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S4E18: Tyre Nichols: Is This A Race Thing?

We’re weighing in on the heated debate erupting across our country in the wake of Tyre Nichols murder. Tyre, a black man, was pulled over and subsequently killed by black police officers. Is this racist? Let’s ask better questions. 

Our heartfelt condolences go out to Tyre’s family and community. 

Listen to hear us talk about:

– Was this interaction racist? Embracing nuance.  

– White supremacy is a cultural rather than enacted by a specific group 

– Law enforcement system reform (unchecked power)

– Police were created to catch slaves

– Media & the decisions made around what is worthy of our nation’s attention (economy of attention)

– That’s not ‘my’ problem – I can’t relate’

– Reclaiming our humanity





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