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S4E17: The Dangers of the Hyper Woke w/Dr. Melissa Bird

How does perfectionism undermine our activism? This conversation today is so important. We’re with Dr. Melissa Bird, discussing how our fears of messing up and being judged impedes our activism, and how our shame and guilt are leading us to action instead of our intuition. 


Dr. Melissa Bird has spent her major professional life creating events, workshops, and retreats that bring people together to create community and reconnect to themselves. She works to help people tear down the walls that are keeping them stuck through spiritual regeneration and facilitation of healing from within. Her unique life purpose is to use her talents as a healer to help others tap into their intuition so that they can harness their magic.


Listen to hear us talk about:

  • Melissa’s work with white female Christians 
  • How perfectionism and hypervigilance perpetuate white supremacy
  • Raising kids to notice how racism and privilege operate in their lives
  • Being taught what to feel and not in touch with our intuition
  • The dangers of being led by shame and guilt
  • THESE tips for regrounding when you’re feeling disconnected from yourself and your emotions. 


Melissa and James created The Mermaid’s Garden to provide people a place based on the rule of radical welcome, where everyone is invited to sit at their table.



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