker 23:53
Tom mentioned this last time, you all mentioned it when we sort of started coming in to the meetings, if you will remember, we didn’t start hiring the positions because we had to understand our financial capability first. And so we didn’t start hiring on in creating all the accounting positions until late

Unknown Speaker 24:13

  1. And so obviously, this audit is for that year. So we’ve already began taking the corrective actions, but it won’t show up until next year’s audit, because we’re not bringing those people into play. We didn’t bring those individuals into play. We didn’t get Lisa in until the beginning of this year. And the other property manager so many of those items, like you’ll see that the corrective action is we’re really underway and doing this. Same with the segregation of duties. What I can tell you is it’s

Unknown Speaker 24:49
at the end of 2020 it was much better than it was at the beginning of 2020 because not only do we have Kendra and we had Suzy and we have Deanna and so we have three different people.

Unknown Speaker 25:00
We’re working in the finances, but it just wasn’t fully developed and built out. So that that’s why that’s continuing. But we know that, as Kendra indicated for 2021, we have our three. And then when someone’s on vacation, we’ll just pull someone in from the city’s accounting side to make sure that stays in play. The other key piece that Lisa talked about yesterday, and if you have questions, I’ll let you go to Lisa, as Lisa actually has each one of the property managers

Unknown Speaker 25:31
auditing the files of the other properties, so paranodal audit, Andrea’s Andrea will audit,

Unknown Speaker 25:41
parabens, and so we’re mixing it up. So we also have a nother set of eyes on that. And Lisa has overseen all of that work. So

Unknown Speaker 25:52
I’m pretty happy with with where they’re moving and what we need to do. But again, we’re still gonna catch audit findings from 2020. Because if you look at the timing, I think we started the conversations in May, April or May. But we really didn’t fully get into this until June when Jillian left. And even then we were still utilizing the same processes. So that’s why there were things in there because they were doing it this way. We didn’t catch it until much later. And we’re continuing to clear up all of those issues.

Unknown Speaker 26:28
Did I miss state? Anything, Kendra?

Unknown Speaker 26:33
Just a point of clarification, Is this our financial audit or HUD on it?

Unknown Speaker 26:38
financial audit, financial, that’s what I’m assuming. Okay. And then so do I just kind of two points. What I like to see is just in that corrective action plan is just calling out, hey, we’ve already covered this, or maybe even put a date in that we’ve instituted instituted a policy change in and this has been corrected. I think that’s that’s really what we would be after.

Unknown Speaker 27:03
Yes, we had findings, because we didn’t have the manpower, we didn’t have policies and procedures in place.

Unknown Speaker 27:10
And then the other question I did have, do we have documented policies and procedures? Or is that still kind of a work in process? How?

Unknown Speaker 27:19
For what?

Unknown Speaker 27:21
Well, basically, I guess this would some of this would be segregation of duties would be on the check disbursements? Oh, yeah. Yeah. Okay. We’re working on that right now. We have a lot of them in place. But we’re gonna tell me I refine, yeah, it’s probably changing as you work through, as well, as you’re getting stuff fine tuned in that kind of thing. I was just gonna say we’ve been standardizing a lot of processes and updating a lot of policies and procedures. So that’s like a, at least one a week, if not more, that we’re kind of churning out and financial ones are going to the lhsaa board and internal organizational kinda wins. Harold has the ability to review and approve. So

Unknown Speaker 28:08
yeah, and that’s what the auditors are really going to be after. And if you fall on your policies and procedures, you’re not going to have any findings. So

Unknown Speaker 28:16
that’s it. Yep. And then also on the segregation of duties, what I didn’t mention is you also have Deanne and Jim golden coming in and helping as we look at things and start working through various issues. And so for example, the best examples as we look at balance sheets and how we do it, there there they’re supporting Kendra and this because Kendra technically works for Deanna Jim. So you also have our

Unknown Speaker 28:45
the city CFO coming in when needed. Kendra’s done a fabulous job. So but he comes in on a limited basis, but both Deanne and Jim are there to support her when we need.

Unknown Speaker 29:00
That’s great. It’s basically having like an external CFO, right, they on call.

Unknown Speaker 29:07

Unknown Speaker 29:09
Any further discussion on this?

Unknown Speaker 29:15
All right, let’s go on to four see the VCA update.

Unknown Speaker 29:23
So I am happy to report everything that needed to be submitted to HUD has been submitted as far as policies, proof that we have disseminated those to residents. We’ve got packets for new applicants. We’ve got some of the policies and procedures up on the website. So that was all due April 15. And we got that all completed. The only thing left to do only it’s still a big lift is the analysis of all of our properties for accessibility, designing a plan to address those and then determining

Unknown Speaker 30:00
With HUD how we’re going to do that, we’ve already started to

Unknown Speaker 30:05
work on getting additional you fast the special ADA accessibility units that we need and don’t have

Unknown Speaker 30:16
through some various partnerships. So one of the deals that we’re working on with on the christmann two project, they’re going to double the amount of youthpass units in that property, which we will then eventually have ownership of. So that will count

Unknown Speaker 30:34
for some of those units that we know we’re going to be missing when we do that analysis and audit. So we’re already thinking ahead on how we can get some additional units. And then as we go through as our properties age and we go through and do another Reese indication, we have like we did for Aspen meadows, apartments, village places next and then I think Aspen Meadows neighborhoods after that, we’ll be also be including in that additional, you’ve asked units in in those renovations and rehabs wherever we can. So starting to think ahead, but we don’t have the plan, we don’t have the analysis of that. That’s the next step that we need to start working on, which will happen probably next month, we’ll start putting together and getting out an RFP for an architect to go around and analyze the properties.

Unknown Speaker 31:23
Half of its done about half.

Unknown Speaker 31:26
That’s good news. And obviously, that piece got delayed because of COVID and being in people’s units. And so when we did get the extensions there that we needed to because of that.

Unknown Speaker 31:42
Any questions or discussion?

Unknown Speaker 31:46
All right, let’s go on to five a city report update on operations.

Unknown Speaker 31:54
This is a

Unknown Speaker 31:57
vacancy age receivables report.

Unknown Speaker 32:00
Where’s that Kendra?

Unknown Speaker 32:03
I can definitely speak to the H receivables report. I wanted to do something different this month and kind of give you a snapshot of what you received last month, and what you’re receiving this month. So you can kind of see the fluctuations and the differences that community managers have started working on the ledgers I’ve been working with them, they have to send the documentation to me on their findings of what they’re finding in the file. So that I can upload that documentation when I do the corrections. A lot of what we’re seeing is

Unknown Speaker 32:36
he already just wasn’t doing the lease charges correctly, and they weren’t getting them corrected in the system. So what was happening is you may have been overcharging on the half side and undercharging on the tenant rent or vice versa. So in a sense, it’s a zero net effect. It’s just on the wrong Ledger’s. And when it’s on the wrong Ledger’s, it creates these anomalies such as the suspense column, the suspense column is specifically rated related to hap, basically that you receive tap money that you don’t have a charge for. So you really should probably send this hat back. And that was probably not the case. We just had the wrong charges on the wrong Ledger’s. So it’s moving those charges to the right, Ledger’s and seeing what the anomalies are for the tenants, you know, where they where they short paying just this entire time and why and going through those.

Unknown Speaker 33:28
So same thing with the pre payments. If the charges aren’t listed on the tenants ledger, it’s looking like they’re prepaying all these funds, and they’re not it’s just a ledger shows a ledger swap. So we are working through those.

Unknown Speaker 33:45
It’s gonna be a long process, because

Unknown Speaker 33:49
it takes a long, I mean, a lot of these have to go back to 2018. Because that’s when they started. So they’re having to review all the way back to 2018. Find the recertifications What were they were having to reach out to the half subsidy agencies because we may not have a certification in the file, because we’re seeing that they’ve actually taken money back and we don’t know why.

Unknown Speaker 34:13
So there’s a lot of work involved, but it has started and you can kind of see some of it is going down. So we’re getting there. The question is Kendra, is this, like the suspensive prepayment? Should some of that necessarily been recognized as revenue, then are we shorten the revenue side? Or? It could be? So So if if they were charging less rent, so let’s say they charged $1,000, but they really should have been charging 1200? We could not have been recognizing revenue correctly. So yeah, that is because I said this is money that we received that we haven’t matched against anything, right? Correct. And a lot of the pre payments could be they the tenant owed more and they were paying more because

Unknown Speaker 35:00
They received their certification letter. So they were actually paying the correct rent. But in yardie, we weren’t charging the correct rent, we were charging that rent on the hap subsidy side, which was creating the suspense, and then also creating a prepay

Unknown Speaker 35:16
on the tenant ledger, so just swapping those and matching them up removes them from the ledger. Yeah. Okay. And then one other question to that I had was just just on the pre payments, are we expecting to see pre payments normally? Do we collect? posit with a deposit show in there or any sort of like last month’s rent, we would expect it to be zero. The deposit shouldn’t show up on there, because that gets put in a separate holding account.

Unknown Speaker 35:43
So that shouldn’t show up there. And no, I mean, we shouldn’t see prepayments on these. I mean, these are low income housing, a lot of them aren’t prepaying. I know there was maybe one that might have been prepaid

Unknown Speaker 35:57
at the suites. So so I think also at the Community Manager level, we don’t want that liability either. So if they are prepaying, you know, the community managers need to reach out and say, Hey, you don’t owe us, you know, you need to reduce your rent check so that we don’t have this big liability at the end to pay them out.

Unknown Speaker 36:18
We’re not a savings account, basically, for them to hold their, their money on.

Unknown Speaker 36:28
Did you want to talk about the lodge? And what happened there? Yeah, so the lot,

Unknown Speaker 36:35
you got to love head. So we received a 14% increase in our vouchers for the 202 properties. The way HUD works is they create a threshold. And so what happened is, when we did the gross rent change to increase those contract rents, we weren’t able to get them done at the end of the year, because we didn’t have the contracts in time. When you do these 202 properties, you actually create the voucher for the future month. So that voucher was already created

Unknown Speaker 37:10
on December 8, for January. So what happened on the lodge, and it happened on the hartstone, as well, is when we went to do the gross rent change, it goes back to January, and it tries to correct what should have happened on those Ledger’s as well and get that hat money back in. Well, that put it over the threshold for

Unknown Speaker 37:34
HUD, and so they denied the voucher. And so I have to work through this process on how to correct it in the system, and get it uploaded so that they’ll approve it. It’s kind of as Lisa has found out, HUD sends you on this little circle path a lot I’ve had to do. So they first rejected it, then they sent me to the program manager. Now they said it’s an eligible and they basically said here’s the instructions on how to correct it. So I’m working through that.

Unknown Speaker 38:05
They don’t give much guidance, but um, I think even you already will probably give me more help than they already support will give me more help than HUD has. So we’ll get there. So February’s lodge payment was denied. It’s it’s gonna get paid, we just have to work through the processes. And then for the hartstone it was their April payment because it took a while we had to contract rent changes, they gave us an amount I went back and said, We can’t even pay the reserves and the program manager realize they left the reserves out of the rent calculation, so they had to

Unknown Speaker 38:44
rent again. So

Unknown Speaker 38:47
we’ll see the same anomaly happening on the hartstone

Unknown Speaker 38:52
for their APR voucher.

Unknown Speaker 38:56
So I just want to add because of this issue, and the fact that we went through just got our report back on the audit for Hearthstone and Lodge, we are exploring all options to get out of the 202 program. There is an avenue that head provides to do that. The level of minutia that head gets into on these projects is so ridiculous.

Unknown Speaker 39:24
It is it’s just mind boggling.

Unknown Speaker 39:28
I haven’t seen had this bad in a project for years and years and years and years if ever, and they’re usually pretty bad. So we are starting to explore how do we get convert these projects. What they do is they convert them to all being project based vouchers. So then you have the control and you you operate them just like you would any other property that has project based voucher. So we are moving on that as quickly as we can. I think there’s a way

Unknown Speaker 40:00
To get on that conversion. So we’re trying to explore what all that means and how long that might take. But this is what that’s a direction that we really feel we need to go. So we’ll keep you apprised.

Unknown Speaker 40:15
If we did switch it over to the project based vouchers, would we see a decrease in money coming from her at all? Or is it going to be about the same? It would be the same from what from what our consultants said is that basically your contract rent, so whatever your contract is, today, it would move over to the project based vouchers, and that would be your contract base rent as well. But what you don’t have to do is you don’t have to go through this budget process of where you’re spending your money and give them all the details and you don’t you do your money doesn’t apply to the the HUD Handbook, which is pretty extensive on all the regulations that you actually have to follow.

Unknown Speaker 40:58
What we’re also saying is we never want to do another to to property for developing it.

Unknown Speaker 41:05
That was gonna be one of my goals.

Unknown Speaker 41:18
Aged receivables. It was next.

Unknown Speaker 41:23
So I did the receivables. I think the vacancy report released a did you want to report out on that one.

Unknown Speaker 41:31
So on the vacancies, we’re making progress,

Unknown Speaker 41:35
really been pushing the managers and the assistants to get these units rented. So Spring Creek is fully rented.

Unknown Speaker 41:44
Village place, I think as of last night, she had her two that we’re not rented, fit rented as well. The legit hartstone is fully rented. So we have moving schedule, starting today all the way through May 5, that will fill up all these properties again, finally,

Unknown Speaker 42:02
let’s see. And the suites, the lhsaa units haven’t rented they have a briefing today for the second unit. We’re just waiting for MHP to fill their units which there they are struggling going through vo h because they have to pull 20 names at a time and then make sure that those 20 qualified but some of them they’ve had changes and stuff that make them ineligible for the suites. So it’s been a process, we’re slowly getting through those.

Unknown Speaker 42:31
And ask them that a senior now that it’s been a little bit of a struggle to rent those vacancies just with all the construction going on, people want to see the unit’s it’s hard to have them walking under scaffold team around the construction crews. There’s not a lot of parking. But I’m optimistic as we’re moving forward, that we’ll be able to get those other units least once we get back into the office so that we’re more available to prospects as well.

Unknown Speaker 43:04
Any questions on the vacancy report?

Unknown Speaker 43:09
All right, let’s move on then to 582 the security update.

Unknown Speaker 43:18
That mean

Unknown Speaker 43:21
so um, we have been a couple of things, we have had some issues on

Unknown Speaker 43:30
security of village place. So we’ve done a few things. First, we have entered into an agreement with integrity, fire and security systems that are the city’s provider. So we’re able to tap into that.

Unknown Speaker 43:43
That contract they are in the process right now of placing the cameras at various locations within the village place. common areas.

Unknown Speaker 43:56
I’m not sure exactly on what the completion date is. I know that when I walked through there before all the conduit and camera mount locations were almost final finalized. The other thing that we did is because we were able to also find out that the back doors on that facility, they were able somebody was able to come in and push the lock. So we used another city contractor and we went ahead and put the plates that they cover it to prevent access in that area. So we know we’ve stopped the immediate issue and the cameras will be put in place the finalized in the very near future. So there if we have that, again, I believe we’ll be able to at least have a video we need. Part of what we’re doing on the system is it’s going to be a cloud based system. And so as we’ve worked the remodel for Aspen metal apartments, we’re going to put the same system in place there. And we’re talking about putting that system in Aspen Meadows neighborhood as well. Three we’re we’re really aiming to on some of the security pieces is to enter

Unknown Speaker 45:00
Write this all into one cloud based system where we would all have access to it as well as potentially dispatch and maybe some of the officers. So if needed, if there were calls and things they we could go into the system remotely from wherever we are. But it’ll be a completely integrated system amongst all the properties. And we’re sort of just stepping into this, as we have money available to do it. Obviously, we we use the replacement fund at Spring Creek to do this just because of the issues that we were having there.

Unknown Speaker 45:32
And but we’ll we will just be moving through this as we can for the rest of the properties based on their ability financially to do this. Lisa, Did I miss anything on that? Just a slight correction, we’re using village place reserve replacements to do? Yeah, we’re looking into doing Spring Creek, getting some entry cameras in the parking lot.

Unknown Speaker 45:55
Also on security, we are working to upgrade some lighting at some of the properties as well through grants with the city efficiency works. We send in proposals yesterday for the suites and for Aspen Meadows neighborhood to upgrade their lighting, they will be they walk Briar wood and lhg main yesterday and they’ll be doing Spring Creek and Fall River Thursday. And so these grants will pay for all the lighting. And it upgrades into led but provides more luminous lights throughout the parking lots and around the exterior of the building for the safety of the residents.

Unknown Speaker 46:36
Any questions? Alright, let’s move on to N 2583 property updates.

Unknown Speaker 46:47
Okay, so pick that

Unknown Speaker 46:49
up after you.

Unknown Speaker 46:50
Okay, so we do have an ad out for the third manager. We haven’t received any great resumes. So we’re going to keep that ad up looking for our third property manager to complete the staffing that we need at Le j in the interim I’ve been still filling in here at Spring Creek and Fall River twice a week.

Unknown Speaker 47:10
We are bringing the after hours emergency system that we’ve been using at all the properties they always an answer we are actually bringing that in house things to the city and following the steps of forestry and Parks and Rec so we’ll be saving money on all of the properties monthly and based on more one on one maintenance dealing directly with the residents instead of an answering service. And we start that here the first week of May.

Unknown Speaker 47:37
And as Kendra touched on, our managers have been auditing these Ledger’s and making it through a couple of letters a week. It is a timely process, but they’re all gung ho about getting their yardie systems cleaned up and making just their delinquent reports look really good in the future. So I know Curran has a goal of having hers done by June or July. Andre is right on page with that. And I started working with Brittany here at Spring Creek and Fall River to get those ones done.

Unknown Speaker 48:05
No question I’m reviewing every single file are they just doing every single file every contract so if the resident had multiple changes throughout the year, they have to look at every contract at every month to match up to make sure the charges were correct on both the hap side or the voucher side section eight side and on the resident side. So it is a timely process. And some of those take can take days in between regular business to look at.

Unknown Speaker 48:32
And my final update is tomorrow we get the equipment installed at the heart stone in the lodge for the pendant system that will replace the pole courts. So the fire department is looking forward to that one because the residents will have kind of like the alert system is there just the pole in the sorry, the alert system works throughout the community in their units throughout the community and in the parking lot instead of just the pool courts in one area of the residence.

Unknown Speaker 49:00
He said do you also want to touch on some of that

Unknown Speaker 49:03
even though they’re reserve replacement but some of the work that we’ve done at seven different properties as well as I don’t think we’ve given them an update on the the latest suites

Unknown Speaker 49:15
insurance issue

Unknown Speaker 49:17
the water break thing and where that stands. So yes, the suites we have completed that

Unknown Speaker 49:24
construction issue. We’re working to get heaters put into the stairwell so to avoid this problem happening again when we have the low temperatures as well. But the resident who was temporary living in another unit on site has been moved back into a residence and we’ve completed that the purchase pending now the finalization of the insurance claim and a few invoices to close that one out. Reserve replacements we’re working on for village place for the cameras along with a couple appliance replacements going on there. And the next one we’re looking at is Spring Creek to do some reserve replacements.

Unknown Speaker 50:00
For their camera system as well as Aspen Meadows neighborhood.

Unknown Speaker 50:11
Any questions?

Unknown Speaker 50:13
All right, sorry, I’m having horrible allergies, they have a couple of updates. So one of the things the parking lot at Aspen Meadows apartments, that parking lot is still open. One of the the issues that we’re having is the the moisture test keeps coming back high. And so they’re working with the engineers to really determine how much material we need to replace, in order to get that moisture content where you need it in your subsurface so that you can then begin the paving.

Unknown Speaker 50:48
Obviously, the weather we’ve been having recently is not helping matters in terms of the moisture content. So it looks like there was reserves available to do this. And so that’s what they’re working on. And we were starting to based on where we were moving in the amount of money we had look at other options.

Unknown Speaker 51:09
But this, this parking lot, it’s going to continue to be a challenge for us. Just wanted you all to know, but because they’re going to eat up the the contingencies that we have planned out with Aspen meadows. Yes, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 51:22
Um, the other thing we’re working on, and this is really tied to some of the ARPA funds and in the digital divide world in terms of Aspen Meadows neighborhood,

Unknown Speaker 51:33
you all may know that we are also connected to the VA next slide the school district on a million dollar grant that they had, when I started looking at the coverage area, this area for Aspen Meadows neighborhood was in it.

Unknown Speaker 51:49
A few weeks ago, Lisa and I did a walk around with next slide looking at what we can do for camera placement in that area, but also started talking about internet access. And so I have asked him for

Unknown Speaker 52:05
a book agreement for Aspen Meadows neighborhood to provide Internet service there, we actually were able to get them into the units, and they have a really good Comms Room. So they’re looking at instead of

Unknown Speaker 52:20
the way they’ve been connecting the units when asked moving into the Comms Room to essentially light up the entire unit. So they have

Unknown Speaker 52:29
really hard wired access throughout the unit, in addition to Wi Fi. So we’ll be working on that I’m kind of looking at some of the ARPA funds or keres funds that we have available to front that digital divide piece. And then we will have to eventually be able to over time absorb that within the ramp. But I think if we give ourselves three, three to five years

Unknown Speaker 52:54
that we can do that. Because the ARPA funds are one time.

Unknown Speaker 52:59
So but that’s the that’s the neighborhood.

Unknown Speaker 53:09
All right.

Unknown Speaker 53:12
Seeing no hands. Let’s go on to number six other business.

Unknown Speaker 53:19
So other business a couple of things that we wanted to update you on. And we’ve been working on this. So you heard Kathy mentioned the christmann two project.

Unknown Speaker 53:34
wanted to touch on that one a little bit. So what happened there is recently we heard the mgL, who was a developer christmann. One was actually interested in development of christmann. Two, it appears that last year or you know, within the last year, year and a half, they approached the Housing Authority with interest in doing the second phase. We’re not sure what happened. But apparently the decision was not to move forward with that project. We have engaged in conversations with them

Unknown Speaker 54:10
based on just the opportunities that exist today. And so we have been negotiating with them over the last couple of months on what christmann to look like. As you all may remember, the Housing Authority had an option of Crispin one to come in $400 correct Kathy Kathy, and essentially take over the facility and begin the management on this. Again, not really sure what happened when this first deal was there. I think there was a situation when they use CDBG Dr. Funds instead of their original financing financing model that impacted their bottom line. So as we began discussions on Chrisman to, what we’ve essentially done

Unknown Speaker 55:00
Nobody negotiated is a later date to come in, and officially take the properties. So, um, but it will be not only Christmas one, it’ll be Christmas two. And so that looks like it’ll be at the end of 2027. We have the ability to come in and manage the properties at an earlier day. what’s the what’s the word Kathy?

Unknown Speaker 55:28
Which stabilization rate stabilization to reach a stabilization.

Unknown Speaker 55:34
And so once Chrisman to reach a stabilization, even though we’re going to 2027, which helps in terms of ongoing dollars, but what we also negotiated in this is that

Unknown Speaker 55:47
we adjusted the revenue split on Chrisman one because we know we wouldn’t be losing money if we came in in 2023 is the management arm. But we also know the world we’re in now and what we’re trying to stabilize. So I’m for Christmas one until we take the properties over, we shifted the revenue split from

Unknown Speaker 56:12
I believe it was a 6040 was that the original or 5050 5050? We will now and we’re gonna hopefully finalize this this afternoon, we will now get 75% of the net revenues and they’ll get 25% of the net revenues, which will add an additional 203,000 coming in to the housing authority over that time, which in all would be 611,000. And then obviously, when we move into christmann, two, I believe there’s some development fees in that as well, that will come into play. So that’s what we’re negotiating with them right now, we will need to come in with potentially somewhere between, we’ve got to talk to Lh DC about this. And we’ve got to call a meeting for them. But we will and when we say we mean Lh DC, the city in LA che will need to come in with anywhere from 502,000 to a million dollars.

Unknown Speaker 57:16
So what you can see though, is when you look at the money we’re pulling out of it, the return is actually really, really good in a narrow period of time, what we get out of it is 49 sub 50% ami units. And we get nines 30% ami units.

Unknown Speaker 57:36
And so this is a little bit different because what we also heard from chafa is in terms of what the work that they do, what they’re also seeing is an oversaturation of 60%, ami units. And so what we did here is a little bit different in that it’s an income averaging. And with the income averaging, you bring in 70 80% units.

Unknown Speaker 58:00
But what it does is it actually gives you more sub 50% units than you would if you looked at the 60% ami threshold that we’ve typically been looking at. And so it’s a slightly different deal. We’re getting more 50% below units, we’re getting the faster unit. So that’s what Kathy talked about earlier, that we need to make up for the system. And we’re at adding an additional $200,000 of revenue coming in through this process. So we think it’s a pretty good deal for the Housing Authority. And then knowing that we have the ability to assume management once stabilization is reached. And that really works with us in terms of what we’re trying to do now. Because the other project that’s in the hopper, and these are probably all going to be in construction around the same time is the element project at the Swedes, which is sunset heights, which is a fully supportive project, which we are supposed to be the managers of. And so we’re moving through all of those processes now. And that’s why the delay also worked on the Christmas side. Chrisman is going through the 4% tax credit for the tax credits, it would be all private activity bonds. Well, what’s the 4%? The non competitive that they’re talking about? It’s just non competitive period. Right? Right. So they’re going through the non competitive world

Unknown Speaker 59:30
element is going through the

Unknown Speaker 59:34
39% in approval. And and so we’ve had some issues we needed to work through with dlh. But we think as of last Friday, we’re in a pretty good spot on that one. So elements responding to them, and we should hopefully hear in the near future. So we’re going to be in development on two fairly significant adds to our affordable housing, product in our community.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:01
Here’s where the world also changes as we look at our ARPA funds. Right now, I’m asking the organization to look at needs. But we also know we have a rare opportunity that I’m going to talk to council about, and that we have $15 million, that we’re still waiting on the Treasury guidance that could potentially be used in the development of affordable housing,

Unknown Speaker 1:00:26
you don’t have that much money coming in. And so it, we could theoretically then be in a position if we can utilize the ARPA funds. And if counsel agrees with that policy perspective that we would then want to start looking at the property that is north of

Unknown Speaker 1:00:46
west of the lodge in Hearthstone, that Lh DC

Unknown Speaker 1:00:51
hdc correct me on that one,

Unknown Speaker 1:00:54
as a development project, but again, kind of talking about what we said earlier, the need for affordable family housing, I’m looking at something like that, but really looking at some of those ARPA funds for potentially being the seed money in this.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:12

Unknown Speaker 1:01:14
this is where everything, I think this is where the relationship actually really works. And we’re seeing things we didn’t see. But how do we use these opportunities to increase the revenue stream for the for the Housing Authority. So one of the things you all may have heard us talking about, and I’m just planting the seed and in your mind to start thinking about this, and we’re going to do the same thing with the council,

Unknown Speaker 1:01:40
hopefully, in the near future, for no later than the retreat.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:45
What we’re really seeing in this, this world of affordable housing and public private partnership is the ability to generate a large amount of revenue, and really stagger how we’re coming in on the management side of this. And the more that we can use things like ARPA funding, inclusionary housing funding to do this work, the easier it becomes. And so something that as we look at these projects that I’m starting to noodle around, is actually the first main transit station. So if we can bring some of this money in to do mixed use development with affordable housing in it, we now all of a sudden benefit a lot of things. But but we’re tied in there. And then if you can look at it and leverage it with the public private partnership model, then you can get even more housing in this. And so I wanted to use christmann

Unknown Speaker 1:02:37
element as an example of how we’re starting to shift our thought process a little bit in terms of what makes the most sense,

Unknown Speaker 1:02:46
long term for the housing authority and being partners in these projects. And what we can really get out of it, because it does bring in,

Unknown Speaker 1:02:55
in many cases, a revenue stream for very little work outside of the front end of this, knowing that you’ll assume a heavy lift down the road, which I think times better with where we are operational.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:10
Jeff, he didn’t miss anything. No, I just would add that there’s other additional opportunities with the ARPA funding that some funds are going to the home Consortium, which is like triple our normal allocation. So we’re going to be meeting tomorrow, or folks are going to be meeting tomorrow about how to pipeline some projects for that those have to be used to assist homeless, those at risk of homelessness,

Unknown Speaker 1:03:41
victims of domestic violence, those kinds of things, that that’s something that some of the projects we already have in the works could maybe use funding for elements going to need some additional funding. So that might align with those goals. And then the Housing Authority is going to be getting hopefully some vouchers, we’re still not really well here by May 10, how much and what, but that is a 10 year, funding source for vouchers again, really to help homeless at risk, homeless, domestic violence, those really high risk populations. So there’s a lot of opportunities that are coming with the the ARPA funding that we need to really make sure we are all aligned and have plans for everything and can hit the ground running as soon as we get the word and we start to get regulations and stuff like that to make sure everything’s aligned and ready to go.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:43
It’s all very good news. Any questions, comments, or anybody?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:51
One thing I wanted to ask too was,

Unknown Speaker 1:04:56
could we get a budget to actual competitors

Unknown Speaker 1:05:00
At our monthly meetings, is that something that could be worked up or

Unknown Speaker 1:05:06
balance sheet and income statement type thing? Absolutely.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:15
But it’s been a process of getting the budgets uploaded. But they they are almost done. I didn’t know what that what that process was like. So yeah, so. So yeah, we should absolutely you want to see both the income statement and the balance sheet. That’d be preferred. Yes. Detailed or summarized? This.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:37
Let’s do both summering in detail at this point. And then we can kind of see what sort of information we would like. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:52
Anything else from anybody?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:55
Stick a shorter meeting this time?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:59
Yes, certainly. So this is going to be sort of a comment, and possibly a question.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:08
I had the wonderful opportunity of being

Unknown Speaker 1:06:12
the first car in line at the 21st railroad stop when the train went through the other day.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:18
And of course, it blew its horn, that is extremely loud.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:24
And now, Harold, I know, you probably know more about this than I do. But I’ve tried to stay on top of following up on what’s going on with that train board. And I know that the city has received $4 million towards quiet zones. And I know that there is a list in process right now that puts into effect when those quiet zones are going to possibly be placed 17th in some of the ones downtown closer to Columbine elementary are looking at this year, next year, they’re looking at the rest of the downtown areas, by the school, schools and also 21st. Um, I’m just wondering if I were somebody that were looking at Aspen meadows, either the senior or the apartments over there. And I happen to be looking at a time when a train went through and Neff horn was going because this morning at six o’clock, it was almost constant from 17th to 66.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:24
Is that a detriment? And if it is? Can we let people know that something’s going to be done about this within a year or two?

Unknown Speaker 1:07:35
Um, yeah, we can definitely

Unknown Speaker 1:07:38
let them know the timing on this.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:44
We’ve tried to pull up the website. So you can see. I can give that to you all, but we’ll provide you the information on the timing of the project. But yeah, we can let them know. You know, what’s coming and how we’re moving through the the quiet zone process visa grant. If they have a question, we can get that information to Lisa on this. What’s interesting is, and I’m going to talk more globally about what I’m hearing just generally in the housing market right now is

Unknown Speaker 1:08:14
based on the demand,

Unknown Speaker 1:08:16
we’re actually not seeing that people are having issues with that. It at least in terms of them coming into the marketplace. What we’re just seeing updates we’re getting from a realtor community is kits.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:32
People are still paying a lot of money to buy houses adjacent to the railroad. So in terms of market impact, probably not seeing that, but we can definitely let them know. Kathy, I just would add that. You know, that’s one of the factors that had considers when we put any kind of HUD funding into projects, which both asset Meadows apartments and asmodus neighborhood had in it. So there are

Unknown Speaker 1:08:58
noise mitigating measures that we did take in the development of those with high efficiency windows, and

Unknown Speaker 1:09:07
it was far enough back from the that. I know it doesn’t seem like it but from HUDs perspective, it was far enough back from the tracks to mitigate that Aspen Meadows apartments. More so than Aspen Meadows neighborhood. But there there have been some noise mitigating factors that have been taken into consideration in the design of both of those buildings as well to

Unknown Speaker 1:09:31
help mitigate those the noises Oh, baby.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:39
And in terms of the length of the train, yeah, that’s that’s a different issue. And we’ve been having conversations with them in terms of public safety responses and things like that, but

Unknown Speaker 1:09:51
it’s the railroad.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:56
But yeah, hopefully we’re done in two years which is better than we thought better place than we thought.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:00
We were going to be a, you know, a year ago. And so with the grant money we’ve had coming in, we’re actually, I’m excited to get started on all this work.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:13
Yes, Jean. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:16
If I may

Unknown Speaker 1:10:18
go back to item four a when we were talking about

Unknown Speaker 1:10:25
concerns for the City Council retreat.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:30
Harold, I think in March, you did a presentation to the lhsaa board, where you envisioned Lh, a housing authority being

Unknown Speaker 1:10:45
a leader, something that other housing authorities would want to emulate. And I would like to see your vision next month, on how how you perceive that and what needs to be done to accomplish that. Because we do need to,

Unknown Speaker 1:11:04
we do have some

Unknown Speaker 1:11:08

Unknown Speaker 1:11:10
which, you know, Kathy, and Karen, and I, you know, we have some absolute requirements, but then

Unknown Speaker 1:11:18
we should have some room to become the kind of housing authority that we want to be. And I would like to have your input on that at the next board meeting.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:30

Unknown Speaker 1:11:33
And just, you know, to answer that question, so I’m going to be thrown, I’m going to come into kind of the background of what, from my training to the politics administration dichotomy as well. Yeah. And so it really is the the council that sets the policy with you all advising them. And so at least coming into this conversation, I’m going to really want to hear from you all, in terms of what you want to see. And it may make it may make more sense to do it this way. We hear from you all as an advisory board and then as the council in the retreat in you with you all join him. And then I’m able to take that feedback from what you all want to see to then say this is then how we move to that next step. So if we could flip the order on it, that makes more sense in what we’re doing, because I don’t want to set policy in this. I want to hear what you all want to see and do. And then I want to formulate what I think what we think we need to do to be at that next level based on your, in the city your advice to the council Housing Authority Board and their decision on where they want to go from a policy perspective. And Wait, can and we can set that out? It is something that needs to be done tomorrow, you know, we’re looking at three, five years, right? We could achieve? Yeah. Okay. I have no problem with that. Okay. And I think we can help set the agenda next week to kind of get you at some of those points with best practices and things like that, too. Okay. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:13
So if everybody could come ready for me to really just discuss what we’ll see in the next three to five years, in terms of the Longmont Housing Authority, what we’d like to see, so then, then we could give that to the city and then we’ll talk about that during the city council retreat with the housing Housing Authority advisory board.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:37
Any other comments, questions? I do forget one thing, we are going to be moving offices in the very near future. So we bring them in to the Civic Center with us. So we bring the staff we’ve been talking to them about this, obviously have the agreement with BCP for the facility.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:01
We think it’s important and that you’ve heard me say this, and we had a conversation yesterday

Unknown Speaker 1:14:08
in terms of segregation of duties, all of these things, but then more importantly, just continuing to integrate the Housing Authority staff into the culture of the organization, and kind of how we operate and how we work. If we just we need to get that move done. Because a it’s really hard on Karen and Kathy and Tracy and ginger and everybody else who are back and forth.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:35
But more importantly, I think the sooner we can bring them into the fold with us. We can more quickly continue this culture shift that we’ve really been working on. And I say that because if you would have asked me last May, would we be in April, going into May, talking about two development projects, potentially

Unknown Speaker 1:15:00
Third, and and just where we were setting as an organization, I think I would have left.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:08
We have they have done everyone has done a phenomenal job in terms of moving through this process and doing what we need to do. And and to just be able to have this conversation today about Christmas element development in the future.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:26
We’re probably six to nine months ahead of what aren’t where I thought we were going to be doing this. And and so they’ve been doing a lot of work a lot of phenomenal work.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:39
But we just need to take these next steps

Unknown Speaker 1:15:47
are exciting. These are new projects. Love it.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:53
Any other Anything else?

Unknown Speaker 1:15:56
Otherwise, do I hear a motion to adjourn? move to adjourn.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:01
Have a second

Unknown Speaker 1:16:05
from Arlene. So next meeting is scheduled for May 18. I’ll see you guys all then. Have a wonderful day. shoveling your snow