SVVSD Board of Education Regular Meeting – January 8, 2020

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Good evening and welcome to the St. Vrain Valley School District Board of Education meeting. Could you please stand and join us in saying the Pledge of Allegiance? I pledge

allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Good evening, everyone and happy new year as we start out 2020 feels like yesterday we just talked about 2000 and would we all survive the transition to 2020 years later? Here we are. BB. Can you please call the roll for us this evening? Mr. Aaron’s absent

Mr. Berto. Here, Mr. Garcia here, Dr. Order person

appears here. This is Franklin here. I miss segars. Here. Thanks, Barb. Have there been any attendance or changes to the agenda this evening? There have not. And did we have anyone sign up to speak for audience participation? Or is there anyone in the audience wants to speak on a non agenda item? We had no one signed that one. All right. Okay, then before we get into our visitors, I do want to take a second and welcome Laura. It’s nice to see you again. Laura. It’s great to see you. Thank you so much for having me here tonight. Absolutely. So, uh, Laura serves on the High School Student Advisory Council for the school district. So I believe you see, Paula, and you see Dr. marter, as well, every month when you go to that meeting, and administrators, and so you serve a function that’s very similar to our Board of Education, in that we utilize your input to help us in decision making and to gather gather information from students and schools as well. So thank you very much for that important role that you play. Thank you. Yes, and alaura I’ve had a conversation with you before. So I know I’m not putting you on the spot at all. If you wouldn’t mind just sharing a little bit about that you attend online, global and a little bit about yourself. We would love to learn more. That’s good. Thank you. So I’m Laura Young’s I, a junior at St. Right online global Academy. And I serve as a full time nanny, I education is key to me. I love it so much. I very honored to be here today. And I thank you all I look forward to going into education for my college experience and the University of Iceland in Reykjavik so that I will be getting a degree and teaching internationally and I’m working on getting my teasle certificate. So teaching English as a second language starting this semester, so I’ll be attending Front Range soon. Yeah. So thank you. Thanks to Laura. If you have any questions or any thoughts at any point tonight, feel free to interject, interrupt anything that comes up and also make a point to ask you periodically if you have any thoughts or contributions. Sounds good. Thank you. Thanks again for being here. Thank you. Agenda Item 4.1 is the Education Association for the st. Brain Valley. And it’s time to award the Eleanor venture grant recipients said, Josh, it’s wonderful to see you again.

And this is always exciting.

Yes. I mean, I’m bringing up here and Sheila Shannon, and they’re going to do a presentation about their experience with Eleanor venture. And I just want to quickly just say that Eleanor venture is a program that we started when Eleanor Flanders left the board of directors for the Education Foundation and as you know, elder fighters is a long time important education member and also help start the foundation. So the foundation did the Eleanor venture in her name, and if you’ve ever read her book, it’s pretty incredible. And there’s actually a particular about the Education Foundation, she talks specifically about what travel did for her when it comes to her education. And she wanted when the board came to her and said, Hey, we want to do something special for you. And they gave her a couple options. And one of them was actually a plaque on the bench. She didn’t like that idea. The second option was to do a grant and she wanted to do a travel grant. And she specifically said in her book, I want teachers to travel. I want them not to think about work all the time, but to use the experience that will bring that experience back in the classroom and thus, Eleanor venture travel grants. So I’m really excited to have Sheila free Hill. He had Brendan up here to talk about their trip they spent over the summer in Costa Rica, and everything. It was on our dime with education foundation. So I’ll hand it over to

Shannon and Sheila, welcome. Thank you.

I am Sheila freebo and I have been teaching as an ESL teacher for 19 years in the same frame Valley School District. And before I begin, I would like to thank the school board. Dr. Don had dad and the Education Foundation foundation for supporting this grant. Traveling to Costa Rica. Traveling to Costa Rica allowed me time to reflect, integrate and apply my recent learning as an educator. The experience was life changing and inspiring on many levels. The gratitude I feel is profound. Collaborating with Shannon has ignited my belief that when classrooms teachers and the community have a shared learning mission, student achievement excels. growing and sharing my curiosity as an explorer and lifelong learner where my primary goals are journey model. The leadership focus at Eagle crest where students are collaborating to commute, learn to communicate, create and inspire others to build a better world. We applied for the Eleanor venture grant to prepare the students for our rapidly changing world by bringing the world into the classroom and the classroom out into the world. The purpose for the grant was to show our students how to cultivate empathy and curiosity by being exposed ours. by modeling a growth mindset for our students, we will inspire them to uncover their future selves as explorers and lifelong learners. Curiosity empowers us to improve our world. Last year our classes virtually explored a Daniel runs a marine biologist working with the National Geographic. During a year long collaboration. Our classes completed a collaborative learning project, service learning project to take action to care for our world. We remove trash from our local dry creek that was flowing toward the ocean and that was possibly harming marine animals, illustrating how everything is connected. As students learn and communicate, they become more empathetic leaders by seeing the needs and others in the world around them. The more empathy we have for others in the planet, the more we will learn to care. I am passionate about my educational mission because I want all students to have the skills to be inspired to communicate, take action and live their passion with action comes to sense of intrinsic hope for our children’s future. When teachers model passion for learning students feel the enthusiasm and participate fully working with Shannon and Daniel tagging hawksbill sea turtles allowed us to experience what it means to be an explorer and care for the earth. It was a dream realized after working virtually with Daniel, with our with our students all year. By integrating authentic service learning into my language development curriculum. Students learn to protect our Earth’s natural resources and learn English simultaneously. Upon my return in my class we studied about bees and how vital their health is to our world’s food sources. As my students curiosity and sense of wonder develops, their intrinsic Desire to Learn emerges in the Monteverdi cloud forest naturally, our naturalist guide monello helped us discover hidden wildlife and understand how each vital organism is interconnected is part of the interconnected web of life. This fall while using ready Gen, I taught my students about bats and their value to our system and our world as explore as our world as pollinators. They were empowered and motivated as learners. It also fostered a love of the natural world and it’s amazing, interconnected and interdependent wonder and beauty. Inspiring children to love their natural world will encourage them to care for it.

Traveling to Costa Rica also allowed me to cultivate my own empathy and become more aware of what it means to be a language learner. The students I work with have an amazing asset. They are bilingual language is a way to fuel our connections to share our cultural identities. While in language school, I felt the struggles and anxieties that students feel being a language learner, I felt what it is like to be in their shoes. Becoming bilingual has been a lifelong journey for me and every multilingual person on this planet. being bilingual has opened up my world and my ability to connect and communicate more deeply. I want everyone to have this experience, listening to the stories of our homestay family as we ate delicious little Food taught me firsthand always begin with an empathetic heart. Our homestay allowed us to see the ways we are similar yet different and to explore aspects of our personalities that may only be shared in our homes. Everyone has a story worth listening to, we can all learn from one another. Being able to connect with people in another language allows relationships to grow and cultivate. Eagle crest is one of the most linguistically and culturally diverse in the st frame Valley School District. It has always been a passion of mine to validate the cultural identities of our students. It is inspiring to witness the positive impacts are growing celebrations are having on the students. Most recently, Eagle crest held a student multicultural art show that raise money for our sister school in Uganda and a student led leadership assembly that celebrated our multilingual community. When children feel validated and seen for who they are. They integrate their identity into their lives and see their cultural and language identities as an asset. Eagle crest empowering the school community to celebrate the cultural identities of our students, and also teach the children how to become leaders themselves. I have been inspired by how our school is implementing our leadership mission. When I wonder what is most important, I remember that leadership is found in the needs of others and the world around us. It is our job as educators to inspire this passion in our global learners for a rapidly changing world. Thomas Friedman so aptly said we all need to focus on being connected, respected and protected. As educator leaders, we inspire learners to empower themselves to be the change they want to see in the world. I want to again thank the Education Foundation, the school district, Shannon Brennan, Dr. Don Haddad, and everyone at Eagle crest for making this life changing journey a reality. Thank you.

That’s a great picture. I love your photographs. Thank you.

After we’re done, you can if you have some questions when she’s done well, she has a portion of sounds great. Yes, that’s what we’re waiting for. Thanks for joining us today. I’d like to thank the Education Foundation for this incredible opportunity that I was given by being awarded a recipient of the Eleanor venture grant. I’d also like to thank the school board and Dr. Dad for your support of this life changing opportunity. Thank you for your time tonight. This certainly wouldn’t have been possible without the encouragement and support from my family. I will never forget my husband’s response when I sheepishly told him that Sheila and I talked about applying for this grant. He said, why wouldn’t you Living the Costa Rican lifestyle at our homestay zip lining through and over the cloud forest, learning how to surf. struggling through one week of language school are all parts of my trip that I will forever cherish. Sheila and I spent our last evening together reflecting on our time and experiences in Costa Rica. We were feeling very impacted, changed and a little lost as to what would come next. By the time I got back to Longmont, I was eager to share with the world how this was more than just a trip. I was gifted the time to reflect on my years of teaching to come to realize relationships with students, parents and colleagues have profoundly impacted me. The language school classroom was small and intimate and sometimes intimidating. Valerie and I were the only students in a classroom where risks were encouraged and mistakes were celebrated. When I go back to Costa Rica someday I’ll have a friend to call on for either more language school or travel knowledge and Valerie is already helping to build my family’s dream trip to Switzerland or to that door to the the energy radiated through the water. We observed and measured it, reattached its tag cleaned it out and bid it farewell and good luck so that Daniel could collect more data on this magnificent turtle that prefer solitude. Daniel supported and coached us through our work and together we celebrated the incredible experiences that he helps to create for us. Because of the learning that occurred in my classroom, one family decided to take a vacation to Costa Rica and we and we arranged to meet up. One of the most incredible parts of this trip was when we connected with them. We explore the cloud forest, we’re enthusiastically passionate about the beauty that surrounded us, and we even went zip lining together. As we race through our lives, eager to get to all the places we need to be and do all the things that need to get done. It’s easy to miss the beauty and details in life in Costa Rica, I had the time to see And feel the beauty of being a teacher. I prepared for the energy and effort it would take to create a positive learning environment and build relationships with a new group of students. Upon my return, I was inspired to authentically integrate my learning into my classroom. To begin the year, students created podcasts and recorded a story about their summer, I shared a story of two guides helping a turtle get back to see after going through the motions of laying eggs in her old age. I connected this to our classroom community and that we all have to support each other to be successful. Hearing each other’s stories build capacity for a safe learning community. My teammates and I continue to build relationships with each other rooted in trust and clear and honest communication. I’ve worked to incorporate many district pillars into our daily interactions, presume positive intentions has been the most beneficial and creating relationships with my teammates that are mutually desired and beneficial supportive and funds after an eco cycle presentation about reducing our waste celebrating 10 years as a greenstar school and hearing about my experiences in Costa Rica, my students were inspired to reduce trash and created a service learning project to collect broken holiday lights and wrapping paper to be recycled through charm and bolder. Students and many parents eagerly participated in a cultural celebration, where we had the opportunity to learn about a variety of cultures from around the world. India, Germany, Scotland, the name and China, learning about other cultures help them to build empathy for others. My own children have been inspired to learn Spanish and now participate in Spanish club after school.

I had felt tremendous gratification and seeing the impact of this adventure on myself, my students, my family and within our school. I’m especially grateful for Sheila for having experienced this adventure with her and for sharing the personal and professional growth alongside her. We have been inspired to help build a better world. I am surrounded by relationships those that Faster just like the beaches are total for turtles nesting grounds will continue to grow and flourish. As I consider the way in which this opportunity has affected me, I’m overcome with optimism and gratitude. In early December roughly 60% of my class from the previous year came back to name the turtle that they worked so hard to adopt through Pema. My students decided to name our turtle adventure hope, venture as a play on adventure and to thank Eleanor Flanders and the ED foundation for this incredible opportunity that brought our learning and work full circle and hope to represent their hope to build a better world. during our time in Montevideo, I continuously laughed at this bird that tapped chirp and squawked at my window all day. At first I thought it was being social with us on the later on, did I connect that kept talking to its reflection, and I realized the deep down and at the end of the day, we all birds included, just want positive relationships that bring us joy. As a teacher at Eagle crest for four years now and 15 and St. Green Valley School District, I have realized that it’s the joy and gratification that comes from the positive relationships I have with my students, their families and colleagues, which keeps me connected and longing for more always.

Does anyone have any questions for us? Questions or comments from the board?

I always have a comment.

That was really wonderful presentation. Thank you. I just didn’t and I just think it’s so incredibly cool how

you had started the work because you had worked with Daniel like I’m online, right? Yes, I became a certified National Geographic educator during the year before and I applied to be in a publication Explore exchange teacher relationship. And I was accepted to do that. And then I invited Shannon to join me because I wanted more children to get to have the opportunity to share with me. And it turned into an absolutely amazing experience. It was also one of the first years that you go, Chris started our service learning work with our new pillars of leadership. And the timing was just impeccable. And it was really one of the most magical years in my career. That’s awesome. It really sounds like kind of like a perfect storm. It sort of all came together for you. And I just love because we talked to the board about technologies. We’re in the year 2020. Now, you know, we know we know we’re living in the future. But when technology brings you back around to the relationships to the people, that’s always where I go with it. The technology is built by people for people. Yeah, I really believe that global education is a way to connect the world and we need to use techniques. is a way to open the classroom up to the world and bring other people into our world. So the students that don’t necessarily get an opportunity to travel all over the world still get to feel the world and have it come into their room.

It was really incredible. I hope you enjoyed yourself. I know you did. You I can, I can feel it. The pictures were beautiful. And thank you so much for

bringing that back and just sharing something so incredibly unique with our with our students that’s going to stay with them for a lifetime. The ripple effect is really unmeasurable. So that I would agree with that. And I think the Eleanor venture award is always used in a really reproductive way. Agree. Agree. Thank you. Thanks, Paula. I did want to something that both of you mentioned, which I thought was was interesting and, and a good point for me to remember was that you were immersed as an English language learner while you were in Costa Rica. And what a wonderful perspective that you could be in that situation and then come back here. here to teach. I think that just opens your eyes to having empathy and compassion for what students, some students are experiencing. And I’m positive that you had that before. But if you’re like me, sometimes I refer it refreshing the reminders super helpful. It was also different as an adult. All of my very formal language experience had been, you know, forced in high school or, you know, I took French in middle and high school because my, my mom wanted me to do Spanish, which was really, which is typical, who’s suffering now from a map, but it was such a different experience from what I had had even as in district PD classes, and you know, certainly if I could go back and do it all over again, I would have done it for the whole summer. With my family, it’s very minor, too young to do the language school component, but in a few years I really hope to expose them to something like that. It was it was a remarkable experience and really, really special and quite different from anything that I’d ever experienced before. I highly recommend it. It’s really transformative. Yeah. How long were you there? We, we were there for just over two weeks, two weeks. So a good chunk of time. You’re only in language school for one week only in language school

was a little over two weeks language school sounds stressful.

It actually I think it depends on the level that you’re at Sheila’s level is much more advanced than my Spanish skills. And my teacher was very much about making it more fun and very carefree. And oh, if you make a mistake, you want to know what you just said. Okay, like very just jovial the whole time, which it was for you. I got you know, I got most of my Spanish learn. I studied in high school but not in college. And I did Most of mine, you know, on my own, and I don’t as they assessed me at the beginning, they said, Oh, I see you have street language. And they put me in the highest group, which was very validating for me. But I immediately realized that my grammar skills were really not up to par. And so I struggled in the very dim light of my homestay electricity to try to do my homework. And then I came in and I proceeded to get this very vulnerable for me to say this, but I got a D on my final exam. And I was like, Okay, I really get it. I get what it means to be out there and not know, and I felt very vulnerable. And it made me realize that yes, I can communicate well in Spanish, but I’m not perfect and we all can grow and we all can learn and using the growth mindset every day is something I do in my classroom and I live it in my own life. Wonderful. Well, thank you for doing such an amazing job at bringing Costa Rica into the classroom and your trip looks Absolutely amazing particularly loved your pictures, especially one of the the one of the bats. That was that was really cool about that moment, like it was in a scope. And then the bats were not. Oh, oh, that was your camera, so maybe you should tell her.

It was my camera.

Manolo, he had this incredible flashlight, but also a scope. So the sloth, we saw some monkeys from a distance that we wouldn’t have been able to see otherwise. Some of the pictures were taking a picture of the scope lens to then see what was there. But the bats he was just shining a flashlight on the underside of this huge, huge branch that they had there was like this little bat colony living right there. And when they’re sleeping, yeah, they were sleeping and they were very unhappy when the light was shining on them because they were saying this is this is our sleep time, leave us alone. But it was just it was remarkable. What a wonderful operation. Unity thank you for sharing your experience with us and with the classroom and ego, Chris. And Josh, thank you so much to the ED foundation. And, and you and Eleanor and everyone who makes this possible. We greatly appreciate that. Thank you. Thanks again, you will experience. Don, that brings us to agenda item seven, which is the superintendent report. Alright.

Thanks, you guys. That was a great report. Couple things had a great meeting with Joe McBrain and Patrick mountain. Michelle was won, then later followed up today with some representatives from IBM, and they’re going to really focus heavily on moving our artificial intelligence programming and cyber security programming. We’re building out the new lab, and then it’ll be getting to permeate schools with the ultimate goal of well, who knows what the ultimate goal is, because we were artificial intelligence has so many places it could take you but we’re going to develop a course for history. School students to start, and then some programming for teachers, and then also begin to use it more to create more efficiencies within our system. So we’re excited about that. We’ll also be following up with our community meetings this spring, around the purpose of public education. And as I was listening to the conversation, you know, I couldn’t help but think about how important it is that we are helping our students become globally competent influencers in our world, and helping them to understand communication and collaboration and connectivity, and different cultures and World Languages and diversity of opinion. And just connecting on a civic level and on a global level. And I think those things are really important and will tie in nicely as we have those conversations around what’s the purpose of public education in this environment. We have a visit next Thursday with the United States Department of Education contacted us and want to visit our Career Development Center and our innovation center. focused heavily on career and tech ed. So we’re excited about that being recommended to them as one of the model programs throughout the country. So we’ll look forward to hopefully any board members that want to attend that. Jackie will be coordinating it and supervising and posting. So hopefully, that you’ll have that availability. We also are excited about the increased enrollment in our project launch program that we’re going to be doing this summer, we’re adding a large number of additional students. And that will continue I think, to yield great results will also be adding an algebra element to this for eighth and ninth graders in that transition period. And Jackie and her team have done a great job of putting together with the different standards that we use, and really making sure that the kids are getting into that high school level with the kinds of skills they need. So I think that those combination of those extra Time and extra effort programs will really yield some great results for us. Tomorrow, I guess we have the grand opening at nightwatch High School. So we’re looking forward to seeing the great work that Karen McDermott and her team have done in terms of

lack of a better words not too sophisticated of a word, but they’ve decorated it beautifully. And then Brian lamer and his team have done the the amazing work they always do. And then Eric rush Cobb, leading nightwatch High School and great work he’s doing so we’ll look forward to seeing all of you there. And the new elementary school is coming along nicely out it made it’s amazing to see it go from dirt lot to future home and it’s starting to go up quickly. So we’re excited about that. had a chance to visit yesterday, Sanborn Alpine and Northridge elementary school and really impressed as always by our teachers and our students and our staff and the great work that they’re doing and just love that process of getting out to the schools and seeing everything that’s happening. Constantly, Vex robotics is underway. On Saturdays, we’ve got hundreds of kids engaged in our hundred and 55 robotics programs. So if you ever are looking for something exciting to do on a Saturday, our schools are full of kids doing some pretty amazing things. And then our Student Advisory Board, Laura caught an opportunity to, to see our students again, I was really impressed by your comment. It’s just, you know, when you talk about globally competent individuals and influencers, you’ve got one sitting right there, and others that were at that meeting and throughout our schools, I really am impressed by the level of thought and the insight and the compassion and everything that you talked about. I just, you know, when you have the opportunity to hear young people talking like that it makes you very proud and excited about our future. And then the last thing is is our legislative session is beginning and wherever reactive down there. So we have a number of bills that we will be advancing around different subjects, p tech and other things. And so we’ll keep you posted. But I think between accreditation, had p tech and safe to tell, we will, will leave our mark on another legislative session. And then finally, I just wanted to thank Steve sitting back there, he and I get to meet on a regular basis. And one of the things that I appreciate most about Steve and all of our teachers is just this deep level of commitment to our students. And I really appreciate that. And just sitting there and having lunch and talking about the great things that our teachers are doing and the work that’s happening. It’s inspiring and his leadership is very much appreciated. So thank you.

Thank you done. Laura. Any comments or questions before we dive into our feeder report? I just wanted to say thank you, john. That’s that means a lot to me. Um, I am glad that something I said was of importance now. But um thank you and with the meat elementary school I it’s I live right next to me middle I went to meet elementary and middle and it’s really incredible to see the growth of that little dirt field but I used to play on as a kid grow into a two story elementary school it’s it’s insane but kind of sad to see that the architecture from the 40s in the in the gym being gone. It was always fun to look at as a kid. But it’s exciting to see new new growth and development in my own neighborhood. And so thank you. Thanks to Laura. Agenda Item 6.1 is the old Columbine High School feeder report. Hi, Dina. Hi, how are you? I’m well how about you? I’m well thank you. Thank you to you and the board and Don for having us here tonight. I am really excited to present to you tonight the old Columbine High School Board report while I’m getting everything set up as the Production I’m going to have the old Columbine students and staff come up. So for many years at old Columbine High School, one of the, you know, main focus areas has been to develop a community and school culture that’s safe both physically and emotionally for students so that they can thrive in their school environment. And Denise cook has led that for many years at will Columbine High School along with the various admin team members that she’s had on her team. And in the last two years, there’s been a pretty remarkable, I would say transformation at old Columbine High School. We hired Tony Joe Nikolai, as an assistant principal. And while I am so proud of every administrative hire that we have in our district, once in a while you get someone in there who just becomes just an amazing rock star. I cannot think of someone with more energy and often optimism about the students that we have at all Columbine. And if you just spend a few minutes with Tony Joe at her school, around the students and around the staff, you’ll just find it contagious. She has a heart for the work. She is a strong leader and her optimism is second to none. So tonight, I’m going to turn it over to Mr. Nikolai, to present and then of course, we have amazing students here from all Columbine High School who will report out to you on the pretty remarkable year that they have had in the past year. Good evening, I’m Tony Jo. Nikolai. For those of you who haven’t met I see some familiar faces. And Deena, thank you so much for the kind words now I’m kind of like oh my gosh, I those are exciting things to hear. But yes, you’re welcome to come to our school anytime and I would like to have our students actually introduced themselves to you and share a couple of classes that they’re excited about participating. And then we’ll begin our presentation.

Good evening, my name is Fernando zabala. I’m a junior in my high school. I’m currently enrolled in the AP psychology and technician media classes.

Hi, my name is Angel, Angel Ross and I am a senior and I am currently in AP psychology and your book.

Hello, my name is Alexia Alvarado and I’m missing out Columbine and I’m in the EMT program and the CNA program.

Hi, I’m Millie Anderson. I’m so and I’m a senior as well, and I am currently in EMT p teach manufacturing and AP psychology.

Good evening. My name is Alyssa. I am currently a senior in high school, I am enrolled in medical terminology AP psychology. Now I would like to start our presentation and share some some our of our celebrations.

Our school continues to make progress in our school performance framework from the Colorado Department of Education. We would like to share with you some celebrations of which we are most proud. In academic achievement, we meet the state cup point in the areas of PSAT reading, writing and math and academic growth. We met the state cup point in Iran, Iran reading growth reading growth. Our strongest performance is in the student engagement indicator where we met the state cup points and attendance and truancy and exceeded a state cup point and returning students and post secondary workforce rating readiness. We met a couple points that nice at reading, writing, math, completion rate and course completion rate.

In the area of academic achievement and growth, we are proud of the efforts made to ensure that students have access to rigorous coursework. This year we added Advanced Placement psychology to our master schedule, students are also able to access additional AP classes through our partnership with St various online global Academy. With this partnership, some students are able to take additional rigorous courses, such as AP statistics, this year for the first time in our school’s history, students are signed up to take with AP psych and AP stats exams. In addition to AP coursework, we have had 100% participant participation rate in the LSAT prep coursework and corresponding LSAT tests for two years and something that students are most excited about is their ability to pursue coursework related to their interest. Currently, multiple students are accessing the Career Development Center Front Range Community College, the Innovation Center, and P teach opportunities.

We are extremely proud of our school engagement celebrations, we continue to focus on both our daily and yearly attendance rate. In one year we increase our annual attendance rate by over two and a half percent points. Also during quarter one of the current school year, over 45% of our student body had a 90% or better attendance rate. We were also really recently awarded the Colorado Department of Education reengagement grant along with St. Rain online, global and skyline High School, we will receive $300,000 over three years to continue to help us increase student engagement and ensure positive outcomes in our school. So far with this grant, we added a part time school interventionists additional credit course offerings throughout the school day, as well as post secondary college and career field trips. In addition to all of the support coaches, coaches offers, students are also encouraged to access in court encouraged to access extra curricular activities at their home high schools. Currently we have students students wrestling, and I’m currently the cheer Captain at Longwood High School.

A huge source of our pride for our school was last year’s graduation, and maybe graduated 60 students. This was our largest graduating class ever. We increased our graduates by 30 students as compared to the previous year. This year, we’re keeping the momentum going and are on track to have over 50 graduates. As our school students are becoming future ready, many, many students are looking towards college for a second. For a second consecutive year 90% of our seniors have participated in our free college application event. As a result of the efforts that are being made in regards to increasing our attendance rate, engaging in rigorous coursework and focusing on post secondary opportunities. Our students are more committed than ever to graduating from high school.

We continue to recruit credit

at a faster rate due to E credit. And we even have decreased our dropout rate by 12% in one year’s time.

Another big celebration is seeing our friends and classmates continue to shine was the graduate from our school. Several just graduates were accepted into numerous colleges and training programs. picture on this light is last year’s class valedictorian Rachel, who currently attends Colorado Mesa University in Grand Junction. Rachel, along with several other students was a scholarship recipient. Last school last school year, our students earned over $15,000 in scholarships, many with the opportunity to renew each year. Rachel share with us these quick thank you letting us know that this was a family to her and keep successfully continuing her education at CMU. It is so exciting to see Rachel and other students, other students attending college and pursuing their career interests. Finally, we want to Highlight the library redesign project and project based learning for the library redesign project. We are working with our teachers and members of District media services to help support us in a decentralized library concept. Currently we have new bookshelves located throughout our school so that students can check out books at any time. We also have a newly remodeled Library Learning Space that will be unveiled this semester, and we are offering a class to support students as media technicians. We are one of the first high schools in Colorado to implement this model. project based learning continues to be a part of most classrooms i o just empower empowers us to take charge of our own learning. One of the most exciting projects is a shark tank experience. With this project, we combine psychology and English 11 class and work with see you lead scholars and see you professors to explore entrepreneurship in our community and intermediate algebra class we partner with an aerospace engineer to draft blueprints to design and launch rockets. Were able to get feedback and adjust calculations for the Design and launches.

I think we accidentally pushed a button and you lost the slideshow. But please know we had exciting pictures for you all. So I would just like to say on behalf of the students and staff of old Columbine High School, we would like to thank you for the opportunity to come and share all of our celebrations tonight. And thank you for supporting our school. We are so proud of the effort that our students and staff and teachers make daily. I personally cannot ask for a better group of people to work with and a better group of students to serve to serve. Every single day our teachers participate in collaboration time, so we’re doing many professional development development every single afternoon and honestly, we’re constantly pushing ourselves and asking, asking ourselves the hard questions which is why What can we do better to help get more students across the finish line. And, and it’s an exciting challenge to have because we get new students every nine weeks. So there’s always more to help earn that high school diploma. We went out to dinner tonight, and I could honestly say the students bring a smile to my face every day. And I think the biggest reward is getting to sit on this graduation stage in May and watch them cross that stage and get their diploma and have their families in the audience. And I know Karen’s there, and it’s really it’s really exciting. Our last graduation was so large, that we’re actually going to be needing to move venues, which is an amazing problem to have. So we like having these exciting problems that we get to like solve because that’s means more kids earning their high school diplomas, more kids graduating on time and just pursuing their career interests in their futures. So, before I leave, I just want to say thank you so much for allowing me to serve the studio. and work with the staff at all. Columbine High School and it’s an honor to be in the same brain Valley School District. So please stop by anytime and come visit us. And if you have any questions for the kids or myself, we’re happy to answer them. Okay, thank you. And I will actually quickly run through these I just you know, if you would just slowly draft go through them for everybody and we can mail email a PDF to Barb who can get them out. But the only other thing I want to add is we do have Snowden Campbell here also, Snowden was a teacher at all Columbine High School for about eight years, and she came to show support for the school that she loves. And she moved into a different position recently into an E credit position. So she’s out in several schools doing great work and I just wanted to acknowledge her because she was also a big part of the school culture at all Columbine, and I think we’ll turn it over to you guys for questions from the students. But one last thing I’ll say is that the strong culture has has continued at will combine You can hear that, but infused with that is a culture of rigor, and also just a real focus on that connection to post secondary. What are you going to do in the next phase of your life. And so I just really appreciate the leadership of Tony Jo of Denise evoc. And certainly of our student leaders, they’re amazing students. And I’ll turn it over for questions, but I wanted to make sure to acknowledge those things as well. Thank you. Any board member questions or comments, Karen? Yeah, amazing progress. amazing work. That was a great presentation. So thanks so much for sharing. You know, I’m a former alternative school counselor and I just have such a thing for alternative schools in the population. It’s like, you can’t measure the feeling that you get in an alternative school and you really do such a great job to create that family that is so necessary for success and in an alternative school, so great job and it’s obvious and you’re bringing up the number of To prove that you’re doing such a great job in your leadership, Dina Denise, Tony Joe also so thank you so much. I wanted to find out what the seniors have planned for next year if you don’t mind sharing. Um, so I actually am for next year I’m going to take a year off actually just work as an EMT. And then I want to go to school to be a trauma surgeon. Wow, actually. Amazing. So I’ve actually gone to acceptances at college and I would either be taking MSU RS UCCS for nursing, and hopefully I can work as a CNA while I’m going to nursing school and then be an OB GYN one day. Amazing. It’s great. After graduating I plan on law I got accepted in front range from attending this upcoming fall. After that, I want to transfer to you See for a nursing degree.

We need good clinicians out there. This is so great to hear. I’m after

I graduate, I want to get my apprenticeship to get to be a tattoo artist.

I am not a senior, I’m a junior. But what I’m thinking I’m taking this automotive. See where that takes me. And also to have some personal knowledge and

for personal use and if my car breaks down,

fixing myself in a paper mechanic.

That’s great. Great, thank you so much.

Thank you.

Agenda Item 6.2 Chase. Is the fall activities reports. And I believe that’s all the noise that we hear out. Which is absolutely not a complaints. But you you once again brought a very large contingency,

right. Madam President, Dr. Dead board thank you for having us tonight and was like to start with thinking Brian and his team for all their work in our facilities this year. They are they are certainly next to none. And we had a we had some adventure over over Thanksgiving with a snow Blizzard in a in a playoff football game, but they managed to have it clear. So thank you for your you and your team’s work. I was talking with Eric rush called back here and three years ago, we came here on this night with one gymnast, and tonight we have 12 different teams that want to state titles. So with 120% increase in participants for tonight, we’re certainly excited about that. That. But again, we have 12 state champions in the fall. unique situation with that is nine of them happened on the same day. So that was that was pretty exciting for us. And we have four other teams across the district that made the final four better. You know, really more than anything we just want to emphasize up of what sports and extracurriculars in music does for our communities in our school culture. If you had the opportunity to attend some of the events this year, you would certainly see that there was a Frederick and meet football game this year that that was as good as great as any high school environment I’ve ever seen. There were people that parked and walk 20 minutes from their car to get into the stadium. So it was it was fun. Seven or 8000 people there was was a good way to bring communities together. I’d like to start by bringing up Colleen Ford. She’s the new athletic director and assistant principal at Lyons High School. Cool to talk a little bit about her crew that’s with her.

Hello, thanks for having me. Um, I just wanted to start off by thanking Dr. hidin and the members of the board for having us here and acknowledging the wonderful things that our students are doing in athletics. And I’m To start off, I also wanted to say thank you to chase for helping guide me through this transition to an ad and then also to Andrea and then also the lions community, all the parents and staff have been amazing, supporting all of it. So supporting the transition, supporting the athletes, etc. So I wanted to start with that. It’s always a great opportunity to get up here and talk about athletics and all the great things that are going on in in the lions community. So before I present my cross country team, I just kind of want to talk about a few highlights from this year. So our fall season our football team ended with win against Pentacles. That was really, really wonderful to see. And softball went to state for the first time since 2010. So that was a very exciting they lost in the first round with a heartbreaker with a heartbreaker loss, and our cheer team quadrupled in size. So now we have 16 girls, cheering and all of our events. So that’s been really exciting to see and it really changes the energy in the gym, as well as on the field. And in our winter season. We have we had our two basketball teams have a great win last night against front Front Range Christian. Our wrestling team participated in the Gary Dom tournament, hosted by nightwatch High School and so we had three wrestlers that were in the title game or title competition and then two champions so it was really amazing to see. We’re also gearing up to host 17 teams and our tournament at lions this coming weekend. So we’re excited about that. But instead of just talking about all the athletes, I really want to focus On cross country, so I know that you want to hear from Mark and the members of the team. So I do want to talk a little bit about Mark because I know that he’ll come up here and he won’t talk about it himself. But I do want to acknowledge that Mark has been nominated to the Colorado High School Coaches Association Hall of Fame. Um, and so before I introduce him, I want to acknowledge that he’s an amazing person. I know you probably all know him. But without further ado, here’s Mark Roberts.

Thanks Colleen. It’s been great bringing her on board this last month we had a big project. Our storage area up above the weight room has been a mess for years and the two of us decided we were going to tackle that over the break. So thank you board for allowing us to be here. I’m trying to talk around a couple of cough drops. I had this tickle for the last week. So hopefully I can get through this without a coughing fit. What do you You guys kind of gather around a little bit more. So we have both our boys and girls cross country team. They accomplish defeat this season at the state cross country meet that hadn’t happened for 25 years. And they won both Team Titles and both individual titles. We did it right before now I did it because our races were earlier on the schedule. But Estes Park was the last team that had done that. And so we’re really excited to be a part of that history in that tradition, and we have a lot of respect and enjoy the nightwatch crew as well. So as all as all these programs in the district are really close knit groups, this group of athletes where the Mile High league regional and state champs in terms of the team titles, Isaac one, all of those individual titles as well, Quinn was the league and state champion. And so on our group here I’m going to introduce Jordan, Simon, Isaac, Arjun, Bodie and Cole. I’ll talk about the boys first. We had three guys finishing the top 10 and we scored 14 points to beat Payton, who was second 38 points are freshmen call finished 16th overall, and if we had taken any one of our top three guys out of there, we still want to win a state title so I’d like to see that he beat all but one other teams second best runner. So that was pretty phenomenal for Him as our fourth guy Arjun and Bodhi Bodhi had a had a kind of a tough day. We’re glad he’s only a junior will be back next year. He lost his shoe about 800 meters into the race and decided to run the rest of the way on that gravel course with one shoe so he gets the Courage Award and next year we’re going to get after that one a little bit. And Arjun we’re really excited about just a sophomore. So we’ve got three seniors, three underclassmen, on the girls side, we went 135, Quinn won a state title jimson was third katifaq Hauser, our defending state champion was fifth she had gotten Mondo middle of the season, we didn’t know she’d be able to compete at all. And so for her to be able to come up to the state meet and and compete the way she did. One of the top kayakers literally in the world and the freestyle division stuff and I could tell lots of stories about Katie but I know time is tight and there’s a lot of people waiting out there. Hannah Thomas was 13th overall so your top 10 all state next 10 are honorable mention. And she beat all but one team second runner alaura cross or other senior on the group was our fifth runner she finished 27th and 27th in the team scoring, and she beat every other team’s third runner. So we would have been able to win that state title with any combination of our top three out of our top five. So it was really exciting way it all came together and the way this group overcame some adversity Isaac had had a couple stress reactions in the middle of July. So I’m you know, I’m excited about our three seniors and the way we were able to send them off and I just appreciate you guys and this opportunity to be here. Thank you so much to our administration, Andre and Colleen to both do an outstanding job and our community support is unbelievable. If you’ve seen some of our Twitter stuff, you know that our our school resource officers get everybody together and so I think we had like, I don’t know 15 or 20. Fire at fire cars and police cars and set us out of town so we know that we are well loved and I would love our parents to stand up if they would please. I get to work with some amazing athletes and that’s because they have some amazing parents. So these are our parents and I was able to convince my lovely wife to come tonight way that these folks honey, because she is my far better half. And we just celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary a week ago Sunday. So I’m, I am a blessed man. And I’m going to let the team talk a little bit here. I’m going to have the two state champions share a few things and if I have a couple seniors that want to share anything else we’ll let them we’ll try to keep it short. Okay, so Quinn ladies first then we’ll let isaac go.

I just wanted to say thank you guys for having us this year. It’s a it’s a big deal this year. We’re losing a lot of really great seniors this year. We’ve been through it all our team is really tight and this it’s it’s like a different city. new family and I don’t think I would enjoy running as much as I do if it weren’t for my community and the people in my like my friends that I have in this team. But one thing I noticed as Mr. rockers is always saying good things about other people. And I think it’s our turn to say something good about him for how much he’s done for every single one of us. I don’t even like know where to start. He’s just such a big part of my life right now. He was gonna say at state, I went up to him and I said, I need you to talk to me. And he knew exactly what to say. And he knew exactly how to say. He just knows all of us inside and out and what we need and like, he told me the plan and it was was exactly what I needed in that exact moment. And I think we all just love him so much. He’s, he’s an amazing coach. And I just wanted to say thank you, Mr. Roberts.

You really Nice.

Yeah, I definitely second that. And I just first want to thank everyone for inviting us here tonight. And I just want to say this is one of the hardest working teams and one of the closest teams I’ve ever been a part of. So that was a privilege for me to be a part of that. And last year was kind of rougher, the three senior boys, we really had a season we wanted, so it was definitely fun to come back to season. And with their underclassmen, they all stepped up and really had good races. So it was fun for us all to come back and win a state title this year. And none of that would have been possible without our coaches and parents administration. So I want to thank them.

I think we’re done unless you have any questions or comments for us. So

I think I’ll make a brief comments. Just want to can Graduate all of you on your accomplishments. And to also thank you for recognizing the parents coach Roberts, that’s such an important thing to do because they play a significant role in the Student Success obviously, in the school success. You know, it’s interesting to set on the outside and have a little bit of a, an outside looking in view of the teams and their connection to you and their parents and the community and how fortunate we are to have have the lions community in the school up there to have these opportunities for kids. Mark, congratulations was fantastic article in The Times call if anybody has an opportunity to read about marks nomination to the Chiesa Hall of Fame, you know, so remarkable if I remember correctly, and you’ll know this but you have been involved. You’re the only cross country coach ever at lions middle senior Is that correct? The first and the only

coach football for five years and then Mr. Hammond stepped down. I saw an opportunity Ready to go get in shape again. So,

yeah, you know, so that that was something interesting that I didn’t know in that article. I enjoyed reading that. So thank you very much for all of your time. And congratulations to all of you. For those of you who are seniors and best of luck next year, we’re super excited. And the rest of you will hope to see you back again. After after the track season. Yeah.

Yes, we have some high goals. They were discussing it out on the couch out there. So we’re trying to rein that in a little bit right now. But yeah, we’re excited for for the spring to show up. So wonderful so much.

And Andre and Colleen, thank you. I think you’re back there. Thanks.

Okay, thanks. Thank you.

Do the line line change Keep up with the sports theme here.

Okay, our next group we we were going to bring nightwatch high schools at newest athletic director up here Joe Brown. And Joe is is nice enough to spend his birthday evening with us here tonight. So, Joe, you’re

happy birthday

Thank you can’t think of a better reason to spend it here. Thank all of you. First of all, I think we, we all realize how many hands go into this. So thank you board of education for all your support and the many ways and Dr. A dad and Mr. Mills, Brian, Eric rush club Chase, we’re really blessed with a great group that makes all this work. So as they’re, as they’re coming in here, these are the real people that do all the work, I just get to hang out, which is the nice part of it. Now what high school we have an amazing group of coaches and kids that are second to none. And they really make being an athletic director such an enjoyable job, because you get to see the great things that they’re doing constantly. And the amount of work that they put in, as coaches and as athletes is, is on an unprecedented level. They don’t accept mediocrity in anything that they do, and which is encouraging to see the future. What these young men and women are going to do after their careers and athletics in high school. So We have five state championships to talk about. The first one we’re going to talk about is their individual gymnast who won the all around state championship. Someone invited me up here. So me I attend Silver Creek High School and does gymnastics with an Iowa tonight our coach could not be or she had a family obligation earlier so she wasn’t able to make it but she did send me something to read. selfishly the great part about this was, this is my first year being an athletic director with a gymnastics team. So I got to watch how you do it at the perfect level, which was Mia and what she was able to accomplish this year. And I was going through some old records and stuff and I’ve yet to find another all around gymnast that won the state championship at nightwatch. So I’m still digging to see but it’s possible that she was our first one to do it in the history of my high school. So coach said this about her. She said I’m so Proud of Mia and our accomplishments this year, with only being a sophomore. And having been on the team one year prior, she really took on trying to lead this team this year. She always practice hard and was so focused on preparing well for her team. throughout the season, we knew that we needed to have a harder ball going into regionals and state of she had a chance to be at the top for the individual all around. She works so hard and was able to push her doubts aside and got the ball she needed. On the day of state she was able to put it all together and compete so well. She was the all around champ. She hadn’t done it. She had done it. She deserves all of this, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for her in the next couple of years. Thank you for having her and recognizing her this evening. Thank you to the district for the support of this team. We truly appreciate it coach Purcell. Thank you graduate.

Questions for

how long have you been a gymnast competitively for probably about eight years wow that’s great for my whole life probably 13 years. Good for you Congratulations and achievement and you’re just a sophomore so it’ll be exciting to watch over the next few years Thank you.

Me just want to say congratulations and something about always wondered about Tim This is when you’re trying something to learn a new anything like try something new without like give it on your head a few times like that on your feet like how I just never understood how to actually

do that. Well it kind of depends on the event like for floran wolfer floor mostly in general it’s you land a lot on your your back. And sometimes you get whiplash but that’s a whole different story.

bars, you just kind of fall over on it. But being involved, it’s definitely a lot of you hurt yourself a little bit. You on ball, I did land on my head a couple of times. Just I got the ball being I’ve definitely split a couple times when trying to learn new skills. But in the end, you just have to trust and know that your coaches knows you can do it and you have to trust in yourself and know that you can do it and then you’ll be able to perfect it

obviously takes a lot of courage. So congratulations. Thank you.

Another exciting part. You heard that she’s a sophomore, which is awesome, is we didn’t graduate one senior from our varsity lineup this year and finished third in the state. So we’re looking forward to a very strong couple of years coming up. So next we have our tennis program. So I’m going to introduce coach Corona, and she’s going to introduce our number one single state champion.

Hi, I’m Amy Cronin and I am the tennis coach at night for both boys and girls. And this year, we were fortunate enough to have Neil Wilcox who is a junior when the number one singles title. So he kind of places him as the best player in the state. And as well as not only for him but he has also beaten the five in state championship Not to brag on that

didn’t really matter which a Neil played this year. The tough part about Nilo was the pressure that was on him because he was expected to win. And I know that sounds like okay, well, then you’re going to win. But that’s actually the hardest way to go in and win with that target on your back. And he put a lot of pressure on himself to not even lose a game at some of the matches. And he got he did not drop a game until the semi finals, where he lost two games, two games and he was really upset with himself.

Which Yeah, but to put that kind of pressure on your back and then to pull through and win the whole state title was

pretty impressive as well as he’s just an incredible athlete and he’s his character and his sportsmanship is about and beyond. He’s won several sportsmanship awards. Throughout the years playing he plays high level national tournaments. He’s actually going to Utah in a couple weeks here and yeah, so he’s got a bright future ahead of him. We get him back next year. So

excited to have him.


Any questions or comments?

How long have you been playing tennis?

A decade. 10 years. 10 years.

That’s awesome. Congratulations. Thank you.

I also got really lucky there. Being an athletic director is my first time having a tennis team. And again, got to see how you do it right. So I’m two for two right now. Next is our boys and girls cross country team, who is the last team of the state of college rato to win all the boys and girls state championships and have the individual state champions as well, team before you was the one right before us. So this team is amazing. I had the opportunity to be down there at the state cross country meet and what an incredible experience. The the amount of work that these coaches and athletes put in is on an unprecedented level. I we then had the opportunity to compete at Nike cross nationals in Portland, Oregon, where our girls team placed third in the nation, which was just an incredible feat. So it’s a very special group of coaches and athletes. So I’ll turn it over to our our head coach Kelly Christian. So

we’re gonna get our ladies up here first. Heard that’s the proper thing to do is let the ladies go first. And they’re actually ladies go ahead and line up here. And I’m going to have them introduce themselves and say what middle school they’re from. Because that’s always fun when you’re at night, you know, half your students are going to be open enrolled. So they come from all over which is pretty cool. So samory get up here too, because what the seniors up front, so

Joelle can go first.

I’m Joe McDonald’s and I went to sunset Middle School.

And then Joelle is looking at what colleges right now

right now, Santa Clara brown and see you.

Yeah, yeah. So she’s going on an official to Santa Clara this weekend BROWN Next weekend last week. So pretty cool. Yeah.

Sean and I went to Flagstaff Academy,

sunset Flagstaff. samri is signed to go run and compete at the University of New Mexico on a full athletic scholarship. So pretty cool. They’ve won three of the last five national titles for division one, you wouldn’t think that you know burst into Mexico that’s pretty cool. So that’s samory

and I went to the lions middle school

he was a junior stolen from Mark

I’m Taylor James I went to prospect

I’m diva clean bio and I like to sunset

I’m Madison shorts and I went to peak to peak charter school.

Alright, so they’re not done being embarrassed yet so pretty cool lineup I think we had two from sunset and the rest were open enrolled. So they want to see well, so that’s spread out ladies. So they won the state title last year. As you know, we were up here and it was a pretty cool story taken down battle mountain they had won the previous three years. So come back. Obviously, the goals were the same and the dedication was the same. The first thing we do in June for the summer is find a place to have barbecue set goals. And then they they really hold each other accountable. After that I don’t really have to do a whole lot other and provide opportunities. So this is a group that has 52 weeks out of the year of practice option. And they choose usually to go to 48 of those 52 and take four of those weeks off usually after the season. So super dedicated group of very talented and wonderful humans here. And then they went into the state meet obviously with the target on their back with battle mountain chasing them to get their title back and the girls actually set a state record in the process beaten their own state record. So they had all five runners and cross country the team with the lowest score wins. So you want to have the lowest score. And you basically take your first five scores in and Talia put Place they are and that’s that’s how they do the scoring cross country, but we had all five runners cross the line in the top 12. And then our we had all, we had six at 13. Right? Yeah. So, and then Eva was coming back from Eva and Eva. Were six and seven. So so that’s these are girls. They’re amazing. And yet they ended up going to Arizona A month later, which is really hard sometimes to keep that fitness and dedication up, especially after a long, exhausting season. We fumbled a little bit in Arizona and got third place and had to wait for Nike. To invite them they only invite four teams and entire unit nation beyond that point, and then they ended up going to Portland on this the first weekend in December and got third in the nation. So they went from third in the region to third in the nation. amazing group of girls, they’re going to pass the torch We lose two, so can’t replace them but I think we’re gonna do all right. That’s our girls will get our boys up there thank you ladies.

So this is our first cross country boys title at night High School. They took second and I walked to a second back in 2014 and lost dipalma Ridge by 10 points which is the team I coach so it was fun to beat nightwatch in 2014 but then it’s a lot of fun to to see this group of boys who who really dedicated I think the girls set the tone and and the guys were really Sick of always being in the shadows and they put their their dedication and hearts and soul into the sport and do each other and and train super hard but before I share more I’m gonna let them introduce themselves and share what middle school you’re from. Okay guys.

I’m jack kinko I went to sunset Middle School.

Grady roba and I went to Flagstaff

walking around and I went to sunset.

I’m Joey Hendershot and I went to Flagstaff Middle School.

I’m saying Bergen and I went to Boulder Country Day.

And the two seniors that aren’t here are Michael carpenter who transferred in from California from Claremont High School. And then Cruz Cole pepper is sick tonight but he went to middle school. So again, a huge President with our presence with our open enrollment, which is pretty cool. Jack’s The only senior that’s here today and jack is getting ready to also tour the United States and try to make a decision but he’s got a lot of top colleges that are after him jack super ambitious because he’s high academic achievers, so he wants to be at a top 20 academic Institute. So he’s got he’s got Princeton, Stanford, Santa Clara, Dartmouth, all on his radar. He’s gonna be visiting Santa Clara and Dartmouth soon, and anyone that misses out on him is missing out big time. So, and then cruises signed a full athletic scholarship to University of Washington. So the boys pretty cool story. Being the first state championship team takes a lot of dedication, like I said earlier, but they were not the favorite going into the state meet. There are a lot of other teams with a lot more seniors and a lot more decorated history and prestigious. Programs compared to where our boys were. So they really had to test themselves mentally and take a lot of chances at the statement as far as gambling on where they’re going to be halfway through the race and, and hang on for dear life, and some of them did hang on and we had a few that blew up, but it’s the fact that all seven of them went for it that we had enough to, to end up winning. And one cool thing about this group of boys is if you take our seniors out of the scoring, we still win. So if you remove Cruz and his state championship individually, in score the next five guys that are coming back next year that they would still win the state title. So pretty exciting. And it’s always nice when you can get number one on the board, as far as state championships goes. So that’s our boys. They also went down to Arizona and we we had a different experience than the girls. And we learned a lot and we’re going to play that in the future so they know what they need to do as far as The mental game goes. So that’s our boys and girls teams. Do you guys got any questions for them?

Questions or comments can kill your great coach. Thank you so much. Appreciate it.

Thank you.

So new look,

yes, I got the hair going. I’ve been told to get a haircut,

and I’m really liking the coaching counseling combination, because that’s that’s so tricky, you know, the whole NCAA, all those requirements, and I’m sure you’re a huge, enormous asset, like for counseling for all the kids just kind of having that understanding and having that connection. So,

thank you. I appreciate that.

Man, can you say says Do you want to have Paris?

Oh, yeah, well, and actually I was gonna have Joe Yeah, you can’t leave yet Joe. I was gonna Asking if you could please ask the parents to stand from my wife so that we could thank them and recognize

parents, please stand.

Thank you guys very much for being here and for your support, not just tonight, but throughout all the seasons and the long days and long travels and always the fun weather. So thank you guys. And thank you guys again for allowing us to be here and giving us all the opportunity to work with such amazing kids and coaches. So thank you. Thanks. Any questions for me?

No, this is your first year though at my watch. This is pretty successful here.

Great start. Yeah. So thank you for the opportunity.

Great, thank you.

Thanks, Chase.

Matt bunker.

I want to share a quick story with Matt, whether you’re 18 Come in you can carp you can bring your teams. I run the state softball tournament for Chaska. I’m the the site director for the tournament. And during that final four game, one of the chats that commissioners called me and said, Hey, you need to go to the to the field. There’s a guy in an orange shirt that’s sprinting up and down the sidelines in screaming and cheering loudly. So I walked over there and it was this guy. And then I asked him if he wanted a lunch ticket before the finals and he said, No way, man, I can’t eat. I’m way too nervous, and he walked away from me. But I was amongst all the administrators that are here tonight. I think one thing that’s really in common with all of them is how much they love their schools. And it’s very indicative of their success amongst our students as well. So I’d like to call up Justin carpenter, the ad at URI to introduce his teams. We’re both gonna stand up here because that is a completely true story. I’ve more about cheerleading when we get to that About the same antics from Mr. Butler, but we’re very honored to be here. Thank you for the time. I want to acknowledge our teams and our coaches, but also our parents and I know they’re filtering in here. They’ve been out there for for a while and they’re still coming in so we could wait and let them get in first. There’s a lot. We’re going to fill your room up.

How many cheerleaders do you have?

On the varsity? There’s 25. But we have three levels of cheer. So we have a we added a C team for this year. So we have a whole lot you guys. All right, but we’ll start with softball first, our softball team areas had a kind of long, storied history as it relates to softball. Most of that’s been at the three level. We haven’t kind of reached that at the for a scale yet until this year. We start off the year great kind of hit our hit our growing strides, I guess in the middle of the year, and we enter the tournament as a 13 seed, or sorry, a 14 seed. So when you enter is a 14 seed. If you want to go to where we want it to go to, you’re going to have to beat the best teams. So throughout the course of the tournament, we were able to play and be the three or the first, second and third ranked teams. So at the end of the tournament, when everything was said and done, I can honestly say I don’t think there was much question about who was the best team that weekend and throughout the course of the state. So I’d like to introduce coach Vanessa Smith, and she can introduce her girls and talk about our team a little bit more.

Thank you so much for having us tonight. We really appreciate you taking time out of your meeting schedule to R s a little. This team is a little bit unique in that I was hired probably two weeks before the season started. So they’d had the same head coach for a long time. So they definitely had to buy in and kind of trust myself and my coaching staff right away. So they did, they did right away, we had nine seniors leading us and we kind of lead the season with the motto, remember why we started so they had to kind of remember why they started playing the sports that they did, and it was for the love of the game. And throughout the entire postseason of our season to regionals and through states. There was no doubt that you could not that you could see the love, you cannot not see the love that they had of this game every time that we were playing, because throughout our postseason, we played three games that went into extra innings. So and, and we came out victorious and all of them but I think that kind of defines our team, our team this year. was very gritty had a lot of heart. And there was no question that they I mean, they played for one another through and through throughout the entire season. Some of the awesome highlights we had were as a team, we hit 50 home runs throughout the season, and that’s a lot of home runs in any season. throughout the state tournament, we hit 11 home runs. So and that’s kind of what helped carry us through the state championship game. We played. Let’s see, along with coming together as a team, we had two girls, cat and Maddie. They were second and they were both second and RB eyes and hitting home runs for the state. So they let our state and we also had the Player of the Year for softball cat Saget. So we had a very good, strong leadership on our team but we also had girls under them that are ready to step up and kind of take over the program but definitely bought in and such a special team to come in and coach after having two weeks of preparation. Just want to introduce the girls really, really quickly. I know you guys taught here so we have Emma I’m going to do just first names so yeah. Emma step forward. wives are centerfielder Ashley page.

Jill, Jayden,





Megan, Megan level was our one of our pitchers or their pitchers playing basketball right now hopefully beating Holy Family. Hopefully. Mia, Divina Lori

cambree Kaylee


Cat. And then I’d like to introduce my coaching staff because I couldn’t have done anything without them this year and find a coaching staff in about a week and a half is very challenging, but I lucked out like nobody’s business. So we have coach Kenzie, who’s our pitching coach.

Coach Haley

and coach x.

A lot of strong women before you so thank you for taking the time for honoring us and


Chico has a comment if you ladies don’t mind

gratulations obviously, like you said, there’s a long storied history with Erie softball has been so dominant so for you guys to reach it at the level is awesome. follows up quite a bit. I know they’re there was at least one of the games was a huge comeback, right? If you could talk about that. A little bit I remember I was kind of following online, in the in the tournament.

Yeah, that was our very first game. In the tournament, we were the 14th seed and they were published south, they were the third seed. And we were, I think down by five or seven in the bottom of the seventh. And we came back. And it was kind of a battle back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. And we ended up winning that extra little game, right?

We’re watching on folly online and kind of gave up at one point or other down by seven or something. And I know, and then later that night that totally there when I know they were down. So I did double check.

Never to walk away from

our games, because we were up and down a lot of the time this year. And actually, we started the season really, really hot. And then we had a loaner season. And I think that’s kind of what prepared them for those extra innings.

So it says a lot to do that in the state tournament and so a lot of character of your team.

Absolutely. So, great job.

Thank you. Congratulations. Thank you.

Now are you you guys aren’t leaving, don’t take your parents so we can recognize parents after the cheerleaders talk. How’s that?

While they’re doing that, I do want to say that it really was exciting. As you mentioned, Mr. Garcia, and these girls have a spirit of just they do not quit. Like it was really amazing to watch. I mean, it’s always amazing to see state championships, but it just couldn’t be beat. So it was really impressive. Yeah, we’re going to have our cheer team come up. And that’s another one of those sports where you get down there, you start watching and Justin and I have been reading articles and books on the scoring of it. It’s almost like ice skating. I feel like I’m becoming a little Bit of an expert on it but a lot of excitement coming up just too much to come up and talk a little bit about about your he’s not lying about the reading books and articles about it we have one thing to I like to say to both of our teams is, is we try to find ways is admin to motivate and connect with our kids. And one of the ways we try to connect with our softball team is they’re getting ready to get on the bus. And I said, Hey, every homerun that’s hit I’m gonna buy cheesecake. So then it sounded fun until they started hitting a lot of home runs. And then it got to the point where one time Maddie Bond was rounding third base and she starts doing the I’m going to eat cheesecake. So girls, the cheesecakes are coming. Myself and Mr. book are going to find a way to do that. But it was a great weekend. And our cheer team I want to introduce coach nor off she’s been with us but She is she is a a master coach and just strong influence in our high school girls. She’s built her program to three, three teams that is uncommon in the state. So this year, we had a full team, varsity JV NC team. And she’s really big on not cutting girls, we want to give girls an opportunity. So she’s able to accelerate our upper end, and then still give girls a chance to feel good about themselves and represent our high school. So coach.

Guess the nice thing about doing this twice as I came prepared this time with the actual script to read. So that helps out a lot. But first off, I just want to say how blessed and honored I am to coach these girls. They’re amazing human beings first and that’s really important to me. And then also to be able to Coach at a school like Erie, like they said like they truly do do their research. And it’s so funny to watch them, as they’ve learned through the years, the different things and what’s a deduction and they’re counting in their heads like, Oh, well, that team stepped out of bounds twice. So

it’s cool to have an administration that’s willing to not only just show up, but like, actually learn and grow with the program. So that’s been really cool. And I think one of the biggest things is I can stand up here and list off all their accomplishments, the same ones they had last year, all of our first place trophies this year, they went undefeated. Again, it’s our second season, going undefeated.

They practice at 5am three times a week on top of their other things that they do. And they’re amazing people in their accolade list is so long, but I think that like Justin touched on this year, one of our biggest things was focusing on growing our program and the attitude of it and the conceptual growth of it because when You’ve gotten to this point where you are winning state championships. There’s so much more that comes along with it once once you learn once you get to that point and so it was more about building the program and laying the foundation. Like they touched on. We have three teams this year, I have 53 girls in my program and for a cheer team having 53 athletes that that’s pretty unheard of, there might be a couple, five, eight schools that have it. But other than that, it’s us. And so that isn’t an easy feat. And it isn’t just because of the trophies it truly is because of the people that they are and the program that they’ve built. And the fun that they have that all these other people want to be a part of it and they want to support Erie and they want to be able to stand on the sideline and cheer on their football team. And so I think that that was huge for us this year. And obviously coming in as returning state state champions. There’s a huge Bullseye on your back and it’s pretty intimidating, to say the least. And so our number one goal, quite honestly was just to hit and have a clean routine and for those of you that don’t know Anything about the world of cheer. It’s very important. And for us isn’t like other sports, we don’t have timeouts, we don’t have a half time to regroup and say, Hey, we’re down by five points, we got to pick it up. You get one shot, you hit the mat, you have two minutes and 30 seconds if something goes wrong in the first 10 seconds, you have to continue to perform and hope hope that the rest of your team can outlive that one mistake you made in point five seconds. And so I think that that’s one of the biggest the biggest accomplishments with which comes with winning in the cheer world is just that it is so much different than anything else.

I’m moving on.

I’m at the state championship, they had to perfect your team. So Friday night you perform once and then you find out if you make it on the finals and then the second day is a completely new scripts There’s your scores don’t come over again. You have to do the exact same thing and hope it goes just as well as day one. Because nothing from your first day comes over and so we had 220 production routines, two beautiful routines, which is all you can ask for. And obviously, the judges thought the same and we came out on top which was, which was amazing.

And we’re just truly honored to be here and so thanks for let giving me another opportunity to brag on the girls and giving us another opportunity to truly enjoy this moment and we’re back at it tomorrow morning. They’ll be back in the gym at 5:30am getting ready to go to Florida so it’s exciting time.

Question a question so your your cheer. So in the fall you cheer for the football team. And then did you have competitions throughout your own through that season through the fall or do your competition competitions happen? Like after know the football? Yeah, so our first competitions in October and then we compete almost every weekend, October. We’re through December, and then after state we have the month of December often then this year, we’re lucky enough we got a bit to compete at Nationals. So we’ll compete again in February in Florida. So you’re still competing and you’re still cheering for the other teams. Wow. That’s a lot. Yeah. Yeah, of course, of course. Where are you guys gonna do a cheer?

Oh, tonight

I think I’m gonna I’m gonna read down the roster just so we all can be honored when I say your name. You have a little, a little scroll past. This is their least favorite thing to do. Just so you know, they hate they hate this. So we have Trinity guild house khaya. Becca is the Lauren Kendall who’s a freshman. She’s not here tonight. She’s actually an all star practice. So most of my girls also compete at the all star level. So a lot of these girls are practicing with two teams going to school cheering it all that And competing So, Berkeley Taylor, Grace Nolan Berg, Mackenzie, Sydney, Emily Marin, cc, Maddie green. Maddie Pontus Kaylee Chiti. Grace harden. Ella Ella Mullins sorry I forget their studio. I’m a Quincy and alikat Lawsky

He’s nearly impossible get both area team picture in front. Can we do that really fast? Okay, can we get both teams just right up here and Mr. Butler is really into tweeting you have it

No, no. No.

Okay, really tight girls really tight.

Everybody smile for like five seconds because I’m taking a pretty good

Justin, are you still out there? I can’t see you. Can we just take a second to recognize the parents before everybody leaves, please? Yeah,

yeah, definitely. I think they’re kind of in the back in skier but there’s any parents for cheer and softball if they could stand up. They were. They were definitely a big piece of puzzle, especially in all settings. But if you haven’t been to the state events at softball on that final day, it’s pretty electric and then it cheer on Saturday night. We cleared out a whole section. So so it was a lot of fun. We have a great, a great parents support base.

Thank you.

Thank you, Chase. Yes,


Second quarter gifts to schools. You have a hard act to follow.

So I could you guys give me a couple minutes so we can run back and grab my financials awards of excellence and bring them up to inadequate right now.

Are they as big as those trophies though, Greg?

No, but there’s more of them

are 18 years now so

know that you’re competing with high school students? All right.

I’m lucky if I can do that.

So here, we’re here tonight to talk about second quarter public gifts to our school district. During the course of the year, we received many cash and gift donations for our programs. And we have board policy kcd which just kind of allows us to collect that and present that information. to you. And so what I would say is that this year for the second quarter, we receive gifts of $222,000. Just some highlights of those is $4,000 from micron for robotics programs $10,000 from Anadarko from energy Academy for energy Academy, and about $2,000 from ball for sensory room

was looking at it and

last year we received $425,000 during the second quarter, but one of those gifts was $230,000 from Ames Community College for curriculum resources and tools. So if you kind of pull that one donation out, we’re a little bit about a little bit ahead of where we were in terms of gifts for the second quarter.

Great. Thank you, Greg. Any questions or comments stick?

Thank you Madam President. Gregor, as I looked through the list of donations, First of all, we have a very generous community supporting our schools. And they support our schools and part are probably the large part because of the quality of the programs and activities we offer our students. I was I was interested to note that for the schools represent 41% of the donations.

And while we have,

let’s see, we have 5657 schools. How do we and those donations I believe in partner for parent support at some of the schools? How do how do we ensure that we have true equity across our schools when some schools are through their PTO are getting substantial donations and others are getting relatively small or no donations. Right. So I think that’s one of the difficult things. I don’t think we can say we have true equity. I think we do things that we can to provide equity. For instance, some of the some of the schools that are lower socio economic, get title, title funding, so they get additional support that way. board policy through historic historically, we don’t allow schools to buy teachers, but we have prevented them from buying paraprofessionals to provide support in the classroom. We try to keep our class size ratios and all of those team those types of things similar, but we’ve allowed boosters PTO is to provide to purchase or pay for paraprofessional support those paraprofessionals are can overseen by the principal. And so it’s not it’s not like they’re injecting People in and then trying to control this the situation. It’s more about they just want to provide additional support in the classroom. And one thing I’d like to say is I, you know, I’m just going to respectfully disagree with the fact the statement that we don’t provide equity. Because, you know, I’ll remind people that, you know, we put $20 million into a community where they didn’t receive as many parent donations. And I heard from some of the other schools, how come that particular community is receiving so much support? We also, as you said, receive title funding, which brings staffing and classroom sizes down to, you know, 15 and 16 and 17. And we have funded stem programming throughout many of the schools. And so I would again, respectfully say that there is outstanding equity throughout our schools. And I think we have demonstrated that with technology with programming instructional With co curricular and with academics, and while it’s true that parents have the opportunity to bolster some of the classes with paraprofessionals, sometimes that’s because their class sizes aren’t lowered. As much as other schools, class sizes are lowered to do that, and I just think it’s really important that when we look at these things, we look at these things comprehensively and not cherry pick situations and then make global statements about them. So yeah, I agree. I think we strive for equity. Definitely.

You know, and I think I go ahead, you finish that.

And that was really my my question. You know, what process to go through to ensure equity, regardless of the clearing balance, in terms of donations, from one school to another, right and donate represent just a very tiny I miniscule piece of the amount of funding that goes into our schools. And so I wouldn’t draw any conclusions about such a very small amount of money.

Thanks to you know, Don, my only other comment, and I know this is going back historically, but when, you know, you first became superintendent and came around to visit schools in 2008, I distinctly remember having a conversation with you, and that did center around equity. And at that point, I do think there was an equity at schools because there were pts that were capable of raising those funds. You know, I was a personal experience as a parent with that. I don’t see that happening now. And one of the most significant things that you did as far as equity goes was technology across the district. So just take a minute to reflect. Just wanted to point that out and take a minute to reflect back on that and to look at it holistically I agree with you. Thank you.

Yeah. Just another example, when we talk about, you know, p tech programming, we’re talking about hundreds of students earning their associate degree at no cost to the student. And that’s happening in some of these schools where we don’t allocate a couple of paraprofessionals that parents pay, but we’re paying for college education. And it’s the same thing with preschool. And full day kindergarten, we provide hundreds of thousands of dollars of scholarship money, that in other places we don’t. And so this is a really important thing, because there is nothing more important than ensuring equity across our schools. And so I just have a hard time sitting there. When we say something like, well, we don’t really have it. We absolutely have it. And it’s taken a lot of time to get it. And we’re very proud of it.

Absolutely. At the end of the day, you know that the educational experience across all of the schools is equitable and high level and certainly isn’t influenced necessarily by that. So. Okay. Thank you. Any other comments or questions? And Greg, thank you very much. All right. Next is agenda item 6.4, which is school board recognition. And Don, I have your name next to that.

Yeah. And I’m going to take a minute to read a couple of proclamations one at the state level, and then one also at the national level. So this is from Governor polis, whereas the education of our children is vital to the future of Colorado. And whereas a solid education establishes the foundation upon which we build achievement and advancement, and which also gives fulfillment to our dreams and expectations. And whereas the furthering of education is dependent not only upon the effectiveness of the teaching staff, but also upon the unwavering support of parents, administrators, local communities and local boards of education. And whereas the members of school board share commitment to serve by investing many hours of volunteer labor to help ensure that students in Colorado are given an opportunity to excel through education. And whereas school board members are extraordinary people who tackle the enormous job of governing our school districts, and whose actions and decisions help impact the present and future lives of young Coloradans, and whereas the dedication of school board members across our state should be recognized and commanded. Therefore, I Jared polis, Governor of the State of Colorado, do hereby proclaim January 2020, as school board Appreciation Month, and we would absolutely echo that we appreciate the outstanding work that all of you do, and the selflessness and the hours of time that you put into this really important work. So I’m going to read the National School Board recognition month proclamation, whereas these are challenging times for public education and for the work of local school board members. And whereas school boards are responsible for putting into place a system for school To learn and achieve at the highest level possible, and whereas excellence in the classroom begins with excellence in the boardroom. And whereas the key work of school boards includes taking action to create a vision for what students should know and be able to do to establish clear standards for student performance to ensure that equity are to ensure that student assessments are tied to establish standards to be accountable to the community for operating schools that support student achievement, to align school district resources to ensure that students meet standards to create a climate assuring safe and orderly classrooms to build collaborative relationships to solve common problems, and to ensure continuous improvement. And whereas we are proud of the work school boards do and the role school board members play in creating a quality public education system that is fundamental to a strong democratic society. Now therefore, we the same brain Valley School District do hereby declare our appreciation to the members of the same rain Valley School District Board of Education and claim the month of January 2020, to be school board recognition month. And we will also be sponsoring and hosting a special dinner for our school board. Just as another way of saying thank you to all of you for the great work that you do.

Thanks. Thank you.

Damon, I think that you have been patiently waiting and Richard peoples has been patiently waiting also. I think the board is excited to have you here this evening, Richard, welcome. Yes,

absolutely. It’s my pleasure to introduce I’m Richard people’s. He is being recommended for hire to fill the position of executive director of district wide security and safe school environment. Just talk a little bit about his resume if you take a moment to glance at it. He’s served over 21 years is a deputy sheriff in both Florida and Colorado during that time, just looking for All the positions that he held, I don’t know if there is a position in the deputy as a deputy sheriff, you have not filled sure to find something from canine to patrol. He was an instructor. He was a school resource officer for a time. He did Incident Command, SWAT canine corrections just about everything. So a pretty impressive resume in law enforcement. a side note, he’s also currently in the Colorado Air National Guard. And he was in the Marine Corps and certain Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Somalia. wanted to just talk for a second about his master’s degree in criminal justice bachelor’s in organizational management, and he has an associate’s degree in mechanical engineering. So a very impressive resume and we’re very happy to introduce him to you tonight.

Thank you, Damon.

Thank you with this would have been a lot easier if we can identify all the students well, that’s a pretty tough act to follow. their accomplishments are pretty, pretty amazing. First and foremost, just Want to say thank you. You know, I’ve spent my entire adult life and service to others between my time in the military and my time in public safety. And it’s truly an honor to be here to continue that service to the same green community. So thank you. You’re welcome. I just want to introduce his wife who needs no introduction, because she works with us. Kim, and his daughter, Megan is with us as well.

Wonderful. Yes. So, Richard, it’s a pleasure to welcome you to the same Grande Valley School District, you have a very, a very important role here in the district, a very important job. And we’ll be excited to hear and look forward to hear your feedback and what you think as you take on this new role. And I know that you’ll provide that to Don and he’ll share all of that with us. So we look forward to it.

Thank you.


Alright, for a second, I was looking around like what’s next? But I realized that I’m responsible for what’s next. consensus items do board members wish to pull any of the consent items in the agenda this evening? No. All right. 7.1 is the approval staff terminations leaves 7.2 approval staff appointments 7.3. Approval of minutes for the December 11 2019 regular meeting and the December 18 2019 study session 7.5 of pardon me 7.4 approval of designate a posting locations for notice of 2020 St. Green Valley Board of Education meetings 7.5 this time approval to grant exception to board policy Kf community use of facilities central elementary 7.6 approval of request to grant exception to board policy GB a staff ethics conflict of interest policy Samantha Benner 7.7 approval of recommendation to higher executive director of district wide security and safe school environment. Wouldn’t entertain a motion for approval please. by Karen in a second.

I’ll second

by Jim BB. Can you call for the vote please? Mr. Berthold? Hi, Mr. Garcia.

Yes. Factor martyr.

Yes. Miss Pierce. I miss Raglan. I am a secret. I thank you, Barb.

action item 8.1 is the recommendation for the adoption of the school priority improvement unified improvement plan. Hello and

good evening presidency risk Dr. Dead board members.

Thank you for your time and feedback during the board study session. At this time, we will seek approval for the unified improvement plans of both Rocky Mountain elementary school and Timberline pre k eight. Great, thank you. And I think I’ll minute just mentioned for anybody who might be watching the meeting that we do did go over both of these plans. As you mentioned, at our last study session, board members had an opportunity to ask questions. And everyone the schools had an opportunity to share those plans. And I do want to point out I think something that was is always important for us to remember as a board, and that I know, Dick, you appreciate this as as well when we talked about it is that despite, you know, as board members, we do represent or actually we don’t represent were elected from certain director districts. But it’s important for us to remember that all of the schools are important to us and there is no school. While we might say a school belongs to us when it comes to athletics. We certainly don’t believe that when it comes to academics and achievement. We’re all responsible for the district as a whole and every single student so just want to take a moment to revisit that as well. Do board members I don’t think we’ll have any questions or comments, given that we thoroughly discussed this at the study session. Yes. Alright. Then I would entertain a motion for approval of the adoption of the school priority improvement unified plan improvement plans, please.

By Paula in a second second by Chico BB Can you call for the vote please? Mr. Berthold? Hi, Mr. Garcia? Yes. Dr. martyr? Yes. Miss Pierce.

Hi, this is Franklin.

I am a secrets. I thank you, Barb. And thank you for being here. very patiently got to watch a wonderful celebration at the beginning of the meeting. But thank you again. It’s nice to see you. Thanks, Sam. Greg, we have a recommendation for the adoption of the resolution to change board representation on the Frederick Ura.

Yes, so if you remember at a board meeting in December we we changed both tikona and Firestone to be Mr. Garcia instead of Mr. And and so this is following up with the third area, Mr. Garcia Presents so requesting that you change the appointment from Mr. errands to Mr. Percy.

Right, very straightforward. Comments, questions? I don’t think that there will Good. All right, that I would entertain a motion for approval of the adoption of resolution to change board representation on the Frederick era

by Karen and a second

by Paula BB. Mr. Bertholle.

Hi, Mr. Garcia? Yes. Dr. martyr?

Yes. Miss Pierce. I straggling Yes, Miss secrets. I thank you. Bye. Thank you, Greg, do you want to mention a couple items of housekeeping items first, our next study session will be here on January 15. And then we’ll have our regular meeting and Barbara wanted me to remind everyone that we’ll have our our pictures our newborn pictures taken before the meeting on Wednesday, January 20 seconds and then you know, Don, I just wanted to make one Comment when the admitted lamma processor so it takes me a little while to work through things. By the time we got to earIy, and we were celebrating the the girls and the softball championship and the girls again, for the cheerleading championship. I think that, you know, it’s so important to recognize that the education the students are receiving insane brain is comprehensive, and to acknowledge that the benefits from participating in athletics, music, the smart team, anything with a mentor or coach, or an adult that somebody trusts and can be a role model is so important. And it also just is so important in building the culture of a school. And you could really see that come through in every school that was here tonight for athletics. And while we were celebrating athletics, it’s very easy for me to step back and celebrate the administration, the leadership, the teachers, the culture and everything else. About that school. So it’s not just about the athletics. It’s really about so much more. And I just want to acknowledge that, that I recognize that and appreciate that we have that insane rain. And there are so many things that come into play for that are come into play in creating that. So thank you to everyone who has has a role that makes that possible. Appreciate it. Yeah. So, Richard, we’re done a little bit earlier than we normally are. Don’t get used to it. But you should get used to celebrating students before every meeting. All right, welcome. All right. If there is anything else that I would entertain a motion for? Oh, yes. Oh. Oh my gosh. I’m so sorry. Laura. Thank you, Dick. I was so busy just yapping and celebrating what I observed. Any comments that you have and you have the Board of Education, Dr. Haddad, your service, anything you want to know we’re here. I’m nothing on the top of my mind. I mean, I go to Online global Academy and it’s a very different atmosphere and dynamic that I have compared to all the other schools that we saw on here lines and I was in Erie. And it was it was fun to see all the athletes and I look at my school and there are a couple athletes, but no one no one’s very, we have a professional paintball player. I know that. Who’s in Texas right now, that’s fun. But other than that, it’s really fun to see the school spirit that everyone else has. And we have our new registration information night on the 16th of this month. And it’s just it’s nice to try to get the name out for some brain online and to try to branch out because I think it’s such a different atmosphere and something students. It was an amazing experience for me to find and it really is a gem for me, and it’s a perfect fit. And I just, I thank you for allowing that in this district and for letting me have this opportunity and To see old Columbine and just our partners in crime there was absolutely incredible to hear that I would just was smiling ear to ear to hear everything because they’ve been working so hard. And we have been helping those students so much with their, their AP classes. And it’s, I’ve collaborated with some of them with assignments. And it’s just incredible to see the progress that they’re making. And I’m very proud of old Columbine. And I just, I feel honored to be here. And thank you for your time. Thanks to Laura, I think you bring up a great point. And you and I talked about this when we were down at Casspi so many opportunities across the rain, but there really is an opportunity that can fit every student and, again, so fortunate that we can offer that thank you for highlighting that again. Appreciate it. Yeah. All right. I would entertain a motion for adjournment. Please. by Karen in a second by Chico All in favor. Right. Thank you Happy New Year everyone Drive safe. Laura. Thanks again.