Longmont City Council Regular Session – March 31, 2020

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All right, raise your hand if you can hear me

right by All right, so hold on I’m just gonna scream it down to start this so long as the media knows the

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And let’s go ahead I would now like to call the march 31 2021 months city council regular session to order. tonight’s meeting is different because the novel over 19 virus we’re holding the meeting remotely. Let’s go ahead and start with the roll call.

Mayor Bagley there, council members Christiansen


Y’all go for hearing

Here, Martin

did Marcia he just made it

back here. Rodriguez

here. Waters here. Mary you in football star the pledge.

Standard would you say the pledge

pledge allegiance to the flag

to the republic for which it stands one nation under God. justice for all.

All right.

All right, in order to provide public comment or stay at home order. Residents provided public comments prior to the meeting by submitting them

In writing or via video or phone message I hear we have some very interesting comments.

Comments are limited to three minutes per person and those submitted prior to 5pm will be read into the record by staff so we have those. Also item nine regarding wastewater revenue. refunding bonds also has unique instructions for how to publicly comment on this item during the public hearing. for federal requirements real time public comment will be allowed to this item only residents wishing to speak during the public hearing on ordinance 20 2012 should watch the livestream the city’s YouTube channel at no repeat this twice. https colon forward slash forward slash www youtube.com. forward slash see

slash city alarm forward slash live then call 303-651-8647. Again www.youtube.com forward slash C or word slash citizens

Amr forward slash Wow. 303518647. So at this time I introduced this item and I opened the public hearing. This is going to be available for this item only due to system limitations.

But we’re going to go ahead and wait 60 seconds. See if anybody calls in the public hearing on this matter.

Mayor, if I may, when we we will use that process when we get to nothing. And yeah, will help us put that number on the screen if anybody wants. Perfect. Okay. All right. Let’s go ahead and we have a motion for approval of the minutes of February 25 2020. The regular session.

A customer back


So moved. All right. We have a second that was that Councilmember Christiansen that I saw raise your hand in a second. All right. It’s been moved.

and seconded. Let’s go ahead and vote. All in favor say aye. Aye. All opposed say nay.

All right, motion passes unanimously. Three be approval of minutes. The March 17 2020. regular session. We have a motion.

So moved. All right.

Second. All right. So it’s been moved and seconded. Let’s vote. not assume there’s no further. Senior hands. So all in favor say aye. Aye. Aye. All opposed say nay.

animus Lee. All right, let’s move on to a Jeff

Johnson submission of documents and motions to direct the city manager to add agenda items, agendas. I know that counsel

Do you have something you’d like to bring out council member back? Yes, I do actually, um, it’s gonna be a statement and then maybe emotion but we’ll see.

Almost like we’re getting to you, Dr. Waters, and then tell us member, you don’t have a bearing

on this is to our residents and our small businesses. As you know that we had a $2 trillion

coronavirus aid package that went out Monday,

actually yesterday, and other 370 $7 billion or per small businesses under 500 employees.

I am deleting this so that our small businesses know that our counsel is on top of this in our city as well. billion

individuals, or grant and mortgage help. 339.8 billion is for state and local businesses. And my message to our residents in small businesses is that you need to start your applications for these days.

Now, the applications have not been accepted yet because that window has not been opened, opened. But when it does, it’s a very short window, and it’s going to be first come first served, and those dollars are going to go out pretty darn fast.

Hold on, Oh, uh, the city staff and I think that our city manager is actually going to address this as well is trying to figure out how in Longmont, we’re going to do that. Le dp will be a part of that as well as chambers might be involved in our city staff. I’m the Longmont come through the Small Business Association along but along with some of the obvious businesses that can apply. We have hotels and contractors self employed, who file their taxes on a 1099 for restaurant owners having more than one location.

They’re going to need to submit an application for each for each site, not putting all their restaurants under one application. And these are just some of the things that I’ve learned about this so that we can get a get a real fast move on it. There isn’t a component in this act to

about lost revenue from businesses. So if

I am asking our small businesses to do is go out and read this bill for yourself and to you, here’s where you can read. You can find it. Hopefully everybody can see this. It’s congress.gov and you search for s dot 335 48 Eris x. And if you want to know what’s inside the Senate’s $2 trillion coronavirus, aid package, go to npr.org they do a really nice breakdown for it.

So there are a couple of things I would like

to direct staff to do if they’re already not doing it. And one of them is to have on the website, hopefully under engage Longmont a list of the banks in Longmont that actually deal with SBA loans, because not all of them do. The other thing is if we could work with,

hopefully with somebody from SBA from one of these banks, if they could do a very short tutorial tutorial, to walk small business owners through this process, that would be greatly.

I think it would be needed in order to help people fill these applications out correctly. So I’m going to move to direct staff

to on our website, put a list of the banks in Longmont that actually worked with

Is it?

Okay and Harold, if you want to chime in are we already doing this? Have we addressed it

here for businesses?

I don’t hear from Harold. So Harold, can you hear me?

Can you hear me now? Yeah, Joan asked if what the motion on the table to basically

staff to put the

business banks on the city website that are working with the SBA as well as other information to facilitate small business applications. If

I lost your I lost your audio.

Again, so there’s emotion on the table.

was moved by a Councilmember pack and I believe in a second, Councilmember Christiansen to direct staff to put a list of the banks on the website, or walk the city Longmont website.

Those banks were working with the SBA, that small businesses to work with to access those loans and grants as well as other information about facilitating the trillion dollar game.

So right now, let me get with that we’re building a business portal, that we’re going to add more information to look at that. I know in terms of the tutorial video on how the spdc has a tutorial video on this now, and we’re pointing folks to that location in terms of the loans that they’re doing. So and I know we had the link we’re linking into, we’re telling folks to link into the LDP, and then they can see some components we have which then links into the spdc. We’re trying to streamline that process right now.

So it’s one move. So, Harold if there are businesses that are working with their own attorneys, if they go to congress.gov cares act,

probably on their own, and the reason that I am escalating, this is that window to apply is going to be very short.

I don’t want to miss out on it because they can

where to go or the right information. So, um, would you have any problem putting that to read the entire bill.

So they can search for components and see where they where they land in.

What we’re trying to do and I was going to cover some of this in my update is that

and I can go into it later, but what they’ve done is they’ve identified the pot of money. Now the questions really coming into who’s going to minister what are the requirements going to be associated with that and that’s what they have in

Release yet. We do have several staff members watching that working on it and in trying to anticipate what’s going to happen and I can cover that a little bit more in my report. Okay, then do you I guess I will retract my motion because it sounds like you’re already on top of it.

All right. So counselor pecks you’re tracking your motion, but

a great idea, john, it’s a great idea. And Harold the job let’s get that up as quick as we can, once we have access that money on the applications. Can I can I make one more point okay. Because this act also addresses individual loans or individual dollars for individual for for people, as far as rent,

help with rent, help with unemployment insurance, etc.

I would go on

confirmation that this website will also address that for individuals.

So, we’re going to have two components to this and we’ll talk a little bit about some questions I’m going to have for you in the report. We’re going to have a business assistance section and an individual assistance section that deals with the different issues. Perfect, thank you.

All right. Um,

all right. I believe that I said that. Dr. Water she redex.

Thanks for your Begley.

I think we all received from Jeff Cahoon, Boulder area Labor Council, some correspondence regarding a coalition of organized labor groups, nonprofits,

advocate groups who are or addressing some of the consequences in the needs.

Working Families in this time

and in course,

got forwarded a resolution reflecting their

needs and in a platform policy, half a dozen areas.

And I don’t know that the given the given the the context in which we’re working. And the timeframe for this, I don’t know that the resolution

is the thing to do. I wouldn’t like haven’t seen a resolution or his correspondence to take a look at. What I wouldn’t like to do is if there’s a majority of the city council, agree with this, give staff direction to at least draft correspondence

that the mayor and city manager manager could sign to the governor into our legislative delegation from representing Longmont that addresses both the needs

The proposals in the half a dozen areas in this in the on this platform to express our support, officially express our support for working families and need for sick pay sick days of housing, affordability, economic security, housing protection, Workplace Health and Safety, etc.

Harold has a copy of the of the resolution, so the content is not a mystery. And

if we don’t worry about a resolution, at least to get on the record with the governor in our legislative delegation, our commitment to the to the platform in these areas. So I’ll be quiet and see if I’m gonna make them

and then see if anybody wants a second second. I’ll Second.

It’s been moved and seconded.

Any comments in addition or debate?

All right, let’s go ahead and take a vote. All in favor say aye. Aye. Aye. All opposed say nay.

All right, that motion passes unanimously. All right, that you want. You still want or doctor? No. All right, else member toggle fairing.

Okay, so I have a couple of things. One is a motion to direct staff and other one is requesting an update from dawn. She already knows what what this is pertaining to. And

then just another statement I’d like to say.

So the first thing is

the public save I guess I’ll start with john, can you give some highlights as to

what’s going to be happening I believe it’s a next week’s agenda item in relation to home delivery for

home cannabis delivery and permit. So in accordance with Hb 19 1234. passed last year.

Definitely Mayor Bagley councilmembers

Double fairing we plan to bring the updates that you previously directed us to bring for the publicly traded change that the green solution has asked for. So that is coming forth on April 7, for your first draft ration will also bring a citation updates because it’s changed a little bit. And it was at that time to ask you for direction if you’d like us to bring information back about providing delivery. And if you would like to direction tonight, we can certainly

take that direction, we wouldn’t have it ready for you next week by any stretch of the imagination. We could get to work on that and bring you back information and some draft legislation.

And maybe in three weeks or four weeks, something like that.

But it is on our radar. We just haven’t gotten to it yet. So whatever.

Okay, and then the

motion that I’d like to bring forward if there’s an interest in this, and I really hope there is. But to

bring forward a statement or a letter, that the council uniformly supports

the recommendations by the World Health Organization, the Center for Disease Control, the Colorado and Boulder County departments of Public Health and Environment, that we agree to the recommendations and orders of Governor polis of the state of Colorado. And additionally, a statement that any viewpoint we make, on the contrary, is solely our own opinion. And, you know, I know that you know that, but we need to make sure that the public as a whole knows that when we are making statements out there, it’s not a real reflection of what the council believes as a whole or the city of Longmont. And so, to have that

cohesive statement. Um, I would like to.

I wouldn’t Second.

Second, third, we have we have motion on the table from council members know that we

don’t have direct staff after draft resolution stating that we will follow the CDC,

Boulder County governor polis and the who,

when they are bringing advice

we have other than that was seconded by Councilmember pack. Right. Christiansen it wasn’t

my apologies. I couldn’t see you.

Councillor pack? Um, thank you. I think this is a good idea to give some confidence to the public in their leadership. The other thing that I would like in their statement is to remind people that Council voted you

animus Lee to ratify.

basically giving our city managers and staff control over and joining and accepting what all these organizations decide to do. So it is up to the city managers to run our city. And we have without unanimous ratification, given them back. Our so so I would like that also to be mentioned, whoever you can drop that

would be a letter. Is that right?

Thank you, Councilmember Christiansen?

Yes, I think this is a really important to do because

we need to speak we set the policies, and we need to be unified, you know, one voice in what that policy is.

Regardless of what our personal opinions may be, and when we speak as a council, we need to speak as one voice, because this is an emergency time, and we need to back

all of the emergency orders. Thank you.

Hold on one second guys. Yeah, I can do that. Yep. Got it. Got it. I was told that I’m getting some feedback from my mic on mute, but I go off.

That’s all right. I’ll I will I will stop. All right. Other other events. I have one more thing I wanted to regard to the

statement, though, right here. All right. So I guess I mean, it’s no secret. I think you guys are all being very, very, very, very, very polite. Appreciate that. It’s no cause it’s no secret that the motion was made. It’s amazing. The comments I made this week, my only concern. So again, right now everyone’s rolling their eyes. Oh my gosh. Please go on.

And oh my god not you guys but people watching from home Oh my gosh Bagley is not going to support. My part of my part of my question that I think people heard was that, as I’m listening to Michael Hancock, the mayor of Boulder, the metro mayor’s folks is I’m listening to the epidemiologists. Our city staff is listening to Governor.

Sometimes the who, Boulder County, the governor, and and others are in conflict. One part of my frustration is that I Nope, I see people rolling their eyes but they are. Part of my frustration last time was I got literally just before Thursday meeting, I got off a call with Michael Hancock and the mayors. And there were two conflicting orders. I was notified by the mayor staff, quote, Michael Hancock at this meeting is going to be

providing the leader

Your ship that our governor is failing to provide. Michael Hancock out with an April 17 deadline. Governor polis came out with the April 11 deadline. As part of my frustration was that Boulder County jumped on with Michael Hancock. I believe 100% you should follow the lead of our governor. That’s it. So if you actually sum up all my comments, other people are upset with me. Right? It’s we should follow our governor. It’s not New York. It’s not Italy. It’s not south.

Experts right now that are advising you know, you should be the one calling the shots. So I would like to see motion.

mer, I can’t hear you. Your audio is gone. All right.

You’re muted now. All right. Is that better

Hello, yes, we can hear you. Yes, we can hear you now. So so I don’t know where I cut off. We’re going to cut off. I don’t want to repeat myself and waste time. You had mentioned that you would like to see a motion. Yes. The motion what I would like to see is a motion saying stating unequivocally support our governor. He’s got he’s the one who is leading the state. He is the one not Mayor Hancock, not me, not even the Boulder. I don’t think Boulder County Commissioners or the health department should be leading I think we should be following governor polis if he says go to April 30. We’ll go he says go to June will go. But my cousin’s my fresh

ration is other political leaders are providing leadership with with conflicting orders. It’s frustrating. And so what you saw on Thursday was result of new meeting. So I’d like that’s what I’d like to help remember, pack so

badly I agree with you. But is that not what our unanimous vote to ratify governor Paulus’s stand? Getting that permission to our city managers correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought that that’s what that unanimous vote was for.

That we’ll know. So the unanimous vote was we were going to meet we gave Carol like Mr. Domingo has absolute power in this he’s got emergency

who call the shots during this time. So three day is working his butt off doing what’s best the key decides of Harold Besides, we need to find follow Boulder County or we need to do something we listen to her. Right. But But if the who Boulder County and the metro mayors and the CDC are all giving different directions, dates, different whatever. I think we should follow the government. If there’s a conflict, I want to follow up help polis that data

That has been my stance both on the phone with Metro mayor’s as well as you know, during my my seemingly rants so to speak. So if in conflict I want to say what’s



I’m gonna mute myself.

So I

find it

okay, I, here’s my problem. We’re all everyone in the United States and all over the world is frustrated. Everybody’s worried. Those are legitimate things.

I want people to listen to doctors and nurses and scientists, not politicians. Governor polis is listening to

World Health Organization and CDC and because this is evolving so rapidly and things are changing all over the world.

Which is always the case with a pandemic.

That’s who we need to have faith in. And the governor, the governor, you’re right, the governor is listening to these, and that’s why we should follow the governor. But the best people to follow are the scientists and doctors and nurses were on the front lines and really know what’s going on here. We’re not going to be able to accumulate

perfect data, there’s no such thing actually is perfect data. But, you know, it’s

this is not a time to be obsessed with data because it’s changing from hour to hour. So

I would although I agree with you metabolically that we need to listen to Governor polis. And the reason we need to listen to him is because he’s listening to scientists and doctors and nurses and medical people on the front lines. So

That’s all I have to say for right now.

Dr. Waters

Thanks, man. I appreciate the

the intent of Councilmember Hidalgo fairings motion. But I also recognize from the w h o CDC and and

others we could get you could get conflicting

recommendations in terms of timelines and and protocols. So assuming that the governor continues to take his his lead from, from CDC, I think the idea of, first of all, I like the idea of statement, I’m going to vote for that. But I also think we want to be clear, I it to follow three different groups that might have different recommendations is is not going to be a good idea, because we’re going to have conflicting proposals. So I appreciate Councilmember Christian to statement about today.

Science. I agree science, I believe, but somebody’s got to call the shot in the state in terms of what the regulations are. And I I and I agree, I think it ought to be the governor and I and if the motion is to support whatever the governor’s order is, I’m going to vote for

wood. You accept a cast member Donald Burton, would you accept a friendly amendment that basically says when in conflict we follow governor polis? I’ll accept that as a friendly amendment. I will

say he’s proven to get his information and follow his lead based on what the scientists and doctors have been saying. So I do I trust I can I can wholeheartedly support that motion. So yells

Alright, let’s go ahead and vote. All in favor say aye. Aye.

All opposed say nay.

All right, the motion passes unanimously. Okay. And I have one night

statement I wanted to always next. Okay, go ahead. Okay, thank you. Um, so really, it’s just, I want to put this out to everybody. Um, over the last few weeks, I assisted quite a few people,

um, including my own family members. And one thing I want to extend and one thing, you know, we are under a lot of stress, not just personally professionally, but what the work we’re doing on council as well. And this isn’t an attempt to bash anyone or demean anyone that really coming from


worried about me or badly, I’m worried about you.

And, you know, I want to find a way to support you. And if you feel the need to take a break, you know, we have provisions in our charter that would allow Mayor Pro Tem to

step up and take care of your health, you cannot be a support to anybody. If you are not taking care of yourself. I’ve learned that the hard way over the years. And sometimes you do need to take a step back. And I would wholeheartedly support you in whatever decision you make. And, and the same goes to any one of us when we start feeling like I’m doing my first week of online learning, and oh my gosh, my hair’s on fire. So I may need to take you guys up on that as well, a week or two from now. Um, so I just wanted to put that out there. Take care of yourself, all of you.


each other just Councilmember Martin

Thank you Mayor Bagley.

I know I think that that’s a hell

full statement. I


Mayor bag Lee’s angry remarks but I think our job as council members is to show solidarity is a body and the idea that a council member is going to publicly

express a lack of comp. confidence in his competence is a different thing than deploring the statement

that he made. I’ve made some

unpopular statements in in my career on this council. Um, some of them I stand by and some of them I regret. But I think that we need to recognize the difference between the function of electric an elected body and

its ability to lead

and our disagreements with one

one another. So if that’s a

if this is a resolution or something I’m not sure that it is, but but I certainly disagree with the statement. Okay. So fair enough. Um, my point in being is that we need to we are people and we need to look out for one another.

First of all, I appreciate the sentiment. I wish that sentiment would have been shared in private. Um, thank you Kelsey Martin for your statement as well. The item perfectly well.


my job as mayor,

I’ve had a lot of comments, half the people. Based on my statement, half the people have called me championing saying good job, man. The other half of calling from my heads with swear words, and I’m sure we’ll hear all the swear words tonight, probably by the year

My job as mayor is not to tell people to stay calm and to stay in their homes. My job as mayor is to look out for the long term viability and help warm in the mistake I made. I made the mistake of suggesting we need to compare the hiding at home policy to the health and death impact on the world. That’s it.

And I have yet to hear anyone asking the question in any meeting about what are the health impacts going to be of shutting down the economy? It’s a very loud time right now. All white noise or white noise. Sometimes you have to raise your voice to get above the noise. I raised my voice.

I am frustrated. I’m not angry. I’m not panic.

I am just simply stating that just like we have a virus, make sure that we follow the orders the governor and others. We need to start asking the question

How do we look forward to minimize the health impacts of shutting down our nation? That’s it. And so people online and in person are starting to ask those questions as a result of me basically losing my stuff. And I’m not going to resign. Interestingly, no one could. Anyway, I’m not going to resign. I don’t need a break. I appreciate the concern.

But I would like to see as soon as possible dentists, mental health helpers, orthodontics, chiropractors.

I would like to start seeing going again, somehow, I’m not an expert. I’m not going to advocate that that happened. But you should at least start seeing experts provide answers to those questions. Because right now we are so focused on the virus. I understand why we are so focused on it. You’re not asking any other questions about any other topic. That right there was my frustration so

If I feel Rest assured if I feel that the stress is too much, I will be the first person to turn it over to Mayor Pro Tem Rodriguez who’s perfectly capable of chairing any meeting and acting as mayor of this town. So, all right, any other questions? Dr. Waters.

Thanks very badly. It’s this is a kind of for what it’s worth.

On the on the other side of this crisis we’re in, we are going to need to be

extraordinarily thoughtful and strategic in terms of how we rebuild both our local economy and the macro economy. So for whatever it’s worth, this afternoon, I did sit in on I participated in a in a webinar offered by strong towns

in a cozy urban planner was that was the featured speaker. The topic today was kind of economic development one on one

Two weeks from today, he’s going to do a follow up webinar. And in the topic that he’s going to address is what how do you develop a sustainable development look like on the other side of this? How do you reinvest in your communities

that don’t carry with them the kind of liabilities that some of the developed, we’ve done over the last hundred years, carries with it that we’re paying the price for today. So if we’re going to have this conversation, I think let’s find a way to frame it. In a conversation we can begin together about what do we do, right? Or what are the range of options we ought to be considering? On the far side of this, right?

We keep finger pointing, we’re handling all that stuff is not going to be helpful.

The anxiety is exists for all of us. But if we could, if we could at least find a framework or some expertise that would change the narrative for not the narrative, we could create a narrative about, what are we going to commit to on the far side of this to reestablish our economy

When we’re when we’re able to do it in ways that will be different, and probably better than where we were before this, you know, we were visited by this by this crisis. But for my two cents.

When we get when we get into that conversation, and we in two weeks from today, we could be in a webinar together and spend some time talking about it on Tuesday night. What did we learn? And what other resources might we want to bring it to our attention, as we think about how do we reestablish ourselves on the far side of the crisis, so I’m going to be on that webinar. Anyway. I’m happy to sit if nobody else has seen it. I’m happy to send you the information and if others have, have you want to be on it. At the same time. It might change our conversation about what does development look like when we’re out of this?

He’s dark waters. Mayor Pro Tem Rodriguez.

Thank you very badly, just in consideration of all the commentary that’s been going on so far, in concern to the economic ramifications of the pandemic that we’re going through at the moment. I just want to also re emphasize the good work that the Longmont Economic Development Partnership is doing to be a resource for our business owners throughout town. And that too, for folks to please reach out to the LDP, if they are concerned, because they are cataloguing a large number of resources exactly for this issue, as well, as I’m sure coming up with strategies for the eventual reopening of the economy. I was just wondering if

you know, with this whole conversation that we’ve had, if we’ve maybe strain off, straight off course, a little bit from our agenda, and maybe get back on track. Thanks.

All right, great. We’re gonna move on with the agenda. Thanks, Mayor Pro Tem. All right city manager’s report Herald. You’re up.

Mayor, can you hear me going get a thumbs up if you can hear me.

So I’m going to go ahead and do another update. In some ways, it’ll sound very similar. I can’t see your faces. So I’m going to stop at points to answer some questions if you all have it because I can’t read my notes.

I need reading glasses. What I’m going to do is go with a general overview.

And then I’m going to talk about what that means from an operational impact where we are on the finance piece. And then we’re going to get into some hospital numbers Dan, Eamon is on. So I will ask Dan to jump in on that Dan, you might as well and

put your camera on so you can jump in and get ready to move in that area. That I want to focus on some business assistance and financial and individual assistance. And then I have a couple of questions for you.

What I will say right now from an EEOC complaint

ponent is, we as staff are really, we got multiple issues that we’re dealing with

are multiple opportunities and challenges that we’re dealing with. The first is we’re really working our continuity of operations plan, which you will often hear us refer to as coop. What that’s really doing is ensuring that we can get our operations in line we are we are moving through that. And we’re moving to the next level of planning. So we’re making some very strategic decisions in terms of

how we staff who we staff, where they’re located so that we can have the

enough duplication that when we have critical services, we always have someone in there to ensure that we’re moving forward and providing those services to our community.

in evaluating the public safety, staffing issues, and what they’re seeing, generally the reports that I’m getting is

we’re in a

similar position that we were last Wednesday, things are moving along.

All the items are there I am asking Public Safety Department to look at some deeper data sets so we can get a sense of what’s happening in the community. I get those on Monday. They look at it every week. My my review of the data from last week showed some consistency. We did see call volumes drop. And then in terms of more significant issues, and we’re not seeing them at the same. It seems relatively stable at this point, but we’re going to monitor that on a weekly basis. Obviously, if things change fast, Mike will be in touch with me.

The one thing that we’re really working in public safety is we’re getting new guidance from the CDC in terms of how we work with individuals in our interactions, both from a fire and police standpoint, to minimize the reduce the likelihood of exposure.

Dan and his team

is also actively working with both of our local hospitals and the county hospitals in terms of search planning, and he can go into that a little bit later. The biggest challenge that we continue to have and frankly, everywhere and across the country is really up. I know we’ve received

some additional equipment via the National Stockpile, and that’s coming in.

But again, that’s a Nash that’s a national challenge that we’re dealing with in terms of the overall operational impact and what we’re dealing with as an organization.

I think we also have to realize that there’s a lot of things that we do on a daily basis that we’re having to continue we have to continue making sure that our water is flowing and our electricity is going our next slides going we’re serving trash. Obviously we close playgrounds, but we didn’t close parks. So we have to manage that we have to manage the restrooms in the parks. A lot of people go Why did you not close those? The reality is and evaluate

What we’ve seen historically, and the impact of posing those is we could have another health issue develop. And so at this point, we’re doing that. And we’re doing it in a different way. We actually are probably at a 60 to 75% of our workforce is actually working virtually, we’re making decisions daily to increase that. But when you really look, we’re really, we’ve really narrowed it down to police officers, firefighters, public works, and a handful of us that have to come in and really work within the Office. And so a lot of it is both virtual work that we’re doing.

The big thing we’re trying to really also work on right now is positive and accurate information sharing. One thing I will tell you, I think daily, Dan and I

are challenged with information that comes in it’s not quite accurate, and we have to start chasing it now to really understand what we’re hearing and whether it’s actually

actually correct.

At the same time in our finance department,

it’s interesting, I got to be on a team meeting. They’re working through the audit that we have to do at this time at the same time. They’re working through the numbers that Jim provided to you.

And evaluating those to see, are they still correct? And how do we need to adjust those numbers? As we look to the future,

we should be able to bring more clarity to that within the next week or two with some options that we’re looking at. And some of those options are going to be career critical in terms of, of what we bring forward to you all, because the one thing that we know from a financial perspective is that when we come out of this,

there’s going to be expectations in terms of the services that we provide, and how we provide those services. So we’re trying to move through that in a really methodical way. So that we can ensure when we come out of this that we can provide

The services that we normally do and that our residents expect on a daily basis. I know there’s been a lot of questions regarding hospital numbers. Dan, do you want to jump in and talk about what you’re hearing since I think you got up to date information tonight? Sure. I’ll give it a go and give it a go here. So can you hear me Harold We good?

Okay. So these these numbers are current as of four o’clock today. Colorado has 2966 positive cases 509 hospitalizations and 69 deaths. in Boulder County we have 107 cases 32 hospitalizations, and unfortunately today we were notified of our second death.

As you guys know, we have two hospitals in town and they’re both part of large systems, you know, the UC health system and this insurance system. So we’re fortunate in that way because they have access to their broader systems and they can access from

resources in that way. And not only do they plan in inter facility they also plan with the other hospitals in the county. So there’s five hospitals that are county we’re fortunate there too. And they also have a large planning coalition with the whole seven county region, which is Adams, Arapaho, Boulder, Broomfield, Denver, Douglas and jeffco. So they all plan on this stuff together. And the good news in this scenario is this is this idea isn’t new to them. They actually have hospital licensing requirements that they plan for things like this. It didn’t sneak up on them. They are extremely prepared. So if there is some kind of surge issue, it’s not from a lack of planning. It’s not from a lack of knowing this is going to happen. We talk to them every day. They’ve been great partners to us in a number of different ways.

Generally, their census is low right now. And that’s by design. You know, they’ve canceled all things like electric procedures. They’re trying to keep their hospitals

as empty as they can, so they can start doing things like clearing out floors for increased ICU space, clearing out areas for negative pressure rooms. So they’re doing all that stuff now anticipating a surge that’s going to happen depending on what model you look at in next two weeks up to the next four weeks. But they have planned for this thing for a long time. And another little piece of this that I want to make sure you guys know about is we’re talking to our clinics in town to especially salute and hope light clinics that are going to see the the most vulnerable in our community. It’s a really important piece that we keep connected with, they’re probably going to see the impacts of this first, as people look to seek care there, that those two clinics don’t necessarily have the capacity to deal with and they’re already doing some some triage things. As far as needs go, Harold mentioned PBE is a significant issue for them as well as us. They’re already doing things

that adjusts the amount of PP that they use as are we testing capability is an issue that, that you all are aware of there, they have the same issue. And, of course, they’re really trying to keep their staff healthy. They don’t have any issues now, but that’s a priority for them also. So I’d say in general, right now things are, are good. They are in this mode of really trying to plan for the surge that we all know is coming. A big it’s going to be we don’t know, but you talk to them every day and we’re going to assist them in any way we possibly can.

I’d be happy to take any questions that anybody has on that or world can continue on with this update. Thanks, Dan. Customer Martin.

Charles, we’re back here next. Okay.

Yeah, I have I have two questions. The first one is

fine case. Is that a positive test? Is it a physician’s diagnosis without a test? What is

That’s a positive case that is a test that has come back positive.

Okay, so in other words, get some fraction of the actual number of people who are impacted the virus. Listen. That’s correct. And we’ve, you know, we’ve heard estimates on that. They’re all over the board. The last one I heard is probably about 50 times

positive in our community, but there’s really no way to do so. 55 zero. Yes. Okay. Um, the other question that I have is about pvp.

We have people with stocks of non sterile material gloves. We have people who are making masks according to the FDA specifications, making gowns. According to the FDA specifications, our hospitals who said they can’t use those things, would it be possible to on

compile a list or find out or give a general announcement of what types of users of that equipment can use the homemade stuff or the non sterile stuff so that the high tech stuff can be routed to the hospitals? Yes, actually, thank you. That’s an excellent question. That was something that we’re literally talking about today is we’re trying to get guidance from the public health entities on what what would be appropriate for exactly what you’re talking about, and what would be appropriate for lower levels of masks that we might be able to get. So we’re working on that right now. And we definitely will get that information out as soon as

specifically to that, you know, when we talk about our staff members that are out in different capacities and not necessarily dealing directly with individuals.

We’re trying to get the question answered in terms of what do they need and can they use those types of supplies as we’re moving forward?

All right, thanks, Harold. customer.

Dan just answered those questions I had. So thank you.

That’s another Christian said in the Dr. Waters.

thank you to both Harold and Dan. I think that those are the things that you’ve told us are very, very reassuring to the town. It helps people understand how many people on staff are working on this and how in touch everybody is with the hospitals with national organizations.

Is there I know that a lot of people really want to help and

sewing masks is a very easy thing, but unless they are actually useful, they

it’s kind of a waste of time. However, I think that on some level


go outside, it would be a good idea. Most other countries have had universal masking. And

this isn’t to keep you from getting it because that isn’t isn’t useful at all. It is to keep you from spreading it. But I’m in that way homemade masks might be good. You can wash them every day, things like that. But is there where would you suggest? Who what person do you suggest? People who are interested in sewing things to those

specific FDA specifications? Contact in the city? Shannon?

I think for right now we will try to put something out. Once we figure out and talking to public health what then use those kind of mass would be most appropriate for so I don’t have an answer for you on exactly what those are right now. But we are looking into that today and get that information out as soon as we can.

To make sure people that want to help have a nominee. Okay, I’m really touched by the number of people out there, sign up. and stuff. You know, it’s we I think this has brought out a lot of good community spirit. But I do thank you both for for updating the entire town on what’s going on locally.

Thanks very badly. Dan, thanks for the report. You mentioned where we are in terms of readiness and capacity in the hospitals. You also mentioned, anticipated surge, you didn’t talk about timing. Are we in a place are we we they can anticipate if there’s going to be a surge or anticipating there will be not quite knowing the dimensions of it. When will that occur? When would we anticipate knowing

our our hospitals are really potentially in it at that.

That’s it

Question. And I think what, what we’re hearing a lot of is what model Do you believe? And there’s probably six or seven models out there. But as of today, public health has kind of given us two models that they’re that they are using. And one is

kind of shows a peak around the April 17 18th timeframe. And then the other one is the one that the governor used in his last press conference that has that it has that peak significantly later, I think was more like in the May timeframe. And I know that is that’s a big range. And they’re trying to match up the actual cases on the where we are in that upslope on the curve with what the predicted numbers are based on other countries. So I think that’s why there’s such a big range. And we know it’s coming, because we know that the cases are starting to double quicker as opposed to every you know, week or 10 days now they’re starting to double in the you know,

five day rates. So we know are on the UPS upswing. It just depends on when that surge is going to hit. But we know it will. Just one one related question. And anticipating the surge, what is the I know there’s a the models also built in

a lag time between exposure

symptoms in in, in search, right or hospitalization.


assuming that we stay the course, with the kind of isolation that we’ve been practicing social distancing, when would we begin to see the better we are? How long after we get better at this? Do we see the effects of the benefits of social isolation? And I’ll mute myself?

Yeah, that’s a great question too. And the governor had some of that some of those predictions on the slides that he put out and segmented into how well social distancing would work whether it would be 40% 50% or

60% I don’t remember those off the top of my head, but we can absolutely go grab those and get them out to you guys and put them in the minutes of the meeting to think about I think it was about a week or two

is what he talked about in his presentation.

I continue.

I believe that Mayor Pro Tem had a question. Do you want to go now? Or do you want to wait?

Yeah, just a thank you. Mayor Bagley. Just a quick question for Dan. When you talked about secure and easy help sharing their resources amongst their their larger networks, does that also

include possibly the transfer of patients in and out of communities? For instance, maybe some patients from a different community with less capacity being transferred here to Loma

It absolutely does that’s that’s part of their their planning process is they’ll they’ll try to balance out within their

Their system first, before they try to work inside the county, hospital, the hospital and then outside of that they’ll start working into that broader system. So they’ll do that work first.

And I think the the other thing that we need to talk about in terms of this issue is we have plans upon plans in terms of surge capacity, and if we need it, where would that occur? And and I’ve had conversations if we needed our facilities if the surgeon was there, there are many, many iterations of this as we start moving through it depending on the situation. And that’s just part of how you build your emergency management plans.

All right. Anybody else?

Keep going? Yep, go ahead. All right. So the next thing that and so what you’re going to see from this update is we’re really working and think of this is you know,

Short term, mid term, and then long term very similar to how we approach the situation with the flood. Obviously, right now we are we are focused on the short term. But we’re already starting to think about what what is that mid term look like? And how do we prepare ourselves for the long term in these conversations? And as we’re doing that, I think the one thing I want to say and I think I said it last time, and I want to say it, again, is we really

hear a lot from folks in different sections. And we really,

we hope we understand the the anxiety and and how folks feel in terms of this issue. And to many of the points that you made earlier.

We have folks that are concerned about their own situation. Many of our staff members have that same concern. To give you an example, I do in Texas have a relative that is

in ICU right now, I have a mother who is in her 80s. And so I completely get that perspective. I also have relatives that have lost their jobs because of some of these things. And I completely get that perspective. And the one thing that I want to say is that, I would say unequivocally that the folks that work for the organization, get it. And we’re trying to do as much as we can to tackle each one of these issues, because that’s our job and we have to tackle those issues.

I said this to the group. We have an amazing group of people here with a lot of talent and expertise. And they’re skilled and they’re trained in managing many types of crisises.

They’re handling the situation very well. I’m trying to do touch points with them. See how they’re doing to make sure that we’re moving forward.

The thing that is

is at the forefront of all of our minds. Is it still today? Let’s get plans for the future. And make sure that we can position the organization in the community in the best way we possibly can. And in how do we look at where do we want to be in the future? And and what does that look like to us? And what does it look like to the community? It’s going to be different. And I think we’ve got many challenges, but out of challenges comes opportunity. And so what they’re also doing, and so we’re working on it in multiple fronts. The analogy I use is it’s like a multiple front battle that we’re engaged in trying to deal with these issues,

their immediate issues, I’ve touched on a lot of those.

I really, you know, when I talk about the business improvement aspect that many of you talked about what we’re trying to do, and I’m going to do a little bit of a deeper dive in and I’m going to

Start off with first saying, and I’ve got to reiterate this, again is we have our core services. And we have those things that our communities are relying on. And we have to ensure that we continue doing that.

Generally classify this as a community service function, because most of this work tends to be embedded within Karen’s area, but you’ll also hear us talk about it in terms of individual assistance. You know, within a week, we’ve done a lot of work with our partners. I know Hope’s been actively involved, and in the work that they’ve been doing with the homeless community. We work collectively to figure out how we can get showers going, I know we’re seeing about five individuals,

I guess a period come in and that seems to be working well. We’re partnering with, you know, City of Boulder and Boulder County in the CRC facility for homeless individuals that may be sick.

The thing that a lot of people don’t realize that we’re also working on is, we also know from our experience from the flood that a lot of these programs that Congress is passing, there is a lot of different components to these programs that we have to be very careful with, because whether it’s a duplication of benefits, whether it’s you can’t get benefits, if you’re undocumented, all of these things start coming into play. And so they’re also working with the private foundations, so that we can ensure that we were doing we did the same thing we did during the flood, and making it you know, finding a way to those that may not be able to take advantage of the federal funds, we have another outlet.

The other thing that we’ve really started to is Carmen and many of our cultural brokers, and we’re really starting to work with them to make sure that we’re getting our messages out via that network. We really learn a lot about that during the flood and there’s a lot of anxiety related to those people.

types of issues. And so we want to make sure that we’re actually accurately communicating

to the entire community. And equity is a big component of that. Today, we have programs or you know, where we can provide housing assistance. In addition to that we’re engaged in mediation with landlords and tenants are providing education to landlords and tenants about evictions. I know there’s going to be information going up tomorrow, that really talks about that. So that’s where we are on the individual assistance.

Now on their business assistance side, we have really started plugging away. There’s a group

they have this conversation, Joanie,

Joanie Marsh and Peter Gibbons are my staff, people that are involved in that they’re also working with the LDP DDA. Visit Long March.

of commerce, Latino Chamber of Commerce. And now today we had a long conversation about really, how do we expand it beyond those, that group? Because we know there are a lot of businesses that aren’t also affiliated with any of these groups. So we want to make sure that we’re communicating to them.

And so today, there’s a lot of work being done by workforce, Boulder County and the spdc.

In the SBDC world in terms of loans, and how does that stimulus funding time tie into that and so we’re pointing people into the LDP websites and they can then get into the spdc world.

We’re having Converse, what opportunity

is they have within their structure to assist businesses that are in the DDA boundaries.

I know lldp is also looking at how can we create an enterprise fund to help fund other businesses that are in the enterprise zone.

And then we’re looking at repurposing money that we have for have for one type of grant to look at it in a broader systems piece here. And the council said one of the things that council said and this is going to be one of my questions to you all, as you said, we have some council contingency funds that can we utilize for this, we know we have CDBG dollars available to handle the individual assistance. But in terms of what we have on the business assistance side there at this point,

there’s not read a lot readily available. And they said, Can city manager make a proposal on that, because of what we have on the individual assistance side would be to repurpose

that 30,000 to go into the business assistance category. So that’s my first question for counsel. Do you all agree with that proposal or disagree with

Harold you’re asking about you utilizing just contingency plans

30,000 to be put into the business assistance category. Because of the amount that we have in the individual systems. I moved we put $30,000 the contingency fund into the business. When you call your assistance program, business Assistance Program.

It’s probably gonna change names a second. All right, they move by myself seconded by Dr. Waters.

As you may remember last week, I suggested we put that into help for housing for people who are going to be foreclosed on.

We have a lot of money coming from the federal government for Business Health, and

I’m concerned that we’re we’re

going to be spending money from council continuous

Is the funds for businesses rather than individuals? I’m just wondering about the wisdom of that because individuals are the ones who make up the business. They are the ones who produce the goods and the services. And if they don’t have a roof over their heads,

the business isn’t going to get very far. But um, I did say that I would go with what you suggested Harold. So

if I can, if I can answer that question, part of why we’re saying it is because we do have funds via Health and Human Service funding CDBG funding that are allocated for that purpose. I’m going to get to a different set of questions related to additional funding opportunities that we have in terms of how we look at this in the future.

All right, there’s emotion in two seconds. Hello, Mr. Martin.


keeps coming and going.

I wanted to understand, you know, we have a number of measures in place to keep people from getting evicted, right. We’re not doing evictions now. And Baja, for example is is producing plans to work with

for landlords to use to

work out repayment plans with tenants. So are we sure that we are going to need additional eviction support? I mean, it seems like it’s too soon to tell.

Harold a question that I’d like to ask is, is that if we find if we if we allocate

to a certain fund now and then we find out that we have

anticipated incorrectly for these different emergency funds? Are we going to be able to move money from one to another? Or is it stuck there? If we guess wrong? I think if I have the ability to move it based on the need, I can we can do that based on what we’re seeing in real time. Okay, and then if that’s the case, is there a need to allocate it now? Is it a business confidence measure? Or what’s the reason for doing it now?

Because we need to have the ability to understand generally what the pool of money is that we have available. So today, we only have $60,000 available for the business grants. In terms of what we’ve already put per funded. This would actually just add $30,000 to it, which would bring that total to 90,000. And so that gives us clarity in terms of what we’re actually able to do


The other emergency funds, do you guess you said you’re gonna bring that back at a future date? Is this the lowest funds? That that’s why you want to help it first? Correct. And I think the the issue that Council has to keep in mind when we talk about the emergency funds, is when Jim talked about the budget deficit that we’re going to have, because we have to, at the same time, manage our own internal financing structures, so that we can cover the the economic impact that we’re going to have from a reduction in sales tax. And so a lot of those funds that you’re thinking about in terms of emergency funds, we’re going to need internally just to make sure that we can continue our operations on an ongoing basis.

All right, let’s go ahead and vote. We don’t see any other hands go up. All right. The motion is to

fly 30,000

dollars from council consent contingency funds to the business assistance grant. Pursuant to Harold’s recommendation All in favor say

aye. Aye. All opposed say nay. All right, motion passes unanimously.

And so the final point that I have to go over with you on this is touching on Councilmember Christian since question about what we can do in terms of the individual assistance category. We know that there’s going to be some additional CDBG funding going to entitlement communities of which we are one, and we’re still churning through this and to Councilmember pecks point we want to move through quickly.

So so we can have what we need in place. And so generally, if you if you think about the CDBG world, there’s

different components in terms of what you can and can’t do, of which everything that we’ve talked about in terms of a business systems and a

individual assistance can qualify in different ways. Obviously, based on what our experience was with traditional CDBG funds, and Dr. funds, you have low mod income requirements that you have to hit and miss. But we need to get a plan churning and out for public companies. And so as we were talking about this,

in terms of and this is not talking about how much we’re going to allocate, it’s just really what are what can we use it for.

And working that with staff, we really identify two components, business assistance and individual assistance.

On the business assistance, you know, when we say water we really try to look for one is to prevent permanent closure to reduce and eliminate layoffs. And three is position with businesses to resume full operations as soon as possible. Because as we talked about this, as we’re evaluating it

People are churning through trying to keep people employed. And you get into moment to where they need the

capital to try to do that. So on the business assistance side, that is the general parameters that we were talking about on the individual assistance side.

that’s changing a little bit in the in this one not changing. There’s other categories. But we’re also looking at how do we

how do we keep people housed the council member Christensen’s component as we need to make sure we don’t have people become unhoused in this. How do we keep individuals and families financially solvent, we don’t want people to take a lot huge leaps backwards, we want to really stabilize them during this period. And then many of the other things that you all have in your normal CDG CDBG plan in terms of

and you can see this tied into housing rental assistance, and just how we help folks generally

The other component that’s starting to come in that we’re trying to look at is really from a housing authority component in terms of, again, ties to keeping people house, but then there may be some other opportunities for funding for the housing authority that will tie to this.

And so my question to counsel on this is in order for us to get this process started, is this really seemed like how you all would want us to look at this in terms of staff in terms of the individual assistance in the business assistance, we will then have to come back to you on talking about how low back funding into the terms of percentages go into each category, but we needed to start somewhere.

I see everyone nodding their heads. Does anyone not agree? Raise your hand. Don’t agree. All right. You have council consensus unanimously held before Okay.

All right.

That’s all I have. I just want to kind of lead in with this to say, Are there any general questions or comments to me regarding the process we’re going through and how we’re operating. So I’ll start there.

Thanks. Mayor Begley, maybe just a statement and then a question here.

We get a lot. There’s a lot of incoming email, as we all know, from folks who are concerned about,

you know, what’s hap, what’s going to happen

is they see the social safety, safety and kind of eroding. I guess, just a statement is, I hope people are listening tonight. I think we’re recording this. And what you just shared, I think is a powerful testimony to what the city staff is doing, to look across the range of needs in this community, both on the business and the individual human need side

terms of housing and whatnot.

So number one, I just want to say,

heads a thumbs up kudos for work you’re all doing. I think it’s pretty extraordinary.

Number two, what do you need from us? Right? You’ve talked about you guys are it’s a full court press for you. We talked earlier tonight about making a clear statement from this council of support for what the city is doing. But our but our support of what the governor has said, and the need to stay disciplined in our, in our approach now in terms of social distancing, and, and honoring the guidance that we received from scientifical health expert, what else do you need from us? So actually, we’re gonna start hitting you all with some things. And so one is, I know that long about public media VR contract has asked for statements. I think some of you all have chose to do that others. We’re going to really want you all to do that to continue getting messages out to

community. Again, as you look at it in terms of short term, mid term, long term, short term is, I’m going to keep reiterating this. Stay home, if you don’t need to go out if you need to go out, make sure we’re supporting our local businesses.

You know, I, I say this a lot. We’re benefiting from it too, in terms of our tax revenue, and how that supports the organization. But if you don’t need to go out, stay home.

You know, we I will say that we have really good response from the community in many ways, and we were,

unfortunately closing parks and doing things but there were occasions where that wasn’t as positive. And the one thing I would say is just helped us really encourage

the community to understand that when when the individuals from the parks crews are out doing this work. I mean, they understand the inconvenience that it causes but we just want folks to

buy by the

orders that the governor has issued.

And we don’t like it doing it doing that any more than they do. But you know, we have to do it just realize that these are people to when we have those interactions, that’s a big piece.

I think when I look at any type of challenge and we move forward,

I tend to do a couple of things one I get,

I try to get focused on what do we need to do now to deal with the situation but then look into the future to go How can we position ourselves in a stronger place than we were at the beginning. And I will take you all to the flood and go, if you look at us today, and you look at us where we were, and granted, it’s not the same situation. This is a much larger impact. We’re stronger out of every challenge. There’s opportunity.

And so I try to balance a couple of things.

And you all helping with this and communicating this is

we know where we are today. And we know what the concerns are. How do we turn this into where do we want to be in the future? And how do we move through this collectively, again, it’s going to sound a lot like it did Wednesday. We can only get through this collectively. And that means every one of the members of our organization,

you all and every member of our community, and frankly, at a much larger level, every member of the, you know, every resident of the state. I mean, together as we do this, this is an unprecedented challenge.

But if we’re good at one thing, we are all really good at taking these challenges head on and doing really well and and I have complete confidence that we can do that collectively. And so I think st you know, really that kind of message

Somebody asked me they go, are you afraid? And I said I am. And I said, but my job is to understand it and understand what we’re dealing with. And then hopefully to the best of my ability be fearless as we’re doing this and, and stay calm. And so I know a lot of people go, you’re like, really calm. And I think that’s what I have to do for me.

And I just hope I’m providing what you all need in this

world. I think we speak for everybody that’s doing a great job. So so far, the resolution to have you in charge seems to be working well. So

please continue. Save us all. And a day will be well rewarded.

All right. All right. Let’s move on to the consent agenda. I’m just going to go ahead and read it down. If you don’t mind. It’s right here. I’m just gonna blaze through it.

So it

Item eight a mayor. Go ahead and problem but we need to do public invited. Oh, that’s true. Sorry. Go ahead. Go ahead. I didn’t see on here so I didn’t.

So you can do the consent agenda now that I see. Let’s Let’s read out. Again we’re gonna be doing public invited to be heard. People were asked some comments in writing. So let’s go for

me Are they going to read these?

Andy cedar assistant city manager, Joanie and I are going to take some turns because there are quite a few.

So I’m going to go ahead and read it as if the person is here. First one is from Lisa Miller from 1272 Hummingbird circle. And here’s the comment I’m strongly urging Mr. Bagley and also the administrators to take this pandemic with the utmost seriousness prioritizing health over money. We can get by without paying rent we can get by in rice and beans, but we cannot get by without

Hospitals and our community members dying in the hallway waiting for ventilators. I’m attaching linear and logarithmic graphs that depict the sternum the progress of Colorado and us. We need to stay home and we need non essential businesses to remain closed to continue this progress that requires support from city leadership. No more comments in bad taste, and we’re making staff work in the memorial building with taxpayer dollars have been paid for laptops.

Can everyone hear me okay? Okay, great. Next one comes from Steven grace. It’s 58 St. Andrews drive. It is disgusting that the mayor said such nonsense in the meeting claiming the economic hardship from the social distancing and isolation of the closing of non essential businesses temporarily My view is far worse than the pandemic. For someone who has an economic background. If that’s even true, he is woefully ignorant on it. By disregarding experts in epidemiology and medical professionals that will cause a bigger burden on the economy. If enough people get sick, they won’t work either way. And if they do work, when there’s

They can infect others and cause a way worse economic downturn. If we follow that advice. Governor Poulos has shown his in his briefings and social distancing and stay at home orders are starting to show the flattening of the curve, even in the Bay Area in California is showing that this is working to slow the spread.

Bear, heed your comments that you have made it makes my mouth look terrible. I suggest that you read some science books on epidemiology, pathogens, general medicine because you’re showing the ignorance of the scientists here and one who does not base their decisions and comments on data that how they feel in the heat of the moment. I suggest you take a 14 day self isolation vacation to disconnect yourself from Internet TV and read a science book.

The next person is Anthony Ingram.

1757 Drake Street.

We are in an existential crisis on a global scale and we need strong leadership to navigate through this others need to ensure that they take a level of an educated approach to their actions and knowledge.

Louder personal issues to father judgment. All the members of the city council should reflect on their personal boundaries. airbag. These recent outbursts was an excellent example of personal issues having a negative effect on someone’s judgment and decision making. Any members feel unable to execute their duties and a fair level headed and objective manner. Issue consider taking a leave of absence or resigning

or leadership in a time of crisis like this will result in long term damage, erosion of the institution you represent, and most importantly, lives lost needlessly. There is no easier payment solution but we should be educating ourselves as much as possible prioritizing human lives above all else. Thank you.

Next one is from Brittany escape

1522 Lincoln street in one month.

Regarding bear baggies in my mouth comment being newish to the community. My impression is that bagging was in the middle of road charismatic. There have been many city council meetings where I cringe remarked this takes the cake

And even voted for badly in the last election. We had me for not having learned about his character prior to voting,

or for him needing a pandemic to show his true colors. I’ve been here almost a year in love long month. One of my goals moving here was to strive to shop local businesses whenever possible. I love so many of the local shops, restaurants, breweries, and I want them to be around after Kirby 19 hopefully fizzles out. But my message is that I will love and support these businesses

without downplaying the severity of the situation and without being myself unnecessarily.

What a complete bummer to be served by someone who is sort of tone deaf and thinks it’s okay indefensible to speak the way that he does even in jest. I don’t want these businesses to be out of jobs. But I would also like to curb a pandemic and that’s my priority. Mayor Bagley, I ask that you be more thoughtful in your language reactions regarding over 19 we’re in a position of power and influence and jokes and sarcasm, really.

The next one is from

Chris Hickman

well 25 Ken Pratt Boulevard

Well, I understand the mayor’s frustrations, complaints and rants are meaningless unless he has a better idea that both protect residents and economy till he is willing to give us those ideas maybe stop embarrassing llama, making us look like a hillbilly Welcome to the rest of the world. If not, I know quite a few people who are willing to make his wish come true if he prefers.

Next one is from Aaron Sorenson.

2130 Spencer street, and utterly appalled that Mr. Wagner’s comments regarding our furniture experience as this disease spreads and we begin to lose friends and family members intimate comments, outmoded and

irredeemably cynical view of the world.

If humanitarianism is the marker of decency, then the mayor has failed remarkably, and only hope that we are presented better options than a libertarian dunce family.

You’re a stupid child. I can’t remember his name but you know what I’m talking about for our next election. Let’s do that one. My

next one is from Camille Ella Wilson

or 202 dementia drive, Mama.

I was disappointed to hear the attitude recently displayed by the mayor with regard to outbreak restrictions were all asked to be to all being asked to live by his obvious he did not literally mean that he wanted someone to infect him with the cavalier attitude, sarcasm and negativity towards public health officials uncalled for an emitter. Our city is better than that our citizens deserve technical, responsible leadership are all concerned and struggling with an unknown at this time. We all have been involved. I get that and I can forgive a mayor for saying something even potentially. This is the reason I became even more concerned that he defended his comments are challenged rather than humbly recognizing his attitude as being irresponsible. Definitely

On those statements is dangerous and just wrong. And I think he owes the community a public apology, an apology to all of us who are stressed, worried and concerned about these financial health or mental health.

I try every day to be respectful and humble and admit my mistakes, modeling the behavior I want for the next generation to have, I would at least expect that much from my elected officials.

Next one is from Julie Steinberg.

111 to call your street. My

comment is directed towards the mayor your cavalier attitude towards the lives of our constituents will not be forgotten. election time. Should be recalled immediately. Back that you are more worried about the bottom line than life will not be. He’ll be remembered. I for one will be screaming it from the rooftops I know that I will not be alone

will not forget

one through 10. So Johnny’s gonna take it from this point.

I’m Mary

Council, starting with the next comment from Eric Johnson at 1526 cedar wood drive. The mayor is irresponsible does not understand the current problem of Corona virus, you may well have said let them all die. My mother is in that group of highly vulnerable people. She has been courageously fighting cancer for too long years. So should we just let her die so your business can keep going without responding to a global pandemic? I certainly won’t be voting for you in the next election. Adios.

Next is Jesse Walsh at 413, Cleveland, Loveland, Colorado. You made it clear the economy is more important to you than the lives of Colorado citizens. You’re a fast talker. And you talk your way into a conundrum that people will remember these comments of yours and you will never be reelected or for the only thing for you to do is to resign immediately.

Next is Matthew Hale 1475 clover Creek drive in Longmont

in your bag, you should be ashamed of his comments. This is a man supposed to lead us to a crisis. I think you should travel to New York City, Chicago, New Orleans or Detroit. And let’s try your own a pathetic person and it says that you’re a leader in this wonderful community.

Next, Adam Isaac’s 4734 Portofino drive in Loma. The mayor’s comments were disturbing and horrifying in times such as these, you should be removed from his position for lack of ability to lead the community is not an epidemiologist is not a doctor and he does not even seem to be informed on a basic level. Point 05 percent of 1% of us will die is so far from the truth that I wonder if he’s living in the same world as us. I am expressing my true and utter distaste for his handling of the situation.

Next is Zach Turner at 316 Baker Street in Longmont. Mayor Begley his recent remarks at a city council meeting regarding his opinion that corvid 19 should not require a quarantine because it’s a disease that kills point 05 1% of us should not be put above the economy. First of all his figures are simply incorrect. The mortality rate is closer to 1% 1% mortality would mean that 1000 long monsters dead Are you prepared to tell the city that the economy is more important than 1000 residents? Secondly, his callous remark I want someone to come and spit in my mouth so I can go to the hospital now because I’m not going to die demonstrates a fundamental lack of understanding of public health and shows them their

let’s see economy above the well being of residents of a long month.

Mayor Begley you deserve to be removed from office. If you continue


with your magical thinking. You’ve shown that you refuse to uphold the Office of the mayor

for your Failure to do so.

Next is Gregory Hanson at 506 Tucson street in Aurora, Colorado. I just watched the live stream from last night’s council meeting the mayor of my mind has to be the most

literate person I’ve ever met to claim businesses greater than saving lives is incorrect and crying for the immediate removal.

Making uninformed statements like his makes our entire state look bad.

Next comment is from Brooke michelini mcclenney who is at 2450 Airport Road, apartment k 1107. Here Loma I desperately hope that our state government does not put economics above health and even life or death of its population.

Please, please continue to enforce stay at home orders for the state is encouraged people to cut down more on their trips out of the home. We understand that this is our way of fighting right now to shrink our daily lives in order to protect each other from this terrifying virus. you’re meant to lead and protect us. Please do not put the dollar ahead of life and safety.

Next comment is from Jim wise at 2195 to the Rosaleen in Longmont.

I would like Mayor Begley to answer why he believes that he is

knows more than epidemiologists around the world who are advocating for the opposite of his position. Further, I would like him to convince me that our economy is worth more than a single one of my family members. And finally, I’d like him to know I voted for him in every single election he has ran for, and I will actually encourage votes in his opposition next


What this situation demands in response is more than them.

Next comment is from Jay Perez

on Atwood Street. I in Heerlen one. I’m ashamed of our mayor and his recent behavior, I sure will not be voting for you next time. Not only were your comments unprofessional, but encouraged false information to the public and prioritize the economy over the lives of human beings. Your mask is gone, sir and you showed how little you care and how much you care for the economy. saving some 1% death rate is false even the CDC says 3% minimum.

See next up comment is from Willow McGuinty at 518 Sierra Avenue here in Longmont. I’m extremely disappointed in

Mayor Brian Begley his comments regarding the stay at home order. The stay at home order is not to protect you Mr. Mayor, this order is to protect my family, my grandfather, my father, my sisters and their children, all of whom live in your town.

Do my family a favor and stay at home.

With that, I will pass it back to Sandy for the next 10

Thanks, Johnny. So the next one is your the steamvr

Alright, are you ready? Eduardo Rodriguez.

I don’t live in Longmont. However, I do live in the great state of Colorado and have been here for most of my life. It’s extremely disturbing to see the mayor of Longmont stoop to the intellectual levels of the president and also display meager leadership especially in regards to cobit 19. The mayor’s comments know it, no one is doing

The economy will be impacted further, everyone is already hurting economically and some health wise Do you have a background in public health?

a true leader listens ask questions and takes into account all input from everybody but especially those smarter than them in their respective field.

Why is it that most people critical of the severity of the virus are heavily concerned with people’s health in the long term? It’s already here. It’s already affecting people’s health and it’s already taking a life in Colorado. How are you going to worry about your health and your freedoms tomorrow if you were dead today, this denial played out on a national level at the start of the year, I’m afraid has gotten us. We in the state of Colorado should be grateful the mayor Brian Bagley should be grateful. We hope that we do not see nor experience levels similar to other US cities such as New York City. effective leadership is one way to prevent it. Stay safe residents of Longmont

Seth Meyers to one nine press three.

I’m really disappointed by the mayor’s consideration of the lives of his constituents in the video that has now gone viral.

To his defense of his position, I realized he is probably terrified that he’s going to lose money as a result of this but I want to be, I want him to be a courageous leader who trusts science and places more value on human lives and on stock portfolio. I was at one with the last mayoral debates. I was one at the last mayoral debates and we’re back rebranded the edger personal cell phone maybe

the next one is from

Michael s.

And 45 one

embarrassing I just moved into Longmont last year, and have been loving this city so far. Video is atrocious, so many things wrong with what was said. I’m not going to argue points here. But what we said is dangerous and very immature. I would expect from a mayor more from a mayor such a great city and I’m making the city my home for a long time and another associate having someone who can have an open discussion with everyone rather than finding a soapbox and ranting on them. You want

someone to come in spit in your mouth because you are trying to die and if people are getting sick and have died big red and disrespectful some people have compromised immune systems and medical issues that they did not choose. Not a million your virus


asked you. ASCII

832 Lincoln street airbag is a disgrace to the amazing city of Longmont statements at the last city council meeting shows ineptitude, you should resign immediately and go focus on the obviously cares about the kind hard working or thinking residents of Walmart.

The next one is from best in

1803 Emory street

airbag these comments about the stay at home order are irresponsible and inexcusable. families like mine are relying on people to stay at home and flatten the curves of the high risk individuals

are helping health and our lives are not worth sacrificing for one month economy on ordinary

factories political point scoring. pharma deserves better leadership and a better example during this crisis.

Experts from Tamra Graf

629 Stone umbrage.

I was appalled to hear Mayor Brian Wagner’s disregard for the public health protections put into place by the end orders to stay at home and new to this community and so proud to be here but was not happy with his behavior. I will gladly be voting Mr. Bagley out of office system as possible. It’s clear to me the vitality of this business is a higher priority than the wellness of the entire community.

In peel

459 Westview court

there’s a huge apartment complex off record revenue that needs to cut out the buses would stop at the Walmart traffic currently has to violate the yellow line to enter oncoming traffic and get around the park buses in dangerous the driving public.

To be a valuable addition instead of spending our traffic dollars on roundabouts and dividers

Next one is from Laurie Stanley

and 15 lines becoming members of city council. Thank you for your hard work during the corona virus endemic I am writing to inquire about the status and review of your ad requirements. Specifically the setbacks as discussed in the city council meeting in fall of 2019. Please know I realized that you have a lot to discuss regarding coronavirus and I’m expecting we’re gonna need to focus on this over this topic is important in the long run and we do not want other households to be negatively impacted as and as we have due to a lack of foresight regarding five foot setbacks.

Okay, last one Stanley tall

4137 extra drive.

What is the city going to end section eight housing discrimination in Longmont right now it’s almost impossible for people with housing vouchers to obtain housing in Longmont due to landlords not accepting housing vouchers, along with Housing Authority prints a list of landlords to call but when the people find out the landlords do not accept housing vouchers.

Right now most people with a housing vouchers in Longmont are losing their vouchers because they cannot find landlords who will accept housing vouchers. A lot of these people are senior citizens or people with disabilities. This is simply disgraceful. There are people that have to remain homeless because of this discrimination, particularly now when their lives are in danger.

What’s the last one?

Ouch. Okay, thank you.

And let’s take just a five minute break. All right. That’s your legs.

Okay everybody thanks


Looks like we’re just waiting on Joan and we’ll get going.

Here I just had my video turned off. All right let’s go ahead and move to consent agenda and introduction or reading by title first reading of ordinances Don can tonic you start with a invoice, please. You bet

ordinance 20 2015 and built an ordinance approving a farmland lease agreement between the city of Longmont insight farms LLC on a double six ranch open space public hearing and second reading scheduled for April 14 2020. ordinance 20 2018 and bill for an ordinance authorizing the city of lamarque to lease the Real Property known as Vance brand, Municipal Airport hangar parcel, age 71, age 72 and age 73. To best feel LLC, public hearing and second reading scheduled for April 14 2028 C’s resolution 20 2028 a resolution of the Longmont city council approving the intergovernmental agreement between the city acting by and through its water utility enterprise, East Cherry Creek Valley Water and Sanitation district acting on its own and on behalf of its east Cherry Creek Valley Water activity integrator Inc. Arapahoe county water and wastewater authority and united water and sanitation district or short term groundwater exchange. Resolution 20 2029. Resolution Lamont city council approved

The intergovernmental agreement between the city of Loma and Boulder County for the lease of the Boulder County Fairgrounds for rhythm on the river resolution 2020 dash 30 a resolution in Longmont city council approving the amendment to the intergovernmental agreement between the city of Lone Mountain the Colorado Department of Human Services Office of Behavioral Health for contract amendment number two for a grant funding the CO responder program for law public safety and resolution 2020 dash 31 a resolution of the Lamont city council approving the intergovernmental agreement between the city and the state of Colorado. Real Estate aviation grant for utility infrastructure at the bandstand Municipal Airport.

All right, thank you. Do we have a motion to pass the consent agenda?

I move passage to the consent agenda. I’ll second. All right. That’s moved by myself and seconded by Councilmember goggle bearing. Seeing that no one thing to pull. Let’s go ahead and vote All in favor say aye.

Hi. Oh,

All right, that passes unanimously. Let’s move on to ordinances and on second reading public hearings on a matter versus 98 ordinance 24. Brian,

can’t hear you. All right.

Hold on a second.

There’s a ghost that keeps muting us

all right, I got I’m gonna try this.

You guys hear me okay now.

All right. I’m not hearing you guys though.

All right when I read I’ll just I can’t hear you guys. Can you hear? Can you hear

I can hear over here but I can’t hear over this. Hold on.

Maybe your input

you hear me now?

Can you hear this test?

Alright, so I’ll just read slow. Okay. All right. Nine a ordinance 2020 dash 12 an ordinance authorizing the issuance of the city of Longmont enterprise wastewater revenue refunding bonds series 2020 per federal requirements real time public comment will be allowed for this item only residents wishing to speak during the public hearing on ordinance 20 2012 need to go to www.youtube.com forward slash see forward slash city of Longmont forward slash live call 30365186 or seven again 36518647. So we’ll go ahead and wait about

60 seconds to see if anybody calls him.

All right, Don, we got anybody.

Mary, do you have a call just a moment?

Good. Sounds good.

Mayor. The caller is our city attorney Eugene may Eugene May, verifying that this matters.

work so I’m just going to put my phone so you can hear him. All right.

Don, can you just go ahead and translate also what he’s saying? Okay, he’s saying he just I can’t put him on speaker all of a sudden.

He’s saying he’s calling in to make sure that this method works. Alright, so seeing that it works and no one called other than our city attorney. Let’s go have any questions from council?

All right, none. We’re gonna go ahead and close the public hearing getting her one more moment I had another Miss. Can I just try this other number that

was on the line just a moment. My apologies.

May I have something for you go ahead and state your name for the record.


I just want to support their bets

because we cannot find a nuclear bomb. Thank you very much.

If that didn’t happen, I don’t know what she said. But

that’s correct. I don’t think she had anything to say about the revenue bond actual Okay. All right. We’ll move on now. Other calls and no other comments.

All right. Cool. All right. Then let’s go ahead and close the public invited be heard I’m sorry.

calls the public hearing on this matter, Councilmember Chris.

Okay, I’m looking here at the, the debt service requirements of the city. And

we have 54, pretty much 54 and a half million dollars. And

I guess I would like to hear from Jim golden that he thinks this is. I mean, I know we have to do this because we have to keep up our water system. But

I’m really worried about doing this at this point of time. However, you know, if we wait to do this till next year, it’ll just be more expensive. So

Ah, I guess I would like some comment by the city manager or by Jim Bolden.

Jamie gonna take it. Sure. Can you hear me? Yeah. Thank you. Okay, this Jim golden Chief Financial Officer.

Mayor Bagley members of council, this actually is a refinancing of an existing bond issue. This is not new money. So what we will be doing accomplishing by doing this is lowering the amount of debt service we’re paying currently.

Thank you, Jim. That’s I forgot about that. Thank you for reminding me about that. That gives me a great deal more confidence. Thanks. Okay.

All right. Let’s go ahead and vote that motion.

All right, I’ll second. We have motion on the floor to pass ordinance 2020 dash 12. an ordinance authorizing the issuance of the city enterprise refunding bonds, series 2020.

All right. The Motion passes.

unanimously. item nine B ordinance 20 2013. A bill for an ordinance authorizing the city of Longmont to lease the Real Property most advanced brand Municipal Airport hangar parcel h 18. To Richard D. Sykes, this kitana did we receive any written correspondence pertaining to the public hearing on this

Marriott? No, we did not receive any comments on this item. All right. Then we’ll go ahead and open and subsequent close the public hearing on ordinance 2020 dash 13. Any questions or comments from council?

All right. Let’s go ahead and ask for a motion and move organs. 20 2013


All right. That’s been moved by Dr. Waters. Seconded by Councilmember Christiansen All in favor say aye.

Aye. Aye. Aye. Aye. All opposed say nay.

The motion passes unanimously. ordinates 22.

29 city ordinance 20 2014 to build an ordinance authorizing the city lot to use the Real Property known as Vance brand, Municipal Airport hangar parcel H dash 18. c Zulu LLC. Are there any questions from council?

All right, donkey honesty. Any comments regarding public hearing on ordinance 20 2014? No comments on this item either mayor. All right. We’ll go ahead and open the public hearing and close the public hearing on ordinance 20 2014. Councilmember pack, I move ordinance 20 2014. Second. All right. That’s the move by Councilmember Peck seconded by Councilmember Martin. All favor say aye.


Opposed, say nay. All right. ordinance. ordinance 20 2014. passes unanimously. item nine D organs 20 2015. A bill for an ordinance authorizing the city of lamarque leases for Vance.

Municipal Airport hangar parcels as h seven h a h nine and H 10. On a


House mirror Councilmember. That does sound cool, doesn’t it? The city clerk. Did we comments regarding this matter? No comments were received on this matter, man. All right, we’ll go ahead and open and then subsequently close the public hearing in this matter then. Let’s go ahead and vote All in favor. Aye.

Aye. Aye. All opposed say nay.

All right, the motion passes unanimously. item nine, E. Orange. 20 2016. Don’t burn ordinance office, man. Yes, Wednesday remotion.

Let’s make sure it’s there motion. No.

passage. All right.

Okay, I noticed passage. All right. So but the second we move in

ordinates 2020 dash van do we should vote again? That’s what there’s emotion. Okay. Orders 2015 to bill for an ordinance authorizing Walmart’s Middle East Municipal Airport hangar parcels known as eight seven, h nine and H 10.

Second today on favor say aye. Aye. Aye. Opposed say nay.

passes unanimously. Thank you, Councilmember Martin. All right ordinance 20 2016. Bill heard an ordinance authorizing the city Longmont to lease the property known as Vance brand, Municipal Airport, hangar parcel h 68. To four dots LLC.

Any questions or comments from council?

No. I

see the public hearing comments. No mayor, no comments received on this item. All right. We’ll go ahead open and subsequently close the public hearing then we have motion.

That’s my Martin.


JOHN, you want a second app? Sure. A second. All right. moved in. Seconded. Let’s go ahead and vote. All in favor say aye.

Aye. All opposed say nay.

All right, passes unanimously. Let’s move on to item 11. We’ve already handled 11 A the coven. 19 emergency items for consideration. It’s one to 11 be the 2020 legislative bills recommended city council position, the cedar URL

I shared and Mayor Bagley so I am taking a look at these. These are the ones that should have been at your meeting on March 17. There are two of them. And essentially, we’re unclear what’s going to happen with the legislature at this point. They have temporarily adjourn until today. And then they said they were going to do essential business. We would say that essential business will likely be things like the budget and things that have to pass in order to continue state operations. Just in case they pick these last couple ones up. I just thought I’d bring them for your official


The first one is House Bill 20 1332 concerning prohibitions on discrimination and housing based on the source of income. This bill basically adds discrimination based on source of income as a type of unfair housing practice. There are lots of different pieces in the bill. And something that actually Councilmember waters pointed out a little earlier today is that there are some that will conflict with your inclusionary housing ordinance. But at the same time, we’ll actually afford these folks more protection than your ordinance does today. And so in Kathy’s opinion, it makes sense to support

this bill House Bill 20 1332.

Next one, which is Senate Bill 2189 is concerning provisions that preempt a local governments authority to regulate the use of pesticides within local government jurisdiction. The people or pollinators group in Longmont asked me to bring this bill for your consideration. It basically would give local control on the types of pesticides being used in parks and in cities essentially gives local people

So for that our parks folks are kind of mixed about this mostly because they’re unsure as to whether every municipality has a whole lot of expertise in pesticides. But the pollinators assure me that there’s lots of information out there to be able to help. So that doesn’t have a recommendation for city council but the people for pollinators are requesting the city council support and adult 2189 due to the council support for environmental sustainability.

Can’t hear you.

Let’s go with Christiansen.

Sorry, it’s getting dark and

I think that

I think that we should support Hb 20 1332. Because

it was it is exactly partly what Stanley tole was talking about in that section eight vouchers are not being accepted and there are a number of things. One, this is a good bill and I believe CML also supports it.

And I would also be in support of

Senate Bill 2189. On the pollinators, I don’t really like state clamps hands on anything I think it should be.

Because these are almost invariably set about by not mine, individuals or municipalities, but by special interest groups. Somehow I’m getting a lot of feedback. But anyway, um, so I would work for supporting that bill.

local control over pesticides, but I do see what the city

city workforces or

city parks is talking about in that.

You don’t want a patchwork of state regulations on pesticides. However, I you know, it does seem to me that it would be a better thing to have

local control over.

So Paulie, just out of curiosity, are you moving that we actually follow staff’s recommendation? Yes. Well, I’m on one concerning discrimination and housing based on source of income. And I would

have doesn’t have a recommendation on the dominators thing or the

pesticides thing. But I would recommend that we support this

one most

Yes, I would move. I think we should do them at different times to one after the other

that we support Hb 20 1332 concerning prohibitions on discrimination in housing based on source of income. We have a second.


All right, Cosmo.

Yeah. Regarding source of the source of income Belk, I would just like to say that I have been in communication

with the city attorney regarding a local ordinance and

I have had it brought to my attention that Longmont should pass that local ordinance about sources of income. So we’ll be considering it. If the state does not pass it. I think it would just be in every

But he’s best interest at the state passes it and saves us the trouble. So I will vote for it.

You’re muted, Brian.

There’s a motion on the table by Councillor Christianson, seconded by Councillor Martin to support the motion bill based on source of someone’s income source in favor say

aye. Aye. Aye. Aye. All opposed say nay.

All right, motion passes unanimously. Um, pollinator bill, I move that we support the pollinator bill.

Like waters.

Was there a second to that? Yes. Okay. Yes. Um, I just a question for Sandy or somebody who may be closer to the bill. Given going back to our discussions about human taxes.

And prairie dogs and what we could or couldn’t do because of preemption of the state. Does this list that as well? Or is this nearly just for pollinators? No.

Just remember water Cindy cedar assistant city manager? That’s a really good question. I actually don’t know that answer. It did not come up as part of the staff

taking a look at the bill either, but my guess is that it’s probably either very similar. If it does anything, it would give us more control over that. If it does, that would be a twofer. Right. We would be for pollinators and create some options for us or a whole different approach to what we could do. Use your product without having to try to create some kind of tricky disincentive or incentive to not sell over this. Yes.

All right. I’m in favor say aye. Sir cats were a Martin. I

I would just like to also say that, although I appreciate the staffs concern that there will still be state level regulations and so municipalities that do not feel they have the expertise to legislative on it could just abstain from doing so and be regulated by the state. So that’s a good redundant. I think that’s a, we should support it. There.

All right. All in favor say aye.

Aye. Aye. All opposed say nay.

All right, the motion passes unanimously. Alright, sorry. This may be my last update. We’ll see what happens with the legislature but I’ll certainly keep you informed. All right. We’ll go ahead skip final call public invited, be heard as we read them all, I believe unless you want to read them again.

We won’t do that. All right, Marin council comments. Anybody have any

Thank you for badly. We’ve been getting a couple of letters from constituents that Hobby Lobby is not closing because they are not they are not a non essential. I’m sorry, they are a non essential business. Do we have any

question for Eugene OR herring? Do we have any authority at all to

make them comply?

And so what I can tell you is that the health department’s are working on that at a statewide level, because it’s not just long line and I know that CBP Ag in the governor’s office, and I believe the Attorney General is engaged in that conversation. Thank you. I have one comment. And it has to do with our air quality. If you go on to bolder air calm and look at our air quality

Monitoring System our ao C’s are way, way, way, way out of line. And since we have been staying inside, there’s not as much traffic.

I am going to work with Dr. Detlef to find out why this air quality on the vo C’s is so high and way past the EPA standards.

And the reason I bring this up is because

we are these affected lungs. People who have asthma people have COPD, etc, etc. So I’ve had three or four phone calls from people wanting to know why they’re so high. So just for the public, I am going to be working with Dr. Les Detlef to see if he can get to some kind of resolution as to what’s causing this. So thank you. That’s it.

All right. You’re a council member Christians

Yeah somehow I you blank your voice playing sound Brian which is hard to believe but

anyway uh

so I do have a little bit of information because I wrote to cheap Butler today concerning hobby the Hobby Lobby situation because of several emails I’d gotten and because of the the article in The Times call and here’s what he said we’re aware of the circumstances involving Hobby Lobby the State’s Attorney General’s office is investigating these circumstances. In general Boulder County Public Health is the county government agency that will be ensuring compliance with the governor’s executive order enacted on March 25. If and when the Boulder County Public Health Department cannot resolve any issue they will call the local police department in the city in which there is an alleged violation at that point in time if the violation is in Longmont. Online police would be called by boulder

County Health to assist online police will respond to these cases.

Anyway, so that is that is the communication I got from chief butler. Um, and I want to thank everybody for everybody being patient with each other in these

strange circumstances of us trying to do these meetings online when our voices blank out and

you can’t tell what’s going

on anyway, I appreciate everybody’s patience with each other and

once again, we’ll get through all this and

we’ll be alright You know, there have been like 20 pandemics in the last hundred years. We got we get through them.

But we need to stay inside so that this does not keep recurring and that we

move it down.

line. Hey, everybody, stay inside, wash your hands, fill out the census. You’ve got a lot of time on your hands fill out the census. It’s how we get representation and federal money.

Everybody take care stay with

Councilman Martin.

Thank you, Mayor Begley. I just would like to say I’ve seen an awful lot of cooperation, health help and generous spirit among our people. I’ve been

trying to move information around online to help people

get what they need, or offer what they have to offer. And it’s just been a wonderful experience. And I want to thank all the people of Longmont for really pitching in and doing their part. So thank you, everybody.

Anybody else?

All right, I guess the only comment I have is I heard the public comments.

Just make no mistake, I love this town in the best I can

and want to make sure that we’ll get out of this in the back end. So that’s all I’m trying to do. So all right with that, Harold anything?

No Go. That’s Mayor Council.

Eugene is not on the line. Correct.

Eugene is on the line. All right. Does he have any comments? Okay.

All right. Great. With that, We’re adjourned.