St. Vrain Valley School District Board of Education Regular Meeting – April 8, 2020

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So Good evening and welcome to the don’t bring only School District Board of Education meeting. If you could please stand and say the pledge of allegiance

to the Republic,

one nation indivisible with liberty and justice

Good evening, everyone. Cara before we call the roll, I did just want to make a brief comment about the videos evening channel. He was having some technical difficulties. They believe they might have had those fixed. And so Tim, who is our trusty companion in the control booth, it will let us know about 10 to 15 minutes into the meeting, if we’re broadcasting live. If for some reason it doesn’t broadcast live, then the recording will be available on the district website by tomorrow morning at the latest. Thanks, everyone. Karen, can you call the roll please? for Mr. Arens is absent and excused,


President, Mr. Garcia,

Dr. Mulder, Miss Pierce

here, Mr. Adam is here is here. Thank you, Karen, and town with any changes or the items to the agenda this evening. No changes. Thank you. For audience participation this evening. Assess we are holding our meeting electronically. Barton notified individuals and she posted the agenda that they can make their public comments through and link on the district websites. So I will read those comments now. Classes hogging up I’m sorry, Teresa budget at 303. Shelly course in lumos. I wish you would cancel school for the rest of the year. I can say my daughter will not be going back this year. We are not sure that our schools will be safe for children to return. Both pero 1440 moonlight dr. long months. I’m concerned about something that was brought up in a recent NAACP meeting, one of the members said that there were multiple kids that still don’t have internet access, and sit in front of school and cars to do homework. Can we talk at the next light and target these families with free internet service at least in the school is back in session. This one is from Sarah, no last name eight to five year old North 39th district. We understand that you are making difficult decision decisions and appreciate your consideration. Those districts and area except VSD have much to online learning until the end of the year, we have three questions. I have seen brain Valley School District chosen not to make the decision to have online learning until the end of the year. When will the decision be made, saying Valley School District is set to reopen before the end of the year, and parents do not feel it is safe for students, staff, family or the community to go back to school? How will district handle that? Thank you for your time and careful decision making. Don this evening don’t have any visitors. So the superintendent’s report is the next item on the agenda. I’ll give you an opportunity to address any of these if you like, and then roll into your Superintendent update. Okay, which I leave will address them anyway. But yeah, right. Thank you,

to the matter of making the decision. The majority school districts in Colorado not aid that decision yet. And I think it’s probably their thinking as the same as ours, I don’t presume to know more than the governor or the local health department’s or the state of Colorado. So taking our lead from the experts. And as opposed to assuming that we are experts in this matter, and we have done that consistently all along and will continue to do that. So well. Now, this point is that the governor will be making his decision until April 30. And we understand that sometime before April 30, he will make a decision for the remainder of the school year. So that’s how we’re handling it. It’s been the way in which we’ve handled it consistently. And I feel much more comfortable taking my lead from the governor and the Department of Health than I do from other superintendents. all being said, most superintendents have still not yet made that decision. So that’s where we are, if in fact, which is highly unlikely if in fact, we were to come back before the end of the school year for the governor’s decision, then you would have at the same way, we always handle situations, we always defer to a parent’s decision. But it is highly unlikely at this point in time. Again, we’re going to stay in sync but the governor’s office in the Department of Health in terms of the access technology, we should not have to have students in parking lots doing their homework, each our students as a device if they have if they so desire, and they can download if they don’t have internet connectivity, they can download the information. That’s one reasons why we selected iPad, and then they can take a word and do it at home. And we have given out quite a few of those iPads to elementary school students. Because our secondary well in high school already haven’t had great response from parents. The other thing that I’m really excited about is the meals that we’ve provided, we provide literally thousands and thousands of meals to our families. And so that that’s something that we’re very proud to be able to do. We’ve also received a lot of feedback from our parents and for our teachers, that not only is our level of engagement at a very high level, but what they are engaging in is also at a very high level. And I think that those are the two thing that you have to look at. One for example, you can ask him to do, you know, menial tasks and connect in certain ways where you can ask them to have a structured rigorous curriculum in each grade level and have them stay on target the standards and that we fell into the ladder. So it’s not only they see high levels of engagement, what it is they’re engaging in is also at a high level. And so we anticipate that that number will continue to climb from 90 to 91%. To continue to climb even higher, so very, very excited about the work their students and our teachers doing. I’m going to now read you a little bit later. Just a testimonial from one of our teachers that give an indication of the difference between saying the students pick up on activity and do it. Versus here is your first grade curriculum, that in alignment with standards, and there is your second grade curriculum and here’s your third grade, but you will also be engaging AP tests in the month of May students following the lead of the College Board. IB has discontinued their tests for this year, but students can still earn their diploma based on a body of evidence. So everything moving along very, very nicely right now, and I’m very proud of our students and our teachers and our staff and our entire community.

Do you want me to bet response to those

questions. Why don’t you go ahead and enter into your Superintendent report? That was

a balance good. Like

it’s very warm inside the message.

Yeah. All right.

So I’m gonna respond first to a few things that Dr. martyr you had asked. So I appreciate those questions. Thank you. You bet. Of course now they were good questions. The first one was, what do we anticipate where are we at with our cash flow in terms of all of what’s taking place we currently have between cash flow and investments. We are currently about 60 million. At this time last year we had proximately 66 million. But part of the reason for that is we just haven’t collected all of the revenue yet. Last year we had somewhere around 160 $7 million

worth of our actually this are coming in we have about 160 $7 million worth of revenue that will be coming in as last year. We have about 134 and sub to only be 6 million behind right now, we will definitely catch that number and bypass and if there were to be a circumstance where we did not get everything through proper taxes, we would get back to stabilization anyways. So we have in terms of cash investment, revenue at this point he are in really good shape. Key months that we will be looking at, obviously, our March and April, and then June, because with property taxes, as you all know, you can either pay half of your property tax in March and half of in June or you can pay all of it in April. So we’ll have a really good picture in April as to how many people are going to just pay the entire amount and we’ll know that I get a lot. Now the next significant payment for us for a bond payment is $12.2 million. And that’s based on interest. We have to make that payment this blind so that payment will come in and we will make it and We have no problem eating that obligation. Now where it gets, the next phase that we have to pay attention to, is we will have paid 55 million by December. So the important thing for us is to see how much revenue comes in I June, which would mean we have this month, whatever that is leftover to meet our December obligation, because governor polis has extended without penalty, the payment days. And he’s doing that every 30 days orders are basically 30 days, weld County, for example. Based on what Greg’s showed me, I would like to see that extension all the way through next October. Now, if that were to be the case, it would depend on how much we pull in this June, the difference between 12.2 and then 55 million. So we’ll see how that plays itself out. But right now, it doesn’t appear to be a problem for us. And we don’t anticipate that they’ll go past that june july because if they do and create issues and problems for everybody, but the fifth The $55 million is not an insurmountable thing for especially because I anticipate we’re going to click the majority by this by anyways, so but we’ll play that out and see but we’d have any problem meeting our $12.2 million obligated. The other thing that we look at is, you know, this concept of a fund balance. And right now we we will end this year if you don’t help perform at all, we will end at about 121 plus million dollars. So if outperformed by 5 million, obviously it goes up to 126 and so on and so forth. Last year, we outperformed by 8 million, but that was because we had a delay on 5 million from the oil gas and the abatement. So it came in late so really, it was close to 13 million. And when you look at where we are today, revenue coming in today, you know if you look at last year, we were getting the revenue percentage was about 37.3%. This year, we actually are lower in terms of our revenue how In this year, because last year was about 39, excuse me 39.8%. Right now it’s at 37.3%. But that’s because we’ll be collecting us property tax here pretty soon. And so we will bypass that because we have so much more taxable revenue to pull in 167 versus 134. And if you remember, that’s why we got so much more of our mail a visa because he says valuation went through ceiling and we ended up with about $9 million on those levy overrides. So that was a good thing. The other thing that we pay attention to if you look at the what we where we were last year in terms of expenditures, we are around 59, somewhere on 59.3%, this year with 58.4. So we have actually, we have actually spent less this year at this time than we did last year. So if that hadn’t holds a think that out forming a budget by 30 million before the 5 million came in late. You know, it’s eight initially and then a total of 13. If that had holes, we could anticipate higher than $10 million in a outperforms. I mean, if you just look at it number two number, if you look at even more than 14 million, especially because our total number is higher, and so the percentage is going to be higher. Even though the percentage was the same of total number is higher, you’d still make more money overall. We also anticipate that our outperformance will be strengthened a little bit just by the fact that we’re not gonna be using fuel, our buses and electricity and he a whole host of other kinds of things, you know, you have a late hire because somebody retired and you were to fill that position. Now you would fill it for next month so we anticipate we might even see more of outperformance it’ll be bounced a little bit by now 1.3 and product launch that we had in our other budget is now coming back in because recommended project launch. But we are allocating several hundred thousand dollars to do our after school literacy program. So there’ll be a little bit of bounce there and we all spent six, seven Hundred Thousand on additional iPads. So that 1.3 will be balanced by what we’re going to do after school, plus the additional iPads. And some of those iPads are going to be used to try to bring the one to one initiative down to the fifth grade next year. So they weren’t purchased solely for this, we’ll be able to use them for a whole host of other thing. So in terms of, you know, everything I think that you ask about our fund balance is solid, looking at that performance, solid, our cash flow is solid, our investment, you know, mountains are solid. We’ve had that accurate with the stabilization. The only thing we are kind of in that space of waiting and wondering is, is the governor going to extend that no penalty beyond this new owner to lie whenever? And, you know, that takes us to the $55 million question. And $55 million, you know, is about 75% of the total amount of money that we have levied. So it’s it’s not an insurmountable figure for I think we will get most of what we need to get. Because 75% I mean, the notion that everybody’s going to take advantage of late payments, it’s probably not going to come to fruition. So I think we’ll be fine with 55 million. That is the only thing that we’re waiting on that causes us any kind of ambiguity for where that did serve. As far as hiring goes, which is part and parcel of we have hired for Burlington, we also hired the athletic director at Frederick, we’re in the final day tomorrow of interviewing for Longmont. We have Ray pool there and then we’ll finish up with Northridge and executive director for HR and those in we’ve also hired some, you know, there’s always a silver lining in everything with the way in which jobs are playing themselves out, we’ve been able to hire some additional custodial staff, and we’re looking at hiring them additional bus drivers and things that will become more available as they’re losing opportunities in their current positions. So all of that kind of play right now. I think our mean our greatest strength right now. We’re gonna have, I’d say anywhere between 130 and 130 $5 million in our fund balance. And, and that will enable us to do some things. And that’s the next topic that I want to get into his associations. So

Oh, let’s see, well, let me go senior celebrations, and then I’ll get into negotiations. We have been meeting extensively with our high school principals and actually with all of our principals, Jackie and ducks, zoom meetings on a regular basis. We have on recently, I don’t know, day ago, two days ago where it was. And we talked to the high school principal about the concept of pushing back and in person graduation, till sometime this summer, at the place where we would like to plan we have not 100% landed on a date. That’s what we’re anticipating but we’re not going to make that decision until we make the final decision about the end of the school year that we have the advantage of having our graduations done each individual school, so we don’t have to We’re unnecessarily trying to secure a facility. That’s that would lead us in terms of that passing. The other thing my school principals are working on is ways in which to do virtual choir concerts, virtual National Honor Society recommended or celebrations, senior night type of celebration. And then they’re talking about potential for some kind of a prom or if not a prom get together of yours. And this coming Monday, we have another meeting with high school principals to see where they’ve landed not on graduation, but on those other things, but it’s a real high priority for all of them and for us, that we do as much as we possibly can. We’ve even gone as far as to talk about next year and the two weeks are slash winter break to look at a potential reunion for our seniors because they would be coming back home, most of them from college or wherever it is that they have gone on to. Also I’ve talked about if we were to do it in person type ceremony later this summer for graduation, we could stream it live so that people could watch it from a distance. And that we also might have the potential to have some people participate virtually, you know, coming on large screen or something like that. All that’s in Word. And all of those things are also why we are waiting to make a decision. That would be, you know, comprehensive in nature. So we don’t say to our students right now, oh, by the way in person is done. And we’ll let you know next week when we find out about other stuff, and we’ll let you know that we have. So when we send out that letter in sync with the governor’s orders, it will have all the information that our students or families need to plan. Now, I’ve also talked to the TAs call. And they have indicated that they will be doing that senior insert that they always do. So we’re excited about that. And I’ve also talked to Jonathan’s who can accommodate us in terms of ups and downs without any problem. And then also inserts if the announcements we’re having today, in terms of the dates. So we have a lot of those detail flesh out this this Monday, but that’s kind of where our thinking is right now. And we’ve got a pretty high level. commitment, we’ve got some other things that we’re thinking about doing the celebrate for the series, but a couple of them are surprises. And so I wouldn’t want them to hear about it. They see it. So, a couple of cool things that the principal’s came up with. The next thing they asked about was vocations. We have developed a memorandum of understanding with teacher evaluations. So we’ve adjusted that. And what we’ve done is pause them, which allows them to use whatever their performance rating was at the third quarter similar to what we’re doing with students to remain intact as long as they continue with good faith effort throughout the remainder of the school year. And then that would enable them to keep their three consecutive years in order to move towards on probationary status, if we were to not pause and eliminate that would break for three consecutive years which would, which would be harmful and somewhat unfair to a teacher. So we excited that Mariana, as always, Steve was great. And that information is going up to all of our teachers, as is other information about leaving Southern things that went out from our home. resources and our finance department. As you know, we’re continuing to pay all our employees, their full Levy, even if they’re not able to log in the same amount of hours based on working from home and their thing. And we feel very important, it’s very important for us to do that to support our employees who have supported us and supported the community so wholeheartedly and so we’re glad to be able to do that. And so that’s another piece of not necessarily negotiations, we just decided to do that. I think it also helps the community that at least our employees don’t have to worry about all these from their perspective. I can’t speak to our spouses or others in our family, but at least from their perspective, they can count on their benefit and their salaries.

See you asked about Jared horses if we can get a vaccine question united here that he said he anticipates will be able to go back to school and fall. So that was promising. I’ve always been watching watching the curve as it’s flattening. So that’s encouraging. It’s a hard one say, because I don’t know where we’ll be, but we would definitely be and ready to do online if we if we have to, I’m confident that we will be able to return in the fall, but they just can’t ever predict fully. But we will follow the governor’s orders then as we go along. And then we have large activities. Like I know we had a convocation scheduled, we may, you know, pause those and do something later on with some of those ones where we have flexibility. We’ll just have to kind of let it see where it lands and let it ride and see where it lands. And we’ll know more probably as not the vague role. And a nice thing is, as weather warms, and, you know, this thing was on, we’re hoping that things settle and flatten and we can be convenient in a positive way. So those were the main things to ask about. They can be more than happy to

go into greater detail if you want.

No, thank you very much. That’s very helpful. I think the cash flow provisions that you talked about this important to keep a handle on as you’re doing and We don’t really know how things might change join, either the governor governor can make different decisions moving forward. And it seems to me from what you said that even with some adverse outcomes in the next six months that we will be in a position pay make our bond payment in December, principal and interest in December. So, yeah, I think that’s just something that I’m all of us are concerned about. I know you are as well. What’s you know, going forward? Yeah.

No, I know, the other thing we’re concerned about is

I fully anticipate that our PDR will be reduced significantly for next year. I don’t know if there will be a rescission this year, but you know, there’s been talk of rescission this year. And then I anticipate that we may lose some students who because of families losing jobs, things along the lines being missed, you know, displaced things. So that has a Nexus to the finances, as well. So you know, they’re just a lot of things, a lot of moving I know that a lot of my colleagues, people are trying to figure out how to navigate a release other obligation to the neighbor, because they’re sitting on a 3%. reserve for neighbor. And you know that it’s gonna get tough place for for school districts as you’re starting the deficit. Gang lower funding, I think you’re gonna see oil and gas revenues drop, I think you’ll see us valuation drop, you know, these student roll drop. And you’re gonna see PPR drop all of those things. Well, precisely when you have on balance, so and pick as far as negotiations you would have, Steve and I have agreed to pause them. And we’ll just wait and see what all those decisions are. And even if we don’t come to any conclusions, let’s say by September, whatever we decide, we would retroactively and we’ve talked about that. And that’s something we will feel strongly about because we don’t want to, you know, be dancing in the dark, so to speak with figures that we’re not 100% sure So,

thank you so much.

Of course, you’ve got a couple other things. I didn’t talk Brian lamer at length today about swimming pool, they’d done a feasibility study on all the places. And Silverlake did shows the most practical from a standpoint of location and building and the whole nine yards. And so second was Erie and Frederick who came in with a tie. But there is talk about out in the carbon Valley area about building another pool. Now, obviously here, he’s going to have to do something based on their growth patterns. So it looks like at least for our team’s perspective, and I have a pretty extensive document here, Brian, I went over pay and I’d be more than happy to know that you’re on top you can take a look at they did a really nice job. The other thing is we found that rather than going with six lane bull and Dodwell for approximately, you know, 7.2 million, we could move to an eight lane pool and a Dodwell and bleeders, which would give us competitive swimming and would only be about eight million dollars, so only end up being, you know, maybe another, what they have right now is in the interest from the bonds, they have about 6.5 million, and then they have another million that they could shift over. So it would mean they probably contribute 500,000 to a million dollars from our fund balance to go to an eight, nine pool with diabetic features, and we can actually host some meat versus just being practice facility, and we would have to add on in a future bond. Um, so I did say, Brian, I just thought that I would like to go. And so it looks like construction will start sometime in October. But we would still have to get approval from all of you. After you have a chance to hear from Brian directly ask all your questions and make a decision if you wanted to proceed with Silver Creek or a different site. So as soon as this process, it’s not gonna slow down. I mean, they’ve got everything they need right now start construction in October, so they don’t need an answer from you right away. And we can set up a zoom meeting whenever else you want to set up with Brian and his team, and myself and Jackie and we can answer whatever questions that you have, but I was pleased to know that we could go to a competitive swimming pool, as opposed to a practice pool and have the dive, Ella’s was the date well, as well. And that has really impact our finances much at all. So feel good about that.

Basket, of course.

So I just sort of say is the funds to build a pool are essentially coming out of bond money. So constructive money does not mean that

it’s interest. It’s interesting. Yeah.

But it’s still not money we could always use for operations in the event. We do have enormous tax pearl collection in a set of pie has to use her cat for construction capital.

Yeah. And I mean, you have all kinds of opportunities in terms of emergency declarations and things like that, that you could make decisions around but it’s, it’s designed to be used for, like, for example, and we pass that mill letter that been in 2008. We ended up out forming we ended up doing all of that work at Erie middle even though it was a part of the original bond plan. So we did get legal counsel to wait And I have legal counsel that we are able to use that money for this particular purpose. So, and I hear what your question is.

Yeah. Just before this is we’re looking at, you know, we challenging revenue collection times. And I just want to clear that when we flip it talking about building pool, we’re not taking away a revenue stream that could otherwise be used towards to salaries or

no, no, this could not be used for teacher salaries. And just we would start struggling on the pool to October, if we did run into any kind of a challenge with our, you know, our $55 million payment in summer we you can always adjust, you know,

it’s always my second question is, have we done any thinking or calculations words, we do some budget to operate a pool, I just build it but to maintain it.

Yeah, we have a pretty good idea. And you know, some of that would be because we’ve actually gotten revenue by hosting our meats by insertions and also in the summer months, we would not be using the ball for physical education would involve, basically for girls and boys. In winter in the spring, but in the summer months, we would actually have opportunities opening up the community for swimming lessons, scuba diving, you know, certification, water safety, all those kinds of things, but we will actually generate some revenue as well as the cost of maintaining. Sure. The other thing, Paul, you know, we pay money to use other pools, you know, or like the YMCA that we use, and then we have no use with the pool over by Timberline. And when we purchase extra lanes at Erie and things like that we have pay. So it’s kind of balanced.

Meaning or better. Yeah.

And if Yeah, and if there were to be asked it would be animal.

Because to be on balance.

I’m sorry if I

like this thing, get into my ear. Like, all right.

So those are the kinds of things that I have to do. Want to just say, you know, to give Jackie an opportunity to weigh in, she has been, literally go around the block and meeting meetings with our principals. And our LLC is a mob massive effort at the, you know, the Resource Center across the street out in Frederick and just a seller leadership, not as surprising. It’s just appreciated. And so Jackie, I don’t know if you want to share some of the things that you’ve been doing with it quite a bit.

Yeah, well, and it’s definitely not me. It has taken a pretty enormous team. We’ve had about 150 volunteers, staff volunteers that have come in to run our community resource centers. Up until this week, we had two community resource centers as well as 11 front sites where we’re distributing lunges, and we distributed over 1500 odd hats in a week, and we still have families coming. This week we gave away 100 on Tuesday. We have people stopping by every day even when the community resource center is not open. So we know tomorrow, we’ll have more families for accessing iPads, as well as printed curriculum. We are getting ready to have all of our teachers be and our poor content teachers start adding content in the electives and in the specialty areas. And that will begin on April 13. Our Learning Services team also just put out support earning support plans to all our teachers in the port content. So we’re not actually creating explicit lessons anymore, like we did for the first two weeks, but we have put up documents that show them exactly what standards should look like for the remainder of semester through April and then intimate if necessary, and then also linked all of the best resources to teach those standards. So there will be flexibility for teachers to lesson plan at those support documents should add consistency and coherence in help our teachers finish strong and help students be prepared for the next grade level. When we come back in August, and really that’s what we’ve been very focused on. We are also doing a lot of support of students through our counselors, but we are real estate focused on the academic work and then reaching out to families who are not engaging, and very explicitly helping them problem solve. What is are the barriers and our counselors are doing a lot of that work. We’re monitoring our students who are in D credit recovery very closely. We’re monitoring our seniors very closely. And this week, in addition to looking at that percentage of engagement, and I’m pushing that engagement up a little more, we’re also looking at the quality of engagement. So we’re asking our principals to report back to us, not only number of students and the percentage engaging, but what is the quality of engagement, our students partially engaged? Or are they fully engaged and returning all of their science back to their teachers? So that’s our work here. I again, I would reiterate that none of this would be possible we would not have the confidence that we have to do the work that we’re doing right now. had over the last decade, a full system and a strong foundational system. had that not been built, we would not be able to be in the position we are for our students right now. So definitely reserves have been built up technology and infrastructure, the curriculum and assessment that we have long had in place, the digital curriculum that we along had in place, all of that has allowed us to pivot in the last month or so. And I think it’s, I think it’s working. And we’re now in a phase of just doing individual problem solving and calibrating so the system is in place. It’s working for the masses right now. And now we are personalizing and just doing the day to day calibrating and problem solving as questions come up.

Thanks, Jody. And john, do you have any additional No, just

I went around the departments you know, HR hasn’t missed a beat in terms of hiring, we’re actually taking advantage of this opportunity to hire. And so that soundtrack Greg and his apartment with Finance accounts payable, a roll off that he’s on target with buying labor for reimbursement. Based on our emergency declaration, and working with emergency management system to submit reimbursements, everything’s going well, there are operations maintenance teams, because construction is considered central from Governor’s order, continue to move forward with our meat elementary school and our Lamacq project and our favorite project and all the things that we’re doing so just not even I really I could not be more proud of our game, they just have been incredible, and our community as well. So it’s a we’re in that space where we really believe now we will be better as a system. On the other end of this. We’ve identified some ways to mitigate substitute teaching shortages, identified ways to address snow days, we’ve identified ways to address a whole host of things that will cause us be even stronger system, how we manage late start days, as opposed to the ways in which we manage those now, how take advantage of summer and times They’re not at school. So it’s, you know, we don’t welcome these types of difficult challenges in these types of situations. But I could not be more proud of the team that in place to deal with them. And if they afford you the opportunity to review the way that you do business and come out on the other end doing business even better, and that’s, that’s something we’re very interested in. And that’s something that we we’ve been doing as well. So, a lot of other things I could have a chew on but uh, you know, I’m sure I’ll think about all when I’m driving home right now. It’s just a big thank you. everybody involved. laughing. We had the we had salt the Teacher of the Year.

Jeanette Rivera Gonzalez, I have a zoom.

Meeting with with her today along with Lauren Sampson. She’s out of Northridge, the teacher, and Josh Atherton. Jett was former student at my end. She’s one of our homegrown students, and then became a paraprofessional and then 2008. He’s been working at at Northridge and you know, one of the things we talked about today is you know, Among her test scores always being, you know, great in terms of her students. She’s one of those caring people you’ll ever meet. And she drafted a separate car for every one of her students during the situation, contacted their families stood outside and showed a card and that kind of thing. And, you know, the kids were excited to see from their windows and stuff like that. So just a real superstar. I enjoyed my conversation. I also did a video today for all of the nominees. And then I made a recommendation to Josh Atherton that we celebrate them at our gala in the fall, as opposed to just letting it dissipate because of the situation tributed teacher so I thought that was a good idea. And we also were able to give that $4,000 check for a snap Toyota. So should represent St. manana in a really outstanding way.

Yeah, thank you for doing that. And congratulations to her. Yeah, now she’s a superstar. Yeah. So we got to share with comment.

something related to Jones, showing us some of the financial data and the internet community is going to we will be meeting remotely for the rest of the year. I think our next meeting is next Monday. So we will still have our friend Donnie at our community members looking at cash flow, making sure we can follow him into payroll, contractor payments, just different API’s that will save us.

And you know, to your question about the 55 billion is 75% of the 73 million that we laid or the bottle we don’t it’s not a whole 73 that we have to come up with in December. It’s 75%. And so that way I have a level of confidence that will pull that revenue and before the end of the summer. So can I read you guys this thing that Kayla shared with me and then I don’t know when kale comes on that agenda, but

that’s just where it’s hard to read, but I’m gonna figure that one out here.

Yeah, it’s the glasses don’t fit the same.


This was sent to K on everybody on our team. I work at Grandview elementary teaching first grade, and it has Works trail Ridge middle school as you know students, I would just like to share a huge bow. Thank you so much all capitals for all the planning your team has done in order for teachers to feel prepared as possible for the transition online learning. I would love if you could share this videos thanks with anyone else who’s helped lead all of us during the time everyone involved deserves a standing ovation from sharing lessons in ela math, are the first 10 days to sharing the Learning Support plans for us to use to plan for future weeks to come feel that we are in a very positive unique position. Having this kind of guidance and support from our district. I first grade team has enabled plan, ease and less stress. We have felt supported and appreciated and it goes on and on and as for the bottom of my heart, thank you for the vision clear structured system that has been put into place during this exceptional time. It is not on notice that our district has truly set us up for success. I am proud to work for synchrony bank school. This is consistent with you know receipt others that have said no I have collagen and other stuff. Or I have a colleague in another district and are basically being told, you know, shut down and log in. I’m not trying to compare and do all that kind of stuff. But it really was such a massive win by learning services. And Jackie might want to respond this because you cannot imagine how much work went into doing this.

It’s really impressive. So, yeah,

well, again, it just was such a team effort, I think. I think what was impressive is probably two weeks or about week and a half, maybe even just a week before we actually close the facilities before close schools. Done and I had spoken and decided that let’s let’s give it a try. Let’s start planning in the event that we should have to go online. And it was not 12 hours later that that team, our learning leaders, which are consists of our curriculum coordinators, as well as all of those coaches were out building our instructional technology coaches, our STEM coordinators, they really pulled together and began to plan those lessons once they got a template. And once they had a vision for what that would look like, as students went online, they opened up those lessons. And once they understood the user interface, and they had that template, they were able to roll all of that work out for all of the grade levels. And in all the content areas, we thought we would only be able to get math and English language arts completed. And by the end of the second week, they also had social studies and science simply for the high school so that all four content areas could be done by students. So we, you know, it mirrors what we expect, in st brainy way, which is that we operate as a system that we don’t leave it to chance that we have quality control. That all gets a great experience that that experience is rich. It’s robust. It’s comprehensive. And when we approach this work, we have some really clear values. One value was that the lessons in the instruction, continue to mirror what we do in classrooms every day as much as I can And we use technology every day as much as possible. Another was that was engaged. That is what people are calling out asynchronous is that we were not doing school online. But we were doing learning online, because families needed flexibility. And they were sharing devices. And they were trying to work around their work schedules and their lack of daycare. And our teachers and our principals have really grabbed on to those values. And they’ve implemented aligned with the values of our system. And so it’s beautiful to see them recognize and compliment. But really, again, that’s the work we do every day in sobriety. We operate as a system because we believe in equity. We believe that no child should have an experience left to chance. And because our our system was really already in place, allow us to just take it, you know, online and to do what we do so well anyway, so I will respond to that teacher. Doc, you forwarded that email and make sure that You know, we thank her as well for noticing what we’ve put out in terms of support and using that really, really well.

Thanks, Tom. Before we move on, I do want just thank you and appreciate you for your leadership, Jackie, for leadership, I have a feeling that it’s likely there’s a scenario for people who might be outside looking in. That’s looks really simple and seamless or st rain. And while some aspects of it were because of that system that was in place, the community support, finances, the curriculum alignment technology, there is no doubt that this has required us so much effort behind the scenes in planning and you described a lot of that Jackie instead of Geodon. So, so please pass on my appreciation and the Lord’s appreciation to everyone who had a part in that. And also I do want to thank our family members or community members, business community, our students, the teachers, all the staff members, are still in the buildings. You know, Meade elementary school is still moving along. We have a lot to be grateful for and a lot of appreciation. So thank you very much for all of that. All right. Thank you for the superintendent’s report. Don and Jackie, for your input. We don’t have any reports this evening. But we do have several cassettes I’d imagine does have to figure out how to read with my glasses. And math. Do board members have any consent items this evening that they like to vote for further discussion? No. All right. Then we have a consent item 7.1. Approval staff terminations leaves 7.2 approval step appointments 7.3 approval of minutes from March 11 2020 regular meeting and a march 18 2020 special meeting 7.4 approval second reading adoption board policy jlc D ministering medications to students 7.5 approval. change order three two construction manager general contractor contract for me to mill school edition renovation project 7.6 approval of change order six new cmgc contract for Silver Creek High School addition and renovation project 7.7. Approval of amendment to cmgc contract for elementary number 28. Seven by eight approval of amendment to cmgc contract for Stark discovery preschool innovation Project 7.9. Approval of amendment to cmgc contract for advanced Brenda auditorium renovation project seven point 10 approval of amendment to cmgc contract for core regional school on project seven point 11 approval of amendment to cmgc contract for trail written middle school bond project seven point 12 approval of the adjustment to do lines middles near high auditorium edition project. seven point 13 first reading adoption for policy k d Emergency Management safety readiness and Incident Management Planning seven point 14 approval of recommendation to hire principal for Burlington elementary school. I would make one note that The new principal at Brookfield elementary school, we Jennifer Webster, typically we would have Todd here to introduce an effort to us. And that’s not possible this evening. So Jennifer, if you’re watching, we will look forward to meeting you and welcoming you at a future Board of Education meeting. With that, I would entertain, entertain a motion for approval of our consent items was moved by Jim Yeah. and a second by

second by Karen. And Karen, could you please call for the vote? Mr. Arens, is that then, Mr. Berthold?

Yes. Mr. Garcia?

Yes. appears

on this reading. Yes. secret. And


right. Thank you, Karen. And thank you everyone for that. I am adjusting. I can’t tell if anybody’s smiling or if it’s very different not be able to see people’s facial expressions this evening. Check it on our broadcast or

do you get

Oh, I did check in with Tim sorry. During bugs me it is not broadcasting. So the fix has not been repaired yet. I’m confident that will get repaired but the meeting will be recorded in adorable good. Urban Aaron will get on the website later tomorrow morning. Thanks, Paula. action item 8.1 is an adoption of the adoption of a resolution proclaiming teacher substitute Teacher Appreciation Week for me four through 820 20. Done. Would you like a board member to read those resolutions this evening? Teacher shake, or would you like to read them? I know. You’ve done a lot of Vikings evening. Do we have a board member? Dick? You were a former teacher? It seems fitting.

I would be honored you

mind getting both of them? Do you like to share with somebody else

sir? I would be glad to read both. But if someone would like to honor the substitute teachers as well, I’d be glad for that as whatever. I’ll start in if somebody would like to up in. Blade, your hand.

Sounds good. Thank you. Well, thank you

so much. Teachers appreciation with Proclamation. Whereas today’s teachers mold future citizens through their guidance and education and whereas today’s teachers encounter students of wildly differing backgrounds and abilities and whereas society expects public education to provide quality services to all children no matter what their backgrounds or abilities, and whereas the country’s future depends in large measure upon the education youth received today. And whereas teachers are charged with the daunting task of assuming no child is left behind by public schools, and whereas teachers spend countless hours outside the classrooms repairing lessons, now you wouldn’t progress counseling and coaching students and performing community service and whereas the st. Green Valley School District recognizes that it’s teachers are providing quality education services to our children. Now therefore be it proclaimed the week of May Fourth through eighth 2020 is Teacher Appreciation Week in our candidates. The Green Valley School District urges all citizens to join in recognizing the dedication and hard work of our teachers by expressing their appreciation for sharp well done. proclaimed Wednesday, April 8, for the Board of Education and superintendent of schools. Thank you.

Appreciate that. Would someone else like to read the substitute Teacher Appreciation Week proclamation please. Oh,

substitute Teacher Appreciation Week proclamation whereas St. Fran Valley School District joins the nation in recognizing substitute teachers as an essential part of the district’s education system. And whereas, substitute teachers are dedicated to providing quality instruction for the students of this district, and demonstrate their commitment to time, energy, effort and talents in the best interest of all students, and whereas, the substitute teachers of the district provide an invaluable service for teachers, students and families Have the regular teacher in the most professional manner and play a vital role to ensure the quality student education. Now therefore be proclaimed the week of May 4 eighth 2020 is substitute Teacher Appreciation Week in our communities. St. Greenville school district urges all citizens to join us in saluting the dedicated men and women proclaimed Wednesday, April 8 2020. by the Board of Education, Superintendent of Schools. Thank you, Paula.

Yeah, why don’t go out and Coachella last week. Great. Thanks, Don. Right would entertain a motion for approval then for action item B point one, which is the adoption of resolution proclaiming teacher substitute Teacher Appreciation Week may 4 through eighth 2020 in the hopes that maybe we’ll be able to thank some of his people in person in their future. So Luke, thank you, Jackie. And as I get started,

because she got a fake eye mask, I can’t tell who it’s nice. Karen, can you offer the call for the vote? Please visit

Yes. Mr. Garcia? Yes.

Yes. Here. I is traveling. Yes. Mr. Yes. Hi. Thank you, Karen. Agenda Item 8.2 is a recommendation for approval of elementary social studies materials adoption. Kale. Good evening.

I have it all as one as one.

One agenda item unless somebody tells differently. I’m pale. How are you this evening?

Oh, can you hear us? Okay, can you hear me now? Thank you.

Great. So welcome to our meeting. Thank you for taking time to join us. And I’ll go ahead and let you kick things off.

I like before the recommendation on you have already paid teachers and our social study coordinator Jim Pettit to adopt curricular materials for elementary social studies agreed to supply dance In fall 2018 of the garden to me it was free for elementary teachers from across the district, the county, who federal grants and choose, chose to use me to pilot to be able to gather pilot teachers in a non violent country and community after 15 pilot programs, piloting the program for a full year and gathering input about our activity with McGraw Hill program for grades K through three, and then grade five, and then get this Colorado story for grade four, through Board of Education for adoption. If you think about these two programs, all of the material finds the new 2020 Colorado academic standards as well as best practices in social studies. Instruction happier for each brand. This is a robust online platform, engage students and again learning. The platform includes all the material and digital format, although we’re really good at presentations a video on connected interactive multi The vocabulary weekly update next month does cost a little less about the program, but they’re updated almost on a weekly basis. Both gram of expectations, they reported the virtual trip in and other inactive sites, all of the basic components we tested with our learning management system.

And the rostering has been

overwhelmingly positive reports being the case with rich content. And I’ll pause this from the start which are not really economics civic. Total adoption source an extra duty pay for professional development is $1,908,504 seems to be your thing. 20 that’s based on student moment, next year. Club have restatements of uterus procedure in order to abort To talk about this the first one is upon data is worth a read Northridge. Probably teachers do that benefit to be user friendly for all learners in high quality without sufficient spotlights on them. It’s called out on the motherboard. in fourth grade each Hall of history was a departure from a lot of students curriculum. On the first day, this is their effective English Language Arts Center, then the funny moment another

area and happens the first

string Hi, God your videos Bye provides rich resources high tech, and according to law students get a deep understanding around certain topics. And online pipelines is very helpful for students and teachers in a variety of formats. You can find your preferred digital platform that they’d love to plan to interact with in high voltage distortion that can be applied in the study. You can find some stuff Norman says that feature Timberline, he said because of the differences of the order and how it fits in the sort of timeline, and the way that he lives today, the program’s job of offering flexibility for teachers to teach that inquiry, solid clean all the data and get through like people expressing from the past and be able to own history to back our life today. That is just a quick overview of the adoption software this if you have consideration and many questions,

thank you kale. Do board members have any questions or comments from Cal? I know this is different than typical because we usually have teachers and more of an explanation. But but certainly trust the process and everything that has gone on, you know, that doesn’t mean those things haven’t happened. We’re design. We just don’t have the people here at board meeting. Questions or comments. No,

thank you. I was Want to thank you for the overview that you’re providing over the phone. And, again, a job that I do track the progress. We’ve seen a number of these come through over the years, and you’ve had extensive number of excellent teachers that have vetted this. So with that, and as some of you probably did in our packet as far as some things I look for, like abilities to differentiate and different viewpoints and tying in literacy skills and social studies, I think looks really strong. And I just like you and your team for doing all the elevating this or doing all the work of piling bringers into the best curriculum, we can. So thank you

very much for that comment. And it goes to Jim Pettit, associate coordinator and the teachers who worked so hard on this pilot and making this reality for him.

All right, well, that’s it for questions. So thank you very much for calling in and for all of your work on that committee, please pass along our appreciation. And then board members I would ask for a motion for approval for action item 8.2. Approval of elementary social study material adoption

by Chico a second by Karen. Great Karen can call the vote please.

Yes. Mr. sturgill?

Yes. Mr. Garcia?

Yes. Yes, Yes,

I can. Yes. And Miss Seacrest.

I think you can. Actually I’m 8.3 is the first reading option new board policy. Oh, absolutely. Yes. Thanks, kale. Thank you.

Okay. Thank you very much. That’s your chief report. Okay. Take care.

Thanks. So, a quick breeze first reading and option new board policy ba electronic participation in full board meetings. This is timely given our current situation. Polly, you worked with Barbara on the middle. Fidesz, would you mind making a brief introduction for board?

Yes, I like I’m somewhat self explanatory, that we need to adopt the policy in order to have remote meetings. So you can actually vote and quorum holding votes in an election election. Matter of Niva choose to do that in the near future or anytime. So it’s essentially, the format of it is driven by a caddy head and looked at by our attorneys. And it’s essentially only if a meeting its entirety is called to be remote. Not if we

hold on a second.

Sorry, I’m just trying to make sure because we were looking at the different policies.

This is okay, so we started this policy is for individual board members who want to participate electronically aboard me. So this is when we there was no change to our normal procedure that we would be meeting the boardroom. If any one of us for any reason can’t be here, but still participate. We can call in video in and we would have we would be counted towards the boardroom and to have the right to vote. That’s the difference right now is if you we may call into the meetings, but we don’t have the right Oh, we’re just gonna suffer if If this policy means adopted, so this specifically laid out how that is allowed, and set some parameters around, I believe it’s two times that we’re allowed to do that before the board is to consider any additional requests to call in or in electronically. So yes, my apologies. We’re going down the wrong lane here. But this is also a QSB driven policy has been picked up by our attorneys. So really just gives us flexibility to individually started in meetings and the but we can’t be here. Right.

Thanks, Paula. g board members have any comments or questions on the policy?

Oh, thank you, Madam President. I have a just a comment about the third and the end paragraph the starts. If the request is approved. You will see that, okay. It’s not clear who’s approving that request. I think we should specify who’s authorized to approve the request to participate by

participant online

Yeah, By the same token, I think that there should be a permission, the request to participate online should not be unreasonably withheld.

So like, what do you think about just getting rid of if the request is approved? Why

not just a

board member board member, a board member who attends and participates I electronic means, I mean, it’s a really need to make a request.

Yeah. I mean, I would be fun with that as well. I think the way set up, we notify, and then this illusion in that paragraph to being approved. And we don’t really set stuff up with our processes.

Well, and I don’t mean. Yeah, not agree with you. I mean, at that point, and I think the idea is, is to limit it, so the board members aren’t callers repeatedly. That is addressed, of course, later on in the house a little bit later. So if the board is an agreement, then I’d strike the words if the request is approved. And so we begin at paragraph with a board member who attends at parties by electronic means, unlike any questions or any issues or concerns, everybody else is in agreement with that. Okay, great. Any other questions or thoughts on the policy? All right. Then, without a no, I’m sorry, the face Max, everybody, so I’m just I need to pay extra attention. We’re dead. Okay. So then what I do is I would entertain a motion for approval action item 8.4 or 8.3. Pardon me, which is the first reading adopt a new proposed ba electronic participation at school board meetings. And with the understanding that we will strike in that paragraph if the request is approved and given the paragraph with a board member whose hands so bipolar and the second second

deck, Thank you, Karen, can you call for the vote please?

Yes, Mr. Sinister Bertha.

Yes. Mr. Garcia? Yes. Mr. Pierce?

Aye. Mr. Chairman. Yes, Mr. Chris.

I thank you, Karen. 8.4 is the approval of use cabbies sample Exhibit B da dash e Notice a virtual school board meetings. Polly, did you want to introduce this one? Again, this is it’s really rather straightforward this be the simple notice that our blue use in the event that we had a virtual score me?

Yeah, this is the what I started to see two before. So the first policy just approved is for individuals to call in. But in the event that we enter the entire structure of the meeting to go remote, whether all of us are calling in or we decide to do it, to have a select number of people in the room in the event, we have a structure to the meeting, this would be the notice that we would publish publicly to the public know that until they can submit comments to us. So this exit in of itself does not need to be part of our policies, simply because it has to be changed every every time. But this would be the template that we’ve used to notify the public.

Thank Paul, any concert questions? Pretty straightforward.

Well, thank you, Madam President. I I guess my comment is that with regard to the first Paragraph it, although it is a template, it, I think should be more generic because this template for specifically to the governor’s executive order of April 1, it would say each time,

it will change, the reason would change

that we are calling a meeting that we would call.

It’s really just a sample exhibit you to it’s really simple. So you would have an idea, you’re not actually approving these these words, these words, do are saying the template, this is a sample. So you’re saying this sample. This format, based on this example, is adequate. So you’re not actually approving these words. So I’m I’m not taking that for logic.

Right. I think that

in the case where we do have examples we have formed for a variety of implementation of our policies throughout that particular example should be more generic because this will in fact be part it’ll be be da dashi part of apologies, no not be filed in the policy manual.

So where will it be found?

firewall he bets or her reference and you are just proving that yes we think the template is sufficient to use moving forward

do you actually want it filed you know in in national manual

we can bring it back again certainly and we you know, we can discuss it, but it’s really, truly a formality of 410 but it’s not going to be filed and board policy and what the policies are just wants to be able to use this this format Oh

well, I guess my view is that if it’s going to be is just a generic format for Starcraft should say that the reason you know, whatever they Whatever the cause. inventors should appear in that first paragraph and

makes the rest of it of course fits

without modification.

Well, that’s just my view.

Where’s this template have it for you. So just this time, so an example for use with different reason next time.

Okay, this is actually your oven because in our attorneys to look at it, in general, just to back up a little bit when we did our policy review, back in 20 1415. Yeah, we pulled a lot of exhibits out a policy simply because they are very fluid and needs to be updated by each department or best practice or fill in fill in blank situations. So a lot of them got pulled out. So each department would have the ability to develop exhibits that worked for them at the time in real time

constantly when it comes to the board.

So this is really sort of like a board business exhibits. So this isn’t something new that’ll apply to the rest of the departments in the school district. So just a wee aside to notify the public when we have changed the underlying structure of needing to have a meeting. So we don’t need to put it in policy for all of the department in the public to see the sample, which has to be very generic. We’re simply agreeing as a board. This is the general this is the format that board will the bar or whoever a secretary is at any future time will follow through publish to the public to notify the public we have changed the format of the meeting. So this is not an official holiday document. It’s just we’re agreeing on

how we’re going to publish this to the public. Yeah, you know, and I don’t think we really need spending more time on this. I don’t honestly but I I trust that BB will update that appropriately each time, but I really am if you want to have her make it generic. I’m perfectly fine with that and everything. I don’t know what I’m good either way. I don’t know that. It’s worth the discussion, though.

Well, fly as you wish. I think my son calm is on public. It reads to me, and I made misinterpreting it, that members of the public may request items to be placed on the agenda. And I was just somewhat surprised by that.

That’s not any different than then typical

minute when someone wants to have a public comment. Or do get suggestions from the public for our agenda that we adopt.

We get requests from people absolutely beforehand, before the agendas are created.

To remember the public submit agenda items for

for making requests. Yes.

Think that lesson isn’t there? Is it the final determination whether I didn’t appear on boarded? You know, we at the discretion of the superintendent board president, the best is the fact that you know, things may be requested but whether they actually go on agenda or not still be determined.

Yeah, I think it’s important that I guess I’m sure that preceptors be more

Well, I thought that

I wasn’t aware that that offset existed.

Yeah, people can go through Barban quest and a deny to be placed.

I’m comfortable with the with that last sentence though, I think.

Any other comments or questions?

No. Okay. Then we’ll,

I’d entertain a motion then for approval of action item 8.4, which is the approval of the use of Caspi simple Exhibit B da dash. He knows a vertical school board meetings. Should I jump on a scan? Second, I care. Can you please cough about this. So Mr. burgled,

yeah, triggers. Yes. Dr. Murder.

Yes, Miss years.

I Miss Robin yet. Hi. Thanks, Karen.

And our final agenda. On this evening is 8.5. The recommendation for approval closure of all districts was in Billings for March 13 2020 to April 30 2020. Don, do you have any comments before

I open it up the board members,

just that. We will continue to make these recommendations to the board based on the direction of the governor’s office and the county state health department. And my last conversation with Governor Poulos and the representatives from his office, he indicated that he would make some decisions and announcements for the remainder of the school year somewhere in that ballpark of 20th to the 24th of this month. So I was keep in line with a what that Rosset if that’s okay with board

any comments or negative comments

or questions to come? Just to reiterate the

fact that the buildings be closed is not a same enough learning isn’t happening, right. We all stuff that we talked for, just to make this clear for folks to understand that learning hadn’t stopped continuing cool feature happened there but our buildings are closed.

Thanks to God, it’s a good refresher. Anybody else?

Okay, all right. Then I would entertain a motion for approval of agenda item 8.5. closure all district schools buildings March 13 2020. April 3020.

Karen in a second. Okay. Paula, and Karen can cast the vote. This Mr. Mr. Burton? Yes. Mr. c?

Yes. Okay. Murder. Yes. Miss Pierce. All right. Very good. Yes, Miss Harris.

I thank you, Karen. All right. Um, die. Thank you had a closing comment.

Yeah, I just want to as far as the discussion items, I just want to reinforce one of the priorities, as we embark on this online learn, has been to make sure that every student in our district has access to the devices they need, they have access to the curriculum you need, so much so that we not only did the online but we also created hardcopy packets for the first two weeks. Dude, and parents who felt more comfortable and everything has been translated. And we really talked about it in our system, that we’re gonna leave Resource Centers open longer periods of time for kids who want to come in and access assistance, pick up materials, supplies, all of those kinds of things. And I really want to emphasize a point Cisco is great in terms of funding hotspots around our district. So we have 10 hotspots where people can download it. years ago, when we made the decision to go to iPads. It was for that purpose that you could actually download curriculum and work from an environment it did not have internet access, I, I really wanted to emphasize that everything that we do, and everything that we talked about, is in context of making sure that every child has access to what we’re providing. The other thing is I wanted to make sure people weren’t developing a sense anxiety about their grade dropping. You know, we’re looking at that third quarter grade, and we’re asking our children for a good faith effort. So anything is they’re having a hardship or struggle, you know, We’re not looking to be interactive in any way, shape or form. And we’re not looking to cause anybody to backslide. But there is a rush to the next grade, or its graduation as a senior. And I just really wanted to reiterate to the board, that that is at the top of our list of priorities as we’re pushing that information out, that is non punitive, that’s flexible, and that’s it’s supportive for our children, we understand that some parents are going through struggles with loss of job, you know, inability to

make payments and things like that.

So I know that came up at the beginning, I just wanted to reiterate that it is something we’re paying very, very close attention to make sure that the nobody is impacted negatively, at least for our system. Regarding the learning. And, Jackie, I know, we’ve had those conversations over and over, but I just wanted to assure the board that equity in the access is really, really important to us, and a non punitive nature of what we’re doing.

Thanks. And it’s my understanding also that if a student has a great that they like to work on and to bring up there are opportunities

for that. So students want to improve the rate they can work with their teacher and rate a contract to do that, and then advanced the rate higher level and all about articulated and communications. And so absolutely they can they can do better if they choose. All right, thank you.

All right. Any final Board Number comments or questions as seating for we wrap up pleading

It is such

an unprecedented time and it’s just so impressive

and I’m just blown away the professionalism

setting bar so how to do every day anyway, but you’re leading just without any

knowns and you’re just doing such an amazing job.

I’m really looking forward to all the lessons we learn as

a as a world

from what happened here. And I think that

this what you’re doing here is just

incredible. Standard going forward for handling any kind of


Thanks, Karen are setting session next week on Wednesday, April 14 has been cancelled. Our next next board of education meeting will be Wednesday, April 22. We can talk on aspects a little closer that we want hands on March financials, we’re going to be asked Greg to call in if the rest of the British kind of roll with that and then follow this format again, so that we’re safe and some thank you for being here to make sure that the meeting is in this case, not broadcast, but video then the place on website. We appreciate it. So, Alright, everyone, save and thank you to everybody who is ensuring that learning is happening, and students are still having all the great opportunities. I would entertain a motion for adjournment meeting please. I can’t

buy to go on fair. All right. Thank you everybody tonight. I miss your smiling faces.