Longmont Water Board – February 24, 2020

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Unknown Speaker 0:07
Camera always makes it

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makes your name

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Yeah, that’s the thing.

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yeah, yeah.

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Good kilson are you doing?

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Do we know Jones

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one house.

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Smaller images just

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go ahead and get the meeting.

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called to order to do the roll call.

Unknown Speaker 2:03
Todd Williams here. JOHN Caldwell, President Kathy Peterson here. Renee Davis here Roger lane,

Unknown Speaker 2:13
Nelson Tipton, Wes Lowery, dear dear

Unknown Speaker 2:18
francy cheffy

Unknown Speaker 2:21
Jason Elkins,

Unknown Speaker 2:24
Heather McIntyre’s here.

Unknown Speaker 2:28
Councilmember Martin here.

Unknown Speaker 2:32
Next item is approval of the previous month’s minutes for January 27 2020. there any questions, comments on the meeting minutes? If not, is there a motion to adopt or approve the meeting minutes?

Unknown Speaker 2:49
Motion to have a second. motion and a second. Further discussion?

Unknown Speaker 2:56
Hearing none, all those in favor say aye.

Unknown Speaker 2:59

Unknown Speaker 3:00
Thank you. The water status report.

Unknown Speaker 3:08
Data Flow at the same rate increases the lion’s gauge at a ATM was 20.3. CFS historical average of two teen CFS for this date.

Unknown Speaker 3:19
Ralph prize reservoir binoculars at 6387 feet, which equals 13,440 acre feet so now approximately 20 760 acre feet

Unknown Speaker 3:33
and we’re currently released in 20. CFS from

Unknown Speaker 3:38
union rates for HIV is at 23.58 feet, which equals about 9086 acre feet. So down approximately 3100 or so.

Unknown Speaker 3:51
And we’re really saddened by CFS roughly.

Unknown Speaker 3:55
colonization great Greek is unionism or had been number of may 2002 71.

Unknown Speaker 4:00
their priority date of 10 619 oh two.

Unknown Speaker 4:05
So, Union so party so around a little bit of water. We’ve got some icing issues because it was very cold the first part of February but other than that now we’re back kind of running,

Unknown Speaker 4:17
taking all that we can so it’s more the column the main stem of the South five rivers Burlington day Chapman number 22,002 39 will take priority data 1121 1910 currently no call affecting district by local storage at the end of January

Unknown Speaker 4:35
approximately 71% of average. And then snowpack was we’ll go into more detail on a slip back under water supply of other Colorado’s roughly 18% South Platte is one to 9% and st brands between 131 35% of average

Unknown Speaker 4:54
Any questions?

Unknown Speaker 5:01
All right, thank you.

Unknown Speaker 5:04
Next item public invited to be heard or special presentations. Are there any public that would like to be here today?

Unknown Speaker 5:13
Great. Go ahead. Okay. I brought an article. This is a science journal research article that’s been in the news lately about Colorado River, which will

Unknown Speaker 5:26
kill you and see.

Unknown Speaker 5:28
Can you see how to come to the place that this is? The Science Magazine, her dissertation advancement of scientists actually research paper. And so I was going to ask

Unknown Speaker 5:39
all of you get copies it a bunch of copies.

Unknown Speaker 5:43
Oh, yes.

Unknown Speaker 5:49
Okay, Weiss, who he is, right. And so yeah, that’s more understandable, probably. But this has got all the

Unknown Speaker 6:00
Great. Well, thank you beat me to the punch.

Unknown Speaker 6:07

Unknown Speaker 6:09
You said there’s no special presentations

Unknown Speaker 6:13
and that’s item five, item six. Is there any agenda revisions or submission of documents? Yes. I have one for the legislature. He asked me

Unknown Speaker 6:26
to give you legislation

Unknown Speaker 6:29
for this bill is one sentence

Unknown Speaker 6:37

Unknown Speaker 6:42
was born. This is actually house on a national level

Unknown Speaker 6:50

Unknown Speaker 6:52
Okay. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 7:00
Next item is the development activity looks like Western.

Unknown Speaker 7:05
Yeah, so there’s a number of development activities

Unknown Speaker 7:10

Unknown Speaker 7:11
five different forms requiring board action.

Unknown Speaker 7:17
Separately all together with me, well, they all take recommendations right? So I’m wondering if we don’t one by one and do a recommendation on each. And then we can just work our way through and then

Unknown Speaker 7:28
then we can maybe talk if there’s any major comments, we can talk one by one, I got kind of a comment over the one we go through.

Unknown Speaker 7:36
So the first one in front of the board is sheer milk annexation. 17.44 acre parcel located south great rest of your eyes and wants to be road or no historical water rights burden into the annexation, before the sugar mill annexations presently compliance with the raw water requirement policy. This time will be a time of final plat

Unknown Speaker 8:00
satisfaction 52 point 32 acre foot deficit.

Unknown Speaker 8:05
Additionally, I understand that the proposal for this annexation would be to put in approximately 112 parody homes

Unknown Speaker 8:16
and parent homes.

Unknown Speaker 8:22
So Excuse me. Oh, yeah. Yeah, it’s probably gonna be like your new place. It was something like that. What is there now on that? So, right now, I don’t think there’s anything this one is being managed. I drove out there this morning. And that was really curious because it’s, uh, I was trying to figure out exactly what i mean i

Unknown Speaker 8:44
exactly where this 17 acres is because it basically it’s old, one of the Great Western holding ponds. I mean, it’s, it’s cat tails.

Unknown Speaker 8:55
So I’m just well well

Unknown Speaker 9:00
Don’t I mean, again, this is out of our bailiwick, but it just was kind of strange to me that unless they’re going to

Unknown Speaker 9:08
yeah between Westlands and between Philip

Unknown Speaker 9:13
they I’m sure they know what they’re doing but it was just curious that speaking of what’s there now it’s a

Unknown Speaker 9:20
mothers trailers and nothing else

Unknown Speaker 9:23
out there too. Well, that’s just on the east. That’s there’s a, there’s a

Unknown Speaker 9:30
kind of a

Unknown Speaker 9:31
Quonset thing that’s just east of on the side of this.

Unknown Speaker 9:36
I was amazed how many residences there are down there along

Unknown Speaker 9:40
Great Western and South a great West and there’s a I didn’t realize

Unknown Speaker 9:48
about the Great Western developments.

Unknown Speaker 9:52

Unknown Speaker 9:54
But pm that’s that was curious to me.

Unknown Speaker 10:00
With our

Unknown Speaker 10:03
that’s interesting, I think we’re planning they’re planning to bring them flat in front of

Unknown Speaker 10:10
in front of the DRC. And probably water more in the very near future. So when we do we’ll

Unknown Speaker 10:15
have a little bit more detailed information, but certainly no doubt why with whatever. Oh, of course, of course. Yeah, it’s probably what we found is most plans in a DFN development or that way for a reason, because they’re not the easiest to develop. So this sounds like could be

Unknown Speaker 10:37
someone this one we won’t know till later, probably what they do in terms of cash in lieu or I mean, they they don’t have any money to war, right? So it’s all going to be cash and we were Mackintosh or something long

Unknown Speaker 10:49
story, I would not be surprised if it’s cash flow. Okay. And then, I guess with regards to the water supply and demand analysis that was done, I assume this was included. I mean, all these words

Unknown Speaker 11:00
included within that and I guess what I’d be curious if there’s big land use changes from what was modeled in water supply and demand in relation to what’s actually coming in.

Unknown Speaker 11:11
So suddenly I don’t know what this was this plan land use wasn’t that famous but write that down

Unknown Speaker 11:18
as as I recall, it’s the same plan land use that was prescribed but we did our analysis. So spread some words Okay. All the way we use

Unknown Speaker 11:33
was based on envision long range

Unknown Speaker 11:38
have to be the same land use last night apply for a few scenarios, which is

Unknown Speaker 11:45
good if I remember I would envision one month only the big question was I had some that were pretty flexible.

Unknown Speaker 11:51
So how that was modeled in relation to what actually we see in a manifestation you may not know a lot of that but yeah,

Unknown Speaker 12:00
These come through they’re like a mixed use and already it can be a number of things right. realize what actually happens.

Unknown Speaker 12:08
Not be realized or understood.

Unknown Speaker 12:11
But I guess it does follow. I mean, if it’s duplexes triplexes I mean it’s still more dense development and stronger

Unknown Speaker 12:21
a question of no one was out there

Unknown Speaker 12:29
sir homeless encampment out there. There’s one right there somewhere and I was wondering still no, I, I didn’t drive.

Unknown Speaker 12:37
I basically was I was reading I was just driving along. Great Western drive. Okay, and there’s actually a road. It’s pretty interesting.

Unknown Speaker 12:47
There’s a road that takes up Great Western it goes down

Unknown Speaker 12:54
to this. It’s not a quantum but this

Unknown Speaker 12:58
storagee that’s just

Unknown Speaker 13:00
It’s off of coming live.

Unknown Speaker 13:03
It’s kind of an interesting mix of stuff.

Unknown Speaker 13:06
So I had a question, Marcia, where is the in terms of the set development set back from St. Rain? Where is that Dylan discussion? Or is that part of regulation or where where is that discussion that is part of regulation that there is 150 foot setback for envelopment. There is

Unknown Speaker 13:31
both spreadsheet but it’s essentially a checklist

Unknown Speaker 13:35
of things that you would have to satisfy in terms of benefit to the city would benefit to the environment, if anyone wants to apply for a variance to that setback. So is it is regular media. It is regulated, it’s in the code and the default is honored

Unknown Speaker 13:58
by the side from St.

Unknown Speaker 14:00

Unknown Speaker 14:03
That’s pretty fine.

Unknown Speaker 14:05
Okay, any other questions or comments? Otherwise we need a recommendation. All these tech recommendations right was correct. The Council for approval. We’re going to see it here. What’s up? Oh verba head

Unknown Speaker 14:27

Unknown Speaker 14:35
I forgot

Unknown Speaker 14:37
the refrigerator.

Unknown Speaker 14:46

Unknown Speaker 14:48
yeah, unfortunately computers update. Same time. We’re trying to use it.

Unknown Speaker 15:06
Yeah, so here here’s

Unknown Speaker 15:11
Yeah, this Yeah, so this Yeah, this is the Yeah, this is where the cat tails are and here’s the here’s the river and actually, we I guess this this list straight line is actually there’s a berm

Unknown Speaker 15:26
that goes on there’s berms here so

Unknown Speaker 15:30
I guess it’s not really a wetlands that I guess I’m assuming they’re gonna have to do some fill or I

Unknown Speaker 15:36
don’t know it’s just it’s really an interesting spot

Unknown Speaker 15:40
that’s what that’s what it is. So mine

Unknown Speaker 15:45
Well, actually though, that one line just for America, well, I was gonna say the lines back there. Yeah, but, but this those that obviously captured the

Unknown Speaker 16:00
Okay, we forward to this city council.

Unknown Speaker 16:05
Okay, we have a motion to recommend this to the city council. Is there a second? Second? motion a second further discussion?

Unknown Speaker 16:13
Hearing none, all those in favor say aye. Aye. Opposed. All right, thank you. So the next one is the highlands subdivision final point. The Highlands flats a 52.89 acre parcel located north of state highway 119. West Polk County Road. One. All the historic water rights are transferred into annexation.

Unknown Speaker 16:39
Island subdivision final plow will be in quiet in the cities are allowed required a policy upon satisfaction of the 37.1 to two acre foot

Unknown Speaker 16:48
and time of final plat approval. So this was part of the low annexation.

Unknown Speaker 16:54
proposal there is for 42 single family detached years 10 three

Unknown Speaker 17:00
storey condos kind of an entry level, and 67 townhomes, which are classified as luxury townhomes.

Unknown Speaker 17:10
We’re expecting for this one the owner has been or the developer has been acquiring on a story of water rights for sometimes been running for the sea for their inclusionary housing efforts. And some will be probably getting on a story for this to be Macintosh or Macintosh and maybe some oligarchy.

Unknown Speaker 17:35
Any questions on this?

Unknown Speaker 17:38
If not, we need a recommendation for approval to the city council on this item.

Unknown Speaker 17:46
I move that we send a recommendation of city council motion we have a second Second. Motion a second further discussion.

Unknown Speaker 17:55
Hearing none, all those in favor say aye. Opposed. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 18:01
Next item is the mountain Brook subdivision. Finally, one final point. So the nonnberg surfing on five flags and 38.5 acre parcel located south Rogers road West and forth 95th Street.

Unknown Speaker 18:16
Again, stormwater rates are transferred at time annexation. It will be in compliance with the rock settings rollout required a policy upon satisfaction of the 12.563 pigfoot dumps in a time of final cloud approval. So the proposal here is for 92 Senior family olds and then eight duplexes, the duplexes will be through the Habitat for Humanity. And this is the same developer that’s developing the prior one that was described as a to plan to use historic order it’s

Unknown Speaker 18:51
another affordable housing. It’s going to be a component of that through our

Unknown Speaker 18:56
soul there be a I know we passed the chains

Unknown Speaker 19:00
The ordinance or whatever the word was could so to the extent that it affects the young and that would be included. So we’re there still a member come into play with their amount that paper category where the amount of water or it has to be a percentage there there. The on this particular one that 92 single family homes is greater than the amount and you have to have a greater than whatever the percentage, but with these eight duplexes it didn’t trigger that versus and I wanted to identify specifically that there was four duplexes, so we’re going to be the

Unknown Speaker 19:36
grocery, thank you.

Unknown Speaker 19:38
Okay, any questions on this?

Unknown Speaker 19:41
If not, we need a recommendation to Council.

Unknown Speaker 19:45
We have a motion for recommending this for approval. The Council’s are Second.

Unknown Speaker 19:50
Motion a second. Further discussion.

Unknown Speaker 19:56
favor say aye. Aye. Opposed

Unknown Speaker 20:00
Thank you. So next one is Mount Brook subdivision. Finally number two, so right next door to the last one we just talked about also so meldrick subdivision Valley number two is final plat and 28.13 acres itself Rogers really was the

Unknown Speaker 20:19
story of why racing again were transferred to time annexation. This final plat will be in compliance with the roller requirement policy upon satisfaction of the 9.93 acre foot deficit on this particular plat are proposing at single family detached

Unknown Speaker 20:38
20 multifamily condos or apartments and 29 townhomes. This is going to be they’re describing is a multi year build out so this is going to take a while to fully develop this one. But again, the same developers the prior to plants use not a store for the bulk of your satisfaction.

Unknown Speaker 21:00
So just curious what the

Unknown Speaker 21:03
what they brought through to filings? Because I think some of it has to do with the ownership. The xanex. HMS annexation came through there’s multiple owners are part of that annexation. Some was I think there was some of that involved. Different ownership. Yeah. Yeah, I think there was other reasons. I’m not sure what they were.

Unknown Speaker 21:24
Any other questions?

Unknown Speaker 21:26
If not, is there a recommendation to Council for approval?

Unknown Speaker 21:31
motion. Is there a second?

Unknown Speaker 21:34
motion a second for the discussion?

Unknown Speaker 21:40
Roger, Roger, Roger.

Unknown Speaker 21:44
Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 21:50

Unknown Speaker 21:53
all those in favor say aye. Opposed? Okay. We’re here. We gotta remember

Unknown Speaker 22:00
A failure. So the river said annexation is a 7.24 acre parcel located north of Rogers

Unknown Speaker 22:08
sunset street no swimming water race permit represent annexation for river semantics ation is compliance with the raw water requirement policy and diabetics ation and will be a time of final plat approval satisfaction the 21.72 APR for deficit. So this one is a proposed mixed use employment zoning is what I was given

Unknown Speaker 22:35
their thinking up to 32 live work units and then some commercial retail but those will be fleshed out like

Unknown Speaker 22:45
what what’s the address again location I say 18 South sunset street teams, the northwest corner, nor nor the nor actually the northeast corner of sunset

Unknown Speaker 23:00
Bobby’s rooms across from Boulder, Colorado materials.

Unknown Speaker 23:07
So that’s an interesting quote. So it’s currently a county enclave right?

Unknown Speaker 23:13
Essentially, essentially, there’s Yeah, there’s another piece of it’s not yet annex on the east or the west side of because I was here. I noticed on the work that it says, Roger rhodonite was curious if that was still because it was mcalary versus Boston, because it’s

Unknown Speaker 23:30
coming. I think it is being lost lost now, but it says so. I was just curious what that was about. Yeah. Suffice it to say is the parcel this directly north of current rights, and he’ll be Boston. But I was just curious that the reason that it’s Rogers on the paperwork is because it’s still kept then as far as the county is concerned, it’s it’s Roger minutes.

Unknown Speaker 23:57
Better just north and Roger, correct.

Unknown Speaker 24:00
Well no it’s that well, well gets

Unknown Speaker 24:05
really noisy

Unknown Speaker 24:07
so lots and lots of instruction and a lot of constructions yeah lost in the parking is concrete. So awesome actually to the to the north. So this is this was a piece not all by Lawson directly adjacent so he’s got he said a bunch of equipment parked on this Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 24:26
Yeah, but it’s roughly that rectangular

Unknown Speaker 24:32
the northeast corner

Unknown Speaker 24:38
Tiger I’m here

Unknown Speaker 24:41
stop their developer now.

Unknown Speaker 24:50
But that what they’re talking about I think it really will create an anchor on that corner that will help facilitate the that because that whole area from

Unknown Speaker 25:01
On Boston is going to get overtime to get redeveloped. And by having an anchor there, it’ll

Unknown Speaker 25:09
seem like it just facilitates getting that stuff done. I think we’ll see probably this year plan, annex to the west of sunset Street. So through

Unknown Speaker 25:24
your further question, could I just have as a payoff for doing some of the same brain resiliency brain work? Because I think part of the alleviation of flooding in that area as part of what spurs the development

Unknown Speaker 25:43
motion forward to city council,

Unknown Speaker 25:47
emotions are Second.

Unknown Speaker 25:49
Second, motion a second. Is there further discussion? Hearing none, all those in favor say Aye.

Unknown Speaker 25:57
Oppose and right here in the room

Unknown Speaker 26:00
structure was drain boiler. Remember foods so last is sick lestrange finally number three final 5.9 point two two acre parcel located south Nelson road east and 75th Street was green finally number three finally flat, maybe compliance with the city’s rollers. Policy concert action is a 5899 a perfect episode and a time of approval. So this one is a

Unknown Speaker 26:31
development that’s going to be developed by Martell homes are planning 143 single family detached residence and this one they’re planning to pay cash.

Unknown Speaker 26:45
So that’ll be

Unknown Speaker 26:53
any questions on this one?

Unknown Speaker 26:56
If not, we need a motion for recommendations and recommending it for

Unknown Speaker 27:00
approvals council

Unknown Speaker 27:02
their emotions their second

Unknown Speaker 27:05
motion a second further discussion? Hearing none All those in favor say aye I

Unknown Speaker 27:11
posed that yes only general comment if I had them all at about 185 acre feet between non historical cash and Luna for these six, so just a complete tally as much additionally they’re not historic or in the sounds like the majority is non historic, but quite a bit of its cash and when we receive the cash live payment is $500,000. Here to give cash little at home and be about 3 million. We already know that songs gonna be for the story. So yeah, it’s there’s another development that we will be brought through. In January for English filing three, they also plan to be bringing a check in tomorrow. That’ll be about a little over $100,000 or so.

Unknown Speaker 28:03
Well there’s one for all of these are all together. Yeah

Unknown Speaker 28:09
yeah, it

Unknown Speaker 28:18
was a lot

Unknown Speaker 28:36
we’re about 2% of the rest of the

Unknown Speaker 28:39
Academy in terms of

Unknown Speaker 28:44
worse, I know could be worse

Unknown Speaker 28:50
Alright, so we’re under looks like an item eight, a which is city along monkeys tree Creek, Water District rapper County Water Authority and united water ag

Unknown Speaker 29:00
for water exchange agreement? Yeah, I’ll go ahead and do that.

Unknown Speaker 29:05
So as you indicated, the short term watch play exchange agreement,

Unknown Speaker 29:10
considered 19. A, working with those fire districts

Unknown Speaker 29:15
that the board may recall on might have been entering into this particular exchange for five plus years now. So the only thing that’s changed from year to year has just been the year of actual dates on there, so everything’s kind of kept the same.

Unknown Speaker 29:31
The basis of the stage agreement is water for water. So he’s Jared maelys, Cherry Creek and Arapaho will use their concrete with consumable water to help meet long lots

Unknown Speaker 29:46
judge last component of our union reps for change to create 1782 to two and and the reason it’s a benefit to us is that the ditch was in July and August again, like it’s really high.

Unknown Speaker 30:00

Unknown Speaker 30:01
though we have to get the ditch last component down to the union ditch at a lower lately checking into visa to change that game. And there’s typically dry up in July and August right around that lower late and it makes us a little down. So East cherry picking up a wrap up will have their water rights that are are actually measured in income and below that dry out. So it’s really helpful for us. And they don’t have to pay a lot of digital assets. They have a comment down there. And so then the benefit to them is that Mahmad has one decree for consumable water rights that

Unknown Speaker 30:36
will help me their winter returns low obligations. It will be from November 1 to October 31. So, like I said, it’s water for water and benefit to both parties. It’s been working on both for the last five years and will continue to do them

Unknown Speaker 30:54
each year.

Unknown Speaker 30:56
Got a couple questions. Any other questions?

Unknown Speaker 31:00
It’s so much in such a water supply plan that that’s what they’re going to use for being able to use long ones water what is long have to do? Is it are you guys allowed for your decree that use? Yeah, their water is a source.

Unknown Speaker 31:14
So, so they have to get state engineer’s office approval, okay. And then we can use our full consumer water exercises them to meet its decree for augmentation, replacement, etc, etc. So as long as it’s approved by the state, then it’s allowed by the Bible.

Unknown Speaker 31:31
But it was just one of those new subscribers. So they get they have to get the approval.

Unknown Speaker 31:37
These Cherry Creek rap on 95 from the stagehands office so we as Longmont do not since the bars are concrete to either replace the program farming Yep, last item. So it had in here that they can’t provide water, any subject political entity or for any use within an urbanized area defined in chapter 14.09. Is that for the tribe

Unknown Speaker 32:00
cities along with municipal code both for the water supply Rudy’s area as well as any water in the Wildcats. Yeah, okay. And you also saw on there we have that new paragraph we’ve added recently for us it mentions is don’t know this water can be used for water. Yeah. So yeah, that stated right in there now. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 32:22
All right. That was all in Was there any? I’m just curious turn the disk losses, I mean, is there any thought of mining the ditch or reducing losses so so it’s a little bit different companies are good for its return flow and ditch losses. So

Unknown Speaker 32:38

Unknown Speaker 32:39
as part of the

Unknown Speaker 32:42
so so when we went was when city llama did to change case. So so they’re not injured. Then the water rights that were removed from the ditch just so union lower late than and vishu. So so they’re not injured, the other Cheryl is remaining and those ditches were required.

Unknown Speaker 33:00
As we go through the court process to make sure that they’re not impacted so that’s why we have to be the digital us to direct it. So typically what that digital us will do is stay in the ditch for it. So now the other remaining shareholders are are injured, they don’t have to pay the additional on top of what they already have to deliver. You follow me since we turned the water rights out of that ditch? Okay, I hope I did it. I think I can understand Yeah, it’s really paid for the

Unknown Speaker 33:25
destruction occurred

Unknown Speaker 33:28
prior to 1986. Water right that pertains to the water rights that city of Longmont okay changed. And that’s typical for most of the change cases that we that we do. All right. So the remaining shareholders are not impacted by the change to create anyway. So they’re not hardly

Unknown Speaker 33:48
any other questions? Is there?

Unknown Speaker 33:51
This is just the amounts that we exchange every year turned out to be pretty similar pretty consistent what I was saying

Unknown Speaker 34:00
We we exchange on our 608. But they only do 300. Is there any adjustment or whatever. So how that worked basically, john is because we don’t know when we do the the exchange agreement now what exactly obligations are going to be for until we

Unknown Speaker 34:22
are filled period is done, June June 30. So I’ll be chair, so. So we have to have that done into the state. By the first week of July, we have to figure out how much was stored in our CEO, Walmart’s accounting unit was born and we calculated to place modifications with the digital. So that’s why I put a max number in our 600 acre feet. So once that’s calculated, then we know what that number is, and then that’s the number they need. And then we’ve city Longmont matches that. So it can’t exceed but it can go anywhere between there and it varies each year on how much was

Unknown Speaker 35:00
Store and we were down almost 5000 acre feet this year

Unknown Speaker 35:05
and a good portion of that 85% of the city Walmart’s

Unknown Speaker 35:09
you know sharing that, but the amount that they provide is the exact amount that regardless of whatever it is, okay? They do their part first and then we match it because there is there’s in July in August and ours is November right March.

Unknown Speaker 35:25
Sequel mouth, water for water.

Unknown Speaker 35:31
Without the Walmart if there’s a dry up, and I’ve said this each year is

Unknown Speaker 35:37
we can meet it individualized, we can meet it. But we have to typically have to slog in order to get it all the way down 30 something miles and then you have the transplant sometimes it increases when it gets dry. So we were kind of done. As long as we have this exchange agreement we don’t have what other benefit you get, as you can meet it without for direct

Unknown Speaker 36:00
fairly certain if you had a slogan, you break the union’s

Unknown Speaker 36:04
levels or go lower to right. Yes, man. And before this exchange agreement, we were slugging it when it was dry, right? In some years, you know, we have rainstorms and we don’t have to dry up and you know, it varies from year to year typically answer, but Susan or Morgan seems like regardless, this isn’t one was supposed to improve. Yeah, yeah. It’s done really well. Okay. So any other questions, comments? Otherwise, they want to recommendation? Yes, please from the waterboarded Council, and most likely, I didn’t indicated that most likely you will be going to City Council on March 31. Kelsey gets pumped in any way that vehicle but for now, it’s March, the last meeting in March. Okay. So, motion to make a recommendation Council for approval of inter governmental agreement to make a recommendation for approval of this inner governmental agreement. Emotions are Second.

Unknown Speaker 36:56
Second, motion a second further discussion.

Unknown Speaker 37:00
Not all those in favor say aye. Aye. Opposed. Okay. Thanks, Nelson. Yeah, thank you

Unknown Speaker 37:08
was given Good News of the workplace.

Unknown Speaker 37:12
So I’m just kind of all of a sudden the information Nelson in the board. Included in the packet is monthly information from a number of sources that are currently in the USDA is Colorado water supply output report and that report out each month

Unknown Speaker 37:31
because this month has been a week later, we’re only a week away from getting the new report however, suffice it to say in their February 1 report,

Unknown Speaker 37:42
they reported that the snowpack in the South Platte River Basin was above normal and 119%. They saw precipitation in January was 79% of average and that brought the water year today to 99%

Unknown Speaker 38:00
reservoir storage at the end of December was on 11% of average, compared with 104% in the last year. So to summarize, we were in better shape than we were in the past. So that was good news.

Unknown Speaker 38:15
As we move forward to cover pages in your packet, looking at the reservoir storage in January, a little more specific,

Unknown Speaker 38:24
we had, the selector is worth about 138,000 acre feet in storage, compared to the year prior which was about 773,000 acre feet in the storage, an average of 758. So the South Platte looks good in terms of storage.

Unknown Speaker 38:46
Moving forward a couple pages we as always take closest attention to the forecast for the savory the lions.

Unknown Speaker 38:56
Again, the expectation for both April through July and

Unknown Speaker 39:00
The September is that we have a greater chance than average of exceeding our stream flow forecast for those periods. So let’s keep evolving as we move forward depending

Unknown Speaker 39:13
most predominantly on the snowpack, but as their February 1, we were expected to have a greater chance than not having average. So back.

Unknown Speaker 39:25
The next couple graphs, South Platte River Basin history, that’s for the NRCS.

Unknown Speaker 39:32
It was recording as in February 19%, of average of around 127% for the South flag, which was which was good to see.

Unknown Speaker 39:42
On the next graph, the Upper Colorado was showing it 114% so both of which were above average. And as you see from either these graphs, you can see the pay attention mostly to that kind of like last year was indicative of most of them. One good snow and they were

Unknown Speaker 40:00
Marsh makes a big difference results usually So, so what? So hopefully we get one or two of those and that’ll put us over the over the hump.

Unknown Speaker 40:10
So we’ll bring back the updated information next month.

Unknown Speaker 40:15
The last page is has more than water snow watch information, which showed the same thing, everything running above average.

Unknown Speaker 40:24
This particular one shows a golden light was significantly above the prior data.

Unknown Speaker 40:32
So we had good wisdoms down low.

Unknown Speaker 40:35
But we’re also quite having those early snows that we seen in February or in November. That was good as those are the snows that we sold on top of ice and out late so I don’t want to jinx it, but right now.

Unknown Speaker 40:50
We’re going to make you know those were

Unknown Speaker 40:54
any questions for us on WaterSense report?

Unknown Speaker 41:00
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 41:02
million bees the monthly legislative report.

Unknown Speaker 41:06
Yeah, I just wanted to

Unknown Speaker 41:12
wanted to update you on to Bill’s

Unknown Speaker 41:16
House Bill 1097, which was a bill for the interconnected systems

Unknown Speaker 41:22
already has been changed using inter connected system. It has a committee

Unknown Speaker 41:34
and Senate Bill 2153 which was

Unknown Speaker 41:41
which we’re proposing to set up a water fee for water projects you guys

Unknown Speaker 41:46
require does have a pretty healthy water rate increase.

Unknown Speaker 41:51
Customer for something else’s water project

Unknown Speaker 41:55
was postponed in the senate ag committee.

Unknown Speaker 42:00

Unknown Speaker 42:03
those two bills are done.

Unknown Speaker 42:05
I did have today,

Unknown Speaker 42:08
copy of the bill.

Unknown Speaker 42:17
House Bill 1164. Really just one sentence. Actually, the title the bill, Isabel fernack, concerning an exemption of the housing authority from certain fees imposed by water Conservancy.

Unknown Speaker 42:30
And so

Unknown Speaker 42:34
censored centers

Unknown Speaker 42:38
given exemptions from water Conservancy district fees.

Unknown Speaker 42:44
The central proposal in addition, or property or time or nature, owned by Housing Authority with a water Conservancy district is exempt from any taffy or development impact the impulse my water Conservancy history so

Unknown Speaker 43:00
don’t have a whole lot of information from another lot of concerns they have called norther. Last I talked on the board had not taken a position but I don’t know if they

Unknown Speaker 43:13
can but it was before okay. So

Unknown Speaker 43:18
so I don’t have a lot of Conservancy district reactions to it

Unknown Speaker 43:24
I would think they would be opposed to it. We’re just it has not

Unknown Speaker 43:31
it is no excuse me it is on the house as isn’t the second meeting without sort of started little tiny bit

Unknown Speaker 43:42
and helped I

Unknown Speaker 43:46
guess, we’re probably leaning towards opposing it for simple reason that

Unknown Speaker 43:53
the language I couldn’t find you really definition of tough peer development.

Unknown Speaker 44:01
Yes, yes. If you read the language you would presume that that means treated water. You know the water Conservancy district I’m aware of in the state provides tree water is the water consumer searchable by Palisade Grand Junction area and

Unknown Speaker 44:22
this may be coming out

Unknown Speaker 44:24
there and I’m not sure from them their thoughts on it but I would I would have preferred to have it defined and also starts to make me uncomfortable whenever we started giving away free by statute.

Unknown Speaker 44:46
I think it could be

Unknown Speaker 44:49
definitely will positive itself city should provide free

Unknown Speaker 44:55

Unknown Speaker 44:58
once you once you start this

Unknown Speaker 45:02
So, I don’t know if the board is prepared to take a position yet, because I fortunately don’t have a lot but I wanted to highlight it to

Unknown Speaker 45:13
consider it and see if you have an opinion.

Unknown Speaker 45:19
If not, I’ll certainly continue to try it and I can bring back more information. Excellent.

Unknown Speaker 45:28
thoughts on that they were just longer we learned the people. The people are returning back. You know, so yeah.

Unknown Speaker 45:42

Unknown Speaker 45:44
Janice rich is from Mesa County, which is the conservative district.

Unknown Speaker 45:51
Karen Becker’s here, Boulder. Actually, she represents Boulder.

Unknown Speaker 45:57
I think she’s from Boulder and Rachel

Unknown Speaker 46:00
Sensing or is from Jefferson County

Unknown Speaker 46:03
and I don’t think it’s I don’t suspect is much their issues Jim switches because

Unknown Speaker 46:13

Unknown Speaker 46:17

Unknown Speaker 46:18
just wretched riches are republican from Kevin Scott a little bipartisan support

Unknown Speaker 46:25

Unknown Speaker 46:27
crowd from Boulder House District

Unknown Speaker 46:31

Unknown Speaker 46:35

Unknown Speaker 46:37
so it does have also said it

Unknown Speaker 46:42
does really well and fortunately I

Unknown Speaker 46:49
know the other

Unknown Speaker 46:55
initially opposed to it just because it’s pretty

Unknown Speaker 47:00
I’m concerned the tap fee should be defined. I would hate for to

Unknown Speaker 47:08
do read

Unknown Speaker 47:12
assessment know the water ladies assessment on CBT

Unknown Speaker 47:17
an equal share bye bye 1000 years should should somebody say well, that’s that’s

Unknown Speaker 47:28
where the water does morning water so they don’t do tap fees that

Unknown Speaker 47:36
trouble me what somebody could

Unknown Speaker 47:40
say that really means Mr. For me it’s also that then you start taking

Unknown Speaker 47:46
that step one

Unknown Speaker 47:49
so sounds like stuffs suggesting repurposes

Unknown Speaker 47:56
So from my perspective with toughies development p

Unknown Speaker 48:00
system development charges, assuming that’s what they mean, those are really important that growth pays for growth. And the part that I’m curious about what makes it a housing authority can some developer stable housing authority so we don’t have to pay fees. And and you’re right if it’s just a treated water Conservancy history doesn’t seem to affect us, but I don’t I don’t take it. personally. I don’t like the president. No, I think growth really should pay for growth. No, because it is probably otherwise to find a statute that is not defined. It’s titled 37, which is water, and it’s not divided. Right. So I agree with you. Again, I believe when I read it, I believe I know that I was in authority means Sure.

Unknown Speaker 48:46
I don’t know that it doesn’t seem to apply to us right now. But I’d be comfortable for me to have a motion to

Unknown Speaker 48:54
oppose this to recommend that we oppose this.

Unknown Speaker 48:58
Other thoughts?

Unknown Speaker 49:02
So when you guys wanna make a motion

Unknown Speaker 49:05
and movie oppose House Bill 20 1164 seconds or second motion second further discussion?

Unknown Speaker 49:16
Hearing none All those in favor say aye

Unknown Speaker 49:21
Thank you, Kimmy they also thank you yes.

Unknown Speaker 49:26
Okay, nine see which is the window for me project. Yeah, I don’t have a whole lot to record. it’ll seem like not a lot going on out there in the present but actually varies quite a bit.

Unknown Speaker 49:41
The legal all the attorneys are all the cities have been working pretty hard on starting to develop an allotment contract.

Unknown Speaker 49:53
Struggling with the legal committee struggling with we have a contract and a operation

Unknown Speaker 50:00
contract, we bring them together. And it’s it’s

Unknown Speaker 50:08
much more complicated than sales. And that’s fine, too. All the sessions

Unknown Speaker 50:16
more, one more schedule coming up some working really hard on that. So hopefully, hopefully in the next month or two start to see some good progress on that.

Unknown Speaker 50:29
They will come before you talk about that.

Unknown Speaker 50:34
Not a lot of progress on Well, no progress since last month we reported on the federal case it was reassigned to a different challenge because of the backlog on the district cover. So

Unknown Speaker 50:49
I wouldn’t surprise me that that’s a number of months for Jesse crack the case.

Unknown Speaker 50:56
So nothing on that. Come on, stay water.

Unknown Speaker 51:00
rights case

Unknown Speaker 51:02
continuing now the Congress are still to remain the objectives will continue.

Unknown Speaker 51:10

Unknown Speaker 51:12
hope you have been done by neighbors

Unknown Speaker 51:16
still always out.

Unknown Speaker 51:19
Going. The contractor is

Unknown Speaker 51:24
matter work getting getting

Unknown Speaker 51:28

Unknown Speaker 51:31
proposals together all the different equipment,

Unknown Speaker 51:35
determine their methods and means working with the technical staff.

Unknown Speaker 51:46
Right now it’s

Unknown Speaker 51:49
getting questions.

Unknown Speaker 51:53
Okay, thank you can

Unknown Speaker 51:56
item 10 is on the board with you

Unknown Speaker 52:00
major project listings and items currently scheduled for future board meetings.

Unknown Speaker 52:07
will review cash and Alou again in March. So next month, sorry. Yeah. And hopefully, we’ll be able to Public Works natural resource staff report levels on union reservoir

Unknown Speaker 52:24
efforts. And then we’re expecting to have towards a report available for you guys to

Unknown Speaker 52:32
bring. Sounds good. Any questions on the

Unknown Speaker 52:38
next item is informational items and waterboarded correspondence. I handed out that the sounds like maybe the same report that you brought to research behind that. Oh, good. Yeah, I just gave the executive

Unknown Speaker 52:55
start meeting is first. Mine has all the charts and data

Unknown Speaker 53:00
That’s great.

Unknown Speaker 53:02
Anyway, I think this just came out I heard about this a few days ago. So I think it’s pretty hot off the presses.

Unknown Speaker 53:08
Sounds like in general, they’re talking about hotter temperatures, which, you know, part of the result of that is less snowpack and less kind of reflection from the

Unknown Speaker 53:18
from the snowpack, which means more at heat absorbed and more kind of issues with the remaining snowpack in the water supply. So they’re talking,

Unknown Speaker 53:28
thinking this are saying every Celsius degree increase means potentially a decrease in supply river flows by 9%. So that’s pretty,

Unknown Speaker 53:38
pretty scary.

Unknown Speaker 53:40
I guess the other thing and I guess the one other piece I wanted to maybe relay from my end is, so the city of Fort Collins did a drought,

Unknown Speaker 53:51
climate change analysis and how it would impact their system including CBT yields. So the Northern District I went up and we spend up

Unknown Speaker 54:00
Three hours going over that.

Unknown Speaker 54:02
In. In general, what I understand is companies are saying they’d likely be hotter but there’s enough alluded to it in this report, there isn’t really a consensus as to what will happen to preset. It’s kind of, I think there may be more variability, but they’re not sure it’s going to be necessarily less precipitation or more precipitation. That’s a little uncertainty uncertain with

Unknown Speaker 54:24
the studies today, but there may be more variability. I guess, in my mind, big picture is, you know, I know it may have impacts on the EDF firming project in terms of lower yields and what that means in the Colorado, the flipside of that is, you’re going to more variability, you better have some story

Unknown Speaker 54:43
to capture the water in the wet years when you do have supplies to carry over into maybe the more variability in terms of the dry years. So that was just something I wanted to kind of relay and that that study the Fort Collins

Unknown Speaker 55:00
If anybody has interest I can.

Unknown Speaker 55:03
I think I got a link to the study, I can send that to us. But they get pretty deep involved in the modeling of their system and how it would react a higher temperature and more or less precipitation.

Unknown Speaker 55:16
And what that means to the kind of vulnerability or reliability of their system, that’s what they were trying to look at. And then look at their water policies in relation to that. So anyway, just a couple of thoughts there. I didn’t know, I know, we went past public invited to be heard, but if you want to

Unknown Speaker 55:33
say is that everybody thinks that this is a precipitation issue. And of course, it matters if it’s rain or snow, but it isn’t just that, that bare earth because of the higher level evaporation and transpiration means that you can have as good or even better preset, but end up with less yield because of those losses. And that’s what’s really

Unknown Speaker 56:00
They this article is saying is going to very negatively affect the Colorado River, which of course then means that the water right, that supposedly might exist at some points in time for when the gap exists in much, much less poison.

Unknown Speaker 56:17
Once again, it’d be Canada variability of I think the last few years have shown me some good years where you can palm but you may have some bad years too, so the yield may go down, but you’re still going to have in some years to get a good year. Another thing that, I guess I’ll allude to and they allude to it a famous article is in 2026, is when the current operating guidelines for the Colorado River expire so they’re supposed to before the end of the year starting in renegotiating you know, five years in advance

Unknown Speaker 56:47
new rules and that’s going to be key to this whole deal to is how, you know, we’ve got drought contingency plans, but all that is kind of a stopgap until these new

Unknown Speaker 56:59
you know,

Unknown Speaker 57:00
Operating guidelines come into effect, because that’s going to impact upper base and lower base and kind of relationship in some of the allocation of the water. So there’s a lot of variables. Right now

Unknown Speaker 57:12
that anyway, this just kind of highlights a few of those that are common climate as well. It’s kind of administrative Lee. So anyway, thank you for bringing that I appreciate that. Yes, if we make some copies, I think it’s good background information, because you can go to the charts to see what they’re talking about in the press release. Appreciate that. I feel like I’m almost done. So so that’s why if you can do that maybe Western can for the next meeting. That would be appreciate the same kind of stuff.

Unknown Speaker 57:45
Any questions, comments on?

Unknown Speaker 57:49
Thank you appreciate anything else

Unknown Speaker 57:53
from the waterboard as far as correspondence item 1212 a, so we’ll consider cash

Unknown Speaker 58:00
In March, we talked about the annual waterboard record March as well.

Unknown Speaker 58:07
Yeah, go ahead. Just real

Unknown Speaker 58:11
reminder, no waterboarding or the spring water users meeting is April 7 and really and it’s open now if you just wanted to

Unknown Speaker 58:21
have a little color science

Unknown Speaker 58:26
engine really and then

Unknown Speaker 58:30

Unknown Speaker 58:33
wanted I want to try to get you updated each month on the climate emergency and or the Climate Action Task Force is doing. So, right now we’re focusing on are those transportation, energy use so they haven’t launched or water.

Unknown Speaker 58:50

Unknown Speaker 58:52
all that. Efforts coming up. March 3, City South is going to be doing

Unknown Speaker 59:00
their monthly update the city council, so that it should be coming out probably tomorrow, maybe Wednesday.

Unknown Speaker 59:09
But as soon as that back comes out, we’ll just email your coffee bag until you kind of see where it is and where it’s out. I don’t know, Marcia, if there’s anything else you wanted to know, you probably know that an ideal

Unknown Speaker 59:25
stuff for the renewables committee. We have several, essentially complete recommendations that have been spent already. I don’t know. They don’t go past me for the other two committees. Yet, but

Unknown Speaker 59:43
the middle of last week, each committee was supposed to submit at least one. So that’s kind of where we are in terms of how much volume that we can expect.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:00

Unknown Speaker 1:00:02
Thank you for that. That’s all we got on the agenda today. Anything else? Otherwise I’ll adjourn the meeting. Thank you.