2021-01-13 Board of Education Regular Meeting

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Good evening and welcome to the st. Byrne Valley School District Board of Education meeting. Please stand and join us in saying the Pledge of Allegiance.

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I pledge allegiance to the

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of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands. One nation under God, indivisible, and justice, liberty and justice.

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Hi, Barb.

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Hi. Can you please call the roll this evening? Here, Mr. Aaron’s

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here. Thank you, Barb. Barb, it’s a little bit difficult to hear you. You just really quiet.

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Okay. Yeah. Speak loudly and we’ll be just fine. Have there been any, any addendums? Or changes to the the agenda this evening? There have not. Great. Thank you. And then that brings us to our audience participation tonight. We do have one community member that signed up to speak Mr. Dan Malloy. Oh, he didn’t. He’s not here. Okay, great. Richard, let us know if he gets here in the next few minutes. We can certainly accommodate his comments. Thank you. All right. We don’t have any visitors this evening. So Don, that brings us to our superintendent reports, which is agenda item five.

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All right. Well, thank you, Joe, I appreciate that. And I want to just start by saying thank you to our teachers, and our students and our parents, and our secretaries and custodians and all of our classified staff or bus drivers, we, we started up again, within person learning on the sixth with our elementary school students in for four days a week, and Fridays being a day that they can connect with their peers at home through technology. And then on the 11th, we started this week with our middle school students. And in a hybrid model, and they, along with our high school students who will start on the ninth day, next week, we’ll all have the option to come into the buildings as well on Fridays, and we’re in a space in our schools with their peers. So they will have those three days a week that they can be in our schools and, and they’ll continue with the hybrid. And, you know, what we’re hoping for is that we can get back to that fully in person as soon as possible, as long as we have the recommendations on the safety and the ability to move forward in that direction, from Boulder County Health and cdphp. So we’re, we’re excited about that, you know, we we started the process of vaccinations. And currently, you know, we’re following the protocols and the schedule from the governor’s office and cdphp. So right now we’re getting our 70 year old employees and above, they’re getting their testing right now, or not, they’re testing with their vaccinations right now. And they’re setting that up through, they can get it at Safeway, and we’re also going to be doing some at Boulder County Health. And then we’re also looking to work with a couple of other locations to expedite that, but that’ll be somewhere around 500 employees. And then they are considered one be above the line, along with our healthcare workers in our schools, our nurses, our health clerks, our occupational therapists. So that’s this first wave of vaccinations. The second wave of vaccinations, which would be one be below the line that will include all of the rest of the educators and we are prioritizing in collaboration with the county health in the state health has to which employees would go first looking at various criteria consistent with what the state is doing. And we have sent out a couple of emails and letters to our employees, keeping them in the loop and another one will be going out, just keeping them up to speed every step of the way with the vaccinations. They’re anticipating when I say they, the county health and the state health departments have told us that most likely that second layer of one be below the line would start towards the end of February, 1 week in March. So we’re probably about a little bit more than about a month and a half away from that group. And you know, we’ve been hearing things at the federal government level that they’re going to release more vaccines. They’re a baby also be more company. To get approval, that could expedite that process. And then ultimately, you know, once we get through the vaccinations, our plan would be to, to return to full time for pre K through 12. And we’d be looking at five days a week. And as soon as we can get there, and that’s what our that’s what our goal is. And that’s what our plan is. So. But again, I want to thank our teachers, and I want to thank our students and our parents and our community and our leadership team just for the the excellent work that everybody’s doing really positive start back. So we’ll hope that that continues.

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We did have a good parent update meeting. And, you know, approximately 100 people there, virtually, and answered some questions and very, very positive feedback. And I’m grateful for them to take the time for our parents to take the time to join us on those virtual meetings and ask questions and get updates and then take that information. It’s consistent with what we used to do with leadership st reign, until we went virtual. So we’ll continue to do that. Have a meeting with our teacher Advisory Committee tomorrow, which has about 60 teachers, and then following up with the association representatives. And then obviously, my daily and every other day and weekly conversations with the Teacher Association leadership. Talk to Steve Villareal, again, today has been outstanding. So we’re all really working together well, and things are coming together nicely, we did get approval to do wrestling. And so that’s something that was a shift. Now there will be some accommodations that need to take place. And Chase is in the process of sharing that with all of our wrestling coaches, some of the safety protocols that need to be put into place in order for that to happen, given the close proximity, and basketball, and then swimming for girls, and then also cheer and dance. So those are the sports that we’ll be moving forward with in this particular season. We’re excited to be able to watch some of those events. We’ll also continue our counseling support. Jackie, I think it was something like 230 or something 287 people took advantage of the invitation to contact counselors K through 12. And we’re monitoring how many students and families are taking advantage of that service, which, which we feel really good about and want to encourage people who, who would like either academic support and guidance, or any social and emotional support, that please know that our counselors and our interventionists stand ready to help Monday through Friday. And then in any crisis situation, we’d also be available at any time through the administration. So thank you for for that to our counselors and our interventionists, the graduation rates and the dropout rates, we received some positive news, we continue to see growth, we were over 90%, we’re at 90.3 for our traditional schools, and I think it was 86.7 or something like that for all schools combined for four years. But our dropout rate is at 0.8. Now, which means you know, close to 99% of our kids are going to finish, whether it’s in four years or five years or through completion. So that’s really positive, especially if you look back now we also saw that our Hispanic graduation rate is now over 83%. And if you look back, when we first started our efforts, it was at 55%. And that’s when we had 23 and a half credits only two years of math and two years of science. And now we have 24 and a half credits with three years of math and three years of science. And we’ve improved the graduation rates by you know, nearly 30%. And so you see that gap has all but closed. So we’re excited about that, and very grateful to our students for working so hard and our parents for supporting them at home, and our teachers and our administrators for supporting them and holding them to high expectations. I know that I’ve said this before, but I think it just it warrants being said, again, our goal is not simply to graduate our students. Our goal is to graduate our students with a strong competitive advantage because we’re in a very complex global environment. And simply achieving the bare minimum is not what we’re about, and our kids have risen to that level. And I would encourage the state to take a more proactive role in seeing that. districts do require the types of credits that are necessary one to guarantee you admissions, at least that you can

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fill out an application to a four year university, but more importantly, that you can compete in this really strongly competitive environment that we find ourselves in worldwide. Because if you look at some districts, you’ll see they they require like a year or less of math a year less of science, sometimes you know 20 credits sometimes 18 credits, things like that. So it’s all over the board. And I just think we have a responsibility not only to graduate them, but to graduate them really ready to compete. So proud of our students for that. We also are in the process looks like we’re going to be able to participate in a world education summit, that same rain will be able to present that and they’re anticipating about 100,000 people to be participating in that. And so we were contacted and asked to apply for that. And so we’re excited about that. I’ll also be doing a panel discussion that john king, the former secretary of education will be moderating. And the National Education Association president will be one of the panel members, I will be one of the panel members and then two other superintendents from another state from other states. And the purpose of that, as we’ve been told, is to provide guidance and suggestion to the administration around what schools would be needing to create equity in, in a digital environment. So looking forward to participating in that, we have a pretty extensive achievement report that you guys will be getting an extensive look at all of the achievement data plus the strategies. Jackie, and her team did a very nice job of putting this report together. And we will present this at our our study session next week, that looks at all of the things, you know, not only the test scores, but graduation rates, dropout rates, participation rates, discipline rates, everything, and then also highlighting some of the strategies that we have, in order to keep that continuous improvement that we’re all committed to. So I’m really looking forward to presenting that

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we are in the process of hiring, you’ll hear from Todd fukai, our outstanding Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources regarding Eagle crest elementary is hiring. And central Elementary. Actually, it’s not Eagle crest right now. It’s the elementary 28. But the principal from Eagle crest, we’ll be going over there. And then area assistant superintendent. So you’ll hear from Todd and just a little bit. And also you will hear about whom we hired from the new principal for old Columbine. Tony, Joe is you’ll get a chance to see her she’ll be joining us as well wanted to reinforce that we will have several extended learning opportunities for our students. We have after school academic support right now that students can take advantage of in about a month, we’ll look to implement Saturday school options for students that want to take advantage of that. And then we are in the process of finalizing our plans for project launch in literacy and math. And we will have opportunities K through 12 for our students throughout the summer. And a really heavy emphasis for K through five and literacy and math in that month of June, but also K through 12 throughout the summer. So that will be another opportunity for our students to get enrichment work, makeup work and things just designed to help continue to catch up. And in some cases, to advance because not everybody needs to catch up some some people have moved forward. Others have a little catching up to do. But our teachers have done well and our kids have done really well. Responding at home. It’s not done by any stretch of the imagination ideal and I don’t want to paint a picture that it’s been easy or that there hasn’t been any problem in terms of missing out on on some other learning. But we definitely will move forward in getting students that extra time that they need to advance. The other thing I wanted to share with you is our P tech our third p tech program and cybersecurity pathway through technology was approved. And some good information that we got today some good news that out of 800 internships offered across the United States and P tech, st rain was assigned 110 of them. And that’s the most internships of any p tech school in the entire country. And we now have 138 IBM mentors working with our students. So that’s a really significant accomplishment to be identified as one of the top p tech programs in the entire nation. So we’re grateful to IBM and our community colleges and you know I’ve access and tomar and Agilent and all of the new ones that are coming on board for cybersecurity as well. A brief update on the Coronavirus currently and again, this was as of this morning, we have 29 students who are at currently have the COVID virus eight staff members. Those are positive cases. As far as quarantines go, which don’t necessarily mean they’re positive. We have 88 students 21 staff 16 who are building employees and five who are central office So we’re, we’re able to maintain right now a strong workforce, and we think that that will will continue. I did notice in Colorado, we’re following both Colorado but also Boulder County and weld County. in Boulder County, the two week cumulative incidence rate was at 354, which is four over, that pushes us into red. But once we dropped below 350, we come back down. And then in weld County, it was 540 8.2. And then the two week positivity rate in Boulder was 4.9, which puts us in the green. And in weld county 9.5, which puts us in the yellow. And then for Boulder County, 11 days of declining hospitalization rates puts us in the yellow and weld County, 10 days of declining hospitalizations, puts us in the yellow there as well. And that’s really what I have, by way of a superintendents update. But I do want to close the same way in which I started that really enjoyed school visits to the elementary schools in the middle schools. And we’ll be going to the high schools next week. And just the level of energy was palpable. The teachers were enthusiastic, the kids were excited. Everybody, the classified staff that we talked to enjoy, you’ll be able to imagine because I know you join us, just so many amazing people, from our parents, to our students, to our, you know, team members, our teachers, our classified staff and our principals, everybody working together. And I was one of those moments again, where you just you feel that surge of energy. So very appreciative to everyone for that. Thank you.

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Thanks, john. I think that’s a great segue. And I want to piggyback on some of your, your comments, and then throw in a few questions as well. Definitely want to express express appreciation and gratitude for everyone across St. vrain. Who’s making education possible right now. It’s not simple. It’s incredibly complex. And there are many layers to it. And I absolutely agree with Don, that the the energy in the schools is really positive. We went to well, several elementary schools last week, and then visited middle schools, several middle schools this week. And then I do look forward to we have on the calendar to visit high schools next week as well. And some of the overall observations that I had, and I wanted to share with the board are just some of the safety measures that I happened to notice when we were in the elementary schools and the middle schools. Some of these apply more to the elementary schools, and you’ll understand why. But But everyone’s wearing masks, you know, and I think it’s one of those things with students see, if you remember when we rolled out the iPads at the beginning, and there were people who were distrustful of the kids, and will they break them or will they lose them and you know what students rise to the occasion and they’re absolutely rising to the occasion. Right now. Also, they’re wearing their masks, they’re following the protocols, they’re washing their hands. There are directionals in the hallways of which direction people can can walk, walk, there are seating charts, in classrooms, as well as in the lunchroom, at the elementary school level. The kids hit a light with their elbow, when they go into the restroom, there’s two lights, so they’re able to track how many kids are in there. I mean, it’s really every nook and cranny of every school, the cleaning, social distancing. It’s it’s really neat. And, and, and by neat, I want you to understand what I’m saying is that everybody’s coming together, everybody’s doing what it takes to keep this the schools open and have kids there in person. And that was great to see, spoke with several several teachers on the school visits, spoke with custodians, nutrition services, workers, of course admin, as well as office people. And every single person I spoke with said they were pleased to be back, they were excited to be back, it was great to have kids in the classroom. Message from consistent message from teachers was thank you so much for all the support all of the resources. Again, very common and actually heard this in the COVID parent meeting yesterday, which I’ll get to a common theme again, for teachers to say that they’re so grateful for the amount of resources that are available in St. Rain, and when they talk to their colleagues in other districts. That’s even that gratefulness is even stronger because they realize that that’s not consistent across the state and across other school districts. So much fun to talk with the kids to especially in elementary school. They’re really excited and happy to be back. So time well spent, Jackie and Don, thanks for allowing me to go on the school visits with you and for everybody who took the time to talk. I mean, you know, I walked into classrooms on the first day of school and interrupted and talked with teachers and everyone. So I do appreciate everybody taking the time for that. Don, I agree with you. The the parent meeting yesterday, also was was very positive. And many of the same comments. There were a few things that I felt like, questions. They were all great questions, but a few things I wonder if you could share with us here, partly for the board and partly to speak for the public at large. And spot asked a great question about the budget and what has been specifically the impact of COVID. on St. vrains? budget?

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Yeah, no, I appreciate that. Yeah, we we, as you know, earlier, this fall, I shared with you as a result of a decrease in funding from the state that we were reduced by what amounted to about 14 to $15 million, this fall of ongoing money. So that was, you know, problematic at some level, but we’re in a very strong financial position. So we’re able to weather that some of the on the flip side of that, some of the help that we’ve received, even though it’s in the form of one time, money, it’s still been instrumental. And, you know, the the neighborhood schools received somewhere between 14 and $15 million. Through the CRF funds. In total, as a district, it was like 16.6, or seven, something like that. But we allocated some of the charter schools based on the allocations that were identified. And that 14 to 15 million in our neighborhood schools, and that a little bit additional for the charters helped us to really spend a lot on some of those safety mechanisms and things. And again, it’s one time money that needed to be spent by December. But nonetheless, it was helpful. There was also some s or funds, e s, s er funds, and that somewhere between two, two and a half million dollars that we received. And so that’s been helpful. And then with the most recent stimulus package, we are estimating will receive somewhere around nine and a half million dollars. And you know, and when I say around, it’s give or take 100,000, depending on the exact counts and things like that. But, but those monies have been helpful. We also, as you know, because you’ve been responsible for this in a large way as a board, we’ve built a really strong reserve, and that reserve yields some interest. And it also helps us to, to draw from it so that we can do things such as you know, we made a conscious decision not to lay all of our folks off who, when we were going remote, may not have had, you know, bus drivers and nutrition services, folks, when we’re not in the buildings, obviously, and stuff like that substitute teachers. So we were able to keep the folks employed, which we thought was important for two reasons. One, you never want somebody to be unemployed, if they’re looking for a job, and these people have been with us, they’ve been loyal, and supportive our students, and so you don’t want a pandemic to come around, and then have to lay hundreds of people off through no fault of their own. And that’s the case in so many places, as we’ve seen. But we didn’t have to do that. And so I’m, I’m pleased, and we’ll continue to keep our folks employed. And then you know, it allows us to be nimble, because you don’t want to be laying people off when you’re remote and then trying to scramble and bring them back when you’re in person. And so we wanted to be able to make adjustments as necessary. The other thing that helps our our budget is our growth, you know, I know it’s slowed a little bit as a result of COVID. But clearly, we’re going to see an uptick in growth. And with that uptick and growth will come additional revenue and things along those lines. And, you know, there’s always the the grants that have been helpful, you know, we’ve achieved in the last two to three years, you know, going on $13 million worth of grants. And that helps you bolster some of your programs. For example, that cybersecurity program is being bolstered by a grant covering the cost, and that’s hundreds of 1000s of dollars that you then don’t have to use from your general fund. and things along those lines. There were some savings and they weren’t, it wasn’t by design, it just so happens that when you’re not in person, you’re spending less on fuel, and you’re spending less on you know, heat or air conditioning, and less on substitute teachers and things along those lines, some of the expenses that you might otherwise have. And again, we didn’t make any decisions based around that. But it’s just a natural consequence of being remote versus in person.

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And we’re hoping and we feel strongly about the like We’re headed strong that we will not have to go back to. I don’t want to jinx anything, but I don’t foresee us having to go back to, you know, fully remote, unless something drastic happens with the virus. But so we’re in a really strong place, we’ve got a really strong fund balance, our growth will kick back in. And we’re way ahead in our projects, you know, with our elementary school 28, and all of these things that we’ve been working on. So we didn’t get caught by inflation. And so we didn’t lose money off of our bond projects, which is really good. So all in all, I feel very, very good about our budget will be able to sustain, I do anticipate that, you know, as a result of Colorado, dropping way down in terms of the economy, think I don’t know the exact number, but they said, We used to be in the top five now or in the bottom nine. And so I think there will ultimately be an impact to the amount of per pupil allocation that we receive. But we are definitely poised in a very strong financial position to weather that. And we’re entering into negotiations now with our teachers and our staff. And my hope is, and my intentions are to, to recognize their work through our compensation package, both through salary and benefits and those types of things. So we’re in a really good place. Yep. And I will always say this, thank you to our community, because had they not supported us. And the sacrifices that people have made all along, we wouldn’t be in this place. It’s It’s a unique place to be more public education is concerned. But it’s, it’s, it demonstrates what can happen when an entire community and your teachers and your staff and your students and, and Board of Education and everybody comes together to bolster your students. So

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Absolutely. Well, and, you know, strong district finances are, you know, foundational on our strategic priorities for the school district and never in a million years did i think that that we would need that fund balance to to weather a pandemic, but here we are. And it doesn’t take long to realize the significance and importance of that strong fund balance and making that possible. And continuing. You know, not only are you you marching through a pandemic, but you’re also continuing with all the typical work of a school district. Right. And I know that you just said that. But the other two things, Don, and I think you already you already touched on these in your in your Superintendent report. But But you gave a great update about the summer learning opportunities at that parent meeting. And that was very well received by parents and very appreciative of the opportunity for kids to extend the school year. And then the other thing was just staffing in general for the district and that, that things are looking good. And that that there aren’t any concerns as far as staffing goes. And I think that some of these questions come about because of people’s genuine concern and taking part in wanting the best for the school district, but also maybe the rhetoric from other school districts and to the national level. And that really doesn’t always ring true in your local school districts. So it’s always good to ask. Yeah,

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no, absolutely. I think the nationwide, there’s a very real concern about the teaching profession, in terms of teachers, being prepared and coming out of college into the profession. One of the things that we really are trying to do is maintain a great teaching force, which I think we have the very best in the country, I say that with all sincerity, because I watch them every day go above and beyond. But we have a great teaching force and a great classified staff. And I and we’re a very strong position there. And when we do have openings, we have a large number of applicants. And we’re going to continue to recognize our teachers and our staff, through our compensation package from salaries to benefits, and to working conditions, you know, and, and make this a place where people want to be continued to do that. But we’re in a very strong position right now with our teachers and our staff,

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thanks to two final things, and then I know we need to get on with our meeting. And Don, I mentioned this to you when we were talking this morning. When when as board members, we have an opportunity to get out into the schools and into the community. You know, we’re always paying attention to at least me always to the little things right the culture and the building people and and was was on school visits at an elementary school and it was lunchtime and it smelled great. And so I wandered into the cafeteria and was interacting with the nutrition services worker and just wanted to tell her Thank you right thanks for everything that you’re doing and it happens to be the day they were serving. french toast sticks. And I don’t know whether y’all know this, but those are really delicious and very popular. And she said to me, you know, this is exciting because it’s the first day back, and we’re having french toast sticks. And when we were in hybrid, we had to make sure that we looked at the cat the the the meal, the calendars to make sure that everybody had an opportunity to eat french toast, because his kids were only there to to, you know, french toast sticks, they’re only there two days a week. And to me, this was just such a clear example of the pervasiveness in St. Rhine Valley schools of everybody in the mindset of what’s best for kids, and what can we do to make sure that they have the very best educational experience. And so it might be easy to think that that’s in the classroom, or, you know, or various places, but it’s pervasive, it’s everywhere. And anyway, I thought it was fantastic. So thanks for letting me share that with you. And then Don is something that was was brought up multiple times yesterday at the parent meeting was the Grateful campaign. And so I’m gonna pass these out to board members. And if you could just talk a little bit about the Grateful campaign and explain what you were doing. And it’s been fun on Twitter to watch these and, and talk to parents, and we’ve received a few emails from parents saying what they’re grateful for, and, and I’ll pass these out.

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Yeah, absolutely. You know, and we kind of did a play on words, because we spelled it g r, E, A, T, and then fall. And the, you know, the, the message really was a way of, we wanted to say thank you, and that we are grateful for our community, and that we’re grateful to our teachers, and we’re grateful to our students. And as we talk more about it, we just recognize how important it is, in a, in any time to pause and think about the things that you’re grateful for in your life. And we thought, you know, it’d be great, you know, for our students recognize their parents and their teachers and the people in their lives that have continued to go above and beyond and, and that everyone takes a minute, to look at the things around them, and not to take them for granted. And not to assume that, you know, it’s, it’s gonna be easy all the time, and all of these kinds of things, and to really go that next step is to let somebody know, and to pass that sentiment along to them. And, and hopefully, it will become a way of thinking for people. You know, if you’re, if your first go to mindset is to find fault in someone, or find fault in what you don’t have, that changes your mindset, and it changes your level of happiness, and it changes your level of productivity, and, and meaning in life. If you can stop for a moment, amidst all the noise and just say, you know, I’m really grateful for this, this and this, even if you just pause for a moment, and then if you can figure out a way to go that next step and let somebody else know that you’re grateful, that will make them feel better. And it’s not, you know, just this trite, emotion thing, it really matters. It matters. And I think it counter some of the, the negativity that we hear. And I think there’s this, there’s this mindset right now that we’d, if we don’t agree with somebody on something, we go to a place of negativity, and instead of looking for the best, and that person or the best in the situation, and being grateful. And, and I think that that’s really important. I mean, I believed in that, always that perhaps never more than I do today. So we sent a letter to every employee sent the letter to every to our students. And then also this postcard, and a little slip of paper that explains what we’re doing and asking them to fill it out and pass it along. One of the things that’s been really uplifting is the number of emails that I’ve received from students, and from parents and from employees, saying thank you, and, and then if you watch on Twitter, and some of these other social media outlets, you see people talking about what they’re grateful for. And that mindset is really, really important. And so it’s something that will continue to encourage.

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Thank you. Yeah, I appreciate that. You bet. Yeah.

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All right. I think we’re ready to move on if board members don’t have anything else. Mr. Malloy has arrived. Great. So we’ll go ahead and welcome him in. Hi, Dan.

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How are you guys?

Unknown Speaker 34:56
Welcome. We are great. How are you this evening?

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I am good

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super if you could, I think you already know the routine but your name and your address name for the record for the your name for the record your address. And then three minutes.

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Sounds good. Does

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it start after before?

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That’s what I thought.

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There you go.

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So Dan Malloy. 365 Papi view lane, Erie, Colorado. And I can start whenever you guys are ready,

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absolutely. Go for it.

Unknown Speaker 35:25
So the first thing I want to say is, again, appreciate having me in here and chance to speak to the board and to the community who are watching. On behalf of myself, St. Green educational advocates, Colorado and personalized for learning. Thank you to the st. Grand district for being one of the first to get back to school. Thank you for leading the charge with our elementary school students to get them in the classroom, and getting our middle and high school students to be at the front of the line to get back. Thank you for everything that we’re doing with the additional learning that’s being provided for the different opportunities for the children to socialize and interact. And the ability to be back in the classroom where they belong, and their safest. Now, obviously, we still have a lot of work to do. We all know this, and the community is ready to help. The community understands that there are things going on in society. And there’s things going on with that virus and the disease that we have to protect our children and the community from. But then we sit here and we say we can’t get them back all the time. But it’s just a year. For my son’s that’s 1/9 and 1/11 of their life. For my daughter that’s a sixth of her life. It’s not just a year, it’s a big fraction. We say that our children are resilient, we say that they’re rising to the occasion. Why? What are they rising to the occasion of why is my daughter sitting there crying after waiting for half an hour to log into our class, and my sons are freaking out that the internet Went, went down? And the answer is we’re asking them to protect us to protect our community to stop the spread of the virus. And to make us all feel safe. I spend most of my adult life as a father and as a soldier. So I know something about making the community feel safe, and protecting those around me. And I’ve never asked my children to make me feel safe. And I’ve never asked a child to stand in front of me in combat. And yet, we’re asking our kids to do that now. We’re the adults, were the grownups in the community. The groups that I speak for and represent are ready to do more to get our kids back in, we need to stop asking the children to take one for the team. We’re in this together for them. They’re not in this for us. So I do appreciate everything that’s been done. I appreciate how far people have gone above and beyond to get us where we need to be now. But we have a lot of work to do. And I hope that as a team is a community, the district, the groups can set the example for the rest of Colorado and show them how we protect our children, how we get them back where they’re safest, and how we overcome all the damage that they’ve endured up to this point. So again, thank you, and I do appreciate the the opportunity to speak here for our children, our families.

Unknown Speaker 38:17
Dan, thank you appreciate it. I do apologize for pronouncing your name incorrectly. Have a nice evening. Thank you appreciate it. So before we jump into our first report, Todd, if you’re available, I would like to give you an opportunity to introduce our new hires this evening.

Unknown Speaker 38:44
Yeah, can you hear me okay?

Unknown Speaker 38:47
We can thank you.

Unknown Speaker 38:48
Okay. Okay. Thank you and good evening, Dr. Dad, President secrets and members of the board. It’s my pleasure to bring forward a recommendation that the Board of Education approved the hire of Miss Tony Joe nickoli as principal for CDC and old Columbine High School effective July 1 2021. This nickoli graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a bachelor’s degree in elementary education. She continued her education at the University of Northern Colorado where she completed her master’s degree in special education. And this Nicholai also completed her education specialist degree in educational leadership at the University of Northern Colorado. For the past three and a half years Miss nickoli has been the assistant principal at CDC old Columbine High School from 2011 to 2017. Mr. Klein served as the assistant principal and athletic director at Winograd k eight school in the Greeley Evans weld County School District six. Prior to that she served as a special education teacher and alternative cooperated Cooperative Education teacher at Central High School in the Greeley Evans School District, from 22,006 2011 and Mr. Gli has also served as a high school recovery credit teacher by an advisor to school to work facilitator. So, Miss nickoli has joined us and we would like to introduce Mr. Clay to the Board of Education.

Unknown Speaker 40:18
Thanks, Todd. Hi, Tony, Joe. Hi, good evening, everyone. How are you? Great. It’s wonderful to see you. It’s nice to see everyone as well. I would just like to thank this. Thank you all for this opportunity. First, I would like to thank Dr. Hood ad, as well as members of the board. Dr. Conclusion and Miss Dina perfetti Dini for allowing me to move forward with this opportunity to continue to work with the amazing students and staff and families that will Columbine High School and the Career Development Center. Both of our programs in schools old Columbine and CDC, offer excellent programming and opportunity to students within our system. So being in line with the Grateful campaign, I’m feeling very grateful, and feeling really eager and excited to continue to work alongside our staff to continue to develop our team and elevate all of our programs so we can help our students become future ready once they leave our campus. So it’s an honor to be a part of the st. Moraine Valley School District. And I thank you for this opportunity. And I welcome you into our schools. So you can see everything that’s going on.

Unknown Speaker 41:41
Thanks, Tony. Well, Tony, Joe will look forward to heading over to the schools and visiting more with you and congratulations. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 41:51
Yes, thanks, Tony. Board of Education and it’s also my rec. My pleasure to recommend that the Board of Education approved the hire of Mr. Riot ball as the principal for elementary 28 effective July 1 2021. Mr. Paul has graduated from the University of Wyoming with a bachelor’s degree in elementary education. He continued his education at the University of Phoenix, where he completed his master’s degree and administrative leadership. For the past 16 years. Mr. ball has been the principal at Eagle crest Elementary School, where he has built a strong school base. school based on the foundation of high expectations as steady teachers and strong community partnerships. From 2002 to 2004. Mr. ball has served as the assistant principal supporting three different elementary schools in the Montezuma Cortez, are you one school district, and prior to that he served as a first a third grade teacher in Wyoming and in Colorado, from 1988 to 2002. Mr. Ball, had a prior engagement tonight and wasn’t able to join us. But he looks forward to speaking with the board of education about elementary 28 in an upcoming meeting.

Unknown Speaker 43:05
Thanks, Todd. And I think as as it stands now, that’ll be on January 27. So we’ll we’ll look forward to congratulating principal ball then. Sounds good. Thank you. Thank you. Appreciate it. All right, that brings us to agenda item 6.1, which is school board recognition.

Unknown Speaker 43:24
Yeah. So I wanted to just take a minute, on behalf of the administration and, and I know for many community members who have shared their appreciation, to the Board of Education, and many teachers who have shared their appreciation and students as well. This is National School Board Appreciation Week. And so we we’ve got a few things for you. One, this plaque if you take a look at it on your desk, and it’s something that we hope that you will always that you place in a place that you can always see it and know that there’s a lot of gratitude that comes with this plaque for the countless hours that you put in your selfless sacrifices for this system. And, you know, it goes without saying you do this. It’s a labor of love for you. It’s not something you receive compensation for, other than the great feeling that I know you all get when you see our children and our teachers and our staff and our community succeeding. So I hope that this communicates to you just how important you are to all of us and how much we appreciate you. The other thing that you see is you’ll see a seven up which stands for the seven of you constantly moving up and this next bottle is propel. So this bottle propels the seven of you onward and upward. I like these are two little treats. And then finally, we passed out some snacks for you that hopefully it’ll just be enjoyable. If you’re, you know, if you just take us snack, you’ll think of everybody that’s appreciative of you. And truly you guys, I want you to know how much you are appreciated, you run this system in a way that is with the highest levels of integrity, with all of our students, and our teachers, and our staff and our community are always at the forefront of your decisions, and your level of commitment. And I know we talk a lot on a daily basis, after the phone at all hours of the night, you’re responsive to all people. And it just it really is appreciated. So thank you. And I know we don’t have our whole team here. But I know Dr. capetian would maybe want to say something as well. Because she and our team, our leadership cabinet, oftentimes talk about how fortunate we feel to be able to work with you, and feel the support that you provide. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 46:08
thank you. So I did write down just a few comments that I wanted to share, I want to start by saying thank you to all of you for your encouragement, especially this year. I think that collectively, you all have supported our superintendent and our administrative team, in really critically important ways. You asked questions when clarity was needed, you trusted our work when it was clear that a thorough analysis had been done around a situation and you walked through this crisis with all of us, always keeping students safety, and their personal growth at the forefront of our decision making. This kind of support that you all have provided has given our team a lot of stamina. And it has helped keep our system whole.

Unknown Speaker 46:55
And better yet, it has helped us to emerge as a stronger, more resilient team and system in St. Brain Valley schools, which I didn’t even know was possible. We truly appreciate the ways in which you have supported our team, especially this year, it was exactly the kind of support that we needed. So thank you. Thank you, appreciate it.

Unknown Speaker 47:25
Should’ve known if I sat in the back, I’d have to come up and say something. And truthfully,

Unknown Speaker 47:33
as Don was

Unknown Speaker 47:33

Unknown Speaker 47:35
and I kind of missed the opportunity

Unknown Speaker 47:37
to have a crowd

Unknown Speaker 47:40
of people here that we could all clap,

Unknown Speaker 47:42
and say thank you. And so truthfully, this last year has been hard for everybody. But the strength of the board really is tremendous. And, and it keeps us going. So thank you.

Unknown Speaker 47:57
And we normally have our students at the CDC center with our culinary arts program provides a wonderful dinner. And once we are able to we will, we’ll do a range check. We wanted to make sure not let this opportunity slip away to say thank you.

Unknown Speaker 48:16
Thanks, Don. And well we’ll certainly look forward to that, that raincheck. Because I you know, I try not to to speak for the board. And I think I’m pretty comfortable doing so right now. Apologies if anybody wants to disagree jump in. We definitely appreciate the recognition and support, thank you. But I do believe in our eyes the best recognition, appreciation and support or however you want to label it is students success and staying students. You know, define what success means to them. And then and then being able to take advantage of opportunities to get them there. That is why we all sit here in these seats. So yeah. Thank you. Appreciate it. Thanks, everyone. I will look forward to drinking my drinks and having some snacks. Yeah, absolutely. Thank you. Agenda Item 6.1. Richard is our safety and security report. Welcome. And Richard, you’ve been here with us every night for all of our Board of Education meetings. During this pandemic, I know that many people are online but you’ve been here in person with us. Thank you for that. Appreciate it. And I believe that you’ve been here just over or coming up right on one year. What a heck of a first year for you to have at a school district. Hey, it’s your your first year and we’re gonna throw in a pandemic.

Unknown Speaker 49:51
I was just telling Brian it was it was a year ago tonight that I got to wear a tray of ice t at the at the CDC.

Unknown Speaker 49:57
I remember that. Yeah. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 50:01
Well, before, before I get into to the annual report, you know, I just kind of want to echo what Dr had said, Nothing that, you know, I’m gonna hit on a few high level items from that 1920 school year. And none of that’s really possible without you all the board, your leadership and your vision and your dedication to the community. So thank you so much for that, because that makes everything that we do possible. So thank you very much. Also, Dr. Haddad Dr. profusion, thank you as well for your for your leadership and guidance through some of this. So with that, I will jump right in to some of these items. First thing we hit on was the school’s school security disbursement grant, which was awarded 2019, we got over $687,000 for that. And I want to recognize one of our project managers, Conan Smith, you know, through it was his leadership that really pushed this through and saw some of these projects they’re on while we’re still working through some of those things. There are a couple of items that we’ve that we’ve already checked off that list that I mentioned mentioned to you here. We have gone through an upgrade to informer cast fusion, which is currently running in 18 different schools, that’s a program through single wire, which we were using to run our bell schedules in our intercom system. And that upgrade is allowed us to do a couple different things. And one of the functions as is, is a program called 911. Call aware. So the way a 911 call works currently, if a 911 call comes into our local dispatch center, from one of our schools, if someone hangs up or doesn’t state where they are, the only thing the police will know is it came from the school. They don’t they won’t know where 911 call were at the same time that call is going out to dispatch, that information is tracked. And it’ll go to the school security team, the admin team, and anyone they deem as part of their security team. So they’ll get notification that a 911 call was made, what extension that came from and who’s assigned to that extension, so they can promptly go down and check on the situation. Was it an accident? Is there an emergency? Is there something we need to deal with many times we can accomplish that even before an officer has been dispatched to come to the school and you know, we can just more readily address any issues that arise. We’ve also through that program, we’ve added some IP speakers. And that’s done a couple of things for us. It gives us visual recognition with a strobe light and a scrolling message board on it. That that there’s there’s something something about to come forward to the intercoms. So they’ll get they’ll get that scrolling message, they’ll get the flashing light, and they’ll know to be quiet and listen to the message that’s coming. We’ve also added beacons at 105 locations across the district. And these emergency beacons are primarily our high noise areas, music rooms, cafeterias, auditoriums, that type of place. So what that does is, again, when there’s an alarm that’s going to be sounded or a notification via the the intercoms, those lights will flash indicating that an announcement is forthcoming. People need to be quiet, stop what they’re doing and listen. So we can more effectively communicate in an emergency with our students and staff. We have also completed the law enforcement lockbox upgrade, we have 97 lock boxes around the district, we have two at each school. And each one of those lock boxes has six sets of keys and a map of the school in it. And that’s used solely for law enforcement to be used in time of an emergency so that they can access the school without having to wait for someone to let them in. We monitor each of those lock boxes with a with a video surveillance 24 hours a day. And there’s also two different tamper alarms on it. There’s one if the box is opened, we’ll know it and also if someone’s tampering with the box from the outside trying to pry it off the wall will also know that let’s see I think that takes care of our the security disbursement grants. The next is the automated external defibrillators or abs. That’s an ongoing program. We’ve added a few more this year, this past year to that program primarily for athletic so they have they have them to take out to the field so somebody doesn’t have to run back to a building if one is needed, or sports teams who are traveling have that to take with them rather than taking away from the school. They have one assigned for that very thing.

Unknown Speaker 54:41
Also, we’ve done some things to enhance physical security and I have to recognize operations and in particular the Franklin column and the low voltage shop. They’ve just been outstanding. Working with this project making some of these things happen. It’s just been a pleasure your tip of the hat to them They don’t wait for me to come up with ideas that they’re coming to me with ideas and things they can do. So they really want to do more. And it’s just been, it’s been a pleasure to work with them. So with that, some of the things that they have accomplished, we’ve upgraded four of our high schools, we’ve either added or play 60 different cameras, we’ve upgraded the burglar alarms and 12 buildings. We’ve also they have upgraded the door hardware as part of the secure entrance renovations and five of our schools. And they’ve also improved the freeze monitoring at our schools and in some of our coolers to help prevent against future loss. So they’ll have notification if there’s a freeze event.

Unknown Speaker 55:45
One of the other areas is the the the door lock in some of the classrooms had had knew what they had to lock, the teachers used to have to leave their classroom in an emergency to physically lock the door with a key. So we’ve upgraded over 300 doors with new hardware so they can lock from the inside. Now there’s, they no longer have to go outside to lock their door or use those magnets on their doors, they can keep them walk. So that’s a project that’s been that’s been completed in worse if there’s that’s just the first phase of that project where we’re moving on. Now working with some of the the other of the fire doors here, so you’ll see some of the, like the push bars on those doors. So there’s some upgrades still forthcoming with some of those community partnerships. You know, we’ve even even long before I came to St. Brain, I was aware of the good relationship that St. Blaine enjoys, whether it’s community partners, public safety, our businesses and the like, when I think this past year really highlights public health. You know, a lot of work has been done, a lot of work went into that. And it’s it’s commendable, because we’ve accomplished some great things, you know, and again, we couldn’t have done that without the leadership from the people here in this room. So I felt like I just had to recognize that because a lot of effort went into that. And it’s been it’s been notice noticeable. Some sustainable initiatives, you know, there’s a couple of pages of those things that I listed in the report. Many of them didn’t have any significant changes to them. So I’m not going to go over them. But I’m happy to answer any questions you have about them. But one area that did change is the standard response protocol. So prior to last school year, we were moving forward with adding hold. And that is simply and that’s that’s been completed, we have integrated that now. In fact, some of the schools have used it. And it’s just really, it’s an action that’s used if there’s typically some type of medical emergency in a building. And we want to keep the hallways clear for first responders to come in. And we just want to keep students and staff where they are. And that makes it easier for first responders, it just affords a little more privacy to those that are involved at at the time too. And the last area that has changed, they’ve changed some terminology. So before we had the the terms of lockout, and lockdown, and those have often get confused. So the term lockout has been changed to secure, the action has changed or just changing terminology to make it so we can differentiate between them and hopefully reduce confusion in an emergency. So with that, I’m happy to take any questions you have.

Unknown Speaker 58:34
Thanks, Richard. Appreciate it. To board members have any questions or comments this evening. Karen,

Unknown Speaker 58:41
thank you so much for the update. And welcome for the for the for congratulations for enduring this year.

Unknown Speaker 58:50
I just have a question about Naloxone. And if we have any Naloxone administration training or personnel.

Unknown Speaker 59:02
Now are you referring to the

Unknown Speaker 59:05
like the Narcan, it’s like,

Unknown Speaker 59:07
anti that’s what I was thinking, okay. I don’t know if our school nurses have been trained and that I can follow up and get back with you on that. The one caveat with with using that does have a shelf that’s rather expensive, and it does have a shelf life. So it doesn’t last very long. But but it has been proven. Some of my some of my friends in law enforcement have actually used it on the street to save lives. So for I believe it’s use it with with heroin, but I’ll follow up with that and get back with you to see if we’re using that anymore, but I’m not.

Unknown Speaker 59:37
I know that we did in the past go through that. When when Stacey was here, we implemented that and so we know what they say about assuming things. We won’t do that we’ll go back and check to make sure that that’s still in place.

Unknown Speaker 59:50
Great. Thank you. I just know opioid abuse is on the rise in our country. So it’s it’s it part of my work, which is why Think about it, but just curious Thank you so much.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:00
I’ll follow up and get back with you on that.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:02
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:05
Thanks, Karen, did you have something, Paul? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:09
Thanks, Richard, I don’t really have any questions, I just want to compliment you on the report, I thought it was well done, and very comprehensive and very well explained. And what I what I noticed from it is just the different levels of it. And that, you know, when people think of safety and security, the first thing we think of is the physical. And we’ve clearly taken care of that over the years as far as door locking and cameras and lighting. But then also the responsiveness and the behavioral pieces of this and the resources on site, I think are really important. Some of the things you mentioned, you know, how we’re granulating the programs to not only have the defibrillators, but where are they in? Are they movable, and the practicality and the reality of each of those situations, suicide gets played out in more and more detail. So I just really appreciate your role in in that and making us all sleep better at night and send our kids to school. Feeling good about it, because you’re taking care of all those details as a professional. So I really, I really do appreciate the peace of mind that you give everybody and then let you know, literally keeping our our kids, our kids safe and giving our staff resources that they need to do that as well. So thank you. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:25

Unknown Speaker 1:01:29
Thank you. Again, I guess I’ll be the third board member expressing appreciation for the quality of the report and the comprehensive nature that you’ve included here. I guess the thing that I am most encouraged by is that your report is kind of a status and trends report that you’ve identified areas that we have completed our work. And it’s clear you have a longer term agenda that goes over several years. One of the areas specifically would be the informer cast fusion area where we have it at 618 sites, I would assume that there’s a rollout for additional sites before the system is I guess, in your mind fully or our collective mind fully complete. Right. But could you share with us kind of a sense of in your timeline, where where are we in in terms of becoming fully equipped with if there is such a thing to deal with the full range of safety related measures that you’re responsible for.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:45
So specifically, with the informed cast, the reason we have 18 sites is because they have the the infrastructure and the network to handle those things, because it is all run over our our data network. So there are some upgrades we’ll have to do at future sites. So that will just be an ongoing, probably a multi year process to to make that happen.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:09
With the sense be over some period of time that we would expect to have those and every school a third of the schools or half of the schools, or is it miles

Unknown Speaker 1:03:22
is every school?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:26
So we’re 20% there. Yes, actually more than that. But 30% they’re

Unknown Speaker 1:03:34
looking better every day.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:36
Excellent. Thank you very much. And thank you for the the clarity of the report. And the this, for treating it as a system and not a one off piece. I really think that that’s key to our success as a district and you’re the success of the safety program under your leadership. Thank you, Chico

Unknown Speaker 1:04:02
Yeah, I was actually going to ask the same thing as datas on the continued phases coming out. So I appreciate you talking about that. And then just also, thank you similar to what Paula has said not only for the thoroughness of the emergencies and in increasing how we improving how we deal with emergency situations, but also preventative. And so having both of those incorporated and both of those continually considered. I appreciate everything that goes into that. Thank you

Unknown Speaker 1:04:36
Richard Yeah, you know, echo what everyone else has said and express appreciation and, and something that I don’t want to go unsaid is, is maybe connecting the dots a little bit and this is what I was doing in my mind and Don had in his Superintendent report talked about the increasing graduation rate and the declining dropout rate. And that is something also that that you’re have a hand in is is, of course student behavior and becoming involved in making sure that that kids stay in school. Right. That’s certainly a part of safety also. And just a good demonstration of the district as a system, as I think Dec already mentioned, and the important role that safety and security can play in also keeping kids in school and ensuring that they’re successful and graduating.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:26
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:27
Yeah, appreciate that. Otherwise, you know, the scope of your job, the day to day safety and security, but also preparing for emergencies. And who knows, who knew that would be a pandemic? So thanks for for everything you do. And we’ll hope that year two is won’t be entirely filled. It’ll look a little different.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:47
I’m sure it will be different.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:49
Yeah. That’s our hope. Yeah. Thank you very much. Appreciate it. All right. That brings us to our consent items this evening. Do board members wish to pull any of those items before we vote? deck.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:12
Thank you. I’d like to pull 714

Unknown Speaker 1:06:16
All right, so we’re going to pull bb 7.14 which is the approval of request to grant exception to board policy GB EA. Alright, then I would entertain a motion for approval of consent items 7.1 stuff terminations leaves 7.2 staff appointments 7.3. Approval of minutes for the December 9 2020 regular meeting. And December 16 2020 special meeting 7.4 approval of designated posting locations for notice of 2021 sT vrain Valley Board of Education meetings 7.5 first reading adoption board regulation j l i f dash our use of safety and security technologies 7.6 approval of recommendation the higher principal of Career Development Center old Columbine High School 7.7 approval of recommendation to hire principal of elementary 28 7.8 approval of contract award for clover basin data center server room cooling upgrade 7.9 approval of change order to to contract for school security disbursement grant project seven point 10 approval of contract award for district wide school security disbursement grant project seven point 11 approval of contract award for mead Middle School irrigation pump station seven point 12 approval of easement agreement for nyuad High School renovation project seven point 13 approval of fee adjustment three to architect agreement for pool addition project as Silver Creek High School, seven point 15 approval of purchase of netscout hardware software and support by Karen and a second second by Jim. Mr.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:08
Aaron’s absent Mr. Gribble? Yes. Mr. Garcia?

Unknown Speaker 1:08:13

Unknown Speaker 1:08:15
Dr. martyr? Yes. Miss Pierce. I miss this is raglin. I am a secret. I thanks, BB Dec. Comments on seven point 14.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:31
Yes, thank you, Madam President. I although this is on the consent agenda and an important action that the board will take. I do think that as a matter of principle, it’s important for us as a board to be particularly aware of instances in which there is potential for our decisions to be viewed as having a pool. I’ll put it in a positive way we must be ever dealt diligent to ensure that our practices and policies avoid not only the fact of self dealing, but the the potential for it. And so we do have our policy that requires Board approval for any instances in which there is a potential for conflict of interest. And I was, I would like, if possible that have our staff member good faith. Explain to us what this what’s involved with this particular request for an exception to our conflicts of interest policy. Hi, Greg.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:02

Unknown Speaker 1:10:04
Thank you, Dr. Margaret. Yeah. So first of all, let me just say thank you to the board. I appreciate all that you’ve done and all that you do to support us. And so I just want to make that clear that I appreciate everything that you guys do. In terms of this particular case, we have the head, baseball coach at nyuad. High has a corporation in terms of clubs, sports, and so he is willing to sell some used turf to skyline High School for that same purpose, so that they have the same type of equipment. And so we went through the process, we looked at it, we came to the conclusion that this was a a comparable cost to other to other use turf material. And so, again, based on conflict of interest, it would say that, because he’s an employee, and he owns his own Corporation, and is trying to sell something to the district that he has to go through this process. And so that’s where we are, at this point is we we believe it’s a it’s a an it, it’s okay, for approval for this point, at this point.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:32
Thank you, Greg. It’s reassuring, certainly at the board level, but I think as at the district level, that we do have a systematic process in place, and that you’ve reviewed this carefully, and have concluded that there’s not a self dealing component or conflict of interest in this particular instance. And I’d also note that there is a limit of $5,000 in terms of the transactions and that if they’re, if the amount of the transaction increased beyond that amount that you would come back to the board for additional authorization?

Unknown Speaker 1:12:17
Absolutely. We believe this is a one time transaction and it’s it’s roughly 20 $400. But if there was another program inside the district that wanted to do that, and the total amount to this individual was was greater than 5000, then we would bring it back to the board.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:36
Thank you very much.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:40
Thanks, tech, if you wouldn’t mind making a motion for approval,

Unknown Speaker 1:12:42
then I would be glad to do that. I move approval of 7.1 for approval of requests to grant exception to board policy, GB EA, staff ethics slash conflict of interest. Second,

Unknown Speaker 1:13:02
and a second by Chico BB.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:04
Thank you. Mr. Arens absent Mr. Bercow? Yes. Mr. Garcia?

Unknown Speaker 1:13:09

Unknown Speaker 1:13:10
Dr. martyr? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:13
Miss Pierce. Hi, Mrs. raglin. I am the secret I.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:20
Agenda Item 8.1 is our one action item this evening, which is a recommendation for the adoption of the school priority improvement. Pardon me improvement unified improvement plan. And kale. I have have noted here that that you’ll be introducing this agenda item or an

Unknown Speaker 1:13:44
Alright, it’s in Sydney.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:47
Fantastic. Thanks, Dan. It’s nice to see you. Welcome.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:50
Likewise, presidency versus Board of Education and Doctor her dad, thank you for your time reviewing the unified improvement plans of Rocky Mountain elementary school and Timberline PK eight. And we’d like to seek that the Board of Education adopts the school priority improvement unified improvement plans.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:09
Great, thank you. We did talk about these an hour. At our last regular meeting. I had an opportunity the the principals, Principal Garcia and and principal Maclaurin also spoke. The board’s had an opportunity twice now to review those plans, ask questions and whatnot. So thank you, you very much for that. I don’t anticipate many board questions or comments, but if anybody has one. If not, then I’ll entertain a motion for approval. All right, by Karen in a second second. And a second by Jim. BB.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:52
To Aaron’s absent Mr. Berthold. Yes. Mr. Garcia. Yes. back your martyr.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:00

Unknown Speaker 1:15:01
Miss Pierce. Hi, Mrs. Raglan.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:04
I miss speakers. Hi.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:07
Thank you, Barb. And that was that was quick. Given that we’ve had an opportunity to discuss them in detail at a prior prior meetings. Did you have anything else that that you wanted to add?

Unknown Speaker 1:15:20
On? No, just thank you to the principals and their staffs and all the work they’re doing and engaging families. And then thank you again for your time.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:27
Absolutely. There’s a lot of work that goes into these and then implementing them also is a great deal of work. We appreciate the expertise of everyone involved. Thank you. All right. That brings us to the conclusion of our meeting this evening. We will be reconvening again on January 20, from six to 8pm for a study session at Longmont High School, and then we’ll be back here in the board room on January 27. At 5:30pm for our second quarter financials and then at 6pm for a regular meeting. Don, thank you again for the gifts and the appreciation and look forward to high school starting next week in person in a hybrid model. And seeing some a good deal of encouragement for finishing a school year on a different note than the way we started it. As far as the pandemic goes so, alright. If there’s nothing else would entertain a motion for adjournment please. so moved by Karen and a second. Second by Chico All in favor, aye.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:40
Thank you