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S4E14: Do Our Stories Do Us Justice? w/ Adriana Ortiz

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How do you tell your own story? Often when we think about our lives we focus on our shortcomings and struggle to see how all the parts of our story are weaved together. Adriana Ortiz believes that understanding our own story is critical to living a successful life, and she is dedicated to helping others do this. 

Adri has been passionate about storytelling since she was a kid, finding that the literature she grew up with fell short in representing her layered life experiences. Join us for a fascinating conversation about storytelling, education & understanding the complex lives we live.


Listen to hear us talk about: 

  • What is storytelling and why do we do it
  • The problems with education; who benefits from our current curriculums & ways of teaching?
  • Why is curiosity so important and how to cultivate it
  • What is the difference between survival mode and thriving mode
  • THIS one question that Adri opens with when she’s interviewing people 
  • Outside vs inside life – norms with your friends vs your family norms 
  • How does Adri define success?


Connect with Adri:

IG: @catchmesaying

LinkedIn: LinkedIn.com/in/adrimaria


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