Longmont City Council Regular Session, January 28, 2020

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Each one of them

Where’s my agenda don’t see


Alright, let’s go ahead and get started. Our clocks are gone. So uh, that’ll make things a lot easier. Instead of watching that All night All right, so welcome, welcome. We are getting started a little eight city council has been going actually since 530 and Executive Session actually five. They’ve been going to 530 I showed up at 535 ish. So, but anyway, so we have been going so sorry that we’re making y’all wait we have been working Believe it or not. So let’s go ahead and start with roll call.

Mayor Bagley here councilmembers Christianson.

Dabo firing Martin Peck Rodriguez

waters, you have a quorum.

Let’s head watch

I find it amazing that we can chant airball like sitting like the same time no problem but the blood sometimes we’re all out of sync. But anyway, let’s go ahead and Chairman to the public, anyone wishing to add their name if you want to speak at public invited to be heard Youth Council, you’re going to rock it tonight it looks like so. But if you want to speak, you need to get your name on the list before it starts. And if you don’t get on the list, we’ll just go ahead and put you at the back of the meeting or at the end of the meeting, you’ll still get a chance. Everyone will get three minutes at the end of three minutes. I’ll have to cut you off. So let’s go ahead and move on to approval minutes have a motion to approve the minutes of January 14 2020. And it looks like we might have an issue with the agenda.

With the minute minutes, it’s a correction to page 10 just capturing the public the results of the public vote.

Did I not read it out?

You read it out yet.

In the minutes that were in the packet. It did not have those two lines that showed highlighted that show how Council voted on those appointments.

Well, thank you very much.

Do we have a motion to approve the minutes with the adding the exception of councilmembers Christianson, daga fairing, Martin Peck Rodriguez and waters voting for us. Davis and Mayor Bagley voting for Matthew Spencer is corrected. All right. We have a motion to approve the minutes as modified. It’s been moved by Councilmember Doug fairing. It’s been seconded by Councilmember Martin. Let us vote.

Okay, that passes unanimously. Thank you. Thank you. Alright, let’s move on to Agenda revisions, submission documents customer pack.

Thank you very badly. Actually, I just got an announcement that I would like to make, rather than have any additions to the agenda. I was just told that at the RTD meeting, they selected the interim director, and he’s going to be Paul Ballard as rtds, new GM and CEO. So that was just recently,

a couple of hours ago they did that.

Well, we wish Mr. Ballard luck and success and may He Give us everything we want.

All right, let’s go ahead city manager to ever report. Mayor, do you have a quick report?

As we’re continuing to get ready for the census, we’re going to be giving you some updates and we have a quick 32nd video.

Cool. We had been together for 25 years. We had so many more things that we wanted to do in life, a young son that we wanted to do them with.

That’s awesome. That’s my attention is grabbed. Let us continue. Right.

What we will show you that we will show you the census video at the next meeting. Okay.

All right. Great. Well, good job on that manager for nice and short. Alright, next special reports and presentations. A proclamation designating January 2020 is National radon action month in Longmont, Colorado is that the video we will be watching Thanks. Oh, okay.

Yes, that

is the video you will be watching what

let me go ahead and read this. Make this proclamation official then you can say your words watch the video we’ll take a picture. Okay, thank you. All right. This is a proclamation designating January 2020 is National radon action month in Longmont, Colorado, whereas radon is an invisible, odorless radioactive gas that threatens the health of our citizens and their families. And whereas radon is a leading environmental cause of cancer mortality in the US and the eighth leading cause of cancer mortality overall. And whereas the Colorado Rocky Mountain region has been ranked zone one and area of the highest radon potential possible by the US Environmental Protection Agency. And whereas Colorado residential radon data has shown 50% of Colorado homes tested as being at or above the US Environmental Protection Agency radon action level of 4.0 Pico carries per liter of air and Richard today right now probably if he’s watching this. I don’t know that pekoe curious that I

yes. Okay.

All right. Whereas Residential radon data data has shown 50% of Colorado Sorry, just read that. Whereas any home in Longmont, Colorado may have elevated levels of radon even if homes in the same neighborhood do not. And whereas supporting supporting recommended radon practices and policies to reduce radon exposure is important to protect our communities health and welfare. And whereas Boulder County Public Health the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment the US Environmental Protection Agency and the American Lung Association are supporting efforts to encourage Americans to test their homes for radon have elevated levels of radon reduced and have new homes built with radon resistant features. Now therefore, I Brian g badly Mayor by virtue of the authority vested in me and the City Council, the city of Longmont do hereby proclaim January 1 through 31st 2020 is National radon action month in Longmont. Encourage all residents to complete a simple and inexpensive test for radon and to mitigate radon if found, sign them air. So thank you for being here. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Please say what you’re going to say but also if you could please help us understand his residence where complete a simple and inexpensive test. That’d be great.

Yes, I’ll introduce myself. I’m Susan Martino. I’m an environmental health specialist with Boulder County Public Health. And people can purchase an inexpensive test kit from the CSU extension office that’s located at the fairgrounds. And they sell them at cost for $15. And that includes the test kit, the analysis by the laboratory and the postage. So it’s it’s a very simple process to do and anyone can do it themselves. And so in honor of national rate on action month, I’m going to play a very quick informational video on radon.

We had been together for 25 years.

We had so many more things that we wanted to do in Life, a young son that we wanted to do them with.

Colorado happens to be one of the worst states in the nation for radon levels.

My exposure for the 10 years that I worked in a home office, that’s what resulted in my cancer.

radon is an odorless, naturally occurring gas. That’s a derivative of uranium, which occurs in the crust of the earth.

It’s in our ground and it seeps up

just by breathing radon at the average house in Colorado, you are getting radiation damage equivalent to 200 chest x rays a year. The EPA estimates that in homes there will be about 22,000 lung cancer deaths a year caused by radon, the more you breathe radon Or the higher the radon value, the more chance you have, of one of those DNA been hit and the cell mutated.

It is the leading cause of lung cancer. Aside from smoking. The thing

with lung cancer is you don’t feel anything until you’re into maybe stage three or stage four wheezing, shortness of breath. There are many, many things that can cause those kinds of symptoms. And so people don’t necessarily go to the doctor.

There are other states where there’s legislation that radon has to be measured in any new home built or in a home that changes hands.

He was only 58 years old when he passed away. And we had a 13 year old son. I’m hoping that we will progress in our legislation to make it a requirement. Especially for new builds, and in real estate transactions, that it is a requirement to test for radon.

How often do you How often is it suggested that homes be tested for radon?

Usually, if someone’s tested and it’s less than four pekoe curious. We recommend that they test every five years.

And what if it’s nothing?

If it’s nothing, that’s fine, but you should still test because different conditions can cause radon to increase. Okay, just curious.

And if

if you have a radon system, it should be checked every two years.

Would you like to make a statement? Or was the video your statement?

Well, the video was my statement. But I also want to say thank you very much for supporting us and every year issuing the proclamation in support of national Radeon action month. Boulder County Public Health appreciates it very much as we tried to get people to learn more about radon and take care of their health.

Do we have any Currently, we have an ordinance or any type of legislation here locally that would require radon to be tested for upon the exchange or building of a new home.

Now, we don’t there is nothing in Colorado that says that you have to test or you have to mitigate. Now, it’s good in the city of Longmont that they do have building code that says all new single family homes have to be belt radon resistant. But we are pushing the because of health equity, that all new multifamily homes also be built radon resistant, which would entail amending the code that you now have.

Thank you. Councilmember Christensen.

Thank you for drawing this to our attention. is really important. However, as I said last year, most of us can test for this and it’s fairly inexpensive, but mitigating it costs approximately a couple thousand dollars per household. And on the website there, there are plenty of people who will test for it. There are very few people that will actually do the mitigation. So it’d be very helpful to put a sort of put sources of actual people actually do the mitigation. If you go to their websites, they only test for it.

Well, we actually do have a link on the Boulder County website to both mitigators and testers. And I would like to say the state health department has a low income radon mitigation program. And if you qualify for the program, they can install a radon system they will have their own mitigators installer. radon mitigation system in the home of people who qualify.

That’s very helpful. Thank you. And it might be very good for us to examine the possibility of having a regulation in this city that requires any real estate transaction to disclose whether there is radon

and they do have that in Fort Collins and they also in Fort Collins require multifamily homes be built radon resistant.

Thank you. That’s great.

Thank you hear about Fort Collins a lot.

All right, thank you. Let’s go ahead and picture if you don’t mind.

I would love to


let’s go ahead and there’s another thing we’re supposed to do. The quarterly update of the activities the llama Economic Development Partnership

is Jeff Oh, there you are. I was like we’re just kicking. You’re hard to miss right now, when you do next month.

early March.

All right, well, you can go ahead and have a seat and use There you go.

Bagley and council my

Can you hear me.

And I’m Jessica Ericsson, President and CEO of Longmont Economic Development Partnership, here to present my quarterly report of activities of the partnership. And really what we’re going to be looking at this evening as much as possible is overall 2019 results. And we would typically present these in early February. So we’re still kind of gathering data as it trickles in throughout the month, which is the reason you also have in front of you, I believe, now version three of our metrics report, and there may be some minor changes to that between now and when We actually publish our full annual report in February, which we will of course share with you when it’s ready. Do you want to remind you that this report is based on our 2019 contract, which was structured around our four core service areas of the overall advanced one one economic development strategy, as well as primary industry, local business and startup community development. This is different from what has now been approved the 2020 contract, which is structured around what we’ll talk about momentarily, the now focus areas of the IBM somewhat 2.0 strategy. Speaking of the advanced long want to point O strategy, our primary goal within our 2019 contract with the city relative to the strategic plan was a complete overhaul and update of that strategic plan that was originally adopted in 2013, and began implementation in 2014. And so just a reminder That the advanced long want to point O strategy is structured under a collective impact framework. And it’s intended to bring the entire community together in a structured way to achieve social and economic change our economic development goals as a community, the process that we undertook to to do the update and to develop the advance on what 2.0 strategy was what we call analyzing the landscape, which was the overall market assessment of conditions in Longmont, as they exist today, especially in comparison to as they existed when the original advanced one one strategy was adopted just about five years prior, and initiate dialogue, which were the conversations that we had not only with our partners but members of the community and developing the strategy, creating the common agenda that we’ll talk about in a moment and then where we’re at today, which is implementation and learning from both our wins and challenges that we face as we implement this strategy. did want to remind you to One of the things that we did differently with advanced on what 2.0 then with with the original advance one month strategy is rather than just looking at our economy and economic conditions here in Longmont from the kind of standard economic development lens of growth, which is what most people think of when they think of economic development, we also took a look at how that growth had spread itself across our entire community, from the perspective of both prosperity and inclusion. Ultimately advanced on what two point O gives us a couple of things. It gives us an update of our targeted industry clusters. These are industry clusters that we focus our resources on in terms of attraction and expansion, because these clusters have high concentrations already within the city of Long one, as well as the high highest potential for growth in coming years. And based on the data assessment that we did. And so our new target industry clusters are smart manufacturing, business catalysts, which are b2b service provider type businesses. Food and Beverage and knowledge creation and deployment, which is really research and development as an industry. then most importantly, advanced one what to point out gives us our common agenda, which is focused on the areas of talent and developing a pipeline as well as attracting new talent to our community place, creating a place in Longmont that’s appealing, not only for new needed talent to relocate here but also for business investment and growth. industry is really are focused on growing the targeted industries I mentioned before. connectivity is the important work of transportation connectivity locally, regionally and nationally for our community. And then impact is really the overall strategy and includes things like policy and bringing together and leadership around the rest of the focus areas.

We have specific to the fourth quarter we have convened working groups around all These focus areas. So our collective impact structure is really that what was our existing advanced long what partners group now becomes the steering committee for all of the work that’s been done on one Economic Development Partnership, the backbone organization, and then our working groups as well as our total community networks, and being really where the work is getting done to implement this strategy. Again, the working groups have been formed and have been meeting on a monthly basis and have completed or close to completing action plans for 2020. So action plans have all the work that they intend to accomplish your 2020 and in some cases beyond anyone who is interested in reading the full strategy, as well as following the progress of those action plans. We do have a website that includes the data dashboard and all the action plans and progress reports. And that is advanced work. You can also get to from our website, which is just long walk network. So the next area focus for us in 2019 was primary industry development. We had a stated target in the contract to attract, relocate or expand 10 primary industry businesses that would create 500 new well paying jobs and invest 50 million in new capital investment. The number that the numbers that appear in our metrics report and I’ll explain a little bit because they are a lot higher than what we were projecting of 74 businesses 1100 and 35 new jobs and nearly 130 million dollars in capital investment as a result of the work of online EDP in 2019. This does include businesses that expanded through use of our enterprise zone program. So if we take those out and look at just prospect activity or what we traditionally consider economic development, those results would have been 14 businesses. 990 jobs. And 100 billion dollars in capital investment, so still well exceeding our target. And we’ll be looking at how we separate those out. Because I realized as I was putting this together, it might be a little bit misleading when we’re combining both. We of course annually work to retain 100% of our primary employers and jobs. 100% is not possible because there are market forces well beyond our control that are impacting whether companies stay open and stay located here in one month. But of course, our goal is always to keep all of the companies and the jobs here within our primary industry base. So our results and these are estimates based on primary data collected by our organization through a year end survey of our primary industry businesses, that at the end of 29, or at the start of 2019. There were 236 primary industry businesses, and that should say at the end of 2019 2019, that 18 there were 240 businesses, the movement Within that year that we retained 221 existing primary and industry businesses, or 93.6% of what we started with 15 businesses closed or moved out of Longmont and 19 were newer added to long what they weren’t located in Longmont prior to the start of 19. Then when we look at it from the perspective of jobs, we started the year with 11,130 primary jobs and ended the year with 11,191. Again, the movement throughout the year within those primary industry Jobs was that we retain 10,685 or 96%. of all those that we started the year with experienced a loss of 433 and addition of 506. So net increase of 73 jobs just under point 7% which is aligned with overall job growth within the company.

Let’s have two local business developments or local businesses or those businesses that are serving the local areas and most of their businesses coming from residents and other businesses within the community. Our goal there was to attract relocator expand 10 local businesses that would create 50 new jobs and invest 5 million in new capital investment. You’ll note that we did fall short of achieving that goal was six businesses, creating 50 new jobs and just over 300,000 in investment. This is primarily a timing issue. We do have a strong pipeline of local businesses, including a number of those which we are working with the DDA, with retail conversion grants, as well as a couple that were working with the city larger local businesses that were working with the city on that have the potential would have had the potential to get us there had they completed their project or announced their project before the end of 2019. So activity there is still strong that we didn’t meet our Target, specifically for 2019.

Relative to startup community development to get ours our target was to support the launch of 10 new ventures that would create 20 new jobs. We almost got there with the creation or the launch of seven new ventures through work with Longmont Economic Development Partnership and 17 new jobs. We have since then spun out our innovate Longmont program, so that it is its own 501 c three organization and with its own executive director its own goals funded by Longmont EDP, currently but with a long term goal to be a self funded self sustaining accelerator organization for the community. They are already in 2020, working with seven startup businesses as part of that program with the goal again this year to to have at least 10 new businesses participate and in and launch out of accelerator program. And so when we look at overall job growth, year over year job growth 2018 to 2019 401. net new jobs added this is across all industries and across primary, local and startup, which is point 7% overall job growth, leaving us with a total of 56,134 total jobs in the long one area as of the end of 2019. When we look at that longer term from a five year job growth perspective, nearly 4000 net new jobs added over the last five years, equating to seven and a half percent job growth and just over the national average of 7.3% overall job growth. And then when we narrow that down to our targeted industries, again, these are industries where we expect to see higher job growth. That’s why we focus our resources on working to attract and expand these industries in particular We see positive, significantly positive job growth across all four of those target industries with total 2.1% job growth, compared 2.7% overall job growth, and when we look at all jobs in the community.

And with that, I will answer any questions.

Just the thing that comes to mind, nobody’s in the queue right now, but I think it’s kind of cool to see food and beverage down compared to the others. You know, I mean, I mean, that that’s usually the heavy hitter in your life. And it’s good to see that. The other three are more promising customer back.

Thank you very badly. I thank you for this report, Jessica. But we have had several businesses closed in the past that seems like two weeks or three weeks. Do you have Is there a common thread that is running through as to why they are closing in Longmont?

And it would depend on you know, there have been a number of restaurants that have announced closures Those have ranged anywhere from personal reasons illness of the ownership to, to down business. So there are a variety of different reasons. There’s not a trend that we can point to that says, this is happening and is causing those types of businesses to close down in our community. I can tell you from a restaurant perspective, we are probably as a community, based on what’s happened over the course of the last few years over restaurant did if I might coin a term and potentially over retailed as well, in some cases. And so we’ll watch that closely. But I think that’s both individual business issues, as well as market forces that there wouldn’t be anything that a city government or an economic development organization could really do anything about. There’s a unique, very unique situation I’ve been reading about in detail with luckies. They just, I mean, simply over leveraged, if you understand the financials of that They I mean, they were acquired by or not acquired, but invested heavily by Kroger and ultimately ended up owing Kroger over $300 million with $15 million in the bank.


whatever you want to take from that, and so that, again, is not an indicator of anything that’s happening in the economy or in the community. We do have our economic summit coming up at the end of February will will have a regional economic forecast. But all of the forecasts that I’ve seen from mobile kind and others suggest a slower 2020 but it’s still a strong 2020 in particular for the Boulder County in northern Colorado regions.

Okay. And I assume that if you did see a trend that was happening, you will be the first now Yes.


Thanks, Mayor Bagley. Jessica I think the first my first meeting as a council member several years ago, you were on the agenda doing quarterly report. You can Do you remember that?

I absolutely. Is it me?

Is it just me? Or

have you come that far with maybe just that I’m looking at it differently. But the data, there’s there is there a serious meaning in the data that you share tonight? And I just think you shared a lot of information on my remember my observation was it was a sea of information, but not necessarily a whole lot of meaning, at least from me in those moments. But this is it seems to me, this is a quarterly report where you’ve knocked a bunch out a whole bunch here. I mean, you set a stretch goal of 100%, which is simply on attainable, and in hit a 94% success rate, which I think anybody’s book would be an A right. So is it just this the sophistication of the data, where you come Longmont strategy? 2.0 What’s different than what I saw a couple years ago, from your perspective,

I think it’s a combination so A couple of years ago, we were just a couple of years into the original advanced online strategy. And also, when I started with one more economic development partnership and in 2015, was an organization that was kind of a shell. It had been without an executive director for almost two years, and then a variety of other challenges, physically and otherwise that it was facing. So we were probably just coming out of rebuilding at that time. And since then, we’ve been able to focus on evolving growing as an organization from the talent that we’ve added to our team. From the significant improvement and increase in private sector investment in our organization has allowed us to invest significantly more in a variety of data sources to give us the opportunity to be more accurate and have a better understanding of where our resources are needed and aware Our time is best spent to just with advance I want to point over the last year engaging more people in the work of, of economic development. So it’s just a variety of things that have happened over the course of the last couple of years, not the least of which is a council that is fully engaged. So I will say I appreciate that but a council that’s fully engaged, city staff leadership that’s fully engaged and participating in the work that that we’re doing.

I want to say thanks and good on you. I you’ve done a great job. You also know how to identify talent, you’ve surrounded yourself with a great team. So it’s been been it’s been fun to see to develop.

Thank you. Great talent and Morgan. Just kidding.

me just lock them in a basement.

Yeah. All right.

Councilmember Christiansen i

i do think that you probably analyzed it right that we are losing a lot of restaurants. I don’t item. I’m not aware of the companies that we’re losing that are not food related. But that’s because I just not that aware, I eat more than I do anything else. However, I am concerned that part of this seems to me has to do with the rising commercial rents, and also with the dropping discretionary income. And I think we really need to think about what we can do. Or consider how much of a problem this is with both of those things, for Longmont, and think about that in terms of our concept of building mixed use neighborhoods, and walkable neighborhoods, if there’s nothing to walk to. And we’re not able to have mixed use developments because there isn’t enough retail or office space needed. So I do think we need to be having discussions about that in the future. Thanks.

And I appreciate that comment. That’s it. Part of why we took the approach of advanced on what two point O of looking not just at growth, which is the standard historic measure of economic development, but also looking at prosperity and inclusion. I will say that, and I’ll go back and check this, but I don’t believe the data shows that overall, as a city, we’re seeing lower discretionary income, there are certainly subsets of our community of our population that are experiencing that lowered. But overall, as a community, the data wouldn’t suggest that we’re experiencing General, lessening of discretionary income or lowering of wages, or median household incomes over in recent years, I will double check that because I don’t have the data in front of me. If that proves to be different than what I’m saying. I will let you know. But my recollection of the data is that overall, again, also why we look at prosperity and inclusion is because we want to think about more than just the overall and think about every citizen in the community and how they’re experiencing The growth that we’re experiencing overall.

Well, on behalf of council, thank you very much. You’re approaching month nine, you’re going strong and it’s just

yeah, you won’t see me up here again.

Yeah, you’re Superwoman. Thank you.

Thank you. Alright.

Alright, let’s move on to the rest. vagenda you doing? Okay, there’s no clock. It’s currently eight o’clock. So we’ve been going about an hour. Let’s push through first call public invited to be heard. We have some special guests. So let’s start with Olga remote is

we batching it?

No, you’re

doing great. Good evening, Mayor Buckley and city council members. My name is Olga. And I work for the city of La one at children, youth and families. And I’m here tonight because I would like to end To Lamont Youth Council. They would like to share with you some of the projects that they are working on. On this year. I would like to welcome my youth council.

Good evening Mayor Bagley and city council members. I am Brianna humanise and I am a senior at Twin Peaks charter Academy. I am president of the long white Youth Council.

Good evening, mayor and council members. Ming Lou. I’m a senior on long now what High School and I’m a vice president of the youth council.

Good evening Mayor Bagley and cast members I’m older. I’m a freshman at night High School and I’m the secretary of youth council.

Good evening, my name is Sharon Domingo’s and I’m a junior in high school and I’m the treasurer for Longmont Youth Council.

Good evening, my name is Sammy lensky. I’m a 10th grader at Silver Creek High School and I’m the social media director. For the youth council

Good evening, everyone. I’m Sydney Walker. I’m a junior at Silver Creek High School and I’m a member of the Longmont Youth Council.

Good evening, mayor and council members. My name is Julia Harper and I’m a freshman at nice.

evening, my name is Emma belcheck and I’m a freshman at Silver Creek High School and I’m also a member of the youth council.

Good evening, all council members and attendees.

Can you lift that right up and get it right up there.

Thank you for inviting us to speak tonight. Over the last few months, we have built our passionate, empowered and creative group of student leaders to be online what Youth Council we have brainstormed and chosen issues that we want to spend our year in our efforts working on developing solutions for inside of our community. We are proud to announce our projects for 2020 hunger, voting awareness, sustainability and mental health and kindness. First, Sammy Lansky will discuss Our Halloween for the hungry project.

in Longmont there is large, undernourishment and hungry population being beneath hiding beneath the surface. To help address this issue, the Longmont Youth Council did a two week canned food drive called Halloween for the hungry hungry. We collect the cans from prospect neighborhood, local high schools and the long run Public Library. Additionally, this eventually became a collaboration with CSU students who used to live in Longmont that gave us cans. In the end we collected 253 pounds of non perishable items that we donated to the local safe shelter and we actually kept some of the cans at the children Youth and Family Center in Longmont for those who needed it.

Furthermore, voting rights and legislation are another topic we like to focus on this year. And the project the focus on pre registration on high schoolers through registration drives educating them on voting and what the ballot means. And touching the importance of their votes. through working with the League of Women Voters we were able to use their valuable resources to propelled our point further. We want to empower the youth to not assume that people are going to be representing them, they should

represent and speak for themselves.

The topic of sustainability is highly important to us. It affects not only the faraway oceans but us locally as well. With the same brain Valley space and being clogged by plastic. Each day that we continue to use plastics and release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere we’re taking a day away from our future. We want to reduce single use plastics in Longmont and create a an everyday and more environmentally friendly environment here. This will be a two year project called step which stands for save the Earth project. We want to educate the public, youth, adults and businesses in order to create a better, everyday environment here. We hope to inherit a clean world once we grow older, is not 110 degrees on average, we hope to create solutions through personal community and legislative action.

Another project we have chosen to create is a project focusing on Youth Mental Health, and positivity. To begin, we will launch a kindness campaign from being more polite to giving compliments to just giving a smile. small gestures can mean a lot to a person in a dark place. A few ideas we have include promoting Mental Health Month and national kindness day we are also looking into creating stickers with positive quotes. All of that said the 2020 Longmont Youth Council hopes to make progress to improve our community. We hope to continue to make LogMeIn a welcoming eco friendly representation. No and positive environment. Thank you so much for your time.

And just that’s it. All right, we usually don’t respond, but anything you guys, so just because you’re the youth council, so anything you need from us by way of mayoral proclamation or resolutions on those matters, make sure you talk to us, because we can help. You’re there to advise us. So don’t forget, we can help. Thank you, Mayor Bagley. All right.

Cool. Good job, guys. All right. You guys can clap. That’s all right. We love clapping for kids. All right, coding the blog.

Good evening. My name is Corey LeBlanc and I’m the area representative for congressman Ken buck for weld Adams rapaho in Boulder counties. So I just wanted to drop by into a quick congressional update. But before I get started, I also wanted to tell you that I I also run the app challenge, which is a high school program our office runs. And this year, our winning team is actually from last month. So I just wanted to let you know sinjin green and Colin Zell submitted an app called flyer, which allows high school students to search for jobs that are pertinent to their grade level and their skill set. So that’s something that we’re very excited. They’re from Silver Creek High School, so congratulations to them. Okay, sorry, our printer was acting up so I didn’t get a chance to actually print my update today. So as you may know, Congressman buck has been assigned to the House Judiciary Committee and the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Those two committees keep him very busy as we’ve all seen the past few months with all of the impeachment hearings and everything else going on. So I’ll go ahead and first talk about congressman buck supporting the full protection of American citizens as such he voted against HCR 83 a concurrent resolution that would terminate the EU, the use of US Armed Forces engaging in hostilities in or against Iran. Following the passage in the house congressman buck issued the following statement. I voted against the democrat show vote on a war powers concurrent resolution. The resolution manipulates the original intent of the resolution while putting the American lives in jeopardy. As a founding member of the War Powers caucus, I wholeheartedly believe our constitution establishes a separation of powers for a reason. And that includes the authorization for declaring war. President Trump took defensive measures to protect American men and women with the takedown of soleimani. If the President intends intends to maintain a long term aggressive posture towards Iran, he needs to

move too quickly.

Military maintain a long term aggressive posture towards Iran, he needs to come to Congress for authorization. tensions in Iran are de escalating, but we need to continue to apply economic pressure And the President still needs the option to take necessary action. If Iran retaliates again. In December, Congressman buck voted in support of the United States Mexico Canada agreement, the US MCA, a mutually beneficial trade deal that will grow our economy and ensure American workers and the businesses are not being left behind. Following passage in the house, Congressman buck issued the following statement, the usmca is crucial for the future of American prosperity as well as our farmers, manufacturers, innovators and those who continue to stimulate future economic growth. After months of delay, I’m glad to see it passed the house and hope my senate colleagues act quickly. Congressman buck voted against House Resolution 755. House Democrats articles include impeachment against Donald J. Trump, President of the United States, Congressman buck spoke on the House floor during the debate of the articles of impeachment stating Thank you Madam Speaker today democrats lower the bar for impeachment gonna have

to cut you off only because we got everybody three minutes. That’s perfect, but let the congressman know that if he wants to But if he wants to come and spend time with us, he’s more than welcome.

Well, we appreciate that. If there’s ever anything, feel free to reach out to our office, I’ll leave cards with Don. Thanks, Mr. LeBlanc. We wish you

all right, Margaret halsy.

Good evening.

I am here to speak against. Oh, sorry. Thank you. Good evening. I’m here to speak against the housing and human services. advisory board funding recommendation three along month fam family apartments to prevent confusion. I want you to know that this proposed development has also been called 15th and ash 15th and alta 833 15th Street and on a petition presented to City Council on August 27 2019. I described it by parcel number,

an address zero 15th Avenue.

This is the top of the petition where I put a picture so everyone would know when they signed. The petition was signed by more than 80 neighbors and it asked that the property be changed from mixed neighborhood to single family zoning because the density of the project proposed by prosper is not right for the neighborhood. And we are hoping to reduce the number of units. I made a map it’s too small, but it shows current and proposed development current. The yellow highlights affordable housing and multi unit housing that already exist, like mobile homes, apartments and townhomes. It’s a nice mix between the not colored part which is all single family. Aqua shows proposed development tarish Drake townhomes Okay, nevermind. It’s to the east of the prospect proposal is for 15 townhomes. cinamon Park. senior housing will add 25 units but the long line family apartments will be a D units. This is to dance for a neighborhood where there are few shops, no bike pass, no parks, no community gathering centers. The nearest hospital is reducing services and urgent care has moved to Main Street, North me. The development will burden our neighborhood with additional traffic and population and add nothing.

In summary, okay, I

I also have a few pictures showing how this doesn’t fit. Here we’re looking east on 15th total toward the development from the corner of brass that’s the south side of the street. Here’s the north side of 15th. Here are the houses on the west side of 15th and ash. And here are the houses on the east side of 18th and hash

right I’m gonna have to catch up in this hall. Thank you very much for bringing this to our attention.

Mr. straighter Benson.

Now Yes,

thank you. I appreciate and thank you Margaret I my neighborhood will be destroyed if they build a street and that many houses also. I this is great seeing the youth council here tonight. I have always believed in democracy have been active since joining the civil rights movement 15 Six years ago, but when I was a kid, I believed in it, but I had no idea what it was. We’d never had a city council meeting that let people come and speak or I never knew of it. I never heard of it my whole time in school or anything. So that’s really terrific. And two days ago, we had a senate forum filled the auditorium on the museum and up overflow room about 700 seats and nine candidates spoke it was really, really well done.

What we have right now,

as gretta turn Berger

told us last week, the Earth is on fire. And right now the number one arsonist in the world is on trial in the United States Senate which used to be considered the greatest deliberative body in the world. But they’re sitting there trying to figure out how to make certain that there are no witnesses and no evidence presented. For the person on trial, who’s the arsonist of democracy, the arsonist of Jason saith, the arsonist of truth, the arsonist of justice, and they say, the greatest deliberative body in the world until the Grim Reaper took over McConnell, and there used to be real debates and real legislation and the United States Senate. But it’s hard to remember there were any since Mitch, Mr. Smith went to Washington. Thank you.

seen the movie?


All right. That concludes first column. First call public advice. needed to be heard. Should we go ahead and take a short break is doing okay?

All right, let’s go and take a five minute break. That’s okay. All right.

our esteemed City Clerk will give her back her chair. Could you please read off our consent agenda? So we can introduce and read these by title on the first reading.

Mayor item as ordinance to 2028. A bill for an ordinance authorizing the city of Longmont to execute a lease extension of real property known as 1140 Boston avenue to Longmont, when air company public hearing and second reading scheduled for February 11 2028 B is resolution 20 2011. a resolution of the Longmont city council conditionally approving the sale or donation of property for the development of 2007 set way lot to as an affordable housing development agency is resolution 20 2012 a resolution in Longmont City County. approving a voluntary alternative agreement for the sugar mill paradigms, development and satisfaction of the city’s inclusionary housing requirements. Eight D is reviewing approved the city of long months private activity bond allocation procedures and guidelines. He has approved Longmont Youth Council appointments and they F is designate the bulletin boards outside the council chambers in the West entrance of the Civic Center as the official city council agenda, posting locations for 2020


I’d like to pull agenda item eight see from the contingent.

Okay, Councillor Christianson.

I’d like to pull in addition to see a NB

right consumer pack.

All right there polls. All right. Do I have a motion? I move that we pass the consent agenda. Less A, B and C All right. It’s been By myself, it was second by Councillor Martin it appears. So let’s go ahead and vote

on summer. Okay, that passes unanimously. Let’s move on to ordinances on second reading public hearings on these matters. So nine eight ordinance 20 2202. A bill for an ordinance amending chapter 14.05 of the Lamont municipal code regarding raw water requirement policy. Is there there’s nothing on any of these by staff. Right. So are there any questions from Council for staff? All right, seeing none, let’s go and open up the public hearing on ordinance 2020. show two. All right. Alright. See no one looks good and close public hearing. Can I have a motion please? Councillor Martin? ahead.

I move ordinates 20 2022.

All right. It’s been Moved by Councillor Martin and seconded by a Councillor Christiansen and also by Dr. Waters Take your pick. Let’s go ahead and vote alright that passes unanimously nine be ordinance 2023 bill for an ordinance proving land use amendments to the InVision lamotte multimodal and comprehensive plan for housekeeping amendments. Are there any questions from staff from Council for staff? Seeing none was quite an open up the public hearing on ordinance 2023 right see no one wanting to speak let’s go ahead and close the public hearing. Do we have a motion for ordinance 2023 I’ll second that has been moved by Dr. Waters ordinance 2020 dash oh three and seconded by myself Let’s vote. That passes unanimously. ordinance nine C or item nine city ordinance 2020. Show for bill for an ordinance designating bargain nickel home located at 917 Nine at wood street is a local historic landmark. You know anyone on Council have questions for staff. All right, seeing none was quite open the public hearing on this ordinance. Alright, see no one wants to speak. Let’s cut and close the public hearing. Do we have a motion? Councillor pack? All right. Councilmember pack moved. ordinance 2020 dash oh four. It’s been seconded by Dr. Waters. Let’s go and vote. That passes unanimously. All right. item nine D ordinance 2020. Dash oh five a bill for an ordinance conditionally improving the vacation with 20 foot wide drainage outfall easement located on lot to a block one mud JM Smucker LLC plants subdivision generally located north of highway 119 and west of Pinnacle Street. Are there any questions from Council for staff? Right seeing Seeing none, let’s go and open the public hearing on ordinance 2025. The one all right see no one let’s go ahead and close the public hearing. We have a motion please. I move ordinance 2020 dash oh five of a second. All right, so it was moved by myself and seconded by Councilmember doggo fairing Let’s vote. Alright, that passes unanimously. item nine e ordinance 2020 Desh. oh six a bill for an ordinance authorizing the city one month to lease the Real Property known as Vance brand Municipal Airport hangar parcel 861. To James F. Duca, the tenant, you have any questions from Council for staff? right, seeing none, let’s go and open up the public hearing on ordinance 2026. Would anyone like to speak? See not seeing none. Let’s go ahead and close the public hearing. Do we have a motion?

Councillor pack?

Move ordinance move ordinance 20 2006.

I’ll second that. Let’s go ahead and vote.

Mary Martin, push harder.

All right, that that passes unanimously. All right, let’s return the items removed from the consent agenda. Let’s go ahead and take it an order of alphabet eight a ordinance 2028 a bill for an ordinance authorizing the city of Longmont to execute a lease extension Real Property known as 1140 Boston avenue to Longmont winner company. Councilmember Christiansen

okay. I brought this up because in reading over the lldp thing and in view of businesses that have gone out of business in the last month in Longmont. This company has been there since 2004. Because of the and they’ve built a successful business. And I don’t believe people who’ve been successful should be punished for being so successful. We purchase this, in order to the city purchase this land in order to work on our repair of the River Corridor, which we certainly do need to do. And that was not our fault. And that was certainly not this company’s fault either. It’s something that was necessary. As part of that half of the the building that they were in but was occupied by Creative Learning had to be demolished so that we could expand the River Corridor and dig it deeper and wider. Once again, that isn’t their fault. So they do want to expand but it may take them a couple of years. Meanwhile, what we are proposing is that if they have been good tenants, I don’t see why we would be charging them an extra 3% this year and an extra 3% Next year, this the lease is up for renewal. But they also are intending, apparently to relocate. I don’t know why we would make that more difficult for them by charging them an extra 6% over the next two years, I would propose that we not charged them anything since they have been good tenants. And if we want to help them, I don’t see why we’re charging them extra money.

We could let them

have the same lease for two years. Have we done anything to improve the property? No, we’re actually making it more difficult for them by kind of, you know. So I would object to us charging them an extra 6% over the next two years.

All right.

Thank you, Rebecca.

Thank you. I have a question about what was written. Just actually a clarification. We did move the Creative Learning Center. And it said, according to you this communication that the city followed the federal uniform relocation act procedures, which requires that all applicable moving expenses in any increase in rent for the next two years, the paid to the party being relocated. So is the excess in this rent increase going to the Creative Learning Center?

No, that’s a separate issue.

Can you explain that? I didn’t understand that.

So what’s meant by that Dale Rademacher deputy city manager, council member pack, the reference in our communication with with regards to creative learning was to just demonstrate that the city followed the uniform reclip relocation Act, which is a HUD requirement where you’re using HUD funding for public Jackson is to ensure that when people are being moved in a way that they didn’t come up with wanting to do in other words, that that the that their all their costs of moving and relocating are done, as well as covering any increase in the rants and so we’re doing that separate with creative learning. So this this action tonight is really only dealing with the second half of the building that’s currently occupied by when air.

That was what I needed to explain that the increase in rate to win air was not going to according to this act to creative learning.

Correct. That is separate. And what I would say with regards to the the lease rate, certainly, you know, staff will defer to Council on what you think is appropriate. I believe these 3% increases were what was We felt was happening basically in the market and if anything is lower than what’s happening in a more competitive environment and so in and I really understand what you’re referring to Councilmember Christiansen and I certainly support whatever the council wants to do. But staff really values when air we think they are a very good tenant. We believe they very well may want to stay there even though they want to enlarge their their footprint in a way that may or may not be able to be, you know, accomplished. I think the biggest benefit we are doing for them though, is removing that building from the floodplain and protecting it with the project that we’re doing. So there’s a there’s an indirect benefit back to them. hopefully be able to stay in business if we are impacted by another flood. But again, we’ll defer to Council on what you want to do with the the Right.

But they’ve agreed to this right? Yes. Okay. So all right. Councilmember Rodriguez, I’m sorry. Mayor Pro Tem Rodriguez.

Thank you very badly. What would you say? I don’t know if you could ballpark what generally commercial lease rates have increased by over the last few years?

Too bad Jessica’s not here. I don’t. Carol, do you have a sense? I, it’s a very tight market, in Longmont right now is what I do know from being on the LED P. And I would not be surprised if they’re not increasing in the five to 10% rate.

And so then my other question would be as this has already been, as you I think just answered, negotiated lease terms. Why would they have not asked for a longer lease term than two years.

So the two years is one that we are requesting because that is the time it’s going to take us to really clear this area. The RSVP, the resilience, st brain project. After that two year timeframe, the city, we would then come back to the council and ask you all the question, do you want to sell this property now? And so worse, what staff is saying is that over the next two years, city, you should maintain ownership of it. Because we are impacting it with the project, there is no denying that there’s a lot of work going on in that area. After two years, the question will likely be posed to the council Do you want to sell

so we’re not certain that will even own this property after two years necessarily, right?

You guys are gonna have the decision to make on whether you continue to own it or you sell it.

And I think they’re trying to figure out what they want to do to your question in terms of space availability, I think what we can say is that generally, if you look at the inventory that’s quoted in some of the lldp reports, once you take out the Mac store and you look at The amount of available space I think it’s less than 5% when you then call out space that they need for that high bay storage it’s even lower. And so I think that’s part of the what’s what’s churning in the market. Okay.

Well saying is that these are all already essentially agreed upon lease terms that seem amenable to winner I would move approval of ordinance 2020 away

All right, it’s been moved and moved by Mayor Pro Tem and seconded by Councillor pack. That’s where Martin All right. See no knots in the queue. Let’s go ahead and vote however, but the motion is passage of a ordinance 2020 dash await a bill for an ordinance authorizing the city one went to execute a lease extension of real property known as 1140 Boston Avenue. allama. Winner company. Let’s go

all right, that passes six.

Want to change your vote? I’ve not I’ve not okay, that passes six to one With Councilmember Christianson against Councillor Christianson eight be

and I’ll just its resolution 20 2011 resolution along with City Council conditionally approving the sale or donation of property for the development of 2000. Sunset way lot to is an affordable housing development.

Yes. I think this is a wonderful project. It is exactly what we need. I would like to reiterate the fact that we are the majority partners with llaman Housing Authority we own 59% we are contributing $700,000 of taxpayer money that went into this agreement and we are possibly contributing an extra million dollars into this so we definitely We have the majority interest in this, isn’t that correct?

I think it’s 100,000.

Okay, I’ll take it.

Anyway, that’s a considerable amount, which is alone that they’ll repay. That’s right. Okay. Anyway, um and I really value the work done by our real redevelopment director Tony chicon. in finding his partner elements, who does this for a living. This is a good example of what can happen when we have a good developer who’s eager to build what the city needs, which in this case is transitional housing. The former director of the our center Edwin a Salazar has said for years both publicly and privately to me that they can help people but they have to have transitional housing and we have no transitional housing. And we are now starting to build it because of the Affordable Housing Act. And this is an excellent example. However, because I am on the long on housing one one housing liaison I would like to see the agreement and I am all for this this agreement which merely transfers are share over two elements so that they can apply for choppa. But I do not agree with the agreement with long mon Housing Authority which last time I saw it wanted them to be receiving I believe this is true. And you can confirm this Kathy $100,000 yearly payment for long mon housing authority to administer for administrative fees. I don’t think this is tenable for an affordable development or for any development. And furthermore, they are not the local experts in transitional housing. The local experts are the our center hope, a gobby and the churches who’ve been providing this particularly the Congregational Church that built the micro homes, but the our center and hope our local experts in providing housing, assistance and transitional housing, and resources. So I do not want us to sign off on any agreement that puts the Long Island I’m not putting down the long one Housing Authority at all. That’s simply not In their

skill set, shall we say?

I see how they think it would be helpful for them to administer both the sweets and this but it’s really very different population. And I do not think that it would be useful for them to be administering this. Furthermore, they’re burdened with many federal, state and federal and state compliance issues and funding issues. In addition to having several different groups of case management at the suites, which is very problematic in terms of HIPAA rules, so I do want us to be sure that we are not signing on to something. If we vote in favor of this that sets up the long one housing authority as liaison. I mean, as the admitted Were and the manager of these of this new development elements came to us, because they’re very skilled at this. And I would like them to have the freedom to do that.


they are in counseling council Kathy feller Housing and Community Investment manager. So this project came to us in a different location, and we suggested sweets as a better location because of a number of different things. It’s permanent supportive housing, really, as opposed to transitional housing. So people can go in there and stay. They don’t necessarily move out. Although with support services, and some counseling, sometimes they are able to move up and out. So this first phase is really permanent supportive housing. That is like the suites. So what this does is it gives us the ability to negotiate With element and with the housing authority in the city as partners in what is this going to look at, so all look like. So all this does is really give it gives element something to go to chafa with for their application that says, Yes, we’re all willing to sit down and talk about this and we’re going to reach an agreement. If we reach an agreement, we are moving forward. So everything is still to be negotiated. What we’ve talked about with the housing authority that you alluded to, is that there are some economies of scale in management of the two properties, since they’ll be close together, as well as support services for the two properties that would be close together, and that LA is more in their wheelhouse to do property management and not so much support services. Where boulder shelter for the homeless is doing support services in a number of different locations throughout the county and could Do it in this project as well. And if they took over this suite support services, so you’re realigning to get people doing things that are more within their wheelhouse, which is really what we want all the way around. The fees are to be negotiated around that still I know, you know, there’s some talk about what people would like to see. But until we sit down and really hash it through, we don’t have that established yet. So really, it’s about aligning


with where they are best able to support both projects. And again, we’re only talking about this one phase that’s at the top, north west corner of the property. Eventually there may be more phases throughout the property. But right now it’s just the one and I even talked to the developer about can we just pull off this one property because they have to put each one A separate corporation for tax credits. So we might be able to just talk about just one piece of property, pull it off from the rest of the lot subdivided, in essence, so that each phase stands on its own. Because the other phases have a little bit higher incomes that they’re serving, maybe they could pay something for the land, as well as doing the property management and the support services. So, so it’s still pretty up in the air, and something that we’re going to be working through in the next month to get them

finalized. But we do have to sign over land so the tropican can agree to element to loan or to give money to

not until we reach a full agreement and it comes back to Council for approval. Oh, this is just an interim step. This gets them in the door through the application process and is acceptable for chafa to consider the application but we’re going to have to reach a formal agreement that’s approved by la board and by the City Council sometime before they will actually issue the tax credits.

By February 3,

they have to submit their application by February 3, but this agree this resolution and the letter from the city attorney is sufficient for the application.

Okay. That’s good. That’s better. That gives us a lot more time.

Dr. Waters.

Thanks. I’ll just disclose, I’m going to try to figure out which hat I’m wearing here. As a board member sitting in here as a council member, I just need to ask Councilmember Christiansen, I’m trying understand what you just said about la j as the property manager. We use suggesting la che we would not want Elijah to be the manager. You’re of affordable housing

council Mr. Christiansen

just keep

clear. I thought our agreement was with elements to do that. But I mean, I just don’t want us to sign off on something without discussing this at some kind of link to have. It seemed to me that we were going to be signing off on whatever lie agreed to without actually having it come before us and discuss and that isn’t as, as Kathy said, that isn’t the case. So I’ve misunderstood what we were signing off on tonight.

Okay, trying to make the motion. I’m sorry.

counselor and peck.

I’m sorry.

I just because we just had some, some comments about ellijay people I don’t know la j is managing eight properties right in the city. And in managing those, I think successfully. By the way, when I was I was going to come in on this last night and we were talking about rent rates and or lease rates. We are seeing a slight I think a 4% increase in LA j rates going into the as as as Lisa’s come do. So what we just did in the last item is consistent with that. And I like Jay is managing our affordable units now. Not transitional permanent, for most of the residents eat both in this week. And as a seniors. The board is very excited about this project elements is a developer. They’re not the property manager that they’re not the developer and i and i have to i’d raise serious questions if we thought that at the hour sooner or hope or anybody else was going to manage these properties on this site, because those aren’t property managers for certain. So I think this I think this comes together This is a terrific opportunity. It’s absolutely consistent with I think with the vision that we had as a public private partnership, when we bought that land from LA so they could close on the construction loan exit they closed on Fall River and convert the construction loan to the suites. I mean, we did a we stepped up in a big way but it is the best and highest use of the money that we budgeted for affordable housing. So I think this is absolutely consistent I’m it’s fun to see a comeback, a vision with the right kind of partners and and to help move them along to get access to those tax credits.

Council rebec

Thank you very badly. I just have one question. And probably Karen can answer this. Why is the Bolton shelter providing the services and are they going to have a local office in order to do that? The wraparound services

so like I said they are doing that under several different grants with the state and

With the Veterans

Affairs commission and I an administration Thank you. So they are doing that throughout the county actually they have properties while the legal property in Boulder, they’ve got properties that they’re doing that here in Longmont already and scattered site areas and throughout the county, I think it’s over 90 different units that they’ve got that they’re currently providing those support services. So they have moved into that arena in a pretty big way and are actually quite successful at it.

Are they working out of the hub on Kaufman? Or do the My concern is these residents having to travel to Boulder? No, no, no, no,

no the case managers come to them. They have case managers that are assigned to the different projects in development

that answered it and then also as a as a point of view. When this came to Kathy’s attention, and she brought it to my attention, I actually asked to schedule a meeting with everyone we’ve mentioned, in addition to our center in between hope, who else VCP. And send everyone, let’s come together. This is a really good opportunity, and how do we work as a collective to support this and bring it forward? And how do we use it to start supporting the other things that we’re doing? And so when we talk about this, there is other conversations going to have a more robust impact and specifically, how do you look at the transitional housing for example that VCP is working on and we needing potentially more permanent supportive, which when you start doing that, you start creating more capacity. So this is really a product of multiple conversations and looking at a much bigger picture. This is one piece The other thing I think that when we use terms and so when we talk facility management and we talk support services, I think those are two different concepts. And, and it’s like I often say if we’re good at managing buildings and maintaining those buildings, and that’s what we’re good at, but we may not necessarily be the best at the programming and the support services is really that programming piece. And that’s why we’re trying to get everyone in the lanes that they excel at.

Thank you for that explanation.

All right. Would someone like to make motion?

That’s perfect.

Let’s see which one was it? Was

be nine be resolution 20 2011.

I move resolution 20 2011.

All right. It’s been Moved by Councillor Peck seconded by Councillor Martin. See no further discussion. Let’s vote. Whoops, I would Mayor Bagley push harder. All right. Now it passes unanimously.

All right.

eetzi resolution 2020 dash 12 a resolution alignment city council approving a voluntary alternative agreement for the sugar mill paired homes development dissatisfaction with the city’s inclusionary housing requirements, like waters.

Thanks for your back like just a couple of questions. I that’s it. This is an interesting project from several different perspectives from my standpoint. And I’m I spoke to David that at the break and would be helpful for me. If if he could talk about how what’s the approach that habitat takes to make certain that if this gets approved that those 12 lots that that he’s confident in the development of those lots? And what what’s the method for keeping mortgage or the total cost right? Of of homeownership affordable permanently affordable for the residents, whether or not the developer gets a metro district approved. Sure.

David Emerson, I’m the executive director for Habitat for Humanity, St. Green Valley, Councilmember waters, so we control the financing. The long short of that is we factor in any HOA fees, any Metro district fees, property taxes and insurance. And we make sure that that amount does not amount to more than 27% of a person’s income, which is actually well below. Other guidelines. Most guidelines are well, you know, at least 30%. So right from the beginning, we know what you know what that mortgage is going to be for the homeowner. And because we control the financing, it really shouldn’t matter whether that Metro district is in place or not. We did look at Mountain Brook, for example, and just did a little bit of, you know, we’re not in the metro Our district for mountain Brook, but at a 50 mil rate, if you will, our houses will probably be around $200,000. That’s around $68 a month if it was applied that full Metro district. So again, we would back that out. And our principal payments would add up to now more than 27%.

So regardless that you you could do the same thing with Hoa, we would have to

Yeah, I just think it’s instructive. For me at least understand Metro district is not a joke or not, that is unrelated. When habitats involved to whether or not homes are permanently affordable, right, yeah, which is part of the beauty of what you bring into the equation. So given the fact that we’ve had this discussion about Metro districts, I just think it’s important to understand that’s separate from what we’re doing with our affordable housing initiative. And then also Be quiet I am going to be unsupportive of this of this proposal and I’ll listen to their concerns or questions about others.

Harold wins, wins the metro district discussion. On the fourth, right,

you wanted it the next study session, so that’ll be fine.

So we’re popping in the queue here. And we we got the battle coming up. So right Councillor Christiansen

and I would like Eugene to explain the legal definition of dedication of this land. Does that mean that that Habitat for Humanity, for instance, owns the land? outright, they have a title to it, they can sell it, or does that mean it is least for $1 a year or something like that?

dedication means is donated and put in their control in their name. And then we enter into an agreement with Habitat separately. The developer enters into agreement with Habitat about what happens. And if anything would happen to habitat, the land. It’s going to go in the agreement, the land comes back to the city. So there will be full control. There will be covenants on the property. It’ll be deed restricted, but it’s in habitats name.

At the point of donation, they own it

and they sell it. Yeah. Okay. That’s what I wanted to know. I am curious as to how this qualifies for a voluntary alternative agreement. We this was supposed to be something very, very rare. And we’ve had about three applications for this now in the last six months.

Yes. So this one is falls under the alternative agreement because of the land donation that code right now says the land is dedicated to the city. So to allow it to be dedicated directly to habitat, that’s why we have to have the voluntary alternative agreement, we are going to be bringing back some tweaks and changes to the code probably yet this quarter. And this that would be one of them to to change that. So we don’t have to keep bringing this back.

What what would keep a developer from setting up their own charity or making an agreement with a charity mean to me, I see the advocacy and just transferring it directly to habitat and habitat of course is a wonderful organization. But this undermines our inclusionary housing in that right now. It is the land is given to the city and the city gives it to genuine charity such as Habitat for Humanity. What would prevent this if we, if we start doing this and just transferring it directly to a charity from the developer to the charity, what is to prevent the chair, the developer from creating their own charity that they donate their own land to?

So there was discussion about this during the inclusionary, housing, code writing. And I think there was an a couple of different things that were were mentioned, that was a concern by some Council, which I think is why we ended up with it going to the city and the previous inclusionary housing ordinance. We got around that by saying that the nonprofit or the charity, whatever you want to call it had to be approved by the city and there were certain we set up ramifications or certain criteria of how that could be met. It’s a little bit burdensome to put it in the code but it could go and guidelines or something like that. Or you could just limit it to a number of Specific Longmont based organizations, nonprofits that would be acceptable.

Yes, we could or we could just follow the ordinance.

And that’s what you have here. So we can keep bringing them back to so yeah. Thank you.

Yeah. I think if I’m remembering the conversation, that’s the very reason it has to come back in the voluntary alternative agreement is because you didn’t want that open ended component where it could be any charity and council wanted to review that, which is why it’s coming back in this form.

We’re back.

I guess I’m still a little bit confused because in the ordinance, it would just be land in lieu, you know, instead of providing the 12% affordable housing. Once the city owns it, they can have anyone develop it. This This feels convoluted to me, because we’re bringing in a lot of different aspects. You know, and the metro district thing, to me isn’t even worth considering at this point. Because we don’t have a service plan. We don’t have anything for that Metro district. So this whole paragraph doesn’t, to me doesn’t relate. I don’t I still don’t understand and I didn’t when we created the ordinance as to why we can’t just follow the ordinance it’s either land in lieu or cash in lieu and if it’s land in lieu then the city can choose the developer. In this you know, the the writing in the in the proposed development says this will make the transaction easier and cleaner than dedicating the parcels to the city and we in turn dedicate them to habitat. I don’t I don’t understand why it was would be cleaner to do it this way.

And primarily because the developer

had the conversations and everything with Habitat directly. So the developer wants to donate directly to habitat versus going through the city. And this is kind of what we’re finding with mountain Brook was the same thing. They wanted to go directly to habitat into that trans community project as opposed

to the word for for the city actually looking for getting the developer for the land they wanted to donate. I understand that part of it.

Yeah. So if they’ve already reached that agreement, it is easier to have them donate directly to them versus going to the city and the city turning around and and donating it. If it was more open process, then absolutely. We would be saying donate it to the city. And we’ll make it you know, we’ll do what needs to be done to have it happen.

I guess I guess going forward, I don’t want every development to come back to us with a different mind. I would say for what they want to do, then what our inclusionary zoning ordinance actually says.


I agree to this, but not with the metro district consideration in it is

not if it was only meant to the metro district is only mentioned that if it would happen to go forward, there’s a mechanism with Habitat to keep the units affordable. It’s not going to impact that. So it isn’t a consideration at all. And it’s not a vote at all about the metro district. Okay, great. It was just an explanation.

And I just want to make this statement because I do understand Habitat for Humanity and how they build what they are doing. They do regardless, this is this is their model with the financing with interviewing the families and working with him for a year before they even get into the homes to make sure they can afford them. So it doesn’t you know, this isn’t anything That the developer is constructing that finance plan has been habitats model for years. So that part of it I totally agree with. Thank you.

Mayor Pro Tem.

Thank you, everybody. I’m just wondering in our ordinance, do we say that when that land donation occurs that it’s strictly at 12% land donation or sufficient to to accomplish the the requirements by ordinance that the developer has? Or is it nondescript and our ordinance as far as


mayor and council Eugene may city attorney the ordinance provides the land must be able to support at least the quantity of affordable housing as would it be required on site without the need for Marion.

So essentially, 12% would satisfy as long as it can contain 12% of the units right. Okay. Well, that’s helpful to know. And you know, I do consider this in the sense that developers and builders are two different things. And that whether the pert the builder of the other units builds the affordable units is not really the point. The point is getting the units built, regardless of who the builder happens to be. So I don’t really have a problem. And of course, you know, the reputation that habitat has is great. I do have a quick question. As for Habitat, do you commonly construct interior roadways?

Yes, we have not commonly, but we have had to do that in order to make projects work. So it just depends, obviously, ideally, we would rather have all the infrastructure in place. But when I started to work with the developer, we really worked in good faith with what the code says that the infrastructure needed to be up to that, that edge of the land donation. You know, and if If I may take a minute here, one of the things that you may consider, I’m hearing, you know, it may be better to have the city it donated to the city, and then find the builder. There’s a lot of back and forth that is going on between engineering architecture, the market rate builder, or the developer or the investors. And so, in this case, the developer really needed to understand who the builder of that affordable was going to be. And so to to push that to the end, I think would be problematic to getting some of this affordable done. So when this my understanding is when this land gets dedicated to habitat, or any affordable if it wasn’t habitat, there would be a deed put on that land immediately. One and second, the market rate builder would not be able to pull or receive CEOs and less The developer has done their duty so that it’s really based on the term sheet. A lot of the mechanics have been thought out to ensure that the affordable is done. Well, so

thank you. I would move resolution 20 2012.

Counselor handsomer Martin.

All right. Let’s go ahead and vote.

You’re voting on the motion for resolution 2020 dash 12.

As we’re Christianson

Alright, that passes unanimously. All right. That gets us through the consent agenda as well as ordinances on second reading. Harold winter, just out of curiosity, when are we going to be out of here? When’s our first meeting in the library? Next week, right? Okay.

All right. So

Hmm. Now that I know that’s why I figured which is why it’s like if there’s gonna be two weeks is like get us a clock but Alright, so


nine o’clock. ish. We’ll take a five minute break again. Are you doing okay? No. All right, let’s go to general business first quarter 2020 affordable housing funding recommendations for consideration and approval.

hidden under here.

Okay, good evening mayor and council. So tonight we are looking at the recommendations from the housing and Human Services Advisory Board. The recommendations of the technical review group on funding for several different projects affordable housing projects from the affordable housing fund, as well as from the CDBG fund, even though you’re really going to be looking at and acting on the CDBG program next month and on the 20 February 25 meeting.

This is gonna be hard to sorry.

This together quickly so this is attachment to in your packet and it summarizes the different projects that we received applications for. So the first one is the Boulder County housing authority for the Kauffman street project. If you remember that one has received tax credit funding from chafa. It is to do 73 total units with a good portion of them 12 1523 of the units at 50% ami or below 12 of the units at 30%. ami and 50 units at 60% and below. It does have some three bedroom units, but mostly ones and twos. They are also receiving other city funding to help with the parking garage. That is a joint project with it. ltda they were requested funding for the housing portion of it. And the housing advisory board is recommending that the 2021 home funds that the city is eligible to receive would be given to this project as a grant. They would also be eligible for about $200,000 in fee offsets from the affordable housing Fund. The element property project the sweets permanent supportive housing project requested $100,000 for pre development costs, so they help them with their engineering with their due diligence, the soil surveys and those kinds of things that they have to do in order to know that they’ve got a good land in order to move forward with its being recommended that that be in a loan for those costs zero percent interest with a two year payment in two years whether or not the project goes forward and is funded by chafa or not. So we would get the hundred thousand dollars back. It will be a 9% low income housing tax credit project and as Councilmember Christiansen indicated the application is due to chafa. By February 3, the first phase would be 50 to 60, probably closer to 50 permanent supportive housing units, mostly one bedroom with a lower income mix at the 30% additional phases may be moving forward as well. The next project that was considered is the in between. They requested funding to be able to go out and look for and then ultimately purchase an existing property that they would then convert to affordable because we didn’t know what property they were talking about. The technical review group and the housing advisory board are recommending some funding, not the full amount that they requested $100,000 from the affordable housing fund is alone with zero percent interest and they would match their financing term for their mortgage because they’re going to have to get a mortgage in order to do this. And then up to 160,000 additional from the 2020 CDBG funds as a grant. There’s some caveats on it, the funding needs to be spent within 12 months of the city council approval, the building to be purchased can have no fewer than six units. So the technical review group was very interested in making sure that it was a significant project for them. So at least six, they’re really trying to look at eight to 15 and that has at least one fully accessible unit or a unit that’s able to be made fully accessible. And they would have to show that they do have permanent financing or a line of credit or some kind of bridge loan Before we would release our funds to move forward with the purchase the Longmont family apartments is another project that we receive this is a new developer to the city constructing 88 units of affordable housing 18 of the units would be affordable. Actually 22 of the units would be affordable out of below 50% which is about 25% of the total units and the rest at 60%. This would have a lot of three bedrooms and four bedrooms so truly family housing 27 three bedroom 16 four bedroom and 30 accessible units. So more than the minimum required there. It would be a $500,000 loan from the affordable housing fund with zero percent interest during construction. And then at the rate set at when they close on the

at to their permanent financing with a 15 year term but amortized over 38 years. So it would be refinanced when the tax credits would come up. We This is when we did read, we did negotiate further with a developer in order to get lower income units. So I think that worked out well. They would also be eligible for we’re estimating around 215,000 in Fee Waiver offsets to be paid from the affordable housing fund. This project has received approval from chafa for tax credits as well as private activity bonds.

The Longmont Housing Authority made a request

to for Aspen Meadows apartments, senior apartments, that project is up for re syndication. The tax credits have expired on that one, so they’re looking to re credited and do a significant rehab on that building. They’ve been approved for 175,000 in 2019 city of Longmont CDBG funds already. also received our some of our private activity bond and 2019. And council did approve all of the 2020 private activity bond to go to this project as well. We are suggesting or recommending a $300,000 grant from the 2020 CDBG fund to go with that hundred and 75 so give them a total of 475,000 in grant funds. The configuration stays the same with 47 one bedroom and three two bedroom but it does get to some lower income units with five would be dedicated to 30% am I am below most of them at 50 and then five at 60. So it spreads it out a little bit more and allows for some of those lower income units. And then finally senior housing options which owns the cinnamon Park assisted living facility has got a little bit of land that they want to build a Independent Living 25 units for instance pendants, seniors, they are going to be also submitting for tax credits in the February round. We are recommending a $250,000 affordable housing fund loan, which would be at zero percent interest for a 40 year term, it will be contingent on them being approved for the tax credits in this round. So if they don’t get approved, then we don’t give them the funding, obviously, they would also be eligible for about 60,000. In offsets, we’re estimating at this time, the 25 units would all be accessible. 21 of them would be one bedroom and four studios, three of the units at 30%, ami, and nine at 40% and the rest at 50%. So all excuse me, below 50% am I so I was hoping this would be a little bit easier to read. But again, it’s in your packet. So it just really lays out the funding that’s being ready Recommended and what funding source is being recommended to come from, as well as giving you information on the funds sources. So what we have available. So we are looking at allocating 1.4 to 5 million, including holding out some of those fee offsets. From the 2020. Affordable Housing fund. We have about 2.25 million available to us right now with carry over into from 2019 into 2020. The new funds anticipated in 2020. So that’s going to leave us with about 800,000 available for the rest of 2020. We don’t think we need to do we definitely don’t need to do a funding application this first quarter. We may not need to do it in the next quarter, depending on what we hear from chafa for the different projects, so probably not looking to doing applications again until june july timeframe. If you have any questions, I’d be more more than happy to take given some answers.

Let’s go with Councilmember Doug fairing.

Thank you. So in looking at and primarily and I don’t know how many on council are familiar with the Longmont family apartments, the 15th Street Avenue how much background so the last few months and through my campaign, I was kind of walking the area talking to neighbors. So I had been aware of this, the concerns and primarily around the density and the parking. Some big concerns that came to light was looking at the public right of way. And so in discussing with Harold, we talked about that this particular project wouldn’t impact but you are working with Engineers as the redevelopment in that area happens to redesign reconfigure, so no homes are in

jeopardy. So this goes to the conversation we had with the lady that came to council last week regarding 16th Street. And we talked about the fact that in terms and Joanie, if I misspeak jump in at this time 16th Street wasn’t going to be required, but we also have the engineers looking at alternate designs in order to accommodate that and not negatively impact the mobile home park. So, yes,

okay. And so, you know, they’re working on it, so they haven’t come up with a design or a solution yet.

They may have I know, Jim and Dale and I were talking about it and Johnny’s talking about it. So I know that Dale is Jim to have his folks work on that and look at it. I haven’t had a chance to circle back on that one. Okay, that’s on our list to keep up with

to keep up with so So yeah, so in looking at this, and so what we’re approving tonight is not necessarily approval for any of these projects to move forward. It is for go ahead for funding and

it is for funding. So that project would move forward. It’s actually submitted for development review.

Okay, so the developer has to go through all that first. So the development review and the appropriation of funds for this are two separate things. Okay. And so the other thing, if for some reason in this for the 88 units, if the developer decides to, to roll back the number of units, drop it down to 50, or something more comparable to the area, would they still qualify for the funding?

So it will be negotiable for our funding, but because they have received their approvals from chafa. And it’s a significant amount of Money I doubt if they could go back and renegotiate that at this point. I don’t know if somebody’s here

or not, but

I highly doubt that chafa would approve it a drop from 88 to 50.

Okay, okay, or even 60 or so just write the entire thing it would okay the whole thing and um, and I guess my concern because I had been walking around that area I dropped my husband who’s a contractor, like Come with me and we’re gonna sculpt the neighborhood and was hoping for scoping around, but it is really it is a dense property project, and it will alter permanently alter the area. And then I looked at the nearest parks I was looking at up to a Spangler Park would be the closest public park to where there From this development Yeah, I looked it up on my phone. It was car park. Spangler is that. I thought it was closer, but I can maybe I’m looking the wrong. Maybe didn’t show up on mine. So ninth,

I think yeah.

So Brits on the other side of the cemetery, so it’s south of the cemetery. So yeah, so then the nearest one then would be from this vicinity, Spangler Park. So just kind of looking at, you know, what our envision plan is we’re looking at creating more walkability, more paths, bypass, accessibility, parks. I just, I’m having a hard time accepting this particular project or approval for this particular project to move forward until there are other it seems like There are other things including look talking with engineers around the public right of way to ensure that people aren’t displaced. Looking at how we can build up the infrastructure in that area in regards to park and, and walkability bike path, there just seems to be like there needs to be other things that happened first, before we move through with this.

So the funding will not be provided until they’re ready to construct, which means they have gone through the development approval process, which takes all of those things that you had talked about into consideration. I know they’ve done a significant amount of work to reconfigure the buildings to have less of an impact on the neighborhood. So that’s some significant work they’ve done, but the developer needs to get their financing aligned in order to have some assurity of going through with the cost of the development process and all that entails as well. So it’s kind of it, it’s a little bit of a chicken and egg thing comes first. From their standpoint, they have to have their financing aligned or set up or have some assurance around that in order to proceed into the development process. But then most funding, well, no funding is going to happen unless they get their plans approved. So there’s some, I guess, confidence there and on that end that if it if they don’t make it through the development review to approval, so and it’s going to give them any funding, so but if there is funding for this project to go through, is there guarantee that there will be

money put in place or would they would be able to help us work with Park pathways? I mean, this is kind of like my, that’s all

part of the development process. Okay, talk about what greenways might be needed or pocket parks that are needed on site details. I mean, that whole realm of things is all part of the development review process.

And I think what we’ll have to do is we have a parks and Greenway master plan that’s really looking at what we have in terms of existing parks where we have gaps within our system. And in times all of that out in terms of how we make the public investment into to that piece. I’m trying to pull that map up, but that may be something separate that we need to go over with you in terms of that piece, because that is a different question that’s guided by that planning document in terms of what we do and and when we do those things.

Consumer Christianson

i would i would support all of these programs. I all of this funding. I think it’s all a very good idea. I do I know we’re getting a little far off when in discussing the the 15th and ash project but i would i do have a suggestion and I was thinking about the last few days having to do with what you just said Councilman it all before you know we don’t the Envision Longmont plan is a guiding document. It is not a binding document. And but it also suggests we create walkable neighborhoods, not drivable neighborhoods, walkable neighborhoods. And with that in mind, a path creates a much lower impact on a community and also a much more enjoyable a minute a part of a civic amenity than a street. And we don’t really we’ve gone for 150 years without a street that runs all the way from 16th to main, why not create a walking path along there along that edge of the process? properties that everyone could enjoy. There’s already one on the edge of airbag Lee’s property. And that’s, that’s pleasant. People can hang around there and have lunch. It’s not very wide, but it’s pleasant and it wouldn’t have the nearly the effect of everything and it could be rolled into the landscaping requirement that everybody already has instead of working on a road that goes through to Main Street. How about a walking bike path that goes through the main street? Just a suggestion.

Customer pack.

I move that we approve the projects proposed for the 2020 affordable housing funding.

I’ll second that. So Moved by Councillor pack second about myself. I just want to throw in there. I do have I don’t know what walking path you’re referring to counselor back Christian said But yeah, I

yeah. So

So I actually office there and I am extremely sensitive to this area. I look at it all the time, literally. The 15th and I mean, I would love 15th the stage just like it is, but there is no traffic on 15th I walk every day with Drago to get to get Chipotle Ace to get five guys. You can walk to the there’s there’s the there’s the grocery store right across the street. There’s a gas they I mean, there’s it is. I mean, it’s only two blocks away. I mean, it’s literally they could walk to my office in probably 90 seconds, and then walk the walk I do for lunch, which is, you know, five to 10 minutes to get pretty much anywhere. So I know what this is coming up. But and I don’t I’m not saying that I haven’t I have not. I have no idea what they’re planning. I know that there’s for affordable housing requirements. I know there’s concerns About the roadway going to Main Street. I know that there’s some density concerns. I use that field to play fetch with my dog if we could keep it empty forever. I’m all in. But the reality is, I mean, it’s going to get developed and if it’s going to get developed, I want to make sure that we we use these we use these money wisely, Councilmember Iago fairing you can have the last word on whatever you’re going to say. That’s all right.

Yeah, I can’t let this go so well. And I look at I don’t have a problem with the affordable housing I don’t have the problem with the idea I think it’s just my my pieces where it’s at. And you know, can I make a motion that we do that we approve the rest extract the number three the lamotte family apartments for now,

you can you could you could make commotion I mean, cuz you’re new. I’ll be nice. Thank you can make it you could make it notion there is but you could make it

you can make a motion to amend Yes. The current motion to remove the 15th

Avenue family apartment project you would have to be seconded and then it would have to vote be be voted on?

I am Yeah, no.

I’m going to make the amendment that we approve the to make an amendment to. Was it john that you so Councilmember Peck to extract the Longmont family apartments for now. For now, and approve, continue with the rest until we can I can collect further information.

dies for lack of Second. We have a little Trust me. We’re going to talk a lot about this property. Yes. Alright, so let’s go ahead and vote.

Alright has a six to one with a very defiant but caring Councilmember Iago fairing. That’s what that’s what that’s why we have war. That’s why we have words. That’s why we have words you’re doing. You’re doing what you need to do for your peoples. Yeah, that’s great. Good for you. bearing is caring. There you go. That’s right. They’re gonna love you.

All right.

Let’s move on to 2020 legislative update. I’m sorry, Kathy, you have something else.

I was gonna thank the housing Advisory Board and the technical review group for all of their work during this and I think you’ll notice in the, the information we put in the packet, it was a lot more detailed review of the financials and

the project variables. So

step it up a little bit, and thanks to you and the staff, my head hurts reading this I had to I had the thought, Oh my gosh, I mean, I helped, you know, I was involved in the ordinance. ordinances and keeping this all straight and figuring out how much money we have left and what’s coming in what’s not coming in and where our goals are and what we what’s going to make us mad not met the job. That that was a feat impressive. All right, let’s go on to the legislative update. Sandy cedar, assistant city manager

Ryan the flesh, bare bag me members of council Sandy theatre assistant city manager and I’m Brittany your first stack of bills to take a look at today. There are 10 bills on this list. But I should mention to you that House Bill 20 dash 110 70 concerning the requirement that local governments interface with oil and gas operations compensate for sins damaged by that interference was p i didn’t committee yesterday. So that one is already gone. Don’t you don’t need to take a position on that one. We can do this a couple ways. I can go through them and explain the different bills or if you’d like to approve them as a bash based on the recommendations from cat from staff. That would work well. Awesome.

Customer back

thank you. Sandy, could you read the titles of them for the people watching at home? At least you know what we’re voting on?

Yes, you bet. And the recommendations, you got it. Okay, so the first one, this is really the biggest batch of them because this is the first month of the legislature and we just kind of get going at this time. But House Bill 20 1006 concerning a creation of a statewide program of early childhood mental health consultation, because this is a council workplan priority, the staff recommends that the council supports 20 dash 10 six House Bill 20 dash 1011 concerning the creation of the helping others manage early childhood act similarly, does funds a public awareness campaign for early childhood education and particularly home care, because it’s again, something that supports the council work plan for early care and education. We recommend that the city council support 1011 House Bill 20 1045 considering the stable ization of state funding for energy efficiency improvement programs. What this bill basically does is it it refunds a lot of the different programs that the state cut over the last few years, including weatherization programs and such, because this supports the city sustainability programs and goals. We recommend that that the city council support 1045 1070 is the one that was p I’d forget what that stands for again, but killed in committee essentially postponed indefinitely. There we go. House Bill 20 dash 1097 concerning the ability to use water that has been adjudicated for municipal use in interconnected treated municipal water supply systems even if the historical consumptive use of the water right has been quantified in previous change of water right. This would basically protect some of the water rights that we have today and allow us not to have to go to court every single time. So because this is supportive of our current water rights that we are, we are recommending that the city council supports 1097 House Bill 20 1151 concerning the expansion of authority of regional transportation improvements, this basically authorizes training plans, transportation planning organizations to exercise the powers of a Regional Transportation Authority, sort of unclear what this might mean in the long run. But essentially, because it would give some more powers and some more places, and transportation is a priority to the city council, we recommend that you support 1151. Senate Bill 20 dash 10 concerning the repeal of prohibition of local government regulation on plastics is the bill we thought we would see last year but essentially, right now, if you wanted to regulate plastics in Longmont, you cannot there’s a state preemption against that this would remove that preemption so that you have more local control. So supports local control supports environmental policies. So that’s it so the staff recommends city council support Senate Bill 10. Senate Bill 20 dash 44 concerning the allocation of sales and use tax revenue per Additional funding for state county and municipal roads and rich projects. So what this does is this basically pulls from other areas yet unknown and an identified and be able to put that into transportation projects. So we would support that because cities would certainly get a portion of that, but it’s sort of unclear where that money would come from because there’s no additional revenue source. And the last week, we certainly understand the priority of transportation to the city council. And staff recommends that we support 44, Senate Bill 20 dash 55 concerning the expansion of market mechanisms for further development of recycling. As you all know, there’s been issues with marketing, recycling, and being able to actually get payback and make that economically viable. So this would really do some additional this would provide for additional research on market studies for recycling markets to see if there’s other places that we could, hopefully sell our recycled products to, because it supports the sustainability goals for waste reduction and diversion. The staff recommends that council supports Senate Bill 55 And last but not least, Senate Bill 20 dash 94 concerning the imposition of additional plug in electric motor vehicle registration fees, this bill would basically say that there would be an additional registration fee for electric vehicles, since that’s not the direction that we think electric vehicles should go and might be a disincentive to people actually getting electric vehicles. staff is recommending that city council oppose Senate Bill 94. There are a couple more that hit over the last week that you’ll be seeing next week, including a brand new one that we just saw today on the Regional Transportation district and some additional regulations around their operation, including auditing and some other things. So you’ll be seeing that one next week.

That’s remark Councillor Martin.

Thank you, Mayor Bagley. I move that the council support the recommendations of the staff on all the bills presented.

It’s been moved and seconded. Nobody’s in the queue. Let’s go

Right, that passes unanimously. Thank you. Let’s move on to final call public invited to be heard. Anyone want to say anything? I see some staff members. You never hear from staff. Anybody want to just launch into us. Be Cool. Something new, Dale. Sure. All right. Alright. See no one. Let’s go ahead and move on to

miracles comments. Dr. Waters.

Thanks for your bakley everyone is I hope aware of the fact that we have we are, we are in the phase of a library feasibility study where we’re, there is now a survey to which residents can respond. If they have if they liked the book. There’s both opportunities for responses questions and short answer responses. In and Sandy, what would be the If anybody’s listening the best way I can I can give the URL or the it’s HTTP, the Bitly. Slash library future would be the URL. So if anybody’s listening, or could they can they get there to engage long one. Or they could just go to engage along month and click on the library survey and have a chance to respond. They’re also three community meetings that are are for community meetings that are scheduled February 20 10th 11th 12th and 13th. And I know the library staff and the and the consultants would love to have big turnouts for those. So we all that information is available again on engage Longmont, so hopefully people will take advantage of that opportunity to weigh in on what you would like to see in your library in the future.

Consumer pack.

Thank you. I just want to remind the public that we are going to have the showing of the film no small matter Thursday. at the museum, from six to nine, you can come at 530 if you want to hang out and network. This supports our early childhood workplan early childhood preschool and it also supports our the HB 20 1011, which we just voted on to support as our house bill. So we hope to see all of you there to support our work plan to support our Governor’s birth to three year old support. And hope to see you there.

Elsewhere Christian Center

I’ve been trying to clean out my house a little bit and I came across my sisters and I my the book that my sister and I used when we were Girl Scouts and I would like to Read the Girl Scout promise and the Girl Scout laws because I think it is. Along with the Boy Scouts and the bluebirds, and for age, all these things that we seem to understand more clearly as children and they are, indeed easier to do as children. But there’s still good principles for civic engagement and for community. To do the Girl Scout promises is on my honor. I will try to do my duty to God and my country to help other people at all times and to obey the Girl Scout laws. Here the Girl Scout was a girl scouts honor is to be trusted a Girl Scout as loyal. A Girl Scouts duty is to be useful and to help others or Girl Scout is a friend to wall and a sister to every other girl scout. Girl Scout is courteous. A Girl Scout is a friend to animals. A Girl Scout obeys orders A Girl Scout is cheerful. A Girl Scout is thrifty a Girl Scout is clean in thought, word and deed. Those are good things for us all to aspire to. Thank you. I hope everyone has a good week.

That’s cool. I didn’t know that. Kelsey Murray local fairy top that.

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we just adore now.

Yeah. Okay. You know what I attended three board meetings since the last time we met elcome it a little museum and today the youth council. And so it was I was thoroughly impressed. I was thoroughly impressed with the museum. They’re working on their master development plan. It’s very extensive, very thorough, and they’re hoping to get that going launching it in, or I’m sorry, the idea so in the part of their master plan the idea the inclusivity diversity, equity and Accessibility Initiative. That’s they’re hoping to launch that in February. So I’ve been able to kind of offer some input and, and work with them. So I hope to continue that, that dialogue and how to to kind of meet the diverse needs of our community through the museum. They recently had an opening for the Terry maker because the world is round exhibit. I think it starts tomorrow they’re opening was for this past Friday, and they did qualify for the SS CFD. The scientific and cultural facilities district tier two qualifications. The tier one is it pretty much encompasses Denver Museum are the Botanical Gardens, so that huge entities, so for us to gain that tier two, that’s very exciting as far as funding goes. So so check them out, check out their exhibits, they’re doing great work. alchemy day will be having their fundraiser on March 21, I believe was The date that they gave Saturday, we were playing around with looking at a Friday in April. So we might go that route as well. But they are collecting donations for baskets, Council. So anyone wants to contribute to a basket to assist with their funding, and the youth council, we got to hear them today. And they were talking about projects that they were that they’re promoting this this year, and looking at and so something that they had asked of me just really finding ways to connect with initiatives and task force that we’re doing in the city. So I’m thinking the Climate Action Task Force in regards to their environmental sustainability, in looking at mental health and positivity, what other sub Sam’s supporting action for mental health so there’s ways that we can work in and put put them to work in our community and give them opportunities to come speak and, and practice their leadership skills. So that That’s all I have to say. Have a great week.

Elsewhere, Martin.

Thank you. I just like to say that although I have nothing against the Girl Scouts in particular, that I think once one attains a certain age, if you’re not in the military, obeying orders is something one should think twice about. Thanks.

Not me, I always do what I’m told.

That was a joke, by the way.

All right. Anybody else? Okay, Harold, you have anything?

Actually I do. So I was correct on the road piece just so everyone knows. They are that has to be submitted and they’re working in the design review. The piece I did want to address is David Bell is that is the an area of need that was in the plan and David is working with some other property owners to figure out a way to do a park it’s actually going to be really expensive. So they’re trying to work through the issues. So he engaged in that conversation for the broader neighborhood. So I just wanted to pass that around and then we’ll get with Councilmember fairing on the Parks and Rec and trails master plan. Eugene

no comments mayor.

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it’s been moved. I’ll second it. On favor say aye. We’re doing

better man. Seriously go to bed.

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