City Council Regular Session December 15, 2020

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Let’s go ahead and call the meeting to order. Let’s go ahead and start this regular session by roll roll call.

Mayor Bagley here, Councilmember Christiansen here. Councilmember Duggal fairing,


Councilmember Martin.


Councilmember Peck.


Councilmember Rodriguez


Councilmember waters


Mary have a quorum. All right, great.

Let’s start with the pledge.

Ah, john, you

want to start us here?

I pledge allegiance to the

United States,

America, and

one nation under God, indivisible, indivisible,

with liberty

and justice for all. All right. Just a quick reminder that public anyone wishing to provide public comment during the public invited be heard must watch the livestream of the meeting and calling only when the meeting is open for public comment. You can’t callers are not able to access the meeting at any other time. That is the college. That is the calling information we will go ahead and put that up when it comes time for first call public invited to be heard when you call in wait patiently, and you’ll be called by the last three or four digits of your phone number. All right, let’s move on to section or item for approval of minutes. I have a motion to approve the December 1 2020. regular session minutes. I will move Alright, I’ll second that. It was moved by Dr. Waters. Seconded by myself any comment? Okay, seeing none All in favor of approving December 1 2020. regular session minutes say aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. All right, any agenda revisions or submission of documents or motions to direct the city manager for future agenda items.

All right.

We thought we got away with it. Councillor Christiansen?

No. I’m just going to ask though, last week, we approved giving some money to the Northern Arapaho. I’m wondering when that’s going to happen or when it’s coming back.

So I’m going to need you all to make some motions during city manager. City Manager report on the very issue and then on carry over.

We had a chance to we had a chance to talk to her communicate with the Business Council yet.

We haven’t had a chance but we’re gonna go ahead and ask you to do that. All right. We’ll do that tomorrow. Then we need to get some I need to chat with you about getting numbers so that

all right, we’ll just we’ll just we’ll have Paulie that’ll happen tomorrow, I promise.

Okay, that’s good. All right.

All right. Um, let’s go ahead city manager’s report. update on COVID-19. How are we doing?

We’re doing well. I’ve actually got a few things to talk to you about about changes that occurred at the state level and cares funding. But the first item that I wanted to talk to you about is actually the five the 5000 that you want to do appropriate, appropriate to the approved Arapahoe nation. So I need council to make a motion indirect that so we can get that in the budget process.

Councilmember Christiansen

I would move that the city manager and city staff donate $5,000 to the Northern Arapaho tribe to us in the way they see most fit for to help their nation during COVID. Thank you.

I’ll second it.

You’re muted, but I I read your lips. Marian? Yes.

Yes. Customer back.

So, um, Councilman Christiansen Did you want that to come out of the council contingency fund?

Yes. Sorry. I meant to mention, I mean from the council contingency fund.

Okay. All right. The motion is to instruct staff to move forward by allocating $5,000 out of the council considered contingency fund in order to apply it to assist the Northern Arapaho tribe in their current their current needs, given the covid 19


All right, all in favor say aye. Aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. All right, the Motion carries unanimously.

peril steering Council also need another motion from council to carry over the remaining amount from your contingency fund into 2021.

So moved. Second. All right. It’s been moved and seconded. All in favor say aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. All right, Motion carries unanimously. How much is in there right now Harold.

Let me go to the

other issue that has been 62,000.

Okay, cool. plus, plus 40,000 that we would hope to reimburse

from cares money.

Okay, so 100,000 102,000 looks like we’re gonna have a cool birthday party for one of us. All right. That’s a joke. By the way, don’t everybody laugh? And we come on. I mean, I’ve been trying for nine years now. All right.

Casa Bonita, Casa Bonita.

If they open again, close. That’s right. All right. So Harold, you have anything else to report with go. But yeah,

we’ve got a few things. Um, Don, you want to jump in and help us talk through the liquor fee issue. We’ve had some changes at the state and since this is the last meeting, and we want to get some direction from you all that we can pass on to the judge and the Liquor Authority, Don.

Thank you, Harold. mayor and council during the special session that was held by the state legislature, they passed a bill 20 B dash 001. That waives a whole bunch of liquor licensing fee fees for the next year from December 7 2020 to December 7 2021. Liquor fees. It’s a dual process. So there are liquor licensing fees paid to the state and fees paid to the city. The state can only waive their fees. They can’t waive our local fees. So the question is, would council like for us to follow suit? And wave there are certain license types, it’s mostly on premise licenses. So like restaurants, those kinds of licensees, and it’s for specific types of applications, renewals. So in the next year, generally bar bars and restaurants would not have to pay any fee in order to renew their license as a way to help them to recover. So the question is what counsel like for us to do the same for the same time period? The way we would do that is the the licensing authority, which is judge Frick, he would then write an order to amend our fees. But we wanted to ask for council direction first.

I think that’s a great idea. Councillor Christiansen?

You’re muted? Polly.

You’re still muted. Yeah, I

think it’s a wonderful way to help her businesses just a little bit, restaurants and things. So I’d say all right, if

you could take mine as a So moved. That was so I made the motion. Councillor Christiansen seconded it like water.

It just would be helpful to know what I how many dollars is that in terms of lost revenues or deferred revenues? Not that support the idea? Just I’m just curious, when I vote yes, I’m willing to forego X number of dollars in fees. And I do recall from Jim golden. That fees account for about $4 million dollars of our revenue shortfalls in 2020. So,

so how much are we gonna add to that? This was about $20,000. And we have some ability with some of the way we’re working. I think the carrier’s funding. It comes in for pandemic, so 20,000 All right, thank you.

All right, on favor, say aye. Aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. All right, that Motion carries unanimously. Thanks, Don. Good, thank you.


last part, or get two more pieces that are related to the cares funding that I talked to council about. So if you remember, we allocated cares funding to business assistance, childcare assistance, Health and Human Service funding. Any number of things we are screaming into the end of the year, if council will remember we have to have all of those expenses, we have to have all of that done by the end of the year. And what I mean done is it has to be expended or we have to have purchased what we need in there. One of the things that we’ve done as we’ve been moving through this, we were we had some of the internal funds that were that we were really focused on with within the organization, we’ve had some reallocations occur based on some other funding that came in for testing sites from the county and these other places. And that amounted to about 87,196. We moved the city’s funding from there into the business assistance grant process, which allowed us to assist about 88 businesses within a community we had approximately 150 that we’re requesting. So there’s still quite a few. When we started looking at the health and the money that we were putting into Health and Human Service funding and really the grants for the nonprofit agencies. We started running into some into some issues and the same thing actually occurred on the business assistance. inside and even with some of the childcare grants and that you get caught up into this funding source in terms the duplicate federal duplication of benefits. So if any of these groups apply for the PPP loans, or received any other federal funding, then it started conflicting in the duplication of benefits. The other thing we were seeing in our nonprofit groups is there was a lot of money funneling into that world via the county, the city, the state. And so when we went through that, we’ve realized that of the 254,000 that we put into that arena, when you look at the ability to spend it federal duplication of benefits, and then the conversations that we’ve had with Dola on the accounting piece, we’re only probably going to be able to allocate 160,000, which leaves about another 94,000 out in the process. And what we were, what I was going to recommend to you all is that we move that into the boost business grants, because they’re the easiest to just spend pretty quickly in the amount of time that we have. Um, the other thing that we’ve been really working on is the utility assistance grants. And so with the work that they’re doing at the our center, and the work that we’re doing internally, with our utility assistance piece, we we’ve identified that we were going to have about 90,000, that our center has moved over to us of which 50,000, we’ve moved into the utility assistance piece that we’re managing, which leaves about 40,000 that we need to reallocate again, we’re recommending that go into the business boost grants, because it’s the easiest and the fastest to expand. So that would add between those two pieces, another 134,000 to the business grants. What what we’ve heard and what I’ve heard from Peter, in this and Peters on the line, if you have any questions is that would get us close to being able to assist approximately 100 businesses locally, with the boost business grants that we’re putting into the community. And if you’re interested, we have a map geographically through the community. Obviously, we’re putting them through our social equity lens, as we were looking through this and had a diverse panel review. If counsel is in agreement with that, then as we’re continuing to get to the end of this, we know we’re going to have money available here and there. So we’ve then structured a process that we can move those funds into boost to pay for PP disinfecting in the city facilities. We have prime Go Go bags, it’s for our staff to be able to work, work from home. Some work in the museum so they can continue to do virtual productions, and then the pandemic pay the line item that we have within our organization. So those will be things we’ll have to move the money into as we’re sliding in just based on timeline. So I know I went over this pretty quickly. But as you can see, the big move is if we can’t spend it, moving it into the business grants, then looking at some of the other items within our structure so that we can ensure the funding is it we capture 100% of the funding locally.

All right, great. Is that it Harold?

If there’s a question,

I’m sorry, backwaters. I just was your brightness sweater was not was not capturing the visual sorry.

Do you need do you need emotion on any of that?

Um, if I can just get direction or consensus from council that we move in moving the funds as I described, I think that would help me.

So you don’t need a motion up for me. I’ll give you a thumbs up. Do you want to

give a motion? I’m emotional work too.

Well, then I’ll move that we authorize Harold to make the adjustments in the cares funding in ways that he just described.


All right. It’s been moved by Dr. Waters. And secondly, calcium overpack that staff proceed with the direction that Harold just described. All in favor say aye. Aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. All right, you’ve got your direction, Harold.

Thank you.

All right.

Till the one second counselor Beck. Oh,

I’m sorry. Harold, Are you finished with your update?

I’ve got I was gonna go over the COVID numbers, but if there’s something else I can,

um, I was just curious, and it does have to do with COVID Have you heard anything about the eviction

mandate being lifted?

You know, haven’t

heard anything. What I can say is that we were actually talking to the Boulder County folks that do this and they were saying Still talking about the fact that it’s only in extreme circumstances, when I’m seeing something pop across the screen. Somebody’s answering. Nope, they’re not. I haven’t seen that they’re going to change that. Sandy, can you jump on and see if you’ve heard anything from the state level on this one? Or Karen? Yep. As it and it’s only in extreme circumstances, we’ve had to deal with one recently, and it’s really safety to the other residents in the facility in the threshold is really, really high. And it really turns in, it’s a it’s a fundamental safety issue.

Okay, thank you.

All right, Harold. Anything else?

You have COVID. Okay, I’m gonna try to blaze through this as fast as I can. But there’s actually some good numbers, some good information in this that I wanted to share with you all. So can you all see?

Yes, we can.

Wait a second, I’m having technical issues.

My son, bear with me a second.

All right. So this is the information that I’ve received from Jeff Zak today, he presented it yesterday to our county administrator’s meeting. As we move through this, obviously, we’re going to be focusing on the cdphp, dial and mitigation metrics. When you look at this, so the first thing, you can obviously see that we’re at 572.5, per 100,000, I will tell you that that number was based on Monday, if you were to go to the dashboard, now it’s actually 526. So we’re continuing to move and in a good direction in terms of that number. And keep track of these numbers because they’ve consolidated into some comparisons for our other counties. When you look at the county rate, you can see here that it’s 6.4. I think that on the State’s website, that rate has now move to approximately, say that six versus the 6.4 that we had on Monday. So again, still seeing really good movement in terms of Boulder County. And then obviously, where we set in the eight to 11 days, we’re at 11 days of decreasing or stable admissions in Boulder County. When you look at the hospital search metrics for level purple, you can see that we are starting to see some differences. And you’ll see this when we get into hospital numbers. We’re now one to five Boulder County hospitals are reporting anticipated staffing shortage, I think last week, that was two. And then when you read see the hospitals approaching 90% of the reported surge, you can see that 05 are anticipating ICU bed shortages this week, two or five are still reporting transfer capability and tie ICU capability. So we’re continuing to see that so they’re not accepting transfers from any source. Health Systems are then reaching out to each other, or assistance when they when we have situations in our rural partners. So again, still really sitting there. And I think, broader impact. Harold,

is Would it be possible next week to get the delta of this time last year? Because I don’t I’m having a hard time understanding if those numbers are bad. I mean, it’s 68% of ICU beds bad. I mean, it’s a lot better than it was two weeks ago. But I’d like to know, in a non COVID year, what are these numbers?

Yeah, we can get that we can don’t have to count

out that for us. But delta is the information that tells the story.

Right. And we’ll have the county give that for us. Thank you. And so whenever that missing slide, something’s happening with this. But when we get out of this, I’ll tell you what we’re seeing in our neighboring counties based on that. So when you look at the numbers here, I think obviously, we’re just looking at the the trend and the graph. And what we’re seeing. The big piece is that we’ve actually had two days under 100 ORS with over 100, and we’ve had one with 200, which is much better than we’ve been seeing recently. Again, we’re still seeing a fair number of cases associated with long term care facilities. The numbers that we’re putting together when we had the 20 577 of those was in our long term care. And so those are the outbreaks that they’re still working on. In terms of them the asymptomatic transmission that’s occurring in those long term care facilities. When you look at this, this is really the and the other sides we’ve been looking at two week cumulative incidents two week average positivity positivity. Currently, our five day rolling average is about 103 cases by per day. This has decreased a lot since last Tuesday when the average was 129. We’re actually well below half the average cases when we were at the peak recently. So again, continuing to see good movement. Over the past three weeks, the new case rates and all Metro counties have been dropping, but are still higher than any time before the recent surge. As you can see, Boulder of the red line is lower than all counties but Broomfield in terms of the new case rate per 100,000. But we’re very close to Broomfield and obviously our population is much different is we’re continuing to move forward. This is actually this slide I was looking for I thought it was over when you look at the dial metrics. And so when you remember me talking about 526 and 6%. what they’ve said is when you look at it and weld and Larimer County, so we’re at 526 welds at 1018. Lammers at 780 for the two week, average positivity in weld is 14.6 10.5 and Larimer and then 1010 days for hospitalization eight days in Larimer. So, if you remember those numbers I talked about on the dial recently, that’s how we’re comparing to those other counties. Now we’re going to get into the Boulder County numbers. You know, in the count in Boulder County, well, we’re prepared well, we’re performing better than other counties in Boulder County of Longmont is not performing as well as the counties as a whole. Since November one, we’ve had the highest case rate per 100,000. in Boulder County. Again, we’ve talked about the lines, case rates in terms of what we’re seeing. This is what it looks like when we break it down. Now, the good news is were all of these are continuing to trend down in terms of the county. But when you look at the relativity of this, we’re staying pretty consistent in terms of where the number of cases are coming from Boulder had 212. In the last week, 212 cases, Longmont had 407 cases, Lewisville, Lafayette superior had 127. And then the other municipalities had 101. So those, we continue to need to be very diligent in our community. The past seven days, 25% of our new cases are from Boulder and 48% are from Longmont. So we’re going to continue working our public information campaign on this issue. Again, highest cumulative rates and per 100,018 to 20 to 23 to 24, and then 25 to 34. In terms of children, you know, the good news is that the case rates have decreased for every age group over the past two weeks, compared to the previous two weeks, except five to nine year olds where it remains the same. Finally, when we look at this, and we see the case rates continue, now we’re seeing the case rates decrease among all age groups over the past two weeks compared to the previous two weeks, two weeks where we were seeing that diverge in that 75

plus age group. And then again, 76.2% have no and race and ethnic ethnicity. And we continue to see large disparities in our Hispanic Latin x population. When you get into the next slide. Again, the good news is we’re seeing the cases go down but we’re not seeing a change in the absolute or relative disparity for the Hispanic Latin x community members in terms of what that looks like and week to week, and as Jeff indicated, we’re continuing to try to focus and communicate with that segment of our population. When we get into this, here’s where the numbers start seeing look a lot better. So the five day average on November one was 6.5%, the five day average based on this was 5.2%. Again, you See the number of tests that we have in play and the number of positives. Really still, what this is showing the, the is the ability to perform a lot of tests, which is what we’re still looking for. And then this is where you can see the five day rolling average and the percent on the percentage of positive tests. in Boulder County, again, still seeing really good trends in this area. The data is presented through 1211 due to an approximately three day lag between the time a test is conducted, and when the results are reported to cdphp. Again, this is just another example where we’re seeing the that trend down in the data and you’re gonna see it again here. And the seven day rolling average percentage, so we’re just seeing everything. There may be a question today, are we seeing this on our wastewater data? We’re seeing we’re seeing that move in the same direction that Dale talked about. During the last meeting, hopefully the state’s going to make that public and we’ll be able to show you that when we have our next council meeting at the beginning of the year, to the mayor’s point in terms of hospitalizations. This is again a cumulative look at hospitalizations, this is the dial where we’re seeing where we are and what it looks like it. This is also improving. In terms of the cases that we were seeing today. If you bear with me, let me pull up another chart to give you those numbers in terms of what we were seeing as of earlier today. See, then we had 75 hospitalizations in the county 24 in Longmont. Yesterday, we had 84 it’s been vacillating a little bit, but it is going down from where we were in terms of the number of hospitalizations in Boulder County, long lots remain pretty steady in that, let’s say 20 to 25 range. This is the graph that really shows what we’ve been seeing. So again, good movement, but you can see that bounce where it bounced a little bit. This one was the one with 85 people. So then obviously, when it gets reported, based on what we’re seeing today, then it’ll it’ll drop back down to approximately right where the pointer is here, based on what we’re seeing today. And again, this is what the hospitals are looking like statewide, unfortunately. So this is a lagging indicator in terms of death. So you’re actually seeing that, or we’re seeing more deaths. So that’s obviously tributed to the number of cases, number of hospitalizations. And this is really the lagging indicator in terms of what everyone’s evaluating. And then emergency room we’re there we’re starting to track flu. So we’ve actually had 11 hospitalizations in terms of flu, but no outbreaks and long term care facilities, no pediatric deaths related to the flu. And again, when you look at the emergency department visits, and we’ll try to get a baseline on this for for the council at the next meeting, you can see that diagnose flus still really low people coming in with COVID related systems, we can see that P matching the data peak and it’s starting to trend down so we’re seeing that move in the direction that we want. And then total Edy visits are starting to decrease. And again, emergency department visits by county, you can see where we we had a dip, but then we went back, we’re still performing really well compared to other counties in

the state of Colorado in terms of the social distancing update. So this is pretty this is an interesting piece of information that we’re going to start trying to work in to our wastewater data to try to get a different look. So 48% social distinct scene seven day average in the state of Colorado. What’s really interesting is when you look at Boulder County, and we’re at 56%. And so when we look at when we were at the stay at home order, it was 86%. We then decreased in April to 53% in July. And then we went to 41% in October. But now we’re back up to 56%. We’re starting to see that where we can relate the the time at home. That graph we’re going to try to figure that out as it relates to the case numbers and as it relates to some of what we’re seeing in our wastewater because you can definitely see that connection in terms of the movement and a shift in the numbers. And then boulder residents are staying at home last in the spring, but more than October. So again that’s starting to correlate with what we’re seeing in the cases. in the community. And again, we have all of these data resources on working maraca to send you out the full slide deck. As we’re going over this. I know I went through a pretty quick, you all have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer that.

Councilman pack.

So Harold, thank you, Mayor badly. Um, I was trying to work out the percentages here based upon population. For example, we have, like 525, I’m out new virus infections, we were down to that. Did I understand that correctly. So we have like about a 2% infection rate. So let

me get that for you. Because it depends on the date range. And so we’ll talk to Dan about getting that. So in the last week. So for example, in the last week, Boulder had 200. We had 407 cases in the last week. But there’s more to it than just what I’ve learned just the vision of the cases by the population. And so let us reach out to Boulder County Health to see if we can get that number for you.

Because I would like to compare that to based upon population, that percentage per weld and Larimer since they have a triple the population that we’ve got, I would just like to see what the comparison is.


different website,

answer that question.

Share a different screen with you all right now. Okay. So if you look at this screen, this may be some helps you learn slow.


when you look at Boulder, I’m confirmed by 100. So we’ve had 13,000 confirmed cases with 140 deaths. And then you can click on this other so this is the john Hawkins. It does it by county. So then generally,

you can.

So then this shows the population, Boulder County slightly over 300,000, you can see the breakdown. With this compares it so then we can go back here. And so then when you go to for example, well, they’ve had 17,000 confirmed cases 241 deaths. And then you can look at the details behind their demographics. And I’m slowing down here at the house. Now because the kids are home. You can see slightly lower population, and well then in Longmont, but the higher case number so let us work with Jeff. Okay, that would be great, because there’s some nuances in the way they calculate it. And I want to make sure we have the accurate numbers for you. Okay, thank

you. That’s a

good site to go to. I use that to compare across different counties and looking at how we’re performing this john hawkinson.

Customer waters.

Thanks for your Begley Harold, three questions real quickly. What’s the source of the data for social distancing the 48 56%, what are those data

come from?

The state, they do different scenarios, but a lot of it is so from cell phone data. So you know how when you go into your cell phone and go, I want to go from here to let’s say I want to go here from here to Denver Give me the fastest way and it’s pulling the cell phone data to see where it’s slowing down. If that’s a part of the aggregate mobility data in terms of what they’re seeing, again, it can’t tell me what I’m doing but they’re just kind of seeing the movement that’s a piece of it. And I can get the rest of the details, but I know it’s

just the approximate distance of one cell phone to another.

Got it what you’re saying. Now phone cell phone movement, if you remember when Jeff presented to you earlier they were even saying trips to grocery stores, trips to parks. It was really just using that aggregate data from cell phone to tell us where we were going and how we were spending our time, assuming you’re carrying your cell phone, assuming you’re carrying it, right.

All right. So that’s, that’s not as precise as some of the other metrics that we’re looking at our indicators. When you when we just look at the counts, numbers of whether it’s cases or hospitalizations, and we see it by county is that by county of residence or county of where it’s diagnosed or treated

residents is the way it’s supposed to be reported. So if I if I lived in Larimer County, but I got diagnosed here, I think that has to go to the Larimer County the way it’s been explained to me. So along my resident living

in weld County, is accounted for in the weld county data, not the not the Boulder County data.

Correct. And that’s part of what URIs had to deal with because Erie?

Yeah, right down the middle lines.

And last question. I was hoping we might see some of the the kind of the predictive model at work of our wastewater testing. How far away are we from seeing the results? Just,

we’re just waiting for the state to push that out public. And we think we’ll be there on the first, the first meeting in January, hopefully,

right now.

It’s just a matter of validating the predictive model that you’ve developed. Correct. All right.

Thanks. But what I can tell you is we’re seeing movement we’re seeing there it is, is showing the movement we’re seeing in cases. And it’s continuing to move in a way that we would want to see it generally. Right, thanks.

All right.

All right. Perfect. Let’s go ahead then. And take a three minute break while we load up the first call public invited to be heard. If there are no more special reports. So back in three guys.

Okay, folks, now is the time to call in during our public invited to be heard part of our agenda. When you dial in, you will be put into a waiting room and then we’ll let you into the meeting. Please make sure that you do mute the live stream. Otherwise, you will be hearing a 32nd delay. So again, let’s have you call in and we’ll get you into the meeting. Thanks

So again, welcome to those folks that just called in. We will get started here shortly. Once we do come back to the meeting, I will be calling out your phone number by the last three digits and asking you to unmute at that time, please make sure that you do mute the live stream or you won’t be hearing my prompt you’ll be about 20 to 30 seconds delayed. So make sure that you do mute that live stream. Thanks, folks.

We look at it

to us.

Three or four of us five.

Near we do have several callers. I’m just going to wait for the live stream to catch up with us here and

how many several

let me give that account 12345 looks like six.


let’s go to bed.

Let’s just wait for Polly folk. There’s Polly. Let’s wait for Susie. There, Suzy. All right. Let’s go ahead and start it up or we’ll get the timer going.

All right. We’re going to call out the first caller your phone number ends in 414414. I’m going to ask you to unmute, please state your name and address for the record. Are you there for one four? Uh, you’re coming in as a different ID. I’m still looking for 414

There you are.

Can you hear us?

Yes, I can.

Alright, you may begin, please state your name and address for the record.

Sharon O’Leary 534 Emery street Mayor Bagley and council members I am here tonight as co chair for historic Eastside neighborhood. Long mon Sol this neighborhood with the onset of 2021 Longmont will turn 150 years young. We would like to ask you to put Historic Preservation on your agenda for the city council’s annual retreat. What a perfect opportunity to plan and support preservation as a birthday gift to future generations of long month citizens. Presently long months planning departments. half time preservation planner was reduced to a quarter time, we have a perfect gift suggestion and celebration give the planning department a full time preservation planner for one year. The gift of a full time planner for one year will allow the planning department to complete unfinished work, update preservation files, develop architectural guidelines suggestions and dedicate time to grant writing assistance, which could support neighborhoods and businesses. For many years the historic Eastside neighborhood has worked very hard as gatekeepers to preserve long month oldest neighborhoods. We are a reflection of long months beginning. The Westside neighborhood is a reflection of Longmont as citizens and businesses were successful. And other neighborhoods 50 years or older, reflect on months continual growth every year that a home gets older long month could be adding to it Potential historic inventory. What a great gift to Longmont. If counsel made this a priority, future generations will truly truly benefit from the gift of a one year full time preservation planner. Please, seriously consider the gift of a full time planner for one year. I greatly appreciate all you do for the citizens of Longmont. Thank you.

All right, next caller. All right,

the next caller, your phone number ends in 488488. There, there you go. Okay.

Hi, this is this is Scott Cunningham. I reside at 3037 71, South Narcissus way in Denver, and I’m a practicing internal medicine physician, as I think you all know, I wanted to start by congratulating the Council on voting to begin implementation of recommendations from the citizen Climate Action Committee, including possible deployment of some type of smart metering system, which potentially brings the city closer to its laudable goal is sustainability. I want to again remind the Council of the great body of scientific, clinical and medical evidence of the harms of radio frequency radiation inherent in the wireless variety of smart meters, such as the AMI meters, which have now become obsolete, but which are still occasionally offered to municipalities in a misguided effort to reduce the cost of energy. Aside from the well documented, important and serious health issues associated with these wireless smart meters, since there’s no proven energy savings in these outdated meters whatsoever, I suggest I suggest that the council begin an aggressive search for a safer wired smart meter that can be embedded into a truly sustainable energy production and management system that’s capable of reducing costs. As well as avoiding the predictable uptick in chronic and acute illnesses, we would see with the unconscionable deployment of these wireless smart meters. Now I know that the council is focused on reducing the cost of energy and for good reason. You’ve been charged by your community with stewarding the currently extremely limited resources the average member of your community has access to the advantage of leveraging a wired smart meter, in addition to potential cost benefits to the community is inherently superior safety profile. Also, since obviously, insurers are refusing to insure these dangerous wireless devices, the city won’t be required to bear the prohibitive cost of self insuring against the inevitable injuries that will result from their deployment. Again, congratulations on beginning to move toward a sustainable market leading cost effective and above all safe, power and communications grid that will truly be admired by municipalities all across the nation. Thank you very much.

Thank you. All right, next caller. All right,

the next caller, your phone number ends in 499. I’m going to ask you to unmute for nine nine. Here you are.

Hello. Hello. This is Joe Kelly of barberry drive in Longmont, deer city council and staff as we enter this sacred time of the year in so many traditions, in my conviction that we as a community and society are on the wrong path and our headlong rush into even more wireless technology. And of course, by this I mean locally smart meters. I take the time to quote from the homepage of the five g international legal action network. And I quote, our species is rushing toward a future that feeds our addiction to speed, instant gratification, energy consumption and disconnection from Earth. By creatively working together, we have a chance to cause a shift. As I’m prohibited from doing my self employed activities in the manner I was accustomed before the state math mandates and safer at home guidelines and therefore become a ward of the state via the gig worker self employed unemployment insurance thoughtfully brought in to assist folks like me, I’ve come to think the very least I can do is give back to the state and in particular to my community during this era of hopefully not the great A reset as being called forth by Prince Charles, Joe Biden, Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates. But by raising highly relevant questions and reassessing what’s truly important to us in our values as a culture, how you may be asking, Well, obviously, by being a bulldog and digging, digging, digging into whatever I can find to hopefully inform, educate, entertain wheedle or cajole you to sway your opinions around the Smart Meter roll out so that if you have no choice but to take a deep, second, third, and even fourth, look at the potential boondoggle of a $15 million investment that may cause fires, we wouldn’t want that would be at this time of severe drought. Colorado, has obvious radiation health risks, oh, what’s a little radiation risk among friends, we’re already exposed to the solar radiation at this elevation, not to mention the background radiation from granite mountains and radon in our houses, nevermind five G, four g, and all the little G’s And a partridge in a pear tree, a $15 million technology that puts the city of Longmont squarely in a position of liability for damages if no insurance provider I know of will cover the risks of this technology. And that again, with a nod to Tiny Tim shakily has equipment that will soon be I repeat, obsolete. And yet, from what I can see, you’re all too eager to follow this dangerous path. dangerous because it puts all biological life forms and even more harm’s way. I have a lot more to say on the subject. But because I tend to be a little long winded, my Christmas gift to you, is me stopping here To be continued in part two of this diatribe that council next time with you Merry Christmas and a happy holiday.

Thank you, man. All right.

All right, the next caller, we have you listed a 084084. I’m going to ask you to unmute. Hello,


Can you hear me?

We sure can you may be good. Okay,

thank you very much. My name is David Goldberg. My address is 200 East 23rd Street in Loveland, and appreciate what you all are doing. On the council here. I called one of the last meetings where the discussion came up about smart meters. And I made the point which I’d like to reiterate that from the time that we wake up in the morning, until we go to bed at night, we are already inundated with wireless radiation that is hitting us from all sides, from our cell phones, to our electricity to our smart meters, to our Wi Fi, and everything in between. And one thing I didn’t mention last time is that there are currently the there are satellites getting into the game. Now there are currently 864 low orbit satellites above the earth now emitting high frequency radiation down to the planet, adding yet another layer of radiation to what we’re already experiencing. So smart meters is going to be another layer on top of that. I have been doing research since we spoke last time and learning more about them. And I I do believe as one of the other callers said that the the wired possibility for smart meters does exist. And I believe that you should be able to use your already existing fiber optic network, which is such a great thing that you have in the city, to to if you’re going to have smart meters to use those fire up fiber optic cables. I think the best choice would be not to have the smart meters at all because they do even if they come in on a wired connection. They do emit radiation into everybody’s homes. And like I said that’s another layer that has to be dealt with. But if the choice is going to be made to have smart meters, wiring is definitely the way to go. There are those in the utility industry who will tell you that the the radio wave worries and concerns that we have our way overblown, and that’s just not true. There is so much science now 1000s of peer reviewed studies that show the dangers of wireless radiation That actually cause auto immune responses, very similar to flu symptoms. They are real. They’re peer reviewed studies. This is not fringe science whatsoever. It’s science that’s just just being ignored by most of the scientific community. In closing, I just want to say, it seems like a lot of people will argue that this is the future. I’m gonna catch you, sir. I’m

gonna put out john, sir. Okay. But thank you for your thank you for your comments, as well. All right, thank


All right, next caller.



we have another caller with the same. Nope, they hung up. So that was odd. They came in twice. All right. Our last caller is coming in with scout as the phone number. So Scout, I’m going to ask you to unmute.

There you are.

And I’m not going to talk about smart meters or chem trails or Bigfoot. Don’t worry about that. But my name is john burrows 3734 Eagle River drive I live in. It’s technically on the post office long line, but it’s actually in weld County, in firescope. So I’d like to give you my perspective from being in weld County. If you don’t mind. If you look at the weld county COVID-19 zip code map, it’s pretty clear where the high cases COVID are coming from and weld County. To me, I just look at that from a scientific perspective. They’re coming from the city alone. So I think it’s incredibly arrogant, and elitist, to consider sending a letter telling me what to do. As far as following protocol, when it’s clear where the cases are coming from England, clearly, look at that, I’d recommend going to welcome and welcome zip map department. They’re clearly coming from the southwest sector straight from Oregon. So just consider don’t don’t consider you know, your neighboring county as the source of your problem, maybe consider the problems inside your own County, and you’re affecting other counties. If anything, we’ll be sending you a letter asking for you to do better in your own house. I do a lot of business in the city. But I will if this letter that is considered to be sent out. I will take all that business away. So the only the only thing you’re accomplishing by that letter, welcome. anything different by sending a letter, a strongly worded letter, you’re just gonna hurt your business. This is a go to dance studio, where I go shopping or sometimes frequent the restaurant. But you know, if you send a letter telling other counties, what do you know, that’s just an area deleted, grabbed for headlines, especially by your mayor. So that’s all I want to say be considered. Don’t worry about other counties around you, if anything, evidence that you shared earlier, so that the numbers are improving and grand happenings actually on your web was even worse than welcome. So just consider the fact worry about your own problem. Don’t worry about that. Other County. I live right on the edge of attending. So just wanted to pass on All

right. Thank you, sir. All right. That’s it for first call public invited to be heard. Let’s go on to the consent, the consent agenda, and I guess the I’m not going to cut off debate or whatever, but just would like to remind people that the consent agenda is so that we all agree that it’s a consent agenda. We all pull it off, but nobody’s ever opposing anything. So pull it off if you’re going to oppose it. But other than that, if it passes, it passes, superfluous. You know, comment, as we pass it doesn’t really add anything, but I’m not going to stop it. That’s just my thoughts. Councillor Martin.

Um, I have some fairly substantive questions about item B. I have no intention of opposing it, but I would like to get those questions answered because I think they may require corrections.

Okay, Dr. Waters.

Thanks for your Bagley. I’d like to pull off item nine G.

Okay, b and g. Councillor Christiansen?

Oh, I’m sorry, but I might pull off item E.

All right. Councillor


question on K and there was another one. Just come with that.

Okay, so I’m gonna move the consent agenda. Less B, E, G and K.

Mayor, would you like me to read that consent?

Before we vote?

Now? Go ahead and read it. All right, thank

you. orden item nine a is ordinance 2020. Zero to a bill for an ordinance authorizing a First Amendment to farmland lease agreement between the city of Longmont and site farms LLC on the newbie farms openspace public hearing and second reading scheduled for January 12 2021. Nine P is ordinance 2021 dash o three a bill for an ordinance amending chapter 16.8 of the Longmont municipal code to adopt by reference, the 2020 edition of the National Electric Code, public hearing and secret reading scheduled for January 12 2021. Nine C’s ordinance 2021 dash o for a bill for an ordinance authorizing the city of Lompoc to lease the Real Property known as Vance brand municipal hanger, parcel h six to the shook family trust public hearing and second reading scheduled for January 12 2021 90. Is resolution 2020 dash 133. a resolution of the Longmont city council approving an amended intergovernmental allotment contract between the city of Longmont acting by and through its water utility enterprise and the windy gap firming project water activity enterprise for capacity in the wind windy gap firming Project 90 is resolution 2020 dash 134 a resolution of the Longmont city council approving the city of Longmont services contract for public, educational and government access television services. Nine F is resolution 2020 dash 135 a resolution of the Longmont city council approving the lease between the city and the Longmont public media for the Carnegie Library building 457 Fourth Avenue nine G’s resolution 2020 dash 136 a resolution along one of the Longmont City Council in support of Governor Jared polis is temporary restrictions because of COVID-19 in urging neighboring counties to also abide by these restrictions. Nine H is approved contracts for economic development services with the following organizations Colorado enterprise fund boulder Small Business Development Center, Longmont Economic Development Partnership in the Latino chamber. Nine Nine is approved 2021 city of Longmont water principles Colorado Municipal League policy statement and National League of Cities priorities in preparation for the 2021 state legislative session. Nine G is approved three Capital Improvement Program amendments, and nine K is except 12 Capital Improvement Program amendments approved by the city manager.

All right, my motion still stands consent agenda less B,

E, G and K. Second. All right.

It’s been moved by myself seconded by council Mayor Pro Tem Rodriguez All in favor say aye.

Aye. Opposed say nay.

All right, the motion passes unanimously. Let’s go ahead and move on to ordinances a second on second reading and public hearings on the matter. So we’re going to go ahead and take a three minute break. And if you are waiting to discuss any of the item 10 ordinances on second reading, go ahead and call in now and get in line to have your Seder in the public. So we’re back in three All right,

Do we have anybody online?

We do not.

Okay, let’s fly through this then

give us just a minute and the stream will catch up to us and we’re still missing a few.


All right and it looks like you’re back.

Alright, let’s go ahead and move with. Go ahead log with item 10 eight. This isn’t a second reading for ordinance 2020 to 65 a bill for an ordinance making additional appropriations for the expenses and liabilities they’ll city one lot for fiscal year beginning January 120 20. With any questions from council All right, seeing none we’ll go ahead and open and closed public hearing is nobody called in.

Can we have a motion? I will move ordinance 20 2065. It was moved by myself and seconded by Councilmember Christiansen All in favor say aye. Aye.

Opposed say nay. All right. ordinance 20 2065 passes unanimously. Item 10 b ordinance 20 2066. A bill for an ordinance amending chapter 3.04610 paid holidays designated the Longmont municipal code on personal personnel rules. Are there any questions from council? All right, seeing none we’re going to go ahead and open and close the public hearing. Councilmember Christiansen

wouldn’t move passage of ordinance 20 2066

second, all right. It’s been Moved by Councillor Christiansen and saner seconded by Councilmember waters. All in favor say aye. Aye. Opposed Bo’s say, Nate. All right, August 2020. s 66. passes unanimously, ordinance 20 2067. A bill for an ordinance amending chapter four chapter 14.0 A to the Longmont new municipal code by adding section 414 point oh 8.647 to allow for adjustment to wastewater billing for commercial and industrial use of cooling water. Are there any questions by council? All right, seeing none, we’ll open and close the public hearing. We have a motion.

So moved.

All right. Come I’ll second it. All right, Counselor. repec. Moved Mayor Pro Tem Rodriguez seconded. Or it’s 2020 62nd or Die 67 Excuse me. All in favor say aye.


Opposed say nay. All right, the motion passes unanimously. ordinance 20 2069. A bill for an ordinance designating James and Francis Wiggins house at 534. Emory street is a local historic landmark. Any questions or discussion on this matter? All right, seeing none we’ll open and close the public hearing. Do we have a motion

2020 to 69 All right, it’s

been moved by Dr. Water second by Councilmember Martin. All in favor of ordinance 2020 to 69 say aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. All right, or there’s 2020 that’s 69 passes unanimously, ordinance 20 2070. A bill for an ordinance authorizing the city of Walmart to lease the Real Property known as Vance brand, Municipal Airport hangar parcel and ht two to k l m. o hanger game. Any questions or discussion? council? All right, seeing none, we’ll go ahead and open closed public hearing. Do we have a motion?

I move item. Eat that.

Yep. I’ll go ahead and second ordinance 2020. The passage of ordinance 2020 or 70? All in favor say aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. All right, August 20 2017. passes unanimously. And then finally, ordinance 2022 71. A bill for an ordinance repealing and reenacting chapter 11.0 for the Longmont municipal code regarding the model traffic code and adopting the 2020 edition of the model traffic code for Colorado by reference. Any discussion? Seeing none, we’ll open and close the public hearing. We have a motion

move ordinance 2020 dash 71.

Tim water Councilmember waters moved. Councilmember toggle fairing seconded. All in favor say aye.


Opposed say nay. All right, ordinance 20 2071. passes unanimously. Let’s go ahead and move back to consent agenda. Let’s go ahead with B, I believe who proposed Councillor Martin?

Yes. Thank you, Mayor Bagley. Um, I just have a question and a comment. I think that there is a typographical error in the Second Amendment. Unfortunately, this city covers it up every time. Every time we do. Okay. So, in the in the second I italicized paragraph, which is I think an amendment by the city. There’s a typographical error where three words are run together, or else two words are in are separated by a space instead of i. o, on the last line. Sorry, that is? It’s in line 10. It says, including the space.

one page of the ordinance Councilmember Martin.

page three,

it’s page three of the ordinance line 10. Got it. Okay. And I’m not sure what it should be including the space, it could be several things, but it probably should be corrected before it’s accepted.

We can make that correction for second reading.

Okay, thank you. Isn’t this second read?

This is the consent agenda.

This is the consent agenda, excuse me. And then the next question I have is are these two sections? That is Section four? And Section F I get? I it’s it’s hard for me to tell what the organization is from the what’s in in the packet? Are these the only changes in the whole code section from 2017 to 2020? Or are these just exceptions to the 2020 code? That Longmont is making from the Standard Code.

Mayor Begley member, Councilmember Martin, I would ask blops if he could turn his camera on and answer that question because I am not able to do that. So, Boss if you could turn on your camera and respond to that question.

Okay, I finally got it. Okay, so the amendments before you for the 2020 NDC are amendments. For this specific code, there are existing amendments. But I wasn’t involved with those those are currently carried through to the, to the new code, the new amendments that we introduced our safety amendments, these amendments make the FCC more restrictive, not less restrictive, your liberty to make codes less restrictive. This code has been adopted by the state of Colorado. So we do have to maintain code that they maintain. However, if we choose to make them more restrictive, they normally have a problem with that the these amendments have to do with safety. And they and we’re talking about outlets that are on ground faults that prevent a person from being shocked in a bathroom. That’s the first one. And then the second. The second one would be a disconnecting means for powers so that emergency responders can find the disconnect and easily disconnect the power if they have to. Those have to be located outside of the building. And then the third amendment has to do again with receptacles these are receptacles located outside of a building, a lot of them are getting too close to the ground. And they’re they’re shorting out because of the snow and rain. So we’re requiring those receptacles to be raised off the ground to make them more safe.

That pretty much

covers what we’re trying to accomplish with these amendments to the 2020. And etc.

Yeah, I actually wasn’t questioning the substance of the amendments, they look fine. What I was asking was, are these three elements the only things that change period between 2017 and 2020? Or is there a much larger document somewhere that we don’t have a link to?

Now, you, Councilmember, these, these are the only amendments that we created for this specific code. So there are no other code amendments out there, other than the ones that have been on the books from the past adoptions we have done, and I think those are, we may have two or three other safety amendments that we created previously. So all in all, I would say there’s about maybe seven amendments altogether. We try to keep this very small. But we did we did find these hazards in homes and businesses created these amendments. So it’s a very small group of amendments. Not not anything significant. Or not. I’m

sorry, I’m still not hearing the answer to my question. I’m not asking about how many amendments there are. I’m asking about where the full 2020 code lies. I would like to look at it. We would like

to look at the the actual NOC code.

I just like to know where it is,


Okay, we are we we are going to provide a copy to the city attorney who keeps copies of all of the codes we adopt. So those can be viewed by the public if they want to those those are located in the city attorney’s office.

So it’s not online anywhere.

Now, unfortunately, we

can’t post the MTC online because it is a it is copyright protected.

Okay, thank you. I move adoption of item B.

I’ll second back. All right. Any further discussion? All in favor of ordinance? 2021. Dash Oh, three on first reading say aye. Aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. All right. ordinance 20 2103. On the consent agenda passes unanimously. All right. Let’s go ahead and go on to E that you don’t know.

Who had he? Somebody Pat how to eat?

Aye. All right, counsel, Mr. Christiansen

Okay. Um, several months ago, I brought this this contract up so that people would have a chance to look at the two things that I objected to. I was this is contract and you No they, they are they do not feel that they’re getting enough money to begin with. But I have a two part solution for how they can have less to do and therefore, more money available. The two things that I object to the long run public media doing, which they say they must do, because it’s in the contract, our machine transcriptions, which, if any of you have looked at those transcriptions, they are not good. And they make us look very bad. Because it is solely done by a machine, no one looks at it, you cannot tell who’s talking. There is? Well, any of you who knows machine transcription know that there’s probably a 10% error rated. And that’s one out of every 10 letters. So, or one out of every 10 words. It’s it isn’t good. So if all we are willing to pay for his machine transcription, we should drop that from the contract. And secondly, they do something in which they produce an edited a smaller, a shorter version of the city council meeting that isn’t needed at all. And it’s Furthermore, it’s edited. I don’t agree with the way it’s edited. And our city website has a very adequate way of doing this where you can take the agenda, and you can just click on what’s on the agenda, and it’ll take you straight to the point in the video stream in which that discussion is happening. So these two things are really completely unnecessary to be in the contract. And I would like to have them both eliminated, because they are not only unnecessary, but I think they are they make the city look bad. So I would move that we eliminate these two items from the contract and approve the contract otherwise,

just one, I would strongly opposed removing the AI transcript because its purpose is not to let you read the transcript. It’s to search it for keywords. And it’s very useful for that.

I would second this motion if I could get some feedback from maybe an assistant city manager or whoever does this contract. And let us know.

A little more about

Scott converses here. You see, various

Scott. Scott didn’t want to isn’t does anyone object to having Scott? Technically, we usually don’t. But is it okay, if we have Scott and what object? Alright, Scott, do you have anything to add? Regarding the AI transcripts? And the editing of city council meetings?


I’m the AI transcript is, it is what Polly says it’s not 100% accurate. But no AI transcript is. But it does get better over time, the more you do it the better gets. So each week that we do it. It recognizes more words, it recognizes more stuff than than it did six months ago, for instance. So first, second, the AI software itself has been paid for and it’s a few $100 a year. So you know, it’s not like it’s a huge savings. There’s not going to be a whole lot of from that perspective, a lot of savings. And we have automated a lot of the process of taking the content and having the software do it. Basically, we drop the videos into folders and the software then processes it and dumps that text out. And we attach it to videos when we post them. So in terms of so that’s how the AI stuff works. If you don’t want to do it, that’s fine. But the impact on the contract from a financial perspective is very minimal. The the edited version of the city council meeting is something that we do each week takes I think about 90 minutes probably we what’s going on right now as you guys are speaking is we are taking notes of what goes on in the meeting and specific things that are relevant, like when you guys take a vote and when there’s a particular discussion. And then next week, actually later this week, in about two days, we should have a finished version. Based on those notes. It’s really just cut and paste. We make some transitions and some descriptions of what happens and we post that by Friday. Morning. The reason for that is a whole bunch of other cities do that. So we gave some examples of that during the process of bidding for this contract. And you guys decided you wanted that. So there is a Monday meeting we have with the city every Monday a production meeting, and that is one of the topics is what goes into that. And what do you want to go into that? So you know, you guys have control over it already.

I don’t know what to tell you.

I mean, it’s basically like I said about probably a total of two, maybe high end three hours of work on our part per week. Something that you’re not being charged for towards your 20 hours as is now so. Alright, thanks, God, we can take it out. But there’s not a lot. There’s really no savings either. Fine. Sandy, your hand was up.

Did you want to say something?

Thanks, Mary. I just wanted to answer Councilmember pecks question. You know, from a staff perspective, both of these things are included, as Scott mentioned, because they were part of the city council’s requirements. When we first did this contract. This contract is one of the only ones that is exempted from purchasing code, because it is Council’s decision. So it really, it’s really up to you what kinds of things you want to see, we could go either way, I would agree that I think some of the AI stuff is searchable, but it also isn’t real accurate. So I see both sides of that argument from a city staff perspective. It doesn’t, it doesn’t matter either way, whatever the council would like to see

his fine with us.

I personally think that arguing about it is wasting more money than the $200 that we spend actually pay for the AI software. And anybody who searches it is going to come across and it’s going to be pretty obvious when there’s an error. So then they can go back and reference the reference the AI transcript. And then as far as editing goes, there’s a lot of times when we’re doing mundane stuff for that, that people just want to get over it and onto onto the vote or, or just to see how things go. But so I’d vote for for it as is but Councillor Christiansen?

Well, I do I see what Councilman Martin is saying about searchability. But I don’t think that that many people use it for that purpose. I, I assumed that the purpose of that was for the hearing community, or the people who have hearing loss would have a transcript that this is not a good transcript for them. And perhaps this is getting smarter. But last time I looked, it wasn’t very smart at all. And I don’t want something that actually makes things more difficult for the hearing community. So that’s why I bring this up. I don’t I find this a bad representation of our city. But if the majority of council thinks these are not, I just find both of these things are not a good reflection of our city. If we could make our city council meeting shorter, we would I think people deserve to see the whole thing. They can always scroll over everything and make it shorter for themselves.

I have many comments about that comment, Polly but I will be quiet. Um, what about Okay, did you have a motion? on the floor? Anybody? Yes, I did. But there was no second. I’m going to go ahead and I’m just going to go ahead and move. Resolution 2020 dash 134 that it’s been moved and seconded. All in favor of resolution 2020 dash 134. say aye. Aye.


Opposed say nay. All right, motion carries the resolution. And motion passes unanimously. Councilmember Peck. Thank you, Mayor

Bagley. I do have a suggestion for Scott. Because you said this gets smarter every year. And we be when the contract comes up again. Can we have some kind of data that it that it is better? Because if it isn’t getting better than there is no point in continuing to do this. So let’s track it and see what we come up with. Thank you.

appropriate response. Thumbs up, Scott. Thank you. All right. Let’s go on to item. Let’s Let’s skip G. Let’s go on to K real quick pause a customer back.

Yes. Thank you, Mayor.

I’m actually I just have a couple of questions on this. There are the 12 Well, there were nine I guess to our council communication, and I’m looking at El e 097. The the electric aid to construction to myself Question is in the council communication. We were talking about the H HVAC system for some of our municipal buildings. So my question here is, is this available to construction? Only? Is it only available to the city? is it available to other construction? Is it only available to commercial? Or is residential?

allowed in this as well, in this amendment?

If I’m a

council member, Mayor Bagley, you know, since this is an operational question, I’m gonna have to defer to a member of the department if we have one. On the on the meeting in the meeting, okay. Or perhaps even Dale?

So I think part of counsel pack if I can help with this question, Are you asking what the intent of the fund is?

I am and who gets to actually use this fun because unless I misunderstood the council calm. It was used for a track system in municipal buildings. So is this goes beyond the city construction or Civ projects? Or is it only for city? Am I making any sense Harold at all?

No, do jump in and then I can, okay,

airbag Lee and Councilmember Peck, you’re referring to the CIT electric aid to construction, is that correct? Correct. Okay, that is a sort of an annual line item and l PCs budget. And that covers LPC designs and builds all of the new electrical infrastructure for new development in the city. And so the A to construction project is just that it’s to build infrastructure for new development. And so it’s not specified for any particular house or business, but rather on like a subdivision kind of basis.

Okay, thank you. That’s what I didn’t understand if it was only for commercial buildings or any kind of construction. So thank you. All construction. Okay, great. Um, the other one was actually this is for you again, Dale. It is about the RSVP. And I noticed that we still needed $56 million in 2024 to complete this project. My question is, and probably for Jim golden is well, are we escrowing for any of that money at all right now? Are we going to come up in 2024 and suddenly need $56 million? Do we have a path to get that money?

So Mayor Bagley and Councilmember Peck? That’s great question. We have any number of different strategies that we are trying to pursue.

At the end of the day, our first, our first goal, if you will, is to certainly get the next reach built, which is up to Boston, that is fully funded. And then the next reach from Boston avenue to sunset is the reach that we are finalizing all of our contracts and information with the Army Corps of Engineers.

So that is also funded. So once we get to sunset and go west, from sunset towards hoever, that’s where we start to go into a deficit of funding. So one of the things the staff is working on right now is preparing a grant application to FEMA. And it’s, it’s a pretty substantial grant. It’s in the I believe over $10 million that we are looking for grant funding.

That’s the kind of dollars that will get us up to hoever. Okay, once we’re at Hanover Street, from hoever to airport, we honestly do not have a real clear picture on that funding. But what’s important is once you get to hover, and get across over all of the city, east of overrode all of that area is protected from future flooding,

it’s removed from the floodplain. Okay, so, so the answer is a little bit of both. We got we got we’re doing it incrementally, which is what we told the citizens that we would try to bring as much federal dollars and other dollars to this effort as we could.

But at the end of the day, there may need to be sand additional bond issuance in the storm drainage, enterprise utility to complete the work. Okay,

thank you. And with that, I’ll move on. Okay.

It’s been moved by Jones seconded by Marsha. All in favor of consent agenda item k say aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. All right, item 10 k passes unanimously. Let’s go ahead and go on to item g resolution 2021 36. Dr. Waters you pulled this?

I did.

There’s I have no questions about the point that that we’re trying to make here. It just seems to me that that given the message that we’ve already communicated in, in what we’d like to communicate, and our appeal to other municipalities, to join us, in a call on other elected officials to join us on the higher ground, the wording of the resolution might be a little more encouraging, a little less demanding. So I, as I looked at the resolution, you have you have what what I would, what I if it were just up to me, the language that I would put in the resolution. And if if that was acceptable, then the letter that would go out, would reflect a little bit of a softer approach. To reflect the resolution. I’m assuming that the only vote that’s going to occur here is on the resolution. Since the letter is over the mayor signature, it is up to the mayor. But if but if the language in the letter is going to go out as as it was written initially, then there’s more discussion I’d like to have about that.


it just seems to me that the appeal both to other elected officials, or the municipalities into the weld county commissioners, if we could simply be more encouraging and less demanding, I think we might get a better response at least from other municipalities. So you have in front of you what I would what I would recommend, and if you want a motion on that, Mayor, I’ll make it or I’ll defer to you.

But let’s hold on guys, hold on my mic. I just got to plug in my computer real quick. Hold on one second. Sorry about that, guys. All right, Mayor Pro Tem.

Thank you very badly. First of all, I want to acknowledge one thing is that in my opinion, I don’t think that said letter or resolution will make any difference to the weld county commissioners. That being said, I think it’s important that if we do move forward with a resolution that we do move forward as a unanimous body on it. I actually do very much appreciate Councilmember waters, alterations of the text, because I feel that that was probably one of the biggest culprits was the way it was written. And the way the media portrayed that in the backlash that the council’s received, I feel that if it was less, especially considering was a resolution, if it was it was if it was less demanding, I don’t think we would have necessarily received the same backlash. Would we have received some of course, but I don’t think we would receive the same amount. as such. I’m very much supportive if council member waters is saying that he’ll only vote for this. If the language is altered. I’m very much supportive of altering the language because again, I I think the important part is unanimity amongst the council members in this. And so I would actually like to move the resolution forward with the amended language provided by Councilmember waters.

I’ll second that. Customer back.

So my question is, if we amend this letter, can we agree that we just amend it and send it as it is without having it come back to Council for on a second reading?


that would be too late. It’s

a resolution. It doesn’t come back on second reading. I guess in Mayor Pro Tem who you kidding, I caused the backlash. I get that. And my whole point in doing so was to get people talking weld county ignored 23 mayors who sent a nice letter, and they might resist, I don’t expect them to do anything. But everybody in weld county understood what we said they can call us hypocrites. They can call us our fault at our fault. I don’t even I couldn’t even put my finger on anything necessarily the weld county citizens in and of themselves are doing. My whole point was like him or not. We elected the governor and he’s the guy calling the shots right now. And so We’ve all got to be a unified body. That’s it, and no one was paying attention. Now they are. So I think it’s a great idea. So anybody else have any other comments before we vote?

All right.

Do you want to move that since you pulled it, Dr. Waters? Well, we’ve actually we actually moved it. Yeah. My reports have already loaded. And I seconded it. All right. All in favor of resolution 2020. Dash 136. say aye.


Opposed say nay. All right, that passes unanimously. Let’s move on to

clarify, we can put the resolution as amended.

Yes, it was as amended.

And And will you since it’s your letter, will you do whatever you do with the final version of the letter?

I will. If there’s a typo or grammatical error, I will change it. But substantively, we’re going to the version that you drafted and correct it. That’s what’s going out with my signature. I have no problem with that. All right, let’s wrap this up with general business. I actually moved that we recessed the Longmont city council and convenience the Board of Commissioners the Longmont urban renewal authority. That is been moved and seconded by Dr. Waters. All in favor say aye.


Opposed say nay. All right, let’s go to item 12. a resolution lmra 20 2002. a resolution of the Board of Commissioners the Longmont urban renewal authority and acting the supplemental budget and making an additional appropriation for the expenses and liabilities of the authority for the fiscal year beginning January 1 2022. Have a motion.

So none.

All right. It’s been Moved by Councillor Martin and seconded by Dr. Waters on favor of resolution lmra. 2020 dasho to say aye. Aye. Aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. All right, item 12. a resolution lmra 2020 dasho. Two passes unanimously. Do we have a motion to adjourn as the Board of Commissioners on urban renewal authority and reconvene to the city council.


all right. It’s been Moved by Councillor Beck seconded by Councilmember Martin. All in favor say aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. All right, Motion carries unanimously. Let’s go on to board and commission appointments. So where is my I? I just need to find my notebook because that’s why it was late today. So I don’t see it here. So can we just take a two minute break? Please

be right back.

Live in Providence but you you’ve been helping these people

They are Begley is more television in the background. You need to be muted if it is. Yeah. So

that’s somebody watching TV in the next room. Yeah. I don’t see you, Marsha, were you at? There she is. Alright, shall we go ahead and start with the airport advisory board?

We sure can. Mayor there are two positions available. But terms ending December 31 2023. We’ll do these by motions since we are virtual.


I’m going to go ahead and just start moving. And then if you guys have questions, comments, concerns, just say nothing. All right. I’m going to move Richard Dean to serve as a regular member terminated December 31 2023. Counselor Christiansen. Again, it hasn’t been seconded. So no debate.

A second.

Okay. All right. Now it’s been moved in second counselor, Krishna, sir.

Can we just put these people’s names up and then vote on them? That’s what we’ve done before. Instead,

we don’t have the information to pull up on the screen. We don’t have ballots since we’re in a virtual world. So when we have media, we did this via motion and vote. Well,


sincera to regular members here. Can

we make it one motion to move two people at once? Or? Well, we can do that on others. But it’s there’s been a motion in a second. Okay. But all in favor, Richard Dean say aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. All right, Richard. Dean passes unanimously. Um, Joe, go ahead.

I move that we appoint Russell Robinson to

I’ll second that. All in favor say aye.

Aye. Aye. Aye.

Aye. Opposed say nay. All right. Russell Robertson, is appointed unanimously. Let’s go ahead to our public places commission.

And this one has three unexpired terms, Mayor, I don’t know if you want three individual votes, or

why think that? What? I don’t know. Let’s just keep going one at a time. Okay. And then I’m gonna move Teresa Baxter. Okay. All right. All in favor, say aye. Aye. Aye.

Opposed say nay.


All right. So it’s that passes six to one with Councilmember Christiansen objecting or dissenting. Anybody else do you want me to keep going? I’m actually going to move. Jennifer Miller. Second. All right. All in favor of Jennifer Miller say aye. Aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. Hey. All right, as a six to one with Councillor Christiansen dissenting. Somebody want to vote move another one on that one. Councillor Martin?

I move Danielle Kevin any second?

It’s been Moved by Councillor Martin and seconded by Dr. Waters. All in favor? Daniel caveny. say aye. Aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. All right, then that passes unanimously as well. Looks like Chris Baxter, Daniel caveny and Jennifer Miller are in public places, folks. I’m going to move the Callahan house that we appoint Karen crewson and Thompson to the two regular member terms ending December 31 2023. All in favor say aye. Aye.

Opposed say nay.

Okay, that

passes unanimously. All right. Let’s go ahead and the downtown Development Authority. We’ve got three applicants and one person available to have the position. Anybody want to make a motion? Councilmember Peck,

I move that we appoint Wes Parker to DDA Second.

All right. Any debate on this one? All right. All in favor say aye. Aye. Aye. Opposed say nay.

All right.

Um, so that was who was nay? Me. Oh, Councilmember Joe Farrell. Mayor Pro Tem. Did you have a comment? Yeah, I

just wanted to say that. Because we don’t normally take debate on these. We just normally vote that maybe we limit debate.

I thought I agree with you wholeheartedly. I agree with you wholeheartedly. I just saw a couple hands go up. So I could I didn’t know if people were just trying to be polite. I didn’t know if they were voting. Or if they were trying to get my attention. So, all right, so all in favor of West Parker say aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. That passes six to one with Councilmember doggo fairing in the descent. Alright golf course advisory board. Someone want to make a make a motion.

I’ll move we appoint Justin Drake.


All in favor of Justin Drake say aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. All right. I move we approve, approve or appoint our golden right? is in motion All in favor of I wouldn’t say aye. Aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. All right, Justin Drake and Justin Drake and a woman are appointed anonymously to the regular member terms ending December 31 23.

Let’s go on to housing Human Services Advisory Board three regular regular members ending December 31 2023. Um, I was going to actually Casper Christiansen

I would move Caitlin Abbott.


All in favor of Caitlin Abbott say aye. Aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. All right, that passes unanimously. I’m gonna actually move Kimberly string.

Second. Second.

All in favor, Kimberly Strang. say aye. Aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. All right, Kimberly string passes unanimously. Kazmir christison

I would move Deanna Blair.

I’ll second that. All in favor say aye for Deanna Blair. Hi. Aye. Opposed say nay. All right, that passes unanimously for Deanna Blair. Caitlin Abbott, Deanna Blair and Kimberly Strang are appointed to the three regular member terms ending December 31st 2023. All right. Master Board of Appeals Do you have a motion for who will serve the ultimate member I actually moved out him Goldstone to be the alternate member okay to be to have a second I move brought down Russell is the alternate member. I would second both of those. Okay, I’m just I’m just trying to it doesn’t matter. We’re going to appoint all four but who else who want anyone want to make a motion for the alternate member? I don’t have a preference. All right, I’m going to go ahead and move Adam Goldstone then is the alternate Second. All in favor of Adam Goldstone being the ultimate alternate member term ending? 1231 2023 say aye. Aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. All right, Adam Goldstone is appointed the alternate member unanimously. And I’m also going to move Don Russell and the owner and Chris Bostwick to be appointed the three regular member terms ending 1231 2023 second, all right, it’s all in favor say aye. Aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. All right, Don Russell anioma and Chris Boswell are hereby unanimously appointed to three regular member terms ending 1220 1231 23. All right, let’s go on to the MLP MLP c pension board. I’m going to actually counselor Christiansen

I would move Kathy Capella.

I’ll second that. On favor of Kathy Capella say aye. Aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. All right. That passes unanimously and Kathy propella is appointed to the unexpired regular term ending June 30 2023. All right, let’s go to the museum advisory board.

Susie Lago fairing

she moves Company A Cordova and I’ll second that?

I do.

I’ll second.

All in favor, say aye. Aye.

Opposed say nay. Hey.

All right. So it passes six to one with Councilmember Christiansen in the dissent. All right. Let’s go on to

personal privilege. gerth. Mayor, it’s your house. Could you please have the volume turned down because it’s very distracting for the rest of us. All right.

The I’ve turned it down. But I about a year about a year ago, I decided that I’m not going to impact my personal life for council anymore. So I’ll resign before I tell my family to stop their behavior activities based on council anymore, but I’ve turned it down. Go ahead and do planning and zoning. We’ll come back to parks and rec that one can get messy. All right. Do we have a motion for one one regular member term any December 31 2025

Mr. Mayor, I move Jetson high. Alright, I’ll

second that. All right, all in favor. All in favor of Judson height say aye. Aye. Aye Opposed say nay. All right, Judson height is hereby appointed a regular member term ending December 31 2025. All right, let’s go ahead and move on to alternate number terms ending December 31 2022.

Thank you Mr. Mayor. I move somebody to color


All right, all in favor of selling a color.


post a me

Alright, so Lina color is appointed and ultra member ending December 31 2022. unanimously, anybody else?

I swear I move another catchy as an alternate member.

I’ll second that. All in favor say aye. Aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. All right, and allow the gottschee is hereby appointed and alternate. And then we need one more. I’m gonna actually move Jerry Boone


All right. All in favor say aye.


Aye. All right, nay.

All right. Judson height is the regular member and then Jerry Boone, Salina, Kohler and annalynne kouachi are appointed the alternate member terms and December 31 2022.

All right.

Okay, let’s go on to Senior Citizens Advisory Board.

It’s ma’am.

Go ahead. Cuts run.

Yeah, there are only two positions. I move Sheila Conroy and Julie Hauser.

I’ll second that. All in favor say aye.


Opposed say nay. All right, then Sheila Conway and Julie Hauser are appointed unanimously to to or each to regular member term ending December 31 2023. Sustainability advisory board. I’m gonna actually move Kimberly Rankin’s.

Second. All right.

Kazmir Christiansen is your board. Did you have a comment? Or were you gonna propose some

members gonna propose limit in the claim?

Okay, well, we’ve got a motion on the floor. All in favor for Kimberly Rankin say aye. Aye. Opposed say nay.


Raise your hand if you’re nay. All right, so the motion fails. Three to four. All right. Councillor Christiansen?

I would move. Lynette MacLean.

Second. All right.

It’s been moved and seconded. All in favor say aye. Aye. Aye. Nay say nay. Nay. All right. So raise your hand if you’re an A. All right. The motion fails. Mayor Pro Tem Do you have a motion?

Yes. Mr. Mayor, I move Catherine or cable Meyer.

I’ll second that. All in favor of Katherine vote Meyer say aye. Aye. Opposed say nay.


Raise your hand if you’re an ace. All right, motion carries five to two with council members doggo fairing and peck in the descent? Visit Walmart board. I’m going to actually move Stacy live one. Second. All right. It’s been moved and seconded that Stacy Litwin serve the regular term and in December 31 2023. say aye. Aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. Hey, and raise your hand if you’re nay. All right. The motion carries six to one. Um, see here, then. Yeah. So Stacy, let one’s it. Let’s move back to parks and rec advisory board. got three regular terms and the December 31 2023. Mr. Mayor, I

move Dan Olson.

I’ll second that. All in favor, Stan Olson say aye. Aye. Aye. Opposed say nay. All right. Dan Olson is appointed a regular term ending December 31 2023. unanimously. I’m going to move Scott Conlon Second. All in favor Scott comments say aye. Aye.


Opposed say nay.


Raise your hand if you’re nay. We will. Okay. So passes five to two with Mayor Pro Tem Rodriguez and Councilmember Christiansen in the dissent.

Thank you Rebecca back. I moved Nicholas Novello again.

All right. Oh, all in favor Nicholas. dibello. say aye.


Aye. Aye. say nay. All right, Nicholas Nadella is appointed unanimously. All right. That means Scott Conlon, Nicholas dibello and Dan Olson are hereby appointed three are regular member terms any December 31 2023. Did we miss anything done?

We did not. Thank you, mayor and council.


And by the way, I put in Marsha, what I said earlier was not to be disrespectful or snarky. It’s just that we’re in COVID at home, and I can’t have people locked in their rooms and they’ve given up enough because of my political hobby. So I just I they voluntarily turned it down. But I just didn’t really hesitant to make anybody do anything now. All right, so let’s go ahead to mayor and council comments. I’m sorry, no final call public invited, be heard. It’s a regular session tonight. So let’s go ahead and take a two minute break and see who calls in.

Back in three.

Donnie you there?

I am.

Good. You said john fryer.

What the the edited resolution. And

I also asked Mariah and Sandy.

Y’all got a text from john.

think there was only two.

We’ll give the live stream just a few more seconds to get caught up. Currently, we

have no one

in our waiting room.

Well, then we’ll go ahead and close final call public invited to be heard. And when everybody’s back, we’ll go on with more on council comments. Let’s wait till they’re all back. But you’ll go first.

And Councilman Christiansen

I just want to I want the other three words of wisdom.

All right, Councilmember Christiansen.

So nobody will have to deal with us for another couple of weeks.


I just want to wish everybody out there. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, every holiday that you’re celebrating, and please stay healthy and take care of your family. Thanks.

Duck waters, and then counts. Yeah, I should probably just

be shut up in season greetings as well. But I’m going to make one more appeal. That we that we take a serious thought give serious thought to a better approach and process. This whole process we just went through of appointing organ commission members. And it’s you know, it’s not worth doing tonight. I just had to interview 47 people on a Saturday and go through this process tonight. When we could have had boards and commissions interview, recommend their final status, we would then interview so that we would get our blessing from the people who know best what court boards and commissions need. It just doesn’t make sense in terms of any kind of good practice to get people with the right skill sets and dispositions in the positions that are needed on boards and commissions. So I won’t say any more now but I just think before we do this again.

We need to rethink

our role in this

That is the closest thing that you will hear Tim water saying Merry Christmas. Yes. Merry Christmas to you to Dr. Waters. Jasmine Martin.

Thank you, Mayor Bagley, I would just like to urge that people have a safe and constrained holiday. Stay in your pods. keep your family safe. Save your nickels and dimes for a really fine party next year. Please keep us all safe.

Because Mr. Peck I think I’ve skipped you. I’m sorry.

Okay. Um, yes, I just want to also wish everyone a Happy Holidays. But also take some time to drive around Longmont and look at the incredible lights. The lights are in Roosevelt, Roosevelt Park are amazing. And I have noticed that people have come out more with more lights, more festivities more fun. And I think it is probably a result of being in our home so much that it’s a good way to express holiday feelings, joy, happiness. So see you next year. Well, john,

thank you very badly. First, I might suggest that maybe not this year, obviously. But next year or something, the council schedule a social airing of grievances. festivus. Like, I think that would be entertaining. Either way, I do also want to say, you know, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to everybody. As well as Don’t forget to continue in as safely as you possibly can support our small businesses through via Christmas shopping, holiday shopping, getting your food, take out whatever is safest, and best idea for you and your household. But please continue to support our small businesses.

That includes a wrestling match, though, if we’re going to do it, right, we wrestle

and make sure we have the right pole, then the right pole,

Councilmember autofair

I really like that idea. I have a ton of grievances on air. Oh, man. So um, you know, I just I want to wish everybody a very safe and happy holiday. Um, one thing that I’ve learned or one thing that a good thing that has happened out of all this, and here I am in quarantine, I have my teaching stuff here. So I’m actually now teaching from home. So I haven’t left the spot since 730. This morning. And, but to wish everybody a very safe and happy holiday with your family, we have really connected as a family in ways that, you know, we haven’t in years. So that’s, that’s something I can be grateful for. And I’m hoping that that is the case, with many of you out there. This is a very, you know, I’ve worked with a lot of families, I’ve worked with a lot of folks who, you know, this is a very difficult time. And, you know, just, you know, I’m trying to be really patient with people that I come across and just try to, you know, understand that not everyone is coming from my my perspective, that everybody’s having their own burdens and stresses, and so kind of practice of forgiveness among each other, practicing that hard with my significant other and my kids and, and my neighbors and, and other friends and family. So you know, that’s, that’s the message I want to share out with everybody. And something that I’ve been doing with small businesses is we’ve made the commitment as a family to either donate to a nonprofit or, you know, groups that have been hit really hard or the arts community. So just, you know, sometimes I’ll just throw it throw in a 20 or wherever I can, you know, I’ve been fortunate that we could do that as a family. Plus, I also recently broke it to my kids that that’s their Christmas gift. We’re locally donating to local businesses and and yeah, and every day, we just kind of spend our spend our money somewhere somewhere local. So I’ve been really good about posting things, but lately I just I haven’t but still every day we’re putting a little something out there to the community. So wishing everybody the best.

Alright, great. I just want to say Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, all that kind of stuff. And I hope that come January, the world treats you one another, a hell of a lot better than they did this year. And I’m just I’m ashamed To be human, almost the vitriol and the hatred that people have conveyed to one another over politics. Just all

is mind blowing to me.

So I’m going to try to forget all that. And hopefully when we come back in a couple of weeks it will somehow miraculously change, but I doubt it. So, all right, do we have a city manager wants to make some comments?

First, I want to say Happy Holidays to everyone. Thanks for another year. This one has been challenging for all of us. And looking positive that one, you know 21 will be a better year as we continue to move forward as a community. Joanie also wants to introduce you to our new planning director, Tony.

Thanks, Harold, mayor and council, I wanted to welcome and introduce the council to Glen bend in Wigan. Glen is our new planning director and I wrote you an email several weeks ago that he would be starting this month. So for me that’s going to make 2021 already seem a whole lot better. So Ben is on this evening, and has sat in on the last couple of council meetings and will be coming to planning commission tomorrow night as well. Glenn, I don’t know if you want to say anything or give a shout out. But either way.

I’m just thrilled to be here. Let’s leave it at that.

Welcome, Glenn.

Thank you.

more comments, Mayor Council.


Why are you with Hi, why don’t a tie Eugene, are you looking for a raise or something?

I was dispensing justice this morning at the Municipal Court.

dispense it my friend dispense. Right. So

happy and safe holidays to everyone. That’s it, Mayor. All right. Great.

Do we have a motion to conclude this meeting? So moved. Second. All right. It’s been moved and seconded. All in favor of concluding and then reconvening in what? Three weeks from today? Right. Three weeks? Don’t know council member for two weeks council meeting for two weeks? All in favor say aye. Aye. Opposed say nay? All right, cool. Then I will see you guys in three. All right later, guys.

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