Golf Course Advisory Board Meeting – February 22, 2021

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Golf Course Advisory Board Meeting – February 22, 2021

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Note: The following is the output of transcribing from a video recording. Although the transcription, which was done with software, is largely accurate, in some cases it is incomplete or inaccurate due to inaudible passages or [software] transcription errors. It is posted as an aid to understanding the proceedings at the meeting, but should not be treated as an authoritative record.
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Well, thank you folks. Good to see you all here this evening. hope everybody is doing well. We have a quorum, like to call the meeting to order.

A second. Other

other than our Roll Call, which I think Erica basically went through here.

Approval of the agenda.

Do we have a motion to approve the agenda of what we currently have? I move to approve. Second? Second. Very good.

We have approval of the previous month. minutes. Do we have a motion?

I move to approve the previous month’s minutes.


Thank you, Marshall. Very good.

To our fourth agenda item.

update from our golf professionals.

Who wants to be the lucky person to go first this week?

I guess I can start. Alright, Sam. Hi. Thank you for speaking up. Howdy, folks. Hello. Oh, Sam. Hey, there. Okay, so I’m looking at your board package, you will see that in the month of January, we got an open 11 days.

919 rounds. prior year we’re open 19 days 1688. So we’re about 45%, behind and rounds.

And as that relates into revenues, you’ll see that

$42,040 in revenue compared to the prior years 74,008 82.

Again, about 40 44% down in revenues, which really is insignificant this time here. It’s just kind of a typical winter, january MONTH.

But I gotta tell you, when we’re open, we’re busy. Today, I’m just holding up now we had about 85 players today. Tomorrow, we’re booked until 230 every time and still so I’m very encouraged getting into next season. It seems like when the weather’s good. We’re filling up. So

looking very much forward to this year. I think it’s gonna be good.

Anyway, questions for you. Great.


for all three pros in general, is there a way to get maybe better notification of when you’re open or when you’re closed?

I mean, like, for example, today I looked and I saw that you Creek was broken two times with Twin Peaks wasn’t?

When did you get it? Did you get an email from you Creek? Yeah, I did.

I’ve been confirming my tee time for tomorrow. But today. So today I looked and I saw that you was taken two times, but Twin Peaks didn’t have any. And usually when one’s open, they’re both open. Because we ran out an email yesterday notifying that we’re going to be open, I need to get on our email list. That would be the best way.

I’m not sure how you go about doing so you book online through golf now, or through our website. I look there to see if there’s two times on that call. Because I’ve seen you have booked through them as well, haven’t you? I have sometimes just because I I think that automatically puts you on the email list. But I can look into that for you.

I mean, it was more generally. That is how we notify folks. And I gotta tell you, when we send those emails out, we fill up that. Yeah, I think I belong to like, all three and all three of my emails. And I’m not just speaking for me in general, just to be nice to know, hey, we’re gonna be we’re gonna be open tomorrow, because this week was odd, right? It was cold and snowy and that it warmed up. We weren’t sure. You know, for myself. I wasn’t sure if to be open today. I mean, I knew tomorrow I’ve had time for tomorrow and others do. So I just wondered about the maybe it’s a website thing, right? The websites can say, Hey, we’re open or closed? Well, I can speak to a little bit of that. At Twin Peaks. We were the snow didn’t melt off. So we needed today to melt us off. So we didn’t send out an email saying that we were going to be open because I knew we wouldn’t be open today. All of our greens recovered going into today. And another way of finding out would be to call a golf course. And if we don’t answer our answering service answers and they know the status of the course when they call when you call.

Okay, thank you. So that’s an I had I had let them know that today that we would be closed today open tomorrow.


Is is Ryan on?

Yep, I see Ryan Yes. Yeah.

Can you hear me?

Sure, can you sir?

I guess I’ll go since I’ll go next.

All right, right, go for it.

So looking at looking at the packet there for sunset,

kind of trailing with Sam mentioned it’s


But projected for 375 rounds, we actually did 584 rounds. Although the revenue side of it doesn’t show the increase there, it was a projected for $9,000 in revenue, we actually came in at 1000 in revenue. Now the the skew you see there with the round side of it, a lot of it’s for membership, a lot of membership holder players that have their annual member memberships that pay, they come out, no matter the weather. So the of the 10 days that we were open, majority of them, tend to be a lot of the the guys that have $660 memberships, or the $990 Elite memberships. But again, like, again, like Sam said, when we’re open, it is fairly busy. Tomorrow, I’m going to be booked about 85% right now.

Why don’t you do a lot of tree trimming to in January. Yeah, we did do a lot of tree trimming, that really didn’t hinder the play in a sense. They they stayed away from everybody

off the edge of the fairway, like borderline on the property line of the golf course, I should say,

didn’t cause any issues and anything there.

And all the customers when they were playing, they were notified that hey, just so you’re aware, be aware, if you hit a ball that way, don’t chase it. Right guys pick it out, too.

All right, for Twin Peaks, we were open that lucky number 11 days as well as you Creek played 1047 rounds and kind of like what Ryan said, we had a lot of annual pass play, you know that when you when you buy that pass, you will play on every opportunity you get, and membership play and that that obviously drives down the price of the past or the price of the round as you go throughout the year. So we had a lot of that play. And we were you know, again, very busy. I would agree with Sam on that we were very busy. On the days that we were open 11 days 42,000. That’s you know, close to a $4,000 a day in January. It was also really good because as we talked about our last meeting, we extended everyone’s expiration dates, the expiration dates for the annual passes used to be December 31. And people will all come in in January and buy a new one. So everybody had come in and bought a new one in January, we would have had a much cuter, obviously, revenue number but because all those memberships were extended into February, all the folks are coming in and buying them in February. So hopefully, of course, we’ve missed most of the month of February for weather too. So

anyway, ended up with $42,000 in revenue. And like I said, once all that annual, all that annual pass, purchase price back fills in, that’s going to help us out a lot. And I would agree with Sam, when we’re open, we are busy. And that definitely hasn’t changed. And apologies to Al for not letting everyone know that we were going to be closed today. But we did get it open. I heard from my maintenance crew late in the afternoon, they had to go out and move snow, just to get us open for tomorrow. But I knew it’d be a good day for us to be open. So we’re going to be open tomorrow. And we appreciate your thoughts on that we’ll try to do a better job of getting the word out to everybody. As as we get closer, it’s just kind of hard to tell from one day to the next. This time of year. So any questions for Twin Peaks?

I have a question. Maybe this pipe directed to Jeff, I noticed that the 2021 projected revenues stayed the same year over year.

Yeah, and and, and that was because we really don’t know what to expect this year if if things are going to go crazy or if they’ll be back to normal. So we just kept them the same way. Like the pros have said the way things have started out and with the look of where we are with vaccinations. It looks like things should be pretty busy, at least through midsummer.

But I think the projections will be alright. And as we get a little further into the year, I can adjust those based on what we’re experiencing. Okay, interesting. All right.

All right. Thank you gentlemen. Appreciate that. There’s nothing else we’ll move on to the next item.

Public to be heard.

Understand that there is no public today.

Old business.

item six doesn’t seem as though that there’s any old business there unless I’m missing something, Jeff. Nope. No business,

new business

electronic participation policy for boards and commissions designation? Yes, the clerk’s office has worked with the city legal team to define policies during emergencies like we’re in right now with the pandemic. And what they’ve asked us to do is have everybody

review these policies. And again, it kind of talks about how we’ll, we’ll hold meetings, through zoom, he talks about making sure that if board members don’t have access, that we can help with that. And that we always make sure that we have access for the public to be a part of our meeting, if they so choose.

One of the things that I did verify based on questions I had at the parks and recreation advisory board, is that once the emergency designation goes away, we will start having meetings in person. At that time, all the board members that can participate will have to come to the meeting, we can’t do some in person and some in zoom, it’s it’s really not allowed to keep joining virtually, that everybody would need to come to the meeting. Some some of the board members felt like they could still join the meeting if they were on vacation, and that would not be allowed. So I can answer any questions you might have. And if there are any questions, we’ll need to pass them pass a motion to accept these policies.

open to the floor for questions.

I move that we approved

a second.

All those in favor? Aye.

Aye. Motion passes.

Next item is structured Gulf services and enterprise fund. Yep. Eric, if you’re there, if you could put that PowerPoint up for us.

All right, give me just a sec.

Okay, can you all see that? Thank you. Yeah. So each each year in January or February, I’d like to try to do a review of the structure of, of golf and to cover a little bit with budgets and how the ccip project process works, if you could go to the next slide.

So golf is is a part of an enterprise fund within the city structure, which means all of the revenues generated by the golf course stay within the golf Fund. The only tax revenue that golf receives at this point in time is to pay the debt off on the bond projects that were passed in 2018. So these revenues, help pay for the maintenance of the course, pays for the contracts with the golf pros. And it also pays for the ongoing capital projects that we do to try to help improve the golf courses. Next slide.

In golf, we have what I will say is somewhat of a unique situation, as compared to a lot of other of the divisions and departments within the city.

Golf does two different things. We have staff that are actually paid for by the city and we have right around 11 employees that work for the city that maintain the golf courses. We also have contracts with the three golf pros. And many of the people that you see that work in the club houses actually are employees of the pros, not of the city of Longmont. So those people maintaining the courses again are our city employees.

We also have a union

situation going on at this time. We have two acting supervisors, and they’ll speak here in just a few minutes. Brian Hennings and Dan Reese are both acting supervisors that took the place of Jeff Andreessen and Jeff weed who retired this last December. And then last week were also notified of another retirement that will take place in early April, Greg Maul, who has been at sunset golf course for many years as one of our senior grounds maintenance techs will be retiring. So, we are in the process of reviewing how best to replace these positions. And as we start making determinations, we’ll make those presentation presentations to the board. Next slide, please.

So one of the newest things that occurred in golf is when we went to the dynamic pricing philosophy, that philosophy is best explained, like when you read or get a hotel room when you reserve it online. And as you’re aware, hotel rooms based on time of year time of day, events going on in those communities that the prices of those hotel, hotels go up or down, we’re using that same type of formula to set fees for golf. So based on our weather time of year, we you can get fees that range for from what may be above our rack rates to as low as 50% off depending on what’s going on and how busy the golf courses have been. And again, we haven’t over the last year, we haven’t done a lot of dynamic pricing, because we’ve been so busy, that we’re really offering are

only accepting our, our rack rates. And everybody seems to be willing to pay for that. Those rates, if you could skip two slides, Erica.

So the operations of the golf course. So this is what it costs and what we expect to bring in in revenue for 2021 revenue of just a little over 2.8 million. And we’re looking at expenditures of right at 2.8 million

each year, we tend to bring in a little bit more revenue than we anticipate, and usually spend a little bit more or a little bit less than we intended.

We have a goal of trying to bring in between 250 and $300,000 over our expenses every year, in an effort to try to start setting money aside for large capital projects. And we’ll talk a little bit more

a couple slides from now. But I did want to talk a little bit about the budget process. So the budget process, it seems like anymore is a year round activity. We will start making our

budget requests for 2022 sometime in late April and early May. And those have to be submitted. The city manager and the budget staff then review those requests. And then they invite us to what they call his budget meetings. And we are asked a staff to present our need of why we’re asking for either pieces of equipment, additional staff, that sort of thing. From there, the city manager and the budget staff pulled together a budget that’s presented to city council in August. City Council then conducts meetings with staff where staff come in and do somewhat of the same thing present, why we’re asking for the things were asking for.

counsel asked many questions during those processes. And then during October, they hold two different public hearings where the public can go in and

talk to the council about what’s being proposed in the budget, the pros cons, disadvantages and advantages of that. And then the council generally approves the overall budget sometime in the

late November. So if any of the board ever has any questions about what we’re requesting, or why we’re doing things like we’re doing, we’re happy to talk about that as as staff, and try to answer any questions that you might have. Next slide, please.

Just a reminder that we have little over $5.7 million in, in bond

projects that we are currently working on the creek maintenance facility being the number one priority. And I think I had mentioned that last month’s meeting that sometime later this spring, we’ll start the process of hiring a design firm to design the irrigation projects at Twin Peaks and sunset. Next slide.

So this is our capital projects, we have three primary projects that generally have some type of funding each year, the golf course paths, golf, buildings, rehab, and golf irrigation rehab projects. We requested $70,000 for new projects. And we’re carrying over $680,000 right now in

monies from past years. And one of the reasons that those dollars are so high is that in 2020, all the projects were frozen, because we didn’t know what was going to happen with with the budget now as across the city that all capital projects had to be placed on hold towards

September those projects, we were allowed to start spending on those we did at the end of the year, do some of the rehab of the pawns out at you Creek, and are continuing to work on projects for 2021. And Dan and Ryan will share those here in a few minutes. 2022 capital project requests will start late March, early April. And those project proposals are due to the budget office by the end of April. And we will be presenting what we have in mind for 22. Not in March. We don’t have a meeting in March, but we will present those ideas at our April meeting. So next slide.

That’s kind of a quick summary. Does anyone have excuse me Have any questions about budget or structure or how things are organized in golf?

Marsha? Yeah, my honor. Yep. Yep. So you had quite a bit of extra revenue last year due to the uptick in golf. Is that part of that carryover number? No, that that’s a separate number we have had just a little over $2 million in in carryover from 20 to 21. Again, we’re looking at somewhere around the number of $5 million to replace the irrigation projects at the irrigation at you Creek which we will not be able to go to a bond election any time in the future because we’ve got debt for 20 years. So we need to start planning for that. And then any other projects that we want to do to make improvements on the golf course. And that runs from irrigation to replacing roofs on the clubhouses. Got it?

It gels Jeff it’s Justin Justin Drake being new to the board and office has ever been done in the past. But have we ever looked at basically forms of labor, like internships, things like that with with surrounding colleges where we could potentially pull in help with marketing help with other things that can potentially drive some revenue from there too, because I’ve been done in the past or it has not been done in golf that I’m aware of, but it’s certainly something we could entertain. We’ve done that in recreation for many years. And we can put some feelers out to the surrounding colleges to see if anybody’s interested in that. Erica, who is leading our meeting tonight is the marketing person for recreation, golf and senior services. And I’m sure Erica would be happy to work with marketing person to take some of the pressure off of her because she’s also doing things for the things for the city manager’s office now as well. I’m always happy to entertain good partners.

So great idea though, Justin, thanks for bringing that up.

Jeff, john speaking I have a silly silly question.

Why did we get charged the one cent?

when we when we for for round two golf?

A one cent? Yeah, at the revised you know like it’s supposed to be CEP I’m just picks up $7 is the charge and we get charged $7.01? And I just wonder why that’s there. The one cent at least for me what I noticed that sunset

when it’s when we’re charging the the the golf cart tax. So the green fees are actually I believe, correct, Jeff? That’s correct. So the green, the cart fees, they’re a tax number. So when we put that into the system 9.22 plus the tax rate for the city comes out in least in my computer every single time as 10.01.

And I’ve tried adjusting it, it’s gone to 9.21 takes it down to $9.99. So I left it at that, what it’s supposed to be 9.22 or $9.22. To get to that $10. Mark. I don’t know if anyone else has that problem. But I’ve it’s been like that at sunset for at least a year and a half now. He’s been Sam, do you have that same issue we do at youth Creek as well. It happens to us whenever we bring in two players at one time because card fee is $15. And you can back the tax out of that because what we do,

john is we we back the tax out so that the card fee comes up to an even dollar amount for the customer. So you’re not paying like for instance $15 a person here for 18 holes, you’re not paying 15 plus tax, we basically are eating the tax for you.

But to get that number to come out exactly right. It only works for one player, you do it for two, then the tax rolls up by a penny.

Same at Twin Peaks. It’s just the rounding of the tax in the software.

I’m just curious.

An extra Penny

I collected every time from him.

We don’t want our books to be off.

Any other questions?

Great. Thank you, Joe. Next item is B.

capital improvement for real. And Brian and Dan will lead this. Erica, if you could put the next PowerPoint up.

Oh, well. I think I only have one in the team’s folder.

Hold on just a sec.

Oh, well, actually, is that that Erica? You should have you?

It’s named projects. 2021 projects. Okay. pdf. I think it’s the PDF. Got it. Hold on just a sec. And I will.

Does it look like this?

It’s there we go. Okay. Yep, that’s it. Perfect. Just before Dan, before you start, what we wanted to do is kind of give a representation of the projects we’re looking at doing for 2021. During the months when the pros and Ryan or Dan do their full presentation of each of the golf courses, they’ll give you a little bit more detail, but we just want to do a quick summary of what we’re looking at for this year.

Alright, so I’ll go ahead and start. So this is the like it says there the west side stairs, go at you Creek. These are the original stairs that were built back in, I guess 96 or 97 whenever the clubhouse was put together and probably many of you have been out there, this middle picture, all the boards have just worked kind of in the middle and they’re getting they’re just getting wore out this landing picture we’re here with the yellow step there, the boards are actually starting to rot out in the back corner. So that’s turning into a safety hazard. So we’re gonna address that this year with a metal type staircase here with a it has a pan in it, and then concrete. So the stairs should lasts a long time and we should get to 25 to 35 years out of them. So that’ll be good. We won’t have to deal with those in the future. So

Okay, next slide, please.

There you go, perfect. So this area here, this is number 11. On the left, that’s number 11. Green there and talk where that red circle is, that’s the crossover going there. And as you guys play out there, you know that car path is really starting to show there, there’s getting to be a two, three inch, maybe almost four inch gap there, and it’s causing a major bump. So what we’re gonna do this probably late spring, early summer, when we get a enough help there, we’re gonna cut all that out with the sod cutter, get it down to a good grade, surface grade, and then come into topsoil, fill it off. So it’s level with the car path, and then just blend it back into that whole dirt area. And then we’ll come and reset it. And then there’s a new product that we found. I found it at the GCSE show that they did virtually this year. It’s called track mats. And what it is it’s a, it’s kind of like a plastic honeycomb material that will absorb the current traffic and will not wear out as fast they say it won’t, they say you can get should be able to get five years to seven years out of it. The last material that we had in there, we were lucky to get two years out of it. So I’m hoping this will will last and we’ll be able to use it and other spots around the course if it if it helps. So then the next one on the right there is the car Oh go Yep, there perfect, is the car path coming from 20 to 10 green, and then the little y there that we’re going to do about 15 feet going towards 11 there, but that’s going to be a new car path, done in crusher finds kind of like he gets number seven at sunset, they have theirs done in red, but we’re going to do ours in gray just to kind of match the concrete that’s out there. So hopefully that’ll be get going here the end of March whenever the Grand Theft ground thaws out, we have that scheduled so should look good. And then we’ll resize all the edges. So the cart path will be about a good eight foot width and be able to fix up those edges that have gotten worn out over the years. Next slide please.

And then

this isn’t necessarily a CFP bite, but we’re gonna try to add a lot, not a lot of some irrigation out on the course.

Starting with number 17 along the carpet there are irrigation heads are not on the edge. So when it gets hot in July, we don’t have backup coverage there. So that’s why you see some of those edges getting really thin and really burnt out. So we’re going to add some irrigation along those hole edges and hopefully the lake banks on on 11 and 13 too. And we are also hoping to get a new ball dispenser at you Creek here very soon.

That’s it for you Creek I think

Hello at Twin Peaks or

like Jeff mentioned, we’re going to be doing a lot of the projects that we weren’t able to do in 2020 due to the pandemic. And a major project at Twin Peaks was redoing the car pass along number five tea box that used to be in a lot better shape and over the years it’s gotten worn out worn down. So with this new plan, we’re going to be going from the restroom we have on the course and building a cart path that goes between four green and 13 green

and connecting the existing car path on number five, along with

I guess rejuvenating or rebuilding that car path in the footprint that it currently is. We’re going to be using gold crusher finds with a stay locked material a lot like what sunset has in red and Dan mentioned will be put down at you Creek and that material will help compact those crusher fine so they’ll deal and hold up with the current traffic and then the irrigation water.

Then also during that process we’ll be laying sod around the edges help keep the new path

contained in a decent footprint and then redoing the

sod and some irrigation on the South keybanc number five t that’s always been kind of poor due to irrigation coverage.

Next slide please.

Then another one of these projects we’re doing is redoing a remodel of the portion the men’s portion of the restroom on the golf course.

For this, we’re going to be replacing the

Plastic FRP board that’s on the one wall that the sinks are mounted to

this over the years it’s gotten discolored and cracked and full of holes due to numerous items, items being drilled in it, along with the partitions will be removed, removed and repainted a new color to

freshen them up a little bit along with replacing the crack then missing baseboard along the

walls and floor that are now tile, we’ll be putting down a rubber material that will last a lot longer and the work a lot better with the shifts in temperature and water that ends up in the bathrooms.

Then another part of that would be reinforcing these stainless steel sinks we have that now if anyone’s ever golf at Twin Peaks knows that those things are a little loose hanging on the walls for people sitting on them leaning Autumn and this being there for numerous years. And part of that will be

putting those little tighter up against the wall. So they no longer rattle when people try to use them.

Then and Next slide please.

So now

so yeah, now at sunset. One of the main projects there will be leveling number five p a lot like what was done at Twin Peaks. In previous years, they remove some of the crown that has occurred over the years due to top dressing seating, being

divots taken out in general maintenance practices.

So the front p will have the crown disk removed and flattened out and then restarted but the

the yellow the white and blue t will be stripped down and then it will be flattened into one one big level. So be one big tea that will share the white and the blue tea boxes instead of two separate tea boxes as they are now. So once that done, the subtle will be removed, that grade will be reshaped going back into the flat part of the golf courses.

And then also this turnaround that the were spot that’s seen around the tree and in front of the bunker from for green car path out of red crusher finds with the stay lock material

will be installed there to help alleviate this wear pattern that we usually get from this high traffic area.

Then next slide please.

And then along the same project we’re doing the same thing on the back tee of number nine where the sod will be removed to remove the crown that’s in the back mainly the blue tee area

of this tee box and then will be restarted after it’s flattened out

with no regrading EDB done on the sides of that tee box. Then a red crusher fine was stay locked material cart path will be done on the cart pass seen here on number nine that will go from about where the asphalt ends around the T complex down to somewhere around where the asphalt starts going up the hills up the hill towards the clubhouse on number nine.

And that one will have

sod placed around the sides of the car path to give it a to keep it in place and then we’ll redo the landscaping around that side on the car path to keep it in place.

And next slide please.

Then current project that we’re working on and Ryan has a big hand in his we are moving the starters counter at sunset pro shop. On the left is the current old counter that is there. And now we’re moving it more towards the partition wall that’s by Ryan’s office.

And going up to this we’ll have the two computers all the and everything else that he needs that starters desk at a more convenient area in the clubhouse for him and then this will also allow us to

increase better flow in the sun in the sunset pro shop to have a definite area that’s pro shop and towards where the old counter was to be a restaurant area with more seating

and different

Sitting spots for the restaurant portion of the clubhouse, where right now it is kind of

mixed and mashed around where it’s one area for the two different uses. And this will help improve the flow of the golf course and get a definite better feel for pro shop side and restaurant side.

Then I believe that’s it, there may be one more slide.


And then one other thing I forgot to mention on here that we’ll be trying to do this year too is we’re going to try to plant some trees at both sunset and Twin Peaks. Either purchasing them them ourselves and installing them or through the force help of the forestry department. Since both courses over the past couple years have had a lot of trees removed, just from the trees being old and being deemed unsafe.

We just need to replace some trees before we start getting big, wide open spots in the golf courses to help to help keep the characteristics of each golf course.

I’m a great tree proponent. I think that’s a wonderful idea. Just Can you keep them out of the fairway because they don’t do me any good.

I don’t know have to sweet talk, Ryan and Keith because they’ll be part of this planning of where the trees will go also to help improve the characteristics of the golf courses.

Good job. Thank you. If I have any questions or projects


doesn’t look like it. Thank you, Ryan. Thank you, Dan. Appreciate it. All right, Jeff. We’re on to seven B advisory board bylaws. It’s been a while since the board had reviewed bylaws. So we had sent those out a week or so ago. Based on your bylaws, you have to have them at least five days in advance.

I, I have I’m not planning on going through every part of the bylaws. I can answer any questions, we do have two changes. The first one is in section three. We now are meeting at six o’clock pm. So we will need to make that change. And then the next one is in Section 12. And it refers to

the golf operations manager that should now read the

recreation and golf manager. We don’t have an operations manager when recreation and golf was combined. That fell under my role.

It does talk about how we handle vacancies. It talks about

absence absenteeism. And again about how we amend the bylaws. And I can answer any questions that anyone might have.

Doesn’t look like we have any questions. We can we can vote on what we have now. With the provision that accepting the two changes. Is that correct? Yes, that’s correct. I’ll move the changes as noted. Second, all right.

All in favor, Aye. Aye.

All against

the eyes have it.

Any other items from the staff? Item Number eight.

I don’t have anything else. I don’t know if any. Yeah, I have one one item.

I’m sort of new here. But I I want to say that I think that we should feel very lucky to have the quality of the head golf professionals that we have on our courses.

Last year, I was ready to quit because my golf game so awful, really. I decided to go to Keith and as a result of his instructions, I added over 50 yards to my tee shot

and dramatically improved my chipping. On a good day, you know, Twin Peaks at high 80s low 90s. But more importantly, Keith, you brought back fun to my golf game and for that. I’m very very appreciative. So thank you, thank you very much. Very kind of you to say that Thank you, john. My pleasure and you’re just you’re you’re fun to work with we have a good time doing it too. So works out well.

We can talk about the Red Sox. This is. This is Marshall. JOHN, if I were to come to you would you charge the lesson key?

Oh, yeah, I do.

Appreciate that. Good words, john. Yep. Thank you, Keith, Keith lines and they all do a great job for us. Definitely. Definitely agree.

Any other items from the board?


Yep. Motion to adjourn. Second.

Very good. Folks, thank you so much for your time here this evening. If you’re ready for what you do. Thank you, Jeff. Right. Thank you.

Good night. Thank you.