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S4E20: Radical Education w/ Jocelyn Rodriguez

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“I’m not here to reform. I’m here to abolish, I’m here to dismantle.” – Jocelyn Rodriguez 

What does it mean to have a radical approach? For Joceyln Rodriguez, it’s about pushing the norm, and often being the only one doing it. Today we’re talking (surprize!) about dismantling white supremacy, this time with a focus on education & our value systems that surround it.

We didn’t want this conversation to end! Joceyln is an educator, entrepreneur, community advocate, and all-round powerhouse. Hope you enjoy this one as much as we did. 


Listen to hear us talk about:

  • Intersection of international education and social justice, identity 

  • What does it mean to be radical? 

  • The whole picture of education (housing, income, poverty)

  • Dismantling systems that uphold characteristics of white supremacy 

  • Being able to hold the greater picture in focus to sustain your activism

  • Radical self-acceptance, self-love, and rest 

  • Activist burnout 

  • Being aware of our egos in activism; people’s activism will look different to ours

  • “Reaching back”: not leaving our communities behind, recognizing and using privilege 


Bettina Love: https://bettinalove.com/  – Abolitionist Education 

Harriet Tubman


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