Golf Course Advisory Board Meeting – January 25, 2021

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Golf Course Advisory Board Meeting – January 25, 2021

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Very good. Yep. We’ll go ahead and get started. We have we have roll call. Looks like we have quorum. Everybody agree on that? Yep. Very good. Looks like the second item is to welcome our new board members. Looks like we have al.

And Justin, Justin’s not on, so. Okay. He’s the only one. I would just suggest that we have our just introduce himself and tell us a little bit about him. And then let’s have all the rest of the board. just introduce themselves.

Perfect. Sounds good. Jeff. Al once you go ahead.

Hello, everyone.

Thanks for the time. And thanks for making me a member of the board. I appreciate it. It’s kind of nerve wracking, but exciting. I know most of the pros at the golf courses. And I’ve talked to Tim and others. So I’m not a lifelong Colorado resident. I moved here 12 years ago for work. I worked at Valley lab, you may now known as Medtronic retired a year ago. And I mostly with COVID. Just play golf now and enjoy my grant. So I was an IT manager I manage all of it. Infrastructure they call desktop PCs users. And prior to that I had a career as a journeyman steam fitter where I worked in the shipyards building ships. I’ve had to defend two different careers. Firstly,

married for over 30 years. I have seven children, hers, Mine and Ours. And we have 11 grandchildren who recently moved out so it’s really quiet here right now.

inside of the house pain, it’s

Yeah, I

enjoy sports. I’m not a bronco fan. I’m not really a rocky fan. I’m a giants 40 Niners fans. And you know, I do hope the best for the Broncos because they’re an AFC and I do want the Rockies to do better than they have, although they’re in the same division as the giants. So that’s pretty much about me, I use them on a motorhome, I travel quite a bit in the western part of the United States, and in the future with the wife and I’d like to see more of the eastern part of the United States. And I haven’t seen enough for Colorado really I have a lot left to do here in Colorado to see and do. So. That’s about me.

Great, thanks. So now, yeah, My Name Is Earl angles. I’m headed into my third term here with the board. Still working, thank goodness. Aside from aside from the COVID stuff working at home, which is good played a lot of golf as well. Marshall once you go ahead,

Marshall Allen, listen, beginning of my second year on the board. moved here from Oklahoma 13 years ago and loved every minute of it. Ready to get back out and play golf as the wind will stop in the snow stop. For now, Marsha,

Marsha Elgar and this is my second year on the board as well have been in Colorado since 84. And had a long career in finance and retired three years ago and pick golf back up and I’m Keith new best friend. I think at Twin Peaks. I head up the ladies 18 holy cow out there and I’m trying to start a new casual league at you Creek for ladies 18 holes.

So love golf. love being outside.

Thank you, john. You’re on mute there, john.

Testing Hello. So I’m graduates of Naval Academy in 1961. I was in the Navy for 10 years in submarines and I wondered the value of your work on a submarine. And after I left that got into healthcare software have installed major hospital Information Systems, flat systems, pharmacy systems, radiology systems, etc. So I’m well versed in the healthcare field moved here about 12 years ago. Prior to that, my wife and I, the previous 20 years had moved 20 times so we never had lived in one spot, and so it’s very unusual for me to be in one area for any length of time. And the house I’m living in now is the house I’ve lived in more than any other house in my whole life. So it’s quite an experience. We love Longmont, I love playing golf, I only started playing when I was 55. But I really, really enjoy it. I love being the people on the golf course and in the in the pro shop, etc. So I feel very fortunate to be on the board. I really look forward to it. I hope I can provide some help and service to their to our community. So thanks an awful lot.

Thank you. Jeff, do you want to go through yourself? And Tim, as well

or? No, let’s let Tim go. And I do want to do a couple introductions of some new staff that are on here tonight. But let’s let him go first.

Very Good evening. I have been

a member of the city council now for three years and in appreciate the fact that I was assigned as liaison to the golf committee. Before before getting on Council, I was trying to figure out how to become a member of the golf committee. And I and I couldn’t qualify so I was able to get on City Council. So you ought to know that it requires more become a member of the golf committee than it does to become a member of city council in terms of connections and status. I retired in 2014 from a 45 year career in education. I’ve been an avid golfer for since I was 13. And in these days when people say what do you do? I said Well, I’m a professional golfer with a negative cash flow.

So and then I would like to introduce Dan Reese and Ryan Hennings. In this past December, we had a very unusual thing. For the last 27 years, up to 39 years. We had two golf supervisors that had been with the city that long and they both decided to retire in December. So Ryan and Dan are acting golf supervisors. Dan is that you Creek? Brian is over Twin Peaks and sunset. So thank you guys for being here tonight.

Thank you guys. Welcome. Welcome to the team here. Appreciate it. So the other item here on number two is to elect a chair. What the vice chair. Then we have any nominations for chair.

I elect you Earl.

One second tax Marshal.

Okay. Thank you very much, Marsha. Appreciate that. stepped in. What the vice chair.

But we we do need to have a vote. All right. If there aren’t any other nominations for the chair.

Agree iMovie be elected by unanimous vote. Okay. I’ll second that.

Thank you folks. Appreciate that. second item is vice chair. We have a nomination. I nominate Marsha. I’ll second. Thank you. All in favor. Aye. Looks like we have unanimous there, Marsha? Right. Thank you. Next Agenda Item number three approval of the agenda. I hope you all had a chance to look over that. We have a motion to approve the agenda.

So my second,

I’ll second.

All right. Then we have approval of the previous month’s minutes. We had that last October. We have a motion to approve the minutes

I move that we approve October 26 minutes

a second into the next item communications with our team members at the different golf courses. The monthly report wants to go first. Keep your on screen already. So why don’t you go first?


can everybody hear me? Yeah.

All right, very good.

Well, we ended up the year in rather impressive fashion. I think Twin Peaks, we got 38,038 rounds for the year, which is, in my 15 years at Twin Peaks, the most rounds we’ve ever played in one year. And that reflected very nicely in the revenue at Twin Peaks, we got to 1.15 7 million. That’s just amazing. So as difficult of a year as it was for everybody, and it was difficult, and it was a hard year to, to, you know, get through as far as all the different protocols and the different things and it was a moving target all the time. And it still is, we managed to just pull it all together and had a great year. I can’t say enough about maintenance crew putting put together a golf course that could withstand that amount of play and how busy we were and all the disinfecting of the carts. And Ryan was in charge. Ryan, who we all just met, was in charge of the disinfecting for the carts, and scheduling that, and hiring people to do that. And that was a big deal. And I mentioned back to October, Jeff, Jeff’s leadership through this time was amazing for all of us. And none of us knew what to expect or what was coming next. And to have to have a record year. And I mean, you can look at the numbers and see how we did and see they’re at the very bottom right of the money report, we had a really good year in golf. So super thankful, super appreciative. And, you know, the customers were a little rough early on on us. And as the summer wore on, everyone got more patient more understanding, and we’re just really thankful to be on the golf course. Yeah. And, and the guys at the front desk, didn’t have such a hard time with people not wearing masks, and everyone started to wear masks, and it got a lot got a lot easier. And I’m not gonna say it felt normal. But it definitely got a lot easier as the summer went on for all of us. So I think that’s all for Twin Peaks. I take any questions if anybody has any?

I actually have a question. I think the COVID protocol pi stay in place for a while It sounds like probably even maybe through summer. What are the plans for the pins and the rakes?

That is probably something we’re going to be determining we have a meeting this week. And I think in our meeting, it’ll be you know, the maintenance group and golf staff and pros and Jeff, and we will be revisiting what we can and can’t do as far as all that stuff goes. And hopefully we at some point can get those back out.

Are you gonna try to be consistent with all the with the three courses as well, then to?


As of as of last Wednesday, there have been no change to the guidelines. So it’s here to stay for a while I think.

Yeah, that’s what I figured.

Yeah. Okay.

Good job, Keith.

Thank you. Thank you, Keith. Ryan. All right.

Well, for sunset, I mean, I can’t I I kind of have to follow suit with what Keith was saying there with, you know, maintenance side of things. And with Jeff being with everything going on in the world, and all the different projects and everything that had to be put on hold and issues that would come up because of COVID. I mean, the leadership that we have is unbelievable right now. For sunset, we ended the year at 31,211 rounds. That is definitely the highest rounds I’ve seen as sunset, and revenue, just breaking over half a million dollars, which was about just under 100,000 more than we did in 2019. So we did to see that kind of growth in the amount of people that we’ve had. I can I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be the same for all three facilities, but the amount of players that we’ve seen that we don’t necessarily know or recognize from the community has As it’s just unbelievable. The amount of players I’ve never seen a tee sheet at sunset with, without limitations or with these limitations 100%. And during the summer, June, July, once we got really kick in August, it was, it was hard. I mean, you’re you’re trying to squeeze people into a tea sheet, if you have an availability to do so. But when we’re limited with the carts, the cleaning procedures that needed to be done to help disinfect and protect the customers. I mean, it was it was a struggle, but we made it work. And I’m excited. I’m hoping this year continues that trend of keeping those golfers here. You know, I hope they’re here to stay. Any questions for sunset?


Got one. Twice sold.

All right. Thank you, Ryan. Appreciate your time. Sam salmon. Very yummy. Can you see me Okay. Yes, sir.

Hi, everybody. Welcome. Welcome board members and owl. Welcome to the board, buddy. I’m looking forward to working with you. I got to know out pretty well this. This last couple of years is kind of funny, unless you’re a little bit of a funny story with him when he started the golf course. I have a tendency of finding nicknames for people. And when I first met now, I noticed this guy’s got these forums like this. I started calling him pop by and he said, you know, Sam, I used to work on a shipyard and my nickname was Popeye. So his nickname continues on. He’s a great guy looking forward to working with you. So yes, it was a great year. But one more thing right before the meeting today. I was checking my emails and I got this email from golf advisor. And you Creek spring certificate off was rated. They do the top 25 courses in the state you’d Creek was rated number 19. Yay. But listen to this. I went out and checked it all out. And Brian, you may not get the email yet, but he rated number 15. So great job, buddy.


Minor in the top 25. So that’s really some cool news.

That’s awesome.

Yeah, very cool. Well, that’s

good and bad. It makes me get into tea time a lot harder.

Just take some that spinach, you’ll get some nice finish to that pipe and you’ll get right on buddy.

I told you this in person. And I told Jeff this man, it’s just been an amazing year playing golf in Longmont and the people I meet that come from all over Colorado play these courses.

out. Okay, yeah, as Keaton Ryan mentioned, 2020 really was a very unique and very good year for golf. Our rounds were 40, almost 42,000 rounds, which I didn’t think we’d ever see a year over 40,000 to reach 42,000 was really quite remarkable. We have 30,408 in 2019. And our revenues in 2019 were 1,000,334 2020. Over 1.7 million, we did over 300, almost $373,000 in revenue more in 2020 than 2019 2019 was a record year. After 2019 going into 2020, we knew we’d be hard pressed even to ever see those kind of numbers again. And we blew them out of the water. It was really just an amazing year. So all of us on all of us golf course operators, we need to do everything we can to make golf accessible to all these new players keep it fun, and do everything we can to keep these folks in the game. So I’m looking really forward to 2021. A couple other numbers that just I just really want to mention. We had to really try to cut down on our points of contact, we’re talking about sanitizing cards and everything. But we also had to be very careful about people coming in the door we did online only for a while there.


we have got to continue that because we had about 25% of our rounds were prepaid which tremendously helped with our utilization, our revenue per round ready to do very little discounting this year because the demand was so high. So our per round revenue was $41 our typical years like $35 per round. So in every single way, it’s been a great year. Looking forward to 2021. Looking forward to getting things back to normal. Hosting tournaments again Marsha looking very forward to that lead coming out. Thank you very much for doing that. That’s gonna be fun. But yeah, and no face mask. Can’t wait for no more face mask again. That’s all I got any questions for you Creek?


Thank you. Great, Sam. Thank you. Yep. Jeff, do you have anything that you want to add for this section here?

No, I just would echo what Brian and Keith and Sam said. They did a great job. All the three pros and all their staff and the maintenance guys. I can’t say enough about them either. They were out there every day never complained and did a great job. So thank you to all of them.

Here here, yeah. Are you good? Thank you. not aware of any public that needs to be heard.

But let’s just check. Hey, Steph.

Unless Danielle had anyone who contacted her that they want to enjoy them, why don’t you join the meeting, then? We don’t have any and I don’t believe that.

We had anyone do that. Okay.

We don’t we don’t have anybody.

Okay. are very good. Appreciate that. Any old business? It looks like from an agenda perspective. There’s no old business. Any items last minutes?


Okay. Can I just

ask, What did the city council decide on the ucrete? maintenance building?

What did council did it?

After we meet?

No, it didn’t. Let’s let’s go through the new business. And then I’ll talk about that under items from staff. kind of let you know where we’re at.

That’s great.

Okay, so my new business perspective. We’re looking at a meeting day and time. The proposed look for Monday. And I’m guessing we’re still looking at a 6pm time. We have motion or any other ideals associated with that. Your motion on that?

Yeah, I’ll make the motion. Marshall.


okay. Meeting location currently, obviously, under protocols, we’ll imagine we’ll still be doing zoom. But in other cases, we have Twin Peaks as our location, we have a motion.

Under that we continue to meet at 12 Twin Peaks.

I’ll second

trip designation for posting the agendas and the agenda calendar. Look for your Yep. No guidance here.

We have new direction from our legal staff. And we are asking that the board designate the city website as the official location for people to find our agenda and packet and past agendas. We will still continue to post those at the recreation facilities. But we would only make the motion that the online would be our primary location.

That would be even in lieu of distribution by way of email to for the committee

know that that’s just for the general public if they want to find out what you all are doing.

Okay, and they’ve been posted there before right on the city website.

Yes, they have but that’s the official one and no other one at this time. Got it.

Okay, so, based upon that information, do we have a motion for posting to the city website for agendas in packets?

have it be approved?

I’ll second. Second. There we go. into item number nine items from the staff.

So we’ve got one item D agenda calendar. On under new business.

Oh boy. Okay, yep,

I apologize. So we included in in your packet, proposed schedule for the 2021 meetings. And just wanted to know if you had any feedback on that, or if there were any items that you wanted to have at it. We have listed some bonds where we have no meetings. A couple of years ago, the board had made the decision to meet every other month, we can meet every month based on your interests. But trying to take a combination of that we proposed not meeting in March, June, September, and then possibly November, December, depending on what we have for business.

Use. Yeah, I agree with that. Okay, I agree with that calendar. Anybody else have any other input associated with that?

Looks good to me.

motion to accept the calendar,

Roman, Second.

Motion passed. items from the staff. Mr. Freeze? Yep. So each,

every couple of months, we’ll talk about the current status of the bond projects that were passed in 18, we’re about ready to go to bed for the irrigation design for sunset and at Twin Peaks. The the maintenance building, we had moved forward with the central location. And a couple of weeks ago, we ran into an issue with the neighbors where we we made a what I will call a significant mistake and what was included in the submittal to the planning department and our consultant use some language in there that really wasn’t I will say too polite to them, and we needed to do a better job. So we have pulled the submittal for the maintenance building from planning. And we with the city manager will start revisiting other options as we move forward in the next month or so. So that that projects really on hold right now.

And we have any questions associated with that along the way,

I just had a question what was going to bed that the irrigation system for both was there for both sunset and Twin Peaks or just sunset?

Both of them for the design?


Is there any significant impact having to resubmit for the maintenance building? You know, the wording of our list on the council meeting? No, we’re just gonna have reword it.

Well, we’re gonna take a step back and look to see if there. We need to be good neighbors. And we need to make sure that we’re having additional conversations with them, as well as looking at other options for the design build at that facility. I’m hoping that by the February meeting, I will have some more to report to you on that status.

Okay. Any other items or topics that you want him to talk about Jeff? Nope. All right. On to Agenda Item Number 10. Any items from the board?

I don’t know how important this is. Can you hear me number one?


This is an aside. I have a master’s degree in computer science in 1968. And I can’t figure out when I’m muted to knock. I just want you to know that. I’ll also have got an annual pass and I’ve got some friends that have the annual pass that are over I think over 70 or 75 or whatever it is. We were close what for about a month this year or how long much Were we closed?

I think it was 36 or 37 days,

should we consider adding a month to these annual passes or not?

What we’ve decided to do is for the number of days that were closed, we’ll add that to all of the annual passes. Okay.

That number is 37.

Thank you.

Thank you, Janet. And they’ve already been added.

Oh, wow. Thank you.

Right, perfect. Any other items from the board? No. Okay. That looks like our full agenda. Any last minute items at all? If not, a motion to adjourn.

I’ll second.

Very good, folks. certainly appreciate your time. Everybody, have a great evening. We’ll see you next time around.

Good night, everybody.

Take care.

Thank you. Thank you.