Museum Advisory Board Meeting August 19, 2020

Okay, well, I’m gonna call this meeting to order. And I thought we could combine the roll call with the board member introductions. If that sounds okay to everybody. I am Ed Lacey. I am the current board chair. And I have been a museum volunteer for some years. And I’ve been on this board for a number of years as well. So I welcome all the new members and everybody else it’s nice to see you. It’s been a while. So if you don’t mind, I’ll just call out names. If we could start that way. Kim, would you mind introducing yourself first, please

be happy to thanks, Eve. Welcome, everybody. I am Kim manager. I’m the director of the lung magnesium. And we haven’t met in a long time. So it’s so nice to see you all


Right. Thank you very much. And since we’re

on the Administrative people, Eric, would you like to introduce yourself?

Hi, everyone. I’m Eric Mason. I’m the curator of history here at the museum. And so I usually present about the things that the museum is proposing to bring into the collections.

Great, thank you. I’m Joanne, do you want to go next please?

Hi, I’m Joanne McCoy. My title is executive assistant, and I am your secretary.

Perfect. And then just to stay with the staff. Eileen, would you like to introduce yourself?

Hi, I’m Eileen Tina. I’m the registrar at the museum. I am sitting in and will help Erica.

Cool. And then I don’t know in no particular order. Dale, would you like to introduce yourself please?

Sir, I’m Dale Barnard. I’ve been on the board for two Three years I don’t know. But I’ve been a volunteer at the museum for a long time. And it’s dear and near to my heart. So it’s great to see you all after so long.

Thank you, Dale. bryden would you like to introduce yourself, please? Hi.

My name is Braden cook. I’ve been on the board since I believe 2016.

That’s it.

A couple of years.

I’m Chris, would you like to introduce yourself please? Looks like you’re in a car.

I am in a car. This is Chris Menard. We’re driving from Little Rock, Arkansas to Amarillo, Texas on our way home. I’ve been on the board I think a little over a year. I can’t remember time goes by. Prior to that. I was on the Public Places commission for about

10 years.

Right. Thank you very much. I’m Rhea.

Rhea, would you unmute yourself? Yep. Great. Thanks. Hi, real Moriarty. I’ve been on the board for about a


Great. Well, thank you. And then we have two new members with us today. Megan, would you like to start?

Oh, sorry.

That’s okay. Um, I’m Megan Arnold. I’m new as as mentioned, I’m excited to be here and be part of the museum advisory board. This is Mia. She’s three weeks old. So we’re going to be feeding and diaper changing every so often. But it’s great to meet you all.

Great. Thank you so much. And Thomas. Last but not least,

oh, you need to unmute yourself.

You’re right. I do.

Yeah, I’m Tom Kurtz. I’m a new appointee to the board. I’ve been in Longmont a little over four years. And I’m looking forward to working with all of you.

Great. Well, thank you so much for joining us. And then I guess, Suzy, you’d all go fairing our city council is on she’s either going to be late or not with us today. Is that true? That’s what I heard earlier.

That’s correct. She had a conflict today. Okay. So she might she might pop in at the end of our meeting. We don’t know.

Okay. Well, that’s great. And thank you very much. And now I guess we’ll get on with the start of everything. Everybody has a board packet I’m assuming

to look at so the next thing I think on the list is

for election of officers and

I guess my question is the nominations are, are now in order for the Office of chairman.

Do we have any nominations for chairman?

I will I would like Dale, I would like to nominate Eve Lacy as chair of the board.

Thank you. Are there any other nominations?

Okay, Iglesia, has been nominated.

So what we’ll do now is vote. So all in favor of electing Ed Lacy as the chairman, please say hi, and wave your hand.

Can we maybe get a second on that nomination first, a second.

This is Chris I second.

Depending on which Robert’s Rules you read, you don’t have to have a second. But we’ll we can

just be doubly set, right. Yes. Good to go. Like there’s such a big competition for this particular position. Okay, all in favor of electing Iglesia as chairman, please say aye and wave your hand. Aye. Aye.

Aye. Okay.

Are there any opposed?

Chris, you got to put your hand down unless you’re opposed.

Oh, sorry. Yeah.

I mean, if you’re opposed, it’s okay.

No, I was ready for my name to be called. Alright, so um, because it was unanimous, Yglesias elected chairman. So now we would I would like to take nominations as our Vice Chairman. Do we have a nomination for Vice Chair

Dale, I would like to nominate bryden cook as vice chair

and I will second that. Are there

any other nominations? Okay.

So we’re going to vote. So all in favor of electing bryden cook as the vice chair, please wave and say aye. Aye.

Thank you very much. I’ll post anyone opposed.

Okay, so

at this point bryden cook has been elected as the vice chair,

which is Yay. So that’s great. Thank you very much. And then our secretary is Joanne per our bylaws. She is the staff member who’s the secretary. So thank you very much Joanne for doing that. If she’s ever gone, we have to find someone else to take the minutes so

got to be as nice as possible to join

Okay, um, do we have any public to be heard? I’m not aware that Joanne, have you heard anything about any public?

Oh, hang on, let me check my email, click like and just make sure

no one emailed in.

Yeah, I see no one that wants in the meetings. We had public invited.

Alrighty. So then we’re going to move on to approval of the minutes, which you should have all gotten in. It’s very strange, but it’s from February.


I hope you’ve had a chance to look at it. Does anybody have a remarks or Did anyone notice any issues With the minutes, if so you just raise your hand and you can


Okay. Crickets. Okay. Um,

do I hear a motion to approve the minutes? Motion to approve the minutes. Okay. I’m Brian. Thank you very much. Um, do we have a second? This is react I second. Great. Thank you very much. I’m all in favor of approving the minutes please wave your hand and say I just wave your hand.


again any want to post?

Okay, so the minutes from February 19 are approved unanimously.

So this is going to be one of our shortest meetings on record except for the preliminary stuff we had to do before the meeting started. So Eric, would you mind walking us through the

next sessions that you have worse?

All right, well, I have a PowerPoint so we can all be looking at the same thing. So staff if you could cue that up. We’re getting

it up guys.

Alright, so we have quite a number of expressions since we have not met since February. This is the August 2020 proposed exceptions to the museum collection and go to the next slide. So the first item on the list is name plates from the old city council chambers. So I don’t know if all the board is aware that city council chambers under Major remodeling over the past few months and we wanted to preserve a little bit from that so decided these were pretty easy to store and kind of represented what a little bit about what the Old City Council minutes the council chambers looked like

you any questions on this succession?

Move to the next slide.

So this is a basically a notebook full of slides. These were found after channel eight moved out of the Carnegie building, so we’re guessing they probably were created by Longmont cable trust in its early years there from about 1983 and what’s nice about them as they do have a lot of different like every church in town All of the schools are now at that point. And so nice kind of snapshot of what what it looked like at that point. Any questions about this accession?

Hearing none, we’ll move on to the next slide.

So, this is an annual report for the city of Longmont. 1966, was produced by the city itself. It didn’t do an annual report every year. But in the 16th, they did this one it kind of documents a point when Longmont was really beginning, quite rapid growth. And it has a number of photographs as well as descriptions of the services and city provided at that time.

Any questions on this session?

Eric? I had one question. How long is this I mean, how many pages or how long is the report? It is, I believe

it’s a you can see it’s like an 11 by 17 report. So I think it’s an eight page document.

Okay. I just wondered if if we know how long it was. So,

yeah, it’s not detail, just kind of the highlights.

Any other questions?

not have the next slide.

So these are photographs of a fire at the green and turf products plant 2389 or highway 66. It was taken by the donor who owned the farm right next to that turf product. Plant. So one of the nice things about photographs that were taken by the donor is as part of the donation then we would also acquire the copyright to the photographs. So it’s an added bonus to that. And they show both the fire and then the aftermath destruction.

Any questions on this succession?

All right, the next slide then.

So, these are some items that basically came from an matlack, who was a local historian, in Longmont. Our father was a doctor, well known local family. So one of them is a photograph of her we didn’t really have too many photographs, and so on to add that to the museum’s collection. Another is an early edition of a lady’s life in the Rocky Mountains by Isabella bird. And the third is a small, it’s a little hard to tell in the photo, but it’s, it’s a fan of hardback book called hygiene portrait of small town, got a lot of color photographs inside of it. And we have one copy that we’ve been using for reference. But for, for small run kind of rare local history books like this, I’m trying to now add a copy that goes into our collection is so that we have one copy that’s really not being handled and damaged by the public. So that’s why those three things are in this in this session. Any questions on this extension? All right, we’ll move to the next slide or that may be the last one. No one more.

So this is kind of an unusual one.

This is one that that someone in another state found at a yard sale. Kept for a long time. We’ve actually been getting quite a lot of these, you know, quarantine cleaning inquiries people are, are finding things and contacting us. And so this is a photograph, no information on the back. The only thing we have is the envelope that it was in which side it was from 850 Main Street, and it’s postmarked December 23 1914.

So we don’t know our


We do know that more than likely came from Longmont. And this is The Longmont family. Interestingly enough, 850 Main Street doesn’t actually appear in the 1916 city directory, which is the closest one that we have. So we’re unable to really trace it down anymore from that. We haven’t done a huge amount of research thought we would, you know, bring it to the board, see what your thoughts were on it. And if it’s worth bringing in and then doing additional research to find out anything more about this,

but those are the days when you just had the town in the state where you lived. Yep.

Yeah. So yeah, just send it to Mrs. FB Connor. Where’s Creek, Wyoming and it got there.

It’s crazy.

Yeah, other questions on this


If not, I believe that’s the last one

will double job. I forget one.

Oh, yes. There’s one more.

One more. All right. All right, I don’t have the paper in front of me.

So the bill and Laila Stewart family if the board is not aware, they are the family that funded the Stuart Auditorium in large part, as well as a donation significant donation to the original production of the current museum.


when Laila Stewart passed away a few years ago, the contents of her house were basically available for family members to take and once the family had kind of gone through things, they said, Well, these are things that we do not want. And so they offered them to the museum so we have basically available in wireless appear to be probably wedding photos. We have a photograph of Lai lab in kind of an old full time costume. There are two others of them. One at the Stanley Hotel and one that was at a wedding anniversary. It’s it’s a little hard to see it’s the one on the far right. It is signed by a lot of their friends on the mat. And then one other, just Laila by herself a color photo and then one of their daughter large color photograph daughter, who passed away some years before either. So our plan with these is we would not leave them frame, we would take them out of the frame other than probably the one that has the map on it, we might leave them in frame. All the rest we would take out so they’re a little easier to store and store them.

Questions on that one?

Okay, well, if nobody has any questions for Eric, then

I would love to have a motion to accept all of these expressions. Someone would like to make that


Chris moves. Do we have a second?

This is real second. Thank you, Maria.

So, let’s vote. All in favor, please say aye and wave your hand. Aye. Aye.


Opposed? Anyone opposed?

Okay, so there, you know, that’s unanimous approval of the accessions as presented.

Thank you. Thanks, Eric.

Um, So I don’t know what we should do next, except for listen to Kim, tell us all of the things that have been happening since March. What is it? What do we decide March 15? Or something like that? Yeah.

Yeah, it’s, um, it feels like a lifetime and yesterday, right.

And so, you know, the thing that has happened and we’re all very grateful is that the city has continued to pay staff through all of this. And so even even our front desk staff whose job is really dependent on having visitors in the building, we’ve been able to find other projects for them to work on. And so even though our doors were closed, we were all still very, very busy behind the scenes. And I tried to share a few director’s reports with you all while we were closed, and Unable to meet. So certainly if you have questions about those other reports that I shared with you, prior to this, let me know. We do, I think have a few on this latest report that are kind of reiterations from previous reports. So I’m just going to hit the highlights here. And I don’t want to read all of it to you, you’ve got it in your packet. But again, if you’ve got any questions, feel free to let me know and we can happen discuss things in more detail. I think one of the biggest ones that I want to reiterate for everyone is that we were able to achieve the CFP peer to qualification. And I’m just going to go into that a little bit, especially for our new board members, it might be worth explaining exactly what that is and what it means for us. That Sep is the scientific cultural facilities district and it’s basically a tax revenue source for us. Part of the seven county region around the Denver area, and its sales tax. And so basically we get a small portion of things that come in from people who are buying things. And we’ve we’ve been kind of eyeballing this tier two qualification for several years now. And the way that scfd works is that it’s broken up into tier one, tier two, tier three. Tier One organizations are the big ones in Denver, and it’s the Art Museum. It’s the zoos, the Botanic Gardens, the Museum of Nature and Science and the performing arts center. And they get the lion’s share of the money to your to, which is now where we are is kind of that middle section. And there’s the the way to get into it is by your revenue. There’s a revenue threshold that you have to meet in order to be able to look that status and we were able to do that in our last video. The school year Sir 2019. And so prior to that, we were in tier three and tier three as a tier three organization. We were getting, you know, 20 $25,000 a year, I think we got up to about 30. At some point. It fluctuated a lot, but it was never a huge amount of money. We were thankful for it, but it was never a huge amount of money. So this bump into tier two is going to take us from about $20,000. We got $23,000 last year, up to $125,000. So a significant bump in revenue that we are going to get as a result of achieving this tier two at status. That’s a $125,000 is actually a an estimate that is based on the projections I actually think that it’s we’re going to see more than that. What as the board did is that they actually took their revenue projections And scaled them back 30% and that’s what we see with that hundred and $25,000. What they’re actually seeing is more like 8% reduction as a result Coronavirus. And so I think that in reality we’re going to see even more than $125,000 and that’s going to start we’re going to start seeing those distributions in September. So that’s a really big deal. The other thing that is happening with scfd has

all of these two organizations have been really hit hard by the Coronavirus. And they’ve been, you know, kind of appealing to the CFP board to say, you know, how in the world are we going to meet this threshold again, and the board has been trying to be very responsive to this because the reality is, is that if, if tier two or Organizations are not able to hit that threshold, then it means that they dropped down back into the tier three organizations, which would really decimate tier three. So as a result of that, what they have ended up doing, and we, the 27th of August and this will become official because the board will vote on it. And what they have proposed is that they will maintain tear me that all of the financial information for the 2021 budget based on 2020. For us, that means that we will use the completed fiscal 2019 year and so will basically resubmit exactly the way that we submitted this year. And the threshold will also be frozen to what it was. And so, that means we’re safe for next year. We’ve already done it. We’ve already met the threshold And so we’ve automatically now met the threshold for next year. They’re gonna revisit this, and things may change further into the future. But for this year, and then for next year, we are safe. And we are in tier two said, that’s really, really good news. So if you have any questions about that, that’s probably the really biggest thing that’s been going on kind of behind the scenes. So feel free to ask questions if you guys have any. Like I said, this is something that we’ve been really keeping our eyes on for years now. And we feel really quite excited that we were able to meet that threshold. And it’s such a weird time for it. Because we’re now in this strange Coronavirus world.

Okay, I don’t I don’t really have a question. But I just wanted to say that that’s great. That was my question

whether or not we were going to qualify you Next year, so it’s great to know that they’re going to go ahead and freeze that. That status. Yeah, it’s not official, they will get it approved

on the 27th of August, but I can’t foresee that there would be any reason it wouldn’t happen. And they’ve they have gone to lengths to basically vet this through all the legal channels that they need to make sure. Because the the challenge with this is that they need to make sure that they’re being equitable, because there have been some organizations that have been able to stay open, there have been some organizations had some sense of normalcy, we’ve, for instance, have been able to have all of our employees paid. And that’s not true for a lot of people. And so they wanted to approach this in a way that would be the most equitable, because there’s a fear that people would sue as a result of it. And so I think that this really was the solution that ended up being the best for everybody and And of course it’s you know, shoot for us we feel like we we, we really dodged a bullet them. Okay.

Yeah, it’s a big deal.

So other things I think that are on the list that I’ll highlight is that we officially reopened on July the seventh. I don’t know if anybody has be have a lot of things in place to make sure that people are safe and for cleaning protocols and mass squaring and that sort of thing. We have tons of signs and we kind of hate it. But in order to be able to make sure that we’re communicating well with folks, there’s a lot of signage and to draw people into the museum in the appropriate ways. We have limits on the number of people who can be in the museum. I’ll let you guys know we’re not seeing tons of people come in at this point. And but we’re also not terribly upset by that. The reality is that any money that we can make at this point is gravy for us because like I said, we’re, we’re already paying people. And so we’re not losing money by being open. And so we’re we’re, we’re feeling very glad that we’re able to serve the people that we are being able to serve. We also had a great summer camp program this year, which basically was all online. And so we were able to bring in a little bit of revenue that way as well. And if you jumped down if you’re following the report, under education, we serve 250 individual campers, and some of those were enrolled in multiple camps. We also through our Dodge family fund, were able to support scholarships for some of those campers. And let’s see, what else do we want to dry out here? Yeah,

just a quick question.

How does that hundred and 50 campers compared to previous seasons? Do you know

You know, I don’t know off the top of my head, I’ve asked and put a report together so that I can look at those numbers better. And it we saw a drastic decrease. I mean, there, there are a lot of kids and parents that, you know, by the time our summer camp started, there was a lot of online fatigue, you know, schools had already shut down. They had already taken a lot of things online. We We definitely saw the effects of a lot of online learning fatigue, it did pick up a little bit as we got into the season. And so I think the first the first camps were the ones that were impacted the most. And then of course, a lot of families are just not doing online things. It was summer. They wanted their kids to get out of the house that you know, so we definitely see an impact, but I don’t know those numbers specifically. I can certainly try to get them in a report for the next board meeting that we have.

I was just curious. That doesn’t mean mattered that much. I just was curious how many? Yeah,

there was.

Yeah, we can look at that.

Um, let’s see what else. And I think another thing and and we’ve talked about this various times, but Eric has finished up his book. And so he’s putting the finishing touches on the lawn, not the first 150 years. We should see Eric, remind me I think that the shipments are going to be coming in in November. Is that right? Yeah, we’re super, super excited about that. And the Longmont 150 is going to be launched next summer. And so this is going to be part of that kind of package of things that we’re going to be taking celebrate long month, hundred and 50th anniversary. It’s a beautiful, beautiful book. And so we’re very, very proud of it and I think that it’s going to be you know, we we basically started conversation two years now or something like that. ago. Based on some feedback that we got from the local bookstore that basically nothing like this existed. And so we’ve been able to fill a gap and have an expert really pull all of this together. And we’re very, very proud of the book. And we’ll have it on our shelves soon. So thank you. That’s very cool. Um, let’s do, we do have tons of fall programming that we’re working on, and a lot of it is detailed there. Like I said, I’m not going to read all of this, but what I really want to say is that our staff has been remarkably creative and resourceful and talented and the programs that they’ve pulled together for the fall, and for the summer, I think are something to be really proud of. We are taking all of our fault most of our fault program online, and we just don’t feel comfortable with the way that things are looking in terms of the virus. And so we’re with with question. And we’re bringing most of those programs online. And we do have some some walking tours that we’re doing. They’re very small. And so we’re able to control numbers of people that way. But I think this is the most creative lineup that we’ve done since I’ve been at museum for years. And so, again, you know, Silver Linings that are happening as a result of being closed and being able to kind of focus on some things. And so very, very cool programs that we’re looking forward to in the fall. So we’ve got our newsletter that’s going to be coming out soon that’ll you know, beautifully illustrate all of this. But the kind of list of things are there in your directors report. And then some other things to highlight is that we are going to be doing the Day of the Dead as an online virtual experience. This year, but it’s gonna be really quite amazing. I mean, basically what we are creating is this resource for all things Day of the Dead. And so we’re going to populate it slowly over time, and with workshops and and creative things and then also have these performances that will livestream. And so I really feel strongly that despite the fact that we’re not going to be able to meet in person, this is still really going to be an amazing online festival and it’s going to be a resource that people can use a cultural resource that people will be able to hear. And then the other piece of that is that in the galleries, we’re going to do the what you’re used to seeing the altars are going to move from the atrium back into the gallery space, so we’ll be able to feature the altars and then we’re going to have basically two halves of the gallery and the other half of the gallery. We’re gonna feature an artist from Denver. whose name is Tony Ortega. And he’s his work is really founded in a background of Hispanic heritage and so it’s very relevant to the day the dead so and so celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Longmont museum celebrating Day of the Dead. We’re really trying to commemorate it in a way that’s a little bit more than what we’ve done in the past. And so, again, this is another silver lining from dead the dead because there’s we hadn’t planned on doing it this way. And we needed to kind of shift our gears when all of this happened. And so we’re very pleased to be able to host Tony in space. And then we also were able to partner with the art in public places program and they have commissioned Tony do commemorative mural downtown. And so there’ll be kind of an enduring reflection on this 20th anniversary time. So we’re pleased that that was able to kind of come together to In this weirdo time that we’re living in, I think

that’s the last thing I’ll call out on that. Maybe on practice report, which is that we’re going to do, instead of the

holiday festival that we typically do in the Stewart auditorium, we’re going to do a webathon. So we’re going to do this holiday fundraiser webathon is those word about that, I think it’s going to be a really very exciting thing that we pull off, it’s going to hopefully bring in a little bit of money for us in this time that we’ve been closed, not being able to bring into revenue. And I trust Dustin to really do something very exciting. He’s been able to pull up some pretty great programming while we’ve been closed and haven’t had the ability to have folks in the auditorium and I’m sure that he’s going to do well. So with that, if you guys have any questions about the directors report or things that are going on

All righty. Back to you.

All right, cool. Well, you know, we don’t have to buy our fancy holiday outfit for this year. We can spend it at the

There you go. Oh, man.

We have I mean, it’s it might be worth noting, you know, with like stimulus that were happening. We saw money coming in from people that

were doing okay financially and they wanted to support us so that felt really good.

Yeah, it’s been interesting on the membership side too. We’ve had people who you know, normally we send out renewals to people because people forget to renew and a lot of people have been sending them in anyway, so or end with a donation so it’s just been really nice. Okay, so I don’t think we have any old business unless I’m forgetting something Joanne But we do need apparently we need to talk about or just clarify when our future meetings are going to be this year, and when and where, and then where the information about those meetings get posted. So part of what we have to do or what Joanne takes care of is that the notice that we’re going to have these meetings gets posted at several places, I believe in the city so that the public is aware of it if they want to attend. So Joanne, would you mind just reviewing what we’re doing? And then I guess I don’t know if we need to vote on this or if we can just keep status quo here. How are we?

Sure. Well, if you’d like to keep your status quo we entertain the motion to continue to have meetings on the third Wednesday of each month at the Museum at 430. Posting places are at the museum itself. Civic Center mall on their posting board. And of course we posted online. So I think that’s pretty much it time place and posting locations.

Dale also move that we continue to have meetings at 430 on whichever Wednesday you said, Joanne

This is Chris, I suck at the museum.

I think you have to unmute.

Sorry, remedial here, all in favor of keeping the meeting at the same time in the same place and the same thing day of the month, please say aye and raise your wave your hand.

Hi, anybody?

Okay, so we will go ahead and continue the same time and then I don’t know if we need a separate motion. Joanne for the posting locations, or do you want to just go ahead and include that in?

I can lump all that in with one motion.

All right. Thank you. Um, so does anyone have comments of any type that they would like to make? Now that we’re almost at the end of the meeting? No comments? Well, my only comments are that I hope that we’ll get to the point where we’ll be able to have these meetings in person, even if we have to do it in one of the larger classrooms are something at the museum so we can have some social distancing, but it’s been great to see everybody, and thank you so much for the two new members for joining us. We’re really looking forward to having your input.

It’s always good to get another point of view.

And then next time, I think Eileen should have her baby with her too. So we can see the two babies. You know, that’s not very professional. Okay, if there aren’t any comments. Oh, go ahead.

Oh, no.

Okay. Um, if there’s nothing else then I guess we will adjourn this meeting. My my clock is 514.

So thank you all. Thanks. See, and have a nice evening. Thank you. Have a good night, everybody. Thanks.

Oh, thank you.

Good to see everybody.

You too. Hi, everyone.

Hi, I

I usually wait till you guys are awesome. Thanks again. Oh, you’re welcome, Joanne. I really appreciate your time and effort doing this. So no worries. Do you think are you guys gonna meet next month? Will you just let me

know so I can get it on the calendar?

Yeah, I don’t know. I anticipate we will. Okay. Okay. Thanks,

guys. Thank you very much. Bye Bye. Thanks. Bye bye

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