Parks and Recreation Advisory Board October 15, 2020

Thank you. I would now like to call the October 12 2020. Parks and Recreation advisory board to order. Can we please start with the roll call?

Yes. Mr. Walberg is that’s it.

Mr. Jeff Ellenbogen.

Mr. Minow, gangwar.

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Thank you. Anyone wishing to provide public comment, during the public invited to be heard, must watch the livestream of the meeting. For instructions. When the call and information is displayed on the screen, please call the number displayed. Enter the meeting ID. And when asked for your participant ID press the pound key. callers will hear confirmation that they have entered the meeting and be told how many people are already participating in the meeting staff and council included. callers are placed on hold and muted until they are called on by the last three digits of their phone number at which time they will be unmuted and invited to speak. Please remember to mute your live stream when you are called upon to speak. Comments are limited to three minutes per person. And each speaker will be asked to state their name and address for the record prior to proceeding with their comments. Thank you. We will now go to the approval of the agenda.

I see no reason not to approve the agenda. I move we accept it.

Do I have a second?

Jeff Ellenbogen seconds. All in favor of approving the agenda. Please indicate by raising your hand.

Thank you.

The Motion passes. I note that page Lewis has joined us Thank you. Okay, at this time, we will move to the approval of the previous month’s minutes. Are there any comments or corrections on September’s minutes? Dan?

I just want to note for the presentation later on this evening that on page four the minutes the statement by Gordon Piedro that supported the conservation easement on the Newby openspace property. So I just wanted to bring that to your attention. everyone’s attention. Thank you.

I would also note that at some point in the minutes on page four, it’s Mr. Pedro not Mr. Gordon.

Any other comments on last month’s minutes?

I invite a motion to approve last month’s minutes. Jeff Ellenbogen moves. Can I have a second?

Rob Are you seconding

a sec.

Thank you very much. All in favor, please indicate by raising your hands. Dan and Katya abstain because we were not there. The Motion passes. Our next agenda item is public invited to be heard. We are going to open up the public invited to be heard and the information is being displayed on the screen.

For those watching at home,

please dial 888-788-0099 This is a toll free call. When you are prompted, please enter the meeting ID that you see on your screen 8951 to 181617. We will now wait five minutes. Thank you

Chair we have BOARD MEMBER gangwar, which has joined the meeting. Thank you.

Welcome to the caller that just entered our meeting. We still have a few minutes here before the meeting will continue. And we will open it up for comments. When we’re ready to call on you. We will call you out by the last three digits of your telephone. And we will ask you to unmute yourself at that time. Please stop listening to the live stream. You will see a delay between what you’re hearing on the live stream and what you’re hearing through your telephone. Thank you.

Cheer I’m gonna stop sharing I’m gonna let the stream catch up to us and then we can begin.

Thank you, Miss Wallach.

All right. We have one guest that’s called in. I’m going to ask you to unmute yourself. The caller, your phone number ends in 760.

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caller 760? I’m asking you to unmute.

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Hi. So you, you may want to meet the live stream or you’re going to hear me again in your ear.

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So you can hear us, right. So as you What am I doing? I’m did

will continue and hopefully you can see. Hopefully, you can say what you want to say. So please state your name. You have three minutes and your address.

Okay, and I can still hear two voices. So should I just start talking?

Yes, you’re gonna hear yourself your head. I I don’t know what device that you’re watching us on. What

what device? Are you one watching? I’ve got a MacBook Air a computer.

Okay, so you need to pause that. Can you press the stop button or that the pause button on that video?

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Pause. Okay. So.

Okay. Now, Is that better?

Yes. Wonderful. So again.

Okay, do I start my three minutes now?

Yes, please state your name and address for the record.

Okay, my name is Patricia Meyer. Patsy Meyer. I live at 1113 signature circle in Longmont. My request is for the recreation board to consider building a back board at the wonderful new Tennis Center at quail, right next to the recreation center. And my reason for asking for this is that, for me, a backboard is essential for anyone to learn the game of tennis. And the ones that we have in the city right now are insufficient in number, the there are three, one a car where the boards are warped a bit, which isn’t the worst thing. But if you don’t hit the ball correctly against the wall, it will go sideways. The same goes for the one at Collier, which is also made of press for that I believe and is also worked. The third one that I’ve seen is that a floater pot And that, to me is the best situation. It is a cement wall. And it’s two sided. And you can have more than one person hitting against the wall which allows you to not only practice your shots, instead of playing with someone who doesn’t know how to play, and then you’re chasing the ball more than hitting the dog learning how to play. And it’s also an opportunity if someone else is playing that you could leave somebody else to head with. You know, as far as I’m concerned tennis as one of the best sports that’s the least expensive allows you to see your progress through developing the proper strokes so that you can like as somebody else. My time up. I think I have another man No,

you have one more.

Okay, so I mean, I’ve been playing tennis for a very long time. And I’ve been here for 10 years. Before I lived here, I before retired, I coached High School came I made it shoot certain that we had a backward all of the team members with practice in their spare time to improve their strokes. I also taught at camps and clinics and back boards were always a part of the program so that anyone who wanted to on their own time could go and practice their strokes. I mean tennis is so inexpensive. You can buy a racket at a thrift store. You know, you just need tennis shoes. You don’t need a ball machine you don’t need You know, a lot of things that are expensive in other sports, you don’t need a whole team to play and entertain yourself.

That’s it.

Thank you so much. Caller. Jeff, do you want to respond at this time?

That’s really, David question.

David, do you want to respond at this time?

Sure. I’m here. And that that’s again, I think these meetings are great for the board to hear this and staff. We we have a five year ci p project list that we go five years looking at things that we think the community needs. And these are things that we can put into that hopper to look at, we can evaluate that and it can get worked into that. And if the board feels that that’s a priority, they can always ask staff to look at that. And we can start looking at our projects. But again, we really are laid out for this year and the next five years. And at this point there. There is nothing in that five year plan for this. But this is where it starts.

All there. Thank you so very much for sharing that concern with us. And I once you hang up here on the phone, you can press the play button on your live stream again, if you wish to continue to follow the rest of the meeting. Miss Wallach Do we have any other public waiting? Excuse me, Dan, go ahead.

I’ve Patsy, I encourage Patsy to call in because we play tennis together on Saturday mornings. And she’s right. I agree we don’t have a back board. And in fact, quail would be the perfect place because we have a waiting group of people at quail most of the time. And so that would give somebody something else to do. I’m thinking of like East boulder rec center where they do have back boards. I mean, they’re also handball courts, I guess, officially. Anyway, I think this She didn’t even occur to me until Patsy brought it up. But I’m on board with this. So David, when you’re looking for the board recommend I’ll be that guy.

Great. Thank you.

And chair, that was the only color.

Thank you very much, Dan. So we will move on now please to old business. Do we have any old business?

We have no other business.

Thank you. Moving on to new business. This is a public hearing regarding the disposition of open space and the new bee farm conservation easement. So just as we did with public invited to be heard, we will wait for five minutes for the public to call in concerning this agenda item. Miss Wallach should I read the instructions again?

If you want to just read the telephone number that’s on the screen and the ID that would be great.

Thank you. The number for comments is 1-888-788-0099. This is a toll free number. The meeting ID is 89512181617. We will now wait five minutes

Cheers I’m gonna stop sharing and wait for the live stream to catch up. Thank you.

Okay, it’s cleared the live stream and we have no one that has called in.

Thank you very much, Dan, I believe you’re presenting on the NewBee conservation easement.

I am Thank you very much. This particular item involves the probe recommendation to approve a grant of a conservation easement in gross from the city to the Longmont Conservation District on the NewBee farms openspace property a little bit of history. We closed on this particular parcel back in October of 2018. Approximately 254 acres and with water we spent close to eight and a half million dollars. So pretty significant investment. Little bit of history on what we’re trying to do here back in the spring of 2015. City Council moved that the open space program with all our fy acquisitions that we present a conservation easement to a holder to further protect these lands from any further development or opportunities that could come about very similar to this property. The newbie, similar to the newbie property, the herder Hartman and French properties, which are immediately to the west of this particular site. We granted the Longmont Conservation District an easement on those properties, oh 2018. So, the conservation district has reviewed the conservation easement language and approve that. And because of the disposition of openspace granting that particular land right to another entity, we’re required by ordinance to go through this particular process and review by the parks and recreation advisory board. And along with that requires the public hearing which I believe we just kind of have. With that being said, we’re requesting a recommendation from the parks and recreation advisory board to the Council for the issuance of this conservation easement. A minor fiscal impacts would be that we would pay the Longmont Conservation District a sum of $5,000 to monitor this conservation easement in perpetuity. So it’s to help cover their costs to monitor this conservation easement over time. So, as maybe Paige may be able to tell a Board Members this is relatively inexpensive, from our perspective, and we do have a very strong working relationship with the Longmont Conservation District. in your packet, there’s some of the details of what’s included and what has been prohibited and allowed on this property. It’s strictly an agricultural property. That newbie property possesses conservation values of great importance to the city of Longmont and weld County. It provides agricultural lands of state national significant, provides unique visual corridors, as well as community buffers. And one of the unique things about one of our is agricultural properties, it does have an opportunity to provide a trail corridor between union reservoir and St. vrain State Park. So we do find this to be a very unique agricultural property with the approval if this moves forward. We will take this then to city council with an amended agricultural lease that will reflect the conservation easement. The procedures in the process are outlined in the memorandum that have been provided for you of the direction from the Council, the public meeting. The only comment that we did receive throughout this process was that Gordon Vidro at last month’s meeting. And with that, I believe you have a vicinity map that shows the exact location of that particular property that would be farms property. And with that, that ends my presentation and I am happy to address any questions or concerns board might have.

board members.

Yes, Stan, go ahead.

A couple of questions. Dan, on your map. I see the blue outline looks kind of like a figure eight. I don’t see a river there. Where was this trail supposed to go? It’ll

it will likely run just to the north of will county road 26. We are the next couple years the perimeter trail around union reservoir will be constructed and what we with this opportunity with the hunter open space there and the newbie open space, we have the ability to make a parallel trail corridor off road north of weld county road 26 that would tie them right in the corner of the newbie property into St. vrain. State Park.

Um, I noticed in the rights it talks about the trail on the periphery. Looks like we’re now joining a bunch of open spaces together. Do peripheries include the old open space thing or is it all one big one? Is this going to put a limit on you on us? You know if we stick henner, Horner and nuby together, does that mean we can no longer run a trail? North South?

No, no, not at all. Again, the intention here is really to more of an East West corridor between union reservoir and St. Frame State Park. Okay, just getting some bringing that up. I wasn’t sure if you glue these together or how if they stay separate. Each one of these is managed by different operators. Well, as a matter of fact, the newbie and the governor and the French and Hartman openspace currently are all under one agricultural operator. However, if for some reason through a master planning effort or something of that nature, where we wanted to make a trail connection between the city of Longmont and mead maybe immediately adjacent or within close proximity of weld county road five would make a great north south corridor for trail connection between Longmont and Mead. Again, I think we need just to Consider of our agricultural operations. And we don’t want to fragment those or make agriculture any more difficult by fragmenting a property that will negatively impact that. But again, this gives us the opportunity to do that.

Thank you, Dan. And Dan, any other board members wish to ask Dan, any questions or discuss this?

Jeff, happy page.

Rob mnos. Excellent. In that case, I would entertain a motion to recommend to city council looking for the text.

on page eight,

that this be approved. Is anybody wish to make that motion?

We can make that motion.

Thank You page.

Three restate it.

Secretary, do you need that read out? It would be the text of number one on page eight of our packet.

If you could page that’d be great.

Thank you. Sure. I don’t know if it will be the exact text. But that’s what I would have said our board recommends that city council approve the granting of the conservation easement to the Longmont Conservation District on the newbie property.

Thank you very much Paige. Can I see a second Rob is seconding. Okay, Any further discussion? Okay, then we’ll call the question All those in favor of recommending the approval of an issuance of a conservation easement to the city council. Please raise your hands. The motion passes unanimously.

Thank you, everybody. Thank you.

Okay, item

six, B, Boulder County 2021. Open Space and trails request, Dan, this is you as well. It is

a busy night for me. Um, this particular item is a item that comes around on an annual basis, where Boulder County Parks and open space requests for municipalities across the county, their requests for GIS information, open space land acquisitions, and drill connections in corridors, I believe

in Dan, I’m gonna interrupt you just for a second board. This is page 12 of your packet.

With that being said, in your packet, you do have the previous request from 2019. This, this particular application or setup is going to cover that 2021 application process. And in your packet I’ve described for you three particular requests for open space, land acquisitions, and three additional trail projects, some of which we’ve combined a couple items into one. But the idea tonight was really to, you know, run this by you to see your thoughts on these six particular items. And then if you had any other additional items or thoughts or reshuffling of these because they are in order of priority based on staff discussions. So if you don’t mind, I’ll jump right in unless there’s questions before we get started. Hearing none, the first open space request that we are asking for is assistance with the land acquisition of the atom dairy farm property, which is located just to the west of St. frane. State Park, approximately 130 acres. And if I’m not mistaken, there’s approximately six shares of the oligarchy ditch associated with that property. Under a pretty hearty agricultural program, the property has about three quarters of a mile of the same grain running through that we anticipate the cost of this property with land and water to be approximately five and a half million dollars. So that is our top priority. Again, we feel that that’s an important acquisition, connection, same frame State Park connection to the same frame Greenway, community buffer, all those great things associated with the open space program.

And question on this one. When we say we’re asking for boulder County’s assistance, are we asking for a specific percentage? Are we asking for loan guarantees? What kind of assistance are we requesting?

You know, again, we’re gonna leave that up to them depending on what other municipal requests are. But in years past, we’ve asked it for this particular land acquisition to be approximately $2 million.

Dan Olson,

I noticed, Dan, that in the previous year response to us asking for something in weld County, they were like, and we’re Boulder County, I mean, not in so many words. So I do we need to ask for the water rights part of it. Or the I’m just guessing, you know, I don’t know you, you’re doing the job. But I wonder if we need to be more specific then. Hey, give us some land that’s not even in your county.

Right. I certainly understand where you’re coming from on this one. You know, Boulder County has purchased land in weld county with us on a number of occasions. They also hold a variety of conservation easements on city land, including sandstone ranch. So it’s just a little bit different when they participate in land acquisitions in weld County. Generally speaking, those dollars don’t come out of their open space. Just if you will, it comes out from their general fund. Typically, what ends up happening is we if they participate in that we end up doing reciprocal conservation easements, they’ll hold a conservation easement for the property. We tend to run a few things by them as we do land management, but historically, it’s worked great. They’ve worked well with us in land acquisitions in weld County.

I think the phrase is Boulder County is willing to consider partnering and making a limited financial commitment in select weld county properties. That was from last year when we are asking for double six and oleander. Okay, just you know your business better than I do, maybe, but it makes me nervous to have this be our number one priority. If they say no, never mind on this, are we? Does that we want it on the other two requests.

Gotcha. Then we jumped down to number two, or Dan.

Yeah, go ahead, David. I was gonna add it. I think the piece that I think having worked with them over the years, when it says select pieces, the county I think looks at waterways, as in the same brain Creek as very continuous not bound by jurisdiction of boundaries. They don’t recognize Well, kind of versus Boulder County. So specifically, we have properties that have the ability to protect riparian core walk doors and stream corridors. They’re much more willing to participate in those and, and this property does have a significant piece of St. Frank Creek. And if you start looking at it from St. Bryce State Park, to this piece of property back to sandstone ranch back and both, we start putting together a significant piece of ownership of public land along sabering Creek.

Thank you, David. If there’s no other comment from the board, Dan, you want to go on to number two?

Jeff, did you have a question?

I was hesitating to ask. I see the map where it there’s a circle on the page that kind of shows the general area but I decided to kind of go Google Maps and look around. And I guess I was wanting a little clarification on what exactly the property is that we’re attempting to get.

All right, if you if you look at the map,

the Adams farm property acquisition circle. Yep. The property name is directly above that parcel. It’s 130 acres.

Right. I see that I just wanted to look at it more closely. So okay, Google Maps. And I’m just wondering, I see St. Bryan Park, I guess, I don’t know the current area well enough to know, what are we really saying?

Gotcha. And I’m happy to, you know, again, forward you a map, you know, and so that we can zoom in on that. Again, as much as we tried to anticipate that today. It’s just very difficult, and it’s fine. To do that. That’s why I sort of hesitated. So let’s just look at the second, a particular parcel that we’re asking Boulder County for is, I’m pretty certain you’re all very familiar with McLaughlin property that we just negotiated again another deal with Boulder County Parks and open space. On the east side of clover basin reservoir. There’s a 14 acre parcel that’s currently for sale, rather expensive as open space, but we’re asking the county if they would be willing to purchase this for us. It would provide us the opportunity for a trailhead on the east side of clover basin reservoir directly north of Nelson road. And it would create a great, another passive recreation opportunity for us with parking. And if that were to come true with that land acquisition, I’m certain we would work closely with our water resources team to capture a recreation lease on clover basin reservoir, very similar to what we’ve done at Lake McIntosh and union reservoir. So that’s our number two priority. Our third priority is shifting back then again. In previous years, we’ve asked board county to help participate in the acquisition of the old land or property. Recently, the owner separated the water from the land. So in order for us to have a successful agricultural operation, and to pursue that acquisition, we would need those shares of water back on that land. So we are asking boulder County’s assistance to make that happen. So that would be the three priorities for our land acquisitions in that particular category. Any questions regarding those three?

If not, I’ll move on.

Dan. On the Dorfman property, I’m familiar with that reservoir. I am unmuted um, that is this the dam, that road that goes in

it today? That’s correct. That would be as that the current Columbia Basin reservoir is currently under a recreation lease. And if you right by the dam there, if you make a right hand turn or to the north, that would be the access to the recreation clubs, General parking area and shade shoulders. We believe that by furthering the acquisition of that 14 acres to the east, it would create you know better buffer and give us better access and potential trail corridor or connections to clover Great Basin reservoir and the Matador.

We all the city already owns that. dam and parking and are we Is this what we’re buying or I guess I want to know that we’re getting all the way up to the lake.

So what what was the lake is very similar to Lake Mackintosh, where the city it’s a reservoir company of which the city has 95% of the shares of that reservoir company. So what we would end up doing then like like Macintosh like union reservoir, we would record rent the recreation lease from the reservoir company. And so we would then have access to the dam to the lake a provide passive recreation opportunities similar to what we’ve done it like Macintosh.

Okay, that makes sense. Okay, thanks. Yeah.

I noticed.

Oh, sorry. Oh, wait.

A note. Is the public allowed to go to global business oil?

No, it’s currently leased by a recreation, a private recreation group right now that I do know that they do, you know, some boating and those types of activities on the reservoir at this point in time.

Yeah, I went there last week. It was there was a lock on the gate.

Yeah, it’s it’s currently only available to club members.

I see.

David, you’re addressing the noses. Question.

Yes. As I say, I think there’s one things that Dan is he talked about, you know, this acquisition along with the city having that ownership in the the water there that I think long term as we do a management plan. That would be our goal, then, is to take back that recreationally so that we are available for the residents, not just private club members. But again, that that’s gonna be down the road as you start putting together the management plan. Good.

Thank you, Jeff.

I was just going to call it that I see water ski buoys in there. And I wondered, is that something we’re not talking passive to me means like boats that you paddle. Not waterskiing. Correct. Are we being opposed on this from the club members then?

Well, I mean, we until we own the land, and then have access to the reservoir. We’ve not approached the club at all.

But we already know 95% of the water rights is not the recreation rights is that well, it’s

Yeah, it’s one of the same. They’re all owned by the reservoir company of which the city of Longmont is 95% of, you know, the shareholder of that

reservoir. So really talking about buying property next to the reservoir. We already have a lot of water,

correct. Okay. Rob,

you need to unmute yourself, Rob.

Rob, did you have a comment? You need to unmute yourself?

Yes, I did. I was going to suggest that given my experience at Macintosh like with all the boats in the swimming and all that, I was wondering if clover basin reservoir could kind of replace what’s going on and McIntosh lake.

I don’t know that we would necessarily want to replace McIntosh. It certainly provides an opportunity for dispersed recreation. We do know that the McLaughlin property has some pretty significant avian species, I think we would do maybe a number of things that we’ve done similarly at Lake McIntosh. With clover basin reservoir, I think we would probably buoy off the western portion of that lake to provide habitat for watchable wildlife, very similar to what we’ve done it Macintosh. But again, the concept is all is that we would have the property, we would have the water, we would have a management plan, and we would be able to actively manage for passive recreation opportunities without negatively impacting the wildlife in the area.

Thank you, Dan Olson.

Actually the history sounds like McIntosh because before the city turned into a recreation area, it had a motorboat club on it also, and there was a jump in the buoys just like there is a clover basin. You’ve mentioned several times mcglothlin. But your map says Dorfman.

That’s the acquisition is the Dorfman on the east of the reservoir is the Dorfman property that we would like to acquire the McLaughlin property is the 70 acres to the west that we just purchased with Boulder County.

Got it? Thank you.

In that case, I’d like to go ahead and separate the question into two parts. The first part is the priority ratings of these three requests. Is anyone on the board got any concerns about the prioritization of these three requests to Boulder County?

Second, are there any other requests that we wish to recommend that dance group consider making to Boulder County?

In that case, I’m prepared to entertain a motion that prab recommend the approval of this request to Boulder County who would like to make that motion? Not you, Dan, you can talk though.

Question for you. Yes. Again, that’s three of the Outland acquisitions. The other portion? Oh, the

trails, sorry, loop, three trail components all sorry. I didn’t mean to cut you off. Please continue. I’m just

clarifying questions and making certain that you understand where we’re headed with this. Yeah.

No, I I actually knew that. But I lost track. Dan Olson.

I do notice that the other cities ask for a lot more numbered things. So maybe we should up our number. Got anything else in your back pocket? Dan.

I’m certain we can come up with something.

Or maybe this is better, maybe I don’t know what the strategy is. You have more experience here. But I’m looking at the list at Erie and lions and bouldering. Gate goes on for pages.

Well, and I can tell you that the water right alone on the oleander property is a little over a billion and a half dollars. We’re asking for $2 million on the Adam farm dairy. They’re asking for $60,000 an acre for the 14 acres on the doff duffman property. So it’s, I mean, what we’re asking for, I mean, I don’t want to be got it necessarily, but partners with the county. You know, we’ve been very successful with the partnerships that we’ve had, especially, you know, not only the land acquisition, but the trail development stuff, items also.

Okay, thanks for that background.

If I made you want to go on to the trail component.

All right. on the trail side of things, there’s really a couple of three priorities that we’ve listed here. And each of those there’s probably a couple elements. If you’re familiar with dry creek community park, or by Silver Creek High School, that trail connection is pretty much all intact. However, we don’t have a connection between the city of Longmont Dry Creek community park and Boulder County AGI large and complex. So our request for there for that would be a an underpass at 75th street so that we could successfully cross underneath 75th street from the dry creek community park, and then get into the laarman AGI property. Each property currently has about five and a five to five and a half miles of soft surface trails around their Boulder County property. If then we were successful with the Dorfman property, then it would be ideal to to have an underpass at Nelson road, so that we could continue from Dry Creek community park, into the AGI under Airport Road and into the McLaughlin clover basin reservoir. So that would be our first priority. Again, it’s looking at regional trail connections within our community and within border County, eastern border County. So that’s our number one priority.

We already know that we’re moving forward,

expanding the same vein Greenway to the west. So that’s our our second priority is a continuation of that priority, making certain that we’ve got trail connections successfully from golden ponds, underneath Airport Road, likely up the west side of Airport Road over to Pella crossing. That’s our second priority and requests. And our third priority request is again, a combination of trail planning efforts. As we were sitting down with staff members, we realized that we’ve got some gaps in community connections. And one of those is a trail cord or throughout connection, whether it’s the same frame Greenway, Coal Creek Trail,

dry creek community.

So we’re looking at the gap between the city of Longmont and the town of Erie, so that’s included in our request, requesting that Boulder County would take on that master planning process, as well as if you flipped over to I believe it’s page 19 on your map and handout is the trail connection, the Rocky Mountain Greenway that a variety folks have been talking about for years, that would make the connection from Longmont to Rocky Mountain National Park somewhere, you know, between here tagging lions and somewhere maybe not directly through button rock preserve, but making that northern border county connection from Longmont to Rocky Mountain National Park. So we’re asking to continue that process. We were in the midst of you know, that discussion just about flood time when a lot of priorities change. So that is our third request is to proceed and move forward with those two master planning processes.



Yes, Rob?

Rob, you’re muted.

Rob, you need to unmute yourself to make your comments.

I move that we recommend

the approval of the 2021 request to Boulder County.

The motion has been made. Do I have a second?

Jeff Ellen Bogan. Thank you. Is there any discussion of the motion any concerns about the priorities or believe that there’s another thing that we ought to be asking for? Okay, in that case, I would ask you to show by show of hands, if you approve of this motion.

And the motion passes unanimously.

Thank you.

Thank you, Dan.

Okay, that was item six new business. We now move to items from staff. In no particular order, David Bell.

Just want to give the board the update that is in the packet, but really to us. I think one of the biggest things that we have right now is that we have two new water resource Rangers up at button rocks and Myles Churchill’s up there. He was the season when Jamie was here. And then price Hadley’s on and he is getting settled in. So we’re looking forward to that. And then we’re in the process of being the job description and advertise for john brims position out at Union reservoir.

Great. Thank you, David, Jeff reasoner.

Yeah, I have just a couple of things. Also. The first is a reminder to you Katya, Rob and Dan, that your terms are up and the council is accepting applications until November 6, if you want to apply again, and, or if you have suggestions of other people that you’d like to apply for the board, please do that. Second, we’ve worked with Boulder County Public Health and have their approval to reopen the Callahan house for Events, Small events based on the capacities. And then finally, we will be opening the ice rink in our working on our plan for that right now. We’re looking at opening around November 20. And we will continue to evaluate through the season, how we’re doing financially, to determine how long we’ll keep the ice rink, open for the season. And that’s all I have.

Thank you, Jeff go ahead page.

I just wanted to say thank you for whatever you could do to open the ice rink, because as a parent of a young kid trying to figure out what we’re gonna do in the winter outside, it’s been feeling pretty limited, because a lot of our social opportunities have been, you know, things that we could do outside and a lot of those are going to go away in the winter. So I really value and I think other parents will value having that resource open. If there’s anything that we can do as a board to, you know, support that resource to counsel, I would love for us to consider it. Thank you.

Yes, Dan Olson.

Um, thanks to you both are actually three of you for these really extensive information packets. There’s a lot of info in here. I was really great. I have various questions about individual parts. Is this something I do now? Or items from the board?

You can go ahead and ask questions on the staff reports now.

Okay, I’m about tennis courts that exists now. The doors have been chained open. Since they reopened in whenever that was May or June. It’s I understand that the city of Boulder and in Broomfield, they shut their gates now or let us shut. And I wonder if that if it’s time for that yet. In particular, at Pratt Park, the West most court has a door that’s chained open balls that go out it go directly on to ethica. Court, a street, we joke every time we play that out, we won’t get COVID. But we’re getting hit by a car. So it I mean, it’s a silly thing. But I wonder if it’s time to start letting folks open and close gates and keep the balls in the court. And then next issue might be the quail courts, the benches were removed, and I get the reasoning behind all this. But I wonder what the health department’s are saying about that now, you know, it’s easy to leave things as they are, but they’re inconvenient as they are. And maybe there’s not a health reason to continue that way. So, you know, I’m not I’m not sure who to bring that to David or Jeff, or I’m not sure who that. You know, who’s the guy here? David? Yeah, I’ll

be glad to weigh in on that a little bit. It’s it’s in? That’s a good question. And I’ll tell you right now my staff is out in those areas is raised the same question they hear from the users too. It’s just an easy one that Boulder County really said that’s what the guideline was to keep them open. So there wasn’t that it was removed touch points

and get it but we’re not. What’s that? We’re not consistent throughout Boulder County,

throughout Boulder County we’re trying to right so and that’s not we went back and we have a weekly meeting with the city of Boulder, Boulder County Public Health. So it’s a question we can ask again. But we actually had that same, that same piece internally, and we’re just trying to be as consistent and maybe not with other agencies. But what the guidance is, and it’s a pretty easy one when they say keep them open and remove touch points. Okay. We just been trying to stay consistent, but it’s one that we definitely on a weekly basis. We can ask those questions. So I’m glad to do that. Especially since that one I know. I mean, go for it. I think you said goes into another one. Core. But yeah, if they end up in the street too, like you said, so

Well, that’s the one that gets me is Pratt park it goes straight into the street. There’s a hill there. And you know, we joke about it. But God forbid anybody really does get hit. That’d be horrible. Right. And I,

I would say staff has definitely done. Okay. I will bring it up next week for sure.

I have a couple more if you don’t mind. The the dickens bridge I read about, we’re going to put something that keeps people from jumping. Does that mean they’ll get to be reopened? So a roofer? I don’t know what.

So I think damage. Yeah. So Steve brands, while there’s work in design, and actually is fairly intricate, that look good. You could have put basically Vcc dot they put chain link fence over the job, right? It’s horrible. We didn’t want that. So Steve brands while are actually found a local person who does welding and is basically it looks like the design from the inside of the the observation deck. And I think it is the Empire State Building. But it’s like some curly cues of iron work that come up that keep you from climbing up the outside, and some wings that go to the other side, we will never stop everyone that wants to jump off of that. But our goal really is to get it open up so that 99% of the population that really needs it can use it and not punish those people, because we have a few people that just are going to continue to do that. So I think for me, and you can point to me, I was the one that really push hard to keep a close just because we could not figure it out this year is a new structure. We did some time to figure it out. With everything else going on. It was my quickest and easiest way to try to do that. But the goal of it is to get an open and try to get some design work done. And we’re actually pursuing a grant that might help offset some of that as well.

Okay, great. I get it. I understand all the reasoning. I just saw that note in your notes. And it’s like, Oh, good. I want to hear about it. Okay, another one on the resilient St. brain, which I guess is Steve, again, it talks about another closure. And it was like from Rogers road, I guess to sunset, maybe and it talks about utilities, detours, or you’re going to have a detour for bikes and pedestrians. Maybe along Rogers or I mean, I didn’t mention that. But I assume that’s part of the plan. The

one thing that you know, I gave I think I mentioned earlier that staff that we had scheduled here, Steve was scheduled, I told him that there wasn’t a reason we just sit through the whole meeting. And I probably cover most of it. But this is what really does a great job on he works very closely with the biking community. Okay, these closures and these closures could last a year and a half to two years as we work through this. Steve is always working to make sure that we have an alternate route. I’ll tell you, they’re not always the best or the ideal. But Steve worked very closely with everyone to make sure that we have alternate routes as we’re doing these phases of the project.

I got more there, Jeff? Centennial pool. So I tried to swim masters. It’s difficult, you must sign up two weeks minus one hour to get a spot. There are only 12 slots in the morning. And I am number I am spot number 18 on the waitlist for next Monday, if you can believe it, there are 30 people wanting to swim. Any chance we could get a fifth lane or a sixth plane for an hour.

Because the others are open. What are they? Yeah, there’s been open during that time.

Just they are used for one person to swim laps. Yep, I’ll check into that. And the US swimming Association has talked to the CDC or whatever their current best practices is to have four people perlane rather than three any chance we could do that sort of thing. Not a chance. Okay, that’s what Becky is said that.

Yeah. And we’ve we argued that several weeks ago with Boulder County Public Health, because we were feeling the same thing. We referenced the other swimming organizations, and they said no one per lane, because you aren’t keeping six feet of distance when you’re swimming by each other in the lane. My argument was that you’re only going by somebody for one or two seconds and they basically were adamant that we made that change.

Okay, yeah, well, it would help masters. I mean, it’s just three hours a week in the mall, you know, Monday through Friday. I’m sorry, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, six to seven. That’s a total of six laps swimmers. Keep a total of whatever that is. 18 Masters swimmers from swimming. It would you know, we’d prefer but I get it. You know, people complain. Finally? I haven’t heard anything we passed a bond issue. Is that been two years ago now? Or was that just last year for Centennial pool upgrades? Yep. Is

anything there? No, we’re waiting for direction for from the city administration on whether we continue to invest in Centennial pool or we start working again on another rec center. It’s difficult to do that right now with no public meetings and that sort of thing. But that’s really the hold up is, do we spend $854,000 in a facility that we’ve had two studies tell us that it’s about at the end of its lifespan?

Yeah. I remember that argument. Last year. At this time, we said now let’s hold off. I didn’t know what the next step was. Okay.

Thank you, Dan. Dan Wolford. Oh, I’m sorry, page. Go ahead. And then Dan, I’ll call on you.

Yeah, I don’t think this was in the I didn’t read about this in this packet. But I was just wondering if there was any update about this situation where the kids were building the bike park on the edge of the riparian area. We talked about that. And I just haven’t heard any, if there’s been any further action on that situation.

So So Steve brands, Wyler, is actually leading that effort. Dan Wolford with timber tosti with the Operations Group z with the planning group looking at what we could potentially do. They have a couple of ideas. That really goal was to reach out to the neighbor and figure out what could work but all think, again, we recognize that our responsibility is to protect the American area. So probably more than four hours we work with that. But with the the whole and I hate using this, but right now we it’s hard if you’re how you do a meeting like that. So Steve’s been working on that, but mostly on the on our side of it. Dan, maybe give you a little bit more of an update on what the plans were. But we’ve done a pretty good term scope and what we think is possible. But again, it’s really really engaging with the community.

Thank you, David. Anything else before Dan brings up this items?

Dan Wolford

it Dan have any additional information on that? I mean, I would love to hear and maybe we could have an updated our next meeting because I was hoping if there was a public meeting or anything to hear about it. So

I will I’m actually all these technologies. And Steve is actually right here with me. So I’ll run that by him as well as, as the

you should have come to the meeting.

The tennis court,

tennis course, is sponsored by

I have to two updates one very brief, like david had mentioned, we have two additional positions that are being filled one is a full time position, and others a temporary position as a natural resources field technician. It’s amazing, you know, the numbers that we’re seeing in the applicants for the full time position, I have 83 applications. So we’re reviewing those now, with hopes of trying to narrow that down to interview five or six. That’s certainly a challenge. The other thing that’s going on right now, and I think I earlier this evening, I forwarded you a letter to Great Outdoors Colorado with a letter of support from the parks and recreation advisory board. We are applying for this resilient communities grant and would love to have a letter of support from you folks in recess. And you know, from goko it’s in response to the unprecedented disruption caused by COVID-19 that the great outdoors Colorado was throwing $15 million at one time resilient projects to help partner advanced outdoor recreation stewardship and land protection. So we are partnering with wild land restoration volunteers for this grant that’s due October 16. So that’s only four days and we’re requesting from goco approximately $425,000 included in that packet is $155,000 to make modifications to the bridge at dekins farm. So a number of other items we have $45,000 to do beaver protection on the trees along the same vein and some of our Creek corridors. We’ve got $22,000 for tree plantings and shrubs. We have a an additional $25,000 for native seed collection. So a variety projects that we will be working with while in rest volunteers. And it’s our hope to submit this on the 16th. We should hear by the middle of November for awarded this, but we would greatly appreciate that letters of support from the parks board. I already got comment back from catch us. And I greatly appreciate that. And if you would mind giving her the authority to go ahead and sign that letter or tweak it any way you want. But if we could have that, so that we could send it in that package for the 16th. We would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

If anybody on the board not have an opportunity to read the letter prior to the meeting?

Jeff, you did not have the opportunity.

You read it. Rob. Read it, Dan. Okay. minnows, you read it. Great. So anybody got any objections? With some minor wording changes for typos and style? Okay, can I hear a motion to approve the letter substantially and allow me to sign it and send it. Jeff moves. Rob seconds. All those in favor? Please indicate by raising your hands. The motion passes unanimously. Thank you very much. Thank you.

Anything else? Dan? In terms of items from staff?

I’m good. Thank you.

Very good. Thank you items from the board. Rob podem. Nothing?

Excuse me, Dan Olson.

No, thank you for letting me interrupt before I’m good.

Thank you for all of your substantive comments page.

Now my item was going to be about the ice rink. And since you’re opening it, I, you stole my thunder. So I’m excited to hear that that’s happening. And hopefully, we’ll be able to continue. And also I’m excited to try out the new trails. If we get funding, it’ll be great to have those trail connections on the open space projects that you’re proposing to Boulder County, so fingers crossed that they will look favorably on our proposal.

Great. My note

you’re going to hear anything. And thanks to Jeff for opening domain model building and fully enjoying development in the group of 15 people.

Good to hear that. Yeah.

I have no items.

I had two items, but I can only remember one of them. But if the other one was important, it will come to me. Jeff, you mentioned wondering if anybody knew of anybody that they might want to urge to apply for an open position on the board. And I did bring this up with David and then subsequently with the city clerk, but I’ll just read it into the record here. I do have a potential candidate. But unfortunately, this person is not eligible to serve on the board. Because she is not a US citizen. She is a dreamer. And unfortunately, the city requires that you be a voting citizen in order to be able to apply to the board. So I realized to any to any city boards. So I realized that this is not something that this board can solve but I wanted to raise awareness. And that’s all I’ve got because I can’t remember my other thing. Okay, any further items before I move on? Thank you, Dan Olsen.

Hey, David, you are right. McIntosh Lake cured itself of its overcrowding by draining the water and having the weather get cooler.

And just so you know that it will be an ongoing look at how we try to do a better job next year. I don’t know that’s going to be we’ve already had some sort of some of those conversations.

And by the sunrising much later

and going down sooner right

as a as a person who had been going down at 530 in the morning three times a week. Okay, we are going to open up the public invited to be heard. The information is being displayed on the screen for those viewing from home. If you wish to comment, please dial 888-788-0099 that’s a toll free number. When you are prompted please enter the meeting ID 8951 to 181617 participant ID is the pound sign and you will be asked to mute your computer when you call. We will now wait for five minutes

Dan Olson

I’m sorry.

Yes, go ahead. Your

Is it is it alright, if one of the pieces I think we’re not having in person meetings is all ability to to connect with staff to the board is okay Dan and I share a couple pieces of information has got from staff real quick. Well, this is we’re waiting

as well, like I said, Okay,

of course.

So Dan, I talked to timber over here chatted with him. And the keeping the gates open is a Boulder County Public Health order right now, there’s also a recommendation for the National Tennis Association. So he will take that to the meeting with both to kind of help this week coming up. One thing he recommended is maybe we can keep some gates open so people have option to go through into orbit ones it open directly on his TV, those are ones that have the ability to be close so that we can


is Matias. So what? We’ll bring that up and we’ll look at crave ideas. But Tim right now feels that with the peanut butter kind public health order. And a national Tennis Association. recommendation that is he feels is easy ones for a stay in compliance with unless we get some other direction from them. So we’ll look for other ways to do that. But that’s why he feels that keeping him open right now is what he needs to do. But we’ll bring that up

this week. Okay, I promised several people I would ask. Thank you. Thank you. That all makes sense. I get it. Oh, well, I got you, David. Um, I noticed that the bathroom doors are now locked. But a couple of bathrooms the lights still on inside? Is that a mistake?

That might be a mistake. I’ll check with Tim Brown that so yeah, so the I should that should be in the minute. So to that the the neighborhood parks, I believe are all being closed up now and locked and then the community leader, so

yeah, like today and tomorrow was in your note. Exactly. And so don’t walk last night we saw that it was door was locked at Pratt and the light was open. But today it might be different. So I don’t have an update. All right. We’ll double check that though. Yeah.


Thanks to you and timber by transfer that thanks to timber, please. You bet.

Cheers share, I’m going to stop sharing and then wait for the live stream to catch up. Thank you. And as of right now, we do not have any callers.

Thank you very much. Thank you to all staff, especially those of you that facilitated this virtual meeting. At this point, I will entertain a motion to adjourn. My note moves to adjourn. Can I have a second? Thank you. This meeting is adjourned.

Thanks, everybody.

Thanks all. Thank you

all. Have a pleasant evening.

All right. Thank you, everyone.

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