Senior Citizens Advisory Board Meeting – April 7, 2021

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Senior Citizens Advisory Board Meeting – April 7, 2021

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Unknown Speaker 0:03
Well, I’ve got 10 o’clock. So I think Marsha will join us when she can. And we should get this meeting underway. It’s good to see everybody. Thanks for joining us.

Unknown Speaker 0:19
Let’s see. Michelle is our guest, as is Robin. We’re not live streaming.

Unknown Speaker 0:28
And there’s no public to be heard. So we’re moving on to the minutes of the last meeting on March 3. prudence, you did a hell of a job. That’s a lot of reading.

Unknown Speaker 0:48
any corrections, comments?

Unknown Speaker 0:53

Unknown Speaker 1:00
Oh, I’m sorry. Go ahead, Julie. Go ahead. And

Unknown Speaker 1:05
I make a motion that we approve the march 3 2020 minutes. And I’ll second.

Unknown Speaker 1:16
Thank you really, prudence. That was quite a job. What if the meetings are really chock full? Yes, it’s amazing. There. We do do something during two hours that we meet.

Unknown Speaker 1:34
All right. So now we’re on to the old business, health and wellness in the facility. Michelle is on.

Unknown Speaker 1:49
Um, I don’t have any update per se, on the scope of services. I’m still working with our purchasing department to release that.

Unknown Speaker 2:00
It’s a opportunity really, we can identify potential responders. So I think as a group, we’ve already talked about Liu H and L, Ph. and Kaiser.

Unknown Speaker 2:16
I think I may have mentioned that the first time the YMCA and Longmont clinic

Unknown Speaker 2:25
applied when we did the RFP, are there any other health care providers that you all

Unknown Speaker 2:33
would think we need to specifically send the request for proposal information to besides those individuals, no knows individual organizations. So Longmont, united, longs peak hospital Kaiser, YMCA, Longmont clinic, or anybody about the boulder community health, there’s a whole range of physicians and services associated with that. Okay. And that’s boulder community health, right? Yeah, yeah, that’s the big umbrella for the pray all those practices.

Unknown Speaker 3:14
Okay, anybody else? Michelle? I don’t know.

Unknown Speaker 3:20
Oh, go ahead. odd.

Unknown Speaker 3:24
Art. Go ahead. Oh, I don’t know if it’s probably but is is

Unknown Speaker 3:28
danis alluded to this at all or not. Yeah, that’s a great point. Art. I will add them to the list. I don’t know that. But great. Great thought. Thank you. Yeah, I was thinking that you are

Unknown Speaker 3:43
pregnant. Did you have somebody else? No, but odd. read my mind. Yeah. Okay. No, he has such talents.

Unknown Speaker 3:52
Great. He read two minds. That’s amazing.

Unknown Speaker 3:59
And this kind of the other point kind of I have as a separate item on the agenda. But

Unknown Speaker 4:06
there is a possibility that we can pull the footcare piece out. visiting nurse Association in Denver is now expanding their foot care clinics into Boulder County, Northern Boulder County. They have had a clinic at the Lewisville Senior Center for a long time. And they reached out to me and asked if we’d be interested. So I think it’s the timing is right to separate and do a separate RFP for the footcare clinic and had a great conversation. She sent me lots of information from the VNA perspective. So

Unknown Speaker 4:51
that’s kind of what I’m inclined to do is to go ahead and release the footcare specifically separate

Unknown Speaker 4:58
unless you all have any

Unknown Speaker 5:00
real concern about that?

Unknown Speaker 5:03
No, no, I’ve seen Okay. Okay. So um, we have two potential

Unknown Speaker 5:12
to two potential folks who may apply for the foot fair clinic. VNA is absolutely interested. And then we have an individual nurse who may apply. I don’t know that that nurse has all of the

Unknown Speaker 5:30
insurance and all of those kinds of things at the at the level but VNA has indicated they charge just $40, which is actually a little bit cheaper than some of the other foot care clinics. So

Unknown Speaker 5:47
anyways, so that’s kind of where I’m at with with the two RFPs. And I’m going to move those forward if that’s okay. Janine.

Unknown Speaker 5:57
Old a. I have a question about those clinics.

Unknown Speaker 6:03
Is it is VNA able to submit insurance regarding that, or is that all out of pocket? Yeah, so VNA as a as a nonprofit large organization is able to cover all of that. Yeah. Because I think that’s going to be important for any of the vendors because many of our clients would have medical coverage for that, especially if they were diabetic, and having somebody that can submit claims is going to be important. Janine, would you be interested in seeing the material now that VNA submitted or

Unknown Speaker 6:47
I obviously you all will be involved in the selection process, and you’ll see it later. Yes, I would be interested. Okay. And prudence you too. Um, yeah, I’ll take a look at it. DNA is huge. It’s all over the United States. And is there a way we can contact the Lewisville Senior Center to see what their experience is? Yeah, I meet with Katie, the manager on a regular basis and both Lewisville and boulder brought their foot care clinics back into their building several months ago. Okay, they got clearance from the health department to do that. And so I know they’re following all the PP and I know their clients. We’re very happy to have them back. So yes, I’m good. With this just be for them. Offering service in the building. Right. Okay. Right. Yeah. VNA is not interested in in owning or renting their own facilities. They really as a nonprofit want to partner. It’s a great fit for us. Really? Yeah. Yeah. Because I know a couple older people have held on to the connection from services past to they go to her house, she goes to their house. Right. And we’ve made referrals to her because she will do house calls, which is great. And has been good during COVID. Yeah, but not not. You know, it’s a specialty. You all know, this footcare is definitely a specialty. And so

Unknown Speaker 8:27
making sure folks have that is really critical. Right? Yeah. Okay, super. So that takes care of amb. Unless you have any other feedback. That sounds good. Sounds like we’re moving in the right direction. Great.

Unknown Speaker 8:44
So we’re reviewing the 2021. Goals. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 8:50
So Prince did a really good job of capturing them. In the minutes he did. I typically embed them at the end of the agenda. So you have them to places part of the minutes and at the end of the agenda, and I just want to check in make sure we got them all got them, right.

Unknown Speaker 9:17
I’m not thinking of anything else. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 9:21
All right. Then we’re going with them. Right.

Unknown Speaker 9:25
No changes to the minutes and we’re all good. Okay. Well, good. Go for it. All right.

Unknown Speaker 9:34
And then d 2020. Annual Report. date to the City Council, which that’s another lengthy document. Well, let’s do the proclamation first, Susan. It’s a little shorter.

Unknown Speaker 9:49
Okay, so here’s the way it’s set up right now, on April 27. The proclamation is early in the agenda as a part of special

Unknown Speaker 10:00

Unknown Speaker 10:02
And right now the annual report is a part of general business, which is later in the agenda.

Unknown Speaker 10:11
So that could change but that’s how it stands right now. The proclamation language I took from the Association of Community livings wording and they put out a sample proclamation every year. This year. It’s about strength and enrichment, older adults. So, got some statistics. You’ll see those in there in that sample Proclamation. So this is right now the proclamation that’s been submitted, we really can’t make change. But, um, the anticipation is the mayor will read this.

Unknown Speaker 10:53
And Susan, or her designee will accept it.

Unknown Speaker 11:00
And that will be close to seven o’clock. You do not need to be present, you’re going to accept it virtually. sort of thing, Susan. So any

Unknown Speaker 11:12
questions or comments?

Unknown Speaker 11:15
I would like to know if Bart could except that virtually on behalf of the advisory board, since I’m going to be laid up for a bit with shoulder surgery.

Unknown Speaker 11:32
That nodding of the head art, but is that a yes. Yes. Yes. I’d be happy to do that. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 11:45
Okay, so I will make those changes in the

Unknown Speaker 11:50
council packet, that it’s going to be art.

Unknown Speaker 11:53

Unknown Speaker 11:55
And along with that, I’ve contacted Sheila and she will be the delegate to the Friends Meeting at on the 27th. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 12:20
Susan, do you want an invite as well? Or not at all? Um, you can give me an invite, depending how I feel, you know, maybe I can at least listen in. I don’t know if I want to see.

Unknown Speaker 12:33
So, so for the council meeting also.

Unknown Speaker 12:38
Uh, yeah. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 12:50

Unknown Speaker 12:55
So are you going to read or are they going to council going to have read your document there? The mayor will read the Proclamation. Um, not the proclamation, all the stuff that has been accomplished. Okay. So I don’t know that council were read their whole annual report, which is why I did this summary PowerPoint. So.

Unknown Speaker 13:23
So I want to make sure

Unknown Speaker 13:26
some of my slides have too much content, and I will move some of that content to the comments section and make them a little briefer in there slide form.

Unknown Speaker 13:42
The question to you all is do you want me to be the primary presenter? And then URL are available for questions and comments from council? Or does one of you want to present this? That’s the

Unknown Speaker 14:00
that’s I would like the polished presenter unless somebody wants to jump at this opportunity polished.

Unknown Speaker 14:08
Your sparkling I see it all around you. Mm hmm. Trash paper.

Unknown Speaker 14:15
I would like Michelle to do it.

Unknown Speaker 14:19
Okay, if anybody wants to jump in. And certainly if there are questions at the end, I think art there’ll be directed towards if count if city council has questions about the annual report. They’re going to direct them art to you and I okay. So, because we are co presenting even if I’m taking the lead said all right, art. Okay. Okay. Will I be talking to you before this on anything? They’re just, I would say make sure you you’re comfortable with the PowerPoint and the report and the proclamation in case there’s a question

Unknown Speaker 15:00

Unknown Speaker 15:04
okay, studying required are you?

Unknown Speaker 15:09
Alright, so what’s what is important to know, and what I don’t know much about is that city council will have their annual retreat. This was actually going to be part of my report prove prudence, but um, it fits here. Um, city council has their annual retreat the first week of June, and they have put aging on their agenda for their annual annual council retreat. So, um, I won’t know until next week, kind of what they’re thinking.

Unknown Speaker 15:47
But I think something is likely to come up at the April 27 council meeting around that topic, and I don’t have a clue what that might be. So art,

Unknown Speaker 16:01
there’s always that stuff that comes out of left field, and you have to kind of shoot from the hip. Hopefully, after my meeting on the 16th, I can give you a little bit more insight into what that might be about. That I don’t know yet. Okay. I appreciate that. And.

Unknown Speaker 16:20
Okay. On their annual retreat, will that be an in person retreat? Yes, Susan, I don’t have I don’t know that.

Unknown Speaker 16:29
I don’t know anything about it. I have. They have picked aging as a topic in past years. And I have done a whole white paper and presented.

Unknown Speaker 16:42
I don’t know what angle they’re going for. So

Unknown Speaker 16:46

Unknown Speaker 16:48
you guys know what I know.

Unknown Speaker 16:53
They can certainly meet in person. Right? Right. Right. And Marsha, if Marsha shows up? We might ask her what, what, what she was thinking about right now? I don’t I don’t have that answer.

Unknown Speaker 17:06
So I’m just saying as this report gets presented, I think there could be some questions and some conversation around the council retreat.

Unknown Speaker 17:17
Because they’ve already picked it.

Unknown Speaker 17:19
It is why I included that 2021 focus slide.

Unknown Speaker 17:29
And this is a great time to talk about that if you’ve got anything to add or correct on that 20 to 21 focus slide. I had two things I had reopening. And then I had addressing ageism.

Unknown Speaker 17:46

Unknown Speaker 17:48
can Robin show that can she does Robin have that country share her PowerPoint? She sure does. Robin, can you pull that up? We could just go slide by slide. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you, Robin.

Unknown Speaker 18:07
Robin and I have talked about it. I think we kind of rolled into it maybe faster than then than that. So do you want to just go slide by slide. So there’s just the opening the background, my, my boss has recommended we delete this side and just say it. So I will probably delete it with with your Okay. Sounds good. Slide three, Robin.

Unknown Speaker 18:34
So it just seems like this is a good opportunity to remind them about the agewell strategic plan. Even though we didn’t do a whole lot of work on it in 2020.

Unknown Speaker 18:45
I think we want to keep it in front of them.

Unknown Speaker 18:49
And so that’s why I put this in there.

Unknown Speaker 18:53
And it is what we build the report around. So

Unknown Speaker 18:58
any comments, thoughts?

Unknown Speaker 19:01
Slide four.

Unknown Speaker 19:04
So this slide in the next slide are the ones that my boss thinks has too much content. So we’ll revise these a little bit, put some things

Unknown Speaker 19:17
in the comment section, you know, for me to know when and are to know and then leave the rest is bullets.

Unknown Speaker 19:26
And then the next slide was some other COVID driven changes. So any thoughts and maybe Robin go back to four.

Unknown Speaker 19:35
Um, so there there were these were the bullets around kind of what COVID has done to us. So we moved to virtual.

Unknown Speaker 19:45
Initially what we were doing was really making sure people had basic needs met for paper, toilet paper meals and ways to protect themselves. And then we really feel

Unknown Speaker 20:00
On our email newsletter.

Unknown Speaker 20:03
And so we’ve we’ve added almost 400 users and Dan and Monica have done a really great job of making sure that’s regular. And then slide five Robin. And then just specific to the friends.

Unknown Speaker 20:20
What they had have done relative to COVID is really they facilitated our move to the virtual platforms, we were able to keep things free because the friends paid for activities. We continue to do all of those last resort support, and then they put $5,000 towards tech devices. So that seemed important to me to capture that COVID driven changes first. Any of you disagree with that? Or does that sort of format work for you?

Unknown Speaker 20:54
Silence is going to be approval?

Unknown Speaker 20:58
approval. Okay. I will shorten

Unknown Speaker 21:02
the verbiage, right? So take out in order to facilitate you don’t need that first sentence. You’re going to be a politician? Keep it in? No. So I think for both slide for this slide and the one prior, they are going to be more bulleted and and I will take out the verbiage as prudence suggested. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 21:25
Okay, Robin, slide six. So then this is where we get into the quadrants. And these are kind of the numbers game a little bit.

Unknown Speaker 21:41
Okay, slide seven.

Unknown Speaker 21:47
So opportunity to really acknowledge the sunshine club, they have given money for this year, which is great.

Unknown Speaker 21:57
And I added Meals on Wheels, because because they use our facility free of charge, I think it’s important to this is a great place to just let council know what they did last year, which was pretty, pretty amazing.

Unknown Speaker 22:16
Um, unless you all feel different about that.

Unknown Speaker 22:22
I think they jumped through hoops and we’re flexible and change schedules and got volunteers and told volunteers we’re not doing every day and they were amazing. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 22:35
Um, slide eight.

Unknown Speaker 22:39

Unknown Speaker 22:41
so Robin, I’m gonna ask you to correct me. I know Monica and Veronica refer to the phone sessions as a bridge phone. Is there a good way to explain that to counsel that? I don’t know? Or is there just like a conference call? So like everyone calls in, and

Unknown Speaker 23:05
they’re just all on the same call together? Okay. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 23:09
We have a phone that we call this spaceship phone. And I really didn’t want to use that language.

Unknown Speaker 23:16
It’s a spaceship. Because that’s what it looks like. It looks like a ship. But from the old my favorite Martian days, so

Unknown Speaker 23:25
and then I kind of pulled out technology, just

Unknown Speaker 23:31
they have done an amazing job as well. And

Unknown Speaker 23:36
so I gave them some specific focus.

Unknown Speaker 23:41
The it under support, aging and community.

Unknown Speaker 23:47
Okay, slide nine.

Unknown Speaker 23:51
Or the next slide. Yeah, this one’s a little busy too. And so

Unknown Speaker 24:00
and some repetition of some previous slides.

Unknown Speaker 24:13
Okay, next slide.

Unknown Speaker 24:16
So then these are the ones that I pulled out specific to the board.

Unknown Speaker 24:21
Do you feel like I captured it? Do you want something in addition, any changes to this? Any Other highlights from last year? I think you know, you made the move to virtual, like all the other boards.

Unknown Speaker 24:43
No, I think that’s a good slide. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 24:48
All right, next slide.

Unknown Speaker 24:52
So I wasn’t sure how to capture this council is certainly aware of the partnership obviously they’re now the

Unknown Speaker 25:00
board from on housing authority that I really wanted to give some kudos to our staff

Unknown Speaker 25:07
for their involvement. And

Unknown Speaker 25:10
so I just tried to capture that a little bit more generally.

Unknown Speaker 25:17
And then 12.

Unknown Speaker 25:20
So maybe I should put lhsaa on here as a 2021 focus, because

Unknown Speaker 25:28
at some level, that partnership will continue. So I should probably have lhsaa as a 2021 focus to kind of add that.

Unknown Speaker 25:39
And that’s it. Um, I think the next slide is just a call for questions or comments, I’ll probably change that questions or comments.

Unknown Speaker 25:50
So any thoughts?

Unknown Speaker 25:56
Think about it, give the council pause to make them think about what all goes on at the senior center.

Unknown Speaker 26:07
Quite a bit.

Unknown Speaker 26:11
been amazing to me

Unknown Speaker 26:15
to observe in multiple situations, how the Senior Center staff and you Michelle never stepped back. Over the last year, the services care and support of the senior community continued without a pause. It It was changed in some ways. But it amazed me. And it also amazed some of the seniors in the community that I have talked to about how constantly supported they felt,

Unknown Speaker 27:01
how much they miss going into the senior center. But the most important thing was they never ever lost the support, or the feeling that all of you were not there. And I really

Unknown Speaker 27:17
said not just my kudos, but my love and respect, and I hope you will share that was everyone there.

Unknown Speaker 27:27
Thank you, Janine, I appreciate those words very much prudence.

Unknown Speaker 27:32
Um, I have to agree. And, and also, I think it’s really, really good that seniors who did not, were not techie technological, was able with the support of the senior center to begin their skills,

Unknown Speaker 27:50
increasing skills and perfect this skills. Because, as all of us know, here, that is the future. Whether we agree or disagree, like the horse and buggy.

Unknown Speaker 28:09
You know, that, Janine, I think that under that Lh a slide, I’m gonna add the vaccine clinics.

Unknown Speaker 28:19
And for those of you I just gonna say it again, Janine was at six clinics for the entire duration,

Unknown Speaker 28:28
including filling syringes. So

Unknown Speaker 28:33
that was huge, and of course, aren’t offered to help with any of the equity vaccine clinics in the art. I don’t know if Carmen has tapped you yet for that. But so anyways, I’ll add those those things to to the to the slides.

Unknown Speaker 28:56
All right, so I have to turn this in, by the 23rd of April. So I’ll just keep I’ll refine this, I’ll send it back out. So you all have current copy? And then of course, it’ll be a part of the council packet.

Unknown Speaker 29:14
Um, I’m not sure yet how this works. But I do know.

Unknown Speaker 29:22
I will find out about how you how we either sign up for the meeting on the on April 27. Or do they assume the whole board will be there? I’m just not sure. But I will find that out for meeting attendance on the 27th. And hope all of you can be there for both the proclamation as well as the the business item, which is right now, which is what were the report false, Michelle, that the meeting is the city council meeting and actually started seven. They have something right before that or Yeah, the meeting starts at

Unknown Speaker 30:00
Seven, and they usually do a pledge of allegiance, and then they do public invited to be heard. And then they do the Proclamation. So we might not be right on it seven might be I just don’t know, depends on how many show up to speak at public invited to be heard. But I will make sure all of you get the agendas when they’re finalized. And, and all of that.

Unknown Speaker 30:26

Unknown Speaker 30:30
Okay, moving on to other old business.

Unknown Speaker 30:35
Anything on that one?

Unknown Speaker 30:40
Silence equals no

Unknown Speaker 30:44
new business reframing aging Carrie Middleton available. Yep. So she is available for the June meeting. And it will take up the majority of the time in the June meeting. So I want to make sure that’s good for you.

Unknown Speaker 31:04
And she has offered kind of two different approaches. And I want to know which approach you want to go with. She has two versions of the reframing aging workshop.

Unknown Speaker 31:17
version one is ending ageism together.

Unknown Speaker 31:25
So it’s more about learning about ageism, and some basis of the reframing aging strategies. So that’s an option one ending ages and together.

Unknown Speaker 31:39
The second option is called reframing aging, which assumes the audience has a little bit more understanding about ageism, and recognizing it when they see it, do you all get that?

Unknown Speaker 31:54
Seems like you would.

Unknown Speaker 31:58
And it goes into more detail about the reframing strategies. So two different choices, kind of a more of an intro

Unknown Speaker 32:10
to ages a model and, and a second one, which actually gets a little bit more into the detail. So that’s the first choice is kind of which one intrigues you more What do you want?

Unknown Speaker 32:25
I think

Unknown Speaker 32:30
my guess is you already have a pretty good handle on atheism. But you know, I could be wrong. Yeah, I’m leaning towards the framing.

Unknown Speaker 32:42
Okay, I see nods of heads for number two, Julie. Um, so I’m curious in terms of her presenting both of those programs, which one is is

Unknown Speaker 32:55
more put out there more often? I guess which one is presented more often? Yeah, great question. So because maybe it’s a good idea for us to understand what’s being put out there in the first place. More More often than than the other one, I understand that most of us do understand ageism in our community, because that’s, you know, where we are focused. But I think understanding what’s being put out there to the community, you know, in other areas is a good idea. So what Kerry said was, she found that some of the Boulder County aging advisory council members

Unknown Speaker 33:38

Unknown Speaker 33:41
as aware of what ageism look like. And they benefited from the ending ageism session.

Unknown Speaker 33:55
That’s that, that seemed a little surprising to me. Because the but what do I know? But, um,

Unknown Speaker 34:07
but I’m thinking out loud. So let me give you an example. Recently, we had a person who wanted to present a class here at the senior center, and the title of the class

Unknown Speaker 34:20
said something about regaining your youth. And I said, No, that’s that. That’s not possible. Yeah, exactly. And it’s a little bit ajust. Right. It’s not very strength based. It’s, you know, I said no. So I think

Unknown Speaker 34:41
there are probably a million of those kinds of things that that that ending ageism will help us think about where our biases where we’re, we just sort of see it and it’s okay. And I think I’ve told you all about my call to the Colorado lottery about their

Unknown Speaker 35:00
Just marketing campaign,

Unknown Speaker 35:04
you know, calling it when we see it. So Carrie said the aging Advisory Council for the county, she felt like

Unknown Speaker 35:13
having that first one was helpful in sort of what is ageism look like?

Unknown Speaker 35:19
But she also said, the second one really starts to get the work and get it the meat of what to do. So it’s really up to you all.

Unknown Speaker 35:31
What do you think is the most appropriate at where you’re at? What do you want?

Unknown Speaker 35:39
I think because our senior center

Unknown Speaker 35:43
is way above any other senior center, I think number two would be the one that we should go with.

Unknown Speaker 35:51
I’m seeing head nods Janine, um, you know, there are aspects of both of them that I think we need.

Unknown Speaker 36:01
You know, because I am thinking about what’s going on

Unknown Speaker 36:07
with racism right now. And there is much that I am totally oblivious to, that has been such a part of our culture for so long that we don’t even think about it. And so, you know, if I had to just pick one, I would go with number two. But I do think that, you know, if there was the ability to have a, perhaps a shortened or abbreviated version of number one that preceded that, that that would be helpful for me, because if I haven’t heard the presentation, I honestly don’t know how much of it I need or don’t need. Right. There you go. Julie. Oh, I wonder if because I agree with Janine and, and I’m one of the I wonder if we would be able to have the maybe the slides of the first presentation delivered to us so that we can on our own, go ahead and take a look at it, and see, and then do the second presentation. So you all you all could certainly say in June, we want the first the ending race, the end increases and listen to me, let’s get 10 races, ending ageism, and then maybe later, in the summer, or early fall, you could do the second you it this is you, you get to pick how you want to how you want to go. And I can certainly ask her about

Unknown Speaker 37:46
access to the first presentation slides.

Unknown Speaker 37:51
But yeah, I haven’t done either. So I can’t speak to this. Well.

Unknown Speaker 38:03
I like the idea of splitting it into,

Unknown Speaker 38:07
um, because she may not

Unknown Speaker 38:12
want to

Unknown Speaker 38:14
share her presentation slides before.

Unknown Speaker 38:18

Unknown Speaker 38:21
think it’s the conversation, you know, that’s really the learning. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 38:30
So I’m hearing kind of both are important. Um, it’s hard to say no to something you don’t know what you’re saying no to. So I can follow up with Carrie a little bit about this.

Unknown Speaker 38:45
And get back with you all and send you some other material. I do have a question for you.

Unknown Speaker 38:53
How do you feel about staff being invited to this or do you want to keep it just as the advisory board?

Unknown Speaker 39:02
If staff wants to come I’d say invite them.

Unknown Speaker 39:06
Absolutely. Yes. I love it. I love that idea. I think the more people that can can can be present for the better.

Unknown Speaker 39:18

Unknown Speaker 39:19
All right. So I’m going to get a little bit more information. interest in both especially about uncovering some of those biases that we’re not even maybe aware of that that’s intriguing. And yes to the staff, okay.

Unknown Speaker 39:36
This This will be done virtually is my understanding it Yes. Yeah. Yep. Yep. Okay, great. good feedback. Thank you

Unknown Speaker 39:49
reopen reopening plans, in person plans, plans something plans.

Unknown Speaker 39:57
So my invite Robin to jump in if she’d like it.

Unknown Speaker 40:00
point. So here’s kind of where we’re at as a staff is reopening may 3. And as a soft and announced sort of opening, for the most part, we’re going to go quietly.

Unknown Speaker 40:16
We have been meeting several times to sort of talk about what this is going to look like. So masks are going to be required. And registration for

Unknown Speaker 40:28
anything dropping activities like billiards as well as any programs planned by staff are going to be registration is going to be required. We’re limiting the hours to eight to one.

Unknown Speaker 40:44
We are not adding afternoon dropping programs yet, we’re going to focus on mostly on the morning kinds of activities like woodcarvers and ping pong.

Unknown Speaker 40:59
We have to put into play sanitizing. And so we’re, for example, ping pong, we’re looking at singles only no doubles play.

Unknown Speaker 41:12
And so we have three tables. So that’s six people. So we are doing ping pong twice a month.

Unknown Speaker 41:23
It no correct me Robin twice a week, it used to be

Unknown Speaker 41:29
four anyways, Megan says twice a month, thank you, people are not going to be like, so happy that it’s all back to the way it used to be because it won’t be it’s going to be eight to one, it’s going to be you have to sign up. And it’s going to be more limiting like singles play versus doubles, play that kind of thing. So we’re gonna open soft for the month of May, the June go will go to the printer

Unknown Speaker 41:56
Friday and we will have some information about those programs like the computer room. And if folks are going to have to register if they want to come in and use the computer,

Unknown Speaker 42:09
that kind of thing.

Unknown Speaker 42:12
We have gone back and forth about people coming in with just questions. So our front desk staff has done a lot of information and referral over the years and

Unknown Speaker 42:26
we are going to be open for that. You don’t have to register to walk in and ask the front desk for a copy of the housing guide as an example, but we are going to have signage that says the senior center is really for senior center business only. So folks out walking in the park we are not going to invite them in to use our restrooms as an example. So

Unknown Speaker 42:51
the phone is going to be gone so there won’t be a phone in the lobby for people just to come in and and make use of so soft quiet opening may 3 go will come out for the first of June registration and masks for masks always and registration for almost everything. What am I forgetting around and

Unknown Speaker 43:19
Oh a front desk person in the lobby as our greeter

Unknown Speaker 43:24
so so as people walk in, we are not going to be taking temperatures. But we are going to sort of have a sign that says if you’re ill please go back. Oh, don’t come in.

Unknown Speaker 43:40
We will still be monitoring all of the online activities. So Larry and Robin and Monica will be still monitoring activities. Robin and also does a program.

Unknown Speaker 43:56
We’re going to be coming in the front door exit the East door so there won’t be coming going from any just any door anymore.

Unknown Speaker 44:06
We are doing tax aid through mid May. Is that right? Robin? Like may something may 11 may 11. And they’ve been doing it and Dini. And they’ve been doing it as a drop off. Nobody. Only the volunteers are in the building.

Unknown Speaker 44:24
The restrooms will be open.

Unknown Speaker 44:28
Martine and Griffin will come back and be here to help with sanitizing and setups.

Unknown Speaker 44:36
We’ve made a decision that the priority for activities in the gym is going to be our fitness programs because we can go up to 24 people in the gym. We can actually only have six people in rooms Danny right now.

Unknown Speaker 44:51
Just not very many.

Unknown Speaker 44:55
And that could change right by

Unknown Speaker 44:58
it’s summer.

Unknown Speaker 45:00
So questions, comments, Robin, jump into Go ahead, prudence.

Unknown Speaker 45:06
My first question is having the pain of having to use the registration for the city. For centennial. Susan is probably using that registration, painfully also, um, what will? What will be the registration? Will it be to that website? Because if it is

Unknown Speaker 45:34
an instruction manual practically, that’s the big, it’s it’s not. I mean, I’m computer literate. So Susan, it is not

Unknown Speaker 45:46
intuitive at all.

Unknown Speaker 45:50
And there are so many steps.

Unknown Speaker 45:56
I know, Julie.

Unknown Speaker 45:58
She’s rolling her eyes. So

Unknown Speaker 46:02
about the registration issue. Right. That’s a great question. A great point. Um, so folks can still call to register. They don’t want to use the

Unknown Speaker 46:16
website, and Robin’s been working on some tutorials.

Unknown Speaker 46:21
And so I don’t know, Robin, if you want to speak to this. You’re You’re the expert. Yeah, um, well, first, prudence, I think I wanted to get clarification, I think what you’re talking about is reserving like a day to use Centennial pool, like where it pulls up a calendar, and you have to pick like when you’re going in? Yes, but yeah, so we won’t really have to use that as much. Because mainly, we’re using our regular activities. So you still use the registration system. But to sign up for those codes, we give you the single activities. And we will have to do some of that calendar options for our fitness classes and for maybe billiards or something. So yeah, we don’t really have a choice to do it outside of that system. But I do have a quick like three minute video for just regular activity registration, it’s already on our website, and we can send it in an email to you all. And I will do a second one for that calendar piece, if that’s something we have to start using. But I’m new to that piece as well. So I’m trying to learn that part of it too. Okay, they did put out a video on how it’s like 20.

Unknown Speaker 47:30
Yeah. So, practice, I’ll tell you Robin’s done some videos for our Thank you, Robin. She’s done videos for our staff. And they have been excellent, short, clear, she’s done a great job. So I’m Will what I’m gonna do though prudence is be more clear in our go about that, about their registration options. So

Unknown Speaker 47:56
Robin, you and I can talk about what that might look like. So and I would say people can come in and register to we’re expecting, like, if we’re open, like they can always come in if if they can’t get through on the phone or whatever. So they can always call or come in to get their registration help. It doesn’t have to be done online, the way the rec centers kind of pushing you to do online.

Unknown Speaker 48:17
So we’ll see, Julie, and will they

Unknown Speaker 48:23
will they be able to do a drop in situation whereas,

Unknown Speaker 48:28
you know,

Unknown Speaker 48:30
they can come in and they can register. But if it’s open if the slot is open, because I think it might be if they think that they can come in and register, you know, for an activity, they might think that they can just drop in and do that activity. Does that make sense? So we made that clear and logo? Yes, we will call? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 48:54

Unknown Speaker 48:56
greeter is going to ask about that.

Unknown Speaker 49:00
Are you here for an activity you’ve registered for?

Unknown Speaker 49:04
I will still talk as a staff. But I think if we still have lots of openings, I imagine we would let people come in. Like the idea was to advance.

Unknown Speaker 49:15
Janine, I just want to put in my pitch for a balanced class. We’ve all lost our balance over the last year. So if there’s any, any chance of balance classes, please put that on the price bird. I think we do have some coming up in the summer. Janine? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 49:38
I’ve been attending what they call it the stability class, and that addresses balance issues. So it’s 1030. Wednesday and Friday, Wednesday is currently at the senior center. Friday is currently at the memorial building and in May, that Memorial building is switching to the senior center and it is

Unknown Speaker 50:00
In person, not online, it’s been in person and it works just fine. Okay, Lynette is the instructor and she’s fantastic. And they’ll be an open spot because I will be there for a while.

Unknown Speaker 50:16
I will look it up.

Unknown Speaker 50:18
When the people come in, did I hear you say that there would be someone near the front door as they come in? Yeah, that’s our plan is to see if we have some volunteers as well as one of our front desk staff. We’re kind of looking at a model for that right now. Okay, and then my next question is,

Unknown Speaker 50:39
are you looking at temperatures or anything like that? We will not be taking temperatures. But But matar, our understanding is the recreation department

Unknown Speaker 50:51
has the instructor in the fitness class, take the temperature. So we’re, we’re, we’re kind of gonna check in with them and follow their lead, because it seems to not be 100% practiced. So and I’ve never seen it taken. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 51:11
We’re, we’re, we’re we’re not planning on taking temperatures at the front door.

Unknown Speaker 51:18
It’s not proven to be the best indicator. So

Unknown Speaker 51:23
anyways, so some of you over time have offered about being interested if you want to help out when we reopen. If that’s something you’d like to be our hours are going to be eight to one. And you can check in with myself. Right now what we’re, we’re thinking those first couple weeks are going to be very busy. People like oh, come back kind of thing. So if you’re, you’re interested, we’re gonna ask our trip escorts. They’ve been dying for something to do. They’re like, let’s get involved. So we’ll do greeters and, and the staff are out are going to have to dial it up. And they Robin certainly is looking at her front desk team and what that’s going to look like.

Unknown Speaker 52:13
We anticipate some people will be saying, why did you add ping pong? Why didn’t you add Mahjong? Yeah, you know. So folks,

Unknown Speaker 52:23
we believe that what we’ve planned is what we can manage safely.

Unknown Speaker 52:30
And, and we’ve never done this before. We’ve never opened after 13 months, we’ve never lived through a pandemic. So we’re going to be asking for some compassion and forgiveness. But

Unknown Speaker 52:42
we’re we’re doing it based on what we think we can do safely and reasonably, Prince George, I have a question about

Unknown Speaker 52:52
sounds funny drinking water.

Unknown Speaker 52:55
Because I know, right? So because I know in the lunchroom, go in and get a glass of water, or you could go to a water fountain. So, um, because it’ll be warmer, maybe some snow in May. I’m thinking about

Unknown Speaker 53:15
telling people to bring their own water to great point, I will add that to the opening page of the go to bring your own water. And also note that the dining room is closed there. There will be no access to the dining room, they are still using the dining room to stage meals. So there’s no No, no going in there. Art. Yes, if if we are interested, which I am, okay, what would I do I call or what do you just put our name there. But yeah, I’m just going to ask I’m asking you to call and work with Robin because she’s going to probably be the one sort of figuring out monegan DNS schedule. said okay, Robin. Well, I hope McKenzie and are both here with me. They handle that I want. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 54:06
Are they back full time yet? The senior center? Not yet. So I’m gonna say our right now call Robin and then Robin and I will talk and we’ll figure out what we need to do. Yeah. All right. I’ll just put you a reminder to call you when I have more details right now, because I don’t have anything else I can provide you with. And just for your information. Monday is the only day I can not do it. For the most part. Thank you. Robin, will you add me to that list as well? Sure. Thank you, Julie. Thank you. And I’m Marcia just joined us. Yeah. Hi, Marcia. Welcome. Janine. Me too. Oh, Janine also. Okay. Thank you. Great.

Unknown Speaker 54:49
So that’s kind of the reopening plans. I do have a meeting with a longtime colleague at the Brighton Senior Center at noon and typically

Unknown Speaker 55:00
Trying to compare our opening plans.

Unknown Speaker 55:03
So see what I can learn from her and, and hopefully, we were kind of on the same path. So that’s headed. Yeah, Susan, instead of having people complain about you didn’t do this and you didn’t do that perhaps you should have a platform, whether it’s email or a suggestion box so that people can feel their voices heard.

Unknown Speaker 55:28
So, so great point, Susan, I just sent out a note to all of the staff to listen and take notes and feed information to me and and people to me if they are really upset I

Unknown Speaker 55:43
I love the fact that people want us to reopen, and we want to do that, and we want to do it. Right. And we are trying to listen, I can’t tell you how many calls Robin’s fielded from our table tennis players.

Unknown Speaker 55:59
And, and others who’ve called and said, win, win win. So we know we’ll have some happy customers, but they’re probably not going to get everything they want. And so we just need to be kind and listen and take notes. So thanks for that. That’s a good reinforcement. You may want to put a disclaimer in the go.

Unknown Speaker 56:20
You may not be happy. Well, but no guarantees, you know, we were. So I think and kudos to Robin and Larry.

Unknown Speaker 56:30
We made tax aid work, right. And so we’ve been we know how to adjust and we will continue to do that and try to get people served. That’s what we do.

Unknown Speaker 56:42
Marsha, hi. Hi. My sincerest apologies, I got tied up with Harold, which is doubly bad because I was going to apologize at the beginning of the meeting for needing to even hour early. So now I have just I just dropped in in time to apologize at both ends.

Unknown Speaker 57:06
So if you if you have to leave at 11 Marsha, you want to say anything that I mean, if the board is ready, we could just wait on the next item and let Marsha go.

Unknown Speaker 57:19
Um, I need to collect my thoughts a little bit.

Unknown Speaker 57:27
Did I just turn No. Um, so

Unknown Speaker 57:33
in terms of the of the

Unknown Speaker 57:38
council agenda coming up,

Unknown Speaker 57:41
I have a request for everybody because the upcoming council retreat is is going to be on

Unknown Speaker 57:53
Lh a roadmap.

Unknown Speaker 57:55
And so, you know, it is not all housing for older, but some of it is at least likely to be about a plans for having something closer to assisted living than anything that we have now. And a lot of it is going to be about community building, and, you know, designing buildings that foster community more than than the ones we have now. And I would just totally, totally appreciate

Unknown Speaker 58:33
everybody’s thoughts on that. Because I know how hard all of you work at, at understanding the needs of

Unknown Speaker 58:42
our community that needs support, you know, the parts of our community that needs support. So I would, you know, that’s an ask, I seem to do that a lot.

Unknown Speaker 58:54
But but it’s an it’s an ask that I would you know, could you could truly use it’s going to be at least six weeks. So there’s going to be one more board meeting at least

Unknown Speaker 59:06
before I would need anything and everybody of course is always welcome to email me or call me or do anything just to sound off. And my next request is either Michelle or Susan.

Unknown Speaker 59:20
Because I really wanted to understand the reopening plans. And I

Unknown Speaker 59:27
you know, the thing was Harold was important and and I give him priority, but

Unknown Speaker 59:35
I really want to be able to explain that to people. So when the video is is available with somebody give me a clue.

Unknown Speaker 59:45
I would really appreciate it.

Unknown Speaker 59:50
Marsha, either you’ll hear from Robin or I as to when the video is available. Okay, thank you Michelle, and thank you, Robin. I couldn’t see you

Unknown Speaker 1:00:00
So I wasn’t sure who was who is doing the behind the scenes stuff. But I promise I’ll watch it this, for sure. And good to see you all, but I really have to drop into another meeting because it’s a one time opportunity. Thanks, Marcia. Okay, well, thank you for everything.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:22
So are we ready to hit the dope? playground? Yeah, what the heck. So, um,

Unknown Speaker 1:00:31
so many, many years ago, before Harold even I had planted a seed about a trend that was happening mostly in Europe, where equipment was putting being put into parks that was designed for adults. And, and Janine, several of the pieces of equipment are really about balance. So there are a lot of different things. So I’m,

Unknown Speaker 1:01:01
for lack of a better term. And I would love a better term, adult playgrounds is what they’ve been called. And you do have to be careful, because if you Google that sometimes you end up at sites you might not want to be at.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:16
for adult playgrounds, just saying, but, um, I, I recently googled The Dirty Dozen adult playgrounds. And there were 12. And I actually called the woman in Galveston County, who manages their senior programs there to ask her where these, what’s this equipment used? Where was it housed at. And so she told me that they had purchased a bunch of equipment, and put it in a park area, and just near the senior center, and that it’s used by adults of all ages. And so there are parents who come with their kids, the kids play on your traditional swings or slides. And the adults can actually utilize the other pieces of equipment that are more designed for an adult physique. So our parks department actually has, over the years has put in some funding requests, and is ready to actually in the next two years, look at installing some adult equipment. And

Unknown Speaker 1:02:35

Unknown Speaker 1:02:37
the question is, should it be in Roosevelt Park, near the senior center? is one of the questions that I have. So they have asked me, so I’m curious what you think

Unknown Speaker 1:02:52
about that? Um,

Unknown Speaker 1:02:56
I’m also curious, where you would see that is a priority. How important is it? So the article is really,

Unknown Speaker 1:03:08
playgrounds for adults, the dirty dozen of fun is,

Unknown Speaker 1:03:14

Unknown Speaker 1:03:18
and if you are at Google, you can see what some of this equipment looks like.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:26
So you might remember 40 years ago, when I first started at the senior center, we had a fitness tracks around the exterior of some of our parks, they were often made of wood, you could put your feet under and do sit ups, you know, they were that kind of thing. This is not that this, this is not that.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:48
So a, what do you think about an adult playground? What do you think about it being located at the senior center? or near the senior center?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:01
What are your thoughts? I’m just curious, because I’m going to be participating in conversations with our parks department, and I would just like some input.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:11
I think it’s a great idea. Um,

Unknown Speaker 1:04:16
I’m not sure whether Roosevelt should be the only site, right, because I think

Unknown Speaker 1:04:25
this sites that are closer to different parts of the different parts of the community, right, so to that point, prudence, I wondered about northeast Longmont, where the village Co Op is Fall River Spring Creek, right. There are a lot of older adults in that northeast quadrant. I wondered about that.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:47
Yeah, I wonder about the dry creek community park in South West Longmont because there’s a lot of older adults down this way as well.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:58
And I think it should not be

Unknown Speaker 1:05:00
Just the,

Unknown Speaker 1:05:01
you know, left just to Roosevelt Park, but perhaps maybe in stages, but addressing different locations because long runs pretty big. Yeah. And I think it’s a great point that over time Park should think about this for a number of different Park areas, not not just a senior. So, yeah. What do you think about what should the equipment be called? So one of the things that I have seen is playgrounds for all ages.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:35
So that it sort of

Unknown Speaker 1:05:37
what about like, an activity park? An activity park? I mean, that doesn’t really pigeonhole. You know, anyone? Yeah. Right.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:50

Unknown Speaker 1:05:54
So everybody’s sort of agreement, this would be a good thing to do. It sounds like that’s

Unknown Speaker 1:06:02
not necessarily it. Roosevelt. Yeah. Art. The playground would be permanent.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:09
Right, it will Yeah. Okay. Yeah, I’d like to do that. Now, the other thing that we have to keep in mind, of course, is I would also like to see something on the east end of Longmont somewhere in northeast Longmont. Because, you know, there are there is a need there, and people would feel a little bit better going, you know, into their own community. But the other question I have is, you would definitely have to have it somewhere where there’d be restrooms available, etc. And that’s going to be a concern, I guess in some of the parks. In the Aygo, Michelle restrooms inventions? Right. Great point.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:55

Unknown Speaker 1:06:57
I think one of the things that might be interesting is, can we, you know, maybe put a few activity,

Unknown Speaker 1:07:05
you know, pieces of equipment in each Park, right. So maybe we don’t have a full

Unknown Speaker 1:07:12
system of

Unknown Speaker 1:07:15
activities in what just in one Park and then move on to the next Park, maybe we can spatter it a little bit, you know, depending on budget, but smattered throughout the city, so that, you know, each community around the area is has access to at least, you know, maybe two or three pieces of equipment. So that would be a great partnership with the friends if the parks use the money they had for some other parks. But the friends actually paid for something in this park, where the Senior Center is located might be a nice partnership. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:53

Unknown Speaker 1:07:55
I’m sorry, I had to depart for a minute, I have construction going on in my house.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:02
One of the things that I was thinking about is maybe

Unknown Speaker 1:08:09
having one area and assessing how much it’s utilized, and then deciding how to expand out and certainly it does make sense to me to put it in areas that are available to people in the senior housing community.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:35
So that was the How much is it used was my first question to the woman in Galveston. I said really, based on you know, it’s an investment, right? You have the mitt, you have the purchase and install, but then you have the maintenance. And she said, Absolutely, it’s used and not just by seniors, that she, I mean, she was very clear, she uses that almost every day. And, and part of that’s the proximity to where her offices, but also, she sees parents, like I said, while their kids are on their equipment the parents are doing there’s the adult equipment. And so it was really good to hear that, you know, that it was being used, and I haven’t called any of the other sites. I had such a great conversation with her.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:24
And then she asked me how I got a licensed counselor on staff. So we actually had a really good exchange. It was really fun.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:32
Miami has them I mean, you know, the land does.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:38
Not anyone young

Unknown Speaker 1:09:45
has them and from my understanding is that they’re very well used.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:54
I really like Art’s idea of putting someone the east and you know, you can also

Unknown Speaker 1:10:00

Unknown Speaker 1:10:01
you know, competitions games? How many did you go to? What did you use? I mean, there’s a whole

Unknown Speaker 1:10:13
kind of adventure you can open for people. Right? Right. Well, good. It’s really great to get your feedback. I’m gonna share that Kathy Crone is the person in parks who’s managing the project and excited to share that with her. So

Unknown Speaker 1:10:35
any other new business that anybody would like to bring up?

Unknown Speaker 1:10:45
Then moving on to the reports.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:50
Michelle, you’re first

Unknown Speaker 1:10:53
Am I covered several things. I do want to say if you’re not following the museum and a number of other city departments are very involved in the 100 and 50th celebration of Longmont. And yesterday, Eric Mason from the museum, talked with me about a piece of the 100 and 50th celebrations going to be on equity, and wanted my perspective about the senior center and over time, a commitment to equity. So, um, there were a few things I shared with him. Um, the senior center had the first required bilingual position in the city of Longmont organization, that was my understanding back in 1980.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:46
And we hosted the first rainbow elders group in the county. We did that in partnership with Boulder County aging services, I think our commitment to technology has been a piece of our equity work. I talked to him about the two trips, we have made to ciudad Guzman, our sister city in Mexico,

Unknown Speaker 1:12:14
and some of our programming for our Spanish speakers. So I was really

Unknown Speaker 1:12:22
was honored, I guess, that the senior center was included in those conversations. And I felt good about what I could share about the senior center, not to mention the aging piece of equity. So he asked me, How did the senior center get formed? How did we become, and I said, because 200 older adults went to a city council meeting and said, We want to place our own, um, they were sharing space at the memorial building and, and they didn’t have much space. And so thanks to that group of folks who, who went to Council and said, you know, build it, and we will come and and they have, so it was really good. And so I hope if you’re following along

Unknown Speaker 1:13:08
with what the community’s got going on around the 100, and 50th, you’ll see the senior center portrayed there. Megan, from our team has been working with our TV production club, and they’re doing interviews with certain older adults.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:25
Just been kind of a word of mouth recommendation. And you’ll see more about that in the summer go. And then those videos those interviews will be available later in the fall. So are some of you may know, Virginia Alvarez was one of the people we’ve interviewed.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:45
And we’ve recommended several I mean, it’s just been kind like I said, like word of mouth who’s been around Longmont who’s seen change who’s who’s got some thoughts about you know, about this. So

Unknown Speaker 1:14:00
I mentioned to Eric, the first Longmont Hispanic study, which was done without comity and the senior center back in 1988. That produced a series of interviews. So anyways, I got to share a lot with Eric and I just want to invite you all to watch and see and see what you hear about the Senior Center and the 100 and 50th. And certainly, I’m excited about the equity piece. So

Unknown Speaker 1:14:32

Unknown Speaker 1:14:35
I think that’s it for me for now. Oh, on a great note, actually.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:41
Griffin guest Dells been our 30 hour a week custodian for many years, we’ve had that position at 30 hours, and it just did get bumped to 40. So he will have an additional 10 hours a week. He will be for those of you who use Centennial pool you may be happy

Unknown Speaker 1:15:00
To know that Griffin’s been assigned for two hours a day to Centennial pool, they have never had, I don’t think a regular custodian assigned to them. And so just Griffin will be there a couple hours a day Monday through Friday, which the staff they’re happy about. And I’m happy that it could become a 40 hour a week position. They’re much easier to fill than 3030 hour positions. So yay for Griffin.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:31
And yay for the pool,

Unknown Speaker 1:15:34
and pool users. So

Unknown Speaker 1:15:37
you might have seen him there. So he’s been he’s been helping out during COVID. But now he’ll be there regularly.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:45

Unknown Speaker 1:15:51
I hope you’ll bear with me, this was my first meeting with AAA and it was

Unknown Speaker 1:15:58
pretty intense. So I’m going to refer to my mode notes on this. First, just as a reminder, decisions are

Unknown Speaker 1:16:10
made, the AAA makes recommendations decisions regarding money. And,

Unknown Speaker 1:16:19
and programs are decided by the county,

Unknown Speaker 1:16:24
which I didn’t know, and especially decisions regarding expansion of services that AAA currently

Unknown Speaker 1:16:33
offers. There was a review of the current bills advocate advocacy for senior bills that are being considered.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:48
They include geriatric care providers in underserved communities. They’re looking for increased funding for that and possibly trying to entice health care providers by making payments of their

Unknown Speaker 1:17:09
student loans or tuition.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:13
They are focusing on transportation to dialysis, looking at the ability to import Canadian

Unknown Speaker 1:17:26
drugs, to try to decrease cost

Unknown Speaker 1:17:32
and make drugs more affordable. This would require federal approval, so that may or may not be something that we’re going to see.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:44
And they’re also looking at equity

Unknown Speaker 1:17:48
in health care disparities in in communities,

Unknown Speaker 1:17:55
and are looking for grants to study this more effectively.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:04
In March,

Unknown Speaker 1:18:08
they addressed

Unknown Speaker 1:18:12
funds for home modifications, and home affordability for seniors, the ongoing issues with transportation and safety on the job issues.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:31
There is also a program that is being expanded, which is an outreach to Spanish speakers, and are looking to improve and coordinate support programs for caregivers and also for a loss.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:58
We had breakout groups that addressed economic stability, transportation and housing. Again, it was

Unknown Speaker 1:19:11
there’s lots of concerns about resources for caregivers, especially with the sandwich generation of caregivers. We address food insecurity, which is increased

Unknown Speaker 1:19:31
with the COVID.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:35

Unknown Speaker 1:19:36
excuse me again,

Unknown Speaker 1:19:39
there’s been some financial allotment for increased food and security funds.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:53
It’s thought that we are going to need to rethink transportation

Unknown Speaker 1:20:00
For older adults,

Unknown Speaker 1:20:03
when transportation is available, there isn’t much

Unknown Speaker 1:20:08
time spent looking at how people get to and from bus stops, many of our buses do not have adequate

Unknown Speaker 1:20:21
wheelchair lifts, or adequate support for people with disability that require walkers or canes. So that’s a concern. And it’s being addressed.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:38
In terms of how just housing affordability is becoming a major issue, especially in

Unknown Speaker 1:20:47
in Boulder County,

Unknown Speaker 1:20:50
they really are happy people are having difficulty affording to live in our county anymore, and are looking hopefully for one time, Grant amounts to help people with increase in taxes, and just basic increase in services in general.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:13
There’s also a fair amount of rental fraud that’s occurring where people are

Unknown Speaker 1:21:21
being evicted from their homes because of a increased pricing of rent that’s not affordable for seniors. So that’s an issue, a big issue.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:35
They’re looking at the problems with

Unknown Speaker 1:21:40
mobile home parks, and the rising of rents for a mobile home space, without the ability to to even sell their mobile home if they can’t afford the rim.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:56
And again, are looking for stipends or tax breaks in order to assist people in these areas. We also briefly

Unknown Speaker 1:22:09
address the issue of hoarding, which has become a significant problem.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:17
And how do we address that and you know how to how to be helpful in that area that unfortunately, there aren’t any cure counseling sessions for orders, but looking at services that might support clean out

Unknown Speaker 1:22:36
options for people.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:40
So that was our meeting for AAA last week.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:47
Janine, to two comments. One, you mentioned the funds for home modification. Yes. So this city does have a funds available through those community development block grant money, and we make a lot of referrals to that program for home modifications. My understanding is that those funds do not get used to the degree they’re available. So so if we know somebody who needs a ramp or needs of this or needs to whatever, we make referrals our resource staff does, and but but it’s been that they’re just not used. The second thing I would say is, um, there have been support groups for hoarders, we did a group called this full house for many years. For people who were hoarders, and the city of Longmont actually has a contract with private, a Counseling Center here in town, and they do case management and counseling. And we actually, last year, I think we, we had three shared clients that we were working with, who were hoarders that we refer to them, and use their case management and counseling services and conjunctions. So

Unknown Speaker 1:24:15
I think it’s important for the AC to know that there are some programs happening

Unknown Speaker 1:24:20
and they need to check with their municipal partners to find out what those are.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:26
You know, I I think you’re absolutely right about that. I know that in just listening to some of the input from people

Unknown Speaker 1:24:36
that I’m aware of, but the city of Longmont Longmont seniors in the senior center is kind of miles ahead of the county in lots of ways.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:51
Well, it makes me realize I meet with the other senior center directors and the county staff once a month and I’m going to put this on the agenda for them.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:00
As staff as well,

Unknown Speaker 1:25:03
I think sometimes agencies think they need to start a program because it doesn’t exist without fully understanding what really might be available. So

Unknown Speaker 1:25:15
yeah, thank you for that great report. Yeah. Michelle, what was the name of that place?

Unknown Speaker 1:25:22
That needs to be to call if they have, if they’re interested in possibly funding for home? Yep.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:28
I will. I’m looking it up right now. But what was the committee I mean, what was said, funding, the funding comes through the

Unknown Speaker 1:25:38
community development block grant money, but they who they need to call is Molly McElroy. She’s a city employee at 303-774-4648.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:57
And there’s there’s four programs connected with those funds. One is an accessibility program, which is like ramps, things like that. One is an emergency grant program. And so we have referred people there when their furnace goes out, or their hot water heater goes out. Because those are costly expenses for for some people. So that’s the emergency grant program.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:23
The third program is a mobile mobile home repair. So there is emergency grant accessibility mobile home. And then the fourth program is just kind of a general rehab, and weatherization program. And that’s really about energy efficiency, or safety in your home. So you call Molly for any of those.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:50
And that’s operated by the city a long line.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:54
That was six, I’m sorry, I’m trying to write requests your 4648 or 40483? Yep. 303-774-4648. Okay. Thank you. You bet. And like I said, it doesn’t get used to the degree that there are funds available.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:18
Do you need that was a great report, and hopefully someone at the Boulder County area on aging, you know, Colorado is going to get over 17 made billion dollars from the feds.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:33
And some of that, from what my understanding is, is being suggested by the Biden Harris administration to use for Caregiving. So I’m hoping that someone who’s at the Boulder County is looking at those grants that will be coming over the next several months. They, you know, they address that the grants are going to come and the monies are going to come and you know, the county makes as that’s why I was saying the county makes the decisions, the AAA makes recommendations, but they were looking at potentially a million dollars, that they’re going to be receiving a million dollars. So that’s really

Unknown Speaker 1:28:23
going to go a long way.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:30
Thank you. For me, that was great.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:35
So I attended the Friends Meeting. But it was a fairly short and sweet bait. They go over standard business that I don’t know, I’ve shared this, but they always go over a monthly report of monies. They go over the last resorts, which are people needing money for, you know, rent that they don’t have or something so they step in, as requested by our resource specialists and help people out.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:10
We had Debbie Noel join the friends board. So it was her first meeting and she looks like a great addition to the board there. Um,

Unknown Speaker 1:29:23
of course, the interest was in when was it reopened the senior center reopening. So as Michelle told us may 3 soft opening and

Unknown Speaker 1:29:35
there’s a bunch of guys working on donor recognition. So those trees with the leaves in the front lobby can be kept up to date and records in a book as well.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:51
So they meet every month and they just keep that money rolling in. Oh, there was a $3,000 grant received from the

Unknown Speaker 1:30:00
refund. They are in very good health financially.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:10
But, Julie, I just noticed your last name is misspelled. It’s H. Au SCR on the agenda. Yes, you are correct. I didn’t even notice that myself.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:28
Was there a meeting of TRG? So, Michelle, I don’t I haven’t heard anything about, you know, the transfer of, you know, me taking over that position to join those meetings. So I have

Unknown Speaker 1:30:45
got nothing. Yeah, I don’t think they’ve had any meetings, Julie. And so you’ll hear from Kathy fetlar, FTD, elhuyar when there’s the next meeting, okay. And they don’t meet on a regular basis. It’s more on?

Unknown Speaker 1:31:01
I think it’s quarterly, isn’t it? Well, it’s quarterly, or if there is an influx of funds or an influx of proposals they need to make a decision about it’s not on a regular schedule. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:15
I will follow up with Kathy, though. I’m meeting with her a couple times a week these days regarding the Housing Authority. And I’ll just ask her about that. That’d be great. Thank you. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:26
All right. Anything from the Boulder County Latino coalition.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:33
You’re muted.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:38
Unfortunately, I was not able to. To make the meeting, I had another commitment. However, I did call Pete Salas to see if there was anything that that I would be of interest to report. And of course, like everything else with pandemic, the sequence that Mio activities, again, will not take place this year. Hopefully, they’re hoping to have something to get the community involvement been like September 16, to September,

Unknown Speaker 1:32:11
some kind of activity then. But they’re definitely hoping I’m doing something next year.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:17
The other thing is, and I’ve tried following up on this, and I have not been able to do and I don’t know if Michelle can help me on this or not. But there’s going to be a drive thru vaccine clinic this Saturday, the 10th.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:34
Yeah, the 10th over at Front Range Community College from nine to four. But you do need to register from what I understand. But I don’t have

Unknown Speaker 1:32:47
I don’t know how you go about registering. I was wondering, Michelle, do you have any idea. I have a couple of names of people we could call if we need to, but maybe Michelle can help us. So I’m probably the person on your list to call is Carmen Ramirez art. She has been working with Boulder County Public Health on a number of equity vaccine clinics that have really targeted our Latino community members and also the LGBTQ community, who both of those communities are really being have been identified as underserved in the vaccine rollout. And I know, Carmen’s been involved with the clinics at the lashley Street Station and some others. And

Unknown Speaker 1:33:33
I believe she probably has the most current information about the Front Range clinic, and I can reach out to her you can art but she would, she would likely have that information. Okay, I’ll call I will call her because I left a message for both her and Bernice Garcia’s way. Right. I have not heard back from from me.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:56
Right. Yeah, I’ve been referring volunteers to help out with the equity clinics, because I had some folks who were specifically interested in either the Spanish outreach or in the LGBTQ outreach, but I haven’t been directly involved myself. It’s really been through Carmen. Okay. Yeah. Then one other thing I wanted to say is, especially once we open up,

Unknown Speaker 1:34:24
I would like to see if someone would be interested, someone from the center would be interested in giving a 3045 minute an hour presentation, to the Latino coalition on the different things that are bald, many of the people that are on the board there, deal more with some of the younger folks in the community, but they also deal with parents. And I thought that would really be great. Because we’ve had different people from the college dozen other places, come and give a presentation and I think there’s just so much to be

Unknown Speaker 1:34:59
to be shared about

Unknown Speaker 1:35:00
The senior center and I was wondering if, if I did that. Would you like me to talk to you about it talk to Veronica? Or who would you like me to talk to you about the possibility of doing that in the near future? Yeah, you can certainly reach out to me ARD and then I would probably talk to Veronica and Melissa about that, but reach out to me and we can absolutely, we’d love to make that happen. Okay, I will do that. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:27
And I think that’s

Unknown Speaker 1:35:30
that’s it.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:32
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:34
Janine, you’re up again. I know.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:39
Busy lady.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:41
The Longmont Economic Development Partnership meeting is on Monday, it’ll be our quarterly monthly meeting and I will have something to report on that.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:55
Next time.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:58
And sustainability is net. So I will report on sustainability.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:07
Almost star entire meeting was actually spent on utility bills.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:17
But just as a reminders sustainability says act local, think global. And that’s a great thought and something to always aim at remembering.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:34
The idea is if you can manage your utility bills, that’s going to affect the sustainability and the climate in a variety of different ways.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:50
They want to have a look at conserving water for the future.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:57
That Xcel Energy

Unknown Speaker 1:37:01

Unknown Speaker 1:37:03
pushing for the use of natural gas because of safety, affordability and efficiency.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:14

Unknown Speaker 1:37:17
went into explanation about usage charges. And reminders for all people that both with accela n city is a matter of fact that your utility bills your bills are changeable and if anyone finds that a particular due date is not working for them, they can call the city or call Excel and actually change that date.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:53
I’m trying to read my notes here. Oh, it gave information about leaks, hissing sounds with gas appliances and any

Unknown Speaker 1:38:05
smell of gas or smell of rotten eggs you need to call 911 not the utility

Unknown Speaker 1:38:13
or the city. reminder that if you’re having any work done on your property that you need to call for a line information before digging.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:30

Unknown Speaker 1:38:33
they’re looking at putting on flow faucets, on on new properties, controlled flow faucets for water, especially outside water

Unknown Speaker 1:38:50
faucets, they’re pushing for smart thermostats they cost about $50. But you can recoup the cost for a smart thermostat within a couple of months. also want to make sure that people know that they can call and have an energy home audit done free of charge that you can get a $200 or a $300 rebate for any furnace. That’s 95% efficient.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:34
Also explanation about wastewater, what the cost of wastewater is based on water usage.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:45
And they are very happy to come out and make recommendations in terms of water usage with the goals that the average use be 500 gallons.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:00
And whenever your water usage goes up to over 1000, that’s when your water charges go up drastically. And we all need to make conscious decisions in terms of using less water and more water friendly

Unknown Speaker 1:40:23
outside plants and landscaping.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:28
Next slide. Just a reminder that next light does have a lower price, the normal price for Lex next slide is 6995. But you can get 100 Mbps for 3995 a month. And for a lot of older adults, we don’t use the internet as much. And we need to think about that. Also a reminder that especially now with COVID, there is any, you can get a night of 1495 for two months rate. If your student is using the internet.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:16
They had tips about setting thermostat using LED light bulbs,

Unknown Speaker 1:41:24
changing furnace filters every two months, all of these things help us to in prove our environment number one and be more energy efficient.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:40
Also reminders in terms of watering your lawn, that it really should be done before 10 o’clock or after six o’clock. And

Unknown Speaker 1:41:53
to have your air conditioner and furnace service stolen a yearly basis because that will in the long run

Unknown Speaker 1:42:03
improve energy efficiency.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:09

Unknown Speaker 1:42:11
in terms of anyone who is requiring energy assistance, it was emphasized that if you qualify for SNAP, that all of the energy assistance programs will be available to you. And I know for from working at the senior center that if anyone has any questions about that,

Unknown Speaker 1:42:36
that they can call the senior center and they are really good in terms of helping people with resources in that area.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:50

Unknown Speaker 1:42:53
I think that’s it.

Unknown Speaker 1:43:00
I did an energy survey of my house, which was free, it’s long, you know, it goes from two to four hours. However, you know, LED bulbs are quite expensive. And the advantage of doing the energy thing besides a lot of things was that you get so many free LED bulbs. I have like three packages.

Unknown Speaker 1:43:29
Um, so

Unknown Speaker 1:43:32
because LCDs do not last 10 years. I’m not sure why they

Unknown Speaker 1:43:38
I know but I just used a whole bunch of them my neighbor put them up on the outside and said Where did you get these? He’s so expensive. I said I didn’t edit it. You survey and I kept like 1520 volts.

Unknown Speaker 1:43:56
That in itself is is worth the two hours. Hey, that’s how I felt. Right.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:09
Thanks, Janine.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:14
So we are up to closing statements, questions, comments, thoughts.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:23
Good luck to you Susan. With your upcoming. Yeah, surgery. I’m looking forward. The goal is be back here in a month. Okay. First Wednesday, so Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:36
Your PT

Unknown Speaker 1:44:38
as soon as they left me which could be four to six weeks out.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:44
I’m already signed up across the street to do that. Good.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:51
prudence zoo, calm the, the city to do that energy survey. Yeah, there was a

Unknown Speaker 1:45:00
Um, you know, I may have read it in the Longmont times call.

Unknown Speaker 1:45:06

Unknown Speaker 1:45:08
that’s where I may have read it. Okay, page two, but, you know, I would call and ask them. Okay, it was a good deal. Yeah. Alright, so we’ll also do it free.

Unknown Speaker 1:45:24
Free is pretty good deal. Right? And if the LED bulbs

Unknown Speaker 1:45:31
already knew it already, if you know they’re nice and you have her phone number, she can tell you all about it.

Unknown Speaker 1:45:38
Thank you. So you guys have given me good ideas for things I can do. Well sitting home AC service energy survey. Yay.

Unknown Speaker 1:45:52
All right, I think we can attend the meeting.

Unknown Speaker 1:45:58
Mostly I make a motion to adjourn the meeting. I’ll second. Thank you, everybody. Bye, everyone.

Unknown Speaker 1:46:08
Bye, everybody. Thanks Robin book too. You too. Bye.

Unknown Speaker 1:46:14
Thanks, Robin.