Longmont Parks and Recreation Advisory Board for Monday, June 8, 2020

https://otter.ai/s/DD7loMMkQMSYh72oOQvfrA Unknown Speaker 0:07All right, sure you may begin. Thank you. Good evening, everyone. This meeting of the parks and recreation advisory board will please come to order. Secretary, could you please take the roll? Unknown Speaker 0:20Sue Oberg. Jeff Ellen Bogan, Manoj ganghwa. Paige Lewis, Unknown Speaker 0:29Dan Olsen. Unknown Speaker 0:31Robert Putnam Unknown […]

Longmont Historic Preservation Commission Board Meeting for Thursday, June 4, 2020

https://otter.ai/s/DD7loMMkQMSYh72oOQvfrA Unknown Speaker 0:01All right, you’re live. Great. Unknown Speaker 0:04Welcome, everyone to the June 4 2020. Unknown Speaker 0:10Historic Preservation Commission meeting. This is our first meeting since I think January. And so this is actually the first meeting that I am officially chairing. And we do have some new commissioners and just to […]