Art in Public Places Commission Meeting – April 15, 2021

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Art in Public Places Commission Meeting – April 15, 2021

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Unknown Speaker 0:00
I am calling the meeting to order.

Unknown Speaker 0:03
Yo girl.

Unknown Speaker 0:06
I just want to remind everyone of you that and we just saw that but the meetings being recorded, so

Unknown Speaker 0:14
you know decorum decorum.

Unknown Speaker 0:17
Quiet. Sorry, I’m yawning my dog, oh,

Unknown Speaker 0:21
use use decorum. Since

Unknown Speaker 0:24
this will be on file probably for the end of time. Um, I’m gonna do something a little different at the beginning, I’m gonna read our mission statement just to make sure we’re all it’s top of mind for us. And I’m gonna look over here because I have another screen going. Our mission is to provide, manage and promote a diverse and ongoing collection of public art for the enjoyment of the citizens of Longmont as adopted in 2015. Okay, also a little bit of some more kind of pre meeting stuff. If you have to, if you want to say something, just raise your hand, and I’ll call your name. So let’s get started with roll call. I’ll just Noah. Hi. I see you. Hello, Pamela. I see you and both of your bosses. Yeah. LAUREL. Hello. Teresa. Hi. How are you? Peter?

Unknown Speaker 1:25

Unknown Speaker 1:26
Hello, Susan Horowitz Hi. How are you? Holly. wonderful smile. Cindy. There’s your smile.

Unknown Speaker 1:37

Unknown Speaker 1:38
welcome. Jennifer. Welcome. I don’t see Joanne Eileen, or Joanne or Eileen, we don’t need to see but there you are. Hi, Eileen. And Joanne doesn’t ever come around either. But that’s okay. Because she doesn’t need to.

Unknown Speaker 1:57
Okay, um,

Unknown Speaker 2:01
oh, yeah. Angela, is there any public to be heard? There is not. Okay. Excellent. All right. Raise your hand if you’ve read the minutes from last month. Wow. Okay. Probably 50% of us. Thank you. Thank you very much. Does anyone have corrections, or edits or anything of that feature?

Unknown Speaker 2:28
Wow, nobody. Okay. I read them, but I didn’t really have a chance to go through them. I it’s been a weird week.

Unknown Speaker 2:36
But perfect.

Unknown Speaker 2:39
I was expecting something from Cynthia and I was afraid I had missed something. I was sure Cindy would know what it was.

Unknown Speaker 2:47
Or the record. Whoop, whoop, Aaron.

Unknown Speaker 2:52
I think Jennifer was saying something. But you were on mute. Maybe you weren’t talking to us. Okay. She wasn’t talking to us. Okay, so we need a motion to accept the minutes in a second as well.

Unknown Speaker 3:06
And then move to seven minutes is written.

Unknown Speaker 3:12
Okay, who? Who’s making the motion?

Unknown Speaker 3:14
I made the motion Laurel.

Unknown Speaker 3:16
Okay. laurels making the motion to, as you said, except the minutes seconding.

Unknown Speaker 3:23
I second that. Holly?

Unknown Speaker 3:27
So we have made a motion to accept the was it? March minutes without any changes? Those in favor? Raise your hand.

Unknown Speaker 3:43

Unknown Speaker 3:45
Okay, Motion passes.

Unknown Speaker 3:48
Wow, did I do that? Right.

Unknown Speaker 3:52
I’ve been so out of practice. Okay. I usually get it really, really well, my first time sharing after it’s been a while and then the next time I can. Anyway. Do we have any additions to the April 15 agenda? Angela? We do not. Okay. So let’s continue on. Let’s talk about commission seats. So we had Susan and Laurel, knee with one on one with each member of the executive committee. And it would be wonderful if you guys could update the Commission on your findings and your meetings with each member

Unknown Speaker 4:34
by hand

Unknown Speaker 4:37
all the executive committee members

Unknown Speaker 4:44
you want to know who the executive committee members are?

Unknown Speaker 4:48
Yes, please. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 4:49
so aimia is the chair on the vice chair. Holly, you are the secretary or treasurer.

Unknown Speaker 5:00

Unknown Speaker 5:02
treasure. Okay. And Aaron, I think you’re the secretary. Yes. All right.

Unknown Speaker 5:09
Sorry. The quorum.

Unknown Speaker 5:15
Okay, so Laurel and Susan, take it away.

Unknown Speaker 5:20
Great. Laura, did you want to start?

Unknown Speaker 5:23
Go ahead, Susan. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 5:26
So what we had done was talk to Aaron, Randy and Holly, one on one. And we had a list of questions pertaining to their role. positives and things they wanted to see improved in the roles that they had held.

Unknown Speaker 5:51
I can barely hear you.

Unknown Speaker 5:53
Oh, I’m sorry.

Unknown Speaker 5:55
It is low.

Unknown Speaker 5:56
Let’s see, can I had to change rooms and I’m not in my regular hidey hole. Can you hear me better now? Can you hear me now? Okay, I don’t know. Oh, I know what’s going on that pillows probably hide my mic. How’s that? Better? Yeah. Okay. So, um, Laurel, and Angela and myself, um, did one on one interviews with Aaron, Randy and Holly. And we had a set of questions that we went through with each of them pertaining to the description of the role itself. things they would add to the role, items that they thought could expand the role or things they needed to see, as far as helping the roll. And it was great. It was a great opportunity. I felt like it was just so informative. For myself, and I think Laurel too, and Angela, to really hear that one on one conversation with those people. And, really, because we’ve been virtual, virtually the whole year. So that was really great to have that interaction. Do you want me Angela to say, who was keeping their position or? Okay. So Aaron, and correct me if I’m wrong. I’m his secretary. And she’s interested in staying in that role.

Unknown Speaker 7:46

Unknown Speaker 7:49
Aaron felt some of the things that she brought to the table was that we could do he has a really strong background in marketing and that for the diversity piece that we continue to talk about, we she felt like there were definite things we could do in marketing to help create that, to help that move on, and be able to know how to move in the direction of diversity. So that’s all I’m going to say about Aaron’s did you did Laura, did you want to add anything? Angela, did you want to add?

Unknown Speaker 8:33

Unknown Speaker 8:37
I’ll just say that, since Aaron has been in the secretary role, I think that our process is released very smooth. And I really appreciate it. Right now that once the agenda is drafted, I throw it into a Google Doc. And Aaron is able to take notes in situ, which is a serious skill set is a serious skill set. And she shoots it back to me at the end of the night, which is awesome. And then I’m able to populate it and put it straight into the format. And then, of course, as many of you may or may not know, we have uploaded now to a new program with the city. So it’s called prime. gov. And anyway, so it helps with the formatting. So anyways, I think it’s it’s working really well. And I’m very appreciative that Aaron is continuing her position in, in Secretary so that’s really great.

Unknown Speaker 9:34
We’re lucky.

Unknown Speaker 9:36
Yes, very, very fortunate. And her skill sets are enormous for that position. So I was I think we were all very delighted to hear that. Randy is our vice chair and she really wanted to continue in that position. She wanted Some of her comments in advancing that position and helping it along, would be to visit the vice chair, sit in, and actually do a meeting a quarter, so that their practice and this is your practice tonight. Um, they’re practiced and how to run the meeting, and gives them just more opportunity and more skills. If there’s an emergency and they have to do it, then it’s just not so foreign to them. Randy, is there anything else you wanted to add to that, Laurel?

Unknown Speaker 10:42

Unknown Speaker 10:42
I do want to say that it is not hard to share the meetings, it’s actually fun, because you can put your own spin on it. I also wanted to say that I am very much happy to stay in the role. But if there is someone that does want to

Unknown Speaker 11:01
go for the role,

Unknown Speaker 11:04
I’m willing to step aside and let that person explore the role. It’s, it’s fun, it’s really fun.

Unknown Speaker 11:12
And our last person that we spoke with was Holly, who is our treasurer, handing out the money there girl. And I just have to say, all of our people, the roles that they’re in at this time, their backgrounds and are just so suited for the roles that they’re in Holly’s is just amazing. If you don’t know her background, maybe she can give us a little more information in a minute. And we, Angela, do I do you want me at this time to say that we should talk? Is that okay, okay. Are you waiting? Or should I put it in a chat box? Okay. Anyway, Holly was totally okay with staying as treasure. And she got there, she’d be a little more reporting on the budget to commissioners, whether it was quarterly or twice a year, but that there needed to be a little more rollout on what was happening to the commission, instead of just the executive committee. So that was a great suggestion. She was interested in seeing that the treasurer’s will also have some more strategic planning added to it. And then, with each of these people, with Aaron, Randy and Holly, because we have a open chair person, Amy’s position, we asked one of the questions was do I stay in your position? Do you Are you looking to move up in a position or just move to a different position? What kind of interests do you have there? and Holly voice to that she was quite open to moving into the chair position. Am I correct? Holly, have I paraphrase that graph? Okay.

Unknown Speaker 13:34
Thank you. So

Unknown Speaker 13:38
that was, I was quite excited by that.

Unknown Speaker 13:44

Unknown Speaker 13:46
because of her background, is huge. And I’m Holly, explain what your background is rather than me say it. But you have all these master’s degrees in different organizational skills and, and just massive amount. So why don’t you talk for a minute about that.

Unknown Speaker 14:08
Okay, just kind of a in a nutshell, I’ve been in the healthcare leadership field for about about 35 years now. So I think that has really helped me immensely in working with teams and groups, because I’ve been in leadership roles, and had several people that I worked within teams. And I think what

Unknown Speaker 14:33
Susan was

Unknown Speaker 14:35
talking about with my background is I actually have a my undergrad degree is in organizational management. And so the forming of teams and how groups work together to be able to strategically meet objectives

Unknown Speaker 14:50
is really one of the things that

Unknown Speaker 14:53
I I’m just passionate about it. And so that’s

Unknown Speaker 14:57
one of my degrees in that

Unknown Speaker 14:58
I also have a master’s degree It’s in business, which

Unknown Speaker 15:02
kind of lends it to the part of the treasurer

Unknown Speaker 15:04
piece that I’m certainly happy to help with. One thing I realized is that Amy’s shoes are going to be really big to fill. I’m not near as humorous, and I don’t have good jokes like me. But I’m hoping that when Randy and I, if, if indeed I do become chair, Randy and I can work together as a team, and we can help to move art in public places through strategic planning to be the most effective group in the state of Colorado. And that’s my goal, one of my goals. So yeah.

Unknown Speaker 15:42

Unknown Speaker 15:43
is there anything you wanted to add? That I missed? In recapping what we did? Or comments that you remember?

Unknown Speaker 15:53
No, I think if you put it all together in a nutshell, and Holly, you are really just superlative and really, really excited. And, Randy, great, you know that you’re stepping up and being the chair? And no, I think they I think the group is terrific.

Unknown Speaker 16:19
Okay, so Angela, when do we vote?

Unknown Speaker 16:24
Oh, the next step, according to the guidelines is, and again, normally, this would happen quite organically, and we would have more personal relationships, because we would all be in the same room, yada, yada, yada. That being said, I, as the email said that I sent today that I anticipate and you know, US continuing in a virtual format for some time, until such time that we can then turn into a hybrid situation and have the infrastructure to be able to support that. So all that to say that there is an open seat of availability in the executive team as right now, potentially, the treasure, and I have been involved now for the first year in the budgeting process, which is happening right now. And, and also the reporting piece of it, which is really exciting. So I do think that there are opportunities for anybody who’s interested in stepping into a leadership position. But you know, dipping our toes, right, we’re dipping our toes. And while I would like to delegate a little bit more, and involve everyone a little bit more, again, it will continue to be in this virtual format. So if anyone is interested, this is a really great opportunity. And it’s a really great time. So these are wonderful people that you will be joining, we’re really looking to meet quarterly as an executive team. So if you are uncomfortable and speaking up now, but you are more interested in sending me a note offline, I can have Laurel and Susan, you know, we can all meet and kind of sit and go through what the expectations are, but also what the role would be. And then in May, is where the nominating committee will say, you know, these are our suggestions, and we’ll go forward. But if anybody is, you know, bent on being the chair, like, of course, we can go through that formal process to so I’ve only done this with art in public places online. So in every, every other time that we’ve ever done nominating it’s been in person. So it’s a little funny, but we’re gonna get through it. So I encourage anybody who’s interested in a leader, leadership position, this is a really great opportunity.

Unknown Speaker 19:00
I would say that, that I’ve been curious about taking on more responsibility within the commission. But at the same time, I don’t think that I would be a good choice for a treasurer or not that good at math. So

Unknown Speaker 19:16
I can say, Holly, do you have to be good at math to be attractive?

Unknown Speaker 19:23
I don’t think you have to do much more than maybe a little bit of adding a little bit of subtracting.

Unknown Speaker 19:31
Can you keep your bank account straight?

Unknown Speaker 19:35
The Internet usually does that. For me. I don’t pay too much attention.

Unknown Speaker 19:41
But it is it is an interesting way of seeing how funding for art and public places happens, how it’s happened historically how it looks now and potentially how it happens in the future and I am understanding where we you know, every our public places You know, organization municipality is a little bit different. So, but we can talk about that. And again, you don’t have to be good at math, but we’d be happy to have you around the table for sure.

Unknown Speaker 20:14
Sure, I am certainly interested in checking it out.

Unknown Speaker 20:18
whoever that person is, I would endorse the idea of of, or regular treasurer’s reports. I was a little surprised the whole time I’ve been here that there is never any agenda and treasure, if you put presents been a part of every other organization like this, that I’ve belong to. And I would just provide a framework for all the decisions that we make to know, you know, overall respect this biatch and whatever.

Unknown Speaker 20:51
Yeah, that was, Peter, one of the things that Holly really felt she would like to see happen in the future as far as the treasurer’s role.

Unknown Speaker 21:06

Unknown Speaker 21:09
so yeah, I agree. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 21:13
Thanks, everyone. So just to reiterate, if you are interested in any of the executive committee positions, please sign Angela a note. And, but the the taskforce will meet and discuss and we’ll hear more later on. So moving on to the recruitment strategy, we have at least two open seats coming up. So if your term is up, please consider reapplying. If you’re here today. You know, we’ve got a lot of momentum. And I was what as I was talking to Laurel and Susan, in my one on one meeting yesterday, it was yesterday. Yeah, I’ve been on the commission for five plus maybe six years or something like that. And I’m really excited about this group. We’ve had we do have a lot of momentum. Angela is mean, we can’t praise her enough. She’s

Unknown Speaker 22:24
kicking by,

Unknown Speaker 22:26
even in this strange time. So it’s, it’s a really cool time to be on the on the commission. There’s a lot of capital projects happening as well. So our budget, yeah, we don’t have regular Treasury reports. But I mean, I think we all know that we are in the black. So we do have money to spend, and with the capital projects that continue throughout, Longmont, that seems to be we’re gonna be in that position for a while. So we have money to spend, and we need ideas, and we need momentum. And we need, you know, you guys, plus two other people at least. So if you have friends that are interested, Peter, I did see you. You know, let them know who we are and how they can sign up. Peter, what’s what’s up? What do you got?

Unknown Speaker 23:17
I believe my time is up this summer. Is that right? Angela?

Unknown Speaker 23:21
I bought one of them?

Unknown Speaker 23:23
I would be happy to reapply.

Unknown Speaker 23:26

Unknown Speaker 23:27
I’ve been I’ve been? It’s been a fascinating experience.

Unknown Speaker 23:33
Excellent. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 23:38
so you came on right before I did. So you and I have had you and Susan and I, we’ve had a similar experience that we were just getting our feet wet. And then COVID hit. So I’ve spent the majority of my employment in the COVID era. So I don’t think that that’s really fair, right? What we can do is so much bigger and so much more. And we have this this massive legacy in history right from this, this program. So we’re just in a blip and that’s okay. So I thank you. I’m so excited that you’re joining us again,

Unknown Speaker 24:16
is there anything else I need to do other than just tell you that

Unknown Speaker 24:20
you’ll have to reapply and I will be certain I think the City Clerk’s Office sends it to you directly, but of course you’ll get a personal note from me. Okay, and you’ll probably have to sit in front of Marsha, and say, Hi, I’m Peter. And I really dig what we’re doing and what we can do. And she’s gonna give you the two thumbs up. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 24:46
that’s that’s not really a Terry. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 24:52
Not to put Marsh on the spot or anything but yeah, there we go. But when it comes to recruitment, though, I do think that that’s a really big piece of it, I can say that I sat in front of the lead students at Front Range Community College, which was is the Latino leadership group and I did pump up, I pumped up art in public places, obviously, but across the board just leadership positions as commissioners in Longmont to talk about shaping your community. And so we actually sat for an hour they, they grilled me, I gave him a 30 minute presentation. And they grilled me for another 30 minutes about bait. We talked about barriers, and we talked about opportunities. So I wouldn’t be surprised if a number of those students so younger and Latino that can can join us and would be excited about shaping their community. So if you can think about ways or folks within your community within your groups, just people who are excited about shaping their community, because that’s what we do, right? And then if we can think about how that’s more diversified, then that takes it a step further, but really, just getting people excited about what we do. Joe, Angela,

Unknown Speaker 26:11
are you able to get back in touch with the people that were there that showed into? Okay, you would let them know that there was an opportunity here, beyond you ever

Unknown Speaker 26:23
so I told them, I would send them I’m gonna make a flyer and I’ll send it to them. And of course, again, selfishly, I’m going to put the art in public places application in there. But I’ll also include the link to all boards and commissions just because that’s as a city entity. Right, you know, we’re working, we all work together,

Unknown Speaker 26:46
right? I’m wondering if Amy would know where we could strategically place at Front Range in a diverse community area that would spur some interest that we would get other applications to? Maybe some I can ask her, shoot her an email? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 27:14
I’ll definitely send her the flyer once it comes about and she can distribute it. I mean, okay, all of us is what widen as far as we can. Okay, edit. Right? That, and I’ll make sure, actually to put in there, that the requirement is, of course, that you have to live within the city of long lines. So that’s a really good point. I’ll make sure to because some folks might not be applicable that way. Right. I make sure to put that in.

Unknown Speaker 27:45
Any more comments on the our recruitment strategy, or the upcoming open seat?

Unknown Speaker 27:55
The the firehouse is doing a What are they calling it somewhere on the streets kind of prolong our walk situation every Saturday, during the summer, and we had a booth at that. That would be really easy public facing way to spread the news, so to speak.

Unknown Speaker 28:21
Are they doing booths?

Unknown Speaker 28:24
So I know, at the very least on the last day artwalk proper, they are definitely doing booths. And I imagine just because of what this group is that we can probably get in there for all the other pre occurring weeks.

Unknown Speaker 28:41
We, as an organization, at least art and public places has always supported Art Walk. So usually it’s in May and September. And the May is not is not having booths. But September, historically, art in public places has signed up in and we did that and who was there last year, Cindy?

Unknown Speaker 29:06
I know I was running a booth somewhere.

Unknown Speaker 29:09
Yeah. So yeah. So we, I mean, I imagine anytime there’s a booth, we’ll probably be there.

Unknown Speaker 29:18
Yeah, that’s always a vehicle that we use for recruitment. Okay, thanks. Now, let’s move on to our strategic plan and our creative culture and Holly’s gonna give us some info on that. Right.

Unknown Speaker 29:35
Yeah, so this month, we’ve really made some strong forward progress progress with our strategic planning. And as you can tell, it’s this this month on the agenda. It’s not listed as strategic planning anymore, but it’s moved to a creative culture plan. So that’s big movement in itself because we really feel like we’re we’re going in a specific direction. At this point, so kind of three basic things have happened since the last time we’ve met. One of them is that there have been some super strong talking points that have been created about what it is we’re trying to do to move forward with our planning. And I’m not going to read it all to you right now, because we’re still in the kind of the refining stages. But some of the language in our talking points have to do with engaging our most creative thinkers shared vision of a creative community and delineates strategies for coordinated mutual support, meaning bringing creatives together. reflective

Unknown Speaker 30:45

Unknown Speaker 30:49
the reflective of our community’s makeup, our plan hopefully will inform and align with City’s Comprehensive Plan envision Longmont and guide the trajectory of art in public places. So there’s some really kind of strong movement in how we’re going to define what it is we’re trying to do right now. Some of the other things that we’ve been able to get our hands on recently, we’re kind of some other some other public input that’s been gathered most recently. And so we’re looking at what the community is saying and what their hopes are for long line. And with that, we’ve recognized that we’re at about the point where we need to start determining how we’re gonna gather community data ourselves. So that’s a really big, big step to be taking. The third kind of lag of what’s been happening over the last month, is, we’re at the point where we’re gonna start looking at developing a requirement. Best for proposal to see how we can procure the money to help to develop our strategic plan and solidify our goals. So with that, we’re looking at the the the overview of the project, basically, kind of define what that project looks like, what the scope is. And so it’s it’s a lot of exciting stuff. And I know, every month, when we come through the meeting, we say we’ve we’ve made inches, but this this past month, I think we’ve made some major strides. And Angela, you may want to add some more to that. I mean, it’s fascinating.

Unknown Speaker 32:26
I think the biggest piece is that, you know, naturally, you would go and meet with someone who is your colleague within the city, and you would go knock on their door and have coffee. And unfortunately, you know, folks have been pretty much siloed in their, their, their in with what they do. And so I’ve been virtually knocking on doors for months now. And I’ve met a lot of people and I’ve had a lot of conversations. And so with the city intentions of really aligning, and also being very efficient in finding common ground in ways that we can be asking and engaging our community in smart ways about multiple things when we when we have them. So, of course, all the work that the museum is doing. I mean, I don’t know how much right now, of course, there it’s a Thursday and all of the amazing museum museum programs are happening right now. But, but everything that the museum is, is doing and work that they’ve been doing to where we’re looking to align ourselves with envision long with the museum and with our city partners, and then also our external partners who have to do with creative culture and and find common ground and making sure that everyone’s around the table. So yep, we’re making we’re making our strides and I’m looking forward to being that leader from art and public places perspective of moving creative culture Forward, forward. So

Unknown Speaker 34:10
yeah, Angela, I

Unknown Speaker 34:12
didn’t mention that envision Longmont later on this year, I believe in

Unknown Speaker 34:20
the fall is about to be relooked at. And so we’re hoping to be able to help drive some of their creative culture wording and the what they’re trying to create, we potentially could be giving them some very good input from art in public places, just because we’re going through this process and that’s later on in the year. So that’s very exciting that we think that maybe there may be room for us to be able to feed them some information that we’re gathering ourselves.

Unknown Speaker 34:50
So Holly, thanks

Unknown Speaker 35:00
so much. I hate to put you on the spot. But who who else is on that task force

Unknown Speaker 35:06
with you?

Unknown Speaker 35:08
Right now

Unknown Speaker 35:09
it’s Angela, Amy and myself.

Unknown Speaker 35:14
Would you be taking new recruits open to take new recruits for that task force?

Unknown Speaker 35:20
You can’t see. But I’m looking at Angela like,

Unknown Speaker 35:24
yeah, so um, the other piece of this that I should say is, I mean, thus far, because of the the COVID situation and Open Meetings situation, that keeping taskforces at two people, so we can have email conversations. And, you know, without the Open Meetings requirement from the sunshine law, which is a state mandated law that said, I mean, now I have access to this zoom portal, I understand how to, you know, capture the meeting, I understand how to put the agenda out into the world. So task forces, at this point could be larger. And again, anything beyond two people and myself then becomes an open meeting, which requires an agenda, minutes, and, you know, posting 48 hours in advance. So I think we’re able to, to accomplish that. I still think that keeping it at two people just to be able to email back and forth, makes it easier. But if anybody is gung ho, we’ll make it happen.

Unknown Speaker 36:41
Also with Amy leaving.

Unknown Speaker 36:47
So Laurel, you said, maybe Yes. Was that, uh Oh, you

Unknown Speaker 36:51
were saying hi. Ever saying hi to you’re saying

Unknown Speaker 36:54
hi, hi to Kim. And Kim is saying hi, back. Gotcha. Um, I actually have just one other thing that I wanted to add to the conversation, which is, I want to really think Holly, and there may be other people involved. So please forgive me if I’m missing anybody. But the amount of work that they that Holly put in to assessing all of these other city wide plans was remarkable. And so I just want to make sure that she gets some recognition for a lot of really, really detailed and probably mind numbing, but very, very important work.

Unknown Speaker 37:31
I agree. I agree.

Unknown Speaker 37:34
So you guys can put me down as someone who is interested in joining that task force sounds really, really cool. And I’m all about frameworks and stuff moving on. So if anyone else is interested, just if you don’t want to say it here, just some sun Angela note.

Unknown Speaker 37:56
The other thing sorry, they just quickly is that the creative district is really ramping up their involvement and working very hard to engage creatives. And when we think about creatives who that is, I think we’re talking about people who have a creative mind, people who look about work and solutions in different ways. And so the owner of roustan, halfacre, is involved. There. I mean, a gamut, a massive, massive array of people, I think it’s some 50 people. But we’re really looking to work together to bring the creative minds around a table, and to start talking about solutions in different ways. Things that you can’t cookie cutter from another community, and then plug into our community, something that is really unique because we’re eating. So that’s, that’s really the opportunity that we have, and if you are interested in being a part of even a representative of art and public places on in that arena. Also let me know. They’re meeting in person, which I’m not there yet, in my little bubble, but I’m gonna get there. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 39:25
let’s move on to our public art projects of which we have to. We’ll first talk about art on the move for 2021. The jury event is Wednesday, May 12. Via zoom for final voting. And, Angela. I think you’re going to give us a tutorial on the voting process.

Unknown Speaker 39:51
Yeah, so can everybody Raise your hand if you watch the YouTube video of jurien ger It’s a weird, weird, it’s a weird word. Okay. So it was a lot of information. And when you go through our jury process, some of it is going to make sense. And some of it is not. So my hope is here, that I will have abbreviated that for you to make it specific for what we’re doing. And what we’re doing is backwards of last year, because we’ve Of course, as you know, had to completely augment an in person situation to a virtual. And now we’re going to try and do a hybrid, right. So last year, we looked as a commission at all of the works together and had commentary. And then you went online and voted this year, where you’re going to go online, you’re going to look at everything that’s available. And you’re going to basically give it a yes, maybe, or no. And it’s completely up to you. But I’ve created parameters. So that basically we’re we’re taking the field, and we’re minimizing it, and I will minimize it based on quorum. And then when we come back together in May, we will go through the top echelon, if you will, of selections, and then we’ll have the commentary, and then we’ll talk about the strengths and what we want to see. And we will come up with the final selections, does that make sense to everyone. So hopefully, we’ve refined this whole virtual world into something that makes more sense for everyone. So I’m going to go through this is gonna just, again, just be patient. But the second thing to remember is we did agree to separate the opportunities to two dimensional and three dimensional. So the two dimensional option is one artist who is going to provide a number of works to be displayed in the Safety and Justice building. Okay, that’s one, we’re gonna call it an event. The second event is three dimensional works, sculpture, etc, which will be displayed on our number of plants, right? So we have like up to six, seven plants. And so you’ll choose up to, you know, six, seven of those. It’d be displayed, so you’re going to jury to different times. Alright, so I went through this multiple times today, and I think that it’s pretty clear. Here we go. And we’ll have time for questions at the end. Okay. Okay. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 43:01

Unknown Speaker 43:01
and I’m going to share,

Unknown Speaker 43:05
and I’m going to No.

Unknown Speaker 43:11
And you don’t get to see it from the beginning. But I’ll get there. Hi, Joe. Beginning. Alright. Laurel, I see you, Randy. I see you thumbs up. Can you see what I’m saying? Okay, so here we go. So the art on the move 2021. This is the preliminary voting right to to make a shortlist, if you will. The portal is going to open on May the third at 5pm. And it’s going to close on May the ninth at 5pm. You will receive all this information in an email along with this presentation along with your username and password. So if you are thinking that you don’t have that right now, don’t worry, it’s coming. Okay. So the online voting portal is intended to narrow the field of submissions. This preview is going to allow me the time to ask artists any questions about how it’s mounted, where it could stand. If I have any questions about hardware, those kinds of things. It will also allow me time to figure out if we have ample locations. If we have too many that’s too big of a size and and that kind of information. Ultimately, you’re going to go to this big website address that’s up at the top which is admin dot call for entry dot o RG backslash admin backslash. Again, you’re going to receive this whole presentation so don’t worry, you don’t have to memorize that bit of bit. Um, this is where you’re going to put in your username and password. And it looks like this username, password. And then you click the Login button. If you forget your username or password, just shoot me, you know, just shoot me a text and I will send it to you. But it will be within this email information. So it should be all together. So once you log in, you’re going to choose an event. Again, the events are twofold we have art on the moon are on the move 2d, and are on the move 3d 2d. Being that it’s going to be indoors and on the wall and 3d that it’s going to be out of doors, you do have to be in this jury section. So when you look at the upper field, you’ll want it to be on jury. Obviously, that’s where you log out, there’s other Help button, but to jury you have to be selected in that field. And then you’re going to pull down on this drop down menu, and you’re going to either choose art on the move 2d, or are unmoved 3d. So we’re gonna first start with art on the move 2d. Art on the two art on the move to D submissions is a little bit different, because they’re going to give you three representative images from a body of work. So the body of work is what’s available for the wall. Obviously, if we have three huge pieces, they’re not all going to fit on that wall. It’s a 16 foot wall. But they’re also going to give you an artist statement. And they’re going to give you a list of available works. So the task force is eventually going to decide which pieces will all fit on the wall. But your job is as a as a juror is to look at the three representative images, potentially look at the body of work that is subsequent document and and decide based on that body of work that that’s something that you would like to see. After you’re done, and we’re going to go through the whole process. But after you’re done with the two dimensional work and selection, you’re going to come back, you’re going to end up here and you’re going to choose again, by pulling down, you’re not going to choose 2d, they’re going to choose 3d. And the 3d submissions, the sculpture, outdoor submissions, they’re going to give you three images. And those three images are going to be of the same work, they’re going to give you an artist statement. And you’re going to look at those three images up to three. That is to say they have 123 images of that exact work. So that work is what is available for choice. And once we decide in our in person meeting that this is something that we want to go forward with the task force is going to determine the location of of those workers.

Unknown Speaker 47:54
So once you’ve chosen, if you’re working on 2d or 3d, and you’re going to do bull, you’re going to choose your viewing preference. And this little box is going to come up here, and it’s going to give you a couple of options. It’s going by pulling down on the menu, it’s going to give you a preview slideshow option. And that is if you want to see for some reason, you want to see all of the images in all of the submissions that you’re going to be looking at, you could choose that you could you could also choose a thumbnail scorecard, which is going to give you a scorecard. It’s gonna have tiny little images. And if you want to see them bigger, you’re going to have to click on them yourself. Or there’s the slideshow scorecard. And this is going to give you large images one at a time. And you’re going to look at them and then it’s going to populate the scorecard and then you get to make your decision. And that’s the one that I prefer to use. Because you’re really considering them one at a time. The key to this on your computer for working. And I imagine that you we may have problems and you can just contact me is that your pop ups have to be enabled. You have to allow the pop ups to happen on your computer for this to work. So if you run into any situation, again, you’ll have a cell phone number and if you don’t, we’ll get it to you. You just text me and we will walk through it together. So pop ups have to be enabled. So once you decide, Angela was right, we should do a slideshow scorecard because the easiest best method, you choose the slideshows, scorecard and here they are the beautiful Machu Picchu is going to pop up. You’re going to click on maybe this little right arrow to see any other views or visions of this work and eventually The scorecard is gonna pop up. And there’s a lot of information on this scorecard, there’s going to be information regarding, you’re not going to see the artists name, because we’re going to extract that, but you’re going to see some tagging information, you’re going to see all of the work samples. So every view, every image that the artists submitted of this work, you’re gonna see an artist statement, and there’s actually read more, and we’ve encouraged artists to submit as a statement, the score the big part, yes, no, or maybe, Comments, feedback, you might think, you know, maybe, but I really like this one. So if it’s not a yes, but it’s still an ad, that might be places for you to put for yourself, all these comments are for yourself here. And then the save my score button. Additionally, in the bottom left hand corner, you’re going to see the number of applications and what application you are on. Oh, that didn’t work. So here we are the yes, no, or maybe buttons? Oh, no, well, here we go. So my animation was backwards. So a yes button would be something, at least from the 3d sculpture point of view is that you love it that you want it to be a part of participating this year. And a good number to to use for this would be five to seven, because that’s the number of pieces that we have participating in the program. In the two dimensional, again, another event, right, completely separate, but a 123, because we’re only going to be able to choose one, once ultimate submission. So from a no perspective, if it is something that you prefer not to be included in the program, then just choose No. And we can move on from that, right. And then from a maybe situation, this might be something that you might consider as Yes, but you’re just not sure. You can keep it as an ad and putting comments for yourself, I would suggest maybe 123, at the very most of them have a maybe situation. And so you can go back and make a different decision. And then ultimately, at the end of every single time that you push, yes, no, or maybe you want to choose and select Save my score.

Unknown Speaker 52:43
Because that is going to get you to move on to to the next application. So once you’re done at the end of the box, and I couldn’t find an image of it, but it says that it prompts you back to the the scorecard. This pen forgive I’m so sorry. But this digital art, media graphics and all of that business, we don’t have anything along those lines, we only have applications, there’s just that bottom line applications. And you’ll see a total number, the total number that you have scored and the total number you have not scored. And, and the great thing about this is if you click on the total number, it’s going to populate a list of all the applications. And so you’ll be able to see once you’ve gone through the process your score, you’ll be able to see all of your yeses. And if you click on your score, it will filter automatically all of your yeses. It’ll populate all of your images if you want to change your score. So you have something that’s a maybe, and you think, yes, after I looked at this whole list, that is absolutely something that I want in now that I’ve looked at it, you just hit this ID number, and it will take you back into the card, and you can change your score. And so that’s a nice and easy way to gauge how many views you have, how many yeses you have, et cetera. Um, so again, by clicking that number, it clicks the number to populate, and then all of a sudden, this screen will show up. Once you’re done with say, 3d or 2d, and you’re thinking, Okay, it’s, I’m done. All of my scored, there’s a total number of 26. I have scored 26. I feel good about my scores. Then you pop up here to the little drop down guy, the green drop down, you pull it and you pull it to the next one, 2d or 3d depending upon what you did first. So you choose the next I guess event. Right. So that in a nutshell is going to be how the population of zoom votes happen again, we’re going to do it to to make a smaller field of ultimate votes. And then based on quorum, so number of people who vote, I’ll bring a shortlist to you at the May event. And we’ll have commentary, thoughts, feelings, I’ll have a nice list of our available locations. And we can go from there. Um, so, are there questions?

Unknown Speaker 55:39
I do have a question. And I see Cindy has a question. Um, after we narrow the field, for the next voting, how will that take place.

Unknown Speaker 55:50
All of that will happen in person. And so I will make a voting sheet with the images on the left and like one vote to vote three vote and anybody who really wants a hand, I’ll send it as an attachment for you to print out. Or you can handwrite it, or you can come to the museum and pick it up. It depends, it completely depends on the number of of injuries we have, and hopefully getting it down to size. But we’ll just I think the process was really based on Peters commentary about really valuing discussion, based on work. So trying to honor, honor and have that involved. And also someone had said about just quickly going through and eliminating some of the ones that were really not interested in. So I think that this is the best of both worlds. Yes, there will be a voting sheet. And depending upon the number of the shortlist, it’ll be up and I’ll frame it like, vote for your top seven. And then depending upon where we end up both for your top five voted for your top three, and we’ll just narrow it down based on warm

Unknown Speaker 57:14

Unknown Speaker 57:15
So we’re supposed to only vote for the seven that we like the best.

Unknown Speaker 57:22
And that’s why the maybe isn’t there, right? Because it hopefully there’s a bit of consensus about the things that you absolutely love. If you love nine, you love nine, vote for nine. But don’t vote for 40 don’t Oh, yes, for 40

Unknown Speaker 57:45
it’ll be a lot easier to vote for the ones I don’t like I think to eliminate ones.

Unknown Speaker 57:51
And, and really and last year, we did a one through seven. And I think that where we ended up was on a game of averages. And so we ended up with some of the things that ended up kind of in the middle like everybody kind of love but kind of didn’t. Right. So we’re going to anything you feel strongly about, though. Yes. Anything you feel strongly that that’s not your jam? vote no. And if it’s something that you would be on the fence about, but maybe, right, and chances are people will agree with you. Theater.

Unknown Speaker 58:35
To me, that’s the maybe vote is once you pick the ones that you think should be the ones that are chosen. In the recognize that you know, everybody else may not like one of those. And so what are you willing to accept? That’s becomes a maybe Okay, well, maybe this one if I can’t have the ones I want? Maybe this one would be okay. Right. And then the nose, of course, are the ones that you know, you select that I’m moving to Alaska.

Unknown Speaker 59:09
So but we still have to rank them yet, choose that many?

Unknown Speaker 59:15
Yes, no. Or maybe that’s the ranking system.

Unknown Speaker 59:18
Okay. Got it.

Unknown Speaker 59:19
Yeah, too. And also, just quickly, anybody who’s not applicable, because of the requirements of the call, will have gone away like I will have, that’s why I need that morning of the third, I need to go through. I have a number of questions that you won’t see. And if the if they don’t fit the qualifications, they just go away. So you don’t have to worry about any of that. Anybody who applies is applicable and fits the bill. So anybody? Yes, no or maybe is completely they’re completely qualified to apply. Holly, did

Unknown Speaker 1:00:01
you have a question?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:03
Angela, can you just remind us again, when the when you’re opening up the initiative, first part of the judging?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:11
Yeah, so the call is open right now. And we have folks who are actively contacting me about application requirements every, every day. And it will close on the first, may 1. That’ll give me Sunday night to just go through quickly. And then look, if, if there’s anything that screams to me that I just need clarification on, I can try and get a hold of the artist. But then Monday during the day, all, I’ll comb through everything. And by 5pm, I will have 100, all of your usernames and passwords are all set up. Everything’s ready to go. I will just have the list combed, cleaned, and it’ll open. That’ll give you seven full days. So depending upon what day works best for you, you can save, just save your work, exit and come back. If you have any problems again, you just text me I’m always available. And but that gives you seven days to go through and do create the shortlist, if you will. And then that’ll give me a couple of days to create a report if need be. Contact the taskforce if there’s any questions. And then by that time on Wednesday, the 12th we’ll have a nice shortlist to go through and have commentary and voting in person Well, in person. Zoom in person.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:56
So traditionally, as Angela mentioned, we do this as a group and we order food and whatnot. So we’re not paying for it. But go ahead and order yourself some food make yourself a beverage. You know, have some fun with it. And Angela, I do appreciate the slideshow was fantastic. And your voice modulation throughout it is I think it helps very much so I enjoy it.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:23
Well, I never gotten to have the art on the move in person party time. So I’m waiting.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:30
So order from like doordash or something.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:33
Oh, yeah, no, it’s totally sushi night.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:36
Oh, there you go sushi night. Okay, so any more commentary on the art on the move process? The puppy wants to say something apparently Phineas, okay, I’m going to take that as a no, let’s move on to the shopkart portion, which is letter B, a mine it’s number nine, but it is letter B under number eight.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:03
Basically, tell

Unknown Speaker 1:03:04
your artists friends to start making their models. Because it’s open. The shock art is open. Um, we did select our you had emailed us on the task force? Or maybe Did you just email the task force, Angela? Or was it the whole commission?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:26
I can’t remember if the task force is working on location, we’re getting down to a short list. But everything thus far looks cool with Kevin with LPC. And so really just in we’re a little early this year on chocker, which might surprise some of the artists but I think that that’s okay, because it’ll give them a little more time to paint and get money into their hands sooner, which is a good thing. But the old town marketplace did absolutely 100% confirm that we have in person voting masked socially distant and say, starting June 19. And then we will have an event. A safe, lovely event on that second Saturday, which is what the downtown district authority is working on second Saturdays, so that’ll be July the 10th. And in addition, of course, we will also have the hybrid model so we’ll have online voting as well with a weight toward folks who identify their residents as a Longmont zip code. Yeah, I mean, so some of the criticism of course, is That, you know, the folks who live in town should have more of a say. That’s not to say that someone couldn’t vote and choose a Longmont zip code is where they live. Like we can’t legitimize that, but we can at least waited a little bit. So if somebody is promoting themselves online, which they should, and that’s awesome. But folks who live in town will have a little more say, is the best I can come up with

Unknown Speaker 1:05:46
you, there you go to

Unknown Speaker 1:05:50
what is the day that is going to be at the marketplace?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:57
We’ll install them on June, probably the 18th I’ll have tables delivered. And the folks who last month said that you’re interested in volunteering. I’m still honing in on the details, but I’m gonna need help.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:15
You can add my list My name to that list. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:18
So you know, calendar, it’ll be moving a bunch of boxes from the museum, to the hotel marketplace. It’ll be labeling, it’ll be signage, it’ll be you know, it’ll be a fun day of setting up basically in an art art exhibit. And so I will reach out again, it’s I’m a little on the early end, but I just needed to know that I had support. Before I felt comfortable in moving forward with my in person event. And I will be second shotted. And very well out by then. So yeah, so June 19. And then the event. The second Saturday is July via July the 10th. Which that’s kind of a wacky weekend anyway. But people might be out, you know, and so it’ll be a really good it’ll be a really good engagement time. So yep, just stay tuned. And a lot of the probably use sign up genius. It works really well for me of shifts, and what it looks like. And if you have any questions, just let me know. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:36
I have moved the boxes from the museum to there and I have a large minivan with no, with my seats folded down in the back so they can accommodate like 30 boxes. So

Unknown Speaker 1:07:50
um, you got me is the key is making sure that the artist actually puts their name on the box. So your label go and we don’t have to do the guessing game. So yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:06

Unknown Speaker 1:08:08
Anybody have any other comments or questions about shopkart? No. Okay, let’s move on to conservation and maintenance, which is continuation of the cold, colorful poetry in the middle pages at the Civic Center. Does anyone know I do you have any updates? Or?

Unknown Speaker 1:08:28
No, the only thing. Angela sent out an email earlier today about the conservative tour that she reached out to Is that right?

Unknown Speaker 1:08:40
Yeah. She said, Yeah, I unfortunately did not get a chance to read that email.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:50
So it’s been a little bit of two fold, if you will. So the sent the email earlier this week that I finally got in touch with a conservator, but also the project manager for the Civic Center. And I think that the status of the project really is a little carton horse. So and this does not need to be decided today. And the conservator needs to get up close to the work, which means that we could bring in a lift and pay to have the work seen in situ, or the artwork has to come down in the fall has to because of the solar panel installation. So do we wait to have the conservator look at the work when the work has to come down anyway? Or do we bring the conservator in in advance of the work coming down? So they can see it in situ. This conservator has seen the work already has treated the work 10 years ago, has ample pictures. I think that there’s pot is positive notes to both situations. Certainly we could have the conservator be or a conservator be on site, when the work comes down to be assured that we’re documenting what banner comes down in what order all of those pieces and parts. But it’s really figuring out I think, dollars related to this, and also the efficiency that we want to have. So Holly and Noah are on that, and I’m waiting back to I’m waiting to hear from the conservator of what that dollar amount would be. I think that just the assessment is, is cheap, like it’s nothing really, very, very, very little. But we will have to bring in machinery, like if we decide to have the piece observed in situ prior to the fall, we will have to bring in a lift. You know, that’s a couple 100 bucks. So

Unknown Speaker 1:11:15
would that be put to a committee vote? to either do it, do the assessment now with machinery or wait till it comes down in the fall?

Unknown Speaker 1:11:27
Um, yeah. Cindy, go ahead.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:30
Do we have to have the machinery when it comes down in the fall? Yes. Why should we pay for the machinery twice?

Unknown Speaker 1:11:37

Unknown Speaker 1:11:41
I think we think we should wait until the fall, she didn’t come and look at it before it comes down. She can be there when it comes down. She can do the conservator thing. And then she can be there when it goes back up or not.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:55
I agree. It sorry, it makes sense to if it’s already going to come down. And that process requires the cherry picker or whatever. You, we should just combine that into one. If the conservator really does or want or need to see the material up close at a time, we can always just get a tall ladder that doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:20
The challenge is that some of them are suspended. So there’s not a place for the ladder to hold in the middle. That’s not to say that we couldn’t have the cherry picker, we independently couldn’t pay for the cherry picker to come like a day at a time. And have her assess in place prior to the pieces coming down. It’s certainly seems more efficient. I think that I’m going to be really blatantly honest here that, you know, if they if the pieces do come down, and the commission decides not to put them back up because of their date, we just need to be prepared for that.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:06
I don’t I don’t know. Holly, did

Unknown Speaker 1:13:10
you have a comment? Yep. Did

Unknown Speaker 1:13:13
I know after our last meeting, when we talked about it, a lot of people expressed interest to going down into the Civic Center and taking a closer personal look. Did anybody have the opportunity to do that?

Unknown Speaker 1:13:27
What do you think Laurel?

Unknown Speaker 1:13:28
I think that that the fabric is faded, you know, those colors are faded. So it already looks old. That’s my opinion. It’s been up about 20 years. Yeah. And the sun has been coming through. And I think more than that, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:51
So yeah, one thing I found interesting is I happen to go on the art in public places website where were represented just this week. And interestingly enough, that set of banners poetry is what is representing us right now on our really are our main page on the city website. So very interesting, but it doesn’t look bad on that page.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:21
Like I saw that too.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:23
I would be in tonight. In I don’t know what the right word is pulling the city workers that work there and see how they feel about it. If they think it’s old and needs to come down, or if they love it and want it to stay up. I’d be interested in seeing input from the people that work in that building.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:46
And I think that that is absolutely possible because this really because of the funds that have been put into the Civic Center. The folks that go there every day. I think that they genuinely would really appreciate an opinion here? Yeah, no, I think that that’s very valid. And, and also, I can’t help but add in the 100. And some number of, of instances that we we look through the city planning documents, the most multitude of city planning documents of where art and public places, illustrates illustrates the city. So you have some grand vision of the city. And then there’s this beautiful color image next to it. It’s always of art in public places, it’s often not referenced or credited. So to to Holly’s point. And really what we’re doing here, what we do here is is illustrating the value and you know, the creativeness of our cities. So, yeah, it doesn’t surprise me, you know, we’re not one bit that aren’t in them, you know, color in the middle pages is is illustrative of our on our homepage, right. Yeah, a polling of city workers,

Unknown Speaker 1:16:13
it should be pretty easy to just send out a mass email and have them respond.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:17
Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. Yeah. Undo. Before the next meeting, no one,

Unknown Speaker 1:16:25
would it make sense to have some community input for the people that are actually go into the Civic Center to? I mean, would there be any value in that? Do

Unknown Speaker 1:16:34
you think

Unknown Speaker 1:16:36
that is something that that Amy mentioned last time, we just have to figure out a way to do that maybe

Unknown Speaker 1:16:45
like a suggestion box type of thing, I don’t know, where they can just write a comment, or I don’t think that I’ve never been in there myself. But like, that’s probably the best way to do it, as opposed to engaging somebody who works there. And having collect comments, I don’t think that’s it seems that

Unknown Speaker 1:17:05
the people that come into the city building to pay bills, or meet with somebody or do something, they kind of, they have a goal, and maybe they’re not looking around. I know I when I first saw those, that those banners, the first time that I applied for the position here on the aipp board, I loved them, I thought they were wonderful. I didn’t know they were faded. But I I enjoyed them very much.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:39
And I think that that’s a testament to what art in public places can do for people, that you enter a public space, and you don’t recognize it, but yet, it enhances the feeling in the experience that you’re having. And so while of course, in Sharif Montgomery is going to come and talk to us next month, about available places within the Civic Center for Public Art, specifically related to our, the 100 and 50th, and really looking into an art project there. But if those pieces do come down for the long term, and for the permanent, that thinking about a suspended sculpture or thinking about what kind of infrastructure, something could hold there, and what that space looks like, I think falls within our purview. Because people whether or not you recognize it, the way that that space feels impacts your experience.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:51
And so we will facilitate the emails to the city employees that work there and report on that next month. Is there a way that we would be able to pull the patrons that go into that building? That’s

Unknown Speaker 1:19:05
the other question.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:08
I think so. And I think that we can either we can even do, like, I’ll have to speak with the communications department, of course, with the city because of like, touching things and feeling things or whatever. But like normally the way we would do something like that is a poster board with stickers and you would go and put a sticker, you know, maybe or whatever. But certainly a city poll within workers within the building to get some feedback that way, is easily done. And I can do that by next month. And then also, I think that we have an opportunity in something that’s a little bit further in our agenda, to talk about, do some city polling firm public places, so maybe we can meld, meld the two, we actually have a decent email list. And also there’s a city list we can get on the city line. I don’t know if any of you receive the city line emails. Okay, great. So we can we can get on the city line too. So, so yeah, I think that across the board blanket, yes, we can do that.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:26
Another option would be puts, you know, a questionnaire that Longmont observer or something like that people can send in, you know, or they can tweet their response, you know, we can make it a hash tag, something like that. Another more direct way to do it would be simply send somebody like me who doesn’t have really much else to do these days in there with a clipboard. And I can simply ask people, when they, you know, come in and be like, hey, how do you feel about this stuff?

Unknown Speaker 1:20:54
I’d like to just make a note for the future, when we do pull those things down. Because of the extreme weight requirements that we are facing, that we should be sure to weigh the whole thing, just to make sure what it weighs.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:11
Yes, absolutely. I think that that’s the key part of the conservators job and like getting that person in on the ground level is that we’re, we’re capturing all of that data and know exactly to your point I very good contacts now with the with the Longmont leader and I absolutely can get in contact with pray whoever prayer immediate love times call. Yeah. Great.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:43
Hey, Angela, you’re up. And administrators reports.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:48
We think that the big thing that I was gonna say is just a couple of quick things that I did. I mentioned earlier that I met with the the Li lead students with Front Range Community College about civic duty, and being a civil servant, which I have to again, thank you all because I love what I do. And it’s been a weird year, but just trying to encourage folks really to participate and recognize that they can shape their community. And then a second piece of that, of course, is that we will be recruiting come June. So that’ll be a big thing. And then the other training that I went through, while I’ve been through a number of of diversity and inclusivity accessibility trainings recently, but the lost my train of thought, but the big one or art in public places, what did I forget?

Unknown Speaker 1:22:53

Unknown Speaker 1:22:57
stability, Front Range Community College, and well, it was a thing, and it was something and it was fantastic. No, I honestly, I don’t remember. Okay. Um, yeah, so that’s it. Um, so we’ll just continue forward with trying to do recruitment and finding ways of being smarter in reaching our community. Yep.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:30
If that thought comes to you, we’ll go back.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:32
I know how awkward

Unknown Speaker 1:23:36
seeing your mom.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:38
Yeah, senior moment. Alright, we’ve got some new business. Again, talking about art on the move. So it’s about getting that time to decommission our art on the move for this year to make way for 2020 twos are on the move. So when asked the commission if we are interested in maybe perhaps another direct purchase, similar to Ursa Major. The way we’re going to do this, and I saw the postcard, Angela, I think we’re going to do it using the postcard. Okay. We’re going to do a commission vote of thumbs up thumbs down for the pieces that are currently out there for direct purchase potential. And Angela is going to show the postcard that has all of the current art on the move pieces on it.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:36
I actually didn’t go ahead and make up individual slides so we can go through them one at a time and without without knowing exactly how much the artist I mean, I know what the insured value is, but I don’t want to presume that the insured value is the sale value because that would be Appropriate here. So I think that how we’ll go forward is just, and I’m not sure how you as a commission have done this, or completed this with Ursa Major, because it was installed for art on the move, and then there was a gap of time, and then you purchased it. So I don’t know how you’ve done this before. But this is we’re going to try it this way now, which is, prior to D installing it, right, and having it go back to wherever the artist is, storing it, that if we can consider if you’re interested in purchasing it, before moving it, you know, that maybe we can have that conversation in advance. So that’s the goal here. I don’t know, again, the purchase prices, were really a thumbs up if it’s something that we’re interested in investigating the purchase price, because it’s something we like, and maybe that we want to get community feedback, if they love it. I’m not 100% sure, or Nope, I don’t like that at all. And depending upon how, what we get here, I’ve likely will go to every artist and just investigate the cost. And then we can continue this conversation next month, but that will just really helped with the facilitating the D installation of this work. Right. Okay. So and we also presuming that it has to be available. Go ahead, Randy.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:38
When we do have the

Unknown Speaker 1:26:41
if if any of the pieces do get thumbs up and we’ll talk about pricing with the artists then we’ll also talk about our budget. You know, what are at that time to to let you all know where we stand monetarily.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:57
Okay, so here we go.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:02
Zooming and I’ll do you want me to tally?

Unknown Speaker 1:27:07
Yes. That would be very helpful. Thank you,

Unknown Speaker 1:27:10

Unknown Speaker 1:27:12
your thumbs very visible.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:16
Oh, all the people

Unknown Speaker 1:27:19
even use the fancy. All right. Here we go. Everybody. I see Noah and Randy. Do you see that?

Unknown Speaker 1:27:31
I do. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:27:33
all right. Here we go. alphabetically just for fun. Starting with the 3d work. This is Iron Horse by Bill bunting. The work is of all recyclable material. upcycled bumpers and pieces and it is presently installed at the recycle center.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:59
Okay, I can see everyone

Unknown Speaker 1:28:04
keep your thumbs up.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:11
Okay, okay. Keep your thumbs up. Now. I’m now I’m going to count because there was some people that put their thumbs up later.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:18
Yeah, keep them up for sure.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:23
Okay, thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:25
Okay. Great. whirling dervish transcendence. So whirling dervish transcendence is a new work that is glass and is mounted with a solar panel. To be fair. And Cindy, I look at you on this one, that it was not installed in the most appropriate place, because there is a streetlight, that’s right above it. And so that prevents the solar panel and the dimming, I guess, if you will, necessary for the peace to self illuminate. So we’re slightly I guess, unsure if this if this piece is wholly successful. That said, again, it’s a new piece that was created just for this program. This the funds that you permitted and allowed allowed this piece to come to fruition. So there’s something to be said about that.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:34
I like this, if we can find a place to move it to so that it actually does what it’s supposed to do. Yeah, I really like it if we could do that.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:43
And I think that if there was the direct purchase, that could certainly be a part of the requirement of the contract. Right? That the and with all of our art in public places purchases, we always require a warranty of X number of years. You Usually three so we would have at the very least that amount of time for her to refine it but there’s some you know

Unknown Speaker 1:30:11

Unknown Speaker 1:30:13
time for clarification our options thumbs up or thumbs down or can we abstain if we have no preference

Unknown Speaker 1:30:21
you can absolutely abstain

Unknown Speaker 1:30:23
Okay, sometime okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:36
Snow Queen by Steven Landis, I do have to say is concrete over foam

Unknown Speaker 1:30:50

Unknown Speaker 1:30:52
from experience cannot say confidently the length of time that this would be able to be successful outdoors for an extended period of time. It is holding up quite well over the year that it has been installed in Longmont.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:23

Unknown Speaker 1:31:27
it could probably move inside

Unknown Speaker 1:31:31
it could I don’t know where but we can always investigate a place.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:39
Prior perfect. Got it.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:46
epiphany by Jacob no finger as you’ll recall, is evocative of a caricature from Picasso. And in blue. It has held up quite well and is headed to actually headed to Parker, Colorado this year. So they’ve selected it for their program that’s similar to ours. But not to say that in time, it wouldn’t be available. But I imagine that it would be a year from now before it would be able to be installed anywhere.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:28
Thumbs so I we can’t see the other commissioners is that I always see you for over here. We see everybody or know what everybody is voting.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:50
Um, if you hover Laurel with your mouse to the upper left hand corner, screen,

Unknown Speaker 1:33:03

Unknown Speaker 1:33:04
my dear could possibly be a Brady Bunch grid option. And that might change your view.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:17
There’s also a little handle next to the people’s pictures that you can pull out makes the pictures of the artwork smaller, but it gives you more people. Participants down here. Now right next to the right next to your little screenshots of people. Between that and the artwork, there should be like a little double line handle that you can hover over and then

Unknown Speaker 1:33:49
sure to see.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:52
How about is it helpful if we give you an account? If we can say three thumbs up to middle thumbs four thumbs down? Is that would that help you in the short term?

Unknown Speaker 1:34:06

Unknown Speaker 1:34:07
There’s like standard view where you have views and then everybody’s listed across the top of this little arrows you can click right and left to go scroll through the whole list of people that are currently in the meeting. That standard view

Unknown Speaker 1:34:22
is not you Martha but Marsha Marsha, Marsha. No, The Brady Bunch. It’s Brady Bunch. Nevermind.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:31
I got I got

Unknown Speaker 1:34:37
the Brady Bunch for you. Okay, well, well, we’ll try and help you by at least illuminating what the vote is looking like. Okay. Again, I’ll find all the prices on everything. I’m going to contact everyone. This is really just an exercise of gauging interest. Right? Okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:34:58
and at the end, I can tell you You guys, how many thumbs up?

Unknown Speaker 1:35:02
Great. So this is Trinity by Sue Quinlan and Sue is local. These are three pillars, if you will, with that are mounted, and welded. And then of course, the, the detail that I have on the right is just so you can see the application to the totem, because I don’t think that it’s articulated well in the original image.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:32
Hey, thumbs. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:45
And lastly on the 3d is petite shardene by Charlotte Zink small garden. This piece I think is brilliantly placed I you know, in the South Kensington Park area next to the Rose Garden, which parks was was working on actually fall of last year, which was great because it was overground for sure. So I imagine this spring, it will be lovely. So it’s three pieces. Obviously that tallest piece is about eight feet high. makes good sense there actually,

Unknown Speaker 1:36:28
yeah, it really it really complements the setting. And it looks great. There are you guys can put thumbs up and talk if you want to continue to talk. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:49
And so then the last three pieces, and I have to admit, again, that within the our places collection, our two dimensional work is limited. And and that’s completely understandable because of course, we have to find places within public experience that these exist and not just to be wallhangings for for employees, right? So be mindful of that, that there are only so many places within the public sphere. For two dimensional work to exist, we have this temporary space. And that’s wonderful. But for consideration here is return to your dreams. And this is the series that Cynthia Lee giros has up in the Safety and Justice building. And again, we’ll remove these pieces, all of them from Safety and Justice. Put something else up. So if we were to to purchase something like this, it would need to go elsewhere.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:10
Good. Got it. You show us all three pieces. are you voting on all three or just one each?

Unknown Speaker 1:38:16
I did them all individually. Because I think if there was a purchase, it would be individually. I can I can absolutely give you this series if you would like quickly, I can find it. This is higher than the soul can hope. It’s quite large.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:40
You can do thumbs now I’m ready for you.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:46
Like any of these. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:51
And this is to where your dreams are.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:58
I like her work.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:00
Ready for thumbs. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:08
Okay, so I think the next steps, of course, are that I will inquire to the prices and the availability and report back. And I didn’t see Randy, that there was anything that there wasn’t there was some interest for every thing. So we’ll at least get get cost. And then if folks if there’s something that you are very excited about, think about those and the location where it could be considered. And then I think the next step also would be if we feel as a commission, that we should reach out to the community and ask if and I don’t know the answer to that. Because sometimes that’s a cooks in Kitchen bit. First the major again, I don’t know how that transaction

Unknown Speaker 1:40:07
transpired, I can tell you how that came up if you want to know. Um, you don’t care.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:14
Yeah, well, I mean,

Unknown Speaker 1:40:15
I mean, you’re not not that you don’t care.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:17
No, I, yeah. How much? I don’t know how it’s roll, you know, if it’s nuts and bolts for moving this conversation forward.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:29
Okay, we can do it late, we can do it another time? Because it is, it is 740 and

Unknown Speaker 1:40:37
an hour. And also, I will, I will say that when we think about the the purpose for these kinds of programs, the whole purpose for these programs is for artists to get their work out there, and eventually to get it sold. Right. And that, that it goes through a vetting process of community, and that we enjoy it. And it’s something that we collectively want to have embrace, and have a part of our story, as a community. So as a commission, you know, of citizens. You speak on behalf of that. So.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:16
Right. So that didn’t happen in the past. It wasn’t a regular thing, a question that was asked necessarily, so it just got brought up one day, Hey, what about purchasing this? So thank you for for being proactive in before we take everything down asking the question, that’s a really good point on your part. Thank you very much. That said, let’s move on to commissioners comments.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:46
I have one question, go for the building. Kaufmann between fifth and six is going up a pace. Have they reached out to us again at all about doing any artwork for them?

Unknown Speaker 1:42:00
Have Justin lightfield, who is one of the developers with the spoke building is very interested in developing a project for the if you will. Raj screen, I’ll call it. And so where he and I are with the conversation is understanding the difference between ownership. So if art in public places is going to own the piece, the ness the necessity, and requirements for us to own it and contribute to it. Or if they’re going to, if they the Housing Authority are going to own it, giving us an understanding of how it is that we will contribute to it. I absolutely 100% this project will come to fruition. I wish I could say how at this time. But needless to say one way or the other. It is public art in its finest moment, right, that we that we are taking an expression of creativity, that we’re we’re applying it to a building that has messaging that’s within envision long on one of our staples in our pillars of our community, and how creativity can can hi highlight that. So he has a little bit of work to do. I’ve been working again with him. And also with Kimberly with LDA. So it’s on the horizon. Yep.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:00
There it is.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:02

Unknown Speaker 1:44:05
Any other comments, questions? whatnot.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:09
I just agree with that. I’m excited about that project. To me that the greatest expression of art is something that is both useful and beautiful. Something that is a piece of public infrastructure that at that size of that scale with that visibility that also expresses you know, the something that the talent appreciates. That’s awesome. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:38
Okay, guys, just

Unknown Speaker 1:44:41
want to say something else

Unknown Speaker 1:44:42
we have. We have good partners. I think we have really good partners and you know, I’m still a little on the new front and and getting to know people. But yeah, I’m excited about it too. It’ll be a grand project. When the Comes

Unknown Speaker 1:45:01
that’s another reason for re upping if you’re getting ready to leave the commission. Anyway, I do want to thank Joanne McCoy for from the museum for facilitating the meeting. And I would like to adjourn at 7:45pm. Just letting you know that our next meeting is on May 20.

Unknown Speaker 1:45:25
So Thanks all for joining tip. Don’t

Unknown Speaker 1:45:28
forget about the art on the move on the 12th.

Unknown Speaker 1:45:33
Okay, motion to adjourn.

Unknown Speaker 1:45:38
I forgot Dewey. Yes. Sure. Would like to motion

Unknown Speaker 1:45:45
to adjourn.

Unknown Speaker 1:45:46
Second. Cindy seconds. Everyone. Raise your hand if you agree.

Unknown Speaker 1:45:51
All right. Bye.