Historic Preservation Commission Meeting August 6, 2020


Everyone, welcome to the August 6 2020. Meeting of the Historic Preservation Commission. Meetings are being held remotely due to the governor’s safer at home order. So everyone can watch the meeting, livestream.


and we’ll have a little post on that here in a second. So

go ahead and call roll.

Commissioner, excuse me, Commissioner Hardy’s

here. Oh, Thank you

Commissioner guy. You

Commissioner lane

there. Commissioner Norton

here. Commissioner goon here. Commissioner Bagwell,

here. Councilman Councilmember Rodriguez


So our next item on our agenda is the approval of the June 2020. Meeting Minutes. We did not have a meeting in July.

I’ll make a motion to approve the minutes. Okay.

I’ll second.

Okay, we have a motion in a second. All in favor, raise your hand Say hi.

Hi. Hi.

Motion carries unanimously to approve.

Okay, so then moving on, we get a report from the chair, which is basically my time to note that anyone wishing to speak during the public invited to be heard or the public hearing component of the meetings will need to be watching the live stream in the meeting for instructions about how to call in to provide public comment at the appropriate times. So instructions will be given during the meeting such as what’s on the screen now and displayed on the screen when it’s time to call in to provide comments. Comments are limited to three minutes per person and each speaker will be asked to state your name and address for the record prior to proceeding with comments. And then please remember to mute the live stream when you are called upon to speak If you do have any technological troubles or need to leave the meeting, please contact Maria Jade or Jane via emails or the number 303-774-4308 to regain access to the meeting. Okay, that’s all I have nothing further on that. So our next item on the agenda will be communications from our HPC liaison.

Hi everyone, so it’s great to virtually See you all and I just have a few items from the time in between our last meeting in June I we did a few administrative CEOs for 38 Collier wanted to remove the paint on the exterior to expose the original brick. So that’s a really great project and 824 Fourth Avenue wanted to repaint their home it was looking a little shabby so they used a very similar color palette. 12 Third Avenue replaced a little bit of siding on the front and they use the exact same siding. So those were the three approved seaways administratively. I wanted to report back after our June meeting 917 Fourth Avenue, as most of you remember, and was an application for tax credits. And and finding out that the garage was not part of the designation made that ineligible for the tax credits. And so I was in going to check on whether or not the repainting alone would qualify and it does not after checking with history, Colorado, so just wanted to report back on that. And the last thing, obviously not this meeting, because it’s not on the agenda is we kind of have a packed meeting tonight. And I’d like to continue our conversation on tax credit review after our very nice presentation from Erica with his Through Colorado last time, so I think perhaps in September, we can continue the conversation on what that looks like for us as a CLG. So that’s all I have for you.

Good, thanks. Any questions for our staff?

See none.

So this is our public invited to be heard component of the meeting. This would be for anything that is not on the agenda later on. So if there’s anyone out there in the audience that would like to bring something to the HPC attention now it’d be the time so we will take a five minute break and have the instructions posted on the live stream. commissioners if you could mute your mics and turn off your cameras during this time.

Back in

Commissioner carpenter, this is Susan when we resume we’ll go ahead and check your mic.


We’ll give our live feed about 30 minutes to catch up and then we can begin chair looks like we have one caller in our waiting area

All right, that’s been about five minutes. I can begin when you are all back.

Chair, I’m ready to begin when you are.

Okay, great. So it does sound like we do have a one speaker for our public invited to be heard. And so now we’ll turn the floor over the floor as it worked, please again as a reminder, state your name and address Before you begin, and you have three minutes.

Okay, the first caller I’m going to unmute is ending in 089. I’ve unmuted you. We have one. Hello.

This is Sarah Levison. 634 Emery street in Longmont, Canada. everyone hear me?

Yes, we can you may begin.

Thank you. I’m a resident of the historic Eastside neighborhood former council member and former liaison to the Historic Preservation Commission. The topic that I’d like to bring forward to the commission today is something not on your agenda. It is the matter of 830 Emory street 830 Emory Street has a sign in front of the yard, that simply indicates a deal is being added to the property. In truth. That’s not the whole story. The property will in fact have a new ad you however, it is not going to be the structure was basically the structure will be demolished, except for two small pieces of wall and effectively. It is a demolition of both the interior and the exterior of the property. And looking up the demolition paperwork. I see that there’s quite Have bit of a flaw that someone could simply not check the box that it’s 50 years or older, or as this property is within the original square mile of the town. And I would actually like the commission to be able to pick this up and take a review of it. The neighborhood has contacted the city, in fact, as a courtesy planning department was going to be notifying the Neighborhood Association, the longest organized neighborhood in the city of new development applications and ad use. And in fact, the city never received notice of this ad application. We have been working very closely with the city for maybe 30 years or more on historic preservation and the great look we have in the neighborhood. I as a final remark. I would like to remind everyone that next year is 150 As anniversary of the founding of the city of Longmont, and historic Eastside was the very first neighborhood in that. And, as a reminder, it would really be nice if we could see what the city was, and have a large group of homes and structures that represent the original town. Rather than have to just look at things in pictures because we don’t have structures left. The neighborhood really would like to discuss what demolition looks like in this town because effectively, the structure will be demolished. And the neighbors who got the notice within 300 feet, were not even given any information except about that there was going to be an ad you. They assumed that the rest of the house was going to be there. I think they may have called and one said that they were told there was Going to be an addition. If you can review the paperwork, you’ll see this as simply not an addition. It’s basically taking the entire structure down, except for two small portions of wall and then resurrecting a very large two story home, and then again, adding a new garage, and then an ad over the garage. So those are my comments. The neighborhood would like to engage with the commission more frequently on issues. It seems like there’s been, again, some lack of communication between staff and the city and I realized Karen Bryant, who we had a close working relationship is not with the city anymore, and we had a little bit of a lapse there. But I I’d be happy to respond to any questions you may have.

certainly appreciate you calling in and bringing that to the Commission’s attention was triggered Do you Are you aware of any of this? Are you able to comment or?

Yes, staff was made aware of the 830 Emory street project, because it is a contributing structure. We are currently reviewing the application now. So and thank you to the historic Eastside Neighborhood Association. We greatly appreciate your comments and your assistance with the cultural resource survey. And we’ll be reviewing that. So thank you.

Thank you.

But the expected that might be something on next month’s agenda for the HPC.

I can’t say I I do know that because it’s not a landmark and it is contributing, we will review it in terms of compatibility. And in terms of the demolition permit, but in terms of agenda, an agenda item, I’m not 100% on that.

Shall we just go ahead?

Sure, I’m going to put the collar into the waiting room. And if the caller would like to call back at another public invited to be heard opportunity they can.

Okay, thanks. Miss Norton. Did you have a

comment? Of course? Yeah.

Um, yeah, I did. And it was for Miss Krueger. Um, I think that I personally would like to have an update on the direction that this is going into understand what they were applying for what exactly it is that the city is reviewing and how the east side neighborhoods concerns and comments are being met and considered in that

application review.

Yes, I’m happy to do an information item on this project, as well as just the review in general. I can work on that. And get it over shortly.

Yeah, I think it would be a good idea to do that. And I know we’ve got a lot of new commissioners and there was a time where we took a look at what our demolition code standards were in the city. I think it would be a good idea to revisit that and just make everyone here aware and good refresher for me and anyone else on this for a little bit about what exactly our processes and where we have teeth and where we didn’t. So we can put that on a future agenda item for future meeting. I very much appreciate that. Any other questions or comments about this particular


See none again, thank you for the Colin.

So we will move on to

new business

And our first order of business is a certificate of appropriateness application for 207 Bowen.

So Miss Kruger, would you like to give us a staff report on that, please?

Certainly, and I’m sure most of you are familiar with this property as it just went through a CMA application june of 2019. But to a seven Bowen Avenue is the Beckwith barn, and the house on this property was designated in 1985. The barn and outbuildings were designated after that in 2017. So the bone is currently vacant, and seeking to repurpose the vacant barn into an edu. And so again, the owner received a CMA in June of 2019 for the project, but then decided he needed to make some alterations to the design and so therefore is back for a new co a, and so in the packet I have included elevations that I labeled first approve a proposal existing as well as new proposal to help kind of showcase the changes that they’re making. But essentially, the things that are changing are the size of the windows on the west elevation, and additional window unit to the north and additional window on the east, the front door on the south side. And the dormers on the south elevation seem to have changed a little bit in style from gables to a shed appearance. And so again, those are in the packet if you’re looking for more visualization. On this project, we received several public comments and I sent an email earlier today I think around 2pm after I had compiled the most recent ones I received from Monday of this week through Wednesday, and but I did also know a separate comment that I received much earlier under the public hearing notice and postings I have your packet. And there’s a general concern about where parking will be designated for this barn. And I’ve let every public member of the public who’s commented about parking on this application know that this is just a cry for approval from, you know, going from a vacant barn into an edu. And so once if and when this is approved by the Historic Preservation Commission, this will still need to go through planning review, where parking can certainly be addressed there. But I just wanted to note that most who have commented about parking, and would like to, for the applicant to consider creating parking on the north side of the structure. And so, and, and again, the additional comments related to believing that the barn is the new design is potentially radically changing the appearance of the barn and therefore perhaps not as Historic as they would they would like to keep the structure so again, I’ve sent those by email and if anyone didn’t receive those, please let me know. And staff would recommend the commission Move to approve this year away for this application and with the condition that the applicant just approve all manufacturing materials and makes up windows and doors before work commences.

Okay, so do we have any questions for staff Commissioner background.

I just like to point out that if you’re looking at the

you hear me the new proposal or

the first approved proposal existing, the north and south, elevations are flipped

so you have to

It’s not, you’re not looking at that make sense. If you see on the first approved proposal on the left hand side it says existing South elevation, and then below the existing North elevation. On the new proposal, the existing North elevation is at the top on the left hand side and the South elevation is on the bottom. So you have to kind of when you’re looking at those, you just kind of have to flip them to make sure you you’re looking at apples to apples. Thank you.

Any other Commissioner questions for staff?


I don’t see any So at this point, we will give the applicant an opportunity to make a presentation

if they so wish.

You should be able to unmute yourself now go ahead.

Can you hear me?

Yes we can.

Great job you. Can you turn on your video?

There you are. Great.

You may begin.

Yeah, we just decided that the windows that originally were approved were going to be too small. They won’t let enough light into the, into the structure. And we just wanted to try to get some more light into the into the barn.

And the style of the door that we originally chose was we didn’t feel like it was in keeping with the with the barn. So we wanted to instead of having a sidelights we were going to do something different

as you can see on the drawing

and we did switch architecture The initial drawings were

well, kind of subpar, and guys, Stephenson.

He, he drew up some new plans and had some really good ideas that some of the head heights weren’t working on the stairwells and whatnot. So

retooled that.

Thanks. Do we have any Commissioner questions for the applicant now that we have been

conditioned again?

Yes, I was just wondering on the west side of the building, opening that opens into the alley, are those just kind of false stores?

Yes, they’re just That just a couple door just okay.

Well, I want to commit you to definitely a much improved version from the very first one that we saw. I think it’s much more in keeping with the buildings.

The original sorry, the original lamb was a he was an engineer. He wasn’t an architect that did the original drawing. So

yes, I think we we looked it up a couple matches.

Any other Commissioner questions for the applicant? I

don’t see any I have one.

staff did make a mention about the windows Can you speak to the type of windows that you intend to install as the new windows

we were looking at a true divided light wood window that Similar to the window that’s in the eve of on the left side of the barn.

It’s currently in the barn so it’d be a true divided like window. Windows. I think we’re going to I don’t know, you’d ask guy what or or john with Windows they suggest.

This is guy Stevens here I did the most recent submittal we haven’t picked a window manufacturer yet but there’s a number of them that do a highly insulated true divided light wood interior and exterior. That’s that’s the plan. We just don’t have. We have not picked a manufacturer yet though. Okay, great.

That’s fine. And that’s all I really, really looking for. You know, on the drawings, it’s hard to tell whether, you know, these mountain patterns are, you know, intended to be just between the glass or divine light like you mentioned, and there’s a giant difference. So

definitely not between the glass.

Thank you. So true. Divided that’s So that’s basically I think what

my expectation would be in terms of

the staff taking a look at that if if it’s on that level then

pretty comfortable.

Great. Would it be okay to do a clad

exterior Are you want to see

a painted wood


No Do any comments from the commissioners before I throw my I

don’t know what a clad I don’t know what that is.

Well the wood window if it was a true wood window it would be painted wood on the outside of the window. If it’s a clad window, it’s actually aluminum that’s been painted at the factory.


I think they look they look exactly the same. The only difference is that the paint on the cladding lasts forever. The paint on the wood is to be repainted every couple three, four years. Thanks and

I did just find some pictures of that as well. So thank you.

commission Norton.

Sure. I actually don’t agree that they look exactly the same. Um, I put a new window into my own home this summer and chose a wood exterior, because I wasn’t thrilled with how the clad windows looked in a historic house. So I would recommend if it’s an option to go with the full wood interior exterior. Okay.

Any other Commissioner comments or questions?

Yep. Commissioner go.

I would agree with Commissioner Norton. Wow. kind of you know, Shot photos they do look the same, but after a small amount of weather wearing, they they typically do not look quite same. But also I would look to you know, what is surgery in the building? So you know, alright, occasion is that you was replacing

any other comments or questions, I will go ahead and open up the public hearing component of this agenda item so if there’s any folks out there that would like to comment, we’ll put the instructions up on the screen. We’ll have a five minute break and then we’ll queue everyone up. Again, if the commissioners if you can turn your mics in Cameras off while we wait for everybody to get on board. We’ll see you back here in five minutes.

Commissioner Carpenter before you mute yourself, can we test your mic again? You’re coming in a little difficult to hear.

Yeah, I have it on right now.


I thought it was the wrong person. Sorry. Commissioner carpenter. It was good.

Okay, let me let me

Commissioner game. Can we test your your mic again?

Okay, chair, I’m gonna stop sharing. We’ll give our livestream about 30 seconds more to catch up to where we’re at. If everyone could come back on, that would be appreciated. And Commissioner guy, oh, can we check your mic? You were coming in a little quiet and hard to hear

this all right

Yes. Is there any way that you can move your your camera mic a little closer or sit closer?

Try again.

Much better. Thank you.

Chair. We have no one for this public hearing item.

Okay, great.

Okay, well, then I’ll close the public hearing portion of this item and I guess open it up to commissioners for any further discussion.

Seeing no one

I will say from having been involved in the even back to the very early Applications for this property that in a series of moves over the last couple of years, we’ve arrived at a much more palatable looking product than where we’re very much where we started out. So I certainly appreciate the efforts taken.

With that said, I’ll entertain a motion

to approve to seven bones as shown.

So have a motion and a second question again and I believe

all in favor of approving the certificate of appropriate this application for 207 Boeing. Now just to be clear, are we approving this as proposed by staff, in other words with the condition that they that staff gets to review and approve the window specification. Is that your intent? Commissioner guy?

Oh, my motion

and the second is still okay with that. Okay, perfect. So moved and amended.

Second, sorry. All those in favor? Aye. And


Okay, looks like we pass unanimously.


they’re having gratulations Thank you.


So then we will move on to item six B, which is a certificate of appropriateness application and a preliminary tax credit application for 710 Martin street with respect to this property, I actually had some professional involvement and so I’m going to need to recuse myself in this portion of the hearing and turn this particular set of proceedings over to our Vice Chair Commissioner guy. So during this time, I will I will mute and turn my video off and then I’ll jump back in once this one six B is completed. Thank you

Commissioner go all yours.

Okay, so I’m honestly not exactly sure what I’m supposed to say here But will I believe we opened the public hearing for this item.

or presentation. Sorry.

Maria, can you jump in?

Hi, can you hear me

you Yes, we can.

Yeah, we could go ahead and start with the

the staff presentation.

Great. I will jump right in then. So 710 Martin street I’m sure most of you are quite familiar with this property is it was designated just this past year in 2019. And this is the Cordova Anya house that was owned by Jeff Cordova and his parents Joe and Ramona Anya Anya, and before this home was designated in November of 2019, it was vandalized therefore some of this work such as removing the rear porch or mudroom needed to happen before the CEO ages so that they could secure the home itself. So this application is for a co a for quite a bit of work. And if you turn to page two of your packet, I’ve listed all the alterations and in detail and the applicant has been provided some very good photos before and after of the property. And so we’ve got the CMA. And then we also have the tax credit application. And I was able to on page four, break down all of the the work and the qualified costs that were provided by the applicant to come up with a total of $97,880 and some change for the total eligible for the tax credit and making that credit, if approved, $19,576 and 15 cents, and I received no public comments related to this project. And after staff review, we would recommend the Commission Report of the approval of the CRA and the tax credit application with one condition just that the applicant confirm pink colors with staff before repainting the exterior

And I’m happy to answer any questions and I believe the applicant and Miss louch is also on the call today.

I couldn’t tell if the

siding that’s proposed is going to match

the dimensional

characteristics of the existing fiber cement siding usually has a wider

spacing to it.

And I will totally assess currently I have vinyl siding on it. So there was an apply that is no longer in place. So

I think it’s probably reasonable.

Sit there. The preference obviously would be the favorite

That’s not a requirement.

None of the original siding is remaining is

that is true.

I guess my question from looking at the layout of

the original and the proposed layout, which he is whether the kitchen and the front bedroom know that the bathroom because she has a packed house property rather than quite visible from the sides and the children

I’m not exactly sure I’d have to review it with the architect. But the way the the interiors laid out right now, we only have to take one wall down to make that interior, the kitchen and dining room and living room all work together. Whereas if we start moving the kitchen, then we’d have to move more walls.

So that was the reason that we chose to do it the way we did.

I mean, it would seem that it would just be instead of removing the wall between bedroom three in the kitchen, or you would just be removing some of the wall. Probably create an opening between that kitchen and they seem to be faces a very similar slide.

There’s also the problem that this is part of a larger development project.

And there is a series of townhouses behind the building so there’s not a whole lot of space behind whereas on that side yard where the bathroom currently is. There’s more space.

Are you maybe anticipating doing some landscaping?

Absolutely. Absolutely.

Are there any other questions from commissioners?

Um, and then as far

as that bathroom goes, are you


the direction of the siding or anything on that? What is the siding?

It’s gonna remain the same as it is. So it’ll blend in with the rest of the house.

Okay, there are no additional questions. I believe we can go to the public hearings section.

Yes, Vice Chair I’m ready when you are hearing

the public hearing.

So you should see on your screen the information for you to give us a call if you’d like to speak on this particular public hearing item. We will leave this up for about five minutes and

then we will return

All right, we’re about ready to come back online. I’ll give our viewers another 30 seconds or so. If you can begin to show your cameras we’ll continue on.

And vice chair that looks like it’s been five minutes and we have no one in our waiting room.

You may be getting

They’re concerned

that we, we approve this certificate of


this first 712 heartstring.

I’ll second.

All right. We have a motion in a second that everybody vote raising.

I think I said 712 and I meant 710. Sorry about that.

motion as amended.

Do we need to bring

chairperson Wait,

when one moment if I might interject, we approve this year away. And are you approving the tax credit separately?

Or was that motion for both DCA and the tax credit?

It was meant for both.


Okay, can that just be amended into the record?

The motion is amended to include tax credit application

that includes the recommendation that the staff approve the paint colors

Because it’s not it’s

preserved because of the

because of what happened there not so much the historical significance of the house so I’m not sure it’s as important,

is it? Whether

the paint colors are listed in the packet, then No, we haven’t visually seen them but

you’re not. Okay.

I’ll maintain my second. I agree with Terry.

We already done Sit on the unamended. So I think we’re fine there unless you’d like another vote

for Maria.

Thank you so much.

Yes, that works. Thank you.

I believe that concludes. Okay.

Thank you, Commissioner guy for leading us through that one.

Okay, we’ll move on to item six C, which is a certificate of appropriateness application for 719 Third Avenue. Miss Kruger, would you look us up in your staff report, please?


chair. And so this is the dr. john Andrews house and the applicant has applied for had applied for excuse me and received a CMA in 2012. And essentially for the same work However, after they completed some of the work, they they had replaced some of the windows, they did not complete the porch and closure. And because it has been two years since this year was approved, we wanted to bring it back to the commission for official review. And so the application in front of you in your packet is solely for the certificate of appropriateness. However, the applicant does intend to apply for tax credits in the future once there’s a better estimation of cost for this project. So I received no public comments on this project and after a review, and Stafford recommend that the Commission Move approval this year for the installation of new double hung Pella 250 vinyl windows to fill the currently open area between the sill and the head of the porch walls, which would enclose the the porch area. This area has been there Water has been leaking and causing damage. So the applicant would like to fix this issue as soon as possible. And staff would also recommend the following condition and just that we review and approve the building permit plans just to ensure that they demonstrate the new windows match the current style and existing on the rest of the home. And the condition that this your way is also valid for two years and if and when to it this year was approved by the Commission.

And I believe

the applicant and the architect are on this call with us today.

Questions Commissioner game?

Yeah, I guess I was a little bit confused by this because it appears that the original request was to remove in closing the ports to reopen it. And I see like page 4010 of the packet that you sent There’s a photograph that shows the ports being closed with the proposal that if the OTR.

Now they’re asking to reestablish support.

If I could speak to this, my name is Tom Moore. I’m the architect working with the styles. I’m not sure I heard this correctly, but I believe that the styles did not make a previous application for a CEO a on this project, the previous owners did that. And the previous owners did a lot of modifications to this residence. Including replacing all of the existing windows with a Pella product that we are now matching. Again, my understanding is that this particular the prior application was supposed to do more to the sleeping ports. And it was Not done. The application that we submitted shows the existing porch for you. It’s it’s simply an open porch with an odd oddly placed column that has some structural implications. But we are proposing to re enclose this porch because it’s not currently designed for any kind of weather mitigation. Besides have endured a lot of water damage and some mold issues because of the water that’s able to get into their wall, the existing wall of this porch. And they they really do need to make this work. get this work done before we get any have any much more rain. So the porch now is open. We do not know what happened to the original CEO application by the prior owners that it did not get completed as approved. But now we want to come back and put one windows in that match the existing windows now that are on residence so that there’s a consistency of window element.

Yes, that’s that’s correct. I apologize if I misspoke, that the original CMA from 2012 was was not done by the current owners the styles.

Miss Korea So just to clarify for all of us so the original CEO a by the previous owner did involve removal of existing windows to open the porch and was approved and may not have been installed for the approved CMA.

That’s correct.

I’m not

I’m not seeing what your proposal is secure.

Open for photographs with the

And then I see existing porch elevation, but I don’t see any plans for what you’re proposing. what it looks like.

Yeah, our exhibit sheet a one that we submitted with our application for the CLA.

I don’t believe that I

was gonna ask the same question. So I don’t miss cricket, you

are missing some information.

And exhibits exhibit seven one correct Tom.

I submitted a sheet a one that gave the existing porch view and a photograph and then that rendered porch view of the same view with our proposed enclosure. I don’t know what you put in their packets.

Yeah, we’re missing that second sheet.

You know it’s there’s a chance Tom that what you submitted was for the tax credit application and so I did not include that I do have the exhibit seven one which is the existing porch view and I’m as I’m guessing then that that second elevation was not included in this packet for the CLA My apologies

Is there any way to stop I don’t know Do we have the opportunity for Mr. Or share screen if he has it? I mean, can we get this up for everyone to see during

the tax credits for


Yes, give me just just a moment here to look for it and I can I can either email it to you all or try to screen share if that is appropriate.

Yeah, cuz I don’t. I don’t really feel like I can

afford with this unless I know

I agree but if there’s a way to get that done during this meeting rather postpone in a month or that I would really like to do that.

While we wait for that to be posted, I do have a question. So you say that you want to have new windows that fit with the other palace style windows that were put in. It put vinyl windows into this building?

Yes, they are clad with vinyl clad windows now what is throughout the house throughout the residence.

Thank you.

I could share a screen view if

we had the ability to do that.

I’m trying to find the exactly

Give us just a moment. We’ll see if Jade can pull it up, sir. Okay.

Jade if you’ve been able to find that.

I’m not sure I have the right one. Tom, can you please read it?

Let me see if I can share my screen. I think I might is a sheet a one, Tom? Yes, it is. All right. Let me give that a shot.

If you open it up first. Yep, there you go.

Can you see that now? Yep,

that’s it.

Let me know if I need to zoom in at all.

I just have one quick question. What’s the material on the

Well guess that’s a porch section. So we’re seeing kind of a beadboard material beyond is

that that’s a bead board that’s on the interior of the porch that exists it. Those are all existing materials. Chairman Lang.

Okay. Thank you. So really the only work is truly the windows in that infill opening. And then you are going to rework the header so that the windows have some sort of logical pattern to them. Yes,

that’s correct. Great.

That’s substantially helpful.

And Commissioner Norton, regarding your question, I was looking back through the 2012 CLA. And it looked like at that time the Commission approved some window replacement. I’m not sure if they approved all window replacement. I know they wanted to keep some of the stained glass windows that were in the home and I think that did occur. I know that they approved for some of the replacement windows, it was a Pella aluminum clad window pro line series double. Um, so I don’t know if in between when that approval occurred and when the prior owner changed out that what was approved from what was actually installed. If that was the case, that’s certainly unfortunate.

Thank you for that clarification. No, that’s helpful. Sure.

That’s why they didn’t

change their minds.

Okay, well, we kind of jumped right into the applicant presentation there. But do we? Are there any other questions of the applicant? Are Africans representative from commissioners before we open public hearing. I

don’t see anyone. Okay. So we’ll go ahead and open up the public hearing portion of this item number so for the hopefully I think the last time here tonight we’ll take a five minute break and wait for anyone who might be interested in commenting on this proposal to get online.

Five minutes

All right, commissioners, we’re coming back on. Here. We’ll give our livestream audience a few more seconds. As I watched the screen disappear

All right, it just cleared and I see no one has entered or called in.

Thank you. Well, with no one on the line, then we’ll go ahead and close the public hearing. So at this point, and I guess if there are any further discussion from the commissioners, and if not, we go ahead and entertain a motion. I would note that we do have staff recommendations for that motion for conditions. So while you’re doing if you are interested in making the motion please to refer to those as you

and commissioners just let me know if you want me to share my screen again on that particular sheet

plan sheet. Okay,

thanks. Any any commissioners that would like to chime in with a discussion point?

Seeing none, I’ll entertain a motion

Staff recommendations.

Second Commissioner Bagwell. So have a motion in a second on the floor to approve the

certificate of appropriateness application for 719 Third Avenue. I’ll take your votes All in favor, raise your hand say aye.

Aye. Aye. Aye. I can

nay none. Motion carries unanimously. Thank you

for your time.

Take care. Okay.

All right. Thank you all. We will move on to item seven, which is information and discussion items. screwed. Do we have any of those?

Oops, sorry, my video there was going in and out. I don’t have any for you at this meeting, chair.

All right, very good. Then. Item Number eight is commission comments from our HPC. commissioners. Any commissioners like to make a comment or statement?

Richard Norton. Well, thanks.

So I think next month when we are discussing tax credits, I would also like to see on the agenda as talk about kind of the direction of the Commission. I know that last fall with a different staff member, you know, we were talking about different initiatives or directions That we kind of wanted to take preservation here in Longmont. And I’d kind of like to see us return to those conversations. We also had conversations around having Historic Preservation as part of the new zoning code. And that seems to have dropped off.

And I’d also like to talk about our responsibilities as a CLG. I’m not sure that we’re meeting those through our training. And so I’d like to have staff address all of these different issues and maybe have all of us have a conversation about what we’re doing on the commission and what we’d like to see done with preservation in the city.

Thank you, Commissioner Norton, I might just amend or add some comments so that if in case especially if we have a heavy agenda, that that’s that’s an awful lot to cover. So I think it would be totally appropriate to sort of parse those out into a number of different meetings. But I would agree it would be a good idea to kind of circle the wagons and make sure that we’re kind of revisiting our various roles and how we integrate with the city over the course of the next few years.

And I can agree with parsing that out as well. Thanks.

I’m sorry, I clicking too fast.

comments from Commissioner back? Well, first, I saw her for him first and then Commissioner gave it to

you. We need you to unmute

you. Hi. I’d like to add to Commissioner Norton’s agenda. We have specialized funds dedicated to historical preservation from people that have applied and gotten credit through our commission and we’ve never had a clear understanding. If it’s 15 1720 how much money we actually do have that we could use to further the projects that we’d like to see accomplished. So I’d like to have a understanding of where that money is and how much money we do have in our hands.

Thanks for those comments.

Also, along those lines, I feel like are some large topic fairly in depth conversation. And we have not had a board or treat or anything like that for a number of years. Now, I think a lot of people on this commission currently have never attended one. So we might consider that I know a lot of great time to now start optimal to do it remotely.


the kind of the way the amount of deposit in might consider having a separate board meeting to discuss those things rather than trying to cram them into one of our monthly.

Thanks for those comments, I’m sure. And yeah, I think I mean, with those with the weird time that we have right now maybe it’s worth a high level hit in the next handful of meetings to make sure that we at least touch on some of this in a couple of meetings and then see where our, our world goes in the next few months and maybe beginning of the year or something, if it looks like things have finally settled down, we could potentially get get together and have a little more I think it’d be a lot more productive even in a room with people standing around, far away from each other. Other than this environment, but anyway, what good points. Any other comments from the board? No. Thank you. We’ll go ahead and take any comments we have from Mr. Rodriguez, our council representative.

Thank you, Chair, just

as always, thank you for your service commissioners and

thank you to the staff. And I hope everyone is

doing all right.

Have a good rest of your weekend. A good weekend. See you next month.

Great, thank you.

And unless there’s anything further and then I will take a motion to adjourn.

I move that we adjourn.

A couple of seconds motion in some seconds. All those in favor, raise your hand.

All right. charismatic Obviously we are adjourned. Thank you all for your time and see you next month.

Okay, thanks again, everybody, the staff. Thank you, everybody.

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