Boards & Commissions: Callahan House – March 10, 2020

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It is

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912 and we’re going to officially have a call to order. I’m going to quickly add something to the agenda

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that’s already here. Under new business. It’s c crest information, more information. I’d like to add an additional piece onto the new business, talking about board commission orientation, in which Connie and I attended, and parliamentary procedure. So we’ll discuss that under this point. I’d like to go ahead and start and have us review the minutes from the previous meeting. And I’ll give us a few minutes to introduce thoroughly

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Last night, thank you. I’m sorry.

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That’s okay. I understand it wasn’t okay.

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Well, it’s not just me that

Unknown Speaker 3:38

Unknown Speaker 3:46
can I have somebody for

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a second.

Unknown Speaker 3:56
Okay so it’s the second

Unknown Speaker 4:00
from the previous board meeting are

Unknown Speaker 4:04
all fair

Unknown Speaker 4:10
on to the house

Unknown Speaker 4:11
managers report have

Unknown Speaker 4:22
it’s really entertaining and

Unknown Speaker 4:25
wonderful that we’re still pretty close to being in the black the second month of the year. So I think that’s very encouraging for this year’s business.

Unknown Speaker 4:36
We did 21 events we did have a few cancellations because

Unknown Speaker 4:42
either they just didn’t show up or they cancel ahead of time. They, they’re elderly. They look out the window and if it looks bad for a lot of times, they just decide not to come.

Unknown Speaker 4:53
It was and especially my birth that needs to be our house. doesn’t doesn’t like this. stuff. What group is that? It’s one of my stitching groups civil society. I’m still

Unknown Speaker 5:05
trying to figure out everybody who’s who is

Unknown Speaker 5:09
called calling and house. We so society. And they’re they’re actually a really small group. They’re seven people. And they moved the auto house a couple years ago because they didn’t want to climb stairs anymore. But the complication of the auto house is that the driveway takes a while to clear off when it’s been shoveled and plowed. And they don’t want to fall. So they they often make the decision not too bad.

Unknown Speaker 5:39
Yeah, well, they I have

Unknown Speaker 5:47
a quick question on this.

Unknown Speaker 5:53
So on our groups that are here and listed that come are they listed in the open to the public Some people have access to

Unknown Speaker 6:01
those to those clubs. No, they are not in us in our private clubs. They’re private. They they don’t take openings for the public posts, most of them on the bridge groups of course are signed, sealed and delivered because they can only play with her. So for

Unknown Speaker 6:17
most of the stitching grits are, are also close. My Domino group is closed.

Unknown Speaker 6:23
The only one that’s wide open is the book club and she does all her own advertising.

Unknown Speaker 6:29
Anybody who wants to come so I just wanted to have a clarification.

Unknown Speaker 6:33
Yeah, for the most part, they’re closed and if if they’re not the person that approaches the person in charge of the group, and if somebody asked me, I refer them to the groups they kind of earn the kind of herbs so they do all of their own recruitment and member management and all we just collect the dues and make the house available.

Unknown Speaker 6:57
Okay, but we do have a list of which clubs in Absolutely.

Unknown Speaker 7:01
Would you like to list like, no?

Unknown Speaker 7:04
Well, actually, I would. I just want to make sure that I don’t get to them. And then I’m sorry, Kathy, go ahead and continue with the manager’s report. But that was a question. If I wait.

Unknown Speaker 7:21
Yeah. posted in the building, okay. Right. Every month we had two city events, one of which was our board meeting and the other which was our sponsorship meeting for the fundraiser. We attend clubs. We have four revenue generating events, which for February is like a modern miracle. We did we did have one photoshoot that it’s in the revenue generating events because they paid and then we had one other event which was there were a couple of high school students from old Columbine that we’re doing a project on haunted Longmont and they call it an ask if they could interview somebody. And since Dory Spence was doing events, both in January and February, I had been called Dory. And Dory agreed to do an interview with them on film. So they came in and met with Dory and filter on the haunted history of the Italian house. Wonder so and we did that, because it was related to a school project. We did that for free. We had 40 inquiries in February which is up from last year, nine by phone 29 by email and then we actually had to walk ins which is also not normal. In February photography, we had one paid photo shoot, which was it was for kids that were going to the Tim Tebow event that they put on for kids with mental and physical challenges at work like prom And then because of the weather, they wanted to somewhere inside to take pictures and she called them booked an hour came in and took their pictures. They were all dressed up so and then the interview that we talked about our email distribution was kind of interesting response we had one that just came straight through email one from wedding sites and services. Wedding wire still winner with 13. City of Longmont. We got eight event detective we got one and we got five from the knot, which again, that’s planning which I find very encouraging. We’re getting some traction with the knot. We only have hundred 79 guests in February. We have three new revenue generating events for 2020 and none for 2021 which is pretty normal. We had one catered event with four guests. The city event value was $467 Ben, do you know what that is? Number one that is for less than Well, when we because we get almost no revenue from the clubs. I’ve been trying to quantify the value of their time in house. So we could at

Unknown Speaker 10:09

Unknown Speaker 10:10
you know, compare it with if we rented it. So when we have a city event, based on what portion of the house and brands they use, I just calculate a number based on the amount of time from setup to the cleanup. If we rented it, that’s what we would have.

Unknown Speaker 10:24
We need to keep track of that for grand reasons. Anyway.

Unknown Speaker 10:29
So that’s one. Yeah, I have it, I have it all. And then the club event value is almost $4,000. We’re up to 24 revenue that’s booked in 2022 and 2021. Forrester came back again, I thought they were done, but they came back again. And they did all of the trees on the street. So they spent a whole nother day here working on the boulevards, trimming the trees in the street. any way that we can

Unknown Speaker 11:00
Thank you in appreciation

Unknown Speaker 11:01
for what

Unknown Speaker 11:02
I did some Thank you. I could send another one. But I sent a note to the gentleman who’s in charge of forestry now. And I think I caught a blank right now. But they they did a wonderful job. It was Ernie, I sent an attorney and told them, I really appreciated their hard work. And I really appreciated them being proactive and coming without being asked. And what he told me was that it was a pleasure to work on trees that had been so obvious that they didn’t always have that. that opportunity. A lot of the trees that were on, haven’t been taken care of, and he was there. They just like to

Unknown Speaker 11:38
come here. I think it’s great. And I think it’s important that we keep a good working relationship with them. And so thank you so much and showing appreciation for a job open is so important that we should write.

Unknown Speaker 11:52
And Karen, I hate to say that this falls on you now. You’re getting the thank you notes. Can we do a thank you note from the board as well to appreciate You did.

Unknown Speaker 12:06
Great. Thank you. I appreciate that so much.

Unknown Speaker 12:15
Yeah, wonderful. Thank

Unknown Speaker 12:16
you so much. They do such a good job and they they this time, they haven’t been proactive in the past. They were always reactive. And I got very good responses for them, but it was more I would call them and they would come. This is the first time since I’ve been here that they just showed up,

Unknown Speaker 12:33
which is

Unknown Speaker 12:34
refreshing, wonderful for most people

Unknown Speaker 12:36
in relationship or call them to every person in

Unknown Speaker 12:42
every workplace can earn he oversees everything on the ground cancer placement.

Unknown Speaker 12:59
Yeah, well Look at it to the person

Unknown Speaker 13:01
you need to correct? I will find out. I’m pretty sure.

Unknown Speaker 13:10
I’m pretty sure. I’m pretty

Unknown Speaker 13:11
sure that I think that was which would make me

Unknown Speaker 13:18
as far as the

Unknown Speaker 13:19
stove goes, I’m still discussing the installation with the vendor so we can get a quote for the delivery and the installation. They haven’t come back circle back around since before I left on vacation. So I’m waiting on that and I can’t order it until we get that settled. Because it all has to if the CIO gets here before the installation stuff is resolved, we

Unknown Speaker 13:41
we can do that. And

Unknown Speaker 13:42
the other thing I took a hard look at it yesterday. Again, there is not a shutoff valve for the gas behind the sewed. So I’m also going to call facilities or putting the health care facilities and see if they can come install a shutoff valve to make this whole process

Unknown Speaker 13:57
easier. And technically, we should have But anyway,

Unknown Speaker 14:02
so we saw for the house, and honestly, we had a lot of issues with this house, we can’t turn the water off without going out into the street. So we have there’s, there’s a lot of hundred and 25 year old issues.

Unknown Speaker 14:17

Unknown Speaker 14:19
but then if we can resolve some of the safety issues while we’re working on it, then 50 is a big deal. Wonderful.

Unknown Speaker 14:26
So I’m still working on it.

Unknown Speaker 14:29
I did do a final walkthrough on the fence with the painters. They did a few touch ups. And Chris Davis was going to go ahead and issue payment for them. So that’s all done and just as a side note, they painted our hitching post. I bought Come on, Tim was here that day, the last day they painted and, and I talked to the owner of the business and and I said you notice any possibility you could you could pay this too. She looked at Oh, she’s gonna look really bad. Once the fence looks beautiful, That’s gonna

Unknown Speaker 15:00
look awful. So they did they painted it. Wonderful. So

Unknown Speaker 15:03
that’s, that’s all done and we have the extra Pete and I have a phone call from last week from a welder about fixing the North fence. So I’m working on that. I went to a camera class on the new camera that makes Cameron Denver and it was

Unknown Speaker 15:22
fascinating. The things these cameras can do are just amazing.

Unknown Speaker 15:27
So I still have one more class to go to plus they have a 30 minute review one on one with one of the guys from Mike’s camera. So I’m working on that so I can figure out what I’m really interested in is like getting first pictures and figuring out you know, the things I can do to make the pictures better. So thank you Kathy. The cameras amazing. So it was it was a steal was $500 off. And so we’ve got three different pictures.

Unknown Speaker 15:56
Is there any way that you have notes or share that way?

Unknown Speaker 16:01
Jackie so we’ve got the

Unknown Speaker 16:18
camera does these classes periodically? It literally was a guy from Lumix that came in did the class

Unknown Speaker 16:26
I think, what a great movie and again, thank you for doing that. But I can

Unknown Speaker 16:32
Okay, how do we make sure that we’ve got this great camera? Let’s make sure we get

Unknown Speaker 16:49
the cameras like the least

Unknown Speaker 16:56
because she did a great job of covering for me while I look at all these

Unknown Speaker 16:59
lovely Little

Unknown Speaker 17:00
outlines of everything she did as attachments and

Unknown Speaker 17:04
Jacqueline said you prefer to be called Jacqueline I’m still learning

Unknown Speaker 17:07
I apologize.

Unknown Speaker 17:09

Unknown Speaker 17:12
All right. Okay, so that and have a lovely lunch with my son and his partner and his partner’s mother and it was

Unknown Speaker 17:20
late lunch they were all sitting there eating when I got there.

Unknown Speaker 17:24
Jacqueline’s new desk, her phone, her computer and her monitor are all set up is amazing. And it does Slide out the door and into the closet when necessary.

Unknown Speaker 17:37
Harry Potter ish, but

Unknown Speaker 17:42
she actually has the nicest house

Unknown Speaker 17:52
in the house which will make us happy for sure.

Unknown Speaker 18:04
We’re getting air conditioners this summer or this spring. So that’s the other thing. Okay, we have a few things we need to work on. Like she needs new drivers for the color printer, but it’s all and we’re getting her an ID so she can enter an email. So all of that is a process and she actually has a city phone. Because now that we have next flight, we can. She’s actually Voice over IP. And she’s plugged right into the router and it has the same

Unknown Speaker 18:34
basically, she’s not she can’t receive calls on it because

Unknown Speaker 18:38
actually, we can only call out because what I didn’t want to have to do is keep track of two phone lines, the two message boxes and that’s just but but the good news is she and I can both be on the phone at the same time. They look like we’re both calling from the house number with the color ID seven Callahan house and then We have our own workspace. It’s because we were constantly fighting over the deaths. So it’s crazy.

Unknown Speaker 19:06
When your arm wrestle sin wants to they are wrestling.

Unknown Speaker 19:09
Yeah, I’m working on it. And I roll back to that. So that’ll give her a chance to learn to learn word and learn outlook and get up to speed on calendars and do that, you know, when she has time to do it around her other duties, as opposed to like trying to dodge me in the process, and was not a particularly expensive thing for us. We pay for the deaths. We pay $130 for the phone and the monitor was 185. And we’re in an era he had a laptop. So we’re, we’re in business. So good news. Sam and I met with Christina Sims. She is one of the people in the city that has been particularly successful with grants. So she and I sat down and we sat down and talked about the ins and outs of doing grants. She had some really wonderful suggestions. Both about getting the grants and about administering the grants once you have them, okay. And some interesting commentary along the lines of how to use the money we’re already spending to help us do part of the matching funds stuff, which, which kind of helps us and kind of addresses? Well, we stopped at the money. Yes. So but the good news is we if we raised a certain portion of it, and we had some of it in the fund, we could use some of our staffing some of the, the money we already spent on the building some of those things to show at least on paper, that we have the matching funds. So she is staffing stuff, but a lot of her grants have been for programs. So we’ll I’ll spend some more time on that. And when I have a better feel for how that’s gonna work. We’ll talk about it some more. Okay. I also had a very preliminary discussion with Jeff about maybe using some of the PD 140 500 For part of the matching funds as well and a discussion about seeing if we can’t get facilities to cough up some money and or do a one time project, that that’s all so preliminary. I don’t want to spend a lot of time on that right now. And Ben’s going to be part of that process. Yeah. Yep.

Unknown Speaker 21:20
feature requests. There isn’t existence yet p for

Unknown Speaker 21:26
talking about?

Unknown Speaker 21:29
Probably not likely.

Unknown Speaker 21:32
But just that we will probably have better luck with a one time funding and or some TV went $45. So he we’re going to sit down.

Unknown Speaker 21:41
Okay. I think that’s kind of where we’re heading is that we’re planning on doing the funding efforts. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 21:48
Yeah, well, it’s.

Unknown Speaker 21:51
Yeah, we’ll continue with this year.

Unknown Speaker 21:55
The contents of this keep

Unknown Speaker 21:57
trying all of our

Unknown Speaker 21:58
right okay.

Unknown Speaker 22:00
So a one time purchase.

Unknown Speaker 22:06
Give me 145.

Unknown Speaker 22:14
April is is pretty busy. We’ve picked up a lot of little stuff has baby shower and two bridal showers. We are getting a lot of traction for the upstairs room at the moment. So that that’s good news and we picked up another one yesterday for the Third of May. So they’re little ones and we don’t make a lot of money but it’s it’s all it all goes in the coffers and all adds up. And it all creates another set of happy customers and guests who are going to tell somebody else about house and in

Unknown Speaker 22:47
that way the purpose of the houses so yeah, it’s cheap advertising.

Unknown Speaker 22:55
That how do we I was looking at my website the other day in my reviews As a mechanical older, how do we when we have people to be asked? We do. Certainly with the big events, we don’t really ask what’s a little events?

Unknown Speaker 23:11
I asked after every big event for review, but the rate at which they respond is about 10%. So we reviews are kind of hard to collect. But I have made a considered concerted effort for the last five years to ask for reviews after everything to that. So I think I think we’ve got like 25 reviews out there money wire. Well, but the problem is, is most of the sites that were on our wedding sites, and if they do a non wedding related from review, they somehow they never show up. So that’s really good or do a google one or something, but we will see but I asked everybody cluttery Reno’s are almost complete, the clusters are going Hearing Thursday, and they’re bringing their money to the meeting. And there’s a few members of the twisted stitchers that haven’t been here yet in 2020. So they are paid, that everybody else is paid in full and it’s in, we’re pretty much done with it. I sent out all the May and June invoices, payments are trickling in the July invoices will go out in the next two weeks. And what what that is, is 190 220 days before the event, they need to pay 50% of the expected fees, so I’m sending out invoices for them for the additional 45 ish percent for each of them. And that’s also it’s a lot of work because we have to kind of sit down and dredge our way through exactly what they’re doing and whether they’re gonna have additional rentals and at least push them to make some decisions so that they can so we can send them a bill that’s representative of what we think that doing. So I’ve been doing a lot of estimates and I’ve been doing a lot of rental orders and tweaking and so on. But that’s all in process. And it’s working quite well. I got the ice cream, social and rec track so that we can do ticket sales through rec track and all of the recreation facilities. And I also put in the summer 2020 recreation magazine, which I’ll be reviewing today, today or early tomorrow morning to make sure that we’re we’re in there. The city of LA, apply their new marketing lift as everybody everybody familiar with that. It’s kind of a Southwestern procedures that they actually apply that look and feel to the website and ask that everybody take the time to make sure that it works seamlessly on their pages. So I spent some time just going through all of our pages and making sure the links worked and that it looked right and I did find a couple of very odd links that I’m going to get fixed. And I still have some tweaking to do on that. So

Unknown Speaker 25:57
I’m doing I’m kind of doing a review of the website

Unknown Speaker 25:59
in the next Couple of weeks.

Unknown Speaker 26:02
I also met with Amy weary from wedding sites and services, just to get an idea on how we could do a better job of leveraging our presence on their site. So I’m working on that too. She gave me some really good ideas. We haven’t had any event cancellations. We had a booking from the Board of Health and Human Services for a retreat, which I think is very encouraging because we’ve gotten many, many calls from the county since I’ve been here and typically they decide they don’t have enough money to do it, no matter how expensive it is. And they don’t come in this lady was just tickled.

Unknown Speaker 26:40
They came from the pub to do their retreat.

Unknown Speaker 26:47
Yeah, we picked up another Rebecca cross booked for a rehearsal dinner for June Fourth, and her mother in law after trying to book overwhelm and not being successful for what reason she didn’t tell me.

Unknown Speaker 27:06
She said it was.

Unknown Speaker 27:09
Good, good. Well, she calls me I’ve been working with her and she called said oh, we’re going to do something different. And then was gone. She called back again and talk to Jacqueline and came to peak. And they’re going to do a little tea party upstairs for 20 with greens plate catering. So yeah, yeah. So and we’re still talking, it’s gonna require a lot of setup, because they want to use the house teacups and they want to use our little Trade Centers. So I did I did conversations with Suzy in Greenpoint, about the appropriate level of staffing for that, and we’re working on so

Unknown Speaker 28:00
We sent out a

Unknown Speaker 28:02
wedding type of services email to all 300 leads at about 16 houses. I have had no inquiries. So I think that’s encouraging.

Unknown Speaker 28:13
Again, are you sorry.

Unknown Speaker 28:17
Just a couple, just a couple things.

Unknown Speaker 28:21
We are in the lab. That’s basically the message on the first page, which is very unusual this early in the year. We don’t usually hit that until June or July.

Unknown Speaker 28:31
We’re up to 51 events with 516 guests.

Unknown Speaker 28:36
Nothing truly remarkable about the meetings this month. You can see on the club’s that there were several cancellations

Unknown Speaker 28:45

Unknown Speaker 28:46
attend even the meetings we had attendance of down because of the weather.

Unknown Speaker 28:51
We had a lot of tours in February. And we had like I said, three or four revenue generating Laura Lee did her. Her photoshoot for the kids that were going to see both events. We had another Memorial, which was really nice or picking up a fair amount of that kind of business. Dory came back with her haunted history tour again, and had 60 attendees again. And Jennifer Davis, ditching class with a constructor for Italy, which I was really wanting to cancel. So all of their crowd was very small this year compared to the ones they’ve done tasks. Nothing too crazy about the expenses. You can see Jacqueline’s monitor I haven’t got the phone in the equation yet because I haven’t seen it build. Trying to start stocking up for summer events, picking up lemonade and wedding congratulation cards and things like that. We paid for our sponsorship Okay,

Unknown Speaker 30:12
so moving forward, we’re having talked about business, unfortunately.

Unknown Speaker 30:21
I think we just have to pass it by. Is there any update on the dresses?

Unknown Speaker 30:24
We’re actually no there’s no update. We’re going to go and attend the event. I’m very

Unknown Speaker 30:29
excited. I got my tickets for that.

Unknown Speaker 30:32
We do I do have a couple of dates when it comes to that I have talked to Diana when she has confirmed she will be here for our walk. I also have a in what capacity as an artist, she does the pastel or okay and she has done

Unknown Speaker 30:46
so she’s not going to do a live demonstration. She’s

Unknown Speaker 30:48
actually going to she is going to bring our water and I she’s very excited. I’m very excited to have her she’s got a great name and she’s also got a great following which means she helps advertise The events as well. I also have a contact for a. Leslie. I talked to Leslie crazy, who tried it, who was hoping would come in short as well. She’s an amazing artist for jewelry, but I have, she was unable to do it. But she has put me on to another lead list. Leslie Emerson, who is a feed

Unknown Speaker 31:25
artist who has a major following throughout the state. And so I was hoping to possibly get her I had also seen that we were looking at

Unknown Speaker 31:38
Elon through the minutes that Dan was also speaking to another artist. I don’t want to overlook our space. So that’s a concern. I have waited to confirm with Leslie until I

Unknown Speaker 31:51
was hoping to speak

Unknown Speaker 31:53
and baxi considered.

Unknown Speaker 31:54
Okay, I would recommend that before Essentially,

Unknown Speaker 32:01
yeah, so I just want to make sure but with the dresses, I would hope that we could have some similar cohesion in

Unknown Speaker 32:11
how it flows.

Unknown Speaker 32:14
Visually, in textual textually is what I’m really hoping and I really think it’s important that we can get a some people out there that will help for our cast that we’re here for, so that we’ll have a large group come in, in on also hoping with addresses depending on how many we can get.

Unknown Speaker 32:36
And the type.

Unknown Speaker 32:40
I’m hoping that we can get a good

Unknown Speaker 32:43
possible interview with the newspaper and get some more free publicity out there. I think it’s important.

Unknown Speaker 32:52
speaking, I was hoping, again,

Unknown Speaker 32:55
to speak with panic about working with artwork

Unknown Speaker 33:00
themselves and see exactly how we can get them to help

Unknown Speaker 33:06
us but we’ll be on their map. I understand what the other half and sometimes. Yes, I’ve been, I’ve been communicating with brandy foods,

Unknown Speaker 33:16
okay and

Unknown Speaker 33:18
so the one thing we have to be a little careful of is overselling it so that we have, if we have too many people, then we have a problem too. So, and we’ve been getting about between 304 hundred which is pretty manageable.

Unknown Speaker 33:34
I think that’s the case that I also know that

Unknown Speaker 33:39
it’s really important that we keep Homer home, active in the sense of a B, even for the people that don’t necessarily have the ability to come and go read about the home. And that’s important. Well, I will post on Facebook

Unknown Speaker 33:52
several times that week through civil on my website. We know women are in their

Unknown Speaker 34:07
house, I know where

Unknown Speaker 34:13
it’s in. It’s in the fold out for the recreation magazine for the activity calendar. Okay. So we’re present in a lot of places already. So if you write any extra advertising we can get,

Unknown Speaker 34:25
the more the better. I just believe in being so present

Unknown Speaker 34:29
prior. We used to do some signage and we put some signs in planters and corners. Here we have we have stopped doing that because our

Unknown Speaker 34:39
our flow has been very reliable. Yeah. And, and also because

Unknown Speaker 34:47
it was never sanctioned,

Unknown Speaker 34:51
shall we say? what we used

Unknown Speaker 34:54
to do is we made some signs and we said I think they said follow the roses to the

Unknown Speaker 34:59

Unknown Speaker 35:01
are sent to me we go down they were on

Unknown Speaker 35:05
borrowed partially say loads of paint sticks from Home Depot I’m in a NASA and they said, Oh, we don’t sell those. And I said, Well, I’m trying to get something to do some signage for the Callahan house and they said, Oh, just take as many as you want. You know, we don’t we don’t sell out. We don’t count them. We don’t, you know, just take what you want. So we made some science and they said, you know, follow the road path to becoming a house and we would go out right before our pockets to come in all the planters on Main Street. And then at the end of the evening, we would we’d have to send the people who

Unknown Speaker 35:35
stuck them in battle.

Unknown Speaker 35:37
So that we got them all and we quit doing that when our crowds kind of got big enough that we felt like it was a good time to do that a reasonable event for us, for two reasons. One, because it was kind of a pain. And the person who usually took them out was not always here at the end. So we had trouble finding them at the end. And secondly, because it was it was the We weren’t told we couldn’t do it. But we were a little frowned on because we were doing a legitimate signage without without permits.

Unknown Speaker 36:10
We want to be sure that we’re in city code at all times. Yeah, that we don’t want to be doing the easter egg kind of except it would be the rose hump women because it was for a science.

Unknown Speaker 36:20
Yeah. So Karen didn’t tell us we couldn’t do it. But she did ask to not be told we were

Unknown Speaker 36:28
brown and that was a senior when we were first starting. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 36:32
to be hard, but and nobody was showing up. We were getting like hundred people. Hi. All right. So we were trying to drum up

Unknown Speaker 36:42
several people.

Unknown Speaker 36:46
I tell them who we are.

Unknown Speaker 36:50
And they act like I never heard that.

Unknown Speaker 36:55
That’s exactly what I’ve been running into soon on the website. Hi Monica. The thing is, you know, I did serve as the Executive Director for

Unknown Speaker 37:07
seven years and I worked with

Unknown Speaker 37:11
the firehouse and other things and I honestly was not aware of it. So it’s from that standpoint, I knew

Unknown Speaker 37:22
I if I wasn’t aware of it, and I’ve gone to our walk for years and was never aware that we were open, so that’s my point of view. You know, okay, if I didn’t know about it, there’s a lot of people that don’t know about it, and it’s important to me that I’m doing the best I can. So the other issue that we need to discuss is on our on our walk and this is going on with ISO ice cream social.

Unknown Speaker 37:53
What would happen if we have to cancel these events, with the coronavirus

Unknown Speaker 37:57
and everything.

Unknown Speaker 37:58
We cancel our Going to have

Unknown Speaker 38:02
additional expenses that we were or that would occur, that would be an issue.

Unknown Speaker 38:08
I think we could easily delay

Unknown Speaker 38:11

Unknown Speaker 38:12
sponsorships and reschedule. Okay, I think we would have to circle back with our sponsors and tell them what we were doing and there’s a chance that when they want their dollars back, but I don’t think

Unknown Speaker 38:26
I don’t think there’s a big exposure. Okay, I was

Unknown Speaker 38:30
we don’t incur a ton of expense. And honestly, we’re going to wait as long as we can on the things that are reusable like printing. So I will probably go ahead and buy the tickets, but I’m not going to print them and things like that. And I you know, I think the other thing is we could as long as we don’t tear them apart. We could easily even if they were printed, flip them over and

Unknown Speaker 38:53
put a new date or something. Okay, I just, I don’t want to be reactionary but I also want to be provocative this We are in a place that we can roll with the punches and we find it would be ignorant on our purchasing that we wouldn’t have.

Unknown Speaker 39:12
Same goes with

Unknown Speaker 39:15
going about our

Unknown Speaker 39:19
this could also affect groups because it’s coming in,

Unknown Speaker 39:23
I expected is the

Unknown Speaker 39:27
current backup about the dresses again,

Unknown Speaker 39:30
we’re going to see how many we need to come. Last time we had the wedding dress.

Unknown Speaker 39:40
We don’t want to touch it. That’s it. So are we going to limit the number we haven’t adjusted? Because we’ve got other artists

Unknown Speaker 39:48
or we can discuss that we would like to read but is that what really is our maximum

Unknown Speaker 39:54
in one room. I think we have four.

Unknown Speaker 39:57

Unknown Speaker 39:59
that three in the room. room one downstairs.

Unknown Speaker 40:04
Okay, that’s fine. I am fine. That was?

Unknown Speaker 40:12
Well, I think the big thing is depending on on the pieces, how big they are, and how we can stage them, and I think that’s one of the things I thought what discussing from what you were saying, Kathy, I do we three, we could go maximum four. Yeah. And I think that’s really kind of where we’re at do the

Unknown Speaker 40:37
space. Well, last time we had to two or three in the browser, and I’m trying to remember how many and we put stanchions up so they couldn’t get to them and touch them. And then we had one in the lobby. And because we always have somebody in the lobby, we manage that just verbally asking them not to touch

Unknown Speaker 40:57
I got the impression Like on a model house?

Unknown Speaker 41:08
Well, but we don’t have that many standards. So then we start to increase our expenses to rent standards, and they’re not inexpensive.

Unknown Speaker 41:17
We could we could do figure it out, figure something and we also could trace one of us in there. Well, the other thing I just want people to remember is we have other artists, and the rooms are small. So I really don’t think taking up an entire corner of a room that’s already small to begin with is really fair to the other artists. So I think we should live it. I think we should limit it to the flair and the bride’s room and maybe the the burgundy room, instead of trying to push dresses into the rooms where we’ve already committed to the artists space.

Unknown Speaker 41:54
The document probably but that we can figure it out. I think I can

Unknown Speaker 42:00
Common sense we’re going to have to look at see how big the pieces are

Unknown Speaker 42:05
willing to work with. Well and I don’t want to be out of house because we know we don’t have enough bodies to set up. That would be a waste of resources. I think she just put it

Unknown Speaker 42:21
Yeah, we could do that. We could just put it in the window. Yeah, we could open the shade on the door and just

Unknown Speaker 42:26
leave it long. That would be good and leave it

Unknown Speaker 42:29
wonderful like that. That’s that’s what we usually do is we put the poster about their cars in the window and just open the shade so people can see in there, but we’ll figure out the logistics of how to display them when we figure out how

Unknown Speaker 42:43
fast that goes. I talked

Unknown Speaker 42:46
about possibly doing for

Unknown Speaker 42:51
artists are interested in displaying. Usually, when they spend months and months and months working on these, they have shown them You know, so they they are kind of eager to display it again but I don’t have a way to communicate with them before the show. So I thought of doing assignment or something. But and and I discussed then what if we have

Unknown Speaker 43:16
designers sign up?

Unknown Speaker 43:22
Last year I picked the wrong one. I think it’s

Unknown Speaker 43:29
beneficial on our behalf when we invite an artist to come in, no.

Unknown Speaker 43:38
A invitation to that fortunately the sign up

Unknown Speaker 43:42
because we’re having an open display to the public

Unknown Speaker 43:47
reflects on the house itself

Unknown Speaker 43:56
because we will have to be quick about approaching absolutely So

Unknown Speaker 44:02
the apple, yeah, either way, it’s going to be difficult that we’re doing this but I think, and we need to formulate the letter or how we’re approaching. So we come back, we comes back to doing things in an orderly systematic way that we’re all in unison, and it doesn’t come across as unprofessional in any way. Because it reflects badly on us and on the city, and it has this waterfall effect. So, so prior to us going, that’s one of the things we have to discuss.

Unknown Speaker 44:31
Be careful.

Unknown Speaker 44:33
Yes, if not the one I get let’s get work like we’re going to do. Moving right along. Um, so we continuous and that we’re going to have to work on our walk on ice cream social.

Unknown Speaker 44:48
haven’t made a lot of progress. I have a list of sponsors

Unknown Speaker 44:52
for candy that I need to incorporate it into our list and I’ll get that done this week. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 44:59
So I I think we need to decide when we’re going to meet next to work on it, which will give me a deadline, which would be helpful for me to motivate a little bit. We need to get the packets together.

Unknown Speaker 45:13
And I think

Unknown Speaker 45:14
we have the piece done from the stuff that I’m going to give Sam. And when we have the sponsorship list, that’s when we should meet again.

Unknown Speaker 45:23
I’m going to recommend and again, I’m going to be discussing some of this but I would like to put the ice cream social on table it for the moment and put it onto our next board meetings agenda and add it as a working part of the board meeting. And I’ll discuss further why we’re doing that but at this point, I would like to table that and I really need to have motion. In order to do that.

Unknown Speaker 45:50
I can make motion

Unknown Speaker 45:53
to table it until

Unknown Speaker 45:55
next board meeting

Unknown Speaker 45:58
Can I have Okay, all in favor.

Unknown Speaker 46:03
That’s proof. So, we are tabling the discussion on the ice cream social till the next morning meeting in which we will have a working board meeting session to discuss the ice cream social. And under that comes the sponsorship update and date for the next meeting.

Unknown Speaker 46:25
Ice cream social sponsorship is that not all the corporate?

Unknown Speaker 46:29
It is. I’m a little concerned though, about tabling it for a month because that was only three months in advance of the ice cream social sighs I think we probably need to regroup before April 8. That’s my comment. Then we can talk about in the context of what you want to talk about with regards to the meetings. I don’t think we can wait another month to get out there and start Asking for sponsorships unless we think it’s going to get canceled because of the I’m concerned current situation. I’m concerned that it’s going to get cancelled

Unknown Speaker 47:07
to me on this

Unknown Speaker 47:08
just because of the overreaction surface occurring.

Unknown Speaker 47:14
But I hear what you’re saying. My big issue from speaking with everybody is is my understanding most people are going to be gone within this month.

Unknown Speaker 47:24
Yeah, there’s a lot of people AdSense. So I’m not sure how to undo what we just did. First of all, that’s fine. That’s fine. And I hear what you’re saying it’s going to be a real push. But unfortunately, Kathy, I don’t know how to change that. That’s I just, it’s going to be a push to go from April and we’re going to have to get our little running shoes on.

Unknown Speaker 47:46
I thought maybe we get a couple of us in here to work on getting that list put together and stuff and put stickers on folders and just so we can make a little progress in March

Unknown Speaker 47:57
and a little working a small work. Yeah, working session

Unknown Speaker 48:00
or a couple smaller session. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 48:03
and how would we like to do that?

Unknown Speaker 48:07
Because we can only be three of us

Unknown Speaker 48:09
or even to me to the projector to us.

Unknown Speaker 48:12
Okay. So, do we have any volunteers that are willing to help put stickers on?

Unknown Speaker 48:21
Which day? Okay.

Unknown Speaker 48:22
When are you leaving? Tomorrow? Okay.

Unknown Speaker 48:29
Are we here the whole

Unknown Speaker 48:31
last week of March?

Unknown Speaker 48:35
March, April.

Unknown Speaker 48:39
So how about

Unknown Speaker 48:46
the afternoon of the 17th or the afternoon

Unknown Speaker 48:53
on the seventh

Unknown Speaker 48:57
I could get a couple people to just come in and help Yes,

Unknown Speaker 49:01
sir to put together folders and so the afternoon 18th.

Unknown Speaker 49:09
March 19 to say two o’clock

Unknown Speaker 49:16
Can you send that out to all of us are we’re aware that’s taking place?

Unknown Speaker 49:22

Unknown Speaker 49:26
Then we want one more additional day.

Unknown Speaker 49:29
I think why don’t we set one and see how,

Unknown Speaker 49:33
how much progress we make at level seven. Excellent. Thank you. I just want to show you that movie

Unknown Speaker 49:38
a little bit. Bear with me as well. I’m we’re trying to work out all the

Unknown Speaker 49:42
kinks and figure out how we’re doing this. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 49:51
Yes. Yeah. I think with everything that we already have on the agenda, we’re just going to table

Unknown Speaker 50:01
For this point, okay, now that we’ve got this

Unknown Speaker 50:06
we’re informally trying to get

Unknown Speaker 50:07
this all figured out. So

Unknown Speaker 50:08
at this point, let’s go ahead and

Unknown Speaker 50:12
now that we’ve got that, as all discussion, settle on ice cream socials at this point.

Unknown Speaker 50:20
Moving on to new business board recruitment update,

Unknown Speaker 50:26
Kandi told me that she,

Unknown Speaker 50:29
the one lady that she had in mind could do it right now. And the other lady wasn’t eligible yet. She would be later in the year. So both of those were strikeouts, at least temporarily. And the lady that I have in mind isn’t eligible for Social Life. So if anybody else has somebody they want to approach I, I don’t think it’s a huge issue operating down by one for the rest of the year. especially in light of the fact that they’re gonna have To apply twice and go through the series twice, and that’s a lot. So if anybody has somebody who’s really anxious and would like to get involved, you know, help them work through the process, but at the moment, we don’t have any

Unknown Speaker 51:12
viable candidates. So just for clarification

Unknown Speaker 51:19
there you have one person, another person that’s eligible, but they’re still unwilling to apply once they do become eligible. Yes. And the other person is completely Yes. For now. Pasta, we got two people that are willing to eventually possibly apply for the rubber.

Unknown Speaker 51:39
I don’t at this point.

Unknown Speaker 51:42
Right. So for recruitment, moving

Unknown Speaker 51:47
on to printers, and so that again, I spoke with candy. She gave me a list of the dates. The dates for pioneer days are April 28 29th 30th may First, may 4, may 5, may 7, and eighth. And they do three schools a day one at 931 at 1030, and one at 1130. A couple of things I’m, I’m out the 28th on vacation. I will be coming in late on the 29th. Because I’m flying back early that morning in the process of getting back on so I don’t think either one of those days is is very viable on April 30 is the questers International tour. So we can’t do it that day. So that leaves may 1 may 4, may 5, and may 7. For some reason I put

Unknown Speaker 52:43
tentative on it.

Unknown Speaker 52:46
When we haven’t spent a lot of time on the ship because candy doesn’t have the list of the schools who’s coming in what the sizes of the groups are yet, but the thought process was that maybe we start kind of Small with some of the smaller groups and maybe invite them to have lunch somewhere and maybe invite them to have lunch in our garden and either do a brief tour of the house and or a little talk outside of the garden about the house while they’re here. So that’s that’s kind of where we’re at on that. So I just kind of want you to be thinking about

Unknown Speaker 53:22
you know, whether or not you’re able to work some of those days if we need to.

Unknown Speaker 53:27
Since we’re not going to tackle the big groups right away. My guess is that Jacqueline, I can probably handle it. So but I just wanted to give you an update on what’s what we’re kind of working on. So we’re waiting for candy to get the list. And then we’re going to hand pick a certain number of groups and invite them personally to to come see the house and eat lunch at the garden.

Unknown Speaker 53:51
Bring sack lunches. Yeah, the kids.

Unknown Speaker 53:53
Yes. Oh, that’s easy.

Unknown Speaker 53:55
I think it’s a great opportunity for us again, I want But

Unknown Speaker 54:01
first, and make sure that I’m not overworking myself on volunteering for days down there,

Unknown Speaker 54:09
or you need additional help here.

Unknown Speaker 54:11
So are you feeling that you’re covered? I don’t know

Unknown Speaker 54:14
yet because I haven’t seen the live. So I don’t I don’t know how many people were talking about. But Kenny and I are, I just want to let you know, Kenny and I are working on it. And when she gets the information, we’ll figure it out. It’s very tentative right now and we may look at it and decide this year. isn’t the right year to do it. Maybe we need to, like just get ourselves positioned.

Unknown Speaker 54:33
Yeah. I think having a teacher typically have enough bodies to supervise the children already in place. So it just be a matter of us giving a short and professional tour. So right. So are you feeling comfortable that you could you could do that would be another problem. Otherwise, somebody from the board needs to step look at the calendar and we’ll step up and split up days, Mike concern as I had

Unknown Speaker 55:03
my calendar has completely gone topics topsy turvy. So I had said that I had looked at volunteering to be down at all no Park and be one of the

Unknown Speaker 55:12
people that showed up to reveal it. But I just want to make sure that we’re covered here first. Well, we do we do have some conflicts of

Unknown Speaker 55:21
interest. And Kenny, obviously is an avid down there Connie’s committed down there.

Unknown Speaker 55:26

Unknown Speaker 55:30
we can certainly bring in Diane Terrell and only supervisory because she doesn’t really know the history.

Unknown Speaker 55:36
But we’ll we’ll figure it out. I will make sure I’m not going to volunteer then for there and I will volunteer for here and fill in any days and I will make sure that my calendar is clear. So we can do what we’re the only ones stopping

Unknown Speaker 55:54
the volunteers. She she’s working on that part.

Unknown Speaker 56:00
Towards the end, but because she’s coordinating that, for all of the schools, she’s going to help us figure out how we can play and coordinate as well. It’s it’s very new. It’s something we poked at before but never really liked. But we’ll figure it out. I do tours from a Christian every year. I do chores for a couple of preschools. So it’s not It’s nothing new and honestly, to do a 15 or 20 minutes, there’s really not a big deal. As long as we don’t have a conflict with another group. Our groups have to come first.

Unknown Speaker 56:32
Absolutely. So but again, if we can do one, like you said, outside the house, even just stepping out by the fence in pointing out the driveway and all the history that’s involved with it, we can make this work. It’s we count when you’re going to be gone in conflict of interest. I guess I’m going to make sure that I free up on my calendar to do that. Make a solid commitment to be on

Unknown Speaker 57:00
For that design no

Unknown Speaker 57:04
I just don’t want to do

Unknown Speaker 57:06
yeah we’re ever going to we’re going to start don’t panic that we’re going to start little get we’re going to see how it works and and get a feel for logistically what works and what doesn’t and and then we’ll make a larger commitment to it going forward if it makes sense. Okay, that so

Unknown Speaker 57:24
Candy Candy came up with most of these ideas

Unknown Speaker 57:27
and it sounds very workable figured out.

Unknown Speaker 57:32
Yeah, and it depends a little bit on the other two

Unknown Speaker 57:35
as well in a way it is calling writing out fun time out of your welcome to Colorado that he could do that and not be and then

Unknown Speaker 57:45
we’ll play it by ear

Unknown Speaker 57:46
so I think we’ll be fine but I think it’s a lovely way to to get the kids here.

Unknown Speaker 57:50
And again, if we get some of the kinks out this year. Next year when we when we’ve got the long month big anniversary going on and So we are in full swing and

Unknown Speaker 58:04
yes like we got it all planned that that would be amazing. Okay again thank you Kathy for filling in on that information. So

Unknown Speaker 58:14
press information and board email. This is I’m actually going to call in

Unknown Speaker 58:24
I have the opportunity instead Connie to go to the board commission orientation and I’ve got a packet here that was given to us that if you guys would like to look at it I will be more than glad to share it. It was great in the sense that they gave us information about contacts how Cindy yourself set up. Now some of this is accurate and some of it still squishy because we’re told so are so it’s still working. It’s a work in progress. But this was important to me. So we know where we fall in It is helpful for us as community members. That’s why there was also a lot of other information and changes that are taking place which are going to affect us as being part of the board. So, again, I have this packet, I’m going to share it with Karen, please share it among yourselves. And then we’ll go from there. I will assume we all get a soft copy of any email and I already think it was working. And the other great thing that we talked about is the parliamentary procedure, and that we’re going to be running the beatings by Terry Pro, and I don’t know if anybody’s familiar with Robert’s Rules of Order, but that’s basically what we’re doing. I looked all over my house. You know how you hate me know where that coffee is, and then I go and get it is and it’s been driving me nuts all morning. So, but I do have this great little booklet that they shared with us about the ins and outs of Harbor Freight We are much more of a community board in itself, that we’re not going to be hardcore. But we do need to be able to set up our board meetings and run them in a systematic manner that people tasks. And yet, it’s very clear and easy for Karen, and other people’s now that we’re filming it to follow what we’re doing. So the biggest thing is that we are showing that we’re open and honest and have clear communication for all because everybody has access to our meetings anybody can have be welcome to our meetings at any time, including, that’s part of the reason we’re now having our meetings downstairs. We need to make sure that people have access for wheelchair accessibility if they’re if they’re deaf,

Unknown Speaker 1:00:45
or blind.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:46
We have the ability to stop the meeting and get them to help and required we’re required by law to do such things. And also if we need a interpreter Is all the new regulations that we need to make sure that we’re doing all that. That being said, I’ve asked several questions. I had my hand on a lot for the city attorney, because we do our, our working sessions. And we have in the past set up our working sessions outside of this witnesses, one of the questions I asked, and he said, we need to make sure that we’re making,

Unknown Speaker 1:01:26
that they’re open to the public as

Unknown Speaker 1:01:29
well with an agenda that was put out in advance. And it’s not just for us, it is for the public, that the agenda needs to be put out in advance prior to the meeting.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:42
That is one of the new rules and requirements.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:47
Yeah, I know it seems like a lot. It’s just again,

Unknown Speaker 1:01:52
I’d rather be proactive we can probably or we could look at it this in a positive way that this keeps us on task. It keeps us

Unknown Speaker 1:02:01
moving forward.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:05
In the path.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:08
No, sir, just us is the battle that we have. We have a rules and procedures for all boards and commissions that we’re all following the same issues. And again, this is a good thing because we might actually get more people involved. And

Unknown Speaker 1:02:29
that’s positive that we we are out there and there might be somebody in the

Unknown Speaker 1:02:33
community that has wanted to be involved and didn’t know how to become. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:37
So this way, when they have access to earnings online and other things, they might say, Oh,

Unknown Speaker 1:02:44
I want to do that. And then they can they’re welcome to be here. And again, they’re welcome to be here. We’re not doing anything behind closed doors or, or secretively in a way. So that being said on some of our meetings, like our fundraising meeting, Discuss are some of the things we’re going to have to change how we set up in my suggestion and it is simply a suggestion because you as the board may feel overall decision that we turn our board meetings into working sessions, we might have an additional board meeting, like maybe the third or the third Wednesday of the month that we do a working board. For the cow hen house, we just keep it as a working board meeting and this is what we’re going to discuss and we can say table such things as the ice cream social to be discussed and worked on at the working board meeting which is the third Wednesday of the month, that type of thing. It’s going to add an additional meeting on to our calendars. But if we have a set date and we put it forth. Again, this is just my suggestion. It in some ways makes it easier for Kathy because it is a set on the Talladega will not try and squish everything in and we can work as little as we need. Or if it’s not needed, we can cancel it. That’s just my suggestion because, again, we have to be able to keep it open and keep record of it so that the public is aware of it. And if you can just have a better idea. I’m open to any suggestions but I really been thinking about this on on how you can do this. It is said that it’s we have more than three members because of the number that was on our we are in quorum and therefore we are in we are speaking about Callaghan business. We have to record what we’re saying in minutes or notes because it is considered a meeting. Wow. So that’s why even when we’re going to looking at The dresses and stuff that were going in separately that were showing up separately. We’re, we’re they’re working on board stuff. But we’re not discussing anything part though, what we’re working for. It’s all about the sunshine laws. It’s all about making sure that we’re aboveboard. And that being said, she was also suggested that our board emails are open to the public. So if we are currently receiving our emails through private account, which I am and I’m sure you guys are all doing that, it was suggested that we open a separate email simply for Callahan minutes or business Thank you, thank you. Because that is considered public information. And they will have access to it and unless you want to share your whole email with public It was a suggestion that we do that. Or you keep a separate file that you put all information from the Callahan accounts in that is then can be accessed to folder a folder.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:17
Anyway, me

Unknown Speaker 1:06:23
it wasn’t suggested that we hire a city, just a separate email for that email has no mail or Gmail. But simply for the start of the week, it’s possible that you can set it up if you have any problems. I think between all of us we can work away to get that set up for you. Or for me personally, because I’m just keeping a separate folder in which all information from that callin house goes into it. It’s just easier to sort my life that way and I do that anyway. There’s nothing in my email that I would be ashamed to have out there in the agenda, but, but it was something that was really stressed upon as important. And that you need to know that because a Public Information Act, this is something that’s happening.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:22
We can just move our email to a folder.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:27
option. That’s one

Unknown Speaker 1:07:28
option and honestly, most I probably say probably 90% of our communications, our calendar entries, yes. And they’re and they’re going to go on your calendar 10% is related to the other 10% it’s just informational. And everything I send you is getting filed. So they so they can see you know, where it went to and I have a folder called Kalyan house has some other stuff in it but all of my board communications emails going That folder. I think you could just set up a folder and drag the things to that folder and hit and you need to hang on to them.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:08
Yes, they can’t be just deleted,

Unknown Speaker 1:08:11
I wouldn’t delete them, I would just slips it, put them

Unknown Speaker 1:08:14
in the folder in the use of your space, unfortunately. And that goes for any enter emails that we enter an email to each other. That is my suggestion that if we are in or if we’re emailing, we enter, we email to all for the most part because then the informations out there, there’s nothing hidden. It’s just clearly stated over there. We’re not doing any secret deals on the side.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:39
Well, if I’m sending stuff to people, if you just hit Reply All Yes, it should send it to everybody. instead of hitting reply, just hit Reply All

Unknown Speaker 1:08:48
Yeah. Even

Unknown Speaker 1:08:51
unfortunately, with the new age of technology, guys, and we can just

Unknown Speaker 1:08:58
the fact that we can talk to each other So quickly.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:02
But on the other hand, then everybody’s in the loop. There’s no hidden information. There’s no hidden agendas. We’re not doing anything secretive.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:08
It’s not a secret club. That’s all the

Unknown Speaker 1:09:12

Unknown Speaker 1:09:14
It was it was the head. city attorney.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:24
I’m sorry.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:27
Here’s an interesting aside while you look for that, we still have employees that are using their personal emails for their payroll and stuff. So that’s kind of interesting. Yeah. So like Jacqueline signed up under the Employee Self Service with her own personal email. So

Unknown Speaker 1:09:49
what about each other?

Unknown Speaker 1:09:57
I wouldn’t worry about that right now.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:00
At this point that wasn’t discussed, I’m only gonna deal with the email

Unknown Speaker 1:10:19
need to be aware that everything we do related to the Callahan house is could be subject to review. If, if somebody requested the information, I think one of the things we can do as a workaround is have more concessions that are three or less people. With with Jacqueline and I that would be a group of five that we could get together. And honestly, that’s about what our working sessions have been. So I think it’s very workable, I think we can do it.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:49
I do think that it’s prudent though, particularly if we’re talking about fundraising or anything else. That means we do those

Unknown Speaker 1:10:57
a little to make sure that those are extremely Open. That’s because we’re talking about financials. And that is where people get thinking that their secret handshakes down behind the scenes. We know that that’s not what we’re doing. But because we’re trying to discuss the big fundraiser of writing this grant, and it is a big thing that we’re really open about that what we’re doing. And this is huge for the Callahan house, and I look at as a great opportunity. And under that because it’s underneath business. I know you have future agenda things down here. But this is coming underneath, assess, because one of the things that was discussed is the big 100 and 50th anniversary and we discuss the Callahan anniversary of how long we’ve been here. from going on this information, we’re going to have to get approval from obviously we’re going through the through where we need to be in here. passing it through the city, in what we’re supposed to be approved. But we’re also going to have to have approval from the city council on how we’re going about doing the fundraising. This is what was brought up by Eugene, that he wants to look at those letters before we bring him out or anything in regards to. He was very clear statement that he wanted to look at that before we even go out for sponsorship. And that was one of those.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:27

Unknown Speaker 1:12:29
Yeah, that he’s like, what? Because I’m asking questions because

Unknown Speaker 1:12:35
he wants to make sure that we’re following city policy. And that if we’re going out and asking for sponsorships, he wants to make sure that

Unknown Speaker 1:12:47
we’re doing it

Unknown Speaker 1:12:49
with all the legal he buys, dots and T’s crossed and he just wants to make sure that we’re doing it in clearance and that was something he raised eyebrows. Because I said, Well, can we are planning on overseas? His rationale is he wants to make sure that

Unknown Speaker 1:13:10
we have the funding from the city because we’re doing with a matching grant. And he wants to make sure that’s all approved

Unknown Speaker 1:13:17
before we go out in public

Unknown Speaker 1:13:19
with asking for matching funds. And that was something that was just discussed. Am I off on this? He he said a little bit I didn’t hear the

Unknown Speaker 1:13:31

Unknown Speaker 1:13:34
So having to do with the it’s

Unknown Speaker 1:13:37
clear to ensure that the city

Unknown Speaker 1:13:39
already has what we have on our end, so that when we’re going and asking for these other funds, we already have the support of that.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:50
Yeah, that makes sure that we’re it’s a blessing.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:55
us to check with him on the sponsorship for everything is 990 But if we’re talking about a grant thing, imagine that’s more because of the city’s responsibility into a grant. So I guess I guess I understand that.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:12

Unknown Speaker 1:14:16
let me ask that.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:20
Think he’s pretty level headed? Oh, yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:25
The the attorneys are advisors. They’re not your boss, their boss, your boss. They’re there to advise us to listen to there

Unknown Speaker 1:14:39
as much as possible, but we also need to get our work.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:43
And so

Unknown Speaker 1:14:47
just realize that I guess I’m not saying don’t listen to him because I think he’s right because we need to make sure we have that city support, but

Unknown Speaker 1:14:56
I think that needs to be I don’t think it really has everything. It doesn’t have run by them every single time. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:05
Once I’m on board, I just I don’t want it to become too scary, right? Absolutely. I

Unknown Speaker 1:15:13
think Ben, thank you so much for the clarification. That’s exactly kind of this is to me, from my understanding, and this is my viewpoint is that it’s a we’re going for a big grant. We’re going for big time grants that we’re going to do all the bells and whistles in in make sure this sparkly castle that it is and the jewel in the city cap. And in order to do that, I think we we make sure that we’re doing it correctly. And we’re not talking about doing this every year. We’re talking about doing a big one, and making sure that we’re doing this right and because of that, and pat that’s going to fall in the hundred and 50th hands aversary the city, I think this is good, because we can look at the home run for all of us a win win for everybody, for us, for the city for the City Council for everything. And that to me is great. So, again, if we get the blessing from the from the city council and then there they can get on board. I, I looked at that as a positive, not as a negative. And, and so, okay, this might push us off from October and put us our deadline into reapplying for the following year in April. I’m not saying we’re not going to move forward, we’re just going to slow it down a little bit, put the brakes on just partially so we’re not overwhelming. And to be honest, we have to be clear that we’re not impeding on any events or anything else that are happening with the house while we go and move forward and get a working plan on when we’re going to do this and how we’re going to do this and what our hopes this is going to stop us from starting in Starting to brand, it’s just going to stop us from making the post money when we turn it in.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:07
slows down a little bit, maybe.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:11
Maybe we should

Unknown Speaker 1:17:13
push tires I can now I can help with that. Jeff can help with that. If we have some information we need to get reviewed quickly.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:23
Something on the calendar to show you what we’ve got so far. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:26
Well, and I guess I’m working with the city budget. And this is I know about the rest of you that says this news for us. how’s this going to work? Can we do it is is if we can’t meet it through the city, then how can we as a board step forward, to make sure that we’re being proactive to raise the funds to help or if we can absolutely do that.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:49
I mean, if it’s a house,

Unknown Speaker 1:17:51
it’s a house, because that’s

Unknown Speaker 1:17:52
exactly that we’re in and we’re going to figure it out and there’s a lot of advisors and helpers Christina will be happy to help us. History calm Reto has offered help. I know, we just need to buckle down and figure out what we’re doing and how we’re going to do it and work through it stepwise one, one step at a time. And I

Unknown Speaker 1:18:10
think this is great positiveness in the sense that history Colorado is the one that we’re playing the grant through. And I don’t know if you guys are aware. If you watch PBS at all, I’m a total PBS buff. So they do a show called Colorado. And they’ve been doing lots of shows about down in Denver, the various different people down in Denver, because we’re applying for this grant. I think that this is a great opportunity to possibly get coverage about the Callahan house in the history of llama for the hundred and 50th anniversary and possibly getting some filming done, and put us on the Colorado experience because they’re supplying the grant and we could say this Aren’t we wonderful, fabulous, and I have a few contracts that way. So this would be another jewel, that would be amazing to show off. How great we are as the Callahan house in the hands anniversary when it was built, as well as on 100 and 50th anniversary, that’s my little tidbit on that. So yay, us. So, you know, on that note, Does anybody else have more comments? In regards to that?

Unknown Speaker 1:19:34
I think we keep working our way through it. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:37
Okay, that’s what we’re doing for

Unknown Speaker 1:19:40
other business, other business cards for board members.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:43
I have feelers out to a couple different sources to try and figure out how we can get small quantities

Unknown Speaker 1:19:50
of business cards either by printing

Unknown Speaker 1:19:52
them ourselves, or by getting them done somewhere. So I bought that a process called Tim ranka. See if there is a digital version of the card that we can just customize and print ourselves. Okay, or I talked to Ron’s printing, they can do quantities of 100 each much. Well, today she said 25 cost the same as 100. So you might as well get get 100. The other thing I thought about is, we can also just print a cow hen house advisory board card, and then put a space on the back where you can write your name and phone number that would that

Unknown Speaker 1:20:32
suffice? I personally think that’s perfectly fine. I know your musical and wanted more of a printed version, but I think it’s printed on the front.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:43
And then you could flip it over

Unknown Speaker 1:20:44
on the back and then put your fingers over. And I think that’s reasonable. I mean, is there any

Unknown Speaker 1:20:53
Does that make sense?

Unknown Speaker 1:20:54
Because that would be really easy for me to do.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:57
Okay. So with that being said, we need Have a motion to approve that, that Kathy can move forward on those business cards.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:06
I move that we approve Kathy getting business cards that are more generic

Unknown Speaker 1:21:14
information on the front that we can put individual information.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:19
Work. Can I get a second? I second. Okay. All in favor.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:25
Okay, motion carries. Well, if I can

Unknown Speaker 1:21:27
find a way to just get small quantities and we’ll

Unknown Speaker 1:21:30
revisit, Veronica. No, she’s she has.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:37
Yeah, I called ranka to see if there was a

Unknown Speaker 1:21:39
digital template because they’re really easy to print, you know, and then they’re just perforated and you break them apart. So I do, I’m working on that. And I also called Ron’s printing and I have another call out I forget who, but I put out feelers figure out what the options were.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:04
Okay, future agenda items, the historic literature

Unknown Speaker 1:22:10
don’t know anything about

Unknown Speaker 1:22:11
what we talked about book signings are kind of in the context of our block the DIR book that was coming out. I all I did was pick up stuff from my notes. I don’t think we necessarily have to talk about them today. I’m just trying to keep track. Okay, what they are,

Unknown Speaker 1:22:26
you know, Tammy was working on that. Was she not or am I missing?

Unknown Speaker 1:22:30
She was she she was brought up that the DA I remember that was publishing the book.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:35
Okay. And I think we had basically said that we were not sure that we work for an

Unknown Speaker 1:22:41
entire event.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:43
Part of it, but our partial events would be

Unknown Speaker 1:22:46
like we had a table for a book signing at Art Walk or I think that was the context. My notes were a little sketchy well,

Unknown Speaker 1:22:53
and she also stated that we possibly could host events, it would be an income possibly book signings where they pay to be in yet, so it’s income for us. And

Unknown Speaker 1:23:08
that, to me is so funny too, I’m sorry.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:12
If they pay and they have an offer paid to have a house for book signings, that would be great. But that becomes a revenue event. That’s a really important event.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:23
community event what I had what I had was, you know, mostly in the context of maybe having an author here during art block as a consideration of the other creative arts like writing,

Unknown Speaker 1:23:34
which is one of the things we have discussed that we might face one or walk around or literature or poetry or something,

Unknown Speaker 1:23:42
it may or may

Unknown Speaker 1:23:45
not charge the artists

Unknown Speaker 1:23:48
the author

Unknown Speaker 1:23:51
if they would be an

Unknown Speaker 1:23:51

Unknown Speaker 1:23:52
and make money by selling their work, so it to me it’s the same thing. I don’t think I don’t think we could round up enough author’s to have just an author event. And honestly, that’s really the purview of the library. Right. But I think if there’s a specific book that relates to the history of Colorado, then we could include them as one of our artists at artwork. I agree.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:16
Is that

Unknown Speaker 1:24:19
a better clarification to are we less foggy that we would approach them just like we would any artist with an invitation to come and present in a space in which they can present their work?

Unknown Speaker 1:24:32
That’s what I had in mind, though, as long as it’s got a touchstone of some sort with Callahan house, yes, yeah. Or the fella hands the blade Now there were there was a

Unknown Speaker 1:24:44
da ra. That came JC Penney, a DDR member

Unknown Speaker 1:24:47
who was writing a book about either Boulder County or one one specifically, there’s also Eric Mason, springing out a book about lawn mower, that might be another, another opportunity but i just i model the sight of it. So I don’t know that these are necessarily things we have to discuss in the meeting. All I’m trying to do is keep track of them so that when it’s appropriate, we can add them into the agenda. We

Unknown Speaker 1:25:12
originally talked about going that direction like having themes to our blocks,

Unknown Speaker 1:25:18
right? Like one thing, one thing that does mean every book has to pertain to the

Unknown Speaker 1:25:25
beginning be like the process of making paper or something that has the

Unknown Speaker 1:25:33
worst possible way.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:37
Well, this whole started with the with the dresses, we would want to keep the consistent and the flow of the event. So I think it’s great that we have a a writer here and somebody and then does that limit only to the books No, I think we have other artists as well. Maybe we have a an illustrator that

Unknown Speaker 1:26:04
you didn’t want it to be just books that were up

Unknown Speaker 1:26:09
to like, you know, illustrating children’s.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:13
Do we have a separate committee that only does and works on artwork?

Unknown Speaker 1:26:18
Usually it’s been two people,

Unknown Speaker 1:26:19
two people. So And right now, I don’t think Ann has a helper. But she hasn’t really wanted one either. She she’s been doing it herself. But in the past, we’ve had as many as two people just kind of working on that.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:32
I think we should get a working committee that only works on our walk. And I think, as

Unknown Speaker 1:26:38
it would be appropriate that

Unknown Speaker 1:26:43
in a lot of ways, this is exactly what I’m talking about with our own. That’s great. And the go to person, but we’re discussing it anyway. And this is something that maybe we should be as a board just working on and so it’s it’s fork in session. That’s, again, my belief. What do you guys think? What’s your opinion on it?

Unknown Speaker 1:27:09
Tony, do you have any thoughts? Well

Unknown Speaker 1:27:18
this is what the meetings are for here. So the need to have a separate committee is

Unknown Speaker 1:27:26
slows down the process. Every time

Unknown Speaker 1:27:29
we go to do something

Unknown Speaker 1:27:35
sometimes we have to sign at this

Unknown Speaker 1:27:40
so this should be our watch be part of the working meeting. In my opinion, that is

Unknown Speaker 1:27:45
some ways

Unknown Speaker 1:27:46
this meeting should really only be an hour. A lot of ways guys and then if we can put it on to the agenda board meeting we can we can then assign tasks I want faster

Unknown Speaker 1:27:57

Unknown Speaker 1:27:58
I don’t know What’s your opinion? Well, I’m new to this process and

Unknown Speaker 1:28:05
how is it we filmed the artwork? How much effort re are particles in image, many hours? So much out there, but it seems like

Unknown Speaker 1:28:16
we as a group should come up within?

Unknown Speaker 1:28:19
I think because if there’s a side working, meaning they’re still going to come back to our regular meeting.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:26
Right, exactly. The it’s just the purpose of artwork in the past for us has been having a solid event to wrap our open houses around Frank Finn. artwork has been a consistent event with regular times where there is a fairly large draw into downtown, which which gave us something to feed off of it and to open the house in a really structured manner that didn’t require a ton of work and set What we’ve done is we’ve had one or two people who have actually done the work to recruit the artists. And that’s usually four or five artists, and then work with them to communicate the expectations and when they can get in and you know how much room they’re going to have. My guess is and, you know, has 10 to 15 hours per artblock invested in it in those communications. It’s not a major effort. The intention was never to make a huge, all out effort. It was more just to open the house to the public in conjunction with the event that’s already happening so that we could tap the attendance from that event to get attendance here and it’s

Unknown Speaker 1:29:46
worked. It’s worked really well.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:51
My efforts would be not to make it

Unknown Speaker 1:29:54
more of a thing than it is that it is.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:58
I don’t have any objection to theming it if we can find

Unknown Speaker 1:30:01
a theme that works. But usually what happens is it ends up being because of people’s availability, the artists availability and their willingness to do it. It ends up being kind of a hodgepodge of artists and that’s really kind of worked for us. Because there’s something here for everybody. So my preference would be to keep it more casual and work harder on the fundraising aspects of something else, right.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:31
Yeah, okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:33
Thank you for having me appreciate that.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:38
Really wish and me we’re here so we could have the whole board input

Unknown Speaker 1:30:45
because then we can talk more next time because

Unknown Speaker 1:30:48
because this is Anne’s baby and she she has her hurt her thoughts on it. So I just want to make sure that it doesn’t isn’t falling on one person. And we’re all on the same page. And again, it’s a it’s a collective effort. It’s a collective vision at home.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:17
So I personally think if we would put that I would like a motion that we keep that as a working

Unknown Speaker 1:31:26
board effort to work on our walk as a full board, not as is

Unknown Speaker 1:31:34
set into committees

Unknown Speaker 1:31:37
or subcommittee again, I’m just officiating the meeting guys, I cannot put forth an emotion

Unknown Speaker 1:31:45
that is up to you.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:49
anybody’s opinion on

Unknown Speaker 1:31:51
that is Do we have a motion, we could just leave it as is if that’s where you’re at. We’ll have some fun Then we do

Unknown Speaker 1:32:00
the other my other comment would be if we really want to change the complexion of it. I would really rather do that for September than

Unknown Speaker 1:32:09
do it for me. Absolutely. It’s too late, too late at this point. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:14
I think we’re going to move forward where we are in May. But, again, to have clarification for meaning.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:22
I would hope that we either have a motion that we could say that we’re leaving it is that we’re changing it or something along those lines, but again, to have a clarification for the meeting it would be which procedure to put a motion forth by somebody in that we either leave it and we have a vote on it or or and I know this is something new to us, okay. This is new, a lot of people that this this is if we can move forward and do this in a systematic manner that we need to leave it is to move forth and we continue to to look at any changes in Like fourth in September, that’d be great. That means the chair cannot put forth emotion. I can’t do that. You guys have to make that decision if it just like,

Unknown Speaker 1:33:12
I would like to have a motion of some kind so we can put it in the minutes and have it clear. Does that make sense? So when you

Unknown Speaker 1:33:27
Wait, can I have a second? Second? All in favor? Aye. Motion carries. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:35
Thanks, guys. It’s a little painful, but we’ll get there. Okay. rededication sponsorship. Thank you and brand opening concept. That’s way out, way out there. So again, that falls into the big dream picture when fireworks sparkles. Everything happens perfectly and we do all the things so at this point, I don’t think there’s much we can discuss on that. I’m moving forth to the

Unknown Speaker 1:34:05
closing that anybody else have comments on on the grand opening that we need to discuss at this point. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:34:14
the llama 100 and 50th anniversary.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:18
Any comments any

Unknown Speaker 1:34:21
thinking about

Unknown Speaker 1:34:25
it Pam was here, she figured out what

Unknown Speaker 1:34:29
she was she

Unknown Speaker 1:34:30
was what? Think about where

Unknown Speaker 1:34:34
all your sewing machines out.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:36
Get busy. I know that there is a lot of

Unknown Speaker 1:34:39
talk around in the city, the library in different places now and it’s it’s kind of an awareness thing. It’s like, Oh, we need to be talking about us. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:34:50
because it’s next year. Yeah. I think it’s important that we’re discussing it and I also think

Unknown Speaker 1:34:57
if we work as it as a team, and we get The wheel concept that we’re just one spokes in the wheel. We don’t have to recreate the wheel, if we’re all working together to figure it out. So if we can have the communication, what’s going on with the library? What’s going on with the overhaul? What’s going on with old car?

Unknown Speaker 1:35:18
ECM, what’s going on with

Unknown Speaker 1:35:19
the downtown development? What is everybody doing? Try to get on the same page. So we can work in a cohesive manner to make this great. You know, whether there is an actual city

Unknown Speaker 1:35:34
task force that’s working as a civic, I want to say no, I would have heard of such a thing. But I will venture that before at some point you’re on your table,

Unknown Speaker 1:35:45
whether you thought about it or not.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:52
Yeah, anything I hear, you will make sure that she knows that gets back to you guys because I’m sure We will see something like that. Yeah. For a spoken cynical, you know like the banker

Unknown Speaker 1:36:07
that’s exactly

Unknown Speaker 1:36:10
mean that push. So all I’ll make sure Jeff knows if he hears anything.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:15
Yeah, our

Unknown Speaker 1:36:17
big celebration of free.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:20
Today is the first time I knew Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:26
Well, I know the Historical Society.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:35
museum, but

Unknown Speaker 1:36:39
when it does,

Unknown Speaker 1:36:41

Unknown Speaker 1:36:43
Well in the house with the 129 next year, it’s a third anniversary.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:54
So and I think we celebrate our 129 you know, yeah. You

Unknown Speaker 1:37:04
know what? sparklers

Unknown Speaker 1:37:07
you know, you can’t you have to have a permit which we’re not

Unknown Speaker 1:37:13
going down. I know

Unknown Speaker 1:37:20
that we did the regional It was definitely it was yeah anniversary of the Callaghan house belonging to the city of Milan.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:30
Yes, we celebrate them as the 75th. And that was inaugurated that I got from social

Unknown Speaker 1:37:36
Yes, that it was very successful. And you know, having an antique automobile here and

Unknown Speaker 1:37:44
I actually it was just it was

Unknown Speaker 1:37:49
in the old photographs and get

Unknown Speaker 1:37:52
in so it was just it was very fun.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:55
Okay, on that note, is there anything else that we need to discuss? Guess that hasn’t been discussed that should that we skipped over.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:06
I wanted to just bring up something with you guys that we’ve talked about behind the scenes a little bit and because you guys are to me a little bit unique and that you are on the board but you also do a lot of volunteer and the vast majority of the volunteering for Kathy and for the for the facility. It’s a it’s an interesting position because all volunteer is is an official city. Official city guidelines for volunteers. And do you guys fall underneath that umbrella at some points and this umbrella supports

Unknown Speaker 1:38:47
I don’t know.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:57
Just wanted to bring that to you guys. And then today He kind of glitches out a lot of us lines, something

Unknown Speaker 1:39:01
I forgot something holding it back in the office one day, there is because you are going to be driving on board a business and using your own vehicles to go see sponsors and also to go down with addresses. They want to do checks on your credit losses or your driving licenses and records. So I will send you that information so that you can follow through.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:27
That’s like the volunteer thing. Okay. And I said, we don’t have a

Unknown Speaker 1:39:34
clear answer. We don’t have clear answers, but I think they’re just trying to be prudent.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:38
Yeah. Okay. So in that I’ll get that information out to you as soon as I clarify what it is. Karen freezer sent out a request and always in the asset, ignore that because my assumption was that because you guys were on the board, that that was all kind of covered, but I sent her well, I sent her on Email said, You know, I just really think I should check on this because my board members, you’re going to be doing some outside work using their own vehicles. And she said, Oh, yes, we need to do that. So but I don’t know what that entails. So as soon as I get that information, I’ll just send it to you. And thank you Kathy, for turning in some clarification on a lot of gray matters as we’re moving forward. And a little clarification

Unknown Speaker 1:40:22
and thank you, Ben.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:24
get clarification on I will work I will work on more of one of the problems has been that it’s been a couple of years since we have touched the volunteer manual and we never actually completed and I can’t tell you why at that point. Work stopped but

Unknown Speaker 1:40:47
it seems to be because legal stuck

Unknown Speaker 1:40:51
or doing something else.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:57
So it ends up it’s not a perfect system. So I just want to let you guys know that and so things like this, I think they’re just trying to fill their gaps and make sure we’re covered. We’re covered that sure that you’re covered. Because they’re they’re protections to volunteers, but they’re very specific to the city to make sure you guys are always a part of and so just so you know, we’re looking at over the next

Unknown Speaker 1:41:22
time we’ll, we’ll kind of get it figured out. Well, at the next meeting, I’ll also bring volunteer for instance, just have you all signed them. And that way, we’ll just we’ll just, we’ll just cover you with however.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:33
Okay, then I think it helps for us to kind of know where we fit. I did. I did get a little tickle about the mayor saying that

Unknown Speaker 1:41:44
we’re here. And we’re part of helping in making the city work and thank you for your time and

Unknown Speaker 1:41:51
we’re not getting paid for it.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:54
Again, everything that we get to help clarify what we can do To move forward

Unknown Speaker 1:42:02
in a good way.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:03
I think so positive. I’ve got to look at it that way and more, we’ll move forward and the best way that we know how, at this point, I don’t think we have any other business to discuss.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:16
Thank you for being here, man. I really appreciate it.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:21
Anything else that you can think of?

Unknown Speaker 1:42:25
Okay, motion

Unknown Speaker 1:42:28
to adjourn.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:29
Okay. Can I have a second?

Unknown Speaker 1:42:32
All in favor? Aye. Aye. Aye.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:38
Thanks, guys.