Airport Advisory Board Meeting – March 11, 2021

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Airport Advisory Board Meeting – March 11, 2021

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Unknown Speaker 0:00
All right, well, I will call the march 11. Airport advisory board meeting to order. Good evening, everyone. It’s nice to see you all. Michelle, can you please call the roll? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 0:11
remembers the list.

Unknown Speaker 0:13

Unknown Speaker 0:15
Not convene. I’m here. personnel. Ken Jacobson.

Unknown Speaker 0:20

Unknown Speaker 0:21
Melinda Jordan here. First of all Robeson here. Ryan Wiseman. Here. He comes on the pack. You have a quorum. Wonderful. Thank

Unknown Speaker 0:33
you. First item on the agenda is our public invited to be heard. So in just a moment, I shall ask you to unmute anyone who wishes to speak. Same rules as previously, what three minutes for anyone who wants to give a comment and ask them to state name and address to start the comments, address comments to the board, please.

Unknown Speaker 1:04
It’s not a meeting. So maybe he wants to make his comment later in the meeting?

Unknown Speaker 1:19

Unknown Speaker 1:20
there we go. Okay. All right.

Unknown Speaker 1:23
No one wishing to comment at this time. We’ll move next agenda topic, approval of minutes. And any comments from the board tweaks anything on the minutes from our February 11 2021 meter.

Unknown Speaker 1:40
having read and reviewed the minutes I move that they be approved as written?

Unknown Speaker 1:47
I’ll second pet.

Unknown Speaker 1:49
Thank you. so moved by the Vice Chair Jordan and seconded by board member blesses any discussion from anyone on the board?

Unknown Speaker 1:59
Good question.

Unknown Speaker 2:00
Yes, sir. David Slater,

Unknown Speaker 2:02
he mentioned last month about the leasing of all the hangars, does anybody own the hangars outright? So that they’re not paying a lease or all the hangar being leased at one one airport.

Unknown Speaker 2:14
I’m wondering, can I ask you to hold that till a little bit later? just needed to come back to it if that’s okay. Okay. Okay. On the minutes then, any other comments? Alright, so I’m going to call roll for each of our votes in accordance with the new participation policy. We’re going to discuss a little bit just so we’re ahead of that. So Vice Chair Jordan,

Unknown Speaker 2:41
I proved was that a Yes, sir? Okay.

Unknown Speaker 2:45
Yes. Yes,

Unknown Speaker 2:46
yes. I vote yes.

Unknown Speaker 2:48
BOARD MEMBER bliss. I approve.

Unknown Speaker 2:52
BOARD MEMBER do I approve. BOARD MEMBER Jacobson, I approve. BOARD MEMBER Robeson. Hi, board member Weisman.

Unknown Speaker 3:02
I’m going to abstain because I wasn’t here at the last minute.

Unknown Speaker 3:06
Thank you and the chair will also vote to approve. So that is six approve one abstention. The motion carries we have this next item on the agenda is old business financial update. Mr. Slater, would you like to kick us off?

Unknown Speaker 3:23
Um, revenue to date is 160,005 56 and 49 cents. expanded and or encumbered is $57,394.43 expanded and encumbered 26,000 to 20. That 26 to 20 years for the upcoming work that we’re going to do on the detention pond, the water quality pond to bring it in compliance with stormwater quality. And then so the total difference between revenue and expanded and encumbered is $76,942.06. To the good.

Unknown Speaker 4:08

Unknown Speaker 4:12
There was $4,495 under professional contract services to pet ditch company that had to do with the runway safety area project that we did last year. And we are finalizing payments on those items and should be getting close to closing that out financial incompletely. Currently, the snow removal services were at 14,000 to 1750. And obviously this weekend that will probably go up fairly significantly, due to the upcoming snowstorm. Um,

Unknown Speaker 4:50
maybe Can you hold just for a second board member? Bless you had a question there.

Unknown Speaker 4:54
Yeah, we’ll save that first item that you for, for professional Contract services.

Unknown Speaker 5:00

Unknown Speaker 5:01
was it? The engineering review? That’s done by pet ditch company?

Unknown Speaker 5:06
Okay. Gotcha. answers the question. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 5:12
Um, that 6887 was for a couple of months, cleaning at the public restroom. We have decided to do away they keep raising their rates on pointing that. And so we decided to do away with that contract for the airport is just one restroom, one room that needs cleaning, and maintaining and the amount that they were wanting to charge for maintaining that had increased significantly. So there’s another department in the city that has a full time cleaning person on staff, and we’re going to borrow their well. I’ll say borrow, we’re going to use that employee to clean each week. And it shouldn’t take them very long. So we’ll do an inner departmental billing demo for that going forward, I suspect

Unknown Speaker 6:09
is that somebody that’s moving around in the other buildings in the area and will hit us as they go by nice, that’s good.

Unknown Speaker 6:15
That’s correct. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 6:17

Unknown Speaker 6:20
and the Porta Potty service, that’s kind of they they hit increase their rates as well, but not outrageously. So. That’s where we’re at 344 on that. Three February. So.

Unknown Speaker 6:41
Any other questions?

Unknown Speaker 6:42
Yeah. quick pause for any for questions for that part. barmera. bliss.

Unknown Speaker 6:48
Yes. You talked about this pet ditch company, the engineering review. In in 2020. There’s a pet ditch company. And it says our MSA plan review what is RSA? That’s where I’m life safety area. Runway safety area. Okay. Could I make a request that anytime you put an acronym in there that you write it out? Because there’s so many acronyms?

Unknown Speaker 7:14
I don’t know what they are. I’ll make that change. Thank you. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 7:19
Wouldn’t be aviation without them, would it?

Unknown Speaker 7:22
No, it wouldn’t be.

Unknown Speaker 7:26
Mr. Slater, do you think you can address board member Dean’s previous questions since we’re on past and talk about the hangar rental business model? Maybe.

Unknown Speaker 7:35
Right. So the airport ground is owned and operated by the city along much. So we just leased the property. And the individual hangars and structures of the lessees or airport owners investors and people like that, that have a hangar or whatever out here. Those are from the foundation up belongs to the private owner. So the buildings themselves are privately owned. And the only exceptions to that is the electrical vault and the building that I’m in? Okay,

Unknown Speaker 8:16
let me say the honest those two two buildings. Okay, that makes sense. I’m just curious.

Unknown Speaker 8:25
Other questions from any board members at this point?

Unknown Speaker 8:29
I’m sorry, I’m one more question and this goes back to 2019. On the professional contract, what is this safety risk management analysis 27,000.

Unknown Speaker 8:41
That was that was during the time that we were addressing concerns with safety regarding skydiving. And so we hired a professional consultant to do a safety risk analysis.

Unknown Speaker 8:57
And that was the feed. We missed a heck of a public meeting on that one.

Unknown Speaker 9:02
I guess I did. Well, right below it.

Unknown Speaker 9:06
Okay. I

Unknown Speaker 9:06
understand that now. Right below what’s a stakeholder meeting facilitator? What is that

Unknown Speaker 9:12
that was part of that process?

Unknown Speaker 9:14
That was part it wasn’t the same process. And he thought it would be best if they had if they hired an independent third party facilitator to facilitate between

Unknown Speaker 9:27
to stop the fights

Unknown Speaker 9:28
pretty much.

Unknown Speaker 9:31
Okay, that answers that. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 9:34
Partner Jacobson, did you have a question there?

Unknown Speaker 9:37
Just a question on snow removal with the upcoming weekend storm. How much do you anticipate that number going up because of it? And are you making any spare special preparations for it?

Unknown Speaker 9:50
Though, yes, the spoken with the contractor they are going to have additional equipment on standby as needed. Maybe if they had to bring in a dump truck and load big piles of snow to move to the dump locations, they’ll be able to do that. And just just planning on hitting it and keeping up with it as much as we can when it gets heavy. My biggest concern with the upcoming storm is how much rain is going to be often on mixed and alternating between snow showers, rain showers or, or a mix of the two, which could possibly create icing conditions. And we don’t use chemicals at this airport. So there is the potential for runway closures at certain periods of time. But we’re just going to wait and see how that goes and, and what kind of friction value that we have on the runway before making that decision. As far as the price, I couldn’t even guess I would, I would certainly say it’s going to double. But if you’re going to have them out there making more passes, as the snow continues to fall is probably going to be more than double what their normal bill would be. Which is anywhere from 28 to 30 $200. An event. That’s kind of the range, I guess, depending on how long it takes them to get get stuff done. And with additional equipment that will probably also spark a little bit more in the price. So I couldn’t even I wouldn’t even want to begin to guess. And I just don’t like to speculate and then have somebody say, well, you told us this somehow. Well, what’s the best guess? And I would say that it’s going to be at least double what our normal believe. So I’m guessing probably around six grand. Maybe, maybe. I’m thinking more than that. But don’t hold me to that.

Unknown Speaker 12:09
We won’t. And plus we keep hearing snowpocalypse. And then we hear Oh, it’s gonna go to the north. And I’m watching out the window to see the first flakes in case they happen. I saw it last I saw it was midnight, but it looks like so it’s gray and dropping and it’s looking looking like snow. will take the moisture, that’s for sure.

Unknown Speaker 12:29
David Bradley will work on snow topic really quick. Just that dollar amount in the in 2021. so far is, you know, approaching full year 2020 and substantially higher than full year 2019. Right.

Unknown Speaker 12:49
You want a response to that now. So in those years there, there was a time a few years ago, that there was a lot of people suggesting and requesting that we go and get a plow from the Denver auction to get things covered, because there was a previous contractor A while back that seemed to be having a lot of breakdowns, and I would have to go borrow a truck from next door at public works. And so during that time, I was doing a lot of snow plowing which saved a lot of money, but the smithkline I started doing was either because there were stuff missed or lots of breakdowns with snowplow equipment and wasn’t getting done in a timely manner. So that’s all in the past we have a contractor and they seem to be going well so far. And after meeting with LPA which is the Longmont owners and polish Association. I’ve had some some comments back from them that they said that people seem to be happy with how things are going now. So we’re just kind of looking forward to moving forward.

Unknown Speaker 14:17
Helpful context. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 14:18

Unknown Speaker 14:20
Barbara bliss. Did you have another question? Well, I

Unknown Speaker 14:23
was on the same lines as what you were talking about already. David but could you just for me, because probably the other board members know this but we you go over who does the snowplowing to CFA Do any of it.

Unknown Speaker 14:41
Now, this is the only items that the FAA takes care of on the airport for maintenance is the excuse me the batteries. They are owned and maintained by the FAA outside of that. We the city through the airport has a cost tract with Mountain West landscapes. And there are other people individuals out here that have snowplows that do their portion of Route up against their hangar and take care of those areas that are not city responsibility. But outside of that are contractors Mountain West.

Unknown Speaker 15:18
So the ATR waves do not cover their hangars at all.

Unknown Speaker 15:24
Now they do.

Unknown Speaker 15:26
Well, they do.

Unknown Speaker 15:27
Yeah, they each have their own, either contractor or someone that is a lessee who has plow equipment on that row, or in that group of hangers. Do the following for those areas. it’s their responsibility.

Unknown Speaker 15:53
Okay, thank you. Sure.

Unknown Speaker 15:58
Any better questions from the board? Let you go into the last page of the financial update since we kind of got stuck in the middle here.

Unknown Speaker 16:05
I’m not much tell on that one. For this year, there will be some expenditures that eventually come out and reimbursements under the grant from last year. But that’s only to close out the actual grant. They carried the financial part that carried from last year end of this year. So for now, there’s there’s nothing there. As soon as there is I’ll update that page.

Unknown Speaker 16:38
Comments, questions from the board on financial update either specific on the capital grants or just broadly? I’ve got one then. I guess on the grant side, specifically, two questions on grants. One, the airport’s Coronavirus relief grants pro relief and recovery grants program basically cares Act Two, it looked like $23,000, kind of in the airports way.

Unknown Speaker 17:08
That’s correct. And that’s a formula set up by the FAA. And they determine how much each year for gets based off of their formula

Unknown Speaker 17:20
is their thoughts on how that’s going to be used for 2021

Unknown Speaker 17:25
is even more restrictive than the first grants. So there’s not a whole lot we can use it on other than to cover operational cost at the airport. Some of the, if we if we do extra cleaning, then helps covers, it helps cover those costs to do the cleaning is like the public restrooms and things like that. And eligible for other operational costs, whether it’s a salary or otherwise, but it’s okay to take

Unknown Speaker 18:04
full advantage of it. In other words, it just won’t be right. to a particular project.

Unknown Speaker 18:10

Unknown Speaker 18:13
Still good. The other as part of that question, and that’s, I think, somewhat related to the measure that President Biden signed earlier today. But my understanding is the matching the airport matches on AIP projects is basically covered for the rest of the year. So given that, I assume that means we save a decent amount on projects. And, you know, so one, hopefully we’ll be able to use those on future projects and or accelerate projects, but to see also saving some of that money. And my understanding is at least they’re giving some of that back to airports and other grants. And I don’t know, I honestly don’t know the details there, but don’t know what opportunity there is for us to seek out some of those seed dollars,

Unknown Speaker 19:01
right. So, there are CRP process, when we plan out they require us to plan out ahead the CRP process we are carrying over our 150,000 non primary entitlement towards our next CRP project. So we don’t have any projects planned for 2021. So and what what is covered by that is a cover the cares Act would cover the states 5%. And it would cover the sponsor, which is the cities or the airport fund, it will cover that 5% if we had a project,

Unknown Speaker 19:49
but since we don’t we don’t get to take advantage of that.

Unknown Speaker 19:52
Correct. So like last year on the runway safety or project, it was 100% FAA Grant. And we received I don’t remember the numbers that I gave you guys, it was the total, the total amount of grants we received in 2020. If you count the $69,000 for the cares Act, the runway safety area Project 100%. And the 400,000, towards the Southside utilities was a little over a million dollars that we received in grant funds last year.

Unknown Speaker 20:32
No way to accelerate a project to take advantage of Nomad.

Unknown Speaker 20:39
Now generally, you have your bids your engineer estimate and your engineering at least 75%. And because we have to plan out based off of what funding they would have available for us, generally, I mean, we’re already in the we’re already in the year that that’s available.

Unknown Speaker 21:06
When it became available, just takes a hit not taking advantage of it.

Unknown Speaker 21:11
Yeah, right.

Unknown Speaker 21:14
BOARD MEMBER Jacobson, did you have a question?

Unknown Speaker 21:17
Just as a follow up to Russell’s question to you last week, David, what about accelerating the paving? Yeah, that we brought up last month. possibility to, to figure into grant money.

Unknown Speaker 21:36
So in our discussion that we had on that the pavement that board member Robison was talking about was actually areas that kind of responsibility. So that and some of the areas of payment, like the joint sale for the ramp and things like that. The FAA, I mean it, could we accelerate it earlier on, we could, but we had had to push off the other high priorities that we have that are eligible for funds to a different year, so we could swap them around and accelerate them but you’re pushing the other party projects further down the road.

Unknown Speaker 22:25
Unfortunately, the FAA in this region, kind of does things their own way. And most Agios are the same way in most aspects, but

Unknown Speaker 22:44
how they look at runway extensions and things like that is a little bit different in this region than it is in other regions. As far as those eligible items, they all pretty much operate the same way. And there’s no doubt the only opportunities that we have to apply for funding is like that $23,000 that they basically allocated for us. As far as just coming up and doing a project, it has to be planned out further in advance than that because there is a whole process to go through. Generally starting at least a year and a half out with getting categorical exclusions for environmental, getting the engineering done. All the way up through going out to bid and submitting the application, which is sF 424. So it’s generally a year and a half process on most projects. If you’ve already got plans on the shell that are updated. That would be helpful, but we don’t have the budget just to hire an engineer to sit there and pump out plans and put them on the shelf in the event money might come up.

Unknown Speaker 24:10
Any other questions or comments from the board? Mr. bliss? Yes,

Unknown Speaker 24:17

Unknown Speaker 24:17
another question for you. I was reading something in the capital improvement plan where there was some unforeseen circumstances with engineering and I think you’ve addressed this before but I forgot what you said that that was all about a set the sewer system that you’re talking about?

Unknown Speaker 24:37
Yes, the the sewer and the water. They were provided all the information back in around October of 2019. They didn’t get started on it until the spring of 2020. And the person that did it retired mid year. Just Just kind of middle of summer, he retired and provided the project plans and everything. And it was set up for an on call contractor, which we needed to go out to bid on call contractor is not set up for installation. They’re set up for repairs. And so the more we looked at the plans, the more we realized it wasn’t the layout that we had discussed on multiple occasions. And so the new engineer that took over, started, not completely over but did a significant amount of work, redoing the plans for that project, which has just recently been completed. But because we carried from 2020 into 2021, we now have to go back for council with Meteor appropriations and get that airport find money match reappropriated towards the project.

Unknown Speaker 25:56
Did we pay the first engineer?

Unknown Speaker 25:59
I was a city engineer. So any payment would be in arrears through the administrative management fee, if they charged us at all. Okay, so. And we did that way because of the limited budget that we had to go towards this the projected

Unknown Speaker 26:18
cost of the project, but now we’re not using the city engineer. Correct.

Unknown Speaker 26:23
Now we are because they’re the ones that designed it. Oh, that’s what I’m saying the new the new engineer that took over for the city engineer that retired.

Unknown Speaker 26:33

Unknown Speaker 26:34
he’s what he’s what the city as well.

Unknown Speaker 26:35

Unknown Speaker 26:37
we’ve got a good, good engineer on the project now. And he’s got that done and ready to go when we get the appropriations for 2021. Thank you. Sure.

Unknown Speaker 26:52
Last call for any questions on here. Then I’ll move us on to airport needs recommendations to Council. Does any board members have anything they’d like to raise?

Unknown Speaker 27:11

Unknown Speaker 27:12
Thank you, Mr. Chairman. David, I didn’t see any vote on our parks on the lease rate for this year that we just go ahead and go with keeping it the same or another time

Unknown Speaker 27:24
now we’re going to pick it up another month. There’s just still too much internal discussion left on that that it wasn’t ready to come back to you guys. It will come back again, when we’re ready to send it to Council. Okay. Anywhere prior to sending it to Council, it will go through the board.

Unknown Speaker 27:49
Anyone else have anyone anything there? I do. I have one last month Councilmember pack mentioned in budget process, she’s going to again ask for an operations employee for the airport, in addition to David so to employees. Given the budget impact of that, I think it would be appropriate for us to at least discuss whether we’d like to present an opinion to Council on that maybe an agenda topic for a future meeting that is, uh, you know, more appropriate than just open discussion now. But if anyone has any thoughts off the bat, just wanted to throw it out there.

Unknown Speaker 28:33
So is that? Go ahead.

Unknown Speaker 28:38
Russell, go ahead. Thank you, Mr.

Unknown Speaker 28:41
I guess my if you’re asking for initial thoughts, I would say David knows if he needs an employee and he knows his budget, so I probably take his recommendation on whether it’s worth it to Evernote.

Unknown Speaker 28:53
Mr. Slater?

Unknown Speaker 28:56

Unknown Speaker 28:57
I would definitely love some help. And I think that hopefully by 2022, we should have enough for at least a part time operations agent.

Unknown Speaker 29:05
I don’t know.

Unknown Speaker 29:08
I don’t know if full time is going to be doable, but I will no more and in the next few months prior to submitting a request or generally when you when you submit a request for employee it’s around the same time as you submit your budget to

Unknown Speaker 29:34
the city

Unknown Speaker 29:36
for the following year, which is generally in the June timeframe. So I’m hoping in the next month or two to have a better idea of how to best capture the funds for another employee and if it’s doable for full time or just part time.

Unknown Speaker 29:56
David would it be appropriate maybe to Add this as a may agenda topic then knowing that we don’t have a June meeting likely. And that will we can send a letter to council either supporting or, you know, debate expressing the board’s opinion. So that as they heard in the fall, they have our advice. Sure.

Unknown Speaker 30:20
And in fact, if we can do it next month, I’ll let you know. But for now, I’ll have it planned for me.

Unknown Speaker 30:29
That’s great. Thank you. No, you, David, you and I were at one of those council meetings, I think two years back where it kind of came up and then immediately was taken off. So just want to make sure we have the opportunity to influence the conversation in there. And, you know, provide provide full context. So it’s not just kind of one off when it gets like

Unknown Speaker 30:52

Unknown Speaker 30:55
penny, any other questions or comments from the board on airport needs recommendations? counsel? Mr. bliss?

Unknown Speaker 31:07
Yeah, I was looking at some of the data. On the operation of the airport, I saw this 75,102 takeoffs and landings. How do you get that figure? Do you go out there and count everybody?

Unknown Speaker 31:22
It’s Well, sort of.

Unknown Speaker 31:25

Unknown Speaker 31:27
it’s a very complex method of what we call a guesstimate. There are days that I’ll go through and count operations at different different days, different times of the year, and then kind of see what the average looks like, I don’t count every single day. I don’t have time to do that. But

Unknown Speaker 31:52
I just wonder how you got 102 75,102.

Unknown Speaker 31:59
It’s, it’s a guesstimate, based off of other days, and if it looks, you know, if I know one day had

Unknown Speaker 32:12
140, something operations, then another day I had 98 operations or something like that, then I just kind of look at it and see. Where in that range? Do we think that fits? And it’s kind of it’s kind of an average type deal by Okay, not exactly. Okay. Well, I

Unknown Speaker 32:39
I expected that sort of was, but and with air force this, how it works? How does that compare to past years?

Unknown Speaker 32:48

Unknown Speaker 32:49
it’s certainly lower. We had a lot of operations that were limited. During COVID, or at least the initial phases of COVID. There was a lot of activities that were very limited. We even had a point to where my high did not break for a while. Some of the flight training did not break for a while. So I would say that it’s is probably eight to 10,000. Lower.

Unknown Speaker 33:27
Wow, that’s big.

Unknown Speaker 33:29
Yeah, it’s just like that airnav calm, which gives an estimate of daily operations in the head at 8000 for 2019. So that’s about 15%. Less based on David’s count last year. Can you

Unknown Speaker 33:45
see the difference? And like I said, I’m right off the airport. I work from home and I definitely know that Scott Ed was shut down the instructors. I know we’re not flying when we were really locked down. And then people just weren’t, they weren’t going up. They couldn’t go anywhere. They couldn’t do anything. So they just weren’t doing much. It was definitely it was noticeable days where there were absolutely no operation Sam. So it looks like it’s getting back to more normal. So that normal we’ll take good.

Unknown Speaker 34:20
Anyone else? Questions, comments items for council? Hearing none, we’ll move on to new business first item there is adoption of the electronic participation policy during city of Longmont board and commission meetings. David or Michelle I don’t know if either of you want to kind of open this up or, you know, describe what this is for us.

Unknown Speaker 34:46

Unknown Speaker 34:47
I don’t want to put Michelle on the spot although she would probably be better at doing it but basically the board the city has many or several boards and commissions. And as well as the city council meetings, and so they want to put in place a written policy that every one is aware of that basically outlines how and why virtual meetings would be done, or electronic or telephonic. And so this policy use just that and kind of encapsulates what the city expects and how they run, how they operate, why it’s done that way to the greatest extent possible, I guess. I don’t know a whole lot more to say about that, other than just going paragraph by paragraph, which I don’t think it’s necessary.

Unknown Speaker 35:51
No, I don’t think that’s necessary. It was helpful just to get the context of board members. And I guess we’ll maybe see if any board members have questions beyond that. And then I’ll entertain a motion to adopt it.

Unknown Speaker 36:08
So I did read it, but I didn’t catch we doing an audible vote instead of gay Nay, I don’t recall seeing that in there. So is that

Unknown Speaker 36:20
if you mean, the roll call vote? Yeah, it

Unknown Speaker 36:23
was it wasn’t a comment on that. So I talked to our city clerk today. And as we don’t have to do that, as long as it’s clear in the video, who voted for for what or how they voted, then you don’t have to do it one by one like that. You could just say, you know, all in favor? Aye. Anybody Opposed nay, and then name if anybody says, you know, a vote against or something like that, that’s all you need to do.

Unknown Speaker 36:51
So if it sounds like we’ve got all eyes, like on passing the minutes, we wouldn’t need to do it. But if we’re voting, probably specifically on issues, we’d want to go around and do it for that.

Unknown Speaker 37:05
But even after that, you can just say, All in favor, say aye. And then all opposed, say nay. Okay. And then just say, okay, you know, board member, or all said, you know, he dissented or whatever, and then you’ll be fine. Just as long as it’s specific, who, who made the motion was seconded the motion, and then whoever who voted Which way?

Unknown Speaker 37:30
Given that information, then it kind of sounds like if you have more than one day, and you don’t know who said it, and it seems like the vote may be closed, then you might want to do the roll call, you

Unknown Speaker 37:41
could do that. Or you could just hold your hand up, as well. And then make sure that everybody because that’s what I when they do council meetings, that’s exactly what they do. I know they raise their hand, I may raise your hand May. But it’s totally up to you to do things make it easier and quicker.

Unknown Speaker 38:02
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 38:02
I appreciate that. I don’t want to call the roll. We go with hands. I like that suggestion. More disagrees? board member wasteland. Did you have a question or comment there?

Unknown Speaker 38:14
Yeah, well, it

Unknown Speaker 38:14
sounds like you’ve already stated your preference, I was going to say that. Whatever adds clarity, and whatever is easier for you to administer is probably the direction we should go. But I like Hans as well. So I’ll speak in favor of that. But I think what matters is that it’s something that facilitates the meeting and keeps us moving forward. So what you’re most comfortable with.

Unknown Speaker 38:37
Agreed, thank you. And you know, if we end up where it’s close, then we may do a roll call and just make sure it’s very clear, but approval of the minutes, I’m not going to worry terribly. Generally, those are pretty easy votes.

Unknown Speaker 38:51
Do we need to move to accept this? I don’t want to adopt it. So I move that we adopt the electronic participation policy during city of Longmont board and commission meetings as spelled out.

Unknown Speaker 39:07
Second, the motion.

Unknown Speaker 39:09
Thank you. so moved by Mr. Jordan, seconded by remember Jacobson. Any further questions or discussion prior to voting? Mr. bliss?

Unknown Speaker 39:19
Is this something we’re going to do forever? Or is this just the guidelines for the electronic meetings?

Unknown Speaker 39:28
Uh, you know, I

Unknown Speaker 39:30
don’t want to speak for city management, nor will I. But in my viewpoint, I suspect that if it ever becomes something that’s not needed it or needs to be changed, they’ll either amend it and send it back out or do away with it. But I suspect that’s fine far as technology has come these days, that they’ll probably just leave it in place. Even if we go back to meeting in person should there be An event come up again later. Where or if the board chooses to do virtual meetings for some other emergency

Unknown Speaker 40:11
measure and chime in on my

Unknown Speaker 40:13
understanding from city attorneys that it’s only during emergencies, a pandemic or some kind of unforeseen emergency. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 40:25
So it’ll probably be in place forever, just for when you do have an emergency.

Unknown Speaker 40:33
Once, once council meetings council goes back to meetings, a person that all boards will go back to these and it sounds like they’re doing. And then this will just be a moot point at that point

Unknown Speaker 40:49
in life to go back to person, Michelle, just since you mentioned it. Is there any timeline for when counsel is thinking about at the moment?

Unknown Speaker 40:57
We’re hoping June. But it could be August? It depends on vaccines, really. But aiming for June, is what we’re aiming for right now.

Unknown Speaker 41:11
That’s helpful to understand. Thank you, forever. Robeson, did you have a question there?

Unknown Speaker 41:17
Thanks. Yeah, I was gonna ask basically the same thing. I was just looking at the health levels for Boulder County. And I don’t know if we qualify as a seated event there in the council chambers. But it would appear that we could convene in person based on that. But I guess it sounds like we’re waiting for everyone to have the vaccine is that the threshold?

Unknown Speaker 41:38
Not necessarily. us, you know, board members having vaccines, but just getting more and more

Unknown Speaker 41:51
nice to have members of the public be able to participate safely to imagine

Unknown Speaker 41:55
Exactly. I mean, you still may have to wear masks during that time. If you ever been vaccinated, but

Unknown Speaker 42:03
yeah, I mean, just looking at it if everybody’s sitting six feet apart and wearing masks. Unless I’m reading it wrong. Here. We could do it in personnel, but maybe I’m missing something. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 42:16
I think we could the upside is we don’t have to wear masks when we’re meeting like this, which is

Unknown Speaker 42:21
nice. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 42:22
we do. I do appreciate that. Nobody understands me anyways. Add a message to it. Anyway,

Unknown Speaker 42:29
we’re so close to general availability, that vaccine seems kind of silly to rush if we’re really just talking about a matter of

Unknown Speaker 42:37
getting close.

Unknown Speaker 42:41
The motion on the floor to adopt the policy. Any further questions before we vote? Hearing none, we’ll try our hand raising here. So all board members in favor of adopting the policy? Raise your hands, please. Okay, Any opposed? Dean, I could not see your hand in either one of those. I’m sorry. Can you? Either I or

Unknown Speaker 43:19
was that? Who was that for?

Unknown Speaker 43:21

Unknown Speaker 43:22
Oh, I’m sorry. Got my hand raised.

Unknown Speaker 43:24
Yeah, that’s it. I thank you. I just couldn’t see your hand on the screen. Why was everyone in favor of adopting. So thank you all. Next topic there then is the advisory board annual report to Council. So you all have this in the packet in advance there. The idea here is a vote to approved and send it to Council. Any discussion from the board prior to that? Mr. Robeson.

Unknown Speaker 43:59
I didn’t hear anybody immediately. lodge any major complaints. Well skip right down to minor and pedantic on the just the formatting at the bottom with the goals on the airport goals and accomplishment. Some of the headers are all caps and some are regular capitalization. So just for consistency, I guess if we could change that to one or the other, that would please me.

Unknown Speaker 44:23
I will make those adjustments. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 44:28
On a positive note, our pilots and pas made the newspaper if you saw that and got there were a lot of calls, TC line and open open editorial and received a lot of praise. I think I saw probably 369 at least calls in or compliments to the pilots that are flying to rescue animals. And that was sort of I think, I don’t know how the paper found out about it. I had talked to James and interviewed him for the, for the interim report. And then they caught wind of it and went out and got some photos. And they’ve just really got it netted some really good community engagement really positive. And, of course, the medical flights that are flown with the foenum. That way tag flies. nobody’s really ever asked about those. And I think everybody assumes those are business flights. But he does do quite a bit with that. And he’d had some really nice write ups in national publications as well. So some nice visibility for airport and to kind of remind people in the area that see the the jets and maybe want to complain about it, or the helicopters when we’re doing training, I really look at this report, I hope that it’s where the public can get to it to see that and kind of understand some of the justification behind the use of the airport, and how it contributes back to the community. I know we produce it, it goes to Council, it’ll be a part of the record there. And I just am really pleased with the coverage that we got on some really positive stuff on what was otherwise a pretty quiet year for the airport.

Unknown Speaker 46:12
Likewise, this one did I think that was It’s great. It’s great to highlight it here as well. Yeah. Really positive. Any other questions, comments, concerns? I would entertain a motion to approve the report and send the council and I’m changing the header. Yes, motion to approve as amended.

Unknown Speaker 46:40
I make a motion that we approve the 2020 annual report for the airport with the amendment. I actually am going to withdraw that. One more thing in the 2020 Airport data. The total flight operations is 66,003 18. But in the sidebar, it’s 75 102.

Unknown Speaker 47:02
Yeah, I need to make that change. Sorry.

Unknown Speaker 47:05
So I move that with that change and the the header font changes that we approve the 2020 Airport annual report as written and for presentation to Council. Again,

Unknown Speaker 47:20
no move in seconded. Any last discussion on the motion?

Unknown Speaker 47:27
Sorry, who seconded that? That’s

Unknown Speaker 47:33
all right. hearing no further discussion. Let’s vote. So all those in favor of adopting the report as amended. Raise your hand please.

Unknown Speaker 47:42
Aye. Aye.

Unknown Speaker 47:43
Thank you. Anyone opposed? Raise your hand. And Michelle, just for the record. It looks like a board member blessed dropped off here. So we are six in favor. And we’re blessed not to present.

Unknown Speaker 47:59
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 48:02
All right. So then we will move right along to our final public invited to be heard. Michelle, if you can unmute if there is someone who wishes to provide comment. Same rules. Three minutes for comment, please state name and address at the beginning and address your comments to the board.

Unknown Speaker 48:29
And OSI and 31335, crap street llama. Hopefully you can hear me. I might. My question concerns the noise complaint log. And I think it’s a very nice summary that’s been presented in the body of the presentation that’s going to counsel Mike, I’ve delved deeply into noise for a number of years and looked at the nature of the noise complaints. And so I’m wondering if I could get some additional information. It would be in the form of detailing how many? How many times individuals complained about the various things they could complain about, which would be a general aviation skydiving, helicopter and et cetera, those categories that they do have a tick mark in as an example. We have one complainer that complained 31 times. So individual number one complaint 31 times what?

Unknown Speaker 49:46
Sorry, awesome how it froze. So

Unknown Speaker 49:49
what happened?

Unknown Speaker 49:51
Not sure we’re all back here.

Unknown Speaker 49:54

Unknown Speaker 49:55
so the question was on the number of complaints

Unknown Speaker 50:00
I’m still here. Think

Unknown Speaker 50:04
about the last time I heard was the word What?

Unknown Speaker 50:09
What? Sir, we

Unknown Speaker 50:11
did go ahead and you back again. Go ahead.

Unknown Speaker 50:16
Okay, thank you. I’m on. I’m not sure where the word what was in the

Unknown Speaker 50:24
you were going to ask you had one complainer one person with 31 complaints and you were going to ask a question about that. The nature of the complaints, I think,

Unknown Speaker 50:35
okay, here was the, the the information I needed, if I could get it. So we have one person that complains 31 times I’m interested in, what did that one person actually complain about? That person complained about the whole spectrum of things that are tallied in the report already? Or did that one person complain only about skydiving. And as you work your way back up through the list, person number two complained four times, but what did they complain about? And so in the end, there would be 34 different individuals. And they all complained about something or a variety of things. And that that information would allow an expected and observed statistical analysis to be made to see if there are any statistical outliers in the data that tend to bias these reports. So that’s the kind of information I would like to have, if possible.

Unknown Speaker 51:46
Thank you, Minister, also for the comment. Mr. Slater, perhaps in the final staff comments here, you might be able to address that a little bit. So with that, then hearing nobody else wishing to make public comment, we will move on to board council representative and our staff comments. So I’ll start with the board. Any board members wish to make additional comments?

Unknown Speaker 52:18

Unknown Speaker 52:19
Mr. Slater, would you like to make any comments? David, you’re muted, unfortunately.

Unknown Speaker 52:33
Thank you. Sorry.

Unknown Speaker 52:38
With regards to the questions that was posed in public invited to be heard, there is an analysis by complaint type, it just doesn’t break it out by each individual complainer. Which, I guess that could be a curiosity question for some people. I think this is more of a presentation to counsel over the just going into the overall generalities of the noise complaint system. And, and how that helps me as as the manager, this is just information that they they’ve wanted to see, you could put the extra work into coming up with many different various tables and graphs and charts. From any amount of information that comes from that system. I’ll be happy to provide Mr. dulci with the the the data that we have on from that system. And typically he each year, he generally makes a public records request for that data. I just haven’t seen one this year. But I will get with with him and see about getting him that data so that he can go through it st st likes, but as far as the the format of this information, this this is the format and the information that council looks at and we do break it down. We do have an analysis by complaint type. Specifically, the one person that complained 31 times is was about skydiving. And generally when you have one person for playing that often is that’s

Unknown Speaker 54:37
historically been the case.

Unknown Speaker 54:44
right there’s there’s a lot that goes into breaking all this data down and figuring out how many combined about what category as well as the last table on the last page that you See there? How many people complained how many times, which is the kind of information that we’re going to clarify, outside of that, the way it helps me is, I look at the areas that seem to be the most effective or harnessed, hid, if you will. And try to put that information out for the pilots to ask for being good neighbors and being courteous as much as possible. The one thing I will note for this report is if you look at general aviation, it comes a lot closer percentage wise to skydiving than it has in the past. Because people have been at home more working from home because of COVID. And believe it or not, a lot of the complaints are about touching go operations. And generally it’s from something that was next to the airport. Phone calls that I’ve received that people were asking about touching goes that aren’t necessary, they may be they may have found a complaint here or may not have I’ve actually had people under the downwind leg for two nine complain I’ve had people off the approach end of our sorry, the departure end of one one approach into two nine complain. And then again, some to the south and the other hotspot areas that we typically have. But now we’re getting more under the downwind.

Unknown Speaker 56:37
And, you know,

Unknown Speaker 56:39
there’s not a whole lot that can be done about that. Actually, nothing really can be done about that, because it’s under the pattern. That’s the established traffic pattern. And, you know, that’s what I tell. And so a lot of what you see under general aviation has been people complaining about touching, go operations and generally are living right next door to the airport.

Unknown Speaker 57:03
I did see a flurry of chatter on next door from sophomore Park, the area closer to pike road during the lockdown and claiming 500 feet overhead and pilots coming in from other airports to use ours and there was quite a bit of chatter that I kind of just watched. And then Trevor bear was also watching it and he helps us with our social media as well. So the skydive complaints kind of speak for themselves, the single helicopter three, three on the jet, some people get frightened when it comes in so low on Final there. But the GA complaints is is the one that we really can do something about if there’s something to be done, but I think it I think we’re gonna see it was really people being at home, and actually not directly under the pattern. And that was part of the complaint. But when I lived off pike road, I was in the in the path. I was right in the path with that Mitsubishi, and it would go over all the time. So it’s that into town does get traffic coming in. And I know I think that generated some complaints from down there. But it’s good to see them down overall, you know, just to see that number be so much smaller, and you get the odd complaints. And so I think it’s really, if we know more about the GA complaints. If there’s not or if there’s anything spectacular out of the skydive other than just them going up and getting out. Then that would be interesting information. But otherwise, it’s really good to see him began, especially in the year where everybody was.

Unknown Speaker 58:41
Great. And Linda and David, that was really helpful contract. Thank you. Any David, did you have any other topics you wanted to raise in the comment? section here?

Unknown Speaker 58:53
I don’t think so.

Unknown Speaker 58:55
Alright. Well, since we don’t have a council member tonight, last call for any board members. All right. Then we will adjourn the march 11 2021 Airport advisory board meeting. Thank you everyone for participating tonight. And I will see you next month.

Unknown Speaker 59:15
All right.

Unknown Speaker 59:17
Take care. Hi

Unknown Speaker 59:20
sorry. I left

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