Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Meeting – April 12, 2021

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Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Meeting – April 12, 2021

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Unknown Speaker 0:00
Good evening, everybody. I would like to call the April 12 2021. Parks and Recreation advisory board meeting to order. Can we please start with a roll call?

Unknown Speaker 0:12
Sue Ahlberg?

Unknown Speaker 0:15
Your Scott Conlon

Unknown Speaker 0:18

Unknown Speaker 0:20
Jeff Ellen Bogan here.

Unknown Speaker 0:23
Paige Lewis. Here.

Unknown Speaker 0:28
Nicholas Novello here. Dan Olson

Unknown Speaker 0:33

Unknown Speaker 0:35
And council liaison Aaron Rodriguez and board member Manoj can walk let us know that they will be absent this evening.

Unknown Speaker 0:45
Great, thank you. So our first item is to approve the agenda. Does anyone have any proposed changes to the agenda? If not, can I get a motion? In a second to approve?

Unknown Speaker 1:07
I move that we approve the agenda as written.

Unknown Speaker 1:12
Thanks, Sue.

Unknown Speaker 1:13
I second. Okay. Sorry. Go ahead.

Unknown Speaker 1:17
Oh, Scott, one, whatever.

Unknown Speaker 1:23
All those in favor, signify with your hand please. Aye. Great. Okay, so next, we’ll move to approval of the last meetings minute. Does anyone have any changes to the minutes? Okay, hearing none, need a motion to approve the minutes. Please.

Unknown Speaker 1:50
move that we approve the minutes.

Unknown Speaker 1:54
Thank you. Make it a second.

Unknown Speaker 1:59
I second that. Dan says hey. Thanks, Dan.

Unknown Speaker 2:03
Thank you, Dan. All those in favor of approving the minutes those written? Great. unanimous. Okay. We haven’t heard that there are any community members that have asked to speak that now is our public invited to be heard section. So if there are any community members who would like to speak during this portion of the meeting, and have reached out to the Secretary, they will be unmuted one at a time and asked to state their name and address for the record and will be informed that they have three minutes for comment. So we’ll just take one minute to wait. Unless Nicola has heard of anyone that wants to speak.

Unknown Speaker 2:54
I have not received any notification of anyone who wishes to speak.

Unknown Speaker 2:59
Okay, well just take a beat one minute, I’ll set a timer. And if we don’t hear from everyone, we’ll go on to old business. Okay, so no word from anyone.

Unknown Speaker 4:17
No word from anyone.

Unknown Speaker 4:20
All right. Thank you. Thanks, everyone, for taking that pause. Okay, so with that we’ll move on to old business. And hopefully you all saw from Nicola the C IP capital improvement project list. And so we wanted to take some time just to follow up on our previous discussion about capital improvement projects. And what I’d like to do is have David l give us a few context setting comments and then I’d like to just do a round robin of board members and hear if you have two or three projects from this list, or anything else you’d like to mention in terms of what you think is a priority and why. So David, if you could just start us off, that would be great.

Unknown Speaker 5:16
I think Paige, thank you answers, you give me a floor I’m gonna go 10 gentle for just a moment. I also hope that all of you saw the message about volunteer appreciation for the month of April, the the council members made that official volunteer month in April for save Longmont. And as organization we really depend on on volunteers. I think a lot of times with the most people that are cleaning up creeks and planting trees and doing things out in our park. But this board and others like it does do a great job for the city giving up evenings doing a lot of reading, putting a lot of effort into trying to make our parks and open space natural areas a great place, which is common nice transition into this next topic, which is the C IP project. I know that people give up their evenings, they come here with some agendas and those great agendas trying to bring forward areas of interest in the community that they represent. Sometimes it feel a little frustrated, we are looking at C IP processes. And it feels like a little bit like a rubber stamp because it’s already been done by the time you guys get to the process. And I’m going to Steve and Dan to jump in here with it. If I get this wrong to be here five years, I’ve kind of seen it now go through a five year cycle where Steve and Dan are working on projects that were out there five years ago and beyond. Because when we approve our CMP process is we really are approving a five year budget through council based on one year that really gets funded. So when we get that one year done, the next year, we really roll up those following years. A lot of times though, because of things like COVID, or budgets, the previous year’s projects don’t get done. Therefore, we’re still in the role of this. So as as board members come on and looking for ways they can bring new ideas into the process, it can I think feel frustrated, there’s not more opportunity to engage. So the city has been talking about this, and our deputy city manager and assistant city managers what the way that we can start doing a better job of trying to gauge not only the boards, but also the community on our CFP projects because I do feel like sometimes it feels like this is much more of an informed than engage. And we’d like to get that point. So I think today as we go through this process, it doesn’t just feel that we’re asking you just to go through an exercise, I think the things that staff definitely take away is are we at least in alignment with what some of these projects being so old, this is still like the way we should be moving. These are projects that people want to the universe not? Again, I think Steve’s open invitation for you know, anything out there, you want to hear me great knowing that just because we hear it doesn’t mean they squeeze into the process is that as the board, I talk to Paige and Jeff a little bit too. So he’s definitely communicating, hey, there’s a great idea. Could you do this, we bring a grant money to it as well. But we you get very limited to those approved projects by counsel the limited number of staff and trying to work through those. So we feel a bit handcuffed sometimes on on process. But we also want to engage this group and give you a chance to let us know what you’re thinking about these projects are they things you think are important to communicate now. And if we are way off, we’d like to have that conversation as well. So I hope that helps a little bit pages as we go through this exercise.

Unknown Speaker 8:26
Thanks. Does anyone have any clarifying questions? Yeah, Jeff?

Unknown Speaker 8:33
Yeah, so looking at it. One thing I just noticed as I was going through the ones I highlighted was there’s some times where a project number is listed for like six or seven things. So I guess that’s one of my questions is, are those things all grouped? Are they are there? Is there ABCD? Within, I’m looking at Project 186. At the bottom, I’m like, oh, there’s this hoever Park thing. But there’s also 12 other things of the same code. But there’s also like, let me just say that part B, which is there’s so many things on here, are we sort of rubber stamp? I mean, ultimately, most of these things will happen. Unless someone says don’t make them happen, right? Or, like what are we really focusing on right now? Like, if we all say the things we like, and I guess I’m just wondering, can we come up with a plan for what, what we’re going to attempt to do here rather than just randomly going, this parks near me and I like it. You know, that is a challenge. So that and I guess I’ll add to that part D is coming with a plan. And that’s what you know, PJ talked us with meeting page and Jeff right tacos too. And I think as I talked to city leadership, what is the plan for trying to get this information in us in a way that we can make sure that we’re reflecting current values as long as ones that were you know, if you look at the shorter span, which I know these projects are more than five years, it was really important those five years is that still alignment we’re looking at doing so. For us as staff for me, it is really helps to hear are we at least going in the right direction. And if your parks closed or not, we know as maybe a couple years out, are we still moving in that in that direction? So I don’t know if there’s a plan this evening, and we could maybe continue the conversation. But for me, I’ll be taking that up our leadership, chained to our city manager, Deputy city manager, say, you know, that we’ve taken this to our boards boards feel like this is appropriate work planned for us. But there’s other things out there, and how do we work that into a system that’s pretty much locked in the next five years or so? So it’s not an answer I really can give to you right now, but one that I think we’re all working on. And I think this exercise, hopefully doesn’t feel this, you know, as a futile exercise, because it was going to get moved up to the C process. So that’s what the type. There’s also no dates that I saw. So it’s hard to know what is happening this year, if we’re really only focusing on out what gets pulled off for this year. I didn’t see that on here. I never know. Actually, Steven, I was gonna turn it over to you for that, that part A, which was those projects, we have a bunch of us together. So Steve, and Kathy, get a bunch of those. So I’ll give it over to Steve to talk about how those kind of lump projects kind of come together.

Unknown Speaker 11:09
And I’m going to defer to Kathy on the long project because she managed those more than I do. But as far as the dates, we intentionally did not give dates, because what we’re wanting to hear from the board is of all these projects that have been identified. I wouldn’t say it’s a rubber stamp, I guess, will they get done. But will they get done in two years or 20 years, that’s a big difference. I get complaints from people who said, I moved in next to a park site. And I want I thought my kid would get to play there. I’m not kids in college now. And so it really is trying to prioritize the funds that we have available. And the resources we have available to develop these sites, and figure out what are the most important for the board throughout the community. And before I turn it over to Kathy, the other thing I wanted to say is that there are a wide variety of goals that the city has, and a lot of funding opportunities that we have, there were some questions from board members about having some sort of a fake budget or figure out how to compare projects to projects, it’s really impossible to do that. What we need to know is what the priorities are, and then we’ll figure out a way to fund them, we have five or six or seven different funding opportunities for each project. And each fund has restrictions as far as what they can and cannot be used for. And so what we really want to hear are what are the most important projects, and we’ll figure out the best way to prioritize different funding opportunities that we have for each project. But we’re really trying to find out what the priorities are. Kathy, do you want to add to that maybe speak to the the grouping of the projects?

Unknown Speaker 12:51
Yeah, I think that we want to hear what to advocate for, you know, and, and knowing. And having Krabs backing on priorities really helps us, you know, have a tool to advocate. So I think we just need to know, you know, when we go into these meetings, and we battle for funding, many different funding sources, like Steve said, it just helps to know what we really should be advocating for. So hopefully, we can hear from you and then take that forward as we kind of go through this whole process. But yeah, just real quick on the example you gave about PR o 186. That C IP is is called Park infrastructure repair and replacement. So that’s really the park renewal program. So that C IP is sort of a program, and then we’re able to I have, it’s not just one project, then we identify the park renewal projects within that VIP, so it becomes many projects. So I kind of listed them out so that you could advocate for certain Park renewal projects that you see more pressing, rather than just say, Hey, I support Park renewal. But we wanted you to see that there are many projects within that.

Unknown Speaker 14:07
And I would just add that the same is indicative on that spreadsheet as far as piros, zero 83. Missing primary greenways and secondary greenways. There are some projects that are in the new additions. And there are some projects in the the What do we call them? Kathy? I can’t remember I don’t have the I only have one screen, I’m sorry, and the enhancement restoration projects. So that project is appropriate for funding both types of projects. What we want to hear from the board is should we put our resources and funds that we have available to us toward new construction within that project or towards enhanced enhancement enhancement restoration within that project. So it’s it’s truly they’re all good projects. There’s not a bad one on here. It’s just a matter of trying to prioritize the ones that are the most appropriate. Thanks,

Unknown Speaker 15:05
Dan. And well first,

Unknown Speaker 15:10
and certainly can appreciate what Kathy and Steve were saying, you know, a good example of this. And, Jeff, your comment about all these are going to get built, is I look at pr 77 Macintosh, you know, we did the master plan for Macintosh in 2003 when the master plan got approved, and so it’s been a couple years since 2003, we still have a couple phases. So again, the same frame Greenway. The master plan was adopted in 2000, Steve, or somewhere in that general area, and we’re still working on, you know, phase 13. So, really, like Kathy and Steven David said, we’re what we’re really want to know is what your priorities are, so that we can plug them in and advocate for them.

Unknown Speaker 15:57
Thanks, Dan. So I think as you share your priorities, the Why is important, you know, and recognizing that we do have limited time. But I think to the extent that you can share the why in terms of priorities, it will help staff understand sort of how our current thinking and how as we reflect the community might be or not be in tune with where it was when the master planning was done, or when these projects started. So I think reflecting on why you think the projects that you highlight are important, I think will be helpful. That you have a comment?

Unknown Speaker 16:37
Yes. There’s a quick question. First on on akiro Oh, 83 for Rough and Ready trail. It says replace the surface. Is this the the section that is asphalt? This is I think to Steve, just the asphalt section?

Unknown Speaker 16:54
Well, it’s it’s part concrete, just south of Mountain View is concrete, for about a fifth of the way. And then I got Paul, if it’s parallel texted me right now. Grab. And then the the other forfeits is asphalt, none of that meets any sort of ash toe requirements. All of the surfacing is falling apart. But yes, that’s the section between Mountain View and base. Okay, thank you.

Unknown Speaker 17:30
Yes. Did you have another question?

Unknown Speaker 17:32
Yeah, I think this is directed at our board. So I’m guessing I’m wondering, are we just going to take turns highlighting and saying why we like things? Or is there going to be some sort of process we want to do where at the end, we vote on our priorities? Or is it more like everyone shares? Or like, say you say something you like page? Should I acknowledge that with a nod? Or we say, yeah, that’s when I like, so we don’t repeat ourselves? I’m just looking for a little structure of how you want to run this.

Unknown Speaker 17:59
Yeah, no, that’s a great question.

Unknown Speaker 18:01
I mean, before you answer, Nikita, are you gonna explore? If someone were like, Who’s going to tell me this? Is it up to Kathy and I or someone else? to do that? I’m curious as well.

Unknown Speaker 18:12
I think I have been asked as the board secretary to do the tally.

Unknown Speaker 18:19
And I might suggest, I mean, I don’t know if we’ll be timely for this particular process. But what I had in mind is that we could share our thinking on this one and kind of see where everybody’s at, see if there are commonalities between our priorities? And if there are, then I think we certainly could have a follow up conversation to see what we want to do about that, you know, is there some way that we could work with staff to raise the priority of that particular thing or a few things? It may be that we all have such different priorities? That’s, you know, there’s no commonalities. And then I think it’s a little more complicated.

Unknown Speaker 19:03
Are you hoping we’re each going to share one first, or do we go and share all three of the ones we like the most? So we don’t over talk?

Unknown Speaker 19:10
Yeah, why don’t we each do two? I mean, I think, you know, we don’t necessarily have to so why don’t we each do two and then see where we are? Do you want to get a started depth or is there somebody else that Oh, yeah, do you?

Unknown Speaker 19:26
I’m sorry. One last thing. Remember, the list that we provided are the lists that are on our radar in the next five years or so. There are other projects out there, you are not confined by this list. If you as a board think that there are other things that are of a higher priority than what’s on our list. We want to hear that as

Unknown Speaker 19:50

Unknown Speaker 19:52
Just wanted to clarify one last thing which is we are not talking about anything related to a rec center, or a pool or anything like that. This is only Natural Resources correct.

Unknown Speaker 20:03
Like I noticed that

Unknown Speaker 20:06
if we were to build a rec center or pool, it would be in a park and it would be weak Kathy, or I would be dealing with that directly be figuring out No,

Unknown Speaker 20:17
we’re not. We’re not proposing a new Rex, like that’s a bigger thing like having an existing one isn’t.

Unknown Speaker 20:23
If we went to city council and said that we went to our parks and recreation advisory board, gave them a list of 30 capital improvement projects. But the highest priority project for all seven board members was a new rec center or pool. There’s a message in there.

Unknown Speaker 20:43
Okay. So

Unknown Speaker 20:45
yeah, I just wanted to reiterate that I think Jeff’s not here tonight. But yeah, those other rec area, things are definitely things that I’m able to discuss state as well. But Stephen, Kathy, within my work group, definitely This is the list of they have they’re working on. And that’s what they’re my the primary project managers are in there where their time is spent.

Unknown Speaker 21:05
And these are, we can fund through the funding sources that we’ve talked about a rec center or pool is outside of those that’s that’s a bond issue or a vote or whatever. That’s not something within our current purview.

Unknown Speaker 21:25
Already. You want to go, Jeff, why don’t you get started?

Unknown Speaker 21:32
I’m willing to because I think I can be quick to me, the dog park relocation project seems obvious to me that it’s going away the number two on by airport advocating for that, because people love dog parks. And if that one has to go away, then I think we should build the second one. I don’t actually even use dog park. So I don’t have an attachment to that. It just seems like something that community would

Unknown Speaker 21:55
no dog in that fight.

Unknown Speaker 21:56
I have, I have friends who have said, A related dog comment, which is I wish I had more places to take my dog off leash, but they’re talking about places like button rock. But if they’re not gonna be able to do it button rock them, we should have dog parks for them.

Unknown Speaker 22:10
And then I guess I’ll just advocate for a second one, which is in that project 186 to hoever Park. I’m a pickleball advocate. Now the Pickleball is not part of that project. But that park itself does look super antiquated. So I’m assuming and I would love clarification that there is no plan. And actually those pickleball courts are fine. But like the park itself next to it over Park certainly looks like it could be upgraded. So I’ll advocate for that one too. And I had several others, but those will be the two I mentioned.

Unknown Speaker 22:42
Great. Thank you. Do you have anything particular about well, Clover park? I guess you you said in terms of that condition?

Unknown Speaker 22:50
Right? It just it looks like it was a park I’m guessing it was like 2000. And I actually don’t really know how old the parks are like, I’m not good at that at all. But to me as someone who has a young baby, as you’ve all seen, I took my daughter there once there’s something she could use and you know, I’ll go back. I like that part. But it does feel old to me. And I know they mentioned sidewalk upgrades I can tell you as someone who pushes strollers over there. There’s places where it’s bumpy and things like that as you cross concrete and things like that. That’s me advocating for one that I live near. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 23:28
Is there someone that wants to go next? If not, I can do what I do at work and just start crawling on the tiles.

Unknown Speaker 23:35
I’ll jump in. Okay. So So Jeff, I think it’s kind of funny had that dog park as the top one because my first question was going to be after last month’s meeting. It sounded like they were deferring it because facility maintenance and facilities doesn’t need the space. So I was gonna ask if we actually push that one off, because it sounds like dog park number two isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. So So being a pic is like basically the opposite of a pic of saying maybe they shouldn’t be on the list if we don’t actually need it, but that would be this more of a staff question. So my for my picks. I think that the number one for me is is that the drainage projects. This is a drainage project. grn Oh 208 spring Gulch number two, Greenway phase three. That’s a mouthful, but on. Phase two was so fast is so fantastic getting to Union rez, and sandstone is fantastic, but there’s not a great way to connect the two. And on the bicycle Longmont perspective, we’ve already heard from at least 50 people who said, How do I get from here to there? How do I how do we make that happen? And so I know going under the railroad tracks is going to be an expensive endeavor. But I would love to prioritize that. So someone could you know bike from 23rd or so all the way down to Union rise all the way down to to sandstone Park and then all the way out to airport on greenways it’d be an amazing way to get around the city. So I’d love to see that connection be added in. And then the other one of course is another bike related one they would like to see prioritize. It was a top priority from bicycle Longmont in our survey they shared with you was in PRL Oh 83. The dry creek Greenway trail behind village of peaks is a way for cyclists and pedestrians to be able to connect from hoever to the new bike way of sunset, and then eventually to St. vrain. Greenway. I think that that that trail should be connected right

Unknown Speaker 26:04
there. Thanks, Scott. Sure. Steve, did

Unknown Speaker 26:15
you want to answer that question? That was I off base on the dog park? Should I paid more? No,

Unknown Speaker 26:20
it’s funny. It’s funny. Scott mentioned that because the way the city works, lots of things happen within a month. I’m actually having a meeting with new property owner for the dog park on Thursday. There is some inertia we tried behind trying to get this dog park moving sooner rather than later. So

Unknown Speaker 26:37
no, okay. So

Unknown Speaker 26:39
yeah, no things change. We just important.

Unknown Speaker 26:47
Okay, who would like to go to a good?

Unknown Speaker 26:55
Thanks, I’ll, I’ll go next. I have to and then a second. So the first one that I want to add is puro oh seven seven, which is the Macintosh like nature, Arizona construction. I’m specifically interested in the phase five part of the plan where there’s the newly introduced introduction to new trailhead. I think that might address the problem with the cars parked along Lakeshore drive. And, you know, that bothers homeowners there. So one question I do have on that is how many new parking spots can be newly available on that new trailhead?

Unknown Speaker 27:30
It’s not huge. It’s 15 to 20 these

Unknown Speaker 27:36
cars less on the street still. Okay. Thank you for that answer. I think I think that’s so you know, sizable now. But the second one I wanted to add was pure 146, which is the Roosevelt Park improvements, design and construction. So specifically here, the fitness area, part of the park is originally to me, I feel like right now, the only interesting part is the Parkers, obviously, the ice pavilion in the winter, and the summer months, you have the activity pool, which doesn’t really serve adults, and the Rose Garden, which, you know, most people maybe visit once or twice, but the fitness, you know, area, I feel like that would be a way to draw on people, you know, more frequently throughout the year. And I can also envision, you know, adults frequenting the park, the fitness center, and then visiting downtown Longmont grabbing a coffee, maybe doing a little window shopping, kind of generating some commerce for the town. So that would be the second one that I would I would advocate for. And then the second that I would have would be for the Hoover Park upgrades. So for me, I don’t know the park very well, I’ve actually been there twice. But what I’ve looked at all from the map is that it’s located in an area nearby several apartment buildings. So my assumption is that there’s a lot of people there who live near the area donor backyards now within close walking distance to other parks. And so you know, that would be a way for us to help, you know, serve the community who don’t have access to books. So my my second and yeah, that’s it. And just back on one Sorry, just you know, isn’t 20 parks 20 parking parking spots? Not a lot, but it still helps with the issue that you had and does seem like it’s a recurring issue. keep on coming up in in private meetings to address some of the issues we have in Macintosh. So I’ll stop there.

Unknown Speaker 29:34
After you have a question, I just don’t want to move on before we talk about ones that people brought up on the Roosevelt Park one can we clarify the little part where it says removal of the open storage comma? I’m not looking at it right now. It says something about the ice Pavilion. Can you clarify what are all three of those being removed? Like what’s I really mean?

Unknown Speaker 29:53
Yeah, I can clarify and I tried to, I don’t want to sit here and reread it but the Et CIE project for Roosevelt Park, we could fund different portions of it. So if what I’m hearing is support for the outdoor fitness area, that portion could be funded in that CIT. But I also wanted to point out that there’s a phase of that master plan that is not complete yet, so we could find that. And that’s removal of that outdoor storage area expansion of the parking. I think there’s a monument that was never built on the corner. So there’s just some loose ends that have been completed, and hasn’t risen to a priority above everything else yet, but it is still hanging out there. But, you know, what I heard was support for more on the outdoor fitness side of it. So that’s what we could focus on in that ccip. If that’s the more the priority.

Unknown Speaker 30:51

Unknown Speaker 31:00
Okay. Who are Dan, would you like to go next,

Unknown Speaker 31:05
from happy to? Um, first of all, since you’ve been been given permission to say this, I think that the number one priority for Longmont in a town of almost 100,000 is a new recreational type facility that has a swimming pool with at least 20 lanes something to serve the future of Longmont, as well as all the other amenities that are, you know, current facility has, because I think, of course, through a lot of, you know, public input that I think that we would see a real strong interest in supporting something like that, that serves families, you know, an every one of every age, whether that includes ice or not, I don’t know. But that, to me is the number one priority for our city. As far as the ones from the list we’re given, most of the ones I chose to focus on had to do with completing Greenway projects. And I did, you know, put as my number one, the first one, the same brain Greenway phase 13 east. But also listen to Scott, who was much more of a bike rider than I, I totally support all the, you know, the connectors. You know, I know, you know, what I do, I get on my bike, and I go a lot of places, but I’m not an avid bike rider, like some people, I just think that the more connectors we have, and the more we, you know, have this Greenway go through the entire town, it gets people out there walking to get people to all the little parks that we already have. So to me, that was my number one priorities, including the union reservoir upgrades that because the Greenway will reach the reservoir area, and I think they really need some bathrooms and changing rooms and all of that, which I couldn’t tell if that was already funded, or that was part of this. Wasn’t sure.

Unknown Speaker 33:17
If anyone,

Unknown Speaker 33:18
Steve, yeah, that isn’t, isn’t funded, it’s on the table for funding within that PR. Pr, Oh, 186. Union reservoir is a little bit confusing. You’ll notice it’s in there twice. Pr o 10. is for new for the master plan improvement. So if we were to implement the new master plan for union reservoir, that would be in PR o 10. As well as the trail that we’re planning and the trail is funded in PR o 10. But we keep here we keep looking at Union reservoir upgrades and PRL 186 because we realized we need to keep the existing facilities out there usable in the meantime, while it gets so much use. So there’s kind of two funding sources there. But it sounds like you’re looking at those upgrades. So if we don’t implement the master plan, in the next five to 10 years, we need to we need to keep those facilities usable in the meantime. So I hope that makes sense.

Unknown Speaker 34:25
It does. I just think it’s pretty obvious that those upgrades are needed, you know, obviously they need to keep up they have but from what I understand, and I don’t go there very often myself, but it’s a huge need to have those facilities, especially with, you know, to also accommodate those with disabilities. But they really need them and there’s a lot of people that go out there.

Unknown Speaker 34:54
Each can just ask a question.

Unknown Speaker 34:56
Um, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 34:58
So Sue brought up Scene frame. Greenway pays 13. Steve, I thought that was already funded, or because it’s tied to state money, or is that not true?

Unknown Speaker 35:11
It’s funded for design. We’re showing funding for construction currently in 2022 and 2023. We could walk away from the state funding, if it’s not enough priority. We’re not obligated to spend it.

Unknown Speaker 35:28
Okay, that would be that’d be horrible thing to do. That’d be like a wild ride. Right.

Unknown Speaker 35:32
But, but you know, what we’re trying to do as best that we have limited resources, limited funding. Yes, I would agree that that would be tough to walk away from 1.5 million that we’ve already been awarded. But that is feasible, if the board felt that that was important to do.

Unknown Speaker 35:48
Okay, so I misunderstood. So you’re saying all of the funding was already there? This is? No,

Unknown Speaker 35:55
there’s funded, it’s funded for design. Okay, so this was funding for construction. This will be funding for construction. So yes, it is important to list St. Brian Greenway phase 13 as a priority for construction. Oh, that the board wants us to continue extending the Greenway east and using the dollars available to us, through state funding is swept through city funds to complete the construction of that project.

Unknown Speaker 36:29
Okay, Dan, do you want to go? Sure.

Unknown Speaker 36:33
Like Sue, and I saw Jeff nodding his head, I think our number one priority should still be a rec center. And we can’t call it a competitive pool anymore, obviously. But, you know, based on what we’ve learned, COVID wise, we’re totally oversubscribed, in terms of swimmers and lap lanes, and that’s only going to continue in the future. And along those lines, I mean, it’s separate but similar. The whole Dry Creek Park thing, man, we got kind of messed up because of the whole groundwater business. But that could or should have been a large park something like sandstone on the west side of town. That never really happened or hasn’t happened yet. And it’s you know, we have a rec center on the southeast. And we have a you know, huge reservoir, Union rez on the east side. And there’s sandstone ranch on the east side. On the west is Mackintosh, which we just discovered is a huge need area. But it’s very, you know, it’s a tricky deal, how we improve it, and Dry Creek Park, which, you know, could be that kind of anchor, but is not yet because it’s just can’t be done or hasn’t been done. So I guess I’d like to see something done that those would be my two main ones. And along that line, Jeff’s point about the dog park that is on the west side. And if it goes away, it’ll be an awful thing. So that I guess, you know, we kind of discussed it already. But I guess I’m just worried or nervous that this the west side of town, which is growing just like the east side could use some support or finish these projects.

Unknown Speaker 38:22
Great. Thanks, Dan. Any questions or follow up before I jump in? Well, Dan, sort of stole my thunder, because you have a lot of those same things I was thinking I mean, I agree that we really need to focus. I don’t know what shape is going to take. You know, I think it’s going to I don’t I’m not sure how it will come up on our agenda. But I think we need to revisit the need for rec center. as Dan said, I COVID really highlighted how important recreation is and how limited we are. And I think even before that any time you spend at the Rec Center, you can just see that the demand is greater than that facility can hold. And I recognize that’s not on this list. But I also had that dry creek community park area as one of my priorities because I think it’s just such an underutilized opportunity right now. And I know there are issues there that need to be resolved. But I would love to see some more priority emphasis given to that whole area and developing it out more to the vision and if that includes the Rec Center, then that’s great that combines two priorities. But if it doesn’t, I think there’s still a lot that could be done there that would make it a companion to sandstone and help to relieve some of the pressure there and create more opportunities for the town. I also have a general priority. around just trail connectivity, which I’ve heard from several of us, I don’t know the trails well enough to the left out the ones that I would raise that I am very supportive of continuing to build, particularly that sort of East West connectivity and connecting the trail system with the State Park. I think those are really important and trying to fill in the gaps up some of those existing trails to help make them more usable. I do know this term riding the trails and having to jump off where there isn’t connectivity. And you know, with kids, that’s often an unsafe thing to do and is frustrating. So it would be great to be able to follow those trails for longer and connect up the different recreational areas. So I did I mean, in terms of your initial question to I did here, I think several of us were interested in different aspects of trail connect and Greenway connectivity. So I don’t think maybe there’s, that’s a follow up conversation for us with the board just to understand the status of that where all these pieces fit together, you know, how, how we might prioritize. And I think that you have a good sense of that. Throwing the bicycle alone, not that maybe we could even carry that into our field trip. discussion, maybe we need to go on a bike ride and explore the Greenway connectivity. And I think also, the Rec Center, obviously is still a priority for many of us. So that probably is a future conversation, also with Council. I also heard, you know, hoever Park and sort of attention to resources in communities that might be lacking underserved communities, you know, making sure that we’re prioritizing, having I think it’s maybe it’s Trust for Public Land that has the park and a 10 minute walk away, everyone should have a park at least 10 minute walk away. And I don’t know what long lead statuses with regard to that there are neighborhoods that don’t have that. So, you know, I would be interested in following up on some of these topics, if org members are and I guess I would look to David, Steve, Kathy, if this feedback is helpful to you how, you know, is there a way for us to capture it, that would be more helpful.

Unknown Speaker 42:34
You know, yeah. Go ahead, David. David. Well,

Unknown Speaker 42:46
I did a quick count. We had two mentions of the dog park, two mentions over Park not counting pages, two mentions of the spring Gulch to trail from union reservoir to sandstone. One mentioned from the Dry Creek, Dry Creek Trail from village at the peaks to sunset. One for Lake McIntosh, one for the Roosevelt fitness center, three for rec center, two for the San Fran Greenway Eastern extension out to st verse. St. Brain State Park, one for the union upgrades through pr 186, which is the existing infrastructure, and then to for completion, dry creek community park.

Unknown Speaker 43:28
So yeah, there’s there’s a lot there. We kind of look at that if it feels very individual. But I think Paige kind of group things away, Steve, that I think a lot of that could be lumped into trail extensions. That includes I think, as soon as talking about house, how that does go through union, I think some of those renewal pieces, I think hitting those, I think for us, for me, especially knowing that we have lots of renewals looking at which ones kind of float to the top. And I would not say they’re out of line with what we’re hearing from the bigger community. So I know I will let Steve Kathy and Dan way because what I really did here is I think a little bit of a, even though this is not maybe as engaged in what i what i heard or projects I know are on our radar, they’re pretty close to the top what we’re trying to do right now. There was no real wildcards. I think the piece with Jeff not bigger, the the pool and Rec Center is something that I think is out of my scope of how we kind of move that forward. That’s the pieces Steve mentioned that there’s those other pieces how we reprioritize look at our win right track, how can we kind of group some of these or look at how we leverage resources so I think that was a great conversation. But how do we move that next piece it really isn’t part of this it doesn’t have funding or doesn’t have boys can do it with the Rec Center and the pool will be another piece but that’s a good conversation. I would say all those those that score you kept Steve it’s, it’s what I have here as well. But I think I kind of looked at your like page with kind of grouping them and i i think that makes it seem a little more managed. Well as we have those conversations, but I’ll kick it back to Steve, Kathy and Dan to see if they had a different takeaway.

Unknown Speaker 45:08
One other thing that I noticed in my tally is that there were 10 projects mentioned, seven of them were new construction. dog park two is new construction, but replacing something that’s existing. So that’s a little on the gray side. And then over Park and union upgrades, we’re on restoration enhancements, that sort of thing. So it’d be good for the board to have it would be helpful establish, say, for the board, have a brief conversation about the philosophy is where we want to put our funds and resources is toward restoring enhancing what we already have, versus new construction. And maybe I’ve already heard it, if 70 to 80% of the budget, we’re hearing about our new construction. Is there a philosophy or you want us to try to make both work? Which is likely? What’s your thoughts on that?

Unknown Speaker 46:05
Do you think we do have that coming up under new business actually a discussion about sustaining existing infrastructure?

Unknown Speaker 46:14
Yeah, so thanks, PJ. And timber just said that he’s in the meeting now, too. So he’ll talk about a little bit as well not kind of set the stage for that one. But yeah, that’s, that’s a good distinction, Steve. So I think is one things that we talked about internally a lot as well.

Unknown Speaker 46:30
Well, and I’ll just jump in, if I could, and just say I think this inputs are really, really helpful. I’m really impressed at how well you all know, our, our plans and our specific site master plans and are looking to complete those. And I just feel like the input we got is that balance that we’re always striving for between trails, new park construction, taking care of what we have, and I think I’m continuing to hear that, that balance, there might be a, you know, slight, like Steve pointed out slightly more of a push toward completing the master plans and some of this new construction, because we’ve done a lot of work in park renewal. But you know, you guys brought up clover Park. And it’s so funny, because that’s the park I’m getting most of the phone calls from the public on. And it is, it’s really, you know, the top of the list right now search for Park upgrades. So, you know, I think the input that I’ve heard is, is really helpful and really knows helps me know what to really get behind. So really appreciate it.

Unknown Speaker 47:41
Great. And we’ll forget, did you want to add anything?

Unknown Speaker 47:49
I think I just have to ditto, you know exactly what Kathy said, sounds like we’ve got a balance of new and renovations and trail connections. And it’s the same story we’ve heard year after year.

Unknown Speaker 48:04
So before we close this out from the board members, I mean, I for one would like to propose that we have more conversation about trails and trail connectivity. And, you know, I would be interested to see if others are would also like that, and then I think they’re maybe I’m a lumper at least tonight. I love her. But I think, you know, when you think about union, Mackintosh and dry creek, you know, we’re thinking about what are those anchors, you know, of our sort of outdoor recreation system, and what do they need, which I think is also kind of a link conversation. So, you know, that might be another future topic for us, too.

Unknown Speaker 48:52
So we, we can definitely do that. And I think, you know, for me tonight, I heard Cathy’s enthusiasm to kind of reinforce some of the stuff that she’s working on. And for me, I think that idea of that trail connectivity probably is interesting having ever used our own words, I still probably the same thing you lump out things that things are probably I think of interested me too, because I heard a lot of that trail connectivity if it was a renewal betrayal that I heard a little bit or addition of new trail miles. I think it’s a good conversation because I think it’d be one good for the board to hear how all these little pieces are fitting together in a bigger picture. And again, just a conversation about the route I heard that enjoyment of using trails and how important to keep people up there so we can definitely have that conversation.

Unknown Speaker 49:39
Yeah, I think Paige that one of the agenda items and it could be June July August, I don’t quite remember is to have a conversation about this in trail connections are in complete real connection game with the board. And so I think that’s out there in the near future. I’m not mistaken. Right. And,

Unknown Speaker 49:58
and just to remind my That border county can play a role in these trail connections to, as we’ve looked at, you know, connections from Dry Creek community park and other alternatives from union reservoir to St. frane. State Park. So don’t forget that there’s another pot of money that we could pursue that creates those connections through the assistance of Boulder County.

Unknown Speaker 50:28
Hey, do board members have any final thoughts or other topics that you’d like us to keep in mind for future meetings based on this conversation? Scott,

Unknown Speaker 50:43
I’d like to propose that we put it on the agenda, as new business somewhere. rec center as its own piece, right? I don’t think really, we should do it as part of a CI p piece. But it is, it is something that we have to go out for a vote on, it’d be interesting, it’d be good to hear from staff and, and to know what other big plans may be out there that the city is looking to, to raise money through bonds for but it’s clear that the board is interested in rec center, I’ve heard it a million times from people in in the city. So I think it’s something we should we should prioritize as one of our agenda items coming up and try to see, you know, wearing the cycle that best fits, what the wording is that, you know, makes that all of that work out better than that the last attempt that we had,

Unknown Speaker 51:49
I think we can talk offline with staff that figure out a best way to make a presentation to the board about that, then I have some ideas for other staff members outside of our direct organization to maybe talk about some of the financial strategies for the city, and other projects that are coming up. So maybe we could work on something here in the future next couple of months to get something back to you guys. Yeah, well,

Unknown Speaker 52:09
yeah. And I’ll check in with David and Jeff, on the agendas that we have laid out and see where we can make make sure we have that set. And

Unknown Speaker 52:19
I just want to say, Scott, I appreciate you kind of think about that other piece out there is we’re you know, these are top priorities for us. But as you start looking at what Council has laid out, and unfortunately, Mayor Pro Tem on racism here tonight to kind of, you know, maybe wait a little bit too, but it that’s what it comes into that bigger picture of what are they what are their bonding issues are out there? What are the funding issues on there? And really, sometimes how stung or stinging is still in the last go around this with some of the council members too. So it’s a good conversation, I think you have a good way to kind of package it with Jeff and take that forward be a great way to at least make sure people were that is a bigger picture out there to talk about this.

Unknown Speaker 53:04
Right. Okay. We should probably move on. But I appreciate that conversation. That was actually one of the more fun conversations I’ve had on the board just to hear what everyone’s interested in. So thank you. Our next conversation will be related to moving on to new business, discuss sustaining Parks and Recreation infrastructure. Who is the lead for that, David?

Unknown Speaker 53:28

Unknown Speaker 53:29
I’m gonna go ahead and kick this off timbers on right now. And I’ll bring him in to talk about our assets better management? Again, I think this has been great. That crowd has been really asking for stuff that we as staff are talking about working on event at our level, and in kind of moving it up to deputy city managers and assistant city managers. How do we look at this? So Asset Management has been a big piece in the city for a while, probably bigger, and some of the operations and parks operations and other areas in timber has been a big advocate for that and big proponent for moving to Stockport in that group as far as determining what we have, how we take care of how we fund it. And we actually just had that conversation of it today. And it does play on the first part of the this this meeting and looking at Steve, I remember you said the numbers were seven new and three renewals are somewhere in that ballpark. But things were things that we really had been pushing on is that we need to make sure that as we build new stuff that we can take care of what we have and that new piece. So a piece that has just been brought forward was fact that we put together a budget for CRP, there’s a page that says what’s it going to take to take care of that new shiny thing that people like to see? Is it staff is it contractors is it additional dollars in timber, we’ll talk about how we come to those numbers. But there’s a disconnect on the tip when you get to the project’s done and now becomes operational dollars. There really is no sort of assurance that those dollars carried forward in the 234 Five years later, once that part gets completed, so we have been working on a financial division and our city manager say if we build this council approves at best a tacit approval that this request will be the level one or level one request was really, since I’ve been here as Steven dank and do much for the backlog, but use those level ones are things that we have to do, because of some sort of rule, regulation, federal law, safety, and it falls in us, it really has to be funded, we have to get done. So if you build something we’re saying, if you build it, we have to take care of it. So when it comes back, it will be funded. I mean, it will go on as a level one request, which really changes how we had to go back and forth. With a new park now asking for new funds. It was competing against everything. So I think we’re making progress. We’ll keep the this group of prize that was timbral. Talk about how we are doing out right now. And he can talk a bit about how that level one prioritization might help him in future timber. That was set up?

Unknown Speaker 56:03
Sure. A lot. Thanks. Yeah, so asset lifecycle and renewal. Seven, I guess it was seven years ago now. You know, Council passed the parking, Greenway maintenance renewal fund that everybody should see on their water bills. And that was after an assessment during the master planning process of looking at all of our assets across the city and where they were at in renewals, a lot of things were failing. So what we did is we developed a pretty robust asset renewal program that looked at all of the assets across the city of when they were built. And then we took all that information, we put it into our work management system, which now we can run reports on to say, Hey, you know, over Park, for example, if you ran the asset, you know, it was total Park was actually built in 1990. So you know, it is now 31 years old, so it’s coming up as it needs renewal. So as you’re reviewing those CIPS to one thing to keep in mind is a pure 186 is, is dedicated strictly to renewal. So the projects that are being identified in there are actually coming out of the asset renewal program. So the projects that are in there are either assets that are close to failing, or have, I don’t want to say failed, but they’re going to fail within the next five years, we’re projecting. So when we run that report, we actually go out and we look at all of the assets that are showing up in the five year plan and see if Hey, yep, look, these assets are actually going to be close to getting ready for renewal here in the next five years. Some of the other things that we’ve been doing is because we didn’t really have a good renewal program, if you can imagine a place like New Miller Park didn’t have an asset renewal program. So when you look at that park, a lot of the assets are out of renewal phase, what I mean by that is, you know, a, you may have to do lighting changes out every 15 years, but the building itself, maybe only it needs to get done every 30 years, aligning 15 year projects and 30 year projects within that park. So that there’s kind of this constant renewal, what we’ve seen is we actually look at all the assets that are getting ready to fail, and we realign them a little bit to create a kind of a cohesive project, which Kathy’s been really good at. So like, you know, we’re doing a full renewal now at Miller Park, we’re doing a formula at alpha alter, rather than just going in and kind of piecemealing it. But looking forward to new parks, what we’re trying to do really not just parse and talk and write awais greenways is that when that project manager identifies the project, and kind of the scope of what’s going to be in the project is during the CRP process, they actually fill out the projected O and M costs. And we’re trying to get it integrated better where we either have kind of a menu that they can choose from, or just a generalized cost of how much it should cost per acre based on a set number of amenities. And then the project managers can take that put it into the CRP process. And then as we move through to the park getting completed, what we will do then on the operating budget side is I will go back to look at that C IP, which was an approved tip through Council. So what we’re saying and we’re hearing from leadership is that if that C IP is approved, at that same time, you’re also approving those operating dollars that are associated with that. So that’s kind of our catalyst, if you will to say hey, look, this tip was approved four years ago with this number with these number of dollars for funding. Now I can go into our one year operating budget process. Put in some quarter of, you know, inflationary value in there. Usually we use 3% and say, Okay, these are the number, this is the amount that we’re going to need to maintain the system going forward. I think that was everything. Any questions on that?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:25
Do you? Do you have to go through the capital improvement process? I mean, it may be just trying to understand how you’re structuring this. So you’re trying to set it up. So you don’t necessarily have to go through the capital improvement process for every for this ongoing sort of maintenance and upgrades? Are you still do? No, we

Unknown Speaker 1:00:45
still do? Yes. Well, yes, anything for renewal, we try to go through the CRP process. So the way we do that now, though, is we actually report on what assets we’re expecting to see if fail within a five year period, and then developing either projects, that could just be we’re going to renew all of them or Park, a couple of years from now, we actually have a bunch of lightning that’s going to fail at the same time. So then we will do a lighting renewal project at multiple locations throughout the city. But yes, that’s all through the CI p process. And a lot of those projects that renewal projects don’t really have an additional operating costs associated with it, some things do. But for the most part, they don’t really what we’re talking about is anything new coming online, we want to make sure that one the sheets are complete, that are associated with that tip when that project manager puts it in for operating budget, so that we can go back and ensure that that project actually has the funds available to maintain it once it’s built.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:56
So yeah, page I think it would, uh, you know, I was trying to get the beginning is that Stephen, Catherine, always good job at doing this tip page, documents what the cost should be kinberg isn’t that every bill, a park of x acres that many acres requires is made dollars, or this much staffing. But what was happening is that disconnect is by time timber got around to doing that on em request. It was not like this meeting, it was going up and having to compete against all the new shiny stuff, which is can be hard some time. So this actually keeps that link to that original request. And it says this was already approved. Therefore, we need to make a what we already have before we do something new and shiny. So I think we’re making some good progress there. On the third day, I know timber gave us a good overview, but I don’t know Kathy wants to jump in and talk about how this kind of plays into how her projects layout or she has a thoughts that she wants to share with the board on this portion of it. Well,

Unknown Speaker 1:02:54
I just jumped in. And I think timber did a pretty good job kind of talking about how we just link the two, the asset management in the park renewal pro program are so linked and we work together. And, you know, I guess the way I look at it is, you know, asset management can be one offs and can be taken care of in O and M if it’s a bench or you know, a roof that are painting railings or things like that. That’s one way to handle it. But then as things build, like you see at hoever Park, or Lou Miller Park, it’s where we can kind of look at look at a park and go, gee, it’s 30 years old, there’s multiple things that need to be taken care of at that park. So it’s a good time to put it in a CI key, rather than have it hit the O and M budget so hard, and really tackle it as a renewal project rather than just consider it maintenance. But some of the asset management is completely handled in operating and maintenance on an annual basis. So it’s, it’s kind of this, you know, linked effort, that there’s multiple ways to handle it in timber brought up the lighting, you know, maybe maybe we don’t tackle one part, but we look at lighting system. Why? Because that’s grown to a to a bigger effort that would warrant a CIT. So, so I don’t know if that helps, but I think timber explained it pretty well.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:24
Yeah, and the other thing we’ve added to our asset renewal program over the last couple of years is we had the renewal piece, which is I want to replace this playground we’re gonna replace the playground. Well, we’ve also added now the refurbish piece. So like tennis courts, it’s a pretty expensive endeavor to repaint on tennis court. So we’ve added in now, when are we expecting to paint, repaint tennis courts, and that we can fund through operating dollars as one time requests or we can fund it through parking Greenway maintenance requests, which comes from the $2 fee. Over the operating budget side, but then there are we do have funding set aside for projects that just come up through the year small painting projects, irrigation, repairs, lighting, labels, fail, irrigation headends, break all of that type of activity.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:25
So David, do you guys feel like in timber, because I know, part of this is getting Sustained funding for ongoing maintenance, you know, and making sure that, you know, you’re trying to create mechanisms to tie new projects to, you know, ongoing funding for that. I mean, in my work, we have, you know, endowment for properties. And you probably have that too, on the conservation easement side. But are there any other funding mechanisms that you guys need or are looking into to make sure that there is some kind of funding, like a certain amount set aside always to be tied to sort of asset management, timber you

Unknown Speaker 1:06:11
want to talk about because timber is the one that really getting evicted timber? Kathy, they worked on some of the original numbers to come up with how we fund these things. There’s another piece though, because we are a bigger group than just our parks that Dan might want to talk about his open space program and more of that ongoing, maintaining natural areas in perpetuity as well, and how we fund that because that is a different funding source. But you’ve probably got a data, let timber jump in and see how he feels that we’re doing with our ongoing budget, but our funding sources, and if that’s sufficient, because we are going to be looking at here in the next year or so.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:47
Yeah, I think our ongoing operations budget every year has either been slightly on target or just under spent. So I think the conversation we’re having now is we do have a lot of projects out there for renewal. And it really becomes into a capacity piece. It’s Do we have the people that can manage those projects? I think that’s where we’re running into some issues now is do we have? We have all these great projects out there called shovel ready projects, if you will, it’s just having the number of people to manage all those projects. It’s getting, it’s getting kind of a struggle.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:28
All right, thank you timber page. Did you have another question on that one? Or Katherine?

Unknown Speaker 1:07:33
I was just gonna see if anybody else had a question.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:38
Kathy, did you have something?

Unknown Speaker 1:07:40
Well, I was just gonna add that, you know, just to answer that question, that park and Greenway maintenance fee fund is really that that source that we sought out and got approval for in 2014, the $2 fee that’s on your utility bill. And that’s really what launched the park renewal program. But it can also fund just O and M on you know, as we add add Park, so I think, you know, as as we grow, and you’re seeing a lot of new park projects, timbers, you know, expecting a lot of that to come online, we’ll have to find that balance between ciap Park renewal projects, which are really expensive, you know, if we’re, and I think timbers always looking at and myself as well, you know, when we dive into something like Clark Centennial Park, which could be a renewal, similar in nature to garden acres, which is a very big expensive project. We’re looking to use that fun that park and Greenway maintenance fund, and having the cash flow to do these Park renewal projects, as well as find that balance of O and M for new parks coming online. Eventually, it’s probably not going to be enough right now. It’s enough because we haven’t seen those parks, new parks come online. And we haven’t had the staff to really, you know, roll out those projects. I’ve been doing a lot of projects, but also need to work on new so so I think Time will tell if we if that funding source is going to be sustainable, or not, you know, as we bring as we try to find that balance.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:19
One thing that’s really interesting too, is when you map out all the assets that we have in the system, the graph really follows kind of a wave pattern, because we lived in Longmont, there has been waves of development that have come in. And with development, there’s usually new parts that come online. So you have like this big bump around 90 through 2006. And there’s this just this huge wall, all those assets were built at the same time. So guess what, they’re kind of all going to fail at the same time too. So finding a balance of when we spread those out to level out when we spent funding on renewal and then you have big projects that happen like you know, Kathy just did garden makers renewal. Clarkson Tino renewal actually during this this currency IP Dry Creek Park is hitting its 20 year in 2026, which is currently in the five year CRP plan. So we have some things that Dry Creek Park that are scheduled for renewal already.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:20
Yeah, and just to be clear, you know that that fund is a supplement to the general fund. So timbers budget is primarily general fund. And so this is a supplement. So whether or not it’s sustainable depends on how the general fund is doing. And so that’s kind of why it’s, it’s always gonna be a bit of an unknown.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:47
Hey, thanks, that was really helpful.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:49
So pays you man, if I can jump in real quick with the open space program.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:59
But, you know, the open space program is a totally different animal, because we don’t have the crazy infrastructure associated with similar in aspects of a developed park system. Fortunately, for us, many of our open space properties are under an agricultural lease. And we count on those tenants to provide the machinery and the equipment and some of the assets to accommodate those properties. We also have the ability in the agricultural leases to take their revenues that are being generated to us and put those back into the property. So if we have a head gate, I have the ability to you know, use some of those leases, to replace those replace some fencing, a lot of that stuff is incorporated into the assets of the property. So it’s a little bit it’s a significant, different animal. From that perspective.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:00
We’d management and ongoing maintenance there, Dan? Or how do you feel,

Unknown Speaker 1:12:04
again, as we maintain, again, as we grab properties, and it’s not just open space properties, other properties that some of the utilities are using, you know, obviously, we have a responsibility to maintain the vegetation. So as those new properties Come on, come online, we need the additional resources to monitor timber, but not to the degree. Because, again, from Denver’s perspective, in the asset management, you know, we’re talking about vegetative management, which is and weed control, which is, you know, from a fiscal perspective, significantly less

Unknown Speaker 1:12:48

Unknown Speaker 1:12:53
Right. Okay, any anything else? on this topic? Okay, if not, just is not here, it’s night. But I do want to talk about we have in the past, the board has done field trips, I think we would like to try to do that if conditions allow this year, and so wanted to have at least a brief conversation about whether folks would be interested in pursuing that, what time of the year if there’s a specific month or month that is best? And then what kinds of locations you might be interested in visiting? Or if there’s a theme that you would be interested in? I will throw out that I do think it would be and I do think David you and Jeff and I talked about this combining the sort of trails conversation with you know, visiting some of the trails and looking at connectivity. So I would throw that out there as one option for a field trip and I’m flexible and where that would start and end that you know, we could do a bike trip or a walking trip or whatever works best for people. Other idea

Unknown Speaker 1:14:22
i’m in favor of the bike shop but I have another idea except I think you guys did it before it was on the board in which case that’s silly, which is I’ve only been to button rock once and I barely know any of it. And I’m very interested in learning more about that since it sounds like a very popular asset but has already been a field trip there maybe just the year before I joined the board.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:41

Unknown Speaker 1:14:42
there one time I wasn’t able to go on it either. I think it was might have been before I joined Dan, did you go on it?

Unknown Speaker 1:14:53
Yes, it was way cool. We got to go inside the dam which was way cool. Or see the tunnel under Nice. And then it was kind of a what happened after the flood sort of tour. And it was interesting and city council was invited. And but there’s a lot of other places, so I’m not sure. You know,

Unknown Speaker 1:15:16
I feel like I could go check it out on my own with like someone can give me a little you should go look at this, you can work with what David, we can work with you Jeff to make sure that our board members get a chance to see some of the stuff up there too. So if that’s not the top priority button rock is something we can work with our Rangers and stuff to maybe make sure you get a chance to. We could check out the connectivity for a bike ride starting at button rock and then try to make it always a brand Park. We’re working on that one.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:45
That’s the right direction. downhill.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:49
Well picked for a reason.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:51
E bikes.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:55
Okay, other other ideas?

Unknown Speaker 1:16:01
The button rock idea came to us from staff, as I recall. Is there anything now David or Jeff? I guess Jeff’s not here? I mean, is there something you guys like to show off? The whole? You know, resilient St. brain? Is there a tour of all that? Or I’m just throwing something out? I don’t know.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:23
I think it’s a great. I think it’s a great kind of closing that loop because we did take proud and counsel out there. And that’s really kind of push the button rock masterplan. I think as people saw Jamie Friel as a ranger up there, what he was doing with the increased use with all the dog use counselor, he said, You need to do something with this to help you manage his properties. And now Danielle’s been working on the button rock master plan. COVID slowed down that process a little bit. So it might be a nice one to do once you wrap up that master plan and kind of say, here’s where we started. And here’s where we’re at. So I would say, this year, this time, I don’t think there’s a highlight we could hit. But that’d be a great way to kind of close that loop. When we get maybe that master plan or something done, Dan, I think it’s great idea.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:03
Well, no, I was asking if there’s something other than button rock that you want to show off. You know, something that like I said, you know, resilience, same brain is there is are we at a good spot? Now? It seems like Not quite. But, or something out at Union or something that Mackintosh to understand the problems there or, etc, I’m, it’s hard. I guess, from my standpoint, it’s hard to pick apart. I mean, I like the idea of getting on a bike and traveling to as many as possible, but I’m not sure how practical that is.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:38
So I think one things that that could do is we could highlight some simpler again out a way for the boys out they want to do a hiking, biking, what works for people and how that works. But I think highlight some of those new trail connections and maybe looking where those gaps really at and talking about where you could get from here. You could you could hit quite a few of those you from Macintosh to whatever part of town we want to do this on but there’s ways we could right hit some of the highlights. I think if we did a combination of a hiker bike tour of the trails Tod connectivity and Pathak was on the parks along that as well. The Macintosh is one that we could talk about unions want to talk about. And all those are are kind of tied to our trail system. Steve, you have a thoughts on that, again, going along, RSVP out to the east.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:26
We had also at some point talked about dickins Farm park that I you know, was thinking that that could be part of a trail. Yes, exactly.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:35
Toby. Today, right? tubing?

Unknown Speaker 1:18:42
Yeah, no, I’m not tubing.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:45

Unknown Speaker 1:18:47
Yeah. So I guess it’s really a desire of the board, whether you would like to see something a celebrate a completed project, or view future projects or gaps in our our system. And we could do both. Doing a bike tour to view gaps in our trail system seems somewhat problematic, because there’s nothing to ride on because there’s a gap there. So that is, there’s challenges with that we can certainly do some stops around the city off of a van and walk out and look at some different trail a gaps. I find gaps easily identified on Google Earth or you know, a big map, but I happen to know this city pretty well. off trail. So really it I think it’d be great to go up and see Dickens and see RSVP and see all the work that we’ve been working on for the past seven, eight years. And that would be I could talk about that stuff for hours and hours. I’m still waiting to hear about our national AP web award application for defense and I’m just good news, I suppose I’m hoping to hear the next couple weeks. So by May hopefully we’re celebrating that at the Next prime meeting. But yeah, it’s just a strategy. What do you want to see things that are uncompleted? And you want to see things that are completed in awesome?

Unknown Speaker 1:20:13
Also, like, How much time do we have to dedicate for this? And with COVID? Are we really all writing in one band together and think like, the biking thing is, we can all be outside. But I do think like, you know, a two hour thing I can do, I can’t do our half day thing. There’s no way I think two or three I, again, we’ll leave this we have a bit, maybe longer decided here about up we have Paige wants to wrap this up on this one. But I do think that ability to look at places like Dickens and Steve, I think, you know, your ability to use Google Earth and kind of Dorothy’s art. But to talk about directly from how do we go from here to there, doesn’t mean you have to drive to that gap, you start talking about those long term planning visions that you might have, as you kind of move, you know, through our system and look to celebrate some of those areas via the spring ghost trail, I can see that Dickens is spring begins to almost union could be something and that we do get done in a couple hours and celebrate some new trails, talk about the gaps and where these new trails will connect to once those other pieces tie in, and do a little bit celebrating. But

Unknown Speaker 1:21:16
there’s a pretty safe route from dekins to Steven de Park, even without the spring phase three connection, if we were to use the trail on the north side of 119, over to the bike lands at kayalite, road down 26. And then using the new sprinkles trail. So that would be a doable ride for a group of people to size. Right. And

Unknown Speaker 1:21:38
I’m thinking Steve on the along the way we can talk about Costco, we could talk about Irwin Thomas, the gravel mining operations that impact open space and park properties, swing our way up to you know, spring golf, talk about all the development or a Ron union reservoir and those opportunities. You know, on the way back stop at left hand and have a cocktail while we’re looking over at the new RSVP section. I was

Unknown Speaker 1:22:03
hoping the concierge would pick us up at Stephen day. But we’ll see. Well, we

Unknown Speaker 1:22:06
could do that too. But you know, again, we can show ya, you know, the original phase one of RSVP out at sandstone and look at the wildlife and the craziness that’s going on out there. You know, and how we’ve used route wise, there’s a ton of stuff you that we would love to show you. Again, it’s you know, there are certainly limitations on your days and the numbers of hours. But you know, if you let staff do it, well, we can camp out for the week.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:38

Unknown Speaker 1:22:39
I have to say I really like that idea. I like the idea get on bikes, I know that I have been on, you know, some really excellent field trips with the board. They are so worthwhile just being you know, right there experiencing it. So what you’ve all just sort of described this last connection, I think it’d be really worthwhile trip to do. I think it’d be really good. And then I don’t know, like I went and took a peek behind lefthand that area that’s closed off that part of the bike path. I know that’s that’s not so much the city project. That’s more the field of in I mean, whatever. I’m not sure it’s a city project.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:20
It’s a sewer project being funded by by corbon. Engineers. But yeah, it’s a city project. That

Unknown Speaker 1:23:28
is not a core project.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:29
It’s okay. But that’s that was really interesting. I kind of snuck behind the lines. I’m sorry. And have more explanation was it was definitely and that mobile home park behind there. If I understand has been sold.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:49
Yes to a mobile developer.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:52
No. To another mobile home park company.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:56
Okay, well, what is I thought there was a new big development right in that area.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:01
It was in the area.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:04
There’s nothing right there slated for development just to the west west, north of Colorado materials. There’s a develop that parcel that’s full of construction equipment that’s up slated for development, right. I mean, last up the river that’s slated for development, the mobile home park changed hands. It was an unfortunate article times call where they advertise the mobile home park being changed from one mobile home park company in California to another in California. They took a photograph of a redevelopment sign. The only redevelopment was us replanting the small, not bigger than this room. Lots that we purchased from them to do the RSVP project we had to replant some things legally to make sure that our property separate hers but there’s no plans for redevelopment this point in time. The same brain mobile home park.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:01
Alright, because I was concerned when I saw that very concerned.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:05
Regardless of how this goes, I’m happy to to meet you over lefthand for a beer and chat with you about the project. At any time,

Unknown Speaker 1:25:13
let me know. That’d be great. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:16
So I wonder in terms of rather than trying to do scheduling now, would it be possible to do like a little survey of board members in terms of like months and like time period? Sounds like a roughly two hour time period would work? Can we do that as a follow up, or? I mean, in the past and David’s

Unknown Speaker 1:25:42
prints, you

Unknown Speaker 1:25:42
know, in the past, we’ve always done it in the summer, but I do think a lot of people have gone on vacation, you’re never going to find a perfect time. But personally, I would think earlier, rather than later. than

Unknown Speaker 1:26:00
in the past, as I recall, this was a Monday night, in lieu of zoom call thing, at least, like when we went up to button rock run, it was a couple maybe three out and I’m thinking a six to eight kind of thing. I don’t remember exactly. Is that what we foresee? Or is this a Saturday afternoon deal?

Unknown Speaker 1:26:21
staff? Well, I’m sure staff will be flexible, and we can do whatever works best for this group?

Unknown Speaker 1:26:26
Yeah, you’re right, Dan, that typically we done this, in lieu of a prod meeting on a Monday, if we’ve done it 535 o’clock to seven or eight o’clock, depending on where we’re going. Historically, the board has invited counsel to join us, right. Um, and we’ve so we would want to schedule that in such a way. So that’s an opportunity for the board to speak with members that know their priorities for council to consider as they move forward. And we can certainly figure out a way for folks to cycle when they want to cycle folks to drive if they don’t want to suckle to make sure that we’re meeting strategic gathering points, and trying to have those conversations. Jeff was right about COVID. And, yeah, we would certainly follow whatever COVID requirements are in effect at the time. And, you know, so maybe later in the summer, maybe better contrary to what you said, Sue? I don’t know, it’s really up to you all. But um,

Unknown Speaker 1:27:32
it’s Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:32
I was wondering, like, maybe July or September? Because I feel like August is always tricky, but I don’t know. So maybe we could. Go ahead.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:46
No, we’re used to asking to see if the CBO could kind of get a quick temperature from each of the members right now and see if

Unknown Speaker 1:27:53
we can do that now. Or, yeah, you want to send out an email as a follow up.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:59
When we do that we work with Server Admin staff and see if we do that it might be easy to be able to just look at their calendars and and have that ready for us by the time we meet next time. So yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:28:12
my one point would be that if we’re doing a bike ride, late June has the most light late. And the theoretically, the thunderstorms in July haven’t started yet. Theoretically.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:34
Okay, well, let’s plan to come back to the next meeting with a proposed date and general itinerary. if that’s okay with you, David,

Unknown Speaker 1:28:45
we can do that I’m sure we can use Survey Monkey or some sort of email piece was so that June, July, August, September, Saturday a weekday and see what works best for people.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:58
And I’m happy to follow up with you to help. Okay, thanks to the questions if you if that’s helpful. Okay, thanks, everyone. So the next item is to discuss any questions that board members have from the materials that were in the packet. And if they’re rec center questions, we might have to hold them till next time. Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 1:29:28
was gonna say yeah, there’s not really a rec center update because Jeff knew he wouldn’t be here. Like, there’s sort of Yeah. Okay, nevermind.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:41
Yeah, there is. Any questions from the packet material? Okay, if not, Do we have any additional items from staff?

Unknown Speaker 1:30:14
And I just let you know that we are starting the ball rolling for the annexation of like Mackintosh. So David and I met with development services, and we’re soliciting survey, an Annexation Survey. And hopefully we will have that by Friday. And it’s anticipated that it’ll take us approximately three months to go through that annexation process. That’s it.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:46
Hey, thanks. Yeah, I saw that in the news. Any other items? from staff?

Unknown Speaker 1:30:57
Then for me?

Unknown Speaker 1:31:00
Okay. Any items from the board? Anything else you’d like to bring up? Yeah, Dan.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:08
I have two. The first one is I saw that city council disgust Lake McIntosh. Amongst with you, folks. David in particular. And Dan, is there something we need to do or should be doing with Russ in response to all that? Or do you guys have a go forward plan you want to share or man I, I hurt I read in the paper, I guess, mostly, you know, it’s the same sort of thing you’d reported to us before? More patrols, more signage, you know, we’re hiring additional Rangers, etc. Is there anything you need from us or that we should be involved with?

Unknown Speaker 1:31:52
I appreciate that that question, because I think one things that the reason we brought it to this group was, again, we know some of you live out there, some of you have friends out there, some of you use it. And always make sure we’re doing kind of aligns with what the community is looking for. So as you kind of read through that, and heard that, I think the big thing is, if as you’re working with your friends and neighbors out there, see stuff that either is working well or not working to let us know, but I will say exactly what you talked about, we’re going to go through this season, we’ve already had the ability to hire on some additional Rangers, timber data, did a great job with that, done some additional training, which will also help we’re gonna be doing this year, some temporary signs, they’re not gonna be the paper laminate, they’ll be aluminum temporary side, that will work on that Dan’s got the ability to get some grant dollars with marksman partners to do access areas so that people aren’t having to Trump the vegetation, potentially to get to wash their vessels. So we have a pretty robust plan. But we’re getting some additional dollars, we’ll be putting in some more dollars to the 2022 budget. So this year, we’re going to use those additions that have some temporary signage, continue to monitor PD is going to be working with us. And I would say when we get together once a month, those of you that are out there and use it or hear things, please let us know is probably the biggest thing and provide feedback to your friends neighbors up on what we’re doing. That’d be great.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:19
Well, just FYI. We can what, eight, nine days ago, Saturday, I lost count that 60 plus boats on a 25 boat maximum lake and two days ago on Saturday, which was kind of a grim weather in the morning. There were already 25 votes. And so that’s a impossible number right now, I mean, that that regulation is just isn’t gonna happen.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:44
So I did talk to counsel about that. And there were as council members really want us to change right now. And Dan could tell us what to is that that is part of the adopted master plan, however, was never we would have we don’t have a rule in writing that says there has to be 25 no more than 25 people on that body of water. So if someone out there, they really could not at this point, we could put a sign up or something but we don’t have a rule or reg that addresses that at this point. So is it do we is 25 a number because it keeps people safe is is a number because it’s consideration neighbors is 25 for wildlife impacts. I think if we can address safety out there, if we can address noise if we can address those pieces. Maybe it’s trying to manage activity more than the numbers because we are gonna be looking at putting in for a boat out there in 2022 as well. It’d be hard for us right now to say who was the first person who was a 26 on 26 year off you have to stand here and wait. But you know, supposedly they’re paddleboarding across the lake. So I think working to see I’ll go back a little bit council to because there definitely was debate on Do we need to have another regulation that staff can enforce or is enforcement, you have to be wearing a vest. You have to be wearing a life jacket or a vocation of like you have to stay out of the wild Like closures, if we can manage those pieces, is that is that easier than managing a number?

Unknown Speaker 1:35:05
I’m with you. I think that’s smart. Because that number I don’t see, it’s just totally impractical, full size and any number at all.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:13
Then again, that number was generated back in 2003. Right. And you understand that, at that point in time, paddle boards were where they didn’t, you know, where they really didn’t exist. So, I mean, it’s a brand new entity, you know, we’re, I’m counting the days when the new buoys come in, and the Rangers and my staff can get those buoys out to, you know, to mark, that Northwest shoreline is habitat to keep people out of there. Those are our priorities. Again, as David said, safety is an issue is clearly an issue. And it’s things like pfds, on all these boats, and child under 13 years of age must be wearing one. You know, again, it’s going to be a lot of education, and hopefully, you know, the Rangers were going to be out there in a presence. Our Rangers, those that are on anyhow, from button rock and union, and these community Rangers all just this past week, just went through four significant days of training with the police department, in our city attorneys and in city prosecutors. So you know, I what I heard from those Rangers, it’s the best training they’ve had period ever. And one of them has been here almost 16 years. So it’s a great step forward.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:37
Well, and, again, my main point is, is starting already, so any nice day, you know, like we discussed last year, it’s been discovered everybody knows, a nice day. Hey, let’s go to like Mac, you know, I mean, it’s, it’s, we’re starting. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:54
I was good. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:56
I was just gonna say, I was it golden ponds. Tuesday night, I thought I’d, you know, spend a couple hours just kind of dinking around with the flyrod. And this is at six o’clock at night. And I was lucky to find a part. So we know it’s happening. It’s there. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:14
So that’s what I was gonna say, too. I think that this this group of Rangers we have right now, I believe we have six new Rangers that we didn’t have that last year. So it’s gonna be a big help. But those are the same Rangers that will be at Golden ponds. They’ll be trying to keep kids from jumping off bridges at dekins Park, they’ll be out doing the new trail connection. So you’re not going to see a ranger Mackintosh all the time. And I think that’s as we kind of move forward and say, as your like advice for 2008 to do we need to have some dedicated people some of these more these busier Park. So I think we’re making an incremental change in that direction to addresses but we’re gonna we still have some gaps this coming season.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:50
Yep. And we will next week on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdays when you first started seeing the community of Rangers out actually doing patrols.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:58
And the other one, you may fail to mention dimension, it’s going to be a significant duty is contacting the homeless or those camping along the greenways. That’s going to take a significant amount of time. Also.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:13
I hate to keep going here page. But now this has been opened up it is a great piece that I hope that I’d like the community to know we’re doing that too because Dan mentioned that trading law those Rangers come in natural resource backgrounds and they’re used to doing fishing violations are hoping to talk about people above the neighbor’s girl a bit button rock. But managing homelessness and homeless camps in our communities become a big part of this. And this Ranger group has been trained at away with our PD and our attorney’s office but also with our homeless services outreaches so that they know when they’re contacting people that they can try to get them services, in addition trying to make them get in compliance with the rules and regulations.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:55
I have a second one if you’re ready. We done. My other point was to ask again about making the doors on tennis courts functional again as doors. I bring that up because Thank you timber with the bathrooms are open again. And people are using handles apparently to get the doors open and shut. And the CDC released things saying we don’t get COVID anymore from touching surfaces. So but balls still go out in the street and from tennis courts. And so I think it’s high time that we undo the permanently open gates on tennis court doors. I noticed that at falter The doors are functional. And it would be great for quayle and Carr and Pratt and the other multi corded facilities to have doors that can stay shot.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:55
Yeah, so your dad process of falling. Sorry, David.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:00
I say that you’re going to these meetings with oticon. Public health so glad.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:04
No, yeah, we are in the process of reinstalling. All the gates on all the tennis courts, basketball courts throughout the city, also installing all of the benches that we took out. We just we got a little bit behind with the big snowstorm. So we’re, we’re going what is happening just is happening. Yep, you’d like you’ve seen a couple popping up. We’re in the process of getting them all back up.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:25
I was on the CDC webpage today in Boulder County and looking for all my data, you know, great. Nevermind.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:32
Okay. Yeah, they’re up there going up.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:40
I’m done.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:42

Unknown Speaker 1:40:43
any other items from board?

Unknown Speaker 1:40:47
other question on the same frame, Greenway. South of Boston, east of South Platte Parkway used to be a mobile home park. Is there a plan for that space? I was just looking to see in the tip, if there was gonna be a project that’s planned for there, or is there a future plan for that little space as a park or something? It’s just out the budget home center? You

Unknown Speaker 1:41:14
touch on that? Sure. Yeah. Public Works natural resources, is working with other departments and divisions within the city to repurpose that property. We the current philosophy from our city leadership is that it was once affordable housing, it should probably remain affordable housing. We are working with Longmont, where we called Liu h Longmont. How long. Yes, thank you working with them to see if they will purchase that property from the funds that bought it originally, and try to repurpose that for affordable housing. There’s nothing in stone yet. That’s just the discussions that are going on right now. But we as a department would like to offload that property now that we were done using it for staging of construction. And so yeah, right now timbers workgroup is tasked with maintaining it. But we’re looking to turn it into something else here in the in the near future. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:42:17
cool. Thank you. Yep.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:24
No, did you have something

Unknown Speaker 1:42:25
just to comment? I just want to thank especially, you know, David dams, Steve Cappy and timber. I’m always so impressed at these meetings when I hear you talk. And I, when I read the information, we get the board packet. I just think Longmont is outstanding and stellar when it comes to the parks and recreation. I just from other places I go and other people I talked to I just want to thank you guys, I think you do a really incredible job. And I know you’re short staffed and probably underpaid, but I was a teacher. So I understand that perfect. Anyway, thank you. But thank you, Sue.

Unknown Speaker 1:43:05
Thank you very much, Sue. And I just want to tell you that I couldn’t agree with you more on the dedication your staff don’t think main people one know the extent of what they actually have. I don’t know a lot of people know how much they have from Sansa ranch up to button rock and everything in between. But the staff you have here is great. And a lot of people have my staff night, but just so you know, that continuity of staff, Steve and Dan both had their 20 year anniversary. The city is here. So you got people that are committed and dedicated to this program.

Unknown Speaker 1:43:35
Thank you guys.

Unknown Speaker 1:43:39
Great, thanks to anything else. Okay, seeing nothing. We take a motion to adjourn.

Unknown Speaker 1:43:58
I’ll make a motion.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:00
I move we adjourn.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:03
The damn good.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:05
All right. I need a second. Second. Competition. All right. All those in favor? Aye. Aye. Aye. Great. Thank you. The meeting is adjourned. Thanks. Thanks, everyone. Hey, Sue,

Unknown Speaker 1:44:25
call me about that beer. We’ll get a beer. We’ll talk about the project.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:29
email your phone number to me. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:44:33
I’ll do that right now. Okay, like right.