Boards & Commissions: Parks & Recreation – March 9, 2020

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This meeting of the parks and recreation advisory board, please come to order.

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Please call the roll. Mr. Walberg.

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his absence? Mr. Jeff Ellen Bogan. is absent. Mr. Mr.

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Lewis, here. Mr. Gan also his absence. Mr. Rob put him

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here. This conscious totally here

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in Council liaison, Mr. Aaron Rodriguez, his assets.

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Thank you.

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Any changes to the agenda?

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Okay, can I hear a motion to approve the agenda as it stands unless anyone else has any. Second,

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second, all in favor. Thank you. Motion passes. Approval of the previous month’s minutes

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Comments or corrections?

Unknown Speaker 1:10
I did not see any need to be corrected.

Unknown Speaker 1:23
All in favor of approving the minutes please signify by saying aye.

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Public invited to be heard.

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Please state your name and address and

Unknown Speaker 1:48
observed myself.

Unknown Speaker 1:49
Great. Well, welcome.

Unknown Speaker 1:52
My name is Dan Jones. I live at eight to five hillside court all month per

Unknown Speaker 1:59
se right. See here a handful means we just we just had a tournament this past weekend with 170 teams that was spread out amongst a handful facilities sandstone being one Pleasant View and boulder being one nice little rec center being another Twin Peaks charter Academy being another and a late addition because a big chunk of sandstone was not playable, which

Unknown Speaker 2:27

Unknown Speaker 2:28
obviously there’s a lot of snow which came to us on a Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday timeframe, we were kind of up in the air. So we had to move

Unknown Speaker 2:37
worked out to be like

Unknown Speaker 2:39
50 or 60 games to Tom Watson Park which your local business that takes away a lot of people traveling through Longmont now they’re just traveling through Boulder, Iowa gun barrel, so

Unknown Speaker 2:52
just it’s a

Unknown Speaker 2:53
great event though. beautiful weather. Thank you

Unknown Speaker 3:00
This really old business,

Unknown Speaker 3:04
new business use of public places process. Hi,

Unknown Speaker 3:11
my name is Ben Wagner, with recreation and I also act as Ombudsman for the city and the Euro PP process

Unknown Speaker 3:19
and I’m going to

Unknown Speaker 3:21
go over what this is about. So you guys know kind of what we do recreations role within that system, a little bit about my role within that system. So

Unknown Speaker 3:36
we’ll get started.

Unknown Speaker 3:45
If I screw up, give me a break because I

Unknown Speaker 3:48
get super nervous in new books for me. I’ve been around a while I’m really comfortable. So what is use of public places permit you rpp trying to use a public place for purpose of conducting a special event. Organizing block party seller serve alcohol you must contain the use of public places special event permit from the City Clerk’s office. Many

Unknown Speaker 4:16
use the parks for weddings,

Unknown Speaker 4:18
which part which is

Unknown Speaker 4:20
the most popular part for weddings is Roosevelt and Dawson, our two most used mansion This one is about use of public places as always, specifically about outdoor Oh areas. So that’s a great question because there that is specific to outdoor this whole thing. So some examples of what we have rhythm on the river. That’s city event, left hand run my left hand. llama Symphony is kind of a group effort between the city and the symphony. Downtown concerts of LD VA are parades and races. That’s a lot In recreation center my own private events, weddings, Roosevelt, sandstone has become a more popular spot for weddings. We’ve been getting more out over the last couple years. It’s pretty small, but it’s really the location a lot of family and company picnics, a lot of that will come into this. It will be graduation parties, for example, when they do alcohol. So alcohol is the is the determining that’s kind of the determiner of those private events and class or family reunion. And so these are the things that kind of is it required? And this there are some gray areas and that’s that’s some kind of sometimes where I come in is to try to help private citizens to or organizations to understand how to maneuver Do they really need one Rochelle hidden but also with recreation? Really, this is this is really what she does, and then I’ll jump in and help her The words needed. We have road closures selling something serving or selling alcohol charging, amplified sound, there’s a good, good one. So, for example, a radio set on a table, it’s technically amplified sound, but we kind of look at it as something that is put forth to an area, not not ambient music, not background music, but something that is specifically amplified for the event. Just try to use common sense. For example,

Unknown Speaker 6:37
is there a click sales tax admissions or anything like that? I mean, is it it

Unknown Speaker 6:45
is having these events

Unknown Speaker 6:47
is unable to raise money for

Unknown Speaker 6:49
while there there are fees involved? So there are city fees involved, but sales tax? No. So

Unknown Speaker 6:56
yeah, if they land things that are sold, yeah. Oh, not efficient. No.

Unknown Speaker 7:02

Unknown Speaker 7:03

Unknown Speaker 7:04
Admission is pretty, pretty rare for an admission charge or you know, they don’t see that very often.

Unknown Speaker 7:12
Okay, if he doesn’t care, the

Unknown Speaker 7:15
private party they’re charging or not. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 7:20
Piccolo Locanda members.

Unknown Speaker 7:22
Yeah, left hand left hand. That’s Yeah. So yeah,

Unknown Speaker 7:24
that would we get a cut of that or no, no,

Unknown Speaker 7:27
that’s they go through the feet. Yeah, that’s, that’s good point. So that would be one a left hand and then it would be an example, for feet. And then we don’t have anything to do with that they pay for use about places and the use of the park itself,

Unknown Speaker 7:41
which we’ll get into a little bit.

Unknown Speaker 7:43
So how do you get started? Oh, here you go. You’re talking about the number lock parties 29th last year. Use of public places with alcohol

Unknown Speaker 7:53
40 of those out just alcohol in public places,

Unknown Speaker 7:56
just a few of those. And then at sub combined. Combined but

Unknown Speaker 8:02
right about

Unknown Speaker 8:03
160 events. They’re there like this. So

Unknown Speaker 8:06
there’s a lot of them.

Unknown Speaker 8:09
A ton of them. We don’t, they just kind of go through the process. We don’t seek family parties. I don’t see that.

Unknown Speaker 8:18
They get started, they call recreation, or they can call the City Clerk’s office,

Unknown Speaker 8:22
and we will give them to the right person.

Unknown Speaker 8:24
I think one of the things to point out too is defenses, Park shelter, with no alcohol, recreation schedules, all of those. And there’s about 1500 of those every year that don’t go through this process, unless they want to have alcohol or they have a fight.

Unknown Speaker 8:44
So every weekend 50

Unknown Speaker 8:48
Yeah, every weekend from you know, the middle of April when the bathrooms open until they close in November, particular alysus on the summer weeks, it’s dozens of shelters rented Every single weekend and that’s a process that we take care of again outside of this process. Okay, where can we where can I have my event, this is where we try to help get you know, we’ve got lots got great facilities, lots of nature areas 45 parks, we try to figure out there are parks that are appropriate for some things, some parks are not as appropriate trying to fit the square peg into a

Unknown Speaker 9:28

Unknown Speaker 9:31
road closure, obviously a huge deal with where your event is. We help determine they usually will start with Rochelle in our office and she she knows she’s been doing this for a while so she knows what type of event will fit in particular venues and then you try to help them pick one that’s going to be most successful for them. And that’s sometimes we’re all getting along with them as far as trying some additional help from from the

Unknown Speaker 9:58
one of the one of the things that we’ve done in Roosevelt Park, is we have implemented quiet weekends. There were so many things happening in the park that the neighbors were being impacted every single weekend. So if we have two events back to back two weekends, the third weekend is what we call a quiet weekend and we don’t schedule anything in the park that we can

Unknown Speaker 10:26
all read versus Caitlin quiet thing. Nothing at all.

Unknown Speaker 10:30
Yeah, it’s, you know, be like shelter might be

Unknown Speaker 10:34
read as in a certain way things easily become loud things. Yeah. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 10:38
The shelter rental Roseville like the stone shelter, which we’ve been working on and that would be something we could rent but, you know, that’s usually a kid’s party. Okay, the process with recreation services, when they call us what type of designers

Unknown Speaker 10:57
what type of

Unknown Speaker 10:58
what type of thing are they doing? Are they selling things are they doing alcohol? What are the numbers involved? work on the location kind of went through that a little bit. parking spaces a huge issues and a race is a concert, you got to have enough parking

Unknown Speaker 11:12
neighborhood Jeff hit on that a

Unknown Speaker 11:13
little bit. We try to think about that with every event, even some weddings that we’ve had at Dawson for sure some big ones out there that the neighbors or clubs or even close that back can be a big deal. And are the amenities appropriate there? Do they have the shelters that they need and they have playground open space and then we go through we’ll collect the fee for an issue the facility permit which goes into the process as recreations part of here so here’s I say yes to this event,

Unknown Speaker 11:48
and it’s gonna be a fixed amount or is it prorated depending on the size of the event,

Unknown Speaker 11:52
it depends on the size of the event. So So I think it’s 100 and over. I don’t have the money. Yes, yes. And then when the customer goes through and does uvp, that’s what they want to have is that facility permit, they put that in their Ubp application, and that shows that they’ve got the location, right. Okay, so some other factors that go in once we get into the LPP process, which is in the clerk’s office. They, it’s a pretty extensive forum, we’re working on trying to get it so it can be online eventually, or they can just imagine TurboTax myself where you can click something, you skip the next thing. We’re not there yet, and so it tends to be a little bit of a long process, but

Unknown Speaker 12:41
we’re working on it.

Unknown Speaker 12:42
So you have need insurance, sanitation, both bathrooms and garbage has to have a plan. We do have guidelines for the amount of porta potties included, in addition to the amount of toilets that might be within the park.

Unknown Speaker 13:00
The environmental impact

Unknown Speaker 13:03
statements about that

Unknown Speaker 13:05
park impact high risk activities so are they doing a climbing wall or you know any

Unknown Speaker 13:16
terrorist activity again the neighborhood impact and back parking is always a huge factor.

Unknown Speaker 13:25
So we’ve got to have good returns with city Longmont

Unknown Speaker 13:33

Unknown Speaker 13:35
sanitation plan.

Unknown Speaker 13:38
The impact

Unknown Speaker 13:39

Unknown Speaker 13:41
that’s parks parks kind of works on that they they will take that piece and determine you know, what’s going on in the park to emissions in it and we we have a flooded Park previously we’d stay off and area for example.

Unknown Speaker 13:56
There you go, bounce houses, kayak pools. fireworks. jousting. Yeah, it happens. The traditional horse

Unknown Speaker 14:08
in a communistic society.

Unknown Speaker 14:11
There. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 14:22
So again, can you ever get back to jacket on that number of events? Roseville, sir?

Unknown Speaker 14:28
It could be every weekend

Unknown Speaker 14:31
and the back of our feet

Unknown Speaker 14:35
and then we’ll offer

Unknown Speaker 14:39
it’s just represent every show

Unknown Speaker 14:41
that everybody has to do. We probably

Unknown Speaker 14:47
notice that. No, they’re not.

Unknown Speaker 14:51
Anyway. But like, door hangers are something that we do around them that we do and events that happen that the areas around So they have to have a plan to notify the neighbors and we require them to go through and put door hangers on we give them a template for it will really help people to try and do that to make sure that’s one of the biggest things always is to make sure the neighborhood knows what’s going on. They know your problems go down

Unknown Speaker 15:18
the door hanger include contact information.

Unknown Speaker 15:24
Great. I’ve lived a couple of hours away from Roosevelt for Well, on and off since 2003. And they do a great job. It used to be you just you would know about these guys and under great job you get flyers three or four days beforehand. And

Unknown Speaker 15:41
so it’s working well at Roosevelt.

Unknown Speaker 15:44
One of the one of the questions I was going to ask at some point but I’ll ask it here is if you have an issue with something that’s going on, in a park or whatever, but you’re not a neighbor and you don’t have a door

Unknown Speaker 15:56
hanger or flyer How would you know who to contact well

Unknown Speaker 16:00
That would be, you can always call the police. So non Emergency dispatch. And that’s, that’s, they’re the right people if you’re going to tell them what’s going on or what your concern is, and if and when the police that the police can often contact recreation, if somebody is around, I mean, they they have, they have options to, they have their own call list for us. So if it’s something that really needs to happen, I’m on that call list Jeff’s on that call list where they can get they can always get a hold of one of us, please Can and we can maybe help with that. Or maybe if we need to on our emergency basis.

Unknown Speaker 16:35
You know, something, you know that like, I’ve been the defensive prospect or whatever, and I found all the

Unknown Speaker 16:41
curb cuts blocked and the hand kept barking and stuff and

Unknown Speaker 16:46
I would call the clerk’s office in that sense.

Unknown Speaker 16:49
And since then, in prospecting, don’t do those large events anymore. Based on just the amount of people they ended up getting. It was overwhelming. Who’s in charge of monitoring

Unknown Speaker 17:04
programs and

Unknown Speaker 17:05
stuff? Who’s in charge of like, Is there a park police that we say or

Unknown Speaker 17:11
environment who kind of

Unknown Speaker 17:14
has some control to have some control over?

Unknown Speaker 17:18
Well, the reason that we do this process is so that when they do the event, they have the event organizer and that person is responsible on site for the event that day. We have their contact information we can contact them, that is the responsible person or process with a problem is emerged through emergency services or certainly recreation around where we can be gotten hold of at any time. So we don’t put a private event like like a left hand event. Other than Jeff may go out to listen to music or in some of our summer people always do We don’t staff that they don’t have a staff person on it. Obviously, our bins, it’s full of our staff. So we’re doing this work, it’s necessary

Unknown Speaker 18:07
and separate if we’re looking at okay.

Unknown Speaker 18:10
It’s my belief that the system has been working pretty darn well. Usually these bigger events or people that have been with us for a while they know what they’re doing. left hands. Great example. They, they’ve got it pretty dialed down.

Unknown Speaker 18:22
And they and they have to have so many police officers. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 18:26
For hundreds of thousands of

Unknown Speaker 18:28
people are there. So you have to have alcohol. Yeah, anytime there’s alcohol there. There has to be police. And the police department has started also requiring security officers in the sense that they’re not there about alcohol. They’re there if something bad goes on in the event and they found that being present in the situation much quicker than if they have to be called in to the site.

Unknown Speaker 18:58
Yeah, the this just done a good job last two years of kind of refining that to make sure that there’s enough security in any sort of event that might have a risk like that so so that would be that level

Unknown Speaker 19:13
notice is only needed when the part is close we’ll never forget.

Unknown Speaker 19:17
Yeah, same stone. Yeah. We wouldn’t we don’t think there’s two neighbors there.

Unknown Speaker 19:24
Oh and require dinner. But I will farm we wouldn’t require we love by Thompson you know any any early.

Unknown Speaker 19:38
Okay, so traffic control this. This is a really big part of a lot of events because it’s a it’s an triathlon, it’s a bike race. It’s a bike a lots of those that happen both with us and with the public. That’s where we come together. We have a traffic control meeting and meet with with that group about what They’re planets. So at their own expense, they have to go to professional company. A lot of times around here it’s leveling barricades that we use to put out traffic control devices, and have planned to have event personnel and volunteers, please when traffic control is needed as particular intersection. So before a permit is approved, we have a meeting and I’m in that meeting

Unknown Speaker 20:32
which we’ll talk about my role a little bit with that coming up.

Unknown Speaker 20:37
So the alcohol LPP you put in a little bit about this.

Unknown Speaker 20:42
So just this is kind of specific, specific needs for just the Alp is a little bit different. We tried it. So you don’t have to go through the whole process just to have alcohol

Unknown Speaker 20:56
and these are the

Unknown Speaker 20:58
the guidelines

Unknown Speaker 21:01
It’s it doesn’t actually come up a whole lot, just that.

Unknown Speaker 21:06
But the rule is if you’re, if you’re privately giving, so it’s, it’s a nonprofit or something you’re you’re giving alcohol to your group. Yes, keep it within 50 feet from the reserve portion, the shelter reserve portion. And we need that outline of what that looks like. If you’re selling alcohol that goes into you have to have a license for that day. You have to have a plan with a map. It has to be fenced, you have to have security so people cannot go without God in that area. Rhythm on the river. That’s what we do. We go through that process. We don’t have to go to court if we’ve done it the year before. But we do give it to the court they make it available for public comment during a period of time before the event. If you went out to run a strobe in June, you’ll see our posts are out there. It says one or probably made, actually, you see our poster out there when our hearing is if you would like to comment, that sort of thing.

Unknown Speaker 22:09
So that’s, that’s that part. No glass bottle kegs in city park.

Unknown Speaker 22:19
So will the request be approved?

Unknown Speaker 22:24
Several factors involved the staffing needs impact neighborhood or the annual events. You have to have completed permit insurance. Once they’ve done the UPnP process, it’s rare. I can’t guess how many times do you think I’ve had I can’t remember that. I don’t think we’ve we’ve ever denied event, an event. So we try to give them enough information so that when they go through this process and they come out the other end, they’re going to be successful. Often we’ll have some tweaks at a traffic meeting. something pops up, we need to make them have to make adjustments but we want them to be successful. That’s that’s my main role is to try to help groups be successful when they run into some roadblocks.

Unknown Speaker 23:08
This is everybody that can be involved

Unknown Speaker 23:14
it’s everybody

Unknown Speaker 23:14
can be a moment so got everybody all the way up to counsel if we had a particularly something that was real big, I think like the concert we had out union, heaven fast, heaven fast.

Unknown Speaker 23:29
Anybody any

Unknown Speaker 23:30
group in the city just about can be involved in the federal come in. Now it’s been like 2000

Unknown Speaker 23:40
hours here. I know. I’m sorry. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 23:44
I was here. No, no. That’s what we’re still here. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 23:47
I was

Unknown Speaker 23:53
30,000 people out there by ear.

Unknown Speaker 23:56
So all of these groups can be this is just to show that If we have a system within the computer and everybody gets to take a look, people that are responsible for dictionaries are supposed to sign off.

Unknown Speaker 24:12
There’s a lot more permits we give it to them. This actually is a volleyball permit.

Unknown Speaker 24:19
We that’s it. That’s the process we give that out to them to get that done.

Unknown Speaker 24:25
So near the end here,

Unknown Speaker 24:27
my role

Unknown Speaker 24:28
I official position

Unknown Speaker 24:35
for that to the Obama your country,

Unknown Speaker 24:37
this has evolved the idea of helping applicants

Unknown Speaker 24:39
find ways be successful with their events with city departments that they might need permission interaction assistance from. So I think the way this my position, current position doing this evolved was sometimes I’m on TV, I try to put it delicately sometimes Joel’s in the public can have difficulty with parts of the city at times dealing with them and dealing with some regulations and getting some things done. So my role is to go in there and try to help to help them to get together, bring them from here to here. Just started doing that, five years ago or so, because we had some difficulties at some traffic meetings, and it turned out to be a really good thing, and I really enjoyed it myself. So that kinda is what my role is. It doesn’t come up a whole lot. Usually things really go smoothly, but once in a while, I think I said recreation. We’re used to dealing with the public a lot. So that kind of was a natural fit for us.

Unknown Speaker 25:45
Okay, maybe have any more questions?

Unknown Speaker 25:48
There are a guy in the orange shirt, right? Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 25:53
The orange shirt, by the way, who’s the guy with? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 25:58
Gotcha. Gotcha. That was it. As the race when I was near Jeff, because I’ve smoked him.

Unknown Speaker 26:02

Unknown Speaker 26:05
It can keep

Unknown Speaker 26:12
rocking that question. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 26:13
I would assume they’re about 50 or 60 homeless people in town, or is it more than

Unknown Speaker 26:20
more than that? I guess you’re tired. Hmm. I would guess it’s higher than that. It’s, I believe, higher than that. In any case. Are they a problem with these for these events? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 26:34
Not generally.

Unknown Speaker 26:36
I predict they’re always they’re always specific things that can come up at an event.

Unknown Speaker 26:39

Unknown Speaker 26:41
in general, when you have large events,

Unknown Speaker 26:46
that people experiencing homeless that are chronic that we that we know, for example, at the memorial building quite a bit. They don’t want to be around large crowds. So when a large crowd like that happens, they tend To go elsewhere is that things can come up from time to time. But no, it’s not a problem on any ongoing basis.

Unknown Speaker 27:11
Thank you, Ben. Thank you, everybody. Appreciate your time.

Unknown Speaker 27:15
Anything else we do?

Unknown Speaker 27:23
I’ll take this

Unknown Speaker 27:25
and review the recreation cost recovery policy.

Unknown Speaker 27:32
every couple of years on a cover cost recovery, for recreation based on the city council’s policy that we are required to recover 80% of every dollar that we spend excluding capital over $5,000. So as an example of that, if we buy a treadmill like that, rec center, it costs $4,900 we have to cost recover that one. If it costs $5,001 we don’t have to cost recover. That’s just a simple way to to explain that difference. community events that are free are also excluded. soar events like rhythm on the river. And mom hot lights are not included into the cost recovery because they are generally genuinely free to the public sports field maintenance several years ago, recreation, started marketing fields and and there’s really no way to directly recover all of that money. So that’s not included in cost recovery. Youth enrichment programs that are offered specifically for at risk kids. The one program that we do now is our teen soccer program that is run through Along with the middle schools, we have about 10 teams that participate in that. All other items are required to be recovered. All salaries, all costs of doing business, utilities, gas, that sort of thing are all included in the divisions cost recovery.

Unknown Speaker 29:24
are the items that are excluded? Is this a list that has

Unknown Speaker 29:29
developed organically and unless you make you’re making your own guidelines, or is this No, it’s pretty, pretty require a pretty set by this policy that was included in the packet counselors, the only ones that can do any type of exclusions or, or changes to that policy,

Unknown Speaker 29:49
adaptive events.

Unknown Speaker 29:50
Adaptive events are generally included in the cost recovery, but we internally within recreation has made a decision that will cover recover about 50% and then cover your cover. Yeah. And that that seems to work out really well.

Unknown Speaker 30:14
Again, those are the exclusions.

Unknown Speaker 30:19
Again, community events,

Unknown Speaker 30:22
these programs, any specific questions you have so far? I was just wondering, can you pay grants different people to account for that? 80% I guess my main question is How hard is it to get the since we opened the Rec Center hasn’t been very difficult at all. We have averaged around 90 to 95% each year. I will put a caveat on behalf of Baba. That is only included Those things are that are in the recreation budget. So one of the things that that a lot of other places may not be able to do. But facility maintenance and facility operations, for example, they do a lot of the maintenance at at our facilities. We don’t have to cost recover that because it’s not in our budget. At some point in time, the city manager is going to move all those costs into recreation, not necessarily keep the cost recovery at 80%. But he really believes it’s important to be able to demonstrate to the community what it really costs to run the rec center or most of all activity portals, those sorts of things. So we have a budget this year of just over $5.8 million are cost recovery revenue. amount is just a little over $4.5 million. And if you exclude those items that I talked about fuel maintenance and, and so on, it brings our cost recovery budget this year to about 84.2%. We can calculate it that way, but it’s the bottom dollar that ultimately that comes on board. And then we also do a scholarship program that really is not included good or bad in cost recovery. And I say that that way because there’s really no dollars that cover the nearly $90,000 that are given away in scholarships each year. We just absorbed that in our operation of the 90,000 That is given away, on average, about 68,000 of that is actually used by those that get the scholarships. And scholarships are

Unknown Speaker 33:13
the important stuff they

Unknown Speaker 33:14
so they can be there $100 up to $100 anybody 18 under the age of 18. And they can be used for any program within recreation, except contracted programs. So if we contract a karate class, it wouldn’t be used because it would actually cause recreation you have to write a check to that contractor. But a lot of the of the scholarships are used for summer passes to

Unknown Speaker 33:45
be able to use the different facilities. So when kids are out of school, I need the individual scholarships to individuals as opposed to programs correct and energy this can be

Unknown Speaker 33:55
subscribed to at no cost. Correct. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 33:59
Any questions?

Unknown Speaker 34:01
That 84% is what is the target was?

Unknown Speaker 34:07
A is the company that Yeah. The

Unknown Speaker 34:11
service Yeah. How about that? Yeah. And in general will will probably come in, you know, depending on what happens in our world and the impact that might have on on our facilities. But I would guess that so far january, february are or have been pretty good months where

Unknown Speaker 34:30
75,000 plus

Unknown Speaker 34:32
ahead of last year, so I anticipate that we would be up closer to 88 buy yours And again, that’s

Unknown Speaker 34:40
projected not not knowing what’s gonna happen.

Unknown Speaker 34:50
Open Space acquisition.

Unknown Speaker 34:53
So this is a property that we have talked about the past dancehall CDs on Friday in the past but

Unknown Speaker 35:00
This is what I like in all his clover bases. And so

Unknown Speaker 35:04

Unknown Speaker 35:04
Nelson road, right here, this is what’s great about right

Unknown Speaker 35:09
yes development

Unknown Speaker 35:11
quizzes folder Tommy’s logged in the reservoir, and they have a whole section right here.

Unknown Speaker 35:17
And then this is called the basic.

Unknown Speaker 35:19
And since 2014 practice taking this over time, so what are your priorities for property acquisition? This has been on that list since 2014. And then Dan bought it back 2019. And we give a little bit background here because the county came to the city and said, Hey, this property, which was known as the Johnson Land Trust, was sold. And now it’s back on the market to carve off some acres around the reservoir. And the project is to proceed with this. And we said that the grade the county was willing to take on the upfront cost of doing this little infill acquisition that goes to Boulder County Commissioners tomorrow for them to approve this, with the understanding the city’s goal would be to try to Come to an IGA agreement with them that will participate in half an acquisition cost sequence, because the county had a willing seller and something they knew we wanted to do. So they’re taking that risk. But because counsel and Harold really wanted like a 90 day lead time and getting new items in front of council, we will be taking this to City Council on May 19. So just for this board to hear about your seen the paper, it’s a property that has been out there from this body and from the upstairs program since 14. But again, the county has really taken the lead on this in the negotiations, they’re coming for money up front, and then the city will have some time to pay that back actually over time as

Unknown Speaker 36:40
well. So we do or do not have a legal obligation to pay it back.

Unknown Speaker 36:44
At this point we do not have any thing written is the intent of the parties in good faith. This has been on our list as you like to participate in this but until council approves that, you do not have any sort of formal obligation to do that.

Unknown Speaker 36:57
And what what forms You see that taking

Unknown Speaker 37:01
a baby an IGA interview happens is

Unknown Speaker 37:04
the county would do the acquisitions. They would then sell the back to the city and they hold conservation easement to make sure we maintain those open space values. That’s also something that the city council’s require that the city does anyway. So when we purchased an open space property, we had to go to another party and ask them to hold a conservation easement. So it’d be the same sort of situation. But instead of the city as a seller wanting some to hold a conservation easement, it’d be the county selling it to us and they would maintain and hold that conservation easement to make sure that those open safe values it I think Union City County that pretty much no alignment is start looking at offices, values, viewsheds wildlife habitat, non passive recreation, those things that we typically see, county open space and again, I think, oh, here we be looking at things if you think about logging and reservoir, the pressure on trail around it, we’d be probably looking same things up here. So that’d be one things that we definitely have had to talk to the county and to the county’s constituents that, you know, what would this look like. And if the city goes through and council directs us to continue with this negotiation with the county in the IGA, we’ll do public process. And that would be how we determine what’s appropriate use out there. Also Natural Resources staff will be involved in and it may turn out just like logging in, as these enclosures on this end because of our spray, there may be significant wildlife habitat around here that we may not be able to open the whole property up. So those are things that hard for us is to come out and tell neighbors and stuff what to look like because one we haven’t done that natural resource inventory. And two, we haven’t done a public process and that’s the wrong model. It comes to us confused on what it would look like is, is through the public process with natural resources staff weighing in and what that might look like. And you

Unknown Speaker 38:54
know where you’re at. So there are these. Sorry, you know, is it the

Unknown Speaker 38:59
the city has But 95 99% of the water in this so we really do manage a lot of this.

Unknown Speaker 39:05

Unknown Speaker 39:06
50 in that company that I’m over based and respire company releases out the surface use at this point, those are things that could change it. This used to have ownership, discipline and profit. So

Unknown Speaker 39:18
basically, the reservoir company

Unknown Speaker 39:20
owns this little roller around it. And then this portion up here

Unknown Speaker 39:25
with the City County purchasing is basically

Unknown Speaker 39:30
this area around

Unknown Speaker 39:35
here to give us all zeros, so there could be something as parking and stuff in here, but again, it’s not a big parking lot. I think some of the neighbors are concerned that when I started thinking about other city facilities that look like Macintosh like would it would their backyard look like that? And, you know, it’s hard to say what things look like in 2030 years. But if you think about kind of porosity of a Macintosh lake and people could come into the backyards and side streets and neighbors writes, this does not have that same sort of environment around it when you get out there, you have to work a bit more for it, you have to be able to go into hiking, jogging, or probably deal with some limited parking at a spot that is pretty much constrained by adjacent landowners. And I think, you know, see what’s the process, we’re always looking to get input from surrounding areas to make sure we’re fitting with surrounding areas as well. And I think that more rural areas would be somebody would try to keep that feeling rather than a more urban parks. What they wanted

Unknown Speaker 40:32
to add is that we also been petitioning Polk County to have access to the H i.

Unknown Speaker 40:44
Sorry, comes down here. Open Spaces they bought. We think there’s a good potential This is a 10 acre future neighborhood park site right here. Here’s Dry Creek community park right here. The dry creek Greenway trail essentially goes from The mall built to the peaks to 75th. On an uninterrupted at this point in time, we would like to make an underpass on a North 75th Street to connect into a giant which is a five mile loop there. And then we talked about well gee, if we could come up here to do another box underneath Nelson road to connect that as well, some really great separate across it. So those are the things that we’re thinking about as we’re making, purchasing this land and trying to make longer pedestrian connections for people to use for recreation. Urban

Unknown Speaker 41:46
road is one of my shortcuts to Boulder traffic, relatively fast free folder and I drive that often. Sometimes you see motorboat

Unknown Speaker 41:57
scares. What said this

Unknown Speaker 42:00
So the year this flowchart is

Unknown Speaker 42:04
first and then we’ll get to Rob’s question. Oh, thank you. So I don’t have the time to describe better, better planned urban development something used to be seen in more urban environments where you have you know, accessible shopping those are things that come with more that urban doing so people have access to that in a non urban environment that typically is trying to keep keep that urban feeling to allow for a lot development and stuff in every scene something that I

Unknown Speaker 42:30

Unknown Speaker 42:31

Unknown Speaker 42:34
clever basin

Unknown Speaker 42:36

Unknown Speaker 42:37
That is that’s anything that’s already private property that exists. I’m not sure what they are going to do through private property.

Unknown Speaker 42:46
I could find from the county but I really don’t know. Anything.

Unknown Speaker 42:53
So sometimes we’ll come to bases and fill out for that. The development of X number of houses on that celebrant conservation. Massa, you have to put all your density in one portion of that and leave the rest and developed. Some speaking a little bit of school is the county’s process. But they will do that so that people can potentially get additional unit on it. But it’s because it’s clustered in an area that preserves the larger Tegrity of the property.

Unknown Speaker 43:20
If you’re looking at that map right here, right now, we still as of the day before going to

Unknown Speaker 43:27
the county commissioners, they sellers live right here. And

Unknown Speaker 43:32
there’s a trail right along the properties that ask

Unknown Speaker 43:35
when a county sells this to the city that they could have the ability to have the county maintained conservation easement over this would not allow the public on this little strip right here. That still allows for opportunities around the whole property but it is a little bit of a buffer. So we’re still having that conversation as of today.

Unknown Speaker 43:56
And Rob was asking about current recreational use as well.

Unknown Speaker 43:59
Let’s say I say what birds, right and demerits a stop on a migration. And I see motorboats and what if he is interested? What’s the plan? What’s the county’s

Unknown Speaker 44:15
vision of what’s going to go there?

Unknown Speaker 44:18
So, again, that’s the piece work. First of all, again, this will continue to be owned by the reservoir company. Until at some point, the city has full ownership. And I’m sure that will be something that we’ll look at doing.

Unknown Speaker 44:29
But right now, the reservoir itself

Unknown Speaker 44:31
is owned by the reservoir company. So they’re the ones that lease that recreational component of it, getting the one the city had that we will be able to have those conversations to that point on what what is consistent with the use out there and I think a natural resource to have this I mean, this is one bias lens to look through, is recognize that as a great sample, migratory birds and having been out there longer so picking cables and stuff right here is looking Causes to the Western Western Bureau to Long’s and weaker across the waterfall on it is a great opportunity.

Unknown Speaker 45:10
It is closed, because the, the reservoir

Unknown Speaker 45:17
we really when we put this in as an executive, the proud and natural resources of space programs that just be a great opportunity we have. Again, I don’t want to serve others like I say there’s no due process when things natural resource we talked about is really dependent. Obviously, you could have birds flying somewhere or a couple out here where people can go out and have this a little less intensive use on this property and try to highlight some of the the viewsheds and the wildlife on this property. So subsurface trails may be some birth lines, but again, that’s just David talking from Tuesday through other the important public process professionals

Unknown Speaker 45:57
let’s continue on the pool the water right

Unknown Speaker 46:00
So the majority of our rights are Oh, by the seat as we went. So I can imagine at some point that we would have the ability to bring those amendments really would give us a lot more opportunity to deal with the recreation on the water as well as picnic tables and everything else is

Unknown Speaker 46:13
out there second, pretty

Unknown Speaker 46:15
much more holistically wants to see has purchased from the county and number All right, I think it’s about 95 98% of the city has the right to net result. And we’re going to talk about too much in this group. But where those two has four c employees and when we say we have 99% there’s still fiduciary responsibility to that water and that company. So the see sometimes asked to act in the best interests of the reservoir company, that ditch company will still recognize their bare city employees, but they still have rules you have to know when they’re voting for something that say by having at least to a ski club, reduce As the fees and assessments on the reservoir company reduces the cost to the city to maintain it, they were they have to wear that hat when they’re when they’re going sometimes.

Unknown Speaker 47:07
So once it really switches over authenticity, then we can take a look at challenging communicating with them. When you’re thinking, which are you wearing right now as you’re speaking because they go back and forth really well, but it’s hard as not a person who’s in that purview to understand where they’re coming from.

Unknown Speaker 47:26
If you think if you’re the house it had those shares on that on that company and you’ve been paying historically a pretty low fee for your water in the city decided that you know, it’s the city’s best interest not to have that lease anymore, but then all the other shareholders ended up having to pay more because at least went away. That’s the piece where they’re, they’re still paying for that, that end the city shirt he’s about as well. So it’s that piece they they look in all times how they represent the kitchen restaurant company and while still

Unknown Speaker 47:54
desiccated as a city.

Unknown Speaker 47:57
So do you need any action from this? I don’t want to

Unknown Speaker 47:59
do that. Right. I don’t think we I think it’s been the fact that it’s been to this court for Oregon before they put it on the agenda and 14th and part of the CFP process and then Dan did an update it looks like it was actually just December of last year is when you brought the whole purpose all these properties and ask for this board’s

Unknown Speaker 48:20
direction it won’t move forward with that.

Unknown Speaker 48:23
So at this point information is that information just

Unknown Speaker 48:35
the land will be the

Unknown Speaker 48:39
Polk County,

Unknown Speaker 48:39
the Boulder County actually now this is where they get to the age property was basically

Unknown Speaker 48:46
around the other field is pretty much this whole section and down here is a lot in the reservoir complex

Unknown Speaker 48:53
and took a lot of find my work trailer.

Unknown Speaker 48:59
Nice. Take a look.

Unknown Speaker 49:00
Yeah, because this is a really unique place because it drops down in topography. So you kind of lose everything Ronnie says amazing views off to the west, you don’t see the housing, you don’t see the roads, you don’t hear much. So it’s it’s a pretty unique spot. And I think this will tie in very

Unknown Speaker 49:15

Unknown Speaker 49:16
to that up there. And I guess maybe the one thing that I had on the agenda is this group is we’re going to vote tomorrow and then we have counsel coming up at this group, we want to take a vote and say they’re supportive of us move forward this acquisition.

Unknown Speaker 49:34
And also, Jeff, do you know

Unknown Speaker 49:37
what’s up? What did we do in December?

Unknown Speaker 49:43
as part of a bigger group, here’s how things were going on you good with that and to be this individual property? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 49:52
yeah. I willing to entertain a motion recommend to counsel that proceed with cooperating with the county. On this purchase and a potential future IGA Does anyone want to make that motion?

Unknown Speaker 50:07
Thank you. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 50:13
Prep recommends to city council

Unknown Speaker 50:17
that the city proceed with

Unknown Speaker 50:23
cooperative, cooperative agreements with Boulder County. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 50:29
For the MacLachlan open space acquisition

Unknown Speaker 50:39
for the

Unknown Speaker 50:46

Unknown Speaker 50:47
process, I can’t pronounce it but I can read. So proud recommends

Unknown Speaker 50:52
to city council the city proceeds with a cooperative agreement for the McLaughlin land acquisition

Unknown Speaker 50:59
with the application

Unknown Speaker 51:00
Given your Spelling’s This is the type of

Unknown Speaker 51:19

Unknown Speaker 51:20
All in favor.

Unknown Speaker 51:22
Opposed? Motion passes unanimously.

Unknown Speaker 51:25
Thank you, thank you

Unknown Speaker 51:31
feel trapped.

Unknown Speaker 51:34
Okay, so the background here is that on this board we generally at some point in the summer, have a field trip to some places.

Unknown Speaker 51:45
Sometimes this is in

Unknown Speaker 51:47
conjunction with

Unknown Speaker 51:48
another advisory board or another group of some sort.

Unknown Speaker 51:50
And so we are here in March and we have

Unknown Speaker 51:53
not yet

Unknown Speaker 51:54
planned the field trip for this summer.

Unknown Speaker 51:58
And so

Unknown Speaker 51:59
Examples of previous trips have been going up to Ralph price reservoir,

Unknown Speaker 52:08
Union reservoir.

Unknown Speaker 52:13
So this is an opportunity unfortunately, while we have quorum, we do not have full attendance for members of the board. If there’s some part of the city’s Parks and Rec operation, open space, natural resources that you’re particularly interested in is a good time to say can we go to the new place

Unknown Speaker 52:44
I’m very interested in this. I was here for three hours today

Unknown Speaker 52:47
so I can do a point.

Unknown Speaker 52:52
Intro yourself, get staff up to speed and everyone’s got out there so they’ve been really impressed with a thing like this could

Unknown Speaker 52:57
appreciate it. I would like Right. Yeah. We

Unknown Speaker 53:09
like to visit a golf course I don’t play golf.

Unknown Speaker 53:15
Well, I’ve never been. We’re not a golf golf course.

Unknown Speaker 53:19
Separate golf course. Yeah, there’s

Unknown Speaker 53:22
a separate board for the golf courses.

Unknown Speaker 53:28
He’s got two boards.

Unknown Speaker 53:31
We used to be the golf board but they have their own board now. So if you want to go golfing, just go, Jeff will give you a pass. I

Unknown Speaker 53:49
think everybody’s excited about all the new

Unknown Speaker 53:53

Unknown Speaker 53:54
All I would add is that there is going to be some sort of grand opening for Dickens and the set not only Dickens, but to celebrate the resenting great projects and councils plan for development of the land north of Boston Avenue and could be a cultural events. You know, there’s lots of things that are floating around out there that staff, I met with them last week, but they’re looking at something in late May to do some sort of a celebration out there. I’m like, Monday afternoon or Wednesday afternoon or something like that. So I’m happy to give tours at that point. Also, if he wanted to go somewhere else, if you were able to attend you will be invited to that.

Unknown Speaker 54:38
I don’t know a date yet.

Unknown Speaker 54:41
But I

Unknown Speaker 54:44
I select the idea

Unknown Speaker 54:47
here towards this course.

Unknown Speaker 54:50
Yeah, sure. I’m happy. So are we looking at July

Unknown Speaker 54:55
whenever you could give us some

Unknown Speaker 54:59
props. Dates we can check to see about getting good. Are you going to invite council again?

Unknown Speaker 55:07
council agenda,

Unknown Speaker 55:08
see when

Unknown Speaker 55:10
that will work. All right. So let’s, let’s look at July

Unknown Speaker 55:14
with this would be in lieu of the July meeting. Typically,

Unknown Speaker 55:21
July 13 is when the meeting is scheduled

Unknown Speaker 55:25
to synchronize your calendars,

Unknown Speaker 55:27
what works, what doesn’t work? We’ll ask this question again next month, when maybe some more of our members will be here.

Unknown Speaker 55:41
I will start with I’m open

Unknown Speaker 55:44
the 13th or some other days better.

Unknown Speaker 55:57
July 13. He

Unknown Speaker 56:02
just may not be here. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 56:04
Okay, so let’s play that for July 13. Right counsel?

Unknown Speaker 56:09
Yeah. That covers

Unknown Speaker 56:13
all that he does a great job.

Unknown Speaker 56:19
Craft crab tour.

Unknown Speaker 56:27
Cool. Anything else on that?

Unknown Speaker 56:31
ongoing items.

Unknown Speaker 56:36
cruise through.

Unknown Speaker 56:38
Questions, comments concerns.

Unknown Speaker 56:44
I’m excited about the Macintosh like interpretive son

Unknown Speaker 56:47

Unknown Speaker 56:50
I think it’s gonna be every word that has been up there in the lighting. Additional

Unknown Speaker 57:00
I’m so excited about Daniel potentially getting a volunteer coordinator.

Unknown Speaker 57:03

Unknown Speaker 57:16
So I think one of the challenges one

Unknown Speaker 57:20
we just got we’ve got one so fortunately we have a lot of willing and totally willing buyer willing sellers that we’ve been able to make some good deals happen Oh vendors have been other for a while and talking to them but it’s never lined up. And I think when they finally lined up, we had committed some other resources other projects. We were in the process of trying negotiating different term agreements and I think they were need to try to cash out and unfortunately they didn’t come to us with that offer and they they went in the house I’ve reached out to the owner family said something doesn’t work with you so willing to work with the city and they have suggested it be considered after this point. So what they found Some of the can be their price or terms.

Unknown Speaker 58:09
You know, it’s it’s hard to say they told us right now that is a farmer out of the Greeley area.

Unknown Speaker 58:17

Unknown Speaker 58:19
that could be for the next six months next six years. But

Unknown Speaker 58:26
my other question I see

Unknown Speaker 58:29
is charged.

Unknown Speaker 58:40
So it’s a collaborative effort between him and engineering and operations who does the mean decrease in our floodplain engineers

Unknown Speaker 58:49
to really do something that is unique the fact that we have a

Unknown Speaker 58:55
very management’s a fairly, very managed priests to come to town to raise it water delivery system if you guys are looking at the work, the rights and who owns the water and it really has for the last hundred years in the water delivery system, but trying to manage the way that allows for the natural areas to exist and voices of that nature, we do the floodplain to keep people safe during fight events. Make sure that as we allow things to grow back be natural that it doesn’t impact that floodway so we can get it up and clear it out and use history. So it’s a very, very multi pronged balancing, act pyjamas kind of working with

Unknown Speaker 59:29
it. I think it’s really good because actually without with Jim and Danielle this morning walking on the brain, just east of Martin Street. And I heard Jim say to somebody that I know this because they were asking why we would have to pull out all the sap out of the volunteer cottonwoods and willows. And Kim’s like, Oh, it’s an engineering channel. It’s like That’s the first time I’ve ever heard him say that. But it’s true. It’s not necessarily a creek anymore. It’s an engineered channel that acts as a creek as moves to the city. And one of the things with fitness

Unknown Speaker 59:57
he’s been working with Storm drainage engineers and operations folks so much that he understands that now that we’re trying to make it as native and as appropriate as we possibly can with other goals in mind, especially as we took FEMA dollars. And they said that you have to engineer this in a way that passes 100 year flood through your town. So that’s kind of since I’ve been here, I think on those groups, it really has been, how do you take an engineer structure, put it in a way that tries to achieve as much natural capacity as possible, and then overlay it with as much network as possible, knowing that underlying structure really has to function as that carrying capacity for the wider delivery and flood conveyance as well. In terms of pulling those little wills. The engineering doesn’t point. It’s like a bathtub that it holds it put a bowling ball in it, it starts to overflow. So we we designed the game that almost every tree will Oh yeah, on a creek we designed to there can be a tree here in a willow here. If we get another tree, that Creek no longer holds that capacity. So we have To get a management program that allows us not to let it get back to a point where it doesn’t carry the capacity It was designed for so it’s gonna be an ongoing maintenance piece where we

Unknown Speaker 1:01:10
have to we’ve talked to Danielle and she doesn’t find anybody interested in pulling native plants from riparian area so it’s a very hot right but a volunteer project

Unknown Speaker 1:01:20
and be able to come back at a time and say you’re not meeting the requirements of the money you’re giving them a certain thing serve your client money back.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:31
I know it’s a gamble here. He would find out that in two weeks is to chick Clark fishing.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:36
Laurie is running for this year Lori and Scott seavers stands recovering from surgery. Okay, so we’ll be out for another four or five weeks. All your kids 15 and under send them over them. Yeah, they always have a great edge.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:52
Anything else and ongoing items. I see restaurants are opening soon.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:01
Anything in the

Unknown Speaker 1:02:04
ongoing items stuck

Unknown Speaker 1:02:07
into 1617 minutes in

Unknown Speaker 1:02:18
golf fitness right here.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:22
We’re doing things for golf. Okay. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:34
I’m gonna pass these around.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:47
So you may have seen the news recently that Longmont has adopted a new brand and logo and they are looking to

Unknown Speaker 1:02:58
incorporate that in

Unknown Speaker 1:03:01
signage and, you know, everything our website has been has been transformed and our business cards and mailers and utility bill and all that sort of stuff are in the process of being changed to accommodate the new brand. That city manager’s office. Know that I don’t think I went to counsel the brand, I think it was just an informed sort of thing. But you know, they have a new logo is in the paper the other day. And this is something that’s been in engage long months. The survey ends today. I don’t know if that’s today, this morning or today.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:38
midnight. This is the this is the survey so we’ve printed it out for you.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:43
But they really only asked you if you like option A or Option B there wasn’t any chance for comments or anything like that. The idea behind this is that it’s going to be you know, grand entry signs to let people know when you’re entering long line whether it’s coming South unto itself. From birth coming west on 119 from the highway coming through the diagonal from Boulder and I’m not sure how they’re gonna address coming from the west, but looking into the big entry signs and then there’s there’s just a generally assigned package for vehicle navigation. And then the thought is to have some of this downtown this project was funded with in partnership with the downtown downtown Development Authority visit la mon in the city paint some so as part of this consultants task is to come up with Wayfinding signs that integrate this new brand into

Unknown Speaker 1:04:47
the city’s Greenway system. And so,

Unknown Speaker 1:04:54
Paige, let’s see, well, we’re Public Library is on your on your could say, in some rain, that could say quite park that could be so that’s something that we’re working with the team. The the project began last year in March. And there were some public outreach in that summer, but kept neither Cathy nor I were involved in it. So I don’t know exactly what that looked like. Apparently they had there was an event at Roosevelt that they were they had a tent asking people what they thought about the new logo and brand and something at the farmers market. there we’re working on final design and then implement implementation plan. And the design sorcery done at the end of April. We there’s two consultant Well, the city ran was done by a firm out of Cleveland. And the woman who is doing the actual design of the science that you see here is out of Pittsburgh, but she lived in Colorado for 20 plus years and moved back there to take care of an ailing parent and so she Colorado parks so she knows you know about the area, which is good. But it does include you know, gateway signs Wayfinding signs for vehicles, pedestrian Wayfinding signs, street signs. If you go over to the village, the peaks, you’ll notice that the new logo is on some of the street sides over that area. parking signs, destination signs being Park entries and certain facilities, and then Wayfinding regulation and kiosks and things like that in the freeway, or along greenways and parks. DDA has happened in dollars, ready to start building these things? They’re going to be building one there’s a median just out in Main Street adjacent to

Unknown Speaker 1:06:43
South Main Stage. What’s it called? The old butterball development that’s now condos.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:50
It’s not first name, but I’ll call it that says for lack of a better turn 76 that’s what I call a first meeting. The transits that I get that mixed up with the RTD facility that’s coming. But South Bend station, so they’re going to be putting a median in 27 there with a sign, such as this. And then we’re looking at trying to install some way find new Wayfinding signs around downtown. Kathy and I are trying to figure out how this will be distributed throughout the city over a period of time. We currently don’t have any budget or staff time allocated toward this except for what we’re trying to scrape out to go to meetings that we’re doing these days. If we were to change every sign within the park system, the cost would be pretty high, very high. And so we’re trying to figure out whether we spread that over a number of years or if we just implemented as a sign deteriorates. If that’s the case, it could be 50 years before we have a whole new signed package. And so wanted to really update the board. As far as what’s being worked on, we have a sign package that we developed back in 2014 1516 was adopted in 2017 17. I think that we’ve been working on we’ve been using, it’s not only Kathy and me, it’s engineer folks like the the woman who’s building sprinklers to trail, she’ll be using signs like that developers, when they have to install scientists, they have to meet our standards. So it’s a pretty big group of people that would have to change. This person is going to be coming up with something that’s I, it sounds to us like it’s going to be a graphic representation of what the sign should look like, but not a true sign design, which we’ll have to then hire somebody to go in and do

Unknown Speaker 1:08:58
And so with that, being I mean that wouldn’t just be parks RECs, open space signage, it would be every the city’s

Unknown Speaker 1:09:06
so the CDA has money for this or No,

Unknown Speaker 1:09:09
no. Well, Walmart would have to budget we’re talking. I was

Unknown Speaker 1:09:12
Metallica gauge was

Unknown Speaker 1:09:14
already set for their area. Yes. But for the city like we’re talking changing the badges on police officers uniforms, changes the details in every city vehicle.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:25
It’ll be a

Unknown Speaker 1:09:27
intense endeavor. And so if we are tasked with doing this, there’ll be a monetary challenge. We’re not sure how we’re going to fund that will also be a staffing challenge because this is something that will take a lot of time and effort and so we may end up pushing some other projects that we’ve been talking about with you down the road based on what we’re hearing consumers

Unknown Speaker 1:09:53
say I think my tasked with this

Unknown Speaker 1:09:58
again, as far as funding yourself Risk Management Council, how we prioritize things but I think one of the biggest pieces for us is the logistics of how we do this in a systematic way so that again, like Steve said, if we have funds we serve replacing cycle time so there’s assign the back part of golden part is new and there’s a sign over Johnson that’s new but or do we just go ahead and try to tackle the science of parkour first. So people get this this feeling of this is now the brand is happening? So they have a real conversation every now is? How do we logistically implements in a way that takes our our resources and tires and try to get the biggest bang for the buck on that?

Unknown Speaker 1:10:39
A very rough estimate would be two and a half to $3 million.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:44
Just Park sparks and greenways. One of things that we’ve also seen Kathy have been very good about working with a consultant on is that even though we want to have the branding that represents the city’s identity, that I think we worked very hard over the years to try and make sure we’re on the same runway. You know, you’re on that versus left hand Greenway. And accountants consultants kind of use it to drain some of that through. So you still have a little bit of feeling you’re not just on a three way a month mark, but you’re on the same brain Greenway versus lefthand green Greenway versus somewhere on sandstone ramp. So I think they are listening to us as far as how we implemented implements in a way that kind of keeps identity as on those underlying areas, I think very special to the community. We’re hoping to Okay, so well, and we’re there. So I don’t think we’re there. Right. I didn’t know the language he used. It’s kind of driving those underlying

Unknown Speaker 1:11:32
pieces. I also assume that going through, there’s a certain portion of the problem where is there is a perfectly good sign there. You want to change how it looks, you know, and you’re using the word branding using the new branding, but I assume there are also signs that need to go up that don’t exist.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:48
Correct. There are signs going up tomorrow. They have nothing to do with this because there’s not a plan

Unknown Speaker 1:11:52
but once there is a plan, you know that there’s a there’s a presumably a gap to be filled

Unknown Speaker 1:11:58
twice and the

Unknown Speaker 1:12:00
Yes. And so this is not

Unknown Speaker 1:12:02
nearly a, they were all green before now they’re going to be blue exercise.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:07
Not necessarily there are signs. But so so we had when we finished our sign package in 2017, the goal was to get an intern and to go out and inventory all of our signs, we have not yet been able to accomplish that. But we really need to know. Like, we have an inventory in our hands and program which timber is described to you guys beforehand, beforehand, which is really our asset management program. It just assigned, we don’t know what the sign says, if that sign is necessary. If that sign what condition that sign is we just have sign. And that’s what we have not yet captured is going to each Park and along the Greenway systems and saying, okay, we have 40 signs in this park, we could probably get by with 30. They need to be here. They need to be this size and have this message. And that’s it. We have not

Unknown Speaker 1:13:00
yet tackled. So my question is part of this is work that you are intending to do and that will need to be done whether there’s a new brand or not.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:08
This is definitely is a challenge. So we have a really direct because because it’s the direction to go that way but still in the concept phase that we had that gap there sighs me put in because of Steve’s doing new parks set Cathy’s doing renewals. And so it’s kind of that we’ll just hold off on the signs. And maybe we do temporary Well, we don’t have a standard for temporary so maybe we just minimize we’re putting in so we can hit those basics. And we’ll call our existing science temporary until we get to that point. But yeah, there’s a gal challengeable logistical planning and yes. And to your to your point

Unknown Speaker 1:13:45
that, yes, that was a project that we would have to do anyway. But if you remember in February, we brought to the board, the 42 projects that we’re not yet working on, that was one

Unknown Speaker 1:13:57
right. So it’s not even that it’s Net far?

Unknown Speaker 1:14:02
Well no, it’s good to jump up above the 40. Right, whatever and push those down

Unknown Speaker 1:14:14
is important. But you’re welcome to make comments otherwise but yes to bring important this point.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:29
Back to you as well actually

Unknown Speaker 1:14:30
the dekins event I just want to mention that I’ve already mentioned that

Unknown Speaker 1:14:33
Steve Johnson Cassidy’s update for for this board on

Unknown Speaker 1:14:39
I talked about

Unknown Speaker 1:14:44
over basin going on May 19. As far as going to take a debt the council we’re gonna have a is the information is information on nights awards, beginning a study session, study session, there you go. It’s a study session. So we Really like talking about some of these things before they get in front of them. So we’re talking about probation. Steve has worked with heart and self over basin, which is not quite the same as the basin. But, of course, they have some challenges with naming, some funding issues, some timing issues, we want to get that out in front of them so they can kind of understand what they’ll be seeing. We’ll get there. So like Steve talked about those two. And then the other piece of legal has asked us to take the council is that our current code language says that in the disposition of open space, we have to have these criteria that has been triggered about meeting the pastor has to be to achieve a goal that has a higher value to the city, it’s always property up buying something at a higher value. Well, they looked at that, they started looking at our conservation easement piece. We’re actually selling a piece of open space to someone else to hold that conservation Real Property interest in that property. It could also says you can’t sell focusing For less than the purchase price, so there’s a conflict and saying what we have said we’re selling the conservationism for half the price of the property but we’re retaining the other half the property, they still think that lines up with us selling a portion of property at less than the full purchase price. I see that what page we’ve had it we’ve had a conversation with legal on this for a while. And I think focus base entities have done this for a long time you recognize that private properties are made up of bundles of sticks or selling homes bundles for the price it’s worth our code does not state that that clearly though? So I think what councils play ask are our legal counsels asking us to do is clean that up. So it’s clear to everyone so I think rather than trying to have a debate over I think what we’re going to try to do is is clean it up. So down the road in the future, people recognize it. Whatever portion of the space you’re selling, the hole has to equal the acquisition price. So if you sell conservation easement, you retain a portion of those two things. pieces have to add them to the hole. So those are the big pieces DPI console console. Right?

Unknown Speaker 1:17:12
Yes. If you recall South clover basin, neighborhood park is

Unknown Speaker 1:17:19
basically this area in here.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:23
And I brought that back to the board. That one’s pretty easy. You guys recommended clover Meadows park to Council. And I’m now just getting around to writing the council comments suggesting that to them, there will have to be an amendment to the developer this land right here gave us $800,000 to move that park up in the development Park development process $650,000 for construction, design and construction and then $150,000 for maintenance. problem is when that agreement was made back in 2013 14 They did. They just said $650,000. Well, 2014 $650,000 in 2020, that’s about 550,000 depreciations happened, there was no escalator and also it said that the city can contribute a maximum of $100,000 will need to contribute more than that. So those are just some things that are going to the council for them to understand before they adopt the master plan. The other one is workman if you remember, right, that’s right here, South. Here’s the museum and Rec Center. And that one, if you recall, the naming was just named after. We don’t have any Park names with Hispanic families and so

Unknown Speaker 1:18:49
we haven’t felt comfortable

Unknown Speaker 1:18:54
going to counsel and just saying, you know, these were three Hispanic people that weren’t recommended. By the public, what do you think? So we are engaging with 100 or so Latino leaders within the community via email starting next week, they’ll have three weeks to suggest people who are of Hispanic descent or Latino descent that meet the criteria, which were remember the criteria that were there. And then we’ll have a public meeting that basically invite people board will hear about it as well, who want to come and prioritize those will take those those priorities to the council that to try to find a name for that park. This park also had a little bit of extra money on that little bit of extra money to build the irrigation pond that wasn’t budgeted at the time of putting the IP together. So those are the sorts of things I’d be bringing the council in May 19 on May 26. They’ll see the resolutions With the proposed names, the supplemental appropriations and a agreement, the annexation agreement amendment to reflect what we talked about 19.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:09
It was

Unknown Speaker 1:20:11
conveyed to me that it’s bigger conversation to Council. And since it’s complex, they wanted to push that out and have a conversation with

Unknown Speaker 1:20:28
me, thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:31
The only thing I had comes from the clerk’s office, and the clerk is recommending that all board members create a private only email. So that all business that’s regarding crowd is done through that email. That way if there’s ever public records, requests that they’re not going through your personal email, it’s all done through that. Press dedicated one, and would ask that you consider doing that. I can’t say that it’s mandatory. But would ask you to really consider that here in the next week or two, and then get that update to or if you would

Unknown Speaker 1:21:18
like me to get a long one.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:21
Yes. I don’t know. I don’t know the answer. You know, I will ask that.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:27
Yeah, they do it for counsel. I have no idea what the process would be to do it for board members.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:35
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:43
page, page.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:46
Page. I started that last week. doing kind

Unknown Speaker 1:21:56
of a survey of meetings if people are going to be able to attend because No, sir. Yes carries. And I know I have

Unknown Speaker 1:22:06

Unknown Speaker 1:22:07
And I know I think he said Dan.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:12
Perfect. So I just think it’d be fair to

Unknown Speaker 1:22:16
say they know their availability just collected.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:23
Because I think we mean there may be some that we want to change.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:27
Absolutely open to schedule changes if necessary. The most important thing is to have a quorum, which is four of the seven

Unknown Speaker 1:22:36
members prefer to have a full, full attendance. Thank you. No,

Unknown Speaker 1:22:51
I forgot something.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:54
You would ask me about the price of the CIT schedule as it revolves. Dale has to have All the draft VIPs to city manager’s office may 1. So that’s a rough internal deadline April 3. No. May 1 for

Unknown Speaker 1:23:10
CIPS. Yes, no,

Unknown Speaker 1:23:12
it’s April 3. Now the system closes April 3. All right. That’s why

Unknown Speaker 1:23:19
that’s why people computer died or I pulled up in the email.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:21
That was the email we just got from Sandra.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:23
Yeah, no,

Unknown Speaker 1:23:24
it’s no it said that needs to go there. And so our deadlines are going to be first a second week. Tomorrow then

Unknown Speaker 1:23:32
I am not going to have everything ready by April 3. I’ll tell you that so I got a score. That’s what it said.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:37
But if there are any thoughts from

Unknown Speaker 1:23:38
the board,

Unknown Speaker 1:23:41
now or via emails to Jeff and David would be a fine tomorrow. Wayfinding

Unknown Speaker 1:23:57
help us to know like what might get delayed

Unknown Speaker 1:24:01
We don’t necessarily know that yet. It will be Dale and Harold’s decision, we would propose things to them.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:15
At this point if the public would like to be heard,

Unknown Speaker 1:24:19
took notes on a couple things. First app alter Park upgrades, Kathy Crone. I’d love to hear a little bit more about that possible, just because we have consistently rented that park for a handful of years and are pretty dependent on it. Changes afoot.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:40
Sure. The

Unknown Speaker 1:24:43
crux of that project.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:46
The crux of that project is

Unknown Speaker 1:24:52
a major Yeah, no joke. It’s ridiculous.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:55
So yeah, no, may 1 half of two part.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:58
Yes. I’m sorry.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:07
Wherever right?

Unknown Speaker 1:25:14
I need to find

Unknown Speaker 1:25:16
the place. There’s sunsets you can come across. It’s just here, right across and then

Unknown Speaker 1:25:24
down picks right there. Right That’s so good. So

Unknown Speaker 1:25:28
yes, that’s sunset. So further down and just throw this out

Unknown Speaker 1:25:34
there. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:37
The main part of that project is the demolition of the restroom slash pump station building and rebuilding a new

Unknown Speaker 1:25:45
Ada conforming modern day. restroom and pump

Unknown Speaker 1:25:49
house. There’ll be some work on the ball fields right here along the edge of the infield. They’ll be working on this bed right here. And the entry sign some minor irrigation modifications the playground was redone three years ago or so. But beyond that there’s not really

Unknown Speaker 1:26:10
much. That’s pretty much What’s about

Unknown Speaker 1:26:14
questions. concern as to grass areas not

Unknown Speaker 1:26:17
going to be impacted and it’s been read rehab as a better baseball facility. Is that being prescribed to be baseball specific? No, it’s

Unknown Speaker 1:26:26
still planning for San Fran soccer use and I know that it’s in her plan to accommodate gave uses we’ll be bringing in to Santa let’s for the season, the spring season, any way to bathrooms will be out of order. So there’ll be restrooms there for people to use.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:43
And then Oh, thank you for that bill. The other question I had and this is not driven by conversations I’ve heard here but other through City Council. Growing direction of a lot of you know, hundred 13,000 people are going to be a lot more higher density. And every time I heard we were talking about the use of parks and not being able to get new parks on the ballot, or done right, because the scope of the work. Do developers have to have a certain amount of open space or Park, if they put in an apartment complex or townhomes has more people say amount of old parks.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:24
Because the bigger that they’re going to be over it is

Unknown Speaker 1:27:26
more people with your backyard. It’s also exactly

Unknown Speaker 1:27:28
with the new code update, which just happened last year. They did away with what was called common open switch requirements. But there are landscaping requirements for developments depending on what it is that you’re asking whether apartment complex needs to have X number of acres around it as far as green space. That’s not the case. The new the new code is easy to find. Well, there is the park fee and park development fee for every certificate of occupancy For a building so if you’re building apartments, it’s for each apartment building houses for each house that developers pay that go into our park Development Fund, which pays for new parks. Cat, the fund that Kathy uses for Park renovation comes from a different source and that’s from $2 mostly from a $2 fee from the community, which raises about a million dollars a year. So, but there’s not an explicit

Unknown Speaker 1:28:24
per hundred, you know, per thousand people add right.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:30
I’m gonna go ahead and do that I know pretty well.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:34

Unknown Speaker 1:28:36

Unknown Speaker 1:28:38
this area, this is let’s see here, Stephen a park. So this is Wolf Creek, if I remember right, something like that. This is a pocket park for the development to have. But it’s private property. We don’t own it. We don’t manage it. There is likely there is likely a public access easement over Some of you were bought riding your bike through here and got stopped and probably have a right to be there. But you would never program that for any sort of event or anything like that. That’s not

Unknown Speaker 1:29:11
a city park. It’s not a city park correct.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:14
Same goes for this area here. And this area here. So those that was the old development where they were required to set aside a certain amount of acreage for common open space area for residential development that has shifted I guess, within the planning community. And so the new code change that just like there’s no parking requirements for dwellings anymore.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:36
And I don’t unfortunately, I don’t know much more of the details of that cuz I only look at public property. I don’t really follow private property as much.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:43
I don’t know if there’s ever gonna be a recommendation but that seems

Unknown Speaker 1:29:45
like very near sighted.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:48
But But what we are hearing is that there there is a there is an inflow into the public purse for new parks.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:54
Yes, a sense of occupancy,

Unknown Speaker 1:29:57
but not necessarily a requirement that a particular amount of new Park be built. Right. Correct.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:04
Anything else? Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:06
For my case, I think we’re done. I will entertain a motion to adjourn.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:11
I move we adjourn.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:14
All in favor.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:16
Motion passes unanimously.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:19
Thank you very much.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:22
Yes, you ever want to be here