Callahan House Board Meeting April 14, 2021

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Callahan House Board Meeting April 14, 2021

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Unknown Speaker 0:00
Let’s go ahead and start, it’s 909 by my computer’s account, I’m going to go ahead and do a call to order. Um, and we’re all here, it’s great to see everyone have you all had a chance to look at your packets and look at the meeting the minutes from the previous meeting by shaking in the heads. That’s, that’s, that’s true. So basically, that, that’s,

Unknown Speaker 0:35
that’s the other

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thing that I’m gonna do a clarification real quickly. from speaking with Kathy, and she’s talked to the city clerk, we’re doing an abbreviated version of parliamentary procedure. So I was doing the strict Fallout, we do everything. Um, so we’re gonna do an abbreviated version from now on, where we’ll just do a vote on any, any agenda items that we need to add, um, approval of minutes, and that kind of thing. So we’ll only we do be doing votes and approval of the minutes in the house manager’s reports. So I’ll be calling for votes on both of those. And then we’ll go to agenda items as quickly as possible. And then unless we have any motions, or added items that we need to add to the agenda, we will only do votes on those and then we’ll do a vote for an adjournment. So, um, if that’s, do you guys understand what I’m saying? Am I clearly articulating? Okay, so this way, the meeting will go much quicker. And hopefully, we’ll go from there. So I’m looking at the minutes and if everybody’s had a chance to review those minutes, I am going to call for a motion for approval.

Unknown Speaker 2:11
Brian, you just froze

Unknown Speaker 2:18
in the world? Okay.

Unknown Speaker 2:20
Am I okay, now? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 2:23
Okay. So read clarification. Thank you, Kathy, for telling me that these are going to be fun meetings, obviously. So um, I need I’m going to be calling for a motion for approval of the board minutes of January 13. If I can get a motion from somebody and somebody needs to unlike and put forth a motion.

Unknown Speaker 2:49
I move that we accept the minutes from January 13 2021.

Unknown Speaker 2:57
Thank you can Can I get a second please? Connie, would you on my can just say yes.

Unknown Speaker 3:13
Usually down at the bottom? Yes. Well, mine’s

Unknown Speaker 3:15
at the top this way.

Unknown Speaker 3:18
I second.

Unknown Speaker 3:20
All right. Thank you. So it’s been moved and seconded that we approve the minutes from the board meeting because we are being filmed. If we can just do a hands of approval for about that for all approving of the of the board minutes of January 30 2021. Perfect. Great. Moving right along with that was a full compliance that everybody accrued with those moving straight to the house manager’s report. Kathy, if you would please start. That’d be great.

Unknown Speaker 3:55
Absolutely. We have been very quiet as you can see from the the number of events between January and March, because of COVID. Obviously, we’re not having an any events, but we did have 10 tours and one board meeting I did count the board meeting that we did in January. So we’ve had a total of 43 guests. And in 10 tours, and the garden is still being used a lot for photographs. But because we’re not there all the time. Even when we’re there. It’s hard to capture but when we’re not there, it’s impossible to capture. You know how much use the chat it’s actually getting. But I know they’re doing it. I saw some beautiful little girls and dance outfits getting their pictures taken on Saturday. So it was it was kind of fun. Our inquiry inquiries are still tracking to previous shares. We’ve had 92 inquiries since the beginning of the year. eight of those have come in through phone and 84 have been electronic. We are getting more inquiries from them. Not that anybody else. But wedding wire and the city of Longmont websites are right behind there. And we also have a new source of increase, which is a small company in Denver called venue hub, who’s actively working to reroute postponed COVID events. So we started to get some inquiries from them as well, you can see that they they met and matched the city of Longmont website increase for January through March. We have four new revenue generating events. And it was kind of tricky counting, because we’ve had events booked and then cancel as well. So I just did the best that could have based on my my assumption that we only wanted to know about things that were still on the books. So we now have a total of nine revenue events booked for 2021. The really good news, Pat Neff is going to continue to do our custodio I don’t believe that Rhonda is coming back. Pat is doing a phenomenal job. If we leave him a list, he does the whole list. And then he adds to it. And right now he is working at systematically moving through all of the rooms, boiling all the wood and have and

Unknown Speaker 6:21
he’s having fun.

Unknown Speaker 6:23
So it’s really hard work. So he is cutting on Thursdays, he’s staying a large portion of the day instead of the three hours that we were used to getting from Rhonda. And he is willing to do anything we need him to do so I am so jest that we you know that we’ve got somebody who’s willing and capable and happily doing everything. He can’t take the house. Beautiful and ready to open that so that’s amazing. And since they’re adding another custodian to recreation, I think I think I’ve been told that that that’s going to continue for the foreseeable future. Thank you sue Ellen. So I’m really I’m really jazzed about that. And he is he is so tickled to show up on Thursdays and make a pot of coffee and go to work. So it’s it’s it’s pretty exciting. The garden is going gangbusters on. We are doing tons of things to get ready for the summer. Both grow and Terra care have been out. bros been out at least three times already. They’ve both done a leaf cleanup and grow is now trimming bushes and weeding to get ready for the planting which will be the third week in May. Now they’re also re mulching all of the perennial beds, so that we get a leg up on that as well. So that’s pretty exciting. Tara care has airfreighted. They’ve done a leaf cleanup. I’m pretty sure they fertilize the day they aerated. And the other good news is I talked parks into doing a pre emergent again this year, they haven’t done one for about three years. And we’ve been increasingly getting more more and more progress in our grass, especially in the boulevards on the outside of the fence. And unfortunately once it’s out there, then it moves into the main part of the garden. So we’re working on getting a pre emergent lay down to stop the progress. I’m excited about that to the use of the garden is picking up again. There were people out there with lawn chairs in the sunshine last week, there was a mother and a two dance daughters and a photographer. There’s lots of people walking through. It’s always so exciting to me to to see people there. My family had a cut there on on Easter morning. And the kids had a great time even though frankly the nothing’s up higher than this much. So my seven year old grandson walked into the end of the property and he looked around and he said, put his hands on his hips and he said Don’t you think grandpa should have done a better job of hiding the eggs. And we got it. We got a seven year old critique, but it was it was pretty they had a great time they hunted their eggs it was over in like 15 minutes. And then they and then they hit eggs they picked up 10 eggs and they redid them in the gardens for two more hours. So they had a great time critiquing all good news, we’re going to start letting the clubs returned to the house with the proper safeguards. If they are vaccinated, they can come back and they don’t have to social distance. They do have to wear their masks until the city or and or the county lift the mask mandate for indoors. If they aren’t vaccinated, then they can come back but they will still have to social distance and where they’re So I’m working on notifying each of them, that they can come back and seeing if they actually want to do that at this point. But that’s, that’s really good news, it’ll be the first time we’ve had people in the house to do something for a long, long time. So that’s exciting. There repairs where you’re doing repairs on the kitchen hood, the carbon dioxide canister is expired. And the new company that’s doing the maintenance felt like that the nozzles needed to be moved a little bit. So we are in the process of getting that done. Facilities approved it, and they’re paying for it, which is good news. And they’re going to be in on the 19th. To do that work.

Unknown Speaker 10:51
Jacqueline is working on our bi annual inventory. And that’s almost done. We’re down to the stuff that’s hard, because it moves around and changes was kind of funny. She came into my office yesterday. And she wanted to know, she wanted to know about the linen inventory, because she couldn’t make any sense of it. And she’s the one who did it two years ago. And, and I didn’t review the linen inventory, because to me, that’s just kind of, you know, it changes all the time. So we sat for about 10 minutes and tried to figure out what she did two years ago and just decided she was going to redo it because it didn’t make sense. So I told her to do it. So it made sense when she redid it in two more years. So we’re almost done with that. And that’s an exciting thing to have behind us because it’s very tedious and time consuming. I already talked about the clubs. So I’m going to move past that one. I’m just kind of a update on the the dial. And I think it’s actually changed since I wrote the note yesterday, I wrote the report yesterday. But as of yesterday, we were in yellow on the COVID. Dial, it looks to me like there is a very good chance that we’re moving to blue, with caveats shortly. But I don’t know the exact nature of that. So at the moment, under yellow, we’re up we’re able to do events up to 50% of our capacity. And as long as we’re willing to do mass, I put six feet between the tables. So we’re working on getting that information out to the people that already have events booked. And looking for ways to do that safely. That makes sense. So that as we do our bookings, we can tell people what the rules are at that moment in time. And then just keep them informed as they change. So my interpretation of that, after consulting with Sue, Ellen and did is that we can do up to 75 in the garden, and 15 to 20 in the house, depending on if we use the upstairs or the downstairs. So some of our some of our events still can’t go forward inside because they’re bigger than than 15 or 20 deaths. That includes a couple of our clubs. But but we’re we’re making progress, and it’s exciting. And I’m in the process of getting more hand sanitizers. So they can be like everywhere, and putting up a few signs about social distancing and mask wearing so that we’re in compliance with all of the rules.

Unknown Speaker 13:32
I heard me, Kathy, I hate to interrupt, but I have some questions. And I’m not sure how you would like to handle the questions. Would you like us to wait with your questions and completely until you’re done with the report? Or do we want to take questions per your your bullet items,

Unknown Speaker 13:52
you know, it would probably be easier just to jot them down and do them at the end, because I’ve got quite a bit to get through and your questions might get answered. And if they don’t, then we can do that at the end. Does that make sense to everybody? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 14:05
I just wanted, I want to make sure that we’re all on the same page. So okay, thank you. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 14:12
that’s fine. I submitted the operating budget for 2022. It is budget season. And I’m working on capital requests, I need to do what’s called Pb 145, which is kind of an ongoing capital request to purchase things like furniture that benefit customers, I’m working on that. And then in addition to the grants that we’re working on, we’re also going to put a capital request in the system to do the remainder of the items that are not in the current capital funding that we’ve already received. So I’m going to do a request for whatever we need in addition to what we’ve got for the driveway already. And for the painting and, and for the I think that’s it so We’re going to go ahead and put a capital request in the system, per Karen, Ronnie’s suggestion and just agreement so that we have a backup against the, if the grant requests or if the grant isn’t approved. So I’m working on that as well. We have some money this year, out of the PD 145, which is the the fund that we use to replace things that customers benefit from, in the various facilities in the city. And we’re going to get a new stove, our stove is in pretty crummy condition. We were going to do that last year, and then the funding got cut off. So we’re gonna go ahead and do that. We’re all set for that from an installation perspective, because we went ahead last year, and installed a turn off valve on the connection to the gas. So now all we have to do is pull out the old stove, put in the new stove, and then hook it up. Because before it was it was wired directly into the gas. And we couldn’t do it without a plumber. So I’m working on that. I also think we’re going to get a new refrigerator for alcohol and drink and food storage. Because we can’t figure out how old that refrigerator that we have is it last it was at the senior center for meals on wheels. And they got a grant to get a new one and we took it and it’s got another five or six years on it. And no idea when it’s kind of conked out and we’ve got the dollars to replace it. So I think that we’re going to do that. And then if there’s any money left over, we’re gonna buy some additional folding chairs that match the ones that we use in the downstairs because they are still available. And something that I’m noticing is that a lot of the things that we’re using, are becoming not available any but more because people are not manufacturing them. And since we have such a huge investment in those cherry wood canes chairs, we’re going to go ahead and buy a few more so that we can keep using them for quite some time. Karen and I are working on Karen and Anne and I are still working on the grant submission, Karen is going to give us an update on that in a little bit. And just so you know, before when we were doing this, the the grant deadline had not been set. The grant application is still not open. And but the grant deadline is going to be the first of August. And we are still waiting quotes from most of the contractors that we spoken with. Most of them are so busy that they can’t seem to break free from their busy schedules and the work that they’re already doing to give us a quote for work that we aren’t going to do till 2022. And the other thing we’re really struggling with at the moment is what what exactly are we going to do with the driveway. So and I’ll let Karen to talk to what what we’ve figured out so far, when we get to that portion of the meeting. The other good or bad news is that the grant process this year is going to be very, very competitive. Because most of their funding comes from the taxes off of gaming revenues. And of course, central city in Black Hawk and the other gaming city, whatever that one is that you know we’re close most of last year. So their funds are fairly short. Although I skied a couple weeks ago, and if the traffic into Central City is in any indication, they are going gangbusters. I’m just another note, Jacqueline and I are both scheduled to renew our CPR and first aid in May to keep up with our requirements for safety for the house. And I didn’t put this in the note but I also have to renew my tips training in May, which is the training to serve alcohol responsibly. So I’m looking into getting signed up for a class event cancellations

Unknown Speaker 19:02
on my June 19 wedding canceled. They’ve been having a lot of health issues. And they also are struggling because of COVID. And they decided not to go forward. Stephanie and Cove booked and then they turn back around in about three weeks and canceled. Her family is Canadian. And based on the rules about crossing the border and the pace at which the vaccinations are happening both here and there. They decided they just didn’t want to take a chance that their families couldn’t be there when they got married, which makes perfect sense. But we did schedule a very nice little lovely wedding ceremony for May 20 seconds. We scheduled a lovely little 12 person, wedding, excuse me wedding ceremony and dinner for On 13th of June with a rehearsal on the 12th. We just scheduled a 16th wedding anniversary for July. And of course, Stephanie and COVID have cancelled, but we did go through all the motions and the invoices and the billing and the booking for their event. So I did put it on there as booked and then booked and cancelled. We’re getting a ton of inquiries, but people are very, very cautious. They really don’t want to book and they cancel. So they’re all holding off to see what happens with COVID. As I mentioned before, our leads are tracking very well to previous years. But people are just getting information and waiting. I did send a note and have a little conversation with the firehouse Art Gallery, who are the people who sponsor our walk, they are planning on doing the September event, which is going to look pretty much like the old art walks. I think that’s really good news. At the moment, though, they don’t really have a sponsorship that fits the same category is what we did their sponsorships are considerably more spending than what we’ve done in the past. So I’m working, I’m going to have a conversation with her about whether or not they can open up a sponsorship like the one we had before. So I’m continuing to work on that. Wedding sites and services is starting to go back to two shows the shows are starting to gear up for the wedding shows. So I did get some leads in March, and sent out no emails to all of them. And I just received another set that I’ll send out probably this evening. So they’re starting to, to fire up. I’m moving on to the spreadsheet and the financials. On the on the main sheet, which is the one with all of the months on it, you can see that we that were kind of holding our own financially so far this year. We’re about we’re about $1,000 to the red, which is not surprising at all at this time of year, even in a non COVID year. So I’m not disappointed in that at all. And I’m hoping as the bookings pick up, that will will continue to will get in the black and stay there this year. But that all depends on what happens with COVID. The next sheet is the event breakdown sheet. And you can see that we’ve had a total of 12 events with 43 guests so far this year, that includes the April events, because that’s a running total. Those are not represented on the march or the report for today. So there was one more tour with three more guests. The next three sheets are the expenses in January, February and March. I put those in there. So you could see that we’re not really spending much money. Most of what we’re spending is to pay Jacqueline, and for a few office supplies, and also our current advertising. So I just wanted to put those in there. So you could see what we were actually doing. nothing too exciting. But I thought you might want to see exactly what Excuse me, I’m losing my voice, what we’re spending money on. So if you have any questions on those, you can ask them when we’re done going through the stuff.

Unknown Speaker 23:42
I did also put together a revised 2020 financial sheet, it’s still not final, because the city hasn’t completely closed the books for 2020. But you can see that we were we were about $7,000 in the red last year and that money will come out of the fund. And the bulk of that was paying Jacqueline during during COVID. And keeping her employed. We paid her pandemic leave, which meant that she didn’t come to work up until June and pay her her full wages of 12 hours a week. And then when she came back to work, we paid her six hours a week for the balance of the year. So that that is the majority of the money we spent last year. And then in 2021. The next sheet is just a reiteration of what the spreadsheet says for 2021. The next thing in the look at my I’m gonna I’m gonna leave off the electronic participation policy until we’re ready to that agenda item so that that’s everything I’ve got for the manager’s report. So I’m Maria Do you want to open it up for questions?

Unknown Speaker 25:02
Yes. So we’re going to go ahead and open up the manager’s report for question. Is there anybody that has any questions that they would like to ask Kathy in regards to this report?

Unknown Speaker 25:19
Do Oh, just just a couple of questions. On Jacqueline’s inventory? Does she need some help? with that? I know, we used to help with inventory.

Unknown Speaker 25:37
You know, we’re almost done, Connie. And it’s, it’s been a really good way to keep her busy. Because we don’t we don’t have until the club’s come back. We don’t have as much work for her. So it at this point, I’d say no, but we would welcome that help in the future. And two years. So two years, if you want to raise your hand to volunteer, that would be amazing.

Unknown Speaker 25:58
If I’m still on. Yes. And then the other the other question I had was triggered by your egg hunt. Kathy. I thought that would be a perfect little event to add on to offer in the as a city activity at the Callahan house for future reference, you know, around Easter time is doing an egg hunt. How fun is that? So just as I just check in my head, I thought, well, maybe we can look at that some time. When we get back to whatever is normal.

Unknown Speaker 26:43
Yeah, the new normal, right?

Unknown Speaker 26:45
Yeah, the new normal. The new normal.

Unknown Speaker 26:47
I think that’s a brilliant idea. Maybe we could consider looking at an Easter egg hunt, slash tea or something along those lines. To to be spring fundraiser, or?

Unknown Speaker 27:00
Yeah, it’s when I was thinking to

Unknown Speaker 27:03
any more questions?

Unknown Speaker 27:06
Am I got one?

Unknown Speaker 27:08
Yeah. I’m just on the artwalk. As far as you said it might be back to active again, in September, will the Callaghan be part of that? Or is this artwalk just downtown,

Unknown Speaker 27:21
who I’m, I’m hoping to participate. We it and there could There are two ways that we could participate. One would be as an official sponsor, if they’ll create something that makes sense for us financially. And the other would be just to be open, like we used to do during Art Walk and, and make sure that people know that through social media and whatever other ways we want to communicate it. I think we could do it either way. Because I think we’ve built up enough of a following and enough people that know we’re open, and that if we didn’t find a financially appropriate sponsorship so that they would advertise for us that we could still just plan to be open.

Unknown Speaker 28:09
Would we consider still hosting an art an artist? I mean, yes, I am so disappointed honestly. And your idea with the dresses, the paper dresses and everything like that I’m so sad that we were not able to do that. I think that would have been a splendid event. I don’t know that they’ve even rescheduled anything like that. Or if we look

Unknown Speaker 28:35
we can have Jacqueline chase it she’s the one that that came up with that idea and did all the communications on that. So I think we should probably wait until June, mid June or early July to actually start booking artists until at least until we have some clarity on if it’s really going to happen. And then you can certainly have Jacqueline chase them to see if they if they’ve done something this year.

Unknown Speaker 29:02
I agree. Um, we certainly don’t want to have anybody booked and then disappoint people again. I don’t want to put it off to too far because people have been stuck at home for so long that I think they’re jumping up the chance to to book up their calendars and get doing things again. So um Yeah, I agree we can wait until June but if everybody can get their little thinking caps on and think of of maybe a good local artist it because I’m not so sure that I want to waste Jacqueline’s time chasing that down yet because I really am not sure that that’s occurring. Maybe we’ll just look at getting one or two local artists um,

Unknown Speaker 29:53
and and does that she she takes suggestions and then she pursues getting the As the artists blocked and usually we have somewhere in the neighborhood of three or four, depending on how much space they want and what they’re showing. And I’m assuming I’m not volunteering you and I’m just assuming that you want to continue. So you might want to pipe in.

Unknown Speaker 30:18
And I am sorry, I can’t hear you. You’re on mute. Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 30:22
had muted myself. Yeah, I still have. I was looking at my packages, you know, that I have on all the artists last night. So.

Unknown Speaker 30:30
So So, just for clarification, so is Anna in charge of our walk? Is that something that’s just a standard thing that she’s been doing? I’m just volunteered to do

Unknown Speaker 30:43
it. And she had a helper who was helping you?

Unknown Speaker 30:46
What I usually surely surely was. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 30:54
Great. I had also volunteered last year to help and had a couple artists set up Diane wood and Leslie kpz. Um, as a as a jewelry artist, but um, and then we cancelled, and I cancelled with them. But I would love to do that, again. I was former director of the Longmont Council for the Arts. So I am really I know a lot of local artists in that regards. I would love to, to to work with you on that. And if you if you would accept my help, in regards to

Unknown Speaker 31:37
share, that’s what it does is, you know, it’s more like I was a central point, I took suggestions, and we tried to contact but we didn’t want everybody going out and promising artists that they could show and then have, you know, too many. So we needed a central point. Oh, God definitely definitely is. So in other words, will not. You know, if you want to talk to artists to say that there’s a possibility you could show, you know what we’re looking for it but don’t say, here you have a spot, because you don’t know what somebody else has been talking about either. So we need a central point. Before we promise some that there’s a spot here.

Unknown Speaker 32:11
Okay. Just for clarification, I thought it was approved in the board minutes and meetings when we did this last time. So just Yeah. Okay. Great. So if anybody has any suggestions that we could go forward, and then just put some names out there, but those are two that I know, that have a really good following. And we’ve had Diane before, and have worked with the house before and and she actually has two pieces of what she has created Callahan house itself. Um, and, and, and done things I think, prior to you even being on the director that as a as the director,

Unknown Speaker 32:58
Cathy, that’s, that’s, yeah, she, she the last time Diane was at the house, she actually did a live demonstration. Yes, he sat on the porch and, and painted.

Unknown Speaker 33:09
And that’s the type of thing she really likes to do. And, and that that brings in, like I said, She’s got a really good following. So, um, she’s elderly, and I know that she still is very, very prolific and, and does a lot of pieces. And it would be out there to do that. At this time, I don’t know if Leslie’s available. But again, she has a really good following. Um, okay, so I had a couple of questions back to the manager’s records. On the statistics, one of the things you were saying about counting, and how hard that is to do, because you’re not I was there. I know from listening to various reports and stuff out there that certain inquiries like the rec departments and other state parks are now starting to track and do things through their social media accounts. And tracking through photos. Is there um, photos and posts in which the Callaghan has been added in? Is there a way that we can do that? They also do things through the bite tracking, like information through fitbits and stuff like that. So just the thought that something we might with this new normal, I think we have to start thinking out of the box on in regards to how are we going to make sure that we’re tracking and keeping these accurate and I’m all into making sure that we’re meeting the requirements of what the initial charter was and that is as a donor. To the women of Longmont. And we have to really be on top of that we’re following that charter. And I understand that we do the weddings and whatnot. But it’s really important that we meet the requirements of the charter. I mean, the Callahan house wasn’t given just to be a wedding venue. So um, that was my other question for you exactly. How are you meeting? And, and approaching clubs and women’s groups to let them know how the the they can do the thing? And how are you also verifying that they’re vaccinated? Do you just do it on verbal confirmation or

Unknown Speaker 35:45
So first of all, we’re going to let them self police. So in other words, they’re going to do whatever they need to do to confirm that they’re vaccinated, we can’t really do that. So we’re going to leave it to the clubs to determine if their members are vaccinated. And then tell us if that’s the case. The way mostly the way we honor the charter, is by doing the clubs and doing them very inexpensively. But we have also had an official direction from the city, that we not increase, substantially increase the number of clubs meeting in the house, when they lose a club, we can gain a club, or two, we’ve tried very hard to get them down to a couple days a week, so that we can actually physically have private events so that we can afford to keep the doors open for the clubs. So we still have about the same number of clubs that we had when I came to the house 10 years ago. And when we lose a club, or we have basically have an opening for a club, and I often get approached by people to meet at the house. And so what we try to do is keep them into the same days in the same timeframe so that we don’t have to staff the house multiple times for multiple clubs. So we don’t actively advertise. Because I think we would be overwhelmed and probably be booked for morning tonight, seven days a week with clubs. And so that’s kind of been our approach per Karen Roni. And the private events are actually how we support the house. Because the only funding that we get from the city are my salary and benefits and the maintenance of the major items in the house, and the maintenance of the garden. So everything else even a paper clip comes out of the proceeds from the events that we get paid for tonight do answer your question.

Unknown Speaker 38:03
Kind of so on city direction, you been told not to have any more clubs than what was prior was to not

Unknown Speaker 38:19
substantial, substantially increased the number of clubs that met at the house because we have to have a balance between the clubs meeting at the house and the private events, which is how we fund maintaining the house and keeping the house as a city asset.

Unknown Speaker 38:34
Okay, um, but from prior reports that you’ve done, you said that our clubs, clubs are actually dropping some of the bridge clubs and other things, but due to the elderly, and

Unknown Speaker 38:49
we have clubs waiting behind them to take their spots. So one of our bridge clubs is probably going to go away. And we have a stitching club that wants to meet, meet. So we’ll replace the bridge club with a stitching club.

Unknown Speaker 39:03
So there’s a waiting list.

Unknown Speaker 39:05
I’m an informal one.

Unknown Speaker 39:12
Okay, so so we pick and choose basically, yeah, no,

Unknown Speaker 39:18
there’s no picking and choosing that somebody approached me about dating and they’re going to start dating soon. I haven’t communicated with them. Because of COVID. I mean, work would be kind of on hold. We’re not going to add new clubs until we have a clear path forward and COVID. But I have a lady who approached me about her club meeting at the house. And as soon as we have a clear pathway forward with through COVID. I will reach out to her again and figure out when they’re going to meet. Okay. Okay, Kathy, I’m

Unknown Speaker 39:50
just trying to have a clarification in my mind exactly how it works, how people approach you to do the clubs in that. There’s a Only a set number. Okay, that’s just, it’s just to clear up on that, and energies have approached you or also approached through the city rec department.

Unknown Speaker 40:12
Usually it’s directly to me. Okay, I don’t think there’s been any approaches to recreation has their stolen,

Unknown Speaker 40:20
you know any information that we get or requests for Callahan house do get funneled to Kathy, whether it’s from our generic rec support, email or reach out to one of our staff. So Kathy does get all the information that comes through recreation, and even from the city manager’s office, those will also come into her either through recreation or directly to her. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 40:46

Unknown Speaker 40:46
Thank you very much.

Unknown Speaker 40:48
Appreciate that. Thank you for answering my questions. Um, or Does anybody else have any other questions?

Unknown Speaker 40:55
Oh, there there is, I didn’t address your statistics thing. I can’t think of any meaningful way to to do it with fitbits, or photos. The the one idea that I’ve had, if we could figure out a way to do it would be to put counters on the gates. You know, that just tipped when people came in and went out. But it looks like it’s a very expensive solution, which may or may not be very reliable, and which may or may not require external power. So that’s been one of the things I’ve been kind of poking at, on and off again, I will go poke at it again. Because I would love to just put a counter on the gate. So when anybody came through the gate, it just counted heads. Cuz that would be a very to me, that would be a very interesting statistic. And it would also be a good way to support the continuing funding of the garden, through the parks department. So that that is something that I’ve contemplated if anybody has any good ideas for how to do that, and I know we’ve talked about it before, I would welcome your input or your ideas.

Unknown Speaker 42:11
I was just trying to come up with some solution that’s technologically savvy, and would not require too much of your time Does, does that make sense that we can use purposes or anything like that in which we could? further our cause, so to speak, I agree, unconcerned with the counter might not be considered accurate, because it’s pending up people can mess with it. I hear all your concerns, and in regards to that, but again, anything that would be proactive and positive to make sure that people are recognizing how treasured This is use, that’s that are all working for the same cause here. So thanks. I appreciate it. Any other further questions? I’m seeing no hands.

Unknown Speaker 43:14
And I’m looking.

Unknown Speaker 43:16
As you can see, I got to get my glasses down there to make sure. I guess I just need at this point, a motion for approval of the manager’s record. Can somebody make a motion? Please? Anybody unmute make a motion so we can move further on?

Unknown Speaker 43:37
I so move

Unknown Speaker 43:39
back and

Unknown Speaker 43:40
wonderful. It’s been moved and seconded. By move by Karen and seconded by I’m moved by candy. Sorry and seconded by Karen, that we move further? past going on to old business. So all business listed is the board members, business cards.

Unknown Speaker 44:00
I have them ready. My question is Would you like me to nail them to you? Or do you just want to hold on to having hold on to them? until we actually have an in person meeting?

Unknown Speaker 44:15
What are everybody’s thoughts?

Unknown Speaker 44:20
I’m fine with you holding on to I’m I guess

Unknown Speaker 44:26
I’m okay. I’m candy. You’re,

Unknown Speaker 44:29
I guess. In the meantime, things we don’t know. When we’ll be able to meet in person. It might be nice to have them.

Unknown Speaker 44:41
We could still be promoting even though we’re not meeting be promoting the house with our business cards. I don’t know if that’s an expense. We don’t want to to go through. We could set a time that Cathy’s at the house and stop by and grab them. We could do Get out to or have either option available. Either you stop by and pick them up. When Cathy’s there make arrangements, or you wait till the next meeting when we’re all in person.

Unknown Speaker 45:13
Great suggestion, eye candy. Sending, when Cathy letting us know when you’re there, and we could individually stop by and pick them up. I don’t like the thought of having an added expense of mailing them. Um, it just seems we could stick our mask on and come in and just do quick pop in and pick up the cards when it would be convenient for you. That’s my thought. But I don’t know where everybody else is at.

Unknown Speaker 45:43
Besides that way, we could actually see you for just a nanosecond,

Unknown Speaker 45:48
you could come in and have a cup of tea.

Unknown Speaker 45:50

Unknown Speaker 45:51
I like it. All right, I will. I will set something up on the calendar. Write myself a note. So I don’t forget. My, my memory banks are about a nanosecond big. And I will put a couple hours on the calendar in the next week or so. And I’m going to be there and I will send you an invite. And then for those of you who don’t make it, I’ll maybe send another one or maybe I’ll break down and nail the one or two that are left out. That sounds good. And I’m gonna send 10 each To start with, but I could print more as we need them. That work?

Unknown Speaker 46:37
Yes, I think okay. All right. Okay, moving right along, Grant update. And I guess that goes to you, Karen, if you’re, if you wouldn’t mind, please, updating us on that.

Unknown Speaker 46:53
Yes, we have some news to update you with. After our January meeting. We received notice on January 21, that the new State Historical fund guidebook was coming. And on February 1, we received that new guidebook, 60 pages. And so the process to apply for the grant is changed a bit. And we’ve learned that looking through the new guidebook, we’re now required to complete a letter of intent and submit that first.

Unknown Speaker 47:38

Unknown Speaker 47:40

Unknown Speaker 47:41
direction changed a little bit. And we began to focus on preparing the letter of intent. And so that is almost complete. We just have some fine tuning to do to that. And then it will be ready for submission. But we are also waiting for contractors to get back to us, as Kathy mentioned, with their bids. And so that that holds up any further work on the application itself until we actually can get those in. But if you are all interested, it would be wonderful to share with you that letter of intent so that you can all read it and provide any

Unknown Speaker 48:37

Unknown Speaker 48:40
And before Of course, before we would submit it. That is our, I guess, latest overall update about grant writing. Send me How Does anyone have any questions about that?

Unknown Speaker 49:03
I know, I know, in the past, I believe it was candy. And was it eugenics and I apologize if I’m getting muddled but that we’d like to see the grant. And the other thing is from speaking with a couple of people on city council in other community members, it’s my understanding that we can all work on the grant if we choose to, that the sunshine laws do not sit on that simply because we’re not discussing board policy or anything in regards to that. So we can work on the grant and each of us could have input on up if we chose to do so. So I want to do a clarification that um, any of the outside items, including artwalk and whatnot, we can all Work on Long’s, we’re not discussing board policy. So, clarification so if anybody else would like to help Anne and Karen who have, again, I want to thank you guys for taking this on. It’s it’s really important work. And that’s kind of where I’m at. So Connie, what do you thought I saw that you might

Unknown Speaker 50:27
forget? Let me think I was writing some notes and then I forgot. Oh, and Mike and figure it out. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 50:39
Any other comments? it? Um, I think me personally, I would love to be able to see the letter. And, and and go. I think everybody a fresh pair of eyes on anything is always good. Personally, that’s the way I like to work. Now. I know that not everybody does. But okay, Connie, you’re back.

Unknown Speaker 51:03
I realized, Karen Cruz, could you send us a copy on email was a document. Okay. That would be great. Just to have some of the notes and then that that letter of intent probably is it’s just one page long or something like that. It’s three pages, three pages, okay.

Unknown Speaker 51:30
So if I’m happy to send the guidebook to all of you.

Unknown Speaker 51:35
It’s a PDF guide right into that

Unknown Speaker 51:38
60 pager. And I’ll include the the letter of intent. And of course, like I mentioned, it’s open for all of you, ladies to take a look at and provide your feedback and your input, I sure welcome it and encourage it. This has never been a closed process. This is not exclusive. And and I want to make sure that that’s really clear. It never has been. So everyone’s always been welcomed to be part of this.

Unknown Speaker 52:09
Thank you,

Unknown Speaker 52:10
I would love to see the PDF to I don’t want to kill any trees. So so if we could keep it down to a format that we could walk out and take take several breaks in between the 60 pages, that we can verify stuff, that would be great. And, again, if you can think of anything that we can do to help, that would be outstanding. Anybody else have any comments in regards to the grant?

Unknown Speaker 52:40
I appreciate the clarification on the sunshine rules, because we have been trying to work around that by only having two board members in any meeting. So I really appreciate that clarification, because honestly, that’s what we’ve done in the past, when we worked on our walk when we worked on the ice cream social when we had working sessions, we’ve always had more than two board members or typically had more than two board members. And I hated to think that we’d been in violation all these years of I agree.

Unknown Speaker 53:11
And I and I was kind of thrown up my hands. So I said, Well, how do we do this? How do we set up Christmas decorations with two people?

Unknown Speaker 53:19
I mean, how do we do this?

Unknown Speaker 53:22
It just, we need a clear guideline on? Well, of course, that doesn’t mean the longest we we do not discuss board policy. And if any board policy is brought up, we stop one another and say that’s not proper to discuss at this time. simple, clear, elegant to the point a great coin good. That makes our life easier. So I’m thrilled with that. So, um, if nobody else has any other things, and I want to make sure I’m looking at each square to make sure I’m not missing anything. In regards to the current Update, I’m going to move on launch new business. Kathy, you can take the electronic participation policy for boards.

Unknown Speaker 54:15
Each of you should have this in your packet. All this is and you can you can read it if it if it makes you feel better. But all it is is a policy that allows us to that sets the guidelines and allows us to agree that we’re going to meet the way we’re meeting today to have virtual meetings because there was no policy for virtual meetings from it on the city’s part. So all they did was put together the rules about how we’re going to do that and how we contact the participants and how we you know that it’s allowable for voting and emergency situations and so it just kind of lays out the acceptable way in which we’re going to do what we’re doing today. So they would like they wanted us to present it to you. And they also wanted us to vote that we were willing to do business in, in this manner.

Unknown Speaker 55:12
Okay, so we need to have a motion on this then that you said that they wanted was this that wanted this, the city manager wants to have a vote on this, please. We as a committee will be following these rules and recommendations. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 55:27
then we’re willing to operate via these policies.

Unknown Speaker 55:31
Okay. So under that, guys, I’m going to need a motion from somebody on the board that we accept this policy of board and commission meetings. Anybody? Okay, cook Connie. Connie beach. So good. So Can Can you take second?

Unknown Speaker 55:58
Second? Okay. So

Unknown Speaker 56:00
it has been moved by Connie Newman and seconded by Kay candy that Candace that the board commission meeting in policy has been approved by the accountant. All right. Moving right along. COVID update of clubs and events. I’m

Unknown Speaker 56:20
doing the devote Maury?

Unknown Speaker 56:23
Oh, yes. I apologize. Thank you. clarification. I’m sorry, if we could have a vote. And then I’ll see a show of hands that we it’s been approved for the motion that’s on the floor.

Unknown Speaker 56:43
Like the waving hands.

Unknown Speaker 56:46
Okay, wonderful. So everybody has i, i is it’s been moved forward. I don’t see any nays at that at this point. So it’s been moved and seconded. And a vote has been taken that we approve of the board and commission meeting. Thank you very much for the clarification. Appreciate it. I’m moving on at this point. For the COVID update for clubs and events, Canada, you’ve covered this in your report, but we’re going to go right back to you. So we have a clear. You know, I

Unknown Speaker 57:20
don’t I don’t really have anything to add, I like I said, I think we can do 15 to 20 inside and up to 75 outside. And I’m hoping that as we move to glue that that number is going to increase because I have a couple of events that are higher than that later in the summer in August and September. And I’m really and I have a bride’s mother that’s pinging me every 10 days, asking me to promise her that she can have her wedding for 100 in August for her daughter, and I keep telling her I think it’s going to work out but obviously I can’t promise. So. But she’s she’s she’s got she’s got it on her calendar, I think every 10 days. Kathy. Kathy, What’s the news? So I’m hoping that things are going to change enough that we can have our events up to full capacity by July or August and that we won’t have to our mass, and then everybody can go back to celebrating in the way that they want to.

Unknown Speaker 58:22
I agree. I hope everybody’s getting their vaccines. I know I have. So

Unknown Speaker 58:27
yeah, I have to say no. Karen has.

Unknown Speaker 58:33
Yeah, everything. vaccine. Yay.

Unknown Speaker 58:36
Awesome. Awesome. Well, I think the other thing, and I will confirm this, but I think the other thing is, if everybody has been vaccinated, we can probably go back to in person meetings. But I will confirm that because every time I thought we might be able to do that. It I’ve been told we’re not doing that yet. So I will I will ask the question.

Unknown Speaker 58:59
Okay. That’s, that’s

Unknown Speaker 59:00
wonderful. That’s I would love to see your smiling faces in person at the house. Drinking coffee and tea. And eating eating a doughnut or a pastry.

Unknown Speaker 59:12
Yeah, that’d be great. And I wouldn’t have my puppies popping up every Tuesday. You see their little

Unknown Speaker 59:22
so mine, my dog, my dogs actually bark at me. If it gets to be 430. I’m on one of these meetings. They start barking at me because it’s almost time to walk and they don’t want me to forget. Of course not.

Unknown Speaker 59:37
All right. So moving on to artwalk update and we kind of been jumping around I do apologize about the so artwalk update. And I’m Kathy you covered this also in your managers report. I

Unknown Speaker 59:53
did and Do you have anything you want to add about how you want to handle it because we kind of skimmed over that.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:01
I guess we’ll put and and Thompson if she is willing to be point person on this. I think it’d be outstanding in if you’re willing to look into it and be speaking Exactly. In in coordinate with Kathy on how we’re approaching the firehouse in regards to this, who’s who’s the new director over at the Firehouse? Kathy?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:33
Um, her name is Elaine, I can tell you her last name, I have an email from her I can never remember it. I can find it. So. And do you want to just take a minute and for Maureen and Karen re to talk about how we’ve done our walk in the past and how we solicit artists and how we how we do that? Because I don’t I don’t think we’ve ever actually gone through that. No.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:59
Yeah. Yeah, when I first came out, I think surely was doing it first. And then she had to leave because of medical reasons. From coordinating it. So I did volunteer to coordinated for the last couple years. Um, basically, where everybody’s invited to recommend an artist, we kind of look through what they can do. We can only have four or five is about Max, if you get too many. I know they used to pack a lot in, but it’s just too crowded. And so we just want to make sure we have a variety and we don’t want that’s why we want a central point. So recommended artists. That’s wonderful. That helps a lot. So I can talk to them. And then we’ll just decide, you know, maybe we’ll have a couple watercolor artists a couple jewelry Pete, you know, we want a little bit of a mix. We’ve had several interesting things. We had a lady who made decorative soap one time, we had a lady who made really gigs for the backyard for the front yard. So we’ll you know, we’re very open to different kinds of art. But we that’s the reason I say don’t just go out and ask somebody right away you see, yeah, you can come and need to know how many we have. And we just want to make sure that everybody has an acceptable type of art. We don’t want anything controversial, political anything like that.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:19

Unknown Speaker 1:02:21
nude nude I,

Unknown Speaker 1:02:24
I believe I last time when we were discussing, we were talking about possibly putting forth a theme. And that’s why we were doing a theme with the dresses and trying to keep up in the regards to the theme of fashion before this whole cup. Alright. So were you think I’m on those lines. So we might follow a theme,

Unknown Speaker 1:02:46
I’d really have to talk to Jacqueline and see if she if the I don’t even know if they did the paper dresses this year, that was a group down in Denver that did that. They were beautiful. And that would have been, you know, maybe we’ll still be able to do it. I don’t I doubt that this fall that would come together. But maybe in a future year, we could get that put together. There’s quite a bit of logistics involved in that. So for I mean, actually, I’d love to just maybe offline or have some email chats with several people but once we know for sure we are going to be in this fall. We could talk about that.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:24
So I don’t know. Personally, I just think moving forward and just do a smaller maybe not take on so so much of a chunk and forget what else I

Unknown Speaker 1:03:37
yeah, I think this fall will be rather simple.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:41
You know artwalk

Unknown Speaker 1:03:43
The other thing I just have a concern about is if we’re going to have the artists in the house, how much space do we need? I mean I know sometimes it gets rather crowded with people bumping you know shoulder to shoulder almost through the house so we obviously don’t want to have it that crowded so I don’t know what happens Yeah, sure. like to know what how many people we can have in the house at a time to even do this you know

Unknown Speaker 1:04:08
if it’s going to have to be like what we’ve done in the house in the past with tours where one of us is on one side and we only let a certain number through at a time and then we kind of monitor it that way

Unknown Speaker 1:04:22
i i think it’s too early to to guess. Okay. I you know, and honestly, if we can’t have a significant number of people through in four hours, it may not be worth doing so yeah, we’re gonna have to wait.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:40
Right The Fall one this September when is always my favorite because so far anyway, in my experience, the weather has been better. And we’ve had, you know, the band on the deck. I don’t around the porch. I don’t know if that would be a possibility. But there is a possibility. Maybe we could put some of the artists in the yard if we wanted to look into that. So that Crowds wouldn’t be so packed together in the house. Those are things we can discuss and see if they’re doable.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:07
Yeah, and that all Oh, that sounds great. And I like the thumbs up caring. I did thumbs up, Connie. Great. That’s great. Um, I think you’re right on the, unfortunately, this Colorado, we can always depend on the weather. And we can always hope, I think, September, we’re better off in the fall. I agree. So, okay, thank you and for taking that on. And we’ll look forward to future updates. Okay. Um,

Unknown Speaker 1:05:38
Maureen, in answer to your other question, the executive director of the firehouse Art Center is Elaine Waterman.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:46
Thank you, I know that we knew and so great, great, thanks. go from there, onto marketing and social media. Okay. So I know that Kathy sent out this marketing and social media discussion, these are all just suggestions and thoughts of things that we’re already racing through my mind on this new normal on how we’re going to meet our requirements to it as, as we are in again, this new normal, it’s, it’s, I don’t think it’s going anywhere to a certain degree. I’m hoping that we can get back together and meet in person, I think that’s going to happen. But there are other things that we need to be looking at. As far as in the past, I also spoke about the Rocky Mountain PBS, I contacted Rocky Mountain PBS, and I contacted their broadcasting person and and I apologize, I don’t have their name directly in front of me. But I will get back to you on that. They were very interested in doing something with a with putting a film on with the Callaghan interesting enough, they need two years in advance to do any film and putting forth an item. So rather than look at that as a negative, I look at it as positive that we can possibly look, we have an existing film great. But it’s outdated. And I think it’d be great to look at maybe contacting either a student or some other local filmmaker that would could come in and approach doing a new film. Um, based on the Callahan and getting some updated in there, we want to make sure it at least in my point that we are reaching and continue to reach the the younger population as well, that are much more technology savvy than myself as one, but but I want to make sure that we’re continuing to be prevalent. And I think it’s important. So those are some of my thoughts. And if you guys have any I, I asked for some information from Kathy, to make sure that we are following all the discussions and everything that we need to do for our social media outreach, and whatnot through the city. And I asked for in any documentation that they have a policies in regards to that. Because moving forth, this being a two year process. We have to make sure that we’re passing this through and everybody’s we’re meeting all appropriate requirements and we’re not stepping on anybody’s toes. Again, I look at it as an opportunity to get the information about the callahans Mrs. Callaghan’s generous donation to the women of Walmart and what a great jewel, this is for us and and if we could get on the Colorado and experience in the in they were very interested because we have such prevalent history and it is also supported by one of its main sponsors underneath is the choleretic storage fund. So this would also be a great opportunity to prove to them that they want to continue to support us with grants because we are making are getting out there and making ourselves prevalent to the community. Um, one of the things I was looking at doing is In a side note making a graphic on how the Callaghan house or the Callaghan family influenced the city of Longmont itself. And by supporting who they did. And then there’s the other thing on zoom virtual tours, I know by visiting other historic sites and going out there because I’m, as I’m sharing with Karen earlier,

Unknown Speaker 1:10:29
I’m a, I love to travel and I love to go and do things. And I love to experience local cultural in history. And if you touch on other historic buildings, they have zoom tours, that they can go in and somebody on the other end, and will explain or go through the house, maybe it’s something that we should look at doing that we do with the Callahan house, where we can have a zoom tour or informational posts on a media approach. Again, with clarification on how this goes through the city of Longmont and how how we can do this, I think we’re missing an opportunity here, this would also give us an opportunity to reach up schools and have classrooms do a tour via social media. This is something that I think we’re lacking in and I’m not gonna say I’m an expert on this in any way, shape, or form. I am definitely not. I’m just putting out ideas out there, too. It was so sad when I heard that the Colorado frontier days in the with the class down at

Unknown Speaker 1:11:55
pioneer days

Unknown Speaker 1:11:59
are canceled. And I was trying to think, okay, if it were my kids, how would I would be trying to fill that in. And I think we’re missing an opportunity here. I would like to hear everybody else’s thoughts.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:14
So, um, the Historical Society is doing virtual tours this year for pioneer days. So

Unknown Speaker 1:12:25
that, obviously was a need, they felt needed to be filled, too. So that’s being done.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:33
And hopefully by next year, we’ll be able to return to in live presentations. My suggestion might be that, because we do already have a film that exists, is there a possibility of putting that film on the city website or whatever, so that or maybe even through the Longmont Museum, so that that film is available to anybody who would like to see it. Rather than reinvent the wheel and refilm we’ve got it at our hands already, we’ve done it. So just make it accessible to people. And maybe to classrooms too. I approached the Historical Society, about doing the virtual tours of Callahan at the same time as the park. But know it, they don’t want it, they want it separately. They want it separate. However, Elisa is more than willing to promote Callahan house in any of her contacts with the schools. And because this is different, because it’s not like we’ve traditionally done that would have to be thought about how we’re going to go about it. Because in the past, like, you know, you send out a letter, the teachers or email or whatever. And you could say, by the way, Callahan house would be willing to set up tours for you contact Kathy blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. With the virtual tours, it’s a little different, but they’re willing to help promote but not be not put them together. We don’t want they don’t want the discussion to go away. Right. Exactly. Yeah. So. So anyway, that says that. But yeah, I think we should take a look at what we’ve already got and make that available, first of all, and then if we want to film a new one for the PBS, whatever, in that two year span, that’s great. But history’s history, I mean, hasn’t changed back then it changed that much from what we’ve already done to something new other than updating on what the house might be used for that type of thing. That’s modern history. We’ve done the historical stuff already. So it’s not like we’re so outdated that nobody’s going to gain anything from it. So, two things that the video is available, it’s on the city of Longmont YouTube channel. It’s been there for quite some time, I google that it came right up. So it is absolutely available, what I would like to see is, I would love to do a new intro, or maybe just cut out the original intro and just cut straight to the history stuff, and the actual virtual tour of the house. But Karen,

Unknown Speaker 1:15:35
I can say that I can

Unknown Speaker 1:15:39
gather a student volunteer who is gifted in those types of things, to be able to do that kind of fieldwork so that we’re not having to have an expense tied to,

Unknown Speaker 1:15:54
to bet update.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:55
That’s really what I’m looking for somebody that understands that technology is capable of doing it could possibly use it as a student project. Um, that type of thing. And, again, I wasn’t wanting to recreate the whole wheel. I agree history history. But I’m the manager from PBS said that we have to have clear rights to the film. And that possible updating or adding to the film was what what would be required in order to put it forth for broadcast with them. And that’s exactly where I’m at.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:40
Well, and that’s that that and that is a question because it was produced by eyes on long runs. And they they’re very well if we wanted an update be the ones who want to do that. But the other piece of information is we don’t have the original film stuff that they did. They did not keep it. Last time I asked if it still existed, I was told they didn’t know where it was at. So we would have to if we wanted to change it, then we would have to circle back with eyes on Longmont and get permission at which point they might want to be the ones who actually did the updates, if that’s even a possibility. And in seconding what Karen said I I also have a friend who’s been a professional video videographer and worked at a TV station who has a sound studio and a recording studio that we we could maybe use I haven’t talked to him yet. So the first step would be actually speaking to Eyes on Longmont. And the second step would be trying to figure out if we can find what a what we want to do to it and be who would we have to something like that. But I think the history portion, and the actual virtual tour that Connie narrated are still very appropriate

Unknown Speaker 1:17:59
word Marina

Unknown Speaker 1:18:01
Marine, I think the PBS or the Rocky Mountain PBS is an awesome idea. I think that would be really cool. To get that on there. I’d like to understand what that would consist of what

Unknown Speaker 1:18:14
you actually talked to them about.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:16
And the other thing I want to add is it took us almost a year and a half to produce that last video and it was a lot of work. So we if we’re going to do something, then we have to be willing to commit to that work. I can’t take it all on by myself. Right? Absolutely

Unknown Speaker 1:18:34
not. And this is why part of the reason I wanted to bring up because I knew between the collective group, there would be somebody that knows people or knows of a possibility of how we can and it’s just asking the right question and going for money. You have a comment?

Unknown Speaker 1:18:57
Yeah, I had a couple of comments. I had worked on that DVD and film in 2013. And the eyes on long would have the copyright on that. And unfortunately rich has passed away. But there are still committee people that were on that committee, I’d have to look up all my notes to remember their names. But it was really a project out of the senior center. And they use that use the Comcast studio here over it. Well, the old Carnegie building eight Yeah, I think it was channel three at the time but whatever. And things but that those that film, it was a huge undertaking in getting to the Colorado experience piece. I know they have a real standard format of how they do that. And they could possibly use excerpts you know from the film but they have a kind of a Standard narration of how they do their projects. That’s exactly watch that, you know, all the time. The other thing that I was going to add is, as far as the new marketing thing is, it’s been a long time since we’ve had an article in The Times call. And I thought with the 100 and 50th, there again, this is a major opportunity. They’ve been doing 100 and 50th article every week, you know, I have a little feature. It’s mostly from Eric and the archives. But it’s still very interesting. So I know that Eric would be, you know, happy to put that forth, or go ahead and get our we can go ahead, and I don’t know who to contact at that times call. But that would be a great way to get a feature again.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:53
The sad thing is they’re doing one a month.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:57
One is one a week, one a month. Oh, my goodness,

Unknown Speaker 1:21:02
they’re missing a big opportunity.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:05
Yeah, yes. Big.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:08
Ah, yeah, I would wonder who we could contact and maybe do something over a weekend or one a month. That’s, I’m sorry, that

Unknown Speaker 1:21:23
I will, I’d be happy to go ahead and contact the times call. And I could talk to Eric today and see how, who’s handling what, and just get our name out there and say we, you know, it’d be great to have another have an article because it’s, I’m sure it’s been at least 10 years since the Callahan house has been featured, as far as front cover kind of history feature.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:46
And that’s exactly what I’m talking about. This whole COVID thing.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:51
So it is,

Unknown Speaker 1:21:52
it’s so disappointing, because we this should be a huge celebration for the whole city and everybody should just swirl it’s got your hand up. Yep.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:03
Well, I just wanted to let you know, recreation is doing 150 things to do in Longmont with 50 things for the spring or the summer to do things for the fall. And and Kelly announced as part of that. So there is there there are some efforts to tie in Callahan for some ways to check off if someone is that interested, of doing things, you know, we are tying some of that back to the Callahan house as well. So let you know that that there is some stuff out there buying it.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:35
Thank you, Sue. I appreciate it. Candace, you’ve had your hand up.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:38
Well, to piggyback on that, I sent emails to all of you about the woman’s work, fundraiser, scavenger hunt that starts the 16th through the 25th. So that is tying in with the 100 and 50th anniversary of long Munch. And Callahan is one of our scavenger hunt stops. And Kathy provided me with flyers that will be in each of the tote bags that everybody gets for this lunch. That explains in more detail about Callahan house, because even though they’ll just be going there and reading the QR code, hopefully there’ll be new people and they haven’t seen a garden before. And they’ll meander through the gardens and open this little brochure and find out the information they need. So it’s a way of promoting Callaghan house and, and making sure it was included in this small little celebration of the 100 and 50th anniversary. So I encourage all of you to help us promote that if you would, by by attending or inviting friends to go on scavenger hunt like yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:23:46
I’ve already been speaking with my in laws, and my my parents and, and, and getting everybody signed up to do that. I think it’s just great. And thank you for making sure that the Callahan house was flooded. That’s

Unknown Speaker 1:24:02
that’s great. But so I’ve got a dog at the moment. I’m

Unknown Speaker 1:24:10
moving right along. That’s basically where I’m at. And, um, it’s good to know, Connie, if you I will work in my notes. I’m going to say that during that contact, the times call in regards to having us do something for 150 and that’s right. In the meantime, I will get more information is detailed information exactly what they would like to see in what format and whatnot, but because they’re looking at the different formats, that’s why it looks like we will have to refilm it from what I believe his name was Thomas was telling me um That is that’s unfortunately the case. And then, if we honor sign out, if we do it this way, and we take on this project, then we can have something that we can work in use for any in any way choose, we see fit as the Callahan house board to be used for the future, and we aren’t going to be working with dealing with who’s got the rights to what do we have the right to use this? And in that, and because you had shared that ridge had passed away, that’s the real clincher. And if he was the one that was really instrumental in doing that, it’s a lot of muddy water. And I think we’d be better off looking at getting something together that we out now. As as the Callahan house. Oh, that’s just my thought.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:08
Yeah. I will say with rich, you know, he was the instigator, but he was he’s not the owner of that copyright. It’s that it’s the eyes on Longmont? Yeah, the senior center of eyes online. And I don’t even know whether they’re still in existence or not. So how that’s okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:30
They are, they’re still around, although I just like every other group. They’re not meeting because of COVID. Right. Right.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:37
Okay, is, again, do we want to muddy the waters and just use what we can from them and see if they’re willing to share it with us? And then if we can get a clarification if we could have partial? I mean,

Unknown Speaker 1:26:55
they gave us the rights to use it?

Unknown Speaker 1:26:58
They did?

Unknown Speaker 1:26:58
Yeah, they did it for us. But the issue isn’t using it, the issue is changing it. So we need to circle back with them. I mean, they gave us the rights to use it. They did it specifically for us. And and working with us. So we’ve been we’ve been using it we showed it every open house gets posted on the city alignment website, can we get the permission to change it?

Unknown Speaker 1:27:24
That’s exactly what we need to have the permission rights to in or change it. And that’s the clarification. So do we know who’s who’s running that? At this point now,

Unknown Speaker 1:27:36
but we can find out?

Unknown Speaker 1:27:38
Okay, is anybody willing to take that on? Because I don’t

Unknown Speaker 1:27:42
sell my list already?

Unknown Speaker 1:27:46
Okay, are you sure you’re okay with that? Kathy, cuz I don’t want to add one more thing to your

Unknown Speaker 1:27:52
email, I’m probably gonna have to go to Michelle Wait, and figure out who’s in the group. So let me take care of that. That’s kind of I’ll track down who it is. And then we could figure out how to approach them. Connie, I

Unknown Speaker 1:28:05
saw a hand.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:06
Yeah, just Kathy get count me and I can help do any footwork while I’m in town. So that’d be great.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:14
Oh, perfect.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:15
Thank you. Funny.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:16
Thank you, Connie. Appreciate it. Because it’s your voice on it too. And it’s so nice. That’s, that’s a nice thing, sign it, sign it so. So that covers everything on marketing and social media for me, and if anybody else has any other inputs that they would like to add to that, um, again, I do think it’s, it’s something that we just because you can google the YouTube video doesn’t mean other people know how to do that, or reach that if we could make it prevalent so that they can do that virtual tour, be great. And they can if we can do have a student or whatnot, do a better intro or bring it into a better thing. That would be great. So I think we’ve got a plan at least that’s good to know. Other business. Does anybody else have any other business at this time that we need to discuss? No, I mean, short of me getting it up and throwing a frisbee that’s really on my coffees have an issue with so um, future agenda items of donations for preservation.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:43
I just I just wanted to not lose track of that. As we go forward with fundraising for the for the grant cash match and that kind of stuff, that we at some point we need to figure out how to go about doing that. I don’t think it’s a today thing, I think It’s a download thing. So I just left it on there, so we didn’t lose it.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:03
Okay. On that note, I did want to just, I will think it’s so donation wise, do we have any place on the web page itself of where the Callahan is where they can do a donation for the Callahan, specifically, either through rev track or something along those lines where they could literally just, I like to donate? Would you like to donate to the Callahan house for preservation or whatever else is there that somebody could just donate online? And we could do it through ref tracking? And do like a $25 donation or whatever, or something along those lines? Just the fun? Can

Unknown Speaker 1:30:50
we even do that?

Unknown Speaker 1:30:54
That’s my that’s my point. I think that’s a doable thing. And we talked that we can’t have a donation box outside of the building itself. But we could have a QR code, or something that people could put there. Say, okay, and this goes to, is it possible that we could do a QR code and when people could donate and it goes through rev track, and we could track it that way? Is that’s the thought. We’re if people are using the gardens, help help support the, the keep the upkeep of the callin analysis, and we have a QR code where people kept their phones out. And then to just do a quick donation, and we could go through ref track, is that a possibility? I think people are doing it somehow we just have to, we have to figure out how to do it. And and I’m run it through, it’s got to go through the rec department, because that’s how we’re following. But surely, there’s a way that we could put a QR code on that somewhere. If we can’t put out a donation box itself, we could certainly post a little plaque with a QR code that would do a donation. Just a thought. And I know we can’t go into great depth right now. But we should have that on the next agenda. To see how we can do this, to make sure that we’re reveling in. And again, it would also help us keep count. If people are donating, even if it’s an incremental amounts of $5 $10 here and there. It’s every bit helps. And every bit goes towards the house. And that’s important. So any other thoughts that people want to add to donations, perfect presentation that could be on future agenda?

Unknown Speaker 1:32:52
And we can see if there’s a way to do that. That’s a good idea.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:57
Okay. Anybody else can add any two cents before?

Unknown Speaker 1:33:05
Okay. Um,

Unknown Speaker 1:33:07
I do have one other question. Yeah, that is, if we don’t have any pressing business, do we want to have a monthly meeting? Or should we just have a meeting when things have changed enough that we can actually do something? And or there’s pressing business? I’d like your I’d like your opinion. I mean, obviously, if we can have a meeting in person, that would be amazing. And we’ll just do it. But if we’re going to continue in this virtual format, and there’s nothing new, what what frequency do we have? I want to have a meeting?

Unknown Speaker 1:33:42
Well, I think that’s one of those things. So we have to put to that. That’s a I’d like to have a discussion

Unknown Speaker 1:33:50

Unknown Speaker 1:33:51
True, true about what

Unknown Speaker 1:33:53
people’s desires are.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:55
I agree. But, but do we make it a bimonthly meeting? What do we do? JANET, what’s your thoughts?

Unknown Speaker 1:34:06
Well, I was thinking that Kathy would well know if there’s more information that she needs to put out. She could kind of be the judge of that. To see if it’s worthwhile to have a meeting.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:22

Unknown Speaker 1:34:24
can read a meeting for the sake of having a meeting seems kind of time a time waster for a lot of people in the city for Kathy, if Kathy knows we’ve got something that we need to discuss or just be updated on Ethan I think every other month is perfectly fine.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:42
I agree with that stance. I just again I’m a rule follower at its it’s one of my faults call me call it that but i i want to make sure that we’re meeting our requirements and if it’s said anywhere That we are supposed to be meeting on a monthly basis, then we need to be, have a clarification of vote and vote on that matter, we can’t just suellen

Unknown Speaker 1:35:15
just an observation that with the length of the time of this meeting, that if you’re having a monthly meeting, and it’s less than an hour, and everything’s said and done, perhaps that would be a time to, to forward in that concept. It seems like there was a lot going on today. And you put proposals for future discussions that seem pretty, but seemed pretty timely, and may require some thought so I was meeting more regularly and for shorter duration is feels better than a three hour marathon, every other every other month.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:53
Right, that makes sense.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:56
There’s also the issue that we have to have our meetings set in and announced so people outside in the community can become and be part of that, if we’re changing our meetings around, I’m afraid. I don’t want any thing to come across as improper. Or that, again, we’re meeting the requirements of what the city asks of us to do. Even if it’s a 20 or 30 minute meeting, it’s, it’s it’s a 20 to 30 minute meeting, and we would just go through our agenda quickly and in proper order. And nothing else, we get to see each other’s smiling faces for 20 minutes, once a month. But trying to then make sure that it’s broadcast out there, that this is when this meeting is held. This is how it’s going to be. And if we can cancel those I understand there will be times where we have to cancel. I’ve got that. But and Thompson you got your hand. Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 1:37:07
just want to say I agree with suellen. I don’t mind having a monthly meeting, but I would really like to have a more set time format. In other words, a hard stop, you know, we’d go an hour and a half or so I think, you know, figure out what we can endure and then have a hard stop. So I can set aside. Okay, I have a meeting tomorrow, it’s going to be an hour not, you know, I might, because I have other things I do too. And, you know, other appointments and things. And I it’s hard if you don’t know how long you’re going to be

Unknown Speaker 1:37:37
at a meeting.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:39
I agree. I agree if we could keep it to, to a hard stop in tried to keep it under the 45 minute line. I agree. I agree with that completely.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:52
It is is not unusual for meetings to go out between an hour an hour and a half. Okay, that’s, that’s pretty normal, when we have real business to conduct. So I typically scheduled from nine to 1030. The Unfortunately, the virtual meeting extends out a little bit because of the waiting room and letting people in. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:17
And if it’s less than that, it’s less than that. So if we, I don’t know, I just think that

Unknown Speaker 1:38:26
you get that time. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:38:29
we do. So unfortunately Unless Unless it’s going to come up where where people are going to be out of town and no board members will be here and I have been on other Commission’s where we’ve looked at like July the July meeting, and everybody’s going to be gone that week or, or the Christmas, you know, but we do the Christmas celebrations and try to get the Christmas ornaments up and whatnot in the Kerala house. So I’m not sure how we want to approach that on that level. But if anything, I think we need to make sure that it’s clearly stated and out there way in advance. If we’re doing a cancellation, that’s my thoughts. What do you guys, anybody else?

Unknown Speaker 1:39:18
Okay. I guess that’s all the discussion that I can think of at this time.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:28
I have a question. Are we going to get flowers planted under the sign this spring?

Unknown Speaker 1:39:34

Unknown Speaker 1:39:36
Cool. Very cool. One way or another? Yes, sir.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:39
All right.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:41
We have a water issue. I don’t think we’re going to have any trouble resolving that. And it may just be we need to have water but we’ll figure it out. I haven’t talked to talk to Anastasia about what we’re doing yet. But yes, we’re going to get a planet.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:55
Cool. I would hate for you to hand water that

Unknown Speaker 1:39:59
it gets water from the grass. Okay, good. Good. Okay, great, I see your hand up,

Unknown Speaker 1:40:05
we have the proposed plan that we did two years ago when we planted when we, when we put the sign in. So we have the proposed planting

Unknown Speaker 1:40:18
what would go in

Unknown Speaker 1:40:21
and I can arrange for volunteers to come and help to plants if we can,

Unknown Speaker 1:40:29
if we if, if we’re going to go with a perennial plant and then put animals in the front for color, then all we really have to do is buy the plants and Anastasia and her crew can do the actual planting unless somebody really wants to dig.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:46
Okay, on On that note, I think that’s a great way to end guys some flowers is the sign. That’s personally that’s, that’s that’s a good thing. I think this has been a great meeting. Um, and I guess at this point, I will take a motion on a German

Unknown Speaker 1:41:07
I know that we adjourn the meeting.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:10
I second.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:11
Thank you both Janet and and and for doing that. Appreciate it. Thanks, guys. It’s been great to seeing your smiling faces via zoom if nothing else. I look forward to when we can all meet in person again and have coffee and tea at the house itself.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:31

Unknown Speaker 1:41:34
As you can see, I think that we’re all a little weary of this whole thing. I’m willing to meet masking all if we have to. It’s just one of those things. So okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:49
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:50
That’s we got Thanks. Thanks.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:53
Good to see y’all.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:54
Everybody have a good week.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:56
scavenger hunting.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:58
Oh, I’m excited.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:59
So excited.