Callahan House Board Meeting – January 13, 2021

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Callahan House Board Meeting – January 13, 2021

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I guess go ahead and call to order. And we’re going to walk on you all here like I was doing prior and introductions. So at some point, I think we’ll just go through the list. And I am not sure how you guys are all set up on your gallery. But it’s me on top. And then I’ve got Nicole, and then Candace, would you go ahead and open up and introduce yourself. So everybody knows everybody else. I see. Like, I’m not familiar with Karen, and Sue Ellen, I can see you down at the bottom there. But it would be nice if we just reintroduce ourselves and went through and why we’re here. And I guess I can start with me and then we’ll go over to Kenny and go from there. I’m, I’m marine McCoy. I have actually am along my native I was born and raised here, went away to school and have decided to come back and move here and raise my family. The Callahan house is a very important place in my life.

And in

the life of my family, we’ve I’ve had my rehearsal dinner there. We’ve had lots of various different events with my my in laws and everything, it’s I can remember going to as a child, it’s it’s a huge part of my memories. And I just think it’s such a treasure jewel Aloma and I feel very honored to be part of the board. So I guess that’s it. So can you can you open and and let us know about yourself and, and go from there just or renewal. Good morning, everybody.


good to see everybody’s faces. I don’t talk much anymore. So it’s like, how do I do this? You all know me, and you know that I have strong ties to Callahan house as well. And so you know, need to know all that. But anyway, I’ve missed all of you miss Callahan house. And I’m glad that we’re meeting again. And I look forward to the time when we can actually meet in person and actually hug each other and, you know, go back to normal. So I hope everybody’s well, and I hope everybody has weathered this. So far, so good, and that things get better for all of us. So good to see you. And I’m happy we’re meeting this morning. So take it away.

Thank you,

Kathy, you’re next on my little just showing up. I’m just going as how it set up on my bar here again, that’s fine, how it showing up on your guys’s screen, but

what will play Hollywood Squares were actually pretty perfect. Okay, so I think everybody knows me, I’m the house manager. And I’ve been holding down the fort, since this all started in March. And it really truly is a wonderful pleasure to see all of you. I got to see most of you last night. But it’s it’s nice to see you again. And we’re gonna we’re gonna sit down during the meeting and and talk about everything that’s been going on. So welcome back. Thank you for coming. And we’re gonna we’re gonna get through this.

On Karen, you. We got to Karen’s I and I apologize. So with the Callahan house, lovely background, let’s go ahead and move right. Karen, can you unmute?

I’m Karen Chris, about seven years ago, I joined the board and served two consecutive terms back to back. And absolutely love that love the purpose of the house, love the history of the house, and everything about it. And so it’s just a special treat and an honor to come back and serve again. And so it’s just it’s a it’s an exciting new year, and we have some exciting new things to be doing. For the good of the house. I’m really, really excited. Really looking forward to it. Right,

Karen, read your next you need to unmute My dear god.

I’m relatively new to the board. I had my first board meeting and last or took minutes at the last board meeting in March and we haven’t met since then. It’s been really nice to

see healthy people.

So I’m relatively new on the board. I lived in Longmont for about 20 years now. And I’ve been working off and on with candy shy at the overhaul. And when the opportunity came up to get involved at the Callahan house, I did that strong interest in history and, and love all the things about old homes or whatnot. So I’m excited to be part of this group.

Thank you, Karen. This Connie,

on how to unmute before you start opening your mouth.

Yeah, weird, isn’t it Ronnie Newman,


served on the board for two terms for a while and then took some time off and then last year had just come back. And then boom, March hit.

So I feel like I’m kind of

slowly getting back into the Callaghan that I love. I love this house. And I love the history of it. And it’s been a real privilege already to have worked and helped develop and preserve and make the Callahan house a little hidden gym, in Longmont. I don’t have the 27 years here in long run, but I’ve always loved this house. So thank you, and it’s good to see everybody, too.

It’s very nice senior. Okay. suellen. Oh, hi, I’m

Sue Ellen Dabney, and I’m a recreation program supervisor for the city of Longmont. I’ve been with the city for 29 years. And I’m like, how that happens. But it did. And I’m just been really grateful in the last couple years to work a lot more closely with Kathy, and get to see all the magic that happens at Callahan house. And I’ve just been really impressed. And I’m enjoying being part of this of this group and the magic that happens here.

Okay. And guys, remember, once we spoken, we need to re mute our mics. So Connie and caring if you could do that, please. Just so we don’t have any weird background noises on the okay. And if you could unmute, that would be great.

Hi, hi. Yeah,

I mean, Thompson, I’m just starting my second term on the board. I really enjoyed the first term, even though the last year was really easy.

didn’t do much.

I’m looking forward to all the grant work and getting the refurbishing done for the Callahan. And I’m thinking we’ll have a great term this next three years.

Thank you. Okay, Janet.

Hi, everybody knows that my mom worked there for 2425 years. And I was there from day one and a buggy for many, many, many, many years that I love the place. And it’s my second term. And I have a question. With this iPad. I’ve always seen me. And I need to see everybody. So do I pull up the screen that says let everybody in?

There should be it looks like a little square button.

If you go up to the right hand corner in Oh, share screen. It should have no

there’s, there’s no there’s a button,

there’s a button in the right hand corner at the very top of your thing and it should have a gallery view. And if you press that you should be able to see everybody.

Okay, so what I push that at the top right hand corner, it says the mute stop video the share screen participants and more. That’s all it says up there.

Clicking that more button

bragging after to the right. Because that’s all I have to do is just drag to the left to the right. And it makes it a gallery.

It did it. Oh, they’re all different. They’re all different, you know, and I’m not going to worry about it because I’ll work it out before the next meeting with my daughter. Okay.

Okay, so I guess we as everybody had a chance to read over the last minutes and since it’s been so long ago in March that we met. But if you’ve had the chance and got your copies, did everybody have the chance to read in and peruse the last four minutes? Okay, so at this point, we are going to I’m going to go ahead and do a question. Call for and I need somebody to step forward and unmute, and put forward a motion to approve the minutes, and then we’ll do a


And if anybody has an issue with any of the meeting, the minutes we need to discuss on now,

I approve the minutes.

I say can I guess?

Okay, wonderful. And so by a show of hands, we’re gonna put up our hands and say, all that agree with this. Put a show of hands, because we’re not going to do the I, we approve the board minutes. Okay. And do not approve, I can see you’re down there, we need to hold it up to the screen a little bit longer. Okay, so it’s had been approved. So therefore, we’re going to go ahead and move on to the house manager’s report. And so take it away, Kathy.

Thank you.

And it just said an aside, if you stay on after the meeting for a few minutes, I’ll pull out my iPad and call into the call. And we’ll see if we can fix your problem today. On your screen. Thank you, Kathy.

All right. You know, it’s it’s been an interesting 10 months, it feels like it’s gone by both slowly and outrageously quickly. The days seem to go very, very slowly, in the weeks just seem to whip by you start something and get sidetracked. And, and three weeks later, you remember what you were doing and get back to it. We have continued to have some things happen at the house. On again off again. So we did have 39 events between March and December. One of those was a city meeting. And that was us in March. And we’ve had seven club meetings. I recorded the ones that happened during the time we were closed if I could capture them. But it It wasn’t very many because I haven’t been there the whole time. But we have had a number of clubs continue to meet in the garden when they can weather permitting. So especially twisted stitchers. And in the book group,

the book club

have continued to meet whenever they can. And we have a new stitching group that’s not even signed up yet. And they’ve been meeting on the porch when the weather permits. We did do one final walkthrough for a wedding. We’ve had five revenue generating events. Oh, isn’t that interesting? One of them was a business meeting, I’m looking at my formatting and going. That’s kind of weird. One business meeting one wedding rehearsal and three wedding ceremonies. To the best of our ability, if we had somebody who was already committed to doing their wedding at the house, and they wanted to carry on with a small group, we did our best to support them this summer, even though we weren’t officially open. So we did three micro wedding ceremonies. Um, we’ve done 22 facility showings. We’ve been continuing to do those all throughout. Unfortunately, though, people are not really willing to commit with all of the uncertainty. So our 2021 schedule is not looking like it normally would. We did not keep track of the photo sessions. We were there too sporadically. But I can tell you that the garden was used heavily this summer, both by groups, using it to social distance and meet and buy lots and lots of lots of people to take pictures. So it’s, it has been a very popular spot in Longmont all through the summer in the fall. The other thing that we did is we had three days worth of the centennial state ballet in the house. I think that was in October, and they came in and shot the party scene for the Nutcracker, which viewed in December and continues to support their their program and their charities that they support. Because they’re a nonprofit. We’re down to see you know, we’ve we had 152 inquiries between March and December for the year. We’re down 150 inquiries over previous year. So just to give you an idea of the you know the flow, people are still looking people are still poking, but people aren’t really reaching out and they’re not committing so we had 15 by phone the phone’s been almost dead. 135 electronic inquiries, which is a combination of all of the different sources that have come in. And we actually had to walk in inquiries where people were in the garden when one of us was there and rang the bell or talked to us in the garden and then proceeded to get more information. We hit we’ve had 11 emails, which are ones that come in from any source that’s not identified electronically as something specific wedding sites and services. We’ve had two inquiries, wedding wire is still the winner at 59 inquiries. City of Longmont, we’ve had 25 events active, we’ve had five, the knot, which is our new one is growing. And we had 32 inquiries from them. And then there’s a new platform that we’re getting inquiries from, I think it’s been around for a long time. But they’ve just started sending out inquiries because of COVID for displaced weddings, and we’ve had one from them, and they’re called venue hub. We’ve had 243 guests since March, we’re down 10 revenue generating events for 2021 or 2020. And those are the ones that cancelled just flat out cancelled. We have nine revenue generating events scheduled for 2021. A number of those are ones that have postponed their events and moved into 2021. We didn’t have any catered events between March and December. And right now we’re we’re at a total of 14 revenue events for 2020. It’s like a tongue twister, and seven revenue events for for 2021.

We did have one one cancellation in 2021. Just recently. Moving on to the maintenance of facility updates. Just an FYI, I think most of you knew before we left that Rhonda was struggling with her hip and mobility. She actually hasn’t cleaned the house since March. She had hip replacements in November, I believe. And she’s back at work light duty at the library, doing things on Office things for the library. Hopefully, she’ll pass her physical soon and we we might get back to normal. In the meantime, recreation has been sending in custodians from different facilities. So we’ve had people from the Murrah Building, we’ve had people from the recreation center, we’ve actually even had people from the Civic Center and the DFC come in and do periodic cleanings. The person who’s doing it now is Pat Neff. He’s from the Recreation Center. He’s been in three or four times now. He absolutely has a grin on his face when he walks in the door. And he hunts to himself while he cleans, and he is having a great time making the house shine. And we’re really, really happy to have him. All the other folks that came in clean were really helpful too. But they have big buildings to take care of, and their buildings are still pretty busy. So Pat’s been a little more available because of the COVID restrictions on the rec center. So he’s absolutely delighted to come do anything we need him to do right now. So he was he was in yesterday. And as as always, it was a pleasure. Moving on, talk a little bit about the pollinator program in Longmont. The parks division has a capital fund that they’re using to plant pollinators in the parks, which is one of the things that the city indicated on citizens indicated they were interested in. And I was lucky enough to find them in the garden in September, talking about about the garden just in general and wanting to put in more perennials. And I talked him out of $1,000 or almost 11 $100 to plant new perennials in the garden. And we executed that just like this. It was funny because they they said well, you know, maybe we can do this next year. I said, it’s full. How about right now, you know, so I put together a little budget I talked to Anna from grow, about what kinds of plants she thought would be a good fit. And then I wandered around town and checked out all of the places places that still had perennials, and we bought 67 new plants we use every penny of the money to buy new plants for the garden and then grow took the time and the energy out of their normal maintenance and planted them all. So Hopefully we’re gonna see some new colors and some new plants next year. Although when hope came in for a cleanup and, and pruned our hydrangeas, so we’ll, we’ll just have to wait for them to grow back. Well, you know, that’s what happens when you have volunteers. I asked them not to print them, and it happened anyway. So it’s no bro. Another interesting example of the groups that have been meeting in our garden, Girl Scout troop 779 18, those numbers are horrible. I don’t understand they must have a lot of Girl Scout troops. But they held a meeting in the garden in October. And their meeting was about suffrage, women’s suffrage in particular. And they all made their own signs. And then they trip through the garden and had a peaceful march, waving their signs in. And then they actually came back to the garden, they went, they went in a big loop down the driveway and out the gates and around to the front of the house and back. And then they planted a yellow rose as a in support of women’s suffrage. And if you don’t know, that was actually women, women and other people used to wear yellow roses if they were in support of suffrage. And so that’s a very cool, interesting thing, and also a little bit of history. And just to put another side in there, we also know that Alice was a big proponent of women getting the vote. And we she was a very early suffragette, so it was a nice little tie in with the Callahan house as well.

Just to reiterate, the use of the garden has just been phenomenal. Every single day, almost every time. During the day, the garden had at least two or three groups in it. I’m surprised we haven’t worn the cushions off the chairs on the front porch because there was never a time when there wasn’t a butt in both chairs. People came to have their coffee, people can have their meetings, people came to social distance and still visit people came to stitch, they came to take pictures. It was a very, very busy place, and a little oasis of peace in the middle of all this craziness. We have done some work to prepare for reopening, including purchasing hand sanitizer and hand sanitizer stations, which are all set up in the house. We’ve done some noodling on how to handle food service, what kinds of groups we can support, how we can adequately social distance, these groups if it comes to that, we actually had plans for one of our weddings, to social distance people by households, we didn’t end up doing it. But we certainly have done a lot of work to prepare. So hopefully when we get the go ahead to do at indoor events, we’ll be able to go forward. And we already have and I’m skipping ahead a little bit permission to do outdoor events for up to 55 guests. So we’ve we’ve done some work to be ready for that. We have managed to keep Jacqueline on the payroll. She was on COVID admin leave for quite a while which gave us the ability to pay her her full 12 hours a week and let her stay home. And then when things loosened up, and we were able to bring her back in. Since then she’s been working six hours a week, which is what I felt like we could afford in the absence of revenue, any revenue coming in. So she’s she’s still working six hours a week, typically on Thursdays. And hopefully, when we get back to doing events for hours, we’ll get back to normal and she’ll get her extra hours from working the events as well. The club’s only got to meet last year, one, two or three months. So we’ve got to meet two months, some got to meet three months. But in light of the fact that they had all paid their dues and signed their contracts for 2020. my thought process is we’re going to just extend their contracts through the end of 2021. And without collecting any additional dues. So that’s the plan on the clubs and I’m in the process of contacting them and renewing their contracts. I reached out to them four or five times last year as well as at Christmas. And they’re all looking forward to coming back. The one club that we might lose is the two table bridge club. They’re, they’re older and they’re there’s just some people that aren’t feeling like they can get out and about. So that’s the only one that at the moment. I think it’s a little, it’s a little dicey about coming back. I did spend a number of weeks in August and September writing and rewriting a proposal to reopen for both city management and the Boulder County Health Department. We finally got that submitted to Boulder County Health, either, I think in September, and the plan changed weekly and sometimes daily, based on the dial. And based on the rules and the changes in the guidelines, we did get permission to open excuse me, for 55 guests outside in the middle of October. But it was a little too late for us to really execute outdoor events, not knowing that the weather was going to be so beautiful for so long. So the good news is once we start to approach that may, in the matrix timeframe, if nothing changes dramatically, we should be able to go back to outdoor events, at least, we did get permission to do things inside with 10 people. But they all had to sit in different rooms. So obviously that wasn’t going to work for our clubs, they weren’t going to sit one in the library and one in the meeting room and one in the music room and one of the parlor and one of the dining room to try to have a meeting. So hopefully those restrictions will start to loosen up as well as we see people get vaccinated.

I’m not sure if we talked about this or not before we left. But we did get $60,000 in capital funding for our projects. Namely the the leaded glass window, the curve leaded glass window in the library, the driveway and the storm windows for the house. And the thought process with that money is to use it as our cash match for a grant so that we can do all of those projects and also restore the woodwork on the exterior of the house and paint it. So in keeping with that thought process. And Thompson and Karen Cruz and I have been meeting about once a week, since August, September, sometime for a while. And we’ve been working on a grant application. And we have a working first draft of a grant application for this State Historical fund. And we have also met with Megan eflin, I always get that wrong. And Emma cleave from history Colorado, and given them a video tour of the house and gotten their input about the things we need to think about and put in our grant application as we move forward so that we can submit a grant in 2021. Now a couple of things. The the their funding for history, Colorado for the State Historical fund is dependent on gaming revenues, taxes from gaming revenues. So obviously just like everything else that’s been off. And so they’re not sure how much money they’re actually going to have to support grants in 2021. They did open up grants, competitive grants up to $250,000, for the 2021 timeframe. And they have they’re they’re busy rewriting their grant process. It didn’t change dramatically. But we haven’t been able to see the application yet. They’re they’re supposed to be a grant writing guideline book that’s coming out this month. So we’re going to go snag that and see, you know what the changes are. In addition, there are changing the timeframes, they used to have an April deadline, and October deadline. And at least for 2021, if not for for, you know, the foreseeable future, they are going to just have one submission, date and 2021. So and it looks like that’s probably the grant application will probably open up in July. And the submission date will be sometime in August or September. They usually have the window open for two months before they before they close it and actually start considering the applications. So the earliest we could probably see a grant would be probably October or November and then it takes about four to six weeks for them to actually do the paperwork and get all the agreements in place. So if we were to be awarded a grant, probably the earliest we could start on any of the projects would be fourth quarter, our first quarter of 2022. Yep, sorry, the the other the other thing is that In keeping with the grant application, we’ve met with a number of contractors to try and get estimates for the projects. So we’ve met with wattle and daub, again. We’ve met with Hoff, we’ve met with white. We met with Watkins. Last studio. And there’s one more Karen, can you help me?

spectrum was another one.

There you go, thank you, I couldn’t come up with it off the top of my head.

It was alone.

Yeah, it is.

So the thought process being that that will give us a very clear idea of what we can, what we what we’re going to have to spend to do the projects that we’re looking at. And also to give us ideas about what we should really do. The driveway is a big mystery. We’re not sure how to restore it and preserve it, we certainly don’t want to replace it. So we’re looking to the contractors, to give us some insight into the best way to preserve it. The other thing that’s kind of interesting is, as we’ve met with the glass studios, or glass studio that we met with one is that they are doing a different process than storm windows, where they actually just mount another piece of glass to the window and put vents in it. So that there’s no separation between the actual glass we’re trying to preserve and the glass they’re putting on to protect it. So you basically have one inside and one outside. And they’re doing that instead of for Windows and a lot of cases. So we’re also looking into that. And depending on what the contractors come back with, it’ll help us decide what we can and can’t do and what we can and can’t afford. And so we’re waiting to hear back from them about this. That’s kind of where we stand on the grant stuff. I don’t think I missed anything. Did I miss anything Karen and in. Oh, the other thing is, we met with Megan and Anna, we did a virtual tour with them. So we took an iPad, and we walked them through the house and the grounds and gave them a pretty comprehensive tour. So we think we were establishing a really good relationship with them. One other thing, and that is if we only get a portion of the award, then our thought process is to move forward with the windows and then take on the painting and the driveway at a later date. Because once you get approved, typically for the first phase of a project, your chances of getting approved for the second and third or however many stages there are, are vastly improved. So that was our thought process, depending on what they actually open up in terms of amounts that they’re willing to work.

Kathy, if I made it just add one little thing about the driveway, the significance of that was how old the driveway is. And usually these grants are not provided or allowed for, you know, a purpose of a parking lot or something like that. And so one big question that we had was, will the driveway qualify as a project that can be funded? And their answer is yes. So that’s excellent news. Oh, yeah. That’s

wonderful. Thank you, Karen. And the logic behind it is perfect. Yes.

Another interesting piece of news is Jane Watkins from the Watkins glass studio, had a chat with Carol athlet from one of the local clusters organizations, and told her that we were working on the curve restoring the kerf window. And she reached out last week, wanting to know if the requesters group could contribute. So that’s that’s good news to carry on. And they’re only one of the cluster groups in the in the area. So we may be able to reach out to the ones that have met at the house as well.

Kathy, I have a question that they’re talking about mounting on the outside of the window, you know, a protective thing. Now years, okay, this is years ago, but years ago, our stained glass windows at the church are big ones on outside the fret, were vandalized and broken. And so we had to have a fundraiser and they they fix them all but then they put a protective glass on it. The glass that they use took away from visually from that Aside from the inside, it looked great. From outside, it didn’t does this take away visually at all? Or is this going to be very, very clear, and also many years later, so it probably is,

it would be tempered glass, it would actually improve the perspective from the inside, because right now we’re trying to look out through all that scratched cloudy, yellow Plexi. And it would both protect the windows. And I don’t think it’ll take away from it all. It was actually the glass people that recommended it. And the people that came and looked at it, have been in the glass business for hundreds of years, I have never met anybody who’s actually doing something that has great, great, great, great grandparents used to do. Well, and he, he he’s there from originally from England. And he is still using the tools that his ancestors used to rebuild, rebuild windows, and so that they felt that was the best solution. Clearly, the Plexi solution that we have, is very outdated. It was a very low cost solution when they did it. It’s it’s really old. It’s been there for anywhere from 15 to 25 years, I can’t quite put my finger on how long so? And oh, by the way, it’s from Windows, which would also take away from the appearance from the outside. So I think I think it’s a better solution. But But can we afford it? We haven’t seen any numbers yet.

That’s right. Okay.

Thank you, Janet. Thank you, Karen. I’m just a couple other things. Since I’ve been working from home, I took advantage of a lot of the education that’s been available. There’s been some amazing education from the city and from some other providers. I took a course about homelessness that the library paid for, that was pretty amazing. And gave me an opportunity to think about our issues in the garden a little bit and how to better address them. And there’s just been a lot of really interesting stuff out there as it relates to society and humankind and how we relate and cope during pandemics. And so I got to do quite a few classes that were very helpful. The city provided me with a new monitor and a new desk chair for my office, as well as a camera for the my office at home as well as a camera for the office at the Callahan house. So it’s been really nice to get up to speed technologically and be able to work comfortably comfortably from home. The next thing on the list is you can see the event cancellations. Most of those, all of those cancel because of because of COVID. And concerns about people getting sick. The Kevorkian or ton Tanya Kevorkian and Carrie still have a deposit down, and they’re still trying to decide if they can do something in 2021. They both have elderly parents, and so we may or may not see them back. Courtney Lawrence, Linda shade and Curtis Randell have all postponed their events into 2021. We did a small ceremony for Linda and Curtis in June. So they could go off on their honeymoon and try to start their family and now they’re debating if their wedding date, their new wedding date is appropriate, given their attempts to start a family and whether or not her dress will fit. So it’s it’s kind of fun. And so we’ll see, I did I did tell them that if they postponed for that reason that the fees were going to go up to the you know the current fees, and we were going to charge them a little more since we’ve already done a ceremony for him. And then we have in addition to those that were postponed. We have Sapphire and Alex who are doing their wedding in early October, and Chrissy and Lonnie who are still scheduled for June, although given the size of their group, who knows if that’s really going to happen the way they envisioned. In terms of marketing, we’ve kind of kept going on all of that. Rachelle helped me out a bunch of pictures to all of our marketing platforms. We added them to the wedding wire we added them to the knot we added them to the city of Longmont website. And that’s been an interesting process. We still have some sitting waiting to get added. And we’re working on them just kind of one wedding at a time. I already talked about Centennial state ballet, the thing I didn’t mention They also asked us to be a sponsor for their spring production. And we’ve agreed to that. So they’ll probably be back sometime first quarter to film some scenes for that. By smelling that a bye, see ya. And the other thing I didn’t mention is that we got advertising from them on their website, in their marketing materials and also in the film itself. So it was a nice little piece of marketing there that we didn’t have to do much for. The another change, since we had some reduction in the cost of waiting sites and services. For the first version, or the first edition of their magazine in 2021, I’m going to use that money to play pay for first page, I’m having trouble talking first page placement on the knot and wedding wire to see if that ups our inquiries and our sales for weddings. And it almost covers the difference in costs. Wedding sites or services relies predominantly on going to shows to generate their inquiries and their leads. And since there haven’t been any shows, or hardly any, there’s been a couple outdoor ones, they did cut their costs for the first edition and half. And so we signed up for it with both of them to continue on in 2021. And we have gotten leads from them in both September and October.

Moving on to the finances, and I’m going to make this fairly quick because there’s really not a lot to tell, we’ve tried really hard in 2020 not to spend money since we weren’t making any money. But regardless, since we don’t have an operational budget, we we are in we’re in the red for 2020, which is not not too surprising. The only thing the city pays for is my salary and benefits. But we did have about $15,000 in event revenue. And because of that, we’re only a little we’re about $6,000 60 $700 in the hole for 2020, which will come out of the funds to cover our expenses for the year. Hopefully, we can turn that around in 2021 and get enough events booked and done that we’re back in the black in 2021. But I also think we’re going to lose the first half of 2021 as it relates to events. So and how much of the remainder of the year we lose will depend on the rollout of the vaccines that what the virus does, and also how willing people are to take a chance that they plan something and then aren’t able to do it. So I think there’s a chance 2021 will see a recovery. But I think there’s also a chance that 2020 one’s gonna look remarkably similar to 2020. from a financial perspective. So, if you go look at the reports, we did 83 events in 2020, and it had 851 guests, and that’s about 20% of what we would normally do, which is an outright considering we were really only open for a part of first quarter. We did do three weddings in a rehearsal and a number of other things. But we did have a lot of cancellations. If you look at the December sheet, there’s really nothing there except that we did two tours. And then of course in December we we didn’t spend much more money than we’ve spent any other month. So if you have any questions about that, I can certainly break it down for you further, I debated giving you all of the sheets. For all of the months I decided that was just a waste of paper and toner on if you’d look at the city finance sheet, our sheet and the munis reflections are very close. They’re a couple $100 off, we never seem to be able to reconcile exactly what that is. But I did do that on December sheet for your review. And then the last thing in the packet is the new list of board members and contact information for 2021. I apologize, at least for some of you that printed on non duplex. So if you want me to print you one duplex for your book, just let me know. I think that’s all I got. Unless any of you have questions.

No. I

I don’t have any questions at this time. But the bottom line is thank you for all the work and everything that you’ve done. I really appreciate that. Thank you, Maureen. So Everybody, Does anybody else have any questions? Connie? You unmuted Oh, I

hadn’t needed. I just wanted to say thank you to Karen and Ken cruise and and Thompson for spending that time this past nine months. That was so appreciated, I had no idea that you’re even doing that. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you, for the grants.

I agree. I wasn’t aware of it either. Thanks for all your hard work, and putting your time in for the great art great love of the Callahan house, see, it’s very much appreciated. Everything that we can do. So thank you. Moving on old business we have everybody hopefully reviewed their board member business cards. I don’t know how we’re going to be using them. Originally, we were going to be going out and trying to get sponsors. And we have this great agenda. And we’re moving forward and gung ho and totally off the rails on that. But um, thank you cabinet for getting that done. And I’ll

get them printed, I heard for most of you. But is there anybody who saw a problem with the cards? No, perfect, I’ll print you up 10, or however many are on a sheet and I’ll get them to you. And then you’ll have them if you need them. If you’re out. I still think we might do some fundraising, corporate fundraising, not at not ends. But we may go talk to elevations and the banks and some people and it’ll be handy. So I’ll give them to you. So you have them if we decide moving forward to start doing some of that in support of our grant efforts.


on that note, I’m also going to say that so you know, I did apologies, and cancellations for for the artwalk in in April, about with Diane wood about having her come in and do that. I was really disappointed that we didn’t get to move forward with their art show with the dresses, the paper dresses, I’ve been holding on to those ever, for forever and trying to do that. But it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. And so maybe we can also brainstorm and come up with ideas on how we if anybody’s got any brilliant epiphanies that come into play about how we can do some fundraising? Um, I think then, so I need a I need a motion that we can move on from old business so that all business has been covered. Can somebody please put

that no, we move on to new business.

Can I get a second please? Okay, we

got second.

Hands. Okay. Wonderful. Thank you. Moving on to new business, posting location for agendas and cancellations. So I’d like

to talk to that for just a minute. The lawyers office in the city has decided that the appropriate posting location for our agendas is the web with the this the Civic Center being the backup location for hard copy. So if you guys are in agreement with that, we need a motion to to do that. And then we need to have a second and vote. Okay,

who did we lose? And where did you go?

She may have just dropped off but someone who is I think she’s just

muted. There she is. Okay. She


Hello. I lost you for a second. I’m thinking oh, no, we don’t want to do

like, I had to

join back up again.


So we’re gonna,

where exactly on the web, are they going to be posted?

They’ll be posted? The answer is they’ll be posted on the board page, which, which is where they’ve been posted before. And I think they’ll also be posted in a new tool that’s called prime. gov. But I don’t know very much about that. I will fill you in on prime Gov next month. Okay. At the moment, they’re happy with us saying that we’re going to post it on the website.

All right.

All right. Moving on. election of our new officers. I’m currently I’m serving as chair and I know Karen has been very gracious To serve as the Secretary, it’s interesting that we only got to do a whopping two meetings. Well, we’ll go on from there. But I’m going to put it to the floor for nominations for the secretary position first. And so if I can have anybody making a motion on who we’d like to fill that position, please.

And you can self nominate.

I will continue on as secretary, if no one else wants to pick it up, since

I’ve done this a whole like two times.

Okay, and if there’s any, anybody else that we’d like to nominate from the thing, no one. So I’m going to put it forth to the board for a approval. I needed somebody to, to put that forth. So I can call the vote, please.

I move that Karen Reed serve as recording secretary for the board for the coming year.

My second.

Wonderful, all in favor?

Thank you.

Right, Karen, you are in the position again. Congratulations. And thank you very much. So I’m on to the chair position, I need a nomination, please.

Actually, I was going to go ahead and put my hat in the ring on this. I’m really excited about coming back to the board. Really excited about the things we have to look forward to it to be working on together. Would you like to serve in the capacity of chairperson to help with that direction?


I, I have a question for marine beings, you only got to do it two times. Are you willing to give it a shot? Again?

I would love to be able to serve as board chair. I really would. that that would be outstanding. If I could if I can continue in this position. That would be amazing to me.

Karen, I think you do a fantastic job as President, but I feel like marine just didn’t get a chance to to do what she wanted to do. So I would do I nominate here. If I know. I agree. Or the board chair for the coming. year.

I second it.

Thank you. So all in favor? Can I see a show of hands? Oh, yeah. And you need to put your hand up.

Actually, is this are we voting right now? Or what are we

Yes. Are we voting? Yes, we are voting? If that’s it all in favor of having a chair? can I say? Sure.

So is it clear that there’s only one? Okay.

Any other nominations? We can do that too? Is there anybody else that would like to move forward with Karen is is the board president? I need a second, I guess we have to make a decision at this point on who we’d like to put forth. As as the board chair.

I want to just say that this is kind of a difficult decision, because I know Karen would be very good and very, you know, she’s, but you’ve also didn’t really get a chance to do your term. So out of fairness, I think, you know, that would be the reason for my vote. I think you’ve only had what two meetings or 3d meetings that you actually got to participate in over two. So for that reason, I think, you know, 2020 was kind of a Wipeout.

Yes, it was.

Okay, um,

we do have a nomination on the floor. We mean,

we have two nominations, because Karen Karen nominated herself. So we have to, we have to carry through. Now forward, I apologize. So there are two nominations. I need a second on on ARM candy finisher nominations. That’s what I need. Did

I did I make a motion? You did

make. So I need a second on your motion and then we can call the vote.

I seconded

it. That’s right. Janet. You did? Yeah. So so it’s been Motion has been put forth a second has been put forth and so we could call a vote. So all in favor of me as serving as board chair, can you please see a show of hands?

I don’t get to vote just so everybody knows. Yeah.

Okay, I’m seeing a vote. Can everybody put up their hands again, one time for who’s voting for me as chair? Okay. Seeing a majority. The vote is carried and also richer as terrorists for another term. Thank you very much. Appreciate it. And I apologize. I fumbled on that, Karen, as you are aware, but I’m working on getting all the all the Robert’s Rules of Order. So we’re following through on everything that we’re supposed to be doing. So I’m moving on to C on the agenda of new business capital funds update.

We talked about it already. But did anybody have any questions? I felt like I was doing a monologue about the capital funds for the driveway in the window and the storm windows.

I share with them the budget that city approved with respect to the 60,000

the process of

the amount for each project or

no, this is the this the total?

Yeah, it was a little over $60,000? I don’t have it right in front of me. Do you want me to look it up?

No, it’s not necessary. It’s just that in September, early September, it was listed as the A funded project and the city’s proposed capital budget. Yeah. And so they’re after the city council approved it. So that’s

the good news is, I think we got it because of COVID. Yes, they delayed a lot of capital projects, because of the funding, they just didn’t feel the funding from taxes, were going to support capital, big capital projects. So they did have some money. And I think what they did is they looked around and said, We have some money, are there some unfunded projects that we can support with our reduced amount of money that we’d really like to go forward with, and we got picked. So and we, we had a number of proponents working for us from I think Jeffree Star did a lot of work to get that done.

So wonderful, you know, sir, there are some silver linings that have narrower, it will take every single one of them we can get. I’m so thrilled that we have this funding, I I really anything positive. Okay,

and even if we don’t get a grant, we have the money to fix the curved window in the library, we have the money to do the storm windows, and we have the money to do something to the driveway.

Yes, that’s great. And so, and I do going back to the storm windows, you know, sometimes you’ve got to err on the side of spending a little more money to get really the quality and preservations that we need on the house. So if the getting the higher ones. I think that’s we shoot for the quality. And for what you said that the guy used the original tools from his his that’s, that’s, that’s pretty amazing in itself. So

just as an FYI, we still have to go. Even if we get the grant, we still have to go through city of La mods purchasing process. So I would like to think we’re gonna get Watkins. But honestly, Ruth did a great job on the other window from wattle and daub and Northern Colorado glass. So I think there’s lots of options. And the caution is, we still have to go through the purchasing process. And we still have to be able to justify what we’re trying to do and the cost of it. And so, and there’s there’s no done deals here plus Watkins is backed up by three years. So we’ll see.

I understand what you’re saying. And I’m aware of the city process in regards to that. It’s it’s just, again, I’m just so excited to be hearing about the house and what what we’re looking at, and I don’t mean to jump the gun on. It’s it’s pure joy in the sense of being part of it. So the grant application moving on to new business, Article D, the grant application. Where are we with that?

Anybody have any questions? see lots of shaking heads.

So, so

I think it’d be interesting. I would like to see a copy of the grant application if I could treat it through, just out of curiosity more than anything else. Um, I again, I know grants are not always clear cut, and wonderful. Thanks for you guys working on it. But anybody else would like to see a copy of the grant. Exactly. And read it or Connie, Connie would,

will just send it to everybody. Give us another week, we’re working on a couple sections, and then we’ll send it after we do our next round of drafts. I think we’re gonna meet next week. We’ll send it to everybody. How’s that? That work?

Sounds great.

Okay. And we’ll also send some supporting documents for our initial ideas of what things are going to cost.


All right. Moving on to Section II, the COVID operations and 21 2021 events. Yeah, I think we’re all we’re all in this new normal, or as my mother always used to tell me that normals just a setting on the dryer. So I guess we’ve got to get used to that. Things are going to be operating with the COVID. And who’s going to get vaccinated? And how long is that going to take and whatnot? Again, Kathy, I’m gonna shoot it over to you on on. Exactly. You’re in touch with the with the health department, for the county and within the city. And what exactly are they telling you?

Well, you know, they’re not telling us a lot. I am hopeful that we can do things in the second half of the year. That that we can maybe do our September artwalk. And our December open house. Clearly, that’s very much up in the air. Connie, or not Connie candy?

What are you guys doing with pioneer days?


You’re muted?

Connie, if you would unmute me candy. I’m sorry.

I can’t doing that. I don’t know why.

You shouldn’t get have a little button. You could just touch.

There you go.

There you are, it wouldn’t let me because I said the host was going to do it. So anyway. I got

sorry. That’s my my fault.

You know, that’s the first part of April, with the way schools are in one week and out the next week. And whatever I seriously seriously doubt that pioneer days will take place this year, January is when we usually start planning and sending out all the materials and the information for the schools to register. And I just I don’t think pioneer days will happen.

Is there any? Is there any thought process about doing it virtually?

You know, we haven’t no one’s mentioned it brought it up or anything else. You know, we’ve not met, as far as you know, I take this back though, the Historical Society has been meeting, and I’m not on that board. So I have no idea what their thought process has been. I can reach out to Elise and find out if anybody’s discussed it in if they’ve made a decision. if they have any thoughts about it. I’ll do that I’ll reach out and see if they’ve thought about doing anything. Virtual.

I don’t know. Or maybe in

the fall instead of the spring.

Yeah, that’s kind of that was my thought just now because we’ve talked about doing this in the fall, instead of the spring, the spring weather is always been an issue. And we have talked about the fall being so much better as far as weather so you know that maybe this would be the opportunity to move that to the fall. So I’ll let you know if I hear anything or I’ll look into it and see what they say.

Kenny, thank you very much. I think it would be a wonderful opportunity and because we are looking at 150 years in Longmont. It would be a shame to to not be able to celebrate. I mean, it would be shame that we lose this. That was one of the things I was very excited about that we could highlight the Callahan house, along with the 100 and 50th anniversary of Longmont and what we could do about it and just brainstorming in regards to that, you know, I had hoped that we could possibly reach out to. I’m a big supporter of PBS. I don’t know about you guys, but I like the Colorado experience. And I like that they are showing these films about these wonderful people of Colorado when we’re done. And I had hoped that we could possibly as the Callahan, house board, put forth to them that maybe we could highlight the Callaghan’s and how much they’ve done for the city of Longmont and, and put it out there, and because it’s the 100 and 50th year of Longmont, maybe pushing that forward. We’ve seen other communities and other historical buildings highlighted. And that was my thought process last March. And here we are so much further in. I don’t know they probably have their whole year planned. But I I just think there’s an opportunity here. And and I would like to be able to put that forward on. And I’m jumping ahead. That’s other business. I apologize. But that was that was under events and operations, I guess that we can do discuss that in regards to that. But I just wanted to put it forward to you other board members and see what your thought processes were on that. So I

did. I did have an email earlier this week, that asked me they reached out to a group of people and I know the Historical Society was on it. But they asked me for input and suggestions as to what can be done for the 100 and 50th anniversary. So I will revisit that email and tell them that Callahan would be very interested in being a part of what they decide to do. So

that would be Yeah,

I got the same email. I think they’re reaching out to the community, see if there’s any plans afoot, so that they can start coordinating a little bit and figuring out where the holes are.

And unfortunately, because the COVID I don’t think we’re going to be having the downtown events and everything that we’ve had in the past that, you know, we used to have parades and various things for the anniversary of Longmont and all those type of things. So I think we’re going to have to be thinking a little bit out of the box, how are we going to reach out in other ways, and and so this was just a mind blast. About is the the other things I’m like, we could do that. Wouldn’t it be great if they highlighted Longmont and put some of our historic stuff in? Isn’t there a film that is out there about the callahans? Am I missing

there is a DVD that was produced two years ago and I think escape escape horns wrestling deadly worked on putting that together. We

actually was eyes on Longmont, which is the senior video group.

That’s it. That’s it. Now there’s a minor scale horns. But yes. Well, along with potential using some of the video of that DVD, we could certainly put together a new video, that could be a virtual option if we can certainly be looking to try to be in person in the fall hopefully. If nothing else, the least we can do is start to also put together even just a brief film of incorporating a little bit from from that prior DVD and what’s going on now to bring everyone current

care and that’s exactly my mind set so so anything that we can keep us current and in touch with people, and obviously I have been not I’ve been dealing with two sets of elderly parents. So my reality has been pretty


narrow, narrow scope. It’s all about COVID and how we’re treating everything. So I again this anything that we can do that’s positive and outreaching to the community as is very important and and I you just never know how who and how we’re going to touch people. And and that’s that’s one of those things so, Kandi, did you have a

Connie worked on that DVD? Um, Yes, she

did. Yeah.

Yeah, I was sitting here thinking, now rich has already passed away the man who really spearheaded that. But that film is what we show when we do open houses. That’s the one that’s upstairs, running all the time. So. And it was a year long effort, working with the team there, and the recording and gathering photographs and interviews and all of that. But that was certainly an updated video view of the benefits and the callahans. It really went into their, their life story as well. But I was thinking that often would, would have been a good avenue for the Colorado experience on PBS to PBS. So

I just think it’s, it’s,

it’s there, and we’ve got the information. And it’s Yeah. And quite frankly, as I as you access and visit, other things that they’ve done. It was a well done, film, and very educational. And, and I think, you know, I agree with Karen, that maybe we can add some things to it. And maybe, I don’t know. I’m a good idea person, I’m not necessarily figuring out how to make.

This is one of those things that

well, we have a new video, without any narration, john Carson came in and did a beautiful video with using both a camera and a drone. And we and it’s gorgeous. He said, He’s a real estate photographer. And it’s absolutely beautiful. I’m still thrashing a little bit about what to do with it, I’m gonna reach out to him now that things have calmed down a little bit and see if we can get a shortened version of it to us on Facebook and on the city alignment website and on the knot and wedding wire, and wedding sites and services. So we could also use that as a starting point, if we wanted to do some narration. But again, I I don’t know much about video production, we would have to engage somebody else to to help us with that. Connie,

who is the narrator on that original film, do you know, Connie? Well,

I did some of the narration. Actually, at the end, I gave the house tour. Basically. That’s the whole narration was from Richard, I believe. I have to go back and look.

Yeah, I don’t. I’m not sure.

Yeah, we had such a team. But anyway, I know there was another lady that was really involved. And I can’t recall her name either. It’s been a while. But

I’m sorry to put you on the spot. I do apologize. Maybe sometimes those those things, those little nuggets are right there, you just never know.

Well, and just just as an FYI, on that video, I was never able to lay my hands on the original video that they took. I spoke with rich and tried to get it and I spoke with one of the other guys and tried to get it. And nobody seemed to know where it was at. So whether or not we could actually lay our hands on something that we could modify. I don’t know.

Would that have been possibly well locked at the library or even with

no, it says officer senior private group. Yeah. So we have we have rights to copy the video as many times as we want. I’m not sure that we can a lay our hands on the original or B, get the rights to change it. We might be able to engage them to do some updates, but I will have to reach out to them. And we I think we need to have a plan for what that looks like before we plus I also don’t think they’re meeting I mean it’s just like every other group in Longmont. I don’t believe the eyes on long group is meeting or doing videos at this point in time. Senior Centers still closed.

Um, even so it’s one of those things that maybe we could contact with. Put some feelers out, Kathy that would be appreciative. So we could I don’t. If you look at it, where we’re at, we’re already in January and the year like you said, like month Just goes really fast the day of my bike trail, but the months pop, and I’m afraid that if we don’t put an effort forth, nothing’s gonna happen. And then again at an opportunity lost, and I would rather try and then say, Oh, it’s not gonna work to not do anything.


I’ll see if I can figure out who’s in charge of that group.

All right. So, again, I fumbled on on this last thing. We’re already in the other business and whatnot. Does anybody else have comments or things that we should have discussed prior to this point.

The one thing I’d like to add to the 2021 events on the operations is, candy, I’d really like you to look out for us on the Pioneer days, I really do want to get involved in that. So that we can indicate in our grant application that we’re in the process of being involved, whether it actually happens this year or not, you know, what our role is going to be what we’re going to try and do. And I want to be locked into that. So we can include it in our in our grant application. Because one of the things that they’re very interested in is access to the public. And, and I think we, it’s something I’ve been thinking about for a long time, how to open up the house meaningfully, to, to the city or to the citizens of the city, on a more regular basis in a more meaningful way. And I think we really need to start pulling in the new generations of kids, because otherwise nobody’s even going to know what the house is. So I

another option that the Historical Society is doing in Connie is the open cabin days during the summer. And that involves the entire city, it not just kids. So if pioneer days isn’t going to happen, maybe this event will. And that’s another way of even if even if pioneer days does happen. This is another event another way that you could become involved that they could go to Callahan house, walk down the hill, come go through all the cabinets and stuff, or vice versa. So that that event would happen on the same night as open, or afternoon, whatever it might be. So seven days. So I think that’s a good idea. Oh,

thank you. Thank you, candy. That’s, that’s wonderful suggestion.

And that’s Historical Society. Okay,

thank you.

Part of Old Mill parks outreach.

Okay. So it’s basically the same thing that we do with the kids. There are docents and each of the buildings are open, people come and they actually do hands on activities. Connie does a wonderful presentation with Little House on the Prairie and in reading, and there’s, you know, it’s evolved into this. more hands on kind of thing with the public. Oh,


Yeah, that’d be outstanding. If we could have access to that. Um, I think it’s a great idea to do. Regardless, if we could we include that because we’re so close to having with all Milpark, I mean, it’s just walking distance and, and because it’s open, and we can social distance and whatnot, that what a great opportunity either way, if we could do that. And hopefully, like you were saying, if we can move pioneer days to the fall and do that, in addition, that would be outstanding. Um, Kathy, did you have anything to say about the Christmas open house?

I’m just hoping to do it. You know, and I haven’t reached out to Santa john yet. He did do some virtual things in December, specifically in people’s homes and virtual meetings for various businesses, but we’re just hoping we’re gonna get to do it. You know, in some, you know, format that similar to what we’ve done before. Obviously, social distancing is a thing. It’s gonna look very different. But I’m just hoping we get to do it. Okay,

I’m going along those lines. What do you see that being that if we’re going to do it differently, in I mean, I think we could do it everybody being mass do it and in groups or buy tickets? Yeah,

it’s right at the moment. I don’t know what it looks like. I think it’s probably August September discussion. And I think we just need to keep it in the back of our heads that we may have to reformat that and I’ll what I’ll do is I’ll talk to suellen. about ways we could ticket it in rec track. I just think we also have to consider, you know, how many people we can really reach, if we if we have to do social distancing, because, you know, I just don’t know how we make that work. So just if you just noodle about it, and think about it, and let’s revisit it as we get, you know, a little further down the road, and I’ll poke a little bit about ticketing and, and then we have to decide if the amount of work is worth the, the result.

If this is possibly the only event that we’re going to be doing, um, realistically, I think that’s something that we might need to open up our hours a little bit more, which is, I know, intrusive on each of us and our own holidays, but, but I think it’s a possibility. And I do know, they do chickening with like satellites and other things in which they, they only have a set number of people that go at a set time. And by doing that, obviously, it stretches the event out longer. But if this might be our one and only thing, um, it again, or looking at outreach, and possibly we could use this as as a thing to promote in fundraise just just putting it out there canoodling. So, something to think about. Again, I am so sorry, I’ve jumped around on the agenda. It’s my first meeting back, just give me give me a little bit of squish room, please. I appreciate it. So, back to, to moving on. Is there anything else that needs to be discussed Under Item II under new business? Okay. We’ve discussed all sorts of other business I’m Kathy, you have an agenda. Item A Thank you Do you want to address with that as well, I

just I wanted to, we didn’t get to have our December meeting and our lunch. And I just wanted to let you know all of you that I that I really, really appreciate your help. And we can’t do any of these things without you. And I know I say that every year but I truly mean it. It’s it’s really important to the house that we have aboard and that we have people that are willing to give up their time and their energy to to support the house and support our activities. I certainly couldn’t pull all of this off without without all of you. And especially I wanted to congratulate Anne on completing her first term. And she did receive her ornament yesterday. If If you want to show it to a thin just got to go get it. You see if I dropped it off with her paperwork. But we really can’t do any of this without you guys. And I really appreciate everybody that’s new. And I appreciate everybody. That’s that’s come back and show you her ornament.

Now there isn’t there Isn’t this beautiful? This is glass. It’s an ornament and it’s painted.

That is beautiful. And

I had unfortunately already taken down my Christmas decorations. But I found a place to hang this and I’m going to give it a place of honor for at least a month before I put it away.


So very nice. And thank you very much.

Thank you.

Wonderful. Okay. So I need a motion to again to close other business. If I can get a motion please.

I move to close the meeting.

Well, no, we’re not closing the meeting yet. I know we want visiting, but we’re just we’re just moving to close other business

and is ready for morning coffee. She’s up. She wants to go get to the coffee cup

coffee pot.

I’m sorry. I’m

asking Just for our regular protocol, we don’t normally vote to close each section as we go through it.

But after going through the board training with the city, we’re going to be following the rule.

Okay, so we were chatting what we’re doing.

And, and and because we’re recording the meeting, that was what was requested by the city that we have a sense a commonality throughout all boards. And so that’s what we’re going to do. So each item we’re going to go through, and we’ll move on, and we’ll just go from there. Again, following the Robert’s Rules of Order parliamentary procedure, they gave us this lovely little book, booklet that we’re supposed to be following. And I’ve been asked if anybody would like to see it. Sure. And we’ll go from there. But again, I’m doing the very best I can under under the circumstances. And I I have fouled up today, I apologize. But we will, we’ll be we’ll be voting on each making a motion and and closing on each item on the agenda as we move along. That’s just how it how it rolls. So thank you, Janet, for the motion. I need a second, please. I second. Wonderful. So all in favor, just show your sign of hands that we’re going to close up other business. Wonderful. Moving on to the motion carries. So moving on to future agenda items, we kind of jumped ahead already, I apologize about the Longmont 100 and 50th anniversary. Um, Kathy, your thoughts on exactly.

Anything now, I

haven’t really come up with anything. In particular, the uncertainty of what and when we could do something is certainly going to impact our ability to plan. My recommendation would be that one of the things is that we try to introduce an element of the 150th anniversary and anything that we do, including our fall artwalk, and our open house, if we can think of a clever way to do that. And I’d like to think that we could plan another event, but I don’t I don’t know what that looks like. So I really my point in putting it on the agenda was to kind of get you guys thinking about it, and circle back next month and see if we’ve had any interesting ideas or seeing anything that somebody else is doing that we could do at the Callahan house.

Okay, I’m actually sorry that we missed suellen that she left if she knew of anything that the city had planned. Connie, I saw I saw your hand go up?

Yes, I just wondered, Kathy and I haven’t even checked on the city website yet. But is there a common 150 logo of some sort that they’re

after? They’re working on it? I don’t, I don’t know that it’s available yet. They’ve been meeting for about a year. And there was a mention of it in that email that came out the other day. So I will go look and see if there’s if there’s a logo or any common


materials for us. That would be that’s one of my first thoughts right there. And then I know that years ago I think it was through the saint brain Historical Society, one of the programs that some of us were talking wouldn’t be need to do a pageant, you know, about, you know, an outdoor pageant, like it, oh, Bill park or someplace to dramatize, you know, the the founding of the city. But also, you know, just incorporating the 150 years, basically. And I don’t know whether anyone has picked up the new book that Eric Mason did on Longmont, first 150 years, that he’s of course, an excellent resource and would be very helpful in planning, you know, some kind of an event that even at Roosevelt Park, or someplace that’s central to the city and historic in the city. Having some kind of gathering, I guess, and like you say, with marine with parades and things like that, first, who knows what will naturally be done, but those are some of the thoughts that I had already had. Exploring the 100 and 50th.

Yeah, thank you.

I didn’t, yeah, we it would. It would be nice if we could get back to that and possibly have a booth or I don’t think I don’t know. But is any. So?

Candy? Did

I see your hand earlier that you wanted to speak in regards to this? for it, it was

when Connie mentioned the pageant there was a script already written. And it was performed at the 100 and 25th. Maybe it was written by I want to say Dale Barnard was part of it. But I’m not 100% certain, but there is a script already. And history’s history, you know, all you have to do is add to the this end of it, and you know, to bring it up to date and stuff. So there there is something like that in existence already.

So that’s good to know.

Anybody else have any comments?


I’ll send the email that was sent out from the city to everybody.


thank you, Kathy. That would be great. And, again, brainstorm and see if we can, you never know you might have that epiphany in the middle of the night, write something down. And in that you come up with a great plan of what something that none of us have thought of, or even reviews, things that have been done in the past that might, we might receive vamp to work under these times. So I guess we’re gonna close on the anniversary comment. Moving on to Item b on future agenda items, donations per present, preservation, Kathy, what was your thoughts on that?

Well, we’ve we’ve talked about it already a little bit. And that was, you know, figuring out a way to approach local businesses, especially corporations, not moms and pops. But you know, corporate businesses. Once we have our arms around what we think the grant application looks like, and what kind of funding we’re going to require, to see if we can secure some corporate donations to help us in our effort to get a grant. Because the one thing they did tell us is that if we had more than a 25%, cashmatch, that would improve our ability to get the grants that would move us up in the pecking order on the way they score points. So I just wanted to throw that back out there and keep it in the back of people’s minds as we move forward. Because even in our inability to do a fundraiser per se, there may be some ways we can go out and get some funding to help us along the way. Okay,

I apologize, Kathy, for some reason, my computer froze up for just one second there. So I missed a couple of minutes of that. So if I had a weird look on my face, that’s why. But you’re all back in in discussing. So. Um, again, if we can come up with different ideas to end in how to work under these times. It’s all new to all of us. So at this point, so following the Robert’s Rules of Order, we’re all going to future agenda items. will close. If I can have a motion, please.

So move. Can I have a second? Second?

Okay, wonderful. And Can I see a show of hands in support? Okay, we’re all supporter. I could do a call to say that we’re not but everybody’s supported. So moving right along. We’re on to a tournament Janet. Whoever wants to to put that motion forward to adjourn.

I motion we adjourn cuz I’m not used to sitting so long. It can I have a second. I’ll second that, Janet. It’s been moved and

seconded and clarify Show of hands that we are now in a German of our meeting.

Yay. Wave.

Do you guys want to hang around for in regards to everything