Pick bait bait bait out now until the 26th

which backs up

your earlier budget

figure out a way to get back in

because the districts that cuz it’s less than a month for the, for the budget and for the public comment and all of those deadlines perhaps changed. When the governor said no graduations does that affect us

while they’re talking that’s they don’t have graduations right now. You didn’t he didn’t put a date on it as far as I saw. That’s why I was wondering. Yeah, now he was talking to that that’s that’s under the safer at home guidelines right. Now. Now well county sent us a

communication that says we don’t consider graduations gatherings. So go ahead and have them.

We could have more. They said we have some suggestions.

We don’t have any suggestions like you got two pletely different messages coming out in two counties in Boulder County about it and they were like, control over what they do and everything.

But we’re hoping that by July some of that changes. And then we also have some plan B’s and C’s in place for some


We’re gonna get, Karen, I just want to make sure that you can hear us

great. Thank you.

I can hear you. Thank you. Yes, I like your dog.

All right, looks like we’re ready to roll.

Good evening and welcome to the st. Brain Valley School District Board of Education meeting. If you could please stand and join me for the Pledge of Allegiance.

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands. One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice.

JOHN, can you call the roll please?

I’d be glad to

myself present. This reversal.

Here, Mr. gagne my glasses. I’m getting older. Garcia here. Dr. martyr their spears

here. Miss Raglan.

She’s Oh yeah. And Miss secrets.

Thank you, john. And were there any changes or attendance to the agenda this evening?

None that I’m aware of? No.

All right. And then then either audience participation, we are continuing to take audience participation via an online submittal form and process and there were no submissions this past week to read at the meeting this evening. Because of COVID. We don’t have any visitors. And, Don, if Do you have a desire for your superintendents report to be separate from the COVID report? Are you good just covering it all? And I can cover all in one. Okay, great. So then before we get to the reports, I do want to thank the community members who made and donated some new masks that john and i are wearing. We appreciate that and their support. The community has been so supportive in so many ways. This is just yet one more example. And then I also wanted to take a minute to congratulate all of our graduating seniors today was their last day of school. And despite the fact that we can’t have a typically planned graduation here in a couple of weeks, we do recognize all of their hard work and congratulate them, and look forward to celebrating them at a later date.

All right, Dawn. All right.

Thank you. And thank you to all of you for coming tonight. I appreciate it. Kara. Good to see you. And so we’ll give you an update on some things and then we’ll get into the COVID report and then we can just open it up and have some conversations. First thing is, you know, we and I some of this stuff, you’ll know because I tried to keep sending the communications but you’re really excited about our results with our P th program. We ended up with 29 graduates and the Last year, we had, I think, one or two and this year we have 29. And so that program of growing our own teachers seems to be well underway. And then we also hired either eight or nine of our student teachers to be teachers in the fall for us. So we were excited about that. So, you know, consistent with what we try to do when there’s a problem, we were looking for support from outside sources, but we also try to find the answers from within. And we’re doing that pretty well right now. So you can talk to Diane Lauer and Jackie and those folks that are kind of leading that whole effort out of Learning Services. That’s a piece of good news that we got. The other thing is is our advanced placement tests started Monday. I think the first day we gave over 500 cameras 530 or 520, something like that test. So we’re on track if we continue to do more than we did last year. We Last year was a record we had past 4000. And so we’ll hope that, you know, we’ll hope that we can keep going and try to get as many of those in there as we can. But the kids seem to be doing well. The feedback we’re getting has been pretty positive from some parents. And we’ll give you an update on that next week when all of that we’ve got a couple. Not sure when the last day is, but we’ve got a couple of weeks in there. We’ll try to get to those final numbers when they come through. And then obviously, I share with you the finance award for reporting from the Association of School Business Officials. So we were excited about that. Told Greg, congratulations for Jane and that team’s work on the Kaffir and everything that was good news.

And done that mix how many years in a row 1616 years in a row. 16 years.

Yeah, it’s a it’s you know, it’s important. It’s important because that’s a that’s a Certainly, you know, evolving, moving target and challenging and just be transparent and communicative like that they do. You know, you know, Jane does a great job with that. That whole department is doing great work. The other thing that I would share with you is, you know, just a great level of appreciation for our community I, I continue to receive just a steady flow of communications. You know, sometimes I just copy a couple of you on I’m not in it, because I don’t want to inundate you with everything because then that becomes, you know, too much to always be reading, but just to give you a flavor of some of the things we get, just people are really grateful. They’ve got seniors graduating, saying that their last, however many years have been wonderful. And you know, it’s just it’s been really good to see. I mean, I’ve known this community is over the top supportive, but just the way that they have responded, their graciousness, their patience, their support. When you think about, you know, the whole concept of 99 plus percent engagement, it’s a, it’s not going to happen without great teachers and staff, I mean, the same kind of work that you see here is the same type of work that you see out in our community with our kids and all of the technology that they’ve received and the support and things like that. And then the other thing is, you know, I get the pop in on teacher meetings, like yesterday, I was on legacies, I’m actually going to be going to one for that. Jennifer invited me too. But there’s been a number of them, and then you get to see all the teachers and talk to them and interact and, you know, there’s a lot of energy there, and a lot of a lot of hard work. So you just feel grateful for all of that. And, and I just, you know, tell people Thank you. I don’t think you can thank people enough, but, but that’s the, you know, the overall picture. You know, it’s, I would tell you, you know, I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you, you know, it’s very, very stressful. For everyone involved, you’ve got, you know, you’ve got a lot of teachers who are wondering about, you know what’s coming next, you’ve got a lot of students who are wondering, you know, am I going to have a fall sports season? Based on what happened in the spring, you have a lot of parents who are wondering, you know, what’s next year going to look like, given the fact that I have to make plans for my own family and my own children and things like that. And so we’re trying to communicate once and sometimes twice a week, and trying to keep things moving. And at the same time that we’re trying to communicate, we’re also trying to avoid communicating in a way that will have to backtrack and sometimes you can communicate too soon before things are clear. And then you end up creating assumptions and perceptions and expectations and then the ball moves over here and then it moves over. Hear. And so we’re really, really being thoughtful and strategic on when we, when we pull the trigger on that communication before, you know, because we don’t want to take our community on a roller coaster ride. And we want to keep it. And I use the word simple not in a in a negative sense, but we want to keep it as simple as we can, for everyone involved to know what we’re doing, how we’re doing it when we’re doing it. Because you can this thing can turn complicated, very, very quickly. If you start putting out communications that say, you know, we’ve got 10 phases. First thing is this, and maybe this is gonna happen, but this could happen and I pay attention on it and then people just, they lose it. Because the ambiguity of all that is not consistent with what human nature does well with. So our next communication, you know, we’ve got right now. three teams working. They’ve been working pretty hard with principals, and central office administrators. And getting feedback from teachers and Steve’s group around what school could look like in the fall. And obviously, it’s all going to depend on what the county orders are and what the state health orders are. But within that context, we’re thinking about the different options, what that would look like how it would walk itself out, and we will communicate those options to our families once the budget has been delivered. And once the next iteration of the governor’s orders come out, because that you know, he does those every 30 days and stuff like that.

Because we’ll get to know more now in my conversation yesterday with when when I say conversation, we have the agency administrators call it’s got about 6070 different administrators. You know, the sheriff’s department, the city’s miss miss all the municipalities. What they did say to us is that zero percent of the hospitals are now Overcome, you know, add capacity, which is good. And they shared that the average daily rate has dropped down to 9.6, which is really good news.

And they talked about

the fatalities there. They’re up to 53. But prior to that, they were at 47. And they indicated that 37 of them were in long term care facilities. And so they’re tracking all of that. I just watched the national news not too long ago. And they said in in most of the states, now across the country, they’re seeing a stabilization or a drop. In the cases they identified two. One was Georgia and I can’t remember the other one, but there were two states that have seen a couple of spikes and then come back down kind of thing. So you’re seeing all of this happen. And we’re going to keep cracking it. But what I would want our community to know, and in my last update that went out yesterday, I did share with them that we would be giving more information about the 25th. for graduation in July, and what we’ve set up is our initial plan. And then a plan B, that would be a smaller in person type of a ceremony, but it would be much smaller and multiple groups where students and parents could, could participate. So we’re going to kind of hope we’ve got both of those in mind. And then we’ve got multiple scenarios in mind for the fall. But we’re going to hold on putting those scenarios out right now until there’s just another couple weeks go by, but we’ll keep the communication now. Next week, I will be communicating because as you know, our seniors finished their last day and then the 21st is last day for all of our other children age 12 and so on. Communicating next week, again, and in that communication, there will be a message from me to all of our seniors. It’ll be a voice message with some video clips, not video clips of me, but video clips of different things that align to what I’m saying. And that was just something that I wanted to do for this particular group. And then there’ll also be some more information about our planning process for the fall and things along those lines. The hiring has been going really, really well. We hired and when I say hired, I always say that knowing full well that it has to come to the board and get your approval but we did offer the position and was accepted to Deanne dikes for Northridge, who is currently the assistant principal at BlackRock Elementary. She’s been there for five years as the assistant principal. Prior to that she taught at Blue Mountain prior to that she taught at Eagle I think there was even one other place in the school district where she taught but she’s exceptional. And so we were very excited about that. So we’re done with our hiring for administration. We’re continuing to hire Special Ed, and hard to fill positions. But we’re holding on some of the others because we just want to wait and see how everything kind of plays itself out. But the pools are so robust that we’re not concerned about some of the positions. And we don’t have a lot. That’s the good news. We didn’t have hardly we didn’t have much turnover at all. So hiring, we’re in a very, very strong place. And I want to shift to operations and maintenance. You know, Brian and his team continuing to move forward with all of the construction projects I was out at. Meade Elementary. That’s coming along nicely. Frederick’s starting to, you know, muscle we’ve got the work going on at Longmont High School. Frederick high school which I mentioned and then obviously, you know that new elementary school it’s going to be opening up in the Erie area. The auditorium that will be breaking ground on this summer. For Brian, we had to ask him if he could just hold off for like five days before he turns that whole parking lot upside down building a new auditorium so that we could use the stadium if we have to for graduation. But you know, he was great with that. And then there are a whole host of other you know, projects that are out there and about but those are some of the larger ones that but everything is going very well there and technology department has been doing outstanding work. And I’m going to give you some some of this information here. If I you know, teaching one on one you never pass anything out until you’re done because the minute like I’ll just hold off for just a couple more seconds and then turn it over to Jackie and stuff but I want To shift into into the budget a little bit. The bond redemption you know that we had talked about needing $55 million

for the December timeline and November December for, you know off against the monies that we love it. And when we had last talk we had told you we had accumulated the 12 million for the June payments and then we got up to 26 million at the end of March. And then, through May 10, we hit 39 million. So of the 55 million, we have now accumulated 39 million and June is always our biggest month usually by the end of June, we will have accumulated about 98%. And so we feel very comfortable that we will go from 39 that’s about 15.3 million is what we need to Poland in the month of June, and all indicators indicate that we will and we have till November. But, you know, we’d like to get all of that solidified. So that’s where we are with that. And so, Greg and Tony and everybody were feeling pretty comfortable about that. The other thing that I’ll share with you in regards to the budget is at this time

we have $97 million

left in our budget for this fiscal year.

In May of last year,

we spent 26 million

and in June last year we spent 45 million.

We have estimated expenditures of 31 million in May and 53 million in June, totaling eight 4 million. You subtract that from the 97 million and you have that’s where you get your outperformance guesstimate of about 13 million.

We’re starting our fund balance.

We started our fund balance at 121 million. If we outperformed by that 13 million, that would take us up 30 134. Then we have a couple million that we will be getting from the cares grant the Emergency Fund, which would take us up to 136.

And then you have the potential

the potential to outperform the 31 million in May and the 53 million in June that we have allocated which could increase that outperformance of 13 million. We don’t know yet but we’ll know soon enough. So those are the kinds of things that we’re looking at. We will lose about a million dollars in preschool tuition. And then we will lose several hundred thousand dollars in interest payments for the last two months. Good news is we were nine months in but the last two months and then an indirect costs will lose about 100,000. So that will impact that whole outperformance thing. Bottom line is

that, if the state cuts us by,

I think I’m going off a memory but it’s I think 5% was like 13 million. And then 7.5% was 19 plus million and then 10%, which is a number that’s being tossed around quite a bit, we would be cut by about 26 million. Now it could conceivably go higher because what they’re saying is the state’s budget is down By 25% so if if we if we end up looking at you know 26 $30 million cut, that would start when you roll into that next year that would start taking down that hundred and 30 536 whatever a million dollar plus there would also be, you know the potential for some for settlement and negotiations, which would then take that number down even further. And now we’ll lose revenue probably in our property taxes, but that’s going to be a timing issue, because that will be backfield. But that timing issue is there and so, we will see, you know, we will see a good chunk and when I say a good chunk, if you’re looking at hundred and 30 430, whatever million dollars in a fund balance, you’ll see that come down to quite a bit. If if all of those things happen, if you see a 10% cut, if you see a 15% cut, if you see a negotiation settlement, if you see a loss of revenue and property values, even though that will come back again.

But that’s why we have it.

And that would be

that would be if we made no cuts.

That would be if we didn’t lay anybody off if we didn’t cut any programs if we didn’t, you know, all of that stuff. So we’re in a very solid place. And I always the way I talked to our teachers and our staff about it is I don’t want to be Pollyanna and say, hey, there’s nothing wrong. We got to fund balance because that’s not responsible. And I also don’t want people to think the sky is falling where we’re concerned because this is precisely what we plan and you know, you were talking a little earlier about always planning Three years out four years out five years out. I do that anyways, with or without a crisis. And I know that we’ve had a lot of conversations about fund balances. And I know that we’ve had a lot of conversations about bringing it down and finding different ways to spend it. But in the vein of my own thought that we’re not in this for one year at a time. This is why we have done this. And so I’m very grateful to the board for your support in the way in which we’ve managed our finances. And the following year, if you look at the state’s first projection, they’re looking at 800 plus million dollar shortfall this year, that will jump to what they’re saying now is a $1.9 billion shortfall the following year. And then you know, who knows where it’ll go now, the PPR could drop this year, and then it could come back a little bit. It won’t come back to as high as it is this year, but it might drop into the basement And then come back up a couple steps on its way back to the first floor. We saw that whole thing play itself out like that back in 2008. When we went through that four year recession, back then we ended up having to cut about $13 million a year for each of those four years. So it’ll be a stair step back. And that’s why we’ll need to take a look at everything. The good news on the horizon is we are going to continue to grow as a district when this dust settles. Some of the tough news on the horizon is the oil and gas industry is going to take a hit and that’ll impact assessed valuation. So, you know, there’s just is some good news, some hard news, some really bad news. And, you know, through all of that, we have tried to stay very, very true to our mission, which is educating children. And I’ll tell you, I don’t think that you could find a district in a state where Learning Services combined with our technology department. I don’t You could find a district that’s done a better job of providing connectivity and instruction and our teachers reaching out to our kids. And I’m going to pass this out and then turn it over to Jackie, who talk a little bit about and, and then we could stop now and ask questions, or we could do this and then ask questions, because this is all part of the COVID thing. So

yeah, why don’t you keep going, please.

And this first document

is indicative of, you know, when people say, Well, what do you mean by engagement and how does that look and stuff. This just gives you a little bit of a flavor and then with that, I’ll turn it over and Jackie can explain not only these things, but all of the here.

All of the Don’t you guys?

Oh, did you get these?

Oh, it’s still floating around.


Did you get justice I think

Sorry about that. Now,

the other thing that Jackie will share with you is just, you know, the robust technology and the summer programming like Innovation Academy and all these things and E learning, all of a recovery all of these things that are still

going forward full bore. And

you know, Jackie, what I would share with you is just watching

you know, that whole kind of machine work. Over there with what you guys have done and, you know, the curriculum development of the technology deployment to the connectivity, all of that. It’s just really been remarkable. So

thank you for that, and your leadership and you want to go through this stuff, that’d be great. I want to thank you.

I know hindsight is always 2020. But every day that I come to work, thankful that

over the years, you know, while we always ran a very excellent system, and quality was always our goal. We also had to be very, very disciplined. And thankfully, Don was very disciplined around the distribution of resources. And really, there could have been times where he could have given away to some of the requests that may not have had the same leverage points in terms of quality achievement for students just because it would have been An easy thing to do. And I think that disciplines really prepare us for this day. And for this, so thank you as well, because I was in another district when we were in the last recession and things did not go seamlessly the way they are kept in sync, right. And this is certainly a harder reality than we were facing back then. So, so thank you, as well for your leadership, really related to summer programming, just some things that we have identified, that we believe we can do incredibly well. And make impact for groups of kids is first and foremost, we are not, even though today’s seniors last day some seniors will continue to work with teachers and with their principals, some on site in very small groups. At home, we will extend the 15 year graduation and work time deadline till about mid July. And we have some students who, for various reasons, need the extra time and extra support. And so we’ll be providing that. We’ve identified that group pretty clearly just last week. And we’re tracking every single senior very carefully. And so we’ll have some of our seniors with us. We have other high school students who will be engaged in E credit recovery again, online, but also some will come in with us and do more of a blended approach. We have students that just need that face to face support. And so we’ve developed some protocols for how to bring them in safely and give them that that explicit instruction that they need to recover those credits. We will run eighth to ninth grade transition and fit Sixth grade transition in August. Actually, the social distancing guidelines at this point are perfect

is a

perfect scenario for how transition programs work. We put kids in small groups, they get to know one another. They get to tour the school, they get to meet with counselors and teachers and coaches and elective teachers and they get to be with a senior leader or a junior leader, a link leader. And that’s the way we do transition work. Anyway, we’ll stay away from meeting with kids and really large groups are at ninth grade and sixth grade transition. That’s a perfect format and structure for us to connect with kids. Within that we’ll also do the algebra one launch again, we’ve identified about 10% of our incoming freshmen who need additional front loaded support around algebra one which is really at Gateway course until the success of lots of other high school coursework in math and science, and so will I will continue to identify those students and bring them on board a couple of weeks early and really allow them to complete those first assignments with a lot of scaffolding so that they’re first rates in the course, are positive and successful, great. And then also, Innovation Academy is being run virtually any of our elementary kids can sign

up that want to do that and

we’ll support them. And then finally, we are going to have our mobile lab out in neighborhoods

this summer,

and we’re going to be providing learning activities that students can do on their iPads. Hands on STEM activities will pass up flyers and papers that give them hands on STEM activities that they can do at home with the things they have at home. will have books available for students to exchange and take home. We’ll be pushing them ion reading this summer, we are going to run our mind on

challenge again. And I’ve asked principals to really, really, really push my own reading this summer. So we’ll have some of those activities as well. And then Don, I don’t know if you want to speak to this, or do you want me to go ahead?

Yeah. And also this one to her, Jackie?

Yes. And I’ll talk to

john, earlier in the semester really challenged us to begin thinking about ways that we can connect students globally and create more of a global awareness. And so our Learning Services team have taken up that challenge. And they began to create a menu of activities that students can do on their iPad that really familiarize them and give them cultural experiences. And so this is an example To our one level, we are going to develop these not for every grade level, but for

like early elementary, intermediate students, middle school students,

some high school.

So you won’t see these for every grade level will kind of chunk it by developmental age groups. And we’ll refresh them throughout the summer. So we’ll push this out electronically to students and parents. But we’ll also have these available on the mobile app.

Jackie, what we’ve been talking about running services, and everybody’s been talking about is that this global pandemic, you know, it offers an opportunity for a teaching moment of how closely This world is connected. And when you look at the way in which, you know, politics and geopolitics, and health and finances, and all of these things that you know, safety and security, that it would be remiss of our students not to realize that they are part of a larger global reality, and how quickly they can be impacted by another country. And so that’s what we’re going to kind of build some of these. That’s why Learning Services is working on building some of these learning experiences as to how the world I think Thomas Friedman called it how the machine works, you know, in his book, thank you for being late. And we’re starting to see a little bit of that.

Another thing our teachers were pretty disappointed

that a lot of our

professional development or on site professional development will not be available this summer. Much of that has been switched to remote experiences for teachers. But one thing that they did ask for, as we have really, really, really as a system, built some capacity around a blended learning environment. They ask about learning continue through the summer. And so our professional development team has put together this blended learning collaborative, both in separate modules, and then also

a year

long, collaborative, that teachers could kind of stay in a work cohort and really learn throughout the entire school year next year. So this, this really came from our teachers, requests. And within about three weeks, they built it out. We’ll push this out tomorrow to teachers so they can begin to look at those opportunities. And then finally, we asked Learning Services just to pull together some numbers so that you know, we can just see for ourselves, what some of the engagement has looked like and what use of some of our tools look like and so this is online learning by the numbers. I’ll just walk you through this. You know, I don’t know that there are really scientific things we can draw from these numbers. We think they’re pretty attractive. And we certainly think it points us in a positive direction. So our total student engagement is 98.7%. And that’s elementary and secondary together. When we look at the students, for example, at the elementary level, who have not turned in an assignment in the last two weeks, that’s 1.3% of our elementary.

Okay, and about

3.4% of our second year. So engagement, we’re really tracking students who are turning in their work and at what level they’re turning in their work. And our engagement numbers are incredibly high and that is the work of lots and lots and lots of people, we know the names, we can tell you the names of the students who have not engaged with us since our schools

have closed.

And then, just as we one of the two of the reports, we run our schools report in a seesaw report. We can tell

by login by school, the percent of students logging in every week, we can look at the percent of assignments turned in by school, which just helps us benchmark, a high school and a low school and, you know, let’s have conversations about what’s the difference between these two schools See, saw the same thing. We’re able to do an average number of assignments that are turned in we’re able to compare those across schools and call principals and say, Hey, how are you getting such great engagement and then maybe checking with another school so Sometimes the engagement isn’t well, a teacher has just teachers, by chance have just assigned fewer assignments. So sometimes it can mean that, but it just allows us to have great conversations with our schools and our principals. We had over 72,000 touch points among our learning leaders, with teachers during this last six or seven weeks. So this is the number of times teachers have reached out to marine leaders to say can you help me figure this online piece out? So over, over 72,000 our families 3000 have visited our community resource centers for iPads for support, to you know, have questions and answer we have had over 1100 community. Participants use our Wi Fi hotspots that are set up throughout the throughout the school district. We’ve served Over 150,000 meals in the last six weeks this ended on May 1 was when this data was collected. You can see how many WebEx meetings were doing over 275,000


and 33,000 video meetings. And then Learning Services team developed over 805 online or hybrid lessons to put out to the system to give teachers support on those days when maybe they didn’t have as much planning

something to lean on.

So, again, we’ll do another set of these numbers towards the end and we’ll kind of compare and contrast but this just gave us a snapshot

of what’s going

on other than the last thing is we were invited to the fun stuff that we did before. We were invited virtually done. request to highlight our mobile lab nationally through a virtual tour that’s going to take place with an innovative technology leadership group, our team

and we’ll do that on Monday from the Innovation

Group of

superintendents around the country can log in. And then Jackie and Colin will take them through a tour of the in the innovation lab and show all the different kinds of things that they can do. It’s pretty,

that’s really neat. It’s pretty cool.

Donner, Jackie, did you have anything else before we open it up for questions or comments?

I can’t think of anything. Jackie, do you have any?

Okay, it was very comprehensive to board members have any comments or questions before we move into our consent items this evening.

I just I was curious about the number of high school seniors that are in the group that we’re going to be following and providing extra time to complete their graduation requirements.

The schools I specifically supervise,


I know for that school in particular, it’s about six, six to eight kids is what we’re looking at six to eight students, but I don’t know I haven’t spoken with the students today. And that’s what

so it’s a relatively small number then.

That’s wonderful.

Jackie’s worked with Amber, and each of the high school principals and they submitted a chart to me last week that shows what the graduation rate for each high school was last year. How many kids grabbed And then yeah, I was saying that. Jackie, thank you very much Jackie and Amber and the high school principals worked together to look at graduation rates for each high school last year, how many kids graduate and then who’s on track to graduate this year, who’s in that tentative spot, or they could use that extra support? And that’s where the Learning Services team and the high school principals, and the teachers have been working really, really hard with that group of students. And we have pushed it out into as Jackie said earlier, we pushed it out into June, since we have that latitude. So we’re we’re confident that we can get the majority of them across the board.

So yeah.

Thank you. Anyone else?

Just a BB just texted me and asked that I remind Actually, she didn’t ask me, but I am going to remind all of you just to speak into your microphone when talking which it might have just been you. So Don, can you please speak into the microphone? Now? Um, you know, it’s so funny you can we all have masks on. So you can’t, you can’t I mean, sometimes you can tell when somebody’s smiling, but you you lose all of those facial expressions. And Jackie and Don, as you were providing the report and talking. You know, I had so many different thoughts. But it was interesting to me to think back when we first rolled out the learning technology plan, however many years ago and proposed that we’ve really shifted now to a space and maybe I’m overlooking something. I don’t know how the district could deliver such a high quality, academic experience right now without the strong technology. That’s weaved throughout the district. I mean, would it even be remotely possible?

You can’t you’ve got to have the people that are doing the curriculum work, and the technology that provides the infrastructure and teachers that just do the

epitome of

it would be Yeah.

Yeah, I mean, everything from bandwidth to devices to teachers, professional development, learning what? Oh, sorry. Yeah. No, it’s just I think it’s remarkable how quickly you shift and what seemed new and foreign and maybe a little bit, you know, scary is now central to delivering that educational experience, and you haven’t removed in any way shape or form the importance of teaching. Joey is I think that

there was a tremendous amount of foresight in putting the staff developers, the ITC and the LT C’s into schools, when we rolled out the technology to students into teachers, because there was a lot of capacity built, the reason we were able to make this shift is because teachers went into online learning with some confidence. Mm hmm. With some tools, and with some practice, and so that that was a really big piece of the work as well.

That would be I can’t imagine it just had this being your first experience, you know, utilizing technology in the classroom to so, so much to be grateful for certainly,

you know, one other thing that I want to add is there’s been a lot of celebrations for students, and a lot of, you know, connections. One thing that we have shared with our, with our teams, teachers and everybody else’s because We’re under these orders from the county health, we’ve shied away from creating these large groupings of celebratory things. And we also have people who, you know, try to set up groups, celebratory things, parades and other things. And you know, what I would want our community to know. And every time I get asked, I tell him, I said, Yeah, I’m so grateful for the enthusiasm and the energy, we just have to balance it. Because for every person who wants to do one of those, there’s another person who’s adamantly opposed to it, because of what they perceive to be the health risk. And so we’ve taken that position that we’re always going to follow the lead of the health department. But, you know, the seniors have had signs put in their yards and teachers have sent notes to students and video conferences. There’s been a lot of connectivity. And, and we’re going to continue to celebrate our seniors as much as we can and not just our seniors, all of our students. There’s been a lot of that but I know sometimes it’s hard. I got an email from really a wonderful parent. They want to know if they could create a little group gathering. And you know, you hate to say no. But the reality is you then have to assume responsibility for the social distancing. And what’s happening with your approval and then your your, your suffering the authority of the county health department’s and it just gets you into a sticky place. And so we’ve tried to maintain neutrality around that. But our teachers have really done some great work. And there will be more opportunities to celebrate as things loosen a little bit. But I just want our community to know that that none of this is easy. And setting up guidelines is not easy, and nobody likes doing it. But we do have an obligation to follow the law. And we do have an obligation that when we say yes to something that then we’re going to assume the responsibility of supervising that activity, and we just can’t do that. So

thanks, Tom.

All right, Karen. Just want to check in you good

Yeah, all good here. Thank you. Great report. Great.

All right. That brings us to our consent items this evening. We have 7.1. Approval staff terminations leaves 7.2. Approval staff appointments 7.3 approval of minutes for the April 8 2020 regular meeting and the April 22 2020. regular meeting. Approval first reading adoption board policies j ICD a code of conduct and Kf a public contract on district property 7.5 approval of recommendation the higher principal for Northridge elementary school 7.6 approval of amendment to construction manager general contractor cmgc contract for Burlington elementary school renovation project 7.7 approval of change order three to cmgc contract for Main Street schools renovation project 7.8 approval of change order one two cmgc contract for elementary number 28. Project 7.9. Approval of fee adjustment one two the architect agreement for elementary number 28 project seven point 10 approval of change order three first bestest abatement contract for Main Street school renovation project, seven point 11 first reading adoption board policies GB Eb staff conduct and responsibilities, GC GCF, professional staff recruiting hiring GC, GC f dash, our professional staff recruiting. Oh my gosh, just a minute. Where am I recruiting hiring? GC QC GC Qd resignation of instructional staff administrative staff. new board regulation GC QC GC q, d dash r resignate. Have instructional staff administrative staff mandatory reporting requirements, GC q f discipline suspension and dismissal of professional staff and contract nonrenewal, new board regulation GC q f dash r discipline suspension and dismissal dismissal of professional staff. mandatory reporting requirements. gd gd f support staff recruiting hiring gd gd f dash our support staff recruiting hiring, Gd QB resignation of support staff and G dq D discipline suspension and dismissal of support staff. Oh my goodness, I would entertain a motion for approval please.

so moved

by Paula and a second by john. New call for the vote. Please stand. Could we have discussion? Oh, do you want to pull one of those sticks? Sorry. I thought that you didn’t Yeah,

just a comment, I wanted to say that I did. I want to acknowledge and recognize and express my appreciation for the way that Brian, included in each of the construction project requests, the total cost of the project in addition to the amounts that we were incrementally adding. So it gave us a much better sense, or I don’t want to speak for all of it gave me a much better sense of the progress of the project, what we had actually budgeted and requested and where we were with regard to the overall request. So I just felt it was noteworthy that we’d asked for that before. And the information was provided in this meeting, and

I just wanted to say thank you. Alright,

thanks, Dick. Alright, john.

Sure. Miss rounds. Yes, Mr. Bertha? Yes. Mr. Garcia? Yes. Dr. martyr.

Yes, Miss peers I

was struggling.

And Miss siegrist.

Hi. Thank you, john. I do want to also just tell Dan dikes congratulations on the principalship at Northridge elementary school. And we look forward to recognizing her and walking being hurts that new role, hopefully in the near future, but at the very least excited that she will be at the helm come fall. We have one action item this evening 8.1, which is the recommendation or for the approval of the EA narratives. This is something that we’ve seen previously. I think we do this every three years, if that’s correct. Do board members have any questions or or comments? If not, then I would entertain a motion for approval of action item 8.1. The Ida narratives show moved by gem and a second

All right, by Karen. JOHN, can you call for the vote, please? Well,

Mr. Arens? Yes. Mr. birthday? Oh, yes. Mr. Garcia? Yes. Up to martyr.

Yes. Miss spears. Hi,

Miss Raglan

and Miss Seacrest. Hi.

Thank you, john.

I don’t think you saw the article.

Yeah, I saw the article, but I don’t think you’ve said please.

Okay. I

apologize. thank thank you for that. I just want to let you know Jill letras, who is the principal at verage. Down in

the tri town area, she she was selected as the principal of the year. So she’ll get a lot of great recognition is done an outstanding job. So congratulations to Jill. Very proud of her.

Thanks, Don. So, do you want to once again Actually, I don’t know that I think Don you referred to this but thanks. Michelle and Julie and you know, Brian and his team for setting everything up with a new monitor so that Karen could participate remotely. I think this works great. And some appreciative of all the work that it took to, to get that up and rolling for this evening. Thank you. Oh, absolutely. It’s actually really versatile. We could use it for a variety of things.

Yeah. Great. It’s good. I can hear you perfectly and you’re like a little fishbowl in my office.

Yeah, so thank you,

David. board members, have any final questions or comments? If not, we’ll, we’ll wrap up. Another meeting without students. I don’t know about all of you, but I miss. I miss kids at our board meetings. You know, much So

I’d say.

Boys one comment. I know it’s amazing to see the participation that the students are having, but I will also Want to recognize our parents? I know that they’ve been instrumental in getting our kids together with the technology. And really, it’s leaned a lot on them. And so I want to recognize that our parents are doing a wonderful job.

Yeah, absolutely, john. Thank you, Karen. Or Paula, you’re not carrying your

I just very quickly wanted to thank Don and Jackie and anybody in earshot within the administration, because this is just beyond unprecedented and the fact that we had all of the foundational pieces in place from financials to technology that Joey touched on to our professional development, or operations, it’s, it’s really, really incredible. And it’s still evolving. It’s it’s not even like the flood where it happened and we had to come out of it or even the last recession where it happened and we had to come out of it. There’s every two weeks, we’re getting updates and

metrics and rules from the county in the state. So I just can’t express my appreciation enough like it’s it’s, it’s extraordinary. Thank you so much. It really is, you know, Paula, and I’m sure everybody else has read the article, there was one on CPR about school districts in the budget. And they highlighted DPS, Douglas County and jeffco. In that particular article, and I’m certainly all of you have seen it. And so grateful that in St. Rain, our conversations aren’t, we aren’t having to have those difficult conversations. We know that kids, you know, programming will continue opportunities will continue. Certainly need to appreciate and recognize you and Jackie and your team, but also, you know, previous boards of education and

we’re in a good place. I’m appreciative of that.

We’re appreciative of all of you, you know, you guys are here. The dedication and the commitment and the goodness of your heart. And, you know, it’s great knowing you guys are here. So I appreciate that a lot, because it’s not easy for a board of education to navigate these times. And you guys are all you’ve always been there. So thank you for that.

Well, the exciting thing is we may not know what the future looks like, and we may not know what school will look like in the fall, but we all know that we’ll make it the very best possible experience for all the kids and the teachers and everyone. So Alright, our study session for Wednesday, May 20, has been cancelled. And we’ll see all of you back here on Wednesday, May 27. We’ll start at 5:30pm with the April financials. So a little bit on the earlier side and our regular meeting will begin at 6pm. A pleasure to serve with all of you Congratulations one final time to all of our seniors and on the 27th will congratulate the rest of the students who’ve wrapped up another Great school year, I would entertain a motion for adjournment. Please.

so moved

by john, and a second by Karen. All in favor?


Good night everyone. Be safe.

Thank you

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