Coffee with Council – Saturday, February 27, 2021

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Coffee with Council – Saturday, February 27, 2021

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Welcome to coffee with counselors does anybody who’s if there’s anybody dialed in, I don’t see the mayor on texting. I think he’ll be here soon.

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Very good. That’s that, sir. That is the best comment. I’ve heard of the coffee with counsel in 10 years I’ve been serving.

Thank you. Forgive me if you’d like to give me a topic, I would certainly calm down.

No, I’m not gonna fall into that trap.

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There you go. Can you hear Hi, my name? Yes. Can you hear me? My name is Wendy Colmar. netsky

I actually live in Lafayette, but we just had our annual homeowners meeting.

Can you hear me? Can you hear me? We sure can.

Okay, great.

That will also, you may want to mute the live stream because you’re going to hear me about 30 seconds late.

Okay, I’m going to just walk in another room. So my name is Wendy Comber. netsky. Can you hear me now?

Yes, Jan.

Okay, so I actually live in Lafayette, not long month, but we just had our annual homeowners meeting for our Hoa. And one of the questions when we were talking about the rainbow compost facility was concerned about what long months position was. So I said I would reach out to you and report back to our Hoa since I know properties that are adjacent to the proposed rainbow facility are located in Longmont and Lafayette is also looking to create a response to Boulder County. And they are also asking me to reach out to you as well as a citizen and get some kind of position and see if you’re willing to host some kind of community forum like Erie did.


you think that’s that’s Herald response? I guess I don’t know anything about what we’re putting accomplished, or anything about it?

Well, we to Wendy, we have not as a council formally taken a position, although we have directed staff to bring back to Council, a letter from our counsel to Boulder County Commissioners. And I the the wording of the letter, as I understand it will be to be supportive of the creation of a commercial composting facility. without respect to location, it’s not an endorsement of the or, or position at all relative to the rainbow nursery site. But a statement that we need a regional solution to composting especially at the commercial level. And the only way that’s going to happen is through some kind of a partnership.

And that without respect, aware that we need to work together to find to agree on a location. And and so we can put that into our planning for solid waste diversion.

Okay, but if, you know, this facility is using money that was designated for open space, and it had a conservation easement on it, isn’t there concern about taking that way using taxpayer dollars? You know, I don’t disagree that we need some kind of composting facility, maybe not of this scale. But the concern that Boulder County is doing that is and I’m very concerned about the smells. You know, I live very close to that facility, and I’m concerned about health impacts my quality of life. Sure, Wendy, I’m not authorized to speak for the council and we have not addressed this as a council. But the concerns you’ve raised about

the use of open space.

how, you know, the congruence of having acquired that land with open out of the open space fund and then and then in the doing what the county’s proposed. Those are all issues, those are real issues. Those I know are real issues we’ll discuss as a council.

We’re very mindful of the concerns that you’ve raised and and others along with what we know, to be critical to what we want to do as a municipality in terms of solid waste diversion.

For whatever it’s worth, this is the this is not a council, you know, speculation This is just Tim waters. But it’s Tim waters after having spoken to some folks who are you know, deeply knowledgeable about, about solid waste diversion.

I, you know, I don’t know if your party to the lawsuits there are a couple of lawsuits have been filed who knows what will happen to those in terms of when the court reviews them?

I think I was, I think an economist. I think Paul Sappho from Stanford was an economist who, who said never mistake, clear vision for short distance. And I don’t think we’re real. I don’t think we’re real close in time to a decision being made. That’s going to result in a in a composting facility

on that site or any site, but that’s just my opinion. I think there’s a bunch of politics is going to play out the city still doing feasibility studies. There, there are a lot of moving parts. So I appreciate the anxiety. But I also think this is not an imminent decision, but that’s just Tim waters opinion.

Yeah, I mean, really, I just wanted to make sure that you’re all looking at it,

you know, with with a very critical eye to see impact on Longmont and surrounding communities from a facility of this size and magnitude.

It has our attention.

Okay, that’s what I was hoping for. Thank you.

And mayor.

to your question, I’m going to share a screen with you to give you

so this is from the Boulder County website, just for reference. And you can see this is a projected location here

on their map. And so, Longmont This is a prospect neighborhood, it really is in proximity, closer to Erie as well. It is area that’s the closest to this location. So it’s a it’s a Boulder County facility. Okay, yeah, they’re working with Boulder County. And so that’s the question on

the background on this one is the question is Boulder County was projected to to use this property that was perfect purchased with openspace dollars, and then there’s some conservation easements in play. But to echo what

Councilmember water said, at least what staffs working on this as you did direct is to say, we need a solution closer. But in terms of that, that is really in in play in the Boulder County system.

And so we’re we’re watching it closely as well.

Cool. And and by the way, Dr. Waters, why don’t you can this is coffee with counsel. It’s not uh, why don’t why don’t you you can you can call the shots. You do great.


Have I ever been reticent about free? No, no, no, you have not. But but you can. You can do whatever you want. If you want. I’ll I’ll defer to you. And then you can kick it my way if you want to.

All right, let’s move on to the next caller. Your phone number ends in 341. I’m going to ask you to unmute 341 Are you there?

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that may help and you will need to mute the live stream because you’re going to hear this information in about 20 to 30 seconds.

So listen to the instructions through your telephone.

Call her 341 I’m asking you to unmute

if you can hit star six.

That also works.

All right, let’s move on to the next up. There we are color three four worry about that.

Yes, this is 2341. Yes. You made Sorry about that. I was just sitting here wondering who 341 was.

And I was calling I might need a little more coffee today.

My name is Nancy Davis, and I live at 10975 lookout road in Longmont. I’m also calling about the composting facility.

I think in terms of Longmont, one of the most important things to consider is 287 and how challenging that will be. And that’s one very basic thing in terms of a regional composting facility. One of the things that I have struggled with as an environmentalist and

as some

Our daughter is at CU currently earning her PhD to fight climate change, and graduated with a degree in environmental science from Barnard Columbia and has taken many classes on waste management. So

there’s seems to be kind of a feeling that because this is literally in our backyard, we also have a conservation easement that adjoins with rainbow, we somehow don’t have a valid opinion. But I have tremendous concerns actually about a regional composting facility. These large scale commercial composting facilities are often way more environmentally damaging

than than they’re helpful.

Currently, Biden and polis are extremely concerned with P FOSS. It’s PFA s the chemicals that are in firefighters equipment, that becomes spread on the land. This is a class three composting facility and it spreads heavy metals and what they call forever chemicals, these t bas and there are many many concerns and to farmers got onto a forum recently at CU and said we can’t One of them was a an organic farmer and they’re not allowed to use it at all. certified organic farmers cannot use the product from a classroom facility that is made with quote unquote biosolids. And the other farmer I believe, farms the largest amount of land in Boulder County 800 acres, and he’s a conventional farmer and he said he can’t use the product, even if they don’t have biosolids, this product from this facility will be contaminated with microplastics and other things.

There’s a lot of talk about carbon sequestration and zero waste. And there are a lot of buzz words that are actually very heavily promoted by the large scale composting industry. There’s, I have seen a glossy manual with those words. And when you have,

you know, even aside from rainbow, so rainbow, of course, is already sequestering carbon because of these hundreds of trees. But in addition to that, one of the greatest environmental crises right now is cement. And the BBC says that if cement were cement production were a country it would be the third largest emitter of carbon. And so they’re touting these enormous carbon or concrete bunkers, and all of this technology and all of those things are actually creating a terrible problem for the environment in a regional facility, by nature means that trucks will be and again, if you look at that website for the Boulder County composting facility project, that assumes that haulers will bring in waste from as far north as Fort Collins and as far south as Parker. So in terms of carbon emissions, I think what is really hard for me is that

there needs to be true science, not just policy, and not just sort of environmental studies, but environmental science that is broad to these things. And smaller, truly local composting facilities are what really will help the environment as opposed to these huge large scale composting facilities.

And that is what I wanted to say about that. And when you think of something on that scale, on 287, or really anywhere near it’s, it’s really going to be quite devastating and nobody will realize that until it’s too late. So

that is my monologue for the day.

wanted to say about that.

But we lost you, ma’am.

I think I think Nancy had made her point. And it registered. Nancy, we look, we listen.

And I, you know, I the science on this, ultimately we’re going to be involved in policy. The science on this is really in the under the purview of the county and and

I do think among the elected officials and I’m not trying to shirk any responsibility here, or accountability, but I do think among the elected officials who need to and I’m certain our hearing will be county commissioners, as well as

town and city council members.

I think I lost a little bit of that. But in terms of that is up to the Boulder County Commissioners, I do think that our local municipalities need to bring

I mean, so for example, Erie has stood very strongly against this. And I think that it’s just very important for the surrounding cities that will be heavily impacted to also be weighing in. I might might, Nancy, my point was that the science is that it’s this we’re not, we’re not doing the science on it, the county will have to do the science. And at the end of the day, they’ll have to make their case with municipalities and, and others within the county.

Largely, but I’m certain based on the science, not just advocacy or not just policy.

Right. I just think it’s up to the municipalities to also study the science as well, so that they

are, you know, reassured that the science is truly being studied correctly? I mean, I’m not sure that that I know that Erie certainly does not want to depend on Boulder County


study the science, with something that’s going to be inflicted on Erie.

You know, I mean, I think it’s important for all the municipalities to be looking at this because they’ll be impacted. This is not something that’s happening, you know, 200 miles away, this is something that’s happening in everyone’s backyard.

Thank you, Nancy.

Thank you. Thank you.

And you’re welcome to stay online. And once I get through all the callers, you’re you’re welcome to ask another question. If you have one. Our next caller, your phone number ends in 806806. I’m asking you to unmute. Are you there?


There you are, can you hear us?


My name is Stephanie Smith. And I live off of lookout road as well. Actually, I live just east of the rainbow nursery is

within about 2000 feet of it. And we’ve had a lot of discussion about how it’s going to impact local residents. But I would like lawn to really look at this as well, especially the south end of last month in the prospect area

are going to be a recipient of much of the noise and air pollution that’s going to be emitted by this facility. Even though Boulder County says that they’re going to mitigate it. So don’t say that they’re going to mitigate it all the way. There’s still some odor

with this, and I think is going to be a bigger problem than what Boulder County wants to admit to. It’s gonna devalue all the land properties from Longmont all the way to Lafayette east to Erie, Firestone. It’s going to be a facility that nobody is aware of how much it’s going to affect everything. I just want to be aware of this, and be proactive.

Thank you for bringing that up. Thank you. And to tell you the truth, I didn’t realize till just this coffee with counsel that was gonna be, you know, such a potentially hot topic for the public.

It’s a hot topic.

There have been other facilities that were built and had to shut down because of the amount of pollution that was emitted by them. People getting

and water being affected groundwater is being affected. This is a big, big deal.

In addition to the the issues around open space.

And in the view, I know of some that in fact, I saw Ron Stewart’s editorial the other day and the times call

his position as one who was you know, had a lot to do with the county’s acquisition of open space and viewing this as inconsistent or not having not keeping faith with what the original intent was. But without without getting any further than Ron’s opinion.

It is in proximity to their Dawson school which is just just west of the facility. As I recall, I and I in the traffic and in some of the surrounding issues. Well I’m certain will be a concern to the school as well and and parents and kids

there’s a there’s abundant bunch of issues, policy, kind of operational and science. And they’re all going to emerge in and every municipality is going to have to sort through what’s in the interest of the municipal municipality in a, in a policy decision that reflects the deepest knowledge of science and its implications. As we go forward. I don’t know how else to think about it right now.

As far as for me, I guess why I’m, I’m my, my opinion is every time we deal with something that is, is controversial, but necessary, and we’re all kind of trying to figure out how to do it. I tend to wait until our staff brings us the information, if not a recommendation, at least the information. So at this point,

as Dr. Walters has stated, you know, Walmart city council hasn’t taken a position officially on this.

And I certainly have not, and I appreciate hearing the the opinions and concerns of the callers just because you don’t live in Longmont doesn’t mean that as a fellow human being and neighbor that, that we don’t listen, I certainly understand if I were living close to the facility, I would I would have, I would share the same concerns. But I’m going to kind of wait, I’m just going to kind of I can’t say one way or another we’re we’re we’re gonna I’m gonna come down and we’re gonna come down until staff brings me an awesome more information. So I’m just kind of hanging tight and waiting. But I am aware, I was aware of, of people being upset with the facility. I just did not think that would generate comments or, or questions towards toward towards Walmart City Council. But obviously, it’s a bigger issue than I anticipated. And I look forward to get more information. So thank you very much. Your time today was not wasted, I don’t think.

Thank you.

All right, moving on to the next caller, your phone number ends in 194194. I’m going to ask you to unmute, are you there.

And for those that have called in, please make sure that you are listening to the instructions in your

telephone headset there and not the live stream. Because we’re about 20 to 30 seconds late. By the time you get my instructions on the live stream, it looks like 194 is ready. Are you there?

I am indeed Hi everyone. And this is Dave Taylor. And I just want to say that this is totally unrelated subject is I have really loved the sidewalk tables on Main Street that we’ve had over the last 12 months. And I would like to entreat the council to look into closing a few blocks of Main Street to vehicular traffic entirely and having a small pedestrian area. I think that would be a real upgrade to Longmont.

Well, we’ll talk about it, that would be a decision I’m sure that and I’ll let Dr. Waters chime in I’m sure that’s going to be something that the Longmont the LDA the Longmont downtown Development Authority will will either decide or suggest or, or or whatnot. It’s also a is that a federal highway? And I know that we close the debt. Yeah, so it’s a state highway or highway, State Highway, state by state highway. And so so shutting down Main Street takes takes a little bit of effort, and COVID was a little different.

Living prospect, I certainly didn’t like driving from prospect to my office on 15th. And that was shut down. But but but but yeah, that’s it, you brought it up. So I’m sure that somebody’s gonna want to discuss it. So, Dr. Waters? Well, I think

acknowledging the slowdown of traffic, I have to say our downtown businesses for years have wanted us to figure out how to how to quiet and slow traffic on Main Street and that certainly did it not without some effects on on Kaufman and kimbark. Right. I mean, there there are other north and south corridors that that have to pick up picked up that traffic and not have are not all of our east and west side. Neighborhoods think that’s a good idea. Just saying.

But but the complexity of shutting it down it starts with C dot because it’s it’s they’re really in control of the of the roadway more than the city is and then all the considerations of downtown businesses. There’s not unanimity in their view as well. Some think it’s a good idea some do not. But you know, from a personal standpoint, it was delightful to be able to go downtown so

was it john I agree with with the effect both daytime and nighttime it was charming.

It’s just it’s just complex. I would love to see a pedestrian area downtown but I

I’m not certain how that’s gonna happen in my lifetime, just because of the complexity sale. Do you want to add to that?

Yeah, I’m going real quick that. I didn’t say it was easy. I just said it would be nice.

So what I wanted to update. So I know that the DDA is having conversations right now.

And the DDA that downtown downtown development authority on this issue, and they’re

looking at the concept of, I think they call them parklets, where you actually utilize the parking to the parking spots in certain locations to accommodate this. But they’re having conversations with the businesses in the area to really identify that. So I know they’re working on something. And that’ll be coming to the council probably in the near future, but they’re in their community involvement process. And they’re actually going to build a survey that goes out both to

the members that live in the members of the DDA, but also the community in general. So I would have folks keep an eye out for that survey. I’m not sure when it’s going to come. I just know they’ve started this conversations.

All right, it looks like that color is hung up. So I’ll move on to the next. next caller, your phone number ends in 996996. I’m going to ask you to unmute

if you hit star six that also does it on your phone.

996996 if you’re listening to the instructions, you’re probably going to hear this in about 20 or 30 seconds. There you are there.

Good morning, folks. The morning I live I live that 11221 workout road, we are practically search searched 100 feet to the east of where this composting facility is to be put in and out there at

on 287 and I’ve lived there since 1978. I have seen Longmont develop a lot since then I’ve seen the whole community change a lot. And we the area probably supports the city of Longmont, probably 90% of our business goes into the city of Longmont, as opposed to go into boulder I would not go to Boulder anymore unless I absolutely have to.

During the time that I’ve lived out there first off that a little stream that

they will be polluting was a spring that knockos talked in, tapped into back in the early 1900s. And that stream was good, clean, clear water that I dragged out for three years before we put a weld down on our place. That stream will be polluted and never allowed to be used again. That stream dumped into a holding pond that knockers had done on their property just east 115.

They had coupon dinner one of them was settlement pond. The other

was to take Phil it would take that sediment after they drained the water off and spread that back onto the properties. Now that is one large pond and it no longer has the sediment but it doesn’t have the runoff that it used to have for the dirt that occurred Danner but the that runoff came from west to 87. Now that lotion that would come from that would go right into that sediment on and that would create a swamp and a stinky, smelly

pollution as well as not been potentially dangerous to animals and stuff that we’re

consuming it it’s no longer drinkable for the human

use. And I feel that the

the Boulder City Council

has learned Ted’s tried to use eastern part of the the academy as a dumping grounds as parenthesis. About 40 to 50 years ago we

blocked a effort for Boulder County to put in a

waste treatment facility, right large Boulder Creek deadener, on 115 10 genosha Road, where they come together on Boulder Creek. And

they now dump the water in, or the waste from their waste treatment facility in

the creek in Boulder Creek just west of 75th. And that pollutes the

river that comes down the Boulder Creek work comes down through the rest of the area. It used to be good for people been able to do tubing and fishing and things like that.

They have made it so that you can enter at your own risk. Because it’s not good clean water. The same thing will happen here. They

tell us that Oh yes, we have all the scientific data that will show us that it’s gonna be nice and clean and all this. That’s a bunch of BS. I’ve lived in Boulder County long enough to know that Boulder County does not live up to their expectation when it comes to taking care of the people in the eastern part of the county. As for instance, we had an issue with prairie dogs. And the last meeting that we had with them was that they said okay,

now that we have all of these areas designated to contain prairie dogs, according to the open space program,

they said there was 96% of the properties were saturated. And I asked him a little bit after that said, Okay, what percentage of the properties of joining the Boulder County properties have been saturated prairie dogs, I personally have lost a $30,000 bull, a $10,000 cow and two other cows because of prairie dogs, and

getting acquainted with the

some people in the other parts of the state, I found out that other parts of the states were

paying the farmers to get rid of prairie dogs out of Boulder County says, Oh, no, we got to protect the endangered species. Those people do not have a they’re not in touch with what’s going on. We haven’t had a good representative for the residents outside of Boulder since jack Murphy was in there. I don’t know how long you guys have been in the boulder area of Boulder County area. But it’s a shame we are being dumped on out here and people are tired of it. And when the county thinks that they want to do something, they go ahead and do it. As princess they put about $13 million into putting curves into Boulder Creek between 95th and Kenosha road. And you give if we would have had that flood

and 2013

when that after that was put in, it would have all washed out all of that curves and everything that they put in there. Boulder County does not live up to the expectation of what they say that they’re gonna do. They get Dollar After Dollar After Dollar from the tax papers as taxpayers saying, Oh, we need more money for open space. If they would use money and open space the way that they need to use it. It would be different but they don’t they don’t know how to utilize what money they have. They are not build it. And if they were wise they would take London money. And they would put that into trails for people to ride their bicycles on to get off the highways to avoid accidents. And I don’t want to see anyone killed on the road. But by the same token, you see so many people riding their bikes, that that’s reckless to themselves into the traffic. And this is the same situation Boulder County open space

will come ahead as they admitted they didn’t check into it well enough. The other composting facilities throughout United States have been under fire lawsuits damage control.

They the idea that it’s not a good place to put it.

There’s a composting facility out of Keansburg does approximately 30 miles to the east of here and if they’re going to be importing

materials for that from as far north as Fort Collins, and as far south as Castle Rock, that’s not going to be much different than traveling to this facility. And as far as going from Boulder, it’s 30 miles further. And once you’re in a truck driving that out there, I know that that that takes a little bit more time, but it’s not a big of an issue. And I’m tired of having Boulder County dump on the people of Eastern Boulder, because it’s not in their backyard, it’s in our backyard. No one, none of the accounting majors ever wanted to have prairie dogs in their backyard, but it was okay for them to have prairie dogs in our backyard, regardless of how much pasture land that was ruined by it, and the fact that I’ve lost several head of cattle and I know that they’re dead and several other people. And the other part parts of Colorado is paying people to get rid of it. This is something else like this, this is going to be something that is going to turn into a disaster and the county is then going to have to pay to get it cleaned up. And we would certainly like to have the support of all of Eastern Boulder County to support this issue to block this from covenant in our neighborhood. And that really includes Longmont, who is a big supplier have our needs when we go to shop. And so, and I guess I’ve rambled on long enough, I’m not trying to I’ve worked with the Porsche programmers for 20 years, I’ve worked with the FFA chapters, I’ve worked with the extension office, I’ve worked with open space.

I’ve tried to work with the

county commissioners.

And like I said, jack Murphy is the last one that really supported the people of the county. And we’re looking forward to this new set of county commissioners to come in and to

take your draft of what’s going on that I would like to invite them to come out to meet some of the people that are in this environment that they are wanting to run and see exactly what they’re going to do to us. And

I hopefully they will allow me to take the time, their time to come do this. And if you guys are interested in meeting the but you can see going alarm 287 what Vargas has done with his place what Nancy Davis has done with the place that she’s on, and the proximity of what that’s going to do to them.

David spawn has taken over from Jackson, place at the tree farm is going to run right straight to their property. And it’s going to be as to each disposal going all the way down through there. It It’s a shame but they want to do and

I just am very frustrated by the efforts of what older candidates and that they can run roughshod over the rest of the people in the county.

That boulder is the only thing that’s important.

We’ll see how this turns out. And hopefully we’ll get the support of a few people in the city of Erie and Lafayette are already on board. And I think that we need to have a united stand. And that’s what we’re asking here for to tell the city of Boulder that there is more to Boulder County than just them. So, folks, I guess that’s about the size of my rambling on. I hope that

you guys are able to get the information that you need. And I would be happy to talk with any of you. Then I’m 50 year resident of Boulder County. I think I’ve got a little experience sure that would be worth putting into if you would like to call me anytime I’d be happy to talk to you. So that’s the size of my picture. Take care of thank you for your time, sir.

All right. We have one more caller, your phone number ends in 740740. I’m going to ask you to unmute.

Can you hear me? We sure can you may begin.

Good morning everybody.

Thank you for for scheduling this meeting. My name is Jeff hunger. I’m a former almost 10 year resident of Longmont. I live in Erie now. I am also here to talk about the

compost system.

I don’t expect you to repeat any of the things you said previously. So thank you for taking my comment.

I’m gonna point out.

Again, I think something that I think is is concerning for the city of Longmont and the

specifically the taking of open space and using it for something that is not what open space was intended to be used for. I know that technically they accomplish facilities agricultural, as designation, but I’m not sure that’s what any of our citizens imagined when they said they would vote for for agricultural space.

One store came out, and you mentioned it earlier, and, and

wrote a letter against the facility.

He called it a violation of public trust, which I think are pretty strong words. And I think this is something that Longmont either now or in the future.

Definitely needs to get involved with the Boulder County is becoming more and more crowded, don’t even tell you all that.

This is going to start happening more and more there are going to be conversations about how are we going to accomplish things you want to accomplish in this county as we are running out of new space during the open space and our new space to develop. And as far as Walmart city involvement, the purchasing of the space and getting rid of the conservation easement, converting it to open land that may or may not be used for development is a past event. It’s an event that Longmont can have an opinion about now.

I accusatory I didn’t know it was happening. I was paying attention. I’m sure there’s lots of things like that that happen.

But we see it now. And we can we can have an opinion. We can. I am sure. Try to direct what happens here because I think it will, as I said, the recurring theme in our futures.

So thank you for listening to me again, and how much money I appreciate.


any other callers and no mayor, I can put the slide up one more time.

See if there are any other folks that like to call in and talk to Council.

We have Mayor Brian Bagley and Councilmember Tim waters here today.

Coffee with council happens once a month on a Saturday. Typically it’s the last Saturday of the month. Not always. So make sure that you check our website. And then we will join you on that Saturday morning at 9am. for an hour have coffee with counsel. You do have to make your own coffee though. So

all right, that number to call in is 1887880099.

Enter the meeting id 81096955696. And when prompted for participant ID press pound.

If any of our existing callers that are still with us would like to speak again press star nine and raise your hand and we’ll ask you to unmute.

Now it looks like we do have another caller here.

Right? caller 103 that just called in. I’m going to ask you to unmute 103 Are you there?

Please listen for instructions through your telephone. the live stream is about 20 to 30 seconds delayed. Caller 103. I’m asking you to unmute you just called in.

There you are.

Hi, I’m

on Jasper road just south of the rainbow farms are rainbow openspace.

A couple of things. I mean I agree with the people that have are upset by this because I am also quite upset by it. The problem here

besides being very misleading. Let’s stop calling this a compost facility. This is a sludge farm. That is what they are doing. The

key here is that

what we’re letting Boulder County Commission besides being very misleading. Let’s talk about ahead and mute your live stream sir, you’re going to hear yourself


Got it.

All right, you may begin again.

And continue. Yeah. So the point here is, they are taking open space, and basically creating a sludge form out of it, which violates everything we’ve ever voted for, we’re open space, you can go and look on their site, which is they paint a pretty picture of this. But in reality, what they’re doing is creating a sludge farm on

that will affect prospects and about over 2000 homes within the area. And what you have to take into account here is, once they do that, the next thing they can do is take the open space and put into more industrial facilities, because they have set up, let them set a precedent. And that’s why this is a bad idea for everyone is we’re taking something that was sacred, or county, and we’re making it into whatever Boulder County deems they can use the space for. So they can do that with any boat with any Boulder County open space that’s

not affecting lots of Boulder County residents, but maybe affecting a lot well, older city residents, but affecting both East Boulder County and Longmont and Erie.

So my point here is letting them have this set, this precedent is basically giving them free rein to do whatever they want with Boulder County open space that I find appalling for what we all think Boulder County open space is about.

Besides the fact that, you know, the other points that were made about sludge,

sludge farms, ruining

the water, pollution, the smell, all those problems do exist. We have plenty of examples of that throughout the country. As a matter of fact, if you know, what they’ll say is that those are different. And that’s a typical argument. The problem is they think that their their answer is mitigate. Smell, you don’t mitigate smells much. They can’t see all these things perfectly. So there’s going to be a lot of smell from

anyway, the point here is by you not doing anything, you’re setting the precedent for them. And they are basically dumping things on your backyard.

That’s all I gotta say.


Thank you.

So a previous caller appears to have called back in caller 341. I’m going to ask you to unmute.

Caller 341. Are you there?

There you are three three there. Yes. Hi. I know that we’re wrapping up in a want to tell you how much I appreciate that there is a forum like this and that we were heard. One of the things that has been very difficult for us is that we’re sort of accused of not being involved until we’re upset about something and in a number of us have really tried to reach out to our local governments and have been told that we can’t talk about this. And I just want to tell you how much I appreciate that. I also want you to know because I know we’re probably a big pain in the ass here. But I have a family. I have a farm. And I have spent many, many hours researching this in just absolute abject terror of what’s going to happen here. And organizing and sending emails in I’m exhausted and stressed. And I think it’s absolutely unconscionable that this is happening to all of us and that

the mayor of Longmont has not really been informed of the size and scale of this. And everybody seems to be sort of caught unaware. But this plan and I have way more documentation than I ever wish I had all over the house. But this plan has been taking shape for years, literally for years. And again, I have documentation I keep saying I sound like some crazy wacko conspiracy theorists person at this point. And really I just want to have my family and my farm and go about my business. And I think that the fact that you all are not aware of

The size and scale of this speaks to the cynicism on the part of Boulder County. And I think that is really unconscionable. So

I appreciate again, you giving us a voice here and I really hope that you will,

you know, again, he had a public forum and I think that so that your, you know, council meeting doesn’t get isn’t all just about this. And perhaps you can have a public meeting that is all just about this and maybe hear from the many of us who are quite upset and again, really frightened by this plan. Thank you so much.

Is that is the mayor just Just so you know, I am, I was aware that it was ongoing. It’s just


the further you get away from Longmont, the less I pay attention, meaning

I’m not a big fan of following national politics.

I am aware of many of the state issues. Boulder County, absolutely Longmont, that’s where I focus. So

I appreciate everybody bringing this to our attention. But at the end of the day, it really is a Boulder County. We can offer input, but we can we can offer our opinion. But at the end of the day, it’s a Boulder County facility. Longmont obviously will be a customer client. But this is even if we Dr. Waters, and I were to say we were adamantly opposed to composting facilities anywhere in Boulder County, you’re getting where Boulder County, the Boulder County Commissioners can pretty much do what they want.

And so

I appreciate it. It’s a isn’t Longmont or referral agency?

Well, yeah, of course we are. But but it’s got to go somewhere. You know, it’s kind of like a landfill. You know, it’s but it’s the landfill composting facility does not need to go anywhere near here. Composting was supposed to be smaller and more local so that it doesn’t cause more environmental environmental damage, then.

Correct. I agree with you. But what I’m saying is that Longmont doesn’t get to pick the location of that facility.

That would be a Boulder County decision, we can provide right? I understand that, but it belongs to our

mayor Bagley probably is

it probably is worth mentioning, and we brought you out of sign off that

there are keen interests among the Longmont residents in this facility. And as much as we’ve heard this morning, and I understand the concerns, Nancy, I want to acknowledge if that was you came back in

the very real concerns I understand I’ve been reading about it we you know there’s there are big issues here environmental and and in whatever happens need to be grounded in science, for sure. Before we get the policy, but you should know there, there are a number of Longmont residents who are strongly supportive of a regional facility, I think some specifically this facility. So we’re going to get a lot of input. I mean, we’re gonna, we’re going to listen today we’re going to listen to the input from long miners who have a very different view, and then we’re going to figure out what we think to be the best decision for the largest number.

Not disregarding county residents, but you know, where we are elected to, to advance conserve the interest first, I guess upon my residence. And then obviously, as the mayor said, we’re concerned about the effects of any decision we would make on residents everywhere. But we’re getting we have a lot of listening to do and there’s there’s a you know, trajectory here in terms of input and learning as we go forward. And, and we’re going to hear from a lot of folks as we move forward. So I appreciate all the input today.

As as to why it’s I just I just wanted to be clear, I’m going to uh, we will we will be a voice. It’s just that we are not a decision making body.

And we can we can, we can participate. And we and we have power in our voices, and it is an important

conversation. And here in Longmont. There will be plenty of people that will endorse the facility and location and there will be those who will oppose it.

But at the end of the day,

it will it will be I guess I’m just saying. I’m not saying don’t bring it up. It’s not our problem. I’m just saying as an attorney and as a politician locally for the last 10 years. The single biggest impact you folks can make is getting the ear and attention of the Board of County Commissioners and and they are the decision makers in focus lately but they won’t talk to us.

I get that. And so and so you’ve got it. We can. I understand. I get it. I get it. Oh, thank you.

All right. All right. Thank you, ma’am. Is there anybody else in the queue? Yes. Mayor, we have a gentleman who’s been with us has raised his hand would like to speak. Color eight for what you want to do. One more time. Is that okay? No, I’m good. All right. Well, let’s do one more.

And I have locked the meeting. So

no one else will be joining us. Okay, I think I unmuted. You have you may begin. Thanks. Okay. I, I really don’t want to take up your time, because I know you’ve run over. And you’ve already made my points.

You people have to get in touch with the county commissioners and, and be insistent on getting their attention. It’s easy to do. And I know that I do it continually. with certain members of city council on a lot of topics. I don’t get feedback, because they’re busy.

All you people are busy. And I understand that. But it doesn’t stop me from being very intense on some of the things that I’m very interested in. And I understand the all the pros about the composting facility, and I’ve seen

I look briefly at some of the lawsuits that are going on and the people that are mad, I understand all that. But is the county commissioners that control that badly said the right thing. Longmont can give input, the citizens of Longmont can give input but at the end of the day, the county commissioners are going to be the ones to bless the project. And unless they are swayed to make that project be different, it’s going to end up worse been proposed. And I don’t care if it’s been planned for 20 years, they still have the control over that. And so I it wouldn’t be against me to get on them every day, until I got the attention. I’ve gone as far as arguing with

the county treasurer over how mill levies are set. And I showed him, for example, that the way they’re calculated, pennies are off in people’s calculations. And it’s a state law. So you’ve got to get involved with those people in the county. And don’t want to take any more of your time. You’ve said what you need to say, Get with the county commissioners and and keep poking them until you get their attention. And that’s the only way you’re going to divert this problem if it is, and I don’t have a have a brother either way on the subject yet, because I’ve not researched so and the story. Have a good day. And thank you very much.

Thank you.

Any last comments, gentlemen? Well, I would make I would make this last comment.

Just maybe reinforcing both what the mayor had to say and the last caller.

And I don’t and I did what I’m about to say I don’t mean to, to to understate the frustration or under appreciate the frustration of some of our callers in the outreach they’ve done to county commissioners.

But I know Mark tilopa Minh and Claire levy and Matt Jones. These are good people who are responsive, who might have a lot of confidence. So I I don’t know what the nature of the conversations are. I just want to say we just had an election. I think we have a group of county commissioners who are very concerned

about and responsive to the citizens of Boulder County. And I would encourage as the mayor has those who are most concerned about this to, to do the kind of outreach and keep at it because I know these are people who care about the residents of Boulder County. I know that’ll ring hollow for some. I just know from my own personal relationships with these people, how deeply they care and how much the kind of service they want to render to the to the county.

So with that, I’ll sign off

All right. Thanks, everybody.