Senior Citizens Advisory Board Meeting – December 2, 2020

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call the meeting to order. And then hopefully Jeff will join us. When he joins us. I’d like to start out with roll call. I currently have Susan marshes, Sarah, Sheila, Julie, art, prudence and shell Crescent. Is that correct? Okay. prudence, did you have a question?

No, I was just waving.

Just okay. Ah, it’s my understanding that we do not have any gifts this morning. And because I am to see everybody,

Julie’s our guests,

it’s Julie, our guests. Yes.


as I can’t view everybody at one time on my screen, and we have some business that’s going to require voting this morning. I would like I’m sorry, excuse me. I would like to have the ici s and if there are any needs, and then I will ask the need to identify themselves. And so we don’t need to invite the public to be heard. As everyone had the opportunity to review minutes from last week. Or last month.

Yes. Good job, Sarah. Hi. Move that we accept the minutes as written. Okay.

Did anyone see anything that they needed to correct? I second the motion to accept the minutes.

So did our

I didn’t hear him. Okay. I’m old business. Board membership? I do you have some notes from the shelves. So I’m going to kind of be reading them as we go along. Uh, she wanted a paid on applications. We currently have at least three applications. She didn’t know if there were any more that were received after the deadline and asked, perhaps Marsha could speak to the interview date and process.

I can. Julie, are you one of the applicants? Is that your reason for monitoring us? Well, good for you. Um, I, the the interviews are this Saturday, they are by zoom. And we are once again going to try to be more uniform and asking everybody the same questions. So I got a list of everybody from the City Clerk’s office. And I am kind of feeling like honestly, that this is one of those applications where zoom works better than real life. So I’m, I’m looking forward to getting it done in an expedient way. And and you know, this is my favorite board. So I hope it’s gonna go well. Look, his legs or his her hand up?

Well, Marcia, How much time will be allocated for the interviews?

Oh, it’s only three minutes because there are so many boards and commissions and so many people to get through.

The message I got, was it. It was six minutes this time. Oh, is it? Well, that’s that’s information. That’s what I


I wasn’t sure. Maybe because there are fewer applicants because we always complain. You know that there’s not enough time to do justice to people. And I know we have extended the commission interviews to 10 minutes. But so you’re probably right Sheila because I tend to do short shrift to those messages until right up.

I think it’s good that they people who will be interviewed know in advance the length of the interview because that gives them a chance to prioritize what they want to say in their answers,

well, just a minute. And I won’t hang up, obviously, but I’ll go and look and Janine, when I get back, I’ll raise my hand and confirm whether it’s three or six.

I’ll still be listening.


All righty. Um, the positions for 2020 that we need to address today are for president, Secretary, AC. And TRG, after 320 21 sustainability friends and the Latino coalition, it’s my understanding that we need to do a formal vote. And then Michelle will write a letter to the C, A on who you recommend. I offered to represent the board last time, but if there are any other people that would like to be considered, please let us know now so that we can do some voting on that. Art has also offered to continue on the Latino coalition. And Susan has offered to continue with friends. Michelle said that she was considering was considering backup, but she wanted me to verify that the who was offering to be the representative and who saw three beat the bad backup. citizen or she lived did he know that?

Well, I’ll still be the representative for the friends.

Okay. And I will be back if that’s acceptable.

Okay. Hey, Janine, how

come? We’re not waiting till January till you’ve got new the new members on?

Be part of this?

You know, because I was actually just reading the show’s agenda. Okay. And if it’s normally done in January, we can actually do this next month. And I think that’s actually a great idea. Yeah,

we think you’d want to wait till you had a full your follow up. Absolutely.

Sarah. I

mean, I would suggest with my tongue is not awake.

Now you’re muted.

Or something by mistake? Oh, okay. I’m suggesting that for the a c representative, that we do take a vote today, because they will need to present to the commissioners I think this month or in January who they want the commissioners want to appoint so they will need to have that recommendation from your board. As soon as possible.


competition here, I suggest that we do vote on the AC Rep.

So I move that we nominate Janine to represent us as

well second that

oh, we have a nomination and a second for Janine myself to be the representative on the AC board. All in favor, please say aye. Aye. Aye. Any opposition? Please feel free to say nay. Okay. And that? Yes.

Um, and Janine. Just quickly, I did look at the schedule. And if anybody needs a copy of it, I can email them. But there are six minutes in between interview times, whether that means a five minute limit or a six minute limit with no interval at all. I’m not sure but anyway, it is longer than three minutes. So Sheila, thank you for the correction.

So you said you wanted to Send a list of questions to Julie so she can be ready.


I’m not gonna do that. But absolutely. When we introduce her, I’ll be asking the questions and I will make it clear that she has been attending the meetings regularly.

And jack has joined us. So jack, I wanted to let you know that Michelle chip and Lisa noble OSH I believe her name, it says I’m located, that you can continue with sustainability as a citizen.

Thank you.

Um, do we have any other road business?

Do you know if Michelle mentioned anything if she received any individual interest for the friends? board?

Um, yes. She said that Susan had offered to continue with with she lives the backup. But she didn’t mention any other people that were interested in.

Test seven vacancies?

What’s that?

The friends has seven vacancies to fill?

Right. That’s what I was checking on. Oh, okay.

And I think that that was the one thing that she suggested that was actually going to be a new business. But we can discuss that right now that there were free three vacancies on the board. And that she was encouraging anyone who knew anyone in the community or business members that may be interested to please let her know.

Yeah. I was just wondering if anybody if she gave a number of people that have been input on that, because I recommended a few people. And I was just wondering if anybody did show interest?

I Not that I know of that talk at this time. She hasn’t had anyone express interest.

Okay. Thank you.

All right, Jenny. Yes, this is Julie.

I just wanted to ask a quick question. In terms of the friends board. Do the folks who are applying for that board? Do they need to be Longmont residents? And how long do they have? If they do need to be long residence? How long? Do they need to be living in long?

So like a year or six months? Does

anyone know? It’s in? Do

you know that?

I don’t know for sure.

I think they I could only say I think that they have to be Longmont residents, but I don’t think that there is, you know, a timeframe associated with that. I can ask Michelle to Lea and get back to you.

Okay. Yeah,

I have a couple of couple people that I think would be good. But I can also check the website.


thank you. That’s

me, Sarah.

Yes, Sarah.

All right. This is sort of going back to the positions. But as the retiring secretary, I would just like to say that for those of you who are eagerly waiting to be elected secretary of the sport I think I would like to point out that I have tried to include narrative that’s not necessary for formal recording of the business we do. But that I hope will be reminders for, for members about what’s going on. So if anybody would like to talk with me about taking minutes and particularly doing it with when you’re in a zoom meeting, which is somewhat different, why I’d be very happy to do that before you leave but the opportunity to be secretary.

Thank you very much, Sarah, I’m sure that your input is really going to be needed and, and appreciated. Um, and you know, if it might or might not be a time for us to acknowledge the incredible work that you have done. I read with tears what Michelle had to express to you and jack and Michelle and I No, I speak for myself as well as everyone on board. And, again, thanking you for all of your contributions. I think of the times that you and I have shared at the table of numerous events representing the senior center and how how much I enjoyed that. And, jack, I’m going to miss your quiet and elegant wisdom and support more than you will ever know. And, Michelle, what can I say you’re irreplaceable in my heart. And I’m feeling some emotional aspects of your departures. So thank you all very much.

Thanks, everyone. And Sara, I do just want to say to the you into the future secretary, that I really appreciate the narrative style in minutes, it is so much more useful than just this happened. This happened, this happened.

So thank you.

You’re welcome.

I’d like it better to but yeah, and helpful to me.

And as we, as we bring new people on and give them an opportunity to participate. You know, I want to encourage everyone that’s here today, to consider these positions very strongly. I am looking forward to stepping aside and letting someone else resume the president position. And so I encourage all of you to really think about how you might want to take on some of these positions over the next month. And then hopefully, we’ll also have new board members that may also be interested. Does anyone else have any other issues in terms of old business? If not, I’m going to move on to new business. Okay. Um, under new business, we have done the friends word, Elder Justice Coalition grant, the Elder Justice Coalition has given almost $400,000 to Boulder County area on agency in aging, and brandy and shell will be the core team for on 14 for that grant. The focus is going to be on training for police fired judges and community members.

Also. Well, let’s move on actually to reports and I will list Michelle’s report first, before we go on. She said the winter go will be available online later this weekend. It will be in print in a few weeks. The housing authority work continues to be the focus for a few of the staff at the senior center and cluding. Michelle and she is thanking all for understanding their movement to the Housing Authority temporarily. The Senior Center is not expected to be open until 2021. And they’re saying possibly February and March. February or March.

She wants

you all I’m sorry, is Oh,

it didn’t need to I at the end would be would be plenty I just wanted to clarify with the pickup sites mostly closed. How is the go the paper go being distributed.

the only the only way that I know of is that The last couple times an issue came out, they put a big box of the copies out in front of the senior center with a big sign help cope yourself and notified people in the newsletter that they could pick them up physically there.

I’ve seen I’ve seen the box and it it does empty out on a regular basis. And I think that the online go, we will make a note that they can pick up the the hardcopy at the entrance to seniors.

And Marsha, I would think that they are continuing to drop off, like at the senior center, like it’s a assisted living facilities, housing authorities, stuff like that, because they’ve always done that night, you know, drop off at the lobby, make arrangements, I think they’re still doing that.


Michelle also says please stay safe and well, and thank you so much to our outgoing board members, Sara, jack and Michelle. All miss you all. Um, and I also was thinking that and wondering if, when we do have any in house meetings again, maybe in the spring, if the three of you might consider coming back for our, our delayed farewell party in and flowers, you would be interested in ordering now. We’d still love to have that happen.

No, I will

tell us every time with

food and flowers.

Sarah, When are you planning on moving?

It’s uncertain because the building is under construction. But it probably will be fall early fall.

Oh, well, then

you are still going to be around for a while? Well,

yeah, I plan to be around as long as I can go here.

That’s great. All right. Um, I’d like to go on with reports. Marsha, do you have reports from city council?

Um, well, the City Council is has been pretty focused on the the Costco project, which is approved by the vast majority of people, although the there are a few affected neighborhoods that are are pretty vociferous about it. And we have a new annexation, that fills a hole in in the business development area.


Oh, you know, how we’re left him brewery is and so on. And, and that’s a really good thing, because it’s been unincorporated County, and it’s always, always better to be in control and be able to enforce the codes and everything. So I think that that will sort of be a boost to public safety, as well as knowing who the property owner is, I think that the that it’s going to be a an environmental upgrade to the part of the city, you know, that we’re going to have a business park, most likely with with grass and you know, landscaping and and they are conscious of their duty depressor to respect the Greenway, which is an important thing for this for many of the residents of the city. And there was a calmer, kinder gentler resolution that we’re going to try to get other cities on board with urging the counties that are resisting compliance with the governor’s social distancing and safety orders to

be compliant. You know, not to not to endanger the public. By encouraging you know, indoor dining in And not wearing masks inside stores and stuff. So, you know, I think we sort of,

then we sort of calmed things down, in in terms of people being upset with the mayor upset with weld county upset, no matter which side of the subject you were on, everybody was upset, which may have been the mayor’s point because he certainly knew that you can’t turn people away from hospital no matter what, you know, how badly behaved they’ve been. So, you know, that was the thing. And, and then we had an extensive report on waste diversion. And, you know, really the only thing about that was just that we can expect our service city services to increase and they’re very conscious of, of not increasing the price for a burden on individual residents. So, you know, nothing really direct. Yes, prudence

is the city I’m tracking the occupancy, bed occupancy of the two hospitals.

The city doesn’t, the health department does. And for a long time, we had very detailed occupancy for our two hospitals. Now, because things are so intense. We only get the countywide statistics from the Boulder County Health Department. But the good news is, is that we’re in reasonably good shape. Where, okay, on equipment, okay, on staffing, and right at the edge between between red and yellow on ICU beds and medical surgical beds, but they’re moving in the right direction. So we’ve had five days of fewer hospitalizations. Yeah, so we are, there is no reason to not be careful. But people appear to be taking this current spike very seriously. And all of our numbers are still too high, but moving in the right direction, rather than continuing to go up. I will say that the one exception is our demographic, for some reason out, as far as test cases go, the 60 to 72, or whatever the rage bracket is, is the county health measures. Is is the only one that’s that hasn’t taken a downward turn, though. Be careful. But but the you know, the assisted living demographic is is getting better, although, you know, there are lagging illnesses still to be endured. Yes, Michelle.


thank you.

I have been personally going and using being in the pool. And I’m curious, every time I’m there at Centennial, I feel pretty safe. But I don’t know if there’s any spouts about how the city’s doing in terms of employees who are, you know, kind of present at sites that are open to the public. And while if you guys have like a read on how how, how we’re doing?

Well, what you would notice is, is that they don’t present staff statistics. Although they do tell us when a facility has had to close, they’re still following the protocol that says if there is a positive test among the staff, they close the facility disinfected and, and leave it closed long enough to get that process done, as well as quarantining the infected and exposed employees. So that will tell you, Michelle, that there have not been any cases that said, I thought

that was probably the case. I just thought this I thought about the city overall and how, you know, exposures to the public and how how we’re doing?

Yeah, we did have to close. The permitting center across the street from Civic Center was was for a few days, but I think that’s the only one.

Great, Marcia,

yes, Susan.

You were talking about waste diversion than just something I’ve noticed even pre pandemic and now With the pandemic, cardboard going out, I noticed it in my area, it doesn’t go out and recycling as it should, because they get so much they just keep tossing it in the dumpster. Yeah.

Um, and I actually asked that question last night, because I don’t know whether I’m the only person that this ever happens to. Maybe somebody doesn’t like me, but but, you know, in the lag between the time that the the pickups happened, and I could have wheeled my, my trash containers back to the garage, if I had been really, really prompt, and the time when I actually do it, a lot of times people put things in my containers, and they’re not terribly accurate about which container they use. And so I mentioned that to Charlie kind of medias and and he mentioned, he said that they would find data about what the cost to the city is for inappropriate sorting, you know, that and, and, and we even talked about whether it was possible to have an ordinance, you know, it’s illegal to put things in somebody’s mailbox, why isn’t it illegal to put things in somebody’s dumpster? It obviously shouldn’t be a federal crime, but it should be an infraction. So, uh, anyway, we don’t have an answer on that. But the question has been asked, and of course, they are emphasizing and the sustainability group too. You may have heard about this, jack it separately, the outreach in terms of making people understand how important proper sorting is. continues. Okay. Yes, sir.

I have a question about the informational about the annexation to describe is that area now completely surrounded by Roman city proper?

Yes. Yes. It’s an enclave. Yeah, jack.

What’s the prospect?

What’s the prospects of obtaining that kasco on the southwest part of south west part of town? I think

I’m essentially certain I mean, we’re the we just passed the necessary ordinances that allow us to execute the contracts with all concerned on second reading. So yeah, I don’t I don’t think that there’s that there is, is anything that could really go wrong at this point. There are people who brought their two residents of Quicksilver road, which is not really related to the Costco per se. But there’s a deal that they move the gravel mining east. So there are gravel resources under the area where the Costco would be in there, those are not going to be mine, those are going to be left in place. But some gravel deposits that are further east are going to be used by the mineral rights owner whose name I can’t really recollect, right, the second they’re going to be accessed sooner than they would have, because they’re not doing the part where the Costco is. So the there’s a county road quiksilver road that is going to be used to haul the gravel out. And that again, would always have happened but there are two you know, ranchette owners on that stretch of road that brought their lawyer with them. Even though we, we the the mineral rights owning company has has agreed to pay them $180,000 each in compensation for the inconvenience that they’ll suffer. But there could be a lawsuit about that, but I don’t it might delay the mining but I don’t think it would impact the Costco.

Great, thank you.

Yes, prudence

and you know, this nationwide issue with cardboard and the ability to one we find recyclers and I don’t know where the long line is facing that? Or whether we recycle our own stuff into something, or where we sell it. This remember India and China no longer taking plastic? Mm hmm.

Yes. And I did not ask that question we did, they did assure us that they are not having they’re not having a problems with not being able to sell it, they may have lost, you know, the price may be going down. But and we didn’t get too far into that. And you’re prudent. So I think you were saying something back, and I didn’t hear it.

What the price will go down? I mean, that’s, of course.


And I have a question. As you said, you know, there are people who are putting garbage in your dumpster. Mm hmm. However, if they sorted correctly? Is that in another issue?


I suppose it would be less of an issue if they sorted it correctly. Um, you know, I have found Well, I actually had to have my trash dumpster, removed and cleaned by the city because apparently, some some vehicle dweller had had actually dumped a bag of human waste into my trash. And it was adhered to the site of the chaos. I know. I called up the service center, and I said, You’re not gonna believe this, but I can’t clean this myself. You know, it would go down the storm sewer or something? Yeah, so um, you know, mostly I get stuff like, supermarket bags full of stuff, and I’m not gonna, you know, not going to open them and sort them. Because who knows where they’ve been? You know, so I just moved them into the trash can. But yeah, for me, it’s a problem. I don’t I may be the only person in the city that has this problem. But I think we should at least have a campaign that says, you know, don’t do this. You could be fined if you’re caught. Nobody’s ever gonna be caught. But yeah, Jimmy, I


I have people contribute. Doggy doo doo. That’s my dress all the time. So now, I guess it’s a common thing.

I think it is. Anybody else?

Well, I’m just pleased they’re putting it in your trash container instead of just throwing it on the street?

Well, that’s true. Yeah, that is, that’s also true.

Except for the human waste,

yeah, the human waste is going too far. You know, I fought to get something done about the people who live in RVs for a long time. Because I know a couple of them, you know, and they’re decent people who have fairly good reasons for not living like everybody else. And I didn’t want them run out of town. Um, but eventually, you have to say, you know, people, you’re dumping human waste in the right of ways we can’t have that. And, and so that’s finally why I changed my vote. Very sad about that. Think That’s all?

Okay. You know, I was just thinking, perhaps, we had a site that we could offer people well, similar to putting it down sewers, or in other people’s garbage cans, that that might be one of the things to take a look at.

Well, you know, people can anybody can go clean out their RV at the fairgrounds already. Can they? I

didn’t know that.

Yeah, you anybody, anybody can and I’m pretty sure you can get a voucher from home. If you say I have no money. I have full tanks. But, yeah, it’s not like there’s no place it’s like the people won’t patronize the place that there is

any other comments or Marsha questions. Sara, do you have anything to work on area of aging, I’m sorry, area aging, one area agency on aging.

You’re muted. Sorry, you

get a popup message telling me the only person Anyway, um, there was no meeting in November. So I have nothing. But this time, our next meeting will be Friday. It’s always the first Friday. And so, if anything is of importance immediately, I will try to see that Michelle sends out an email message with that information

to you.

I also wanted to tell you that I have indicated to the AAA that I would like to continue as a member at large. And I haven’t formally applied yet, but I intend to do that. So if I am appointed as a member, I would be happy to serve as sort of as an informal backup to your board representative anytime that you’re not able to attend and I, and there I’ll try to keep you informed about what’s happening.

Thank you, Sarah.


do you have anything to report on friends?

Yeah, I’m the technology program update the friends has budgeted $5,000. And the Area Agency on Aging has secured some fun. So together. Apparently, Chromebooks and Kindle Fire tablets have been purchased. They will be given to people depending on income and need to fill in the digital gap that people are facing. The big thing for the friends is filling seven vacancies on their board. A couple of names have come up, Michelle was pursuing and other people on the board were pursuing to see if they could get people interested in helping out. And the other issue that they have to work on logistics, because January 26, is their annual meeting. Typically 30 to 50 people attend, of course, it’s all virtual. So they’re tossing around ideas as the best way to handle that meeting.

Okay. Michelle, anything to report on TRG

there was a an application that came in for a relatively small amount of money for a refurb or rehab of a bathroom and for a group home. So we had reviewed that and and it’s before the Health and Human hh are RP I guess health and housing whatever Board for approval and I think there’s one last pass so it was nothing specifically SR related um,

Boulder County Latino coalition anything to report art.

So we did have a meeting but there were very brief meeting and nothing to report at this time.

Um, and Longmont Economic Development Partnership. I do not have anything to report. Marsha. I am one who is on the quarterly list. You have anything that I know that do you go on a regular basis that meeting?

Um, yes, I do. And right now, I think there’s there’s nothing particularly of interest To this board, that’s that’s going on, they are reorganizing their leadership and their staff because they lost both staff members, and they’ve now rehired both staff of the into both staff positions with two young women that I am very impressed with both of them. And they are rebooting the advanced long month 2.0. projects, and I’ve attended to advance Longmont meetings since then. So I’m very happy to see those getting back together. And I’ve I’ve jumped ship, from the one that’s focused on places to the one that’s focused on transportation, which will, I think, be of interest to this board. Although, you know, I was not very happy with, with the the focus of that, because, you know, my personal interest is, is that we need to push for the reorganization of our bus services to first of all electric buses that are not going to fill the town with diesel, and that are smaller so that they can run more frequently. And in finer grained routes, you know, our buses, you’d have to walk four or five blocks to get to the buses, and, you know, they don’t run very often and all of that. So. And, and the answer I got to that was that well, that’s what RTD is for. Yeah, well. So, anyway, there’s not a lot of project progress there. But at least that those focus areas are restarting. And, and with more, I think engaged facilitators than what we had last year. So that’s the good news.

JACK, do

you have anything to report on sustainability? Yeah,

the next meeting, the next meeting is February the 10th. And last time, I mentioned some things about what took place in the last meeting, there’s a four page document from the meeting chock full of information, I’ll see that Michelle has it. So for your January meeting, it shouldn’t be available. I don’t know how people are going to get it. But I’m sure someday soon. Hopefully, that will happen. But she will have a copy of that and made available to all future board members. It’s about it.

And I would like to please encourage the board to you know, let me know or contact shell if you are interested in positions for 2021. And would really, really, really like to encourage people to consider that.

I guess, Julie, you are invited to be heard. Do you have anything that you would like to say before we conclude the meeting?

No fun. Good.

Thank you Good.

As always, thank you for allowing me to participate. appreciated.

Thank you very much for your interest in your participation. JACK,

you have something on a

health issue that

the board should be aware of. A lot of folks are using various types of alcohol.

But there’s some that are imported that are injurious to one’s health. And the problem is some of them have methanol, which is toxic to your body. So make sure when you buy your alcohol for your hands or whatever, that it does not contain methanol. And just be careful with those that are imported. I don’t want to mention the country and one is sound bias but one has to be careful because methanol can be pretty toxic. And it should have at least 60% alcohol so 70 is good as well.

Thanks, jack. That’s an important one.

Thank you,

Sara is the census over and done with?

As far as I know, there’s been no local activity now for

several months. Okay. Yeah,

I can add that the census is being reviewed by the courts at the federal level, because the Trump administration wants to exclude that from the counts people who are undocumented. I’m not sure exactly how they’re going to do that. Since though, you know, there was no question. But anyway, it’s going to go to the Supreme Court having been rejected by a district court. And, you know, we don’t know what this court is going to do, although speculation is that they won’t allow it. But we don’t know. Yeah.

Quick question. Do we know what our look is? Are their stats about what our local participation was or response rate?

I don’t have those Sherif. We never No, no, sorry.

I didn’t hear the question. I

said, Is there a way to know what our local response rate was just I know, we kind of have put put out, tried to get people motivated. And so I just don’t know how successful we were. There is and I can try to find out that information. And give you a report in January, I’ll

see what I can do.

I don’t have the

statistics here right now. Yeah. I

just this is my last meeting. I’d like to say it was a pleasure serving on the board all those couple years. And I wish the board continued success. And I’ll miss you all every first Wednesday of the month. And it’s been a sincere pleasure. And I thank you. Oh,

really, you,

jack and all of you. And I will say that I’m just googled it. And as of September 1, Colorado’s overall participation rate was 85%. So that’s pretty good.

I agree. I did what jack said it’s been. It’s been great. And it’s just like, I’d love this board. And I like love, what everybody’s doing and the focus on this, as well. Thank you, Michelle.

So we’ll see you out there in the community. Yes.

Of course.

Our post pandemic reunion,

right, yes. Our PCP our post pandemic party? Yes.

Okay. Bye, everybody.

Bye. Bye. Any other any other fish to adjourn? Do it?

Is there any other business or anything else that before we take a motion to adjourn?

Question for Susan, Susan, in reference to these Chromebooks and things that were purchased? Are they for loan for our as loans? Or are they something that is going to be given to individuals given given and with the contact? Who the contact intake folks?

Um, I think that brandy and her team are probably working to decide income and how to, you know, allocate the devices purchased?

That’s correct. That was my understanding as well.

Okay, thank you.

Um, Susan, a suggestion. If you if they would appeal to the City Clerk’s office, this, it might and I don’t know, because there may be privacy concerns, but the city does have a list of people who are eligible for the city rebate program, which is, oh, you know, food tax and several other aid programs that are now it consolidated and issued into a single year and chat for people. And so, you know, they might just if you get

Michelle said, I guess they had solicited names of people interested in actually using something and then they Check out whatever and I’m sure they’re aware of, you know where to check with the city and

if their income qualified, right, right.

Can I hear a motion to adjourn our meeting?

And second? Second.

It’s been moved and seconded to adjourn the meeting. And I will see you all next month.

Bye. Bye, everybody. Bye.

Officially, outgoing members bigger by Yeah.

Why are you guys happy holiday?

Us Well,

everyone f1

keep saying

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